Experiment In Exquisite Excess
  • Author - Preston Pinkly
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  • Story Codes - F-m, non-consensual, analplay, cbt, drugs, enema, extreme, humiliation, kidnapping, machine, medical
  • Post Date - 1/30/2016

Author's Note: Was it a surreal dream or bizarre reality? You decide.

I found a fairly convenient parking space early Friday evening, just a couple of blocks from the Benedum theatre where I was to meet friends in about an hour for a performance of "Wicked." I thought I'd stop into a small sidestreet bar for a couple of quick ones before showtime. It was a particularly dark and sleazy place. Almost a retro throwback to a 50's dive bar out of a film noir, only without the blue haze of cigarette smoke.It was though I walked through some twilight zone time portal, even the hefty female bartender was a retro garbed artifact from 70 years back. I ordered a hardboiled 50's rye straight, with a short draft. No miniature folding parasols in this joint.She gave me disturbingly sinister smile when she sat down my drink and ignored my my attempts at small talk.The rye was firey and raw going down and I ordered another and thats when I started feeling peculiar.I downed the second drink quickly hoping it would knock away my sudden discomfort but thats all I remembered till I awoke briefly in the heavy Mercedes.We seemed to be on 5th Avenue heading toward Oakland. The interior of the black Mercedes was a gaudy red leather. The heavyset men on both sides of me wore black suits and dark glasses. I passed out again. Next I woke up and was strapped to a gurney and being wheeled down what looked like a long corridor in a hospital. Had I been injured? I felt heavy and weak. Two white coated orderlies pushed the gurney into an elevator and we seemed to be descending down an endless number of levels. I passed out again.

When next I awakened I felt remarkably clear headed and awake. Cotton under a bandaid indicated I was given an injection. I was on a slightly inclined hospital bed, my legs were spread apart and strapped down and my wrists were cuffed and attached to struts on the sides of the bed.I was covered up to my chest by a yellow sheet and I appeared to be naked, beneath it. The bed was in a glass enclosed room along an outside hallway.I was alone but not for long. She was a nurse apparently, but what a niurse. Like the night nurse in a porn movie. She wore her dark hair up with the traditional white cap but with bright red lip gloss and a heavy emphasis on makeup. Her perfume was sweet and strong and her body quite voluptuous in her tight white one piece skirt. Her front was open showing considerable cleavage and the bottom half was very short and pleasingly tight.Her shapely legs were ensconced in sheer,seamed flesh colored retro nylon hose attached with garter belts,four snaps per thigh. Her red high heels clicked on the hard floor as she entered my cubicle.

She began taking my vitals and I asked her if I was injured or had been in an accident. She said no then curtly told me not to speak anymore. Her closeness was causing my elongating cock to tent the sheet. She gently squeezed my balls and rubbed my cock as she listened to my racing heart through her stethoscope. She smiled and remarked that I was "certainly healthy enough. " I started to speak again but once again she commaned me to be silent or there would be "consequences. " Then she took away the thin yellow sheet. My naked tumescent cock drooled pre cum and swayed from side to to side.She slowly stroked it to full length then measured it. My cock was almost painfully hard and I couldn't help wondering if had been enhanced somehow when I saw the tape measure 7 1/2 inches a good inch more than usual. She attached a sort of clear plastic helmut to the now glistening purple mushroom head. It was held in place with an elasticized ring and clear plastic tubing from its top leading high above me to an L shaped overhead hook then over to a large clear plastic container behind and above my bed.Then she gently rubbed and kneaded my plump engorged balls and masturbated my hard cock with her soft hands using the copious drool of pre cum as lubrication.I moaned in sweet ecstacy. Though I tried to prolong my bliss I soon ejaculated into the helmut. I felt a slght pulling suction and watched the white liquid being drawn up toward the ceiling in the clear tubing

She removed the helmut and cleaned my dribbling member with a moist towelette. I watched her round opulent ass sway provocatively from side to side in her tight skirt as she walked away and my cock began to stir once more. Ten minutes later she returned accompanied by two other similarly attired nurses. They were a blonde and a redhead respectively and both similarly attired. I felt a twinge in my cock as it began to erect again. They both smiled at me but they appeared to be somewhat mocking and predatory smiles. The green eyed redhead squeezed some lube into her palm from a small tube and rubbed it into her hands. She lifted my cock and briskly stroked it to another full erection at which point the tall blonde fitted a grey plastic cylinder over it and re attached the clear tubing to a portal on its top. The voluptuous brunette began to rub,pull and stimulate my sensitive nipples while the redhead pulled and gently squeezed my balls. I heard a whir of machinery and felt suction inside the cylinder and a soft inner inner sleeve began rythymicaly pulsing and running up and down the length of my hard shaft. Blissfull ecstasy began again as the tall blonde rubbed her soft hands along my inner thighs and the sucking pulsating tubular device pleasured my rock hard penis. The nurses ministrations and the pleasuring cylinder soon had my cock throbbing then ejaculating another big load which was carried aloft and and along the ceiling and into the large container. They removed the cylinder rinsed it out and left it on my bed. All three of them retreated to an adjacent cubical where they wrote on clipboards and appeared to be operating behind a console of some kind.

They returned about fifteen minutes later and placed the cylinder over my cock once again. Strong suction elongated it while soft hands stimulated me and the voluptuous brunette bared her succulent breasts and fondled them in front of me. While the suction device worked my cock she smothered my face in her soft boob flesh and quickly sent me over the edge again. I closed my eyes and dozed off while they disappeared again.About twenty minutes later they returned. "Now we're going to gag you this time but its for your own good and I promise it won't be too uncomfortable. " I started to protest but the buxom brunette quickly affix3 a rubber gagging device. A small rubber ball inside my mouth was partly inflated.I once again heard the whir of machinery and my cuffed legs were detached and pulled back toward my chest. The blonde and redhead snapped on latex gloves. Green eyes fingered and greased my exposed anus and the icy blue eyed blonde inserted a round ended enema tube and pumped up inner and outer retention bulbs.I felt the flow of water enter me. They made me retain the high volume enema enema for a most uncomfortable 15 minutes while the nurses smirked and mocked me with their eyes and tight sadistic smiles. At last my torso and legs were moved forward and a hollow section with hard rouded edges slid into place under my ass.The plugs were withdrawn and I was allowed blessed release.Strong jets of warm water cleaned my anus and a blast of warm air dryed me then the machinery returned me to my previous position. A projector device was drawn up to my exposed bottom and a slim black rubber phallus was attached to its end. My anus was greased again and bulbousrubber dildo was pushed three quarters length into my ass. It slid in easily without much dicomfomfort but I felt it inflate slightly as they fitted the cylinder over my hard worked cock once again.This time they all watched me from behind the console in the adjacent cubicle as the inflated phallus began to piston up and down inside my ass and the big cylinder worked my cock. This time it took over ten minutes before my ejaculation rose up the clear tubing and into the waiting container.They re entered my room and attached small suction devices with wires to my nipples and each of my balls then went back behind the console.I felt a pleasant electric tingling in my balls and nipples as the phallus expanded again and began thrusting deeper and faster into my virgin ass.I winced from an initial burn of anal agony until dilation accommodated the larger size and the cylinder began working me again. It was nearly 20 minutes till ejaculation was achieved and the degree of pleasure was much lower now. In fact, it was becoming decdedly uncomfortable. They smiled and laughed mockingly as I frustratedly struggled to communicate with them. The mean smirking redhead even uncomfortably expanded the gag inside my mouth.

I started to sweat from anxiety as I watched them adjust controls behind the console and heard them speak from an accidently turned on speaker. "Subject is sufficiently dilated. Increase phallic width to three inches. Increase penetration to maximum depth and and increase speed of thrust by 40 percent. " I groaned in agony as the huge bulb headed faux cock jackhammered fast and deep in my tortured ass. They looked down on me with cruel delight and sadistic smirking eyes as I writhed like a trapped, impaled animal in restraints. A more intense pins and needles replaced the pleasant tingle on my balls and nipples and the suction cylinder now painfully worked my tormented cock.The increased intensity couldn't make me cum and I screamed in agony into my overinflated mouth gag.After a hellish 15 minutes the thick phallus stopped thrusting and embedded itself deep in my ass. The inner cuff of the cylinder stayed wrapped tightly around my cock. Greta, the evil redhead had switched off the speaker but now she was grinning and appeared to be twisting a dial.The pins and needles on my nipples and balls became a hundred stabbing daggers. At the same time electrodes attached to the inner cuff delivered the same agony to my suctioned cock and the rigged phallus stabbed white hot fire into my obscenely distended ass tunnel. Together it combined to force out one more surprisingly copious ejaculation. At the same time I howled at the top of my lungs into my overstuffed gag. I slumped back down on my sweat and drool drenched bed and watched as what seemed like the largest load yet ascend quickly up the tubing.

I passed out and awakened in a darkened room when a petite oriental nurse gave me an injection in the lower underside of my left ass cheek. It stimulated me, cleared my head and made me feel stronger.Something had fallen out of the nurses breast pocket as she leaned over,examining me. It shined in the dim light. I knew those heartless bitches would be back soon for more experiments so I pulled the object toward me on my discarded yellow sheet.Patience and persistence paid off ,it was a small but sharp scalpel. I used it to cut my leather cuffs and free my wrists and ankles.I felt sharp hot pain in my ass and balls as I scooted naked off the high bed.I looked above me and saw that the large plastic container was filled to nearly a third high with my mechanically extracted jizz. I looked around but found no clothes to wear.The stiffness was disappearing and my range of motion was coming back as I stepped naked out into the long empty corridor. The long underground hall was lined with strange glowing inverted rectangular light boards on both sides of the wall. The glow was muted and low key.A sort of orange/red at one end and blue/purple at its opposite.I wandered down the cooridor till I heard what sounded like sobbing coming from one of the rooms. I opened the door and went inside.A young 20 something guy about my age was lying under a sheet on his side and weeping. He saw me and frantically begged me to help him. He kept saying "Why did they do this to me!" I lifted his sheet and recoiled in horror. His head had been severed and grafted onto a large wooly cloven hoofed animal that looked somewhat similar to a sheep.I ran back out in the hall and closed the door. I heard squealing, shrill sounds from behind another door. I forced myself to open it and look inside. There were three plump piglike creatures enclosed in a pen. They had human looking faces, one being female like. All three frantically squealed loud but garbled and unintelligible words at me. I shut the light and closed the door. I was completely terrified and ran madly down the endless semi dark corridor.

I was running on only fear and adrenaline as I ran for what seemed like several city blocks until I came to a bank of elevators.One was open and I entered. The controls were strange but not the arrow pointing up. I pushed it and began a long and what seemed like a fast ascent.After what felt like several minutes the lift came to an abrupt halt and the control panel darkened. A muted red light blinked on the under side of the panel. I felt along the underside of the strange control box. There was a thin glass wheel near the wall. I turned it all the way in the only direction it would go and the dark panel swung around,reversed itself and a normal set of controls appeared and lit up. I pushed the up arrow and the lift came to life and began to ascend. This time a short ride only 2 or 3 floors before it stopped and the door opened. It was a normal hospital corridor. In fact, i recognized the hilltop hospital in the Oakland section of the city. I had spent much time there after an operation when I was very young.Now, I scampered down the empty corridor naked hopiny not to be seen especially by security.I got into an unlocked staff locker room and found some orderly scrubs and slip ons that fit well enough. Then I stole a negligently left leather jacket that was a size too big. I crept past the snoring security guard at the entrance and hailed a cab just starting to depart. The driver was Raj , a cabbie I knew.He said I looked real wasted after I ignored his jibes about my "outfit" and just huddled in the backseat.He took me breakfast at Ritters diner.I had a huge greasy breakfast and it made me feel better. Raj didn't ask anymore questions and just drove me back to my apartment. He delivered my car from downtown just as I put my robe on after a hot bath and dropped off my keys. I owed him big time.I passed out watching tv and slept for almost 18 hours.My balls, ass,nipples and even my cock were still sore when I awoke but I still thought the whole thing was a nightmare or some bad drug induced hallucination. Then I noticed the '64 black Lincoln continental parked across from my apartment for 3 days in a row. Two men in black suits and dark glasses are sitting inside.Similar dark older model cars seem to be following when I go out or maybe I'm just paranoid.How would they know? I didn't have a wallet or any id, just a roll of less than a hundred dollars with me, that night.If they would've left me alone I never would've believed something so bizarre could actually happen. Now I'm scared very scared and I think I'm going to go off the grid bg time. Maybe to the south pacific or the lower half of South America. I don't even want to think what might happen if they capture me again!

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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