Slow and Painful
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  • Post Date - 7/5/2015

Chapter 1: Foot Cleaner

Fred set up his laptop on his bed with his hand over his dick, preparing for a long night of masturbation. The 22-year old college senior had pretty much given up on ever scoring any girls for himself due to a total lack of confidence, and was at this point just happy to have a house alone off campus where he could enjoy his prolonged masturbation sessions in peace.

Fred's long and unsuccessful history with girls was all too typical for a child of the Internet porn generation. What started as few simple rejections had destroyed his self-esteem to the point where he would honestly rather sit at home with Google chrome incognito and his dick in hands than even try to risk making himself exposed to rejection again. In most of his interactions with girls, the virgin used extreme arrogance to thinly veil his insecurities.

An unusual interaction of this type had happened today in the cafeteria with a cute sophomore named Mindy. Mindy was a relatively tall (at 5,7" she stood at almost exactly Fred's height) sophomore with short blond hair and a cute girlish face. She was extremely athletic, and the crowning feature of her body was a bubble butt of an almost perfect size; it was large but very shapely, and just under the size where it might have become too flabby.

Fred had always been an Ass-man first, and on that particular day he found himself watching Mindy's ass shake as he walked to take his place alone at the back of the dining commons. Suddenly Mindy unexpectedly turned around and spun to face him, giggling slightly when she noticed him staring at her ample hips.

"Hey Fred" she said slowly "I think I might have spaced out a bit during anthro, and I realized I have no idea how to do the homework for tonight. Any chance you could give me some quick pointers?"

Put on the spot, unsure of how to respond, and embarrassed about being caught staring at her ass, Fred responded sharply "come on Mindy I'm not responsible for you not having you shit together, I don't have time for this."

Mindy's best friend and roommate, a petite but toned Hispanic girl with full lips and a distinctively fashionable style named Carolina overheard the exchange and turned to face Fred. To the senior's surprise, both girls reacted with smiles, and Mindy said with mock surprise "wow tiger, wouldn't have pegged you for the kinda guy that would put a girl in her place like that!"

As she said the word "pegged," Carolina made a face at her roommate and giggled, but Fred was so elated he barely noticed. Finally, he thought, his cool aloof sense of superiority was beginning to pay off! The two girls turned and walked away after waving goodbye, leaving Fred on cloud nine.

Thus it was Mindy and Carolina on Fred's mind that night, as he slowly stroked his dick to the newest video on youporn. Before beginning his ritualistic masturbation session, Fred had forgotten to close his facebook (not that anyone messaged him ever, so this hardly mattered most nights). To his surprise the sudden ting of a new message interrupted his play. Annoyed, Fred quickly switched to his Facebook page to make sure he wasn't missing anything important. To his surprise and pleasure he found a new message from Mindy.

Mindy: Hey Tiger :), rethinking that homework help offer?

Mindy: I'd love to see you if I could tame that temper and show you I am worth your time!

Surprised by how well things were working out for him, and unsure of how to proceed, Fred decided sticking to the arrogance that got him here would be his best plan of attack.

Fred: I don't know, about that Mindy I can be a pretty hard guy to entertain, and a homework session just doesn't sound all that interesting.

Mindy: haha I never would have guessed quiet little Fred was such a heartbreaker.

Mindy: trust me we can do more than just homework, and my idea of fun is gonna be unlike anything you've ever seen before ;).

Fred: O yea.... whats your idea of fun?

Mindy: lol sounds like tiger's interested after all! If you wanna find out come by my room at 3 or so tomorrow!

Fred tried to continue to engage with her, hoping for more fodder for the upcoming night of masturbation, but she refused to answer any more messages after this.

Nevertheless, the conversation was probably Fred's most exciting interaction with a girl in four years of college, and he had more than enough excitement to masturbate for at least four hours before passing out in his cum soaked sheets: a good ol' Friday night.

The Next Day...

Fred paced around outside Mindy and Carolina's room impatiently. He had come fifteen minutes earlier wearing his best button-up and smelling of the hardly used cologne his uncle had given him for his 18th birthday. He had been waiting outside the girl's door and knocking for at least 25 minutes with no answer. It was now 3:10 and Fred finally gave up, dejectedly turning to walk down the hall back to his room.

At that moment the two girls appeared at the end of the hall walking arm and arm, blocking his attempted exit from the hall. They were both dressed in work out clothes, and Fred found himself straining to get a look at Mindy's magnificent ass in tights.

"Tiger wasn't going anywhere was he?" Carolina asked grinning.

The girls continued to advance towards him, and as Carolina unlocked the door, Mindy gave him a playful shove into their room.

Fred was surprised to find the room was mostly empty, except for a large mysterious box with several shut compartments, two comfy looking beds near the windows on each side of the door room, and what seemed to be a wrestling mat in the middle of the floor.

"Sorry about being a bit late Fred! We just got really into it with an extended work out sesh at the gym, Carolina's just gonna hop in the shower, then its my turn to wash, then we can get to work!" Mindy said apologetically.

"yea that's fine I guess" Fred mumbled "only what's up with your guy's room? Like why is it so empty?"

"We're actually moving to a nice spot off campus tomorrow Tiger" Mindy replied as Carolina hopped into the bathroom. "Maybe if your lucky you can come hang out with us there to."

"More like if you girls are lucky!" Fred replied, shocked at his own (perceived) wit, but unsure how much longer he could get away with being the arrogance act.

Carolina smiled at him again before disappearing into the bathroom, but there was something different behind that smile, an expression that Fred couldn't quite place but seemed to hang somewhere between hatred and excitement.

He didn't have much time to respond though, because Mindy suddenly grabbed him tightly by his sides and retorted with a huge smile on her face:

"There's that famous attitude again tiger, time to find out if you got the strong body to match the strong words!" Mindy squeezed his sides tightly, as if to appraise his chest muscles, causing the boy to involuntarily squirm in her arms. She held onto him though, and Fred begun to realize how much stronger she was then he originally anticipated.

"What do you say ya big strong tiger, wanna take a few rounds on the mat, and see how tough you really are?" the toned blonde asked him with a confrontational tone.

Something in their dynamic had totally changed, and Fred was overcome with a sudden and unexplainably feeling of losing control. Despite his mysterious anxiety, Fred wanted to keep up his act to the first girls to pay serious attention to him in two decades, and simply replied:

"your on Mindy!"

Suddenly Mindy shifted her wait and hurled Fred in the direction of the mat, causing him to trip and stumble, just barely catching himself before his face collided with the floor.

"Good" she said cockily "I've barely been able to wait to tear you apart!"

"What the hell Mindy!" Fred whined, rubbing his sore knees. "Play nice!"

"Not a chance tiger!"

Mindy charged at Fred just as he was getting to his feet again, and swiped the skinny and terribly un-athletic senior with her foot. Fred was back on the floor again but before he could get up Mindy pressed her foot against his face, pinning him down and preventing Fred from moving.

She began to speaking in a soft but menacing tone to him, all the while pressing her foot face harder into his face. Freshly back from the gym, Mindy's foot was still covered in a sweat soaked sock, and Fred was forced not to breathe in through his nose.

"Did you really think that your stupid arrogant act would work on a girl like me dipshit?" Mindy began. "Here's a quick hint: acting like a dick is only a good way of flirting if you're not a useless loser!"

Mindy punctuated the word loser by driving her foot even harder into Fred's face. Fred suddenly screamed in pain, his nose felt like it was about to break, and the pressure on his face was terrible!

"I'm sorry Mindy!" he squealed, forcing air in through his mouth to avoid the stench of her sweaty feet. "Please give me another chance, and I'll respect you, I think you're so cute and would love to show you a good time."

"Just as I thought" Mindy snorted, just slightly letting up the pressure on Fred's face. "Your not a tiger after all, your just a weak little kitty cat! Right Freddie?

Mindy briefly lifted her foot of his face, leaving Fred staring at her dumbly. When he didn't reply fast enough, she slammed her foot down on his face again with force, causing Fred to scream with pain.

"I asked you a question Fred!" she seethed. "I asked you whether or not you're a weak little kitty cat, and I expect you to answer."

She lifted her foot again, and Fred quickly babbled out: "yes I am! I'm a weak little kitty cat, please let me le---"

Fred's begging was interrupted by Mindy suddenly angling her foot such that she could shove it down her victim's open mouth, clogging up his throat as almost half her foot went into his mouth. Fred gagged immediately. He could taste the sweat dripping off the crazy girl's foot, and it filled his mouth with a repulsively salty flavor.

"If Fred the kitty cat is truly sorry for disrespecting me, he will wrap his lips around my foot and suck out all the nasty sweat!" Mindy declared assertively, then she turned to look Fred in the eyes and narrowed her own. "And if Fred the Kitty doesn't clean my foot I will stomp his balls into paste and then kick his little Kitty ass."

Not seeing any choice, Fred wrapped his lips around the oral invader and began to suck deeply, tickling Mindy's toes with his tongue. With her foot in his mouth the unpleasant flavor of sweat magnified by four, and Fred felt like vomiting, but kept on going out of fear of what could happen to his poor balls.

Mindy began to slowly move her foot back and forth in Fred's mouth, simulating fellatio, and further humiliating her poor toy.

"You see, Fred the Kitty cat, I've just decided that you love sucking sweat from my feet, so consider this quite the reward! As a matter of fact, if you do well enough on this one, I might even consider letting you clean the other one as well!"

Just at that moment, Fred saw Carolina exit the bathroom out of the corner of his eye, naked and dripping from her shower.

"Wow!" Carolina exclaimed, feigning surprise as if she hadn't seen her bestie do this to many men before Fred. "Its like your foot is a big meaty cock, and Fred is a stupid slut that loves having his mouth stuffed with to the brim!"

"You think this is to the brim girl?" Mindy asked. At this point she sat down on the bed at such an angle that she could shove her foot even further down Fred's throat.

"Yea you whore, hope you like deep throating!" Mindy and Carolina both high fived and laughed as Carolina sat down on the bed next to her roommate. As Mindy spoke in a matter of fact manner about the unfortunate soul having his mouth raped by her foot, Carolina began to gently rub in between Fred's legs with her own bare foot, leading to their victim's instant arousal.

"I was just explaining to Fred what it means to be a Kitty cat," Mindy said to her roommate. "How now we can get to decide the things that he wants and doesn't want, and how were gonna punish him if he tries to say he doesn't like his new favorite activities"

"That such a good point Mindy! We will be deciding all of Fred's new favorite things to do." Carolina then drove her foot hard into Fred's dick and continued "and Fred will be punished ever so severely if he tries to decide anything on his own!"

Fred's crotch area exploded with pain and he wriggled to get out from under his cruel torturers. This only succeeded in Mindy's foot traveling further down his throat, causing even greater pain in his already strained mouth.

Fred tried to beg the girls to stop tormenting him, but Mindy's foot filled up his mouth so completely that it effectively created a sealed gag from which only muffled sounds could escape. This had the added affect of forcing Fred to breathe through his nose, exposing him to worst of Mindy's raunchy foot order.

"Mmmmmphhhh..." The senior complained.

"I think he wants you to kick his balls harder girl." Mindy said to Carolina. She once again slid her foot out of Fred's mouth and said to him " Does Kitty want Carolina to smash his balls with her adorable little feet?"

"Please!" Fred begged, while gasping for air "I'll do anything you girls ask, just don't hurt my dick anymore"

"An interesting proposition don't you think?" Carolina said to Mindy as she slid her body to the floor and began to unbuckle Fred's belt and pull his 3.5-inch dick out from under his boxers.

Fred's dick instantly became erect again at being handled by Carolina's delicate hands and grew to a length of around 5 inches.

"Well to start with Fred" Carolina continued, barely hiding the disdain in her voice. "Maybe you should tell us why your dick is so small?"

"I was just thinking that!" Mindy exclaimed excitedly, getting right up in Fred's battered face, so that their noses were mere inches from each other in a perverted mimicry of intimacy, she echoed her roommate. "Please tell us Fred, we want to know why your dick is so small and pathetic?"

"Please girls I don't know what to say" Fred moaned "I was just born like that."

"Not a very good answer at all Freddie" Carolina said with disappointment. As she said this she got up and went over to the large black box and opened up a small compartment towards the top and took out a mysterious metal contraption.

"You clearly don't know enough about your teeny little cock" the petite Latina dominatrix said slowly "and I think that means that maybe you should lose your rights to it."

Fred opened his mouth to ask what that meant, but the second he did Mindy spat right into his open mouth and then grabbed his throat and squeezed, while explaining that he was never to talk unless he was asked to.

While Fred struggled for air in Mindy's choke hold, he felt Carolina slip the contraption around his cock, and then heard a lock click. His dick was now encased in a shiny curved metal tube, which Fred reasoned would prevent him from getting fully erect. Mindy slowly eased her grip on his throat, while Carolina flicked the tip of dick with her fingers lazily and explained:

"Pathetic little kitty boys who don't even know why there dicks are so little lose their rights to pleasure themselves, and end up locked in cute little chastity cages like this one. And that's the answer we were looking for Fred! The reason why your dick is so little is because you're a pathetic little kitty boy and all pathetic little kitty boys have pathetic little kitty dicks!"

On each time Carolina said the word "little" she slapped Fred's balls with increasing force, causing him to cry out in pain.

Realizing his balls wouldn't last for much longer under this kind of treatment, Fred got up to make a break for the door. However, he couldn't move very fast with his face and balls in such pain and only got half across the room before Mindy pounced on him, grabbing his hair and slamming his face repeatedly into the mat until his nose started bleeding.

"Where the fuck did you think you were going, Fred?" Carolina taunted "here you have two cute girls taking time out of there busy day to explain to you that you're a stupid foot sucking loser who needs to have his dick locked up and punished. And you were actually trying to leave?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Fred groveled, as he tasted the blood from his nose fall into his mouth. "Just please please let me go, I'll let you keep my dick locked up for as long as you want, just don't hurt me anymore!"

Once again Carolina's eyes lit up. "As long as we want?? Well that sounds like quite a fair deal to me, how about you Mindy?

"I think it's a great idea Fred" Mindy said grabbing his cheek and squeezing hard "but you still have another foot to clean!"

Mindy stood up again and leveled her foot right above Fred's face and proclaimed: "Open up suck slut!"

As she said this Carolina sat down on his prone body, pinning his arms to the ground using her knees and began to egg the foot worshipping on while bouncing up and down on Fred's poor chastised dick. She brought her mouth right up to his ear and began to whisper erotically while Mindys other foot slid into Fred's waiting mouth:

"That's it kitty! A nice sweaty princess foot just for you. You should be proud of yourself! Figuring out all on your own that your stupid mouth is a perfect washing machine for Mindy's sweaty disgusting feet! You must be a very very smart boy! I wish you could see how great you look right now."

Suddenly Carolina stopped and got up to grab a digital camera from the same compartment of the box that the chastity belt came from, and began to film Fred worshipping Mindy's foot. She returned to her place straddling his chest, and continued her monologue:

"Now you can! Will send you this video and every night you'll send us back a recording of you watching yourself give a sweaty gross foot a deep-throat blowjob, and slowly stroking your dick! You won't be able to cum of course with your cock locked up all nice and snug, but it will help us make sure that you understand that your new favorite thing is to be a stupid foot sucking slut!"

Mindy abruptly picked up where her roommate left off, shoving her foot even further down Fred's throat. "Besides the video you will not under any circumstances talk to us or acknowledge us in any way. If you complete these conditions and any others ones we might add, then me and Carolina here will considering unlocking your poor little cock in a few weeks."

With this she lifted her foot out of Fred's mouth while Carolina picked up the disheveled boy and began to walk him towards the door.

"O I almost forgot!" Carolina said as she dragged Fred "since me and Mindy took a whole hour out of are day to play with your miserable little body, we think its only fair you pay us a nominal fee, does that sound ok with you sweetheart?"

From the look on her face, Fred could tell the question wasn't really a question, and resigned to hand her the last $100 of his allowance money for the month.

"Such a nice little kitty" Carolina said, patting the visibly crying boy on the head. "So excited to see your first video tonight!"

With that she pushed Fred hurriedly out the door while both girls cackled at the shell-shocked sub.

Chapter 2: Chastity Enthusiast

Fred stumbled home, visibly shaken, and acutely aware that his entire face reeked of Mindy's foot sweat. The second he got into the door, he rushed to the sink to try to wash the taste of foot sweat out of his mouth, but it took four rinses to fully wash the repulsive tang from the back of his throat. After this demeaning task was done he felt his phone ring and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a phone to find a new message from Mindy:

Hey Kitty,

Quite a day we had today, bet you never guessed that it would be so easy to be turned into a Bitch. Anyways Caro and I expect our new pet to have its first video in by ten o'clock tonight, and for that video to be no shorter than forty-five minutes. Don't forget, the point of these videos isn't just to make us laugh at how pathetic you are! You're also demonstrating to us how happy you are now that you're a chastised foot slut, and that you're thankful to us for teaching you your new favorite activities.

Your Very Excited New Owners

PS: no pressure, but if the videos aren't good we will hurt you very very badly ;)

Fred groaned, and broke out into a fresh round of shaking as he realized the extent of what had been done to him. He hadn't enjoyed being dominated by Mindy and Carolina to the slightest extent, but also felt powerless to resist and understood that he had no choice but allow himself to be further humiliated by the cruel sophomores.

Going to the police and authorities felt ridiculous, and furthermore he had a strong suspicion he would be laughed out. He didn't understand what was happening, but knew that the girls had found hurting him to be extremely funny and entertaining, and was terrified of what the future might hold for him.

Wanting to get the video out of the way fast, Fred pulled down his pants and sat on his bed as he turned on the cam and opened the link Mindy had sent him to the film Carolina had made. As he watched his visibly miserable face have a foot shoved further and further into his mouth, Fred realized that Carolina had added corny porno music to the background of her video. Fred suddenly remembered to forced a huge and goofy smile on his face, to satisfy the girls.

In truth, the chastity belt made the whole experience pure hell. Unavoidably aroused, Fred's dick strained against its metal cage and caused him great and constant pain. In addition Fred couldn't help but want to cum badly, and knew that release was not an option for the foreseeable future.

After forty-five minutes of the footage on loop, Fred was close to another breaking point. The fact that this was going to be his life for at least a few weeks was almost unbearable. He continued to attempt to mentally convince himself that if he just behaved, he would before long be able to put the whole experience behind him. He managed to just barely maintain his fake smile throughout the video, just breaking composure slightly at the very end.

Suddenly the video switched to a close up of Carolina's adorable and goddess-like face giving him instructions, while waving his chastity key in front of the camera:

"Hey Kitty! Can't imagine how exciting it must be to know that we now control your sad little dicklet! Anyways just checking in here to remind you to end all your videos by thanking me and Mindy for the new things we've taught you to like!

Tootles !

Defeated and unable to resist anymore, Fred simply turned to the camera and said in a cracking voice:

"Thank you Mindy for teaching me to suck all of the sweat off your dirty feet, and thank you Carolina for locking my dick up in chastity."

With this final surrender he shut his laptop and almost immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Over next few days Fred's nightly submission to Carolina and Mindy began to feel terrifyingly routine. Every night he would stroke his dick to the point that it strained against his metal chastity cage, while furiously proclaiming his new mantra:

"Thank you Mindy for teaching me to suck all of the sweat off your dirty feet, and thank you Carolina for locking my dick up in chastity."

The girls never responded to any of his videos or gave him any confirmation they were even getting them. But the frightened senior continued to make them every night:

"Thank you Mindy for teaching me to suck all of the sweat off your dirty feet, and thank you Carolina for locking my dick up in chastity."

Fred's constant state of arousal and frustration led to him to have trouble sleeping repeatedly, and he was so tired that he walked through his days in total haze of exhaustion and sexual frustration:

"Thank you Mindy for teaching me to suck all of the sweat off your dirty feet, and thank you Carolina for locking my dick up in chastity."

Because he had given the rest of his allowance money to the girls for the "services" they provided him, he had to strictly ration his remaining packs of Top Ramen noodles and other microwavable snacks in order to eat. This only served to further weaken him to the point where his only goal was to make it through his daily classes, get home and make his video then collapse into a restless cycle of half-sleep:

"Thank you Mindy for teaching me to suck all of the sweat off your dirty feet, and thank you Carolina for locking my dick up in chastity."

At the end of each video, the chastity key swung tantalizing in front of him, and within a few days Fred found himself pathetically grabbing at the virtual key, as if he could bring it into his awful reality.

On the eighth day of his torture, Fred was surprised to find Mindy setting her notebooks down next to his in Anthropology class. She didn't say anything to him, so Fred didn't either. As the professor began to drone on about ethnographies of northern India, Fred put his head in his hands. He rarely had the energy or presence of mind left to pay attention, and could no longer engage with what had once been his favorite subject.

Just as he was about to doze off he felt a hand brushing alongside his leg and gently rubbing his penis. His member immediately strained to attention, and Fred experienced a new level of pain as the chastity tube squeezed and constricted his engorged member.

Mindy seemed to have no intention of letting up this new degree of torment however, and just as Fred was trying to grimace and bear it he suddenly became aware that his professor was calling his name:

"So Fred, we haven't heard much from you this class, what did you think of the readings and Shelby's comments on them?"

Fred strained his mind as he tried to come up with a way to think about anything except the overwhelming combination of pain and arousal emanating from his cock. His efforts were unsuccessful, and he felts tears of pain and humiliation roll down his cheeks.

"Fred! Are you ok? Do you need to step out for a second?" His professor asked nervously. At this Mindy squeezed his balls with extra intensity to let him know he should stay and Fred answered in a stuttering voice:

"No professor Owens, I promise that I will keep it together and pay attention."

The deeply humiliated little boy was acutely aware of the embarrassing spectacle of failure he had just deteriorated into in front of his whole class. To the left he could hear some students giggling at him.

After the class, his professor pulled him aside and asked him what was wrong and why he schoolwork and homework had fallen off so quickly, but Fred felt too tired and shamed to answer seriously.

As he was about to walk off, Fred suddenly reconsidered his position. Professor Anne Owens had always been a huge fan of his work, and the young and cute anthropologist was always willing to support Fred in his lesser struggles. Fred took a deep breath, it was now or never.

"Professor Owens?" He asked timidly. "There's something I think you should know."

"What is it Fred?" The sweet professor asked with concern in her voice.

"It's just that these two girls they're well..." Fred paused to carefully consider his word choice before continuing: "They've been making me do things, things that are distracting me and making it hard to work."

The professor gave him a look of genuine confusion before responding in a slightly patronizing voice:

"Fred, I know girl trouble can be distracting, but it can't take priority over your studies. If these girls are taking up all your time you might have just tell them to leave you alone."

Dejectedly, and realizing he had very little hope of conveying his situation to his befuddled professor, and said a quick goodbye before getting up to leave. As he walked through the door, his once favorite professor offered him a quick reminder:

"Fred, I know you're smarter than this, If you don't pull yourself together fast you're going to be in serious trouble."

"I know professor, believe me I know."

The rest of the day was relatively normal, or what had become normal. Fred stumbled home, ate the one pack of top ramen he permitted himself a day, then flipped open his laptop and began to record a video:

"Thank you Mindy for teaching me to suck all of the sweat off your dirty feet, and thank you Carolina for locking my dick up in chastity."

He once again collapsed in exhaustion and pain.

After three weeks of this treatment, Fred's schoolwork had totally fallen apart, he would probably be failing all of his classes this semester and his teachers and his few friends had mostly given up on trying to figure out what was wrong with him. He had just finished recording and sending his daily humiliation video for the girls when he was surprised to find another message from Mindy reach his phone:

Hey Fred,

Long time no talk! Anyways Carolina and me have noticed a lot of improvement in you recently and really like how much you've accepted being a chastised foot slut. We both think you should be very proud of how weak and stupid you are, and as a reward we would like to unlock your teensy kitty cock tomorrow! You will meet us promptly at five o'clock at our new house on first street, failure to show up on time will lead to the loss of any further opportunities to be unlocked.

So be there or be square!

Although Fred was unspeakably excited to finally be given an opportunity to cum, his stomach was also filled with an inescapable feeling of dread that his ordeal was not over. As he lay awake that night trying to overcome his frustration and fear to finally get some sleep, one word that came from his basest instincts ran through his mind over and over again:


Chapter 3: Cum Aficionado

Mindy and Carolina spent all day setting up for Fred's arrival at five. If things went a certain way then they would need to be prepared. Mindy licked her lips, the "if things went a certain way" was her favorite part of the whole process. If he played his cards right, Fred really could walk out of their house in 30 minutes a free man, and not have to worry about being bothered by the two mistresses for the rest of his life. That was if he played his cards right, and they o so rarely did.

"I don't imagine he'll be leaving the house today, don't you think Caro?" Mindy commented absentmindedly.

Carolina turned to her best friend and smiled:

"Now I don't want to make assumptions, but I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to extend his stay with us for quite a while."

The two girls looked at each other and shared a smile. Neither had come up from a very good neighborhood, and breaking and selling niche market sex slaves had become there chosen path to success and higher education.

Both girls were wickedly intelligent and studious pre-med students, and just took classes like Anthro on the side to pick up new toys like Fred.

This is not to say that boys like Fred were not just a much fun as they were work, Mindy thought as she carefully finished soundproofing the entry room to their apartment.

Carolina for her part had just prepped the medical room, in case any procedures would need to be done to ensure success, and also discreetly hid some gear in case they needed to restrain and transport their package.

Their new house was large and well furnished mcmansion on the outside of town, ugly as all hell, but full of lots of useful rooms to keep their pets. Right now those cells were unoccupied (well kind of), but Mindy planned on having them all full within the next few years.

"you got the spunk honey?" Carolina asked Mindy.

The girls both worked at a medical lab, which included a sperm bank, and they used this to slowly siphon samples from the lab into their house. This meant they kept several buckets full of male sperm on hand at all times, one of which Mindy had just discreetly placed just outside the room where Fred would enter.

"Yes love, right where you asked."

Mindy sighed, she could tell Carolina didn't enjoy their job in the same way she did. Her roommate approached enslavement with a cold and disconnected quality. However, Mindy loved her for that in a sense, as Carolina had the potential to be 1000 times crueler than her when the situation called for it. Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the door bell, and as Carolina opened the door, a beleaguered Fred walked into their front living room.

Mindy for her part, love to toy with her slaves. She would readily admit to her best friends that nothing made her wetter than making a descent into slavery as painful and awful as possible.

For his part, Fred was extremely nervous about what the next hour held for him. Yet at the same time he was also beginning to think clearly for the first time since his initial domination by the two girls.

Soon it would be the end of the month and he would get his next months allowance from his parents. His dick would be unlocked, and he would be free to masturbate, eat, and sleep, the holy trinities of hobbies that had been denied of him for the past month. After a terrible ordeal, maybe if he managed to save his schoolwork he could turn his semester around.

He looked around the room nervously. As his eyes fell on the smiling girls he was struck once more by how sexy they were. Both were done up in the just right amount of make up with longish plaid skirts and matching heels. As he entered Mindy bounced up to him and embraced him yelling, almost as if they were good friends:

"Fred! So glad you could make it!"

Her hug suddenly increased in intensity, crushing Fred and pinning his arms to his sides. As Fred started to struggle to get free, his efforts were only rewarded by the pressure intensifying, and he opened to mouth to beg Mindy to stop.

The second he did this however, something unexpected happened. Mindy leaned in for a giant kiss, shoving her tongue far down his mouth. Fred responded almost involuntarily, he was hopelessly horny, and the kiss felt amazing, as did the over powering scent of the strong perfume that Mindy had applied before he arrived. As Mindy enveloped him in her arms, Carolina slithered around to stick her hand in between his legs and stroke his cock.

The combined pressure of the two girls caused Fred's cock to almost explode, and once again he grimaced as the cruel constriction of his chastity cage bit into his shaft. He renewed his efforts to break free of Mindy's grip, which caused Carolina to grab his head by his longish hair with her free arm, and force him to continue the kiss while his chest was mercilessly compressed by Mindy's arms.

"You won't get free unless she wants you to you know." Carolina said matter-of-factly. "and if you think this is bad, I can show you some other methods of restraint that are much more.... well severe."

Fred shuddered at Carolina's threat, and Mindy knew at that point that he was about to seal his own fate. She released Fred from her arms and he collapsed panting at her feet as he tried to recover his breath.

"Anyways Kitty, enough fun and games right?" Carolina continued. "you came to get your kitty cock unlocked and we might as well get down to business yes?

"Y-y-yes please, pleaaase!" Fred was in a frenzy now, worked up by the way the girls were teasing him. Mindy however, looked at the pathetic pleading boy and smiled:

"What Fred? You must remind me what it is you want me to do?"

Fred groaned, realizing the fun and games were clearly not over

"please unlock my cock, Mindy and Carolina" and then for good measure he reiterated: "please unlock my tiny kitty cock."

Fred's cheeks were flushed red with humiliation, but he was ready to say just about anything, as he was desperately hungry for the chance to cum.

"let's get to it!" Carolina said, feeling that they were zeroing in for the kill. In one motion, she procured a small key from the cardigan she was wearing and swiftly turned the latch on Fred's straining cock. The sensation of finally being able to become erect was overwhelming for Fred, and he entered a state of pure elation at what he would do when he got home.

"alright loser." Mindy said, as her and Carolina abruptly swirled around and began to coldly walk away from Fred. "Get out of our house."

Despite his happiness on finally being rid of his awful torturers, Fred suddenly experienced a surprisingly feeling of emotional emptiness. As terrible as it had been, Mindy and Carolina were the first girls to pay attention to Fred in what seemed like years. Mindy was actually the first girl to kiss Fred since tenth grade! Despite his muddled emotions, Fred was just pulling up his boxers and pants and getting ready to leave when Mindy abruptly turned around and said:


"what is it love?" Carolina replied.

"Well its just that little Freddie here has been such a good boy making all of his videos and really showing us how much he loves the taste of my feet, that I thought it might be fair for us to give him his first cum after his release. Would you like that Fred?"

This was the moment of truth, and Mindy loved it, if Fred let his dick control his better judgment now, then he really did deserve to spend the rest of his life as someone else's sex toy. Putting his dick over his mind however, was exactly what the extremely horny and weak minded senior was about to do, the prospect of any kind of sexual activity that wasn't with his hand was too hard to put down.

"Well I suppose that would be nice." Fred tried to summon up the same confidence he had believed in when he first started talking to Mindy, but he was afraid it sounded insincere and ridiculous.

Behind their backs and out of sight of their poor victim, the girls squeezed each other's hands and tried to contain their excitement: another sub had just offered himself up to the slaughter.

"O Fred!" Mindy exclaimed exuberantly. "That so exciting! I'm so glad you were willing to put our little game behind us, maybe we will be seeing a lot more of you in the future."

Before he had time to react to this comment, Mindy was upon him, once again unzipping his pants, and this time wrapping her hands around his dick and beginning to pump slowly and steadily. The sensation that rolled through Fred's body was good, better than jacking off, and as Fred spaced out and enjoyed the moment Mindy leaned in, once again exposed Fred to her delicious perfume:

"you must tell us when you are close Freddie ok, no surprises?"

At this she giggled and brought her hand over her mouth in a gesture of feign surprise.

"uh huh y-yea"

Fred barely heard her over his internal elation. For the past month all he had been able to think about was how badly he wanted to jack off, and now it was finally happening and a beautiful girl was doing the deed for him no less.

"Fred!" Mindy repeated with slightly more urgency in her voice. "Did you hear what I said?"

"Yea yea Mindy I heard you." The senior mumbled, still barely able to keep focus on anything except for how amazing he felt.

"FRED!" Mindy bellow, suddenly violently squeezing his erect dick and causing him a fair amount of pain. "YOU HAVE TO PAY MORE ATTENTION."

As Fred cringed from the pain he suddenly became aware that Carolina was creeping up from behind him. His internal alarm went off and he tried to get up and run to safety, forgetting the choke hold Mindy had on his cock. His struggles only increased his pain, as sudden sharp stinging sensation spread through his shoulder.

Fred looked behind him to realize that Carolina had just injected him with a syringe full of some unknown substances, and felt a numbing sensation rapidly spread throughout his entire body. Mindy released his dick, but Fred suddenly felt too weak to move, too weak to even form full words in his mouth. He collapsed in a pile in-between the two girls.

"wh-whhaaa -whyyy?" Fred could barely summon up enough energy to get the words out of his mouth, but Mindy just laughed and slowly but assertively responded:

"Well Fred, to be honest we are both a little confused, aren't we Caro?

"Oh yes" Carolina replied, disappearing from Fred's line of vision for unknown reasons. "quite confused in fact."

"You see Fred" Mindy continued. "here we are thinking that after a whole month of training you learned that you like being locked up inside a cock cage, and then here you go acting like you enjoy being unlocked and having us jack you off, when clearly what you really want is to be locked back up again. Do you understand our dilemma?"

Fred struggled to nod his head no, but barely succeeded in moving it at all.

"So..." Carolina said, returning suddenly holding a funnel and a medium sized bucket of something Fred couldn't see. "We just want to make sure that your training is complete and that you really do understand how much better it is to be locked up nice and tight, by showing you just how gross cum really is."

Carolina handed the funnel to Mindy, who suddenly shoved it in Fred's mouth, before grabbing his head and roughly forcing the weakened boy to sit up. Fearing what was about to happen, Fred tried to spit the funnel out of his mouth but could only move it very slightly to the side in his depleted state.

Carolina turned over the bucket so that the contents begin to slowly fall towards the open end of the funnel. As Fred watched the thick and creamy white liquid slowly tumble towards his open mouth, he began to realize how much trouble he really was in.

"This is gonna be so good." Mindy cackled, forcing Fred's head to stay in position, while Carolina slowly nodded in agreement. The cum hit the base of the funnel with a splash and immediately began to pour through the bottom into Fred's mouth.

Sperm tasted foul, fouler than Fred could even anticipate. It had a thick and robust taste that seemed to fill and linger in every section of his mouth, and as the tidal wave of gunk forced its way down Fred's throat it seemed to also stick to every part of him. Just as finished the first gulp, a second wave of cum quickly followed, this one causing him to choke slightly.

"Oh my god Fred!" Mindy exclaimed excitedly, like he was a science fair experiment. "It's coming out of your nose!"

Abruptly the tidal wave of cum let up, but the poor boy felt like he could still feel it splashing around inside of him.

"So faggot"


Carolina began screaming at Fred while repeatedly striking him with an open hand in the face.

"I guess..."


"that now.."


"you realize how awful cum is"


"and you want us to lock you back up in your chastity belt. Right?"

Even though he knew it was probably hopeless, Fred still shook his head furiously. There was no way in hell he was agreeing to those girls putting that terrible belt back on him. Unfortunately for Fred, Mindy and Carolina had much more terrifying plans for the boy than just a chastity belt.

"awww the poor boy!" Mindy exclaimed sympathetically, while Carolina grilled him with murder in her eyes. "Don't be angry boo! He's just confused. I'm sure another cummy will clear him up and make him realize what's best for him! Right Freddiee-poo?"

While she said this Mindy once again squeezed his cheek in the paternalistic way one might treat a baby or small child. Fred had barely any strength left to protest, but inside he felt like dying.

Not only was he probably going back in chastity without a chance to cum even once, but also Carolina was about to poor another serving of cum down his throat!

Mindy once again stuffed the funnel down Fred's throat, and Carolina tipped the second half of the bucket down into the funnel. This helping was even worse then first. Fred's face stung immensely from Carolina's severe slaps, and as the vulgar wave of sperm was again filled every corner of his mouth he made every effort not to swallow.

Fred's cheeks bulged obscenely from his mouth being filled to the brim with ejaculate, and even more continue to pour in from the narrow end of the funnel. This time it was Carolina's turn to laugh:

"Ha ha ha! The stupid slut is actually trying not to swallow his cummie! We won't stand for that will we Mindy?

"No Carolina we most certainly won't."

As Mindy said this Carolina finished the contents of the bucket in Fred's mouth, which continued to swell as it filled with cum he refused to swallow. Mindy continue talking to Fred, using her sympathetic baby voice:

"you know Fred-fred, it's only going to be ever so much worse once you finally do have to swallow, trying to hold down all that stuff at once, and I think Carolina and I both agree that these cummies are just for your own good. Nod if you understand please Freddie-poo, just nod so that we no that you appreciate the cummies."

Fred didn't care what these two bitches did to him, as he finally resigned and relaxed his jaw to let a foul tasting wave of cum flood his insides, he refused adamantly to nod.

"oooo Freddie!" Mindy sounded (almost) genuinely upset. "I really wish you would have behaved yourself right there and let us know that you loved your second cummie! Now me and Carolina are going to have to take very very extreme measures with you." She looked at Carolina somberly indicating that her roommate should continue.

As Carolina spoke, she ripped the funnel out of Freds mouth, and began to use her fingers to scrape up the last remnants of cum in the bucket and shove it violently down his throat.

"My bestie here thinks you deserve pity, but I honestly I am just preeeettty pissed off right now Bitch!" Carolina began angrily.

"Me and Mindy have both decided if it would be best if you stayed with us for a little while, and learned how to behave yourself. I mean here you have two stunning girls that are taking time out of their important lives to turn you into a chastised slut, and not only do you not appreciate that, you actually have the nerve to tell us you don't like swallowing an enormous helping of man cum!"

Fred was nodding in and out as she spoke, he wanted to cry, but the drugs Carolina had pumped into his system prevented him from doing anything but lying in Mindy's arms as Carolina's fingers invaded his mouth to deliver more cum.

"So what we have decided to do is accept you as a full time slave here at our new house, where you can work to pay back all the time that me and Mindy here have wasted trying to turn you into a chastity slut. When you are good and trained we will consider letting you go, but that might be several years, or even more!"

At this Mindy jumped in again, adopting once more the tone of the sympathetic parent.

"I know your scared Fred, but I promise this is really for the best, ok? We promise to film plenty of videos of your training for our website, and maybe by the end of this you'll be famous! And it won't be so bad, sure the training will be pretty intense, but it won't take you too long to realize that escape isn't an option and then you'll stop resisting, and then maybe Carolina here will even consider going easy on your punishments!"

"I mean... maybe." Carolina said shrugging her shoulders. "But honestly I never have before!"

At this both mistresses laughed as they began to drag Fred by the feet towards his new bedroom.

As the girls dragged Fred by his feet up the stairs he had no way to protect the back of his head, at each stair his skull bumped into the back of his head, which caused him sufficient pain and only allowed him to focus on snippets of what his captors were saying:

"....extreme bondage..."

"...probably best..."

"...he's going to scream..."

"...wait till we modify his..."

Eventually Fred allowed his exhausted frame to just pass out, every word the girls were saying terrified him but he was to tired to even try to process all of this.

The girls continued talking as they dragged their future slave down the hallways, but Fred was trapped in that space in between conscious and unconscious where nothing seemed to matter.


This strike was rude and direct to Fred's face, snapping him out his haze temporarily. His tried to scan the room he was in, where he was propped up against what he assumed was a wall, but his vision was swimming from the slap and all he could see was blurred shades of pink and white. As he felt himself being lifted onto something large and soft, a bed probably. Mindy's voice drifted back into field of focus:

"I think it would be best if we let it sleep for a little while, it has a lot to learn to tomorrow, and we need it to be relatively sound of mind."

"hush boo." That was Carolina. "We can give it an hour or two, but it needs to learn sooner rather than later what it is going to become."

When Mindy replied to this it almost sounded like she was moaning with pleasure:

"oooo yea. Fuck your right! I just can't wait either, its gonna squeal so much when it hears. Have you picked out a name yet by the way?"

"I have some cute ideas. We will talk about them while it get's its hour of rest...."

As Carolina's voice trailed off, Fred swiftly descended into a restless sleep.

Chapter 4: Speech Therapy

Cum! There was cum everywhere! Fred opened his eyes to find the whole room was rapidly over flowing with cum. As the cum began to accumulate on the floor, it was rapidly already over his head, and then every single one of his insides was once again invaded by the awful gooey intruder....

"Wake Up!"

Fred was pulled out of his nightmarish dream into a real life nightmare by the sudden sensation of Carolina slapping him awake.

The first thing he noticed was that his two beautiful captors were both wearing incredibly sexy leather cheerleading outfits, complete with pom poms made of leather strips, and all black leather elbow gloves. Carolina had her hair done up in Pigtails, and even Mindy was sporting two little buns on either side of her head.

Secondly he began to look around the room and realize he was in some sort of perverted version of a six-year-old girl's fantasy room.

He was lying entirely naked in a giant pink statin princess bed with a wispy pink canopy. Three walls of the room and the ceiling all sported an image of baby blue clouds, while lute playing angels, clad entirely in gimp outfits like the ones from pulp fiction, hovered in a bright pink sky. The fourth wall looked to be something different, made entirely out of a shiny metal with a series of locked compartments, but Carolina was blocking most of Fred's vision in that direction.

"Like your new room sleepy-head?" Mindy asked him as though they were having casual conversation. "Our house slave painted it for us, he's so useful, maybe you can meet him later."

"I think the bitch will most certainly be meeting house slave in not to long." Carolina replied coldly.

At this point Fred realize he was wearing some kind of thick rubber band around his neck, a collar he realized, he began to feel around it and realized it had no gaps, opening, or any other obvious methods of removal. Mindy noticed his inspection of the collar and chuckled before asking:

"Do you like your new control collar? I know there seems to be no way to remove it, and that's because quite frankly there's no reason you'll ever need to! After the control collar is such a crucial part of training."

At this Fred found his voice again and began to cry out:

"what the hell are you doing to me Mindy? This has gone way too-- aaarrgghh"

Fred was suddenly stopped by massive and incredibly painful shocks running through the course of his body, instantly paralyzing him everywhere from body to vocal cords and even eyes.

"Ain't that a great thing? The paralysis lasts for about ten seconds when we activate it!" As Mindy said this, Carolina hit a button on a little pink remote, and more spasms of pain shot through Fred's body. "and that's just on the first setting, there are at least nine more much more intense settings, that we can show you during play time!"

"The paralysis brought on by the control collar is crucial because it holds you still so we can give you a real punishment!" Carolina finished, while simultaneously striking Fred with the leather pom pom across the chest hard.

His chest exploded with a new kind of severe pain (before meeting the two girls, Fred had never guessed there could be so many different kinds of pain) that the boy felt again and again as each strip of the pom pom individually went thwack on his bare skin. Carolina struck him like this four more times, and each time Fred tried to scream but was prevented by his still lingering paralysis.

"I know it seems hard." Mindy began "But each time you act out like were gonna give you little reminders with our motivational pom poms. Do you like our outfits by the way Freddie-poo?"

With this she slowly began to mount him and wrap her legs around Fred's body, surrounding him in the enthralling scent of perfume and leather. "We thought it might be nice to do the cheerleading thing for you on your first day, just to let you know that even though it gets tough sometimes, we both believe you have what it takes to be an obedient bimbo slut!"

As she wiggled around seductively on top of Fred's body, feeling slowly began to return to his frazzled figure, and he felt his (still not chastised!) cock respond to her rubbing up and down.

The boy's vision slowly came back into focus, and he realized that each girl's top was emblazoned with varsity style white logos that read Goddesses Mindy and Mistress Carolina respectively.

Suddenly Mindy grabbed his cheeks in her hand and pinched in order to ensure the boy was paying attention.

"In a few minutes were gonna strap you up into your very own cheer outfit, and then with a little training you can be one of the team! However as Mistress Carolina just demonstrated with her wonderful Motivational Poms, we're also here to make sure you understand the rules, of which you just broke some pretty major ones."

Walking in the direction of the compartments wall, Carolina began to unlock and rummage for something in one of the compartments as she continued where Mindy left off:

"The first rule you broke slut, is called no no number one. No no number one is that you are strictly forbidden from ever verbally or facially expressing any kind of unhappiness. To act like you don't love your training is a huge no-no!"

"That's a no-no!" Mindy echoed in a sing-song voice, while suddenly striking Fred hard across the face with her own pom-pom.

The poms were awful. A single strike felt like being slapped fifteen individuals times with a leather belt, and the absurdity of the whole situation reminded Fred of the cute cheerleaders who had ignored him and mocked him in high school.

It was the first time Mindy had hit him with any kind of real strength, and Fred quickly remembered that the more seemingly caring of his two captors was also wickedly strong. Carolina continued into the second rule:

"No no number two is that you must refer to your owners by their correct names. Whenever speaking to us you must make it clear that you know what our correct names our: you will refer to us as Goddess Mindy and Mistress Carolina. When referring to us as a pair you must use our individual names, Failure to address us correctly is a no-no!"

" A No!" Mindy struck him with her left pom, dragging it across his face so each leather strip felt like an individual slap.

"NO!" Mindy finished with a right hook that made Fred see stars, and then leaned in close to whisper into his ear:

"the next one is very important ok Freddy-poo? Listen up close slut-puppy"

"No-no number three is..." as Mistress Carolina spoke she began to return from the compartment carrying a black bag of unknown contents. "that your name is now Fifi Fuckpig. Any attempt to use or label yourself with another name is a no-no!"

Fred winced as he anticipated the humiliating news to be punctuated by a strike from Mindy, but instead Mindy brought her mouth down to his ear again to whisper:

"No no number four is that although Goddess Mindy and Mistress Carolina may refer to you by a variety of names, it is important for you to always show us you remember your name by speaking in the third person: such as 'Fifi loves being filled with cummies Goddess Mindy and Mistress Carolina!' you may use only your first name if you wish, but acknowledgement of your full name is always appreciated."

Fred suppressed a sob as he realized how deadly serious these girls were, and quickly tried to turn his shuddering face into a smile in order to prevent further punishment.

"O that's so cute, slutty-poo is trying not to cry like a baby!" Mindy exclaimed, as Carolina began to bring a small pink rubber condom-like device with white rubber lace out from the bag.

"You know pig." Carolina said as she slid the condom over Fred's dick.

"no no number four is actually for your own benefit. Your owners know how hard it is for stupid Bimbos to remember their own names, and no-no number four is a great way to help you remember what your are now."

As Carolina fit the device snugly around Fred's cock, he noticed one long white piece of satin lace hanging off the end of the tube, Carolina gave the lace several small tugs, and the tube suddenly tightened dramatically around his dick, squeezing and crushing it down to at least half its original size.

Fred began to scream and attempted to wriggle away. The pain in his cock was mind-wiping and he couldn't help but beg:

"Pleaseeee" the boy moaned, before being interrupted by Mindy shoving the end of her pom directly into his mouth. The bunched up leather strips began to clog up every corner of the boy's oral cavity, and made a relatively effective gag.

"I guess Piggy will be needing a lot of work wont it?" Mindy said, assessing the situation. "I think the bitch is going to need to have her dick rubberized a little bit more snugly, if you will Mistress Carolina?"

"I thought you'd never ask baby" Carolina said with excitement, as she gave the lace another assertive tug, crushing Fred's once four inch cock down even further and sending a new wave of pain surging through his body.

As Mindy slowly slid the pom out of his mouth, Fred looked down apprehensively to realize the terrible condom had turned what was once a sizeable cock into a tiny one inch nob of black and white rubber in-between his legs.

It hurt terribly, and there was certainly no chance of him cumming with his dick all scrunched up like that. Realizing the pained look on his face, Fred twisted his mouth into a fervently wide smile.

"Look Caro, I think it's getting ready to say something!" Mindy said while pointing at Fred's ridiculous expression. "Hey Piggy, wanna let your owners know how much you liked having your dick rubberized?"

Taking a deep breath and repeating in his mind that some amount of playing along would be required for escape, Fred faced his captors and annunciated clearly:

"Fifi Fuckpig loved having it's dick rubberized tightly by Goddess Mindy and Mistress Carolina."

Talking about himself like this felt almost as awful as the pain, and Fred once again found himself desperately trying to smile and overcome the urge to cry.

Referring to himself by that new degrading name, made the danger he was in feel so much realer, and Fred shuddered at the thought of the slutty name becoming part of his identity.

Everything about the way the girls were talking, from his own humiliating names, to the fact that he had just referred to the girls as his owners, to the way they called him Piggy and "it," combined with the pain lashing across his body to make him feel truly hopeless.

Despite what he thought was good effort he suddenly realized that both girls were staring at him with looks of extreme disappointment.

"DUMBASS!" Carolina ranted furiously, while Mindy held him down and explained his mistake.

"Piggy we know your trying to be a good slave, but I think frankly we're both a little upset right now. The fifth no-no is that you must never use any dirty adults words, and instead replace them with sexy cute sissy words: piss becomes pee-pee, shit becomes doo-doo, butt becomes bum, cum becomes cummie, and..." at this Mindy paused and casually flicked the knob that contained Fred's tortured dick "your chastised little dick becomes your wee-wee."

Desperate to avoid punishment Fred began to frantically apologize, realizing the fact that this rule had not been mentioned up till now was irrelevant to them:

"Please Mistress Carolina and Goddess Mindy! Fifi promises to always use the right sissy words to talk about it's wee-wee! Fifi just wants to learn how to behave and please his owners!"

While Mindy looked understandingly at Fred, Carolina simply tsked and replied:

"you really are a retarded bimbo aren't you?" as she spoke she tied the loose piece of lace tightly around the end of the constricting prison holding his dick, and used a pair of scissors to cut off the loose ends when she was done.

After this she pulled out of her bag a circular metal dog tag that Fred noticed read: "This Wee-wee does not belong to Fifi" with a smiley face, and clipped it onto the lace knot hanging off the end of the rubber constriction.

"Your owners have decided to punish you, and there's no if ands or buts about that. Furthermore you are certainly never to refer to yourself as a goddam He!"

Fred opened his mouth to apologize, but Mindy swiped him hard with a pom pom across the cheek to shut him up:

"Now is just not the time sissi-poo." Mindy said patronizingly.

"I think that our bimbo is having a hard time adjusting to the no-no's." Mindy said to Carolina.

"It's almost like it isn't happy with all of the fun new rules, but I know that isn't true. I think our pet just needs to understand the importance of following all of the no-nos, and the best way to do that would be with a much more severe punishment....."

Chapter 5: Getting Dressed

"Good point Mindy." Carolina said, sounding more forgiving then her normal self.

Carolina then pulled out a strange two pronged hook attached to a short elastic band. "And I actually think that it might be nice to remind piggy that at the end of the day we're rooting for it, with a nice little present."

Carolina stuck the two prongs down Fred's nostrils and then pulled the elastic band over his head and clipped it onto an unseen ring at the back of the slave's control collar. Fred's nose was stretched painfully into a pig-like position, with the added result of the pressure preventing him from totally closing his mouth, which admittedly made it easier for him to maintain his false smile.

"That was so sweet of you Carolina!" Mindy exclaimed while clapping giddly, before turning to Fred and saying: "Sluttttyyyy-kins what do we say to Mistress Carolina?"

Once again swallowing his pride and ignoring the pain, Fred replied:

"Thank you Mistress Carolina."

"Ooo piggely that was so good! I almost cried!" As Mindy spoke she began to adjust herself, turning 360 so that her muscled thighs held down Fred's arms while her perfectly shaped ass faced his eyes.

Fred had forgotten how wonderful that Ass was and began to stare at it lustily. Mindy's ass looked incredible in the tight leather cheerleader skirt, and Fred caught a glimpse of a pair of skimpy purple panties. His lust was cruelly interrupted however as his dick tried to expand and was restricted by its rubber confines painfully.

"I think it likes your ass Mindy." Carolina commented, as Fred grimaced. "and that means he is going to love whats coming up!"

As Fred pondered the meaning of these words, Mindy chirped:

"It sure does Caro! I have a feeling smothering is going to be one of piggy's favorite punishments soon."

With this Mindy slid towards Fred's head and lifted up her ass, before settling it down gently on top of Fred's face. Fred felt himself engulfed by the soft and cushiony ass, it was slightly hard to breathe, but all in all he far preferred this to the dreaded leather poms. Suddenly he heard Mindy begin a count down:




"Smother Time!"

Mindy redistributed her weight away from her knees so that the vast majority of it now rested on Fred's head. The soft and cushioning pressure now became a cruel and oppressive mass of muscle and cellulite, pressing hard into Fred's face and totally cutting off any supply of air.

Fred tried to struggle but the powerful ass combined with Mindy's thighs made this effort hopeless, and only succeeded in eliciting a sigh of satisfaction from the smother goddess that was currently crushing his face.

As time went on, Fred became less concerned with the incredible pressure on his face and more preoccupied with the lack of air. His lungs began to burn as Fred tried fruitlessly to suck some oxygen into them. Mindy wriggled around a little bit on Fred's face, enjoying the experience wholly.

Smothering slaves was one of Mindy's all-together favorite parts of her job, and she was an experienced face sitter who know just how much punishment a beginner smother toy like Fred could take.

Just as Fred began to see bright lights flashing in his eyes, Mindy lifted her ass temporarily off of his face and allowed him to gulp in some desperate breaths of air, before sitting back down on him.

This time she allowed the treatment to go on even longer, until Fred could literally feel a sensation of collapse beginning to spread through his lungs. Mindy lifted off at the last second, allowing the wheezing and panting Fred to take in some much needed air.

"Ooopsie daisy!" she said. "I just get so carried away with the smother fun sometimes that I forget that you can lose your brain cells. And we all know that dumb bimbo's like you don't have many brain cells to spare!"

Fred continued to desperately suck in air, until Carolina struck him hard across the face with a pom and demanded:

"What do you say Fucktard?!"

"Thank you Goddess Mindy! Using your bum to smother Fifi was a great way to explain how important it is to always follow the big no-no's, and it was very considerate of you to think about Fifi's useless bimbo brain cells."

"See it's learning!" Mindy said excitedly. "Lets give it another a treat!"

She used her fingers to pry open Fred's mouth and spit a thick loogie down his throat. Realizing his responsibility, Fred replied:

"Goddess Mindy your loogies are a delicious present, Fifi hopes it can earn many more!"

Mindy grinned and patted Daniel on the head. She motioned to Carolina, who began to remove the rest of the objects from the bag before she spoke:

"Now that your retard brain is beginning to learn total obedience, we think it might be fun to give you your very own cheerleader outfit. You see being your cheerleader is very tiring work for us, and me and Mindy both think it would be fair for you to take the initiative and cheer yourself on."

"That sounds very fair and kind of you Mistress Carolina. Fifi is so sorry to have wasted your time making you be my cheerleader.

"oo Fifi, no matter what Mistress Carolina sometimes says time spent training you is never time wasted!" Mindy said sweetly. "I think it would be nice of you to let Mistress Carolina know that you understand the only reason why she's tough on you is because she care about you and wants to make sure you are perfect slave who never misbehaves or thinks for itself."

Turning his battered head to the side, Fred said as sincerely as possible:

"Mistress Carolina. Fifi knows that even though you are sometimes mean, it is because you care about your Fuckpig and want it to be well-behaved at all times. Fifi knows it is a stupid bimbo, and that sometimes training it is hard, but Fifi Fuckpig can't thank you enough for all of your wonderful help."

This submission almost broke him, but Carolina entirely ignored his thank you as she pulled a pink rubbery cheerleading skirt out from the bag. The skirt also included a pink rubber torso section, which across the front read in the same varsity letters as the girl's uniforms: FIFI FUCKPIG. As Carolina began to slide the garment over his feet and towards his hips, Mindy explained its purpose:

"The bottom piece is not only is an awesome way to help you remember your name, it also contains a corset feature." As she said this, Fred noted that the ribbed laces of the corset ran around the torso part of the skirt, and ended in a frilly pink bow at the back of the garment. "Mistress Carolina is an expert in Corset training, and you'll never believe how tightly she's about to constrict your cute little tummy, I think it's fair to say you'll barely be able to breathe!"

As the corset-skirt combo reached his torso, Carolina roughly flipped Fred onto his back and began to slowly twist the bow in a manner that began to draw the strings tightly around his chest. Carolina gruffly elaborated on the use of the corset in her just-business tone.

"Through a series of slowly increasingly constrictions, your chest and insides will begin to morph to accommodate the extreme confines of the corset, and then we can switch it out for an even tighter model, starting the process over again."

As she spoke, Fred heard himself begin to involuntarily whimper and pant. The embrace of the corset slowly tightened, punishing him for failing to have the correct body type.

"This will be immensely painful for you, but it will give you the highly valued sissy fuck doll look, and your limited ability to breathe will interfere with any attempts to escape or even think."

"Not that we think you'd ever try to escape sissy-poo." Mindy cackled. "We know you want to stay here as our rubber-pig forever!"

As she said this, the corset reached a point of tightness where Fred began to have serious trouble breathing. He tried to indicate this to Carolina, which only earned a particularly painful swat by Mindy's pom.

To Fred's surprise, Carolina continued to tighten the corset far past where he stopped being able to breathe properly. He gasped desperate breathes as the corset closed around him. By the time Carolina stopped tightening it, he could literally feel his insides being squeezed and shaped to accommodate the tight embrace of the corset.

"Deep shallow breathes, slut." Carolina reminded him with a tone of boredom. As Fred heeded her directions, he found that he could use this technique to absorb just enough air into his lungs to stay awake and mildly aware.

After the terrible corset was finished, Carolina, pulled a tight pink rubber bikini top out from the bag. This was fitted around Fred's chest and adjusted so it hugged him snugly. Fred noted that the unusual garment had holes in the middle of each breast, which left his nipples exposed.

Mindy educated Greg on the purpose of these holes, by pulling out two alligator teeth nipple rings, and snapping them on Fred's exposed nipples. Fred once again whimpered, but his pain was ignored by both girls.

Next came a wide and stiff pink rubber tube, which was fitted around Fred's neck over his control collar, preventing him from turning his head in any direction.

After snapping closed a lock on the back of the posture collar, Carolina procured another circular dog tag, this one saying: "Fifi love it's owners" in a bedazzled font and affixed it to the front of the collar.

As she adjusted the collar to ensure it effectively forced his head into one position, Fred felt Mindy begin to force a pair of pink high heel shoes with little bows on them over his feet. The shoes were at least two sizes to small, with a sharp three inch heel, and constricted Fred's feet just as painfully as every other torturous garment he was adorned with.

As Fred watched Mindy snap padlocks that secured the heels to his feet. Carolina then took out the last item of Fred's cheer outfit. This mysterious pair of items appeared to be similar to his mistresses' leather poms, except the poms were fluffy and pink instead of leather and black. In addition a short rubber slip immersed mysterious from the at the base of poms.

Mindy and Carolina squeezed Fred's , hand into fists and them placed them in the slips. He realized that the pom end forced his hands into a tight fist, effectively turning his hands into useless rubber knobs with poms exploding from them colorfully.

The girls took the straps and tightened the mittens around Fred's wrists, before locking the straps closed with matching padlocks. Then cords coming out of Fred's nipple clamps were secured to the mittens.

As the girls forced the rubber cheerleader to stand up, Fred realized the short chains, combined with the rigid posture enforced by his corset forced him hold his poms up into the air or risk a painful pulling on his poor nipples.

The deadly efficiency with which this process was completed was terrifying. Fred could clearly tell he was not the first soul to be forced into an outfit like this by the girls.

Carolina rolled over a mirror and gave Fred a chance to observe his new look. Covered in feminine pink rubber, Fred's twisted form had a powerful affect on him. His mouth was forced into an awful smile, while his nose was contorted to give his face an awful pig like appearance. The combined effect of the collar and mitts forced him to hold his poms up in a perverted mockery of victory.

All in all he looked like a perverted fantasy of an exuberant cheerleader, unable to risk the pain of refusing to smile or wave his pom-hands in excitement.

However, Fred saw very little to celebrate about his condition. His chest was constricted to an unbelievably small size, and the tip of his rubber dick knot (wee-wee he reminded himself) just poked out from under the comically short skirt. Again and again his eyes flitted back to the two labels on his neck and dick, completing the picture of his total submission. The smiling perversion staring back at him in the mirror was emblazoned with the sad reminders of his new life:

"Fifi's loves its owners"

"This Wee-wee does not belong to Fifi ☺"

"Well Pigslave..." Mindy inquired. "What do you think of your new look?"

Fred couldn't help it. He knew how he should answer, but he lost control and began pathetically sobbing out of fear of his corrupted and constricted image.

As Carolina grabbed him by his hair and threw him in the direction of the bed, she turned to Mindy and finally allowed herself to laugh while she flipped a switch that activated Fred's control collar. "Look at it cry now, just think about how much worse it's going to get!"

Mindy advanced towards Fred, who lying their prone and paralyzed, but inside squirming with pain. He didn't care how little a chance he had of escape, he wanted to do anything to show these bitches that Fred was still there.

"MY FUCKING NAME IS FRED!!!!!" He bellowed once his paralysis had begun to wear off. "I'M NOT A SISSY, AND I'M NOT A SLAVE!"

Mindy slapped him hard, a punishment which hurt even worse as the posture collar constricted the movement of his head. Fred continued to scream at the top of his lungs, until Mindy once again mounted the struggling sissy and planted her rounded ass firmly on his face. She slowly began to cut off his air and increase the pressure as she said with an anger that she had hitherto not displayed to her slave:

"Your name is Fifi Fuckpig, you are a rubber bimbo sissy, who will be kept in stringent bondage while its owners commit unspeakably terrible acts on it. And we're going to love it my poor little fuckpig, no matter what you do I'm going to do worse things to you than you can possibly imagine! You will a rubberized Slave for the rest of your pathetic little life, because no matter how good your are me and Mistress Carolina will never ever ever ever let you go!"

With each "ever" she pumped her butt harder into Fred's smothered face, further contorting his already crushed and contorted features, Fred felt the air begin to escape his lungs as the familiar sensation of suffocation greeted him like an old friend. Meanwhile Mindy continued her rant:

"Over the course of the next week you will learn to memorize and observe all eight of the major no-nos. Once you learn the no-no's, which you will do out of fear of awful punishment, we will upgrade your slavery to level two, and then you will learn the true meaning of sissification!"

Mindy stopped yelling, and returned to her normal cute and playful tone as she Fred's screams were muffled by her powerful ass:

"such a fun word isn't it Fred. Siss-si-fic-cation! I'm sure if your weren't so wrapped up in how awesome smother torture is, you would agree with me."

Fred's lungs begged for him to let go and slip into a void. He started to lose his touch on reality as he felt his world cave in around him, and all the while the terrible butt continued to smush his face. The smothering and crushing sensation was ten times worse when combined with the strict embrace of the corset and posture collar, and every attempt Fred made to struggle only resulting in him shaking his pom-poms comically.

As the rubber slut cheerleader waved her poms in an ignored attempted to receive some mercy, he felt like his face had literally become a tortured extension of Mindy's ass.

As he began to totally pass out he heard Carolina hiss into his ear:

"Sleep well sissy bitch! You have to wake up bright and early for cheer practice tomorrow, and please don't forget: this really is forever."

With that the darkness embraced Fred just as completely as Goddess Mindy's perfect ass, and the overwhelmed sub passed out.

As he began to totally pass out he heard Carolina hiss into his ear:

"Sleep well Fag-boy! You have to wake up for cheer practice tomorrow, and please don't forget: this really is forever."

With that the darkness embraced Fred just as completely as Goddess Mindy's perfect ass, and the overwhelmed sub passed out.

Chapter 6: Cheer practice

Fred awoke in a panic.

The sorry state of his brain after oxygen deprivation and countless hard strikes to the side of his head delayed the process of memory recall. Slowly the details of the past day came back to him, and he began to franticly rack his brain for potential methods of escape.

Given as the room seemed to lack any real windows or clocks, Fred no idea what time it was or for how long he had slept, but every part of his body still ached with the ever-lingering pain of constriction and corporal punishment.

Despite this Fred made an attempt to stand up and survey the room for anything that might aid him in an escape. He was still in the awful costume the girls had placed him in before smothering him unconscious, which made both navigation and observation difficult.

The posture collar prevented Fred from seeing anything but what was directly in front of him, so he used his pom-hands to propel himself up into a standing position.

On the bright side, he noted, the awful condom had been some how removed. Fred briefly considered trying to figure out a way to masturbate (he was desperate) but stopped and realized he should focus on escape.

The second he was upright however, he realized how precariously difficult it was to stand in his heels and collapsed painfully into a pile on the floor, causing the edge of the corset to bite into his squeezed stomach.

Deciding to put off the challenge of standing in his heels for a few minutes. Fred surveyed the third of his room he could see in his limited field of vision. Gone was the mirror the girls had used to show him his shocking image, but several new additions seemed to have been made to the room.

On a small (pink) bedside table there was now a framed picture on a stand facing his bed. Fred realized with shock it was a picture of him and his family vacationing happily at the beach, presumably screen grabbed from Facebook, serving as a cruel reminder of the life the girls were trying to take away from him.

Another mounted picture had been added to his bedroom during his sleep, hanging from a large ornate frame on the left wall of the room. Fred squinted at the picture, and realized that it was a close up of the pained expression that had overtaken his face the second he had been presented with his sissified image in the mirror.

Under his cringing and broken face, a plaque had been built into the frame, which read in the flowery font usually reserved for inspirational posters in a guidance consoler's office:

"Fifi Fuckpig squeals with happiness when it learns it will be a rubber-sissy forever."

The angle of the light in the photo caught the dog tag on Fred's collar in a way that it shined and framed the entire picture, reminding him how much he "loved" his owners.

In addition the wall next to this first picture was lined with a series of empty frames, and Fred shuddered realizing that these girls planned to "fill" his photo album.

Fred pulled himself up from the bed awkwardly using his pommed hand, and then wrapped his arm around one of the supports of his princess canopy to steady his shaking body. He noted what seemed to be a window to the right of his bed, in the direction of the metal compartment wall, and began to precariously and slowly makes his way towards. Each time he stepped down, the heels bit into his feet with a vengeance, but with enough precision and caution Fred was able to make it over to the window.

Upon making it to the window, Fred was disappointed but not too surprised to find it was false. Where there should have been glass, Fred found himself looking into a built-in mirror, and was pained to see his absurd reflection staying back at him. Across the middle of the mirror, one of the girls had writing in lipstick:

"Nice try Fifi!"

The taunting message was signed with a kiss.

With a sudden shock, Fred noticed that all of his body hair below his ear-length bowl cut seemed to have mysteriously disappeared.

Fred's concern about this shocking development was soon overridden by the realization of how hungry and thirsty he was, and simultaneously how badly he needed to pee. As Fred began to ponder the possibility that the girls would have to remove some of his bondage to allow him to eat and use the bathroom, the control collar suddenly sprang to life, simultaneously shocking and paralyzing him.

He keeled forward, and his face collided painfully with the mirror/window, smearing the lipstick against his stretched nose. He couldn't move or turn his head, but Fred heard the door abruptly swing open and the sound of a single pair of feet slowly advancing towards him.

"I hoped you got your rest, sleepy Fifi!" Mindy joked as she grabbed his semi-paralyzed form by the shoulders and guided him back to the bed. "We have to make sure to get you to the bathroom and then cheer practice on time!"

With this she turned Fred around, and affixed a pink leather leash to the front of his collar. She paused for a second, staring expectantly into his eyes before slapping him hard across the face.

"You know sissy-poo" she complained, "it's not a no-no per se, but it really is quite rude to forget your basic morning manners."

Realizing his mistake, and desperate to be given an opportunity to relieve himself, Fred responded quickly and apologetically:

"Fifi is so sorry, Goddess Mindy, it is very stupid and sometimes forgets its manners. Good morning, Goddess Mindy, Fifi fuckpig hopes you had a very good sleep."

"Good morning Pigslut." Mindy replied, beaming. "Now lets get you ready for the day."

Mindy began slowly tugging Fred's leash in the direction of the door. She moved slowly, taking into consideration that he was still learning to manipulate his heels. Satisfied with her slow pace, Fred tried to garner up some brownie points:

"Thank you Goddess Mindy for giving Fifi time to learn how to walk in her cute new heels."

As they walked into the hall, Mindy turned to face Fred, and he was surprised to see she didn't look happy.

"You know Fifi." Mindy began sounding severe, "you have gone and broken the sixth no-no. As a happy slave, it is extremely important for you to take notice of any new features me and Mistress Carolina have added to your room and or appearance. When you see us, failing to tell us what you like about any new additions is a pretty severe no no!

Terrified of the consequences of peeing his pants, Fred responded with a rapid fire attention to details he hoped would impress the Goddess. As he spoke he was acutely aware of the fact that he was no actively seeking to do anything he could to please Mindy.

"Fifi is so sorry to have been such worthless slut, Goddess!"

Tears were streaming from Fred's eyes and he could not even tell if there were real or fake. He just wanted to keep Mindy happy.

"Fifi loves the new pictures in its room, and knows they will served as constant reminders of how effectively and totally Fifi is being turned a rubber pleasure toy! Also Fifi's lack of body hair makes her feel like such a good sissy, and makes her extra excited to show off her Fuckpig body in cheer practice."

Mindy nodded, but to Fred's dismay did not seem particularly satisfied. She had been so nice before, why couldn't she just tell Fred he was doing a good job? He needed her approval and it scared him.

"Well I don't have much time for a severe punishment, because I have to be in class pretty soon, so lets just pick up the pace a little bit Fifi!"

"Of course, Goddess, Thank you!"

Mindy began striding down the hallway at a much faster pace, pulling on Daniel's posture collar, and causing his "Fifi loves it's owners" tag to jingle and glisten. Try as he might Fred could not keep up, and soon lost his balance on the heels, and toppled forwards. His tried to move his arms and catch his fall, but couldn't due to cords extending to his nipples, he was forced to fall face first, and smashed his pig-like nose hard into the carpeted floor.

Know that a punishment was on its way, Fred began sobbing hysterically:

"puh-p-p-p-please Goddess mu-mu-mu-Mindy, Fifi fa-fa-fuckpig is sooo sorry!!!"

"You sound puh-puh-pathetic, faggot!" Mindy seethed. "Wait here for a second piggy!"

As she said this she once again activated the control collar, this time on setting number three. Fred felt like his body was on a fire, and resolved to do what ever he could to avoid this pain again. While he lay there paralyzed, he heard Mindy walk down the hall and then return a few moments later.

Just as his limited movement abilities began to return to Fred noticed Mindy was brandishing what could only be a diaper, which she proceeded to slip over Fred's legs and slide up to his crotch area.

"Why am I doing this Fifi?" She asked intimidatingly. "Why are you wearing a diaper like a fucking baby?"

Fred cringed as he tried to think of an answer that would satisfy the furious domina.

"Fifi is wearing a diaper because it can't learn to walk well in its cute slut high heels, so now it is going to piss in a diaper like a baby!"

Mindy placed her foot on Fred's chest, giving him a flash back to his first encounter with her. As she spoke she purposefully spat her words, showering Fred's face with saliva.

"What... Did... You... Just.... Say?"

FUCK! Fred had just broken the fourth no no! or was it the fifth. FUCK FUCK. He quickly tried to correct himself, realizing it was probably too late. Mindy interrupted him by smashing her foot into his tightlaced stomach; completing knock the wind out of Fred. She lifted him up roughly but then suddenly snapped back into her faux sweet and caring voice. She began to lead the now diapered sissy in the opposite direction of the bathroom towards a room of unknown purpose.

"I get it Fifi, you know I really do, the no-nos are a lot to get used to at first, and it probably feels like you're far too stupid to ever get them right."

If the posture collar wasn't so extreme, Fred would have been hanging his head in shame, his dehumanization had been fast and violently, and even now the completeness of it was still sinking in.

As they reached a door at the end of the hall, Mindy slipped it open and dragged Fred through as she continued her "pep" talk:

"All make sure that Mistress Carolina knows how awful and naughty sissy-kins has been, and when I get home from class we can do some more fun punishments together! There's all kinds of nasty stuff that I can't wait to do to you."

Mindy blew Fred a kiss as she pushed him through the door and turned in the other direction to head towards class. The cute denim cutoffs she was wearing gave Fred a quick but extensive view of the ass that had smothered him nearly to death last night, but he still couldn't help but drool at it.

His ogling was caught short by a sudden tug of his leash by Carolina, who was standing on the other side of the doorway looking her normal short-tempered self. She was back in her leather cheer costume, and quickly remembering his manners, Fred smiled at Carolina and sweetly intoned:

"Good Morning Mistress Carolina. Fifi thinks you look great today."

"Shut up whore," Carolina responded curtly.

The mistress walked towards Fred, and grabbed his shoulders, rotating his constricted form 360 degrees, while she spoke:

"I just got a text message from Mindy, telling me how annoying you were being this morning, and you should expect to suffer for it. Cheerleading practice is going to be especially awful for you. But I expect you to perform to your fullest capability, in order to impress the boys with your sexy dancing!"

As his mistress rotated Fred, he marveled at the extent to which he was immersed in her twisted fantasies. He was standing on a floor made entirely of AstroTurf, and the walls were painted with a scene of rabid sports fans sitting on high school bleachers unfurling banners saying things like "SCREAM FOR US!" and "TEAM SISSY FOREVER!" Every so often a camera flash from one of the walls would temporarily blind and further disorient Fred. A set of powerful speakers recreated the sound of a cheering crowd.

His degrading surroundings however, were not Fred's primary concern. After Carolina finished rotating him. Fred began to beg.

"Mistress Carolina, Fifi needs to make a pee-pee so badly, can it please use the potty?"

Carolina straight up ignored Fred's pleas and continued explaining the rules of cheer practice, while mercifully unhooking his nipple clamps and allowing him to relax his exhausted arms, and even more shockingly, removed the torturous heels:

"In a few minutes I will give you your first cheer, and you will recite it thirty times while enthusiastically dancing and waving your poms. After completion I will judge your performance out of ten based on the clarity of the chant and the amount of energy you put into your dance."

Fifi could barely keep track of Carolina's confusing directions, she wasn't sure where she was or what was about to happen to her. The cameras were flashing at Fifi Fuckpig and making her feel silly but she wanted to make peepee in her diaper like a sissy baby---

"fuck" Fred thought, terrified. His exhaustion and desperation combined with the hypnotic effect of the lights and sounds had left him temporarily actually thinking he was Fifi!

As stood there transfixed with terror, Carolina watched and grinned, realizing from experience what was happening with in Fred's head. They were always like this in the first few days at cheer practice: confused and scared as they realized what total sluts they were going to be soon.

Fifi lost control of her wee-wee with abandon, spraying peepee all over her diaper. The hypnotized fuckpig began giggling as she thought about how funny it was she was filling her diaper up with pee-pee, and making her feel all warm and funny. As Carolina began to further explain the rules, Fred snapped back into reality and cursed himself as the piss soaked diaper embraced his private parts:

"After each cheer is completed your scores will be tallied together, if they add to more than a certain minimum, I will remove your diaper and it will be cleaned. If you fall under the minimum... the diaper will remain on for the next three days."

At this she smiled again at the thought of the stinky sissy having to walk around with a diaper full of her waste. Fred shivered at her smiling; know from experience that unlike Mindy, Carolina would only smile for something truly awful. The girl continued, assigning Fred his first cheer:

"Fifi Fuckpig is a silly slut, she does what she says and loves to be fucked!

Fifi is stupid, Fifi is dumb, she wants to be pumped full of dirty man cum!"

Fred began waving his imprisoned hands around and reciting back with as much enthusiasm as his destroyed body and mind could offer, a series of increasing humiliating chants. At some point around the fifteenth intonation of: "Tie me up tight and use me how you like." Fred once again totally lost himself to the hypnotic effect of the room.

Every single part of the exhausted slut's body was soaked in sweat and echoed with reverberations of pain. The corset shifted ever so slightly as his body jiggled and it felt almost like it was moving around on its own, finding new angles to torture his compacted frame. The wet diaper slapped back and forth on his wee-wee and bum, slapping them lightly. Hunger and thirst ate away at him, and took away any ability he might have had to tell fantasy from reality.

Fifi's wee-wee was suddenly filled with a strange feeling, almost like she wanted to make a cummie of her very own. Fifi wanted to make cummie very badly, but also had to take Mistress Carolina into consideration. Fifi really didn't want to make her owner upset, because Mistress wanted to help Fifi be a good slave.

Anyways, if all Mistress ever asked for in return for the cute outfit she gave Fifi was for Fifi to be a chastised rubber piggy, then that sounded like a fair deal

As she let her pom-pom hands fall to the ground at her last chant of "Fifi squeaks like a slut, when it's fucked in the butt," she smiled at her Mistress in a way that she hoped made her look like an adorable slutty doll. Fifi was so stupid, and all she could think about was how badly she wanted to make a cummie.

Carolina hit a button and recording of a crowd cheering "Go Team" echoed from the speakers, filling Fifi with pride. The camera's continued to flash, making Fifi feel like an extra special sissy on her big game day. At this Carolina abruptly shut down the camera and sound system, breaking Fred suddenly out of the hypnosis. The boy was far too shocked by what was happening to his body and mind to properly react and Carolina walked over to him and put her arms around his waist in a mysteriously intimate manner.

"You did such a great job Fifi! Soon the whole will be cheering for Fifi Fuckpig."

With this Carolina began steering Fred in the direction of a side room while rubbing his corset-crushed back and telling him:

"The boys in the audience thought you were really sexy out their Fifi."

"Thank you Mistress. Fifi tried very hard."

"Don't thank me yet you dumb bimbo, we haven't even gotten to the best part yet."

With this Fred was suddenly pushed into the other room, which he was almost unsurprised to find was a perfect recreation of a locker room.

"Only one thing could be happening here." He thought grimly

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