The Van in 7A...
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Author's Note: I will give credit where credit is due. I was given this idea from a woman who loved latex and breathplay and she was very specific about this what if scenario. I felt it was a great idea and took the time to write out the story with just a few of my own ideas thrown in. After reading it she loved it and I always felt it was one of my better stories. There is a second part to it but I will post just the first part and see what kind of response I get and if it is liked by many I will then take the time to post the second chapter. Please enjoy...

Raven was her name, a nice looking woman in her mid twenties she was about 5"5"off blonde hair with a rather petit figure. Oh how she loved to surf the net and look for someone to play her sexual games with. Raven was always kind of cautious though, knowing full well of the men who were looking for an adventurous young woman that was into such kinky things she was interested in.

After so many years and a few hook ups through the Internet, Raven was thankful she was alive still, but taking chances were part of the sexual thrill for her.

Raven had met a man online from over seas who was looking for such a woman as her, for he also found the excitement in the sexual play she desired. She was after all addicted to breath play and it seemed her search had finally came across a gentlemen who was willing to pay for her to fly over sea's. Raven contemplated for a few weeks before sending a message back to him to see if he was serious about the hookup. His messages were very cryptic of what he had planned for young Raven. But her excitement was to a point that she wanted the sexual thrill of suffocating for this unknown man.

What did he have in store for her she wondered? Her mind raced of what he might do to her, was she to die at the hands of this unseen individual or was he someone who just liked to watch. Raven's curiosity got the better of her, for she had to know, she finally got in touch with him and said she was interested for the meeting.

After sending a reply back to him she was given very specific information of what to do and where to go. Everything would be paid for in full ahead of time so all Raven was to do was be where she needed to be.

The message read...

"When you arrive at the airport, once you are past security go the bathroom and under the second sink there will be a cell phone taped under it so we can text and call one another and you can get some information of where I want you to go and what to do"

Raven's mind raced wildly upon reading the message, what did he have in store for her she wondered, trying to think of all the kinky things of what might happen to her. This was after all why she does the things she does in search of her next sexual high.

She made her plans for some time off from her job and not mentioned anything to her family or friends of what she was to do. As the day approached for her flight she wondered if she could go though with such a thing, to fly over seas and meet up with some stranger. But somehow she just had to go to know.

As the plane was setting down in London she peered out the window recalling the message that was sent to her about the cell phone. She contemplated on walking away from the whole thing but what her head told her to do and what her heart desired was another.

Raven exited the plane and worked her way to the bathroom where the cell phone would be located. It was right where it should be, a simple flip top cell phone. She checked the one phone number on the phone and sent a text saying she had arrived safely and was ready for what was next. She only had to wait a few minutes and there was a reply stating to go to the parking garage where there was a black van located in section 7A. She figured it was for her transportation and worked her way to the parking garage where the van would be located.

Raven was still cautious, was she walking into something that she should not do or could she go thru with it. She located the van and walked up to it. There were tons of cars everywhere and she felt she was safe being that it was such a busy airport.

As she walked closer to the van the cell phone went off again to let her know she had received a text message.

The message read...

"Thank you for coming to London for me, before you step into the back of the van I have some information for you, in the back you will find a latex outfit for you to put on. You will need to disrobe from your clothes when in the van and put it on. Also inside are a latex hood, gloves and several pairs of cuffs that you will need to wear"

Another message appeared...

"Also inside is a plastic bag that you will secure over your head before clicking the cuffs on your wrist's. There are camera's set up to record your suffocation."

Raven stood by the van starring at the messages.

One final message came up...

"This is your last chance to walk away from this."

Raven stood there contemplating the situation she would be placing herself in. Was someone going to save her or was she to suffocate to death in the van.

Raven reached for the door handle to the back of the van.

No one was there in the back she could see the items laid out as she stepped in the back of the van as she closed the doors behind her. Lights came on in the interior of the van as she began taking off her clothes. This van's interior was closed so there was no way for someone to see inside. There were three camera's mounted to the interior of the van, she could see them focus on her as they zoomed out as if controlled by some outside force watching her to see what she would do. Raven noticed microphones by the cameras as well so they could pick up her pleasure if you will from being bound and suffocated by plastic.

When she was done removing her clothes she stood up to show her figure off. This van was larger then many and because of her height she could actually stand up in it without hitting her head. She ran her hands over her naked body as if pleasuring herself.

The cell phone chimed again....

"After you have the latex outfit on there is a vibrator that you can insert into your cunt so you can have the pleasure you desire."

Raven smiled at the text. She picked up the latex outfit before her; she had never worn one before but she quickly figured out how it fit over her body. She now knew why the man had asked for her size so the latex outfit would fit her body like a glove.

It took her sometime but eventually the milky latex material encapsulated her beautiful body. Raven ran her hands over the material as it snapped over her skin; it felt as if a second skin covering her entire body, the feeling was powerful to her, never had she worn such an outfit before. Raven sat down in the bed of the van and pulled her hair back, she reached for the latex hood and with both her hands she worked the hood over her face, when it was in place it snapped back to her neck, when she finished she made sure that the holes that were designed for her eyes nose and mouth were in there proper place.

Raven again ran her hands over the latex material now covering her head, she wished there was a mirror to see herself in the outfit.

Raven's anticipation was growing, could she truly place the plastic bag over her head and secure herself with the cuffs behind her back. Raven could see that the latex material showed every curve of her body as she moved her hands to her cunt. She unzipped the material to reveal her snatch to the cameras once again. She probed a finger into her cunt pleasuring herself for what she preparing to do. Raven did not make herself cum, she looked around for the latex gloves now and worked them over her fingers and hands, they were as tight as the latex body suit now, and she truly was a latex doll. Completely covered by the material she stood up in the van again. The cameras zoomed in and out as if manipulated by unseen hands to watch this beautiful woman in latex.

The cell phone chimed one more time...

"There is a gag for you to wear so you can not bite at the plastic bag that will be covering your head place it between your lips and secure it behind your head."

Raven grabbed for the gag that was hung from one of the side panels of the van. It was a gag that opened her mouth but still open in the middle so she could not close her mouth or bite down. She held it in her hands for about 10 seconds before finally bring it to her face. She worked the gag into her mouth and pulled the leather strap around the back of her head. She made sure it was nice and secure and no way for her to spit it out.

She looked over at the cuffs now that would secure her feet to the floor of the van for they were secured themselves to floor.

Raven tried to speak from behind the gag, "Weelll theee Momment ooff trruuttth"

Raven took in her hands the plastic bag and some tape that was laid out beside each other and placed them next to her. The vibrator, which she desired in her cunt, was close by; she held the vibrator in her latex covered hands for a moment as she turned it on now. The vibrator came alive as it moved in her hands. She moved it to her cunt, as she placed it against her cunt lips, it sending a wave of electricity thru her entire body, she pushed it into her cunt as it enveloped her pussy the vibration's already working on her already excited body behind the latex. Raven pushed the entire mass of the vibrator deep within her cunt; she pulled the zipper closed to the latex outfit so it would stay in place.

Raven's body quivered in delight in the bed of the van as the vibrations from the vibrator were sending her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm. She quickly snapped her ankles in the cuffs to the floor of the van.

In the back of her mind it was saying, don't do this your putting yourself in a situation that can kill you. But Raven didn't care now. She quickly grabbed the plastic bag and worked it over the crown of her latex covered head. She held it open at the end so it didn't cover her face completely drawing breath after breath into her lungs.

Finally she brought the tape to her neck and wrapped it several times sealing the bag off for good, she quickly threw the tape away. Raven held her breath now as she quickly moved her hands behind her now to the cuffs that were secured to the van of the wall. They were close together so they were easy to reach with both of her hands to click each wrist into each. As the final click of the handcuffs happened her situation took on a new meaning of life.

OH MY GOD, what have I done Raven thought, I have just handcuffed myself in a van with no one to save me.

Raven had forgotten about the cameras as they zoomed and panned back and fourth at her bound form, she tried to hold what little breath she had within her lungs, her body already rebelling from the suffocation.

Finally Raven took a breath from behind the plastic as it came to her face; she had left just enough air for one last breath behind the plastic. She would now be breathing that same last breath over and over again as her lungs and body would fight the suffocation.

Even though Raven had handcuffed herself her natural reaction would be one of trying to escape from her bondage.

Raven billowed the plastic off her latex covered face as she shook her head as if to dislodge the plastic somehow. She quickly tried to take another breath as the plastic covered her nose, the plastic drawing past the gag into her open mouth.

The vibrator buzzing away deep within her cunt, the latex was getting hot inside from her movement within the tiny space of the van.

She pushed out the plastic off her face again as if to look out thru the thin material as if there was some kind of escape. Moisture was building inside the plastic from every exhalation. Her hips moved with the vibrator as if being fucked by an invisible man. Her head and body shook uncontrollably for she was heading to a powerful orgasm and it very well maybe her last.

The plastic becoming like a hypnotic rhythm in and out quicker and quicker with every strangled breath behind the plastic and latex.

Raven screamed from behind the latex and plastic as if for someone to save her. For only a few feet away outside the van a couple walked by, unknown to them a young woman suffocating away behind the closed doors of the van. The van didn't even pitch back and fourth for you would think with the way Ravens body reacted to suffocating the van would move in some way shape or form.

Raven's realization was coming clear now; she was lured here to be killed by suffocation.

The plastic now covering her latex covered head looked like a piece of meat you would buy in a supermarket as if the plastic sucked of all the air. Raven's head and body shaking uncontrollably now, as there was no escape for her.

No Escape...

No Escape...

No Escape...

No Escape...


The vibrator doing it's job sending Raven to a powerful orgasm as it racked her body of her final air, her arms behind her body pulled with all there might as if to break the handcuffs.

Her body pitched wildly one last time as her orgasm swept thru her body. Her latex covered fingers trying to grab one final time at an escape that was not possible.

Finally her head and body became still except with a quiver from her body from the intrusion of the vibrator still buzzing away deep within her cunt.

A man stepped from a car parked in section 8A for he had been watching from a laptop of what transpired in the van, he quickly opened the back doors stepped in and closed them. He moved to the unconscious bound woman picking up her head to look into her eyes, he quickly tore away the plastic from her latex covered head so she could breath. He slapped her face a couple times to bring her around as Raven took a deep breath from having the plastic torn away from her face. The man unzipped the crotch of her latex outfit and used his fingers to pull from her cunt the messy vibrator that was now covered with the woman's juices.

He spoke...

"Hello Raven nice to make your acquaintance that was very kinky of you to try such a thing, but now you are mine to play with anytime I choose."

The vans engine's revved as it pulled from the parking spot.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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