A Tale from the Dungeon…
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Author's Note: Edit 5/29/16 Boy I really had to do some editing to this story, all my grammar was completely off. So here it is again.

As requested since the first part was so well liked to The Van in 7A, here is the continuation. This second part was all my original story and the woman who had come up with the first part said she loved this too. That always makes me happy as a writer.

For those who want to read the stories in order check out the first part under my user profile here, it is called once again The Van in 7A. Please enjoy...

It had been a year or so since Raven has disappeared from an airport in London. The police had traced her that far but had no leads; she was just to be another forgotten woman who had disappeared. This is the story of where she had come to be and her new life.

After the airport Raven was taken to a secluded location that was set up with a dungeon, she was treated well but when it came to play time she would be her masters play toy to do whatever he wanted. Mostly it was asphyxiation play from plastic bags to latex or even a gasmask, each time she was bound in a particular manner so she had no choice at all what was to happen to her. It seemed each time was a bit more extreme then the last.

Time was not a concern to Raven she knew nothing of how many days or months she had been his, she simply made her choice to come here and she knew her place with her new master. It wasn't everyday she was tormented; sometimes it would be a week or so for the next session or even close to a month. She tried to keep track of the months as they went by, but it had all become a blur to her.

Today her master had come to her, "I have a surprise for you."

He went on, "I have acquired some new gear to play with, and I will expect you to be in the dungeon in about an hour in a black latex outfit that I have purchased, it will be in your room." Raven said nothing back she knew her master well now and if she protested he would not be happy.

The hour passed as her master led her into the dungeon. She looked over the dungeon room that she knew too well. Next to the rack in the center of the room was a scuba tank and off to the side were a full body black dry suit and a heavy scuba helmet. Her master walked to the helmet.

"This is what is called a Kirby Morgan Helmet, today you will be wearing it." Raven stood there knowing full well what was to happen to her but said nothing.

"First off let me help you on with the dry suit, it was specially made for you and your body size, it is not a normal dry suit for there are quite a few different bells and whistles that have been added to it that should give you some nice motivation."

Raven stepped over to her master, as he picked up the dry suit. "Now open the zipper to your latex outfit at your cunt and ass," Raven did as she was told as her master held open the dry suit for when she looked on the inside of the dry suit there was an inflatable dildo where her ass would be. A zipper was also at the crotch area that normally would not be a part of a regular dry suit. Her master helped Raven into the suit, each latex covered leg disappeared into the heavy suit, when it reached Ravens waist he manipulated the dildo into her ass. The pressure from the dildo entering her ass made Raven squeal a little. When the pain subsided he held the dry suit around her waist.

"Now Raven, open the front of your latex outfit to reveal your breasts." Raven did as she was told; she undid the snaps around the latex cups, which held her breasts tightly behind the latex. When she was done she threw them to the side, her beautiful breasts revealed to her master. He pulled the dry suit further up her belly, only now did Raven see that there were cups that were built within the dry suit for each of her breasts. Wires touched her milky while skin as her breasts disappeared behind the suit, she wondered what they were for. She was helped with the rest of the dry suit till the thick rubber suit encapsulated her entire body.

"I have a latex hood which I want you to wear I will help you pull it in place." Her master stepped away as Raven stood there in the tight fitting dry suit. When he came back he held a black latex hood that he brought to the crown of her head and worked it down, he meticulously worked the latex in place while pulling her hair back, when he was happy he stepped back to stare at Raven all clad in the dry suit and latex mask, it covering her entire head with proportioned eyeholes and two more openings to keep her nose and mouth clear.

"Now step to the rack in the center of the room," As Raven moved about she could feel the dildo move within her ass, she smiled just a bit as she made her way to the rack that was centered in the middle of the dungeon.

Her master stepped away for a second as he grabbed some boots and flippers. When he came back to her he helped her into the boots and placed the flippers on her feet. When he was done he moved Raven into position to the rack. He pulled each leg apart and secured them to shackles that would keep her feet apart. It was awkward for Raven with her feet in flippers. But once she had her balance she seemed fine. He now reached for her right hand and brought it to a rubber mitt that was secured to the rack, he pushed Ravens hand through and a belt went around her wrist, it brought her hands in a ball to making a fist and no way for Raven to escape it. The same was done with her left and now Raven was completely bound to the Rack with her arms stretched out to her sides. Raven tested her bonds and in no way shape or form would she be able to free herself.

Now her master turned away and quickly brought to her mouth a rubber gag. Raven was not prepared and he quickly pushed it into her mouth and began pumping it up to encompass her entire mouth.

Raven testing her bonds even further as her arms flexed against the belts and bondage mitts that held her to the rack. He undid the pump from the gag and stepped back to watch Raven struggling.

Her master grabbed what looked like a metal frame with a rubber lining and brought it over her head and began pulling it down. It was difficult and took a bit of struggling until finally it slipped over Ravens head and slipped around her neck. It compressed her neck even further, which made breathing even more difficult.

The man before her stepped back, "You look lovely like that Raven with all the rubber and latex and bound the way you are. This is going to be a long session with some extreme breathplay, I do hope you're up for it." Raven's eye widened, even though she knew what her master liked, she wondered just how much she could endure.

He picked up the Kirby Morgan Helmet and held it in his hands as Raven looked on. He made sure the air was turned on to the mask from the scuba tank and picked it up over Ravens head. She instinctively looked up at it as he brought it down over her latex covered head. Raven held her breath as he made sure the mask was fitted over her face properly and that everything lined up with her features, for inside of the Kirby Morgan Helmet was a respirator style mask that went over her gagged mouth and nose. Raven closed her eyes as she could feel him manipulate the locking mechanism around her neck and secured the heavy scuba helmet in place. Finally Raven took a breath from her nose within the heavy scuba helmet. The hiss from the regulator echoed threw the helmet as she opened her eyes to the outside world before her only to remind herself that she was staring at her master in his dungeon.

The only thing her master said was, " Time to play"....

"So lets see what this dry suit can do shall we" as he brought a second hose from the scuba tank that was secured to the front of the dry suit. Even what appeared to be a chord was attached to the dry suit. The chord lead to a computer near by that Raven did not pay attention to until it was hooked to the dry suit. Her master typed away at the computer as the system booted up, all the while Raven breathing heavily from behind the Kirby Morgan Helmet.

All of a sudden she could feel the dildo that penetrated her ass begin to grow in size deep within her. Raven instinctively screamed out from behind the gag in the helmet. As she tried shaking her head back and fourth, the rubber neck brace and helmet holding her head forward with not much movement at all to struggle. Raven starred thru the thick glass of the helmet as her master continued to type away at the keyboard. All of a sudden she could feel a small shock from under the dry suit that emanated from her tits. It made her body jump within the rack unable to free herself for what was to come. The shocks increased and so did Raven's breathing from the scuba tank as she continued to struggle.

The dildo within her ass seemed to grow to an unknown length and width within her as the pressure became almost too much to bear. Just when she thought she could take no more her master stepped away from the computer to the scuba tank supplying her air as he reached for the demand valve and quickly turned off Raven's only air supply. Raven starred back threw the thick glass holding her last breath as the computer sent another jolt of electricity through her breasts causing Raven to expel her air from her lungs. She tried to bring air back within in them only to draw back nothing, just like a vacuum sucking out the air from her lungs. Her arms shook back and fourth within the rack as if to bring them forward to somehow remove the airless helmet from her head.

Her master walked to her standing only feet away watching Raven struggle for air within the confines of the Kirby Morgan Helmet and dry suit. As if knowing the extent to take Raven for her suffocation torture, he stood there for probably 20 or so seconds as Ravens body became more panicked in her fight for air. Raven's beautiful blue eyes looked upon her master threw the thick glass of the scuba helmet.

He casually walked back to the scuba tank and turned the air back on, it quickly made it's way to the mask as Raven took deep breath after breath from her nose under the heavy mask. Raven's body just kind of went limp as she hung from her wrists; the helmet's weight shifted her body forward just a bit.

"Now how was that for a different experience in suffocation. It's amazing to think Raven how many different scenarios one can come up with to asphyxiate someone."

Raven just continued to breath deep as he walked to her, he pushed a purge button on the dry suit and it began to inflate over her body as air worked it's way into the dry suit, he made sure it grew to a size the looked like it would pop over her body but did not.

"Round two" he said. " I like the idea that air is all around your body as you struggle for air but it's right there the whole time in the suit as you suffocate once again."

He went to the computer again and typed some commands, with that the shocks became far more intense into her breasts. She shook uncontrollably looking like some strange weird alien with the dry suit blown up over her body struggling from the electricity that coursed through her body.

He made his way to the scuba tank again and turned off the air going to the Kirby Morgan Helmet once again.

Raven sure did look strange struggling for air with the dry suit inflated over her body. Air encompassing her body within the dry suit as she once again fought suffocation, as her lungs grew tight behind the fully inflated dry suit. She starred at her master not knowing how far he would take it, he had taken her several times to pass out before, she wondered about this time. Another wave of electricity coursed through her tits under the dry suit, which made her struggle like mad using up the precious oxygen from her deprived lungs.

Raven screamed the suffocaters scream behind the inflated gag of the heavy scuba mask.

With her body uncontrollably shaking back and fourth fighting for air, she tried to mercifully shake her head once again, the tightness from the neck seal and the helmet kept her looking forward at her master. A stronger current emanated from her tits, which sent her into convulsions within her state of panic and duress, sending her to a strong anal orgasm from the intrusion of the inflated dildo deep within her ass. Raven closed her eyes as a wave of orgasmic bliss coursed through her body, but the lack of air within her made her shudder all over as her body began to succumb to the suffocation. Just as she appeared to go out, her master quickly turned on the air bringing her back to reality.

Raven breathed deep from her nose as another wave of electrical current went through her again making her body shake uncontrollably. Her master moved to the keypad and typed in a command and stopped the electrical current that emanated from her tits and just let Raven catch her breath back.

"That was quite interesting, I've never seen anything like that before," he moved to Raven and deflated the dry suit over her bringing it back down to its normal size. He made sure this time it actually compressed her tightly so now the reverse effect was on Raven's body, for now the dry suit hugged every inch of her body tightly.

Raven continued to recover just breathing in air from the scuba tank placed on the floor; she starred ahead looking around the dungeon through the Kirby Morgan Mask. All of a sudden the air was getting thinner, what was happening, she didn't see her master turn the air off again.

Her master noticed Raven's reaction, he stepped to the scuba tank and picked up the pressure gauge and looked at it. " How about that we have already used up one tank of air, now make sure you have a good amount of air with your lungs. After I see you have taken the remainder of the air I will disconnect this tank and go get another, you will need to hold your breath again while I retrieve another tank."

Raven's eyes took on a sense of horror how long would it take him to come back with another tank of air she wondered as she breathed in the last couple of breaths from the scuba tank. She instinctively screamed a little at her situation as she began holding her breath again as her master disconnected the hose from the scuba tank and walked out of her sight. She held on to that last breath as long as she could within the airless helmet now, but she knew she would have to expel the air eventually.

Not known to Raven her master was actually standing off to the side of the rack with another scuba tank by his side simply watching Raven react to suffocating once again. He had planned this all along to really test her limits. Raven could not see him off to the side because of the heavy scuba mask; her master produced his cock and began masturbating to her ordeal.

Raven looked forward through the thick glass of the Kirby Morgan Helmet as she tried desperately to hold on to her last breath. Surely her master would come back in only a few seconds, as her lungs grew tighter from holding in the limited oxygen within her lungs.

She instinctively tried moving her hands to the mask but with them bound to her sides of the rack and her hands drawn into a ball inside of the bondage mitts there was simply nothing she could do to free herself.

Finally she expelled some air from her lungs not knowing that her master was besides her masturbating away to her ordeal. Her body came to life again as her struggles took over fighting suffocation once again.

All of a sudden her master was before her, he carried with him the scuba tank and placed it on the floor, she could see that he brought his hand to his manhood and was masturbating to her ordeal. It had been maybe 40 to 50 seconds since the scuba tank supplied her with that last breath. She tried to form a word behind the gag and the mask but all that came was an inaudible grunt. With that she pushed out more air from her already deprived lungs.

The Kirby Morgan Helmet was unforgiving to Raven trying to breathe from within its airless confinement. As she starred at her master masturbating away. Her body took over from the lack of air as she began to struggle like mad once again, all the while her master enjoying the show of her suffocating away before him.

But Raven desperately needed air now for she was about to pass out from her ordeal. Her eyes crossed behind the faceplate as finally she could make out her master taking the end of the hose and finally connecting it to the scuba tank. She starred intently at him waiting for him to turn on the air, it seemed he wanted to push Raven just a bit more as her body exploded in a wild frenzy struggling for air.

Raven closed her eyes as she was heading to blackout as a rush of air came through the helmet as she came back to reality again. She again just hung in her bondage to the rack as she breathed deeply from the new scuba tank placed in front of her supplying her lungs with the much needed air she so desperately needed.

Raven found herself all wet around her cunt inside of the dry suit, for with every session her master seemed to push her harder then the last, she simply could not help it, she was after all an asphyxiation junky. This particular session seemed to turn her on even more, for suffocating behind the Kirby Morgan Helmet was new to her.

Her master walked close to Raven again as he moved his hand from his manhood, "That was quite intense there Raven, I'm all worked up from watching you struggle. I think it's time for a good fucking, don't you."

He kneeled down and brought his hands to the crotch of the dry suit and worked at the flap and zipper of the specialty built suit. With her legs spread apart and strapped to the rack it would leave her open to her master for the fucking that she seemed to deserve. When he finally undid the zipper he could see that Raven was all a mess around her cunt, he smiled as he pushed one of his fingers deep within her pussy. Raven let out a moan behind the Kirby Morgan Mask as she just continued to breathe deep still recovering from her previous suffocation. The intrusion of his finger in her wet cunt sent her closer to an impending orgasm.

"Well now how does that feel Raven?" As he slid his finger in and out into her dripping wet cunt. Her answer came in the form of screams of pleasure from underneath the heavy mask. He slowly removed his finger and rose to Raven only inches from her. He starred into her eyes through the faceplate and spoke "I think for this, I'm going to really push you just to see how far you can go."

He stepped back again to the scuba tank as Raven just breathed deeply from the tank. For she knew what was coming, her pussy was ready for the fucking as her master just stroked his cock, watching Raven. The only sound in the dungeon was of Raven just breathing as the hiss from the demand valve echoed in the helmet and the dungeon.

Her master made sure she had a good breath this time, he brought one of his hands to the demand valve and looked up at Raven. Her cunt glistened as she shook her body as if saying I'm ready to be fucked.

With that her master turned off the air once again going to the Kirby Morgan Mask. He quickly came to Raven and placed the tip of his cock at her vagina staring inches away from Ravens face encapsulated in the heavy mask as she just held that last breath. He jerked his hips as his member disappeared deep within Ravens cunt. Raven instinctively moaned pushing a bit of air from her lungs as he began thrusting back and fourth as he fucked her well lubricated pussy.

Her master spoke between his thrust, "I'm going to hold out... as long as I can Raven... so I hope you had... a good last breath." Ravens eyes became more pronounced behind the Kirby Morgan Mask as she was heading to a powerful orgasm but she wondered how long she could last. As her master's thrust became stronger the dildo buried deep within her ass seemed to be fucking her as well, as if being fucked by two men. Her cunt muscles tightened around his member as she finally released a huge amount of air from her lungs. Raven began to shake her head back and fourth the helmet swaying with her; she closed her eyes to her master just trying to hold out as long as she could.

But her body was rebelling she needed air as her body became more pronounced with wild struggles from her asphyxiation torment. Her master continued to fuck her harder; he grabbed the Kirby Morgan Helmet on each side now as Raven opened her eyes in the airless mask. She stared back at her master fucking her as he just watched her suffocate behind the heavy mask. Raven screamed behind the mask through her gag, pushing the last air from her lungs; they tightened behind the dry suit for there was no air left to expel from her deprived lungs. Her body went from a struggle to a violent struggle for life as a massive orgasm came over her, her entire body went wild causing her master to shoot his load deep within her.

Her master held himself in her as load after load of his semen coated the inside of her cunt. They both were an incredible mess as both their juices dripped to the floor of the dungeon.

But Raven's body gave one last ditch effort as her master pulled from her dripping wet cunt, he stepped back as Raven's body went wild within the confines of the rack. She starred back through the airless Kirby Morgan Mask as her eyes glazed over. Her last few seconds she didn't even know what was happening for her master had stepped to her again and was undoing the helmet from the locking ring around her neck. As the seal broke a huge rush of air hit her lungs bringing Raven back to reality.

She breathed deeply over and over again from her nose as the helmet was pulled from her head. He brought the pump to the gag and deflated it within her mouth and removed it, Raven said nothing as her master undid her from the bondage. First her hands and arms then her feet. He removed the flippers and undid the locking ring around her neck that sealed the helmet in place. He went to her back and undid the dry suit and pulled it over her head. All the while Raven saying nothing until he removed the inflatable dildo from her ass, she moaned from the release on her anus. When she was down to just her latex outfit she was covered in sweat. Her master took her in his arms and gave Raven a deep passionate kiss, when he was done all he said is "I love you Raven." Raven said, "I love you too," as she walked back to her private room.

After all, what else would be expected of an asphyxiation slave...

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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