Alex The Milk Machine
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Why had this happened? And to her of all people! It was unimaginable, but if it wasn't Alex then it would have been some other innocent teenage girl. She didn't know why she was here or why the hell these people were testing on her. She only knew that she would probably be here for a very long time and things would probably get a lot worse as the time passed. She had been taken just after her 18th birthday, drugged and snatched away by masked men from her room late at night. When the drugs wore off and she awoken she had found herself in a metal room, suspended in the air in a spread eagle position, her limbs fitted in solid metal sockets that extended out from the walls. She could move her head around to some extent but her ability to speak was removed due to a large rubber ball gag stuck in her mouth.

Her situation was hopeless unless somebody came in and got her out, and they would probably need some sort of saw to get her out of the metal that trapped her limbs. She couldn't see a doorway into the room so it was safe to assume that if someone came in it would be from behind her, not that this information mattered to her due to her intense bondage. Nothing was happening in this metal room. Had they just left her here to die? Were these people that cruel? "No. No that can't be it. If they had wanted to kill me they could have done it already, and if they were going to starve me they could have just locked me in this room without immobilizing me.

Just then a computerized voice sounded from above her. There was a speaker directly above her head that she hadn't yet noticed.

"Beginning stage 1 of farming process; breast enhancement." The emotionless voice spoke.

Farming process? What the hell is going on!

Two panels on the ceiling opened up and a pair of metal arms extended towards her. Her heart dropped when she saw what they were holding. Each arm possessed a large syringe filled with a swirling purple liquid. She didn't want to know what that stuff would do, but she had no way to fight back. The arms moved toward her breasts and the syringed were positioned in front of her nipples. A second later the arms rushed forward into her breasts, plunging the syringes into her and releasing their contents. She didn't know if it was from the drugs that were just put into her or from the severe pain but a minute later she blacked out, welcoming the darkness that overtook her.

When she woke up she thought she was having some sort of nightmare. She didn't know how this would be possible, how her breasts could have gotten so big, and then she thought of the syringes. They had been large before and she often got looks from men that walked by, but they had nearly quadrupled in size. She thought that she might even have the largest breasts in the entire world. Thats how big they were. She whimpered through her gag. Even if she did somehow get out of here there was no way she could have a normal life. She wasn't even sure if she could stand with breasts this large. Luckily they were being propped up by metal supports. Then the computerized voice came back.

"Beginning stage 2 of farming process; body modifications." It said.

Dear god. They had already increased her breasts to inhuman size, what else would they do. The ceiling panels opened up again but this time a singular metal arm came down, this time with a syringe full of blue liquid. She thought it was going to do something to her breasts again, but the reality was far worse. It went lower, stopping in front of her pussy. The syringe stuck forward right into her clitoris. The pain was even greater than when the syringes went into her breasts but she was somehow able to retain consciousness. The effects took place almost immediately. She could feel her clitoris getting thicker and much longer. It was at least six inches long and an inch wide. She basically had a penis now, only a thousand times more sensitive than what a man would feel.

Tears were streaming down her face. The most sacred place of her body had been violated and mutated. She could never have a normal life. The gag did little to stifle her screams. Then the robotic arm returned from the ceiling, and on the end of it a glowing red hot piece of metal shaped in a triangle. It was going to brand her. First it was her nipples, then her arms, then her cheeks, and finally the inside of her thighs. All the while she screamed but never blacking out. She could withstand the pain now.

"Beginning stage 3 of farming process; milking." The computerized voice spoke again.

Two large suction cups extended from the ceiling and latched on to her massive breasts. Then they started sucking. The first few times nothing came out, but then the milk started to flow. She watched the milk flow up the tubes attached to the cups and go out of sight. She was still crying from her brands, but the milking didn't hurt. In fact she found that the sensation somewhat relieved the pain. As the time passed she found it more and more pleasing and the pain started to fade away. Then two more tubes emerged, this time from the floor. One was rather large, but the other was very thin. She could guess what they were for. The large one moved toward her asshole, and her moans of pleasure from the milking were interrupted by a large yelp as the tube invaded her ass. The other tube caused her to scream again as it moved in and up her urethra. After the initial pain subsided her whimpers turned again to moans of pleasure. Then the computer voice returned for what was to be the final time.

"Beginning final stage; reward."

Reward? Are they going to set me free? Alex hoped. That was not to be the case. Instead a metal platform emerged from the floor, and on it was another woman encased in latex and bound to the platform she was on. The part of her body that was not encased in the latex was her face. She looked around Alex's age, perhaps a year or two older, and was similarly equipped with waste disposal tubes like Alex had been, and had two triangle brands on her cheeks also like Alex. The difference was that this girl's breasts were normal and not insanely large like Alex's. Alex tried to make eye contact with the girl but her face and gaze were focused directly forward. She was eye level with Alex's pussy and massive clitoris. The platform moved up a bit more and then started to move forward. The girl opened up her mouth as if she has been trained to do this. In fact she probably had been. When the girl got close enough she wrapped her mouth around Alex's clitoris and started sucking. Alex had been on the verge of orgasm for a while because of the milking, but this finally pushed her over the edge. She let out a loud groan of pleasure through the gag and juices squirted out from her pussy. She also felt a large amount of liquid exist the tip of her clitoris. Perhaps it was more like a penis than she expected, but it was still much more sensitive than a man's.

This is how her life continued. Alex and the girl had exactly 8 hours of sleep each day, but the milking always continued even as she was asleep. It had taken her a while to be able to sleep while it was happening but she finally mastered it. Alex always had her gag on except when it was time for feeding. When this happened a robotic arm would remove her gag and feeding tubes would enter her mouth as well as the girl's. They were fed some sort of thick grainy substances. There was no tasting it as the tube took the food directly into her stomach. She never figured out why she was there but she was well rewarded for giving up her life with hundreds of orgasms every day.

Alex had no idea that there was a room next to her, and another room next to that one and so on and so on for miles. It was all underground, fully automated, and in each room was a girl just like Alex and other girl that would pleasure the one being milked. All the milk flowed up to the surface which was thousands of feet above the trapped girls, and into the world's largest and only dairy farm. A plague many years ago had wiped out the cow population on the planet and the world had been without milk for a long time. It was only a year ago that a few select people with rather large sums of money had come up with this idea. The new milk company passed off their product as synthetic milk and nobody questioned it. Nobody had any idea of Alex or any of the thousands of girl located beneath the Earth that were supplying their milk.

The End
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