How Much Longer
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  • Post Date - 4/4/2016

Author's Note: Whilst this is a full story in its own right, it is always possible to add more if there is enough demand.

I woke up with a start, trying to move my hands I realised they were cuffed behind me, the stainless steel manacles were digging into my wrists from the tension of the chain coming from my manacled ankles. My back of my neck was sore from the 2" wide stainless steel collar that encircled it, not helped by the chain that was attaching me to the wall only 12" away. I was lying on my side, the only position in which I had been able to get anyway like comfortable, my legs ached, bent as they were towards my hands.

I had been left a thin mattress to lie on rather than the hard stone floor and the cellar was at least warmed by the small electric heater in the far corner. The cellar was pitch black, there was not even a small shaft of light coming from the door at the top of the stair, I didn't know if it was night or day, I could have been here 2 hours or 24 hours,

I wanted a wee, but that was not going to happen, I would have to wait until she came for me. I was also thirsty, the ball gag had made me droll to begin with but now my mouth was dry, I could breath through the hole in the centre of the gag which was some relief. I struggled a little with the restraints, this just reminded me that the cuffs on my wrists, although 4" wide were still digging into my flesh, at that point I wanted nothing more than to be able to stretch my legs out straight. There was no way I could release myself, the manacles were locked on with an allen key, each link of the chain was 1" long and 1/2" wide and the padlocks attaching the chain to the wrist and ankle cuffs were heavy duty, without the keys they could not be opened without using an angle grinder!

The chains were one thing, but the ball gag holding my mouth open made my jaws ache, then there was how I was dressed. I was wearing a satin maid's outfit, stockings held up with suspenders from the bottom of a leather corset. The corset she had put on my yesterday had taken over half an hour to tighten, crushing my stomach and chest. Even now breathing was difficult, the corset did not seem to have slackened at all, it was impossible to bend in it. On my feet I was wearing laced ankle boots with 6" heels. The laces had been pulled as tightly as possible, they felt like they had been welded on,my feet were crapped from the angle they were held and the tightness of the leather.

I was frustrated, unable to do anything about my various discomforts which at least were taking my mind of my cock, this was imprisoned in a stainless steel cock cage padlocked on with a small but effective padlock. The cock cage didn't just stop me getting an erection or playing with myself, but also had blunt spikes on the inside, an erection quickly became painful.

I could do little more but lie there in my misery, hoping that she would come soon, even if it meant some other form of torture, I wanted to scream out through the gag for release, but even if the sound could have been heard outside the cellar, which was doubtful, I knew this would only add to my problems, any complaints, any resistance, or dis obeying of orders would be punished severely.

I don't know how much longer I lay there, probably another hour, then the door opened and light flooded the cellar from the 150 watt bulb suspended from the ceiling. She came down the stairs, she was dressed in an flannel dressing gown and slippers, certainly nothing like the black heels, basque and stockings she had been wearing the previous evening, but she was still in charge. She knelt down looking directly into my face, hers only 6" away, "I take it you would like to be released? Well I have just got up, am going to have some breakfast, then a shower, so see you in a little while" she smirked. I groaned in to the gag.

"Hmm " she said, " was that a complaint? I told you, no complaints, well here's something to keep you occupied whist I am gone" She pulled a pair of nipple clamps out of her pocket and dangled them in front of my face, I could see they were the ones with the screw tightening jaws attached together by a small chain. She pulled the top of the maid's dress down a little to expose my right nipple, she attached the clamp then started to turn the screw, I tried not to scream into the gag as she looked directly into my eyes, the pain made me start to beg through the gag, she smiled then picked up the other clamp, attached it to the other nipple and started to tighten the screw, I was screaming into the gag at this point whilst she smiled at my agony.

She stood up and looked down at me, tears streamed from my eyes, the pain was constant in both nipples it felt like they were on fire.

"I told you no complaining, screaming or begging for mercy didn't I? Well now you have been doing all three, so lets make you a little less comfortable!" Less comfortable? What did she have in mind? I soon found out, she lifted my legs, dropping me onto my chest, trapping the clips under my body, bring fresh waves of agony. She was attaching something to my ankles I knew it was the chain attached to the ceiling, I heard the click of a padlock, now my legs were held up and I couldn't roll on my side, the nipple clamps digging into me.

"Well now I'm going to take a long bath! Enjoy"

I heard her move away and a few seconds later the light went out and the cellar door closed, to leave me in pain and misery.

This had started when? was it only 4 days ago? I wasn't 100% sure, now, my brain was fogged from the pain. I had employed her to keep me as her TV maid for 28 days, she was to train me to serve, chain me up in the cellar each night, keep my manacled hand and foot and give me housework duties during the day, punish me for any disobedience,. She had seem reluctant at first, but after 24 hours was getting steadily crueller, punishments, making me stand in 6" heels for hours a time, giving me only slimming drink mixes, no solid food, waiting on her, and yesterday having me pleasure her with my mouth, even to having me lick her arse hole, what would she have planned for today? I had written detail instructions about everything, with the last comment that she could go as far as she wanted, as far as she wanted was perhaps a little further that I'd been expecting, would I survive the next 24 days?

The End
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