Master Teaches Cum Slut
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Author's Note: This is a story based on fantasy, not a reference to any real events. If you do not like to read stories about submissive being dominated then you should read another story.

Part 1: Starting Sparrow's new adventure


I could run away but I won't. 

I have been conditioned. 

I have been trained to obey.

I will do whatever He asks. 

Whatever the price.

I will do my best to please Him every time.

I belong to Him.

Being young, I want to please someone-to be loved.

He has taught me to do what He wants with love and patience, mostly.

There are boundaries and rules. 

And punishments when I don't do what I'm supposed to.

But He uses them to help me be His good little girl.  He is leading me.  He is teaching me how to become a woman that a man will want.

I was scared at first.  Just old enough to consent to these things. 

My fear still wells deeply from within me but Master has taught me how to move through it. 

I trust him.

That is why I let Him do the things He does to me.  That is why I held my position when He pushed the thick buttplug into my untrained ass. 

I cried but I held my ankles tight and kept my ass in the air, even when it wouldn't fit anymore.  Master took His time and worked it in and out slowly until my tight ring gave way and swallowed the three inch bulb before he worked the base into my trembling ass cheeks. 

It was so hard to breath.  Everything in me screamed to get it out.  But He calmly held my wrists and talked me through it until I promised not to fight.  His kisses and reassurances were gold. 

When He touched my clit I was so relieved.  Pleasure after pain.  He reached for a thick vibrator and slipped it into my bald pussy.  He commanded me onto my feet, which meant my tiptoes.  I could hardly move with everything loaded inside me.  It was humiliating, even on front of my Master.  I stepped into the French cut latex panties he held out for me.  They fit more like a tight gstring. Just enough coverage to keep His equipment in place. 

The longer the plug was in, the more it burned and my body wanted to fight.  I started getting fidgety again.  This time Master applied sharp smacks of discipline to my ass.  Oh how it hurt!

After 10 spanks to each cheek He offered me the chance to behave again and I promised I would.  He dried my tears as I tried to steady my breaths.

"I want to show you off, Sparrow.  It's such a beautiful day.  You look so beautiful, loaded nice and full. I want to watch you learn to walk with your new  equipment."

He smoothed the skirt part of my dress down.  Master quickly retrieved something from His bag and lifted the back of my skirt again.  I remained still.  He pulled the latex aside momentarily and hooked a charm that was on a two inch chain to the base of my plug.  He slipped His finger under the chain then let it go and smiled proudly.

"You will feel the charm swing against your ass and thighs as you walk. Very sexy."

I didn't feel sexy at all. I did however feel His influence over me.

I smiled bravely, trying to will my tears not to come. 

"Time to go, Sparrow.  We have spent long enough in this station room.  You look scrumptious.  Your Master is very pleased with you."

The smile I wore reached my eyes, as He praised me.

I faltered as he led me out the door.  My first steps were like that of a newborn deer.  I stared up at my Master, so unsure of myself, as He watched unemotionally.  I knew He had no intention of entertaining my virgin unsurities.  With a scowl and a small whine, I tried to walk.  Complicating matters was the crowd of people in the coffee shop that could see what was happening from the line they stood in.  My cheeks were hot with embarrassment.

I tugged on Masters hand once we were outside.  I had to stop again.  My ass was burning so bad it was unbearable to walk.  I was trying to regroup.

"You will get used to the feeling, Sparrow.  Just hold My hand and walk."

He told me I was a good girl once I made it down the busy block of shoppers without stopping. 

"How does it feel now, Sparrow."

"I can walk but it's still feels so BIG."

"That's how it's supposed to feel, pet.  Does every movement keep your mind on Me?"

"Yes, Sir."

"That is how it's supposed to feel."

The place He took me was a coastal tourist town with shops that woundup and down the streets until you reached the water. He walked me down a number of streets. I still looked and felt very awkward. Master directed me to improve my posture and my gait.

"I can just imagine how beautiful that charm looks swaying against your thighs," He whispered as He stopped and leaned me against the brick wall of a store.  He kissed me passionately, sliding my skirt up so He could cradle my bare ass in His open palm, not caring one bit about offending the passers by.  I had gotten lost in His kiss. 

He sparked the vibrator in my pussy and I tensed.  It was strong.  And loud.  My abs tightened and I nervously looked around. 

"Don't move an inch," He ordered.  I could feel the fire on my cheeks.

He let go of me and stepped away.  I remained standing alone against the brick wall with so many people passing by.  I knew people could hear the vibrator.  O gawd, it was so embarrassing! 

Master pretended to get caught up in the decorations of a storefront window and stepped further away.  I saw the questioning look on a woman's face as she tried to place the noise she heard.  Next, I could see a man ogling me before he even got near.  I subtly rubbed my legs together to try and quiet the sound.  My pussy lips were already wet in against the latex.  I grunted involuntarily as the speed of the vibe raised. 

The man that had stared at me through the crowd had to stop next to me to wait for people to get out of his way.  The loud, racing sound was clearly coming from under my dress.   I tried to look away but he was openly watching me try not to climax. 

I looked around in a panic trying to find Master.  He had crossed the street and was standing in line at a cider cart.  He smiled and held His finger up indicating for me not to move.

I felt panicked.  I felt so open and vunerable.  For Gawd sake there were even kids walking by.  He notched the vibrator faster and I grimaced hard as I fought to remain still and keep my secret from all the people.  My open palms made small slaps against the wall and I began to breath differently.  That line was so long I would never be able to hold my orgasm that long!  I had to. 

"Fuck. Fuck," I exclaimed to myself. 

The crowd stopped again. A tall man and his friend gave me a once over.  That damn vibrator was the loudest sound ever!  The tall man continued to stare.  My body made three invuntarly bucks.  He saw.  I quickly looked at the ground.  I couldn't get myself under control.  I was clenching and burning and pushing against everything as the orgasm began to localize into my clit. 

Stop staring at me!  Now, most everyone nearby had figured out my vibrator was making the sound. They were either staring, frowning openly, or trying to look away. 

My phone rang.  I quickly answered and gave a forced hello.

"Ask someone for permission."

"No!  I can't do that."

"You may only cum with permission.  So if you want to cum, you may ask someone for their permission."

"I'll wait, Sir."

"As you wish."

He hung up.  I closed my eyes and inched over on the wall to get away from people.  I tried to search out someone I could ask for permission.  Face after face passed and I couldn't bear it.  What would I say?  What would they think of me?  What would they do?

Oh gawd, I needed to cum!  I could hardly stand still and I knew Master was watching.  He didn't allow me to buck or dance around.  I tried to subtly push against my panties to dislodge the position of the vibe but couldnt.  I accidentally stomped my foot and my ass charm swung between my cheeks.  My legs began to shake and I clamped them shut hard but I came anyway. 

Master was walking up as I was regaining my bearings.

"Did you cum, Sparrow?"

I looked regretful but the vibe was still high and it was hard to stand still.

"Yes, sir."

"Without permission?"

"Yes, sir.  I tried so hard not to."

"Well, then.  We will begin our lesson again."

He reached his hand in His pocket and my vibe slowed down to a slow buzz.  I was so relieved.

....Part two promises more for Sparrow.

Part 2-Sparrow tries to follow the rules (added: 2016/03/09)

I felt ashamed when Master asked me if my pussy was wet.  I wasn't supposed to have cum so it was hard to admit to Him that I was. 

"Yes, sir." I answered obediently. 

Recalling what had just happened was hard.  My tears sprang up and I looked down at the street.  I was still having a hard time not pushing against the plug that held me in such an unnatural way.  I was so aware of my ass and my pussy.  The little charm bouncing against me was cold every time it hit my skin.  Another reminder.  But it was a very sensuous one. 

"Did you enjoy the attention you received while serving Me with your orgasm?"

He brushed a tear from my face.

"It was hard to stand there when people could hear.  I felt embarrassed, Sir," I answered meekly.

"Do you not like to do what pleases your Master?"

"I DO!" I answered quickly.  My eyes flew to His and then I quickly looked away from Him, showing my submission.

"So then the opinion a stranger holds of you is more important than mine?"

"No Sir!  Your opinion is what matters to me!  I serve You.  I am just not used to this yet.  I don't know what to do when I'm embarrassed.  I am sorry I made You feel like You aren't the only one that matters.  YOU are the only thing that matters to me."

Master ignored my plea of devotion and tipped the large cup to my lips.  I drank obediently until he drew it away empty.


"Since this is your first time, I will allow some degree of tolerance for learning to submit to me this way."

I felt the vibe edge up again to a strong setting.  I tensed and my steps faltered.  Master looked sternly at me.  I immediately adjusted my posture and walked beside Him obediently.

I tried not to look around. 

"We will try again.  This time I want you to ask my permission to cum each time you need to orgasm."

"Yes, Sir"

It didn't take long and I asked in a quiet voice if I may cum.  He gave His permission. 

He changed the setting on my vibe to a pulse.  It took longer for the second orgasm to build.  I asked for permission again and He granted it.  Within blocks I was on edge again.  This one was harder to ignore. 

Master enjoyed teasing me.  He cut the vibrations off and left me clenching my equipment hungrily.  Then He sparked it back to the fastest level.  It was so loud.  I wanted to hide.  I knew the people around me were beginning to notice where the sound originated.  My body was so on edge.  I felt the wetness began to escape my latex panties.  My thighs were wet as they rubbed together with each tortured step. 

"Master," I whispered. "I really need to cum now.  Please may I cum.?"

"You need to cum?" He repeated, rather loudly.  My cheeks immediately heated.  People looked.  I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Yes, Sir," I answered quietly.  He stopped and blocked traffic, causing everyone to have to push around or pass slowly.  I tried to look in His eyes only. 

"You want to cum in front of all these people?"

I couldn't feel anymore humiliated. 

I answered obediently, "Yes please, Sir."

"Speak up, Sparrow." 

I hesitated, hating my situation but I couldn't focus on anything except my taxed body needing release.  I accidentally bucked. Master slid His hand under my dress and exposed my ass cheek.  Oh gawd I wanted to cry again.  I was shaking despite my humiliation.  I couldn't wait any longer. 

"Speak up Sparrow," He urged.

" Master, may I cum now pleeeease!" I blurted out. 

Heads turned.  I heard a woman make a disgusted comment.  She said she was going to find a cop.  It was a terrifying thought but my body had taken over my mind.  I couldnt react.  Master edged me around a corner, still in plain view while I squeezed my eyes shut and panted wildly into His shoulder.  Heat radiated from my vibrating core. I squealed as the last wave rumbled through me.

My eyes were dull and glazed as He tilted my chin with His finger. I was still trembling though he edged the vibe to a slower whir with a strong pulse. At least I would be able to recover a little bit.

"Thank you.  Oh Master thank you."

He passed His hand over the base of my plug and pressed hard, working it deeper into me.  The way it jostled struck all the sensitive nerves in my dilated muscles. I wiggled around uncomfortably, letting a heavy whine escape my lips.  I immediately apologized.

Master calmly explained to me that my multiple behavior problems today would need to be atoned for.  I looked down at the ground, wishing I could just have been the good girl He wanted.  He had planned to spend the entire day giving me my lesson but since I continually acted out, He had decided to cut right to the point. 

He paused to lift his large cup to my lip. I obediently drank although I wasn't thirsty at all.

"You will continue walking no matter how hard you are cumming.  If you stop, you will pull up your skirt where you stand and receive ten lashings on each cheek."

I knew He was serious.  I would have to walk.  For over an hour we walked the crowds, Master bringing me to orgasm and making me embarrass myself in front of strangers.  I was so tired of being continually on edge and cumming but I had given myself to Master. It was His choice when I was finished. And He was not finished with me in any way.

He led me through the lobby of a high rise building behind the shops.  Men were dressed in suits waiting for the elevators as we slowly approached.  I had been holding my last orgasm by His command.  I was nearly out of my mind, needing release.  My cheeks were flushed, my bosom rose and fell raggedly as Master stepped among them and waited. 

I closed my eyes.  Why did He have to do this? 

They politely spoke among themselves though they both watched me intently.  I had a pained look on my face, and embarrassed, I averted my eyes from them. 

"I cant wait anymore, Master," I whispered desperately.  "I can feel it!  I have to pee and I have to cum! I can't stop it!"  

He nodded His head no.

"This is different.  Help me please," I whispered.  "I want to be Your good girl."

He smiled satanically.  I pulled on his arm insistently and took two steps toward the exit door. 

"Gentlemen, enjoy your day," He offered as He led me into the stairwell where my body began to dance and I trilled a plea to Master. 

"Get on your knees on these stairs and get your ass up if you want to

cum.  Don't you spill a drop until you have permission."

I quickly scrambled onto the cold concrete stairs and tried to position myself.  The plug felt monstrous and the vibrator pinched my thin wall sending vibrations into my ass hole too.  I didnt even know I was animalistically yowling.  My whole body was shaking. 


I was fucking the air until He slid his two thick fingers in my pussy and roughly began to jar them in and out, smashing my clit and sending me to a place I had never been before. 

Cum splashed everywhere but I couldn't stop it!  Even if I wanted to He would not let me.  

I felt Him pull against the base of my buttplug and I screeched, the echoes of my voice bouncing off the walls.  I was slipping all over, my body thrashing wildly as I came and came. 

"Slut!" I heard Master say over and over. 

"Yes I'm a slut!" I repeated mindlessly.  Anything to get off!  Anything!

When it was over I was appalled.  I looked around at the mess my body had made.  I was wet and slimy, and all around me was a wet puddle dripping down each step.  I didnt know where it came from.  I didnt understand. 

I could hardly breath.  Master smiled and called me a good girl.  I realized the last bulb of the plug had dislodged from my ass but the rest was still locked in.  No wonder I wasn't as uncomfortable, but it was so embarrassing to let Master look at me that way.  I whimpered and tried to collect myself. 

"Shhhh."  Master rubbed one ass cheek and slid a finger against my swollen and very sensitive clit.  I jumped then tried to be still again to let Master do as He wished with me. 

"Where...where did all this come from? What happened to me, Master?" I asked shakily. 

What if I had peed?  It had felt like that when I began to loose control.  But I couldn't remember any details after that.  I could hardly stand it.  I had tears again.  I stared up at him innocently. 

"That mess you made is from your body.  Every last drop came out of you when you came for me.  It's called squirting.  And that was your lesson today."

I was so relieved I was finished with my lesson but still disturbed.

"I dont remember it...."  I pondered hard, putting bits and pieces together. 

"So I was a good girl, Master?"

"It is what i wanted you to do but, no Sparrow, you were not a good girl.  It was very uncontrolled.  Next time you will need to pay attention to what is happening to you."

I tried to bring my panting and tears back under control.

"Yes, Master."

Part three....Sparrow's lesson has not ended. Master will reveal all the expectations of His cum slut's public training.

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