The Slippery Slope
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  • Post Date - 3/29/2015

Author's Note: There aren't enough male on male stories. I know they are not popular but submitting to a man interests me so I have used some real experiences and some imagined in this story. If you are offended by anal sex then I am sorry. I felt it added something to the events I am about the describe. All comments welcome.

Chapter 1 - Online Training

I have been interested in bondage games for a long time. It all started when after a long marriage my ex-wife and I were looking for ways to spice up our love life. It was then that I realised that I enjoyed being tied up and controlled. When the divorce happened I was free to start my voyage of discovery. My first attempts were tentative but I did not get any enjoyment from self-bondage. What I wanted was to let myself go totally and let someone control me.

So I started looking at bondage websites and eventually plucked up the courage to place an ad. I wouldn't say the response was overwhelming and I began to lose all hope of fulfilling my dream. I have to confess I was getting more and more desperate. The more I thought about it the more I yearned for it. Weeks and weeks passed without any positive responses to my messages to dominants. There does come a time when you just have to admit defeat and I was close to that point when I received a message. I was at work at the time. I saw the email on my phone telling me I had a message on the site. What I didn't realise was this one message would change my life forever.

When I got home I logged onto the website. The message was quite a simple one. It was from a man who said he was looking for a submissive to control. His interests matched mine and the fact he was a man didn't bother me at all. It is one of those moments that spontaneity gets the better of you and you don't think about the consequences. I wrote back a long reply stating exactly what I was looking for. I explained that I was looking for someone to restrain me, control me, humiliate me and punish me if I did not perform as expected. I ended it by saying that I was relatively new to the scene and wanted a patient dominant who would be prepared to train me and I wanted most of all to develop this 'relationship' over a long period of time.

I waited for a reply. When it arrived I was shaking with fear and anticipation. It read:

Slave, if you are to enter my service you will have to commit to obeying me completely at all times. You will be punished, humiliated and tortured. A slave needs to learn his place. I will train you if this is what you desire but you have to accept me as your Master. If you do agree there will be no turning back. From this moment on you will belong to me. You have 24 hours to write back. There will be no second chances. I require your complete agreement.

He ended the message by signing it your new Master.

I could feel my heart beating faster as I read the message. It was more than I was expecting, a bit more extreme. I was really just thinking of just being tied up, slapped a little, sort of a starter course in bdsm. This guy advertised himself as an experienced Master. Maybe I should have been more cautious but when you are desperate you do things without thinking of the consequence. So I wrote back:

Sir, I agree your terms. I promise to be your slave and obey you at all times. I await your instructions. Slave

At this point it was not real at all. I felt it was just a game because he could not possibly be serious. It was not long before he wrote back. As I read his email the dream was starting to become very real.

Slave. I am pleased that you have decided to accept my terms. Be aware that if you do not obey me now you will be punished severely when we meet. If you do not comply completely with my commands before we meet you will not be allowed to enter my service. What I need you to do now is to prepare yourself to become my slave. You will be naked in my presence at all times. You will be bound at all times. You will assume the gait of a slave, this means that you will not look my in the eyes, you will be on your knees unless I command otherwise.

On final thing I require you to do. I want you to research TPE and will expect your comments within the next 24 hours. Don't be late, don't disappoint me, don't disobey me.

Your Master

My heart was racing, my throat was becoming dry, I was physically shaking. Wow! What a feeling! Can this be true, just an email can have this effect on me? What the hell is TPE?

I did as I was told. I had to. I couldn't lose this opportunity. So I did my research. It wasn't difficult. I was surprised how much was on the internet about TPE and the subject of bdsm. I found the usual basic definitions and also some slave stories and blogs which I found interesting and some a little frightening. I wrote back with the results of my research and waited for the response.

It wasn't long in coming.

Slave. Your submission was adequate, although I did expect better. TPE (Total Power Exchange) does have many meanings so let me explain how it is going to work between you and Me. You will surrender control to Me. This includes when we are together and during our discussions on the internet. I do accept that you have to work and will not interfere with that but when you are in My presence you belong to Me. Your body belongs to Me. I decide what you do, what you think and every part of your life.

Now tell Me. When was the last time you masturbated?

Your Master.

I did notice the use of capital letters when referring to himself. I wrote back, being honest about my need to masturbate because I was so turned on by the prospect of what was to come. This whole experience had only been going for a few days but it was beginning to dominate my thoughts. Every time I thought of being controlled by this man I had never met I had an immediate erection and just had to relieve myself. When I told him I had been masturbating every day since we first started our conversations I was surprised by his anger.

Slave. How dare you masturbate without My permission. This will stop immediately. You are forgetting that you belong to Me now. Your body is under My control. If you want to masturbate, you have to seek My permission first. I cannot believe that you did not know that. I can see that you will require extensive training.

I am going to institute a points system. You will lose points every time you displease Me. You cannot gain points because by obeying Me you are just fulfilling your destiny as My slave. Each point is six strokes of the cane. You have lost one point already by masturbating without permission

Now, your next task. You will purchase a digital camera if you do not already have one. It has to have a delay function. You will buy two bowls, one for food and one for water. Slaves do not eat off plates and are not allowed cutlery. You will fill the bowls. I want you to practice eating and drinking from a bowl. I want to see a photo of you on your knees eating from a bowl and you will send the photo to Me within the next 24 hours.

Your Master

Well, I had a camera with a delay so that wasn't a problem but eating from bowls, on the floor? Didn't fancy that at all. But by this stage I was hooked. You know what it is like when you start something. You have a choice, to stop and just go with it. I hadn't reached the stage of stopping yet because I did not want to lose him. This was turning out to be the best thing I had ever experienced. It is not easy to explain unless you have been in this position and had the desires I felt. Okay, he was a little extreme for my tastes but he hadn't hurt me and to be honest I was excited by the whole thing. You get to a stage where if it is all you have, you want to cling onto it and not let go.

I was lucky. Near where I worked was a pet store. It wasn't difficult to go in at lunch time, pick up a few bowls and bring them home. I packed them in my rucksack to avoid being asked whether I had a new pet by my colleagues at work.

When I got home I unpacked the bowls, washed them and cooked some pasta shells. Easy to eat from a bowl I thought. I set the two bowls on the floor next to each other. Set up the camera and got on my knees. I lowered my head to the bowl with the pasta and the camera flashed. I got up, looked at the photo and was quite pleased with the result. I downloaded the photo and sent it off, then waited for the response.

He took ages to write back. I sat by my computer like eagerly waiting for the praise of my Master for a job well done. I had already made the transition towards needing his approval and words of encouragement. I was to be disappointed.

Slave. You have lost another point.

Your Master.

What? I wrote back apologising for displeasing him. Begging his forgiveness, hoping that it would win some favour with him.

Slave. Do you know why you have lost a point?

Your Master.

I wrote back as humble as I could and confessed that I did not know.

Slave. You were wearing clothes in the photo. I told you right from the start that you will always be naked in My presence. Now, take the photo again. This time do it right. You have 15 minutes. If you do not comply you will lose another point.

Your Master.

You know when you were a kid and your Dad told you off for something which you felt was unjust. You would protest your innocence. I felt exactly like that but I knew that protesting wouldn't help me this time, well, it never did with my Dad neither! I couldn't risk losing another point so I did as I was told and sent the photo just hoping that he got it in time.

Slave. Better. You are only two points down. I hope that you are still naked because if you are not then you will lose another point. Turn on your webcam. I want to see.

Your Master.

I pride myself in being a quick learner. I wasn't going to take the risk. I was still naked so when I turned on the webcam he could see for himself.

Slave. Good. I am pleased that you have been compliant at last. Maybe you are not such a hopeless cause after all. I was starting to think that you would not be worthy of being My slave. But I see you have potential. Now, I want to give you some idea of what it will be like to serve your Master. When you are not at work, you are in My service. When you get home from work you will send me a text. You will remove all your clothes and switch on your webcam. I want to be able to see that you are obedient. A disobedient slave gets punished. A disobedient slave is a worthless slave. I will tell you when you can switch off your webcam and then you can go to bed. Be warned, I might not be watching all the time but I will dial in from time to time to ensure you are obeying my commands.

Your Master

There were a number of things which made me feel uneasy about this. I am sure that anyone reading this would feel the same and be asking the question: why? I did. The thought of being naked at home made me feel uneasy. Then there was the fact that he could be tuning in at any time made it very uncomfortable for me. I was starting to wonder where this was all leading and how much longer I was going to carry on. For the moment I did as I was told. I placed my laptop next to me on the sofa and allowed myself to relax trying not to think that someone was watching me. I switched on the tv and settled down to watch a film to take my mind of it all.

I got up after a little while and made myself a coffee. Sitting down I drank the coffee. I then heard my phone vibrate. I had a text. I looked at it in horror.

Slave. You have lost another point.

Your Master

'What now', I thought. I replied apologising, admitting that I did not know what I had done wrong.

Slave. I can see this is going to be a long and painful process, for you at least (ha, ha!). What do you think you were doing drinking from a cup? Slaves do not drink from cups, slaves drink from bowls. Don't disobey Me again.

Your Master.

After that I did not have another coffee or another drink. I just sat there on the sofa almost too scared to move. It was another hour or so when I received another text giving me permission to switch off the webcam and go to bed. I did as I was told.

I know you are thinking that as soon as I switched off the webcam I could put clothes on, have a beer, a sandwich (on a plate). But I didn't. Crazy I know. I switched off my computer, cleaned my teeth and went to bed.

That night I found it hard to sleep. It was time for me to think about what had happened to me over the past couple of days and more importantly the changes in me. I had gone from a free-thinking man to someone who was being compliant to a man I had never met. To say I was excited was an understatement. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst. I resisted the temptation to give it a stroke, even though I was dying to touch it. I know, he wouldn't have known but I decided that if I was going to make it work I had to be honest with him. If I was going to cheat then what would be the point. I was enjoying the control. Silly as it may seem I was really starting to feel as though he owned me and I liked it. This is what I had always hoped for and finally it was happening. It felt so real.

I eventually drifted off to sleep. I slept naked in the bed. Not my usual practice but I felt I was being disobedient if I put my pyjamas on. (Yes, I wear pyjamas in bed, normally!). I got up was usual, had my coffee in the bowl. You may think that was a daft thing to do but I just had to start to get used to it if I was going to please him and the way I was starting to think was to please him and not to lose any more points.

Obviously I dressed for work and my day was like every other. I was busy at my desk, then in the afternoon I got a text.

Slave. I hope you are enjoying your day. I want you to stop off on your way home and purchase a pair of hold up tights and high heels. I want to see you tonight wearing them for Me. Reply your compliance NOW!

Your Master.

Of course I sent back a message saying I would do as instructed. What else could I do?

Now cross dressing has never been one of my things. When I was married I did see the ex wearing tights and heels but never did I have the urge to try them on. That would have been weird. I didn't relish the thought of having to do it now. Like most men I like to see women in high heels, makes their legs look great and with a short skirt so much the better. And like most men I always wondered how the hell they managed to walk in them. When I travelled on the tube I used to see a transvestite in women's clothing, wearing heels. So clearly a man, it was obvious. Now I was being turned into one, at least that was what I was thinking.

So you can guess what I did on the way home? Yes, you are right, I stopped off at the local hypermarket, bought some shopping, the tights and a pair of ridiculously high heels. I remember when I was a kid I was at my mate's house and his mother was getting ready to go out for the night. She laddered her tights and asked him to go to the shop to get some. He refused but I went instead. Didn't bother me. So I was thinking, I could be getting this stuff for the missus! Anyway I used the self-service isle hoping that they went through the scanner correctly. They did, much to my relief.

When I got home I quickly prepared myself some potatoes and vegetables I had bought in the shop. They were the sort you put in the microwave and heat for a few minutes. When done I left them to cool, took off my clothes and tried my new outfit. The tights were easy. I went for black. The heels were a different matter. They were my size but they were hard to walk on. But I was committed to be obedient. I put the food in the bowl and texted Master to say I was ready. I switched on the webcam and waited for him.

I had to wait about fifteen minutes before he texted me asking if I was ready to serve him. I said yes and paraded in front of the webcam in my new outfit.

Slave. You looked very fetching in your tights and heels. You will wear them this evening for Me. Now you have My permission to eat. I want to see you, so turn the webcam to the dishes and eat your food and drink your water.

Your Master

I did as I was told. I got up. I put the food in one of the bowls so he could see what I was doing and got on my knees to eat the food. Now, have you ever tried to eat from a bowl. You think it is easy. It isn't. You have to try to pick up the chunks of food with your tongue and lips and gobble it down. Cats and dogs are obviously used to this but I am not. A few of the chunks of veg slipped out of my mouth onto the floor. I am ashamed to say I ate them as well. I had a few licks of water after I had finished my food and then stood up. He must have been watching the show because immediately after I had finished I got a text.

Slave. An excellent exhibition. I am pleased that you retrieved the dropped food because if you had not you would have lost another point. You have my permission to wash your bowls and when you have finished you can rest and watch television. Do not forget to leave the webcam on and point it in your direction so that I can see you.

Your Master

That was my evening, at least that is what I had thought. The next day was Saturday so no work for me. I was planning on a nice comfortable evening in front of the telly in my tights and high heels. Not the way it worked out. Master texted me not long after I had settled and instructed me to walk around in front of the webcam in my heels. Girls! How do you do it? After a few minutes my feet were killing me. I was relieved after about ten minutes I was allowed to sit back down again. Then came a text.


Your have done well. It is a shame you are not allowed to earn points for good behaviour. Your reward is to serve Me. You should not want or expect any other reward. We will talk about other rewards when you are ready but for now I want to know your thoughts on how things have gone so far. I want you to be explicit and honest. You will not lose points for honesty. You will lose point if I think you are not being honest. One final thing, have you masturbated yesterday or today. Reply to me now. I want to see you writing your thoughts. An email will be acceptable.

Your Master.

I opened up a document and wrote down my thoughts. I started by telling him how happy I was to serve him and how I looked forward to serving him in the future in real time. I told him I had wanted to masturbate but had not touched myself because I did not have permission. The only time I had touched myself was in the shower when I was washing my private parts. I explained my unease at being naked, wearing the heels, eating from bowls but said that it was my honour to serve him and I would obey his commands as best I could.

When I pressed send I waited for a response.

Slave. Thank you for your honesty. You will no doubt realise that everything I am doing is preparing you for the time when you will serve Me. If I do not train you, you will suffer severe punishment for any infraction so by gradually changing your behaviour I am making you a better slave. My only interest is in your well-being because I know deep down you want to serve Me. Now tomorrow it is Saturday. We have a busy day ahead and much to discuss. So I want you to get some sleep because I want you ready to serve Me at 5am tomorrow morning. Good night slave.

Your Master.

I switched off the webcam and went to bed.

The Meeting

After a bad night the alarm woke me a 4.30am. I got up, had a shower and shave and was ready, dressed in my new outfit just before 5am. I put the webcam on and waited.

Exactly on 5am I got a text.

Slave. I see you are up and ready to serve your Master. I hope you had a good night's sleep because there are things I want to talk to you about today and some tasks I want you to perform. Now have your breakfast.

Your Master.

Breakfast wasn't something I had thought about. I normally have Weetabix and it is all I had. I wished I had bought something more easy to eat. But in went two Weetabix, milk and sugar. I placed the bowls on the floor and began to eat. The whole operation was a nightmare. Trying to break it up with my tongue, it turned into a mush and I had to slowly licked it from the bowl. I was thinking how he must be laughing his head off.

I eventually finished, put the bowls away and then sat down waiting for my next instruction. Then came the text.

Slave. You have lost another point. You cleared away and sat down without permission. In future you will stay on your knees until I give you permission to stand. Now I want you to go and get two clothes pegs, some string and a felt tip pen. You are going to put the clothes pegs on your nipples, tie your cock and balls up with the string and write the word 'slave' on your chest with the felt tip pen. Now do it.

Your Master

Luckily I had some clothes pegs and had a marker pen. I did as I was told. The pegs hurt, as did the string because my cock was rock hard.

Slave. You are to stand there for one hour. I will be watching. Every five minutes you will remove the pegs and then put them back on. I want to see how much they hurt. I will contact you again in one hour.

Your Master

I spent an uncomfortable hour. The pegs did hurt especially having to take them off and put them back on again. Just as I was getting used to the pain, it started all over again. I had to do it because, well, I just didn't know if he was watching or not. All the time, one thought was going through my mind: 'you wanted this, if you don't do it, it could end at any moment'. I have always had an inbuilt desire to please and he was preying on that.

I wasn't surprised when he got back to me after the hour.

Slave. I have been watching you and you did what I asked. I am pleased with your performance. You may sit now. There are some matters I wish to discuss with you. I want to prepare you for our meeting. You should know that I am disabled and that I am in a wheelchair. I can walk but most of the time I am chair-bound. I have a van I use for travelling. When we arrange to meet you will get into the van, you will remove all your clothes and you will place a blindfold over your eyes. You will then be cuffed and brought here to My home where you will serve Me. You will act as my carer for the time you are in My service. You will cook for Me, you will help Me bathe and help Me to bed. Your duties will also include oral service. The only thing we have to work out is the details for us to meet.

Your Master

I was shocked. I hadn't imagined that. The first thing was he was disabled and the next was how he expected me to meet him. There were alarm bells ringing in my head but there was also the excitement, the unknown, the anticipation.

Slave. I will take your lack of response as agreement to my terms for the meeting. Don't forget your bowls, you will need them. I suggest we meet in three hours. I am eager to start your training. Do not see my disability as a weakness, I am a harsh Master. I am used to dealing with people who disobey my commands. The points you have accumulated will be met in full. Have you any questions.

Your Master.

I was still reeling from all this information. I just responded that I didn't have any questions, only that I was looking forward to serving him. There followed details of where we were to meet.

The First Day

It was one of those times when you get caught up in the moment. If I had stopped to think I might have bottled it but I didn't. I asked for His permission to get everything ready, which he agreed to. My head was spinning. You know when you have to go out and you are late, you just have a flood of thoughts of what needs to be done and get on with them. Fortunately the meeting wasn't too far away. I had to shower, collect my bowls and most importantly go to the supermarket to get some food. I had decided that it would be easier to buy some pre-prepared dishes. Supermarkets these days have excellent selections. All I would have to do is put them in the oven and more importantly they would be easy to eat from bowls.

After my shower I got myself ready. I texted Master to say I was on my way and confirmed the time for the meeting. He texted back details of his vehicle and where it would be parked. No turning back now. I was just determined to go through with it. You might ask why or did I have second thoughts. The answer to the first is simple, he was someone who had showed so much promise as a Master, sure he was not perfect but who is. The answer to the second is I did have second thoughts but I did my best to shrug them off.

I had little time to have too many second thoughts. Time enough indeed to gather what I needed: my bowls, tights and shoes. I set off and made my way to the supermarket. I bought the food and then had to get a taxi to the meeting place.

When I got there I noticed a white van in the corner of the car park. The number plates matched my instructions. I was told to get into the back, remove all my clothes, put on my shoes (I put the tights on underneath my jeans), put on the blindfold and kneel facing away from the front of the van. I hesitated for a second, took a deep breath and just went for it. I did have thoughts of chickening out but I was here now, I decided just to go for it. I approached the van with two carrier bags full of food and all the other things I needed. I opened the doors, the van was empty except for a figure at the front. I could see the back of my new Master. I didn't want to take the chance of making him angry so I did what had to do. I placed the bags at the side. I noticed a blindfold on the floor. I stripped, put on my shoes and finally the blindfold. Then I waited.

It was only a few second when I heard his voice. 'Welcome slave'. I could hear him moving towards me. My arms were pulled behind me and a pair of handcuffs placed on my wrists. 'Now relax and enjoy the ride'.

I could hear the whirling of a motor which I assumed was his wheelchair. The engine started, the van jolted as it moved away. The journey seemed a long. I was surprised that he did not say anything as we made our way. I was still kneeling, obviously could not see anything and I was not exactly comfortable. My mind was racing away into thoughts of what might happen. This was totally new to me. In the past I had known my partners before I had given myself in bondage. I was excited, I was fearful, at that moment I really felt alive. That is the rush you can get from these situations. I love just not knowing what will happen next. Giving myself, no control over events, just letting go. The anticipation, the fear, the thrill. I did feel alive.

I don't know how long it was but eventually the van came to a final stop. There was no other sound until I heard the whirling of the wheelchair motor again. Something was placed around my neck (I assumed it was some sort of collar) and I felt some pressure pulling me back. 'Come with me, boi', he said. I was pulled out of the van. I felt concrete under my feet and then a softer surface.

I was told to stand erect. It is a strange sensation when you know someone is there but you can't see them or know what they are doing. Then he spoke: 'Now slave, let me have a good look at you'. I felt something against my skin, it felt hard and stiff. It felt like a prod or a cane. He was poking me. 'Nice strong legs, a little chubby for my taste but I suppose you will have to do', he said. 'But what it this?' The prod was flicking my erect penis. 'What is this?' 'How dare you be hard in my presence!' I didn't know what to say. Being in this sort of situation before I have learned that it is always best to say nothing. 'What have you to say for yourself boi?' I pathetically mumbled an apology: 'I don't know Master'. I could feel the disappointment. 'Totally useless, can't even manage a decent apology'. 'I am tempted to score another point against you, but I think you have enough of them already, don't you slave?' 'Yes Master', I responded meekly. 'How many?' 'I think there is four Master'. 'You think right', he said. 'Now it is time to redeem those points. You know what that means don't you slave?' I gulped, realising what was coming: 'Yes Master, six strokes of the cane for every point'. I heard him snigger. 'You are right. Now take two steps forward. Feel the arm of the sofa with your legs. Bend over and be ready to accept your punishment'. I did as I was told. I have had a few strokes of a cane before but never this many. I had hoped that because of his disability he would not have much power behind the cane. I was wrong. He was quite strong and very accurate. The first was okay, but the strokes grew with intensity as the cane hit my buttocks in rapid succession. With every stroke the stinging got worse. When he stopped I felt relief. My throbbing cheeks were exploding with pain.

'Stand up boi', he said. 'Time for you to cook for me'. I stood. 'Two steps to your right and kneel'. I did as I was told and the blindfold was removed. I saw my Master for the first time. He was in a motorised wheelchair. He was around 60 years of age. 'You may kiss my feet slave', he said. I moved my head down to his shoes and kissed them. 'Now, tell me what delights have you for me?' 'I have bought some meals for the oven Master so that I might easily cook for you', I explained. 'Good boi', he said, 'now turn around'. He took off the handcuffs. I did not take anything for granted, didn't use my initiative, I waited for his instructions. 'Now, get up, go into the kitchen and put two meals in the oven', he commanded. I did as I was told. The meals would take around 40 minutes to cook. He ordered me back into the living room and to my knees before him.

'Slave', he said, 'I am going to give you an experience you will not forget'. Today is the start of your training. You will be punished, you will be tortured, you will be humiliated. The purpose of this training is to help you become a good slave. I am going to do this for your benefit because the better you are at serving me the less you will be punished. Now,you may pleasure me'.

At first I was not sure what he meant, or maybe I was hoping he did not mean what I thought he meant. 'Pleasure me you slut', he commanded, in a loud voice. Clearly he was angry at my hesitation. I took the hint of him opening his legs and sliding closer to me in his chair. I reached forward, undid his belt, the clasp on his trousers, his zip and pulled down his trousers and underpants. His cock was small, soft and limp. I touched it with my left hand and cradled his balls with my right. Never having done this before I just touched him the way I liked to be touched. To my surprise, his cock burst into life as I began to stroke it. 'Very nice boi', he said, 'you will make an excellent slut'. I continued to stroke his cock hoping he would come quickly. No chance of that. After several minutes of stroking and ball fumbling he told me to use my mouth. Now this is something I have never, ever done. It is something I promised myself I would never do. Caught up in the moment I had no choice. I knew I didn't want to but what choice did I have. I was here naked, my clothes still in his van, no idea where I was, did I have a choice? At that moment I felt I just had to for my future as a slave and for self preservation. So I took his cock into my mouth. My hands were grasping the sides of his wheelchair, my mouth around his cock, his legs were wide open allowing me access.

My first cock! I had always wondered what a cock would taste like. I have had blow jobs from women. I have been told that my cock was nice and clean. I always pride myself in cleanliness especially if a woman is going to put it in her mouth. This was not as I imagined. You know on a hot day when your balls feel sweaty or if you haven't had a shower for a while your balls can smell a little. Well, this was what it was like. There was an odour I could not place but it wasn't pleasant. Sucking cock for the first time was not what I had expected. I can't say it was a disappointment, I can't even say it was bearable, it was horrid, disgusting and once started, I wanted it to end. Nevertheless I had no choice. I did my best to remember what had been done to me in the past. Gently licking the tip does it for me and then a good sharp thrusting movement. Well, this is what I did. I could hear his moans of pleasure and his legs closing, trapping my head between them. It was vile, it was unbelievably vile. But that was not the half of it, when he came with an explosion of spunk into my mouth I thought I was going to be sick. I swallowed it quickly not wanting it in my mouth a second longer and took it all. When it stopped I felt his cock go limp in my mouth.

'Wow slave', he said, 'now that was what I call a good cock-sucking'. I pulled my head away and tried to hide the disgust from my face. 'Now, pull my pants and trousers back up'. I did as he asked, wanting to hide the evidence of my shame. 'Good boi, now let's go into the kitchen'. I got up and walked towards the kitchen, my Master following behind me. I checked the time. It had only been 30 minutes so I knew the meals would not be cooked. 'You can set the table now boi', he said. He motioned to the kitchen cupboards and I took out two plates. 'What are you doing?' Master exclaimed. 'Plates are for Masters, bowls are for slaves'. I had forgotten. I replaced one plate and took out my bowls. Placing them side by side on the kitchen counter I stood waiting for the meals to be ready.

As I stood there in the kitchen Master came behind me and stroked my butt cheeks. They were still very tender and I was startled by his touch. 'I made a good job of these boi', he said, admiring his handiwork. I was standing there, the taste of his cum in my mouth, his hands pouring over my ass, just wishing the time would pass so that I could get this taste away from my mouth. 'Pour me a glass of wine boi', he said, 'you will find a bottle in the fridge'. I took out the wine and a glass from the cupboard and poured it into the glass. I handed it to Master. 'You may fill your bowl with water boi', he instructed. I did as I was told. 'Place it on the floor, you must be thirsty, go ahead and drink'. I put the bowl on the floor, knelt down and licked up the water from the bowl like a dog. He was there, sitting, drinking wine, watching me, with a smile on his face, enjoying my humiliation.

I was relieved when it came time for the meals to be taken out of the oven. I was allowed to get up. There were some kitchen gloves by the cooker, opening it up, I took the meals out. I had chosen very carefully. A mixture of potatoes and vegetables. Not very nutritious but easy to eat from a bowl. I emptied one tray for him and one for me. 'Bring my plate to the table boi and bring your bowl too', he said. I followed him into the living room, put his plate onto the table and my bowl on the floor. 'You may eat', he said. With that I gobbled up my food. Nothing I ate could take away the taste of his cum but it was welcome nevertheless. He finished his well before me and took pleasure in my discomfort. When I had finished he ordered me to clear the dishes and then return to him.

'Come here boi', he commanded, 'time for me to have some fun'. He took out a marker pen and told me to kneel. He wrote something on my chest and then ordered me to stand again. He moved over to a chest of drawers at the other end of the room. He brought back some items in a container. 'Come closer', he said, 'these will hurt for a while, they are delicious'. He took out some nipple clamps attached by a chain. He tweaked my nipples until they were hard and affixed the clamps. He was not kidding, they did hurt. I quickly learned that he took great pleasure from my suffering and every time I winced with pain his smile grew wider. He took great delight on pulling the chain to increase the pain. When he had tired of that he reached for a strap which he put around my cock and balls. He attached a chain to the strap and seemed fascinated by tugging at it. He was like a kid with a new toy. Suddenly the door bell rang. I looked startled at him. 'Oh yes', he said, 'I invited a few friends around for drinks'. I looked at him in horror. He was joking, wasn't he? He wasn't. 'Please no', I said, 'please, you promised it would be just us'. 'I don't remember that', he said, 'anyway slaves are to be used and enjoyed, I just wanted to show you off'. The disbelief on my face must have been a picture. 'Now, go answer the door'.

There I was; naked, wearing tights and high heeled shoes. I had a sore bottom from the caning, nipple clamps and a strap and chain around my cock and balls. I must have looked sight. I couldn't believe he was going to make me do this. 'Go on', he said, clearly annoyed, 'don't keep them waiting'. I could believe it. It could be anybody. I had no choice, I was completely at his mercy. I just had to do it. I went to the door and opened it. There stood three oldish men. 'Well hello', one said, 'so it is true'. 'Jack, Tom, Frank, come in', Master shouted. I moved aside to allow them passt me. There entered the living room and I followed. 'Lads', Master said, 'meet my new slave'. They were looking me up and down. I was stunned, I just stood there. 'Slave', Master ordered, 'drinks for my friends, beers all round'. 'Go on, you will find them in the fridge'. 'Sorry guys', he said, 'he is new, still breaking him in'. The three men chucked with delight. I went to the kitchen, took out three bottles of beer and brought them in. 'Glasses!', he said. I went back into the kitchen, poured out three glasses and returned. I handed over the glasses of beer. Master motioned me to return to his side. I walked towards him and he motioned me down. I went on my knees beside Master's wheelchair.

There was a great deal of laughter at my expense. I bowed my head as if I was totally ashamed, which of course I was. I have been laughed at, made fun of. I have been humiliated before, but nothing like this. I was absolutely sick in my stomach with shame.

I had to endure the taunts, the disgusting taunts about my condition as slave and my body. There was worse to come. When it came time to refresh the glasses of beer I was touched and groped by these increasingly drunken old men. It is never fun to be the only sober person in the room, but to be the only one who is not having enjoying themselves in the room it is even harder. I cannot remember exactly how it started or even who suggested, I was lost in a world of regret and shame. What I do remember is being pushed over the arm of the sofa and a penis forcibly penetrating me. I remember my new Master egging on his friends to take me. I remember the shouts of: 'Give it to him!' I do remember him chuckling at my suffering. As the first man pulled down his trousers, his hard cock ready to take away my innocence, my new Master was sitting drinking beer. No defence, no indignation, no protest at the violation of his 'property'. Instead what did he do? He took out a camera and happily recorded the worst moments of my life.

If someone had suggested that I would be allowing three men to fuck me I would have looked at them in disbelief. In fact no one who knows me would have even made the suggestion. So what was I feeling at this moment? I can honestly say that I had withdrawn into some inner world. I couldn't prevent it from happening. I didn't want it, I didn't enjoy it. I had to accept it. So while it was happening, it wasn't happening in my mind. It was just a question of somehow getting through it. I kept on telling myself that it would be over. I didn't consider the psychological effects, that would come later. When it was all over my Master merely shouted: 'more beer!'

Some I was forced to just get up, go into the kitchen, get some more bottles and face my abusers as I refilled their glasses. I was there to serve and serve I did. This was something of my choosing. I did could not decide what happened, I wanted to give control to my Master, control of my mind and my body. I could not complain that he had done exactly what I wanted. I could be unhappy that he chose to abuse my trust in him but I could not deny him the right to do what he did.

One of the final acts before the guests left was the signing. When someone breaks a limb and has a plaster people sign the cast. This is what they did, they signed my body with their names and what they thought of me: 'SLUT, WHORE, FUCK-ASS' were among the words that were written on me in black marker pen. Then they left. I showed them to the door and closed it behind them. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I went back into the living room and was ordered to my knees. Then Master spoke to me: 'Not going as you expected is it?, he said. 'No Master', came my response. 'You must understand what I am doing to you because you need to accept your new status in life. You are mine to dispose of as I see fit. You are obedient and for that I give you credit. Of all the slaves I have had, you have shown the most promise. I wanted to test you, to see the depth of your need to serve me. I can see that it is strong and you will serve me well. Your Master is pleased with you, you have so much potential. Forget your independent thoughts, feelings, needs. You will begin to rely on me for everything. You will learn to seek my approval for everything. This is how you will stop being a person in your own right and start being my slave. You may now clear up and then you will get me ready for bed'.

I put the glasses and the plates away into the dishwasher. I returned to Master's side and he took me to his bedroom. I helped him out of his chair and undressed him. His pjs were on the bed and I helped him dress and turned back the covers for him. He motioned to the floor and I knew what he meant. I was to sleep by his bedside, on the floor, to wait for the next command. I curled up as best I could. Tomorrow and all the tomorrows to follow I slid further and further down the slippery slope.

The Next Day

Master slept well, I didn't. I knew he slept well because I could hear him, all night. I don't think I snore and I have never been with someone who does. This was certainly a time for new experiences. My first night on the floor, my first broken sleep from snoring. As I settled down to sleep my mind began to wander. I suppose it was inevitable that I would reflect on what had happened. I like to think that I am reasonably intelligent. I know the fact that I am lying naked on someone's floor, allowed myself to be raped, abused and treated like a dog might contradict that statement but my point is I am intelligent enough to know that I would not be able to control what happened to me. It was the desire to give up control that led me down this path. So while I was not particularly happy about it I had a peculiar satisfaction that I had achieved something in the sense that I had a Master and I now knew what it was like to serve one. I know he was not the most ideal of Masters but is there such a thing. So while I can say that I had a deep dissatisfaction about the events I could not deny the pleasure that finally I had what I most wanted. To be owned by someone.

When Master woke he shouted out at me. I can't say I leapt immediately to my feet. Have you ever spent the night on the floor? My body was stiff so it took me a few seconds to reacquire the use of my limbs. 'Yes Master', I responded. 'Help me out of bed', he said. I did as I was told and helped him to his feet and into his chair. Thankfully it is a powered chair so I didn't have to push him around. 'Make me breakfast', he demanded, 'I want toast and scrambled eggs and coffee'. I nodded and followed him into the kitchen. This was something that I was going to have to get used to. The first thing was to obey his commands without hesitation and that he liked to observe me and point out my every failing. On his way to the kitchen he had picked up a cane. He took great delight in prodding me and hitting me with it as I prepared his breakfast. The toast was easy but it is a while since I had done scrambled eggs. The other thing is I am not the best as breaking eggs. I hate those people who on cooking shows who just hit the egg on the side of a bowl, the yoke and white falls out and the shell discarded, almost in one motion. He seemed to get a lot of pleasure from my inability to do things. I would have to learn that he deliberately chose things for me to do because there was a good chance that I would not perform a task to his specific expectations. Having made the eggs, the toast and the coffee I placed them on a tray. I followed him into the living room. I placed the tray on the table and he motioned me down. I knelt beside him, bowing my head. I missed the delight of watching him eat but could smell the eggs and toast, and the coffee. I am a coffee drinker. I like coffee. I hadn't had a coffee for what seemed like a lifetime. What I wouldn't do for a coffee?

When he finished his breakfast he ordered me to clear the table. Everything (except the tray) went into the dishwasher. 'You can have your breakfast now', he said to me in an almost dismissive manner. No eggs or coffee for me, I was to have Weetabix in a bowl. It was his suggestion and I could see that he knew it was not going to be easy for me to eat. He had seen this exhibition on webcam so he clearly wanted to see it much closer. I filled the bowl with Weetabix and milk. I guessed that I would have to clean up any mess I made and I had an idea what that might entail. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction, which seemed to displease him as he watched me eat from the bowl. Instead he got his pleasure from hitting me with the cane as I ate. When I had finished I stopped and looked up at him. I don't know why I did it, it was just a reaction. Like a dog looking for some sort of acceptance from his Master, maybe I was expecting a 'good boy'. It is a mistake. 'How dare you look at me?' With that he unleashed a few angry swipes of the cane across my back. Learning what to do and what not to do was all part of the process but I was beginning to discover that every mistake was going to be punished severely. But what took me most by surprise was the anger.

I didn't ask to take my bowl into the kitchen. I had licked it clean. After my beating I dared not move or do anything. 'You can now run my bath', he said. I got up. I knew where the bathroom was, I started to go towards it and then heard the whirling of his powered chair behind me. He was following me everywhere! I filled the bath with water and having seen some bubble bath on the side I put some in. I tested the temperature of the water and waited. 'Help me up slave', he said. I helped him out of the chair and then helped him out of his pjs. I guided him into the water and lowered him down. Not knowing what to do at this moment I got onto my knees and bowed my head. 'Better safe than sorry', I thought to myself. 'Wash me', he said.

I am not going to repeat everything that happened because I wash him, dried him and then helped him into a dressing gown and back into his chair. He then moved off out of the bathroom and I followed. There was no discussion about me having a shower or a bath, nor even about me needing to go to the toilet. As it happens I wasn't desperate because I hadn't drunk much. Bathing someone, helping someone go to the toilet, dressing someone is not my idea of fun but it is my role as slave.

When we went back into the living room he announced that he wanted to watch television and that I was to complete a task for him. I was told to go into the kitchen, stand at the counter and write down my thoughts as to what had happened since yesterday. He said that he needed to know what I was thinking and that I should be totally honest. Honesty is rewarded, lies are punished he said to me. I was instructed to hold nothing back. He was going to watch tv but would position himself so that he could see me at all times. I respectively asked if I could use the toilet, which he allowed me to do but to my surprise he followed me. He watched me pee, wash my hands, nothing was going to be private.

I then followed him into the kitchen. He gave me a pen and paper and returned to the living room. So, standing in the kitchen I had to write down my thoughts. It wasn't difficult my only concern was how honest I should be. I decided to take his advice and be totally honest. So I wrote that I had enjoyed being his slave. I was getting used to the idea of being naked. I did not like the events of last night with his friends but I added that I understood what he was trying to do. I was more than happy to be his carer, to do everything for him. I found the observation of everything I did a little disconcerting. I did not enjoy sucking him off. I found eating from bowls strange and difficult but would get used to it. After I had finished I put down the pen and waited. When he said he would be watching me he was not joking because as soon as I put down the pen I was called in to show him what I had written. 'Not good enough, pathetic, I have never seen such rubbish', he said. 'I said I want to know your feelings, try again'.

I returned to the kitchen in sober mood. This gave me a hint as to what to do next. I started writing again. I wrote that I was upset and disappointed that he was not happy with my efforts. I felt ashamed that I could not please him because my only desire was to be a good slave for him. I said I was humiliated by being naked, serving his friends and being used by them. I felt it was disgusting. I felt compelled to do it and would not disobey him but it was the worst experience of my life and I felt that I would never be able to wash away the shame. I signed up to be dominated not to be abused in that way. I finished with my desire to serve him and would try to do better because I did not want to lose him.

Putting the pen down again I had to wait this time. I dared not look around. 'Bring it in', he shouted, 'and bring me a cup of coffee'. I delivered the coffee and my notes, then knelt in front of him, head bowed to the floor. 'Better', he said, 'but still not good enough'. 'You will need to get used to this because I am going to expect regular reports'.

'There are a few things you will have to learn and learn quickly', he said. 'You will be used as I see fit. You asked to be my slave and should have realised what it entailed. You will not question what I do. You will be on show for me and my friends whenever I choose. You will suck my cock whenever I tell you too. I have spared you because you are new to this. If you think this is as much as I expect from you then think again. As you continue in my service you will be stretched and tested. You will not be bored in my service, you will suffer more humiliations and you will obey without question'.

I nodded my acquiescence.

'Now, help me dress and then you will make me lunch'. I followed him into the bedroom, dressed him and was then led to the kitchen. Picking up the pre-packed meals I put them in the oven.

'Follow me', he said. 'After lunch I am going to let you go but before you do go I am going to give you something to remind you of your service to me. No more wanking for you'. 'Stand up'. I rose to my feet. He went to a cupboard and brought out a box. I knew what it was instantly. I had seen them on line. It was a chastity device. He put it on me, first the cock ring and then the cover over my cock. As the padlock snapped into place I knew it was the end. I would never cum again.

The meals were ready and I served him first. I then filled my bowl, placed it on the floor and waited for permission to eat. He was busy with his food so I had to wait. When permission was finally given I gulped down my food. I cleared everything away and then put it all in the dishwasher. 'Wash all the dishes before you go', he instructed.

I put on the dishwasher and when called back I went into the living room expecting to be released. 'Before you go, come here', he said. I walked towards him and knelt. 'Put up your hands'. I did as I was told and he snapped some handcuffs around my wrists. 'Go and stand at the door and put your hands over the door'. I did as he said. I had to stand on tip toes to perform the act. He moved up behind me. 'Just something for you to remember who you are and remind you of your Master'. He took out a whip and laid into my back, my buttocks and my legs. The whip stung, I could feel the strands biting into my flesh. 'Looks good on you', he said. He withdrew and took out his camera to take a few shots. 'Now you can go', he said. 'Come here and get on your knees'. He removed the handcuffs, the collar and motioned to the door. I found myself walking back to the side door and to the van, where my clothes could be found. I got inside and dressed.

'Now, I will drop you off and you can get yourself home'. 'I'll see you next weekend'. He drove and didn't say another word to me and dropped me off where we first met.

The journey home was long, travel on a Sunday was never good but when I got home I was happy to have a shower. I just removed all my clothes and got straight into the shower. It felt good. I didn't think about anything except to wash off everything that had happened. The hot wash stung my flesh and when I went to wash my genitals it all came back to me. I hung my head and wondered whether life would ever be 'normal' again.

I after the shower I dressed and went downstairs. I looked at my phone to find a number of messages on it. They were all from him. Looking at the messages I was dismayed to see photos of my experiences. There were photos of me being fucked, the word slave written on my chest, of the cane and whip marks on my body. It brought it all back. In the last there was a message:


You can have the evening off. I thought you would enjoy the photos I took of you. Maybe you were thinking of removing the chastity device I fitted, maybe you were thinking of never coming back. Think again. Sleep well tonight, sleep well in the knowledge that your life will never be the same ever again. You belong to Me now. Don't forget you exist to serve and revere your Master. Be happy in the knowledge that your life has a purpose, rejoice in the joy of your service.

Your Master

He was right, my life would never be the same ever again.

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