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Author's Note: This is another quick burst of my fantasy, intended to get me back into the mood of writing. I'd love to hear any constructive criticism, as well as any ideas for future sequels or even separate stories.

He heard a splashing sound deep down in his head, which told him that he'd been lowered into the water, or rather dropped into it. The sensation was strange, he was floating for sure, he felt it, but he didn't get wet; he didn't feel the water on his skin. He of course was well aware of the latex layer between his skin and the water, but that didn't prevent his brain from getting confused and playing tricks on him.

Immediately after the first shock of hitting the water, he panicked and unconsciously held his breath. That was one of the tricks his brain was playing on him. His brain was programmed to associate drowning with that feeling of being in water, even though he was well aware of the tubes running from his nostrils and mouth, which supplied air to him even when fully submerged. He after a second or two he breathed in again an was relieved for the normal flow of air.

Of course, he was put in bondage before getting lowered into the huge water tank, but somehow the bondage felt different, more restrictive even, in the water. He started testing his bonds like he just noticed them, and was reminded how tight they were. The black latex doggy suit he had on forced him to fold his limbs in order to be able to wear it, making him look as if he had short limbs. Rubber belts were further added around each limb to make sure they were fully folded and immobile. He was suspended inside the water by two harnesses, one around his upper torso and shoulders, and the other around his hips. The harnesses were each connected to four anchoring points, two at the top of the tank, and two at the bottom. His cock and ball had their own sheaths built into the suit, but also bright red rubber tubes tied very tightly around them, forcing his balls away from his body and separating them painfully, while the cock was squeezed tightly by the red tube. Inside his cock was a catheter that exited through a water tight hole on his cock sheath and went all the way outside the tank. This made it possible to control the contents of his bladder; whether by draining it or by filling it with liquids. His anus was fully lined inside by a long sheath, and was stretched by an impossibly large and long dildo molded after a dolphin's penis. The dolphin was so long it pushed his insides and could feel it in his abdomen. What looked like a thin tail exited from just over his ass, and acted as a sheath for wires connected to electrical contacts covering his ass, thighs and the area between his balls and cock. The tail, like the breathing tubes, went up and out of the tank, and was connected to a control console. A couple of stiff, steel boned latex corsets circled his latex covered body; one crushing his waist and making it hard to breath, and another talk one for his neck, forcing him to face forward in his horizontal position. His nipples were pinched from outside the suit by two large nipple clamps that are connected together by a Y-shaped wire. The lower end of the wire is long and is connected to a motorized pulley that is remotely controlled and can be activated to pull on the nipple clamps or loosen tension.

His head, like the rest of his body, was covered in latex. Over the eye holes he wore a special headwear containing water tight video goggles that are also wired to a source outside the tank. Through the video goggles he was shown a live feed of himself suspended in the large glass water tank. Inside the hood, small headphones were inserted into his ears to provide the audio that goes with the video feed. The nasal and mouth tubes were anchored to a conically shaped mask that covered the mouth and nose areas. The mouth tubes exited the mask through a large hole right at the cone's apex, while the nasal tubes exited through smaller tubes at the top surface of the cone, closer to his own nose. The whole setup made him look like a silhouette of a dog, and just for the sake of completion, his hood had a couple of pointy dog ears.

To say that his situation was uncomfortable would be an understatement. He was in pain in many parts of his body, and was stretched to his limits in others. However, the pain, combined with the total sensory deprivation he was in, allowed him to succumb, and go into sub-space. He never felt safer.

And then the video feed changed.

His image in the tank disappeared, and a black, shiny person appeared. The bug eyed person was covered in head to toe black rubber, and he knew of course that this was Her. He was expecting it would be Her, but even if he didn't expect it, he'd recognized Her slightly chubby body that stretched the rubber so taught. She was standing in Her catsuit, gothic style heavy boots, and hooded gas mask. Next to Her was the new girl She brought home with Her. The almost tiny, slim girl was suspended from the ceiling by ropes that circled her body in very elegant but viciously tight Japanese style knots and ties. The girl's arms behind her. One leg folded and raised, the other on tip toes on the ground, and her anus and ass exposed. The girl's tits were squeezed out by the ropes and each nipple was pierced and pulled down by a heavy looking metal weight. The girl's face was hideously stretched and pulled by nose hooks and similar mouth hooks, and he could see she was crying and obviously uncomfortable. His Mistress approached the girl with a scary looking whip, and started mercilessly slashing her pale, young flesh. He could hear the girl's screams and crying through his headphones, and she sounded truly in pain. Suddenly he felt the electric shock in his ass and thighs. They were strong and quite painful, but also felt pleasure mixed with the pain that caused his cock to jump and pulse. The shocks continued as the girl continued getting whipped, her body slowly turning red then blue wig bruises and then even blood came out. After a while his Mistress dropped the whip and put on a large strap on dildo. She approached the girl's exposed ass and started inserting it slowly but firmly into the girl's ass, making her renew her screams from the pain. Once the whole thing was in, she started fucking her hard and fast, at which point he felt his electrics get stronger and push him slowly towards a strong orgasm. Suddenly, he felt his bladder getting filled until he could take no more, crushing his prostate against the large dildo in his ass. He also felt his breathing suddenly getting much heavier, and recognized the gurgling sounds that come out from a bubble-bottle-rebreather, along with the strong smell of what was definitely his Mistress' urine. In addition, the wire connecting his nipple clamps was suddenly pulled down hard. All these sensations combined to push his brain into sensory overload, and drive him like a renegade train into an explosive orgasm.

He could feel himself getting closer and closer to a sensory overload induced orgasm as he watched the poor girl getting fucked in the ass while having her hair pulled for support. He screamed in unison with the girl, but hers drowned his muffled screams. Finally, the girl's cries changed noticeably and was obviously about to cum despite her pain and humiliation. As she screamed in orgasmic explosion, he too exploded silently in his sub-space inside the tank. His whole universe was centered somewhere in his lower abdomen and he filled his sheath not with cum, but with his own soul. Or at least that's how he felt, before losing consciousness, just like the girl.

The End
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