Rachael's Revenge
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  • Post Date - 12/24/2015

Author's Note: This is the sequel to Rachael's Abduction, which should be read before reading this story.

Chapter 1

Brad couldn't believe what a turnaround his life had taken in the past 24 hours: yesterday, he was a slave master; today, he was an owned slave! He just knew that he couldn't survive being locked up with who knows who for a cellmate; constantly at risk for a beating or rape. At least with these two, they might be inclined to go easy on him, or even forgive him after he demonstrated repentance. Also, he had a much better chance of escaping here than if he were in prison.

After he kissed Karla's feet, she made him kiss Rachael's as well. Karla was about to order him back to his cage, when Rachael suddenly slipped out of her shorts and underwear. "Up here, slave!" she barked, pointing to her crotch. "Show your Mistress your devotion!" Karla watched in bemusement as Brad knelt and raised his head up to begin licking Rachael's crotch. He raised his mittened hands up to rest against Rachael's thighs, but she batted them away in disgust. "All I want to feel from you is your tongue, slave. Keep your filthy hands on the ground!" she ordered.

He continued to lick and suck on her pussy for at least ten minutes, during which time she came twice, spurting her juices into his mouth, as she gripped his head by the hair. When she was satisfied, she offered his services to Karla. "Thanks, hon, but I'm good for now. If you're finished with him, he can go back in his cage for now," Karla replied.

He looked up pleadingly at them. "Please Mistress, do I have to stay in the cage?" he begged. "How long did Rachael have to stay in that cage?" Karla asked him, darkly. Resignedly, hanging his head, he crawled back into the cage, as the door was closed and locked behind him. Karla pressed the Silent Mode button, stressing to Rachael the importance of keeping him mute while outside, so he would be unable to call out for help.

It was just about noon when the girls went back into the house. Jackie showed up a little bit later, carrying a gym bag. After greeting the girls, she opened her bag and removed a few electronic devices, including an external hard drive. She proceeded to hook it up to Brad's computer and initiated a complete system backup to copy all of his files.

She rejoined the girls in the kitchen as they made sandwiches for lunch. Sitting around the table, enjoying their meal, the girls caught Jackie up on all that had happened since she left yesterday. "Wow, I wish I had seen that," Jackie exclaimed, when Karla told her

how Rachael not only beat and ass-fucked Brad this morning, she made him give her head afterwards. "Sounds like you're a natural as a Mistress," she commented. "Yeah, well, I had a lot of pent-up anger to vent on that asshole," Rachael said.

They began to sketch out a plan for Brad's training. Karla had taken a Behavioral Psychology course while studying for her degree, which gave her some inventive ideas. They discussed training him as a dog, which delighted Rachael. "That's right - that's the reason he gave to bring me over here last Friday - to meet his dog!" she exclaimed. "Well, I guess I'll finally get to meet him," she commented, to their giggles.

Karla spoke: "Inasmuch as he seems broken and submissive, I think he's just acting the part, waiting for his chance to escape. I think he needs some intensive conditioning to truly "break" him. Until that happens, we need to keep him under strict security."

"That's absolutely right, Karla," Jackie agreed, "and I have a few ideas for his 'conditioning'," she said.

Chapter 2

Around mid-afternoon, the sky became overcast. There were dark clouds approaching on the horizon, and the wind began to pick up, suggesting a definite threat of a storm. Brad, huddled in his cage, worried about the approaching thunderstorm. He had nowhere to go, unless a Mistress freed him from the cage. He worried about not only getting soaked, but the metal cage presented a definite invitation for a lightning strike, not to mention the possibility of hail!

Presently, Jackie opened the basement door and strode toward the cage. She carried the collar remote in one hand and a leash in the other. Realizing that he'd better be on his best behavior if he had any hope of a release from the cage, he assumed the "Fours" position, head down.

Wishing to draw this out, she walked to the back of the cage and stuck a bare foot through the lower cage opening. Without hesitation, Brad bent down and began feverishly licking her toes. Jackie said nothing, letting him continue. When she was satisfied, she removed her foot and stuck her other foot in for similar treatment.

When he was finished, she sauntered around to the front section of the cage and waited wordlessly. Brad crawled over to the cage door and stuck his head through the opening. Jackie decided to test his obedience and left the locking section of the cage up. She backed up to within a couple of inches of his face, lifting her skirt, offering her ass.

He considered backing up into the cage; after all, she hadn't locked his head in this time. Inasmuch as he had done this before, it was still repulsive to him, even more so because she was a black woman.

A distant clap of thunder helped him make his decision. He lunged forward until his shoulders hit the cage door, straining his neck to reach her ass with his tongue. "Please, Mistress," he whispered, trying not to set off the shocking collar. "Please let me lick your ass," he pleaded.

She backed up a little more, until he could just barely touch her crack with his tongue. He stretched his tongue out as far as he could, grazing her asshole in desperation. As he continued to lick, she gradually backed up until her ass was firmly pressed against his face. Struggling to breathe, Brad resolutely licked at her asshole, plunging it inside and swirling it around.

A few large drops of rain began to hit the patio. Desperate, Brad stuck his tongue into her asshole as far as it would go and waggled it around. Jackie looked up to the sky and held her hand out, testing the rainfall. She pulled away from Brad and turned to face him, disabling Silent Mode. "Tell you what, slave, would you like to continue this in the house? You would have to promise to be on your best behavior, or its back out to the cage for the indefinite future," she told him.

"Yes Mistress, please, I will do anything you ask," Brad pleaded. "You only get one chance at this, better make it count," she told him, unlocking the cage door. He crawled out and waited for her to attach the leash. The rain had started to pick up, and the wind was now blowing steadily.

Chapter 3

As they entered the cellar, Brad was now wet and shivering, still on all fours. Jackie led him over to a support beam and tied his leash off. "Now don't go anywhere, I'll be right back," she told him sarcastically as she climbed the stairs. Planning ahead, she had already turned off the property sensors temporarily until Brad was relocated to a room in the house. She visited the bathroom to dry off and freshen up. Now knowing when he would return to the cage, she went over to the computer and paused the Slave Training program.

When she came back downstairs, she carried a bath towel, which she used to dry him off. "Don't want you dragging your wet, nasty ass through the house, now, do we?" she told him as she dried him off.

When he was dry, she had an idea. She untied his leash and led him over to the cross. When he saw her intent, he balked. Without hesitation, she turned abruptly and began to lead him back to the door to the patio. "Let's go, slave, you had one chance, and you blew it," she barked. Immediately realizing his mistake, he dove to the floor and pressed his lips against her bare foot. "Please Mistress, I beg you, don't make me go out there again," he begged. "I will obey you," he sobbed.

"But you disobeyed, which has earned you a punishment," she told him evenly. "The severity of the punishment depends upon how fast you can get your ass against that cross," she said. Immediately, he crawled over to the cross and, standing, turned around and backed himself up against it, raising his arms and placing his feet on the built-in pedestals.

Wasting no time, Jackie stepped forward and began strapping the slave tightly against the cross. When she was done, she walked over to the wall switch and flipped it on. The cross began to rotate slowly. Fascinated, she let it go through a couple of cycles before she shut it off in mid-cycle, with Brad hanging upside down. Stepping over to the cross, she lined up her pussy with Brad's face. "Now, you can continue your devotion," she ordered.

When he didn't obey quick enough, she grabbed his balls, which were conveniently hanging right in front of her face. "I said LICK!" she barked, squeezing his ball sack. Swiftly, he leaned his head forward and began to lick vigorously between her pussy lips, as the blood rushed to his head.

As her orgasm approached, she clamped her thighs around his head, trapping him and cutting off his air. Desperately, he licked and sucked with everything he had, hoping she would cum soon and allow him some precious air.

Finally, she began to buck and moan, dragging her pussy up and down against his face, holding the back of his head. With a guttural cry, she came, flooding his face with her cum. Releasing his head, she backed away, allowing him to take some gasping breaths. His face was smeared with her juices.

She decided to go upstairs and get the girls, knowing they would get a kick out of this. As she walked toward the stairs, she went over to the wall and flipped the switch on again, just for fun. She climbed the stairs, watching as he continued to spin helplessly on the cross.

Chapter 4

As she reached the loft, she saw Karla and Rachael hunched over Brad's computer. The system backup had finished its task already. As Jackie walked over, she could see that they were browsing through various pictures of naked women, most of them bound and/or tortured in one fashion or another. "We were just looking at butthead's porn collection," Karla said. "He's got quite a collection - over 10,000 pictures and videos."

Karla used the mouse to display a folder called PICS. "Check this out, Jackie - he not only collected porn, but he organized and categorized it." Jackie saw that there were dozens of subfolders, with names like Blowjob, Anal, Bondage, Tit Torture, Milking, etc.

Disgusted, she highlighted all the folders and right-clicked, selecting Delete. A popup message appeared, stating "Are you sure you want to move these 86 items to the recycle bin?"

She was just about to choose "Yes" when she had an idea. "You know - I think these could be useful to us!" "How so?" Jackie queried. "We can use these pictures against him - make it part of his conditioning. I think this will come in very handy to use with the devices we ordered from SlaveMaster yesterday." She chose "No" and dismissed Windows Explorer. "I'll explain more when our order arrives," she said.

As they got up, Jackie asked them to follow her downstairs; she wanted to show them something. When they followed her down to the basement, they saw Brad, still spinning slowly on the cross. "Omigod," Rachael exclaimed. The sight brought back memories of her own torture on this device.

"Please make it stop, Mistress," Brad sobbed. Inspired, Rachael opened the armoire and retrieved the alligator-style nipple clips with weights attached by a six-inch string that Brad had used on her previously. Reaching over to the wall, she flipped the switch to "OFF". The cross came to a halt with Brad in an upside-down position. "Thank you Mistress," Brad gasped, not seeing what she had in her hands.

Approaching him, she reached out and grabbed his scrotum. Pinching one of the clips open, she attached it to one side of his ball sack. Brad thrashed against his bonds, screaming. "PLEASE MISTRESS, TAKE IT OFF! PLEASE TAKE IT OFF!" he panted, clearly in serious pain. Ignoring him, Rachael attached the other clip to the other side of his scrotum. Suddenly, she let go of both, watching the weights fall simultaneously before coming to an abrupt halt as they reached the end of their tether.

Now he was screaming incoherently. Swifly, Jackie pulled a penis gag off the wall and shoved it into his mouth, reducing the screaming to a muffled groaning. She buckled it securely behind his head. Once Jackie was finished, Rachael reached over the flipped the wall switch back to "ON".

The cross began to rotate slowly again, and as it did, the weights began a slow rotation of their own, pulling his scrotum in a painful, unending arc. Brad had stopped his thrashing; learning quickly that any extra movement on his part was rewarded with more pain to his testicles. As Brad continued his painful rotation, Rachael perused the whipping implements on the wall. Choosing a flogger, she swung it onto her forearm, testing the weight and sting.

Satisfied, she took a stance in front of and slightly to the left of the cross. As the cross reached its upright position, she swung the flogger, connecting with his stomach. Brad screamed, which was significantly muffled by the penis gag. Spittle emerged from the sides of the gag and drifted down his body toward the floor. Rachael drew back and let fly with another strike, catching his thigh as it rotated up toward the ceiling.

Brad's breaths were coming in short huffs and puffs now, as he tried to deal with the combined pain of the alligator clamps and the flogging. He started to feel queasy, suffering from motion sickness as the cross continued its rotation. He knew he had to control an urge to vomit, as he would likely choke to death with the penis gag blocking his mouth. He began to dry heave, as the urge began to grow stronger.

Karla saw this and rushed over to the wall switch and stopped the cross' rotation as Brad thankfully came to an upright position. Jackie stepped over and removed the penis gag. As much as they wanted him to suffer, they didn't want to have to deal with an injury (or worse) which could involve the authorities.

Brad seemed to recover somewhat, but still looked a little green around the gills. "Please Mistress, I feel sick," he pleaded. Jackie had an idea. She reached down and squeezed the alligator clips open, eliciting a scream from Brad. She removed the clips and set them aside. "I'm gonna release you now, slave, and you'd better be on your best behavior," she ordered.

Chapter 5

Once Brad was released from the cross, he was led to the basement bathroom. Jackie made him sit on the floor, facing the toilet. He was made to scooch forward until his legs were lying on either side of the toilet and his chest was up against the rim. Using a couple pair of shackles, she used one pair to connect his wrists together behind the toilet bowl, and the other to connect his ankles, making it look like he was hugging the toilet. She left the lid up and the seat down.

Gradually, Brad began to recover. He wondered how long he would be forced to sit there. Eventually, he felt fine, but realized that he was thirsty. The hours dragged on as he sat, forced to stare at the toilet. He pulled at his shackles occasionally, mostly in frustration. As he gazed into the toilet, he stared longingly at the water, so close, and yet so far. As much as he would ordinarily be repulsed at the thought at drinking toilet water, right now, it looked like a bowl of the finest sparkling water.

Eventually, Karla walked in. Without a word, she pulled her pants and underwear off and lifted her leg over the toilet, straddling it, facing Brad. Sitting down, she let loose, the stream falling within inches of Brad's face. "Mistress -" Brad began, but silenced immediately by Karla holding her finger to her lips. "Shhhhh..." she shushed him, while she finished urinating. Pushing her hips forward, she presented her pussy to his face. "Clean me," she ordered.

Wearily, he leaned forward, extending his tongue. Obediently, he began to lick the loose droplets from her pussy. When she was satisfied, she got off the toilet, dressed, and walked out without saying another word. Since she hadn't flushed, he now had that to deal with.

A short while later, Jackie came in, relieving herself in much the same way as Karla. Like Karla, she scooted forward on the seat. She said nothing; she just sat there and waited. Catching on, Brad leaned forward and began to clean Jackie's pussy. Like Karla, when Brad was finished, she got up and left without a word.

A few hours later, it was Rachael's turn. As she sat down, Brad spoke. "Please Mistress, I need something to drink," he begged. "Coming right up," Rachael said, as she pushed her butt forward, pressing his face into her crotch with her hand. "And don't you DARE spill a drop," she ordered.

Helpless to object, he opened his mouth and pressed his lips firmly against her recently denuded labia. She let go, releasing a stream into Brad's waiting mouth. He swallowed rapidly, gulping it down as quickly as possible. Ultimately, a few drops dribbled out of his lips, falling on the toilet seat. SMACK! His face exploded in pain as she slapped him. "PIG! Look what you did to the seat! Clean it up, NOW!" she barked, gripping his hair and forcing his face down to the seat.

Obediently, he dragged his tongue along the seat, cleaning it. When he was finished, she got up. "Please, Mistress, I have to pee," he pleaded. "Go right ahead; no one's stopping you," she replied, walking out and turning off the light.

The minutes dragged on, and the pain in his bladder became unbearable. Finally, he couldn't hold it any longer. As he relaxed his bladder, a pool of urine began to expand on the floor around him. He hung his head in despair, now forced to sit in his own piss.

Chapter 6

It was a long night for Brad, as he continued to sit on the bathroom floor, hugging the toilet. His ass was raw from sitting in his urine all night. He was afraid he would be made to lick it up, if and when he was released from his current position.

The girls were just getting up, yawning and stretching as the sun rose high above the tree line of the lake. Jackie had spent the night, bunking in another bedroom. They gathered in the kitchen, conversing with one another while Karla and Rachael made breakfast. Jackie excused herself and went downstairs to check on Brad.

As she entered the basement bathroom, she flipped the light switch on and almost gasped at what she saw. Brad was still in the same position, hugging the toilet, sitting in a puddle of his own urine. His head was bowed, and he looked like he was sleeping. Her nose wrinkled at the smells of urine on the floor and in the toilet.

As the bright light came on, his head snapped up suddenly, as he awoke with a start. He looked miserable, partly from lack of sleep, but mostly from sitting in his own waste. He looked up feebly at Jackie. "Please Mistress," he croaked, not knowing what else to say.

Stepping out for a moment, she returned, holding the remote. Pulling a set of keys from her pocket, she released him from the wrist and ankle shackles, careful to avoid stepping in the puddle. "You have five minutes to clean this mess. If this floor isn't clean when I get back, you can spend another night hugging your new friend here," she warned, pointing to the toilet.

She walked out and closed the door, knowing that he would have difficulty opening it. Even if he was successful, the security system would not let him get very far.

Shuddering at the thought of spending any more time with his arms and legs locked around the toilet, Brad knew he had no other options. He tried to pull off a length of toilet paper by batting the roll with his mittened hand. The roll spun around, but the end of the paper clung stubbornly to its neighbors underneath.

Finally, he stretched his upper body up until he could touch the roll with his mouth. Pressing his lips to the roll to steady it, he extended his tongue and tried to dislodge the end of the paper. This only succeeded in getting the paper wet, but not any closer to freeing the end.

He briefly considered pulling a towel off the rack with his teeth, but he knew he would probably be punished for dirtying a towel. Dejectedly, he lowered his head toward the floor and started to lick up the mess. He was about half-way finished when he thought he heard footsteps approaching. Desperately, he picked up the pace and tried to finish before one of his Mistresses came back, hoping to avoid further punishment.

After a couple of minutes, he realized that he had been mistaken, but he hurried to finish anyway. Finally, he completed his task. His ass was still damp, but there was nothing he could do about that. He remained on all fours so as not to further dirty the floor. He was still thirsty, even after licking up his mess.

Rising up onto his knees, he turned on the cold water tap at the sink, but couldn't get his head under the faucet, due to the small size of the sink. He gazed into the toilet again, knowing that this could be his only chance to get water for who knows how long. He pressed the flush lever to clear the bowl and add fresh water. When it had filled again, he bent over the edge and dipped his head down into the bowl. Due to the small space in the bowl, he could not quite reach the water with his lips. Instead, he was forced to lap up the water like a dog. The irony was not lost on him.

Presently, the bathroom door opened and Jackie walked in. Looking around, she saw that he had obeyed her orders. She chuckled at the sight of Brad leaning bent over with his head in the toilet.

"Time for walkies," she told him sarcastically, clipping a leash onto his collar. Brad began to move his stiff arms and legs around to adopt a "Fours" position. After enabling Silent Mode and disabling the interior sensors remotely, she led him on all fours through the basement and out onto the patio. Once they reached the grass, she stopped and waited, watching him. Knowing what she wanted, Brad, sighing, crawled over to the nearest tree, feeling the warning buzz of the shocking collar. Quickly, he lifted his shaking leg near the tree and urinated.

"Good boy!" Jackie exclaimed, patting him on the head like a pet. She led him back onto the patio, where she tied off the leash to a corner of the cage. Leaving him there, she walked over to the house, where a faucet and garden hose was installed. Picking up the nozzle at the end of the hose, she turned the valve handle, feeling the hose pressurize. Walking back over to Brad, she pulled the trigger of the nozzle, unleashing a high pressure spray, which hit him on the ass, making him jump from the shock.

She hosed him down thoroughly, making sure he was clean and free of urine. He shivered from the cold spray. Once she was finished, she untied his leash from the cage and began to lead him back toward the house. "I'm giving you a choice, slave; you can go back to the bathroom and resume the position, or you can go back in your cage," she announced.

It didn't take long for Brad to choose; he couldn't bear to stand another minute in that bathroom in that position. Since he couldn't speak, he gestured with his head toward the cage. Jackie obliged, opening the cage door and unclipping his leash. Slowly, head down, Brad crawled back into the cage, as Jackie closed the door behind him. Once the door was closed and locked, she stood in front of it, hands on hips, looking at him expectantly.

Confused, Brad stared at her for a moment, before realizing what she wanted. Obediently, he stuck his head out through the cage door opening. Jackie lowered the adjustable section of the cage door and locked it behind Brad's neck. Raising her skirt, it was plain to see that she wasn't wearing underwear. She pressed her pussy against Brad's face, wordlessly. He began to lick, assuming that she wanted him to bring her off.

He applied himself to his task, and about five minutes later, she began to buck and rub her pussy up and down against his face. Once her spasms faded, she held her position against his face, from which he took to mean that she wanted another orgasm. He continued to lick, not having been ordered to stop. Suddenly, a hot stream erupted from her pussy, landing in his open mouth.

At first, he thought she was cumming again, then, he realized, from the taste, she was relieving herself. He choked and gagged before regaining control, and began to swallow as fast as he could, trying to keep up with the flow. When she finished, she rubbed her pussy up and down across his face, then ordered him to finish cleaning her with his tongue.

When she was satisfied, she released his head by raising the cage section, and walked back into the house without another word. Brad lay down in his cage, wondering what tortures the coming day would bring.

Chapter 7

As the girls ate their breakfast, Karla outlined her proposed training program for Brad. "We need to break him down mentally; keeping him off balance. Knock him down to the lowest status possible; make him a dog, for example. I say give him a couple of weeks as a dog, and he'll be more than happy to become and do anything we want. Some of the items we've ordered will come in handy for his training."

"How do we make him into a dog?" Rachael asked. "Don't worry, hon," Karla said, "When we're done with him, he won't have much of a choice. Let's hope that our order arrives today; I can't wait to get started!" "You know, I did some more digging into the options in the SlaveMaster program, and found an interesting mode that we haven't tried yet. I think it would be perfect for this!" Jackie exclaimed.

Brad lay in his cage, still wondering what had gone so wrong to land him on the wrong side of his fantasy. He couldn't figure out how Karla had managed to track down her cousin and rescue her from his clutches. All he knew was that he had better play along for now; watching and waiting for an opportunity to escape. He wasn't even thinking of revenge now; he just wanted out of this nightmare.

Presently, the basement door opened, and out walked all three girls. Jackie was carrying a gym bag, Rachael carried a cattle prod, and Karla held a leash and the collar remote. As they reached the cage, Brad got up on all fours and dutifully stuck his head out through the cage door opening.

Instead of locking his head in place, Karla opened the cage door and gestured for him to crawl out. As he did, she clipped the leash onto his collar. Without a word, she led him over to the sawhorse bench. He began to balk, afraid of what might happen to him once he was bound to it. Suddenly, he felt the twin prongs of the cattle prod against his ass. Without further hesitation, he climbed up onto the bench and waited to be bound.

Once he was securely fastened, Karla spoke. "You will not be hurt this time, if you obey. You will follow our instructions immediately or you will be punished," she told him. She held up the remote and disabled Silent Mode. Pressing a scrolling arrow, she selected Voice Recognition Record Mode. The digital display showed a "Record" arrow.

"OK, slave, I want you to bark like a dog. If you are not convincing enough, you will be punished. Ready - go!" she ordered as she pushed the "Record" button. Somewhat confused, Brad let out a "bark!" Karla looked at him sternly. "Try again, slave boy. You get one more chance!"

"BARK!" he shouted. Karla gave Rachael a nod. Rachael pressed the cattle prod against his ass and pulled the trigger. Brad screamed as the high voltage radiated throughout his body. "Have you ever heard a dog say the word 'bark'?" she asked him. I want to hear a bark like a real dog does it!" she ordered. "Now let's try it again, shall we?" she asked, facetiously.

As she pressed the "Record" button again, he gave it another try. "RRRRUUFFFF!" he barked. "Good boy, that's the way!" she praised, patting his head. "Now, I want you to whine like a dog who's begging for a treat!" He complied, doing it well enough to avoid another shock. She had him do another bark; one for barking when someone's at the door.

"Okay, that should do it. Don't go away now!" she joked, as the girls went back into the house. Jackie sat at the computer while Karla and Rachael stood on either side, watching. "Okay, I've reset the collar to recognize only the barks we recorded. Anything else out of his mouth will trigger a shock."

Chapter 8

Meanwhile, Brad remained bound on the sawhorse bench, waiting for the girls to return. He thought that he hadn't seen Karla enable Silent Mode again. He wondered if he could call for help while they were out of earshot. "HELP! HELP!" he cried. He listened, trying to hear if anyone was perhaps nearby on a boat. Hearing nothing, he decided to try again. "HELP - " ZAP! He was suddenly shocked. Shit, he thought, she must have turned it back on.

As he lay there helplessly, the girls re-emerged from the house. They approached without a word, and began to unbuckle his ankles from the bench. Jackie opened her gym bag and removed several rolls of black colored Vet Wrap. "This is great stuff," Jackie explained to Rachael. It has no sticky adhesive, yet it sticks to itself and won't come apart without help.

Karla bent Brad's left leg back on itself as Jackie began to apply the tape, wrapping it around his leg from his knee to his crotch. They repeated the procedure on his right leg, taping it up securely. When they were finished with his legs, they released his arms and began to tape them up in a similar fashion.

When they were done, they lifted him up off the bench and set him down on his folded limbs, resting on his elbows and knees. He looked up at them, confused. "Listen up slave. For the foreseeable future, you are now a dog. Your collar is programmed to punish all non-dog sounds. Observe," she instructed as she bent down and placed her hand around his balls, squeezing. "AAAAHHH!" Brad screamed, cut short as the collar shocked him.

"Now, bark once for me if you understand," Karla ordered. "RUFF!" Brad barked, dejectedly. "Good boy," Karla praised. "Let's take another walk, shall we?" she said, pulling on his leash. Awkwardly at first, he began to walk on his folded limbs. The hard flagstones hurt his knees and elbows. She took him out to the grass, which was mercifully softer on his limbs.

"Your security perimeter has been expanded slightly to include the nearest trees," she told him. "You will use the trees every time you have to pee, understand?" He nodded, and was rewarded with a fierce tug on the leash, eliciting another shock. "I expect a verbal answer when I ask you a question, UNDERSTAND?" she snapped. "RRRRUUFFF!" Brad answered, miserably. She led him over to a tree and waited. Awkwardly, he tried lifting a leg, only to tumble over. Getting up, he tried again, lifting his leg while bracing himself with an outstretched elbow.

This time, he remained upright, as he tried to concentrate on urinating. Finally, he let loose with a stream, splashing against the tree. Inasmuch as he had done this before, it was no less humiliating, especially now that he was designated as a dog by his Mistresses. When he was finished, he shook off the remaining droplets as ordered.

"Now, back in your kennel," she ordered, as she led him back to the cage.

Chapter 9

Brad lay in his cage, contemplating his latest humiliation. He examined the Vet Wrap, looking for an end that he could grab with his teeth, but the girls had done their job well. There was no end within his reach. His leather-mittened hands lay uselessly against his shoulders. Worse than that, he had been reduced to dog-like sounds.

It was early afternoon, and things were fairly quiet around the lake house patio. Brad was lying on his side, half asleep. Suddenly, his ears perked up. He could hear what sounded like a truck pulling into the driveway. Realizing that this could be his opportunity for rescue, he began to shout. "HEL-" he was cut short by a shock from the collar. He had forgotten about the "dog sounds only" restriction.

With no other options, he began to bark, hoping that he could attract the visitor's attention. "RUFF! RUFF! RUFF!" Jackie was sitting at the computer, tweaking the SlaveMaster program. When she heard Brad's commotion, she immediately switched the collar to Silent Mode. "Ru-" ZAP! Brad's barking was cut short by the shocking collar. Shit, he thought, now I can't even bark!

Hearing the doorbell, Karla went to the door. Opening it, she saw a UPS delivery driver standing there, holding a couple of large boxes. "Delivery for a Brad Huntington?" the driver inquired. "That's right, I'll take them," Karla answered. She told him to leave the boxes on the porch; she would retrieve them later. As he put the boxes down, he noticed that Brad's barking had suddenly stopped.

"Is your dog alright? He seemed pretty agitated," the UPS man observed. "Oh, he always gets that way when we get a visitor," Karla said, smiling. "His training collar keeps him from continuous barking," she told him. She signed the electronic pad, and the UPS man was on his way.

"Thanks Jackie," Karla said, "I figured that was you who shut him up!" "Yeah, thank goodness for Silent Mode! Although, it sounds like the barking actually fooled the UPS man!" Jackie chuckled. "I think this definitely calls for a punishment," she continued. "I think I'll give him an hour of ass-fucking and deep-throating!"

She typed in a couple of lines and used the mouse to click on an option. "Wait 'till you hear the new voice I programmed into the SlaveBot!" she exclaimed. She turned up the volume on the computer speakers.

"Attention, slave! This is your Mistress! You will adopt the "Fours" position whenever you hear My voice. Failure to obey immediately will result in punishment!" The voice coming out of the speaker sounded uncannily like Jackie's! Brad looked up in surprise, not expecting a female voice.

"Jackie, that's fantastic!" Karla exclaimed. "That fits in perfectly with my conditioning program!" "Just wait - there's more!" Jackie told her.

"You will also kiss My cock each time as a sign of submission to Me," the Bot announced. Reluctantly, Brad got up on all fours and leaned forward to kiss the dildo. "You will now resume your asshole training, followed by deep throat training. You have exactly two minutes to get that cock fully seated up your ass." The Bot ordered, as Brad groaned.

"I love it!" Karla exclaimed, clapping her hands. They watched on the monitor as Brad wearily positioned his ass by the dildo and started to push against it. He noticed that the dildo wasn't excreting the lubricant as it had in the past. Quickly, he turned around and spit on the end of it, then spreading it along its length with his lips wrapped around the shaft.

"One minute left, slave, better get on it!" the Bot cracked; the double entendre unappreciated by Brad. He turned around and pressed his anus against the dildo. Screwing up his face, he impaled himself with a grunt.

Meanwhile, the girls had brought the boxes in from the porch and had begun opening them. Rachael had just gotten up from a catnap and was curious to check it out. She watched as Karla and Jackie unpacked the boxes. "Wow, looks like we ordered half the catalogue," she joked. "Just the male slave accessories half," Jackie replied with a chuckle.

Rachael marveled at the various items as they were removed from the box, like the strap-on harness, various dildos, butt plugs, leather hood and other items she couldn't identify. The girls laid out all the items on the dining room table, anxious to play with their new toys. Rachael picked up a strange-looking device that looked like a penis cage with a three inch ring at the base, with a small box attached to the ring. "What's this?" she inquired.

"That, my dear, is the cornerstone of our slave training regimen," Jackie answered. "It's a combination male chastity device and pain/pleasure torture device. Once this is installed on our slave, we will have infinite ways of controlling, training and torturing him. It will be wirelessly linked to the shocking collar. It can be programmed to shock to punish, or vibrate to tease." Rachael changed her grip on the device to just two fingers. "Don't worry, hon, it won't bite," Karla laughed.

The second box yielded a few pieces of electronic equipment: a wireless Bluetooth tablet, and two four inch square by one inch high sensor pads, one colored green; the other red. "What are these for?" Rachael asked. "It's part of our slave conditioning program. You'll understand more once it's set up," Karla told her.

"Once I get these devices installed on the computer, we can integrate them into the SlaveMaster training program," Jackie said as she began to type. The sensor pads and tablet were Bluetooth enabled, so it was a simple task to sync them with the computer.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go out and play with our new toys!" Rachel exclaimed.

Chapter 10

Brad was in the middle of an ass-fucking cycle, wearily pushing back and forth on the dildo in his cage, as the girls walked out onto the patio. His knees and elbows were rubbed raw from their unnatural use as feet (or paws). He hesitated, unsure whether or not to stop and crawl over and stick his head through the cage door opening. There was a possibility of getting shocked either way if he made the wrong choice.

Jackie pressed a button on the remote to pause the SlaveMaster training program. "Come forward, slave," she ordered. He gingerly pulled himself off the dildo and crawled over to the cage door opening, obediently sticking his head through. "Stay," Rachael ordered as she opened the slave door. She reached down and clipped a leash onto his collar.

She led Brad out of the cage and over to the SlaveBot, where she fastened the leash to a hook. It was then that he noticed that Rachael was carrying a cardboard box, which she placed on the ground. She opened the box and began unpacking it.

Jackie took the tablet and carried it over to the cage, where she hung it on a bracket near the inside bottom of the door, facing into the interior. After making sure the tablet was installed securely, she pressed the power button. The screen flashed to life, displaying the SlaveMaster logo. Satisfied, she picked up the sensor pads and placed them inside the cage at each corner by the entrance. Meanwhile, Karla ordered Brad to "roll over". Once he was on his back, Rachael placed her hands on his shoulders to keep him still.

Karla pulled the SlaveMaster cock cage out of the box and approached Brad. Once he saw what she was carrying, he began to struggle. Rachael merely moved around and knelt on his chest, pinning him down. Unable to move his body, he began to thrash his stumped arms and legs. Calmly, Karla grabbed his balls and squeezed. Brad's flailing ceased immediately. "I'd stay very still right now, if I were you," she warned. She proceeded to slip the cock cage over his cock and locked the ring snugly behind his balls. The small box hung down from the ring behind his balls. Rachael looked down at Brad's cock, imprisoned in the cock cage, and had a thought.

"Hold on, there's something missing here; take it off of him. I'll be right back," she told Karla. She ran back into the house while Karla removed the cock cage. "I wonder what she's doing," Karla said. A couple of minutes later, Rachael emerged from the house carrying something in her hands. As she reached the cage, Karla could see that Rachael was carrying some twine and a small bowl.

She knelt down and removed two pieces of pre-heated wax tape from the bowl, which she applied to either side of Brad's cock and balls, making sure to cover all of his pubic hair. When she was done, she tied a length of twine to the top end of each strip, near his navel. Brad, becoming aware of what Rachael was doing, began to tremble and whine. He recognized the strips of wax hair removal tape like the kind he had used on her previously.

Rachael looked at him with an evil glint in her eyes. "Payback's a bitch, baby!" she said coldly. Karla and Jackie were still unsure of Rachael's plan, but waited to see what she would do. "FOURS!" Rachel barked. Still whimpering, Brad struggled to his "feet". "CAGE!" Rachael ordered. Brad hung his head as he made his way back into the cage.

"You have thirty seconds to get your ass on that dildo!" Rachael ordered. Looking up at her with a pleading look, Brad whined again, sounding like a hurt dog. Joining in, Jackie held up the remote, ready to shock him. "Fifteen seconds, slave!" Jackie snapped. Reluctantly, Brad backed up to the dildo, still wet from his recent ass-fucking.

"Ten, nine, eight.." the girls began to count down together. Desperately, Brad backed his asshole onto the dildo. Rachael walked around to the back of the cage and reached in through the six inch high opening and grabbed the ends of the twine, which she fed through the cage bars near the top of the opening. Pulling them taut, she tied them off.

"Jackie, can I have the remote?" Rachael asked. Jackie handed her the remote, bemused at the scene unfolding before them. Rachael selected the dildo shock button and pressed it for a split second, just enough to give him a quick jolt. Immediately, the dildo began to shock Brad, causing him to jump.

Shocked into motion, Brad surged forward, only to be caught up short by the tape, pulling at his pubic hair. He pushed himself back further on the dildo, desperate to relieve the tension on his pubes. Once again, Rachael tapped the dildo shock button, forcing him to push forward again. He was caught in a vicious cycle, moving back and forth about an inch along the dildo, the tape barely peeling off at the top end.

Rachael watched Brad fuck himself desperately back and forth for a few minutes, enjoying every second. Finally, she pressed the button and held it, delivering a continuous shock through the dildo. Panicking, Brad began heaving himself forward, urgently trying to get away from the shock. The tape began to peel back a little more.

Finally, Brad gave a mighty heave, throwing himself off of the dildo and onto the cage floor, as a loud ripping noise filled the air. His blood-curdling scream was cut short by the shocking collar. The tapes swung slowly by their tether at the back of the cage, containing clumps of Brad's pubic hair. He was curled up in a fetal ball, moaning, his mittened hands holding his denuded crotch.

Karla and Jackie stared wordlessly at Rachael for a moment, then broke out in applause. "Brilliant!" Jackie exclaimed, "I loved it!" Rachael bent down to the top of the cage and gave Brad a triumphant look. He looked up at her, tears in his eyes. "As I said, payback's a bitch, and I'm the BITCH!" she spat.

Chapter 11

Brad was given a minute to regain his composure, then he was ordered out of the cage. A very submissive Brad crawled out of the cage, his teary eyes lowered to the ground. He was now completely broken; all thoughts of resistance gone. He was placed on his back again while Rachael sat on his chest and Karla re-installed his cock cage.

Once Karla was finished, she told Rachael to give it a test. With a grin, Rachael pressed the "five" button. Brad screamed, his body thrashing so violently, he almost threw Rachael off, as he was shocked by his collar and the cock cage.

The scream triggered the shocking collar, which in turn activated the cock cage, shocking his balls. This resulted in yet another scream, setting the whole shocking sequence off again. The girls all but collapsed in laughter at the spectacle.

Eventually, Brad was able to calm down, panting heavily. Getting up, Rachael ordered Brad to the "Fours" position. Gingerly, Brad began to roll over, careful not to crush his now protruding and tightly restrained balls. As he "stood" on his knees and elbows, Rachael grabbed his leash and held it tightly, keeping Brad under tight control.

Karla pulled the next item out of the box. It looked like a furry dog's tail, about two feet long, which was attached to a butt plug. Once again, Brad began to back up when he spotted the butt plug, but was pulled up short by the leash, earning him another shock. "STAY!" Rachael ordered.

Still constrained by the collar's speech restrictions, he began to whine in a dog-like manner. "Shh, shh, It's ok, boy, easy," Rachael cooed, patting his head. Feeling a little bit merciful, Karla approached Brad, holding the butt plug near his face. "We can do this two ways: the easy way, or the hard way," she told him.

"This is going up your ass, one way or another. If you want it the easy way, open your mouth and make it nice and wet. Otherwise..." she let the implied threat hang in the air. Defeated once again, he opened his mouth and allowed Karla to insert the butt plug. "Suck it nice, slave," she instructed. He closed his lips around the plug and let Karla swirl it around. She made sure to shove it back against his throat a couple of times for effect, making him gag.

Once she was satisfied, she removed the plug and walked around to his back side. Brad screwed his eyes shut, bracing himself for the inevitable. Kneeling down, Karla lined up the plug with Brad's asshole and, without ceremony, pushed it in, using a slight back and forth screwing motion, until it was fully seated, producing a grunt from it's recipient. The plug narrowed at the bottom end before terminating in a wide flange, ensuring that it could not be removed without assistance.

The flange had a clip on its underside which attached to a ring on the underside of the cock cage ring, thus allowing the tail to be oriented in the "up" position, curved upward and forward in a semi-circle. Once the clip was attached, Karla stepped back to admire her handiwork.

"Perfect!" Jackie exclaimed. Brad hung his head, blushing in humiliation. "C'mon, boy, show us how happy you are with your new tail!" Jackie told him, grinning. "Ruff! Ruff!" Brad barked, sadly. "No, numbnuts, wag your freakin' tail!" Jackie snapped.

His face turning even redder, Brad moved his hips side to side, feeling the weight of the tail following his movements, wagging above him as the butt plug wiggled around inside his ass. Rachael squealed, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. "Cool! I've always wanted a dog! Can we keep him?" she asked facetiously, grinning. "Sure, hon, he's all yours!" Karla replied, half-jokingly.

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