The Fetish Life
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Author's Note: This is a story I wrote on another site and did not get much feedback from. I think it has an interesting premise, it came to me from a dream I had and just had to write out the scenario. It could maybe use a bit of editing for the story structure but I would love to get some feedback to what the readers to the site think. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

A young married couple walks down a crowded London street enjoying their honeymoon. They're enjoying the sites and to be with one another as a young married couple should be.

As they make there way thru the streets two women step out of a business dressed all in black latex. They seem to cause quite a stir as the passersby's take a second to stare at the two women in there tight outfits, for they wear both high heels and a tight fitting latex mask that covers there entire head and face except for there eyes nose and mouth.

The young couple looks at them as two male men escort them to a nearby car that is waiting. The woman looks at one of the women as they get into the car. Her husband tires to talk to her, but for he could be a millions miles away, she simply stares at the woman in the latex outfit and cannot look away.

As the latex covered woman sits down in the car she looks up to see the woman staring at her, for a second there eyes meet and they stare back at one another as if meant by some cosmic fate that they were meant to glance at one another. The woman wonders why such a beautiful woman would choose such a life, for under all the latex she is a beautiful woman.

This is the story of one of the women of how she became enveloped by such a fetish that it became her life.

Her name was Dawn 27 years of age, a very attractive woman with deep brown eyes and auburn hair. She had grown up outside of London and was interested into moving to the city for work. She had met with a couple a few times that had a curio shop and she wanted to make it a go, to see what kind of life she could have. She always seemed kind of distant from her family but she was a smart young woman who always knew what she wanted.

Soon she moved in with the couple that owned the curio shop. Dawn felt everything was normal till one night she came across them playing a sexual game within their apartment. I guess they thought Dawn was out for they both had latex outfits on. Never had Dawn seen such material being worn by a person and she wondered what the play was all about. She stood there on the other side of the door watching them, for it simply had not been closed all the way, luckily she was not to be seen by the couple. She could see it was all about sex and this is how some couples play. Dawn found it quite exciting to watch them, as they played with one another in there outfits. For the latex would snap back across their naked bodies as they moved about their bed. It's as if she was meant to find them like this, Dawn's curiosity had gotten the better of her and she found watching them play was quite arousing.

Dawn continued to watch from the door, as the man took some neckties from the closet and tied his lover to the bed with them and from a drawer took a plastic bag and brought it down over her head just holding it in place. Dawn thought for a second the man was going to kill her but she could see the woman was enjoying her predicament. The plastic would billow out from the woman's face with each breath as both of them worked to a sexual peak. The man just held the bag shut with his hands and would let go and give the woman air every now and then. There panting and sexual play aroused Dawn to see this kinky couple play their sexual game. It turned her on and she could feel her heart go wild just from watching them thru the crack of the door. Luckily she was not seen and after they were done she simply moved away from the door and out the apartment that she shared with them.

Dawn waited a few weeks after watching them, she simply could not shake from her memory of their play and she had to try one of those latex outfits on. Luckily the wife's body was very close to her own body size and with them out for the evening and her alone in the apartment her enthusiasm had gotten the better of her. She looked thru their closet and found their secret stash of fetish gear; there was even some gasmasks among the suits, which she had not seen. Upon finding the woman's latex outfit she simply held it in her hands feeling the milky texture of the black outfit over her hands, never had she tried on such a material.

Dawn quickly undressed to her nude form. She took the outfit and tried to move it over her skin, it stuck to her, how did they get the outfit on, then she noticed a scent of baby powder on the inside of the latex and looked thru there fetish gear and found a bottle of baby powder, she sprinkled a bit on the inside of the latex and found it moved over her skin more easily. Dawn worked each leg into the outfit, the latex compressed to her skin, it was tight and cool to the touch, she could feel herself becoming excited as she worked the outfit over her breasts and up to her neck she had to work at the zipper in the back to zip it all the way up but when she was done she found the feeling incredible to be encompassed behind the black latex. She moved to a full-length mirror in the room and looked at herself as she moved her hands over her latex covered breasts. It felt like a second skin over her, the feeling was powerful. It covered every inch of her body so snugly; she moved her hands over the latex material as it snapped back into place, the latex had a certain smell to it and it enveloped Dawn's sinuses.

Dawn simply could not look away from her body in the mirror she could feel herself becoming excited as her hands moved to her pussy under the latex, she touched herself for that first time, a wave of electricity went thru her body from head to toe. The feeling was both powerful and exciting all at the same time. Her mind quickly came back to reality; she knew the couple she lived with would be back in a couple of hours so she wanted to experience the latex as long as she could. She moved to the trunk that hid all the couples fetish gear and found the plastic bag which the man had used on the woman, never had she experienced the sensation of suffocation before so what was the turn on she wondered.

She moved to the bed and lay there simply playing with herself thru the latex feeling the sensation. Dawn was working herself to a peak and she could feel her nipples grow hard under the latex; she picked up the plastic bag and brought it over her face holding it open. The plastic felt strange that first time she wondered if she could hold it closed for her to suffocate but her anticipation was growing, finally she could take no more, she simply wound the plastic around her neck till it closed off as she breathed in the limited air within the bag. The plastic came to her face; she shook her head back and fourth just a bit, feeling the suffocation take hold of her. Her latex covered body squirmed on the bed as one hand played with her pussy on the other side of the latex and the other held the plastic shut around her neck. With each breath under the plastic getting her to a sexual peak she had never felt before in her life. How crazy she thought as she was heading to a powerful orgasm. Her hand moving quicker over the latex covering her pussy as the plastic bag snapped back to her face with each breath. Dawn screamed in delight under the plastic bag as she exploded in orgasm, her hand moving quicker then ever before over the latex covering her pussy her juices covering the inside of the latex. Dawn held on to the plastic bag for a bit more as her latex covered suffocated body withered in delight on the couple's bed. She released the plastic bag, the coolness of the air hit her lungs and a warm after glow swept over her as she just lay there in latex delight.

After she was done Dawn cleaned up after herself and put everything back where she had found it. She could not forget how powerful it was to wear such a thing and the asphyxiation was and incredible surprise to her. What an incredible turn on it was, every now and then when the couple was out Dawn would repeat what she had done, but she found herself becoming engrossed within the lifestyle of a fetish woman. She loved the feeling of being encompassed by the latex; eventually she acquired a suit of her own and moved out of the apartment that she had shared with the couple. For they were never to know that young Dawn had caught one of there sexual games.

But as the years went by and now at the age of 27 she was a complete latex junky. Dawn found several lovers thru the fetish community of London that were into the things she desired and breathplay continued to be a major turn on, it seemed each last situation she put herself in was just a bit more extreme and the more she did it, the more it became her desire.

This last play session was off a private residence off one the streets of London. This time she was put into one of her most extreme situations it seemed, but oh how she loved every second of it.

Dawn and another woman that she knew within the fetish community was brought here and each was put thru an exercise if you will for the pleasure they desire. Each woman wore an all black latex outfit with matching hood. This client was paying for there time had a major fetish for heavy scuba gear and breathplay. So each woman was placed on their knees and a arm binder was placed on each woman securing their arms behind them, for they would have no choice what was to happen to them. There outfits were unzipped around their crotch and ass and each woman had vibrators placed within each of their holes. The zippers were closed so each woman could not expel the metallic vibrators. Flippers were even placed over there feet and belts secured them to the floor so they simply could not move about.

With that a gag was produced for each woman leaving only her nose to breath from. The final piece was a heavy dive helmet, which took sometime to pull into place but was eventually fixed over each of the woman's head. For now both women were breathing compressed air from a scuba tank.

Dawn loved the scenario for there was simply no escape for her or the other woman, this client seemed to like to watch for he was to control the air flow to each mask fixed over each of the woman s head.

When everything was in place the man with a control box turned on the vibrators that intruded into each woman's cunt and ass. Dawn's body shuddered in delight; she thought I've come a long way from that first time trying this as a wave of pleasure emanated from her deep regions. She struggled against the arm binder that held her, unable to bring her arms or hands forward. With that the man reached over and turned off each of the woman's air supply leading to the heavy scuba masks, the heavy scuba helmets kept the women from shaking there heads back and fourth staring at the client as he started masturbating to there ordeal. The air was turned off for well over a minute to work up each woman into a frenzy all the while being pleasured by the vibrators buried deep within each of them. There black latex covered bodies struggled for air before the excited man with each woman moving closer to an unbelievable orgasm.

Dawn could not believe the pleasure as the air was turned back on once again, each woman taking deep breaths for a few mere seconds only for it to be turned off once again. The first wave of orgasms sending each woman into a pleasurable convulsion, but once again the air remained off. Dawn looked out thru the heavy scuba diving mask. She had tried breathplay so many times, but still could not believe the pleasure derived from this rather kinky situation. Dawn's lungs burned from the lack of oxygen, she wondered of the woman next to her, and how long she could last in her current state. Each woman struggled for air and each finding new levels of both pain and pleasure. Their latex cover bodies swaying back and fourth, showing off their magnificent latex covered bodies struggling for air.

Dawn screamed from the other side of the gag and heavy scuba helmet in delight as wave after wave of suffocation bliss coursed thru her body. Dawn tried to form a word, but with the gag all she could do was moan in ecstasy from her predicament. The air was turned on repeatedly for one simple breath and then turned back off once again, how many orgasms could they have like this, this client was going to find out.

Both women had to be bound like this for at least 30 minutes and over and over again the air was turned on and off till finally there was no air left in the tanks to give. The man picked himself up from a chair and walked to Dawn masturbating as he came all over the faceplate to the heavy scuba mask that Dawn was wearing. Dawn's lungs ached as her body went wild from the suffocation, and the intrusion of the vibrators. How many orgasm's had she had, she wondered. As each woman's body went wild for air with one final powerful suffocation orgasm and both trying anything and everything to get free of their asphyxiation behind the heavy scuba mask, for they both were blacking out.

The next thing Dawn could remember was the helmet being removed and the gag removed from her mouth. The same was done for the other woman as they both just breathed in oxygen into there deprived lungs. They were each released from their bonds as each was paid for there time, after all this is how Dawn makes a living within the fetish community. Dawn loves it and she simply cannot walk away from it; she now leaves for the car waiting for her out in the street. This is what is told thru her eyes to the woman.

The married woman blinked, bringing herself back to reality as she simply stared at the latex covered woman for it had only been a few mere seconds and she knew why the woman had chosen this life. For within only those few brief seconds it's as if time had stood still to reveal to her why the woman would choose such a life. Dawn smiled back at the young lady as if saying this is my story; please tell someone.

Her husband nudges his new wife yet again as she comes back to reality. She looks up to him as they proceed down the street, the woman thought of everything that was revealed to her in only those few brief seconds. She thinks to herself, "I'm going to need to write that story so others may know".

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