Oberon's Latest Acquisition
  • Author - Tia,Oberon and Madalina
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  • Post Date - 12/3/2015

Author's Note: FORWARD: this story is collaboration, originally written as an online role play between my step daughter Tia and a lovely guy known as OBERON on the game Nabber's Empire after reading there exchanges where Tia was using one of my Avatar bots was so impressed at her story writing and his role play that I asked if I could adapt and expand it to make it more story like.

Some of this story may seem a little strangely written as I wanted to keep as much of their material as possible Oberon's may seem short this is because I reduced sections that Tia described in hers so as to not double it up to much......

(Please note this is a work of fantasy and none of the participants condone the actions contained within in real life)

Synopsis: Tia a young Welsh girl working in riding stables decides after a night out to go home for a little self-bondage fun, only to find herself abducted, trained and finally sold



I opened the email. In truth before he even opened it he knew what it was about. The people that knew this address only ever wanted one thing. His only real product, fresh young girls abducted by him trained and sold to the highest bidder into a lifetime of white slavery.

I have too much work on as it is I thought to myself already mentally writing the apologetic negative reply. It was from a man named Hanz. Ah alas of course not that could hide his identity from me. He was a man who made a living in sale woman to the far and Middle East markets and had been a very good customer of my mine for a number of years. He sent the same attachment as always containing the targets details, name, age, location that sort of thing his clientele often spotted girls they decided they just had to have and arranged through Hanz for me to acquire them . Sometimes it contained some Intel on habits and the likes as well. It would rude not to at least look I think out loud.

I opened the file and the first thing that came was a picture of a beautiful young woman in full equestrian gear standing next to a white horse. I had taken woman all over the world, one or two of them had been top models and none of them had ever interested me like the woman in the picture did. She just had something, I couldn't even now tell you what that was but I knew I would do this job.

I read through the files notes name, Tia Wilder age 23 height 5'8" UK dress size 12-14 long shoulder length brown hair and brown/hazel eyes it even listed her bra size a nice 34D cup she was quite a curvaceous girl.

Below were her collage details and her work at a local riding school in south wales and her home address the fact she lived alone, had few friends and seemed she already was quite a shy submissive type girl.

I glanced through the pictures a few showed her in her full equestrian gear, a few must have been taken as she was out with friends and a couple showed her in a bikini on the beach and I gazed hungrily at her toned legs it seems all that horse riding payed off, her full rounded breast's straining in the bikini top and a luscious rounded rump with beautiful hips and thighs and in every one her soulful eyes captivated me and that sweet innocent smile

I opened a reply and typed one word: Accepted.

6 days later.

I had been lying motionless in the field up the hill from her Flat for 8 hours looking through the scope on my rifle. Waiting and watching didn't bother me I had done it in far worse place than Wales in my time with covert ops. Tonight would be the night I think to myself, tonight you are mine Tia. It was Friday and the Intel I had told me she typically stayed in on a Friday nights. I'll wait until she goes to bed then break in easy I think to myself.

Its then I watch as she comes out the bathroom and takes off her towel. Even at 800 yards I can't help but to be taken aback by her. I watch as she does her hair and starts to get dressed and by the look of her outfit she was going for a night out. 'Damn' then again that does open up other options and a plan starts to come together. I'll break in and wait until she comes back that will work. I then see her buckle the thin leather cuffs and collar over her outfit at neck wrists and ankles. Now that makes things more interesting I think.

I watch as she leave's in a friend's car and move down to the back door. It was dark so I knew no one would see me. Getting in was the easy part the door wasn't dead bolted and was to easy pick. I made my way into her bed room and couldn't help having a noisy around.

For such a seeming conservative shy girl she had lots of racy sexy undergarments some lovely risqué dresses and skirts and quite a lovely collection of high heeled stiletto style shoes and quite a few nice sexy outfits made of leather.

Under her bed I found a black bag full of things I didn't expect but knew how to use. Ropes, cuffs, a few fetish gags and blindfolds as self-bandagers play kit including ice locks. I couldn't help but smile, I pulled the bag slightly out from under the bed and took up my position hiding in her closet and waited for her to return several hours later.


It had been a long day at the stables, but I enjoyed my time with the horses very much as usual it was a damp welsh day but hey you can't have everything tonight was Friday night and time to hit the clubs for a little fun and relaxation .

Heading home I grabbed a quick dinner then headed to the shower to freshen up and get ready for a night on the tiles.

After a good luxurious shower and blow drying my long mid shoulder length brunette hair I rummaged through by drawers for the perfect outfit selecting first a cute lacy light blue bra and high cut panties slipping them on after admiring and toying with my firm rounded 34D breasts with those luscious large nipples and areolas feeling them in my hands and making sure there wasn't any marks from my play a few days ago before putting my bra on then checking I had shaved below ok

Examining my neatly trimmed bush as I slipped my panties up my toned rounded thighs kept trim by all the horse riding I did.

Deciding to be brave I selected a pair of small fishnet seemed stockings like those burlesque dancers wear and grabbed a black garter belt to hold them up, heading to the wardrobe I selected a tight slightly small for me cream colored blouse it was low cut and I buttoned it up to give a good showing of my full cleavage and to compliment it selected a tight very short black leather miniskirt so short it showed my creamy flesh and the garter straps above the stocking tops.

Putting my hair into a loose ponytail I went to work on my make-up blusher and eyeliner the accentuate my soulful brown eyes and bright fire engine red lipstick the stay sure kind ,god I looked slutty maybe I will get lucky tonight I laughed .

I had already painted my nails both finger and toes red earlier that day so the lipstick would happily match.

Sitting upon the bed I slipped on my prized thigh high black leather stiletto boots with the 4 inch heels then feeling a little naughty I added slim red trimmed ankle cuffs upon my ankles and wrists buckling them with the holes for small padlocks on the inside and the matching slim leather collar around my neck .

Grabbing my purse and my brown suede jacket over my arm I headed out to my friends and their car waiting outside as we whisked ourselves to the club.

We had fun at the club, I even got chatted up by a few guy's and even one girl but I got embarrassed as I usual do and blushed and shied away finally about 2 am my friends drove me home

Inside the flat I felt silly I hadn't been braver with one of the people chatting me up and if honest was a little Horny the quite a few, possibly a few too many ciders maybe contributing to that.

So after dumping my keys on the side I stumbled into the bedroom staggering to the bed giggling slightly I reached under the bed and pulled my duffel bag out.

Staggering around a bit I proceeded to yank my coat off and throw it on a nearby chair, I stumble out of the bedroom to the kitchen and retrieved my self bondage ice lock a little cylinder you fill with water and freeze trapping keys to my cuffs until it melts to a certain level.

Staggering back in I place it upon the nightstand next to my big double bed and fumble with the buttons on my blouse yanking it free of the skirt and tossing it on top of my jacket, then unzip the side of my skirt and wiggling my full hips let the skirt slide down my legs and step out of it.

I flop down sitting upon the bed and raise my right foot over my left knee and unzip the boot yanking it free of my foot I push it under the bed then reverse and do same with my left foot and boot.

Sobering slightly I stop and stare around the room a shiver running up my spine the nagging feeling I am being watched ,but the curtains are closed it must be my drunken imagination and I shake my head and sigh.

Leaning down I retrieve several lengths of rope from my goodie bag a bright red ball gag a set of handcuffs and a black sleep mask style blindfold ,before kicking the bag back under the bed.

I check my position and wriggle back upon the bed sitting up and crossing my ankles I start wrapping rope around my ankles and legs welding them into an effective frog tie then take a rope tying a knot in it and wrap it around my waist about garter belt top level doubled and looped I centre it and bring the end down over my panties fiddling and adjusting it so the knot near my slit and clitoris area before lifting my butt and passing it under me and up under the waist rope then wrap the end around the chain in middle of the handcuffs placing the cuffs behind me upon the pillow .

I pull and tug at the crotch rope centering and tighten it till I am happy once the cuffs on it will be nice and tight and any pull by my hands will cause it the pull tight into my slit over my blue panties.

This done I look around the room, smiles to myself, sigh contently, check the ice lock one last time, before lifting the ball gag up to my lips rolling it slightly as I open my full lips wide and push it in before pulling the straps around my face and buckling it behind giving a few tugs to make sure its in tight as I know I make a lot of noise when aroused as one of my boyfriends once said I am a real screamer and moaner when in passion.

Satisfied I scan my bedroom one last time then lift the blindfold up and after slipping my hair free of its ponytail slip the blindfold over my head and eyes plunging me into darkness a few soft murmurs of delight issuing from my lips past the gag.

I wriggle my butt a few times then lean my body back my hands reaching back as I feel for the handcuffs upon the pillow as my left hand finds its mark I carefully lift then making sure the ratchet still open then flick it over my left wrist behind my back hearing the catch swing and catch as it closes tight over my wrist. Carefully turning it in my hand I pass it to my cuffed hand and repeat with my other hand trapping them behind my back.

Now I am bound, gagged and blindfolded for the next hour till the ice lock gives me access to my keys.

My mind hazing in that starting glow of subspace I pull at my bound wrists, feeling the rope and knot dig tight into my cleft pushing my already slightly moist panties deeper into my slit feeling my body heat and the arousal and passion start to ignite within me as I make a long low moan into my gag.

I gently roll around upon the bed in my darkened world yanking and tugging at my bonds making moans of desire and passion through my gag as my mind drifts into subspace and my body reacts feeling my nipples harden and poke into my bra my body quivering and start to sweat .

My hair whipping around my face as I twist and turn and writhe upon the bed ,feeling my core heat and my juices flow slowly soaking into my trapped panties my nostrils catching the scent of my arousal in the air I lose all track of time and awareness as I indulge my guilty passion.



I hear the car outside followed by the sound of her coming into the house. Thankfully she was alone it would have gotten messy otherwise. I watch through the partially open closet door as she dances over to her bed looking like she's slightly tipsy. I smile as she picks up the bag and opens the duffel bag, someone didn't get lucky and now wanted to I thought to myself.

I watch as she slip's herself out of her clothes and boots leaving just her underwear on and more interesting the wrist cuffs and collar. I watch as she takes some of the rope and start's to bind her legs in a tight frog tie. I then watch as she takes another length of rope and forms and ties it into a rather tight looking crotch rope, playing around with it until she gets into the right spot. I hear her giggle clearly she is enjoying herself. she then take the shiny red ball gag and slips it between her painted lips. God I'm starting to enjoy the show I think to myself. She finishes her bondage with cuffs. Taking a small length of chain and with 2 small padlocks she locks her hands behind her back the chain running between her back and the crotch rope. I watch as she rolls about on the bed groaning and moaning, grinding herself into the crotch rope. Its then I notice the small block of ice on the bedside table with a key in the middle. Time to have some fun I think and I open the door.....

I open the door to the closet slowly and to my relief it made no sound at all. I move alongside the bed slowly with a practiced silence. In truth it wasn't completely silent no one can move without sound but she was far occupied with the crotch rope to notice the tiny noises I was making. Her scent was in the air that unmistakable scent of a woman that coupled with her grinding into the crotch rope and moaning into her gag made it difficult to concentrate, everything in my being telling me to jump on her. I resist for the moment and grab the ice lock and place it under the bed.

I stand next to the bed only feet from her watching her writhing upon it. Her breathing was becoming deeper and more rapid and I knew she must be getting near to climaxing. She must really be a little bondage slut to cum just from a crotch rope. Time to learn what bondage really is I think to myself.

I kneel on the bed and she instantly freeze in shock and panic but before she has a chance scream I force my hand over her ball gagged mouth and force her head down harder into the mattress.

'Don't scream or I'll have to hurt you bitch. Do as I say and I won't hurt you. Understand?'

I pull her blindfold off and wickedly smile at her.


As I lay upon my bed lost in my world of helplessness and submission, enjoying my guilty pleasure of sexual release via the rope sawing back and forth along my slit teasing and tantalizing my very sensitive clitoris.

I have always been one of those girls with a hyper sensitive clitoris and nipples far more so than my G spot with my sight deprived and my moans and whimpers muffled by my ball gag wedged tight between my full soft lips my body hot and sweaty from my thrashes upon the bed as I yank and pull at my bonds feeling the ropes compress upon my skin I feel my poor fishnet stockings tear once or twice but I can buy more there cheap enough.

I have lost track of time feeling my body quiver the heat running through my body as my passion rises toward crescendo my ample chest heaving in my bra as I am forced to suck air deep into my nose from all the exercise I am getting.

So caught up in my play I barely notice at first the mattress start to sag on my right side then I feel it someone other than me is in the room and worse there kneeling next to me upon my bed.

Panic floods my mind and I turn my head making a muffled garbled (who's there) into my gag my head blindly staring in the direction I assume the unknown intruder is kneeling my body frozen in mid pose in my bonds as I seek to understand what's going on, before I can act a rough strong hand presses to my lower face pressing the ball that bit deeper into my mouth and muffling the muted cry of alarm that issues from my throat.

Terror grips my body as I feel hot breath by my ear and an unknown male voices hiss in my ear

'Don't scream or I'll have to hurt you bitch. Do as I say and I won't hurt you. Understand?'

My heart beating like a jackhammer as my head held firm and pressed against the mattress by the hand tight over my mouth I feel my body start to tremble with fear and a icy shiver descend my spine ,I whimper into the gag and hand and slowly jerkily nod my head feeling tears welling in the corners of my eyes under the blindfold then my eyes scrunch tightly shut as the blindfold ripped from my head pulling my long hair outward with it letting it fall around my head upon the bed like leaves in a storm as he speaks with a cold cruel demeanour.

'I've taken hundreds of woman over the years but none of them have done the tying for me'

He laughs a cold heartless chuckle as my eyes blink feeling tears well and run down the sides by my ears into my damp hair, blinking back the tears and allowing my eyes to refocus from the sudden brightness I finally capture a look at my assailant dressed in black as his cold blue eyes scan and devour my helpless lingerie clad bound body making my flush with embarrassment as he drinks in my cleavage and my panty covered mound.

His eyes hungry and menacing I whimper and mew into my gag, pleading with him my whole body quivering and shaking in my bonds my tear filled eyes trying to plead with him as the tinkle is heard of me tugging at my handcuffs making the metal rattle and the squeal of the bed as our weights shift upon it .

His other hand reaches into his pocket and with a snick he pulls out and thumbs the button on a flick knife making the blade flash out and making me squeal into the gag in terror my whole body rigid with fear as my eyes widen like saucers tracking the blade and his eyes darting from one to the other.

Terror filling me to my core as he moves it closer to my body I tremble and push myself millimeters into the mattress away from him but I am unable to avoid my fate as the blade draws close my eyes wide staring at it and making plaintive mews into my covered mouth.

Unable to stop him as he slides it first under my right bra strap and jerks upward cutting it in two, then leans over my terrified body and does same with left then slips it between my cleavage and cuts my brazier in half his hand grasps it and pulling it free making me have to arch my back which seems to amuse him as it makes me stick my cleavage out that tiny bit more towards him.

He lifts it to his face and inhales my scent upon my bra then throws it to the floor as his hand move up to my rounded firm left breast caressing it with his free hand feeling my soft supple moisturized and sweat soaked skin as his fingers trace around my trembling breast then his fingers glide over my skin feeling between my breasts then my right breast caressing kneading and groping it before his thumb and forefinger grasp my large fat nipple and squeeze I cry out into the gag my body jerking like I had received an electric shock under him trying to stop his pressure and the pain .

And just as suddenly he lets go and his fingers caresses my trembling skin down over my belly knowing where he is heading I whimper and try and shake my head side to side under his hand but his fingers pass my waist rope and find my damp panties again my skin burns with shame and embarrassment as he comments

'A regular little bondage slut aren't you Tia?'

My eyes widen and I making a pleading muffled wail into the gag at the mention of my name this isn't a random break in and rape he knows my name he knows me.

My hips squirm as I feel his fingers playing first over my panties then slipping beneath them and probing my tight vaginal walls parting my puffy outer labia and sliding into my slick wet tight hole as I let out a long mournful mew of despair at his assault.

But just as quickly he pulls his damp fingers free and picks the knife up from where it fell upon the bed and cuts my panties loose enjoying my terrified moans and my writhing body below him as he takes the panties and first sniffs them then presses them to my nose making me inhale my own sexual aroma.

Now naked apart from my fishnet stockings and my bondage I writhe and struggle upon the bed as he climbs off it and calmly walks over to my closet, pulling something from it walking back and throwing a black canvas bag next to my writhing form his hand dipping in pulling something out.

his hands run through my long brunette hair searching for the ball gags buckles finding it he undoes it and lets my head drop back upon the bed as his fingers grasp the ball and prizes it loose his other hand holding the knife as a warning not to scream or make a noise.

Once the ball pops free my saliva going with it I slowly rotate my aching jaw and start to open my mouth to plead with him but as my mouth opens before the first sounds leave my lips something blue is pushed inside my mouth a soft fabric his fingers poking and prodding it all inside my mouth past my lipstick smeared lips.

I go to eject it with my tongue but he places his finger to my lips as a gesture of NO and again my head lifted by one hand moving my hair aside he has picked clear the end of some white tape and presses it firmly over my lips and wraps it around my head several times over my hair sealing the cloth inside the tape I recognize as microform medical tape as it contours to my face making my lips show through it.

Now re silenced my tongue and juices mix with the cloth in my mouth only then do I realize to my horror and shame that the cloth is my juice soaked panties he cut off me as I am forced to taste my own desire

He then leaves me staring at him with terrified eyes as he proceeds to lay the bag flat next to my upon the bed then lifts me up and places me sitting upon the bag as I make terrified murmurs and mews my head following his every move he grabs some leather straps from the bag and wraps them around my body welding my legs to my chest and a rope is threaded through my collars D ring and tied forcing my head downward wrapping me into a tight ball of trembling flesh before starting to pull the bags sides up and zip it closed with me inside.

I squeal and try and squirm and trash in my bonds but I have so little movement and my panties and tape gag mute my screams to a low murmured wail as he leans over saying

'You belong to me now'

As I am plunged back into darkness inside the bag a tight bound and gagged naked parcel inside as he lifts me from the bed feeling my squirming body against his back and hearing my heavily muted plaintive wails of terror behind my gag as he carries me from my flat into the night.

His prisoner he hasn't raped me yet and from sound doesn't plan on killing me yet ,my family is a long way from being rich which leaves my shocked mind mulling over his other possible plans for me as I hear my front door slam.



I close her front door behind me and carry her down the stairs towards the back entrance to the flats. I can hear her muffled muted crying and moaning in the bag. Her panties were doing a good job of keeping her sounds to a muffled noise which wouldn't let anyone inside a flat know I was there. I open the back door and cross the back yard and through the back gate to where my van was parked. Thankfully it being so late meant no one was around. I opened the van and pushed her inside and I climbed in and closed the door behind us happy that no else knew what was going on.

The van was work of art and was worth a small fortune. To the untrained eye the van from the outside looked like any transit but I had spent more money on this than any of my sport cars. I had made it sound proof and it had a small amount of restraints built in to it. But I had planned one restraining device in particular to transport victims on. It was a small raised stage at the far end of the van 4 foot by 4 foot. In the center was a vertical post about 4 feet high. Some would call it a whipping post by I had many uses for it. It had several ringed bolts in it in different places that meant I could restrain someone to it in many positions and that's what I had planned for my latest conquest.

I unzipped the bag and unfolded it exposing her struggling crying form. Even with her make up so badly smudged I was still taken aback by her beauty. I grab her roughly pinning her to the floor of the van.


As I hear the door close writhing what little I can in the bag feeling terrified feeling my heart pounding in my chest my mind in chaos at what is happening to me, even though I enjoyed naughty bondage games this is real all too real the bag making me claustrophobic as I weakly mew into the panties and gag knowing my sound cannot be carrying more than a few feet at best.

As I weakly struggle and he walks feeling my tightly constrained body bounce against his back hearing his soft footfalls upon the carpet between my weak cries of distress knowing with each step towards the exit of the building my chances of rescue reduce I go into a frenzy of struggling and mewing as loud as I can trying to attract attention my body hot inside the bag and sweat covered for my struggles the taste of my own passion filling my mouth as moisture mixes with the soiled panties inside my mouth I quickly tire and sag in my bonds exhausted from my struggles a hopelessness engulfing me and a pitiful whimper issuing past my gagged lips.

Then I catch the sound of a door creaking open and closing and the crunch of gravel of the path outside knowing we have exited the building I weep and sob making little snuffling noises knowing my best hope of rescue has passed my ears more alert with my other senses taken away catch the sound of a metallic door sliding open and I feel the bag hefted and placed upon a surface I start to struggle again making the bag roll around with me inside like a kitten in a sack.

I feel the bag grabbed and pulled backward the zip undone exposing my naked sweaty tightly bound body to the cold air outside my nostrils sucking in the fresh air after the stale air of the bag as I lay the shivering from both cold and fear sobbing into the gag as my eyes adjust I stare at my heartless captor with soulful pleading eyes and make a few pleading whimpers behind the gag as my captor stares with hungry eyes at my naked quivering restrained body watching him as his eyes scan from my face over my compressed cleavage and my naked butt cheeks gazing hungrily at my toned rounded thighs.

He leans in his shadow descending over me making me cringe and shrink back trying to put every millimeter I can between me and him but to no avail as his hands grasp my naked thigh and my shoulder and pulls me towards him like a fisherman reeling in his catch holding my trembling body firmly as his cold voices says.

'If you struggle bitch this will hurt understand? Submit and Make this easy on yourself'

As he goes to work upon my bindings hovering over my like a vulture over its supper he works at the straps binding me into a ball taking the opportunity between his work to grope and fondle my soft supple flesh seeming to enjoy how smooth and soft my skin is as the bindings part I flop open like a landed fish and his cruel smile as my breast jiggle and quiver as I unfold.

I am rolled onto my belly my legs kicking feebly like a landed mermaid a sharp slap to my rounded butt cheeks making me squeal and jerk and sob a little harder as I feel my tender flesh redden and warm under the blow as his hands work at the knots of my ankle and knee ropes finally freeing them I whimper as he tugs and yanks at my one of my stockings ripping it from my leg and then the other one followed by my garter belt my last vestiges of clothing as I tug at the cuffs holding my wrists making the chain rattle and clink mixed with my sobs and moans I have never been so afraid my hair while flattened where the tape is over it, its length still allowing it to whip about as I struggle and shakes my head side to side in terror and denial .

As I feel him placing cuffs upon my ankles buckling them on and locking them with small locks then only to have my body yanked and pulled upwards by my hair as his hand grasps it and pulls making my cry out in pain as I am dragged by him deeper into his van of horrors I am in.

As I struggle I look ahead and see a podium with a post upon it and D rings set at various places and heights he drags me to it and throws my helpless body upon it so my thighs catch the side and my stomach lands upon its floor.

As I try and rise he grabs my cuffed hands pulling them upward putting pressure upon my shoulders and forcing my body back down bent over having to spread my legs and raise my bottom to alleviate the discomfort, As he hisses.

'That's one fine ass slut I'm going to have fun with you. Now I'm going restrain you to this whipping post don't make me have to use its name sake'

As the only warning I get between my sobbing whimpers is a slight swish of air as he brings his hand down upon my rounded butt cheek making me jerk and cry out as he goes into a tirade of slaps upon my defenseless bottom feeling the blows warm, redden and tenderize my bottom as I wail and moan like a banshee into my gag my tears catching my flailing hair and landing upon the wooden base.

Feeling the pain shoot through my body and Even though I try and not admit it to myself feeling my arousal start to heighten and my slit moisten and puff at his abuse .

Satisfied I have been cowed by his display of power and control he yanks me up and twists my trembling body shoving me back against the post his hands working quickly finding the lock to my cuffs and removing them grasping one wrists and yanking it up to a cuff chained to the post and locking it there on the opposite side behind my head my other wrist following suit now my wrists cuffed up and back behind framing my head.

I put up only token resistance as my leg is grabbed twisted and pulled outward and cuffed to the base of the podium then my other one forcing me to kneel upon my thighs with my legs lewdly spread wide giving him full view of my neatly trimmed bush and my slightly gaping slit and sex my breasts jiggling as I trembling in my bonds.

This seems to catch his attention and he stares and my jiggle breasts mesmerized by their movements and the fact my fat nipples are poking out and firm after a few moments of enjoying my quivering flesh he reaches out with his finger and thumb towards my left nipples I stare at him and mew into the gag and try and pull away but I am secured to tight and his hand reaches my nipple pulling and tugging at it like a baby at a teat.

I shake my head slightly moaning making my hair below the trapped part swish about over my breasts and his hand he stares at my wide frightened eyes and says.

'You will soon learn to yearn for my fingers slut they are better than these.'

As he pulls what I know to be clover nipple clamps off the shelve his fingers pressing and depressing the open and closed showing me how much tension is upon the springs as one hand presses to my upper chest his fingers holding the top of my breast as he steadies my quivering body and his other hand brings the first clamp towards my hardened nipple I moan whimper and plead my head slowly shaking NO oh please NO until it touches against my areola and his fingers quickly part making it bite hard into my nipple as I scream and jerk at the pain like lightning bolts shooting down my body I feel my tears streaking down my cheeks mixed with my mascara making it run down my face I plead into my gag for him not to do the other one.

He just gives me a wicked smiles and grasps my right Brest and places the clamp over it watching my terror filled brown eyes stare from it to him and his eyes before casually releasing it making me wail into my gag and writhe in pain joking

'Sensitive nipples my dear?'

While giving the connecting chain a few playful tugs making me scream and jerk in my bonds like a marionette upon a string.

My wails of pain terror and despair a symphony to his ears as he gently presses his hand between my quivering breasts under the chain and slowly strokes it down my trembling belly turning it as he goes lower caressing my sweat scented skin reaching my pubic mound teasingly running his fingers through it like a lover through his sweethearts hair before letting a finger stroke along my puffy engorged slit tantalizing it as he rubs down then up then down a few times before putting pressure and parting my outer lips and pressing inwards to my tight wet hole savoring the wetness and warmth of my juices coating his fingers as he perversely finger fucks me for a minute or two before pulling out.

He raises his fingers just below my nose my eyes staring down at them as he presses them to my nose forcing me to breathe in my scent and passion then pops his fingers in his mouth and suckles on them saying

'So sweet, shall we go back to my place babe?'

He pulls another item from the nearby shelf a leather bondage sensory deprivation hood undoing the laces at back and puffing it out raising it to my head I give one final long pleading moan and plead with my eyes as I watch it approach then my eyes follow it as he raises it over my head and pulls it down over my head.

He yanks and tugs at it pulling it over my crown over my hair and down over my eyes then my nose tugging and adjusting it so the two small grommets at nose level are level with my nose pulling it under my chin around my neck over the collar upon it.

A buckle at collar level is wrapped around my throat and buckled shut trapping it upon me plunging me yet again into darkness but also this time pads on the inside pressing over my lips muffling me further and over my ears muffling quite effectively my hearing .

He pushes my head forward and down as he works and tugs tightening the laces at the back welding it tight to my head three final straps are buckled on one around my forehead another round my mouth area and a final one over the top of my head to under my chin buckled and yanked tight sealing me inside.

Leaving me blinded, muted and my hearing severely muffled as I sit kneeling upon the podium my legs lewdly wide my arms up behind my head crossed behind hooded like some animal gagged so very effectively with first my own soiled panties inside my mouth medical tape wrapped around my lips and head a pad upon the inside of the hood pressing against my lips and a buckled strap making sure its tight against my mouth.

My body trembling in it nakedness making the nipple clamps sway and the chain jiggle causing me to mutely wail in pain in my gag as my pull and tug at my ankles and wrist cuffed bonds left to my misery and despair as I catch the faint sound of the door slamming shut movement in the front and the engine roaring to life as the van pulls away taking me from the refuge of my flat and home abducted into the night and my unknown fate.



Then I laugh and get up and walk to the door leaving her there crying, moaning and struggling, God She's a gorgeous sight. I jump out and blow her a kiss as I close the door leaving her in darkness. Damn it's going to be a Long drive back up to the highlands.

And it is a long drive from Wales to the north of Scotland and I have more than one near miss watching the screen on the dash board that showed the rear compartment of the van and her sensual naked bound form. I watched as she struggled as first but quickly accepted her fate probably just sobbing under the hood.

We arrived at my family's castle just as dawn broke. It had been in my families hands for generations and we could trace our clan back staying here well over 500 years ago. It was in disrepair now but that suited me. No one would ever find my underground home or expect anyone to live here.

The van comes to a stop and I exit to go get the help I needed in moving her and went to find my personal slave/slut Claire.

Claire was a gorgeous Irish beauty, the epitome as they would say beautiful lightly freckled skin, long flame red hair with a temper and attitude to match before I broke her tall and lithe but with the most gorgeous DD breasts I am always mesmerised seeing them sway or her lovely hips and ass.

She was taken a few years ago at the age of 19 by one of my acquisition teams; she fought me through every step of her training fighting like a wild cat by the time she was ready for sale I just couldn't bring myself to do it so made her my personal slave and after time my personal assistant as well seems she still has the wild cat in her and makes a very cruel dominatrix when she wishes to be and originally being a lesbian loves to play with the girls we capture.


As I hear the sound of the engine thumbing and feel its vibrations along with the vans accelerations and stops, it's twists and turns, this mixed in my ears with the sounds of my moans, mews and wails at first I struggle hard in my bonds tugging and yanking at them for all I am worth my chest heaving, my breath coming out in ragged snorts through my nose as I over exert myself desperate to escape my fate.

But I quickly exhaust myself and slump in the bonds crying inside my hood, before I think at some point passing out from nervous exhaustion my initial terror filled adrenaline finally gone I pass out, my dreams filled with the nightmare that I am to be turned into either a sex slave or a pony girl or even some Arab's bondage pain plaything or human trafficked to serve in some foreign brothel.

My mind playing scenes from movies I have watched with me now the female star like Taken or thoroughly modern Millie.

I am awoken to the sound of the vans doors opening and the realization that my waking world is the nightmares of my dreams come to life I wail long and mournfully into my gag and hood as cold air cools my naked body mutely hearing under the hooded earmuffs a woman's voice talking about me .

'So this is Tia? I can see why you took the job just your type'

My head turns tracking the voices staring blindly in the direction of whoever is speaking as my captor and the unknown woman discuss me as I make pitiful whimpers into the gag and hood.

'Is that jealousy I detect Claire? '

I cringe at the woman's cruel laugh, wondering how another woman could do this

'Me jealous, of that? Please. I'll go down stairs and start her file and begin processing her. Cell 4 is free would you like me to leave it open?'

I blindly turn my head and cringe pushing my body against the post as I feel my captor climb into the van next to me

'No, I'll be taking her to my room to begin her training straight away, besides it's been a long drive she and I has earned some comfort tonight.' the woman replies

'Your will master. '

I hear the doors slam shut and then I cringe as I feel his hands close to my face and head but he just pushes it downward and I feel his fingers working the locks and buckles undone followed by the laces as he pulls it from my head causing my hair to fall around my face as he brushes it aside as I blink away the harshness of the light after my prolonged darkness.

As my sight adjusts I stare at him a pleading desperate look in my eyes and plead into my gag for release from this waking nightmare but he just places a finger upon my taped lips and I look downcast and dejected lowering my eyes in submission he calmly and softly states.

'Tia I'm going to un-gag you now you won't speak unless I ask you something if you do you will be punished, understand?'

giving a little snuffle and whimper into my gag I slowly reluctantly nod my head in submission as he grasps the chain of my nipple clamps and gives a few mild tugs on it as a warning of what may happen.

Sitting there like a doll I let him guide and move my head so he can unwrap the tape from around my head and slowly part my soft full lips once it is freed letting my tongue slowly push the panties out of my mouth letting them drop to the floor along with my drool in a sodden mess between my legs satisfied I am not going to ball and scream or even try to speak and plead he tells me.

'I'm going to unbind you from that post Tia and take you inside. If you fight me I promise you will spend the night tied in the most painful position you could possibly ever envisage. '

My body trembling in front of him making the nipple chain rattles slightly as it bounces upon my quivering chest a soft terrified murmur quietly issuing past my trembling lips I numbly nod my understanding as he unhooks my wrists unlocking and undoing the cuffs throwing them aside he makes me lean down by pushing upon my back so I am bent over my breasts compressed to my thighs as he draws my hands behind and crosses them and binds them tight with rope then sits me back up while he undoes my leg restraints and removes them.

Then grasping my arm he helps me get unsteadily to my feet my legs wobbly after so long restrained and as I rise his hand starts to caress my toned rounded thigh slipping inside to cup my mound without thinking I jerk my body away and say

'NO, stop'

His eyes flash with anger and he tugs at my arm roughly his voice harsh and enraged

'I warned you'

he roughly pushes me forward and downward forcing me back onto my knees ,I try to apologize to tell him I am sorry it was a mistake but he ignores my pleas I cringe my head down my hair hanging to the floor around my face and I quake in fear writhing beneath him and his hold upon me he lets go for a moment and then his hand brushes my long auburn hair aside and puts something before my face and yanks hard on my hair making me scream as my ragged scream leave my throat something round and rubbery is pushed into my open mouth attached to a leather pad pressed to my lips and again straps buckled around my head very tight.

My tongue and mouth probe the object inside and I blush knowing it is phallic shaped as I am pulled to my feet and roughly turned and twisted and hefted over his shoulder as he carries me like a sack from the van my hair dangling around my face blocking a lot of my view of the surrounding as I wriggle weakly upon his shoulder.

As I struggle upon his shoulder as I am carried along as my hair sways aside I catch glimpses of my surroundings the glimpses I catch filling me with hopelessness as I see lots of cells and hear the muted wails of other gagged women beyond them even seeing one Asian girl in lingerie restrained in middle of a cell like room as a man and woman discuss and shake hands next to her trembling form before my swaying hair blocks my view again.

We finally reach a large oak door as he twists the handle and pushes it open as I am carried to the middle of the room and dumped upon my knees in front of him as I look up I spot his growing arousal in his trousers .

He grasps one of the nipple clamps upon my breasts his fingers over the depressors stating

'These can stay on all night slut or they can come off, but I'll want something in return'

I whimper and screw my eyes shut knowing what is about to come but the pain that echoes through my body as he removes the clamp causes me to scream loudly my muted wail echoing off the walls and before my scream has died he undoes the other one causing my to scream all over again.

As I am recovering he unbuckles the gag and roughly forces my lips apart and shoves a padded ring inside my mouth behind my teeth and buckles it on forcing my mouth wide as he grasps my hair with one hand and unzips his fly with the other pulling his throbbing member out with one hand in my hair the other on my head he pushes my head toward him and his crotch aligning his member with the rings hole and pushes inward forcing his warm cock inside my mouth.

I splutter and choke slightly as I try and hold my gag reflex in check as he slides his manhood inside my mouth and down my throat then pulls out by yanking upon my hair then pushes me forward again rocking me upon my knees forcing my head back and forth as he rocks his hips thrusting his hardening rod through the hole and down my throat.

After a few thrusts I catch his rhythm and try and use my tongue to tantalize and arouse him knowing the quicker he unloads and satisfies himself the quick this will be over, I work his shaft with my throat and tongue unable to use my lips and mouth because of the ring gag, but he starts to moan and his member swells and hardens in my mouth under my menstruations finally he starts to spasm slightly as I feel his member throb and prepare to explode and I suck air hard through my nose as he thrust in hard and deep down my throat holds there a second and release a torrent of this warm salty sticky cum coats the back of my throat and slides down inside of me .

He holds himself while he makes sure he has finished ejaculating the as his member softens and pulls out I starts to lap and lick at it with my tongue, flushing with shame as he looks down at me smiling at my actions

'Good girl Tia that earns you a reward now don't move. '

He walks away putting his member back inside his trousers walking over to a table and I kneel there breathing and revering tasting his cum inside my mouth and upon my breath my skin burning with shame

He holds a Hitachi wand in his hands and squats in front of me as drool splatters my cleavage, then places the wand upon the floor and leans over undoing my wrists then reties them in front before raising my wrists over my head forcing them to frame my head and hair locked behind my head

'Keep them there or I will'

He slaps my inner thigh directing me to open my legs. I blush and lower my face and eyes with as he runs his hand along my thigh lightly brushing along my smooth soft skin with his finger tips and slowly moving them towards mound. As I make moans whimpers of protest I feel my body betrays me as I feel my juices well and my passion heighten. Hating myself for enjoying for becoming so aroused as he forces himself upon me. his fingers find my engorged clit and starts rubbing it one finger at first then between two. Making me groan past my gagged lips as my hyper sensitive clit reacts.

'Would you like the Hitachi my dear?'

He picks it up pressing it to my mound and starts to gently move it up and down slightly over my clitoris making me moan my eyes slit as I feel the waves off passion heat my body unable to help myself as the wand sends vibrations through my core he intensifies it and starts to caress and tweak my nipples my body quivering with desire my hips rocking to the motions of the Hitachi rocking upon my mound and pressing to my clitoris he toys and plays with my body my arousal reaching higher like waves crashing upon the shore I try to hold back but my body shudders and I moan long and loud into the ring gag my orgasmic pleasure wails echoing round the room as I am consumed in passion building beyond control he holds it there ripping wave upon wave of orgasm from my ravaged body until I slump spent and exhausted as he finally removes the insidious device.

'Enjoy that slut? You didn't ask permission to cum. You get that one but forget again and you will be punished. '

He removes the ring gag replacing the penis gag back in my mouth and this time padlocks it on before forcing me onto my knees bent over with my hands still bound he undoes the ropes and cuffs my hands behind me then forces me to shuffle forward upon my knees like an animal towards a nearby cage .

Opening the door he makes me crawl inside cuffing my ankles with a short hobble chain in-between so tired I don't resist he stuffs me into the cage shutting and locking the door its small like a dog cage just enough room to curl up and sleep in with exhausted from my ordeal I start to do hearing him say.

'Get some rest I'll be back to start your training later.'

As I hear him exit the room turning the lights out and I curl fetus like and after a few whimpers and moans I drifts into another tormented sleep ....................



I exit the room still with smiling from the after effects of shooting my load down Tia's throat and walk towards my office. The walk takes me back past the holding cells. Eight soon to be sold sex slaves I think to myself, 2 days and they will be out of here and I'll be considerably richer. They or the upcoming auction didn't interest me at the moment still feeling the satisfaction of your mouth.

I enter the office and Claire is sitting with her back to me. She doesn't even acknowledge me as I walk up to her and place my hands on her shoulder.

'Come now you're still no hissy about little Tia are you? '

'No it's not that master, I have just contacted Hanz to inform him we have her and he is claiming poverty he claims his initial client has back out He claims he doesn't now have the funds for her and wants to negotiate a lower price.'

I emit a low growl.

'Oh he does, does he? That's not how we do business contact him again and inform him the deal is off. Once you have done that contact Gabriel and tell him to reconnoitre our good friend Hanz. He has a daughter at university here doesn't he? Tell Gab to pick her up then we will see if he has the 'funds'.'

Claire turns to me but does make eye contact.

'Master... if... you want to demote me and make Tia your personal slave I'll understand..'

I cut her off by placing my hand below her chin and raising her gaze to mine.

'You and you alone are mine don't forget that. Make a file on Tia and put her in the auction. A late offer or something Like that'

Claire beams and turns back to the computer. Tia capture won't be a total loss I think to myself.

Later that evening.


My life has taken a dramatic turn earlier this evening or what may be yesterday I was a carefree 23 year old enjoying life, loving my job as the horse riding stables and partying with my friends then after arriving home aroused and randy decided to be a little naughty and have a little self bondage play if I had only known what was about to happen then.

In the middle of my play a man had broken into my flat and bedroom, finding my semi naked bound and gagged form he had abducted me, carried me moaning and whimpering into the night away from the safety of my old life.

Trussed me up in the back of a van like a piece of meat, hooded me and toyed with my terrified trembling body before whisking me away to this chamber of horrors, forced me to give him a blowjob and teased and toyed with my sex with a electric massage wand ripping multiple orgasms from my trussed helpless body filling me with shame and humiliation and despair at my situation before finally stuffing my bound and gagged form into a tiny cage like a dog.

My mind and spirit shattered sending mixed signals as despite my terror and fear his menstruations upon my bound helpless body reacting to his manipulation reacting and forcing my arousal beyond my control ,break my already inward submissive will bending it ,shaping it trying to make me comply and turn me into a bondage sex slave for his pleasure.

I am awoken from my fevered sleep by the strains of classical music in the room I am held in, as my eyes slowly flutter open hoping for this all to be just a bad nightmare my mouth and tongue touch upon the phallus in my mouth and the taste or rubber and the lingering taste of his salty cum, I moan and roll slightly in my tiny cage feeling my sore arms still tightly restrained behind my back as my long hair falls over my eyes as I roll over jerking my head to clear my vision.

I inch myself around in my cage to stare out into the room and see my captor over in the corner sat at a piano expertly eliciting the notes I am hearing, I looks over at me as I make my tiny whimpers past the gag and stare at him smiling his rises and walks toward my cage, causing the fear to well within me yet again and my body start to tremble like a newborn doe at his plans for me.

He unlocks and unlatches the door squatting down upon his haunches and leans into the cage I shrink back slightly put his reach out distances my cringing and his hands encircle my head undoing the gag and gently prizing the phallus from my lips, my mouth dry and sore I lick moisture into my lips and work my jaw free of its aches and pains massaging it through motion as he calmly states.

'Did you sleep well my dear? I'm afraid you stink and we are going to have to do something about that.'

He reaches in grasping my hair and drags me moaning and pleading from my cage forced to shuffle along behind him as I am forced into the middle of the room and pushed down onto my knees ,fearful of angering him I spread my legs as he told me before and lower my head and eyes in submission ,just kneeling there trembling tiny little whines passing my terrified quivering lips as he unbuckles my leather collar throwing it aside before pacing to a nearby table and returning to encircle my throat with a thin metal one a screw lock ensuring I cannot remove it telling me as he does so.

'A collar means nothing if it's yours and you place it around your own neck. This collar is a simple slave collar you haven't earned a better one yet and you might not get that chance slave. From this point on you will call me master until I see fit to sell you to another understand? '

Again tears flow I thought I had none left but at the words he plans to sell me into slavery I sob and plead to let him go a quick strike to my tender breast silencing my protests and cowering me into submission again

He undoes my cuffed wrists bring them from behind my back to in front and cuffs them again, before attaching a leash to my new collar and forcing me to get on all fours like some animal and directs me to follow him like some errant puppy on a leash swatting my ass as I move if I move to fast or slow dragging and leading me to another door in the room and the large bathroom beyond shivering I don't know in fear or cold once we reach the shower he grasps me under my arm and forces me to stand then takes my cuffed wrists and draws them above my head locking them to a overhead chain with a bayonet clip then moves to the pulleys winch system and draws it up forcing my arms higher till I stand almost upon tip toe.

I go to speak to tell him please don't hurt me but a sharp fierce glare as the first syllables leave my lips silences my protests and I lower my head letting my hair hang around me in shame and defeat.

He steps back and starts to strip watching me like a hawk as he does so removing his shirt to reveal his muscled scared torso as I swing slightly in my bonds as I adjust my footing watching him with lowered eyes through my hanging hair as he removes his trousers exposing his semi rigid member to view.

He then turns the overhead shower on the water cascading over my naked body and washing the dirt and sweat and traces of my sexual abuse from my tired body, I close my eyes and sigh as the water cleanses my body and my frayed nerves reveling in its luxury not even noticing his approach until his form makes contact with mine feeling his muscled chest press to my back making me jerk and jump in my bonds and let out a startled cry as his hands enwrap my body and a sponge in his hands starts to caress and wash my smooth skin his hands slowly moving across my body one washing the other caressing and groping my naked form giving my breasts extra attention enjoying my shame as my nipples react to his tender touch seeming to enjoy how soft and silky both my skin and hair are even wet.

Soon the sponge is discarded as his hands travel each side of my hips slowly moving together to rub over my bush and between my legs at first I try and close them and twist away but a slap between my thighs makes me part my legs once more and his hands go to work upon my sensitive nether regions until his fingers find there mark first playing along my outer folds then pushing and probing inward to find the jewel within unable to resist I moan and thrust my hips a few millimeters as his fingers work in and out of my hole mixed with the shower water cascading over our naked bodies.

He nibbles at my exposed neck pushing my long wet hair aside with his chin as he whispers in my ear

'You are a little slut aren't you Tia? '

as he grasp my hips and pulls me backward realizing his intent I moan NO and try and pull away till a slap to my ass cheek reminds me of my place as he pushes himself from behind between my legs angling me and himself to push is probing bell end along my slit till he finds his mark and very slowly drives inwards feeling my tight vaginal walls compress around his shaft he rocks his hips forward while dragging mine back pushing himself deep inside me then withdraws before plunging forward and inward again feeling my hole part before his thrust and my tight hole caress his foreskin and tug at it .

He starts to increase his pace and strength of thrust as his member throbs and hardens under the sensations my hole illicit from his penetrations of my tight cunt unable to help myself I feel my passion start to build as I feel him harden and throb within me

'Yeah moan for me slut, in fact beg your master to fuck you'

he says as he rides me from behind when after a minute I haven't responded he slaps my ass cheeks the sound echoing in the shower then again till I timidly say with stuttering breath

"please fuck me Master"

this makes him happy and he resumes his hard thrusts finally I feel his quivering he pulls out and fires his load over my ass cheeks as the flowing water washes it away within seconds but not enough time to alleviate my shame and humiliation at his act done he walks away as I hang their humiliated and turns the shower off before grabbing a towel and returning to me he lowers my cuffed wrists form above and passes me the towel instructing me to dry him once done I am told to try myself and my hair.

He releases me from the overhead chain and bayonet clip and grabs my leash making me stagger behind him back to the bedroom stumbling after him to keep up taken back to the middle of the room my wrists cuffed behind again and once again attached to a pulley winch chain there forced up forcing me to bend at the waist as the pressure upon my arms and shoulders build till I am bent at a right angle in a strappedo position slipping a pair of very high stiletto heels upon my feet with ankles straps and pulling the chain higher till I am forced to balance upon them of teeter and hang by my arms.

Cuffs placed around one ankle then the other a metal bar in-between forcing my legs wide and making my balance and position more precarious my hair hanging down around my knee level framing my face as he circles me drinking in my exposed form before walk away to sit in a throne like chair opposite me enjoying my swaying and swinging form in my bonds as I try and steady myself and not trip to much in my heels causing pain to shoot down my arms.

I stand there struggling for a few minutes as he enjoys the show the sound of the metal clanking mixed with soft tiny moans of discomfort from me I barely catch the first few taps of heels other than mine striking the floor but as they approach I hear them clearer and stop my struggles and try and turn in that direction.

Before I can twist far a hand grasps my head and another faces before my vision hold a big red rubber ball gag and presses it to my soft lips giving my hair a quick yank to encourage me to obey and part my lips after a distressed whimper I screw my eyes up and open my mouth as the ball presses to my teeth I realize I must open wider and do as its twisted and worked into my mouth then buckled on tight.

Then as my head is released now tightly gagged once more Claire wonders into view dressed wearing thigh high black leather 6 inch heeled fuck me boots with black latex suspenders connected too latex stockings showing above the boot tops . She wears no panties leaving her shaven pussy bare. Above all that she has on is black leather corset and black collar the epitome of a dominatrix a cruel smile upon her lips?

Slowly she walks toward the wall taking a flogger down and looks the my captor at his nod she returns to me as I watch her with wide frightened eyes she leans over placing one manicured finger under my chin and lifting it so I am forced to stare into her heartless evil eyes giving her a good view of my wide terrified brown ones before letting go and slowly start to circle me a sudden swish sound my only warning as my left butt cheek enflames with a burning sensation as she strikes it with the flogger and starts a rhythm of striking one then the other enjoying my squeals of pain and my sob wracked body as I jerk and mew under the assault before starting to circle me striking out at a breast a butt cheek or my inner thigh or mound between my legs feeling my skin burn redden and sensitize with each blow till I am a sobbing quivering mess .

The squats before me cupping my chin in her hands saying

'What's wrong slut don't you like this? '

as he leans in passionately kissing my lips around and against the ball gag as I flush in shame at her attention I fail to notice one of her hands raise and place the teeth of a nipple clamp either side of my right nipple until she depresses it and it bites deep into the nipple and I scream loudly into my gag and jerk and sob once more then toys with the other as I shake my head side to side my hair whipping and swaying as I plead with both gag and eyes for her not to do the other one but she does anyway and I scream again until the pain in my nipples cools to a aching throb.

I never notice her kneel until I feel her lips tenderly kiss my outer nether lips her lips soft and tender she caresses my soft skin kissing gently multiple times until slowly she lets her tongue flicker out like a probing snakes caressing between my folds lapping and licking pushing me outer labia open she goes to work upon me knowing just how to enflame my passion as her tongue and lips do their work turning me from pain to pleasure to arousal to waves or orgasmic flow as I come close to peaking she stops and lets my passion cool then goes to work again driving my senses wild before again denying me the cresting of my desire repeating the process several times till I am left exhausted frustrated and spent physically and emotionally unable to achieve my desired orgasm .

Finally my legs buckle beneath me straining my arms as I lose all balance upon the high heels Claire catches me and my captor moves to assist as they release me from my strappedo position and each taking me under one arm drag me back to my cage stuffing me inside and shutting it leaving me laying there as they retire to the bed to fulfill their desires and passions with one another as I dazedly stare out of my cage still gagged cuffed and locked in the spreader bar and high heels somehow drifting back to sleep during their marathon of sex in the bed



Having enjoyed my marathon session of sexual pleasure it was time to check upon our other acquisitions soon to be sold into a life of slavery and bondage walking down the cell block staring inside at each girl first there was Greta the Norwegian blonde student her eyes staring at mine out of the cell as she was seated over a bondage horse her legs spread wide forcing her sex onto its narrow ledge her feet locked tight to the floor unable to raise off it her back arched by the arm binder forcing her to display her magnificent breasts as she whimpered behind the large penis gag in her mouth.

Next was Stacy a lithe cute girl a former crystal palace cheerleader still in her cute uniform a special request she was tied in a tight ball locked to the floor by her gag ropes encircling her body the crush her into the tight ball of misery she now was .

Then came Anna our longest resident acquired from a shopping mall boutique changing room this cute brunette was well and truly broken and had become a accomplished slave with impressive oral skills she would sell well.

I headed to rest in my other quarters, awoken by Claire I informed I had a little kinky fun in mind for our latest prize poor little Tia and gave Claire instructions to go dress how I required and to meet me in Tia's room an evil smirk upon my lips as she scurried away to so my bidding.


Returned to my small cage uncomfortably bound and gagged yet again ,while I enjoy a bit of bondage being restrained so long has taken its toll upon my limbs while I keep quite fit with horse riding ,jogging and aerobics and yoga .

The tight bondage has already tested my limits upon my helpless tortured body; I am scared out of my wits having heard snippets of conversation between my captor and the woman called Claire who tortured me last night whipping my tender flesh.

They plan on selling me into white slavery holding some form of auction and shipping me out to my new owner most likely out of the UK to some foreign land with no hope of rescue respite or escape.

To be someone's plaything or sex toys or even some whore in some exotic brothel for the rest of my life with these thoughts churning in my head mixed with the discomfort of my restrained body and tightly gagged and muffled mouth my sleep patchy and hazy leaving me almost as exhausted as when I was first placed in the cage.

But at points I drift off into the sleep of tortured nightmares and finally rest a few hours into what I must assume is early or late morning as I have lost all track of time.

I am awoken from my dazed sleep to the sounds of feminine muffled moans behind me near the middle of the room at first thinking it's just my imagination I ignore it till I hear it again mixed with the rattle and creak of chains and slowly painfully rise my restrained body up so my back pressed to the bars and inch my wide parted spread legs around making a few indignant protests and moans into my own gag.

Blinking back my tiredness I finally see the middle of the room and give out a surprised moan my brown eyes going wide at the sight before me there stands Claire my former tormentor no longer in black latex and leather but now dressed in white lingerie gazing upon her form I start first from floor my gaze going upward slowly taking her noting first the white 6inch stiletto heels with white cuffs around her ankles and a spreader bar holding her legs open wide given me a clear view of her shaven mound. As I gaze further up noting her legs encased in sheer silk white stockings that are clipped to a white suspender belt. Her upper body bare and naked exposing her large rounded breast from the look I would say double D's Her small nipples exposed hard nubbins both pierced with adorning rings a shinning metal collar adorns her slender throat more intricate and elaborate than mine framed by her flaming red hair and gazing at me with her mischievous green eyes.

Her mouth filled by a white ball gag stretching her lush lips. Her makeup and hair were done like a professional models with similar cuffs upon her wrists as upon her ankles locked above her head keeping her taunt and straight as she hangs there attached to the ceiling by the same pulley chain I was connected to our eyes meet staring at one another a silent message between sisters in bondage and I note her lips curl slightly in a smile around the gag and she makes a playful welcoming moan of good morning as she twists and writhes in her bondage causing the sounds that woke me .

A male voice to be more precise the voice of my captor startles me out of my revelry

'Ah good morning my dear, sleep well? '

and I strain to turn my head my hair swishing around my face as I track the footsteps and movement of my captor as he walks into view from the darkness behind me and my cage he squats down in front of me by the cage door locking his eyes with my frightened ones.

'I know last night was hard on you but if you behave today you won't need to feel the whip again understand? '

he asks ,I hesitate a few minutes staring at his eyes seeking compassion but finding none I whimper quietly and reluctantly nod my head in acceptance ,satisfied he unlocks the cage door dragging me out and helping me very unsteadily stand my body already trembling again with fear of what will happen I stand mutely and submissively my head bowed in defeat as he removes the spreader bar and ankles cuffs followed by the wrists cuffs apart from the gag and collar this the most freedom I have had since my capture.

He seems to be waiting for me to act or react so I decide to do as I am told and slowly lower myself to my knees spreading my legs lewdly wide and placing my wrists crossed behind my back my gagged head still lowered as my hair hides my face awaiting his word

'Good girl Tia now there is some lingerie on the bed go put them on for me.'

I snuffle into the gag and sit there dumbly for a minute my mind almost zombie like then hesitantly raise my head still low and like a prisoner walking to the gallows walk to the bed seeing laying upon the sheets are fire engine red satin with lace edging bra and high cut bikini brief panties to match a garter belt and sheer silk stockings and finally a pair or red six inch heeled shoes with ankles straps and tight pointed toe.

I bend picking up the panties and raise one foot sliding into them then the others and slowly work them up my toned rounded thighs wriggling my hips slightly to put them on and adjusted right I then lift the Bra up placing it to my rounded breasts sliding my arms through the straps pulling the clasp behind working my fingers to find and catch it the turn and sit upon the bed picking up one of the stockings I bunch it up in my hands then slide it over my foot slowly pulling and adjusting it up my leg tugging to make sure it up tight and right, before doing same with the other one then wrap the garter belt around my waist clasping it behind and twisting it into place before passing the suspender straps under the panties waist band carefully working to clip it to the stockings correctly I place the shoes upon the floor and step first my left then my right foot into their respective shoes buckling the ankle straps on.

Dressed if you could call it that I stand looking over to where my captor is standing and see him taking down from the many restraints upon the wall a latex and leather bolero straight jacket I tremble looking at him with pleading eyes making a long mournful whine of despair as he strides towards me his hand placed upon my shoulder putting pressure indicating that I should kneel I got to beg into my gag but he silences me with a sharp swat to my breast, broken I kneel as directed as he grabs my wrists and pulls my arms out straight in front of me telling me not to lower them as he slides the arms of the jacket up mine directing me to clench my hands into the attached bondage mitts at the end.

He tugs it up over my shoulders and pulls it tight behind tightening the three buckle straps welding it to my body the cut out front section forcing my breasts up and together making them stand up out and proud the perfect cleavage shape he adjusts the front strap and the neck strap then takes the two straps hanging in front and passes them between my legs crossed just under my mound framing my slit as there buckled tight behind finally crossing my arms under my cleavage and behind buckling them tight hugging my body the latex stretched tight like a second skin upon my flesh.

I kneel the restrained in the jacket my breast prominently on display my skin and cheeks flushed with shame at my continued humiliation as one hand grasps the collar D ring and his finger forces my chin upward to look at him

'Kiss your master slave'

he says as he presses my gagged lips to his in a passionate kiss.

Then leashing me once more I am forced to follow him towards Claire who is still chained in the middle of the room trashing now in her bonds as she sees us approach pushing me to my knees in front of her between her stretched legs he finally removes my gag he hand presses to the back of my head forcing it forward towards her awaiting sex.

I whimper and try and pull back pleading for him not to do this, not to make me pleasure her he barks the order

'Pleasure your slave sister slut'

I tell him please no and try to move away from her mound but he circles her and taking my leash pulls it between her legs and pulls me forward by it forcing my head closer to her nether regions lashing out with a riding crop upon my butt cheek encouraging me forward quicker finally my noses comes into contact with her skin and her puffy slit inhaling her pungent arousal as my nose pressed more I know my air will be cut off if my face pushed tight to her mound so I timidly part my lips and push my tongue out gliding it along her wait slit teasing soft lick upon it then wiggle my tongue a bit teasing her slit open slightly she cries out into her gag and tugs at her bonds thrashing as I start to arouse her with my tongues initial work the crop landing upon both our asses to keep us motivated.

'Tia if she doesn't cum I'll give you the worst whipping you could possibly imagine'.

He says as he ties my leash to her waist forcing me to keep my mouth to her sex I let my tongue work up her slit and tease her hole before moving up to let the end suckle and lap at her clitoris nub teasing it from its hood regulating my breath through my nose I work and wiggle my tongue lapping suckling and licking her into a frenzy as he passion builds and he body thrashes with desire and need her hips thrusting directing me to go that little bit deeper.

Just as she gets close to cresting the wave of her passion I stop and withdraw hear her wail of despair and loss as her body craves release but her passion starts to cool ,my captor chortling at my cruel revenge but telling me to

'Make her cum slave'

reminding me I must obey with a few swats of the whip so I dive back in my tongue and lips going to work caressing her like a high class whore driving her passion wild making her buck and writhe in her bonds as she rises to crescendo and gushes with orgasmic release as I lap and lick up the flowing juices finally spent she sag's in her bonds her knees buckling under her exhaustion and spent passion.

He returns to my side undoing the leash from Claire's waist parting us once more saying

'Good girl Tia now time for your reward'.

As I am helped to my feet and talked and lead to a darkened unseen by me part of the room there a sight awaits me.

More at home in the dungeons of the inquisition I gaze upon a tall metal frame. Roughly shaped like a cross it has 4 long bars coming out from a vertical pole with d-rings at their end designed to cuff there captive spread-eagled.

I am forces to turn and placed with my back against its pole .as he wraps a large steal collar around my neck holding me there attached to the vertical pole locked in place then he spreads my legs padlocking my ankle cuffs to frame.

To my horror a new bar from the base is brought up and adjusted so that it sits in between my legs its purpose quickly dawns on me as he grabs a Hitachi and attaches it to it and places adjust and locks it against your moist panty covered sex. Knowing his intentions I plead and beg him not to do this he just walks away ignoring my entrees and pleas walking up to Claire removing her white ball gag popping it from her drool covered lips while she thanks her master for the pleasure he has given her and that she has pleased him as he returns to me holding the gag before my lips I crease my eyebrows in pleading silently begging him with my eyes one last time to let me go from this latest torment but seeing no give or remorse in his eyes I lower my head slightly and part my lips wide allowing him to slip and buckle the white lipstick smeared gag between my lips as he makes sure its extra tight and well in my mouth.

He turns the Hitachi on in a slowly increase of vibration pattern and turns as I moan and make plaintive mews into the gag as the wand starts it work teasing my sensitive mound slowly heightening my passion as it increase in power torturous minute by minute.

He unties Claire and has her kneel and service his manhood with her trained and experienced lips and mouth she takes is rod in her lips wrapped around his shaft drawing him into her wet warm mouth as her tongue caresses his shaft before slowly bobbing she builds her rhythm working his growing hardening member the sounds of her slurping mixed with his groans of passion and my soft gagged moans of building desire as I rise towards release but to my horror as I shudder from the first peak and the crashing waves of passion of my first orgasm the devices continues his assault upon my helpless sex my panties already very damp with a dark red stain from my first explosion my body forced to experience a second then a third orgasmic tidal wave of release unable to stop the device to rest to cool my body driven to heights beyond my normal experience and ability to cope .

My eyes close in pain and pleasure I moan and wail into the gag barely hearing his climax and her submissive word of thanks to her master for allowing him to let her give him a blowjob my world turned into a runaway train for orgasms I lose track of the number of time of my surroundings just hoping it will stop soon finally the device shuts off and I now slump in my bonds my body ravaged by the device my energies spent.

As he lifts my chin to kiss my gagged saliva covered lips saying

'Your welcome slut'

He adds to my misery hopelessness and despair by unlocking my left ankle from the frame and grabbing some rope he wraps the rope around my waist tying it off at my lower back as he pulls the loose through my butt crack and slit over your engorged clit pressing my panties deep into my clefts passing it up my front and under the rope belt around my waist.

I plead and beg through my gag desperately trying to make him relent guessing his intentions as he pulls on the rope pulling it through a large metal loop dangling from a chain swinging from the ceiling.

Then he grasps and lifts my freed left ankle and pulling the loose rope down through the loop he wraps and ties it to my ankle cuff. Forcing my leg out straight and slightly pointing up like a ballet dancer upon the bar. Tying it tight so when I try and lower my leg it forces the crotch rope in my slit and crack tighter into my already sore and ravaged mound so I am caught between the devil and deep blue sea the preverbal rock and a hard place if I try and lower my leg my slit and crack are ravaged by the rope but if I hold and only for as long as I can hold my leg up it's safe but I already feel the muscle burn in my thigh.

He laughs at my pleading terrified look and my whimpers of desperation saying as he turns to leave with Claire

'I'll be back later my dear have fun'

I am trapped against this pole legs spread wide wrapped in a bolero straight jacket tightly gagged and forced into this torturous position desperate for him to return and release me but not knowing how long that could be my sobs of pain and humiliation echoing around the room.

My spirit and will broken by his insidious tortures and games and liberties taken with my body and mind as I wonder what my fate will be.........



We walk out the room the sounds of her plight ringing in my ears. We walk down the hall hand in hand happy with the morning events. Claire could switch been between roles but in truth she was always happiest when submitting fully to me. We walk through my home to the office and I watch as my still lingerie clad slave sits at her computer. I move over to a bank of CCTV screens and watch the one that shows Tia struggling moving the pressure from her leg to her pussy and then back again resting each as long as she can bear.

In truth this not the way I like to break in slaves. Normally I set aside three months to break and rebuild a happy submissive so my client ends up with a woman that is happy serving forgetting there old life but I have had her for 3 short days. Shock and awe was the only way to make at her at least pliable for sale. Some liked buying women to break but it meant a drastic drop in sale price and that didn't sit well. I prided myself on training and selling pleasure slaves not cowering terrified young captives. The screen next to her showed a beautiful blond 18 year old. Hanz's daughter I think to myself now she I will take my time with.

As I look over her delectable form still wearing her baby doll style nightie and panties her chest heaving and straining as she wriggles and writhes tied in a standing spread eagle wide her feet barely able to touch the floor her mouth hidden under a neck corset with muzzle her wide blue eyes staring into the room

'I take it Gabriel is back?'

Claire turns to me smiling

'Yes master cute isn't she, I think he is upstairs getting ready to play host for tonight auction.'

Good I think to myself I hate playing host being in the spot light having to deal with the clients. I did business with them but I find them distrustful for the most Part. I look back to the screen showing Tia and can't help but think of how much of a shame it was I would have more time with her.

But I knew once my clients saw her there would be a bidding frenzy those legs perfect for a pony girl and those breasts, the sweet innocents in her eyes would draw in those desiring a sweet western girl to break and of course my staple buyers the mainly illegal brothel owners wanting to offer something that little bit more exotic than there native girls.


I stand restrained against the pole still tightly encased in the latex straight jacket, my mouth firmly gagged as I try and keep my leg raised to avoid the pain and sensation in my crotch if I should lower it from the rope tied there and around my leg.

I seems like forever my muscles screaming in pain fat tears rolling down my cheeks and I moan in pain and dejected despair a few drops of drool splattering upon my exposed large breasts I could only have been a hour maybe more but to me restrained and tortured how I am it seemed an eternity but finally the door creaks open I turn my gaze my eyes wide red with tears and pleading toward who was entering

I watch my captor enter and wail my discomfort at him but he ignores me and walks towards a nearby wardrobe my head turning to track his movements as I make plaintive moans and whimpers begging to be released from my torture but he ignores my wails as though I am not there retrieving a evening suit from the wardrobe and laying it upon the bed before entering the bathroom as I call and wail after him into my gag.

I stand there my leg swinging slightly from my movements causing great discomfort in my nether regions but he eventually returns stripped to his boxer shorts displaying his muscled toned chest and walk up to me gazing sternly into my eyes calmly stating

'There is two ways this will go my dear either I keep you like that for a couple of days or you submit and do as I tell you and this evening you may well be sleeping in greater comfort tonight.'

Knowing I cannot endure another 15 minutes let alone hours of this I snuffle through my nose and resignedly nod my head in acceptance of his demands seeing him smile as he steps forward and releases my leg from its restraint allowing me to lower it.

I do so gingerly as my muscles so tight and aching from my prolonged torture every movement is agony he gently rubs cream into my thigh and leg the strong smell of deep heat muscle reliever hitting my nose as my thigh warms as it does its work.

He releases my collared neck and slides me off the pole as I slump forward staggering to my knees he catches me and lowers me to the ground and starts to work the straight jacket loose pulling it from my tired body before taking my cuffs off then walks and settles himself upon his throne like chair instructing me to

'Now slave come stand in front of my and strip for me'

I hesitate caught like a deer trapped the headlights for a few minutes until he growls then rises slowly stumbling towards his chair my hands fumbling behind my back reaching for the clasp to my bra he frowns saying

'No slave be sexy about it, turn me on.'

Guessing his intent I try and think of movies I have seen of women doing stripteases and starts to carefully dance stepping from one leg to other swaying my hips and wiggling my butt, I cup my hands under my bra and push my cleavage up then lean forward displaying them to him before slowly twirling around to wiggle my bum at him as I reach behind unhooking the bra I turn back to him and slowly peel the bra down exposing my breasts to him and jiggle my chest letting them bounce before him as I peel the bra free and toss it aside.

I turn bending over and wiggle my bum again as I peel my panties to mid thigh then turn giving him full view of my exposed mound as I gyrate my hips and bend my knees I slowly wiggle the panties down my legs and once at ankle I raise first my left foot my hand reaching down to pull the panties waist band free of my foot then do same with right and coyly throw my panties at him.

I wiggle and twirl a few times jiggling and cupping my breasts before bending right over my hand rubbing up and down my stocking clad leg as I reach ankle I unclip my shoe then kick it off before doing same routine with my right .

Again I wiggle and twirl then slowly rub my hand along top of my thigh gently pushing the stocking down my leg bending it to grab the foot of the stocking and yank it off throwing it, then repeat with other foot now naked I dance a few more minutes for him then slowly lower myself to my knees spreading them as I was thought my head lowered in submission and my skin flushed at my total humiliation at the act I just did.

Not that I hadn't done a sexy striptease before I had for partners but that I was doing this for this man who had stolen my life from me I await his reaction and after several minutes of feeling his lustful gaze upon my naked body he rises and walks to me leashing me by my collar the only thing I am left wearing and taken to the bathroom.

To my surprise a run streaming warm bath awaits me there, and nearby a dress and a makeup table as I stare around and take the room in he says

'Clean yourself slave and make yourself presentable I'll be back in a couple of hours for you, oh and if you think about refusing I'll send Claire in here to do it for you and you won't enjoy that.'

As he turns closes and locks the door leaving me to bath and prepare myself I stand mutely for several minutes then stumble to the bath and settle in washing my hair and luxuriating in the water restoring my aching body and revitalizing it nearby soap allowing me to clean my battered body and my tear soaked face finally after a good hour I step out and take a nearby towel clean and moisturize my body.

I stand over bath and make sure my legs are waxed with nearby strips before applying more moisturizer and doing my bikini line then I do my hair drying it and smoothing it straight with slight curl at end.

Sitting at the makeup table I apply the provided nail polish first to my toes then my finger tips a bright cherry red ,I work with eyeliner and mascara to accentuate my eyes a little foundation upon my cheeks and bright stay gloss lipstick to my full lips .

Once my polish is dry I roll up and adjust the white sheer holdup stocking provided before wiggling myself into the white dress its very tight with low cut top exposing a good view of my cleavage and short enough at bottom to expose the tops of the stockings with any movement by me sting back down I add the white open toed strappy stiletto shoes to my feet and sit nervously awaiting the door unlocking again.

Eventually I hear it unlock and rise nervously feeling my body tremble at what he has planned for me next knowing that I am wearing no underwear and the tightness and figure hugging nature of the dress leave little to imagination I stare at the door as I creak's open and in walks my captor dressed in his suit.

I shyly lower my eyes as he approaches me feeling his eyes drinking in my body slowly he places his hands upon my shoulders and turns me taking my wrists and locking them in cuffs before turning me around once more placing his finger under my chin he raises it to stare and my soulful pleading eyes seeing the haunted dejected look in them he tells me to open my mouth I do so and he lifts and places a wad of cloth inside poking the edges in with his fingers then instructing me to pout my lips as he takes a roll of clear adhesive tape and tears a strip over placing it tight over my lips keeping them in the quip pie doll pose

" a little gift from Claire for you ,hope you like the taste she wore those panties through a very intense love making session with me "

He attaches a leash to my collar and tugs on it ,when I don't move he tugs harder

'Walk with me my dear or do I have to drag you? '

Knowing resistance is futile I follow behind him on the leash as I am lead through his lair up a spiral staircase into a hall with a stage and podium at one end and lots of chairs and tables in front of it ,I am lead backstage to a man there as they chat

'So this is Tia beautiful isn't she? '

My captor smiles and says

'Yeah and a hell of a ride'

The other guy laughs and says

'She will be up first, the guests are in the bar Claire is opening the door now do you want a reserve on her? '.

As my captor replies

'No, just do what you do.'

Now knowing there intent my mew and struggle in my bonds tugging at my leash trying to back away but my captor hands the leash to the guy and he wraps it around his fist and yanks hard forcing and dragging me forward as I try and resist but slowly lose the fight as I am dragged towards the backstage area and a wall where I see eight other girls dressed in similar but different colored dresses, stockings and heels but gagged with ball gags off matching colors chained to the wall by their wrists over their heads to rings bolted into the wall.

I am dragged to a empty one nearest the stage entrance and my wrists affixed like the other girls and let to writhe and moan there my moans joining in the cacophony of despair echoing from all our gagged mouths at our soon to be fate.

As we all struggle and whine into our gags we hear the room fill beyond the curtain finally the lights dim and a spotlight hits the stage the voices quite down and the guy from earlier speaks his voice echoed and enhanced by a microphone .

'Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the house of Oberon and to his auction. Don't worry you are amongst friends who have all done business with lord Oberon before so you all are well aware of our confidentiality arrangements and rules. Now with no further delays shall we start the auction?'

The hall erupts into chorus of applause.

'Before we begin the expected catalogue we have a late entry the lovely Tia. Her sale fell through and you lucky people have the chance to fully break this horse trainer from Wales.'

Two guards approach me and unhook me from the wall peeling the tape free they pry the panties out and push a white ball gag in buckling it tight so I am like the other girls and drag and carry me towards the stage.

I am brought under the glare of the spot light and my hands forced behind my head a clip locking them to the back of my collar so my arms frame my head and force me to press my chest outward presenting my breasts as the guards stand watch over me as I stare out into the darkened room and the shadows of lots of people beyond the voice of the guy with the microphone beside me

'I'm sure you will all agree she is breath taking and because she isn't fully trained being an unexpected late entry this is a chance to own your own little welsh filly for a knock down price and who wouldn't want to break this little delight. Where's lord Oberon I might take her out the auction and keep her for myself.'

The audience hanging on his every word erupts into both cheers and boos as he reaches out first fondling my breasts displaying them like someone might display fruit then as I flush with shame raising the short skirt to give them a view of my trimmed mound and sex before having the guards turn me and hold me bent over to show them my exposed naked ass

'Come on ladies and gent's wants fucking this fine piece of Welsh ass tonight? It would such a shame if I have to'

He laughs and walk over to his stand leaving me held tight by the two guards my trembling body held tight as my eyes wild with fear stare into the darkened room as I moan and whimper into the ball gag as he offers my body and soul for sale

'Do I hear 20k to start us off?'

A bid is taken and I tremble he tells them what a fine whore for some brothel I will make, or maybe this girl who loves riding horses could be turned into a first rate pony girl herself ridden and bred giving the crowd ideas and uses for me sex slave, pain slut, bondage rubber doll.

I cry and wail in my bonds struggling for all I am worth in their grasp making my breasts jiggle in the dress and as I struggle giving them further views of my sex and ass my hair swinging as I struggle but this just seems to drive the bidders into a higher frenzy I catch the guards making little whispers to one another saying a fat Arab seems to like me and a well known Chinese brothel owner known for keeping western girls as bondage toys for her clients even Claire has bid on me but finally the bidding slows then the auctioneer says

'and sold for the princely sum of 267k, I'm sure you are going to have fun breaking this filly's will. Guards if you don't mind.'

The guards bring on a tall but very slim cage and place it behind me as I whimper it is pulled forward and I am forced back into before the door is closed trapping me within so thin I feel it press against my back and my cleavage The guards then bring four wooden boards and begin to place them over the bars leaving the one in front to last as I scream and wail by trembling body making the bars rattle as I am boxed up before finally plunged into darkness as the front board goes on and I feel the box lifted and carried out the sounds of the auction fading just catching the words

'You can pick up you new slave at the end of the evening friend, right now people on with main event ;,of course we can have her prepared to your usual standards she will be ready for transport by end of auction .'

My crate is carried along and finally set down the top opened and as I struggle and whimper inside a guard leans in plunging a syringe into my arm after a few minutes my struggles and sounds end I am still awake but have no control over my body or voice I stare up and out like some disembodied spirit as the cage is opened and my limb form carried to a nearby table and my bonds and gag removed.

I am laid upon it and two women approach lifting my limp legs removing my shoes and stockings then sat and held up while the dress is pulled off me leaving me naked one more.

They go to work as I am laid back down shaving my pubic area bald as the day I was born a cream applied to my body from neck down then after a minute washed off with cloth then rolled over and my back side the same the hair removal cream removing all unwanted hair below my neck .

My nipples are teased and tweaked then pierced and ringed and one placed through the hood of my clitoris I feel no pain and cannot even cry at this humiliating treatment just lay there and endure it .

Latex stockings are rolled up my legs the guards assisting in lifting me while a latex garter belt is wrapped around my waist and the stockings clipped to it rolled onto my tummy a tube inserted in my ass and given a few enemas the a plug forced into my tight sphincter as I sense it stretched then closed around it base before rolled back onto my back and my pussy given a douche and a plug inserted there.

Then latex high cut panties pulled up sealing them in the guards sit me up as a under cup latex and leather corset is wrapped around my body and the women tighten it up reducing my body down quite a few inches the under cup support of the corset making newly nipple ringed breasts stand up and out.

Latex gloves worked up my arms then a pair of black leather knee length ballet boots worked onto my feet trapping them en Pointe the laces done tight and a strap at top covering the top and knot of the laces.

My hair is gathered up and pushed through a slit of a latex open face hood then sat up once more as a leather arm binder is worked up my arms the straps and laces tightened tight welding my arms and elbows together behind me knowing it will be painful once I regain control of my limbs.

A lather hood is placed over my head again a special slit allowing my long mane of hair to hang outside of it the only holes over my mouth and eyes and two small grommets below my nose, one of the women stating how amazing I am going to look as one of Prince Hassan's pony girls once I am shipped to Saudi Arabia.

As they work on me I spot a nearby crate small and square like a large tea chest it lies open with several straps upon the inside solidly connected to the walls and a hose vent in corner in its own little box a cylinder like a oxygen tank found in ambulances.

Its lid nearby sitting in my view with the words;, fragile and diplomatic immunity labels in bright red and a sticker reading.

Property of Prince Hassan

The Royal palace


Saudi Arabia.

I am drawn from my revelry as my head turned and the women works a large penis gag into my mouth the front panel tight over my lips and the hole in the hood at mouth level as its buckled behind I see a tube out of the front assuming it will connect to the hose I saw a wide posture collar is locked around my throat preventing me reaching the hoods laces and keeping my head up and straight.

Then a lather blindfold with padding on the inside is placed over my eyes and the eye holes in my hood plunging me into darkness I am injected in my arm again then a strap placed around my booted ankles and just above my knees before I am lifted and carried to the crate.

Sensation returning to my body but it's too late as I am bent over and stuffed into a semi ball and placed in the crate straps wrapped around my form welding me in tight to the crate allowing almost no movement whatsoever as I hear them attach the hose and turn on the oxygen feeling it fill my mouth allowing me to breathe through the gag.

I hear the lid put on and hammered in place and lay there in abject misery listening to the sounds outside any muted cries I make doubting they carry beyond the crate I am in.

But I guess from what little sounds I do hear a few more girls are packaged like me then my crate moved and carried the sounds and vibrations of a truck ride before being moved again finally sensing the vibrations and sounds of a aircraft engine and take off as I am carried to my fate to spend my life as someone else's human pony and bondage fuck toy.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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