Gag Sentence
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Chapter 1

I made a big mistake, a BIG mistake. I thought it would be over quicker and so it would be easier. Wrong. How hard could it be? Oh my God! I had eight more days and after one day, actually 8 hours, I thought I was going to die. Let me explain...

In 2033 the crime rate was sky high. The prisons were overflowing. So a law was passed that gave convicted criminals a choice, do much longer time than in the past or do much shorter time in a correctional facility where you would be punished during your sentence. The punishment was in keeping with your crime. For example, my crime was perjury; I was to be punished for speaking falsely so I was to be punished by being gagged. You don't even want to know the punishment for prostitution, holy shit. Anyway I chose the punishment facility; I figured how hard could a gag be? This is my story of my first day.

After I was found guilty and my sentence choice was made I was led directly from the courtroom and driven in a police van to the punishment facility. I was chained at the ankles and the standard waist strap and handcuffs and I also was gagged with a giant red rubber ballgag. It seemed pretty silly, where was I going? Why the heavy chains and the gag? Once I arrived at the facility I hobbled all the way to the new prisoner receiving area where a tall sober looking man with dark hair greeted me.

"Hello Ms. Thompson, I'm Mr. Carson. Welcome to women's punishment facility 8302." He said cordially "From here you be taken directly to your punishment cell to begin your punishment. Once you are finished being restrained you will be left for 8 hours, which is the duration of your particular punishment. You will have no contact with anyone during your punishment. Once the 8 hours are complete you will be released from your restraints and allowed to recover until the next morning. This process will be repeated, let me see..." he paused to consult a folder. " times. One week, then you will be released. Do you understand your sentence Ms. Thompson? Nod if you understand"

I nodded yes I did understand.

"Good. If you will please follow me Ms. Thompson"

As I followed him down the wide almost antiseptic hallway, I could hear distant screams and although I could just barely hear it, was the pleading voice of a woman begging for release "Please please let me go. I want to go to prison. I don't care for how long just please stop. Please stop. I can't take any more" I had my first second thought about my choice.

The cell was small only about 6x6 feet with a tall ceiling. Not much was in the clean white washed cell only a table with a pile of restraint equipment, a small mattress in the corner and a chain hanging from the ceiling with a pulley on the end. Overhead fluorescent lighting gave the room a cold clinical feel. No windows, one door with a small glass window and a large digital clock above the door set to 8:00:00.

"Stand in the center of the room under the pulley please Ms. Thompson." He said wasting no time and getting straight to work

As I moved to the center of the room Mr. Carson said "Before we begin Ms. Thompson I need to make you aware of a few rules. You must obey any and all commands from the punishment officers without hesitation or resistance. You will remain silent unless you are asked a direct question from a punishment officer. Any infraction of these rules will result in an extra day of punishment for each infraction. Nod if you understand these rules Ms. Thompson?"

Again I nodded yes.

"Good. Let's get started."

He went to the table and got a large red ballgag. This ballgag was 2 inches in diameter with a thick well-worn black leather strap. The ball had a thin tube that ran through the center, the tube wound ensure that I would be able to breathe while gagged should my nose become clogged. He now removed the ballgag I had worn since I left the courtroom hours ago and a torrent of drool poured out of my mouth.

"Open your mouth Ms. Thompson, wide." He said firmly. He then shoved the even bigger ball gag in my mouth.


He had to work pretty hard to get the ball behind my teeth. I was worried that my mouth couldn't stretch to accommodate such a large ball. After struggling for quite a while the ball finally forced my jaw to extend wide enough to accept the massive hunk of rubber. I instantly began to try and push the enormous ball out of my mouth with my tongue. Nothing. It didn't budge at all. Even if I had the use of my hands I would have to work hard to get the giant ball out of my mouth, without my hands, no way. I groaned and tried to pull my head away.

"Remember the rules Ms. Thompson. This is your only warning." He said sternly. I immediately stop struggling.

To make certain the ball was not coming out he fed the end of the strap that ran through the ball through the buckle at the back of my neck and began to pull. He placed his free hand on the side of my head for leverage and pulled the strap tight. This forced the giant ball deeper into my mouth. The strap was tight enough to keep me from spitting the ball out of my mouth but he planned to make this gag as tight as tight as possible and very painful so he pulled the strap a couple of notches tighter. I understood why they called it a gag, I began to involuntarily choke. I retched and gagged and tried in vain to push the giant ball out of my mouth. The leather strap dug painfully into my cheeks, it was going to leave a mark for sure. Now the gag was wedged so tightly in my mouth that I couldn't move my jaw at all. My lips were stretched to their limit. My jaw immediately began to ache which was as good as it was going to feel for quite a long time. Then he locked the strap with a small padlock to make sure it wasn't coming off without the key. My ability to speak or beg was now lost and I was still retching constantly.

"Please remove all of your clothing including your underwear Ms. Thompson. He said calmly


And shook my head wildly.

"That will be one more day Ms. Thompson." He said and I instantly calmed down and began to get undressed.

Once I was fully naked he again went to the table and got a large roll of 2-inch wide stretchy black electrical tape, pair of scissors and a plastic bag. My face was quite distorted from the tightness of the gag but it wasn't going to be visible for long. He pulled the clear plastic bag over my head and quickly snipped two small holes in the front of the bag and guided my nose and the tube sticking out of the ballgag through the holes so I would be able to breathe through my nose and the ballgag tube.

"The bag is so the tape won't stick to your hair. Without the bag the tape is quite painful to remove I can assure you."

He placed the end of the roll of tape on the ball and began to wrap the tape around my head covering the ballgag and my lower face completely. Each turn around my head was pulled as tight as the tape would allow, just before the breaking point. Actually the tape did break a few times due to the severity of the wrapping he was giving the lower half of my face, but he would make an annoyed groan and just start again. He was careful to avoid taping over the thin breathing tube; I was to be punished not suffocated. Since the tape was so stretchy each layer made the wrapping that much tighter. Layer after layer of tape sealed the ballgag in my mouth as well as forcing it deeper down my throat. I was now gagging almost uncontrollably.

"You need to try to calm down and get control of your gag reflex or you'll be in for quite a long day Ms. Thompson." He said thoughtfully

I begged him with my tear filled eyes to stop but his only answer was to add yet another layer to my already intolerable gag. This layer he wrapped under my chin and up over my head crushing the huge ball between my teeth. Over and over he wrapped the tape and pulled each layer as tight as he could. My eyes were red and watering, my cheeks bulged over the cruel wrapping and my face that was left showing was quite red from the tight pressure of the wrapping. My jaw was clamped down on the ball with incredible pressure. As I pleaded with him to stop he just continued the wrapping, it seemed he was going to completely cover my head in tape. So he began the slow task of finishing the tape hood. Several pieces of tape pulled as tight as possible from the side of my head down to the other side of my neck crossed my severely gagged mouth. He wrapped a few turns of tape around my forehead next. Next he took strip after strip of tape and made his way over the top of my head all the way down to the back of my neck. Lastly he wrapped tape around my neck all the way down to the bottom of my neck, not too tight, just enough to finish the job. My head was now totally covered in shiny black tape, only my eyes and nose were visible. I was utterly and completely terrified.

"Hold still now while I fit this over your head Ms. Thompson." He said as he raised a black leather discipline hood up to my head.

I shook my head violently in protest when I realized what he planned to do. My eyes were wide with fear. I had never seen a discipline hood before but I had a good idea that having that on my head over the ballgag and tape that was currently causing me such discomfort was going to be horrific. I screamed unconcerned about more punishment time I just knew I couldn't let that hood go on my head


"That will be one more day Ms. Thompson. Be still or you'll get another one."

I stopped screaming immediately, and he simply continued as if nothing happened, my terror however continued and I began to whimper like a frightened dog.

"I understand your reluctance to have me put this hood over your head. I really do Ms. Thompson. I have used this hood hundreds of times and no one has ever thought it was anything but horrible. I have been told that in just a few minutes it becomes completely unbearable when worn with no gag at all. It will cause you to feel extremely claustrophobic which will only increase your panic and suffering. So with that gag you have in your mouth now... well...this was your choice." He said unapologetically

The hood was a horrible device. It was made of soft pliable black leather with openings for the eyes, a small hole for the breathing tube and two small holes for the nose. It had laces that ran all the way from the top of the skull to the base of neck to maximize tightness. The black leather was soft, supple and well worn. Many people over the years must have suffered the terrors and pain of the cruel device. It was where screams went to die. With the laces already loosened it was easy for him to pull the hood over my already severely gagged head. Once the hood was correctly situated he began the lacing process. He starting at the top and pulled every lace as tight as he could smoothing out the wrinkles as he went to ensure the tightest fit possible. As each lace was tightened the hood became tighter and tighter. Once he got down to the bottom he began again at the top pulling the laces tighter. He repeated this process three times. Once the lacing was finished and the laces were pulled as tight as he could make them he tied the laces at the bottom. When he was done my head was tightly covered in black leather and only my panic filled eyes could be seen. With the hood tightly laced up it literally crushed my head from all sides. The outline of the giant ballgag was clearly visible due to the tightness of the hood, you could see my jaw muscles working involuntarily to try and expel the gag. The tight layers of the gag were crushing my head from all sides causing my head to pound. The blood rushing in my ears was unbelievably loud. Saliva was now running freely down my throat due to my inability to swallow, which was causing me to continue to retch reflexively.

Unable to beg aloud I begged him in my head. "Oh God please stop this please, please! I can't stand it I can't take this any more it's too much. I'll do anything you want, please stop! Please stop this is too much I can't take it! It's too much. Please stop!" But I now saw it was only going to get worse. "Oh no more please! I change my mind I'll do the longer time. Please stop. What's that? No no please"

He now applied a stiff leather harness over the hood which consisted of several wide straps that were designed to further torture my poor gagged mouth, the harness served no purpose other than to increase my suffering. I was already incapable of making any noise louder than a faint cry for mercy. The first strap ran under my chin and up over my head. He fed the end of the strap through the buckle grabbed the end of the strap with both hands and pulled. He pulled so hard that he nearly lifted me off the ground and then he buckled it in place. I grunted at the addition pain. Next came the cruelest strap, the stiff wide mouth strap. Once fully tightened this strap would crush my lips even more and force the ball even further into my mouth. Again once the strap was ready to tighten he placed his hand on the back of my head with his arm straight so he could get the most leverage and he pulled the strap tighter and tighter until I screamed in agony.

MMMMMMMMMMMNNNGGGGPPPHH!!! No stop! Please oh please I can't take this...

"I know Ms. Thompson it hurts. There is one last strap."

Lastly a strap that went around my forehead that kept the chinstrap from slipping. This strap was also pulled as tight as he could make it but thankfully it didn't really effect my gag that much. All of the harness straps were then locked in place with small padlocks.

My panic rose to a new level. The constant screaming inside my head was deafening but outside my tape and tight leather head bondage the room only heard the faint muffled sounds of a woman in the midst of a wild panic. I felt an aching sensation run through my body and to my head; it was excruciating. It was pain like I had never experienced before. At the moment, I wanted to just grab my head and scream "stop the pain!" but I couldn't even use my hands at all, I was completely helpless against the pain I felt. All I could do was endure the pain and try to stop the panic running rampant through my mind.

My head was pounding form the incredible pressure of the severe gagging. It felt like my head was being crushed in a vice from all directions. My jaw was already cramping and now my gag reflex was nearly out of control. I prayed that eventually my throat would relax but for now I would have to suffer through the terrible gagging.

Stop stop stop... No more please... I can't breathe I can't breathe please take it off please... It hurts too much! Somebody please help me!

To complete my head bondage he fastened a stiff leather collar around my neck, which in combination with the rest of the gagging would make breathing even more difficult than it already was. The collar was about 5-inches in the front, which would keep my head up, and about 2 inches or so in the back where it buckled. He placed the collar around my tape-covered neck and pulled it tight and buckled it in place. Not convinced the collar was tight enough he tightened it one more notch to further restricting my breathing. I was forced to breathe in long slow drawn in breaths to get enough air. He now fit a small padlock on the collar making sure that the hood was not coming off without the proper key.

I again pleaded with my red tear-stained eyes to Mr. Carson. I screamed with all my strength in an attempt to get him to release me from the hellish gag, but he only heard a very faint muffled squeal.

"There. The gag is done. I know it is pretty intense Ms. Thompson but this is the price you chose to pay for your crime." He then reached up and tied a rope to a ring at the top of the hood. He fed the rope through the pulley and tied the other end back to the ring in the hood for now. This effectively kept me in place.

Mr. Carson then removed all of my chains that I had worn from the courtroom. I was only bound from the head up, but that was about to change. He buckled thick leather wrist cuffs around both wrist and locked them on with small padlocks. He now untied one end of the rope attached to the ring at the top of the awful hood. He fed the end of the rope through the steel ring on each of the wrist cuffs. What he did next was truly sadistic. He pulled both wrists behind my back and folded them up toward the base of my neck. Instant pain in my shoulders and arms. He then began to pull upwards on the rope. The pain seemed to double, but he continued to pull. Once my wrists were almost touching my neck and I was up on my tiptoes he tied the rope off. Since the rope was fed through the pulley and connected to the top of my hood, it forced my head up and increased the tension on the already unthinkably cruel gag. Any movement downward movement of my arms, there was no way I could move them up, increased the tension on my gag.

I was frantically squirming now and screaming wildly into the sadistic multi-layered gag, my painfully distended jaw working futilely to dislodge the gag, muffled grunts were the only sound that escaped my throat.

"I know what that must feel like Ms. Thompson, I have done this many, many times to hundreds of women, but I am not done yet, so calm down so I can get back to work. Or do you want another day?"

The threat of any more time spent like this got me to calm down but I continued to scream.

He bent down and removed my shoes, which made me just that much shorter which made my gag even tighter. From underneath the table he produced a thick wood board with hundreds of dowels about and inch long sticking out of it. The dowels were sharped to a rounded off point. He sat it down in front of me. I had no idea what it could be but unfortunately I was going to find out. He asked me to take a step back as best I could. Not wanting to get another day I did as I was told. He slid the board forward where my feet were.

"Okay Ms. Thompson please step up onto the board."

I knew that being barefoot standing on that board with all those spikes was not going to feel very good, but I did as I was told. The pain was immediate and intense. Then he fastened a strap tightly around my ankles. Surely he didn't think I would be able to stand on this for the entire time did he? I did get a bit of relief from the tightness of the gag when I stepped up onto the board, small consolation and very short lived.

He now began to turn a winch that slowly began to raise the chain attached to my hood. Ever so slowly the tension on my gag and my tortured shoulders increased. He kept cranking the winch until I was on tiptoes and then he gave a few more turns. I was nearly suspended from my head. The tension and pressure on the gag was incredible and my arms pulled up so agonizingly up toward my neck seemed to be just about to be pulled out of their sockets.

I screamed into the gag in pain.


"Okay. All done. I'll start the clock to begin your punishment. I'll be back in 8 hours Ms. Thompson." And he left, locking the door behind him. I was left to suffer, alone.

Noooooooooooooo!!! Please you can't leave me like this. Come back pleeeeeeease! PLEASE! I silently pleaded

I had no idea how I was going to stand this awful gag and bondage for the entire time. I continued to silently beg the empty room. Please God, make them release me. I can't take this. Please God. Please please God................." I was desperate for release and my punishment had just started.

7:58:13 Remaining

After a while my pain turned into absolute terror and I found myself breathing harder and harder in an attempt to get enough air. I continued to try to swallow the saliva that was continuously running down my throat making me retch off and on. I was now just barely able to breath through my nose due to the crying. I sucked hard desperate breathes through the tiny tube in the huge ballgag. The harder I sucked in air it seemed the less air I got. My lungs burned for precious air. I just knew that I was going to suffocate to death, but there is no way to tell anyone I couldn't make a sound, I wasn't sure they would do anything anyway. How could anyone not choke, I thought to myself. I was soon unable to swallow the huge amount of saliva pouring down my throat and I could feel it rise up in my throat. It was beyond my control, now the gagging was constant and sheer terror hits me. I had to stop gagging but the gag was packed too tight, and I now begin to gag uncontrollably.

Panic. I began to struggle and thrash about wildly in my stringent bondage, it got me no closer to getting free or even the slightest bit of relief, I was just blindly panicking. I was constantly screaming, not exactly for help, although that is what I wanted more than anything, I was screaming to get some kind of release from my insane panic.

7:06:45 remaining

After what seemed like hours I got control of my gagging and I finally calmed down and just stood there in pain. Defeated, I now just waited gagged tighter than I ever imagined was possible. The tightness of the all the layers of the gag was overwhelming. I could not even get a tiny bit of slack in my awful gag to give any relief to my poor jaw. My defeat was total and overwhelming. Thank God for the breathing tube in the ballgag, my nose was so plugged from crying that with out it I would suffocate for sure. I had figured out that if I drew in long slow breaths I could get enough air eventually but panic made this incredibly difficult. No sound could escape my over-filled mouth. All I could only feel was the leather and tape holding in the enormous gag so tightly; no other input was available, only the cruel agony of the ultra-tight gag and the ever present fear of suffocation.

All I could do was wait. Wait until someone came back to my tiny cell and freed me from this hell. As I waited I was still unable to avoid the horrific pain I was forced to endure. As my mind began to spin out of control again my heart began beating so hard it felt like it was going to break through my chest. A fiery hot sweat was now covering my entire body. It felt like my skin had another hot skin on the outside. It seemed I could feel each pore filling up with the boiling sweat. I felt that I couldn't breathe and my jaw hurt so badly. My arms and shoulders were now beginning to cramp very badly. The wood dowels poking the bottom of my tender feet hurt so badly that I was sure they were pouring blood. I would have done anything he wanted just to have him loosen any part of my cruel gag and bondage even the slightest amount. I was in hell and I had just begun day one!

6:21:57 Remaining

My jaw hurts so much. This gag is way too much. I think I might choke to death. What if I choke? I can't breathe, I can't breathe. I need more air. Oh God I gotta get out... Help me someone... I'm gonna choke... I'm gonna suffocate. I need air! Please I gotta get out. Now! Heeeeeeelllpppp meeeeeeeee... I silently begged to no one at all.

The next few hours were a continual cycle of thinking about how I could get out of this awful punishment and insane panic. I had no choice but to stand on the awful dowel board and suffer the torturous gagging. Every so often I would hear voices or the sound of heels on the floor and I would start screaming and struggling in hopes of release. When no help came I would stand quietly for a few minutes, and think about what was happening to me, about the implacable bonds holding me and the horrible mistake I had made. The minutes turned to hours as I continued my desperate attempts to get even the slightest slack; the tiniest bit of relief from the constant strain of the awful bondage holding me it was a hopeless fight.

4:29:01 Remaining

Is he coming back? Where is he? Where is he? What if he isn't coming back? This whole thing might a cruel joke. He might never untie me! He might just leave me like this. Oh my God no no no no Oh God please Come back. Please let me out. I have to get out NOW!

My mind was frozen with total panic. I just let out one continuous scream and I began thrash wildly in my awful bondage. I was now hyperventilating. I was desperate to be free of my torturous bondage. The panic I had felt earlier coming was nothing compared to this. I went crazy again, I began thrashing around as much as my stringent bonds would allow, which wasn't much. All I did was cause myself more pain but I couldn't help myself. My mind was a blank, no thought, just outright panic.

3:01:25 Remaining

Oh my God I can't do that again. I've got to remain calm. Try not to focus on the pain. Think about something else. Just breathe and try to relax. Don't look at the clock.... My feet! Fuck my feet hurt so much. I can't stand it! I can't stand it... Ok. Feel the pain. Let it flow over you. Don't fight it. Go with it...No! My shoulders are killing me. Why won't they stop cramping? Please let me out of this. Please! Gotta relax. Relax. Just try to relax... It hurts so much! I can't stand any more...

Just as I felt I was handling the pain another new wave of pain would rip through some part of my body and bring me back to my terrible predicament. The pain would come in waves of intensity, sometimes sharp twinges, sometimes dull pounding, all around, inside my body never the same and always the pain seemed to be growing and building with each passing second. All control was taken from me; there was no avoiding the pain being inflicted on me. The tight bondage kept from moving off the terrible dowel board tormenting my poor feet. This was a slow form of meditative torment, absolutely cruel. Without the ability to move or speak at all I was forced to dwell on my sorry state while I watched the clock tick off a second every hour. Every ache and pain was intensified greatly. Pain, suffering and fear was my entire world. I was afraid that I was going insane from the pain and that I might never return to a pain-free reality, I would never be able to leave my current state of unimaginable agony.

2:19:06 Remaining

Even if I were able to speak at this moment I would be unable to coherently describe the nature and extent of my sufferings. Let it suffice to say that, when I wished I were dead, I was absolutely serious. My head. Unbelievable. My mouth felt as if it were being pried open with a crowbar and at the same time being crushed in a vice from all sides. The pounding in my ears from the unbearable pressure of the brutal gag made the rushing of the blood in my head seem like a raging river. My head felt as if it would explode. Every passing moment was a new experience in pain. A constant stream of drool poured from the breathing tube sticking out of the ballgag. When I would suck in the limited amount of air that I could get through the narrow breathing tube the stream of saliva would suck back up into the tube making a watery gurgle. Beneath my tape and leather bondage nightmare of a gag my head was drenched in sweat from my violent struggles. My eyes were red, watery and burning not just from crying but also from the pressure of the crushing gag. My horribly distended jaw was a fierce agony. I tried again and again to bite down on the huge rubber mass, to try to chew through the ball but to no avail it was just too big for me to move my mouth at all making swallowing next to impossible. Saliva just ran down my throat ensuring that I was constantly gagging. I tried over and over to adjust the giant mass filling my mouth to get any relief from the pain in my jaw and the terrible gagging but to no avail. I was crying non-stop, but my sobbing was completely muffled by the humungous gag stuffing my mouth. I wished that I would pass out but bound like I was I worried that I might just choke to death. I just screamed and screamed into my terrible gag uncontrollably. The screams inside my head were deafening but the empty room only heard almost inaudible squeals of a foolish woman in sheer pain. The empty room stood watch as I gasped for air and fought uselessly to expel the awful gag. There was no way to get a full breath. All I could do was cough and gag and try to get as much air as I could, which was almost none.

1:49:16 Remaining

I was unaware of what was happening outside my tiny prison as I watched the seconds ever so slowly tick by. A watched pot never boils and a watched clock when you are cruelly bound and hideously gagged never seems to move at all. I had not been able to move off of the pegboard since Mr. Carson left. I simply stood there bound and gagged and watched the clock.

Oh my God come on come on! I begged time. Please come back early let me out now please. I can't take one more second... please let me out now! But all my begging and crying didn't help at all. I was stuck until my time was up. Oh fuck what if something happened? What if they forgot me? My panic was beginning to grow once again. What if this is all a cruel trick and they are going to leave me here to die like this? Oh God no. No No No... Out of control panic yet again.

0:00:00:28 Remaining

At long last my horrible punishment was nearly over. The last few seconds seem to take an eternity. Then right on cue the door opened and Mr. Carson calmly walked in.

"How are we doing Ms. Thompson? Don't bother to try to answer; I know you can't, I'm sorry. I'll get you untied right away. When I loosen the rope to the top of your hood you may feel quite weak so please try your best to remain standing."

First he unbuckled the strap around my ankles. He was right when he released the rope to my hood my knees buckled and he had to catch me or I would have fallen to the floor like a sack of cement. He helped me step off of the pegboard, which caused the pain in my poor feet to instantly double. I didn't even have the strength to scream anymore, I just moaned deeply.

After a moment I found the strength to stay standing without aid and he began to remove the cruel multi-layered gag. After unlocking the many lock on the harness and collar layer after layer of tape was removed I could feel the pressure becoming less and less. Un winding the tape took quite a while; there were so many layers. Mr. Carson produced the key to the ballgag, unlocked the padlock and worked the massive gag from my pain filled jaws. My mouth seemed to be locked open and drool literally dumped out of my mouth, I just stood there and drooled all over myself.

"Don't worry you'll be able to close your mouth in a few minutes but I am afraid your jaw will be quite sore tonight. Here let me free your arms..." He said as he began to release my arms. Instant relief. I was free.

"Ok Ms. Thompson. You can rest now. I suggest you get all the rest you can you're going to need it. Someone will bring you some food in few minutes, I suggest you eat well, you will need your strength for the coming days believe me. You can sleep in the corner there if you like. Not very comfortable I know but a lot more comfortable than the last eight hours I guess. Remember this was only day one. You have at least eight more days if you don't misbehave. See you in the morning Ms. Thompson." He said as he left the room. I saw a smile on his lips as he turned away.

Chapter 2 (added: 2018/08/06)

The cell door opened with a creak. It would take a much louder noise to awaken her after the day she had yesterday. She had fallen asleep quickly despite the considerable pain she had been in. Once asleep she hadn't moved a muscle.

"Wake up Ms. Thompson." Mr. Carson said

No reaction she was still sound asleep.

"Ms. Thompson, wake up!" he nearly shouted "Or you'll get another day."

She was not sure it was the shout or somewhere in her sleep she heard and understood the terrifying threat but she woke up and slowly became aware that it was day two of her sentence.

"Please don't do that to me again, I can't take it. Please."

"I am sorry Ms. Thompson but it is the law. You have eight more days of your sentence."

"Oh God please I'll do anything you want. Please, please, please don't do it to me again." I pleaded. The idea of exactly the same torture, and torture is exactly what it was, filled me with terror and dread. My mind could not fathom the amount of suffering I was about to endure, once was previously unthinkable, twice...well...

Ignoring my begging "Please stand up Ms. Thompson."

"No, no, no, no, no, no you can't I'll die I can't take anymore!" I begged, still lying on the pitiful mattress.

"That will be one more day Ms. Thompson. Would you like to try for two?"

Hearing that I had earned another day I got up as quickly as my agonized body could but I continued to implore him for mercy. My entire body ached. My feet once I was standing hurt so bad I nearly fell down, standing on pointed dowels for eight hours will do that. My arms and shoulders were nearly useless. "Please no more. I am in so much pain. I'll do anything, anything. I'll suck your dick! You can fuck my ass! Anything but please stop. Please!"

"That's a very tempting offer Ms. Thompson. After your sentence is completed if the offer is still good I would like that very much. Very much. But for now let's get started. Open wide please."

Utterly terrified and defeated with tears streaming down my face I slowly and quite painfully opened my mouth as wide as I could. My jaw was so stiff and in quite a lot of pain.

He shoved the giant ballgag with the thin breathing tube sticking out in my mouth once again. He held the back of my head with one hand and with the other hand he pushed the ball past my teeth. I grunted as the pain in my jaw doubled.

"I know it very painful to have that ball in your mouth again so soon but this is as good as it gets I'm afraid." He said as he pulled the strap as tight as he could. The skin was so tender from yesterday's gagging the strap felt as if it were cutting into my face. He finished with the ballgag by placing the padlock on the strap again. Just like before drool immediately began to flow from my gagged mouth.

Now before he began the tape wrapping he pulled another bag over my head so the tape wouldn't rip my hair out when my punishment was done for the day. He again cut a small hole in the bag for the breathing tube and one for my nose. The same stretchy tape as before and he wrapped it just as tight as before. This time before wrapping the tape under my chin he went behind me pressing the tape onto the side of my head and before he began the wrapping he pulled up sharply under my chin crushing the ball tighter in my mouth then he began the wrapping. Incredibly the awful tape gagging was even tighter than yesterday! Then he finished the tape hood with more cruel windings of tape.

I was now retching and gagging wildly. It was all I could do to not fight him and try to escape this torment but I knew if I resisted at all I would get another day. I just stood there and accepted my fate with tear-stained eyes trying not to imagine the suffering I would soon be forced to endure.

The evil leather hood was next and when I saw it in his hands I couldn't help myself I began screaming and begging him with my eyes. My wild-eyed panic meant nothing to him he simply pulled the hood over my head and began the process of lacing up the cruel hood. Once the hood was as tight as he could make it he gave me a choice.

"Ms. Thompson, I know this is a strange question at a time like this, you being so severely gagged and all, but, have you ever heard of the old game show called Let's Make a Deal?"

I thought "Oh my God I don't know just please let me out of this!"

"Yes? No? Anyway, it was a game show where contestants were given a choice of a prize they already had and an unknown prize behind a curtain or a door or something. It was great. Lot's of fun. So I want to play Let's Make a Deal with you Ms. Thompson.

He was so cruel, I was in so much pain and he wanted to play a game. I was living a nightmare of my own doing.

"So Ms. Thompson would you like to have me carry out your punishment today without the pegboard under your feet or would you like what's behind door number one." He said with a game show host flourish followed by a little giggle.

What the fuck was behind door number one? I had no idea but it couldn't be worse than the pegboard, my feet were in so much pain. Since I had been standing I was constantly shifting my weight from foot to foot in a poor attempt to relive the pain. Not standing another eight hours on the pegboard seemed like a good choice to me.

"Nod for once for the pegboard and nod twice for door number one"

I didn't to want play this game at all but I was terrified by what I might "win" but my feet, I thought would get some relief so I slowly nodded twice.

"Well now, how very sporting of you Ms. Thompson! I guess that pegboard must have really hurt. Johnny show her what she's won..." after a long pause he said, "I am sorry for mocking your pain Ms. Thompson that was very unprofessional of me. You will receive a significant reduction in your ability to breathe for the entire eight hours. Your nose will be sealed with a nose clamp and a plug with a tiny hole will be fit into the end of the breathing tube in your gag."

What! God no! No! Breathing last time was nearly impossible! Please! I'll take the pegboard. I was screaming for the pegboard from behind the huge gag.



"But before your choice is applied I need to finish the gag. The harness is next as you know."

I did know, all too well. It was of course applied with the same cruelty as before. My head was throbbing with pain and a river of noise was rushing in my ears when I wasn't screaming due to the incredible tightness of the gag.

"The final touch is the collar. This time it will be one notch tighter to make sure your breathing is as restricted as possible. Don't worry I have done this hundreds of times and I know how to restrict the flow of air just to before the point of passing out and not beyond, well sometimes beyond." He said with a faint smile

He wasn't lying, when the collar was fastened in place my breathing was really labored, I had to take long slow breaths to get enough air. I was in for real trouble if my air was anymore restricted and it soon would be.

"Ok let's get you tied up."

He re-tied me in exactly the same way as yesterday, arms wrenched up in a sort of reverse prayer and my wrists were then connected to the top of my gag via the pulley. I was again nearly suspended by my head. My ankles were also strapped together again. My screams were now constant. A steady stream of drool was pouring out of the tube in the gag and snot was pouring out of my nose as well. My eyes were filled with tears and blood red. "Here comes door number one Ms. Thompson."

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Wild panic now took over my mind and body. I was jerking and struggling with all my strength against the inescapable bondage. I was only making my pain worse and breathing more difficult but I was out of control.

He just stood and watched for a few moments and then he clipped a sort of C-shaped spring type clamp with pads on the ends on my nose instantly shutting of all air from my nose. The hiss from the tube became quite loud now.

Please don't do it! Please don't please no you can't I'll die you'll suffocate me please no no no please nooooooooo!!!

He held the plug up to my pleading eyes "Here's the plug. See how small the hole is? Pretty small. So stay calm and take very long slow breaths if you don't I promise you will suffer more than you can imagine." He said as he fit the plug into the end of my breathing tube greatly reducing the airflow to already tortured lungs. "Either way I'll see you in eight hours Ms. Thompson."


The door just closed and I HAD to get out of the terrible gag right now! There was no way I could stand this for eight full hours, I could barely breathe. Panic was causing me to desperately try to get more air but none came. I had to calm down but uncontrollable panic had taken over. My mind simply went into a fit of terror. I was no longer thinking in words mind was now only a long scream of terror and agony. And then...

Black. No pain

Then the smell of ammonia and horrific pain.

Mr. Carson was standing in front of me just watching. "Passing out won't help you Ms. Thompson. I am closely monitoring you by closed circuit camera from the other room. If I see you pass out or anything else that is not suffering I can be in here in seconds to make sure you are not in danger."

I can't even pass out for relief! Help me someone. Please let me out. Please! My mind screamed as the pain and panic once again took over.

After what seemed like an eternity I began to calm down enough to form thoughts in my head. Through the pain and panic thoughts would fade into existence and it seemed once recognized, would quickly drift back into blind panic. It was as if I was somehow beyond suffering. If I had been fully aware of the level of my suffering I might not have survived the first few hours of my torment.

As my mind began to slowly to comprehend the level of suffering I was undergoing I began to focus less on the panic and began to feel the incredible pain I was in. My jaw felt as if it was wrenched so far open it was dislocated, it throbbed with a sharp ache that was beyond human tolerance, or so I thought. My jaw muscles were so sore from unconsciously trying to chew the huge rubber ball and perhaps swallow it, I didn't have any idea that was impossible but my body was acting on it's own trying to end the agony.

Saliva was now pouring down my throat. I could not swallow fast enough to keep up with the flow so I was endlessly gagging and retching. My attempts to stop the God awful retching only made breathing that much harder.

My shoulders were in a constant state of cramping. I felt the pain all down my arms and in my back. My hands were almost numb but not quite enough to stop the pain, my fingers felt as if they explode from the pressure.

The soles of my feet hurt a lot but I barely noticed. The lack of air made the pain in my feet inconsequential to say the least. I jerked and squirmed in my cruel bondage in a vain attempt get air. My lungs burned like fire with no relief in sight. Panic overwhelmed me. The combination of the tight gagging and suffocation were too much for me to stand.


Ammonia and the awful pain.

Please Please Please stop this Please! Let out! I can't breathe! Help Help Please Pleeeeeease... then once again the panic took over. No thought. No memories of life before this moment of terror. No walks on the beach. No senior prom, just unimaginable panic overflowed into my being. Terror again filled my mind, my spirit and all the empty spaces in between. I just stood stretched taut in bondage, horribly gagged and utterly helpless beneath the multiple layers of the horrendous gag.

My panic was overwhelming. My heart was beating much too fast. If I didn't get free of this horrible torment I would surely go insane. The pain seemed to be a physical thing that put its slender fingers around my throat and slowly cut off my air as efficiently as the suffocation devices I was forced to endure. My mind had only one thought, to be free of my punishment. If someone had told me that the human mind could withstand such panic I wouldn't have believed it. On and on I screamed but I was completely and utterly silenced. My screams now came in rhythm with my gasping for precious air.

In a moment of relative clarity I noticed the clock in front of me read 4:07:16. Oh my God four hours to go! Please make it stop. God Please make it stop. I can't take anymore. Please make it stop. All my begging was only in my head. My mouth was totally filled with rubber and covered in layers of tape and leather and even if it weren't and he could hear me, it wouldn't matter it was his job to make me suffer. I would be tightly gagged and cruelly bound until the time was up. On and on my seemingly endless torment continued. My terror and pain growing every moment I remained in the awful bondage.

I had hours left to suffer bound, gagged and unable to take in just the smallest amount of air. As my fear rose the multiple layers of my gag seemed to be getting tighter and tighter with every passing second. My mouth felt as if it were being pried open with a crowbar and at the same time being crushed I from all sides. The pounding in my ears from the unbearable pressure of the brutal gag made the thumping of the blood in my head seem like a bass drum. My head felt as if it would explode. My chest burned and all my muscles constricted at once. My lungs ached for air. Air seemed as far away as the bottom of the deepest ocean.

Trying in vain to get even a bit more air I sucked in through the tiny hole in the plug with all my might but the same tiny amount of air reached my starved lungs. I was going crazy, struggling and shrieking into my gag. I never thought I could be so scared. The idea that one day I would be tightly bound and gagged for hours on end was beyond any nightmare I could have ever imagined. I just couldn't accept it, but I had to because it was happening and had been for hours. I was desperate to be free of this terrible bondage. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I would literally do anything to be able to just speak the word please. Still I continued to beg silently for mercy while I fought for air but no one came and none cared.

Then once more my mind just became one long continuous scream, no thought, just a white noise of panic and pain. On and on my mind screamed. The awful gag continued its cruel assault. I just stood there, all muscles flexed at once and screamed. My pain was a living hell.


Between my strained gasps for air and the pain, from time to time I was able to calm myself just enough to think, "I've got to relax. Relax. Just breathe in and out. In and out. But it hurts so badly! I've to get out! No wait relax," I reminded myself with as much calm as I could. "I'll be ok if I can just relax and breathe in and out. Breathe Anne breathe...just take the pain and stay calm...God! Please help me...

Nooooooooo God Nooooooooooooooo I have to get out of this now. I can't take it. I can't stand any more. Pleeeeeeeeeeease..."

Painless black.

Ammonia and agony.

I lost count of how many times I blacked out. It became hard to tell the difference after a while. The final hour or so I sort of grayed out. Pain and living became the same thing, I had become living pain. I no longer thought about release, pain was all I had, all I knew.

As if in a dream I saw Mr. Carson standing in front of me. He was saying something. He made no sense to me he seemed to be speaking gibberish and he seemed very far away and at the same time too close. The clock read 0:00:00.

He released my arms and head from the taut bondage and I fell to the ground unconscious. While I was unconscious he ungagged me and must have carried me to the mattress where I awoke sometime later to Mr. Carson standing over me once again.

"Welcome back Ms. Thompson. I have brought you some food and water. Please eat it as best you can I know your mouth and jaw are in a great deal of pain but you will need your strength for tomorrow."

I tried to speak but my jaw was locked open and a stream of drool was my only response, that and a whimper. I realized had eight days left. Oh God no...

Chapter 3 (added: 2018/12/14)

After my second day of my sentence I was so much pain that sleep was nearly impossible. I needed sleep desperately to put an end to the constant pain I was in. My shoulders and my jaw were an unending throbbing pain. I could barely move my jaw at all and my arms were almost useless.

I had laid on the tiny mattress trying fall asleep but the pain and memories of the previous day of agony kept me awake most of the night. Unaware of time, all I had was a timer that read all zeros, and then the door swung open startling me from my haze.

“Good morning Ms. Thompson. Did you sleep well? He said with a wry smile. He knew I had barely slept a wink.

“No.” I said meekly as I began to cry. My jaw was so sore that “no” sounded like my mouth was already gagged and was almost a mumble.

“I am sorry Ms. Thompson. Well let’s get started shall we?”

Now crying in earnest I began to beg. “pleeeeddbbbzz dddnggooo pbleeeeeebzzbbb nobt agggun…” as I pleaded drool poured out of my mouth as I was now unable to fully close it.

“Stand up Ms. Thompson” ignoring me or perhaps he just didn’t understand what I was saying.

I tried to stand but my arms were in just too much pain. Every time I put weight on my arms I would collapse. “I candt tan dub.”

“It’s OK Ms. Thompson this is quite common, I’ll start down there.” He said sympathetically. “I’m going to start with your choice for today. Would like to suffocate again or chose what’s behind door number one?”

Oh no I can’t do this again! I just know the other choice will be unbearable but I can’t go through suffocating again. No way. Please stop this I can’t stand anymore it hurts too much. God please stop I begged in my mind.

“Well Ms. Thompson? No answer gets both and another day.”

That made my decision easy, well not easy but possible. “Ore umber un.” I said in a whimper.

“Door number one? I just want to be sure, you are a bit hard to understand.”

I nodded slowly that yes I did in fact want door number one. I was terrified at what awaited me behind that door.

“Alright then. In anticipation of your choice I brought your additional punishment with me. “

He then held up above me what looked to be a wet tangle of light colored leather. “This a ballgag, a hood and a long strip of rawhide. The hood, the strap on the ballgag as well as the strip are all made of rawhide. As you may have noticed all of them are wet. You most likely are not aware of this interesting historical fact but Native Americans would torture their enemies by binding them with wet rawhide. One method was to lash them as tightly as possible using the wet rawhide spread eagle in the sun. As the rawhide dried it would shrink quite a lot therefore stretching the victims limbs painfully as if on the rack, though not that badly I assume.” He intoned with a smirk.

Oh my God! What is he going to do?!

“Anyway, door number one is a variation on that. Rather than your usual ballgag and hood you will be gagged with these wet rawhide versions. Over the eight hours the rawhide will dry and shrink making what you previously thought was an unbearably tight and cruel gag seem like child splay.”

I began to scream; apparently all my mouth needed was the proper amount of fear to be able to open fully.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs. On and on I screamed uncontrollably.

“Calm down Ms. Thompson.” He said quietly but I just kept screaming, no words now, just one long terrified scream.

“This is your final warning Ms. Thompson or you will get another day.”

Unable to stop I continued to scream.

“Fine. Have it your way, that’s one more day.”

No effect, I simply could not stop.

“Alright I can see you are in no condition to listen to reason so I’ll just get started.”

While I screamed he flipped me easily onto my stomach. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head sharply back. Since my mouth was open screaming he easily jammed the new ballgag into my mouth, cutting down on the screaming but not completely, just quieting them to a panicked muffle.

“You will notice that this gag, like the last one, has a breathing tube but there are others without one.” He said threateningly.

He fed the wet end of the strap through the buckle and put his free hand on the back of my head smashing my face into the mattress. He then pulled the strap as tight as he could using my head as leverage and buckled it in place.

“I need you to stand up Ms. Thompson, I’ll help you up as is seems your arms are pretty useless right now.”

My screams had turned to pitiful muffled whines. Once he helped me get vertical I was able stand while he continued the gagging process.

The plastic bag was again pulled over my head to protect my hair and the crushingly tight tape hood was applied.

“The tape will provide a bit of a reduction in shrinkage of the rawhide Ms. Thompson, but it will still shrink enough that you will definitely notice a big difference in the tightness of the ballgag. “Actually” he began matter of factly as he pulled each wrapping tight. “We cover the ballgag with tape because we had several injuries to the wearer’s jaws due to the rawhide shrinkage without inhibiting it somehow. A woman suffered a broken jaw before we recognized a need for an adjustment. She must have really suffered that day! Imagine eight hours gagged with a broken jaw…ouch, huh?”

How was I going to survive the next eight hours? Did he say I earned another day? Fuck no. No. No I can’t take anymore…Again my mind reeled with panic. Now my whines turned once again to tears. It took all my mental strength to not reach up and try to rip the gag off but besides being futile, I knew it would earn me another day, at least.

The tight black tape hood all neatly and expertly applied and he held the rawhide hood up so I could see it clearly.

“Now for the rawhide hood. Once this hood begins to shrink your head will feel like it is being crushed in a vice but from all sides. It will force the ballgag deeper into your mouth causing you to retch violently. It will get tighter and tighter as it dries out eventually drying rock hard. It will feel like your head is encased in rock.” He then pulled the sopping hood over her taped head.

"God please no, stop stop stop…” I felt the fear rise again to an unbearable level and I began screaming into my horrific gag. “You’re going to kill me. You can’t do this it’s too much… You don’t know what it’s like I can’t take it. It hurts too much. Please stop please stop Oh God please make it stop. If this gag gets any tighter, I’ll die! Pleeeeeeease stooooop!" 

He smoothed out any wrinkles as he pulled the laces tighter and tighter. The wet hood was fairly thin and being wet once he finished the lacing created a second skin on top of the tape hood.

“In case you are worried about the hood tightening around your throat and choking you to death, don’t worry, it will get tighter around your throat but there is a plastic barrier around the throat area that will not allow the shrinkage to strangle you. We figured out that problem the hard way as well.” He shrugged.

The stiff harness was next. The harness I knew was just to add to my suffering. He applied it with the same severity as he had before and finished the harness off by adding locks to all the buckles.

Last and most certainly not least he buckled and locked the stiff posture collar around my neck. My breathing now was very labored as it had been the previous two days. All I could do was stand there and wait for my bondage to get worse, I was helpless to do anything else.

“Today will be a bit different bondage wise.” He said as he fastened wide leather cuffs around each ankle and of course securing them with padlocks. Each ankle was then fastened to a ring in the floor directly below the winch coming down from the ceiling. I couldn’t lift my feet off the floor at all.

I knew all too well what came next. My arms were about to be wrenched behind my back and pulled up to my neck. In a few minutes once the reverse prayer arm bondage was complete my shoulders arm arms were a howling agony and it was about to get worse, much worse.

“I am now connecting your hood to the pulley at the end of the wench with the wet rawhide strip and tying the other end to your wrists. Your ankles have been secured to floor so as the rawhide shrinks the tightness increases without hanging you by your head. If that were to happen the tightness of the gag would only be as much as your body weight would allow. Since your feet can’t leave the ground, the gag will get much tighter than simply hanging you from the hood.” As he finished his explanation he tightened the winch as tight as he could. It seemed like my neck was being stretched so far that my head might just be pulled off. Incredibly my screams and pleading made no sound at all. I was now truly silent.

Since my arms were connected to the winch as well my arms were twisted up to my neck in a brutally painful way that would only get worse as time went on. My whole body was taut as a guitar string, I could barely move. Only my fingers and my eyes could express my pain and desperation.

“You’re all set Ms. Thompson. I’ll leave you to it. See you in eight hours.” And he closed the door softly as he left. The clock began its impossibly slow march of time. 7:59:46 Remaining

God please help me! Please stop this make someone stop this…I can’t stand it this is torture…somebody please help me it hurts so much…

I kept praying the same prayer. I kept begging. But I kept suffering. I couldn’t think of anything else, there was nothing else just pain, panic and the thought of an end to my suffering, which seemed so far away as to not exist at all.

I could feel the dampness of the cruel hood on my nose, the only part of my head not covered in tape. The damp was a harbinger of suffering to come. I knew all too soon the hood would start to dry and shrink and my pain would increase immeasurably.

My jaw was stretched beyond what I thought possible and at the same time my jaw was compressed around the huge ballgag so tight my teeth were leaving deep painful indents in my lips and the inside of my cheeks.

6:46:02 Remaining

After just an hour the rawhide was already beginning to dry, and I could feel the effects.  My breathing was even more labored, my body felt as if it was slowly, inexorably being stretched on the rack but I was being racked by my ankles and head as opposed to the more traditional way of torturing the victim by stretching them by their wrists and ankles. I now understood the depths of human cruelty.

This is going to kill me. You don't want that, you said so.  If this gets any tighter, I'll die. You’ve got to let me out of this. I can’t stand any more. Please stop. I’ll do anything just let me out. Please!

4:02:17 Remaining

I must have sort of grayed out because the last hour or so was awash with pain. My pain had sent me into a kind of fugue state. I felt the pain as intense as ever but time became blurred. My head and arms throbbed with severe burning pain but I became lost in the depths of the pain.

After two hours the rawhide was now getting pretty hard and had shrunk quite a lot and continued to shrink and harden. The pressure on my head was intense. The ballgag was being forced deep into my mouth making me gag and retch over and over each time sending me into a wild immovable panic. I was stretched so taut I was like a statue totally incapable of movement.

3:32:42 Remaining

I must have passed out because I smelled that ammonia smell once again and Mr. Carson standing in front of me. He was holding a syringe.

“Oh Ms. Thompson I told you before passing out is not an option. It is not a punishment if you can’t feel the pain now is it? So this will take care of you passing out.” He said as he held the syringe up so I could get a closer look.

Oh God what’s that! Fuck! Please don’t!

“I need you to stay awake for your punishment so this is an injection of Dexedrine, which in case you don’t know, is a powerful stimulant. I understand it is used to treat attention deficit disorder so it will also help keep you focused on your pain and suffering. I am sorry to have to do this but like I said if you don’t suffer then it isn’t punishment.”

With that said he jabbed the needle into long suffering shoulder. I was in so much other pain I didn’t feel the needle at all.

“Don’t worry Ms. Thompson it won’t make you feel to amped up it will just keep you awake and alert. See you in a few hours.”

I can’t even pass out! I need to get out of this it hurts so much.

I glanced at the clock again for the millionth time, still three hours to go. How was I going to survive? My head was absolutely pounding as the gag and hood continued to tighten.

1:58:06 Remaining

The injection was working as promised. As hard as I tried to focus on something else, anything else, I immediately came back to my pain and it’s many levels and types. My shoulders of course being wrenched up to my neck for six hours was out of control but by far my head and specifically my jaw was the worst. The best I can do to describe the pain is it felt like dozens of thick steel needles heated red-hot being rammed in and out of my jaw over and over again. At the same time my entire head was being literally crushed form all sides. As a child I once saw a photo of an execution in India or somewhere of a man getting his head stepped on by an elephant…it felt kind of like that.

I had stopped praying sometime ago, God didn’t seem to care and if he didn’t care who the fuck would. Now my mind was focused on what a horrible choice I had made at my sentencing. If I had known how terrible my suffering would be I would have most likely chosen life behind bars rather than have to endure this torment. I was lost in a nightmare of self-pity and pain.

Fuck! Why didn’t they tell me? Why? It’s not fair. It’s not fair! It’s not faaaaaaaaaiir!!!..

0:00:32 Remaining

I now just stood stretched as taut as humanly possible without dislocating any joints or tearing any muscles. My eyes were filled with tears. My cruel bondage kept me absolutely motionless, someone unaware of my circumstances would think I was unconscious but I was far from unconscious, I was very much awake a consumed with pain.

0:00:00 Remaining

Unaware that my time was up, I had given up looking at the clock hours ago, I was startled when Mr. Carson spoke.

“Ms. Thompson your time is up. Let’s get you down from there.”

If I could move I would have I jumped when he spoke but I was unable to move at all, I just moved my eyes to look at him. It felt like I had been in pain and bound so tightly for so long that I had forgotten how it felt to not be in pain. When he released the tension of the winch the sudden reduction of pain was so shocking that I began screaming once again. It was as if my body now was used to the pain and it was going through some sort of withdrawal without it.


“I know Ms. Thompson, I know. The shock is quite intense. The pain does become “normal” after a while.” He said with sympathy

As I lay on my mattress adjusting to the new sensation of being unbound and relatively pain free, I was still in agony just not incredible agony, Mr. Carson was putting away all of the bondage devices and making sure I was not permanently harmed.

“Your body is in a lot of pain I know but your are essentially unharmed Ms. Thompson. Sleep well if you can tomorrow is another day.”

I knew I had another day of hell tomorrow but my mind was numb. I just lay there on my side with my mouth locked open and drooled wide-awake due to the Dexedrine still doing its job. I was unable to use my arms and my head and jaw throbbed. The pain just a small reminder of the pain I had suffered for the last eight hours and of the pain I would all too soon feel again.

Chapter 4 (added: 2019/11/08)

After the torments of day 3 were over and I collapsed onto my mattress I was unable to get any sleep at all. I had just lay there awake all night crying and thinking about my situation, about how trapped I was. I had never felt more helpless and alone in my life, I doubted anyone ever had. Everyday of my sentence so far I had made some infraction of the rules and earned more days to my sentence. I was terrified that my torment might never end; I would be tortured here day after day until I finally died in misery and pain.

The pain I had endured the previous three days seemed to blur in my mind. I knew it had been absolutely unimaginable but it was so hard to wrap my mind around just how bad it had been. For several years I have been a long distance runner, marathons were my favorite. Anyway when you are in the middle of a marathon you say to yourself "Fuck this sucks why am I doing this." But at the end of the race, when you cross that finish line, you are immediately thinking about your next race. This, I knew, was due to the fact that your mind can't hold on to pain and your mind kind of smooths out the suffering. I imagined that the same thing was happening now.

As I lay awake on my sweat soaked mattress sobbing and lamenting my fate the door to my tiny dungeon opened once more.

"Good morning Ms. Thompson." He said cordially as if we had just met at a diner for breakfast.

I had no response. I didn't move at all I just looked at him with the tear-stained hollow eyes of the helpless and lost.

"Well, this is day four of..." he paused to consult his notes. "Ten days left. Your initial sentence was for eight days. On day one you earned two more days. Day two you earned another day and on day three you earned yet another day. You really should follow the rules or you might never get out of here." He said as a faint smile appeared and just as quickly disappeared.

Oh my God ten days left! I would never survive. I was not sure I wanted to survive.

"Now that I have informed you of your remaining sentence I need you to acknowledge that you understand what I have just told you. As your jaw may be unusable, in this case a nod will be sufficient."

I nodded slowly in acceptance of my terrible plight.

"Thank you Ms. Thompson. So now for your daily choice. Door number one, the unknown, or the same punishment as yesterday?"

I knew better than to take too long with my answer and I had all night to think about it, I really had no choice I had to choose the unknown. The idea of suffering the same way two days in a row was simply not possible. "Today might be easier", I thought hopefully. But I knew better, who was I kidding it was going to be hell.

"Vee ubdowdn" I sobbed

"The unknown?"

"Eth" I nodded

"Alright Ms. Thompson. Today you will be bound and gagged as per usual but today you will be in a bit of a predicament as well. Let me explain. Electrocution will be added to your punishment today." He said as I began to cry.

"You will need to stand up on your tiptoes to avoid being shocked. If you lower your heels too much you will receive a shock until you lift yourself up onto your toes again. Just so you're forewarned, when you raise up onto your tiptoes again the level of the shock for the next time increases. You would do well to try and stay on your toes, so to speak, as long as you can."

Fuck! Eight hours on tiptoes, it's impossible. No please don't do this...

"Pleeb don do this, pleeeebbbb..." I mumbled

"Times a wastin' Ms. Thompson, we better get started."

I can't tell you how scared I was. Electrocution! I had no idea what that felt like I only knew that it was used to torture people and from what I had seen in the movies it hurt, really bad. I was trapped. I was soon going to be gagged severely and electrocuted for eight hours and I was helpless to do anything at all.

He had me stand up so he could apply the usual punishing gag, huge ballgag, tape wrapping, hood, harness and of course the thick collar. Soon I was once again heavily gagged.

"OK. Now for your bondage."

The same reverse prayer type binding of my arms and the same pain ripped immediately into my shoulders and arms. I began moaning deeply into my gag.

"Please step onto this platform Ms. Thompson." He said as he placed a small raised platform below me

Once I was standing on the platform he used small C-type clamps to fasten each of my big toes to the platform. Once the clamps were tightened I was unable to step off of the platform.

Next he fetched a pressure sensitive device. It was to be placed under my heels. The device consisted basically of two pressure buttons connected by a bar. If my heels pressed down to much on the bar I would receive a shock.

"I am now placing the shocking device under your heels. Please stand up on your tiptoes as high as you can Ms. Thompson."

Terrified I was going to be shocked I began screaming in fear.

"The device is not active yet Ms. Thompson, please calm down."

I stopped screaming but I was still terrified and very far from calm.

He placed the device under my heels and I could feel the cold copper bar on my heels.

"You can rest your weight on the bar if you would like we have not started yet and you will need all of your strength for the next eight hours."

As I rested on the bar he adjusted the tension on my gag by pulling on the wench, which pulled my head and arms up to the ceiling. Now I was as per usual forced between pulling on my horribly bound arms and pulling on my cruel gag.

"Now please stand on you tiptoes again Ms. Thompson." As I did he once again pulled the rope from my head and arms tighter.

"Now if you lower down onto the bar you will not only get a shock but your gag and arms will tighten as well. Now for the electrical leads. There are several points of attachment we can use. Today we will use two, your nipples and your clitoris."

Oh no please you can't. This is supposed to be a gag punishment this isn't fair no please please you can't do this. Oh God! Electricity into my clit and nipples...this can't be happening, this has got to be one long nightmare, I gotta wake up...please let me wake up...

He then applied little clamps to each of my nipples. They were painful but not too painful. It seemed they were just tight enough to stay in place.

"I apologize Ms. Thompson but I will need to enlarge your clitoris a bit to apply this clamp."

I had been naked since I had been forced to strip on my first day but this was the first time I felt I was being sexually abused. I had previously thought that it was odd that under the circumstances I had not been sexually abused. I guess this was the time. I was so humiliated and angry at the same time.

"Please don't take offence Ms. Thompson, I am only doing this to get the proper bite for the clamp." He said as he began to tease my clitoris and trying to sound professional at the same time.

It came a quite a shock to me that as he flicked and rubbed my clit I did get the beginnings of arousal, it was the only pleasure I had felt in three days of constant pain. But it was very short lived. Happy with the size of my clit he placed the clamp on my now engorged clit. The pain was intense and I winced and let out a tiny squeal.

While I adjusted to the fresh pain Mr. Carson hooked up all of the wire to the clamps and plugged them in to the control box. While he fiddled with the controls he explained what was about to happen to me. "I am adjusting the beginning shock level and the maximum shock levels. The machine has levels of intensity from one to one hundred. I am setting the starting level at twenty-five, painful for sure but not something you will enjoy. Punishment remember? The way the program works is, as long as your heels are on the bar you will receive a shock. Once you rise up off the bar the shock turns off. But, and this is a big but...once you raise up off the bar the level of shock rises one level so next time you rest on the bar the pain increases. So I would try your best to stay off the bar."

This punishment seemed to me absolutely diabolical, what kind of sadistic fucks thought this kind of thing up? How was I going to stand it? There was no way I could stand on my tiptoes for eight hours. No way. I was sure to suffer electrocution on my most sensitive parts for a long time. How much would the shocks hurt? How much they increase? I was trembling with fear.

"You're all ready for day four Ms. Thompson. See you in eight hours." And he shut the door as the clock started.

Time Remaining: 7:56:34

I was in the usual pain, huge gag killing my jaw, arms in a twisted agony and now my calves were beginning to shake with the effort.

"Gotta stay off the bar...gotta stay off the bar...gotta stay off the bar..." I ran the mantra through my mind over and over as the burning in my calves increased with every passing second.

My whole body was now shaking with the effort. My calves were screaming for relief. I was now sweating freely. My eyes were slammed shut with concentration. "Gotta stay off the bar..." It was of course a losing battle but I was so scared of getting shocked I fought with everything I had.

Time Remaining: 7:50:09

I lost. My calves finally gave out and I came down on the pressure sensitive bar. Pain instantly ripped through my nipples and clit. I shot up off the bar with new found strength in my calves.

"Oh my God! That hurt so bad. That was only twenty-five?! Oh God what am I going to do" I thought as I began to cry.

As I stood there helplessly with my horrific and painful arm bondage I could feel the pain in my calves creeping back.

My "Gotta stay off the bar..." mantra began once again but this time with a new sense of desperation. My calves were now shaking violently with the strain. I knew it wouldn't be long now.

Please no it hurts it hurts please please please I gotta st...

Right in mid plead my claves failed me. White searing pain tore into me. It seemed like the previous pain had doubled. I didn't think it was possible for something to hurt that much. Once again I lifted up off the bar and the pain stopped. I now began to scream in frustration and fear. I simply had to stay off the bar but now I knew for sure that that was impossible.

Time Remaining: 6:11:29

I had been on and off the bar many times. My poor calves were now weakened such that once I touched the bar I couldn't lift up right away. I was forced to stay on the terrible bar and suffer the pain of the shocks until I could will myself to rise up off the bar.

After a particularly long time being shocked I stood on tiptoe and realized that now I had a terrible choice. To let my calves recover I would have to stay on the bar as long as I could stand it. This would also keep the level of the shocks from increasing too fast. I still had six hours to go if I didn't try something I would be in for some really terrible pain.

I could feel my calves failing once again and I made my mind up to try and stay on the bar as along as I could. Suddenly my entire body was filled with pain radiating out from my nipples and clit. The pain took my breath away. For several long moments I was unable to draw a breath due to the pain but I stayed put enduring the agony. Finally my survival mechanism took over and gasped in a deep breath and began to scream a silent scream. I was shaking uncontrollably as I rode the lightning.

It seemed like an eternity of pain but finally I couldn't stand any more pain and I lifted my self up off the bar. Bliss. Relief. I stood tightly bound and gagged in heaven. I didn't even notice the pain of my gag and arms.

After I had recovered my wits I looked at the clock and it had only been about three minutes. I had only stood on the bar enduring fiery agony for three minutes. Only three minutes! Fuck! I wasn't going to make it.

Come back please back I can't do this It's too much this will kill me please please come back get out of this please

Pain. Worse than ever before. I bit down as hard as I could on my gag. I stood on the bar and felt the agony take over my body. All too soon I lifted up once again.

Time Remaining 4:57:58

Now the shocks were at a level that I could not stay standing on for more than a few seconds and my calves were cramping all the time whether I was on the bar or not. My poor calves were completely drained and had no strength left.

For what seemed to me the last time my calves failed and I sank down onto the shock bar. My body went stiff. I shook violently nearly convulsing. My breath came in short little gasps. My eyes were clamped tightly shut. Sweat covered my naked body. I was unable to lift up off the bar. I just stood there helpless to do anything but suffer the horrific pain of electrocution.

My mind was a total blank, thought was impossible. I was totally defeated I had no choice but to simply give over to the pain and just accepted it as what was happening to me. My body was drained and I just stood limp held up by my cruel bondage. And then it happened...

I felt a separation of myself from my body, a sort of a mind snapping of the fingers like the first time you see that psychology image of the young woman with the fur and she turns into the old hag right before your eyes. A complete reversal of understanding. What was a moment ago was the most intense agony I could imagine was now something foreign, to be scrutinized and experienced simply as input that my body felt. It was if I had left my body and I was a scientist watching an experiment. I could feel the nuances of pain as it coursed through me. I had no fear or need for the pain to end, lessen or change in any way. It was merely a curiosity.

I have no idea how long I was in this state, as time did not exist for me. I simply was and the pain simply was. We interacted together and strangers on a bus, aware of one another but just sharing space and time. I would examine the pain coming from my clitoris. It seemed to me as if a thick needle that was infinitely long and heated red hot, was being forever pushed directly into my clitoris and at the same time was being vibrated at an incredible speed. The pain in my nipples was razor sharp and at the same time pounding like a thick sledgehammer. I found it very interesting.

I was aware of how much I was suffering but I also was watching my suffering and I felt sorry for my suffering self that didn't understand that the pain in my body was only an input to my brain. I tried to explain to my body that it was up to my mind how to interpret it and that it should just relax and flow with the pain. Without time all of these thoughts and sensations happened all at once, it was a kind of peacefulness I guess might be called nirvana. I had no idea; I simply watched and felt the sensations in my body.

My body was covered in sweat. My body was motionless except for the rapid tight convulsing. My breathing was shallow but very rapid. My jaw was a dull thick pain that throbbed in time with my shaking. My arms and shoulders were numb. The unending pain that coursed through my clit and nipples was overwhelming to the other agonies my body was suffering. As I watched I could delve into each individual pain and move in and out of it, feeling its nuances as would caress a lover's body.

My mind at the same time I was making love to my pain was free to feel the freedom of pure thought without emotion. Without judgment, fear, need or want. I was free, I was rescued. The way out was the way in.

Time Remaining: 1:03:05

I watched as Mr. Carson came in to check on me, I hadn't moved in hours. He took my pulse, 72 beats per minute, a very normal resting heart rate. He did look very puzzled; he knew it should be much higher or not at all under the conditions. He also took my blood pressure while I remained motionless and seemingly unaware of his presence. 120/80 Normal as well.

"What the hell?" Under his breath he said "Ok Ms. Thompson, I'll see you in an hour." And he left me to suffer shaking his head in confusion.

I was not unaware of his presence I was just unconcerned, I almost felt he was intruding. With him gone I was now free to explore the depths and nuances of my pain without interruption.

Time Remaining: 0:00:00

Mr. Carson once again entered my cell and said "Time's up Ms. Thompson."

I was startled and annoyed at his interruption. I mumbled into my gag for him to go away but of course I was unintelligible.

Once he turned the electricity off I began to scream and struggle wildly. I had been thrust back into my body. I knew I needed the pain to feel alive again. Without the pain I felt a kind of death. Like a junkie without his drugs.

"I am working as fast as I can Ms. Thompson. You can rest very soon." He said with understand and actual compassion. But freedom was not what I was asking for, I wanted more pain.

The second the rope holding me upright was released I collapsed to the floor. My body was totally drained. Mr. Carson removed my gag and all of the restraints and carried me to my mattress.

Once I the gag was removed I begged him to put me back. "Pleeeeeebb dieb me bag up! Pleeeb oo ave do dieb be bag ub..."

"It's ok, rest now. You gave me a scare for the last hour or so Ms. Thompson but I am sure you will be fine to continue your sentence tomorrow. Rest well." He left again shaking his head in confusion

As I lay there feeling lost, wondering what I could do to get that feeling of painful bliss back it occurred to me, I needed to keep breaking the rules and get more days added to my sentence. Yes! That's it, just keep breaking the rules and get more days. Once I knew I would be soon be at peace I slept like a baby and dreamed of knew torments.

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