Worst College Class Ever
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Author's Note: My second story. I keep mine short and to the point. Enjoy!

It was Avery's first day at college and she was brimming with excitement. She didn't know anyone yet but she planned to make lots of friends. In high school she had been a straight-A student for all four years, and she hoped to do the same thing in college. She had selected her classes very carefully and had packed all of her classes into only two days. She didn't have any classes this day but she wanted to check out all of the rooms she was going to be learning in.

She was staying in the dorms for her first year at college and she had already set up her belongings in her room a few hours beforehand. Now she had free time and she figured she might as well meet the teachers she was going to be learning from. Her first stop was the Egyptology room. She has always been fascinated with the Egyptian culture and history and owned dozens of books on the subject. This was one of the classes she was most excited about.

It took her a good half hour to find the place since she was new to the college, but after asking a few people for directions she was able to find her way. She definitely needed to learn where everything was or she would miss half her classes. When she arrived at the door of the Egyptology room she decided to peek inside instead of just barging right in. All the lights were off inside, but when she started slowly turning the handle on the door she found it unlocked.

"I probably shouldn't go in..." Avery mumbled to herself.

After debating it in her head for a minute she concluded that a quick peak couldn't hurt. She turned the handle on the door fully and pulled open the door. She walked inside, flicking on the light switch on the wall to her right. The room fully illuminated seemed huge. Posters of Egyptian hieroglyphs lined the walls and models of egyptian gods and mummies were scattered around the room. It looked amazing, and Avery was so focused on the cool Egyptian objects inside the room that she didn't hear the footsteps coming up behind her until it was too late, and the needle of sedatives was plunged into her neck from behind. She screamed out but was instantly dizzy. She turned around and pushed away her assailant, stumbling towards the door, but the sedatives took effect too quickly. She crashed to the ground after a few steps, consciousness slipping away.

When she woke up she was lying on a table, naked. She definitely wasn't in the Egyptology room anymore. She tried to move her body but found that her limbs wouldn't respond to her commands. She cried out but even her voice wouldn't work, and even if it did there was a large tube shoved down her throat. She was paralyzed and unable to move a muscle.

"I'm terribly sorry that I have to do this to you but it is a necessity for my class, and you were just in the right place at the right time. I have injected you with a rare poison made from special plants found on the Nile River. You won't be able to move or speak for at least a few hours." A female voice spoke behind her.

The woman speaking walked around so that Avery could see her. She was dressed in a lab coat, her long hair pulled back behind her in a ponytail. Avery guessed the woman was in her late thirties or early forties, but she was clueless as to who this woman was.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Professor Thompson. I teach the Egyptology class here at the college. Every year I have a habit of creating another sarcophagus for my classroom, and to keep it more authentic I must have a inhabitant for the sarcophagus. Don't worry I'm going to keep you alive. The tube down your throat on will feed you essential nutrients once a day, and though you can't feel them right now I have attached sterilized tubes to you that will remove your waste. The tubes in your nose are for your breathing. Without them you would suffocate within a minute and we certainly don't want that happening." the Woman told her.

Avery was mortified at what the woman was saying, and would be shaking in fear if she wasn't paralyzed. No. She would be getting the hell out of here if she wasn't paralyzed

"Now my first class starts relatively soon so we are gonna have to get started." Professor Thompson said.

The professor was quiet then. She left Avery's line of sight for only a minute then returned with multiple rolls of white wrapping.

"First I need to cover your body with this." The professor told Avery.

She worked quickly, covering first Avery's feet, then her legs, and up her entire body, maneuvering around the tubes that were connected to her urethra, ass, and face, but leaving Avery's eyes uncovered. Then the professor left again only to return a split second later holding some sort of remote in her hand that she put in her pocket. She walked over to Avery and hoisted up her body. Avery didn't weigh that much, perhaps 110 pounds, so it was easy for the professor to pick her up, the various tubes connected to her dangling from her as she was moved. The professor deposited her in some sort of clay box. Though Avery couldn't see it, she assumed it was a sarcophagus. The professor fumbled around with the tubes attached to Avery, probably connecting them to the devices that would keep her alive. When the professor was done she walked around and stood in front of the sarcophagus, remote in hand.

"Okay Avery, when I press this button the pipe directly above the sarcophagus is going to open up and cover you with a special lightweight cement. You would probably die under the pressure of standard cement but this is a special mix. Get ready" Professor Thompson said.

Get ready? She couldn't move how was she going to get ready for being encased in cement!? Avery caught the professors eyes, a pleading glance focused at the woman standing above her.

"I'm sorry Avery, you should have never walked into my classroom, then this would have been some other student's fate." She said.

The professor pressed the button on the remote and a thick stream of cement poured down above her feet. The thick substance traveled to her thighs, then her pussy, finally reaching her head. The cement level grew higher, soon covering her face. She was totally encased. The professor let the cement continue to pour until the entire sarcophagus was filled. She scraped off the excess concrete and then covered the edge of the sarcophagus with mortar. She moved to the other side of the room where the lid to the sarcophagus was and placed in on top. The cement would take a while to set and while that happened she would go and teach her classes.

At the end of the day Professor Thompson returned to the back room of her classroom where Avery was being held. The cement should have completely solidified by now so it would be safe to move her out into the classroom. With some effort the professor moved the sarcophagus onto a hand truck and wheeled it out into the classroom. She positioned it right next to her desk. Tomorrow she would tell her class how she had built herself, leaving out of course the fact that there was an actual living person in there. Then Professor Thompson went around to each of the sarcophaguses around the room. They all contained a back panel that allowed her to access the waste and feeding tubes from each of the inhabitant of the sarcophagus. It was a tedious chore to change out all the waste bags of her living mummies but it was something that had to be done. After all she held great pride in her collection, and she had to keep it in tip top shape

Inside her prison Avery let the reality of her situation set it. She was trapped and on display for hundreds of people every day. After another few hours had passed she started to regain feeling in her body, not that she could move anything. Then she felt it, some sort of object in her pussy. Probably just cement that got through the wrappings. Avery thought. Then it started to vibrate violently and she had the most explosive orgasm of her life. She didn't want to admit it but she got off by being sealed away in the sarcophagus, and the vibrator in her pussy had put her over the edge. The vibrations continued and so did her pleasure. Perhaps this won't be that bad afterall. She thought.

The End
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