The Dominatrix Games
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Author's Note: Hi everyone! Just wanted to say a few things about my story. Since this is the first story I've ever written, please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes (I did my absolute best to get it perfect). I wrote this based on one of my fantasies, it is sci-fi, but please don't let the lack of realism turn you away, I'm sure I've included ideas many will enjoy. The reason is because I love ideas completely out there, it adds to the kink factor, thrill, and uniqueness. There will be unrealistic ideas of course, but I did my best to explain everything I felt needed to be explained. Lastly, just remember this was based on one of my cheesy, ridiculous fantasies, I wrote this the way I saw fit and have chosen to share it with you. Best regards, happy reading!

Note: Italics mean the same person is talking for a while, and if some speech doesn't say who is talking it's either negligible or obvious who's talking. Now I know some people just want to read sexy scenes so for those individuals start at the title: Four Days Of Training.

Disclaimer: This story is not to be copied, reproduced, or posted under any circumstance. Lastly, I authorize the privilege to anyone who wishes to use any specific ideas or content I have included, in their own stories without commercial use, if they wish.

Please Tell Me I'm Dreaming

Waking up on the hard dirt ground I slowly forced myself to sit up while attempting to open my eyes. A few hard rubs with each hand was surprisingly enough to get me seeing with minimal blurs. I still couldn't believe how foolish I was to walk into Victoria's trap, even after my gut begged me to walk away. The last memory I recalled was walking down into Trisha's basement, finding her unconscious, and seeing two females bind her. It was at that moment I knew I crossed the line, the second I felt the hood get wrapped around my head I knew chloroform wanted to be my friend. The last words I recalled before blacking out were, "You better live up to your expectation Mike or you will be forever property of The Night Mistress." I could only ponder her confusing remark as I analyzed my surroundings realizing I was in some kind of tropical forest. "Where the fuck am I?" I said aloud.

The trees, plants, earth, and the sounds were all different though, they weren't like anything on..... well Earth. Regardless, the colors of the environment were incredible, purple and blue plants, cyan rocks, and disfigured black trees. Feeling the high humidity in a matter of seconds made the temperature feel like it was fifty degrees even without the presence of a sun. Instead in its place was three moons. Seeing that the sky was completely clear, it didn't make sense how three moons produced more light than a clean sunrise. Looking around just made me think I was in some sort of dream, but I truthfully couldn't tell if this was reality.

Clothes I wore previous to my unexpected sleep were still on, but the only thing I found different was some sort of bracelet locked on my wrist. It had a small screen and was made out of some sort of metal alloy. I couldn't find a lock on it nor a small slit that could have clipped onto my wrist; it was as if someone forged it on me. I didn't think too much about it though as I needed to concentrate on finding clues. Lifting my ass off the ground I brushed my black vest and jeans before starting to explore this unearthly environment. Suddenly, a robotic female's voice emitted from the bracelet.

Welcome all to the tenth annual Dominatrix Games! Now I am sure you are all confused about where you are and who I am, but I assure you it is nothing to worry about. You see, each of you have been monitored over the course of a year, and it's been determined you are the top two hundred and fifty pure dominatrices worldwide. I instructed a special team to capture each and every single one of you to give this one time opportunity to become this year's best dominatrix. I've gathered you all here today to play a game, a simple game that is. All you have to do is capture your opposing dominatrices by any means necessary and you will be rewarded with capture streaks based on how many you are able to capture consecutively.

Now only the top ten who remain get rewarded while the other two hundred and forty worthless failures will become either a milk plant, sex salve, or experimental subject. The first one hundred captured will become milk plants, the next one hundred captured will become sex slaves, and the last forty will be experimental subjects. Now if you are captured and manage to escape your captor, your position will be reset while the ones captured after you will shift down one place on the ladder.

The only rules you must abide by are no killing, no stripping beyond bra and panties or thongs, no severe or mild injury including but are not limited to breaking bones, choking until death, deep cuts, whip lash, and no using blunt objects such as rocks or wood slabs to knock out your opponents. If you think what you are doing goes beyond this rule you are probably breaking it. In a simpler manner, to capture your opponents you must either outsmart, force submission, knock them out through choking until they pass out, or any other way, playing within the rules. It is highly advised you don't try to break the rules as the bracelets will paralyze you before you can even break one. Failure to comply will result in your immediate disqualification and removal from the playing field. Now if you manage to successfully capture and control consecutive opponents you will be rewarded with capture streaks as follows:

3 Capture Streak - Rope and bandanna supplies for fifteen captives

5 Capture Streak - Vision contacts of opponents in a 100 m radius

8 Capture Streak - Five trapping devices and four knock out gas canisters

12 Capture Streak - Single shot rifle with ten paralysis darts

15 Capture Streak - Upgraded vision contacts to 800 m radius

20 Capture Streak - Latex cat suit with invisibility for 60 minutes per day (Vision is ineffective)

25 Capture Streak - Rope and bandanna supplies for unlimited captives

30 Capture Streak - Secret hideout revealed with captive storage

40 Capture Streak - Upgraded latex cat suit with enhanced ability of agility, endurance, acrobatics, and strength. Equipped with in suit Taser.

50 Capture Streak - Ten highly advanced holographic A.I's for protection, capturing, and delivering. Armed with automatic rifles. Will only kill wild/plant life.

100 Capture Streak - Global Reconnaissance; all players locations can be seen through vision contacts and revealed indefinitely with distance indicators.

Last but not least, this year's game has one additional feature being a male wildcard. If you are able to successfully capture this male you will be granted with a second chance perk. Once you get captured your body will be transported by a drone to a random location resulting in your release and the male's release. The possessor of the male and the male's bracelet will turn red indicating if you intervene you will be disqualified. If another player is to find the male who is already captured he will then be in their possession gaining the second chance perk. If any dominatrix is captured by the male they will be considered a worthless failure and immediately disqualified and removed from the playing field. That is all for now, good luck and may the best dominatrix win.

The only thought that came to my mind was, "What the actual fuck is going on, I am in the middle of butt fuck no-where, I'm being used as a wildcard in some sort of game, and I'm in a tropical unearthly forest!? I must be dreaming here." Slightly concerned, I began pacing around until I heard the voices of two females in the distant. Since my curiosity has always got the better of me, I decided to head cautiously towards the screams. Trying not to make any noise, I watched my movements closely while making my way over large rocks and through small bushes. Nearing the voices, I quickly hid behind one of the trees in a scattered array of black trees close to a red colored rocky path.

Looking around the tree, I witnessed a very sexy Chinese women slightly shorter than me somewhere around 5'6 and a little younger than my age of twenty seven. She wore a full black dress, was bare footed, and started to straddle an unconscious white female wearing nothing but her green bra and thong. The Chinese women must have stripped her as I saw a pair of jeans and a shirt next to her on the ground. Remaining hidden, I watched while she tied her with what appeared to be thick vines.

She started by forcing her arms behind her back then began to tie her wrists in a handcuff knot. Following up with her legs she made binds from ankles to thighs with multiple loops in thick knots. The women's ankles, quadriceps, and thighs were not spared and expertly bound. Seeing the Chinese women bind her captive was no joke, she knew exactly what she was doing with restraints and ensured the knots were strict enough to eliminate any chance of escape.

My dominant nature was begging me to sneak up and take her by surprise, but it didn't seem idealistic as anyone could have been watching like me then take me unnoticed. After the women examined her work, she ripped her captive's shirt in half gagging her with one piece then wrapped the other around her mouth in a knot. After effectively gagging her, she jerked her head around looking to see if her surroundings were clear to which I moved my head in the split second. Satisfied, she picked up the women over her shoulders then began to run off.

Not wanting to intervene as I really enjoyed the sight of one female dominating another, I let the women take off while I tried to control my erection. Giving her some ground, I silently began to follow ensuring she didn't see me while I kept my distance. Where she was going, I had no idea, but everything started to make sense when she reached a small cave under a large rock surrounded by bushes. Observing as she placed her bound captive in the cave and took off I slowly started to creep up. I assumed she was storing her somewhere safe to avoid anyone else from claiming her prize.

I really wanted to go help the captured women, but I knew I couldn't. If I untied her there would be no guarantee that women wouldn't sneakily come up from behind me, knock me out, and add me as the second captive of the day. Dream or not, these women were all dominatrices, and being a dominant myself I knew if I was in her situation, that is exactly what I would do. The only way I was going to get anywhere was with help. Being alone for too long with this prize on my head would be too much to handle. Trisha was my only chance, and after working with her for four years, I kind of got the clue she was a dominatrix herself. I mean why else would they have captured her to begin with? She always portrayed an aggressive attitude, didn't let mistakes go without punishment, never backed down from any obstacle, had fiery red hair, and never let someone overrule her.

Suddenly, my thought process was interrupted as I heard a "SNAP" sound behind me. I quickly jerked my head around only to see the Chinese women creeping up on me holding a vine like a garrote. "Woah there lady! Stay the fuck back," I hesitantly said. Knowing I heard her she began sprinting towards me where I turned around and started sprinting away. I didn't want to take any chances fighting her, especially after already being captured once. I couldn't even imagine where I would wake up the second time around.

Feeling the adrenaline rush I knew I could easily lose this bitch; there was no way she could beat years of sprint and endurance training. If she somehow did, I deserved to be at her mercy. A few hundred meters into the run I started heavily breathing because of the heat. There was no way I was going to get much farther in this humidity at sprinting speed, but it well was worth it as I didn't even see a trace of her behind me. Heading for what appeared to be tall grass, I took a small leap into the field. The tall strange plants felt very similar to running through a corn field, except what was brushing against my body felt like smooth grass. Running about fifty more meters into the field I stopped to listen if that Chinese bitch was still following me. Luckily, all I heard was silence. "I guess she gave up interest, thank goodness, now I can rest for a bit," I said to myself.

Sitting down to rest, I looked up into the sky admiring the three moons. This really made me wonder where the hell I was as everything seemed way too realistic to be a dream. At the same time though, the questions of why I wasn't thirsty, hungry, or had an urge to use a washroom seemed peculiar. It was very unreasonable, but I started to convince myself I wasn't on Earth anymore. Usually when I think I'm in a dream I wake up, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

It Wasn't My Fault This Time

In the distance, sounds of what seemed to be two or three people running through the field were rapidly approaching me. "Shit, I gotta get the fuck outta here" I thought. Expeditiously, I got up and ran perpendicular to the sound, then "WOOSH", "FUCKING SHIT", I yelled falling into a deep hole only to have myself literally caught in a thick net. In a matter of seconds I was tightly encased by thick vines and left vulnerable at the bottom of the pit. "What the fuck is this thing!" I yelled as I Instinctively began squirming like an animal caught in a trap. It only made the situation worse though. I didn't realize my movement was causing the vines to tighten the more I struggled. Unfortunately, I understood my mistake when I became completely immobile with no room for movement. The vines brutally confined my body to the point where breathing was slightly difficult. It literally felt as if I was packaged in some sort of strange net. "Well I guess this wasn't completely my fault this time?" I tried to reassure myself.

After rolling my eyes with disappointment, I took a good look at the net which looked similar to the vines I saw earlier, but much thicker. It was as if the net was a living plant and somehow detected resistance, to which its response was to self-tighten. Facing the fact I was captured, I started to relax and think, "Where the hell did this hole come from, how did I not see it, who if anyone placed this trap, and what was going to happen to me." I couldn't believe how carless I was again, but this time I wasn't expecting a fucking camouflaged hole to be in the middle of nowhere. Humbly, I had to give credit to whoever placed this trap, few would have evaded it. Unfortunately, I was the one to experience it firsthand.

Laying in my current state there was actually nothing else I could do but wait to be retrieved. This really angered me because I was the one restraining women, not the other way around. Moments later, I finally started to hear the loud screams of fighting above me. Without even seeing the action I could only imagine how ruthless they were trying to restrain each other. Constant groaning, cursing, and yelling is all I could hear. "FUCKING BITCH, YOU STUPID WHORE, LET ME GO YOU CUNT, FUCK YOU SLUT", were phrases which eventually stopped after a while. Knowing my captor must have been near, I tried as much as physically possible to somehow get this net off me, but it was completely futile. I got punished relentlessly as the net tightened for my attempts at escape. Accepting defeat I cleared my thoughts and listened to the approaching footsteps followed by a voice.

"That's all of them Lin, we should be at a twenty capture spree now. Stalking down those five American sluts payed off, once we get the suit we only need five more whores for the inescapable restraints."

"Stupid America whores, all they know is brute force, no strategy or brains. I can't believe they didn't think for a second there could have been traps in this field. Fools. Move them to the valley, if we keep playing our cards right we could find some more powerful allies. It will take us three trips to move these sluts Alva, throw three of them in the hole until we find more allies. Let's just take the other two and come back for the rest when we can. Remember, strip them down we need clothes to burn."

"Understood, I'll throw a can of knock out gas to keep them quiet."

"Get a move on before we get hunted."

"Wait! What!?" I said panicking. Seconds after the conversation ended three unconscious, stripped, heavily rope bound, and gagged women were tossed into the hole landing next to me wearing nothing but their bras and panties. The small light narrowing into the pit was suddenly cut off leaving us in cold darkness while the smell of gas filled by nostrils. Unconsciousness welcomed me once again.

My New Friends

Hours if not days must have passed before I finally regained consciousness once again. This time the difference was a scorching headache. Usually when I wake up my first motion is to wipe my eyes with my hands, then sit up. The problem was I couldn't. I had no feeling of my arms or legs. "MHMHMHMHHMHMH", is all that came out of my mouth when I tried squirming and speaking which let me discover another problem, I couldn't speak. I was tied and gagged. The only movement I could achieve was slightly rolling my body in one direction. When I looked down it was then I saw what was done to me. For the first time in my life my body was brutally hog tied and restrained without remorse. Being tied like this, so helplessly, so vulnerable, so useless, and immobile was a feeling I believed I would never experience. I didn't like it at all, "I'm dominant for fuck sakes, I do the tying, not the other way around," I thought in my bound state.

I would have never believed after all these years of dominating women and harshly tying them up to show my dominion over them would lead to this. I never once actually physically felt what they were endured until now. It's not like I would have ever needed to, I was a pure dominant and the possibility of me being submissive to a women didn't exist. At the end of the day they were my slave and would accept my ways without question. Although, getting a taste of my own medicine first hand was unpleasant to say at the least; whoever tied these ropes didn't have a drop of mercy in their soul.

When I tie rope I take extra care in my work to make sure my submissive would be okay even with the strictest of ties, but this was unbearable, especially for the first time. This wasn't even a soft rope, but rather an awfully hard and thick type making the feeling so much worse and uncomfortable. As for my bound state my feet they were tied together with three layers of the rope, my ankles with five layers, above and below my knee caps with four layers, and my thighs with eight layer which were all expertly knotted. My calves were bent back touching my quadriceps while a single strand of rope attached to my ankle's bond connected to a tie on my wrist. This forced my legs to be pulled in and my arms forced to be pulled down and touching my back. I assumed it was the Chinese dominatrix who bound me as I felt my wrists were tied in a handcuff knot just like the girl she captured. The rope attached to my ankles must have been connected to the middle of the handcuff knot which only made sense as it was so effective in pulling my wrists towards my ankles.

As if this wasn't good enough, my elbows were also forced together and held tight by what felt like a few layers of rope just wrapped around multiple times and tied off. To top everything off the merciless dominatrix decided to take it one step further by looping a long rope around my abdominals to go around my already tied arms then tightened the bind. This made it look like my arms were fused to my back. Last but not least, the gag, what the hell was I gagged with? My mouth felt stuffed to the brim with what tasted like a sweaty fabric assuming it was a shirt. To no surprise though what looked like a very thick bandanna was logged between my teeth holding the fabric in. Although, the dominatrix was kind enough to leave me fully clothed which relieved the tightness of the bonds. Regardless, the feeling of helplessness started to dwell on me, where in other words I started to realize just how screwed I was.

It actually took me awhile to realize I wasn't alone. After I discovered my bondage, all around me were heavily bound dominatrices squirming and moaning in nothing but their bras, panties, or thongs. All of them seemed to be tied exactly as I was. Whoever was in charge probably established a tying convention to restrain their captives in the most effective manner. There must have been thirty or more of them scattered around me in this dark faintly lighted cave atmosphere. Light only shined through a vast amount of small holes in the rock above, raining down narrow beams inside. The environment we were in must have been closely closed off as there wasn't much air flow making it slightly difficult to breath. Struggling like the rest was a futile attempt of escape as I found it more costly to just save my energy and focus on my thoughts. After all, these are pure dominatrices the chances of giving anyone they capture a hope of escape made as much sense as everything that has happened in the last who knows how long.

I always thought knowing the time of day was a luxury, but when being confined in a barely lit cave on a planet with three moons and no sun giving no indication of time started to become mentally painful. It could have been hours, days, if not a week by now, and I would have never known. It wasn't like the bracelet was of any use either, the screen didn't even seem to be working.

The moaning of the others started to become torturous, as hearing it indefinitely without any silence made everything so much worse. What I would give to be able to scream at them. Sure they are all dominatrices who have probably never been tied before and refuse to give in, or it might have been the fact their fates may have been sealed and they are scared out of their minds. Processing all this just kept going back to one thought, "These women are merciless, if they get an opportunity or see any sort of weakness, they will exploit it and take advantage of anything." Thinking deeper, if I was in the same situation and granted the sudden ability to freely seek, fight, capture, and bind at my own discretion I believed my dominant nature would slowly take over me. This must have happened to them; for some it might have even been a dream come true. No one to judge them, no laws impeding, no secrets about their fantasies, no embarrassment, and nothing to stop them. What dominant person wouldn't have their minds take over them to show their true nature?

Aside from that, the one thought that was mentally straining me was having so many unanswered questions. Attempting to relax, I decided to just close my eyes until a loud voice echoed in the room bringing everyone to silence.


Turning my body to the direction of the sound I saw the women climbing down a rope from a tall cliff making her way towards me. It was pretty clear she got the capture streak for the latex cat suit when she walked up beside me. She must have been the leader, I only assumed one suit was given to a group of players.

"There you are, it's a good thing I decided to keep you clothed otherwise it might not have looked like you got yourself trapped! Now be good and stay still while I put this on."

Reaching for her pocket she pulled out a bandanna which became my blindfold after she laced it around my eyes and head. There really wasn't much I could do at this point, I tried screaming and moving but it was futile. Next she began tugging on the rope secured to my chest. I could tell she was trying to lift me, but was having trouble as my muscular mass was too much for her. It didn't take long before she got frustrated and resorted to dragging me across the ground.

Of course she had to drag me across the whole fucking area as fiction became my worst nightmare. "STOMHMH FUCKGGMM DRAGGG ME,"I tried telling her through the gag as it was starting to hurt getting dragged across the ground. Finally getting to the bottom edge of a very small cliff she started talking to someone.

"Are the ropes secured?"

"Yup! Got him secured! Hoist him up!"

"Fuck, they were going to hoist me up against a wall, please no, just leave me here," I thought. My body being lifted was another feeling I never felt before. It really wasn't enjoyable because the right side of my body kept bumping into a wall while I was being hoisted up the cliff. Before the constant slamming started to get painful I was rolled onto flat ground only to be punched and kicked in the abdominals multiple times. "WHAT THE FUCK! I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANTYHING," I tried to scream at them. "Don't fucking move, or this will end so much worse for you, understand!!??" one of the women exclaimed.

Screaming into the gag from the violent kicking I nodded my head in hopes they would stop. It's not like I was going anywhere anytime soon, but they didn't care. Continuing for another minute or so the hitting ended when I felt my calves being pulled forward. They must have united the rope to my cuffs and boy was the feeling of them moving again wonderful. I shouldn't have got my hopes up though as they began tying the back part of my ankles to something round and thick, followed by the bonds on my arms. Once they finished their work I could feel my whole body being lifted off the ground and starting to move. I knew exactly what they were doing as I've seen this position enough times to know what was happening. I was tied to a long pole and being transported by two women where each held one end of the pole while I remained strapped in the middle. "Great, now what are they going to do with me? Use me as bait or something?" I pondered.

I wish they wouldn't have blindfolded me, but I guess the less I know the better. I didn't realize how horrible it actually was to be blindfolded until a few minutes into travel. They could have dropped me or hit me at any moment and there was no way I could anticipate it. I was starting to feel the coldness of despair again, my body began to become sore from the ropes and right now gravity was not my friend. For the first time in my life I truly felt what helplessness was.

Guess I Was Right

"What's the status report on this region of the jungle Laura?"

"Completely cleared Sarah, our scouts did a thorough reconnaissance, all the singles in this area have been captured."

"Excellent, what about the numbers?"

"We currently own thirty five, five guards are stationed at the hide out while the other three are with Mistress Night looking for anyone alone."

"I don't know about you, but I don't want to give her the upgraded cat suit. She could turn her back on any of us and we wouldn't be able to contest her, even as a group."

"She needs us and you know it, she can't take on the other clans by herself. Why would she betray us anyway? Only ten make it out of here, why would she betray any of us for someone else?"

"I don't know, I just have trust issues I guess. All I know is the sooner we win this the better. I'm not becoming a sex slave or experimental subject. Also, I missed the last statistic update, mind to update me?"

"Sure, as of a few hours ago there are still currently three major clans with ten members. The clan with the least captures has twenty seven, then there is us with thirty five, then the biggest has seventy seven."

"For fuck sakes, seventy seven? They are just steam rolling over everything. If they get the last capture streak we are all fucked Laura!"

"I know Sarah, but right now this our best plan to help us catch up. Hopefully by making it look like he was caught in a trap it will attract more attention to retrieve him. He is worth a lot. This might just be the jackpot. Once we set up the traps around him I'm sure we will catch up in no time. Besides, they are on the other side of the entire jungle, by the time they get to us it will be a few days, unless they plan on going through no-man's land."

"Yup, I'm being used as bait. Why me for fuck sakes, and what the hell are they talking about? These women actually formed teams? Someone please tell me I'm sleeping," I said to myself starting to get frustrated.

"I sure hope so Laura and I doubt they would give up that huge lead, it is way too risky even for them. The plant life would capture them all. How many have been captured by the plant life and the thing anyways?"

"Fifty in total, thirty four of them are in no-man's land, while the other sixteen got captured by well you know."

"That leaves only thirty one singles running around. I'm hoping most of them are in our region. But be on the lookout the last thing we need is to get ambushed."

"One last thing, the reward is we get is to go home right? Right Laura?"

"I don't know Sarah, I don't know. We can set him up over there then place our traps. Let's do this quick and get out."

"Now they are going to hang me off a tree and wait to capture others while I dangle here. This should be fun," I imagined.

Finally coming to a stop I felt Sarah and Laura put me down, untie me from the pole, and then drag my body along the ground until they started to hoist me up again by my bound hands leaving me dangling in midair. Hearing their conversation about plant life, the thing, and clans took the better of me while I tried to take in everything in. It was infuriating enough to be blindfolded and bound but now they were using me as bait to lure others in; I just wish I hadn't been so careless, maybe this could have all been avoided.



"Gag em and bag em Lexi, we just earned our rifle. You stupid white American sluts thinking you could trick us? Just wait till you wake up, we got a whole lot of torture for you to go through."

"Tanya look! It's the male and our good white whores took the liberty of tying him up for us!"

"Tanya, Lexi! For a second I thought you two were in trouble, but it looks like we got two more to add to the collection. Ohhh what's this? The male? Quick grab them and let's get the hell out of here! Fuck! I can see a large group closing in on us!"

"Tasia, let's take the river route! There should be a boat there, I set it up earlier let's go."

"Run! I'll cut the male down and carry him."

"What the heck is going on now?! It was like I was some sort of football, being moved around constantly from person to person, and place to place. Being knocked out again seemed more appealing than this!" I wondered as thoughts of nervousness flooded my mind.

Whoever this Tasia women was I hoped she was strong enough to carry me, or she wouldn't get far. My prediction seemed accurate as I could feel the vibrations of her forcefully breaking the bond to whatever I was tied to like she was ripping a piece of wood in half. Once she put me over her shoulder and started to run like my one hundred and eighty pounds of muscle didn't bother her, I was convinced. Behind us I could clearly hear there must have been five or more people pursuing, no thanks to my enhanced hearing from being cut off from sight for so long. Without warning I was suddenly dropped on what felt like sand.








All I heard following was Tasia's body drop to the ground next to me while rushing feet came towards us. Judging by the sound of movement, I could tell they were tying her up. "Just wonderful, now I'm going to be in possession of another set of crazy bitches, this game is so much fun."

"Alright she's all tied, wait ... she was in possession of the male! I didn't think possession switched over that fast! Fuck! Back up don't get near them! We will get disqualified otherwise, let the drone take them away. Take the other four back to camp."

"Finally! This was my big break, no one could touch me now, I was going to be released, and moved to a safe spot!"

In a matter of moments, I could hear what sounded like a jet engine getting closer and closer to me before I felt a strap encase my whole body lifting me up into the air. I was safe, and I knew it when I could feel myself taking flight. Wherever I was going, I really didn't care as long as it was far away from my previous captors.

No Man's Land

The flight didn't last long, before I knew it I was on the ground again still bound and confused as I thought I was supposed to get released. Being impatient as always and wanting to get the hell out of my bondage instantly got me frustrated and stressed. Moments later I heard what sounded like a beam cut off my blindfold. Opening my eyes I saw the drone hovering above me. It was much smaller then I imagined: it was just a metal circle with unique grooves on its exterior and one large circular green glass eye in its center. Effectively, my bonds were destroyed with a precisely aimed blue beam of light coming from its eye cutting through the rope, but leaving me completely unharmed. After it cut the strap holding the gag in place the drone flew off and that was the last I saw of it. I didn't say a word the entire time, I just looked at the drone and accepted the fact of what just happened.

I couldn't believe I was finally free, I could actually move my arms and legs again. The best part was finally being able to spit out that horrid gag which I discovered was a piece of someone's pants. While getting up on my feet, in my peripheral vision I saw a light coming from my wrist. The bracelet actually displayed something for the first time. It was some sort of timer counting down. It said: IMMUNITY: 10 hours remaining. I only assumed this meant I couldn't be captured by anyone who saw me for the next ten hours; at least I was hoping that is what it meant.

Looking around my new surroundings, I became completely mesmerized. The weird looking trees were as tall as skyscrapers, what looked like massive flowers were bursting with all sorts of colors, the ground was completely flat and slightly warm, and everything was completely silent. One thing I loved about this place was there were no bugs, no pesky mosquitoes, spiders, bees, nothing. Looking up at the sky I couldn't make out much as the trees obstructed my vision, but I think I saw one moon which reminded me of time.

How long could have it possibly been? I mean they were talking about a clan having seventy seven captives already! How did they manage to capture more than double of what the other clans achieved? Seventy seven, twenty seven, and thirty five, that makes one hundred and thirty nine, and if a full clan has ten members that leaves eighty one who haven't been captured yet. Wait, they said thirty were in no-man's land, and twenty were captured by the thing? That leaves thirty one left over. If the largest clan already has a huge majority that means the thirty one must be on the opposing region. If they start making their way over the land and they get the last capture streak, they will squeeze out the ones that are hiding and know everyone's location. I needed to find Trisha, fast.

After walking around for a few hours while playing with the bracelet, I actually got some useful functionality out of it. I managed to get it to display a three dimensional mini-map of the jungle which outlined the land explored by each of the clans. Turns out, I was actually walking through no-man's land which occupies the center of the jungle for a little over a ten kilometer radius. What I didn't understand was why they called it no-man's land. So far nothing bad has happened yet, either because of luck or my immunity. The only memory worth remembering about this place was when one of the women said the plant life would capture them all, whatever that meant. The worst I could picture was vine traps like the net I was captured in a while ago.

From the trees behind me I abruptly started to hear footsteps, but this time I acted like I didn't hear them and continued walking forward, pretending I wasn't aware. "Who was following me now? Was it that Chinese bitch again? The clan that wanted to use me as bait? Or someone new this time? Whoever it was I wasn't going to let them get the best of me this time. My immunity was still up so if they wanted to fight I'd be more than happy to see how they would turn out," I contemplated.

Whoever was behind me started to run to which I began to speed up as well, until the bitch finally started sprinting. Instead of running away this time, I turned around with my hands up ready for whatever was about to happen. I saw this gorgeous tall black women sprinting with her hands in a spearing position ready to tackle me, but then shockingly one of the large flower like plants she was running by fully opened its blue petals shooting its black anthers grabbing the women's ankles.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!!" I screamed.


The vine like anthers then jerked back hard forcing her to ground stopping her in her tracks. In response the women rolled on her back grunting then started to fight and struggle with the plant. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING!??! LET GO OF ME!!! HELP PLEASE!! I BEG YOU HELP ME PLE......." Her attempts only seemed to anger the plant as another pair of anthers grabbed her wrists then pulled her violently and forcefully into its open stigma. I could only watch in horror as my body froze in time.

The dominatrix's cries for help were then cut off instantly. All the anthers that were not long enough to grab her, which were residing in the pant, started to wrap themselves around every part of her body starting with her head, until she was completely encapsulated. Once covered head to toe, the plant's petals quickly closed and vacuumed seal her forming a skin tight outline of the women's body almost as if she were wearing a body suit. Witnessing this put me in total shock; all I could do was watch while being frozen as the plant mercilessly captured the women.

Without hesitation or second thought I began sprinting as fast and as far as I could go while horrified by what just happened. "Alright so, its official, this definitely isn't Earth, and whatever that devil flower was I'm not going to stick around this place to find out! FUCK THIS SHIT!" my mind screamed at me.

Up ahead more of those plants entered my sight putting me at a dead stop in my tracks. With a sudden acquirement of insight, I realized I already walked by dozens of those plants before the women was stalking me, and nothing happened. "Was it the immunity or was it something else? The running! That's must have triggered it, I walked by many of the planets before but the second she started sprinting it must have irritated it" I said under my breath. Now knowing this I calmed myself down trying to get my mind off of it and continued moving forward. Moving closer to the planets ahead of me I opened my eyes wide in shock while my jaw dropped in awe. "OH MY..., HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" I yelled. What I saw was rows and columns of the plants all outlined a female's body, this was the plant life that was capturing them.

Taking a few steps back I collected my thoughts and understood why this was no man's land: anyone who attempted to walk through it never made it out. Having only five hours of immunity remaining I began worrying. If I didn't get out of here soon I could very well end up like the rest of them. My hands were twitching and I was sweating in fear trying to pull up the mini-map of the jungle. I routed the fastest way to get out. Apparently, one kilometer ahead was some sort of water source which I didn't think twice about. Running down the path I recognized that when I was running when the women was chasing me, the plant that captured her didn't even make an attempt to grab me. I was right, it was the immunity that saved my ass.

Finally reaching the water source, it turned out to be a fast moving current that appeared unpassable without being swept away by the rapids. There was no going back now, time was running out and this was my best chance to get out of this horrifying place. Beyond thinking further I jumped into the current as it quickly took me on a ride downstream. Swimming through it was extremely challenging, but I slowly started to reach the other side of the stream as it wasn't that wide. Getting closer to the other side, the shore disappeared and was replaced with a rocky cliff that seemed to go on for quite a while. Now being forced to continue with the stream, it's not like I had any other options.

Luckily, drowning wasn't an issue because swimming was one of my strong suits. When the speed of the current eventually slowed down all I needed to do was wait for another shoreline to appear and pray there wasn't a waterfall before that. A few minutes passed as the current started to speed up again which got me worked up. To my dismay, ahead of me I noticed the stream cut off unexpectedly. Fuck, was the only thought going through my head at this moment. Waiting to be shot over the edge, I remembered my training in this situation. Having practiced this prior to my capture, years ago I learned the actions required to take a successful dive from a waterfall.

"Holy fuck, holy fuck, please live, please live," I whispered under my breath while bracing for the edge. Suddenly, the water quickly lifted my body while I moved with it in a diving position getting some air being shot off the edge. Looking down I couldn't see a pool of water, but rather a large moisture cloud. My gut feeling was I just killed myself because when I looked side to side I noticed the waterfall was actually a few kilometers meaning I could possibly be falling to my death. "FUCCKCKK FUCK YOU WHOEVER PUT ME IN THIS SICK GAME, FUCCKKKING PISSS!!!" I screamed for dear life at the top of lungs. I continued to curse profusely at everything I could.

I'm sure if I did live through this I more than likely gave away my position to everyone on the entire playing field. The only chance I had was a diving position. As my last resort I positioned my body perfectly to hit the water in a nose dive, unless I hit a large rock first killing myself on impact. Still not being able to see the water I remained in my formation and began to scream again thinking this was the end. Free falling down at a now remarkable speed, I passed the moisture cloud and saw below was pointy rocks. This was it, the end. "WAIT IN DREAMS, JUST BEFORE DEATH YOU WAKE UP!!!" I remembered.

Before reaching my final destination, everything seemed to just have stopped, like someone froze time. "Did I wake up?" I wondered. Turned out my body was hovering in midair with a weird looking blue field around me which stopped me from a high speed nose dive to a complete stop. Lifting my head I saw it was a drone that saved my life, which proceeded to bring me towards the shore placing me on purple sand then randomly leaving. "I guess dying isn't an option in this game," I said aloud in relief while panting. Closing my eyes from that life threatening moment lasted no more than a second. I suddenly heard the cocking of a gun behind me to which I didn't even get a chance to speak before I felt a sting in my arm knocking me out once again.

"Bind him up, I'm sure Trisha will be pleased with this catch."

The Battle Of The Dominatrices

"Uhhh, what happened, where am I?" I mumbled under my breath. Opening my eyes I was once again welcomed to darkness, but it wasn't the darkness of a blindfold, rather another cave. Strangely though my body was completely unbound. No rope, no gag, no nothing.

"Quick check if he is awake! We can't hold them off much longer, we need everyone we can get!" a voice that sounded like Trisha yelled.


What the hell was going on now? How did that women know my name? Wait, Trisha, she's out there! They must have found me! Picking myself up off the ground I ran towards the narrow light coming out of the door the women left opened. I saw the strange alien like looking rifle but didn't think twice about picking it up. Continuing through a small corridor and heading towards the yelling and screaming I soon found the exit. Momentarily, I stood in shock as I looked down over the cliff I was on.

I saw a close quarter combat war going on between what looked like a few dozen dominatrices. I saw darts flying back and forth, gas clouds everywhere on the ground, women falling into traps, holographic women fighting the others, and hand to hand combat between many. Clothing was being torn, some were getting restrained during the fighting, while others kept on fighting. Unsure of who was fighting who or what to do I kept my head down and looked around trying to find Trisha. Without warning I felt a hand strongly grab my shoulder while another one covered my mouth. About to toss the person over my shoulder, I quickly looked back and saw Trisha's face. Seeing her green eyes, straight long fiery red hair, small lips, curved black eyebrows, c cup breasts, and toned body made everything that much better.

"Mike, it's me, we don't have time to talk just follow me and listen to everything I say!"

"Alright! Thank goodness! I'm just glad I found you, that's one less person to fight!"

"You can thank me later common!"

Taking her hands off me she started to run up the cliff while I cautiously ventured behind her. Astonished that she actually managed to find me felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

"Where are we going Trisha?!"

"To a vantage point! The three clans walked right into our trap and are fighting it out now, this could be the end of the game if we play this right. I'll explain later, just keep running! Once the battle is over we are going to pick off whoever is still standing then capture them all. If we are lucky enough I could get forty of them!"

"Alright got it! Also how the hell do you work this thing!?"

"I'll explain in a second, just get to that rock nest over there, we need to be hidden. I sure hope you still know how to aim!"

The rifle seemed rather light and looked pretty similar to an oddly disfigured Barrett 50 cal. I couldn't find a trigger on it, but it had a holographic like scope on it. Nearing the rocks I saw Trisha leap over them as did I. Resting my back against a boulder I mimicked Trisha's actions and setup the rifle between two rocks getting in a shooting position.

"Alright Mike, think of the rifle as an extension of your body, there is no trigger, it shoots on thought. The moment before you would shoot a human rifle you commit a thought to pulling the trigger. This is the same concept, except without the trigger making shooting much faster. Once you commit a thought to shooting, the rifle will shoot. It's completely silenced and there is no muzzle flash. Now stay focused and wait till the fight is over."

"Whatever you say Trisha. Also who I am shooting at?"

"Anyone, all of my allies have been compromised, it's just me and you now."

Nervousness started to kick in as it's been a while since I was placed in a situation so stressful. I started to breathe deeply trying to relax myself watching the fighting come to an end. This rifle was something I could only dream about, it automatically moved based on the current target's direction, calculated the exact area to aim based on distance and wind speed, and how many shots remained, which was all in the scope in a very informative display. Looking around the area I saw dozens of women unconscious on the ground, but couldn't see anyone else standing.

"Get ready Mike, if you see a Chinese women suddenly appear out of nowhere or wearing a latex suit take her down, she has the upgraded suit. We can't contest her in CQC. She is priority one. Quick! Look to your right, I count four A.I, and six Chinese clan members. I don't see the suit though, she must still be invisible. The only way they can see us is if the suit wearer comes within the eight hundred meter range, we should be twenty or so meters out of her range though."

"Affirmative, we are using the back to front door shot plan aren't we?"

"You know it, now let's hope they position themselves well enough for us."

Patiently watching the women and A.I look around their surroundings on the open battle field, they quickly began spreading out starting to bind the unconscious women one by one. There was still no sign of the Chinese bitch though. She must have been hiding somewhere doing some stealth scouting.

"Alright, let's start to take them down before we miss our chance, the two at the far back can only see each other. I'll take the one on the left. On three. Remember, once you commit a thought to shooting, the rifle will shoot."

Waiting for her mark I aimed for my target's stomach as the rifle automatically adjusted for the perfect shot. Taking a deep breath I cleared my mind focusing on the shot.

"One,......., two,........, three."

Instantly, the rifle shot, perfectly hitting the target in the stomach as I watched her and Trisha's target drop to the ground unconscious. Seeing another women slowly start to turn around, without hesitation I shot again hitting her right on the left ass cheek putting her down.

"Good reaction time, three down. I only have eleven shots left, how many do you have?"

"Ten" I replied.

"Make them count there could be more coming."

"Alright, let's take down the four A.I, those weapons are a huge threat."

"On three, we are going to take four quick shots, you take the ones at the front I'll take the ones at the back, and the last three unarmed at the front will run right into the traps I set by the only cover they can get to. One,.... two,..... three."

Again the rifle fired without delay as I switch targets from the first A.I to the second watching them vanish in midair. Just like Trisha said, the other three started to run for the nearest rocks right into the traps. One of them feel into a hole which I imagined was the same trap I must have fell into, while the other two stepped on a gas mine which formed a large cloud of white smoke only resulting in them dropping unconscious.

"Looks like we still got it Mike. Now let's... AHHHHAHH ZZZZZZ MMHMMM UUHHHH"

"What the, TRISHA NO!!" I yelled.

A smoke canister suddenly exploded in the rock nest as I jolted my head over to seeing Trisha's body go through what looked like a seizure. Seeing a figure standing above her in my peripheral vision, I saw the suit and knew she was getting electrocuted by a Taser. I hastily jumped out of the rock nest to evade the smoke before it knocked me out. With the rifle, I hit the ground running as I began sprinting as fast as I could down the path we ran up. Turning my head back I recognized it was that Chinese bitch chasing me once again. I saw her aim her right wrist at me knowing she was about to put me down as well. Timing her shot I did a jump forward diving hands first into the ground while the shot went above me completely missing. Turning on my back I quickly aimed the rifle at her to only have it immediately kicked out of my hands. She pinned her right foot on my neck forcing me to grab her ankle with both hands. "YOU FUCKING BITCHHH," I struggled to say.

I tried to flip her over, but the suit gave her too much strength I couldn't match. She then aimed her wrist at me once again. How she managed to do this so quickly was beyond me even with the suit. Using all my strength I managed to break her hold throwing her beside me on the ground. Before getting on top of her I noticed a dart in her right thigh. Who shot her? It couldn't have been Trisha, she was knocked out back there. It suddenly clicked in someone else picked her off. The battle wasn't over. Grabbing the rifle again I remained prone to afraid to stand up as whoever shot her probably didn't know if I was conscious or not. I had the element of surprise right now. While staying down I listened for any in the distance.

"I got her, she's down, you two quick start capturing them, I'll go retrieve the suit."

Whoever did this was coming up here quickly, but she wouldn't expect what I had in store for her. Not having an idea which direction she was coming from put me at a disadvantage if I stood up and tried to shoot her. Seeing a canister and a bandanna on the belt of the suit, I discreetly grabbed both. There was only one button on the can which I assumed was to trigger it. I didn't know how long it would take upon release or if it would release after a set amount of time. I heard footsteps approaching rapidly as I started to hold down the button of the canister in my right hand while I held the bandanna in my left.

I pretend to be already unconscious and slowly opened my eyes to see a women next to me trying to take the suit off the Chinese bitch. "Let's see if you anticipated this!" I thought excited as in a fluent motion I released the button, put the bandanna over my face, and shouldered the women to the ground while I ran out of the gas cloud picking up my rifle in the process. At the bottom of the cliff I saw her two friends starting to rush up towards me. They probably didn't know I was holding a rifle as I relentlessly aimed and shot them down in their tracks. Jerking my head and body around I looked for any other threats to only find I was the last one standing; I did it. "Well, that turned out well, I guess. Oh right Trisha!" I mumbled.

I didn't want to start binding anyone up as I knew I would have them disqualified and Trisha wouldn't be able to claim them as captured. Instead, I first stripped that Chinese whore of the suit and ran it over to Trisha. After finding the Taser embedded in the suit's right wrist cuff, I shot her with it administering quite a rude awakening.

"Trisha, wake up! It's over we made it!"

"UHHHHH, fuck that stings, what the hell happened Mike?"

"You got knocked out, but you have to start claiming them before they wake up, put this suit on, I stripped it off her. Tie the two up over there by the rock nest and I'll start putting everyone below the cliff in a pile for you. I have no idea who is your ally so I'll just shoot whoever wakes up then you can sort them later"

"Alright hurry, before we get company again."

A little after an hour Trisha and I managed to pile up all the captives while she sorted her six allies and tied up the rest. Little did I know how experienced Trisha was with tying people up, she demanded that every limb or movable part of the body was tied thoroughly, all bindings were to be connected to each other one way or another, the ankles were to be tied to the wrist, and the neck was to be tied to the wrists as well. This ensured any movement would slightly choke the bound captive, deterring any attempts of escape.

When the mass tying was finished she managed to get forty seven captures out of it putting her at a sixty two capture streak. The second suit she got she gave to one of her fellow dominatrix friend's named Madison, who also was unfortunate enough to be a part of the game. One glance was enough to make someone fall for her. The short black as night hair, brown eyes, well defined winged eyebrows, thin lips, small body, round ass and breasts had me immediately. How she got this far only being 5'3 while some other dominatrices towered her was well worth a thought.

As Trisha got the ten A.I's as a streak we all transported the captured dominatrices to the cave where they kept me previously. Once all were securely bound, gagged, and blindfolded we closed off the rock door to the secret cave ensuring no one would be able to tell it was a door in the first place. Since I couldn't tie any of them up to allow Trisha to get the highest capture streak possible, I allocated my time in retrieving all the supplies. When all was done the seven of us became a force to be reckoned with. Grouping up, Trisha ordered the A.I's to secure the area as the rest of us talked on the cliff.

"How many are left Trisha?" I asked.

"There should only be thirteen remaining, meaning six are left running around. All we have to do is get three of them and see what happens from there. Finding them though won't be easy though, it's like finding a needle in a hay stack", Trisha replied.

"We need global reconnaissance, if you claim forty two that have already been captured, we can find the rest", said Madison.

"One of the clans had thirty five, the other had seventy seven, and the other had twenty seven before this, but I don't know how the numbers fluctuated since then. For all we know someone could have claimed them already or released them", I said.

"Listen, I have an idea. Open up the door and go find the Chinese dominatrix clan's leader and tie her up so she is dangling over the cliff, we are going to force her to show us were she's hiding their captives. Mike follow me we need to talk", Trisha ordered.

Following Trisha down the cliff we gained a significant distance from the others before we started talking. I knew something was wrong as I've seen this look on her face previously. She wanted to tell me something serious and seemed quite nervous about it.

"Mike, first off thanks for saving me back there and second I'm so glad to see you, but at the same time I'm not because I dragged you into this mess. Also let's just get on the same page here. I am a pure dominant and I know you are as well, I know you have a slave dungeon and I'm guessing you knew the same about me, but let's leave that side and focus on the situation. "

"You didn't drag me into anything Trisha, I knew that Victoria girl was bad news the second I saw her. The first day in the last two years you didn't show up for work was a huge red flag something was wrong. She looked too good to be true which is why I wanted her as a slave and I know you did as well. The problem was she was into you, throwing herself at you submissively, it didn't make sense, so I watched her. That night when I stalked her down to your house I waited for her to leave before breaking in. I didn't expect for a second to see you unconscious and getting tied up about to be placed into an alien looking like barrel. It threw me off guard, letting that Victoria bitch capture me in the process. You didn't drag me into this, I brought myself into this."

"If I wasn't so foolish to take her home that one night and underestimate her strength this would have never happened. My stupid mistake got you into this inadvertently."

"Drop it Trisha, lets focus on the now, what hell is going to happen once ten players remain? What's going to happen to me is what I'm pretty nervous about!"

"I have no idea, all I have been thinking about is how the hell we even got here or what this place is."

"I have as well, but logic and pondering about who or what did this and why isn't going to get us anywhere. We are in this and we don't have much of a choice right now to waste time."

"I understand you're right Mike. All I know is the top ten get rewarded while the others get their announced fate, and I have no idea what the reward is. Nothing was said about you, I have no clue. One thing I know is we were not trained for this, I didn't feel good at all about tying up the others for the sake of entertainment for some sick person and I've seen something horrific here which still gives me chills just thinking about it."

"I've seen some messed up shit to Trisha, but it's not like we had a choice, it was either us or them. How the heck were we supposed to reason with these women? All of a sudden they were thrown in this horrid planet and told if they didn't make it to the top ten they would be subjected to well, you know. We can't reason with them, their survival instincts mixed with their dominant nature has already took over them all. They will play the game as instructed and there is nothing we can do about it Trisha"

"You realize once we get three more those women will be sent to their associated fates right? And I have no idea what is going to happen to you!"

"I KNOW TRISHA, I KNOW,... what choice do we have? I didn't find anyone I didn't know walk up to me and ask for a truce. They all charged me like some sort of animal and when I was caught they tied me up and treated me like I wasn't even human. If we were still captured Trisha we would be fucked right now, we are standing, and that's all that matters. I have no idea how we are getting back or if we can even save them, but I know for fact we have no power. This game is going to end soon enough one way or another. Let's just stick with the plan, let's get you the one hundred capture streak and pray from there on. We can't do anything useful if we're tied up and controlled by someone else. Now what was that horrific thing you were talking about?"

"A spider Mike, a giant spider."

"You're kidding right?"

"Does it look like I'm kidding? This thing is massive, but I know it was built by somebody. It's completely made out of metal and is controlled by some sort of A.I. It only comes out when three moons are up and goes on a hunting spree capturing its closet targets. My theory is it's here to stop the game from being impeded. All that matters is every time it comes out, it wants four times the targets captured the last time it started hunting."

"Well I haven't really been keeping track of time or moons Trisha, how many does it need on its next hunt?"

"Sixty four. Listen all I know is this thing won't be satisfied until it meets its quota. That's how we are going to get the answers out of the Chinese Clan's leader. Once the spider finds her as a target we will give her false hope we can stop it, if she tells us what we want to hear we run while the spider takes her and the rest of the captives in the cave while we make our escape. I know it's immoral, but we have no choice."

"I know Trisha, it's our only option, but what about the other seventeen that we don't have?"

"I know where the monster's cave is, and it's by one of the clan's secret hideouts. I didn't want to go there, we would have be moving towards the spider. That clan though must have captured at least seventeen which the spider will then take the remaining from us. Once it gets it quota we have to end the game or we are screwed on the next hunt. Anyways, let's go setup by the cliff and wait for the third moon, it should be up shortly."

Arachnophobia Redefined

When the third moon came up we patiently stood guard awaiting the monster. Trisha and I didn't say a word. Most of our group hid behind rocks near the cliff to stay out of sight while Trisha and I were very close to our bait. I guess I couldn't blame her for desperately struggling and moaning in her bonds, she went from a powerhouse to a fly. In the distance a series of rapid loud thumping sounds started. Each step this thing took made a shockwave in the ground so powerful it could knock over anyone who wasn't prepared for it. I firmly grabbed the pole our bait was dangling on to support myself as did Trisha. "Well, looks like you weren't lying Trisha!" I said.

Focusing ahead trees were being knocked down like toothpicks as the giant spider emerged at close sight. Trisha wasn't kidding, this spider was larger than a small office building and at least 40 ft. tall. One look made it clear it was built from metal. It was pretty much a giant tank in the shape of a funnel spider. Thankfully I wasn't scared of spiders as this thing made the plants in no man's land look like a joke. Shuttering in fear, I watched speechless as it turned its head towards us. A large coned beam of red light scanned the entire area before it started to slowly walk towards the cliff. While scanning, the spider constantly discharged a shockingly loud static noise forcing us to cover our eyes. Turning to the Chinese women, she seemed anything but dauntless now. Sweating profusely, and breathing heavily with a pale face gave me a hunch she was afraid of spiders, or scared for her life.


With that being said, Trisha ripped off her gag. Getting extremely edgy as the beast came closer I knew there was no way we were going to able to get away in time. When I looked back at the others I noticed they all took off.


Seeing the map come up I noted where the hideout was before the spider shot a long strand of what appeared to be latex from its mouth at the women's chest. In one fluent motion the strand retracted to the spider's mouth forcefully ripping the rope restraining her to the pole.


"Wait what? TRISHA DON'T!!! AHH"

Without even giving me a chance to finish a sentence Trisha forced my wrists in front of me and knotted a strand of rope, tying my wrists lightly in place. The split second the knot was secured she kicked my chest as hard as she could with her right foot knocking me back flat on my ass. By the time I could start yelling, the spider already shot another strand of its latex like web at Trisha taking her into its mouth. My eyes shot open in horror after seeing her save me in such a heroic way. "Trisha.... why would you ...." I whispered as the spider started to climb up the cliff. I closed my eyes in terror as I waited for my fate. Shivering in fear for a few seconds I then slowly opened my eyes slightly only to see the monster completely ignore me and head for the cave with the captives. Not thinking twice, I got up and started to make a run for it until I saw Madison signaling me around a rock to follow her. Wanting to know what the hell just happened, I ran towards her.

"Listen all you have to know is Trisha will be fine, once the spider wraps her in whatever latex substance it uses a drone will retrieve her. You CANNOT remove your wrist bond, the only way we will know she got out safe is when the drone comes to retrieve you. Don't let anyone touch you either, you have to stay like this in order for the perk to still be in her possession. The spider never touched you because you are a perk not a player, you have no impact. All that matters now is we continue with the mission, now show me where that skank is hiding the captives."

Still shocked all I did was nod my head a few times at her. I was somewhat disappointed in myself from not putting two and two together when Trisha tied my wrists. I just rolled by eyes in my ignorance. Everything clicked in when Madison explained, the spider never touched me because I'm not a player and Trisha did what she did to get the answers out of her at the last second. She knew getting captured was inevitable, hence why she wanted me by her side; to place a bind on me so she would get a second chance. I shook it off with the relief Trisha would be okay then followed up with Madison. I showed her on the map where the captives were being held as we regrouped with the others and started to head in that direction.

Not even getting twenty minutes into the trip we were abruptly interrupted by our bracelets when they all started to glow red. Three dimensional numbers appeared in midair before us while the female voice from the start of the game began to speak again.

"Hello again, I hope you have been enjoying your time here as it has been quite entertaining to watch you all, but enough with the small talk. I just wanted to provide some final information before we get to the top ten. First, I've decided to give you all the privilege to see the location of your fellow opponents. Second, all captured captives are currently being retrieved by Goliath thus are removed from the game. Lastly, there are currently eleven players remaining. That is all."

I couldn't believe what I just heard, the good news was we didn't have to travel to the hideout, but the bad news was the game was one capture away from being over. Turning my head to Madison I saw her analyzing the map.

"What's the plan now Madison, where are we going to go?" I asked.

"Look, here we are and that's where they are, it looks like they formed a pack and are headed straight for us. Let's get a move on, we can't engage them until Trisha is with us again, if they manage to get any of us, it's over. I hate to say this, but we are going right for Goliath's cave or whatever that spider thing is called. We can't wait on this drone to save her, it's now or never!" Madison exclaimed.

"How do you know where this thing is? And what if one of us get captured in the process", I replied.

"Trisha and I studied that thing, we know where it hides its prey. I can even see the monster on the map, it looks like it just left its cave and is headed to retrieve the other captives as instructed. Fuck! If a drone didn't come for you that means it didn't wrap its prey, meaning Trisha is still in the cave somewhere. She hasn't been captured, but she isn't considered playing the game. We got to move now, we don't have much time! Let's go!" Madison ordered.

I didn't even question her logic, there wasn't any other choice, this is what we needed to do and we had to do it fast. It wasn't like I had many others to trust anyway, mainly everyone else saw me as prey.

Running with the others we took precautions not to trigger any traps while we ventured through the wicked jungle. Going uphill was tedious being bound because it was all rock climbing. I managed to convince Madison to cut the rope off my wrists otherwise I would just be dead weight holding everyone back. Further up we started to see giant spider webs realizing they were in fact made out of latex. As if this place wasn't already strange enough the person who built this thing actually made it have sticky latex as its webbing. The environment quickly got much worse. Trees were destroyed and scattered everywhere, there were giant holes along the path, latex puddles were common, and the terrain was getting dangerous due to the rocks getting slippery. "I think we're getting closer everyone keep moving!" I exclaimed.

Madison frequently checked the status of the group stalking us only to figure out they managed to catch up. Fortunately, the mountain we just climbed would slow them down dramatically. What particularly bothered me was the fact of how eager they were too fight us. It's like we weren't a threat to them, if anything, we should have been stalking them. Then it hit me; what if they managed to find the hide out and claimed those seventy seven captives for themselves. Madison's response was to move faster after bringing that thought to her attention.

The Dominatrix Pit

Finally reaching the cave, it was more intimidating then I could have imagined. The entrance was covered by a massive latex web while the environment surrounding the cave was ravaged and destroyed. It was almost like a war took place.

"There it is! We finally made it everyone! Now let's get Trisha out of there fast. The monster is currently on the other side of the map, now's our chance. A.I's stand guard at the entrance, take down but do not capture anyone who comes near. The rest of you let's go, get ready to get down and dirty, the only safe way is crawling through the small gap at the bottom of the web", Madison said with a nervous look on her face.

With no time to waste I insisted on going first. Hastily getting on my stomach, I slowly crawled through the gap under the web to see what horror awaited inside. Once through, I was surprised to see the cave was lit decently well. It didn't take me long to figure out the cave was identical to a volcano without the molten lava. There must have been a huge opening at the top allowing the light to illuminate the corridors and paths. While the others crawled in through, I started to run deeper into the cave's depths while screaming Trisha's name as my voice echoed in the distance.



Soon after hearing the response, I surprisingly heard multiple screams of help from different female voices. Thankfully this made it a lot easier to find them.

Entering the center of the cave I was welcomed with the sight of what the spider did to its prey. Thick webbings of latex mummified the captured women's bodies which were mounted on the walls of the cave, on webs attached between stalagmites, and even on the high ceiling. In the center of the area was a large pit, where once I reached its edge I looked down and saw multiple women lying on a massive thick web.

There was no possibility of movement on that web, I didn't even see a single person move even an inch. "Nothing but bait waiting to be wrapped", I thought. It wasn't long before my presence was known to all the women as I saw their eyes turn to me. I was then greeted with endless screams for help loud enough that if the others didn't know where I was, they sure did now. Doing a light scan of the web I managed to find Trisha by looking for her fiery red hair. Luckily, she was lying near the pit's outer wall. "Trisha! I'm coming for you, don't worry!" I yelled at her. "HURRY BEFORE THAT THING GETS BACK! PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Trisha replied.

It wasn't long before Madison and the others came to my aid. Arriving, I said, "Quick grab a series of rope and tie them together, we are going to need it to be at least twenty five feet!" Dropped to their knees they started tying the ropes together to make the desired length. When the rope was finished I tied it off to my waist and instructed the others to repel me down towards Trisha. "BETTER HURRY MIKE, LOOKS LIKE THE SPIDER KNOWS WE'RE HERE!" Madison yelled. The loud screams from all the captives instantly gave me a headache by the time I reached the web.

Feet to latex, it was awfully quite sticky, no wonder why they couldn't move! Just to get my foot off it felt like I was lifting fifty pounds on my ankle. "Relax Trisha, I'll be there in just a second," I said looking at her. It was a good thing I only had to take a few steps before I could start prying Trisha's right arm off, followed by her left. Next, I put both my arms under her armpits forcing her up with all my strength until she could move. "GOT HER! PULL US UP!" I yelled as the others reeled in the rope while I held Trisha in my arms. "Thank you so much, I would have been a goner if it wasn't for you guys, you have no idea what it was like being swallowed by that thing. Uhhh, its stomach was just a large circular chamber that bounced us around every time it moved. It was horrid to say at the least" Trisha said. "I don't want to imagine, but we gotta get the hell out of here, it's coming for us again" I replied. Cursing, insults, screaming, and cries was all we heard while ascending up the wall, and we must have been called every name in the book. It's not like we could have helped them either, otherwise we could have ended up like them.


"Better hope that thing isn't on the other side, there is no other way out!" I replied.

Rushing to the exit we began to hear gun shots that ceased as fast as they started. "All the A.I' are down, and it turns out the other six are unconscious. They aren't appearing on the map anymore! But why hasn't the game ended?" said Madison. Going prone again, I crawled underneath the web then headed for the last six players laying on the ground conscious, but unable to move. Turning back to call the others my bracelet started glowing before I suddenly felt a very small pinch on my wrist. Moments later I dropped like a sack of potatoes to the ground unable to speak or move, but remained completely conscious. When I saw the others exit the cave, one by one they dropped to the ground. Soon enough the female's voice emitted from the bracelet once again.

"Well that concludes this year's game everyone, congrats on the ten of you that made it. There is one more competition to see who the Dominatrix of the year is then you will receive your rewards based on how you place. As for the rest of you, you have failed in proving your worth as dominatrices and will be punished accordingly as stated."

"NO, NO, NO, this can't be the end! What happened? How did the game end? Why can't I move a muscle!?" I furiously thought. Anger and frustration then clouded my judgment as the feeling of helplessness sunk in once again. Insight finally dawned on me as I came to grips with the fact that whoever setup this game up had complete and utter control over us because of theses bracelets.

Laying on the cold hard ground paralyzed like the others, I waited for whatever fate lied ahead. In the far distance a planet shattering sound echoed as I saw a glimpse of what looked like a spaceship touch ground somewhere over a mountain. This was it, I was finally convinced this wasn't a dream, I would have woken up by now, and I was somewhere in space on an unknown planet being used as a plaything by some alien. I could only prepare myself for whatever life form I was about to see from that spaceship. I couldn't picture anything in specific, I just hoped it wasn't like anything I've seen in the movies.

These Aren't Regular Women

I started to hear movement in the distance approaching fast. "What the hell is coming for us, it sounds like a small army," I thought. Soon enough I saws hundreds of bodies start to appear over the hill walking toward the cave. After taking a good look at them, total shock overcame my thoughts. They were females, every single one of them. The difference was they were wearing some kind of light gray, skin tight, neck to toe body suit, with a three inch steel collar, and dark gray knee high boots. Their eyes were glowing light green like they were some sort of robot. The female's faces other than the eyes were completely normal as skin showed and their faces looked well, normal. Their hair color and style seemed natural as well. I didn't know what to think, my mind was completely blank.

I couldn't get over their bodies though, it didn't even look like they were wearing anything. It was almost as if someone spray painted them light gray when they were completely naked. Every inch of them was defined in such a way only being naked could display. Although, the only part of them that wasn't defined were their nipples and vagina. All I could see at the nipple and vaginal area was light gray like the rest of their body. Whatever it was on them, it perfectly concealed those areas while at the same time perfectly defined the rest of their bodies. "Wow, they're all so, sexy. Is this a planet inhabited by a female race or something because I wouldn't that idea?" I thought excitedly. The only object they were wearing was a leg strap around their right thigh, holding what appeared to be a whip. This whip wasn't normal though, the handle looked like it was made out of some sort of metal alloy, but the fall of the whip looked like it was made out of red light. Almost as if it were holographic.

They approached as large groups in rows like they were in parade while they walked in a marching fashion. What I couldn't believe was just how perfect their bodies were when I saw them up close. It was almost too good to be true. They were all of varying heights, but their bodies flawlessly complemented how tall they were, from their perfectly round double D breasts, defined abdominals, large round asses, unique skin toned faces with picture perfect complexion, and amazingly defined hair colors. If there was any possible way to describe them I'd say they were the epitome of an almost perfect female body. The one feature that separated them from seeming human was their complete lack of emotion and robotic nature. Sure, they walked like humans, but they never turned their heads if they didn't need to, they maintained a straight posture, and overall looked soulless.

Finally snapping out from staring at them, I watched them walk right by me taking out their whips. They began pulling on the red light which grew the whip to a new length. Next, they pressed a button on the handle resulting in the light to fall from the whip's end. Now they had a brand new length in hand. "How is that even, what, It must be me some sort of advanced holographic light, there is no way they just manipulate light like that," I speculated. I couldn't process exactly what it was or how it was possible, but I knew what it was for when they started binding the others with it. It was only a matter of time before I saw one of the females kneel down in front of me analyzing my body with her glowing green eyes then starting to tie me with the holographic rope.

Her hair was brunette mixed with a bit of blond. Just seeing her at a close up view would have got me hard instantly if I wasn't paralyzed. Her breasts and ass were something that I could have only seen in a dream. "If you didn't have glowing green eyes I would tie you up and fuck you like tomorrow," I started to think. I had no judgment of the rope's tightness as being paralyzed didn't really give me a good indication. She tied one strand at my ankles, knees, thighs, wrists, and elbows, and after a moment the rope suddenly looked like it was self-tightening forming a duplicate layer of itself right underneath the initial strands. It was amazing to say at the least. When she completed her work a drone made its way over the hill before picking me up and flied me off to the spaceship in the distance.

I knew I should have probably been fearful, or scared at the least, but I was actually quite intrigued and curious. Aside from being kidnapped and forced to play in this wicked game, nothing has actually been life threating or painful. The entire time on this planet I haven't once been hurt in anyway, disregarding getting kicked by those bitches a while ago and the slight soreness from the rope. Other than that nothing has really been trying to kill me. Even when I fell off the waterfall I was saved, and that spider didn't look like it harmed anyone either. The rules of the game stated you couldn't kill, or severely hurt anyone otherwise you would be punished. Whoever was in charge here must have been a pacifist or wanted us completely unharmed for whatever reason.

Approaching the spaceship my thoughts were once again taken. This ship was massive and it was clear it was for cargo by its size and wide open haul. The drone brought me into the back of the ship and once inside I knew it was for cargo, but the cargo was us. Hundreds of drones were working to place the women they retrieved into rows and columns of large metal barrels only big enough to hold one person. I got a glimpse at some of the barrels, they were labeled either, "Milk Plant", "Sex Slave", or "Experimental Subject". These were the fates of the others, but the one clue I got from this was everything was written in our language. "Fuck, this wasn't a joke, there was actually some sick fuck behind all this. I heard a lot about some of the most demented, cruel, disgustingly sick people on the news and media, but whatever life form orchestrating all this took the definition of sickening to a whole new level," I thought in disgust.

All the labels and the signs in the ship were in English, meaning whoever was in charge had to have been human? Unless they translated just for us, which seemed unlikely. Flying past the barrels it was apparent the drone wasn't bringing me to one; instead it brought me into a separate area with eleven square metal cages that were in three groups of three and one group of two which were separated by walls. The drone placed me in the group of two through the top of the cage. Before it flew off the cage was closed by its hatch and suddenly my bindings faded away. The good news was I wasn't paralyzed anymore. Knowing exactly who the other cages where for, I waited for the top ten winners to fill the bars.

It was only shortly after being caged I could feel the ship start to take off. Where ever we were going it must have been a sight to see. Unfortunately, the cage didn't allow me nor the others to stand. It was only tall enough to let someone remain on their hands and knees. It was extremely uncomfortable so I just decided to remain lying down as I saw Trisha being placed in the cage next to mine. She was stripped of her suit and was now wearing the jeans and top she was abducted in. It would have been too good to be true if they let her keep the suit, but it seemed too good to be true that she was specifically placed beside me.

"Trisha, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, but I'm seriously getting freaked out now, what is going to happen to us? Where are we going?"

"I don't know Trisha, all I know is we are better off than the others right now. Did you see the barrels?"

"I did, but I didn't look long, that could have been me if it wasn't for you guys, I owe you big time."

"It doesn't look like you can repay us anytime soon, but we got to think of something fast before we reach our next destination."

"Think of what? Huh? If you forgot already these bracelets can paralyze us at any time, whoever is in control of them is in control of us. What the fuck are we supposed to do about that??? The way I see it is we have to wait for an opportunity, if we even get one. We are severely outnumbered and out armed. We have nothing Mike, we are screwed, don't you see it?!!"


"Yelling isn't going to solve anything, we have to play this out, even if we do get a chance to do anything we can't take on an army of those brain-dead females or drones. Listen, I accepted the only way we are going to get anywhere is by playing this out, there is nothing we can do Mike. I guarantee once we land they are going to bind us up again or paralyze us then they will do what they want from there. It's a waste of time and energy thinking we can do anything right now, we are prisoners, this is the first time in my life I have ever been restrained or let someone else dominate me and believe me, I'm not any happier about this then you are, but our only option is patience. We just got to hope we will get a chance to do something if anything."

"You're right Trisha, I just can't accept this, and what the hell did we do to get kidnapped from Earth and brought on this planet?"

"Well it clearly has something to do with dominatrices if you haven't noticed. Notice how everyone here is a pure dominatrix? Notice how every other human we have seen has been female? Whoever brought us here clearly wants the Earth's best dominatrix, hence the competition, but it seems like you weren't supposed to be brought here. It seems like they could have left you unconscious in my basement and just took me, but they decided not to. So the question is what do they want with you?"

"A better question is what do they want with us? I don't think it was fate that we were both purposely placed beside each other separated from the rest."

"Well I guess we will have to wait and find out then. It seems like we've landed, must have been a short ride. Don't speak I hear someone coming."

Remaining silent, I turned around to hear the footsteps getting closer and closer. It was about ten of those robotic like females again, but this time they brought a large hovering cart with them. It was quite creepy as they stared at us until a drone picked up our cages and placed them on the cart. Moving down the corridor the other nine cages were placed on the cart while the females adjusted them to fit snug against each other. One of the dominatrices I didn't know began verbally abusing the guards while she was being loaded to only have herself get electrocuted by the bracelet.

Once fully loaded the females walked in a formation around the hovering cart through the spaceship until we exited. The rest of us kept quiet during transportation. It was like we were animals or something. Upon exiting the ship brought another jaw dropping view. The ground was completely flat, made out of metal, and expanded for many kilometers like some sort of airport. Other spaceships some bigger, some smaller were parked along this great metal flat side by side alongside of giant vehicles. These vehicles were different shapes and sizes which looked completely alien in every way possible, and there was hundreds of them. The most shocking aspect was witnessing thousands of those females and drones working with each other. "They must be guards or workers", I thought.

In the far distance I could see very tall and large oddly shaped buildings glowing with many lights on their exteriors. Looking back at the ship, I saw three large hovering U shaped vehicles enter the main haul where all the barrels of dominatrices were. When the vehicles began to move I noticed they were carrying the barrels inside the U. They must have sorted the three types of barrels to their associated vehicle. "They're being transported like products, fuck, what the hell is this God forsaken place," I whispered to myself. Strangely though they were all moving in the same direction toward one of the buildings. As for us, the cart kept moving until one of those vehicles approached our cages. We were loaded off the cart into the U then secured by holographic straps to each other's cages like we were some sort of shipment.

Many of the guards boarded the vehicle as well keeping us deterred from speaking. After one of the guards pressed a button on a panel, a glass hatch closed over the U as the vehicle began speeding up. I couldn't speak or do much else so I decided to just relax and close my eyes trying to get some sort of rest to pass the time even though I wasn't tired. As a matter of fact I don't recall being tired since the last time I slept on Earth.

Well Hello There Miss........?

When I heard the glass hatch start to retract I knew we reached our destination. Shortly after we were being loaded on a similar cart once again. My first impressions of the plants, trees, and the ground gave me the feeling we were in the wild again, but there was one very significant difference. How I didn't see it at first could be because I was blind, but there was a giant futuristic mansion right in front of me.

It was in the shape of a very large circle, quite tall, painted white, had many windows, and lastly a numerous amount hanging porches around it. A U.F.O is what first came to my mind, although it was grounded and looked really luxurious and modern. The guards directed the cart to the right side of the strange house on some sort of pad that unexpectedly started ascending to one of the porches. Upon reaching the top the guards moved the cages off the cart and arranged them in a straight line facing the entrance of the porch. Once they finished they all got back on the platform and left leaving us alone. The only thing on the porch was a large fabricated mat in front of us, similar to the ones used for wrestling or fighting.

"Seriously..... What the fuck is this? Is this some sort of joke, like where the hell are we?" said one of the women. "I don't know, but this is complete bullshit, we aren't fucking animals here! I swear if I get my hands on whoever did this they're done for!" said another. "We have to do something, did you see the others! They were packaged in dam barrels and transported like we are some sort of object, "said a third. "I think you should all shut the hell up before we piss off this alien race, unless you want to end up like them," said Madison.

It didn't take long before a yelling competition broke out between the women as I remained silent trying to think. Things went from not making sense to completely not making sense. I wanted answers as badly as the rest, and I just hope Trisha didn't give up her fighting nature just because things were looking bad for us. While trying to filter out the arguing, everyone became silence when the door finally opened. The second I saw who came through the door the only thought that came to my head was, "Wow, well hello there Miss....?"

After seeing only dominatrices and beautiful women for the last who knows how long, this women put every single one of them to absolute shame. Every part of her was very prominent as she looked like the epitome of a pure hardcore dominatrix from top to bottom, through and through. She stood at a towering six foot two with her six inch red engraved heels, had red hair flawlessly defined and lush down to her waist, which was even more fiery then Trisha's which I didn't think was possible, was wearing black latex skin tight pants, and a red and black latex open flat collared shirt with straps on the wrist cuffs and two belts just above the waist revealing her hour glass figure.

The shirt also exposed a huge amount of cleavage for her massive triple D breasts. Her semi long nails were painted red, matching her lips and mascara, which brought out her astonishing green eyes. She had eyebrows some women would die for as they were beautifully curved with a natural black color, and last but not least she had the most perfect large round ass anyone would pay to grab. Whoever this women was she didn't mess around with appearance.

Closely following her was nine more gorgeous females each with a different apparel expressing their dominant nature. Needless to say the red headed women was clearly in charge. Sadly, I was pretty much living my worst nightmare as a pure dominant male; being at the will of gorgeous babes that were all pure dominants themselves. More than anything else right now, I wanted to have these women at my will, not the other way around. Dirty thoughts poured and poured into my mind about wanting nothing more than to tie them up while an erection was not far behind. Shoulder to shoulder they lined up staring us down until the red head started to speak.

Welcome to my home fellow dominatrices, please allow me to introduce myself then I will introduce my associates. I am The Night Mistress, also known as Head Mistress. You will either refer to me as Mistress Night or Head Mistress. Now I'm going to say this once and only once. You will only speak when spoken to and you will address me and my fellow associates formally. If you disobey this simple rule, I will simply have you locked up, gagged, restrained, and punished in my dungeon every single day for the next month straight. As long as you stay on my good side you will happy, period. But I'm sure you all understand proper respect and authority, I'm sure you expect no less from your slaves.

I'm sure you are all confused and have many questions, but you really shouldn't worry too much. Ignorance is bliss; in other words the less you know, the better. The ten of you face one more challenge to determine placement in this year's game. Behind me are the nine previous victors who have earned their rightful titles as: Mistress Pleasure, Mistress Pain, Mistress Clarity, Mistress Alacrity, Mistress Shock, Mistress Storm, Mistress Discipline, Mistress Sun, and Mistress Moon. Their names were given by me to reflect their personalities in one way or another. Each were also trained by yours truly in their own personal unique fighting style. You could say the base skill set I teach is the art of submission fighting.

Your task is simple, each Mistress including myself will select one of you to fight. The one who survives the longest before being tied up and gagged will be the Dominatrix of the year. The rest of you will also be placed according to how long you survive. We aren't selecting you at random, we have watched your abilities in the field and are selecting you based on who would have a fair chance against each of us. I being the most experienced will select who I think will be the greatest challenge for myself while the next most experienced Mistress will select who they think will be their greatest challenge and so on. You might be thinking, what if we manage to tie up and gag the Mistress that chose us? Well, if you do manage that you will be greatly rewarded with the highest honor as my right hand Mistress, but it more than likely won't happen as it hasn't happened in the last nine years.

The rewards are as follows: The winner being this year's top Dominatrix of Earth will earn the title of Mistress, join my other top nine Mistresses to spend her days designing and producing sex toys, machines, devices, restraints, etc., of their wildest fantasies, dominating and finding new ways to break experimental subjects, have her own laboratory for experiments in my research facility, will be highly respected among all others, will take part and lead a group in the yearly retrieval of dominatrices, have her own home built to suit her style with her own custom dungeon, own five sex slaves out of the pool of one hundred which will be replaced year round, and much more.

The next four will be Commanders amongst guards, supervising and securing my facilities, ensuring all slaves are kept under control, exploring further parts of the planet going on expeditions for resources or areas to expand, will also take part in the yearly retrieval under the orders of my top Mistresses, and much more.

The last five will simply become my personal experimental subjects where I will break you down to nothing but a submissive slut, completely removing any thought of dominance out of you, and you will have the honor of truly experiencing the definition of pain and pleasure administered by myself. Mistresses! Select your opponent and go to your designated fighting area. I will choose the red haired one that looks similar to me. I can see the dominatrix in you and can tell you are a worthy opponent Trisha. Maybe if you are good enough it will be a fair fight. One last thing, you will obviously be released from your cages and remained unbound so I trust you won't try anything, otherwise you will severely regret it as you won't see the light of day ever again.

"No, no, no way this women was in charge around here. She must be an alien in the form of a female, why the hell would a women be the one sending these innocent women to the fates of milk plants and slaves? This doesn't make sense, if anything I would have guessed it was a man behind this. I can't believe this," I thought in disbelief. As much as I wanted to hate her all those negative thoughts were turned away by her absolutely gorgeous body. My goodness like instant seduction. What a character, she indeed did not fuck around, her appearance, tone, and vibe she gave off were extremely intimidating even to me, and I could tell her threats definitely weren't empty. I didn't even have to look at the others to know their facial expression.

My mindful disbelief exited my thoughts as I saw the other Mistresses select and release their chosen opponents from their cages. They left the room to only leave the Head Mistress, Trisha, and I on the porch. I was surprised that none of them tried to retaliate, they just unconditionally followed her orders as instructed. It was even more surprising to see Trisha obeyed her as well when she was released. Trisha out of all people, the person who never took shit from anyone, didn't let anyone tell her what to do, or boss her around, openly listened to this women's instructions. I could see the look on her face though, she wasn't happy about this one bit. Trisha was playing her cards right though, it was entirely possible if she tried something now it could have been the end of her. I didn't blame her though, not seeing the light of day ever again was a pretty good threat. This Mistress Night character then started pointing at the mat instructing Trisha to get out of the cage and position herself with her knees touching. Trisha did this without question.

You must have a lot of questions Mike, but you have not earned the right to answers. You see, you really don't belong here. To put this in perspective, you are the first male in the history of my planet to be brought here. The reason you ask? To keep my operations secret. If I decided to leave you on Earth you'd remember everything you saw that night, going against my rule of no loose ends. Erasing your recent memories was an option, but that takes time and having another person come looking for you would be problematic. I could have ordered to kill you, but it wouldn't make sense to punish you for Victoria's mistake.

You see, Trisha's capture like every other capture for the last nine years was to be discrete. You should have been left wondering what happened to her, instead you saw her being bound by my other associates. This is what I like to call a failure, and I punish failure severely. This mistake Victoria made is costing her dearly, she was the first one to fuck up during an abduction and is currently being punished for it. I have a zero tolerance mistake policy with abductions.

You won't hear this from me often, but I apologize you got involved. It was very entertaining to see how your presence changed up the game and I might consider such a perk in the future. Honestly this isn't your fault and truthfully I can't make a decision of what I should do with you. Therefore, I will let you choose your fate from three possibilities. You can either:

One, have all your memories of this place erased and be brought back to Earth with fifty million in your account to compensate for being held against your will and forced to play as a perk in the Dominatrix Games.

Two, stay on my planet where you will prove your worth as an individual by fighting me. Since you are male, a pure dominant, and have quite the physique I will give you the opportunity to fight me. It's obvious you have a height advantage, after I remove my heels, and a dramatic muscle advantage. If you choose to fight me, it will be on a win loss basis because of your advantage. If you lose, you will be another one of my experimental subjects, locked away in my dungeon with the others to endure extreme pain and pleasure on a daily basis dependent on the experiments I choose. If a miracle happens and you are able to beat me, I will appoint you to be my personal body guard and give you a reward equal to that of the yearly top Dominatrix.

Three, you can submit to me right now entirely by bowing at my feet saying, "As a pure dominant, I submit myself to The Night Mistress where you can take me right now and make me one of your personal fully submissive pets. I will completely and utterly obey, you can do with me as you please, and I will be yours and only yours. You will own me entirely." Now why would you choose this option you ask? Well it's simple, as I am a pure dominant I really, really enjoy having people submit to me, especially if they are a pure dominant and openly submit without me having to break or threaten them. That kind of submission gives me a satisfaction that no other submission could even come close to. The fact that you are male makes it so, so, so much more satisfying.

Being one of my pets is a fantasy beyond your imagination, you will be able to go where I go, not be restrained beyond belief most of the time, have the honor to pleasure me, live in comfort daily, get pleasure and orgasms beyond imaginable, can help me with my experiments, can freely roam my facilities and home when I don't have you restrained, and be respected among other slaves. Of course I will give you these privileges when I'm convinced you have utterly submitted to me. This opportunity is extremely rare, I currently, and have only had one other pet. Not everyone who performs this type of submission is worth being my pet as a lot of criteria has to be met, but you are trophy material. Lastly, as your reward for this submission I'll give you answers to three questions of my choosing.

Choose carefully and know the next words that will come out of your mouth will be your choice, nothing else. I'll give you one minute to decide.

"How the heck did she know my name and Trisha's? Who was this person, like who does she think she is? What else does she know about me?" I wondered. Putting that thought aside for a second, I didn't get how someone with such an entrance and appearance had the word apologize in their vocabulary. Well it looked like I had to choose from these three choices though.

Thinking critically about them I could tell right away she didn't make up those options at random, she worded them specifically to get what she wanted rather then what I wanted. Whoever she was, she knew it was obvious I wouldn't choose the first option because it meant leaving Trisha. Fairly, without a doubt I wanted to be back on Earth and even having my memories erased, I couldn't leave Trisha like this. It'd be cruel and selfish especially after what she did for me. If she was in my position she would do the same, I couldn't leave. Now, could I beat this mysterious women in a fight?

There must have been a good reason why she was so cocky about someone not being able to beat her. I mean I do know how to fight and I'm clearly stronger, but muscle won't beat experience. It just didn't make sense why she would tell me I have an advantage then say it would take a miracle to win. She must have wanted option three, and as much as I was disgusted by the very thought of such a possibility immediately got me worked up. The worst part was I had to openly submit which I wasn't fond of at all. Even if I wasn't doing this for Trisha I would be of no use locked up all day and slowly broken if I lost the fight to her.

"Ten seconds left, what will it be?" she demanded.

"I choose option three Mistress Night," I replied.

"Let's get you out of that cage then pet," she said.

A large grin appeared on her face when she opened the cage. I kept my head down with the intention of hiding my facial expression of anger and disgust. I crawled out staying on my hands and knees soon bowing at her feet about to say the unthinkable.

"I'm waiting," she said impatiently.

"As a pure dominant, I submit myself to The Night Mistress where you can take me right now and make me one of your personal fully submissive pets. I will completely and utterly obey, you can do with me as you please, and I will be yours and only yours. You will own me entirely."

"Mhmmmm, that was absolutely exquisite to hear, say it again!" she asked with a tone of pleasure and excitement in her voice.

"As a pure dominant, I submit myself to The Night Mistress where you can take me right now and make me one of your personal fully submissive pets. I will completely and utterly obey, you can do with me as you please, and I will be yours and only yours. You will own me entirely." I said once again.

"Wonderful, now once more for your new Mistress."

It took every fiber of my being to stay bowed and hold back wanting to tackle her down at this point, but I complied.

"As a pure dominant I submit myself to The Night Mistress where you can take me right now and make me one of your personal fully submissive pets. I will completely and utterly obey, you can do with me as you please, and I will be yours and only yours. You will own me entirely." I said for the third time.

"You won't regret this pet, now stay on your hands and knees while I fight this doppelganger."

"Trisha better kick this bitch's ass," I thought.

Throwing her heels aside and whipping her hair back Night crossed her arms waiting for Trisha's first move. Naturally being who she is Trisha produced the first attack by charging with a throwing a heavy right handed moving punch. Night instantly countered with unbelievable speed, grabbing Trisha's right wrist with her left hand, then wrapping her right arm overtop and around her neck locking Trisha's head to the right side of her chest. At the same time with her menacing grip she held Trisha's right arm out to the side of her body. Without giving Trisha a chance to react, Night unleashed a series of knee strikes directly to her abdomen. Each hit was so devastating it caused Trisha to yell out and grunt in excruciating pain.

Fifteen knee strikes and a series of laughs from Night later, Trisha finally managed to respond with a punch directly at her rib cage causing the monster grip to ease up around Trisha's neck. The second she released her grip Trisha managed to get her head free then just straight up brute force tackled Night to the mat. Unfortunately, Trisha couldn't take advantage of her position fast enough as Night sneakily tucked in her legs then placed her feet on Trisha's already beaten abdomen. With one solid push Night's legs forced Trisha off her effortlessly. "Enjoy your flight," Night said as she grunted while applying a godly amount of force to get Trisha airborne for a split second. Following up, her descent was stomach first onto the mat.

Trisha attempted to get up, but Night was already one step ahead of her. In one quick motion she pounced on Trisha managing to get both her legs around her neck, keeping her down. As Night sat on Trisha's back while brutally choking her with her thighs, she grabbed Trisha's left arm and pulled it up towards her. Not giving Trisha a second to react, Night simultaneously released her legs flinging her left ankle over Trisha's raised left arm to her left rib cage then squeezed in tight. During this motion Night put her right foot in front of Trisha's left ear, bent her foot back, and then slid it under Trisha's neck sandwiching her neck between her calf and thigh.

The more Trisha fought the hold, the tighter Night squeezed. This resulted in Trisha being catastrophically choked. Whether Trisha wanted to admit it or not, she was in submission. I could tell she came to realization when I saw her tapping out with her right hand. Night didn't care though, instead she forced Trisha's left arm slightly higher in the brutal arm bar to finish her complete domination. Trisha began to tap with all her might, but Night just squeezed even tighter. Trisha's face began to turn red as she gasped for air. Night's facial expression on the other hand was boredom. "Tapping won't help slut, now how much harder do I have to squeeze to knock you out?" she said with a cocky tone. Being on the sidelines watching Trisha get worked made me feel extremely guilty as I could have helped. The only concern was if I did something rash and got knocked out, I would have no idea what would happen to me next. Hating to admit it, I believed Night could have taken me down as easily as she did Trisha.

A few seconds later in a desperate gasp for air, Trisha's eyes closed. Knowing she finished the job, Night released her deadly hold then walked over to the wall beside the door. Opening a small cabinet she threw me ten leather belts. "Bind her pet, she doesn't deserve to have me tie her. Now hurry up!" she demanded. Hesitating for a second, I crawled over to Trisha's unconscious body and began binding her as instructed. "God-damit Trisha! I'm so sorry I couldn't help you. It took everything I had to stay back and watch. Listen, we are going to get out of this, I promise. I'm sorry," I whispered to her unconscious body ever so quietly.

Being as effective as possible, I put a belt around her feet, above and below her ankles, calves, thighs, wrists, elbows, chest, shoulders, and the last around her mouth tightly securing her. I didn't want to tie her poorly as I knew Night was watching the entire time. Thank goodness Trisha was knocked out because I would have had my ass handed to me before I could get a belt near her. "Let's go pet, put that failure over your shoulders and follow me!" she demanded. Responding with, "Yes, Head Mistress," I tossed Trisha over my right shoulder and closely followed behind. "I wanted to hit her so badly right now."

Welcome Home

Night led me throughout her mansion which was absolutely astonishing and surprising. The architecture was of nothing I've ever seen on Earth, but the surprising part was I didn't really see anything out of the ordinary. I expected to see torture devices, bondage equipment, dark lighting, and slaves in every room, but instead everything was normal. It was just simply a very elegant modern living interior. I remained quite the entire time knowing I wasn't allowed to speak and just followed as I should have. The worst part was I knew I had no choice because this women did not mess around especially after seeing what she did to Trisha. As long as I kept playing pretend I knew I was fine.

Moving down a set of stairs we entered what looked like the main hall. I could tell it was a significant area because there was a set of stairs opposite to ones we took which wrapped around one half of the room. Along with that, the entrance to the home was directly across from the stairs. To no surprise though the other nine Mistresses were gathered in a circle each with their opponent's tied, gagged, and unconscious by their side. Night ordered me to place Trisha beside Madison's handler being Mistress Pleasure, then ordered I stay on my hands and knees. While on all fours I kept my head down as I didn't want to see the Mistresses and guards constantly staring at me.

"Well ladies that concludes this year's game, now I ask that you reveal your times so we can see who the Dominatrix of the year is!" Night announced excited. Starting with Night, she revealed Trisha's time while Mistress Pleasure revealed Madison's and so on around the circle. The times were: 0:50, 2:10, 0:45, 1:10, 0:53, 1: 45, 1:27, 0:30, 1:12, and 1:35 respectively.

"Well that settles that, looks like Madison is the Dominatrix of the year. I think the title Mistress Courage suits you. As always, it's been an honor Mistresses. You may return to your homes and remember to have your slaves outside your door, they should be collected on the second moon. I'll have Mistress Courage and the other four be brought to the training facility to have their collars fitted where you can all introduce yourselves and show them around the planet. Once Mistress Courage awakes ensure she signs the contract and have her start brainstorming the designs for her house. Good day, and guards bring my experimental subjects to my dungeon."

The Mistresses then proceeded to leave the room as a dozen or so guards flooded the room. Madison and the other five were unbound before being carried by a guard out through the front door, while Trisha and the other four were picked up and carried down a set of stairs. "Time to get you fitted pet, follow me!" as I followed behind. This time she led me to an elevator that brought us up many levels until we reached what I could only assume was her room.

Once the elevator doors opened, I saw exactly what I expected to see this time. The room was darkly lit with all the windows being heavily tinted allowing in a minimal amount of light. Uniquely, the other light source was multiple large yellow balls mounted on the granite walls and ceiling around the room. Getting a better look at those yellow lights, I could tell they were some sort of holographic material that dimly emitted light in such a way words couldn't describe. The floor however was made completely out of hardwood and had a smooth feel to it.

The shape of the room was very abnormal; it was designed with a mixture of shapes. The massive king sized bed across the room was placed in the center of a circular wall with one entrance. The wall fully surrounded the entire bed in its own small area. I could only see a glimpse inside, but I saw multiple dressers where she must have kept her clothing and a door which must have been the washroom.

On the left side of the room was a half circular shaped wall that was dedicated to holding a wide variety and assortment of unique bondage gear, equipment, and toys. This wall was a bondage lover's dream come true. It had everything from different types and sizes of: ropes, leashes, collars, cuffs, syringes, braces, belts, straps, leather restraints, gags, whips, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, arm binders, Chasity belts and bras, padlocks, strap-ons, reverse strap-ons, inflatable gear, elastic bands, nipple clamps, tapes, and much more. All that was only one side of the wall as the other side had similar and different items expect they were all holographic. Beside the wall was a door labelled storage which I assumed contained duplicate equipment.

Referring to right side of the room, it was largely indented in the shape of a rectangle, housing a few deviously looking large machines. None of them were like anything I've even seen as they ranged from strange benches, to oddly shaped full body restraint systems. Some were even mounted with fucking machines on them.

The back center of the room near the bed had a set of stairs walking up to it while the dead center of the room had a circular set of stairs going up to a loft and down to some sort of area underneath the room.

"I hope you like what you see pet, this is your new home. Now stay still while I get you a collar."

I heard Night say something, but I didn't comprehend what as I couldn't help but look around the room; it was everything I've always wanted. Turning my head I saw her at the collar section of the wall browsing for something in specific. Then it clicked in this was my chance, we were both alone and it was just me and her. "If I got her off guard, maybe I could manage taking her down and grabbing something to restrain her," I thought. Starting to slowly get up I unnoticeably dropped back down to my position when she turned her body towards me. She returned with a three inch thick metal green glowing collar.

I wanted to just jump on her the second she tried to touch me, but seeing the bracelet on my wrist reminded me of what happened to the women who was verbally abusing one of the guards back on the ship. She could have put me down in an instance. I remained still as Night fastened the collar around my neck. Unexpectedly, it adjusted to an ideal circumference around my neck. It wasn't tight enough to choke me, but definitely wasn't lose at all. "Bracelet detach," Night said as my bracelet suddenly popped off my wrist while she picked it up and placed it in one of her pockets. "This is a very special collar pet, not like the ones the others wear, instead this is custom made to have everything I need to manage my pets. Now let's go to my loft where I can introduce you to my other pet. Collar, leash!" Night ordered.

Out of no-where a holographic strand appeared from my collar, connecting to something on her wrist. When she grabbed the end of the leash I felt a tug on it but I didn't follow out of instinct. "Collar, shock!" she ordered, to which a sudden jolt of electricity flowed through me from my neck throughout my entire body. When she tugged the leash again I started to follow like a dog trying to avoid getting shocked again.

Leading me up the stairs the lights grew brighter approaching the loft. Figures, in the middle of the area was a Queen like chair, but the jaw dropping part was the women bound to the right leg by her collar. I couldn't see her very well as the lights weren't bright enough, but I could clearly see that her wrists were restrained. Turns out her wrists were bound in front of her with a single thick steel cuff which was chained to a metal platform beside her on the floor.

The closer I got, the more of her bondage was revealed. Her legs appeared to be restrained in a similar fashion to her wrists. The chains attached to the cuffs were very short, and connected to a metal D ring on the small square platform beside her. It was apparent she was gagged with a very thick red glowing ball gag as I approached closer. Along with this she was wearing nothing but a Chasity bra and belt made out of thick steel. As Night forced me toward the left leg of the chair I could see a link for my collar followed by a set of those wrist and ankle cuffs chained to the floor. Sitting down with my back on the left leg of the chair, I looked at the women while Night did her work with the cuffs.

She was young, somewhere in her early twenties, but extremely beautiful. She was quite short, maybe 5'2, long brunette hair, and had the body type of every other women on this planet. It didn't make sense why every single one of them had perfect double D breasts, round flawless asses, and toned bodies, unless Night was a lesbian who required this out of every single women she ordered to be abducted. Needless to say, I didn't complain. If she was a lesbian that would explain a lot.

Staring back at the women, I could tell she wasn't awake as her eyes being closed gave it away. Once Night took a seat on her chair, a large holographic screen appeared before us. This was clearly her computer room. Although, I was shocked that she fastened me into this wicked chair and I didn't even feel a thing. I guess I zoned out fantasizing about this girl with my erection as proof.

Well I'm Glad You Told Me

Meet my other pet, her name is Kat and it appears she is still sleeping. Also, just wanted to let you know as my pet you get the privilege of keeping your actual name. I'll give you two plenty of time to talk when she wakes up. You see, Kat here was an experimental subject, but has now been my pet for the last year. She has earned this privilege by escaping my dungeons and facilities on multiple occasions, released countless other slaves, has actually managed to escape into the wild, taken down and outsmarted many of my top guards, and much more. After all her destructive work, I decided she would be under my supervision at all times, heavily gagged and restrained, tortured on a daily basis, and locked up as my pet.

Breaking her was a nightmare on its own and gave me quite a challenge. I had to develop a machine specifically to break her into submission which was well worth it and satisfying to say at the least, by breaking her I know for a fact I can break anyone. I could have just mind controlled her like the other braindead guards, but where is the fun in that. It's nice to have slaves that still have their personality, I got enough mind controlled slaves as it is. I'll stop rambling, now as promised I will answer three questions. I've decided I'll answer where you are, why I do this, and how you don't need to sleep, eat, etc. Let me assure you that is more information I would give anyone, but you put me in a good mood.

For starters, this is planet Flomia, home of the Dominatrices, founded by yours truly. Every year I send my Mistresses and a team of elite guards, being the top five dominatrices excluding the Dominatrix of the year to be my emissaries and kidnap the top two hundred fifty dominatrices on Earth. Why two hundred fifty you ask? I'll explain that shortly. Once brought back here they are immediately put on the playing field which I designed and constructed specifically for the game where they proceed to fight it out and you know the rest from there. Once the top ten place they are brought back to my mansion and face a different unique challenge every year. This year happened to be fighting one of the ten Mistresses as the numbers worked perfectly, while last year it was the placement of escaping a custom made dungeon that determined the winner.

During the game no one is severely harmed or killed as killing resources defeats the purpose of acquiring them in the first place. It would be a waste and punished by disqualification as you already know. Remember Goliath? The giant spider? I had that bought from the Galaxy's market along with all my other spaceships, drones, and most of the technology I own. Yes pet, there is other life in the Universe but politics, government, and bureaucracy is holding the Earth back. Fortunately, I made the smartest decision of my life; I left. But that is a story for another time. Remember the giant man eating flower that you witnessed in no-man's land? Well it doesn't actually consume anything, not without having all its necessary properties at least. The flowers are just part of the planet, and after being able to manipulate them they made excellent horrific neutral traps in the game. Who the hell expects a flower to be a trap! Am I right!?

Why I do this? Well that can be answered quite simply dear pet. I do all this because buying fancy machines, drones, spaceships, collars, etc., costs money. You see, throughout the galaxy, the universal currency is called Arks. And let me tell you, you have no idea how much all this cost me. The custom made collar you are wearing capable of shock, being compatible with holographic devices, completely unbreakable, and locked through my A.I system synced with my thoughts, with a bunch of other features cost me two million Arks, in other words four billion dollars. One general purpose and construction drone, ten million Arks. My flagship, forty five trillion Arks. I'm sure you get the point.

How I made my fortune? Well, let's just say breast milk is an extremely rare delicacy that can only be produced genuinely by one species. Take a guess which? Since I have a monopoly I can sell it for whatever I like really, and the fact I have a backlog for the next fifty decades just goes to show how rare it truly is. The sad part is I can't expand beyond one hundred until I find a way to artificially produce Xena's extract, otherwise I would suck this extremely small planet dry of its resources. It's extremely costly to produce one hundred gallons of Xena's extract mixture daily, but it needs to be done in order to keep production at one million gallons a month. Oh yes, and the special treatment after a year of service is being locked up in a special dungeon and put in a constant state of unconsciousness, that is until we can expand, where they will produce for me once again. As for the other one hundred forty, the hundred become my Mistresses and scientists sex slaves while the other forty are my Mistresses experimental subjects for new sex machines, bondage devices, etc.

My second source of income is The Dominatrix games, but doesn't come close to the revenue the milk plants make me. It works like T.V, I broadcast the game to everyone who pays to watch it and they get a one of a kind unique source of entertainment and it is quite a hit, I get somewhere around 50 trillion viewers yearly. I hope I've satisfied your curiosity pet.

"Thank you Head Mistress," I said with a blank mind.

The lights quickly faded to darkness as Night stormed out of the room not saying another word leaving my thoughts and I to realization. Moments later in the near distance I heard the sound of the elevator close as Night finally exited the room.

She Wasn't Bad After All

"MY NAME IS KAT, I AM HEAD MISTRESS JESSICA'S PET, WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" the women said in a loud robotic voice.

"I'm Mike, pleasure to be aquatinted?" I said silently.

"I'm just joking around, I'm not some broken female robot humanoid thing like the rest. It is ironic though how someone with the name of Kat became a pet right? Haha. But I gotta thank you, I had that ball gag on for who knows how long! I hate that ball gag because when it's red the person is silenced, yellow just allows moaning, and green means some words can be understood. I can't even remember the last time I got a chance to speak to be honest!" Now I started to think there was something wrong with this girl. I just stared at her with a look of confusion.

"Common get a sense of humor seesh. I've been here longer then you, I've suffered pain beyond imagination, and I'm restrained for ninety nine percent of the time one way or another, but I still manage to keep my spirits up. Oh, and just so you know I've been playing pretend for five months straight to finally convince her that she broke me. I've had to eat her out every single night, let her do extreme devious acts on me, worship her, let her fuck me in all my holes, whip me, use her toys on me, machines, tubes, liquids, and the list goes on. Just wait until you are forced to do things you really, and I MEAN REALLY, don't want to do. You haven't even seen the worst of the worst yet buddy, now say something before I think she already turned you into a braindead robot," in jaw dropping speechlessness I just looked at her trying to process if I heard that correctly. She must have been really serious about convincing her she was an obedient pet to come out like that. I hated to admit it, but, she had a point, I just got here and she's seems to have already been through hell.

"Well I don't really know what to say. My name is Mike, I'm being held against my will, this is the first time in my life I've let a women dominate me, I was used as a perk in her twisted game and felt like an animal, I'm trying to process the fact other life in the universe exists, and still debating whether or not this is a dream. Ummm, other than that may I ask why you are trying so hard to convince her you are obedient?"

"Well let me just reassure you this isn't a dream, this is reality and either you can accept where you are right now or you can slowly be broken down into nothing by our lovely Mistress. Also, there is a few things she forgot to tell you. One, no one has ever escaped this planet, two, she is a control freak, arrogant whore, condescending bitch, sadist, an evil slut, and someone who only cares about her own power and disregards others completely if they go against her will. Oh, and her real name is Jessica, she just thinks The Night Mistress sounds cool. And um, let's see here, gain someone's trust you don't like so you can later turn your back on them might be a starter. Listen, I want to get off this place and for the past five months of doing things I really don't even want to mention, I don't want to screw up this time."

"Ya, I don't recall her telling me that. So why don't you tell me your story as I am lost for words at the moment and quite confused about you."

Sure, well I got kidnapped like everyone else, I was forced to play in the Dominatrix Games, and I lost and got the fate of experimental subject. One day her scientists mixed a couple things and gave it to me but they didn't realize what they did and still haven't figured it out and ended up producing what they know now as the biggest pain the ass beyond imagination. I have no idea how but it enhanced my body in ways I didn't think were possible. Suddenly I started seeing and hearing things I've never noticed, became faster, stronger, and stronger, been able to see loop holes in her systems, think of plans and possibilities for escape and the list goes on.

I've broke out of almost all her cells, restraint systems, dungeons, holding rooms, released many captives, been tortured, beat, pleasured beyond belief, acquired a huge amount of secret information she doesn't know I know about, but always came up short when it was time to truly escape this God Forsaken place. That is because you can't, unless you are Jessica. I've thought of every possibility and she has this place setup where unless you are her, you actually don't have any power. That collar she wears controls everything, whoever possess her collar has the key to getting off this hell hole. All you have to know is I can take a lot, nothing Jessica has done to get me to truly submit to her has worked. The one thing I can't seem to figure out is why she actually let you, a male, on her planet. She is a lesbian, what use do you have to her?

"Long story short, it is a mistake that I'm here, one of her associates named Victoria screwed up the kidnapping of my friend named Trisha and ended up bringing me into this mess."

"YOU KNOW VICTORIA?!! Where is she! What do you know about her?!!"

"Well I know she kidnapped me, and Night said she was currently being punished for her mistakes."

"FUCK, she sacrificed herself for you! I hope you know that. She didn't screw up by accident Mike, Victoria is my best friend who got abducted the same year as me. I've been planning with her ever since to find a way off this planet. I guess she tried to convince Jessica the mistake wasn't her fault and is now paying the price for it. We have to save her Mike, she did this intentionally, and it was no mistake she brought you here. There must have been something in your file that was appealing to her or gave her a sense of hope that you could do something to help us."

"Wait, what my file? What are you talking about, and what are you talking about sacrificed herself for me?"

"Do you think Jessica selects her players at random? She puts a great deal of time in finding people who have the least amount of connections to others, who are obviously a dominatrix, and seem like they would love nothing more to be one of her Mistresses getting in touch with their true nature, as she calls it. Victoria was one of her elite guards who partake in the yearly kidnapping, she must have saw your association with Trisha and read your file. You see, everyone the person knows is in their file, and when she saw yours something must have been pretty appealing to bring you here to get herself tortured for the next Jessica knows how long."

"Well everything is starting to make sense now, but I still don't know why she chose me?"

"Probably because you were the one person smart enough to realize the kidnappings in the last decade? Jessica is very thorough when she trains her teams, why do you think no one else has figured this out. No lose ends, whatever the cost. I mean it didn't look like Jessica took you as a trophy for no reason, a pure dominant male that openly submitted to her I assume? That must have shot her ego through the roof, no wonder why is so dam happy."

"Wait how do you know this?"

"I told you, I know a lot of things Jessica doesn't know, Victoria brought you here to help me, she knew I needed help it seems as we haven't got anywhere in the last eight months. I'm going to think of a plan and trust me, we will only have one shot at it when the time is right."

"One last thing, she has my friend as her experimental subject, what is she going to do with her? And I need to know what this Xena extract is?"

Well I hate to break it to you, but she will probably be broken in a few days, then once she is at breaking point Jessica will exploit her as hard as she can until she is convinced about her submission. I don't know exactly what she will do, but I guarantee she is going to put her through extreme pleasure, and extreme non-life threating pain. The pain will be to deter her and have her submit while the pleasure will be nothing but a need she will crave. If she doesn't get it she will go through withdraws.

Jessica will drug her like the rest, she will force feed her a cocktail she calls, "Pure Pleasure", it's amazing by the way. Think of the most powerful aphrodisiac known, then multiply that by a million. It doesn't take much of an imagination to know a substance of that degree can bring someone to extreme addiction very quickly. Where in this case the addition is sex. On a daily basis she will be fed it. Its functionality is to put the body into a state of well, pure ecstasy for hours on end. This is going to sound weird, but it basically turns them into, well, a huge slut, hahah. They will want to be pleasured for hours regardless of how many orgasms they have and the unbelievable part is, it preserves the tightness of someone's holes even after being stretched.

You see Jessica is the farthest thing from sane, she literally found a way to make a cocktail that gives the body some amazing recovering potential with blinding speed just so she could perform her extreme experiments on her subjects. Whip marks vanish almost instantly, the skin is a lot thicker and can take a lot more. Once she turns them into a complete bimbo they will see her as a provider of pleasure, as they will be in Chasity, unable to satisfy themselves.

Unfortunately, I heard that Jessica created a more potent batch this year and after being exposed to it for a few days the person no longer needs it and will stay bimbofied, unless there is some way to reverse it. I know one thing though, she always keeps her experimental subjects from the previous years and keeps them all locked up in her dungeon. This year makes fifty of them. She only releases them to do work around her mansion such as maintain it, but they are heavily bound while doing so.

Ah, yes the Xena's extract. Why don't you feel the need to eat, drink, sleep, or use the washroom? Well doing those activities is inefficient, according to you know who. This planet has a special plant named Xena, if you retrieve its extract and manipulate it the results are quite unimaginable. Once consumed in a large quantity, it enhances the human heart in such a way it can produce everything needed to survive thus eliminating the need to eat, sleep, defecate, and exercise. It essentially maintains the body in its current state. The best part is it eliminates aging, and I honestly don't know just how long we can live for once taken. She gives the players a small dosage then a large one after the game to make it permanent.

This wasn't enough for Jessica though. She found by making a few changes she could manipulate the extract to modify the human body to perfection. Why do you think everyone looks perfect in every way? That is because we all are, she is a perfectionist if you haven't noticed. Anyways, enough, all you need to know is the next opportunity to get off this place we are taking and I swear if you screw this up and I get my hands on you, you will regret this day we met. Wait, shit, did you hear that?

"No? What are you hearing Kat?" I replied.

"Guards, someone is here for us. Mike listen there is one thing you need to know, Jessica has a special friend named Lexis, she is on our side and won't reveal to Jessica the conversation we just had. The collars are bugged, Jessica is leaving in a few days to.... MHMMHMMHMHM"

Kat couldn't even finish her sentence before a canister of knock out gas put her into darkness with me a few seconds right after.

Four Days of Training:
Trisha Day One - Pleasure

Uhhhhhh, what an awful rest. How did that bitch kick my ass kicked so badly? She was so fast, it was like she wasn't even human. Ohhh, my abs, they don't hurt at all? Huh, what? They were killing me after those knee strikes and now I feel okay? WAIT, WHERE AM I? MIKE!? DID I PLACE IN THE TOP FIVE!? WHERE ARE THE OTHERS!? OH NO PLEASE, PLEASE!" I thought to myself.

"WAKE UP SLAVES! I need you all completely functional for your first day of training! This year I have decided to challenge myself by breaking the four of you in four days! NOW WAKE UP!!"

I really hoped that wasn't who I thought it was, but my gut told me otherwise. Shooting my eyes open the first view that came to my cornea was the lower body of Night standing tall in front of me with a very long dangling red glowing bullwhip in hand. Hearing the loud crack I anticipated the hit, but instead I heard the scream of pain from the person next to me. It was only moments after trying to lift myself up that I figured out I was heavily strapped down to some sort of bench on my forearms and calves. My forearms were both completely flat, straight and spaced by only a few inches in front of me bound to the bench. My shoulders were perfectly aligned vertically with my elbows because of this. My wrists and forearms were tightly restricted by some shiny thick metal braces secured well enough it disallowed any kind of moment from my arms. Then it hit me, "Wait a minute, she said wake up slaves .... I ... I ...I must have placed in the bottom five .... No this can't be happening!"

Trying to turn my head as I began to panic was impossible because of the metal collar I could have only imagined Night fitted me with. The bottom of the collar was locked to a metal pole sticking out a few inches between my elbows from the bench, keeping my neck perfectly straight with my back. I didn't have to turn around to know my legs were restricted in a similar manner to my arms; the only difference was my legs were spread very wide. On my entire abdominal section I felt what must have been a dedicated soft padding, keeping the middle section of my body stationary as my breasts were hanging completely free. I also felt some kind of elastic material wrapped around my entire lower back looping under the dedicated padding as it compressed me slightly, almost as if I was attached to the padding itself. Feeling those straps against my skin gave away I was completed naked. Being completely exposed in this perfect planking position was actually less shocking then the thoughts of what was to come for me.

Another problem was I couldn't speak, I could only moan. I tasted some sort of fabric stuffed in my mouth which was held in by a large yellow glowing ball gag mounted to my head by many straps. As for my breasts, well I didn't need to move my eyes very far to see they were absolutely massive all of a sudden. They must have been triple D or a bit bigger. "What the hell did she do to me!? I'm completely exposed with my legs spread and strapped to come sort of bench..... No, no, she said the bottom five are her experimental subjects .... I'm going to be exper....imented on..... NO, NO, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!" I thought in disbelief. Then I started to feel very strange, my body felt tingly, almost as if I wanted to be fucked. "Why did I want sex suddenly? What the hell did this bitch do to me!?" kept looping in my head. I just hoped Mike managed to escape, he was the only hope right now. "FUCKKK," I screamed into the gag, suddenly feeling the brutal sting of the whip on my bare ass.

Don't worry holographic whips don't leave marks, they just administer the sting. Now that you are all awake we can start training. Day one. Pleasure. I'm sure you've all noticed your current bound state by now. I restrained the five of you with my carbide steel alloy that will keep your bodies in the perfect fucking position while the machines behind you go through their ravaging process. Every day before you awake, a special cocktail I call 'Pure Pleasure' will be force fed into your highly absorbent bodies as a result from being processed to meet the criteria of being my experimental subjects. Any moment now you should feel extremely horny. Your thoughts will slowly turn to sex for the next few hours.

Your training will consist of a different experiment each day, where whoever passes the experiment gets rewarded while the rest suffer. At the end of the week if everything goes as planned you will all be bimbos, and more importantly my slaves. Today's experiment will test out my newest ravaging machine I call 'The Drill'. Now I know the four of you can't see it so I will explain it to you to satisfy your curiosity.

The machine consists of two parts perfectly aligned with your holes. One holographic eight inch dildo with spiral curves on its exterior to penetrate your little assholes, and another holographic curved dildo being six inches for your soon to be dripping pussies. Once turned on the drill will go through ten stages being one minute a piece, each stage the intensity of fucking increases. Whoever is the last person to pass out from being ravaged by the machine gets the rest of the day off locked in the dungeon while the rest of you remain on the machine for the next six hours. Also I almost forgot to tell you! I gagged you all with your very own panties! Drills, on!

While Night explained this abomination of a machine I tried to fight the thoughts of lust as every second the feeling of needing sex took over me. Before I could even formulate a thought about what a holographic dildo was, or the drug she was talking about, or what this thing behind me looked like I simultaneously heard a robotic female voice as something slowly start to spin into my pussy.


"What the fuck do you mean vaginal penetration!? Turn this thing off I beg you!" I attempted to scream, but all that came out was, "MHMMHMMHM MMHMH MHMMM." Letting out a slight moan of pleasure like the others, I knew I didn't want to like this. This drug seemed to be taking over my mind though. I couldn't help but love it as the dildo slightly stretched my pussy. Its curves spinning against my walls penetrating me was a feeling indescribable. Once the dildo hit the finish line inside me the spinning stopped. All I could feel was its full length in me remaining idle.


Hearing the robotic female voice speak again, I suddenly felt the dildo starting to thrust in and out as its length kept going back and forth inside me at a fairly quick pace. The feeling was beyond anything I could have imagined to the point where I didn't even have a second thought against it. "Ohhhh my, that actually feels, wow amazing, I think I kind of like this," I thought, craving more.


Having a virgin asshole and highly being against anal actually managed to bypass my thoughts of lust. I snapped back to reality, but it didn't matter if I wanted it or not, I felt the dildo drill its length into my ass. I wished the vaginal dildo was still thrusting me, just to take some of the pain I expected and feared off my mind. All I could do was yell into my gag, while without remorse the dildo's girth stretched my asshole. "FUUUUUCCKKKK MY ASSS STOPPP PLEASE I DON'T WANT THIS IT HURTS!!!" I yelled and moaned into the gag. From the excruciating pain I became so loud I couldn't even hear the others. When its length was fully in me I felt tears starting in my eyes feeling every little bit of the dildo occupy my virgin ass taking over it for itself.


"NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOO," I yelled into my gag hoping this wouldn't happen. With all my strength I tried to squirm around in my bindings, but they were to secure. I couldn't move an inch. A few tears went down my cheeks as the dildo was ravaging my asshole, "FUUCCK AHAHAHHHAHA, STOP, SLOW, DOWN, IT'S RIPPING ME APART!!" I thought while moaning as much as I could. Hearing the screams of the others I knew they were going through similar pain. Surprisingly though, it only took a few seconds before I actually began to feel pleasure after its initial shock. Strangely enough I began to enjoy it. Love it even, I ... I ... I wanted more of it.


"YES, OH MY GOODNES YES, THIS IS AMAZING, FUCK ME!" I moaned as my mind quickly reverted back to the thoughts of lust. I started to love getting my ass getting ravaged even more than my wet cunt in no time at all. The trusting of the dildo ended as it immediately started spinning wildly like a real drill. Feeling the other dildo slide its way back into my pussy and starting to drill me simultaneously, actually gave off a minimal amount of pleasure compared to what the dildo in my ass was giving me. I'm sure I was moaning loud enough to have everyone hear me at this point, but I couldn't hear any sound other than my pleasure. "How the heck did I go from someone to highly against anal to enjoying it more than anything?" I wondered for a second until that thought slowly faded into nothingness.


Another minute passed to only have the intensity of the machine increase once again. When it spun and thrusted my greedy holes concurrently I felt an ecstasy I didn't think was possible. Any thoughts other than pleasure vanished from my mind. I was in a state of pure pleasure. Not before long I felt a massive orgasm building up in me; it was only a matter of time.


Two seconds into the sixth minute I instantly had an earth shattering orgasm once the vibrations hit. "I'M CUMMING, OOOHHH, I CAN'T HOLD IT, AHHHHHHHHH" I tried to scream into gag. Yelling, moaning, and continuous screaming out in pleasure into the gag is all I knew how to do at this point. That orgasm was so powerful it actually hurt a bit, but it didn't matter. I wanted more of it, so much more. My rear was literally a giant vibration and nothing more. It was so intense I couldn't really feel anything but the dildos having their way with me. I didn't hear anything but my moans, my mind completely zoned out from the rest of the world. If I was being whipped on the back, I would have never known it.


It didn't take long when the dildos heated up for me to have another unimaginable orgasm. This one felt even more intense than the last. My pussy felt so wet and warm I could only imagine how much I was dripping. My ass felt so much more sensitive though as every second was becoming more and more pleasing. I still wanted more though, I couldn't get enough. I couldn't even hear the robotic female or my own moans anymore, the feeling of another massive orgasm was approaching. I wanted the dildo deeper in my ass, and harder, much harder!!!


Since I wasn't able to hear the announcement of the next stage it was incredibly painful and shocking to feel the dildos suddenly deepen in both my holes. My eyes widened to their maximum. Pushing that much faster led to another instant orgasm throwing me off the edge. Cumming was second nature now, each became more frequent and quick, but I didn't care. "Fuck, it feels so good, this is exactly what I wanted!" That being said, with all my focus I forced my ass to move back into the dildo to get a quarter more of an inch out of it. There must have been a puddle beneath me, I've never came so much in my life.


Again, I didn't hear the announcement because of my pure lust and ecstasy. Feeling the dildos widen was even more shocking then them growing. Everything started to turn down hill in terms of pleasure. All that lust became thoughts of pain, it extremely hurt to feel my holes now being destroyed. I opened my eyes even further and began screaming in torment will all my capacity I couldn't take much more of this, this had to stop, it was too painful now, and nothing felt good anymore. Feeling my eyelashes rapidly flutter I knew I was close to passing out. I didn't even know if was having orgasms anymore.


Actually hearing the announcement this time, I yelled into gag, "NOOO PLEASE DON'T, PLEASEEEEEE", but it was just a long loud moan; my words didn't mean a thing. Then I felt it, the warm sticky liquid exploded out of the dildos filing my holes. I could feel just how much was being pumped into me as I felt a stream run down my legs. A few seconds of this went by before I completed blacked out.

WAKE UP SLAVES! I need you all completely functional for your first day of training! This year I have decided to challenge myself by breaking the four of you in four days! Nah, I'm just kidding but I'm sure some of you fell for it. Now I know you are still recovering from passing out so I am going to make this brief as I have matters more important than you sluts to attend to.

Day one of training is complete. Slave Cortney won the challenge by lasting two seconds longer than Slave Trisha, very close match indeed. As for the rest of you, you have been given another dosage of pure ecstasy and will remain on my drills to vigorously test their quality for the next six hours. Every time you pass out another dosage will be force fed to you and so on and so forth. Alright, let's get you locked up as your reward. Slave Cortney, ball gag, release.


"Wow that worked better than expected and that was just ten minutes. Mhmm, for pleasing me with your results you may remain on the Drill Slave. Guards, gag this slave again and administer another dosage of the cocktail. I'll see all you sluts tomorrow for day two" Night announced before I heard the sound of her heels fading off into the distance.

I have no idea how long I must have been passed out for but the one thought that mattered to me was how sore my holes must have been. The problem was I felt perfectly fine, I felt the same way I felt before waking up in this device. "Why does my ass and vagina feel tight again, they actually feel even tighter than before, it was like it was all just a dream or something," I wondered.

Suddenly it started again, that feeling that drove me into lust, it was happening again, but I didn't care this time.... I wanted it to happen. Deep inside me I was glad I lost and if I won I think I would have had the same reaction as Cortney. I wanted to get my ass ravaged again, I wanted anal fucking more than anything else right now, and I wanted to pass out from being fucked into darkness again. "DRILLS ACTIVATED: PERFORMING VAGINAL PENETRATION", hearing those words sounded like music to my ears. Knowing my ass was going to get ripped and dominated by the machine again drove my lust to the next level.

Mistress Pain Day One

The last thing I could remember since the guards took Kat and I was waking up in some sort of glass chamber in a very dark room. Moments after I awoke my collar began shocking me with a high level of intensity. I dropped to my knees without question to only have myself get blindfolded and ball gagged while my wrists were cuffed together with heavy metal braces in front of me. Whoever was doing this didn't stop there though. Heavy cuffs were placed on my ankles, calves, thighs, waist, and on my biceps but they weren't linked by a chain or anything.

When I heard the rattling of a chain followed by a tug my body instinctively moved forward toward the holder. Once I felt that I weighed another eighty pounds I knew the braces were to prevent me from running away. Every time I stopped moving the holder tugged harder and if I said a word or made any noise I was shocked to my knees. Where ever the destination was it felt like it took a week to get there with all this extra weight. To make matters worse the farther into the travel the more I slowed down as I began to ache. Once arriving to my forced destination I could tell I was in some sort of building. After being led through many halls and elevators the tugging finally ceased. It was then I heard my holder clanking the chains again.

"Listen up here slave, since Head Mistress Night is a very busy person she instructed my fellow Mistress and I to prepare you. Your body isn't up to par which is why we were given the task to change that. She spent a lot of money on getting some special things for you so be thankful. Prepare to be stripped, cleaned, oiled, dried, and fed. You can call me Mistress Pain, and soon enough you will see Mistress Pleasure."

"Wait, what! I was going to have what happen to me? No, no, what the hell honestly," I thought starting to get really nervous.

Soon enough my body was dangling in the air by my chain leash but with all the extra weight on me along with being severely fatigued I couldn't squirm at all. I could only move my neck which was useless because it didn't stop the moving conveyor belt above me.

"Enjoy being processed slave! Your fear and resistance only makes this sight so much better!" she said with an incredible amount of enthusiasm.

The conveyor belt started moving, forcing me into a state of metal panic. Struggling and squirming will all my might was useless, that is until it stopped moving for some reason.

Woops, forgot you need to be unconscious while processed, don't want you messing up the transformation. You are the first male to go through this thing, so hopefully you turn out good. But just to horrify you I was instructed to explain the process of perfection. Don't worry, once it's over you will wake up with a perfect male body slave. If anything you should be looking forward to it.

The slaves are packaged in barrels, a knock out gas is released putting them asleep, and then the drones place the barrels on the conveyor belt. They are picked up out of the barrels and continued along hanging by their wrists from holographic rope. The first station disintegrates all clothing by a special gas that burns fabric but doesn't affect the skin.

Hair is then collected and protected by a hood effectively covering their head. They are stripped then hosed with low pressured water, then the nozzle switches to a warm oil coating them entirely. This oil completely removes all body hair and permanently stops future growth. It only takes a few seconds for the oil time to soak in, then belt continues to the next station to hose them down once again removing any excess oil then drying them with a high powered blow dryer.

"There was no way she was serious about this, was she? Like are people products all of a sudden? Fuck, at least I would be unconscious," thinking on the good side of things.

The fun part is when the fifth station injects a special liquid into their blood stream causing the stomach and ass to become super absorbent to all liquids. That is when a small tube is forced into the female's mouth and up their ass where half a liter of the Xena's extract cocktail is directly pumped into them. What happens next is my favorite part. The subject is then brought to a very large sauna room where they are all hung by their wrists on a rack to undergo extreme dehydration. This speeds up the potency of the extract.

"I can't listen to this anymore, this is horrifying and cruel, these freaks actually process people like objects on a production line," I thought in disgust of what she setup for her victims.

After fifteen minutes of dehydration the female is then packaged once again, hood removed, into a barrel where their body will experience breast and ass enlargement, and slowly become flawlessly toned turning them into a work of perfection. Luckily you aren't a milk plant, they go through another step once they reach the milking facility. Since they need to produce somewhere around thirteen gallons an hour they undergo further breast enlargement accomplished through injecting a gallon of another special cocktail directly into the stomach and ass. This turns them into nothing but a lactating machines being their only purpose.

The sex slaves are simply shipped to their Mistresses and scientists while the experimental subjects are locked away in a high security dungeon in my research facility to await, experimentation. I know you are probably shocked as you are thinking this is inhumane and we are treating these innocent females like some sort of animal, but guess what? This isn't Earth anymore, what Head Mistress say goes. This is what happens if you fail as a dominatrix. We only accept perfection here, nothing more, nothing less. Prepare yourself for torture and the cock grinder when you wake up, now time to go to sleep again.

Trisha Day Two - Pain

Am I awake or am I still dreaming? I can't see anything. What the hell happened to me yesterday? All I remember is climaxing countless times followed by endless darkness. My holes felt so sore but always recovered as if nothing happened. Wait, my ass? WHY THE HELL AM I THINKING ABOUT GETTING ANALLY RAVAGED? FUCK, I must be dreaming here but why is my body tingling. The drug, I was administered another dose, it's kicking in again. FUCK NO, PLEASE NOT AGAIN. THE DRILL. WHY!? WHY DO I STILL WANT IT? What the fuck is wrong with me?! I'm remembering it, all six hours straight of getting fucked and I still want more??

Blinded, my nerves shot me into a state of sudden pain jerking my body around feeling the hard lash from Night's bullwhip on my naked back. "AHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Coming to realization I was spread-eagle in midair bounded with nothing else but cold metal on my wrists and ankles stretching my body in place.

"You asked for it you skank, I thought you were never going to shut the hell up so I had to whip you. Now do me a favor and shut your worthless mouth. Have you forgotten you are only to speak when your Mistress asks of it? This is day two of training and you aren't dreaming. Today's experiment is all about pain. I've already tested the other cadets who I discovered were nothing but weak sluts. They didn't even last two minutes before fainting. I'm sure by just mentioning this machine they will drop to their knees begging me not to put them on it. NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY DRILL WHORE!?"

"I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT HEAD MISTRESS JESSICA!!" I yelled immediately after feeling the second sting.

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH SLUT!" she screamed cracking the whip back to which I responded, "I LOVED IT, I DIDN'T WANT TO GET OFF IT, IT PLEASURED ME BEYOND ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY THE ANAL, IT'S AN AMAZING MACHINE HEAD MISTRESS JESSICA," before getting hit stopping the impact.

"That's better slut, and very interesting to hear from you. I didn't think I could get the whore out of you this easily. Now I expect you don't disappoint me with this experiment, as I said, the others were weak but if you are strong enough to meet my criteria ill reward you with another six hours on the drill. If you pass out like the others you will join them for the rest of the day with Mistress Pain who I guarantee with toughen you all up through hours of pain on end. All you have to do is not faint for the entirety of the experiment. Understand?"

"Yes Head Mistress Night I understand, I want the drill again please, and I'm so horny!"

"I know you do, my drug is working wonders on your body, let's not waste any more time. Oh, and for your little anal addiction I think you will enjoy what I have in store for you. Now remain quite while I set you up."

Again my body was turning to lust but this time I didn't resist it, I wanted that drill again more than anything. I'd surely go insane if I had to go the rest of the day without. This was my only chance I had to stay conscious for whatever she was going to throw at me, I was ready. Seeing only darkness my hearing was greatly enhanced while Night fiddled around with whatever she was holding behind me. Patiently waiting, I screamed out in sudden shock as I felt a cold metal object enter my warm pussy. It must have been some sort of dildo shaped like a metal rod. It was definitely oval and smooth, but it wasn't large enough to be uncomfortable. Although, it hurt quite a bit as Night relentlessly pushed it all the way inside me to its length then secured it in place with leather straps she locked around my thighs. Whatever it was it wasn't coming out anytime soon I felt. "Nice and secure, now here is the part you will enjoy," Night said. Just hearing those words gave me goose bumps as I anticipated what she had for me next.

Night couldn't have been anymore right about saying I would enjoy what she had for me. The second I felt her push the small cold metal bead into my ass, chills went up my spine. Bead after bead I could tell Night was being kind with how much lube she was using as the beads felt like they were getting bigger and bigger for each one she sent in me. I honestly didn't care if she lubed them, all I cared about was every single one was inside me. A small thought in the back of my mind told me I should be fighting this and resisting, but the drug was too much for me. I just felt like I wanted to be her toy.

Bead after bead it seemed like she had an endless supply. I already counted twenty five inside me and they felt big enough now to be slightly larger than a medium sized marble. "Is that good enough slave or would you like a few more?" Night asked. Without hesitation I said, "I can handle more please Head Mistress Night give me the rest," I pleaded. "As you wish slave there is eight left and they are getting awfully big. I'm pleased with you." Feeling the pressure again as the next few beads entered me I felt my asshole stretching. It was slightly painful, but I enjoyed it. Night had a hard time getting the last few beads in as she had to push with an external object, but once they were all in I felt totally filled. My sphincter was stretched to its max but it was well worth the pleasure. I was sure my ass would return to normal after this was over.

Without even having anything done to me yet I already felt an orgasm coming on just from the sheer sensation thirty three beads in my ass gave, along with the dildo inside my wet pussy. Once Night finished with the beads she attached nipple clamps securing them with tape then took off my blindfold and left the room. Looking around I noticed the room was very small as it was just big enough for me. The walls were made out of some kind of padded white foam and there was a large door with only one window on it. All of this looked familiar, almost like a sound proof chamber.

Looking down, once I saw the wires running from the clamps, the dildo, and the end of the last anal bead all into the floor the first thought that came to my mind was powerful vibrations. I was right in a sense as my body began wildly vibrating while I screamed in extreme agony after feeling the most intense shock of my life.

Today was about pain, it wasn't pleasure I remembered Night saying. It quickly became apparent that the dildo, the beads, and the clamps where made out of metal to effectively deliver current from the wires to shock me in my most sensitive of places. I immediately regretted asking for more beads when Night increased the voltage sending another devastating shock to my body forcing me to jerk around again. "FUCKKKKKKKK, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", is all I could scream as tears started to form. "No wonder why the others didn't make it past two minutes," I thought.

Again Night increased the voltage, but this time she held the shock there for a few seconds putting me into a state of pain one could only imagine. It was unbearable, but for some reason I slightly liked it. The drug driving me into lust managed to find this arousing in a way I couldn't understand. Seconds later, Night administered an even longer shock causing me to have an instant orgasm from the mixture of pain and pleasure.

My body was sweating vigorously while my fluid dripped down from head to toe starting a small puddle of sweat beneath me. The strap-on did a very good job holding my juices inside, but shock after shock the buildup eventually found its way out from the creases, then down my legs. On a vocal level I was tested to my limits, screams became blurred cries for help even though I knew no one could hear me but myself. Then my muscles became completely uncontrollable as they twitched endlessly in between shocks while all I saw was flashes of light from my eyes rapidly blinking. I knew I was being broken mentally and physically. The worst part was it was working.

The constant increase of duration and shock intensity continued for what felt like hours in only a few minutes. Having the shock start deep inside me up my ass and in my pussy for the fraction of a millisecond was the worst possible pain imaginable. Even though my whole body felt it, the distribution from my sex and ass was unbearable compared to the rest of my body. However long I was withstanding this evil torture I just prayed I was lasting longer than the rest.

Completely covered now in nothing but sweat I started panting and breathing extremely heavily hoping Night was done with me. Just when I thought it was over, "ZZZZZZZAPPPPPPPPPPP", the current flowed through the wires into their distributors with the most devastating blow yet. My eyes completely opened as wide as possible, I began flinging my head back in torment, and my legs and arms were flailing wildly desperately trying to escape this sadistic torture. "FUCKKKKKK AHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEAS-S-S-S-S-E-E-E-E ILL DO ANYTHING AHHHHHHH MHMMMMMM S-T-O-P JUST LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled followed by another long stream of broken words as the shock didn't end. "WHHHHHHHTTTTTT DO Y.......OU WAN AHAAHHHHHHHHHH I BEGGGGGGGGGGG YOUU!!!!!!!!!"

If it wasn't for that drug there would have been no way I'd still be on this thing without blacking out after a minute at most. I knew I was about to slip back into darkness, but the split second before I did the shock ended sending me back into a state of exhaustion, pain, and panting. My body was still twitching trying to prepare for the next to come but it didn't. It was finally over and I knew it when I heard the door to the room open very faintly. Being in a state of agony beyond what I thought imaginable, I didn't even feel Night pull off the clamps, remove the dildo, or rip out the thirty three beads, I was completely fried for focus and thought.

I realized she took everything off me when all the cuffs released causing me to fall to the floor like a brick. Lying on one side I slowly felt myself begin to make a significant improvement in recovery with my breathing along with the pain slowly disappearing. I didn't even question how because I really didn't care. All I knew was I would do anything to avoid that again, I didn't care what it was so long as it wasn't that evil device.

"Excellent work slave, I'm quite impressed you lasted for six minutes actually, that's a new record. As promised I got a special drink and drill waiting for you. You two, get her hooked up and have the rest brought to Mistress Pain."

Mistress Pain Part 2

I really wished I just didn't wake up this time. Of course I had to remain naked and to no surprise I was bound. Interestingly, this time I was in a bowing position with my arms stretched out over my head with just my wrists tied together with red holographic rope tied off to a D ring plate an inch in front of my hands. My ankles were tied exactly the same way as my wrists, but the only difference with my legs was that my thighs were bound as well. It didn't take a genius to figure out why she wanted me tied like this with my ass up giving perfect access; I was going to be spanked.

Instinctively, the first thing I wanted to see was in front of me so I decided to jerk my head up thinking my collar wasn't tied to anything, but seeing wasn't worth it. I instantly felt a very painful tight tug on my balls the second I lifted my head making me gasp loudly. Simultaneously, I tucked in my head to relieve the pressure and saw a holographic strand was attached to the bottom of my collar, ran down my abdominals and tied tightly to my balls. I must have not felt it tied at first as it was probably lose and the second I lifted my head it tightened up. I should have expected that from a sadistic bitch. "Well I have no idea what the Xena plant did to me, my arms are hairless and smooth, and my cock felt a bit larger, but other than that I can't see much else. Fuck, I can't believe she tied my balls to my neck, I swear when I get a chance to get back at this cunt," I thought before hearing her voice.

"Wow Mistress Courage, you brought the three of them here tied in a line by their necks and crotches? I'm going to walk my groups like that for now on! I think Mistress Restraint is what Head Mistress should have named you. Anyways, I have a special job to do with Head Mistress's pet, have the three of them locked up in my dungeon and warm them up for me until I'm done with this one." Hearing Madison's name I just hoped she didn't fall under the influence of this place like the other Mistresses as Kat and I would need everyone in on whatever plan she had.

The clicking of her heels became louder and louder but she didn't say a single word. She just kept circling my body before I whispered, "Speak of the devil", under my tongue. With no latency at all I felt the heated sting of a three pronged whip on my back three times. Still frustrated at this bitch I yelled out in my pain, "YOU FUCKING BITCH," to only feel another three lashes, but this time on my ass with a riding crop whip. How she managed to change whip types almost instantly was beyond me but it didn't stop me from calling her out. "STUPID WHORE LET ME OUT OF THIS SO I CAN KNOCK YOU OUT FACE TO FACE YOU FUCKING SADISTIC BITCH", I angry yelled.

Bracing myself, I screamed out in pure pain while I felt the rapid succession of ten quick lashes on my back and ass at the same time from two separate bullwhips. This time I didn't say a word. I quickly learned for every word I said that was how many times I got whipped. That aside, the pain became quite unbearable because she hit me harder every time the whip type changed.

"Would you like to say anything else you worthless slave? Please be my guest, I personally love to hear more from your artistic mind, and your words are lyrics to my ears. --------------- No? That's unfortunate, I was having fun. I guess you figured out for every word you weren't asked to speak resulted in one lash. Quite an amazing whip, Head Mistress bought it for me. I wasn't sure I liked holographic toys, but a changing whip that doesn't leave marks is too much fun to resist. I guess we can knock being whipped off the schedule." I knew I would regret calling her a cunt but after what she did to me I wasn't too fond of listening to this whore. "Fucking cunt............... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK," I screamed from feeling the three prong whip once again. This time I was done because I knew it would only get worse.

"If you have anything further to say please do it now before I read off my plans for you. Interrupt me when I'm speaking and I swear I will convince Head Mistress to let me keep you on the cock grinder for a day slut. You have no fucking idea who you are fucking with, if you want to get to Mistress Pleasure in one fucking piece I recommend shutting your WORTHLESS FUCKING MOUTH! NOW ANSWER ME DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!!"

"Yes, Mistress Pain I understand", I said with rage in my mind and hot air between my teeth.

"Good and don't speak in that tone again or else. Now as for my plans for you before I move on to the other three slaves for the rest of the day. First was your whipping which I think you enjoyed very much. Now I'm going to show you the three settings of my custom made paddle whip where you will be hit twenty eight times on each setting. Then I'm going to ass fuck you for twenty eight minutes with my strap-on of choice. After that I'm going to mount you to my torture table where I will torture your cock and do as I please with it using the variety of special toys Head Mistress bought just for you. Then for the finale twenty eight minutes on this brutal device I was inspired to make for Head Mistress to deter you if you ever misbehaved; the cock grinder. Let's get started shall we?"

I hated this bitch. As much as I wanted to continue calling her out I knew if I did things would only get worse for me. I couldn't stand being controlled, this wasn't who I was. I just wished I could get my hands on her. Then came the first spank, she put her right heel on the top of my ass then with all her might she paddled it with so much force I couldn't believe it was actually her. I wasn't mentally prepared for it which caused me to scream aloud. "Common baby that was just the first setting? Did you know the farther I go back with the paddle the more energy it gains going back in for the hit? That means if I stretch my arm all the way back here and quickly come down like this."


"Ouch that one looked like it hurt. Only twenty six more though! And I guess I forgot to say I want you to count every hit. If you miss a count or scream without my permission I will add on one minute to the grinder."

Hit after hit I knew I had to restrain myself from yelling as deep down I still feared whatever this device might have been. Once she finished the first setting I found out the second setting was the paddle became heated and left a two second after burn with each hit. The pain sure did take my mind off wanting to fight her.

I wasn't too fond she forced me to count but remembering Kat's words of I have to play pretend and give in get me going. Finally, once the heating hits were done my ass felt like it was on fire and extremely sore as every hit became more painful. It was getting harder and harder not to scream so frequently especially with the third setting being electric shock. Every hit sent an intense electric shock through me as if I was being tased each time she spanked me. When it came down to the last ten or so hits I couldn't hold back my screams and had to let them out until it was finally over.

"Wow your ass is glowing slave! I can't believe you survived that to be honest. I thought you would be crying like a little bitch like the rest of the sluts I break. Anyways time for my favorite part. No lube and ten inches of pain."

I knew I couldn't scream to avoid this, and being tied up without even being able to lift my head made everything else futile. I knew it was coming when I heard her buckle on some straps, but there was no hope for me at this point. Kat was right I had to keep playing pretend no matter what I needed to do, the sooner I got their trust the better.

I hoped she would go easy on me, but I was ever so wrong when without any warning she plunged her entire body weight down forcing the strap on to its full length inside me. I accidently jerked my head forward from the extreme sudden force of the strap on causing my cock to be jerked doubling the pain. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK" I screamed at the top of my lungs. To make matters worse the bitch intentionally pulled all the way out then forced her weight back in. Over and over again she did this causing me scream as loud as I possibly could on each trust. I tried my hardest to keep my head down, but since I couldn't move any other part of my body my head automatically shot up every time. It didn't take long before my cock became rock solid from this indirect stimulant which made the tugs even more painful. I couldn't see my cock, but it felt much bigger and I mean much bigger for some reason.

Mistress Pain didn't say a word while she fucked me, all she did was grunt heavily on every trust until she started going faster. She even took this humiliation to the next level after when she decided to speak.

"For the next twenty minutes slut you are going to chant, I am your pet Head Mistress Night, you own me, and I will serve you as a slave. If you don't I will hook you up to my ass fucking machine for twelve hours. NOW START SLUT!! HAHAHAHA"

I didn't have a choice, I had to give up every dominant part of me to start acting like I was slowly becoming submissive. As long as I knew deep down inside this wasn't who I was, that was all that mattered. Her threat was also too severe, this wasn't enjoyable at all. Giving myself up to her I started chanting, "I am your pet Head Mistress Night, you own me, and I will serve you as a slave", over and over again until she was finally done with this treatment. Finally feeling her pull out of me for good I gasped in relief. It was only short lived until she shoved a large butt plug in me and twisted it in place locking it.

"I knew I could break you pretty easily slave, Mistress Pleasure and I are going to be rewarded greatly for this. That butt plug should be enough to keep your hole occupied. Now show me how disciplined you are. First I am going to undo your bonds, from there you will move to the bench on your right, place yourself on it, then ask me to torture your cock."

The holographic bonds soon faded away instantly freeing my body entirely. I wanted to knock this bitch out, but I couldn't, I needed to keep playing the part. I saw the bench she was talking about, which was the shape of a perfect Y and only off the ground to my abdominal level. I knew I could lie down on it either way, but it was obvious she wanted my legs spread. As instructed I got on the bench, back down, legs spread, and arms above my head. "Please torture my cock Mistress Pain", I said in my most convincing fake tone.

With a snap of her fingers the bench's restraint system activated. Mesh holographic lengths came out from the sides of the bench, and wrapped itself around my entire body quickly encasing me in a holographic body prison. My cock and head were the only parts of my body that were unaffected and still visible. Moving was impossible, I was completely immobile and at the mercy of Mistress Pain.

At least I was able to have a good look at my cock. I noticed just how much larger it actually got. Whatever that substance did to me not only did it make healing and recovering dramatically more effective, but it was also expanded my length to a massive thirteen inches. I was absolutely shocked out of my mind, but my view was intruded suddenly when Mistress Pain straddled herself on the bench with her naked body having her pussy just inches from my face. I couldn't see what she was doing, but I didn't need to. I felt her place and tighten a series of rings up the length of my cock. The rings felt like metal from their cold introduction, but I was unsure. I counted six rings to which each of them squeezed my length. There was no possible way I was getting soft anytime soon. Once she finished up, I felt a painful squeeze on my scrotum that could have only been from a zip tie. I guess I wasn't getting soft or having an orgasm anytime soon.

"Excellent, now pet this is simple, the rings on your worthless length are attached to the bench and controlled by a small remote I have in my hand. You are going to eat me out at a constant fast pace until I feel fully satisfied. If you slow down at any time I will press the button and you will feel a very powerful electric shock from the rings which are also synced with the butt plug in you. The shock should be powerful enough that your only reaction will be to eat me out quicker. Now get your tongue ready, my cunt isn't going to lick itself!"

"I can't believe I had to do this, boy was she testing me to my limits of playing pretend. This better be worth it," I thought furiously. Mistress Pain then dropped her pussy right on my face as I began eating her out without question. I really wanted to get through this without being shocked on my cock, I didn't even want to imagine the pain I would get from this.

Just a few seconds into eating her out she already started to become a flowing river. My cock was also throbbing which was very painful the more I became turned on. "MHMMMHMMHMHMHM", I yelled out into her pussy feeling the sting of the electric shock torture my lower half. She was right, my only reaction was to dig my tongue deeper inside her and eat her out more vigorously. I didn't even think I slowed down at all, unless she did it purposely. "HAHAH, wow this is unbelievably effective, and feels so good when you freak out with your tongue. Mhmmmmmm, keep it up pet I feel a buildup coming!" Feeling another devastating shock I dug myself into her again to only feel her wetness and juices accumulate on my face.

She must have come a few times by now, I've been eating her out for at least a good fifteen minutes and she still hasn't got enough! Shock after shock it didn't matter if I kept my pace or not, she just did it to get that enhanced tongue action every time she pressed that stupid button. Her moans were extremely sexy, some of the best I've ever heard, but it was unfortunate my cock was under maximum lock down. I could feel buildup in my balls, but there wasn't a chance I could orgasm. As time passed, eating her out became painful because of the need to orgasm along with the constant throbbing. My dick must have been so swollen from the pressure of the rings along with the electric shock. I didn't even want to look at it once she got off me.



When she finally had her sixth orgasm she collapsed on top of me while dropping the button on it's on state. I screamed out in excruciating pain as the stream of electric shock continuously shocked my cock. I yelled, bickered, and screamed but she didn't get off of me. The only way I could think of how to get her out of her satisfied mood was biting her leg which I could reach. Fortunately, once I bit her she rolled off the bench to the same side where the button fell. She must have landed on it, the shock finally ended. Breathing heavily, I closed my eyes to recuperate.


"Fuck," was the only word going through my mind, but it's not like I had a choice. "Was I supposed to endure getting shocked until she decided to turn it off?!?!" I wondered. Answering my own question I realized how stupid it was.

Opening my eyes I watched Mistress Pain untighten then rip off the rings one by one throwing them aside. She ran to one of her tables and came back with a thick blind fold and heavy bit gag. After both restraints were placed on me I soon felt something take the entire length of my cock right to the base. If anything it felt like the inside of a vagina. "ENJOY YOU FUCKING SLUT, I HOPE YOU THANK MISTRESS PLEASURE WHEN SHE COMES TO RETRIEVE YOUR BROKEN BODY."

Hearing Mistress Pain's last words, I instantly felt a pain so unimaginable, unbearable, and pure evil there were no words to fully describe it. The best I could make of it was my cock was in some sort of high power sand paper machine that also emitted heat from the inside. I knew right away though it wasn't the real thing as my cock was completely stationary and it didn't actually feel like anything was touching it.

Whatever it was, it was running some sort of simulation that made me think my cock was actually being "grinded". Regardless of knowing this it sure felt real, I could feel tears screams from my eyes just after a few seconds. I immediately began screaming and begging into the gag to get this thing off me, but I was the only one listening to my cries. I just hoped that whatever was being done to Kat and Trisha was better than this.

Trisha Day Three - Gassed

Good morning once again my test subjects, I hope you all slept well, if not I really don't care. Today's experiment doesn't consist of a challenge, rather I wanted to try out something I've been working on the last few years. I know you are all blind folded and gagged, but don't worry I'll explain what is going to happen as I know you all love hearing my plans.

Right now you are all strapped down beside one another on a large metal table completely unable of any kind of movement. On your faces I've placed a large oval metal cup used to cover both your nose and mouth to administer a special gas for the next sixteen hours. Don't worry this process is painless for the most part. A few moments after I turn the gas on you will be put under and wake up for your last day of training.

You see, I have the technology and power to erase memories, and completely control minds and bodies. Controlling bodies is easy once the Nano-bots have been injected, but the tedious task of reprogramming the mind before that takes up to much time. To control one person with the current process takes a week with the whole cycle of making a copy of the mind, erasing all memories, writing new thoughts, procedures, commands, etc. The most time consuming is preparing the mind for reprogramming as it needs to be broken first mentally, then the body needs to be exhausted to extremes, then bla, bla, bla. The reason why I made this gas was to cut down on that time.

I figured maybe if the mind is distracted enough then my special friend Lexis can find a backdoor and begin doing her work. It's simply a distraction. The gas puts your mind into a state of extreme and pure ecstasy far beyond what pure pleasure can do to you. I call this gas, "The Wet Dream," also known as the ultimate aphrodisiac. You will experience nothing but thoughts of sex, lust, and pleasure. While this is happening, to complement those thoughts I have some dildos and suction cups made by Mistress Pleasure to please your holes and breasts in the most pleasurable way possible to meet the demand of your thoughts. You can freely lactate and orgasm a countless number of times until the work is done.

While you are going through this pleasure you will become fully docile where Lexis will then make a copy of your mind, start deleting all unnecessary memories, reprogram any memories of hate towards me, keep the memories that will be beneficial to serving me as a slave, and add anything regarding being one of my slaves. Once the process is complete your mind will have the following as your primary thoughts: I am your Head Mistress, you are nothing but a worthless slave, there is no purpose for your existence other than serving me, whatever I say goes, your body belongs to me, you have no rights, you will not speak unless spoken to, you are to bow to me in your presence, you will accept your gear and will understand you have no right to wear anything but it, your home is my dungeon, you will maintain and clean my mansion as requested, you will report any treason you might see from others, you will chase and capture any intruders, protect me no matter the cost, and so on.

If this process works I will begin using it on my other slaves to get them to become equally unconditionally controlled slaves. I do like your personalities, but my Mistresses, scientists, elite guards, and pets are more than enough to keep theirs. It's been a pleasure ladies, tomorrow your new life will begin.

No, no, what is she talking about, this can't be possible. She's insane, she's an alien, she can't be human! This can't be happening, she has to be lying, she.. she.. she can't do this. NO! This technology isn't possible, you can reprogram someone's mind! No, no friggin way, it's a joke. I don't want to be a slave. Wait, the drug! I wasn't given the drug! That's why I can think straight! FUCK. No, please no, not the gas, I can't stop from breathing it! Mike, wherever the hell you are I need you now! Please help me please!! Oh fuck, I'm starting to feel horny, again, reallllly, realllllly horrny. Oh, those shafts, mhmmm, wow, ohhhh my. Huh, mmhmh, ahah, yes, fuck me, please, I need more, faster, faster!!

I tried my absolute hardest not to breathe it in, but I could only hold my breath for so long. Thoughts of sex flooded my mind while the giant dildos entered my ass and pussy while suction cups began doing work on my breasts. I kept moaning and screaming in my thoughts, my mind turned to nothing but sex, cum, penetration, pleasure, and lust. Everything else to think about was gone.

Mistress Pleasure

"Well, well, well, what has Mistress Pain left for me here? She left you on the cock grinder for an hour! No wonder why you passed out! Wow you must have pissed her off. But that's nothing a pair of Head Mistress's soaked panties won't solve. Now let's take this thing off you, and get that butt plug out. My goodness that Xena Extract even makes males larger! I'm pretty sure I can get another three inches in length and half an inch more in girth for you, Head Mistress will be very pleased. I'll be back pet."

"What? Where the hell am I? MY COCK! Thank goodness it's okay, I knew it was just a simulation I thought to myself. Now where the hell was I now?" I thought to myself.

Typical, I was naked and in an uncomfortable position, but it didn't matter. If anything I was very apathetic, being so used to it. The way I was being held though was rather unique, being off the ground by a few feet. My arms were locked in a very restrictive arm binder behind my back, giving with no chance of movement, while my calves were bent back so my feet were touching my ass. My legs were locked like this by two very wide and thick leather straps. Both were tightly wrapped around my ankles to thighs, and calves to above my knees. Additionally, my legs were spread as far as possible. On each side of my body were two large holographic circular rods that attached to the sides of a massive leather strap wrapped around my entire midsection. The resulting position of my body from all the restraints was a perfectly secured forty five degree angle to the ceiling, head up. At least I wasn't gagged or blindfolded this time. I wasn't alone either. There were five women on a different restraint system around the room. This must have been Mistress Pleasure's dungeon. "Sigh, how much longer do I have to play pretend, I can't take much more of this mentally. Where is she? Am I just going to be locked up down here or something!?" I contemplated. Not that I was eager to see her, I just wanted to get this over with.

The only faces I recognized was the Chinese clan's leader, who was at the mercy of large horizontal wheel, bound, and spread eagle by the wrists ankles on it. The wheel slowly circulated and stopped for a few moments at one of twelve sections that had a different shaped and sized dildo for her rear end holes. The dildos were very unique, they were made out of a variety of materials such as rubber, wood, and steel. It also looked like they had different exteriors as well. Some were knuckled, others were studded, veiny, large, twisted, curved, etc. While she was rotating between sex toys it seemed like she was constantly forced to swallow some kind of liquid from a hose that ran directly to her gag down from the ceiling.

Looking around for another one of her captives I saw a long black haired women, somewhere in her late twenties, with her back turned to me because of the restrained system she was in. Thick metal braces at her ankles, wrists, and thighs while being in a squatting position with her legs fully spread to each side of her. The two thigh braces were mounted to the floor by metal poles matched to the height of her knees while her ankle cuffs were held down by one inch links to a D ring beside each foot. Her wrists were behind her back while another chain from her wrist braces ran to a D ring below. This setup kept her in this squatting position permanently with no way of moving, no escape without a key, no possibility of getting up, and holes just inches from the hole in the ground completely accessible for the thick steel knuckled dildos coming out of it. These dildos, if that was what they ever where, were not static, they seemed to have minds of their own while exploring her pussy and ass. They were capable of moving at any angle because the metal see through tubes they were connected to weren't straight; they could be bent like a garden hose.

It was quite erotic, entertaining even, to watch them probe and fuck her like they were living entities. They kept switching back and forth from hole to hole flooding them with white liquid which streamed out of her ass and pussy back into the hole the dildos were sticking out from. The best way I could describe it was watching two water bottles, fully filled, with a hose constantly on full blast inside of them, while the water gushed out. I could only imagine what the liquid could have been.

Adding to this, large cups were on her breasts which looked like they were being stimulated through vibration. As with the Chinese women a tube connected to her mouth constantly feeding her the same liquid. I couldn't watch this sight anymore, I already had a semi hard about to erect.

The other three of Mistress Pleasure's captives were heavily restrained to some sort of three person exercise bike. While the three were pedaling, from beneath two rods which I couldn't see entirely, kept moving up and down on each of them penetrating their rear ends. I could only assume the faster the bike moved the faster they got fucked by the dildos already buried inside of them. Like the others they were being fed that strange liquid. "Well if she is going to just leave me here, I think I'm just going to watch this black haired girl for a bit, why was it so erotic to see her getting ravaged and constantly filled up? If I get the chance I have to get something similar for my slaves back home if we ever get off this rock, did the extract do this to me as well?" I imagined while my dick started to get harder.

I only watched the women for a small time until the click, click, click, of heels approached me. To my warm welcome it was Mistress Pleasure. One glance at her entire outfit consisting of thigh high white heeled latex boots with matching shoulder high white latex gloves, a matching black thong and skimpy bra, and having a thick white fishnet cover the entirety of her body above her waist made her huge breasts a focal point, in turn erecting my cock fully and instantly. Her hair was a beautiful mixture of brown and black even though it only reached down to her shoulders, but it was enough to get my blood flowing. I could tell right away coming up to me that she was Chinese, which made sense. She was showing her dominance to the most powerful Chinese women in this year's game to claim her rightful place on top. What I couldn't figure out though was why she was wearing a white sailor's hat like she was some kind of high ranking naval officer. On top of this she had one of those holographic whips; of course.

Completely hard as a rock now my dick was fully up which managed to put a smile on her face, oddly enough. Thinking she was actually pleased was a huge failure of a prediction. That thought got shot down without question when she turned the whip's fall into a lasso. With unexpected disgust on her face she wrapped the small lasso around my cock and balls then shoved the handle of the whip up my ass causing me to squeal out in pain. Adding insult to injury she pressed a button on the handle that retracted the lasso pulling down my cock violently toward the floor while fully erect and began shocking it. Just gently pushing down when erect is slightly painful, so one could only imagine when it's thirteen inches fully hard then suddenly pointing at the floor while being shocked. During this motion my shaft had to push itself down the middle of my nut sack adding to the excruciating pain.



"Uhhhhh," I exclaimed as she turned the shocking off and the lasso let go of my cock.

"Ohh, well I guess I can forgive you then. So let me get this straight you think I'm superior to the rest? How so?"

That's when it hit me, "I know that tone anywhere from a women, she has an ego, a very, very big one," I thought. It all started to make sense, Night's Mistresses were the ones under the least influence of her control, but would never go against her. If they tried anything they would be paralyzed before laying a hand on her. This was how we were going to get out of this. Since all the Mistresses have achieved a really level of beauty, complements are more than likely next to none, and if one starts hearing them then they will have something the rest don't. Anyone who is mind controlled can be forced to say them, which doesn't really give off the same effect. "Let's see how this plays out," I wondered.

"Ummm, yes, Mistress Pleasure, you have an outstanding introduction, your apparel is so unique that the other Mistresses don't come close to you, I couldn't hold back an erection because of your image, and just overall you are far more sexier, shocking, and give off the vibe you are a far Superior Dominatrix, even more then Head Mistress in my opinion," I said in my convincing tone to only receive a light slap across the face.

"I have no idea what you are talking about slave, Head Mistress Night is superior in every way! How dare you say such cruel words?!" Pleasure said with a look of confusion on her face.

"Wait, what. She just told me to tell her superior she was and now she is going completely against it? OH, wait a minute, the collars are bugged, but Kat told me Lexis wouldn't reveal our conversation to her so that means she won't reveal chats about anything against her, including treason. I guess she was a slave as well who wanted to escape," I pondered as I pieced a few things together giving me an idea.

"With all due respect Mistress Pleasure, if you are concerned Head Mistress will hear us she can't" I said.

"Prove it." she replied while covering her collar with both hands and whispering directly into my ear.


"You really want to get tortured for a year straight, don't you slave?" she said with a confused look.

"No Mistress, I don't, but I know it won't happen because I'm sure Head Mistress would have paralyzed me the second I called her a worthless fucking cunt. Don't you think?"

"Wait a minute, you're right. I've known that bitch for almost seven years now, and she definitely wouldn't stand to hear another word out of your mouth. Wow, wowey, you mean to tell me all this time I could have thought whatever the fuck I wanted and spoke my mind about that whore and she wouldn't have even heard it!? Oh, you have done me a great deed slave. Now tell me more about how I am superior, unless you want to be shocked again!"

"Well Mistress Pleasure, you are far more superior then Head Mistress in every way, if anything you should be the one living in that mansion, you are far, far better than being just a subordinate! I mean, not even she could give me an erection that quick from one glance! If anything I would love to be your slave! Your hat makes you that much more appealing by the way, I can see your dominance just with it on. Also, what good am I to a lesbian, knowing her she will keep me locked up as a trophy and not even use me for anything."

"Mhmm, now that you mention it, you are right slave, I am superior in every way and should be in control around here. Yes, why is she keeping you, she only likes women, she would never use you in any way. Mhmm, that is unless she wants to use you for other deviant reasons, I don't know. You know, I've never had a slave like you before, I like you, I think we got off on the wrong start. I got this hat from the salve on the wheel, she was the highest ranking naval officer in the Chinese navy and is in my control now, just to let you know. But, unfortunately, she has all the power otherwise I think I would change things around here. Tell me more I don't know about her and I will make your training a whole lot easier."

"Well I don't know much Mistress, but what I do know is, she is leaving in a few days and my best guess is with her obvious trust issues she will put the place in lock down until she gets back."

"That bitch! She didn't even mention a word about this to any of us! This many years of forced trust, she just couldn't accept we would be loyal to her, oh, not us, not her personal scientist friends, not her guards, and not even Lexis? She just had to make us wear these collars so the second if something were to happen that person would be locked up, tortured, and turned into a mindless slave. You know what slave? I'm going to give you a once in a life time chance. You are going to help me bring Head Mistress down, and in return I'll keep you as one of my pets where you will become my personal toy with many benefits. I've been waiting to do this for years. Are you with me? Call me Mistress Vanessa by the way, I deserve to be called by my actual name."

"Yes, Mistress Vanessa, I will help you bring her down. I would love nothing more than to be your pet, and I have a plan. Once Head Mistress leaves, you invade her home, release me, and we can take down her guards, then when she gets back we will have traps everywhere to capture her. Now it sounds too good to be true but you have to know Lexis will do anything she can to escape when Head Mistress is gone Lexis will more than likely help us in any way she can." I said with a straight face as I lied through my teeth trying to convince her.

"I like your plan, I will think about it. Now enough talking I have to finish your training. The last thing I need is for that whore to be pissed off at me when she sends someone to retrieve you because she is too busy with secret plans to do it herself."

"Thank you Mistress Vanessa."

"Now, relax yourself, this special pump is going to expand your cock a few more inches, Head Mistress wants it to be fifteen inches to be considered trophy material I guess. Trust me, I would do it myself by stroking and sucking on it hard enough until it achieved that length, but I'm not allowed to touch it, it's not my property. Also, word of advice the reason why I got furious is because you have no respect to your Mistresses. If Head Mistress saw that when she walked in, you would be tortured for a week. You no longer own your cock nor your body, you are property of her now, soon to be me. No worries though that's why I'm here to finish your training."

Sighing in relief that this wasn't going to be a relapse of Mistress Pain, I eased my thoughts and began plotting against Night. While thinking, Mistress Vanessa placed a black latex sheath that looked pretty similar to a condom around my entire cock. There was a tube that ran from the end of the sheath to something behind me but I couldn't tell what. Vanessa told me that she could have made this process very painful but instead she would make it feel more like a massage. First, the sheath's air was completely sucked out to tighten completely around my cock, then it began squeezing like a pulse reader and slowly began stretching outward. She was right, if anything it was the most pleasurable thing that happened to me since I was here.

"I was planning on gagging you with a massive phallus and feeding you the same liquid like the other slaves, and trust me, you really don't want to know what it is, but your complements and words saved you. I was going to put you on one of my ass pounder torture machines as well so consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, I have to place this special cock ring on you, there is no way around it. Head Mistress wants it on you and so do I when you become mine. It will utterly dominate you, let's just put it at that. Now tell me, how are we going to do this slave?"

"Thank you Mistress Vanessa. Knowing Head Mistress in the time I have, this is what I feel she will do. Before she leaves she will put everything in lock down: all facilities, buildings, and her home of course. The other Mistresses, her scientists, and all slaves will be unable to go anywhere near her home or other facilities until she gets back. She will have her home under high security for the time being, keeping me and her other pet locked up and put under watch while her slaves remain secured in her dungeon. Then we hope Lexis can open some doors for us."

"That's where you are wrong slave. Lexis can't do that unless she has explicit orders from Head Mistress. The way it works is if Head Mistress wants something she thinks about it then relays that information to her A.I system which gives the command Lexis. If she refuses she gets punished severely. She can get away not relaying messages of treason because they will be in her possession, even if Head Mistress asks, she can lie and will never know. That's all I know, I don't know who or what she is, so we can't be going around expecting doors to open."

"You will have to find a way to release Victoria then. She is an elite guard and probably knows the floor plan better than the rest of us. You can trust her, I found out she betrayed Head Mistress and is now paying the price. If anything she will follow you and help you in the pursuit to take down Night. Then from there the two of you will have to release Kat and me. She has been able to escape multiple times before, she can help us greatly. Once all the guards are out of the way, we trap Night and instantly knock her out. She won't be able to paralyze us all. From there you can claim her collar and the spot as Head Mistress Vanessa."

"I am very impressed slave. I can't believe Head Mistress didn't tell me about Victoria, no wonder why I haven't spoken to her in a week, she is probably being tortured! That bitch. She probably put her in the Chamber of Forsaken Slaves, I have to get her out of there, once this place is on lock down there will be no hope of getting her out. Kat though, I know who she is, what she has done, we all do. That slave single handily tricked us all on multiple occasions, all she wanted was to be the victor of the Dominatrix Games, once she lost though something we all thought wasn't possible happened. She got out, multiple times, tricked guards, got past security, and granted freedom for slaves. I don't trust her, I will keep her bound to the highest degree after releasing her. I won't let her take my spot. With the loyalty of Victoria she will make sure that trickster stays in her place."

"I understand Mistress Vanessa. I have no doubt you will succeed as you are superior."

"That is right slave, the process is done, and congrats, you have a fifteen inch length now. Sorry, my apologies, I didn't mean to state you have ownership of it. That cock is property now, it doesn't belong to you. It belongs to Head Mistress then soon after it will belong to me. Don't start thinking you are anything but a worthless slave because of this plan. This is the home of the dominatrices, this is where I and the other Mistresses belong and rule, and we love it here, we don't like our boss though, but that is going to change. If you aren't a scientist, elite guard, or Mistress, you are nothing but property and owned. No rights, no say, no freedom, no nothing, we do as we please and you will accept it otherwise you will be disciplined. All you have done is given me a reason to be more lenient with you, nothing else. Do I make myself clear?"

"Thank you Mistress Vanessa, I understand," I said trying to keep the disgust and anger away from my face.

"Excellent, now for the cock ring and butt plug."

"She is a fucking bitch to who let her nature blow up her head. That fucking cunt, calling me worthless and a slave. Just fucking wait until I get my hands on you, let's see how you like it when you become the slave. I DOMINATE AND CONTORL WOMEN THEY BECOME MY SUBMISSIVES AND CALL ME MASTER LIKE THEY SHOULD, GRRRRRR," I said to myself with extreme anger and rage in my mind. I couldn't stand these women, they were huge arrogant assholes, and I wanted nothing more than to have them serving me so I could put them in their place as slaves. They were lucky I was playing pretend for my own benefit.

Regardless of my fury towards these women at the moment, I couldn't believe this was actually working, I managed to get someone on the inside to help me and Kat. Although, I grew slightly suspicious if Kat would try anything if she got freedom, even though her story about Victoria made sense. If everything worked out as plan Victoria would betray Vanessa because of the friendship bond she had with Kat before being brought to this hell hole. Then with Vanessa out of the way we could release Lexis and claim control of this place.

"Alright slave, now relax. The ring is very, very thin and transparent, you won't even see it no matter how hard you looked after I place it on, but I assure you it is there."

I knew what was coming so I just accepted it, if she kept believing I was obedient it would make things easier in the near future. I closed my eyes feeling her twist the plug up my ass, then sliding the ring down to the base of my cock tightening it. A robotic female voice then began speaking out of midair once Vanessa took her hands off the ring.

"Thank you for purchasing the maximum C.B.T Chasity ring and anal torture Chasity plug. I am the A.I of the ring, my name is Sena, but you may rename me if you like. Your purchase means a lot to us which is why I assure you your slave will be under your full control. Unfortunately, I detect you are not wearing the collar of the sole owner being Head Mistress Night. Only the collar wearer may issue commands, but I can setup the devices for you if you like. Do you wish to proceed?"

"Wait I don't kno, AHHHHHHHHH FUCKK" I tried to save before being violently shocked on my package.

"Slaves may only speak when spoken to. You will continue to be shocked for disobedience. This is a default command. To change it you must be the sole owner. Do you wish to proceed with setup?"

"Yes, perform setup", Vanessa ordered.

"Now syncing with Chasity plug. Sync complete. Analyzing cock and balls for commands. Complete. Setup complete. Until the sole owner is in the presence of the ring no further commands may be given. Good-bye."

"What the hell was this thing? I can't even speak freely anymore! I'm going to lose it in a second, I wasn't allowed to speak most of the time and now I can't ever unless asked. Fucking shit, this Jessica bitch is going to regret the day she met me. Now I had to figure out how to get this thing off me," I thought with fueled anger.

"Well looks like I can't do anything else slave. I guess I will be seeing you in a couple days or so, I have a feeling I will have some major fun with that ring! Hahaha. You could say it will be a pleasure. Anyways, holding device one, package slave. Oh and I saw you looking at my favorite machine! I call it The Filler," Vanessa said as her final words.

I knew I would be shocked if I said anything so I just stayed quiet, it wasn't like I didn't get enough cock shocking in the last day. After Vanessa issued her command the machine turned around and placed me in one of those barrels securing the lid, leaving me in storage until I was to see Night again.

Trisha Day Four - Chasity

"WAKE UP SLAVES! Last day of training. I wish you all the best of luck as only one slave will be rewarded after today. I will be experimenting how disciplined you are regarding self-control. The slave who is able to last the longest without having withdrawn from pleasure will be my personal assistant, and gets their own holding cell in my room. The rest of you will spend the rest of your days locked up in my dungeon as testing subjects for my various machines, maids to clean my home, maintain my mansion locked up in full slave gear of course, and do any other low level task that I wouldn't bother myself or anyone above you with. Now stand up, line up beside each other, remain silent, and keep your heads down."

Waking up to Mistress Night's screams was like music to my ears and a touch of pleasure to my naked body. The only problem was she wasn't in the room. The sound was coming from a set of speakers in the top corners of the walls. Looking around I noticed we were in some sort of small container like room, where metal walls made up the interior while the ground was hard dirt. Setting the detail of the environment aside I stood up as instructed, lined up beside the nearest person to my left, and put my head down in silence.

"You have each been force fed my pleasure cocktail as always, but today you will be locked up in full Chasity, and slave gear without any way of satisfying your desires. The ones who give in will remain in their Chasity and slave gear indefinitely then will be tortured and disciplined by Mistress Pain for a week starting immediately. The last one standing will have her gear removed, outfitted to be my personal assistance for this year, and granted access to my personal quarters. A few members of my elite guards will be here shortly to apply the gear then chain you up to each other. You will be brought to the Xena Plant Fields to harvest, until the last slave remains. Now I expect you all to remain standing, head down, with your wrists crossed in front, and legs spread shoulder width apart until the guards get here to suit you up. Good luck slaves I'll see my champion when the others have fallen."

I nodded my head down as Mistress Night gave her commands, remaining in silence like the others. I could already feel the small sensation of lust inside me, but the thoughts of getting tortured severely kept me stable. I wanted to be Head Mistress's Champion, all I knew was how to serve her, and it was what I was created for. Regardless, the need for sex kept coming back a bit more intense than the last. Once I thought about the pain I experienced the sex drive quickly faded away. I didn't know the tolerance, and level of control the others were experiencing, but I sure knew I could beat their duration. The last thing on my mind was being a worthless slave like the rest, I was going to be her assistance no matter the cost.

Mistress Night's guards stormed the room after a few minutes wasting no time getting us suited up. There was one guard for each us, where my handler placed a large black duffle bag beside me. I assumed the rest did the same as I didn't want to turn my head seeing it wasn't an instruction. Watching her open the bag she pulled out an assortment of metal gear: one pair of heels, two pairs of thick circular cuffs, one black leather arm binder having two padlocks, a Chasity belt, a Chasity bra, and a metal bit gag. Once all the items were removed, the guard began clothing me.

First came the heels which had a large metal circle as the heel part, a metal length starting at the top of the circle that curved its way down inward to the toe, and an ankle cuff with a small padlock on it attached by a straight metal length at the back of the heel. Surprisingly, when the heel was locked in place to my ankle my foot felt rather comfortable on it, I guess one size fits all. What didn't make sense was how to walk with no straps for the foot itself. As the guard secured the thick cuffs around my calves and thighs, the arm binder, and the gag I felt a warm feeling under my foot, almost like it was being glued to the heel itself. Curious, I lifted my foot very slightly too only find out my foot was now one with the heel. Whatever that warmth was it made my feet one with the heels, like glue. If this is what Head Mistress wanted me to wear I would wear it with pride and honor.

When the guard finished placing the Chasity gear on me I was quite pleased by the items. I felt like I was more of a slave to Head Mistress this way. The bra itself was manipulated perfectly to fit both my massive breasts, revealing no cleavage at all. Along with that, there was an engraving of Mistress Night's signature in small font on the sides of both cups. There was no possible way I could touch or feel them even if my hands weren't secured in the arm binder. The same went for the belt, it was created with a very thick shiny metal, was engraved, padded on the inside, gave no possibility of touching the areas it covered, and was secured with a very complex lock such as my collar. Now knowing I was owned utterly, and fully by Mistress Night, it only made sense she lock up my pleasure areas; they were in her possession now. I didn't have a need for them anymore.

What stood out about the belt though was the long thick metal butt plug and dildo. Feeling them stretch my holes once placed inside me, tested my tolerance as the sex drive was momentarily intense. I was happy Head Mistress gave me this little bit of pleasure.

Once the rest were geared up, the guards chained our collars to one another along with our Chasity belts. Since I was at the front of the line, the leading guard took a long chain leash, attached it to a D ring on her belt, and began leading us out of the room. It turns out we weren't in Mistress Night's dungeon when we woke up, we were in the jungle far away from the facilities.

While I followed without question I started raising my head to see there were three moons up, it would be a hot day to do work. Head Mistress wanted to challenge us it seemed. Walking for just a few minutes gave me the impression that with all this metal weighing us down it would be a very brutal day for labor in this heat. I guess it could only be worse if I still needed to drink water. During the walk I started to feel the need for sex come back, but more intense than the last time as I had a slight desire to touch myself. Zoning out for a second I stopped moving, the guard responded by tugging hard on the leash. The sheer force of the pull forced me on my knees, but I quickly got back up and continued the walk. I needed to stop having these thoughts or at least control myself better; I didn't want to be the one to become a worthless slave like the rest, I couldn't let Head Mistress down.

Once we got to the fields the guards put us to work immediately alongside the large machines harvesting the plants as well. We were directly instructed to harvest with our mouths, and place the plants in our own separate bins where the guards setup camp. We all did this without question. I knew there was no way we could harvest at the rate of the machines, but this was for our own challenge towards Mistress Night to be her Champion. The guards soon informed us that the ones who did not harvest one hundred plants per hour would be disqualified. If every single one of us failed on the first hour no one would be the winner. Whoever maintained that pace and didn't pass out would surely be the winner.

Two hours passed before the first passed out from exhaustion. I only saw a glimpse of her falling to the ground and the guards retrieving her in my peripheral vision. I really didn't care much about it as my task wasn't to watch the others. Whoever she was she was not worthy of Head Mistress Night and will get her reward as a worthless slave. That just put me one step closer to winning, and I wasn't even starting to get tired. It was a good thing my sex drive kept giving me boosts of energy to fight through the sun, especially with the additional weight. I could tell my entire body was drenched in sweat, but I continued harvesting the plants as instructed.

It wasn't until another three hours before the next person was eliminated from the game. While I was heading back to the plants I saw her pass out in front of me. I didn't even look down as I stepped over her body while the guards quickly walked over to drag her to the fate of a worthless slave. Being five hours into work I started to get extremely fatigued. My eyes kept shutting and it felt like I was going to be the next to collapse. It was just me and the other one, whoever she was I couldn't let her win. I came this far and couldn't stop now.

Curious to see her condition I turned my head slightly to find her and realized she didn't even look tired at all. "How could this be possible, was she drugged with something special to get through this!?" I wondered. Getting my thoughts away from that, I continued working. The sex drive boost was starting to fail me. Hearing the one minute warning for the hour, I grabbed the last plant I needed for the quota and headed back to the bin. My eyes were completely shut by force, and my knees started to fail me. It was now or never. With every last bit of strength in my body I started sprinting for the bin. Running with my eyes closed only resulted in tripping over, falling face first into the dirt.

I could see the guards coming for me, but with the last sex drive boost at that very moment, it gave me the energy I needed to get up and walk the rest of the way. Finally getting to the bin, I placed the plant inside, then instantly collapsed passing out.

"Congrats, my Champion, you aren't as weak as I thought. Enjoy your rest on your new bed, when you wake you can start your new life as my personal assistance. I guess in between serenity and rage is pure focus, but in between pleasure and pain lies full control, especially if you are the one administrating it."

The Ring

"Mike! Mike! Wake up! It's Kat. Listen closely we don't have much time to talk Night will be here soon. Also, your package, it's, it's massive, what the hell did they do to you!? Also, why? Night is a lesbian??"

"What? Where am I? Oh, let's just not talk about that okay."

It wasn't difficult to tell Kat was interested after looking at her facial expression when she spoke to me. That was the least of my concerns though.

"You're bound to the chair leg again, now listen to me. Last night I found she is leaving to purchase a device that will be able to control Lexis. If she succeeds and controls Lexis tomorrow, it's over for all of us, there will be no hope or chance of freedom ever again."

"Wait, what? I'm so lost, doesn't she already control Lexis and why would it be all over if she did?"

"Mike listen to me, ever since I first broke out Night was amused by me, and then when I kept doing it over and over she started to become very frustrated. She tried everything to break me, torture, pleasure, bribery, blackmail, she even had me locked up for a month straight while being tortured and pleasured hoping that would break me, it drove her to insanity. Nothing worked though, but when she developed the machine just for me I decided to convince her it worked and have been playing ever since. The one thing she doesn't know is how I became enhanced like this. If she already controlled Lexis Mike we would have been locked up in a dungeon already for even trying to plan against her. This time though she is going to go buy something that will able to do exactly that, if she controls Lexis she will be able to read everyone's mind, meaning we will never ever get another chance to escape."

"Okay from what I've seen the last week I can believe anything at this point, what's the plan what are we going to do?"

"She is going to be here any minute, okay since I've gained her trust, I've noticed she has been a lot more lenient with my restraints. I know for a fact I can get out of them if she ties me the same way she did last night, from there I will come find you. Shit, her heels, she's coming don't say a word," Kat said finishing off her sentence as the sounds of Night's heels came closer and closer until she took a seat on her throne.

Hello pets, just came here to lock a few more things down before locking the two of you up before my trip tomorrow. You think a small army around the perimeter outside is good enough along with a large group of my elite guards watching my home? Ahh, I'm sure nothing will happen, I know sometimes bandits think they can rob the place, but after many have tried and failed I think you two will be safe.

Oh yes, before I forget, pet Kat during my trip I am going to go buy a nice set of Chasity equipment from the same buyer of this ring and butt plug your friend over here is wearing. These two toys didn't cost me a billion Arks for nothing you know. The female version is very similar with its functionality and commands. I will give a demo of the ring and plug, I have to reward him for his training completion somehow.

Fear poured itself into me faster than water into a glass, I didn't even once think of the kind of Chasity that was beyond Earth. Seeing Night move toward me I tried to back away, actually scared about it. "HAHAH, silly pet, you're not going anywhere, you'll be part of my trophy collection now. Ring, your owner has arrived," Night said excitedly while I was in fear.

"Hello Head Mistress Night, my name is Sena, you are the sole owner of this ring. I am the A.I that executes and maintains the ring by your command only. You have been scanned, identified, and your collar has been synced with the Chasity ring and Chasity plug. Commands may only be executed through your voice. All you have to do is say 'Ring' before the command. Would you like a list of options?" The second I heard that voice again, I kept my mouth shut and didn't say a word. "Yes Sena, let my pet hear what I am capable of now," Night said. "Configuration completed, now showing holographic command menu!"

Ring Product Type: The Male Enslaver, Version 7.0, with Maximum Functionality and Anal Chasity Plug Language Detected: English

Measurement Units: Metric

Owner: Head Mistress Night

Slave: Pet Mike

Chasity Ring Commands: Mandatory settings (*). All can be changed at any time except Chasity duration.

I. *Chastity Duration: Upon removal, one week - infinite.

II. Punishment Options: Shock, heat, cold, grinder, squeeze, simultaneous punishment. Note: Ring will sheath first, then punish in sync with Chasity plug.

III. Punishment Intensity: Very low, low, medium, high, very high, ultra-high, immediate submission.

IV. *Sheath Options: Sheath on command, sheath when ring is idle, sheath when out of sight. Note: Will automatically unsheathe when in sight.

V. *Radius Range: Five meters - infinite.

VI. *Out of Radius Options: punish until slave goes back in range, paralyze, knock out. Note: By default ring will sheath when out of range and is synced with Chasity plug.

VII. *Sheath Shape: Natural, banana, straight.

VIII. Pleasure Options: Ring Vibration, sheath vibration, full ring stroke, half ring stroke, base ring stroke, massage, oral simulation, vaginal simulation, anal simulation, cycle options.

IX. Pleasure Intensity: Low, medium, high, ultra-high, extreme. Note: the higher intensity the faster buildup.

X. *Time before Orgasm during Stimulation: On command, five minutes - never orgasm.

XI. Orgasm Type: Thin cum stream, thick cum stream, rapid cum shots, slow cum shots, ooze.

XII. Orgasm Power: Low, medium, high, explosive.

XIII. Cum Storage Options: Do not produce cum, disperse, load 0 - 100%, empty. Note: Cum will be dispersed through whatever orgasm type is selected. Loading will be conveyed through pleasure choice. Emptying will remove through internal Semen Vaporization.

XIV. Lubrication Options: Fully lubricate, dry.

XV. Erection Options: Flaccid, half of max cock size, three quarters of max cock size, max cock size.

XVI. Girth Options: Three quarters of max girth size, max girth size.

XVII. *Punishment Duration: Until black out, on command, until owner accepts slave's submission.

XVIII. *Automatic Punishment From: Speaking without permission, not obeying instructions, fiddling with ring or plug, attempting to take off restraints, refusing to follow leash, sentences without the owner's name, attempting to place cloths on, all. Note: Punishment is synced with the Chasity plug's punishment.

XIX. *Holographic Cock Leash Command Options: Leash on command, always leashed, never leashed, leash length from three meters - infinite.

XX. *Leash Options: Visible, invisible.

XXI. Cock Holographic Hog Tie: twirled up cock, holographic elastic bands placed up cock.

XXII. Balls Torture: Stretch down, spread balls apart, crush.

Special Options: Urethra tube, wake up, knock out. Slave Cock Statistics: Length, girth, maximum cum capacity, time without orgasm, current location, anal capacity.


Chasity Plug Commands:

I. *Chastity Duration: Upon removal, one week - infinite.

II. Punishment Options: Shock, heat, cold, fast drilling, inflation, simultaneously punishment. Note: Synced with Chasity Ring.

III. Punishment Intensity: Very low, low, medium, high, very high, ultra-high, immediate submission.

IV. Pleasure Options: Vibration, drilling, trusting, cycle options.

V. Pleasure Intensity: Low, medium, high, ultra-high, extreme. Note: The higher the intensity, the faster the buildup.

VI. Lubricant Options: Fully lubricated, dry.

VII. *Chastity Plug Type: Plug, anal beads, dildo.

VIII. *Chasity Plug Material: Metal, rubber, latex, holographic.

IX. *Chastity Plug Size: Small, normal, large, fit to cavity, extreme.

X. *Holographic Anal Leash Options: Leash on command, always leashed, never leashed, leash length from three meters - infinite.

XI. *Leash Options: Visible, invisible.

XII. *Cock retraction: On command, when sheathed.

Special Option: Enema. Note: Requires external attachment.

"My goodness, I really did get what I paid for! For the ring let's set these mandatory settings:"

Chastity Duration: Infinite.

Sheath Options: Sheath on command.

Radius Range: Infinite.

Out of Radius Options: Knock out.

Sheath Shape: Banana.

Time before Orgasm during Stimulation: On command.

Punishment Duration: On Command.

Automatic Punishment From: All.

Holographic Cock Leash Command Options: Leash on command.

Leash Options: Visible, ten meter length.

"And the plug will have these:"

Chastity Duration: Upon removal.

Chastity Plug Type: Plug.

Chasity Plug Material: Latex.

Chastity Plug Size: Large.

Holographic Anal Leash Options: Leash on command, five meter length.

Leash Options: Visible.

Cock retraction: On command.

"INFINITE TIME?!?!?!?!?!?" I scream aloud in my head.

Lock Down

"You are officially owned by me slave just like your friend. Your new life will be serving as part of my trophy collection and that ring will entertain me greatly when playing with you. Kat as for you my personal assistant will take you to my bed and bind you," Night said with an arrogant tone.

Even realizing how screwed I truly was with this ring and plug in me, it didn't come close to the shivers that went up my shine when I saw Trisha enter the loft dressed in a full red body cat suit. Night didn't, she couldn't have broken her, it was impossible.

Denial only held me back so long until I saw her pick up Kat over her shoulder and carry her down the steps. Not even for a second did she look at me, it was almost like she was a robot like the rest. Kat wasn't lying, Night really did turn Trisha into a mindless slave. No, I didn't want to accept it, we needed Trisha on our side for the escape. But seeing her respond to Night like she was programmed, and not even recognizing my presence brought me to reality about her. It killed me inside to think it, but Trisha was now an obstacle like the rest. If she got in our way, we had to take her down.

"You know what I love about this ring? I can do anything I want and it won't even leave a scratch or harm you in any way actually. That's the way pain should be after all. RING, simultaneous punishment for ring and plug, with immediate submission intensity!"

Instantly I could feel my cock being shocked, burnt, iced, grinder, and squeeze alongside of my ass being set on fire, iced, shocked, drilled, while the plug inflating. I screamed out in excruciating extreme, mind shattering pain, "OHHHHHHHFUCUKKKSTOPPPPPPPWHATTHESWEET... MISSTTTTREEESSS IIIII SUBBBBMIIIITIIITIIITITI" as a stream of tears went down my eyes.

"Ring, stop punishment then crush balls!"

The crushing wasn't as bad as the punishment, but actually feeling my balls being crushed with no delay still caused me to scream out instantly and tear up in mind obliterating pain. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STOOPPPP MY BALLS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I BEG YOU HEAD MISTRESS!!!!"

"Ring, stop crushing, stretch balls down then apart. Attach ball stretching twine to Chasity plug then at an extremely slow pace retract."

I watched in horror after the devastating pain. One piece of holographic twine formed around the top of my scrotum, loosely tight, while another piece formed down the center and up between my balls and attached to the twine at the top. Both started to squeeze and tighten until my balls were effectively spread. The last piece of twine formed a link between my scrotum twine and the plug where I started to feel its slow retraction. It wasn't even thirty seconds with this ring on, and I was experiencing pain far beyond imaginable, the summation of Mistress Pain didn't even come close to this. Even though I wasn't being harmed in the slightest way, Night didn't need to mind control me. This ring did the next best thing; completely control every aspect of my cock. It instantly made me docile, I didn't want to feel that pain or crushing ever again, whatever this bitch wanted, I would do it, I couldn't bare another second of that treatment.

"Ring, slave cock stats."

"Maximum length, fifteen inches. Maximum girth, three inches. Maximum cum capacity, one liter. Time without orgasm, five minutes. Current location, beside owner. Maximum anal capacity, ten inches."

"WHAT? ONE LITER?! MY BALLS WOULD BURST BEFORE THEN? How the actual fuck was that possible, and ten inches up my ass, no way, no fucking way," I thought. That was the final straw, I didn't want to spend another minute with this thing on me, let alone forever, which brought up another concern. If she can't change the duration, and I can't see the ring, how does it come off???

"Ring, sheath and leash to waist. Now slave I am going to release you from your restraints, I'm sure I won't have any problems walking you freely unbound?"

"YES, Head Mistress Night, I will follow you on my hands and feet, with my head down as instructed!"

"I really did get my money's worth didn't I pet? See how much better it is when I am happy? It will be even better tomorrow, but all you have to concern yourself with is listening to my instructions and be a good pet. If you are able to do that, you won't ever be punished, and you will earn a lot of pleasure. Now I am going to give you a choice I want to see what you will choose," Night said wickedly walking me to her bed.

"Yes, Head Mistress Night, everything is amazing when you are happy, I am glad you were so kind to purchase me this ring, I will do as you ask," I didn't even want to risk saying those words with anything but an obeying tone, it wasn't worth feeling that pain again. As long as this ring was on me I was truly her submissive pet.

The Choice

There she was hog tied on the bed, legs spread, fully exposed with her ass up and gagged with a giant ball gag with Trisha on standby beside her. I felt an erection coming on, if this ring would allow it.

As you can see pet Kat over here is bound nice and tight waiting to be fucked like the little skank she is. Since she is fully submissive now she won't have a problem letting you rip her holes and absolutely destroy her with that length I own. I can imagine how incredibly painful it must be for her, seeing how petite she is, she probably won't enjoy it at all. Anyways, these are your options:

One, you may fuck her in every hole, on her tits, legs, arms, whatever the hell you want to do with her and have the granted privilege to cum without punishment. You will be fully untied and free to move as you like while we watch you do your work for our own satisfaction, but there is one thing you should know if you choose this option. Kat will be tortured for the next three days straight by Mistress Pain to compensate for your pleasure while you are locked up in your cell.

Or two, you can choose to not have sex, sparing her from being tortured. She will be simply locked up in her cell with no consequence. You though will not receive an orgasm for the next month and be locked up in my trophy room for the next two weeks. During this time you will undergo one of my experiments. The next words out of your mouth will be your choice. You have thirty seconds.

"So my options were, fuck, or be completely fucked. Great," I thought.

There was no way I could do this to Kat, as much as I wanted to have sex with her, she wouldn't get any pleasure out of it, then she would be tortured for the next three days straight. After experiencing Mistress Pain first hand, I wouldn't condemn her on anyone. I had to take one for the team, if she wasn't here for the escape it would be a total bust. The worst part was I had no idea if this experiment was going to be more torturous. The cock ring was brutal enough, but I didn't even want to imagine what else she had in store. It killed me to say it but I did.

"Option two, Head Mistress Night," I said keeping my head down.

"Wow, sacrificing your own pleasure for someone you barely know! Either you are quite noble or an idiot. Trisha bring my pet to her cell. To the trophy room slave," Night said tugging the leash.

What Did I Get Myself Into

I expected to be walked to some inner part of her mansion but instead she led me to her bedroom through the door I noticed a while back. Turns out it was a washroom, a washroom with an inner door that brought us to her balcony. It was strange enough to have a door leading to a balcony from her washroom, but her balcony was impressive to say at the least. It was a large circular area covered by a glass dome. It was pretty much a greenhouse formed in the shape of half a bubble. The only peculiar aspect of this museum was it only had one object. From a distance it looked like a metal stock with a seat, and four large oxygen tanks, but when I saw it close up I was consumed by jaw dropping fear.

I was partially right, it was a metal stock with a small bench, except it was to hold my cock not my actual head. The second Night instructed me to sit on it, I complied without a second thought. The stock itself was just a long metal two by four that stood at the height of my neck while I sat down. She led my cock through the hole then tightened the stock to securely hold my dick in place via a crank shaft on the side. Lucky enough for me she was ever so kind to have the circumference of the hole padded with leather as it tightly restricted my cock in place.

At the top of the stock there was a small chain she clipped to my collar allowing my head a bit of freedom to look no far then my shoulders. The bottom of the stock had a built in leg spreader bar, bent in a V shape that came out of the front base of the stock which she secured my ankles to in the thick metal cuffs. I was simply bound in a straight sitting position with my cock being trapped in the stock. As for my arms Night locked them behind my back in a single piece metal cuff where a chain ran from the cuff to the bottom of the bench.

The last thing she ordered me to do was open my mouth while she stuffed it with two pairs of thin panties made out of a strange fabric. Following this, she harnessed my head with a very restrictive panel gag ensuring the panties weren't falling out any time soon. Next, she took a rubber cup that was connected to the four air tanks to my right side and strapped it securely on my mouth. Finally, she pulled a small remote out of her pocket and pressed the button on it. "I can't believe I let her bind me on this, this is humiliating, gosh please Vanessa wherever you are don't take too long. Never in my days would I have imagined being restrained on this evil male restriction tool. The premise of this fucking thing was literally being held in place by my cock alone. I wouldn't condemn this on any male, she is such a sadistic bitch, they all need to pay for this, I need to be punished for everything they've done over the last ten years," I cried out inside, knowing my fate was sealed unless Vanessa did come through.

"As you can see pet you are not my only trophy, look around you, this is my entire collection. While you watch, Ring, Erection and Girth to maximum size, fully lubricate, then cycle pleasure options with extreme intensity on both the ring and plug. Once cum storage is at 100%, use internal Semen Vaporization to empty them!"

Suddenly, many pieces of the floor started to uncover as dozens of women in a different restraint scenario like me arose. The only difference though was no one else had air tanks beside them. These women though were far more gorgeous then the rest, it looked like they were literally sculpted to the epitome of perfection.

All these women had something unique about them to me pet, they all served as my pets at one point. Once I got bored of them they had no use to me anymore so I decided to start a collection. Since they don't age, or require anything external to survive I simply wiped their minds into thinking they were trophies and I haven't heard a complaint since! Tomorrow Kat will join them as her use will finally come to an end. Don't worry though, you will serve as my pet for many years, this will just be your storage place. Since this device was gifted to me, and I didn't have males at the time I thought what a great chance to make use of it! This is also an experiment of mine.

You see, those two pairs of panties are very, very special, they were actually designed to hold whatever liquid they absorbed, indefinitely. Think of them like a sponge that is always wet, not matter how hard you try to dry it. One pair is soaked in my cum, while the other is soaked in my pussy juices. As for that gas mask those barrels will constantly pump the smell of my body and sex through the tube for you to constantly inhale. While this is happening your cock will be pleasured to the highest degree by the ring and plug. Unfortunately, as a part of the experiment you are not allowed to orgasm or release any cum which is why it will be internally emptied. The process is painless as you will just feel your balls shrinking. All this does is give you something even less satisfying than having it ooze out: not having it come out at all.

The problem with yours balls is they are simply too small compared to that monster cock I own, they can only hold a liter of cum at the maximum which isn't good enough for me. To solve this dilemma, the twine will slowly stretch your balls down and apart making your ball sack larger. Then as your balls are constantly loaded with cum to the maximum they will start to expand. Of course this is only possible through Xena's extract which allows this to happen. I guess after six hours your balls will be as big as apples, which should double your capacity. Don't worry when the twine fully retracts they will stop enlarging. The goal of this experiment is to turn you into my custom sex slave, where I will have use of you again in two weeks when the experiment is done.

Once finished you will be so deprived from orgasm that your thoughts will simply just be about wanting to cum, not matter how much I let you, if I even do. Along with that, just after a few hours of being deprived of my taste and smell you will want nothing more than to eat me out. If all works as planned you will be my personal oral sex slave controlled by the need to orgasm along with the mind controlling addiction of craving my smell and juices. You will bring me much pleasure and happiness my soon to be oral sex slave. RING, start pleasure. See you in two weeks.

Not even two seconds into descent passed, before I felt the pure ecstasy of the ring and plug in sync. My moans of pleasure just resulted in me tasting Night's sex every time I bit into the fabric along with her smell now being my only oxygen source. This was all up to Mistress Vanessa now; she was literally the last resort. I didn't know how long I could last like this, whatever her plan was she needed to do it quick.

The Raid

"Victoria, I didn't expect to find you here. It's almost a bigger surprise then the unexpected six others locked up with you."

"I wasn't the first one to make a mistake Mistress Vanessa."

"I don't even remember or recognize any of them. Who are they?"

"Exactly, that's what the bitch wants from everyone. Names aren't important right now. Listen, we all know why you're here and what you want. I'm just glad we weren't the only ones to challenge her. Some of the others have waited years for this chance Mistress Vanessa. For saving us you have our unconditional loyalty, let's put this dictator in her place."

"I'm glad we are all on the same page. Trust me, I am going to make things better when this is over. Just know once we head out those doors there's no turning back. There's only two ways this can end..."

"And in both of them she will be reduced to nothing less than a worthless prisoner to the slaves who will soon be her owners."

"Let's get this rebellion started then, I'll explain everything we need to take her down."

Five hours later in Night's trophy room.....

"Samantha, go close the dome, I think they got enough sunlight for today, I want to do some routes. I'm bored."

"Hey Sophie, I got a joke for you. What's the difference between one of Head Mistress's trophies and experimental subjects?"

"What's the difference Samantha?"

"There is no difference! Get it? Because they are all her slaves! Hahah."

"Would you be offended if I said you needed to be shot for how bad that joke was?"

"Samantha? No comment? I see how it is. Wait where did you come .....? MMHMMMMHM."

"Targets down, bind them up. Get him on the cart, he is immobile with the ring. Objective two, breach and clear Night's quarters, and find Kat."

"Thanks goodness, she came through," I thought in relief. I wouldn't have lasted another minute on that thing before going insane.

It was truly a great pleasure to see Victoria and Vanessa uncloak from invisibility then stealthily take down those two guards. Even though I didn't recognize the faces of the other six members I knew they were in on the plan. Keeping the past experience with Victoria in mind a part of me was glad to see her knowing she was actually on our side. Regardless of being bound and moved around on a cart I didn't complain. The fact I wasn't smelling Night's sex anymore meant the world to me. Having a butt plug and cock ring constantly pleasuring made moving not possible so it wasn't like I had a choice.

Seeing I was completely useless to this plan all I did was sit back and watch the plot unfold. I couldn't keep one thought on my mind due to the extreme pleasure I was still facing. My balls felt larger than ever to the point that I actually didn't even want to look at them. I was expecting the strange process of my semen being removed internally to hurt, rather I didn't feel a thing as all that happened was my balls shrank.

Once we got back into Night's room her guards were quickly apprehended from the surprise knock out gas and overwhelming force the team brought on them. They didn't even have time to yell or sound an alarm. The guards were collected then piled up in a corner of the room bound. It only took Victoria a few minutes to retrieve Kat, while the rest exited Night's room to start taking over the mansion. That's what brought me to one question. Where the hell was Trisha?

"Holy shit Mike! Are you okay? Give me a second I'll get this gag off you!"

"KAT DON'T! That ring controlled by Night is constantly working him, he will just moan and give away our position."

"We got to get that ring off! You know this wouldn't have been possible without him!"

"Listen Kat, I know, but that ring isn't coming off, Mistress Vanessa told me all about Night's plans with the ring. She set it to an infinite time that can't be changed, its better we don't touch it otherwise he might get punished by it, which I don't think he would like. Don't hold your breath about him, his only purpose is to be used as our ticket out of here and you know that!"

"Wait, what are you talking about Victoria?"

"Kat, stop playing stupid, I brought him here because Lexis wanted me to, she needs him for some reason. I don't know what she is going to do but I really don't care. All I know is once she has him she will guide us to freedom. Enough wasting time, stick to the plan, now grab a hold of the cart and let's bring him to Lexis, the others are probably sawing the door's locks as we speak."

"Victoria when did you ever mention this? We give him to her then what? What if she mind-slaves him or worse?"

"Kat, grab the cart and push him. Stop wasting time."

"Not until you tell me what the hell this is all about!"

"Kat you are going to join the guards shortly and I will leave you on this hellhole. Lexis is our only chance out, she can do what she pleases with him. WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE. I've been tortured and fucked for the last few week or so straight and now this is my only chance to freedom. Push the cart or you will join the rest."

Kat didn't even say another word as she began following Victoria with me. I know she wanted to stand up for me, but I didn't want her to pay the ultimate price. I wanted to say something but I knew what would have happened if I did. I couldn't believe Victoria was still a ruthless bitch using me as her ticket out of here. What the hell did Lexis want with me anyway? I had to say though the only good part about having this constant pleasure was it didn't put fear into my mind about what Lexis wanted with me.

Reaching the hall of the room Lexis was being held in, I saw a large metal vault door was open with a holographic field embedded in it. How they opened a lock so complex was beyond me. Although, getting closer I realized it wasn't actually a holographic field, it was some sort of opaque force field.

"There it is ladies, the door only human flesh can pass through. This is what she has been hiding from us all along, and now her secrets will be revealed as her greatest nightmares. Kat, do the honors and push him in!"

"I won't do it."

"Mistress Vanessa will you?"

"With pleasure."

"Kat, step aside let's have a chat about a few things."

All I could think about was cumming, my balls were loaded to the max, and I didn't even care as Vanessa wheeled me through the field. Stopping right in front of the door for a split second she proceeded to kick me off the cart through it. As I passed through the field it felt like I travelled in time to a whole new world. It was the first moment in the last few hours where all pleasure and sex instantly vanished from my mind. It was like the cock ring, and plug suddenly malfunctioned. I could actually stand up, walk, and take off the gag to finally get those panties out of my mouth.


"What, what is this place? Did I travel to some sort of other dimension, did I go through a portal? Well at least the dam cock ring and butt plug stopped working," I thought.

Before me was something I couldn't fully explain. I wasn't able to tell if it was a figment of my imagination, an actual world, or a room. There were no walls, no doors, sky, nature, people, or light. There was just a floor, some sort of transparent blue floor which looked like glass; everything else was darkness before me. Even turning around I noticed the field I came through was gone.

"Hello Mike, I've been expecting you. I'm sure you know by now my name is Lexis."

"I wish I could say the same, listen I've been through a lot in the last week and I really still can't tell if I am dreaming or not. Things I can't explain have been happening every day and it's starting to really get to me. Whatever you are or want from me, just get it over with, I can't take much more of this!"

"Relax Mike, I know everything. I know all about what you've been through and I'm here to let you know this is not a dream, I want to make everything better for you."

"For some reason I can't believe that, Kat is the only one who hasn't treated me like an object so far. Where are you, or are you just a voice in my head?"

"Look behind you Mike."

Afraid of what I might see, I slowly turned my head around only to become mesmerized, thoughtless, and speechless at the sight in front of me. After everything I went through, seeing her was worth it all. The images I speculated of Lexis didn't match nor come close to the vision before me. Her name gave off she was a women, but the only aspects that identified her as such were her face and body. Her body was slim, with an hourglass figure of my height, and breasts which were not giant like the rest but perfectly sized to her body. The most stunning part was her skin. It was different shades of light blue where the darker blue regions went over her private areas while the lighter shades made up the rest of her body. Two of these dark blue uniquely shaped ribbon lengths ran down the sides of her neck over her breasts down her stomach to her crotch; I assumed it went up her back as well.

Face aside, her skin was made out of a mixture of circuits with a digital and holographic appeal. The face on the other hand was the most unbelievable unique highly detailed perfect face that put the rest of the women I've seen to shame. Slightly curved, perfectly symmetrical eyebrows ran a little past the length of her eyes. Every single hair was in the most ideal position to give it an amazingly defined look.

Her eyelashes were triangularly shaped, where each pair of parallel hairs which were equally spaced apart pointed to each other down the path of her eye lid, giving off a web like appeal when she blinked. Her nose was shaped flawlessly to match her face, not to large and not to small but just right for her. The lips which looked like they were practically made for kissing had impeccable creases that gave off an uncommon design with a curved nature for their shape.

I instantly fell in love with her hair just from one glance. Short, thick, defined shades of dark and light blue ran just above her neck line with the ends resting underneath the sides of her jaws curving inward towards her neck. Lexis's eyes were the last part of her I looked at for a specific reason. Without fully making eye to eye contact I knew I'd get sucked into staring at her like she was hypnotizing me.

Once I was finished checking out the rest of her body I slowly moved my vision into the mind controlling abyss of pure absolution. As I locked in staring deeply into her astonishing rounded blue, digital eyes, my sight, mind, and heart was taken by her; I physically couldn't turn my head or look away.

Now locked into her, which I assumed were her intentions, she began slowly approaching me. The next thing I knew was her hands around my neck followed by her staring into my eyes to secure an everlasting stare. I wasn't able to look away, speak, think, or move. I was paralyzed in an extraordinary way.

Mike, I want to explain to you what I am. The only way I can do such a thing is by explaining what I am not. I am not a human, I am not an artificial intelligence, I am not an illusion or a hologram, nor am I controlled by a source, and most importantly I am not anything you have already imagined or think I am. To you, my body may look like the circuits on a motherboard, but they are actually the summation of a series of microscopic parts that make up my anatomy. You see me as female and you are technically correct in your language, but I am far more. In terms you can understand, I am a very advanced generation of human. You will never understand what I am if I tried to explain so I want you to view me as a mixture of the most power super computer on a level multiplied by hundred million times, a human without all the inefficiencies of the body, and the most intelligent artificial intelligent you could ever imagine.

Explaining what I am capable of is impractical, it is beyond the human capacity of intellect and imagination so I will not waste our time with that. What you have to know Mike is Jessica wasn't bluffing when she said she left to retrieve something that could control me. It's a special collar made by my race that we use to control threats from others. How one of them got into the wrong hands was a fatal mistake, but now that Jessica is in possession of it, we are all at risk. At one point I was her best friend and helped her build this place from the ground up, but then she changed. She started to get power hungry and turned this place into what it today; a reflection of her mind. That's why she locked me up in here: Jessica knew controlling me wasn't like controlling humans, she feared me, and she feared I could overtake her at any moment. Of course she believed that shouldn't be possible, regardless of the fact that I never had such an intention. My oath of trust and serving her unconditionally once meant something to her, until she became the control monster she is.

I know what you are thinking, I can read your thoughts. Why would I support her in her activities of making females milk plants, mind controlling others, experimentation and modification, torture and so on? Simply because it doesn't affect me. You must know, I do have emotions and share only some similar to humans. The only actions that I would refuse to perform is killing, any experimentation or modification that doesn't benefit a person in anyway, or anything else that doesn't keep a human, human. Those are the main morals of my race and we have zero tolerance for it. In other words that's why I helped her develop formulas from Xena's extract. Elimination of the need to sleep, eat, drink, defecate provided great benefits along with the heart regulating everything the body needs to survive for thousands of years with close to no aging. I am also positive you can't argue the increased healing factor and recovery was another great break through.

Everything she created was under my terms of supervision, but she didn't question it at the time. Then she started to want more, her dominatrix nature slowly took over, she saw she could live a fantasy. This didn't bother me at first. Keeping slaves, creating milk plants, her machines of pleasure and torture didn't affect me as I knew Xena's extract would compensate by keeping their bodies in perfect shape at all times. Notice how no one has actually got hurt in any way? That was because of the rules and restrictions I setup. You can thank me for that.

Then she wanted a way to control everyone, where the collars came into play. This all started out with her buying advanced technology collars from a third party source then had me modify them to allow her complete control. The collar she has is the Master collar or the Mistress collar, if you're her. It was specifically designed so I couldn't read her mind or have any access to it; at all. It works like this: she thinks of a command by thought or voice, then it gets transmitted to her A.I system which then gives me the conformation that I can perform the command. This way she was in full control and I couldn't do anything unless I had her approval. It was mandatory everyone wore those collars, but what she didn't say was they couldn't be taken off without her say. Having the ability to paralyze someone just by thought if they attempted anything against her was beyond any control measure I've seen. Although, there was one flaw in this system with the mind reading, she needed me. I can only accomplish this by being in a close proximity of the person, which is why when I modified the collars I basically forged an extension of myself into them allowing me to read from any distance. The flaw was Jessica would never know if I told the truth about the others thoughts when she asked, even if she punished me.

Next she wanted mind control where it still didn't bother me. I would simply perform this through touch or wirelessly through the collars. At first the process was very lengthy until she found out torturing someone into submission allowed me to hack into their minds a lot faster. Now her preferred method is extreme pleasure as it doubles the speed. What she didn't know was I made a copy of everyone's minds which was the reason I was okay with it. Knowing I could reverse the process allowed me to understand there was no harm in doing it. As for the Nano-bots they were a necessity to help sync the control of the mind and body.

The female guards that look like robots is the product of mind control. They are human, in fact they are recycled from the previous year's failures. The two hundred and forty that didn't make it are replaced every year so the old ones became mind controlled guards. Not the milk plants though, the old ones get a special treatment after a year of service. To distinguish the guards from the others they go through a process that coats their naked body and it becomes their apparel. The private areas of their bodies are coated specifically to be hidden because they have no use anymore. I mean you could have sex with them still but that's what sex slaves are for according to Jessica. Then came her last requirement, control over me.

This room I'm locked in was her temporary solution. Without my knowledge she created a special net, which this room is made out of the same material she calls electronic containment or EC for short. She had her elite guards take me by surprise with the intentions to capture me with the net leaving myself powerless to them. Immediately I became furious after the realization she disregarded my trust having me locked up in her. She knew I wouldn't cooperate with her commands after this, but do you blame me? That's why she fitted the room entirely with electric nodes capable of severely hurting me. By being exposed to extreme electric current it overloads me activating one of my internal defense mechanisms which forces me to comply with her commands, but it was an exception for the mind reading because I could lie and she would never know it. How do you think Kat managed to escape? Unfortunately, it was a shame the others didn't figure out I wasn't actually informing Jessica about any thoughts of treason. Her treats and control were just too severe I guess. But that all changed once Kat got extremely enhanced by accident.

As for Victoria, once Kat managed to talk to her about me we had a triangle of communication started. Now you want to know why I told Victoria to choose you. In short, you are the most competent person I could find related to one of the dominatrices being Trisha. So far everything has been going as planned which is why you are currently in this room with me.

For your predicament with that ring and plug, the reason why they stopped working was because of me. If I am in a close proximity or touch anything electronic or computerized, I can hack then control it in a matter of seconds. This includes anything holographic. Listen, I understand you are curious about how this all started, but I can't satisfy your confusion any further, we are running out of time.

The only way I am getting out of this room is if I am inside your body. I will transfer myself into your collar then release the Nano-bots. Apart of me will be present in every Nano-bot giving me full control of them. No, I can't just stay in the collar it won't work, the field will hold you back. Yes, I will be able to control your body, but I won't mind control you, we will be in control together. This will allow you to think faster, move faster, react quicker, and a lot more actions you aren't capable of. How can I trust you? You really can't, but if you want to be Jessica's slave and wear that ring and plug for all of eternity, be my guest. Did I mention I can hack the ring so you are the owner of it? Yes, that's correct I can do that. Yes, I can do it right now, but first you need to know this: I no longer serve Jessica, I want to serve you for helping me out of this prison, but with one simple change. You will treat me as your equal in every possible aspect and way. All you have to do is think, "I accept being one with Lexis, and I give my body and mind access to her. I will treat her as my equal and under no circumstance will I treat her in any way but such," Good, now this will only hurt a bit once I activate the Nano-bots.

"OUCH! THAT HURT A LOT!" I screamed.

"I am inside of you, now relax. Yes, I am the voice inside your head now as promised you are in control of the ring and plug. Unfortunately, I can't hack past the ring's duration, you will have to ask Jessica how to deactivate it. No! Don't take the plug out, just trust me you need it, okay?"

"Really? You want me to keep it inside my ass even though I can now take it out? Whatever, ill just make it smaller and sheath myself, now what is the plan? " I asked her in thought.

"Okay, I will let you be in control until you need a little extra help, walk a few meters forwards then turn around and run as fast as you can until you get through the field. Go quick. Once we get through it you should know I have no idea what to expect. If we have to take down a guard or someone else just get in a few meters of them, fight them if you have to then I will hack and activate the collar to knock them out. It should only take me a few seconds. The plan is simple we meet up with the others, take down Jessica, you take the collar, I hack it, you get full control, then we escape!"

"Sounds easy enough I guess. Wait, if the others are still on the other side don't freak out and hack them, okay?"

The Actual Plan

Running as fast as I could in the direction I was told to, the next thing I knew I was back in the hall. The problem was the others were all gone. I wanted to think they all left to go setup for Night, but I needed to think of the worst, it was possible they could have all been captured.

The next part of the plan was Lexis wanted me to take the path she had given me to Night's armory and grab some sort of special weapon she finished building. She told me it was specifically designed to take down Night as fighting her one on one would be a huge mistake. It was capable of quickly encasing someone head to toe in a latex cocoon like prison, which would be the most effective way to defeat Night.

Heading to the armory I couldn't help but notice how everyone seemed to just disappear. I didn't hear anything nor see a sight of anyone for the last little while. Just as I started to get paranoid I felt a hand touch me on the shoulder while another covered my mouth concealing my loud gasp. Before I or Lexis reacted I noticed it was Kat. She was wearing one of those latex suits from the games that allowed her to turn invisible.

"Kat, thank goodness you are okay. Where are the others, what happened?"

"I'm fine Mike, after Victoria pushed you into the room we got ambushed by Night's assistant and her team of guards. Vanessa and I were the only ones to get away. The only reason I made it out of there was because of this suit and well from being enhanced and all. Vanessa pretend to be captured by us and got her assistant to believe it. I don't think we can trust her anymore."

"You getting away is enough. I knew we couldn't trust her, all I know about her is she wants Night's collar, meaning we have to take her down first. I have no idea what came over Trisha, Night must have mind controlled her or something, there is no other explanation why she is helping her. The good news is I got Lexis freed!"

"Ummmm, okay? So where is she?"

"Well she is inside of me, long story, anyways..."

"Mike! We have eight collars approaching, four from both sides," Lexis told me.

"Kat, we have company get ready!"

Putting my back against Kat's we prepared ourselves for what was to come in both directions. Lexis told me if we can't fight them to just fake surrender while she hacked them all. In the distance from both ends of the hall four guards popped out with Trisha on my end.


Complying, I instructed Kat to do as instructed. While the guards slowly approached us Lexis told me in thirty seconds they would all be knocked out. Once they got close we continued to comply. We had no choice but to let them tie our hands with holographic strands which extremely tight behind our backs. Trisha just looked at me without having a clue who I was, it was like we never met. She ordered her guards to tie up our ankles at the same time Lexis told me they would all be down in three seconds. I told her to just shock Trisha into submission rather than knocking her out.

The second two of the guards bent down Lexis executed the command. They all fell to the floor unconscious while Trisha grabbed her collar clawing to get it off falling to her knees. The holographic bounds quickly vanished thanks to Lexis during this. Without hesitation, I grabbed one of the whips and bit gags off the nearest guard then began pulling out strands to tie up Trisha. Instead of constantly ripping off lengths, I used a few I already had to tie up her arms in a prisoner handcuff knot, put the bit gag in her mouth, then moved down to her legs. I decided to ensure she wasn't going anywhere so I kept looping the whip around her legs until I reached her neck putting her in a holographic mummification prison.

"The others are bound Mike, now what do we do with them?"

"The armory is just around the corner, we can store them in there for now. Let's just hope we don't get anymore company. Just follow precisely what I am about to tell you."

After the guards were fully detained I sprinted down the hall closing the armory door behind me. There was only one more task I needed to accomplish before Night's return. It was only a matter of time before I found Vanessa with her group of guards. I really wasn't surprised she betrayed us all to pose as her normal identity. Night's elite guards didn't even question how Vanessa got here or out of lock down, but I guess their freedom was more of a concern.

Running from hall to hall I tried to lose them. Luckily thanks to Lexis, I was able to dodge the darts while being shot at. Jumping down the stairs in the main hall I tried to reach the dungeon's stairway before I got cut off. Guards were actually coming up from the stairs while Vanessa and her team cornered me from the other end. ''Caught like a mouse in a trap. Night will be very pleased to know we have one of her trophies. I will put my word in to reward you all.''

''DON'T MOVE VANESSA. Guards detain her!'' Trisha yelled from behind her.

"Wait, WHAT! Under who's authority?!" Vanessa questioned.

"My authority! Head Mistress put me in charge of her home during her absence, and seeing you have violated her lock down policy, you will be detained for treason." Trisha replied confidently.

"GUARDS SHOOT THIS BITCH!" Vanessa exclaimed with anger on her face.

"No can do, Night did explicitly state she was in charge. Drop to your hands and knees or we will take you down with force," one of the guards said.


Vanessa immediately started to open fire on her own guards managing to take down one of them with her weapon while she grabbed another in a sleeper hold only to use her as a human shield. This put the others at a stale mate. I told Lexis to shock her for a split second so she would get her hands off the guard, hoping it was enough time to turn the tables. I didn't want any of her guards to question how the collar malfunctioned. As planned she took her hands away while the other guards tackled her to the ground beginning to tie her up.

"Tie him up as well then go retrieve her other pet. Line the three of them up in the center of the room and mount their collars with a chain. They will be Head Mistresses return presents. You should have told Head Mistresses pet how to tie knots otherwise you might have succeeded," Trisha said to me in a cocky tone.

Bringing Kat beside me, Trisha tied the three of us collar to collar while we were heavily restrained by an arm binder, shackles at the ankles, a holographic red ball gag, and a black hood. I knew this was it, even if Lexis hacked all their collars again there was no way of getting out from the restraints disregarding having access to the key. Being surrounded all we could do was wait.

Suddenly, the front doors burst open. I could hear the small army outside storm the room yelling on your knees to Trisha and her guards. There must have been a hundred or so guards secure the area before the click, click, click, of Night's heels as she walked in.

"Guards stand down. Assistant stand up. The rest of you join my other guards in securing my home. Mind to explain what happened my assistant?" Night asked.

"Of course Head Mistress. It was brought to my attention Mistress pleasure, and your pets plotted against you during your trip. Mistress Pleasure didn't comply with your lock down policy and somehow managed to break in, free the others, and take down many of your guards. I was doing my routes when I noticed the security system was disabled and took precautionary measures. They failed when I and a few guards caught them enter your armory. Once they walked out we opened fire on sight and captured them. We freed some of the guards they captured but many more might be in closets or secluded areas bound," Trisha replied.

"Interesting. Well seeing this traitor stole one of the latex suits, I assume she was somewhere in my home waiting while invisible. Very smart plan indeed. I would have never thought you would turn your back on me. Please save your moaning Vanessa for the torture chamber, you are a slave now. As for you Trisha you are promoted to my personal body guard and have the right to your name now. Follow me we are going to interrogate them after I turn on my systems," Night said.

Feeling the tug on the leash we all got up and began following Trisha to the elevator. Before we went up, I could tell she sent a large group of her guards to sweep her room ensuring it was secure.

"Trisha keep them beside my wall of toys, I want to fit them with a few things. Wait a minute... Why isn't he moaning out in pleasure? The ring should be pleasuring him right now," Night asked with a confused tone in her voice.

"I placed a holographic ball gag on the red setting on him and the other two Head Mistress," Trisha said to cover that mistake up.

"That would explain it I'll be down in a second," Night replied as her last words.

The Defeat Of Tyrant Night

"Trisha you sneaky little bitch. He would have been squirming around in constant pleasure. I don't know what is going on down there but the guards will soon take care of you!" Night said angered.

"Expecting your guards to come up Night, or should I say JESSICA? I hate to tell you but the elevator is out of service. And you know what else? I think these collars are quite useless without you forcing Lexis to execute commands, like knock us out or something? You got beat at your own game Jessica give it up!" I commanded.

"HAHHAHA, okay good job you actually tricked me congrats but there is one problem. YOU ACTUALLY THINK THE THREE OF YOU CAN TAKE ME AND HOW DARE YOU CALL ME THAT YOU WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED WORM!!!!! After I take you idiots down and find Lexis you all will get a punishment beyond anything you can imagine!" Jessica replied in a crazy bitch tone.

"Sorry, but Lexis doesn't work for you anymore and if you want her she's right here," I replied.

"Okay, four of you doesn't change a thing, she can't hack my collar," Jessica said with confidence.


Jessica clearly didn't want to go down without a fight. We had no idea what she was doing up there but out of no-where she appeared midflight from the jump off the edge of the loft. Jessica hit the ground with so much force it sent a shockwave blowing us all back on our asses. It must have been from the peculiar looking black cat suit she was wearing with a full face helmet. "LET'S DANCE BITCHES!" Jessica screamed.

Quickly getting back up, the others started to open fire while I held the special weapon Kat handed to me. I pulled the trigger and out came a stream of black latex hitting her right in the chest beginning to coat her as the close quarter fight between us all began. Turning her head towards me Jessica summersaulted in my direction. Rolling out of it she kicked me back with such force it slammed me against her wall of toys dropping a few on my head. Gasping for a breath I said, "You're going to pay for that you bitch."

"OPEN FIRE!!!!" Victoria yelled shooting at her with a shock rifle.

The others tried to compromise her while I was getting back up. Whatever she was wearing made her immune to the darts, electric shock blasts, and tasers but I didn't think the others noticed.

"THEY AREN'T EFFECTIVE! DROP THE WEAPONS!" I screamed to the others forcing them to resort to the whips and CQC.

It was hard to use my weapon because the others kept obstructing my vision so I ran behind her spraying her on the back. The others managed to get a good grip on her arms taking two people to hold one of them, but couldn't force her to the ground. "Have a good flight bitch!" Trisha yelled as she ran straight for her, jumping up then slamming both her feet midair into her chest blowing her back.

"IMMOBILIZE HER!" Victoria exclaimed.

When she was down I stopped spraying and stepped back a bit seeing she was pretty close to me. Everyone else jumped on her, grabbing her arms, legs, and neck immobilizing her.

"YOU THINK THIS WILL STOP ME! HA!" Jessica laughed before she let out a huge energy wave from the suit throwing everyone back once again.

The second we hit the ground she was already up running straight for me. Putting up her wrists, she aimed at me as I saw huge electric currents around each of them. The second she shot at me one of the guards dived in my line of sight taking the hit for me. I watched as her body was being shocked instantly knocking her out. Before she could shoot again, Victoria speared her to the ground saving me momentarily.

"FUCK, quick do what you can!" I said.

"Let's see how you like this cunt!" Victoria said.

Aiming the gun at her I pulled the trigger once again. Victoria managed to lasso her neck while I did work on her. With brute force Jessica punched Victoria in the stomach electrocuting her to darkness. The others quickly tried to keep Jessica down but it was no use, when Kat tried to jump on her she got kicked back into a wall, and when Trisha grabbed the lasso Jessica grabbed the end of it with her hands pulling with so much force it caused Trisha to fly over her into the floor.

The second Jessica stood up, the other five surrounded her, two grabbing each arm, while the last one ripped off her helmet and put her in a sleeper hold.

"Just go to sleep bitch, this will be over the faster you sleep!" one of Victoria's guards said before the five of them started screaming and let go of her.

Apparently that suit had one more trick up its sleeve. It suddenly turned from a solid to a blob of liquid jumping off Jessica to the five of them. It quickly made its way up to their faces hooding them, skin tight, as they gasped for air trying to get it off. During this Kat was running right at her but got instantly shot by both her tasers which were still on her wrists putting her down unconscious like the rest.

When Trisha got up she managed to get Jessica in a bear hug off the ground, but I knew it wouldn't last long. Aiming for Jessica while Trisha held her in place Lexis told me to just shoot her face with it. Complying I pulled the trigger and began coating her face with latex until she passed out from lack of oxygen. Even then I didn't stop spraying her until she was nothing but a cocoon of latex. It was over. Jessica was finally defeated.

How Could Anyone Not Agree?

"It's not over yet Trisha! We need to get that collar off Jessica!" I told her.

Knowing Lexis couldn't hack through it I began jerking my head back and forth looking around the room. I noticed a net in the corner of her wall of toys and I knew exactly what it was. Grabbing it, I tore the latex off Jessica's face and neck then threw the net over her body.

"Can you hack it now Lexis?"

"Indeed, good thinking, it will take me a few minutes though, her collar is very complex compared to the others. I recommend tearing that latex off her and binding her with something a little more restrictive."

"Trisha get the latex off her, ill grab restraints," I said.

"Alright, will do," she replied.

Once she was finished tearing the latex off Jessica piece by piece I stripped her down to her bra and panties for the moment. I grabbed two pairs of heavy metal shackles, along with many one piece heavy metal braces of various sizes. First I snapped in the shackles above her elbows then attached a four inch chain between them. Next I worked my way up her gorgeous legs clicking in brace after brace. Just to ensure she wasn't going anywhere I placed a brace on her ankles then placed three more one inch apart up her calves. With her thighs I did the same, I placed on the lowest section of her thighs then placed three braces one inch apart all the way up. Luckily, she had braces large enough to wrap around her thighs.

For her wrists I restrained them with the other set of shackles which didn't have a chain between, rather the shackles were fussed together as one piece with two separate cuffs. Taking one last very large brace I secured it around her waist then attached a one inch chain from her wrist's shackles to that brace. Lastly, I told Trisha to do the honors of gagging her.

From her pocket she pulled out the panel gag along with the two pairs of panties I handed to her early. After shoving them in Jessica's mouth Trisha secured the panel gag's straps tight. I decided not to blindfold her as I wanted her to watch her undoing when she awoke. With the help of Trisha we grabbed Jessica underneath the shoulders and dragged her to the wall of toys leaning her and Vanessa up against it.

Wondering where she placed the collar for Lexis I started to head up the stairs until I got interrupted by a clicking sound behind me.

"Mike, the collar... it's off..." Trisha said in shock.

Turning around I saw the collar laying on the floor. Walking towards it Lexis suddenly exited from my collar back to her normal form.

"What in the name of...." Trisha said with her hands over her mouth seeing Lexis's introduction.

"You can't put it on Mike, not with the collar already on you. Let me put it on first, then I will have the power to remove your collar at my will. I'll reprogram it again for you. Mike, trust me. You got me this far I won't betray you now," Lexis assured me.

Knowing Lexis was right I let her walk over to the collar and put it on. If she really wanted to she could have knocked us both out me. Waiting for her to live up to her part she started laughing.


Trisha and I opened our eyes as wide as they could go while we remained frozen in absolute astonishment and betrayal. I couldn't believe she actually did this to us.

"Mike, I'm just kidding, you should have seen the look on your face though that was priceless!"

"That was a cruel joke Lexis, you're more human than you seem," I said as Trisha and I sighed in relief.

"I thought it was funny. Anyhow here is the collar, once you put it on you will feel an overload of information just for a second while it adjusts it's settings for your ownership," Lexis said.

Sighing in relief I took the collar the second the one I was wearing fell off me for the first time. Clicking the new one in place it was actually much more comfortable then the predecessor, I could actually move my head without issue. My other collar I placed around Jessica's neck.

"Mike, are you going to get our collars off now?" Trisha asked.

I didn't even hear her because of the major headache I got moments after putting the collar on. I felt my brain get loaded with all this new knowledge about the planet, Jessica's bank accounts, contacts, passwords, numbers, statistics, everything. Having this sudden power and knowledge was unreal, in just moments I knew everything about this entire place.

"Lexis is he okay?" Trisha asked her.

"He is fine, you need to let the collar do it's processing, don't interrupt him. Now just so you know Mike, the reason why I am here is to make things simple for you. Human brains can't keep track of twenty thousand guards along with all the lighting, doors, drones, etc. of all the facilities. That is what I am here to do, if you want something just say the word. I have already reconfigured the A.I system to allow me the same control as you. The only thing I can't do is control you or read your mind, but I won't do anything drastic without your say first. What are your orders Master?" Lexis asked me.

"Wait, if you have the same control as Mike, can you get this collar off me Lexis?" Trisha pleaded.

"Quite, your gender cannot be trusted anymore. Jessica has shown me that. Now remain silent, I recommend you call him Master, he wears the collar now and I serve him. His orders are my commands," Lexis replied to her with an angry tone.

"Umm, excuse me but that monster over there doesn't represent all females. Mike what's going on here are you going to get this collar off me and the others or what?" Trisha said desperately.

"SILENCE, before I have you on the ground like the others. Your gender is all the same, I can process it in all of you. If you call him anything but Master again I will detain you myself," Lexis replied.

Not knowing what to say, I just remained silent, looking back and forth at them. I didn't know what to say because I was mentally taken by everything I didn't know. The most shocking information was finding out Jessica already has a facility setup with five thousand milking machines. She planned on using the thousand previous female milk plants along with the other four thousand women already processed to be milk plants locked up in a secret storage area, waiting to go into service. All she needed was for her scientists to duplicate Xena before they went into service.

The second piece of information that intrigued me was she actually had plans to take over other planets to build new facilities, but the most astonishing was her plans to build a cloning facility. She intended to clone a million or so milk plants to get her orders done in the next few years instead of fifty.

"MIKE! Are you okay? We are waiting for you so we can get off this planet once and for all?" Trisha yelled at me.

I snapped back to reality when I saw Trisha hog tied on the floor squirming like an animal as Lexis finished gagging her with a panel gag.

"LEXIS! She is on our side!? What are you doing? Untie her!" I ordered.

"Master, she didn't address you properly, and she attempted to interrupt you while the collar was doing its processing, you could have got severely injured if she succeeded to interrupt the process," Lexis replied.

"Okay, thanks Lexis, but untie her please, I am aware of my surroundings now," I ordered politely.

"Of course Master," she replied.

Communicating with Lexis through thought, I told her to send a broadcast out to everyone's collars expect the ones in the room to relay the message that I was now taking Jessica's place and everyone would no longer be threatened with torture as all would be treated equally. I also mentioned she monitor the Mistress's, elite guard's, and scientist's thoughts in case any of them had issues I could work out. Lastly, I asked to send up a team of guards.


"Trisha please, I apologize, I was zoned out momentarily she only did that to prevent me from being injured. I had a dump of information flood my brain," I replied with a calm voice.

"I'll let it slide this time, but I still don't trust her. Can you get this thing off me now, please?" she asked.

"Of course, there it's off, are you going to stop being hostile now?" I questioned.

"I wasn't being ... forget it, thanks, now let's wake the others and get off this planet, I don't want to stay here a second longer.

"I apologize in advanced Trisha, but we aren't going anywhere. Turns out we have thousands of captives to save. In other words until we plan out how to save everyone none of us are leaving," I told her.

"That's funny Mike, I knew you were always a comedian inside, but I have a better plan. We wake the others, get a spaceship, return to Earth, get a lot of help, then we come back and save the others," Trisha remarked.

"Last time I checked, I am the one with the collar Trisha. You aren't in control of me anymore. Listen, I am going to say this as simply as possible, I know things all of a sudden which will change everything. The technology and resources I am now in control of are far beyond anything created on Earth. I can buy spaceships and setup factories for Xena's extract where in a year or so we can make our return to Earth and advance society into a new era!"

"Mike I think that collar is really getting to you, I think you should take it off. You want to give this unknown substance to the population of the Earth, ya I can see how well that will go," Trisha said turning back at me as Kat and Victoria awoke.

"Please try to understand me, Jessica has five thousand captives ready to become milk plants, which will dramatically increase productivity to fill orders. Once we get enough Arks we can buy many more ships then return to Earth with everyone!" I said to them.

The three of them didn't say a word when they heard that. They all just looked at me and Lexis with a look of confusion on their faces, engaging in awkward staring and silence.

"Guys are you okay? Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.

"Mike, you just said you want to make five thousand women become milk plants, please tell me you're joking," Victoria said with confusion.

"For your own good Mike either you or we are going to take that collar off you okay? You are starting to sound like that bitch up against the wall," Kat said.

"We finally have the chance to escape, Jessica is at our will and no one now can stop us, all we need to do is start helping some of the others then come back here with more help," Trisha said with a serious tone.

"I'm not going to say this again. No one is leaving. We are staying here and we are going to continue production. We have the opportunity to excel Earth into the future. Now either you are with me or against me. Please don't make me have to lock you guys up, you just need to try and see this from a different perspective," I replied seriously.

"Mike, you are proposing we continue Jessica's evil plans. You want to continue the games and force people against their will as well?" Kat replied.


"I've had enough of this, take him down, that collar is taking over his mind he's turning into Jessica!" Victoria ordered.

Before they could even point their guns at me Kat and Victoria fell to their knees grabbing their collars as it shocked them into submission. Trisha watched while they were shocked to their knees before she started to charge me. In this moment the elevator opened as the guards stormed the room. As sudden instinct I aimed the latex gun at Trisha's face and pulled the trigger until she was on the ground. Letting my finger off the trigger knowing she wasn't a threat anymore, Lexis grabbed the gun from my hands and finished the job until she was cocooned in it. I didn't stop her.


"Lexis I didn't want to do that, I was just trying to convince them of my plan?" I said.

"Master, they were going to shoot you. I read their thoughts, they don't want anything to do with your plan. They think the collar turned you into Jessica, they just didn't see things the way you did. This is the good thing about having equal control. I can help make decisions for you. I'm here to serve you as an equal, whatever you want to do with this place, I will comply. I will not tolerate people threatening or talking to you like that. If this is your plan, I will begin executing it," Lexis told me.

I was shocked in a good way of what Lexis just did, I really could trust her and she really did want to serve me loyally as an equal. I watched while the guards finish binding them by strapping the panel gags in their mouths, I was saddened that they couldn't see the way of the future. When they were all finally awake I decided to try a different approach as I didn't want to have to do this to them.

"Listen, I think you all just need some time to relax and re-think things, I know you are all hyped up or furious it looks like, but there is no need to turn your backs on me all of a sudden. I am nothing like Night I just want to advance Earth. I hope you will see that in near time so we can work together. Guards have them brought to the spa area in the research facility, I want them to relax their minds and think about what I am doing. I want a dungeon area setup for just the Mistresses as well, have Vanessa brought their and organize a large team with the other elite guards to capture the other Mistresses and bring them to the dungeon. Lexis come with me we have planning to do," I commanded.

While the guards carried out my orders and moved the others from the room I went over to pick up Jessica over my shoulder and carried her down the stairs. I just hoped the others saw things the way I did or I would have to keep them locked up like the rest. "Oh ya! I can take this stupid butt plug out, I'm sure it will come in use," I thought taking it out.

Change of Plans

This was the first time I actually got to see what was in this room. Turns out it was just two small prison cells with two cement blocks in each against the opposing walls. Each block had a metal D ring with a chain in front of the block and above it. It was good enough to be her new home along with three others. For now, I decided to sit her on the block, attach the D ring below to the brace on her ankles, and attach the D ring above to the shackles on her wrists. I left the room locking the cell and turning off the lights, she would remain here until I was ready to begin working on her.

"Lexis I've made my decisions about the changes I want to implement around her. I want them to be effective immediately," I asked.

"Of course Master. What are your orders?"

I like the ring of that actually. I want some serious changes to be done, Jessica's mistake was trying to get trust from fear. Instead of that we are going to get trust by having minds reprogrammed to do specific tasks.

First, I want my elite guards reprogrammed, wipe their minds and turn them into loyal and obedient guards. Second, once the Mistresses are retrieved, I want their slaves to become residents of the houses and become guard supervisors. I assume after being locked up and tortured they won't think twice about being loyal. If there are any problems I want them reprogrammed, but I suspect they will be fine. They will also work at the facilities continuing to design sex toys and devices to be sold on Earth. The slaves locked up in the facilities will remain for the experimentation of the new toys. I want them reprogrammed so they understand this is their purpose.

Third, I want the fifty slaves currently locked up in the dungeon to be distributed among the ten houses. They are already made to be maids and slaves so might as well let them keep their jobs. Now since Trisha was one of the slaves that means one house will be short a slave. Grab one of Victoria's team members and have her fill the gap, make her like the rest. Try to do it discreetly as well, I don't want the others to freak out. Actually, while you are at it, take the rest of her team member's as well, just fix them up like the other guards. Leave Kat, Trisha, and Victoria alone, maybe I can convince them somehow.

Now for the Mistresses, they are going to occupy the dungeon as my slaves. Since I own them I want three of them to have the hair color blue, the next three purple, the next three green, and the tenth one to be purple as well. Once that is done lock each of them up in the following metal slave gear: metal heels like the previous slaves, two braces for the thighs, one for the calves, a very tight red leather arm binder, Chasity bra and belt, I want them gagged with a pair of that liquid duplicating panties thing which I will coat with my cum shortly, and last a panel gag with a small phallus. I want their minds to be broken like they broke the minds of countless others. They will feel the taste of their own machines. Have them locked up until I decide what to do with them further. Oh, and have Mistress Pleasure and Mistress Pain locked up with Jessica, they need to pay for what they did to me.

Fifth, the scientists will continue their work and once they finish duplicating Xena's extract they will work on sex drugs and test them on their experimental subjects. Once Xena's extract is duplicated I want the milk plants to start service in the secret factory immediately. Ensure the machines are ready for them. I also want the scientist's minds and their slaves reprogrammed to their new purposes as well.

As for the trophies' I want them returned to their normal state and reprogrammed as the task to be maids to my new home. Have a house built for them to live in. They deserve revenge, every day they will have the chance to get revenge on Jessica by any punishment or pleasure means they deem necessary.

Lastly, I want a machine built just for my four slaves, I have yet to choose my fourth. Have it built so the occupier is stationed in a standing bent over position so her legs are parallel with the walls and her upper body is parallel with the floor. Her legs are to be spread wide while her arms are locked behind her back. I want thick heavy rubber braces secured at her ankles, calves, thighs, waist, wrists, elbows, and shoulders all attached to machine. This will guarantee she is completely immobile and can remain on the machines for very long periods of time while comfortable. I want metal suction cups big enough to effectively cover only the entirely of the nipples unlike the milk plant machines that cover the whole breast. They will remain on her breasts at all times. Have a large cock gag strapped to her head with a hose attached to the other end, this way she can constantly be forced to suck the cocktails she will be force fed. Have a mixture of Xena's extract and Pure Pleasure constantly pumped into her. While the cups are pumping I want a forked tube running directly to their gags. This will simulate swallowing cum, but with their milk. It's a good thing their stomachs are super absorbent so this will work out perfectly.

For the back of the machine have two holographic stations installed to high powered motors, I want them to cycle through every single vaginal, anal dildo, toy, and device she currently has so she gets the works. Needless to say, I want her blind folded as well. Once construction is completed have the old machines in the room removed to make room for the four new ones.

Jessica's schedule will be as follows each day: twelve hours she will remain on the machine, six hours will be allocated to anyone who wants to get revenge on her, and the last six hours she will either be locked up in her cell in my room, to the chair, or being used by me. At any point her holes are not being used, I want that special female Chasity belt and bra she bought for Kat on her, set to a punishing state of course. Have her gagged with the two pairs of panties she gagged me, with a very restrictive tape gag. The weekends will be her off days where she will be locked up in her cell in Chasity while being pleasured will no chance of orgasm. I think that will be suitable life for her.

"I will have all of that done as soon as possible Master. I think that is an excellent punishment for your slaves. I will also have the current machines removed to make the area dedicated just for her torment. I think a suitable name for the machine will be Jessica's torment, the next generation milk machine. I'm sure after swallowing thirteen gallons an hour they will be professional cum dumpsters for you Master. May I make one recommendation though Master?" Lexis asked.

"That is an excellent idea and name. Yes, let me hear your suggestion," I replied.

"Kat, Victoria, and Trisha don't seem to be pulling through, I have been monitoring their thoughts, and I think it might be best to have them reprogramed as well," Lexis recommended.

"Have the three of them brought to me now, I will consider that. Also, you said you can turn someone's mind back to what it was after being reprogrammed, correct Lexis?" I asked.

"Yes Master, I can, I will have them brought to you now," she told me.

One Last Chance

While I waited for my three guests to arrive, I cleaned out Jessica's closets to have all her stuff burned to make room for my new clothes and items. Hearing the ring of the elevator I walked over to the main area to see the three bound against the wall. Before the guards left I asked they replace their gags with the holographic ball gags set to the yellow setting.

"Trisha, Kat, Victoria, just so you know I have those gags in you to prevent you from yelling at me, when I want you to speak ill take off the gag, now please stop moaning furiously or I will set them to red where you can't speak. You know what, ball gags, silence them," I demanded.

I started to explain my plan again along with all the changes I decided to make, hoping to convince them that everything would be okay now. The second I removed their gags I had to shove them back in from the series of furious screams I encountered.

Trying to talk some sense into them I was cut off by Lexis walking past me with a holographic bullwhip. Without warning she began furiously whipping them with all her might. I let her momentarily, but asked her to stop after a few seconds.

"Let me continue Master, they need to be punished for yelling at you, the whip doesn't leave marks don't worry," she pleaded.

"I understand Lexis, but I don't think this will help me convince them," I told her.

"With all due respect Master, these three have not even considered your plans and want to take you down, they won't believe anything, expect the fact the collar has taken over your mind," she said trying to convince me.

"Listen all of you, the collar has not taken over my mind. If either of you were wearing it you would see things like I do, we have this once chance to advance....." I said before being cut off.

"Master, they won't budge, let me wipe their minds and make them become more suitable for us both," she said.

Looking at them I saw their eyes widen as they began to struggle in fear. Lexis was right, they wouldn't listen. Instead I had an idea though knowing Lexis could reverse their minds at any time.

"Actually, Lexis I have a better idea," I said with a grin on my face.

"Just say the word Master," Lexis replied.

"Have Kat brought over to the science facility. I want the scientists to be informed of her enhancements and find a way to remove them. I think that enhancement can be sold at a very costly price to the right people. I want ten guards dedicated to watching her at all times, and have her under very heavy restraint at all times as well. If she needs to be removed of all restraints have her put under first. Afterwards, when she is unenhanced I want her as our personal assistance, reprogram her then she can start her new duties," I ordered of her.

"I am sending a team to transport her immediately Master. What is the plan for Trisha?" she replied.

"Trisha, I need to be honest with you, your dominant nature has always attracted and aroused me a lot, but not for the reason of wanting to be submissive to you. Have her fill the other cell, she will be my fourth personal slave alongside Jessica, Pleasure and pain. Purchase three more of those advanced Chasity belts and bras. Trisha I'm sorry, I gave you a chance, but I'm actually pretty happy you decided to be like this, now I can fulfill my fantasy of having you broken by me to a submissive slave," I told her with a wicked grin. Have her locked up in the cell, and as for Victoria throw her in the dungeon with the other eight Mistresses. I'm going to go get some clothes, shower, and make a few arrangements before I start having fun," I said to them all.

"Consider it done Master," Lexis replied.

Turning around I didn't think twice about what I just ordered as I knew it was for the best. After my plans were completed I would have them back to normal, before the return to Earth. I still didn't understand why they thought the collar was taking over my mind though, I felt better than ever.

Jessica And Trisha With Pain And Pleasure

Very pleased at the hair color change of my new slaves I couldn't get over how good they all looked. Especially slave Victoria. I had admired them long enough though, my four slaves were waiting for me. Leaving the room I pressed a button on a side panel as they all began to lower into the rectangular cells in the ground. I figured for the first few days I would have them punished lightly.

Each were hanging by their ankle braces with their hands behind their backs to a pulley system on the ceiling with a rectangular metal hole beneath them. The hole was large enough to keep them hanging inside with their heads a few inches above the ground. Once they were fully inside, a panel fitted with a slot for the chain holding their ankles sealed over the entrance's opening, cutting off all light. A watered down version of Jessica's lust gas was pumped through vents in the hole filling it. This would allow them to constantly breathe in the gas with no chance of satisfying their lustful desires because of the Chasity belt and bra along with the way they were restrained. I figured a few days or maybe a week like this would shape them up.

As for Jessica, Trisha, Vanessa, and Natalia who I found out was Mistress Pain's actual name, were bound in a separate room hanging beside each other. Their wrists were bound to shackles with a chain hooked to a pulley system on the ceiling while their ankles were hooked up in a similar manner to the floor without any pulleys. They were a good twelve inches off the floor hanging in midair by the chains to their wrists and ankles. The pulleys on the ceiling were purposely moved a foot ahead of the D ring panels connecting their chains on the floor so their bodies were at an angle. The reason was because I told Lexis to have them crotch tied, where the back end of the holographic rope that ran up their assholes was connected to a pulley on the ceiling behind their backs. Lexis even took it a step further by customizing the rope to have small lumps sticking out of it. In addition, she tied another rope around their waists and ran the crotch rope through it to have it dig much deeper into their asses.

Entering the room I saw the gorgeous looking Lexis waiting for me, holographic bullwhip in hand. I pulled mine out as I began whipping Jessica and Trisha while she whipped Vanessa and Natalia. Soon enough we were welcomed by their moans through their balls gags. I thought it would be much more pleasing hearing them moan as opposed to just the sound of the whip cracking. I figured fifteen minutes of straight hard whipping was enough before we dropped the whips.

"May I activate the crotch pulley Master?" Lexis asked.

Nodding my head I watched as the pulley turned on starting to retract the rope causing the four of them to be lifted by their back ends. Inch by inch they started moaning furiously. I could tell they were shocked by the sudden digging as their eyelids were twitching while widened.

"I think three inches is enough Lexis. Turn off the pulley," I ordered.

"Master, they will be fine I think you are forgetting how enhanced Xena's extract makes the body. Just four more inches. There we go excellent," she said finishing.

"You are right, I forgot. Let's continue whipping," I replied.

Seeing them trying to hold their bodies up to relieve the rope it only became futile once we began whipping again. With every hit they were forced to squirm, which usually resulted in their muscle's release as they sunk down deeper into the rope. They were practically bouncing up and down on it.

"Alright Mistress activate the automatic whipping machine, let's leave them here to enjoy some quality time together for a few hours," I said.

"Of course Master. Also we forgot to use the nipple clamps attached to the pulley system," Lexis reminded me.

"Set them up real quick. Don't want to put it to waste and have it slowly tug in an out," I said.

Before we leave, I wanted to explain to you my ingenious plan Jessica. You see when I was with Vanessa I told her that Lexis wasn't actually reporting thoughts of treason, that's how I convinced her to find Victoria and release her. The others you had locked up with her were just bonuses. Vanessa was never in her house when the lockdown was initiated. Truthfully, I have no idea where she was. From there once your guards opened your trophy room's glass dome they all repelled up, invisible of course. They took down your guards then released me and Kat, once the guards were cleared out in the room of course. Next I was brought to the room you held Lexis in, once I escaped with her everyone turned out to be gone. In an attempt to look for them I found Kat where we headed to your armory.

Getting there Trisha and her guards intercepted us, Lexis hacked their collars and we took them down. Piling them up in armory I told Lexis to fix Trisha's mind so she would come back to normal. Kat grabbed your special weapon, released the team Trisha captured then they all turned invisible and hid out in your room.

After explaining everything to Trisha I released her then I went to get Vanessa's attention. Once I was cornered by Vanessa who was posing to be on your side with your guards, Trisha stepped in with her team. Since you put Trisha in charge and she wasn't actually mind slaved by you anymore she detained Vanessa, Kat, and I, making it look like she sorted everything out.

When you got back you believed everything Trisha said, then once we got to your room, all of us were there waiting for you to activate the A.I system. Once you did that I think you know what happened next. After knocking you out I put on the collar to take your place. Luckily, you were too occupied to notice I wasn't squirming when I should have been from the ring. That part I completely forgot about. Anyways, enjoy the crotch tie you worthless slave.

A Friendly Competition

A few hours passed before I decided to get the guards to set the four of them up on the restriction machines I ordered to be placed on the balcony. The machines simply kept their legs spread wide while their necks were chained to the floor, leaving their faces a few inches above. Their arms were locked to the machine in place behind their back ensuring they were immobile. Lexis thought it would be a good idea to have the balcony as our private play room for using them, to which I agreed.

"So what is this idea you had Lexis?" I asked.

"I thought we would play a game Master to test them. It's quite simple. I am curious to see the limits of each of them so I thought we would run a test. First, I want to test the capacity of their cunts, then their asses. Let's see who can hold more vaginal beads and anal beads," she replied.

"Very interesting, I am guessing we stop when it's physically impossible to put another in?" I questioned.

"Well you can force it, but if you can't force it that will be the limit. Let's start!" Lexis said excited.

Intrigued by her experiment I grabbed a hand full of vaginal beads on the table next to Jessica and began inserting them into her one by one while Lexis did the same with Trisha. It only took me a few seconds to get hard while doing this. I set the ring to sheath then have it stroke me off to take care of it. I managed to get fifteen beads before I had to start forcing them into Jessica. Right went I hit twenty two I couldn't force another.

"Grab a piece of holographic tape on the table and place it over her, it will hold them in without any problems," Lexis said.

"Alright, well I got twenty two in Jessica. How many did you get in Trisha?" I asked.

"I only managed to get seventeen. Looks like Jessica won this one. Now for the anal beads," she said.

Taking a hold of the very long length of anal beads I was shocked as it must have been fifty or so beads in length! At this point their moans became annoying, I commanded the gag to the silence setting on all of them before continuing the insertion. I managed to get twenty seven before I started having problems, and had to start forcing them in. Once I hit thirty one I grabbed another piece placing it over her asshole.

"Thirty one on Jessica Lexis," I said.

"Forty on Trisha," she replied.

"FORTY!? My goodness," I said shocked.

"Ya, I bet you didn't know she hated anal but once Jessica introduced her to it, well, she really, and I mean really enjoyed it. She prefers it over everything else," she told me.

"Watch this Master. Vaginal and anal beads, turn on, balls gags release," Lexis ordered.

The second she ordered this command screams of pain and pleasure flooded the room. I didn't blame them though, having that many beads simultaneously vibrate in sync must have been excruciating. The fact that it literally turned their rear ends into vibrators on their own indicated how powerful the beads were. Turns out after doing the test on the other two, Natalia was the anal and vaginal whore beating Vanessa by a long shot. Needless to say I assured her limit was far bypassed when I put them into Natalia just for a little revenge.

"Let's go Master, a few hours like this will be good," Lexis said.

"Are you sure they will be okay?" I asked.

"Do I need to remind you Jessica planned on keeping that ring on the highest pleasure settings for two weeks straight with no chance of cumming? Do I have to remind you what Vanessa and Natalia did to you? They should be thankful they are allowed to orgasm," she remarked.

"You are right Mistress, I don't know what I was thinking," I said shaking my head.

"It's okay you are just getting back at her. Shall we check on the other slaves in the meantime?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied.

"Oh and one last thing Master, that special pill you requested is on your dresser. It will effectively combine your semen with Pure Ecstasy. Once you release in one of your slaves their body with absorb it then become addicted to your substance. They will crave it after a few days, and the longer they don't receive it, the more potent the crave will become," she notified to me.

"Excellent, we will begin tomorrow immediately," I said.

Leaving the balcony as the four endured the extreme vibrations I started to remember what Jessica planned for me. This is what she deserved. Trisha didn't deserve it, but she is a slave now, she should start getting used to it.

Calling it a day, Lexis issued the slaves to be locked up in their cells to which I refused. Instead I had a better idea, seeing that the new machines were already installed I ordered the guards to place the four slaves on it. I told Lexis they would remain on it overnight. She didn't refuse this suggestion and actually thought it was a much better idea. "I can't believe the productivity here, this machine which I gave vague instructions on its criteria was built before the day ended!" I thought amazed. Even though I knew I didn't need to sleep, I decided to anyway, just to pass the time. It should give the slaves a few hours of trial on the new machines, they really needed to get used to them.


Waking up, I got out of bed and headed straight to the machines to turn them off. Flicking the switch I analyzed the slaves closely realizing their entire bodies were drenched in sweat; they didn't look conscious either. I was pleased with these results after ten hours.

"Lexis! Get over here, today is the day!" I told her.

"What would you like me to do Master?" she replied.

"Go grab two metal leg spreaders, four arm binders, four huge ring gags, and one holographic strap on, and place them on the bed," I said.

Doing as instructed she came back to the bed with the items. Using the restraints we began binding them until fully restricted. Lexis fastened the strap-on to herself making it identical to my cock. Next we attached each leg spreader to a separate chain running down from the ceiling effectively holding their legs being spread as wide as possible, with their backs flat on the bed.

"Which one do you want Master. I assume Trisha?" Lexis asked.

"I'll take Jessica. This will be one of her ultimate punishments, I've always wanted to fuck a lesbian. One second, just adjusting the setting of the ring. Alright ready," I replied adjusting the ring with the settings: Pleasure: Vibration, Intensity: Extreme, Orgasm Type: Thick Cum Stream, Orgasm Power: Explosive, Lubricate: Fully, with max cock and girth size.

"On three, trust as hard as you can, and don't worry about exploding inside them, the modifications are already in effect, in a few days' time they will crave and start to need your cock to satisfy a basic need once seeded," she said.

Crawling up close to Jessica I stared at her face waiting to see the reaction I'll get when she realizes I'm fucking her. I didn't want to waste any asset of hers, I was going to destroy her dignity completely.

I placed my arms between her legs, grabbing each massive breast while I prodded my head against her sex. I wasn't on my knees though, rather I was partially standing up so I could use my body weight to plow into her. My intentions were to fill her holes up completely, I wanted to humiliate her the best I could. I wonder if she knew when the ring was set to vibrate she would feel it just as much as me. I'm sure the feeling of getting stretched instantly would be enough to wake her.

Trisha got into the same position then counting down from three we both shoved our lengths inside them immediately springing them to life. By plowing down all my weight into her I literally felt like I was digging a hole with my cock. I hit her end instantly, and still had seven inches left over. Simultaneously, I was squeezing, slapping, pinching, and forcefully grabbing her hardened nipples and tits while angling my body into her to get the best leverage.

Jessica's face was priceless. I have never seen someone look so shocked in their entire life. Her eyes were wide open, she was sweating instantly, and her moans were nothing but concealed anger and disgust. Seeing that just motivated me to penetrate her even harder to get deeper past her capacity. She deserved this, especially after what she was going to do to me.


Penetrating and thrusting even harder now, I watched my cock sink into her managing to get eleven inches inside before it seemed like I wasn't able to go further. Turning my head to Lexis, it seemed like she was really enjoying ramming Trisha, with even more enthusiasm then I had.

"Master, trust harder inside her, her enhanced body will adapt her holes to your cock, stretch her as far as you need! HAHAAHA MASTER THIS IS WONDERFUL!" Lexis screamed in pleasure.

Hearing this information put a wild grin on my face. Looking back at Jessica, her face had the "please don't I can't handle this anymore", look. I didn't care though, this bitch needed to pay. Another few minutes of digging for gold passed until I managed to slip another two inches inside her soaking wet cunt causing her stomach to slightly bulge. This was so unbelievably hot, I exploded instantly feeling a massive torrent of my cum flood her. She was defeated, her moans became cries of pain rather than anger and I knew this was her breaking point. "Don't worry, your body will absorb it then in a few days' time you will become an addict to my sex. Trust me, all your dignity will be gone so you can be an obedient cum dumpster slut, and your precious pussy will be fine, it will tighten again so you can never completely adapt to my length," I said to her with a cocky tone.

After another ten minutes or so of continued fucking, I actually got all fifteen inches inside her. I didn't know why,, but it was so hot to see her abdomen bulge out a few inches because that was the only way her body could adapt to my length. Moments later, I came inside her once again watching my cum try to find its way out.

Next was her asshole, my favorite part. Unlike her pussy, her extremely tight ass took a great deal of effort to penetrate. Her sphincter was like trying to spread a tightened vice, which is why I decided not to go in dry. I actually had to get Lexis to stop fucking Trisha for a second so she could push down on my lower back to get that extra power until my head finally found its way in. Jessica couldn't take this, she struggled, moaned, and jerked around like a wild animal. Little did she know how much it was turning me on, so I decided to tell her, "Jessica you are such a great toy, please keep squirming around, it's so motivating to fuck you!"

Now completely on my feet, I took my hands off her breasts and placed them on her hips as I left gravity do its work from there. Inch by inch my cock was slowly filling her cavity until I was eight inches deep. Unfortunately, this was the maximum I could go, Jessica needed to get used to this over time, and she was just too small and tight for my length. Working with what I had it was only shortly after until I released inside her ass. She was not enjoying this at all, I could tell all she felt was pain. "I hope you are enjoying this toy, you should really get used to this, and did I mention how much I love face fucking red heads?" I told her while pulling out of her ass.

Getting off the bed I moved to the other end of it stroking my cock right above Jessica's face as she kept wildly jerking her head from side to side. "I got about two orgasms left in me for you Jessica, guess where I am going to deposit?" I asked while grabbing her neck with my left hand and a chunk of her hair with my right to straighten and tilt her head back. "Oh and Lexis would you mind doing me a favor and leaving Trisha's ass for me? While I face fuck this slave could you continue working her ass please?" I asked Lexis as she smiled and moved over to Jessica.

In sync, Lexis plowed herself into Jessica's already loosened ass while I shoved my length down her throat moving my hands to each side of her head to keep it straight. After getting a few inches inside her mouth, I moved my cock from side to side looking at her cheeks bulge before I started wildly thrusting down her throat. Her eyes stretched and twitched while she tried jerking her body to no avail.

Slowly pushing in I watched her throat start to bulge before releasing another massive hot sticky load directly into her. I decided to be merciful by stopping when I got nine inches inside her mouth, I could have went farther, but I didn't want her to pass out. I stayed in this position for a few minutes letting her feel my throbbing length invade her throat before pulling out. I decided to finish her off by stroking myself until orgasm on her chest, completely drenching her tits with my last load for her.

"Time to switch Master," Lexis said.

"Well Trisha, it's your turn," I said pulling out her gag.

"Mike please, take off the collar, do you not see what it's ... MHMMHMHM" is all she got to say before I put the gag back on and shoved ten inches down her throat with all my might then releasing another orgasm. I was actually quite glad I had this ring, it was quite amazing. "Sorry, I couldn't get that, you seem to have something stopping you from speaking Trish," I said laughing before moving to her asshole. "So I heard you like anal? Let's see how much you can take!" I said as I brutally shoved myself into her ass initially getting eight inches inside her.

I couldn't believe I was inside Trisha, I thought this day wasn't possible, the proud Dominatrix being my boss was taking my length in her ass and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Penetrating, pushing, and thrusting with so much energy and motivation I actually got twelve inches deep before I couldn't go further. At this point thrusting was almost impossible, I just leaned my weight down into her until I exploded again.

Finishing off with her cunt, I finally ran out of stamina and couldn't continue. Once Lexis was done having fun with Jessica, I had a feeling they probably couldn't walk. I closed my eyes for a second until the door to the bedroom opened and in came Lexis with Natalia and Vanessa.

"Master, the job isn't done," Lexis said.

"I'm exhausted, let's wait a few hours," I replied as Lexis suddenly forced my mouth opened and made me swallow a pill.

"There now you should be good," Lexis said.

I didn't even think twice about what it was, it was pure ecstasy. Now what surprised me was what Lexis did after feeding me that pill. She actually pushed Jessica and Trisha off the bed after detaching the leg spreader cuffs then mounted Vanessa and Natalia. I looked over my side of the bed to see Jessica's ass and pussy drain out my cum while unconscious. That was the kick starter that put me in gear to seed the next pair. Placing my hands on Natalia's tits and prodding my head against her pussy the process started all over again.

Turns out it was actually more satisfying to humiliate good old Mistress Pain then Jessica. She really, really, really was a fighter and shockingly after being fucked for an hour a piece by Lexis and I, she still didn't seem broken or tired while I was exhausted! As for Vanessa, she broke after fifteen minutes, she was used to sex that was actually pleasure, but what we were giving was anything but that.

"The job is done Master, it's only a matter of time before they break to your will. What are your next orders?" Lexis asked.

"Now that they are seeded, I have plans for them," I replied.

The Dominatrix's Fates

Slaves Vanessa will spend a week straight in my dungeon in a special room with her Filling Machine. She is to constantly be force fed Pure Ecstasy and her own milk to keep her fully conscious. After the week is over her ex-slaves will get one entire day to do as they wish for revenge. I also want her contributing to the economy, have her spend a week being a milk plant. Then she is to be brought back here and locked up in her cell until you detect she is completely broken and fully submissive.

Slave Natalia is to spend the next two days being tortured on the machine Jessica used on day two of training her slaves. I have a feeling that won't be enough to break this sadistic bitch so after that I want her ex-slaves coordinating punishments she used to break them for five days. As with Vanessa, she is to contribute to the economy by spending two weeks being a milk plant. Then regardless if she breaks or not I want her to spend another week locked in the Chamber Of Forgotten Slaves in her own personal cell leashed to the wall by the Chasity Plug I left on the dresser. I want it set to extreme punishment every other hour. Ensure she is in an arm binder, I don't even want her to attempt to remove it even though she can't. Finally, bring her back here and lock her in the same cell as Vanessa. I'm sure she will be begging to suck my cock after all that.

Now before slave Jessica's life schedule is in effect, have her placed on her drilling machine for five days straight. I want her degraded to nothing but a slut. You are to personally monitor her then after the five days are up I want you to get your revenge on her until you are satisfied. Like the other two I want her to be a milk plant not for a week, but for a month. I mean, the person who created these machines should thoroughly test them before they are in use, but better late than never I guess. I would make it a year, but there is so much more we can do with her. Once all that is done bring her back to her cell so she can have some time to think about what she's done.

As for Trisha, have her locked up to the restraint system already on the balcony, I want perfect access to her asshole and gag her with a bit gag. Since she doesn't deserve anything the others did I have something special for her in mind. I want all of this effective immediately Lexis.

The Balcony (Trisha's Perspective)

I can't believe this all happened, we had our chance of escape then he turned into a monster. Why can't he see what he is doing right now is nothing better then what Jessica was doing! It's that fucking collar, he needs to take it off! This is my last chance to try and convince him, I can't mentally or physically take much more of his horrid ways. It was already humiliating enough that he fucked and came in every single one of my holes and on my body, but it seems like it still wasn't enough! Why, why am I craving his cum already, no, no I don't want this, I am a dominant, I need to convince him, I really need to.

Wait a minute, I think if I remind him of what I did back in the game he will snap out of it. It's my only chance, shit there he is, please Mike ungag me. Oh no, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT! No, it can't be, please don't tell me that's what I think it is.

Trisha! You need to hear this, you won't believe what Lexis just told me. Turns out this all started with Lexis running away from her home planet and stumbled on Earth. Her race is just females like her attracted to powerful individuals to serve unconditionally, she determined Jessica was the most determined dominatrix in the world and pretty much gave her the blueprints on space travel then they started this place together from the ground up. Can you believe that?

Now Trisha I'm here to give you one more chance, I really don't want to have to use this device on you, Lexis calls it the anal pounder. As you can see it's a metal reverse strap-on with this enormous steel dildo with the purpose of well I think you can guess. It's special because it's pretty much an automatic sling shot, it slowly pulls back the dildo the releases with a great amount of force. Lexis told me after a few hours on it your body will adapt to the constant pounding and I'll be able to fit my entire length in you! Trisha, please I don't want to have to use this on you, I am going to remove your gag, and I want you to explain your perspective just to be fair.

"Mike! Please, I am at your will, I just want to say one thing. Remember back in the games where you saved me and my team found you? We helped each other out. Then we took down Jessica by tricking her as a team Mike. Remember when that women saved you by jumping in front of Jessica's taser shot, she did that because we were a team. I have thought about your perspective and if you release me I will agree to your terms as part of a team. I just need to know one thing Mike: are you doing all this because you want to or because Lexis wants you to? Is your dominant nature taking over you because you or Lexis is allowing it?"I asked him.

"Well, don't you think justice needs to be served? After what Natalia, Vanessa, Victoria, and Jessica did to me I believe they had this coming. Lexis isn't controlling me she just reminded me of what they were going to do to me is all. She told me if we go through with this processing plan in a year's time we can advanced the Earth to the future and everyone can be turned back to normal," he replied.

"Okay Mike, they deserved it sure, but what about everyone else who is innocent and was subjected to this against their will? What about them? Don't you think everything we have here is enough to advance the planet?" I remarked.

"Well I mean, I guess, but Lexis said if we ..."

"See there you go, Lexis said this, Lexis said that, how about you think for yourself!" I exclaimed.

"Alright, I guess you make a point, I just didn't see it like that, and I was more caught up in revenge and pleasure than anything else I guess," he replied.

"You know what they say about revenge Mike, you have to dig two graves, now please get me off this thing so we can make things right? AHAHAHAHAHAHGRRFUCCK"

"Ignore her Master, I guess a side effect of your seed is verbal miscommunication. Remember slaves don't get to talk until fully submissive? Don't worry let me just fasten this gag back on her and lock in the ass pounder; there we go, she is all set. It will be nice to fit your entire length in her after this Master. Now I have a surprise for you in the bedroom, I want to show you what I can do," Lexis said.

"Well I think I changed my mind about a few things, Trisha said she would....."

"Miscommunication Master, I read her mind she was talking nonsense. I guess your seed has adverse effects, I'll have to look into it. Oh, by the way did you know slave Trisha has two identical twin sisters? It won't be hard to find them, they would make a fine addition to your collection, don't you think?"


We got them Head Mistress Lexis, requesting transportation to extraction point delta, ETA three hours, on route now, you two will make an excellent addition to Head Mistresses collection. Taking down one hundred elites during an abduction is unheard of. Regardless we always collect.

WHAT THE BZZZZ AHAHA Shhhhh, become one with the ropes.

So that's where you're hiding Lexis, it was only a matter of time before I found you. You two, Ava and Deanna if you wish to find your sister you will follow my orders without question. The one who has her held captive is our planet's most wanted threat. Now stop pretending like the ropes are still tied and get off your asses. The hunt has only begun Lexis.

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