Implementing Imp's Impossible Impalement
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Part 1

I fought against the robot's grip as they carried me to my fate. This wasn't the first time I'd been captured, when you're barely one hundred-twenty five pounds soaking wet, it happens. Problem is that my mistress... I mean my partner, I'm her sidekick, my partner always saves me. This time though, she's already been taken down, so there's no one to rescue me.

We'd gone after Tech, a cybernetically enhanced villainess who commands nanites and other machines. She was always trouble, but we've always taken her down. Now I have to wonder if it had all been practice, that she'd been planning for today, learning from every defeat. This time she'd separated us, she'd done that before, using me as a pawn to manipulate Thumper. This time she'd targeted Thumper first, making sure to take her out, I guess I'm just a bonus capture since once Thumper was down I never stood a chance.

I looked at the iron maiden I was being dragged to. High tech I'm sure, though all I could see was a box lined with spikes and thick foam padding. As we drew closer, I saw the spiked lined clamps waiting for my small breasts. As I was pushed in, the clamps bit down, crushing my breasts, the spikes lining it trying unsuccessfully to tear into my flesh. If I were anyone but Imp, the impervious girl, a name given to me by my partner and mistress, they would have torn through my breasts easily. While it couldn't harm me, it could very well hurt me, and being a masochist, I was sure that was the intent, considering Tech's threat to break me.

The robot's grip kept me from escaping as the machine pulled me in. An armature swung up, driving three shafts into me; a ribbed rod traveling up my all but virgin urethra and into my bladder, while two thick spiked shafts thrust a foot deep into my pussy and ass. My mouth had snapped open in shock, allowing a fourth shaft to dart into it. As it fanned open, it anchored itself behind my teeth, and helped the breast clamps and armature pull me in, the robots releasing their grip as it did.

As it pulled me in, I saw spikes lining the head piece, forcing me to close my eyes, lest they get pinned open. I doubt they could pierce my eyes, maybe knock them out, though thankfully that proved untrue, but what would happen is me being unable to close them. I may be unbreakable, but I do need to breath, eat, drink and such, just like any normal person, so getting my eyes trapped open would likely be just as bad for me as anyone else. Embarrassingly enough, all this was pressing buttons my mistress had not yet reached, an orgasm washing over me as I was taken so roughly and completely.

How did I wind up here? From spunky girl in school that liked playing rough, to minor league super-heroine to sidekick; from single women, to a happy wife and slave. It was an normal day, I'd just gotten off from my mundane job, and heard an armed stand off call on the scanner. Yeah, police band scanner, I know, how old fashioned and cliché, but hey, it works. Any how, I got dressed, hopped on my bike, and headed that way. Yeah, motorcycle, you ever try to get around Pieso City in a car? I was almost there, whipping the bike around the corner, and into a building in the middle of the street. Ok, not a building, but an eight fool tall heavily muscled very black women, Thumper, one of the city's champions. She'd been on her way to the same call too when we collided, sending me flying off of my bike, and knocking her off her feet. Obviously she was having a bad day and needed someone to take it out on with the way she ripped into me. Despite her towering over me, there was no way I was going to let some arrogant amazon try to tell me my place. I can give as good as I get, after all I work in a store, and I did, for which I got backhanded across the street.

Did I forget to mention that I'm unbreakable? Neither my bones nor skin can break, I'm made out of some stern stuff, though I barely cleared one hundred pounds at the time, and I'm subject to the laws of physics. Still, no matter how hard I get hit, I get up, dust myself off, and come back for more, which might make some question really how smart I am. I stormed across the street, not nearly ready to give up the argument, not nearly ready to take the blame for something that was clearly her fault. Well, maybe her fault, but I sure didn't have any intention of saying otherwise, especially after she'd cost me a bike. I meant to giver her a look that would kill, but as my eyes met hers, something happened, something unexpected, sparks, the kind of sparks that happen when you find the one. I'd never looked at other women, at least not that way, I never really thought I was that kind of girl until then.

What kind of girl was I? Pretty normal really, if you forget that I can't be injured. I work a fairly mundane job at a craft store. Its not glamorous, but it gives me supplies to make my own costumes, and to repair them, and all at a discount. Sure, I could take rewards from the bank robberies I stop, but heroes don't do that, we stop crime because we're selfless and virtuous, and above such petty needs. Virtue, that's what I went by, at least what I used on the odd occasion when I actually got interviewed, something I tried to avoid, which really wasn't too hard, considering the competition.

At that point, the fight was over, neither of us admitted defeat, but it was done. Thumper took me under her wing, getting me added to Pieso City's superhero team, and training me. It was months of hard training, exercise, diet and even costume improvements. She did all this without asking for anything in return, teaching me hand to hand combat, helping me bulk up, tweaking my diet to keep me in fighting form. Thankfully she didn't have any strange notions of diet purity, so it wasn't a big or hard change. My costume was just minor tweaks, some design improvements for durability, to better hide my identity, shoes that would help me hold my ground and back up a kick, things like that.

Much of my fight training went on in the holo room, solid three dimensional images for me to fight. It was like going into battle without the worry of getting hurt, no matter how remote that was for me. A good four months or so of training had passed, and this was just the usual stuff, ending with my capture and being dragged off to a torture chamber. Heavy duty chains suspended me above the floor, pulling my body taut, leaving me spread and exposed since I'd already lost much of my costume in the fight, the hardest one yet. I also was sweaty, wet and musky, both from the workout I was getting, and how turned on I got in a fight when I was losing. It was clear Thumper noticed, as rather than shut down the hologram, she merely stopped the program, leaving me strung up. Should I mention that moments like that were when she liked to shut down the program? She'd get a good chuckle at what was holding me up suddenly disappearing when I was a few feet in the air. I should have realized she liked abusing me after only a week or two of that.

I wasn't sure what was happening as she strode up to me, giving my ass a good hard slap. "What do you call this? Getting captured again?" She slipped her hand between my legs, cupping my pussy, bringing a blush to my face as I hoped the redesign was hiding the wetness there. "One might think you like this, considering how often you let yourself get caught. Perhaps some punishment will give you a reason to avoid it," drawing her hand back and bringing it down on my ass harder this time.

At her touch, I looked up at the ceiling, trying to hide my face. When the first blow struck, I squeaked out, "No ma'am, I'm not enjoying this," as the blows rained down, coming harder and faster. I knew I was soaked, and I doubted she'd missed that, but I did my best to feign innocence.

"Lying are we? I think choosing Virtue was a bit ironic, don't you," her hand coming down on my ass, then drifting down to squeeze my pussy. "You're a lying little trouble maker, aren't you? Just a little Imp, running around causing trouble, aren't you?"

I wiggled, wriggled and pulled at the bonds as hard as I could, blushing, my face red and hot as she squeezed my pussy. I don't know how it slipped out, but I found myself saying, "Please Mistress, Imp will be a good girl, a good sidekick, please don't hurt Imp..." My voice dropped to a husky whisper, "Too much."

I feel pain, just not like normal people. When you can get run over by a train, get up, dust yourself off, and get back to work, you'd better have a high threshold for pain, which unfortunately comes with the price of all your other senses being dulled. Of course when your new friend is nearly eight feet of ebony beauty and capable of pressing five tons, suddenly that threshold might not be so unreachable. And I loved it. I hadn't known before the training started, but I'm a born masochist.

It was then that she decided that I was wearing too much, and tore my costume from me. Hers didn't suffer that fate, though it didn't remain on her for long. That was when she or rather shi revealed hir secret. Maybe this was why it'd taken hir so long to move on me, but as shi stripped, shi revealed a nearly five inch wide cock bordering on a foot long, something that didn't belong on a woman. I didn't care that it didn't belong, it was beautiful, long, thick, maybe terrifying if I were a normal woman, but I was a hot needy, indestructible slut, or at least I hoped I was. I looked at that thick beautiful uncut cock, the faintly purple head peeking out, and knew I needed it. When shi looked at my face, shi knew it too, shi knew I needed it, and shi wasted no time in giving it to me. Shi was gentle, after all, neither of us was sure if my durability was more than skin deep.

We tried to keep it a secret, shi'd certainly managed to keep hir gender secret all this time, but it couldn't last. We had far too much fun in the training room, and it wasn't all training simulations. Shi'd seen how I'd taken to the bondage, how it had turned me on, how I'd melted when shi took me while I was tied up. We cooled down after training by creating a dungeon, both of us coming up with evil new ways I could be bound, tortured, and most importantly shagged... Drilled, pounded, fucked, hammered, each time getting harder as we realized I was just as durable inside as out. All three of my holes were tried, every position we could think of, every torture and punishment we could think of.

I think the most memorable of these cooling down sessions was my collaring. That was the day I became hir slave, and only a day before I became hir wife. Shi refused to say where shi got the collar, not that it was my place to press, but it fit me perfectly, and it fit my costume perfectly, not looking out of place at all. It even had a radio in it to hide its true purpose. Nor did it draw unnecessary attention to itself when I was in my civvies, and it was waterproof, and designed so it never needed to be removed.

We were having so much fun that we forgot that the training sessions were recorded. We didn't know it at first, but we'd become the team's favorite entertainment. And not just the team, copies leaked out to friends, other heroines and heroes in Delta City, Mega City and beyond. We were embarrassed at first, but I know I was turned on by the knowledge that so many others were enjoying what we were doing, and I came to know Mistress was too. Soon we were doing porn movies in the holo room, Mystress Thumper and Imp, the name shi'd given me. Imp wasn't just for my small size, it was also ostensibly short for impervious. And I was small, at least compared to the heroes at barely five feet tall and one hundred-twenty pounds after my training, my breasts a tight set of A cups resting high and firm on my chest. They've been crushed, whipped, and even supported me when I was hung from them a few times. I've been whipped, spanked, stretched and otherwise tortured. And of course we've had sex in every position imaginable, perhaps even some that would be hard to believe.

Even though I was in training, I hit the streets supporting Thumper maybe two months after joining the team, even though I wasn't hir sidekick yet. While shi hits hard, she wasn't bulletproof like me, so my job was to take bullets, run interference, basically to keep the enemy from focusing too much on hir. I enjoyed the work, becoming hir sidekick was a perfect fit for me, since I wasn't enough of a power to be real hero. Sidekick was good enough for me, after all, I was part of something very big, very visible, and very important. Frankly life couldn't be better. Sure, the bad guys always caught me, tied me up, and I enjoyed it. Usually Thumper did the rescuing, but I did try not to be captured in the first place, nor did I try to stay captured, it would have been unbecoming no matter how much I enjoyed being a victim.

So here we are, now, or close enough to it. A day like any other, Tech raided a technology company, we went after her, we fought. I should have been captured, while Thumper took down Tech, recovered the loot, and rescued me. Except this time robots piled onto both of us, separating us, a small number pulling me down despite my struggles, while most of them piled onto hir. Armed with some manner of silver disks, shi actually seemed to be winning despite being out numbered. That was until one of the disks met hir arm. It glowed, and sucked hir arm in, and soon shi was literally fighting one handed as the disk locked onto hir shoulder. It didn't take long for the robots to over power her, taking hir legs and arms away one by one. Soon nothing was left but a torso, a thick metal ring replacing each limb.

The robots held me still as they dragged her upright, securing her between a set of poles, panic on hir face as shi realized the trouble shi was in. Hir costume was torn from hir body, and they applied two more disks, one to hir exposed cock, the other to hir balls. That was the last I saw before they dragged me away.

And here I am, trapped, the doors of the iron maiden closing, pressing me forward, crushing me between two rows of spikes. Tech's promise to break me, to have me serve her echoes in my ears as the outside world is taken from me. It'll be the last thing I hear as two smooth metal rods thrust into my ears, filling them, packing them, pressing against the drums, robbing me of what little bit of hearing I had. I doubt I could hear myself were I able to speak.

Tech was far from done though, suddenly ice water rushed through the shaft into my guts. Perhaps it wasn't water, it was cold, so very, very cold, below zero I'd swear. My guts cramped, first from the cold, then from the volume. I was quickly full, and still water was forced into me, I could feel. my stomach bloat, pressing up against the spikes, inflating quickly. There had to be several gallons in me before the flow finally stopped.

In my pussy the shaft split like one of those Medieval torture devices, the pear, but with four leafs. Not only was my pussy being stretched open wide, forced wider than even Mistress' cock ever had, but it pushed fore and aft, revealing that the spikes in the two dildoes weren't the same, as they pressed together. The spikes interlocked, crushing that thin barrier of flesh between them. In the front, it crushed the flesh of my urethra against the sound, the spikes fitting in between its ribs. Still the horrors weren't done, the toy began to heat up, quickly going from warm to hot to hotter in moments.

It brought to mind the time Torch joined us, possibly the only man never to be disgusted and driven away by what made my mistress so special. He controlled fire, usually throwing balls or a stream, sometimes simply by heating his hands. I was surprised when he let mistress take me first, but when she was done, I found out why. He slipped three fingers into my wet pussy, dripping with both my juices and hir cum. Then four, and finally his whole hand, twisting and working it in there. Pulling it out, his fingers started on my ass, opening it, stretching it until he worked his whole hand in there, lubed by the juices coating it. He thrust in and out, making me arch my back and pant like a dog. Distracted as I was, I didn't at first notice the fingers entering my pussy, more and more until finally his whole other hand slid into me.

My first double, and it was with a pair of fists, what more could a girl like me ask for? Perhaps some pain, my first exposure to heat torture? His fists began heating up, lukewarm at first, then hotter and hotter, soon boiling away the cum that was within me, and yet he wasn't done. His hands pounded in and out of me, not as powerful as my mistress' thrusts, but shi only had one cock, and it doesn't heat up. I really don't know how many times I came that night, but I do know that I actually blacked out. I woke to see Torch doing his best to give my mistress a blow job, much to my surprise, and I quickly joined him. We'd known there were kink loving heroes and heroettes out there, otherwise our videos would never had been so popular, but watchers are far more common than players, and he became an irregular playmate. Should I mention that his power wasn't limited to just his hands? The ideas he gave us, and the combinations he made possible were incredible.

The shaft buried in my pussy couldn't reach those kinds of heat levels, but it didn't need to. With that below freezing liquid straining my guts, the difference between the two sent shivers up my spine, and an orgasm crashing over me. My breathing was ragged, even with Torch and Mistress I don't think I've ever come so much, or perhaps it was the shear amount of stimulus that I was being exposed to all at once. I could feel myself sweating from the strain, hot in my pussy, cold in my guts, I didn't think there was anything left, only to be proven wrong once again.

More of that ice cold liquid poured into me, this time into my bladder, the sound having been hollow. It was probably only a quart that was forced into that tiny chamber, but it was more than enough. My bladder distended painfully, forced to grow, adding to the discomfort of my already bloated body as my organs had to rearrange again to make room. They were forced up, pressing against my lungs, making it hard to breathe. At the same time, the stimulus was making me breathe hard, the combination making me light headed, increasing my sensitivity.

Spots formed before my eyes as another orgasm washed over me, my fingers and toes twitching ever so slightly, the only movement I had left. Squeezed from every side, gripped in the embrace of row after row of spikes, stretched and distended, just the thought of what was being done to me was drawing another orgasm to me...

Tech watches a display only she can see, a smile sliding across her face as an orgasm washes over Imp. Turning to Thumper, she grins, "Oh she is such a little pain slut, isn't she? I've barely started, and she's had several orgasms. She'll be even easier to break than I thought, and here I thought it would take the better part of the week."
Part 1

Gesturing with her hands, a table forms from the metal floor before her, "Now its your turn. I'm sure you'll resist, and I'm sure you'll be a challenge, but everyone can be broken. You two will look so cute collared by my side." Setting a metal disk on the table, she watching Thumper's face as she runs a finger around the disk's edge. The disk begins to glow, a thick hard black cock thrusting out from it, the faintly purple head stretching out from the foreskin.

She slides her metal finger nails up that thick black cock, "Oh my, my, my, my, such a very lovely cock. And so very, very hard," spreading a bead of pre across the tip, "are you enjoying the thought of what I'm doing to your little sidekick? Or perhaps you're turned on by my trap, by knowing that for the first time in your life, you are so very, very much in the control of someone else."

Thumper struggles, or at least tries, but when you have no arms nor legs, there's not much you can do. All she could do is glare at Tech as the women plays with hir detached cock. Shi watched the woman's finger play around the head of hir cock, prodding at the tiny hole there. Shi watched in horror as with a gesture, a metal rod formed from the table, presenting itself to Tech's hand.

Watching the heroine's attempt to struggle, she played with hir cock tip, "Perhaps this is the key to breaking you?" She takes hold of the rod that presents itself to her, "Why don't we find out," she asks rhetorically as she brings the rod to Thumper's cock tip, her fingers spreading the opening there, and the sliding the rod in slowly. Sized perfectly, it fills the hole there, just pressing up against the sides, perfectly filling it with its smooth metal body. Slowly she guides it in, watching as inch after inch slides in, every now and then drawing it back a bit, or wiggling it. Her eyes wander up to watch Thumper's face as the poor defeated woman tries so hard to break free.

Thumper bites hir lip, screwing up hir face, determined not to cry out... Nor to gasp in pleasure when that rod hits just the right spots. When you're as big and strong as shi is, you're never the receiver, and you never find out just how wonderful that can feel, especially something as strange as this.

Tech licks her lips, "Hit a sensitive spot, have I," she asks knowingly. "Maybe this won't be so hard after all, since we're just getting started..."

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