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She was a self bondage addict. She was obsessed with tying herself up as tightly and as cruelly and she could and as often as she could. Every rope, strap and gag was applied just as tight as she could stand, sometimes more than she could stand. She loved every second of her self imposed torments and I loved to watch her do it. She was a gorgeous woman a dream come true for any red blooded heterosexual man. Her shoulder length hair was dark brown not quite black, which contrasted perfectly with her pale white skin and bright green eyes. Large mouth with luscious full lips. She stood about 5' 6" in her bare feet with long legs. Large breasts, but not too large, just the right size to bind and torment. Her ass was amazing, nice and round further accentuated by her tiny waist. For years I secretly watched her tie herself up in more and more elaborate ways. She was very creative, very masochistic and cruel to herself. This time I could not resist I decided it was time to make myself known, she was never going to forget this night that was for sure.

Most of her self bondage sessions took place in her garage but I have seen her do them in her backyard, in her house and even driving in her car. This session was to be standing bound and gagged barefoot on gravel until her release mechanism would release her after her bondage bliss. I had watched her prepare for it all day.

She had everything in place; ready for her night of self imposed bondage. The gravel box, I watched her nail together and fill with sharp rocks she was to stand in barefoot the whole time she would be bound. Her release mechanism was in place; a small dangling block of ice with the key frozen inside ready to drop within reach behind her. Thick ring with rope with clip hooks attached hanging down from the ceiling and all of the gear she would need at a nearby table. She was totally nude to begin. First she applied her thick black leather corset of course pulling it as tight as she could. The corset went from just above her pelvis to just below her beautiful breasts. Once the corset was in place and the long process of getting the lacing just right she buckled and locked straps around her ankles and one above her knees welding her legs together. She then buckled her leather wrist cuffs on and locked them securely with small brass locks. Now she fastened a leather collar around her neck and locked it on as well. The collar had a chain and a clip attached to the back, which hung down to a predetermined length. Once her wrists were locked together she could just reach high up her back and clip her wrists to the chain. If she pulled down too much on her wrists she would cut off her air. This over time would put a great strain on her shoulders. She really knew how to bind herself properly.

The gag was next. She loved to be gagged I had watched her do it many times. She would cram something huge into her mouth making her nearly choke. This gag was no different. She grabbed her long thick penis shaped gag, I watched her make it herself out of a 2-inch thick life-like black rubber dildo. The dildo was way took long to use as a gag so she had cut it down to about 4 inches and attached it to a leather harness panel type gag. Once she tightened it the gag must have been quite cruel and very efficient nearly halfway down her throat, I knew how tight she liked her gags. She was now gagged tightly and ready for the last step.

She took her metal ass hook, lubed it up and forced it into her tight asshole. Holding the ass hook in place she hopped into the gravel box by lifting herself with the rope from the ceiling. This must have caused instant pain on her bare feet those rocks were sharp I could see that even from my vantage point outside. She clipped one end of the rope from the ceiling to a ring at the top of the harness gag. The other end of the rope from the ceiling she fed through the ring at the end of the ass hook. She stood on her tiptoes as high as she could and pulled the rope through the ring on the ass hook tighter and tighter forcing the ass hook deeper up her ass forcing her to stand on her tiptoes. Once satisfied the rope was as tight as she could make it she tied it in place knotting it several times. Almost there. She reached for clothespins and clipped then on her now fully erect nipples. She gave them a few flicks just feel a bit of pain. Perhaps she imagined some tormentor flicking them to prepare her for the pain to come. I hoped so.

The moment of truth, she put her hands behind her and locked her wrists together. Finally she wrenched her wrists up her back and clipped her wrists to the chain from her collar. I saw her glance up at her key trapped in ice hanging near by ready to drop within reach once the ice melted. She had a while to wait.

I watched for quite a while, maybe an hour or so, the whole time she was screaming into her gag and trying to relieve the pain in her bound body, it was beautiful. She was constantly moving her feet on the gravel in an attempt to get some relief from the pain. All of the movement must have been making her feel as if she was being ass raped by the ass hook. She kept trying to look behind her to see how close she was to release. She knew she was close. I could also see the ice would soon be melted enough to drop the key for her release. But I had other ideas, so close yet so far, so very far. Now was the time to make my presence known. I knocked on the garage side door and called out her name.

"Gina? Are you in there?"

Obviously no answer. I quickly went back to the garage window to take a peek at her panic. I could see she was struggling wildly to free herself but she had bound herself too well.

Again I knocked on the door and called out, "Gina? Are you Ok?" Then I opened the door and came inside closing the door behind me.

She struggled to look and saw me standing there smiling.

"Well Gina it looks like you're having quite a time. What have you done to yourself?" I laughed

She let out a muffled whine and turned away as best she could She must have been more embarrassed than she ever imagined. She was naked, bound with a hook in her ass; drool pouring from her gag and clothes pins on her nipples. Her hands flailed wildly to reach the keys that were clearly way out of reach and still frozen in ice.

"Do you want the keys? The ice was so close to melting, you were almost free." I mocked, "Here let me help you." I said as I yanked the keys down and shoved them in my pocket.


"Oh settle down. I'm here to help. I have been watching you play your self bondage games for a long time Gina. I know you love to be tied in really painful ways and gagged very tightly. So, I thought I would give you a treat and tie and gag you REALLY tightly and REALLY painfully. Wuddaya say to that?"


"Ok Ok Jeez settle down. Ya don't have beg. I'll do it. I'm here to help right remember?" I giggled

"Alright let's tie those tits up nice and tight. I can't believe you didn't do it. Hmmm... must have slipped your mind."

I knew her garage was filled with all of her bondage gear so I just went over to her cupboard of gear and grabbed several thick 1" wide black rubber bands. I struggled to pull them open and put 3 around each breast. They were pretty small so they bit into her tits brutally causing them to immediately turn red. She groaned in pain much to my enjoyment. I had a rubber band left over so pulled it back as far as I could and snapped it right on her now tightly bound tit causing her to shriek in pain. A small purple bruise began to grow almost immediately. I took my time snapping her tits while she writhed and screamed until they were covered in small bruises; enough fun for now, back to work.

I fashioned a very tight rope bondage bra to further bind her beautiful breasts. Rather than wrap the rope bra just around her chest I wrapped several layer of rope around her arms as well so that any movement of her arms would tug on her tormented tits.

Her now rock hard nearly purple tits did create a bit of a problem though. Her tits were so hard I might not be able to get a clamp on her nipples so I began to pinch and twist her sensitive nipples to loosen them up so a clamp could get a real bite. The pain must have been awful because she was now screaming more than ever as I cruelly tweezed her nipples. After several minutes I grabbed her clover clamps and applied them to her now pliable and extremely sensitive nipples. I hung one-pound weights from each pulling her nipples painfully downward.

"There, I bet you like that. Right Gina? No need to thank me you are very welcome." As I teased her I gave the weights tugging on her nipples a slap to get them moving and I was rewarded with an agonized squeal.

"Let's fix those arms now shall we? That doesn't seem nearly uncomfortable enough for a bondage lover like you."

I now unclipped her wrists and pulled them as high up her back as I could. I held them there for a minute or so and once I thought her arms had adjusted a bit to the strain I pulled them a bit higher and clipped them once again. This tightened her breast bondage, which was all right with me, but it must have been not so good for poor Gina. I took another rope and wrapped it tightly several times all the way around her upper arms and tied it off. This did two things; it tightened up her breast bondage again and raised her wrists even higher up her back. Her wrists were nearly touching her neck! I adjusted the clip to keep the tension as high as possible, which pulled down on the collar around her neck cutting off her air quite a bit. Her arms were done.

I took a moment to check on my poor self bondage victim. Her eyes were full of tears. Mascara ran down her cheeks. Snot and drool were running freely. She was a mess.

"Wow, you are really a mess. You must be really enjoying this. Hmmm... let's see..." I said as I began to rub her pussy. "Yup. Just as I thought, you're sopping wet. You are quite the self bondage slut aren't you Gina?"

I continued to rub her sopping pussy. I would tweeze her swollen clit between my thumb and finger over and over as she moaned and squirmed. When I thought she might be close to coming I would give her clit a hard cruel pinch and a sharp twist ruining her orgasm. She would scream and thrash wildly in her stringent bonds and I would start again. I played this game for quite a while, maybe a half hour or so. I guess I must have ruined a dozen or so orgasms. I was in heaven putting her through hell.

"That was fun huh? I think that drippy pussy needs to be filled up with something nice and hard don't you?"

I held up a huge dildo from her collection of dildoes and butt plugs, she had every type you could imagine and some that you couldn't. This one had a ring in the end of it to keep it in place. I now applied a crotch rope. I began with several passes around her already constricted waist being sure to pull each pass as tight as I could and tied a knot securely at the small of her back. The leftover rope I let drop for the moment. Next I literally rammed the enormous dildo up into her wet pussy.


As she screamed I grabbed the end of the crotch rope and fed the end through the ring at the bottom of the dildo and pulled it through. Then I took the rope and fed it through the ring at the end of the rope coming down from the ceiling. I began to pull. I pulled the rope tight until the huge dildo was buried deep inside her pussy. Any movement at all would force it deeper. Awesome.

"I feel as if I have forgotten something. Hmmmm... what could it be I wonder? Oh yeah, clamps on your pussy lips and your nice juicy clit. I just know you'll love that."

I found two more of her clover clamps with a small chain attached to each one and clamped one to each of her pussy lips. I gave them a tug to make sure they were secure. Another scream, yup, they were working. I added a five-pound weight to each clamp and dropped them, which caused a sudden increase to the clamp pressure and stretching her tender pussy lips brutally.

"Now this is gonna hurt Gina. This is not for your benefit but for mine. I really want to see how you react to this little devil. Hehehehe..."

I held up to her pleading eyes what I knew to be her most intense clamp, her alligator clamp with the jagged sharp teeth. "This going on your clit Gina. Here it comes. This is gonna hurt... but first..." I said in mock warning. To get her clit even more sensitive I wet my finger with her pussy juices and began to gently massage her clitoris. She was moaning loudly and pumping her hips driving the invaders in her cunt and ass deeper. She abruptly froze about to cum and I stopped rubbing her swollen clit and quickly clipped the evil alligator clamp on her clit. As soon as the evil clamp took its bite out of her now ultra sensitive clit I heard her most blood curdling scream yet.


"Wow! I guess that really hurts. Hahahahahaha..." I laughed cruelly. "But I can't have you making that much noise so I gotta do something about that gag. I know how you love gags so I'm gonna shut you up but good."

I grabbed a roll of duct tape and placed the end on top of the leather mouth panel of her harness penis gag and began to wrap it around her head. I pulled the wrapping just as tight as I could. I held her head still with one hand and pushing her head away from me using her head as leverage as I pulled the layer tight. I watched her eyes as I applied the punishing wrapping. Gina's big green eyes were now red and bloodshot and filled with tears. She was pleading, imploring me with those eyes to stop but her pain and suffering only made me want her to endure even more torment, so I just kept wrapping tape over her already harsh gag. Once I had half a dozen or so layers I had get something to protect her hair. She had a thin clear bag that would fit nicely over her head and would serve a dual purpose; it would protect her hair and it would restrict her breathing. I was only going to poke a tiny hole in the top of the bag. She would be forced to breath in long slow breaths; she was in for a really hard time. I slit the bag up one side to get it over her head and around the rope come from the top of her panel gag.

"I think even a gag lover such as yourself is not going is not going to like what comes next." I said as I pulled the bag over her severely gagged head.

She went absolutely wild. She was now terrified, just how I wanted her. Once the bag was in place I wrapped a layer of duct tape around her neck, not too tight, just enough to seal the bag and keep it in place. Instantly she began to panic and breathe as deeply as she could, she was in for a rude awakening. The bag sucked to her face and blocked the air to her nose. She was thrashing wildly and screaming as loud as she could which was not very loud at all, she was gagged too well. I ran a piece of tape over the slit in the bag sealing in what little air was in the bag.

"Gina. Gina! Ya gotta breathe shallow and slowly if you want to breathe. So calm down or you are in for a long night."

She understood and she slowly began to calm down and take long slow deep breaths. I poked a small hole in the top of the bag so only a small amount of air would be allowed in. But the gagging was not finished yet; it was going to get even worse. I now took the roll of duct tape and placed the end under her chin and began to wrap the sticky tape up over her head crushing the huge rubber cock in her mouth as tight as possible. I applied the same pressure to the wrapping as I had done earlier being careful to avoid taping over the tiny hole in the top. I couldn't imagine how much she was suffering with this awful gag. Satisfied with the tightness and severity of the under the chin wrapping I ripped the tape and smoothed out all the wrinkles. Now the bag had even less air, she would now have to really concentrate on breathing slow and deep.

"There you're done. I hope you will enjoy and appreciate all that I've done for you. I know you would have done this to yourself if you could." As I said this I walked over to her toys and picked out a nice powerful vibrator with a small rubber tip and a nice surprise. I turned the vibe on and set it to maximum power.

"Just a little more fun and I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your night"

Then I applied the tip of her most powerful vibe directly on her viciously clamped clitoris. It must have been so intense to have that painfully pinched bud stimulated so intensely, she began to shake uncontrollably. She was pouring sweat and moaning crazily. Just when I knew she was right on the brink of cumming I removed the vibe and sprung my little surprise on her. I zapped her hyper sensitive clit with her cattle prod. When 5000 volts hit her over stimulated clit the excruciating pain instantly ruined her orgasm causing her to body convulse uncontrollably.

"Hahahahahahaha... Oh I bet that hurt. Hahahahaha..."

I wanted to see her do that again so I quickly got the vibe right back on her clit and began to ramp her back up to near orgasm. She was gasping for air and whimpering in an attempt to cum. Her hips were now pumping in rhythm, which were causing the weights hanging from her nipples and pussy lips to flail. She was in an agonizing bliss. Her body suddenly went still and that was my cue. Bang! Another blast with the cattle prod right on the clit. Before she could adjust to the sudden pain I jabbed both of her clamped nipples, one right after the other, with the prod. Her scream was incredible, surely someone heard that.

"Ok Gina. I've had my fun. I guess it's time for me to leave you for the night. I'll be back in the morning to check on you." I said as I turned to go.


"What?!" I asked in shock as I turned around "You want me to tighten your gag? Wow you really do like to be gagged. Ok. I'm here to please."

So I grabbed a roll of electrical tape and wound a dozen or so brutally tight turns around her mouth making the plastic bag even smaller and forcing the thick rubber cock further down her throat. I was treated to the wonderful sound of her gag reflex kicking in. She was getting almost no air at all and nearly choking.

"Ok now I'm leaving. See ya in the morning Gina. Have fun." And I walked out the door. She was quiet this time. I guess she'd had enough. I would have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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