Paradice Lost
  • Author - Alex Makin
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  • Post Date - 7/20/2016

Author's Note: The following is Part 1 of a sequel to The Dice Game. Enjoy!

Part 1: Revealed

The Dice Game took on a life of its own. For its three inventors, like most people, college was a time of self-definition and preparation for the rest of their lives. But it was also a time apart-a time when the excessive could seem reasonable and when identity was a work in progress. By the start of their senior year, these women hardly resembled the fledgling girls they had been just a year or two before. They had blossomed, and so had the Dice Game.

The game began as a rare occurrence between Cheri, Gwen, and Laura. Conceived to use bondage as a stopgap which settled disagreements before they could undermine or threaten friendships, the game could not easily reconcile with the fact that, whether they admitted it or not, these three women enjoyed bondage. A lot, actually. Not one of them considered whether a pleasant punishment was really a punishment at all. So by the end of the summer, when the game transitioned from one of arbitration to pure entertainment, not one of them saw it coming. All they saw, once she returned from a two-month internship at a research lab across the country, was a very lonely Cheri.

Shortly before leaving, Cheri had found herself on the losing end of a particularly nasty round of the Dice Game. Laura, Gwen, and very permissive dice were a deadly combination. Cheri spent that evening in an incredibly tight hogtie while Mr. Snuggles, her adaptive and programmable vibrator, kept her teetering on the edge of unachievable orgasm. Though released prematurely when Laura broke the rules of the game (for which she later paid dearly), Cheri nevertheless found herself haunted by the memory of her ordeal. Throughout the internship, her mind constantly wandered back to the intense need and vulnerability she had felt while bound, as vivid as when the adrenaline and arousal still flooded her veins. What surprised her, though, was how warm these thoughts made her.

While she was away, Laura and Gwen left their old apartment to rent a house closer to the university. Within a day of returning Cheri practically begged them to tie her up again, so they rolled the dice and Cheri spent that evening tied spread-eagle to her bed, blindfolded and gagged, getting reacquainted with her long lost friend Mr. Snuggles. It was nowhere near as stringent or excessive as before (in fact, Laura set Mr. Snuggles to satisfy Cheri repeatedly), but Cheri knew that day her memories of feeling secure and blissful in bondage were not just mirages in her mind. They were something real she could achieve with the help of her trusted friends.

Evidently, Gwen and Laura felt similarly. Late that evening, Cheri heard someone enter her room while she was bound. With the blindfold she couldn't tell which of her friends it was, but the woman caringly switched off Mr. Snuggles and slid him out of Cheri's dripping (but exhausted) pussy, tossed a blanket over her helpless body, and climbed into bed with her. Her unnamed friend lay silently against her, gently caressing her body until they both slept, but Cheri never once wanted to be anywhere but where she was. The companion left Cheri for her own room sometime in the night, but not long after that Cheri heard her door creaking open again. Though unable to see, to this day Cheri has no doubts that both her friends visited her that night without the other knowing.

Within a week, Laura and Gwen were themselves willing victims of the Dice Game. Any excuse sufficed to bring out the lockbox holding the rules and dice. Wherever else they went for their classes, their jobs, or their fun-the Dice Game waited at home. It became the ultimate expression of their bond of friendship, and their devotion to one another's happiness. Of course, all that was before Gabrielle.

It began innocently enough. Cheri met her a week into the fall semester, on a trip to the registrar's office to dispute a charge on her tuition bill. The stranger sat on a bench outside the building, alone and crying. Most people cast sympathetic looks but just passed her by. Cheri didn't.

"Hi," approached Cheri tentatively. " something wrong?"

The woman sniffled and looked up in surprise. Her face was toned and striking and she had incredibly long, black hair tied in a neat braid. She was tall but not as slender as one might expect. In fact she was quite curvaceous for her height.

"Pardón?" the woman asked. Cheri immediately envied her accent. Though born in France, she lost her own when she moved to the U.S. at a young age.

"You seem upset. I was just wondering if I can help."

The woman stared skeptically for a moment, then caught herself. "I am sorry," she said quickly. "Americans are so quick to be open with ozzers. I am not used to it."

She introduced herself as Gabrielle, and Cheri reciprocated. Gabrielle was an exchange student from Paris visiting their university for a semester. Apparently her home university had not forwarded her tuition funds to the U.S., and Gabrielle was having trouble fording the river of red tape.

"I keep being told I need zis and zat and I do not know what it means and zey all speak so fast," Gabrielle said miserably of the registrar's office. Cheri remembered her first few months in the U.S. and how isolated she felt before she perfected her English.

"Oh, that's terrible!" Cheri offered her a hand, "Let's try again. Maybe we can work it out together." It took her a moment to calm down, but Gabrielle accepted Cheri's offer. From the registrar they were sent to the campus study abroad office, then two more places, and wound up with a stack of forms to complete. Gabrielle called her university in France to learn where to send all the forms. Cheri sat mesmerized, listening to Gabrielle prattle on in fluent French. Then they had to hunt down a fax machine, because apparently people still use those, and one exceedingly long international fax number later the paperwork was sent. Now Cheri understood why Gwen always called their school's administration "byzantine."

Most importantly, though, Cheri made a new friend. She and Gabrielle met often in the next month, discussing their courses and comparing France to the U.S. Gabrielle, it turned out, came from a town not far from where Cheri had been born. Inevitably, Cheri mentioned her other friends, and Gabrielle couldn't wait to meet them.

"You live 'ere?!" Gabrielle exclaimed as they approached the house. "But it is so 'uge. I have two roommates also yet I must live in ze dormitory! I would do anyzing to live in a 'ouse."

"You'll love it here," Cheri chatted as she pushed the door open. "My friends and I-"

Gabrielle and Cheri entered the foyer to see Laura and Gwen in the living room beyond. Strewn about in a gigantic mess was almost their entire collection of bondage equipment. Gags, vibrators, straps, chains, lingerie-it looked like a kinky sex shop had vomited on their carpet. It didn't help that Gwen was sitting on the floor, already with her hands strapped behind her back and a gag in her mouth. She quickly went as red as the ball itself.

"Cheri!" Laura yelled.

"Ohm-shimph," Gwen managed, pointlessly trying to turn her head away.

"Laura! Gwen!" Cheri yelled and jerked her head quickly toward Gabrielle's widening eyes.

"What is all zis?" Gabrielle gasped in shock.

"I told you I was bringing Gabrielle back with me!" Cheri huffed in embarrassment.

"No you didn't! We were waiting for you to get back from class..." Laura shot back and pulled out her phone. The indicator light blipped merrily, showing that Laura had a text from Cheri. "...fuck."

"Maybe I should go..." Gabrielle said softly, heading out onto the porch.

"No, wait!" Cheri followed her out. "Look, we have this game..."

"Game? But what are you doing with 'er? You said Gwen was a friend of yours."

Cheri explained their kink and the Dice Game. That it was all just fun, that they all played it willingly, and even how good it could feel. Laura and Gwen, who was freed, soon joined them on the patio and confirmed what Cheri said. They spoke delicately, but there was no point omitting anything. Gabrielle had seen most everything there was to see.

"I 'ave 'eard about such...kinks, of course, but never seen such zings done before," Gabrielle finally spoke. To Cheri's relief, she sounded excited, or at least not disgusted.

"Look," Gwen said, "we didn't know you were coming over today. We normally wouldn't think of playing the game with you around. We don't want you to feel uncomfortable, really."

"Yeah," Laura joined in, "yesterday Gwen forgot to do her chores around the house and we all agreed that today we'd play the game with her as the victim. As, you know, a fun little punishment."

"You were going to tie Gwen to somezing what, exactly? Punish 'er?" Gabrielle raised an eyebrow.

"Well, when you put it like that..."

"I like it," Gwen cut in. She looked sheepish as they all stared. "...We all do."

Gabrielle gave them a strange look, but not a disbelieving one. She glanced back into the house.

"Show me," she said at last.


"You were going to play zis game and tie Gwen up," Gabrielle said with a curious look. "May I see?"

All three of them looked nervous. The game had always been a strictly private affair.

"Uhh..." wavered Gwen.

"Yes," breathed Cheri.

"Cheri!" hissed Laura. Gabrielle shifted awkwardly.

"She's a friend, ladies," Cheri replied hastily, glancing between them and Gabrielle, "be nice."

"Cheri, what the fuck-"

"Let Gwen decide," Cheri cut Laura off, "she's going to be the victim today. Let her choose the audience."

Gwen faced a fierce glare, a nervous plea, and a curious expression all at once. She suddenly felt very small.

"O...ok," she said finally, "but she's just a spectator, not a player. Got it?"

"Got it," Gabrielle and Cheri responded. Heading back inside, all windows were covered and the doors locked before the group settled in various seats around the toy-littered room. Gwen promptly had her hands re-tied behind her with a leather strap. Cheri showed Gabrielle the box and the dice.

"Usually we roll to see who the victim will be, but there's no need this time since we already have Gwen here as our lovely volunteer," Cheri explained, "Once we know who we'll be playing with, that person has their hands tied so they can't back out on us."

Gabrielle watched with interest. "Of course," Cheri continued, "that's just business. The next roll starts the fun part. Let's see what position Gwen will be tied in."

Laura eyed Gabrielle grumpily as she arranged their toys on the floor, most of which had been purchased with her credit cards. Cheri prodded her, silently asking for help making Gabrielle feel at home.

"Each number on the die represents a different position," Laura explained.

"I hate this part," Gwen chimed in.

"What? Ze positions?" asked Gabrielle.

"No, the waiting. Let's pick it up a little?"

"Gwen apparently forgot that in a few minutes she'll be even more helpless and we'll be deciding how nice to treat her," Cheri smirked. Laura rolled the die and it read one.

"Damnit," Gwen groaned.

"What is it?" Gabrielle asked eagerly.

"Ooh!" Cheri exclaimed, "that's our new addition! Before a one just meant tying Gwen's hands and feet, but that was so boring. We replaced it with a new option: the stress position!"

"Ze what?"

"It's kind of like a wild card for us," Laura said excitedly. The result brought her out of her shell a little. To Gabrielle's puzzled look, she clarified, "It lets us choose any position we want for Gwen, on the condition that it's stressful. I mean, uh, uncomfortable."

"Tied up and...uncomfortable?" Gabrielle still looked confused, "and you all want this?"

"I'm not sure I do anymore!" Gwen piped up, but those were her last words. Cheri caught her by surprise and stuffed a ball gag into her mouth. Gabrielle was agape as she watched Gwen struggling to prevent Cheri tightening the strap savagely around her jaw before giving up. But she didn't look disheveled or upset at all. She looked ravenous.

"So what does 'uncomfortable' mean, really?" Gabrielle asked over Gwen's muffled sounds.

"Let's find out," Laura continued "We're not finished with the dice yet. The next roll tells us how stringent we get to make Gwen's little predicament"-that roll came up a three-"so kind of stringent, but not really that harsh. Gwen gets off easy this time."

Gwen was clearly relieved. Gabrielle looked a little disappointed.

"Probably for the best. Can't imagine what you'd think if you saw our nastiest moves right away. Let's keep going."

Cheri grabbed the dice again. "This roll determines how entertained Gwen will be when we're finished with her."

"'Entertained?'" Gabrielle asked quizzically. Cheri gestured to the sizeable collection of vibrators strewn about. Gabrielle's eyes widened for a moment but then she grinned widely. Whether or not she knew bondage, she clearly knew vibrators.

"White die says how intense the stimulation will be, the black die determines how many times Gwen gets off."

"If at all," Laura elaborated wickedly. Gabrielle gasped at the thought.

They all watched as Cheri rolled. The white die came up with a four and the black die with a two. Gabrielle watched Gwen, who seemed mostly content with the result.

" that good?" Gabrielle asked fervently.

"Fairly intense, one orgasm. We can work with it," Laura said cryptically, "What do you think, Cheri?"

Cheri eyed Gabrielle, clearly wanting to impress her. "Let's see: stress position, kinda tight, kinda stimulating...Laura?"


"Who said the stimulation has to be from a vibrator?"

"What do you mean? We've always-" Laura began, but Cheri beckoned her over and whispered into her ear. Gabrielle and, understandably, Gwen strained to listen, but all they gleaned was Laura's excited smile.

"This way, Gwen," Laura said abruptly, taking Gwen by the elbow and leading her out of the room. Cheri selected a few items from the pile before following. "C'mon, Gabrielle," she said, "You'll want to see this."

Seeing the toys Cheri selected, Gabrielle did. She really did.

They went through the kitchen to a flight of stairs which led to the basement. It was no palace down there but this basement wasn't the dank, moldy pit one might expect in a college town. It had been renovated by the landlord into a small living space that could be let out, but the three women covered the rent without needing a fourth resident. There was carpet and decent natural night from window wells. A couple narrow poles in the middle of the main room helped support the main joist of the house, and the beams supporting the floorboards above were still exposed. Naturally, a few hooks and eyebolts had somehow appeared in select inconspicuous locations among the beams.

Gwen was marched to the center of the main room and made to stand. Gabrielle watched in amazement as Gwen's jeans were slid down her legs, revealing green bikini briefs. Her top was unbuttoned, exposing a strapless bra that was dutifully removed. The shirt couldn't be taken off without freeing Gwen's hands, which was clearly not going to happen, so it remained draping lazily off her shoulders.

In flash, Gwen's bondage multiplied. Cheri wound another strap around Gwen's elbows behind her, drawing them together until they nearly touched. Laura attached heavy leather cuffs to each of Gwen's ankles, then spread them far apart and braced them with a long bar. Gwen groaned and squirmed during much of this, as though protesting her new restraints, but not even Gabrielle believed it for a second. Gwen's eyes were glassy and her breathing haggard. She was clearly getting more aroused by the second.

"Hmm," Laura said finally, "I think we need to replace the gag."

"Shit, you're right," Cheri agreed, "I didn't even notice." She dashed upstairs. Laura unbuckled Gwen's gag and slid it out. Gabrielle saw a chance and seized it.

"Gwen, I must know," she blurted out, "do you really enjoy all zis?"

Gwen seemed to be barely paying attention at this point, but she turned to Gabrielle and nodded. Gabrielle just stared back in astonishment and admiration.

Cheri returned with the supposedly right gag. It was a ball, just like the previous one, but this had a weird looking eyebolt sticking out of it. Gabrielle was puzzled until Cheri brought it to Gwen's lips. Gwen opened readily and in it went. The eyebolt jutted out from her lips as Cheri secured the buckle. Laura brought out a stepladder and set it in front of Gwen. Climbing it, she attached something to a hook in the ceiling. It was a pulley, and Laura fed a thin rope through it and climbed down.

"She says yes now," Laura chuckled, "but she doesn't know what we're doing with her yet."

That caught Gwen's attention, and she looked around. A glint of light caught her eye and she noticed a short chain now in Cheri's hands. It had small clips on either end, like metal clothespins. Gwen groaned and shook her head, but Laura held her still.

"Now now, dear," Laura soothed ironically as she knotted one end of the rope through the bolt on Gwen's gag, "The dice said stress position, remember?"

The rope went up through the pulley above and by the time it came down again, Cheri was approaching with the chain. Gwen struggled and protested but Gabrielle watched in amazement as her captors attached a clip to each nipple, making her flinch each time. The rope from the pulley was tied to the chain and pulled taut until Gwen was forced to stand on her tiptoes. She was left wobbling in the center of the room, gag and clamps tied tightly so that Gwen's chin and chest reached hopelessly for the ceiling. If she relaxed her feet at all, her gag would pull the rope and pinch her nipples excruciatingly. Needless to say, Gwen was doing her best ballerina impression.

"Zis is amazing!" Gabrielle broke the silence, watching Gwen try to flex her arms around her sides to reach the clips on her breasts. "She is so 'elpless. We could do anyzing with her!"

"Exactly," said Laura, "Give Gwen here a little time and she'll be very cooperative."

Gabrielle grinned as though she'd just tasted ice cream for the first time.

"You know what I like to do when I can do anything I want with Gwen, and she's just begging for mercy?"


"Nothing!" Laura laughed. Gabrielle stared in disbelief, especially since Cheri nodded in agreement.


"What can Gwen do except wait for us? We'll show you. Laura, can you go upstairs and get one of our board games?" Cheri smirked. Gwen groaned.

Laura left, and Cheri went on, "We'll just sit and play the game and let her whine all she likes. We'll play with her on our terms, not hers."

Gwen clearly felt left out of this conversation, and cried out in frustration as Cheri described her that way. She shook and rattled against her bindings, with increasing hesitation as she succumbed to the bite of the clamps, and eventually settled for glowering at them. Honestly, it all just proved Cheri's point.

"...And I bet that whenever we do decide to play with Gwen, she'll be so eager for relief that she'll be grateful for any attention she can get."

Gabrielle watched Gwen struggle, mesmerized. "And she really likes to be tied for you and Laura?"

"Look for yourself," Cheri nodded toward Gwen. Gabrielle gasped when she noticed: Gwen's cotton panties now had a prominent dark spot and there was nothing she could do to hide it. Gabrielle was breathless. "I...I want to see her beg you and Laura. But is she really 'elpless? Look at her arms."

Gwen still tried, now and then, to reach her bound hands up to her nipple clamps. She couldn't quite reach, but she was getting pretty close. Cheri noticed what Gabrielle meant and smiled.

"What do you think we should do?"

Gabrielle picked up a discarded rope and studied Gwen's position for a moment. Gwen eyed her approach suspiciously and recoiled when she began feeding the rope between Gwen's wrists. Gwen yelped but Gabrielle gripped them and held them involuntarily still. She tied the loose ends to the center of Gwen's spreader bar so that Gwen's wrists were pulled down towards the floor. Gwen whimpered but, to Gabrielle's delight, couldn't resist.

"What are you doing?"

Laura had returned. She held both a board game and a furious expression. "Get away from her," she snapped, "Cheri, how can you let her touch Gwen like that?"

"She saw that Gwen needed a little extra restraint. I didn't think it'd hurt if she..." Cheri stammered.

"We play the Dice Game. Letting your friend watch is bad enough, but it's not up to her what we do with Gwen. Jesus, Cheri, we trust each other, not her."

"Excuse me?" Gabrielle shot back, clearly affronted.

Gwen was quite agitated now, shaking her bound limbs and moaning loudly. That's when Cheri and Laura both realized that Gwen was humming through her gag. Singing any old song was their safe word, so to speak, cueing that Gwen sincerely didn't want to play anymore and must be let go. Just hearing it shocked them. They'd played the Dice Game for years now. They'd all been tied up many times, sometimes quite nastily. No one had ever used the safe word before. None of them ever needed to.

Cheri and Laura both moved automatically to free Gwen. Gabrielle looked confused.

"What did I do wrong?" Gabrielle asked, "I was 'elping you with your game..."

But Cheri simply told Gabrielle the game was over and showed her out. Later that night, long after Gwen had been freed and cared for, the three girls sat around their living room (now clear of all their toys) reading or doing homework. Gwen broke a gloomy silence.

"I only play with the dice because I trust you both so much. I'm...I'm sorry I gave the signal earlier. I just kind of got spooked."

"Oh Gwen!" Laura said immediately, "Never feel bad about that, ever. Cheri went too far this afternoon." She gave Cheri a stern look.

Cheri flushed with anger but knew Laura was right. "Alright, keeping Gabrielle around was a mistake. And I definitely shouldn't have let her try anything with Gwen like that. I'm sorry, ok?"

"'s alright. I know you meant well," said Gwen generously, "You know what might help?"

"What?" asked Laura.

"If we tried again," Gwen smiled.

Gabrielle and Cheri remained friends, just outside of the house and away from Laura and Gwen. Gabrielle did not seem angry about it. She dwelled incessantly, though, on the Dice Game and bondage in general. Seeing Gwen tied like that stirred something Gabrielle had never felt before. She wanted to know everything, so she asked about the Dice Game constantly. She pestered Cheri until she memorized all the rules and heard all she could about past games, ideas, positions, etc. Cheri, wisely, told her stories judiciously to Gabrielle. To think what Laura or Gwen might say if Cheri told Gabrielle about compromising positions they'd been tied into, or how many orgasms the dice had dictated they have! But Gabrielle kept pressing, and Cheri reasoned that she could share her own tales of bondage adventure. Weren't they her secrets to tell? Gabrielle's favorite conversation carried on for weeks until one November day when she and Cheri sat in a crowded coffee shop.

"They left you like zat?!" Gabrielle gasped with her hand over her mouth. They didn't want to be overheard.

"Exactly like that," Cheri giggled softly, "hardest I've ever been hogtied. Everything excruciatingly tight, and Laura padlocked every single strap so there was no way anything was getting loose. Can't make a peep from the giant ball they stuffed in under Silence Dogood, and then of course there was Mr. Snuggles..."

"I do not understand. 'Under silence'...what? 'Oo is Mr. Snuggles?" Gabrielle pressed inquisitively. Cheri explained how sometimes they gave fun names for their more interesting pieces of bondage equipment, and how Silence Dogood was their strictest hood that made it impossible to see or speak. But Mr. Snuggles shocked Gabrielle even more.

"It's a vibrator, basically, but it's got three appendage things for, you know, everything down there," Cheri checked that no one was in earshot, "but it's also more. It's got sensors to detect how you react to it, and it will adapt based on your behavior. So, if it's programmed to get you off, then it will learn what your body does when you're trying to, you know...cum. Eventually it get good-really good at, you know, revving your engine. And it'll remember next time you use it! But it can also do the opposite, and pleasure you without allowing orgasm. It knows what you need to get off and will do just a little bit less until it makes you insanely horny. And that's what Laura and Gwen did to me that night."

Gabrielle's mouth hung open. "For 'ow long?"



"Hours," Cheri giggled again, "I couldn't move an inch and they took the keys with them, so I was stuck until they came back. Well, almost, but that's another story." Cheri didn't want to start talking about someone else's bondage.

"And zese two are still your friends after such an ordeal?" Gabrielle asked.

"Well...yeah. They didn't do anything wrong. It's just how the game works sometimes," Cheri stammered. "I've done just as bad to them. We're friends and we all like playing the game. At the time it was intense's like they knew what I wanted even though I never would have actually asked for it."

"You wanted zat?"

"No...I mean, yes. In a way," Cheri struggled again. This stuff was easy to feel but hard to describe. "Look, when I was tied there, and Mr. Snuggles was just buzzing away, I wanted to get off so bad I could taste it. I tried as hard as I could but that damn thing just wouldn't let me. There was nothing I wouldn't have said or done to get free from that hogtie and the teasing. But, well, it also felt sooooo incredibly good. I kind of miss it at times, you know?"

"Non," Gabrielle said dejectedly. Cheri blushed and fell silent.

Gabrielle found she couldn't contain her thoughts any longer, so she blurted them out. "I want to play ze game with you and Laura and Gwen."

Cheri shifted in her seat. "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"What, why?" Gabrielle asked quickly, "you 'ave told me so many incredible zings! I want to make you-or Laura or Gwen-feel ze way you describe. If...if I lose I could be tied up too..."

"Gabrielle, maybe I've been telling you too much," Cheri said delicately. "I play that game with my friends-just my friends-because of how much we trust-"

"Am I not your friend?" Gabrielle interrupted, her patience fading.

"Gabrielle!" Cheri was taken aback. "Of course you are. It's just...different."

"I do not see any difference! We 'ave become such good friends. Why then can I not play ze game as well?" Gabrielle felt offended now.

Cheri felt backed into a corner. "Because...well, because I don't trust you in that way. I'm sorry..."

Gabrielle's looked daggers at Cheri. Swiftly, she gathered her things and left. Cheri sat for a while, worried about how far Gabrielle had gone with all of this. Gabrielle, she realized, didn't seem to understand how unique the game was, that it required so much more than dice to play. Cheri wished she could go back in time and erase everything she said about it to someone that wasn't Gwen or Laura. That was a mistake, but at least Gabrielle now knew she wouldn't be taking part. Gabrielle might be mad for a bit, but at least the matter was settled.

Gabrielle disagreed. All that conversation settled was Gabrielle's next move.

A week later, Cheri answered a knock at the door.

"Gabrielle!" she said excitedly, "I thought we were meeting later for coffee."

"I zought maybe Laura and Gwen could join us zis time. May I come in?"

"Um, sure," Cheri ushered Gabrielle in. "It's just me right now. Gwen's off at class and Laura had a couple meetings before the start of Thanksgiving break." Classes were canceled after Tuesday this week due to the holiday. Most university students were leaving town as quickly as they could.

"It is ok," Gabrielle waited tensely for Cheri to close the door. Subduing Cheri was easier than Gabrielle anticipated. Handcuffs were noisy and would have warned her, so Gabrielle prepared some makeshift cuffs with rope and a noose knot. When Cheri turned her back, telling some banal story about how she was leaving soon to visit her family, Gabrielle made her move. Seconds later Cheri was pinned on the floor under Gabrielle as the cuffs appeared on her hands and the noose drew tight. Not that Cheri was happy about this, but an elaborately knotted scarf stifled her enough for now. Gabrielle wouldn't fall for her hesitant routine anyway.

Another quick rope on Cheri's ankles and Gabrielle was ready to move onto the next phase of her plan. She hid Cheri in her room, for Gwen would come back eventually, and linked her wrists and ankles into a hogtie before she familiarized herself with the house. She'd only really been here once before, after all. Gabrielle laughed out loud when, while exploring, she happened upon the giant chest filled with their bondage toys for the Dice Game. It was barely hidden, placed in the living room (clearly for easy access), and didn't even have a lock on it. The tail of a leather strap was sticking out from under the lid! The fetish lingerie, however, was elsewhere. Gabrielle quickly found it in each of the girl's closets, well cared-for and neatly tucked away in drawers and on hangers. They had so much of it all. Gabrielle was impressed. It wasn't acceptable though. They needed something new, something Gabrielle had picked out for them. And, of course, Gabrielle needed something in her size. But that was all in the mail, as well as a few other items Gabrielle knew she'd need. Gabrielle intended to spend a lot of time here.

She also found the dice-those innocent looking dice. They sat in their box so calmly for what they were. Gabrielle nudged each one gingerly with a finger. With her help, Cheri, Gwen, and Laura would soon be free of this child's toy. But for now she'd use them. The girls would enjoy watching Gabrielle use their favorite game to decide their fates.

Eventually, Cheri saw Gabrielle reenter her room. She glared as her captor strolled to her closet and thumbed through the hangers of lingerie she found tucked away. Cheri was inching herself slowly to the edge of the bed, thinking hard of a way to free herself before Gabrielle could stop her.

"You should not do zat," Gabrielle warned without facing her, "I have, like ze other students say, 'done my 'omework' and my knots are quite secure. If you make me get more rope zen you will already be sore later, when I really tie you up." Gabrielle smirked at her.

Cheri jerked her body and cried out in frustration. She had no idea what possessed Gabrielle to do this.

"Relax," Gabrielle advised, going to sit on the bed beside her. She stroked Cheri affectionately, tracing the edges of her bra beneath her top. "I am going to 'elp you, and when Gwen and Laura come back I will 'elp them too. But for now I need to get you properly ready."

She took out a large box whose label read 'Deep Purple.' Cheri trembled.

Gwen wasn't long before she was back from class. Caught unaware, she gave Gabrielle no more of a fight than Cheri did. Just as Gabrielle tightened the knots, she felt Cheri's confiscated phone receive a text from Laura. She was running a bit late getting home. This gave Gabrielle an idea, and texted back in Cheri's name: 'Can't believe you're late AGAIN! This means dice when you get back.'

A moment later Laura responded: 'Are you serious?'

'Yeah. Gwen's mad. She was making a special dinner for us. She wants dice too.'

Gabrielle waited on baited breath while Gwen struggled beneath her. Laura took a little longer to respond this time: 'Ok, tell her I'm sorry. I'll get back as quick as I can. And if it takes dice to fix this...sounds fun :-p'

Gabrielle replied quickly: 'Good. There will be cuffs just inside the door when you get home. Put them on behind your back and lock them.'

Laura: 'Should I be nervous? ;)'

Gabrielle smiled.


Part 2: A Sabine Evening

It was dark by the time Laura parked her car along the street, but very few lights were on in the house. The curtains were all drawn. Laura wasn't surprised; using the dice was not something to advertise to the neighborhood. Turning her key, she entered the dark foyer and saw light coming from the dining room. Warm, inviting scents filled her nostrils, which must be Gwen's dinner. As she tossed her coat onto its hook she heard an unexpected sound as two thick leather cuffs fell off the table next to the door. Fumbling in the dark to retrieve them, Laura grinned softly. Her evening plans originally involved blankets and Netflix, not dice, but lately she hadn't been one to complain about a night in Gwen and Cheri's creative bondage. She usually ended up gagged anyway.

Examining the cuffs, Laura thought her friends must have it out for her. Thick leather and locking buckles only appeared when they played for keeps. Hopefully the dice would keep them from being too harsh. Laura removed her top (they'll just take it off anyway) and wrapped each cuff around a wrist snugly. Three small padlocks rested on the stand next to the door. Laura dutifully locked one on each cuff so she couldn't remove them, and fed the shackle of the last one through a D-ring on her right cuff. Placing her hands behind her, Laura carefully worked the shackle through the ring on her other hand. The lock was small and difficult to reach, but after a minute or so Laura managed to stretch her fingers and close the final padlock, binding her hands behind her back until her friends decided otherwise.

Laura ventured into the opaque house now that she'd followed all Cheri's instructions. The only sliver of light led around a corner, toward the kitchen and dining area. Walking through their living room, Laura found their dining table lit by three tall candles, with many more scattered about the room. By the look of it, a meal was already set on the table. Two place settings were unoccupied, but Cheri and Gwen filled the other two.

Each was dressed only in a bra and panties and had been tied securely to her chair. Cheri, inexplicably, also wore a rather unflattering shower cap. Large wads of cloth filled their mouths and when they saw Laura standing there, each immediately started struggling and grunting at her. Of course by that time Gabrielle had stepped unseen from a shadow.

"What the hell is going on?" Laura asked. She jumped in surprise when she felt Gabrielle's hands grip her shoulders. "Gabrielle!"

"Dinner is ready," Gabrielle said cryptically, "I am sorry for ze gags but I did not want Cheri or Gwen to ruin ze surprise for you. Please sit."

"What are you doing? Let go!" Laura said ineffectually as Gabrielle led her around the table. Her hands already bound, she could not resist. Laura was plopped into her chair and a quick strap around her waist kept her seated. Gabrielle pulled Laura's arms over the back of the chair and strapped them at the elbow, then strapped her ankles and knees together before feeding a rope from her ankles up to her wrists, pulling her feet off the floor and tying them off. One more strap under Laura's breasts and she was tied to the chair just as securely as Cheri and Gwen. Once finished, Gabrielle removed the other two's gags and took her own place.

Gabrielle, with her hair up and wearing a black cocktail dress, began uncovering pots and platters to reveal a hot roasted chicken and potatoes that, under any other circumstances, would have looked delicious. Gabrielle doled out generous portions to everyone. The other three stared at their plates awkwardly. Gabrielle chuckled.

"Do not worry. I will 'elp you," she said as though they were all just being silly.

"Gabrielle, what the hell is this?" Cheri asked immediately. She hadn't had much opportunity to speak all afternoon.

"Cheri, why has your friend gone off the deep end?" Laura was a little more blunt. "You texted me something about the game and I get home and you're all-I'm sorry, what the hell happened to your head?"

Cheri's eyes immediately welled. The shower cap was obviously something she was trying not to think about. "I didn't text you," Cheri said dejectedly. "It was her. And then she-"

"Stop!" Gabrielle cut them off, a piece of chicken speared on her fork. "Laura, zere is no mystery. I am 'ere because I am going to 'elp all of you."


"Help?! You fucking jumped me..."

"Help us with what?" Gwen asked, louder than the others. She was staring intently at Gabrielle.

"Merci, Gwen, I am glad you asked," Gabrielle said happily. "I will 'elp you all with a big problem you 'ave. Playing zese silly bondage games all ze time..."

"Gabrielle," Cheri interjected, "Is this because I said no to you playing the Dice Game with us?"

"She asked you about the game?" Gwen fixated on Cheri now. "What have you been telling her?"

"What? Like hell! Cheri-"

"-Nothing!" Cheri defended herself. "We just talked a little. I never said-"

"What the fuck, Cheri? You tell some new friend about the game and now we got the goddamn wicked witch-hey! Ow, getmmmph!"

Gabrielle had risen from the table, walked over to their toy chest, and returned. She yanked Laura's hair back and stuffed a ball gag into the poor girl's mouth. As Laura whined and thrashed about in her hair, Gabrielle laid two more gags on the table.

"Are you finished?" Gabrielle asked cruelly. Cheri and Gwen fell silent, and Gabrielle took her seat again.

"Trés bien," Gabrielle resumed her sweet tone, "and yes, Cheri, zis began when you kept me out of your trite little Dice Game. I was angry. You see, after seeing sweet Gwen enjoy 'erself so much when she was ze, ah, 'victim', I wanted to be part of it. I wanted to make Gwen feel good too. I wanted to 'elp you, too, Laura. And you, Cheri, 'oo have been such a good friend to me since I arrived.

"I 'ad never seen such bondage before. You were so creative and skilled, I learned all I could to catch up. I 'ave spent so many nights after my roommates 'ave gone to sleep, learning about positions and toys and practicing knots under ze covers. I looked foolish, but zere are so many ways to tie a person up, and I wanted to know zem all," Gabrielle smiled, "Now I do."

"Gabrielle, it had nothing to do with knowing bondage," Cheri said in frustration, "You don't understand, it's-"

"Non, it is you zat does not understand," Gabrielle said impatiently. "I wanted to play ze game so badly until I finally realized why you play it at all. It is because you are all afraid."

"Afraid?" Cheri asked incredulously. "Of what?"

"Of yourselves. Of your inner desires. Ze game is a trick you play on yourselves. You play and tie each other up because you are all so submissive. You crave bondage but none of you wants to take charge, and so you take turns. But you all want to surrender yourselves so badly zat you can never stop playing and going in zese circles."

"I don't understand," Gwen said. Cheri marveled at how she could remain so calm through this. Laura was having a silent fit next to her. "How does doing this to us help anything? What are you trying to help?"

"I will free you all from ze disease of zese games you all play," Gabrielle said confidently. Laura grunted in defiance. "'Ow many times a week do you all play? 'Ow often do you dance zis childish dance, all trying to be tied and none 'oping to tie? You are all afraid to take control, so I will do it."

"Take control?" Gwen asked.

"You crave control, Gwen. You most of all," Gabrielle said with an air or deep wisdom, "I saw it when I saw you bound by Cheri and Laura, and I see it in your eyes now. You are aroused by your own 'elplessness, Gwen. Right now, are you not?"

"No!" replied Gwen. Not even Laura or Cheri believed her. Gabrielle smirked.

"Wiz me, Gwen, Cheri, Laura," she said, nodding to each one in turn, "you need not pretend anymore. You will all surrender to me and I will give you exactly what you want."


"That's not-"

"Stop!" Gabrielle said impatiently, as though scolding children. "I knew you would be too afraid to seek a proper Mistress, but you all want one so badly and discussing it would 'ave defeated ze purpose. I will not wait to be asked. I know 'ow much you want to be 'elpless play toys, even if you do not say it. But you will...soon. Before you know it you will be begging me to never let you go again."

Judging by their horrified expressions, they were less optimistic.

"Gabrielle," Cheri said desperately, "Whatever we do, it's because we're friends who love and trust each other. A friend wouldn't do this."

"A friend would do exactly zis, I zink. And from now on, you will only address me as Mistress."

The conversation went downhill from there. Gwen tried reason, but that only earned her a gag. So Cheri tried pleading, which left her gagged as well. So they sat in silence while Gabrielle ate, lecturing them all between bites about how they should be looking forward to overcoming their baseless fears and surrendering to their new Mistress in new and exciting ways. By the end of the evening they'd all understand quite clearly that asking for release only reinforced Gabrielle's conviction, and that they needed to be tied tighter and longer than before. Gabrielle had declared herself warden at the asylum, and had no indulgences for patients who proclaimed themselves sane.

Eventually Gabrielle offered to remove their gag (one person at a time) long enough to be fed a few bites of cold food off their plates. They all gave in, too hungry to refuse.

At the end of their meal, Gabrielle took all three of their phones out of their purse and sent messages to each of their families, giving some excuse for why they would not be coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Gabrielle merrily removed the batteries from all three phones and stored them safely away. It was only Tuesday night, and with the holiday none of them were going to be missed until at least the following Monday. Gabrielle could keep them prisoner for almost a week uninterrupted. After clearing the table, Gabrielle placed the box containing the Dice Game on the table. Cheri, Gwen, and Laura all stared at it ominously.

"I zink you will all be comfortable playing zis game a few more times before I wean you away from it, non?" Gabrielle explained, picking up the dice. "And of course I cannot always play with all three of my new toys at ze same time! Ze dice will tell us 'oo I play wiz tonight."

She picked up the black die and twirled it in her fingers. "Cheri will be one and two, Laura three and four, Gwen five and six."

Gabrielle rolled a six, eliminating Gwen, and then a three. Laura whimpered and immediately began struggling against her bindings. Gwen and Cheri could only watch as Gabrielle released Laura from the chair just barely enough to walk, attached a leash and collar to her captive, and marched off to Laura's bedroom with the dice in hand.

Laura was quickly stripped of all her clothing and deposited, bound and gagged, onto her bed. Gabrielle, smoothing out her dress, sat beside her.

"You look so worried, Laura, dear," Gabrielle soothed. "You are lucky tonight. Cheri and Gwen must sit and wait while we play togezzer."

Laura groaned. Gabrielle reached up and unbuckled her gag.

"Here, perhaps zis is more comfortable," Gabrielle said. Laura smacked her lips together.

"Let us go, Gabrielle."

"Non," her captor said simply, "And you must always call me Mistress, or ze gag comes back. Zis time I will overlook it."

The box containing the dice appeared on Laura's lap. Her face fell even further at the sight of it.

"Let us see 'ow I will tie you tonight, dear," Gabrielle rolled the first die, which came up a one. "Ah yes, a 'stress position.'"

"Please, Mistress." Laura would play along if it might help. Of course, it didn't.

Gabrielle laughed softly. "I zink I will have to replace zis option. I do not believe in 'alf-measures. With me, every position is a stress position. 'Ow about we roll again."

The re-roll came up a two, meaning a hogtie. Laura groaned. She offered what resistance she could, but Gabrielle had ample leverage as Laura was forced into her stomach. The strap on her elbows tightened dramatically and her ankles were brought up and crossed behind her at a steep angle before Gabrielle strapped them together as well. Two more straps found their way onto each of Laura's thighs, forcing her legs to remain bent. Gabrielle rolled the dice again to determine how much stimulation Laura would receive in her new position. Gabrielle read the results to Laura, who could barely see.

"Just a little stimulation and only one orgasm?" Gabrielle sounded disappointed. Laura was terrified of what a disappointed Gabrielle might do to her. "Oh well, I suppose we should start slowly. Zere will be plenty of time for more later."

Laura braced herself, unable to see a way out as she watched Gabrielle rise off the bed and pace around the room, poking through Laura's things.

"What are you doing?" Laura eventually dared to speak.

"I wish to know you," Gabrielle said, "Ah, I wanted to find zis. It is, uh...Brutus, no?"

Gabrielle pulled a massive vibrator out of the bottom drawer in Laura's desk. Impeccably clean, all three of its hot pink appendages jutted out from its black base and glistened in the lamplight. Gabrielle regarded it in awe for a moment.

"Cheri 'as told me about 'er own Mr. Snuggles. I see now why it works so well. Shall we try it?"

"Maybe later," Laura said glibly, trying to conceal her anxiety.

"Yes..." Gabrielle was looking through Laura's laptop now. "But you keep it right 'ere...I suspect you do more zan work at zis desk, no? Sit wiz it under you, per'aps?"

Laura went red, despite herself. Gabrielle giggled. "It is what I would do, too."

Nor did it take Gabrielle long to discover the regular rotation of porn sites in Laura's browser history. They all featured exclusively women.

"Please...Mistress, just stop. Please."

"I am certainly getting to know you better now, Laura. Are you attracted to women?"

Laura struggled earnestly against her restraints. She turned her head away.

"Don't do this to me, goddamnit."

"Are you?" Gabrielle asked sternly.


"Only women?"

"Yes, ok?" Laura fought back tears. "What the fuck do you care?"

Gabrielle immediately rushed over in sympathy.

"Oh Laura," Gabrielle drew Laura back to face her again and gazed into her eyes. "Zere is absolutely nozzing wrong with zat."

"I fucking know that!" Laura spat, helpless or not. Her face was streaked now. "It's just...well, they're not, and...and I don't want them to feel weird...just let it go, ok?"

Gabrielle still wasn't fooled. "Which one is it?"


"Zat you love. Is it Cheri?" Laura tried to turn away again but Gabrielle would not let her. She'd give anything-anything-to disappear right now.


Laura turned, if possible, even redder.

"So it is Gwen," Gabrielle at last seemed satisfied. "You 'ave wonderful taste, dear. She is lovely."

Laura stared at her. "You can't say anything."

Gabrielle thought for a moment. She picked up the ball gag again. "I believe she should know. It is not fair to her ozzerwise."

Laura's eyes went wide. "No, please! I swear I'll-mmmph. MMMPH!"

Laura bucked with all her might as Gabrielle pressed the gag irresistibly between Laura's teeth and strapped it tightly around her head. Laura struggled violently as she was rolled onto her back in the center of the bed. Gabrielle cinched a rope between Laura's wrists and tied it to the footboard. More ropes were tied to the straps on her thighs and attached to the corners of the headboard. As they pulled tight, Laura was forced to remain on her arched back. She could barely move as Gabrielle laid next to her.

"It is ok, Laura," Gabrielle soothed as Laura's eyes pleaded with her. "I will not share your secret. For now."

Laura relaxed a little, but Gabrielle continued, "But I want somezing in return. I want you to give yourself to me tonight."

Laura looked at her.

"I can do what I want wiz your beautiful body, but I also want you to let me. Give me a chance to take care of you, Laura, and I will keep your secret." Gabrielle stroked her captive lovingly.

At last Laura nodded. What choice did she have? To celebrate, Gabrielle produced a blindfold and slipped it over Laura's eyes.

"If it 'elps," Gabrielle said warmly, "You can pretend I am Gwen. But remember zat you are not ze person to prefer ze touch of a woman." A pair of painted lips grazed Laura's.

Laura waited as Gabrielle rose off the bed and disappeared. Soft music began playing on Laura's computer, and a few strange sounds could be heard throughout the room. Laura lay quietly in the dark, trying to make sense of Gabrielle and wondering what the devilish woman had in store, until suddenly she felt a warm hand brushing over her breasts and down her body. Forgetting her precarious situation for a moment, Laura couldn't help but moan pleasurably.

"You 'ave such an elegant body, so smooth and flexible. I have always seen you so passionate zat it is strange to see you 'elpless." Gabrielle's hand traversed Laura's stomach now with rigid fingers, the soft skin pressing seductively into Laura. She recoiled from her captor's firm touch.

"I am not so bad, you and ze others will see," Gabrielle soothed. Her hand was on Laura's thigh now, gripping it lightly. "I 'ave only your pleasure in mind."

Laura groaned in passive disagreement, but Gabrielle was quickly flooding her with other thoughts. A single finger crept up her thigh, nestling at the corner of leg and hip. Laura surprised herself by wishing, for a single second, that it might creep a little further in...

"It is easy to let yourself be afraid, Laura," Gabrielle whispered. She rolled her own body closer to Laura's, pressing into her, one thigh resting on another's. "I know you convinced yourself that I 'ave nozzing for you, but 'ave you ever asked yourself, really asked..."

Gabrielle's hand rested just above Laura's mound while her breast pressed against Laura's shoulder. Gabrielle's breath warmed Laura's neck, her lips speaking directly into their captive ear.

"...whezzer you need me after all?" Gabrielle poured into Laura's ear, soliciting a long moan as the only conceivable reply. A lone finger sank into the folds of Laura's sex while Gabrielle relished her captive's every pleasurable reaction. Laura shook her head halfheartedly, straining every bound muscle against the straps holding her.

"Do you need to be bound? Need to surrender to anozzer? Need to know zat person 'as total power over you and what you feel, or do not feel?" Gabrielle rubbed Laura's clitoris hard while her lips found a nipple and began sucking on it lightly. Slowly, Laura nodded.

"Do you need me?" Gabrielle asked casually, as though it followed naturally. But Laura, though breathing heavily and unable to concentrate on anything but Gabrielle's blissful assaults on her senses, still shook her head resolutely. "Nuh-uh."

Gabrielle of course found this much less satisfactory, and asked again. Laura repeated her answer through the orb in her mouth. Gabrielle paused but, to her credit, was undeterred.

"So defiant," she cooed, "but I am patient. Tell me: do you need to climax, Laura?"

With that, Laura felt Gabrielle's ethereal hand disappear from between her legs. Despite herself, she immediately voiced displeasure and writhed in her restraints. Her thighs flared in clear longing. After a few seconds that felt like an eternity, Laura inhaled sharply as she felt two fingers slide effortlessly into her soaked pussy. The fingers explored further and further until an outstretched thumb found Laura's clit and began kneading it slowly. Laura couldn't help herself, she cocked her hips to lean into their caress as much as she could. She could feel her need building irresistibly inside her. Dancing unseen, Gabrielle's fingers soon had Laura dancing on the edge of her own ecstasy.

"Do you need me to climax, Laura?" Gabrielle asked again.

"Mmmm, nuh-uhmm!" Laura gasped desperately, her mind clouded. She cried out when she felt the fingers leave her body abruptly, struggling in vain to finish what they started. Laura was in over her head. The Dice Game involved restraints and gags and blindfolds and vibrators of nearly every design, but neither Cheri nor Gwen had tied Laura up and personally teased her before. Their hands had never so attentively caressed her thighs and breasts before, nor massaged her clit until she wanted to scream from the pleasure. Yet Gabrielle now did all of those things and more to Laura's helpless body, building her arousal until she shook from anticipation and need, and then letting her wave recede despite anything Laura tried to prevent it. It was teasing of a kind Laura had dreamed of but never experienced. Brutus could tease her, make her want orgasm, but Laura had never before felt a climb quite like Gabrielle's passionate touch, nor such a fall as when she took it away. And every time she did, Gabrielle asked again.

To Laura's credit, she resisted Gabrielle's temptation for quite a while. But when Gabrielle's body disappeared from the bed, only for Laura to feel a pair of lips blowing softly against her thigh, her walls crumbled. After an innocent kiss just above Laura's mound, Gabrielle's hot tongue slowly pressed into her and Laura let out a guttural moan as never before. She wanted to refuse her captor, but within seconds Laura found herself in lockstep with every twitch of Gabrielle's lips. The tongue drilled and swirled inside and her clitoris threatened mutiny. Soon Gabrielle bore down on it and sucked intently. Laura's desperate moans filled the room and beyond. When Gabrielle decided Laura could withstand no more, she asked again: "Do you need me, Laura?"

Panting, Laura finally relented.


Gabrielle smiled knowingly. "Good girl."

Without another word, Laura felt the magical tongue embrace her again. Laura could not contain herself any longer.


Gabrielle found a rhythm and let Laura sink into it. She didn't immediately force orgasm upon Laura but let it brew within. After a minute or so, Gabrielle withdrew a little, the tip of her tongue lightly tracing Laura's sex until the suspense became maddening. Then, when Laura's frantic moans finally placated her, Gabrielle bore down. Her lips sealed around Laura's throbbing clit and trapped it with a flicking and kneading tormentor. Laura immediately spiraled into orgasm.

"MMMMmmm. Mmmm-Gwmmm...ummmmm Gwmmmmph. Gwmmmph!"

Laura would never admit it to anyone, but the Dice Game had never given her an orgasm quite like this. Panting and glistening on the bed, Laura soon felt Gabrielle climbing to embrace her, a solitary hand embracing Laura's breast amorously.

"You are a lovely toy, Laura," Gabrielle said at last, "and I zink you enjoyed yourself a little, non?"

Laura groaned, remembering at last where she really was. She shifted uncomfortably against the fabric of Gabrielle's dress, wishing she could free herself. Gabrielle removed the blindfold. Laura blinked to try and adjust to the light of the room.

"I zink our guest enjoyed your little show, as well."

Laura lifted her head to see Gwen in the corner of the room, still bound in her chair from dinner. Her eyes were wide and if not for the gag, her mouth would probably have hung open in astonishment.

Laura's entire body turned scarlet and her eyes welled. Thrashing her head back against the mattress, she gave a wail and wished she could sink down through the floor, never to be seen again. She turned to Gabrielle, who grinned beside her, and hurled several unintelligible curses at her.

"Be proud, Laura," Gabrielle taunted, rising off the bed, "Gwen and I are already getting to know you much better. And after ze night I have in store for you, I zink, you two will be even better friends."

Gabrielle disappeared from the room, leaving both bound women to stare at each other. Gwen was clearly shocked but difficult to read. Had she heard Gabrielle force out the truth? Laura didn't think so, but Gwen had clearly seen something completely new. Was Gwen angry that Laura had given in?

The topic left Laura's mind when Gabrielle returned with Marshall, Gwen's counterpart to Brutus and Mr. Snuggles. She set the periwinkle toy next to Laura's pink version, and both she and Gwen grew nervous. They stared at the toys while Gabrielle disappeared again and returned with an assortment of straps and ropes, plus a bottle of lubricant.

Laura struggled in vain as she watched Gabrielle spread lube liberally on Brutus before descending on her helpless body. The largest phallus on Brutus slid eagerly into her, while the fat plug for her ass required a bit of persuasion before Laura's muscles tightened automatically around its thin base. Gabrielle nestled the innocent looking nub directly against Laura's clit before tying a rope around Laura's waist and feeding it through her crotch to hold Brutus in place (though the anal plug pretty much did that anyway).

Being exhausted, Laura's ineffectual attempts at resistance did not stop her wrist cuffs from being re-locked in front of her. Her legs were released only to have Gabrielle cuff and lock her ankles together. Laura was placed on her side on the bed with her wrists lashed to the slats of the headboard while her ankles were tied to a bottom corner of the bed.

Gwen was next. She was feistier but still no match for Gabrielle. She soon found herself bent over the bed, struggling as she felt Marshall sliding into place between her legs. Methodically, Gwen's bondage was modified so that she, too, had her wrists and ankles locked together in cuffs before she joined Laura on the bed. The two, still gagged, watched each other as Gabrielle secured Gwen's bound limbs to the bedframe, exchanging occasional sympathetic groans and apprehensive looks.

"You two are so close already, I know you will appreciate each ozzer's company in ze night," Gabrielle said playfully as she plugged both vibrators into the wall. Reappearing with more straps, she turned Gwen and Laura so that they faced each other and pushed their bodies close despite the pull of their limbs toward the corners of the bed. Laura's eyes followed Gabrielle pleadingly, but her only acknowledgment was a knowing look. Gabrielle had no qualms about torturing Laura with her secret, even if she didn't expose it.

Using the straps, Gabrielle bound both women tightly together at the knee, upper thigh, waist, and just above their breasts. Gwen and Laura pressed into each other in a strange embrace, each engulfed in the feeling of the others' skin and jointly aware of even the slightest breath or twitch. Their gagged lips occasionally brushed and Laura was petrified that Gwen might feel her kettle drum of a heartbeat.

Gabrielle disappeared. Gwen, who faced in the proper direction, raised her head to see her keeper sitting at Laura's desk chair, typing at the computer. A moment later Gabrielle brought the computer over to the nightstand and placed it, lid closed, next to the struggling pair. A USB microphone was plugged in and placed on the mattress just above their heads well out of reach.

"When Cheri told me, I 'ad never seen such a zing as 'er Mr. Snuggles. I 'ad to find out about it and found zem for sale online. I read about zem and learned 'ow easy it is to program zeir app to operate multiple toys at once."

Both girls gulped. Marshall and Brutus, like Mr. Snuggles, were typically controlled via an app on their phone or laptop. This was wonderful when the user had control of the app. But, as these women both knew, when another person controlled their vibrator, the results could be interesting.

"I need to rest well tonight and must 'ave peace and quiet," Gabrielle explained wickedly, "when ze microphone picks up noise tonight, any noise at all, one of your toys will turn on for a short time. Perhaps it will be Marshall"-she stroked Gwen's trembling cheek-"or perhaps it will be Brutus. It is random."

The two women were lucky that Gabrielle hadn't started the program yet, for they had trouble accepting this quietly. Gabrielle patiently let them tire themselves out with an amused grin on her face, clearly impressed by her ingenuity.

"So naughty, girls," Gabrielle chortled, "I 'oped such measures would not be necessary, but zey clearly are."

They both groaned as Gabrielle made her final adjustments, then returned with two satin blindfolds. Gwen was first, the soft material wrapping snugly over her eyes. Laura watched her friend disappear to darkness, her beautiful features obscured and contorted by her bondage. Laura gazed longingly for a moment, then looked up to see Gabrielle's beaming face towering above them. Laura met her captor's eyes pleadingly, shaking her head softly from side to side. But Gabrielle nodded resolutely, and as the inevitable darkness fell Laura knew the night would be a long one.

"Because I am so nice, your toys will be gentle wiz you ze first time zey are activated," Gabrielle warned them, tossing a blanket over them both, "After zat, you will be brought to orgasm every time. Your toys 'ave been used enough so zey know what you like, non? I 'ope you can climax quietly, or zey may not stop."

Both Gwen and Laura cried out indignantly at this, but Gabrielle simply wished them goodnight and flipped the switch on the microphone. Gwen and Laura instantly fell into imposed silence. Satisfied, Gabrielle switched off the lights and left the room, closing the door behind her with a soft thud. Laura shook as she felt Gwen erupt next to her. The door had evidently tripped the microphone and Marshall promptly burst to life between her legs. Gwen breathed heavily and squirmed as all three vibrators worked their magic. Within seconds Gwen was panting, and after a minute Laura could feel her grinding against her toys. Gwen clearly wanted to scream to the heavens but was trying with all her might to remain quiet. Consumed by her reluctant pleasure, a soft squeak soon escaped Gwen's gagged lips. Instantly, Laura inhaled sharply as Brutus sprang to life inside her. Their bodies contorted together against the straps for a moment before Gwen's finally relented. Swimming in lustful thoughts of her companion, Laura steeled herself as best she could from the onslaught, wondering how the hell Gabrielle could call these settings gentle. Eventually Brutus relented without a single sound from Laura. She and Gwen lay there in silence, their warm bodies caressing each other with every breath.

Laura wanted so badly to speak to Gwen, to reassure her friend and herself. But it was Gwen who comforted her when Laura felt her friend's soft cheek reaching out to nuzzle her affectionately. It was pure friendship, but Laura couldn't help but fantasize that it was much more.

In contrast, Cheri's evening was quite uneventful. She remained gagged and bound to the dining room chair, looking ridiculous in her shower cap and wondering what the others were doing. Laura disappeared, and later Gwen, and when Gabrielle returned she was very much alone. Cheri watched apprehensively as Gabrielle sat next to her.

"It is exhausting, putting ze others to bed," Gabrielle mused, taking Cheri's chin in her hand to meet her eyes. "I 'ope zey rest well, as we will 'ave so much to do tomorrow."

Cheri groaned, but Gabrielle just mused, "I 'ave to be so strict with zem. I do not want zat with us, Cheri. Come to bed wiz me."

It sounded like a request but, of course, it wasn't. Released from the chair and her ankle restraints, Cheri was taken from the dining room to her bedroom. Cheri's heart paused when Gabrielle began removing the ropes on her arms. She'd be free for the first time since Gabrielle arrived. As the final rope fell off her hand, Cheri immediately lunged, eyes fixed on the door. She felt a tug as Gabrielle grabbed her wrist and, quick as a flash, twisted it into a lock. Cheri whined painfully as she was pulled back against Gabrielle, her hand bent painfully behind her.

"Shhh, Cheri," Gabrielle spoke into her ear, "I know you are scared. I would be too. But you do not want to leave."

Cheri wailed into her gag and struggled. Gabrielle had gone absolutely insane and she had to get out. She had to. Gabrielle seemed disappointed but her grip was irresistible, "Oh Cheri. I expect so much more from you zan ze others."

Gabrielle steered Cheri to the full-length mirror on her wall and gazed into their reflections. Her free hand found its way to Cheri's heaving breast. "You 'ave been my first and best friend in America. You 'ave been so kind and so open with me. I want only to give you ze bondage and ze pleasure you told me you wanted. I do not want you to be afraid anymore. I want you to be excited at 'oo you are becoming."

Gabrielle reached up and ripped off Cheri's shower cap. Locks of aggressively violet hair cascaded down to Cheri's shoulders, causing her to tear up again. A natural brunette, she had most definitely not envisioned spending her afternoon bound while a so-called friend forcibly dyed her hair. And this of all colors! But, then and now, Gabrielle's dark expression cow-towed her.

"You are special, Cheri, and I will make you as beautiful and submissive on ze outside as you are on ze inside. But you will also be my example to ze others. Gwen and Laura are 'armless fun. If zey disobey me, I will punish zem. But you need more discipline. If you disobey me, I will punish you much more 'arshly, and zen I will punish Laura and Gwen, too."

Cheri cried out miserably, and Gabrielle's hand rose to grip Cheri's neck. Gabrielle didn't squeeze at all, but Cheri had never felt more powerless in her life. "Do you understand, my sweet Cheri?"

Cheri saw her own expression of terror. Even if she could run, who knew what Gabrielle would do to her friends. Cheri nodded pitifully.

"And do you like your gorgeous 'air?"

This nod was rather pained.

"Will you stay wiz me tonight?"

Cheri nodded a third time, and Gabrielle released her grip. Cheri clutched her hand where Gabrielle had held it, but remained still. Gabrielle bade her to the bed and Cheri, hating herself, sat. Unable to make herself move, Cheri cooperated as Gabrielle removed every scrap of clothing. She pinned Cheri's arms to her sides with long leather straps placed at her wrists and above and below her breasts, then laid her back on the bed. Gabrielle placed a pillow caringly under Cheri's head, then used ropes to tie Cheri's legs apart to each post on the footboard. Cheri then watched Gabrielle peel off her cocktail dress and brush her chair at the vanity mirror. In another world, Cheri might have admired Gabrielle's striking, full body. It was toned but not stretched, voluptuous but also precise. Gabrielle must have been reading her mind, for she turned to admire her captive in turn. Cheri met her hungry gaze and mewed, hoping for some token sympathy.

"You really are special, Cheri. Mon Chéri," Gabrielle spoke sensually. "You are so kind and delicate. You are not some playzing to me. You are my beautiful flower to nurture. I will overlook tonight if you promise to be good from now on."

Cheri nodded again, knowing no other response was possible. Inside, she wanted to do anything she could to escape without sacrificing Laura and Gwen to this witch. She just had no idea what that might be. Gabrielle left for several minutes, and Cheri heard the whirring of an electric toothbrush coming from the bathroom. When she returned, she blindfolded Cheri and laid under a blanket, cuddling her like a teddy bear, except that teddy bears usually weren't caressed in such scintillating ways by their keepers. Maybe by Gabrielle, but not in general.

Cheri took a chance and grunted purposefully in her gag, indicating her discomfort with the ball still strapped tightly in her mouth. Gabrielle took her head off Cheri's chest and gave a maternal look that Cheri couldn't see.

"Mon Chéri, I promise by Thanksgiving you will never ask me for zat again. Zat will be my gift to you," Gabrielle turned out the light and nestled into Cheri again, her hand slinking its way between her captive's parted thighs. "In fact, I am very much looking forward to zis 'oliday of yours."

Part 3: The New Warden

Cheri slept decently enough under the circumstances, though Gabrielle didn't seem to need any sleep at all. Cheri drifted awake multiple times that night to find herself a helpless bauble for wandering hands.

Cheri was no more accustomed than her friends to being touched so intimately by a woman. The Dice Game led to bondage and, often, vibrators, but Gwen and Laura had never personally played with Cheri when they bound her. In fact, whoever was bound during the game usually ended up alone. Gabrielle felt completely foreign and what scared Cheri the most was the effect it had on her. It wasn't typical attraction; Cheri didn't swing that way herself. But bondage enticed her greatly and Cheri could not pretend she was made of stone. Gabrielle was not her kidnapper that night, or even her lover. She became a phantom haunting its blindfolded prisoner. The disembodied feel of a hot, wet tongue on her nipples, or of soft fingers between her legs. They preyed on Cheri's most basic instincts. Subject to their whims all night, Cheri could not prevent faint moans from escaping her gagged lips, or her hips from leaning ever so slightly into the phantom's caress. It incited Cheri beyond belief, and once she began to crave the sensations flooding her the phantom never let her stop. But it also held her there, refusing both to fulfill her lustful need and to let it fade away. She awoke thinking not of release from her bindings but of release from her intense arousal. But by then her phantom had dissolved with the night and left her alone on the bed.

Cheri was still blindfolded, but knew it was morning by the faint sound of the garbage truck. It usually came early on Wednesdays, but the impending holiday might have changed its schedule. Cheri thought of crying out to get someone's attention, but the truck was far too loud for that. No one was likely to be around for days. They were totally alone. Cheri pondered her isolation until she heard the door open and felt Gabrielle sit on the mattress beside her. Cheri groaned and struggled against the straps.

"Good morning, sweet Cheri!" Gabrielle seemed cheery. That wasn't good. Cheri felt her blindfold slip off and her eyes flooded with daylight. Between blinks, she saw Gabrielle in a light pink robe which must be Laura's (who was the only one tall enough for Gabrielle). More importantly, Gabrielle unbuckled Cheri's gag and let her stretch her jaw for the first time in many hours.

"I greatly enjoyed our first night togezzer, and look forward to many more," Gabrielle sang, thrilled that the first night of her plan had been a rousing success. "I 'ave already asked my university to stay abroad for ze spring semester as well. I 'ope zey will say yes! If not per'aps you will join me in Paris."

Cheri, still flexing her jaw, dreaded the very thought. Luckily, Gabrielle did not press the topic, but merely helped Cheri into a sitting position and held before her a glass with a straw. Famished (and bound), Cheri could not refuse and sucked the glass dry, which evidently contained some kind of shake concoction.

"God, I hope that wasn't drugged," Cheri said without thinking. Gabrielle seemed capable of absolutely anything. Gabrielle, thankfully, broke into a laugh.

"I suppose I still seem a little scary. By tonight you will see zat I only love you, Cheri. I promise."

Cheri doubted this but kept her mouth shut while Gabrielle released her from the bed. The strap around Cheri's wrists was removed, but Gabrielle then tugged her hands behind her and locked them into leather cuffs. Cheri considered struggling but hesitated, thinking of Laura and Gwen, and before she knew it she was trapped again. As Gabrielle locked Cheri's ankles into cuffs with about a foot of rope linking them, Cheri's mind went in circles. Was she really submitting to Gabrielle?

Gabrielle helped Cheri to her feet. "It is time to wake Laura and Gwen. I want you to see, but you must promise not to speak or make any noise, or I will 'ave to put ze gag back on."

"Why?" Cheri risked. She'd been bursting with questions since yesterday. It felt good to finally voice one.

"Zey both 'ave tried to stay very quiet all night long. I expect zey would not like us to ruin it," Gabrielle had a strange look of satisfaction on her face. Bewildered, Cheri allowed herself to be led, bound and naked, through her own house until they reached Laura's room. The door was closed. Gabrielle pressed her finger to her lips and carefully turned the knob. Cheri's eyes went wide and she almost spoke.

Gwen and Laura remained bound together awkwardly on their sides. Their knees bent behind them as their cuffed ankles were pulled toward opposite corners of the bed and their wrists remained locked high above their heads and out of reach from each other. What shocked Cheri was how they were tied to each other by straps, each woman's hips and breasts pressing irresistibly into the other. They were indeed staying very still and very quiet facing each other, but with their gags and blindfolds Cheri couldn't tell if they were asleep or awake. Laura's face was nearly obscured, her head nuzzled into Gwen's neck under her locks of blonde hair. The strands seemed matted and both women looked to be caked in dried sweat.

Gwen was awake, at least, and stirred at the quiet creak of the door and the sound of their footfalls on the carpet. Immediately, Gwen started pulling silently at her restraints and craning her head toward them, though she made absolutely no sound. Her movement roused Laura, who flexed uncomfortably.

Motioning for Cheri to stay put, Gabrielle crept closer to her bound friends and knelt softly at the side of the bed. A hand ran up and down Gwen's body, then Laura's, tracing the creases in their hips and bottoms of their compressed tits. Both women continued to shake their heads in silent pleas for some kind of relief, and refused to make a sound even when Gabrielle grasped one of Gwen's nipples and squeezed. Finally Gabrielle, with a wide grin plastered on her lips, bent over near their faces and said, "Good morning, ladies!"

Before the words even left her mouth, both women gave a tiny moan of desperation and Laura convulsed into a sort of fit. Only then did Cheri notice the giant vibrators between their legs and realized that Brutus had just burst to life. Laura's reaction was nothing short of incredible. Her head jerked side to side, as though begging Gabrielle for it to stop. Harsh breaths escaped through her nose and it became clear Laura was becoming aroused despite herself. Powerful vibrations of varying intensity and length could be heard from Brutus, and Cheri could only guess what practiced dance was being recited within Laura's pussy and ass. Finally, she could contain herself no more.


Laura's moan was long and primal. It wasn't born of pleasure or even intensity, Cheri noticed, but rather total fatigue. What's more, it contained a hint of lament, like an apology. Cheri immediately understood, though, as Gwen started a fit of her own as Marshall awakened within her. Somehow, Laura's stimulation triggered Gwen's. Gabrielle was absolutely delighted, and removed their blindfolds. Even in all her distress, Laura and Gwen still found a brief moment to stare disbelievingly at Cheri's violet locks.

"Uhhhhmmmm. MMMMPH!" Gwen's moan soon followed. Cheri could not make sense of it, except that Gwen and Laura were both trying very hard to endure the vibrators quietly. Gabrielle then picked a small device up off the mattress and held it to her lips.

"I warned Laura and Gwen to be on zeir best be'avior last night," Gabrielle spoke directly into it, "zis microphone 'as picked up every sound, and for every squeak either Brutus or Marshall 'as brought one of zem to orgasm. An enjoyable game, non?"

The two women looked totally exhausted. Cheri was certain that Laura, if not Gwen, had already climaxed heavily. But it seemed that continued noise meant continued stimulation. She shuddered at the thought of one orgasm prompting the noise that brought another, all night...

Gabrielle opened the laptop next to the bed and checked the app controlling the vibrators. "Oh my!" she gasped with feigned concern, "you two 'ave been very busy, I see. I asked you both to be quiet and clearly you were anyzing but! Tsk tsk, ladies..."

Gwen and Laura bucked on the bed, thrusting into each other, pleading through their gags to Gabrielle as she placed the microphone back between them. Cheri wanted to help them but knew she'd never get close enough.

"I believe, ladies, zat you need a lot more practice being silent," She drowned them out before turning to Cheri. "What do you zink, Cheri? 'Ave your friends been good, or should we go play and see if zey can be quiet until it is time for dinner?"

Cheri bit her lip and stood there awkwardly in her bondage. Gwen and Laura both stared at her desperately. What the hell did Gabrielle expect her to say? If she defended her friends, would Gabrielle take that as disobedience? Would she join them on the bed, with Mr. Snuggles forcing her to cum over and over?

Cheri perhaps hesitated too long, for Gabrielle shrugged and grabbed a blindfold. Laura's eyes screamed in place of her voice as the shroud descended over her. Gabrielle picked up Gwen's blindfold promptly.

"Wait," Cheri whispered, hoping her voice wouldn't trigger yet more trouble for her friends. "It's not their fault. They couldn't stop themselves."

"By simply remaining quiet, ze toys would never 'ave turned on in ze first place," Gabrielle retorted unfeelingly, and began tying the other blindfold onto a disinclined Gwen. That clearly bought Cheri nothing.

"Fine," Cheri thought quickly. Gabrielle looked ready to leave. "If they stay here all day, they...they won't learn anything. You can't help them, and everything else you have planned for today will be wasted...uh, Mistress."

Gabrielle paused over her writhing captives and, after a moment's thought, reached over and closed the app on the laptop. Brutus and Marshall dutifully relaxed and Cheri's exhausted friends went limp, each breathing heavily. They heard Gabrielle say "Sweet Cheri, I am so proud of you!" but could not see the look of horror on their friend's face.

Gabrielle approached her favorite toy and hugged her, but just as they parted a knock was heard at the door across the house. A hand immediately clamped over Cheri's mouth, though Gwen and Laura certainly cried out. Gabrielle opened a dresser and quickly shoved a pair of Laura's panties into Cheri's mouth.

"Zose will still be in your mouth when I get back," Gabrielle warned, holding Cheri's head sharply back at her hair as she pressed the cotton further in. "Remember what I told you last night."

With that, Gabrielle reactivated the app and microphone and disappeared. Laura and Gwen silently struggled, trying to attract Cheri's attention. But Cheri just stood there, rooted in place by the memory of Gabrielle's malicious expression. What Laura and Gwen had been through-Gabrielle evidently considered that tucking them in for bedtime. Cheri was still bound tightly. Could she get free before Gabrielle returned? What then? What about her friends? If Gabrielle caught her again, what would that mean for all of them?

Cheri nearly hyperventilated before deciding that she must do something...anything. Silently, she crept to the edge of the bed and sat down. Fuck! There were padlocks on the wrist and ankle cuffs Laura and Gwen wore. She'd deal with that later. Instead, Cheri turned and reached back to Gwen's legs with her hands, reaching for the strap on her knees. Her fingers blindly found the buckle, pulling the slack through the loop. Laura had no sense of what Cheri was doing, but Gwen was mutely cheering her on...

The sound of approaching footsteps hit Cheri like a brick wall just as she was about to yank the buckle free. If Gabrielle found her trying to help, she'd surely get all three of them punished. Quickly Cheri fed the excess strap back through the buckle and stood up, hobbling back to the other side of the room. Gwen, straining violently against her bindings, went still again as soon as she heard Gabrielle re-enter the room.

"Wonderful news!" Gabrielle burst out, giving Laura a moment of abject panic as Brutus spurred to life yet again. Gabrielle, luckily, shut down the app quickly. "Ze items I ordered 'ave all arrived. Ze delivery man was quite exhausted, but I cannot wait for you to try zem on!"

Gabrielle guided Cheri to sit in the desk chair and, once the panties were removed, Cheri asked, "What do you mean? Try what on?"

"Ah yes, Cheri," Gabrielle said excitedly as she unbuckled the very strap Cheri had just worked on, "I absolutely love latex and 'ave found ze perfect outfits for all of us when we play togezzer!"

Gabrielle was very proud of herself. "If I picked ze sizes right zen we can get more. I even found a few ozzer surprises along ze way."

Gwen and Laura finally separated, their sweaty bodies clinging to one another. Gabrielle removed the blindfolds and gags.

"Goddamnit, you bitch," Laura said, the moment she was able. Swiftly, Gabrielle gave Laura's ass a hard slap.

"I already warned Cheri, and now I am warning you two," Gabrielle said sharply. Gwen's and Laura's limbs were still bound. "If you defy me, I will punish you, and you will not like it. Are we clear?"

Laura stared daggers at Gabrielle, but faltered.


"'Yes, Mistress,' you bitch."

Laura's eyes flashed at Cheri angrily, but she relented.

"Yes, Mistress..."

"And to zink," Gabrielle muttered bitterly, "I am about to be so nice to you all. You are all so dirty and I will take you each to be bathed and use ze toilet. You, Laura, will be first, and per'aps we can 'ave a little chat."

Laura was finally released from the bed, though of course her hands remained cuffed together. Her arms felt incredibly sore but nothing relieved her more than feeling Brutus part from her body. Neither she nor Gwen had any idea how many times they'd been made to orgasm last night. It could have been two or three, or twenty three. But Laura would not soon forget her losing battle to remain silent as they washed over her, nor her dread of it starting again.

Gabrielle bound Cheri to the bedroom's desk chair with a strap around the waist, then yanked Laura from the room by her tender arm. After using the toilet awkwardly in front of Gabrielle, Laura was guided into their large walk-in shower. Gabrielle, evidently, had fixed a new eyebolt in the ceiling that morning, as Laura's cuffed wrists were raised and attached to a stainless steel chain hanging from the ceiling. Gabrielle then grabbed a short spreader bar propped up in the corner and secured it to Laura's ankles. A dangling clasp at the center of the bar fastened to the grating of the shower drain.

Gabrielle grabbed one more implement, which looked like a ball gag wrapped in a washcloth. Showing it to Laura, she asked, "Will I need zis?"

Laura stood silently, staring past Gabrielle at the far wall. She refused to make eye contact.

"Per'aps not," Gabrielle set the gag on the bathroom counter and stepped, robe and all, into the shower. Facing Laura, she reached up and began massaging her captive's aching arms.

"I am not a monster, Laura," Gabrielle spoke softly.

Laura held back a snort. "That's hard to believe."

Gabrielle continued massaging. "Did you not enjoy our time togezzer last night?"

Laura's stare became even more fixed. Last night was the first time she'd ever really been with a woman, Gabrielle or not. Actually, it was the first time in a long time anybody had touched her that way. She'd stopped seeing men years ago when she finally understood her own sexuality, and around Gwen and Cheri she'd long been afraid to tell them the truth. She was afraid it would sacrifice their friendship and Laura wouldn't risk that for anything. So she flirted with men at clubs and kept up a rather vivacious appearance, but never took anyone home. The only sexual contact she'd had in years came from her own hands, except for the Dice Game. Until last night. Laura knew that, after this experience, she never wanted to be without a loving partner again. Someone who cared about her, body and soul. Who knew her deepest secrets and accepted them. Someone to be intimate with...really intimate...

But not Gabrielle. Laura wouldn't give her the satisfaction.

"And it was nice to spend ze night so close wiz someone you love, non?"

You mean trussed up with vibrators jammed into us? Laura thought bitterly. So many nights she'd dreamed about sleeping next to Gwen. That torch had ignited slowly, and by the time it was a flame Laura dared not jeopardize their friendship. Now it had happened. The feeling of their warm bodies side by side burned in Laura's mind. But it was also tainted. Tainted by this bitch.

"And 'ave I told your secret to zem, Laura?" Gabrielle implored so that Laura finally met her gaze. "I want to, Laura. I want to badly. Zey should know who zeir friend is, non?"

Laura resumed staring. "Are you going to tell them?"

Gabrielle looked Laura's body up and down. "Not yet. But I zink you should. And if you do not do it soon, I might."

Gabrielle turned on the shower, and pleasantly warm water licked Laura's body.

"Today will be beautiful if you let it. I will make you beautiful, I will be beautiful, and Gwen will be beautiful. We will do wonderful zings. But you must want zem to 'appen."

The two didn't talk much after that. Gabrielle left, closing the shower door. When she returned, naked, she washed Laura's hair and body thoroughly before shaving Laura's legs and nether regions completely smooth. She wasn't rough or unkind, but rather cared for Laura as though she loved her. Laura simply closed her eyes and pretended Gabrielle was someone else.

Laura was toweled thoroughly after her shower, then Gabrielle brought her a large glass of the same shake-thing Cheri had received. Laura devoured it hungrily. Gabrielle then released her except for her wrists and, miraculously, allowed Laura to brush her own teeth. Laura was then taken, shivering, to Gwen's bedroom, where Gabrielle had placed a stool before Gwen's large makeup table. Gabrielle bade Laura to sit and used a rope to fasten Laura's cuffs to the stool somehow so her hands remained in her lap. Laura noticed a pile of what looked like goldenrod and black plastic on the table and inferred it was her new outfit. She hated yellow.

Gabrielle was being nice, or at least less evil, but Laura wasn't fooled. The cuffs on her wrists shattered any illusion of friendship that Gabrielle tried to cultivate. Laura planted a docile expression on her face, knowing she couldn't try anything with Gabrielle so close, but inside she seethed. Gabrielle had trapped her, violated her, taunted Laura with her secret, and threatened much worse the moment she was questioned. Things would only degrade from here.

So she waited patiently while Gabrielle blow-dried and stylishly curled Laura's hair, applied some makeup, and prepared Laura's new set of latex lingerie, which turned out to be extremely risqué even for fetishwear. Standing Laura up, Gabrielle grabbed the first tiny piece of latex and rubbed talcum powder on its inside. The goldenrod panties, skimpy and bikini cut, slid up Laura's thighs until they hugged her skin very tightly. Laura noticed that were crotchless, a bad omen.

Next came the stockings, which matched the panties but had black cuffs at the top. Gabrielle dutifully worked each one up Laura's legs until they hugged her like a second skin, not a crease in them.

Next came a matching golden corset with black vertical stripes. The sides draped elegantly over Laura's hips and tapered into garters but left Laura's breasts completely exposed. Halter straps hugged them at the sides on their way up behind Laura's neck. Laura's silky spheres lifted so high that she could see them in her normal peripheral vision. The look was only exaggerated as Gabrielle tightly laced the corset and its extensive boning. Laura's new look finished with elbow-length opera gloves, golden with black cuffs at the top like her stockings, and with black ankle boots with a 4.5" heel. It was all so...tight. Taking some kind of oil on a cloth, Gabrielle rubbed Laura's new latex outfit so it became vibrant and shiny.

"One last item, my Laura. You 'ave been so well-be'aved," Gabrielle picked up a black collar and buckled it snugly around her captive's neck. It didn't choke Laura but it constantly reminded her it was there. A silver O-ring dangled from the front. Gabrielle padlocked the buckle behind Laura's neck.

"Finished! Tell me you do not look fabulous, Laura," Gabrielle lauded as she re-bound Laura's wrists behind her, now that the gloves were on.

"It's gorgeous," Laura lied blandly, but Gabrielle seemed satisfied. The look was indeed smoking hot, but Laura hated yellow. Black with hot pink trim would have looked better. Right now she looked like a bee.

Gabrielle led Laura over to the bed and made her sit. With a push, Laura toppled onto her side and she felt Gabrielle begin to coil ropes behind her.

"What are you doing now?" Laura asked nervously, feeling her boots draw together. In all this latex her senses were a bit dulled.

"I must tend to Gwen and Cheri, too, silly," Gabrielle said merrily as she fed the ends from Laura's ankle tie through her wrist cuffs and back again. Laura felt her limbs being drawn into a hogtie.

"Ow! That's tight. I'm so sore..." Laura complained.

"Ok, I understand. I want you to be ready for us to play when I return," Gabrielle took the bait and loosened the tie a little. Still, that didn't stop her from reaching for a bright yellow ball gag with a black chin strap.

"A new gag, special only for you, Laura," Gabrielle held the gag before Laura's lips, as though it were some great prize. Laura looked at Gabrielle reluctantly but wanted her satisfied for now. Slowly, Laura opened and the gag slid in, filling her mouth. Gabrielle bucked it securely.

"I will return when I am ready for you. I am so excited for today!" Gabrielle left in a flutter. Laura waited patiently, straining her ears for any sound. Gabrielle apparently fetched either Gwen or Cheri, and a few minutes later Laura heard the shower turn on. She sprang into action.

Rolling onto her side, Laura arched her back as best she could until she could reach her feet with her hands. Working her fingers between her heels, Laura searched blindly until she felt the knot of her hogtie rope. Struggling to flex herself a little further, Laura gripped the knot and began trying to pick it. The latex fingers of her gloves made her slip, but Laura eventually felt the knot unravel in her fingers.

Laura wanted to jump for joy, but then realized she couldn't hear the shower anymore. That knot took longer than she realized. Heart pounding, Laura kept her feet tucked behind her and listened. Her instincts were correct, as a moment later Gabrielle poked her head inside the door, saw Laura with a longing look painted on her face, and left again.

Laura jerked her feet down, wrenching the excess rope from her wrists. With a soft grunt, Laura realized she wasn't out of the woods yet. She needed to reach the other knot holding her ankles together. Laura stretched her legs behind her uncomfortably again, feeling for the second knot until she found it tucked in the cinch between her booted ankles. Gabrielle really did know her bondage-all the more reason to get the hell out of here.

This knot was even more difficult than the last, but Laura had practice now. Soon she was free, kicking the rope off her ankles. Creaking in her latex, Laura edged herself off the bed and stood up. She pulled at her wrists and tried to twist them around to see the cuffs, but found the vanity mirror an easier solution.

Damnit! Laura cursed in her head to see padlocks on her cuffs. She hadn't seen Gabrielle apply those. Without a key she couldn't get them off.

Laura didn't take long to weight her options. At this point she was in deep. If Gabrielle found her, she'd know Laura was attempting escape. She must either get out or face Gabrielle's wrath. Their phones were hidden and there was no landline in the house, so Laura's only hope was the door. It would be extremely embarrassing (and cold) to run down the street screaming for help in this getup, but between Gabrielle and embarrassment, Laura chose embarrassment.

Laura crept to the door and listened. She couldn't hear anything for a while, then heard footsteps approach. Heart pounding, Laura prayed no one was headed her way. The footsteps faded. Laura decided to risk it, and reached awkwardly for the doorknob. It opened silently.

The hallway was deserted, though Laura saw a wide strip of daylight pouring in from her own bedroom. Laura crept forward, stepping only on her toes to ensure her heels were quiet on the carpet.

"Magnifique," Gabrielle's cheery voice floated into the hallway and Laura froze. She was in there. Trembling, Laura took a few more steps. Peering wide-eyed around the threshold, Laura saw her. Gabrielle had her back to the door, hair already in a neat Chignon, holding something red and shiny. Laura couldn't see either of her friends. Would she notice Laura sneaking past in the mirror? Laura might as well be wearing the sun.

She chanced it, dashing silently past the door. Laura didn't stop to see if Gabrielle had seen her. Slinking on her toes, Laura remembered bitterly that both the front and back doors had wood flooring around them. Her heels could easily be heard all over the house. The front door had less. She risked it.

Slow, deliberate steps on the floor kept Laura's heels from making much noise. Her knees shaking, she took a long step to the doormat, clinging to it like a life raft. Reaching around, Laura turned the lock on the knob and tried turning it. It squeaked.

Fuck! Gabrielle had engaged the deadbolt. It was about shoulder height on the door. Laura tried lifting her bound hands but couldn't reach it. Should she try working her hands under her feet, to bring them in front of her?

A sudden noise across the house convinced Laura she was out of time. Turning her back to the door completely, she tried bending over at the waist. If she could just raise her hands enough against the door, she should be able to reach the deadbolt. The boning of the corset was very stiff, but Laura strained. She heard more footfalls, this time making the clicking sound of heavy heels. That surely wouldn't be Gwen or Cheri...

"Laura!" Gabrielle's alarmed voice echoed along the walls. She must have checked Gwen's bedroom. Laura pressed harder, compressing her waist painfully to reach. Her fingertips just reached the latch. Gabrielle came into view across the living room, a silky robe covering some elaborate outfit, and spotted Laura. They locked eyes for a moment, then Gabrielle dashed for the door.

Laura screamed as she unbolted the door, and was just turning to try and open it when Gabrielle reached her. Gabrielle pressed Laura roughly against the door and grabbed her wrist cuffs, yanking them upward and against her back. Laura cried out at the sudden shock on her arms and struggled wildly, sobbing as she tried desperately to escape Gabrielle's grasp. Gabrielle used a free hand to promptly engage both locks on the door.

"'Ow could you do zis to me?!" Gabrielle asked manically over Laura's gagged cries. "If you want to be so stubborn, I will treat you zat way!"

Laura was pulled back into the living room and forced to the floor. Gabrielle fished through the girls' bondage chest and promptly sat on Laura's back and arms. Laura thrashed ineffectually beneath her, imploring Gabrielle through her gag. Gabrielle, deaf to the pleas, padlocked ankle cuffs onto Laura and used a rope to tie her arms and legs into a stringent hogtie, knotting the rope tightly and repeatedly. Gabrielle then left Laura to struggle while she collected Cheri and Gwen. Both were gagged with their hands bound, and wore Gabrielle's new outfits for them. Gabrielle gruffly sat them on the sofa. She'd been mean before, but now she was livid. Cheri and Gwen looked on in fear and confusion. They didn't dare move.

"Laura 'as been bad. Very bad," Gabrielle announced, "and I am afraid I must show you all what 'er insolence will cost."

Part 4: Under a Violet Gun

As Laura writhed on the floor, Gabrielle disrobed to reveal a flashy dominatrix outfit. A skintight, high-neck halter teddy covered her in blood red latex except for an open slit down the center. That slit had black laces pulling it taut, though Gabrielle's generous cleavage strained to burst forth from the otherwise flawlessly smooth rubber. Behind her, more lacing revealed the presence of a built in cincher around Gabrielle's waist. Though her shoulders were bare, black fingerless gloves flowed high up her arms. The high cut of the teddy stretched between her legs over black latex tights which covered her hips and sculpted ass entirely, though a small seam could be seen underneath which clearly concealed a zipper. Over the tights were red stockings and garters which matched the teddy. They stretched high on her thighs but only a few inches were visible above her black boots. They flowed over her knees and ended in a small platform and a towering 6" heel, with lacing all the way down the front.

Almost every inch of Gabrielle's body shimmered in the gloss of the latex. She looked beyond dangerous, and carried the outfit as though it was the only clothing she'd ever felt natural in. As though she'd never take it off.

The corner of the room held the remnants of the morning packages. Gabrielle strolled over to it, walking skillfully in her sky-high heels, and picked a few items out of the boxes. They looked like new restraints. Taking them to the girls' regular toybox, Gabrielle selected a large variety of things and dumped them all in a pile next to Laura, who eyed it fearfully.

Gabrielle spoke sternly. "Last night I showed you ze carrot, Laura, and I 'oped never to use ze stick. Now I see I need to. And," she nodded to Gwen and Cheri, "you need to be an example for zem."

Laura, still hogtied, was heaved onto her knees. Gabrielle took a funny looking plastic tube with a rubber bulb at the end. Cheri thought wildly of a turkey baster. Squeezing the bulb, Gabrielle placed the open end over Laura's nipple and released. Laura grunted strangely as the negative pressure latched the device onto her breast, pulling the erect nipple into the tube slightly. Gabrielle applied another to Laura's other breast.

Next, Gabrielle untied the rope holding Laura in a hogtie and, while her captive reeled from the new sensations on her chest, began sliding a leather armbinder over her arms. Laura struggled meekly as Gabrielle savagely laced the glove over her cuffed wrists so they were inaccessible and forced Laura's arms to slowly join behind her. Once the straps of the armbinder were crossed over Laura's chest, holding it in place, Gabrielle grabbed a thick strap and wrapped it around Laura's elbows, cinching until they fully touched, and padlocked the buckle. Cheri remembered doing the same thing to her friend once. This felt entirely different.

Her arms secure, Laura felt a thin length of rope being wrapped around her waist. Gabrielle knotted it tightly and then wove a portion of the free ends into an elaborate braid which was then fed between Laura's legs to her front. Gabrielle attentively spread the lips of Laura's pussy, making its owner shudder, and stretched the braid over her clit directly before pulling the rope excruciatingly tight through a loop on her waist. Lots of slack remained on the rope, which Gabrielle then fed back through Laura's legs, this time outside Laura's vulva. When Gabrielle yanked the rope again, the strands tightened and pinched the helpless lips against the braid between them before they disappeared between Laura's cheeks. Gabrielle knotted the rope so it would not loosen.

Laura whimpered as she was made to stand. Gabrielle wrapped more leather straps around her upper thighs and above and below her knees. Gabrielle turned Laura to face her friends.

"Are you frightened, Laura?" Gabrielle asked from behind. One arm held Laura's teetering form steady while another kneaded a breast. Laura immediately nodded penitently. Gabrielle's free hand worked its way down to Laura's bound pussy.

"Do you want me to punish you, my toy?" Gabrielle cooed. Laura immediately shook her head and groaned. "Oh but I zink you do," Gabrielle smiled in her captive's ear, "you are so very wet."

And so she was. Gabrielle's finger left Laura's pussy covered in her juices. The crotch rope was already nearly soaked. Gabrielle pulled a small key out from beneath her teddy and released Laura's collar from her neck.

"You no longer deserve zis," Gabrielle tossed the collar away. "I 'ope in time you will earn it back. Until zen you will wear zese."

Gabrielle picked up and held up a mess of straps. Laura's eyes went wide and she tried to sink back to the floor, but

Gabrielle didn't let her. Instead, Laura saw a massive leather blindfold descend over her eyes. Her nose went through a small hole in the front and when Gabrielle tied the straps, the soft orbits of Laura's eyes could be seen beneath the leather. Next Gabrielle unbuckled the yellow gag.

"...mmmp-ah, fuck. I'll be good, please! Gabrielle, uh Mistress, I'll do anythmmMMMPH!" Laura pled as Gabrielle changed the gags. She responded calmly, "You clearly need ze 2 inch gag to help you be'ave."

Laura whimpered as the massive ball was worked past her teeth. The muzzle harness pressed the entire volume of the ball inside Laura's mouth, stretching her jaw and stifling any more than monosyllabic moans. A square of hard leather sealed over her lips to hold the ball firmly in place while straps around Laura's head and under her chin forced her jaw to clamp down on the ball. Gabrielle padlocked every strap. Next came a massive collar that covered most of Laura's neck and made it nearly impossible to turn her head. Both of its buckles received a lock as well.

Laura stood, helplessly groaning into her new muzzle, as Gabrielle selected a new length of thin rope and began winding it around the bases of Laura's breasts. With each loop her globes puffed outward from the pressure. After several coils around each, Gabrielle began feeding the rope between them in a figure eight pattern until both of Laura's squeezed tits jutted straight out, the tubes nearly parallel.

Leaving Laura to teeter for a moment, Gabrielle went over to the living room's coat closet. Opening the door wide, she quickly removed all its contents and tossed them aside before taking what looked like a giant flap of leather, at least 6" wide and a few feet long out of a package and laying it on the floor of the closet. Returning to Laura, Gabrielle removed the cuffs on her ankles and tied the end of a rope to the ring on Laura's collar. With a yank, Laura was forced to blindly make her way across the room, unaware of her destination and limited to tiny steps in her heels. Kept from toppling by Gabrielle, Laura was finally lowered onto her knees in the closet. Gabrielle wove a long strap around Laura's ankles and boots to bind her feet parallel together, then adjusted her so that she knelt in profile on the floor inside the closet. Gabrielle took the flap of leather, which her captive now knelt on, and wrapped it over Laura's lap. Buckling it forced Laura's legs and thighs to remain tightly bent. She could no longer deviate from her kneeling position.

Laura waited, trembling, as Gabrielle fetched several more lengths of rope. The first looped around Laura's wrists over the armbinder. Bending Laura forward at the waist, Gabrielle pulled her arms into nearly a right angle off her back. Laura groaned uncomfortably as Gabrielle tied the rope securely to the closet's crossbar, where coats hung only moments before. But Gabrielle wasn't finished. The rope hanging from Laura's collar was fed through the strap at her knees and pulled tight until Laura was forced into an awkward leaning position. Another rope looped around her elbows and also found its way to the crossbar at a right angle to her strappadoed arms. And yet another rope was attached to the top of her gag harness, fed to the crossbar and through the knot suspending her arms, and yanked Laura's head back as far as it could manage in her collar. Gabrielle fed that rope through Laura's crotchrope at her back, tied it into half hitch, and began sliding the knot up the taut rope. Laura whined helplessly as the tension of her crotchrope magnified until she was desperate to raise her hips (which, of course, she couldn't).

Gwen and Cheri were aghast. They had been tying each other for years but this was so much...stricter. Their hearts pounded, imagining Laura's discomfort, imagining themselves in her place. Neither would ever admit it, but they each felt a morbid curiosity. What must a position like that feel like? Cheri felt guilty for wondering whether Laura was still was wet as she had been.

To their further astonishment, Gabrielle still wasn't finished binding Laura. With a pinch, the bound woman felt each of the plastic tubes separate from her body. Her nipples had engorged from the pressure to about twice their normal size. Taking what looked like basic kite string, Gabrielle bound each of Laura's nipples in several coils until, like her breasts, each tip was squeezed into a little ball protruding out into space. Laura's strained protests didn't stop Gabrielle from retrieving a small eyebolt from her boxes and screwing it into the wall opposite Laura's chest. The free ends of Laura's strings were then fed through the eye and given a few liberal tugs. Laura cried out and tried to relieve the pressure on her already aching nipples. Once satisfied that Laura had puffed out her chest every last fraction of an inch her restraints would allow, she pulled the strings through the bolt insufferably tight and knotted them off with a neat little bow. Laura struggled pitifully, trying and failing desperately to find any kind of relief in her position. Then she heard Gabrielle's acid voice in her ear.

"I remember 'ow you like to give names to parts of your bondage," Gabrielle whispered sweetly, "You may call zis your 'Oubliette.' In French it means 'a place to forget.'"

Laura cried out and strained against her bondage.

"I am going to close zis door, Laura," Gabrielle hissed, "and you may forget about everyzing outside ze Oubliette. And I will forget about you." Laura whimpered as Gabrielle stood up.

"You may wonder when I will release you, but I am afraid I do not know. I will decide when I am ready to remember you again." The next sound Laura heard was the click of the door closing. Laura called out to someone, anyone, but found herself totally alone.

Cheri was alone on the sofa. She dared not move. Laura had tried to move, and now she was bound tighter than she could ever have imagined, stuffed in the closet not twelve feet away. Cheri wanted to help her, but Gabrielle had placed a large bell on the door. Cheri would never open it without Gabrielle knowing, and then she might as well join Laura inside the Oobly-whatever.

She wanted to comfort Laura, to stroke her face with a friendly hand and ease her tensions. Hell, she would settle for calling through the door to tell her everything would be ok, that she was not abandoned. But Cheri could do none of those things. Gabrielle had taken Gwen away somewhere to do who knows what, and left Cheri to wait anxiously, too daunted by her captor to do anything else.

Cheri felt so powerless. She felt like a plaything for Gabrielle, a helpless sex doll who bended to every whim of its puppet master. Cheri definitely looked the part.

Gabrielle had dressed Cheri in a high neck halter teddy reminiscent of her own. Cheri figured this was intentional, except Cheri's was a bright royal purple that matched her hair. Her breasts weren't completely bare like with Laura's outfit, but Cheri's ample chest poured out from the teddy's minimal attempts to cover them. A small amount of lacing held Cheri's bust line together and she suspected that pulling just one of the little strings on the knot would cause her breasts to tumble forth for all to see. Cheri suspected that was intentional, too.

Next, Cheri was stringently laced into a black underbust corset. Below that, Cheri's teddy had an elaborate silver zipper over the crotch that contrasted well with the skin of her thighs. Not that anyone could see: Gabrielle concealed it with a purple latex pencil skirt. The waist zipped up like a normal skirt but the bottom, which fell almost to her knee, had been laced together snugly so that Cheri's legs were forced together. Underneath the skirt were garters holding up taut black latex thigh-highs and, like Gabrielle, Cheri wore purple, laced boots with a 4.5" heel, though Cheri's only rose to the knee. She also wore black opera length gloves, though hers were not fingerless. Gabrielle probably didn't intend for Cheri have much use of her hands.

The outfit would have felt incredibly sexy if Cheri didn't feel like Gabrielle's concubine. As she had with Laura, Gabrielle had devoted some time that morning to giving Cheri some makeup and lightly styling her shockingly vibrant hair. Combined with the outfit, Cheri didn't look like herself at all. She felt like a toy playing dress-up to suit another. And wasn't she? To be honest, if she'd been given free reign to make herself look sexier than she'd ever been, Cheri would have chosen latex. She would have chosen purple (the hair might be a bit much), and she probably would have chosen clothing pretty close to this. But she didn't choose it at all. She was simply its mannequin, to be dressed and touched and manipulated.

Cheri stood suddenly. Sitting was just too unbearable. She paced restlessly in the room, hobbled by the ultra-tight skirt, eyeing the closet door whenever she faced it. Eventually Cheri walked over to it, her face inches from the door. She thought of Laura within, alone in the dark, thinking the rest of the world indifferent to her plight. There had to be some way to help...

"We all 'ave our place."

Cheri jumped and saw that Gabrielle leaning against the wall off the hall, twirling a long riding crop in her fingers. She gazed at Cheri. "Do you zink Laura's place is out 'ere, with us?"

Glassy eyed, Cheri met Gabrielle's eyes and nodded. "So do I," Gabrielle said insensitively, "But she does not understand 'ers yet. Let me show you yours."

Gabrielle went back to her massive pile of delivered boxes. Most looked empty now, with packing strewn all over the floor. A few remained, including two massive boxes that looked heavy. Cheri worried for a moment what might be inside, but Gabrielle selected a smaller one and cut the tape. It opened like a briefcase and revealed a shiny new assortment of purple restraints, all individually wrapped in plastic and set in foam slots. They looked very high end.

"Zese are all special for you, mon Chéri," Gabrielle presented them like a gift. "I 'ope you will feel comfortable in zem. Safe and secure for me."

Cheri looked at Gabrielle skeptically but had little choice in the matter. Cheri's hands were uncuffed and her gag removed, but she didn't dare run. Gabrielle was so close and her skirt would hobble her steps, not to mention poor Laura and wherever Gwen might be. Gabrielle was thoroughly in control even without using bondage, not that she'd go without for long.

First, Cheri's ankles were fitted with new cuffs over her boots, with a short 8" chain fastened between them. Cheri was made to test it out, finding that between it and her skirt only tiny steps were possible. Gabrielle also pointed out a small metal pin on the inside of her right ankle which could insert into a slot on her left and lock the cuffs to bind Cheri's ankles instantly. Next came a small strap which seemed to have no purpose at all, which Gabrielle wrapped around Cheri corseted waist almost twice before it clipping it in place.

Next came a wide black collar with purple trim which was locked around Cheri's neck. Like Laura's had been, there was a padlock for the back buckle, but Cheri's had both a large O-ring at the front and another tiny ring beneath it. The wrist cuffs followed, each with a padlock identical to those on her ankles and collar. Gabrielle kept drawing from a small pile of locks that came with the rest. Like with her ankles, these came with a short chain (about 5") but Gabrielle didn't use that chain. She instead embraced Cheri warmly, gently pressing her wrists together behind her until Cheri heard a soft click. They, like Cheri's ankles, apparently interlocked quite easily.

"Is there no way to free me?" Cheri asked innocently, tugging lightly at her wrists.

"Not for you," Gabrielle said excitedly, holding up a tiny key on a short chain, "I 'ave ze only key and 'ope to rarely need it."

She winked at Cheri, as though waiting for her to say "me too." But any words Cheri had got lost in her throat. Gabrielle settled for showing Cheri the rest of her pyrrhic present. The first item looked like a large latex trapezoid with a zipper. It was, as Gabrielle explained, an armbinder, though Cheri had never seen one which didn't encase the wrists. Luckily Gabrielle didn't immediately put it on. Cheri was less lucky with the next item, a pair of tweezer clamps connected by a chain. "Please," Cheri implored, thinking of Laura, "I don't like those."

"Precisely why you must wear zem," Gabrielle countered, peeling back the latex over Cheri's breast just enough to clamp it around her nipple. Cheri winced once, then twice. They stung, but not nearly so bad as when Cheri had last worn clamps during the Dice Game. She supposed she could endure the pinching now just as she did then. "Your breasts are so lovely, Cheri, and before long zey will be one of your favorite toys."

The chain between them had a clip in the middle, which Gabrielle clasped to the small ring on Cheri's collar. The chain was just barely too short, so that the tweezers pulled slightly on Cheri's nipples at all times, particularly if she walked.

There were three more items which Gabrielle kept hidden until Cheri agreed to bend over onto the dining room table. Once Cheri obeyed, Gabrielle disappeared briefly to the kitchen. Upon returning she placed the first item before Cheri: a large ball gag.

"Do you like it?" Gabrielle asked. The ball was violet silicone to match her outfit, with black straps for her head and chin.

"It''s lovely," Cheri stammered, not sure what else to say, " I have to wear it now?"

"You will wear it all ze time unless I say so. You will look truly magnifique in it, but right now I have a different plan for you." Gabrielle took the gag and buckled it loosely around Cheri like a necklace. Cheri guessed she wanted it ready at a moment's notice. Gabrielle placed two more items before her eyes, which were nothing like the rest.

They were both made of glass, the first like a miniature pear on a small stand. The other was a curved phallus roughly 4" long with an enlarged penile head at the end. Through the clear blue girth, though, Cheri could make out 3 spherical pockets in the class, each with what looked like a smaller metal ball sealed inside. As Gabrielle set it down, the balls rolled around inside. Below the phallus, the glass curved into a narrow shaft in the shape of a J with a ridged knob at the tip.

"Zey are clean and ready to use, Cheri, are you ready?" Cheri hoped these weren't what she thought they were, but Gabrielle was already unlacing Cheri's skirt. Cheri felt the skirt yank down on her legs, revealing her ass and the bottom of her teddy. Gabrielle promptly opened the zipper there, exposing her shaven sex, and Cheri felt Gabrielle's probing fingers. Within moments, Cheri let out a blissful moan in spite of herself and Gabrielle announced she was, in fact, ready.

Cheri saw the pear disappear from her sight first, and jumped when she felt its mass, dripping with lubricant, insisting upon her. Cheri shuddered and groaned as Gabrielle pressed the plug firmly into Cheri's ass, and without hesitation Cheri saw the other toy disappear as well. Its tip called at the edge of Cheri's pussy and she couldn't help but exhale as it slid swiftly into her until its curved end nestled into the folds of her clit. Holding them both in place, Gabrielle closed the zipper on Cheri's teddy and tugged the skirt back into place. Cheri squirmed her hips as Gabrielle laced the skirt back up, leaving no one the wiser.

"I can see you like zem," Gabrielle spoke seductively as she watched her toy. "Ze balls will move around and pleasure you lightly every time you move, while ze curved end massages your clit. I want you ready to be played with at any time, mon Chéri."

Cheri groaned, but this time not from the toys. Everything was already so difficult with Gabrielle that being perpetually horny wouldn't help. Nor did it help when she felt Gabrielle sliding the armbinder up her arms. Feeding the zipper, Gabrielle slid it closed like a coat, drawing Cheri's arms close together. It wasn't the tightest she'd ever felt, but Cheri wouldn't escape this on her own.

Cheri was pulled back up again and Gabrielle attached a leash to her collar. Without explaining, Gabrielle pulled Cheri after her down the hall toward her own bedroom. Gabrielle was right: as Cheri walked the metal balls inside her pussy rolled around in their glass enclosure, sending soft tremors into Cheri's loins. It was very distracting.

"I need your 'elp," Gabrielle announced outside Cheri's bedroom door. "Zis afternoon I will play with Gwen but I am out of ideas." Gabrielle opened the door to reveal Gwen tightly bound on Cheri's bed. Her latex outfit was far less complex than Cheri's. Like the others, she wore long latex opera gloves and stockings, though Gwen's were a deep blue with silver trim. The rest was a comparatively simple latex bra, G-string, and strapped pumps. Not that Gwen didn't look hot as hell in it. Cheri had to admit that Gabrielle had good taste, or perhaps her glass intruders were already affecting her.

"What have you done to her?" Cheri asked sharply, forgetting her vulnerable situation. Gwen was laying on her stomach, arms and legs tied spread eagle to the corners of the bed with additional ropes pulling her knees apart. A thick pillow under her hips raised her ass into the air a couple inches. What astonished Cheri, though, was the anal hook.

This devilish device was not one of Gabrielle's purchases. Gwen herself had purchased it as a joke for the Dice Game, something to scare each other with playfully. None of them had ever been brave enough to use it. Yet there the hook was, its end buried deep inside Gwen before curving up her back and attaching to a rope. That rope led to the top of the harness ball gag currently encasing Gwen's head. The red ball jutted out from her teeth and pulled her head so far back that she was looking directly forward on the bed. Gabrielle, ever clever, had placed a mirror on the bed before her, and she watched their reflection intently as they took in the sight. Cheri turned to Gabrielle and asked her again.

"Only what your Dice Game told me, dear," Gabrielle said defensively, pointing to the box and dice on the bedside table. "It said Gwen was to be tied spread eagle, zat I should make it very tight."

Gwen was indeed stretched to her very limit, and did not look comfortable. "It also said to stimulate Gwen 'eavily and zat she is to orgasm, 5 times."

Gwen groaned and struggled but clearly could not budge an inch. Gabrielle tugged Cheri over to her office chair and sat her down in it. Cheri's arms were stretched over the back of the chair and Gabrielle unraveled the decorative strap around Cheri's waist and used it to bind her there. Cheri's ankles were also pushed together so that they locked, and the excess chain was used to secure her feet to the center column. Cheri could only watch as Gabrielle strode over to the bed and sat down, running a hand along Gwen's restrained leg.

"So tell me, Cheri," Gabrielle beamed at her adopted protégé, "what shall we do wiz ze lucky Gwen?" Cheri stared uncertainly. Gwen's eyes watched Cheri through the mirror.

"I don't know...Mistress," Cheri felt very scared. This seemed like a fine line for her to walk, with Gwen's safety on one side and Gabrielle's wrath on the other. "We don't play our game like that. We just-"

"We do not need to play ze game at all," Gabrielle said simply, "Ze dice do not care if we obey zem! You must move beyond what you have done before. What shall we do?"

Cheri felt very hot. This was impossible.

"What, Cheri?" Gabrielle was being very harsh here, and picked up her riding crop again.

"Well...I guess we're supposed make her climax?" Cheri offered. Gwen groaned at this. Perhaps her night with Laura was still prevalent in her mind. "Good," Gabrielle seemed placated enough, "would you like to pleasure 'er yourself?"

"Um, that's ok...M-Mistress." Gabrielle didn't press it, to Cheri's relief. Instead, she left and promptly returned with a large wand vibrator. Gabrielle plugged it in and turned it on to maximum, approaching Gwen. She kept an eye on Cheri as the whirring head drew closed to Gwen's exposed sex. Gwen was thrashing in vain and as Gabrielle suspected, Cheri found her voice.

"Wait!" Cheri yelled, and Gabrielle paused with the head of the wand an inch from Gwen, "you can't do it like that."

"Oh?" Gabrielle looked at Cheri knowingly.

It doesn't feel good if you just shove a vibrator into her," Cheri stuttered, "You need to, you, get her horny first. So she wants you to do it..."

"Oh, Mon Chéri," Gabrielle cheered, "you are so right! We cannot pleasure Gwen unless we show her zat we love her."

Gwen looked daggers at Cheri as Gabrielle's hands began traversing her body. Cheri watched from afar, praying this was the way to help Gwen, as Gabrielle held her body against Gwen's sensually, fingers running up and down her thighs and occasionally brushing her pussy. Soon the vibrator returned, set much lower as it brushed across Gwen's ass and thighs while Gabrielle's hand stroked Gwen's taut neck. Gwen could not help but become aroused by Gabrielle's touch. A reluctant groan left Gwen's lips when the vibrator brushed lightly against her pussy for the first time. She began to pant as Gabrielle looked up at Cheri again.

"Now?" she asked.

"Yes, now."

The vibrator gradually revved up between Gwen's legs until she cried out in ecstasy for her captors, climaxing hard and fast until the vibrator felt so intense that she could no longer endure it. Gabrielle deliberately lingered for a few seconds before allowing Gwen to relax.

"Again?" Gabrielle asked promptly while Gwen writhed beneath her.

"Let her breathe!" Cheri cried.

"Why? Is she not aroused?" Gabrielle pressed the vibrator against Gwen again, who cried out and tried to buck it away.

"No! Please...let her rest a second!" Cheri begged. Gabrielle removed the vibrator and Gwen relaxed. She looked at Cheri, "What, zen?"

Cheri hung her head. She couldn't think. She had no idea what to say and Gwen was going to suffer for it. She wanted to cry.

"I 'ave an idea," Gabrielle said finally, watching Cheri's struggle. Cheri looked up to see the riding crop twirling in her fingers again. "I remember when I first saw Gwen tied up. You and Laura put clamps on 'er breasts and she liked it sooooo much. I expect zat our Gwen here enjoys more zan one kind of pleasure."

Cheri watched anxiously as the first smack of the crop met Gwen's bare ass. Gwen immediately yelped and pulled at her bonds, but she could do absolutely nothing to shield herself. Gabrielle stood off the bed and began pacing around it. Another smack solicited a long moan from her gagged lips. She clearly enjoyed the sensation, however reluctantly. After a couple more smacks, Gabrielle pressed the tip of the crop authoritatively against Gwen's smooth pussy, so hard that the shaft of the crop arced.

"And ze lady enjoys 'erself," Gabrielle said confidently as she lifted the crop to examine it. Even at a distance Cheri could see Gwen's arousal glistening on the leather tip. Gabrielle licked it triumphantly.

"Tres bien, Gwen. You taste 'eavenly," Gabrielle taunted as Gwen's face went red. "Do not be ashamed. I want us to find pleasure togezzer. Mine comes from yours." Swiftly, Gabrielle climbed over Gwen on the bed and straddled her backwards.

"We all 'ave our special desires. Gwen does not just need to be tied up. She needs to feel 'elpless and vulnerable," Gabrielle said triumphantly, reaching forward and massaging Gwen's clit while she purred uncontrollably.

She spanked Gwen again with the crop. Gwen cried out and struggled but Cheri could see how aroused it made her. She'd never seen Gwen act like this before. Gabrielle pressed the crop into her pussy once more and Gwen moaned as though passionately making love. When Gabrielle started lightly tapping Gwen with the crop directly between her legs, and the effect was incredible. Cheri swore she was about to orgasm at any moment. When Gabrielle relented, a wet spot was visible on the mattress underneath her friend.

"You see, Cheri?" Gabrielle gasped proudly as she let Gwen calm a little, "all Gwen needed was someone willing to take charge. To dominate her and be in control."

Cheri was positively stunned by the site, but she nevertheless had an idea. She asked Gwen, "Tell me, then, do you want her to spank you like that??"

Gwen's eyes slid into focus with the question, and she looked longing to Cheri in the mirror.

"Nuh-uh." Gabrielle looked on hopefully.

"Should she let you go?"

"Mmm-hmm! Uh-huh, uh-huh!" Gwen was struggling hopefully now, eyes fixed on Cheri.

"Of course she would say zat!" Gabrielle spat, "It is part of her fantasy."

"Remember our safety, Gwen? What to do if you really want to be let go?" Cheri asked delicately.

Gwen promptly began humming through her gag. Gabrielle immediately grew livid. "Stop it! Now!"

Gwen felt the sting of the crop again and stopped humming, her eyes watering. Gabrielle leapt off the bed.

"It's ok, Gwen. Hang in there, it's ok-" Cheri managed before Gabrielle shoved the purple ball between her teeth. As quickly as Gabrielle could work her key, Cheri found herself released from the chair and stumbling out of the room at the end of her leash. Cheri and Gwen locked eyes until she was out of sight.

"Do zat again and you will sleep in ze Oubliette!" Gabrielle shrieked into Cheri's ear. Once clear of the bedroom, Gabrielle angrily tightened Cheri's gag as much as possible and an audible click indicated the closing of a padlock. Cheri cowered before her, terrified of what Gabrielle might do to her. But she was lucky. All Gabrielle did was release Cheri's arms from their binder and move her wrist cuffs around to her front, with the short chain linking them. Taking the long thin strap, Gabrielle wrapped it around Cheri's arms and torso so that her upper arms remained pinned at her sides. The shackled Cheri was then led back to the living room.

"I will finish wiz Gwen, alone," Gabrielle announced. "And I will make our dinner soon. I want ze house clean when I return. If not, you will spend all night as Laura's replacement."

The look in Gabrielle's eye told Cheri this was no idle threat. Gabrielle returned to the bedroom and Cheri set to work immediately, too petrified not to.

Part 5: A Rare Gift (added: 2016/07/20)

The sun was setting outside as Cheri struggled, a rag in her hand, to try and wipe off the dinner table. Movement wasn't easy in these shackles. Cheri could only walk in short steps, could barely extend her hands away from her body, and the corset made her waist rigid. It also didn't help that her legs were basically welded together above the knee, nor that every movement made the toys inserted into Cheri's loins tease her. But she cleaned vigorously nonetheless. She picked up the cardboard and packaging, and the discarded restraints from Gabrielle's sick games were all collected and neatly put away. Cheri even dug out the vacuum, which thankfully drowned out the fretful noises coming from her bedroom. Cheri dreaded what might be happening to Gwen.

It was her fault. She'd mouthed off and defied Gabrielle, trying to defend Gwen, and it backfired. Just like Laura's moment of defiance had backfired. Now Gwen was taking a lashing for Cheri's behavior, and Cheri hoped to God that was just an expression. But all Cheri had to do was clean. Sure she was chained and gagged in this latex prison, but there was no Gabrielle around. Hardly fair.

Finishing awkwardly with the table (her arms could only reach so much), Cheri heard yet another whimper from the closet in the living room. She'd been trying to tune those out for what must be hours. Laura was still in there, savagely bound in an extreme position. Gabrielle was punishing them all but Laura had it the worst by far. Cheri tried again to ignore it as she set the table for dinner. Should she set four place settings, or only three? That question nearly made Cheri drop the plates.

The strained cries grew louder. It was unbearable. Cheri approached the closet door, knowing she couldn't open it without Gabrielle knowing. Carefully, she lowered herself onto her knees and, for the second time today, peered intently into the white paint of the door as though trying to see through it. Her friend sat inches away.

Cheri was still gagged. She couldn't say anything if she wanted to, so she leaned close to the door and, with her cuffed hand, rapped gently on the wood. The pattern of groans immediately ceased and Cheri could tell Laura was listening for the sound. She rapped again and heard Laura grunt deliberately through her gag.

"Mmmph." Cheri responded. Hey Laura, it's me.

More muffled sounds. Laura was clearly trying to speak despite her oppressive muzzle.

"Mmmph." I want to help. I really do. But there's nothing I can do.

Laura's sounds were more frantic now. Cheri could hear her struggling wildly against her restraints. Laura must be in tremendous discomfort after all this time.

"Mmmph." It's going to be ok, Laura. I promise. But each sound from Cheri only seemed to make Laura more desperate for freedom. Cheri wasn't helping at all. Cheri heard her bedroom door open. Gabrielle must be returning. As quick as she could, Cheri struggled to her feet and made for the dining room. When Gabrielle strolled in, Cheri was dutifully setting the table.

"I am impressed, Cheri," Gabrielle said as she looked about the house. Cheri was just glad her mood had improved. "'Ave you also cleaned ze bedrooms?"

Cheri shook her head apologetically. "Alright," Gabrielle didn't seem worried, "Tend to zem before I finish preparing dinner."

Cheri made for the door as fast as she could. "But," Gabrielle warned her retreating back, "Gwen is not to be touched.


Cheri turned and nodded. Gabrielle seemed to love Cheri's new humility. Cheri told herself it was just an act. She prayed it was just an act.

Cheri made straight for her bedroom to find quite a sound coming from inside. She pushed open the door to find Gwen still tied spread eagle on her bed as before. Her ass and thighs resembled a fire engine thanks to Gabrielle's liberal use of her crop. She looked exhausted but she struggled and moaned frantically as the wand vibrator buzzed between her legs. Gabrielle had tied it to Gwen's hips with a length of rope and left it on at full power. Upon seeing Cheri, Gwen screamed into her gag and yanked at her restraints, imploring Cheri for help with wide eyes.

Communication isn't exactly easy when both parties are gagged, but Cheri gave Gwen a helpless look through violet locks and motioned out the door. Gabrielle, remember? That didn't seem to faze Gwen very much. Cheri sympathized, but Gwen's limbs were all in padlocked restraints. Cheri couldn't free her if she wanted. The anal hook looked nasty, but if Cheri untied it Gabrielle would surely find out. Cheri stood there meekly for a moment, then noticed the wall outlet. Cheri hobbled herself across the room and contorted herself until she managed to pull the vibrator's plug out of its socket. The wand died with a very thankful groan from its host.

Gwen still seemed eager for release, but Cheri couldn't risk any more than that. Instead she tidied things as she'd been instructed while Gwen's confused eyes followed her around the room. Cheri finished quickly and knew she had to leave. If she didn't follow instructions Gabrielle would get angry and Cheri had no idea who she'd take it out on. And Gabrielle couldn't find that vibrator unplugged...

Cheri tried wordlessly to explain her predicament to Gwen, but her friend still got quite upset when she saw Cheri heading for the outlet. Gwen shook her head frantically as Cheri replaced the plug, and the wand burst to life again inside her. A ten minute reprieve was the best Cheri could offer and by the time Cheri managed to close the door behind her, Gwen was already reeling from yet another bittersweet orgasm.

When Cheri cleaned Laura's room, however, something miraculous happened. In a bedside drawer Cheri found a tiny bronze key. Examining it, Cheri realized it was for Laura's myriad collection of padlocks. Breathing fast, Cheri pressed the key to the padlock on her wrist cuff, but it wouldn't fit.

Fuck! Gabrielle had used a new set of locks on Cheri for this ridiculous outfit. Cheri couldn't release her own restraints. Carefully, she tucked the key under the buckle of her cuff. Somehow she'd find a use for this.

Cheri sat strapped to her dinner seat. Her arms were no longer bound to her sides, thankfully, but she still had to eat her dinner with chained hands. Gabrielle had little trust for her prisoners today and no time at all for irony. Gwen was at the table, too, but her arms were bound behind her and she could not reach the food on her plate. Cheri had to assist her between her own bites, and it was clear that sitting wasn't very comfortable for Gwen right now. Laura's place was still empty, but Cheri was steeling the remains of her courage.

"Would it be possible, Mistress, to let Laura have dinner, too?" Cheri knew Gabrielle best, and was trying to speak in a way she'd respond to.

"Why?" Gabrielle said without looking up from her own food. Apparently Laura was still not forgiven, and Cheri was daunted into silence for several more minutes. Then she tried again.

"S-She's barely eaten anything today, Mistress."

That gave Gabrielle pause. "I told you before, she made 'er choice."

"Please, Mistress."

Gabrielle stared her down. Cheri knew she was pushing her luck.

"What if I said she could only come out if you took 'er place?"

Cheri resented her own hesitation. "I would say yes, Mistress."

Gabrielle didn't speak again until she finished her meal. Then she rose and released Cheri from her chair. She motioned for Cheri to follow. Perhaps the only suitable punishment for feeling curious about Laura's predicament, was to experience it.

The November days were short and the living room was already dark. The bell rang as Gabrielle opened the door. Laura remained in her kneeling strappado, breast bondage and crotch rope still taut and in place. Sweat beaded her body but Laura hadn't managed to budge an inch during all those hours. Her poor nipples resembled tiny cherries. She simply shook in place, her features contorted and hidden beneath her large gag and blindfold.

"Are we 'aving fun, Laura?" Gabrielle asked coyly. Laura just whimpered pitifully, clearly unsure whether Gabrielle was merely here to taunt her, or make things even worse.

"Cheri is very worried about you."

"I'm here, Laura." Cheri knew Gabrielle wouldn't allow her to say anything else.

"She wants me to let you out of your cozy Oubliette. What do you zink?" Gabrielle asked darkly. Laura shrieked through her gag and struggled. Cheri winced, watching the strings yank at Laura's tits.

"You were very naughty earlier, Laura. Are you going to be'ave?" Gabrielle asked seriously. The nod was tiny but unmistakable. Gabrielle motioned to Cheri and they began releasing Laura at last. She was bound so stringently that it took forever. Cheri immediately went for Laura's chest, releasing the string from the bolt on the wall. Every agitation of Laura's breasts looked agonizing. Cheri tried to be tender, but nothing could lessen the jolts Laura felt as the strings uncoiled from her nipples and restored full circulation. The same thing happened as Gabrielle lowered Laura's arms and allowed the crotch rope to slacken. Laura was just sore all over.

Once she was mostly freed, Gabrielle mercifully removed the muzzle gag. Laura lurched forward and immediately coughed. She collapsed into Cheri desperately.

"T-thank you..." she choked. Gabrielle seemed to think Laura referred to her. Cheri didn't dare correct it.

It was clear Laura wouldn't be winning any races, so Gabrielle had no qualms fully releasing her legs. Her arms, though, remained secure in the armbinder. Cheri helped steady Laura as best she could, and Gwen gasped audibly when she caught her first glimpse of her friend. Gabrielle just eyed them sternly.

Though still incredibly sore in her yellow latex, Laura looked a lot better by the time she'd eaten some of her (cold) dinner. What she wanted most was water. But Gabrielle was only patient for so long, and soon she was leading Laura and Gwen out of the room. Cheri remained behind, with her gag back in and her arms strapped, with barked orders to clear the table.

Cheri complied, slowly because the glass toys inside her now tormented her constantly. There was no getting around it now: Cheri longed to cum. She longed for distractions to help her not think about orgasms. But she was alone, and her toys kept playing with her. Release became the only thing on her mind.

Gabrielle returned sooner than Cheri expected, carrying a jumbled pile of multicolored latex. Laura and Gwen, it seems, had been let out of their costumes.

"Ah, Gwen and Laura are tucked in for ze night," she announced triumphantly, but when she saw Cheri's horrified look she added, "Relax, sweet Cheri. Ze mere threat of Brutus and Marshall will be enough to keep zem quiet tonight. I did tie ze two back togezzer,-zey are clearly 'appier zat way."

That was a relief, but Cheri still thought it was quite early to be going to sleep. Gabrielle must have been reading her mind, for she said, "I want us all to be very rested for tomorrow. I will prepare a delicious Zanksgiving feast and 'ave so much wonderful bondage planned for you all!"

Cheri groaned audibly, then caught herself. She tried to distract herself by scheming in her head for a way to get Laura and Gwen her hidden padlock key. Surely they'd be padlocked to the bed, but if she could get to them...

Gabrielle never gave her the chance. She and Cheri cleared the table together, then washed the dishes together, then Gabrielle announced that their latex, while beautiful, needed cleaning so that it would be perfect tomorrow.

"I should not make you all wear it every day-well, maybe you, as you look so beautiful, sweet Cheri-but tomorrow is a special 'oliday and I want us all looking our best."

Cheri was taken to the kitchen. She noticed that their knife block had been emptied, and assumed Gabrielle had hidden any other sharp object Cheri might have use for. Cheri was brought to the counter and handed a dish towel. Gabrielle placed the yellow and blue garments by the sink and undressed from her own intricate outfit. Cheri wondered whether she'd be released from her latex prison, but Gabrielle made no hint of it.

Comfortable in her own skin, Gabrielle set about washing the latex in soapy water. Cheri was made to pat each piece dry, and periodically Gabrielle would take the finished garments off to air dry.

"Let's get you ready for bed, so I can wash yours!" Gabrielle chirped, attaching Cheri's leash and leading her irresistibly toward her bedroom. Cheri had a moment of panic. Gabrielle would surely change her restraints, meaning the key tucked in her wrist cuff would fall out. Gabrielle would surely find it. As they walked, Cheri fretted to dig out the key as nonchalantly she could. Could she maybe try and kick it under the bed without being noticed? But Cheri was not led to the bedroom but rather the bathroom. Cheri stood there, petrified, as Gabrielle began unlacing the purple skirt attentively. Finally, Cheri managed to dig a finger under her cuff enough to snag the key.

The skirt was gone now and Gabrielle was unzipping Cheri's crotch. She moaned thankfully as each glass toy slid out, the room filling with the perfume of Cheri's prolonged arousal. The key was hidden in Cheri's fist. As Gabrielle turned Cheri toward the toilet, Cheri took a leap of faith. The key fell from her hands, dropped silently through the air, and landed among the tissues and refuse of the wastebasket. Cheri could have screamed in relief.

After the bathroom came the bedroom. Gabrielle donned a black satin chemise and carefully helped Cheri out of all her latex, removing restraints as necessary. Cheri's freedom was brief, however, for Gabrielle promptly laid her down on the bed and cuffed her hands to the headboard. Her legs soon were parted and tied to the corners of the bed. Cheri heard padlocks click and knew she was trapped. If only she'd kept the key!

Gabrielle sat on the bed and slipped a blindfold over Cheri's eyes. Cheri couldn't help her feeling of anticipation. After a Gabrielle's teasing last night, and the toys today, Cheri was horny beyond belief. Being bound like this, and even her apprehension, only made her more eager for orgasm. Her mind drifted. A pair of soft fingers traced Cheri's quivering sex.

"Oh...oh God, Gabrielle." Cheri couldn't help herself. Her armor had long been stripped.

"'Mistress', Cheri."

"Oh God, Mistress...please..." Cheri stammered absentmindedly.

Gabrielle's fingers were magic and stubbornly refused to stop. "I 'ave not let you cum yet, Cheri. I 'ave been saving you."

"Please, Mistress, please," Cheri didn't care about anything else right now. She'd say whatever Gabrielle wanted if those fingers would only stroke a little harder.

"Ze others are different, Cheri. You are special. Orgasm will be a rare gift zat I give to you, and only when I know you are completely mine..."

"I've been good, Mistress. Please." Cheri felt Gabrielle's body over her, then a pair of legs on either side of her head. Gabrielle knelt so that her own pussy was directly over Cheri, and Cheri felt a hot breath graze her below and then, Gabrielle's tongue. It was beyond bliss, and Cheri immediately craved release twice as badly as before. Yet Gabrielle only teased her, and soon the implication was clear.

Cheri didn't care anymore. She really would do anything. Raising her head slightly, Cheri found Gabrielle's moist sex and gave it a soft kiss. Cheri had never done anything like this before, but Gabrielle seemed to enjoy herself as Cheri worked her tongue over the delicate folds. Gabrielle moaned and bore down on Cheri, making the bound woman curl her toes in absolute pleasure. Cheri moaned seductively in kind. She tried to lean into Gabrielle but her captor held back. Cheri had no such luxury, as Gabrielle's hips sank lower and lower until Cheri was engulfed with Gabrielle's dripping sex.

It didn't take long after that. In the middle of sucking Cheri's clit, Gabrielle tensed and let out a carnal moan. Her hips ground into Cheri as she was brought to shattering orgasm. Strangely proud of herself, Cheri braced as she felt her own climax building, but as Gabrielle's breathing finally slowed, Cheri felt her pulling away. Cheri felt Gabrielle pull away and, more importantly, stop pleasuring her.

"Don't stop. Oh, don't stop..." Cheri murmured. There was a faint clink of metal.

"Do you want to climax, Cheri?"

"Yes," Cheri whispered.

"Tell me you do."

Cheri had no intention of trying to resist Gabrielle now. "Mistress, I want to cummMMmmmph."

Cheri wrenched as the gag pressed against her lips, but too late. Gabrielle ignored every protest as she buckled the gag snugly behind Cheri's head.

"Mon Chéri," Gabrielle said sweetly, "There will be no orgasm for you tonight, I am afraid. But I must say, your tongue was quite 'eavenly!"

Cheri wailed into her gag. She was filled to the brim with need. Her mind flashed with thoughts of Gabrielle's fingers and tongue. They were so close. She needed them back.

"Tonight I am going to tease you, I admit, a little cruelly," Gabrielle continued, drawing a dejected moan. "But I promise zat by tomorrow night you will be zanking me. I 'ave such a wonderful surprise waiting for you."

Gabrielle probably referred to something else, but Cheri indeed felt a shock as an object brushed her vagina before inserting itself between Cheri's exposed hips. But only when a second sensation tickled Cheri's ass did she realize what Gabrielle was doing. Cheri cried out and struggled fiercely, but a moment later Mr. Snuggles rested comfortably between her legs, secured in place by a rope. Cheri shook her head repeatedly, but Gabrielle ignored her and activated the gigantic vibrator.

Mr. Snuggles could be far more intense than this, but Cheri still moaned in protest as mild vibrations coursed between her legs. It was a low, very teasing setting, and the exact opposite of what Cheri wanted. She groaned helplessly as Gabrielle kissed her on the forehead and left, presumably to go clean Cheri's purple latex.

When Gabrielle returned, she found Cheri in a right state. The woman had clearly tried everything she possibly could to climax, but Mr. Snuggles left her wanting. When Cheri sensed Gabrielle back in the room, she pleaded intently through her gag for mercy. What she received was far less generous. Gabrielle laid herself tenderly next to Cheri, phone in her hand. She directed Mr. Snuggles to build Cheri's arousal to its limit. Scintillating vibrations across Cheri's clit, pussy, and ass soon had her thrusting her hips desperately on the bed, grasping for a vaunted release while Gabrielle's hands caressed Cheri's thighs and breasts. When Cheri inevitably turned to her captor to beg for what she wanted, Gabrielle encouraged her. She hinted that Cheri need only try a thrust a little harder, moan a little louder, or struggle a little more sexily, and Gabrielle might be persuaded to give in. And so, given no other choice, Cheri followed her, and danced Gabrielle's dance. And when she finally believed she had earned Gabrielle's grace, Mr. Snuggles went still inside her. Cheri was left gasping and wanting while Gabrielle soothed her, walked her back from the edge.

It was cruel enough for Gabrielle to tease Cheri like this, but much crueler that Gabrielle would do it three more times before removing the massive toy. Cheri fell for it every time.

Part 6: Prometheus (added: 2016/07/20)

“Rise and shine, mon Chéri!”

Cheri stirred in the darkness of her blindfold. Her limbs and jaw ached horribly from her restraints. Dried sweat caked her skin. Gabrielle, it seemed had woken early again. Her cheerful tone made Cheri worry that she’d planned out yet another eventful day for her and her friends.

“Come on, wake up! We ‘ave so much to do today!”

Cheri struggled indignantly. Muscle pains aside, Cheri was beyond frustrated. Gabrielle had teased her ruthlessly for hours into the night, delighting in Cheri’s gagged pleas for release, and now wanted to start a whole new day. What did Gabrielle want from them? Did she even have a plan beyond treating them like objects?

Gabrielle approached but Cheri recoiled unhappily in her bindings. Cheri’s blindfold was removed and she found Gabrielle leaning over her seductively, her open robe revealing a naked body. A hand kneaded her breast.

“Now, now, Cheri, you know better. I zink you will be much ‘appier when you finally submit to me,” she spoke softly as Cheri tried ineffectually to resist. “Besides, I promise you will be very satisfied when I play wiz you later. Does zat sound nice?”

Her hand descended between Cheri’s legs. At first Cheri groaned as Gabrielle rubbed her, but being teased and denied for so long quickly took its toll. Cheri’s heart sank as she succumbed to Gabrielle’s touch, her reluctant whines fading into carnal moans. Within moments Cheri writhed on the edge of orgasm until, maddeningly, she felt Gabrielle’s hand slip away.

“Mmmph. Mmmmm,” Cheri complained as Gabrielle rose. Her blissful release faded into yet another one of Gabrielle’s mirages.

“Later, my sweet, so long as you be’ave.”

Later, later. Cheri bitterly doubted whether “later” was anything more than a carrot Gabrielle would tempt her with. Cheri needed to act or she knew her arousal would control her forever. As Gabrielle unlocked her cuffs, Cheri wondered dreadfully is a time might come when Gabrielle didn’t need to use them, when Cheri really would submit to her whims and be truly dominated. Would she remember these moments of resistance? To what depths would a conditioned loyalty to Gabrielle sink her?

Cheri tortured herself mentally as Gabrielle put her through the morning routine. Toilet, shower (with special care taken for Cheri’s hair), towel, and then locked back in her purple restraints. Gabrielle connected Cheri’s wrists to her collar via a short chain which made her unable to reach her own crotch. Cheri’s clean latex uniform, if it could be called that, was folded neatly on the counter. Cheri wondered why she wasn’t dressed in it, but felt no need to bring it up. A moment later her ball gag was locked back on anyway. Would she one day eagerly open her mouth for this gag, for Gabrielle, and relish the taste of her own submission to this woman? Did she even have a choice? If she fought bravely to the last, would Gabrielle eventually erode her will away?

Gabrielle took her to Laura’s and Gwen’s room, where they were still bound to each other like before. Without vibrators their night had passed far more peacefully, but they were still eager to separate again. Cheri’s heart lifted a little. Her friends were so beautiful, so spirited even in the face of impossible circumstances. If they could endure, perhaps Cheri could too…

Gabrielle paid no mind to Cheri’s introspection. Leaving Laura in place, Gabrielle released Gwen just enough to walk her to the bathroom, where she was tied in the shower as Cheri had been. Cheri watched as Gabrielle hurriedly spread toothpaste on her brush.

“I ‘ave so much food to make today, Cheri, and ‘ave little time. Zis Zanksgiving is such a busy ‘oliday! I need you to wash Gwen and I will take Laura to ze bazroom downstairs. After we get dressed and ze fun can begin!” Gabrielle spoke very quickly over the whirring sounds of her electric toothbrush. Her mind was already out the door. But she still pulled Cheri close before she left.

“If you do anyzing but wash her, you will spend your day in ze Oubliette, and I will be very disappointed,” she warned, “It is all locked so do not even try.”

Their eyes met. Cheri found them searching. Searching for trust, for a power that was earned instead of taken. For Cheri’s very soul. Cheri clung to it lest it escape out through her gaze, petrified that it might one day slip through unnoticed.

Cheri tore her eyes away and nodded nervously. Gabrielle turned on the shower and left. Once alone, Gwen stared daggers at Cheri, who tried to look innocent. It wasn’t difficult to see why Gwen was upset. Cheri spent her nights with Gabrielle instead of strapped to Laura. Gabrielle spoke to Cheri differently and treated her more kindly. Cheri was allowed more movement and freedom. She cleaned the house for Gabrielle. Cheri helped Gabrielle decide how best to torment Gwen. And Cheri may have unplugged Gwen’s wand last night, but she’d also plugged it back in. Perhaps she was searching for her soul, too.

How could Cheri explain what Gabrielle had threatened if she disobeyed? How could she explain what it was like to spend her nights helpless to Gabrielle’s whims? How could she explain how Gabrielle teased Cheri constantly, manipulated her arousal until the thought the unthinkable? Cheri looked tearfully into Gwen’s eyes, wishing their flames could cleanse her. What could she say to a friend in need, whom she failed with every breath? Shaking, Cheri began to wash her friend. Gwen bucked, pushing Cheri away. Cheri wanted to follow the water down the drain.

This was Gwen. The leader, the analyst, the firebrand. She’d tell Cheri she should have fought, tried anything to escape. She was right.

Cheri looked away, trying to shield herself. She noticed the wastebasket, and only then did she remember. Maybe she could do something after all. With an excited grunt, Cheri dashed her way over to the basket, dripping water everywhere, and dug her way through the contents until she found the tiny key. Gwen’s eyes lit up.

Forgetting herself, Cheri tried the key on her own wrist cuffs, but they wouldn’t fit Gabrielle’s new padlocks. Cheri indicated this silently to Gwen, showing her the silver locks and the bronze key, then pointed to Gwen’s hands, which were locked with Laura’s correct hardware.

Gwen grunted and shook her hands, obviously wanting Cheri to set her free. But Cheri shook her head and nodded to the door. They had already lingered. Gabrielle would be back soon and Cheri couldn’t be much use without being freed herself. If they failed to actually escape this time, they might never get another chance.

Gwen didn’t seem to appreciate this. Cheri did the best she could. Reaching up, she placed the key into Gwen’s hand. Gwen immediately moved to try and unlock her cuffs, but Cheri grasped her hands and met her eyes.

“Lmmrha,” Cheri sounded as best she could. Laura. At last, Gwen nodded.

Cheri finished washing her hastily, so hastily that Cheri had to mumble an apology when her gruff hands agitated Gwen’s sore backside. Cheri finished patting her friend dry just as Gabrielle returned. As Cheri was led away, she saw Gwen’s fist clenched tightly and felt actual hope for the first time since Tuesday.

Cheri was fully dressed in her purple outfit, from collar to corset to boots. Gabrielle even replaced the tweezers and the glass toys were tucked safely away under the zipper of Cheri’s teddy. Gabrielle donned her red and black outfit as well, looking domineering as ever.

“So much to do today!” Gabrielle mused as she walked toward the kitchen. Cheri trotted at the other end of her leash. “Are you ready to begin?”

Cheri, sporting her gag, didn’t answer. Gabrielle had elected to chain her wrists together in front, so she likely intended Cheri to use her hands. Turns out she was right, and Gabrielle gave her a laundry list of chores from preparing the table to laying out food for Gabrielle to prepare later. In the kitchen Cheri found a turkey already roasting in the oven. Gabrielle must have gotten up quite early to get it prepared.

“I ‘ave to look after Laura and Gwen for now. Take care of all zis before I get back. If you are good today, Cheri, I will be much nicer to you tonight.” Gabrielle smiled knowingly and nodded toward the basement on her way out of the kitchen.

Cheri set to work.

Gabrielle left Gwen trussed and shivering for quite some time before she returned. Once released, Gwen stumbled forward onto the wet tile grunting through her gag and struggling to use her joined hands to stabilize herself. Gabrielle helped her up and gave her a towel to awkwardly dry herself.

Gabrielle dressed Gwen back in her blue outfit and re-cuffed her hands behind her back. Adding a collar and leash, Gwen soon followed Gabrielle to the living room. There Gwen found Laura, dressed back in her yellow corset and tied face up on the coffee table. The table was not nearly large enough, so Laura’s legs spilled over opposite edges before chains secured them to the legs, and her joined hands bent over the table above her. A long strap crossed over her at the waist. To Gabrielle’s astonishment, Laura was neither blindfolded nor gagged.

“Our friend Laura is quite sore from her ordeal yesterday. Such tight bondage for so long...per’aps I should tie you in such a position sometime. You would enjoy yourself, non?” Gwen refused to meet her eye. Gabrielle went on. “I zought we might make Laura feel better. But first I would like to ask if Laura ‘as anyzing she would like to tell you.”

Laura, having to look upside down, shot Gabrielle a knowing look and shook her head very discreetly. “Come now, Laura,” Gabrielle pressed, “you ‘ad so much time to zink yesterday. About your friends. About me. You and Gwen ‘ave spent so much time togezzer already but ‘ad so few chances to chat. Surely zere must be somezing to discuss.”

Gwen eyed Gabrielle suspiciously. She was driving at something specific, but Laura wasn’t biting.

“No,” Laura said resolutely, “nothing. Except maybe uninvited guests.”

Gabrielle smirked and knelt down by Laura. “Are you sure?”

“I can’t,” Laura resigned heavily.

Cheri could hear noises coming from the living room. By the sound of it, Laura and Gwen were both with Gabrielle in there. Surely Gabrielle had not yet found the key, or Cheri would be hearing far different sounds. Cheri’s heart pounded in her chest. If Gwen succeeded, they might get free of Gabrielle at last. If she failed, Gabrielle would surely make them all suffer.

Gabrielle removed Gwen’s gag, allowing her to stretch her jaw and tongue.

“Laura’s body must ache all over. Would you like to ‘elp?” Gabrielle asked, her hands on Gwen’s shoulders.

“Of course,” Gwen said affectionately. Laura gazed into her eyes.

“Ze ropes on ‘er tits and pussy were so tight. You ‘ave experienced zat before from your Dice Game, non?”


“Zen you know how much it ‘elps to massage zem. Would you do zat to ‘elp a friend such as Laura?”

Laura squirmed at Gabrielle’s words, but Gwen answered in a heartbeat.

“Yes, of course.” Laura’s glassy eyes beamed at Gwen. She seemed determined not to say anything, as though her voice had gone rogue and needed strict supervision.

“Would you enjoy it?”

“Doesn’t matter. I would do it.” Gwen’s stare was rather fixed.

“Do it zen. I will not interfere,” Gabrielle sneered.

Gwen turned her arms to Gabrielle, looking to be set free.

“Non, Gwen. You may not use your ‘ands. Only your lips.”

Gwen faced Gabrielle skeptically. “You can’t be serious.”

“No!” Laura gasped.

“Why? She is quite beautiful, non?” Gabrielle gave Gwen a calculating look.

“She’s the most beautiful woman I know. But I won’t do that to her.” Gwen’s eyes warmed nearly everyone they saw that day.

“Even if she wanted it?” Laura’s welling eyes flickered back to Gabrielle.

“She doesn’t.”

“’Ow do you know?”

“Because you’re here.” Gwen stared directly at Gabrielle. By now a tear was making its way down Laura’s temple.

Gabrielle grew impatient. “It is simple. You will do what I ask or you will be punished.”

Gwen stood her ground. “What, you’ll throw me in the closet?”

“Non, I will put ‘er in ze Oubliette. Exactly as she was yesterday. We will see ‘ow sore she can get by tomorrow.”

Gwen finally broke. Laura looked terrified at the thought. Her voice shook, “You wouldn’t.”

“It is simple, Gwen. You can ‘elp your friend feel better, or you will spend ze ‘oliday tied tighter than you ever believed possible, wishing you ‘elped your friend when you ‘ad ze chance, for she will be no better off. It is your choice.”

This wasn’t going to work. Gabrielle was right on top of Gwen at all times. She’d never have a chance to use the key and the longer they waited, the more chances Gabrielle would have to find it. They’d all be punished for sure. It’d be obvious that Cheri helped somehow. She’d end up severely bound like Laura, left all day or more. And Gabrielle had promised that Laura and Gwen would share any punishment Cheri earned…

Cheri couldn’t think, and she definitely couldn’t keep doing this pointless shit for Gabrielle. Her head was spinning. She had to do something. Surely she was good for more than just passing off a goddamn key.

“Do not be afraid, Gwen, you may suck ‘arder.” Gabrielle sat in an armchair, watching calmly as Gwen knelt next to the coffee table, bent over and licking Laura’s right nipple intently. It was still crimson from Laura’s time in the Oubliette, and with every stroke of Gwen’s tongue Laura gave long, passionate moans. Laura was tough, but her breasts and loins had stung through the night. Any sensation from a brush of clothing or bedsheet to even a light breeze sent jolts through Laura’s body. The gentle suction of Gwen’s lips just melted it all away. Laura’s left nipple already glistened with Gwen’s saliva, and it felt heavenly.

Gwen bore down Laura’s breast and sucked intently. Gabrielle was right: it had the biggest effect on Laura yet.

“Alright, Gwen, we will come back to zose,” Gabrielle directed, “It is time to move between Laura’s legs.”

Gwen looked at her reluctantly, but rose to her feet and walked about the table. She met Laura’s pleading eyes as she knelt down at the foot of the table. It made her hesitate.

“Now, Gwen.”

Gwen leaned forward, hands still behind her back, and slowly dragged her tongue up Laura’s soaking pussy. Laura immediately convulsed in pleasure, but it felt different from her breasts. Gwen instantly knew her touch did more than soothe Laura, who seemed to leave the room entirely.

Gabrielle brought her back. “Anyzing on your mind, Laura?”

Laura, laboring for every carnal breath, tumbled back into Gabrielle’s clutches. Not even the Oubliette held a candle to this. Even as she bathed in Gwen’s loving tenderness, Laura could only look at her captor, wishing she was not there.

“It is time, Laura,” Gabrielle whispered, “You know it is.”

Laura’s red eyes burned as she tried to stare down her own fate. Gabrielle watched encouragingly while she took a breath in slightly sharper than the last.

A deafening crash sounded from the kitchen. Gabrielle leapt to her feet immediately.

“Keep going, Gwen,” Gabrielle warned, looking to the door. “You know what will ‘appen if you stop before I get back.”

Gabrielle left the room and Gwen immediately looked up. Laura exhaled, and watched Gwen with pure adoration. But Gwen was no longer paying attention. As soon as she thought Gabrielle was really gone, Gwen rose up and sat on the table beside Laura’s body. Poking around her mouth with her tongue for a moment, Gwen finally pursed her lips and leaned over Laura. A wet bronze key plopped onto Laura’s belly.

Gabrielle rushed into the kitchen to find her half-cooked turkey in a heap on the floor, its juices creeping across the tile and its metal pan under a cabinet six feet away. She looked up to see Cheri, still shackled and gagged, sweeping a large pot of potatoes off the counter. It landed with an equally loud crash and sent food flying everywhere.

“Cheri!” Gabrielle shouted. Cheri jerked her head to face Gabrielle, shrieked some muffled profanity at her captor. Though in danger of tripping on the wet floor, she grabbed a dinner plate off a stack and threw it at the floor with all her might. It shattered spectacularly and Gabrielle backed away amidst the ceramic shrapnel.

“Cheri, stop! Stop it!” Gabrielle yelled as Cheri picked up another plate, poised to smash it. Cheri shook her head furiously. Cheri had had enough. Enough of Gabrielle’s manipulation and enough hurting her friends. Cheri wanted to scream at her. Scream for her friends. Scream for the mindfuck games. Scream for the hair. Scream that she wouldn’t be Gabrielle’s bitch anymore.

Gabrielle slowly crept toward Cheri. “Cheri…put ze plate down. Put it down Cheri.”

Cheri screeched at Gabrielle again, but she was already backed into a corner between two counters. When Gabrielle stepped closer she threw the next plate at the floor. This time Gabrielle lunged not backward but forward, gripping Cheri around her bound upper arms and forcing her into a bear hug. As Cheri wailed and struggled, Gabrielle’s hands gripped Cheri’s wrists and pressed them together. Cheri held her own for several seconds before her strength failed and the wrist cuffs latched together.

“Damnit, Cheri! Damn you!” Gabrielle scolded angrily as she held Cheri’s struggling hands up against her chest. With one hand she managed to snatch Cheri’s leash and snap it to her collar. Gabrielle looped the lead around her wrist cuffs a few inches away from her neck and pulled it taut. Now Cheri’s hands remained pinned against her, while Gabrielle held the other end of the leash very tight.

“Look what you did, Cheri! You ruined our Zanksgiving!” Gabrielle shrieked, examining the scene. There would clearly be no idyllic holiday dinner. Gabrielle turned and Cheri saw a terrifying new glint in her eye. For a few moments Cheri just sobbed in Gabrielle’s arms while the dreadful wheels in her head turned.

“You were supposed to understand, Cheri, but I see now you are no better zan zem,” Gabrielle said without a hint of forgiveness. “I ‘ave been easy on you, but it seems you will need much more discipline.”

Cheri whined into her gag and Gabrielle yanked her out of the kitchen, heading toward the basement stairs. Cheri hobbled down them in small hops to avoid falling, as her ankle chain was too short. Gabrielle did nothing to ease her travel. Cheri was pulled into the main basement room, which apparently housed the assembled contents of those large boxes Gabrielle had received two mornings ago. Cheri looked at them in immediate fear.

“Zis was my gift to you tonight, Cheri. Only you,” Gabrielle gestured to one of them. “I meant to make you feel more ecstasy zan you ever felt before. But now, I zink, you need to spend some time with zis one.”

Cheri’s eyes went wide, and she struggled wildly as Gabrielle dragged her in a much different direction.

Gabrielle stormed up the stairs alone and once again surveyed the mess in the kitchen. It would take ages to clean up and there would be no salvaging that food. She would have to figure something else out, and for that she needed time without having to tend to her toys.

She would bind them all securely and with so much to keep them occupied that they couldn’t bother her. And why not? Gabrielle had never felt so betrayed. Laura and Gwen were no better than Cheri. They all deserved to be punished.

Perhaps later, much later, the day’s fun could be salvaged. Perhaps Gabrielle would choose one to take out of its box and play with for the evening. But for now, Gabrielle needed to properly put away her toys.

She walked carefully past the mess to keep it from getting on her heels and headed for the living room. The empty coffee table came into view just as she passed the threshold.

Laura lunged from the right just as Gwen pounced from the left. Gabrielle’s feet gave out under her and she toppled to the floor. She felt herself being swiftly rolled on her stomach as her hands were pulled behind her. A heavy weight pressed on her back.

“Stop! Wait, girls, NO! No—mmmMMMPH!” Gabrielle shrieked, but Laura was already fitting thick cuffs around her wrists and Gwen was pulling Gabrielle’s head back by her hair with one hand, while the other clapped over her mouth, holding the silicone ball inside. In seconds more cuffs bound her ankles, as did stringent straps at her elbows and knees. Laura then bent Gabrielle’s knees fully back and held them while Gwen connected a strap from her ankles to her elbows, yanking it taut until Gabrielle’s back arched her into a tight hogtie.

“Mmmph! NMMMPH!” Gabrielle screamed into her gag. Laura rolled her easily onto her side and dug her hand into the open lacing on Gabrielle’s teddy, fishing around until she pulled out two small keys: a bronze one and a silver one.

“You won’t be needing these, I think,” Laura smirked as Gwen fitted padlocks to all the buckles on Gabrielle’s body. Gabrielle struggled but her restraints held easily. She stared at them through her disheveled hair, wide-eyed and confused.

“Now what?” Gwen asked over their former captor.

“I hadn’t really thought this far…” Laura muttered, “here, help me move her.”

Together, the two managed to lift Gabrielle’s squirming body enough to deposit her in the living room closet. She wasn’t trussed up at all the way she should be, but Laura felt a grim satisfaction from closing that door on her.

“Let’s find Cheri,” she said finally.

Gwen snorted. “Why. She might as well have been with that bitch.”

“Look, let’s just find her.”

“Fine.” At the very least, Gwen couldn’t wait to hear what Cheri might have to say.

Part 7: Trust (added: 2016/07/20)

High heels clacked on the kitchen tile.

"Is that what that noise was?"

"Was Gabrielle really making a Thanksgiving dinner?"

"Well, not anymore."

"What the hell did Cheri do?"

"I don't know," said Laura seriously, "but whatever she did got Gabrielle away from us so you could use that key. Where did you get that anyway?"

"Cheri," Gwen admitted. "She snuck it to me in the shower..."

"In the shower?"


Laura and Gwen, still in their latex clothing, made their way down the steps of the basement.

"What the fuck?!" they said together.

The basement was supposed to be empty. The three women rarely used it even for storage, barring the occasional Dice Game. But now it looked like Gabrielle was beginning to turn the whole basement into a kind of sex dungeon. Black curtains had been tossed over all the window wells, the few pieces of furniture had been rearranged or moved off to a back room entirely, and a few ropes and chains hung ominously from the ceiling. A space on the wall was cleared; Gwen suspected it was intended for storage and display of myriad restraints, whips, gags, and the like. Most significant, though, were the two new pieces of bondage furniture.

They were both comprised largely of chrome rods fitted together by other assorted hardware that came shipped in Gabrielle's boxes. The first looked like a sturdy pedestal about waist high. It had a wide base and various hooks and rings bolted to it, plus what looked like a long spreader bar fitted across it on one side. Atop the pedestal was a large vinyl pad with straps. Next to it was an open cardboard box with several plastic bags in it, each containing various chrome components which looked like they might attach to the pedestal in various ways. The other piece was even stranger, and Cheri was bound very tightly to it.

Cheri was almost completely naked. All her purple latex, her cuffs, and two glass insertable toys lay in a heap beside her. A black rubber...thing, which they would all later learn was a neck corset, had been laced around her neck and jaw so that she could barely move them. But it was even more sinister than that. Stretched over her mouth and around the back of her head was a thick strap, and in the center of where her lips would be protruded a small metal cylinder with a tiny pin inside it, like on a bicycle tire. On the floor lay a small length of rubber tubing with a bulb at the end like those used to measure blood pressure. Apparently not even this was enough, as Gabrielle had tied a wide leather blindfold over Cheri's eyes. Otherwise, Cheri's body was bare and taut, held perfectly still by her restraints.

Cheri was kneeling upright, bound to a metal pole with many small appendages and straps jutting out from it. Her arms were pulled stringently behind her back so that her they nearly touched. Only the thick metal manacles at her elbows and wrists separated them. A narrow pad pressed away from the pole and into her back, so her torso and chest were forced out presentably, and a heavy metal collar locked around Cheri's neck, keeping her body straight and her hidden face pointing forward and upward. A leather strap below her breasts stabilized her torso, with more straps immobilizing her hips and thighs.

Cheri's knees were also strapped apart, resting on small vinyl pads integrated into the base of her stand. Her ankles were encased in manacles like her arms, which connected to the pole behind her by a few links of chain which lifted them off the ground just enough to keep her toes from reaching the floor. For Gabrielle, this had evidently been insufficient, for a leather strap had been woven around the ankles and pole until Cheri couldn't budge them at all.

Once Cheri was totally immobile, Gabrielle had arranged quite a show for her. Nipple clamps adorned Cheri's breasts and looked quite tight. Dangling below each clamp was a small plastic oval which, they noticed, vibrated periodically, and below that swayed metal weights. Between Cheri's legs, a small metal track extended from the pole, to which Gabrielle attached a rather sinister looking bracket. Mounted to it was a formidably sized black dildo attached to what appeared to be a hydraulic piston. It thrust the dildo in and out of Cheri with relentless mechanical rhythm while also spinning the phallus like a slow drill. A third clamp bit down vindictively onto Cheri's clitoris and was attached to the track below by a short chain. Dangling from that was another oval vibrator which buzzed every few seconds.

Working in tandem, Cheri's bondage totally dominated her senses. In any other scenario, it would have been impressive to watch Cheri shudder and react helplessly as she was fucked, vibed, and pinched all at once. It was obvious from her subdued moans that Cheri was already aroused beyond belief. The wires for all these devices dragged on the floor through Cheri's legs to a large control box mounted to the pole behind her. It had several dials and buttons which seemed to control everything.

"Oh my God!" Gwen gasped. Laura just drank in the image, her mouth agape.

"Cheri? Cheri, are you ok?" Laura asked at last. Cheri, strangely, didn't react to their presence at all. "What's wrong with her?"

"Look," said Gwen, "What's that?" She pointed to another set of wires that emerged from under Cheri's thunderous hair. They led to a small iPod atop the box. Laura picked it up.

"It only playing one track on repeat, called 'White Noise,'" Laura explained. "Volume is set way up-she probably has earbuds on and can't hear anything."

"Absolutely evil..."

"Should I turn this stuff off?"

"Just hold on a minute," Gwen paused.

"Gwen, look at her! That looks like an inflatable gag and those are intense. Gabrielle-"

"Cheri helped Gabrielle! Notice how when you were locked up in the closet, she never came to free you? That's because while you were in there, she was helping Gabrielle spank me and shove a wand between my legs. We can't trust her."

"Look at her, Gwen." Laura spoke at the right time, for Cheri began moaning and writhing much more loudly than before. Her chest puffed as Cheri finally succumbed to the dildo's onslaught. Her quaking cries filled the room as Cheri thrashed about, causing the weights on her nipples to swing wildly. It looked very uncomfortable, but Cheri either didn't care or couldn't stop herself as orgasm roared through her body. For a moment or two, Cheri seemed to be having a ball, panting and moaning as though she'd never climaxed in her life. But eventually her orgasm finished while her torments did not. Cheri's groans turned reluctant as the dildo continued its unfeeling thrusts while the clamp tugged on her newly sensitive clit. Every twitch gave her swaying nipple clamps new and unwelcome momentum. Cheri's cathartic moment of fun, if that was even the best way to describe it, now cost her dearly, and Gabrielle had clearly intended Cheri to stay bound like this for hours. Laura looked sympathetic, but Gwen had a dark look onto her face.

"It's no surprise Gabrielle's a bitch, but that doesn't make Cheri innocent. She might have just got caught trying to play both sides..."

"How about we actually ask her, ok?" Laura reached for the myriad dials.

"Fine," Gwen relented, "But don't touch those. Just the iPod."

"Gwen, she's our friend..."

"Please, Laura. I'm not sure we can trust her anymore."

Cheri's earbuds shut off and she realized she wasn't alone. She automatically cried out fearfully. Gabrielle must be back, even though she'd promised to "forget" Cheri. Had Gabrielle just come back to make the dildo fuck harder? Or had...had she already been down here for hours? Cheri no longer had any sense of time.

The vibrators and dildo stopped mercifully. When the blindfold slipped from her face to reveal not Gabrielle but her two friends, freed and safe, Cheri nearly fainted with relief.

"Thanks for the key," Gwen said glibly, "Bored being Gabrielle's favorite pet already?"

Cheri looked at her strangely and wrenched in her bindings, clearly eager to be let go.

"Gwen!" Laura gasped, "Cheri, it's ok..." Laura moved to start untying Cheri, but Gwen swatted her hand away.

"No, it's not ok!" Gwen yelled. "This is all Cheri's fault."

Cheri whined through her gag pitifully.

"She brought Gabrielle to the house, told her everything. This never would have happened-"

"Gwen! You're overreacting-"

"You don't know, Laura!" Gwen cried, "When you were put in that...that thing, I got tied down while Cheri and Gabrielle discussed what to do with me. Together, like I wasn't even there. Cheri helped her, and then later it was just Cheri and me in the room. We had a chance and she left me, Laura. She didn't even try."

Cheri screeched through her gag, tears now streaming down her face. Gwen looked at her coldly. "She had the most freedom and let it all happen. She's just as bad."

"So, what? You want to just leave her like this?"

"Maybe we should."

Laura stood there in shock of what she was hearing. Gwen turned her back on a devastated Cheri. Then she heard it.

A soft tune rippled through the stagnant air. It was weak and just a little off key, but it transformed everything it touched. Gwen turned to see Cheri humming sweetly, moist lines drying softly on her cheeks. For a full minute they locked eyes while Cheri hummed. Gwen thought about the game, about her friends, about what she'd seen the last couple days. The more she thought, the more it all chipped away at her anger.

"Fine." She walked over and began releasing the manacles binding Cheri. Her position was so awkward and stringent that it was difficult to know where to begin. Slowly and with Laura's help, her arms and legs sprang free, and Gwen released the collar holding her upright and unlaced the neck corset.

Cheri nearly retched as the massive gag poured out of her mouth. She lurched forward, curtained by her own hair, staring at her friends' feet. Gwen stood there as though expecting something.

"Well?" she asked fiercely, "start talking."

"What do you want?" Cheri choked, "Am I supposed to stand up for myself? Tell you about how she threatened me-threatened you-if I didn't play along? Am I supposed to say I'm sorry? Sorry for not being there for you, for not rescuing you, for not being strong enough to join you? I wanted to so badly."

Gwen felt very strange, like her brain had left her body. She just floated there, stunned and immobile beyond anything Gabrielle managed to accomplish.

"Should I lie for you?" Cheri asked, "Say I had it worse? Say I was biding my time and waiting for...for that key or something? 'Cause I wasn't. I was just scared. I was scared and so I let her twist me around her finger. I-I can't even say I hated it. That's the real bitch of it, girls-I didn't. I couldn't help you and I couldn't even have the decency to hate the things she was doing to me. That's what I hate. So tell me, Gwen, what do I say? I'll say anything."

Cheri hung in place, and suddenly Gwen didn't feel like standing anymore. She lowered to the ground in front of her friend, and just sat. For the first time in days, she sat.

"I'm sorry, Cheri."

Cheri opened her mouth to speak but Gwen shushed her. Cheri didn't have to say anything after all. "I didn't hate it," Gwen spoke after a long moment. "I hate her, but I don't hate all the things she did."

Laura spoke slowly. "If this had all been a game-If I'd rolled the dice and had this whole thing laid out in front of me like a fantasy-I think I would have said yes. How fucked is that?"

"Doesn't sound fucked to me. Sounds familiar."


Laura knelt down beside the prostrated Cheri and placed a hand on her back. Moments later they were all lying quietly on the floor. Their mere presence to each other, free of all constraint or concern, was a foreign and welcome comfort. Some things, like escaping a sadistic self-appointed dominatrix, just drain a person. When they do, it's nice to have friends to lie next to.

Gabrielle had never really been tied up before. There's a bit of an art to being helpless: in shifting limbs to be more comfortable, in minding circulation, in locating knots (if there are any), and most certainly in attempting escape. Gabrielle never planned on getting tied up. All her energy went to learning how to tie effectively. She was clearly a natural at that. But the other thing...not so much.

The closet door opened eventually. Gabrielle lay in a hogtied heap, limbs tingling. Before her stood three scorned women.

"Dark in there, isn't it?" Laura mocked. Gabrielle just glared. Her time alone had mellowed her a bit. Cheri disappeared into her bedroom for a moment while Gwen and Laura heaved Gabrielle back out of the closet and set her on the carpeted living room floor. Gabrielle struggled angrily.

"I don't really think you understand this whole Thanksgiving thing," Gwen said sarcastically.

"But, to be fair, you've given us a lot to be thankful for," Laura said. Cheri returned holding her computer and sat in a chair with it. Laura knelt down and unfastened Gabrielle's gag.

"So what was your endgame, anyway?" she asked roughly. "You didn't seriously think you could keep us here forever without anyone noticing?"

Gabrielle stretched her jaw uncomfortably. Wearing a gag was much different from putting them onto people. "I did not need to keep you forever. I just needed enough time to convince you all zat you really do want to be wiz me. I know once you all see ze truth about yourselves, I will be able to let you go about your lives and always come back to be mine again."

"Cute," Laura turned to Gwen. "Bitch is crazy."

"You are still trapped in your small mind. Let me go so I can 'elp you..."

Laura sprang up and reached for the gag again, but Gwen stopped her. Instead, she grabbed another long strap and began working it around Gabrielle's legs until they were bent together stringently. Gwen didn't seem to mind that.

"Gabrielle, you can't just force people to trust and love you like that. The love doesn't come from the act, the act comes from the love."

"I do not see much of a difference. I already know what you all want," Gabrielle said stiffly. She couldn't help but watch Laura, who had moved on to wrapping another strap over Gabrielle's breasts. Feeding it around and through the strap binding her elbows, Laura then attached it to Gabrielle's ankles and used it to pull her into a much tighter hogtie. Gabrielle grunted uncomfortably but said nothing. She was in a staring contest and couldn't blink first.

"And with all this," Laura cut in as she worked, "you were going to make us your love slaves until...what? You went home, like next month? You're only studying in the U.S. for a semester."

"I 'oped to stay longer."

"You hoped wrong," Cheri said from across the room. "Gabrielle, you really should have been reading your email."

"What is it?" Gwen asked.

"I'm not the best translator," Cheri worked her way through the French, "but her home university is really unhappy with her. Something about misusing the...'treatment'? No, stipend! She's been getting some kind of allowance monthly while she's here. You know, for books and food and stuff. Apparently the money's been spent at all sorts of weird places."

"I get the feeling we've been wearing it," Gwen reasoned. Laura, still rummaging through their toybox, now appeared with what looked like a thick leather bag. Gabrielle quickly realized it was a hood and began to feel very warm in all her latex.

"Well, they're having a fit over it. This last one says they're revoking her student visa. They want her back in France immediately. As in the next available flight."

"Non!" Gabrielle yelled resolutely to both Cheri and Laura, "I will not. I 'ave so much work left to do 'ere." Gabrielle started to explain, but was stifled by Laura's quick replacement of the gag. She squirmed in futile resistance as the hood descended. It was jet black and had no holes except for two small rivets by her nose. A thick belt stretched across the sealed mouth. Gabrielle bellowed as she disappeared into the leather, feeling the outside world fade as Laura laced it tightly onto her head. First the black material blocked her sight, then the crushing leather muffled outside sounds, and finally Gabrielle felt her own voice vanish as the belt tightened incredible over her gagged lips, pressing the ball so far into her mouth that only the mildest mews could escape.

Gabrielle blinked. She thrashed about mindlessly, panicked by her complete immobility. She wasn't prepared for something like this. Her heart pounded and she breathed quickly through the tiny holes of the hood. She worried at first whether she was hyperventilating, but perhaps it wasn't anxiety taking control of her. Maybe it was just her three toys taking control of her. Now that thought was curious. Gabrielle wanted to linger on it, but Laura didn't give her the chance.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I assumed you were finished and ready to meet Silence Dogood," Laura mocked her nastily, "I think I got the gist of it though. Tie us up, make us your concubines, blah blah." She turned to the others. "I got no problem sending this bitch packing, as long as we get to have a little fun before she goes."

"A little fun?" Cheri asked, a troubled look on her face. Gabrielle continued her unsuccessful fit, demonstrating just how little of her freedom remained.

"You're right. A lot of fun." Laura was having the time of her life.

"Well," Gwen asked quietly, "we have to do something with her."

"Shouldn't we just let her go?" Cheri asked delicately.

"You can't be serious!" Laura said hotly.

"Well, if we don't, aren't we just doing what she did?" Cheri posited delicately.

Laura paused. Gabrielle was hardly a role model, but this somehow felt different. "Only if we keep her."

"And what would we be doing instead?"

"Consequences." Laura sneered, "Comeuppance. Justice, whatever you want to call it. She can't get away with this."

"The police, then?" Gwen offered.

"Their cuffs suck," Laura said, "and what will they do anyway, deport her? She's already going back to France. We can send her off properly."

"What do you mean?"

"She likes bondage so much and wants to play the dominatrix. Let's see if we can't show her how it's done."

Cheri and Gwen stood there for a moment. Finally, Cheri agreed, "What do you have in mind?"

At these words, they left for some other room to decide their prisoner's fate in private. Gabrielle shuddered. Her heart pounded. And her pussy got very warm.

Part 8: Bait and Switch (added: 2016/07/20)

Gabrielle stared at the ceiling. It was early-so early, in fact, that the orange sun was still seeping through the gap in the curtains. She watched a stripe of sunlight crawl up her still legs. There was little else to do. She laid on her back in Cheri's bed, arms and legs pinned to her sides by straps every foot or so on her naked body. Her hands were tied together and pressed into her stomach while further straps pinned her to the mattress. There was no gag, but Gabrielle was still quiet. She didn't really know what to say.

They'd been so nice so far. She hadn't even spent very long in that hogtie, all things considered. They'd fed her and bathed her and left her in a decently comfortable position. But they had also planned something for her that they refused to share, and between all of Cheri's coffee shop stories and an overactive imagination, Gabrielle found herself unable to sleep. Instead she wondered, back and forth, whether they actually intended what Laura had first suggested. Retribution three times over? Was that even possible?

Whatever was coming, waiting for the hammer to fall felt a little like watching that orange patch of sunlight. It snaked toward her slowly. If she watched it then it would never move, but the moment she forgot about it, it jumped much closer than before.

"Good morning!" Cheri's voice floated in as she entered. She looked completely different from the previous day, with unkempt violet hair and a slinky turquoise nightgown. To be frank, Gabrielle had always found the idea of lingerie boring before she discovered it needn't be satin or lace. Cheri noticed her contemptuous look.

"What?" she gave a playful twirl. "Can't wear latex every day, and I got my fill, didn't I? We have something different for you, too."

Cheri placed a small pile on the bed. Gabrielle stared at it. She spoke at last, "I assume you will all roll ze dice for me? It will be ze same mistake as always."

"I told you, Gabrielle," Cheri returned, fiddling with a clump of nylon. "we only play Dice with each other. With you we're just going to do whatever we want. Besides, you were right about one thing. We all need to be a little less submissive and learn to take control. Of you."

"I could do so much more if you let me."

Cheri paused and whispered, "I know. I just don't want you to."

Gabrielle stared fiercely, "Tell me you did not like it."

"When did that ever matter to you?" Cheri snapped.

"Always, mon Chéri."

"Don't call me that," Cheri leaned over Gabrielle.

"Tell me you 'ated it, Cheri. My touch-mmmmph-" Cheri surprised Gabrielle from behind and worked a simple red ball gag between her teeth. Gabrielle jerked her head around in protest but once the straps were buckled she became much more cooperative.

"You manipulated me," Cheri hissed into Gabrielle's ear. "You violated me and my friends. You made me watch you hurt them, and made me a part of it. I hated it."

Gabrielle looked stunned for a moment but her expression then hardened, as though Cheri was clearly lying. Indeed, Cheri could have elaborated a bit, but she wouldn't give Gabrielle the satisfaction. Instead she began preparing Gabrielle for her upcoming adventure. Gabrielle was freed except for her wrists and made to sit on the side of the bed. The clump of nylon stretched into a black shear bodystocking which Cheri worked up Gabrielle's shapely legs and waist before preparing tall leather ballet boots. Gabrielle craned to watch as her foot was placed into each impossibly high heel, so high that her toe would only sink into it when Cheri lifted her off the bed and put Gabrielle's full weight behind it.

Cheri had to brace Gabrielle on her teetering toes while she laced the boots incredibly tight around her ankles and up to her knees. Gabrielle knew these would get uncomfortable but doubted she would be let out of them quickly. She was right: once laced Cheri locked a pair of ankle cuffs in place and attached a short chain between them.

Gabrielle's hands were let out of their cuffs next, not that she'd be running anywhere in her footwear. Cheri stood her up and the bodystocking soon covered her body to her neck, except of course for her crotch, in black nylon. Next came a tangle of leather straps which turned out to be a harness. Cheri pressed its front against Gabrielle's chest, squeezing each of her ample breasts through two gaps in the web of leather while the rest crisscrossed over her body. Two large loops wrapped around her thighs, lifting her ass provocatively and leaving her pussy exposed. Once the harness' many buckles were snugly fastened, Cheri reappeared with cuffs. For a moment it looked like Gabrielle might resist, but Cheri held a fierce expression, as though daring her to try. Gabrielle faltered in her towering heels and harness, and her hands were promptly cuffed and locked behind her back. Surveying herself, Gabrielle felt quite different than she had in her red teddy.

Cheri bade Gabrielle to sit in a nearby chair and she did thankfully, already looking to relieve pressure off her boots. There Cheri applied some makeup, concentrating on Gabrielle's eyes, and tied Gabrielle's black hair into a very high ponytail.

"You had one thing right with that outfit of yours, babe," she said eventually, "Presentation matters." After the makeup, Cheri fit a new set of cuffs onto Gabrielle's elbows and drew them together as tight as she could manage. She also prepared something else, which Gabrielle couldn't make out.

"You remember Silence Dogood, right Gabrielle?" Cheri asked from behind. Gabrielle immediately stiffened. "That wonderful, restrictive hood that was so tight we had to name it something special?"

Gabrielle shuddered and turned her head. Cheri was clearly holding something black in her hands. The smell of leather filled her nostrils. She cried out and shook her head. Not again! Her only reply was a black mass descending over her head. But then...light.

"Relax, this isn't Silence," Cheri cooed, adjusting the hood and pulling Gabrielle's ponytail through a small gap at the top. "This is our Gwendoline hood, but we can't really call it that for obvious reasons."

Her eyes uncovered, Gabrielle looked around. Only her eyes and nose remained uncovered by the hood while her ponytail fed through a small hole at the top. Her head and mouth all disappeared beneath jet black leather. As Cheri laced it, the leather stretched across her jaw until the round orb of her gag bulged beneath it.

"Well," Cheri continued, "you've convinced us that, like Silence, this hood needs a better name. We've decided on Gabbi, in your honor. We're going to reserve Gabbi for people who really, really need to be taught a lesson."

Gabrielle squeaked. Cheri finished the lacing and buckled a thick collar around the base of the hood to hold it in place. Once finished with her, Gabrielle was made to stand.

"Are you ready?" Cheri asked pleasantly. Gabrielle hardly felt feisty anymore. She mewed reluctantly for Cheri. "Relax. We're going to take care of you. Just like you took care of us."

At long last, Gabrielle realized how scary that prospect could be.

Everything in the living room had been moved. The sofa and armchairs now formed a large circle around the center of the room, where the large pedestal Gabrielle had ordered now stood. Its many straps and the spreader bar's manacles stood open and ready. Beside the pedestal, the coffee table now displayed a variety of neatly arranged tools and toys. When Gabrielle was led into the room in wobbly steps and saw the setup, she whined and struggled against Cheri's grip. She felt like she was being led to the gallows. Maybe she was.

Gwen was already there, sitting comfortably in an armchair with her legs crossed and a caring smile on her face. She wore a long satin chemise, white with black lacing, over white stockings and heels. Her short hair had been styled into an elegant bob. She looked, honestly, kind of sweet, like a newlywed on her wedding night. Not what Gabrielle was expecting at all.

"I think she's scared of her own contraption," Gwen mused.

"That's funny, seeing as you were planning to stick us in it, right, Gabrielle?" Cheri scolded. Gabrielle just groaned and stared at it fearfully. Nevertheless, she was brought to stand right in front of the pedestal.

"Hold her for a second," A voice floated in from the hall before the straps could be touched, and Laura strolled gracefully into view. For a moment Gabrielle could only gape. Laura was not like Gwen at all.

Deep magenta lipstick and shimmering, ghostly blue eye shadow. Laura's long golden hair cascaded down her shoulders in soft helixes which framed her gaze. The inky latex stretched across her chest wasn't shiny. Baubles were shiny. Fickle, disposable trinkets were shiny. Laura's corset glowed evocatively, its wet shimmer contrasting pale skin and tracing the curve of her back. Her chest was well-concealed by the overbust shape, clarifying that it, like the rest of Laura, was there to take but not to give. It flowed down her frame and over her waist until it trickled into garters. The bikini cut panties matched it perfectly in both material and deceptive modesty. A nondescript choker peeked through twirling locks.

Laura's hands were encased in short, tightly fitting latex gloves. They gave her no trouble at all as Laura twirled a crop dexterously between her fingers. Lustrous black stockings hugged Laura nearly to the tops of her thighs and sank, at their other end, into ultra-feminine pumps. Gabrielle couldn't make out where stocking ended and heel began and, frankly, it didn't matter.

Raw sex and raw sexuality, it seemed, could be very different things. Laura was glass and yet stone, with a dark luster that only looked fragile. Hidden in plain sight was a magnificent, daunting razor. Gabrielle was left with but one instinctual thought: Laura was not to be crossed.

The obsidian woman stepped lithely toward them. By all rights hot latex drips should have trailed her. The carpet crushed under her heels, the material strained against her skin, and her eyes were ever fixed on her astonished prey. For a moment, the pedestal stood entirely forgotten.

"Good morning, Gabrielle," Laura spoke softly. "Are you ready?"

Gabrielle came to her senses enough to shake her head.


"Of course you are," Laura glided over and sat herself on the vinyl pads on the pedestal before Gabrielle. She crossed her legs gracefully. "You've been hoping for this from the start, haven't you?"

Gabrielle tried to stare down Laura confidently. Laura surely didn't think she would fall for her own tricks? Gwen rose off her chair as well and moved to stand behind Gabrielle. A pair of hands slid over her hips.

"You've become obsessed with bondage," Laura continued, leaning in closer. "With the power, the trust-

"And the pleasure," Gwen cooed.

"-And the pleasure. You took all of those things from us, but they were ours alone to give."

"And now here we are, and here you are," Gwen finished. "It's all so familiar that we can't help but ask ourselves: would you? Would you give yourself to us? To Cheri, or Laura? To me?"

Gabrielle's breathing was heavy as Gwen's hands explored further. Eyes locked on Laura, she gave the briefest shake of her head.


"Liar," Cheri voiced from afar. She'd donned a plushy robe and settled into Gwen's armchair before the pedestal.

Laura grinned wickedly as she searched Gabrielle's face. "Yes, that's it right there. I just knew I had to leave your eyes

uncovered. To see that expression. That timid curiosity that tells me you wanted to have us, but you also wanted to feel what it was like to be us."

Laura placed her hand gently on Gabrielle's cheek.

"You're going to find out today, Gabrielle, because I'm going to show you. I'm going to give you that bittersweet punishment you've earned. You're going to feel whatever I want you to feel. It won't be easy, or comfortable, but it might be a little fun."

Gabrielle whined haplessly and flinched as Laura's crop suddenly brushed across her pussy.

"...But you will be ours, a helpless little toy for us to play with. Isn't that just a little bit intriguing?"

The tip of the crop ground against Gabrielle until she squirmed uncomfortably. Laura raised the tip of the crop for all to see. It glistened with arousal.

"I see it is."

"Don't be shy," Gwen sang into Gabrielle's ear. "Being helpless isn't all about control. There's also trust." Gwen's hands rose to meet Gabrielle's breasts over the stocking. "Do you trust us to give you everything you need?"

Gabrielle moaned softly but still shook her head. Soon she felt the crop insisting upon her sex again.

"And everything you deserve?" Laura added menacingly.

Laura rose off the pedestal and Gabrielle felt her hips being pressed irresistibly against the pedestal before her. Gwen fed the straps around each of her upper thighs so they were held tightly against the padding. Gabrielle squirmed.

"Don't fight it," she whispered. Yeah, right.

Gabrielle's ankle cuffs were removed. She'd have kicked but Laura and Gwen each gripped a leg. Each was pulled until it reached the ends of the spreader bar and locked into place. Gabrielle could barely balance in the ballet boots but the manacles, for better or worse, rooted them firmly onto the carpet. Laura then finished tightening the straps on Gabrielle's thighs so there was no mobility. Not that Gabrielle didn't put up a fight.

"Mmph! Nmmph...uhm...MMMMPH!" Gabrielle could barely make out what they were doing until she felt an unexpected hand press against her back. She toppled forward until she leaned over the pedestal, her head and chest hanging over the other side. One set of hands remained on her back. Another gripped her wrists and raised them off her back while the third applied yet more straps across her hips and waist. Gabrielle had custom ordered this contraption with Cheri in mind, thinking hungrily of binding her friend to it for hours at a time, but she'd never really appreciated this side of the equation. What exposure felt like, not what it looked like. The straps kept her bent over with her spread legs straight. Her ass rose prominently off the pedestal, making Laura's crop only too real, and the straps on her thighs put her pussy onto magnificent display. Gabrielle let her head hang and saw her ample breasts dangling before her. She was never meant to be here. It felt strange.

Gabrielle's arms were lifted uncomfortably from her body, but her hopes that they'd be let down were soon dashed. Gabrielle felt a rope attach to her wrists cuffs. A moment later she groaned as her arms lifted further until they were nearly vertical in the air. Gabrielle struggled but once it was tied she couldn't do a thing to lessen the strappado.

Laura then appeared in Gabrielle's limited range of vision. She held a mess of leather straps that looked like a gag harness, yet there was a large silver ring instead of a ball. Without a word, Laura pressed the ring over Gabrielle's mouth so that it rested against the orb within. The first strap went around the back of her head and drew incredibly tight. While Gwen held the strap, Laura diligently pressed the ring against Gabrielle's grunting jaw until she managed to work it between her teeth over the hood. Gabrielle groaned miserably through inscribed lips, filled with the taste of leather and the resignation of a mercilessly tight strap. Then came the other straps under her chin and over her head, and Gabrielle was thoroughly stifled. And of course, everything tightened further once Laura tied a rope from the top of the harness to her elbows, forcing her head back. Gabrielle stared as Laura stepped back to admire her work.

"What do you think, girls? Tight enough?" she asked jovially.

"It's a bit mean," Gwen said thoughtfully. "But at least the view is good." Gabrielle could only look straight ahead but wondered how ridiculous she must look like this.

Cheri studied Gabrielle's face. "She can handle more."

Gabrielle scowled, but Laura ignored her. "Soon. We'll get there. First I want Gabrielle to get properly acquainted with her new friend."

Gabrielle shuddered as she felt a stiff, narrow strip of leather graze her upper thigh. It wandered over the flesh of her rotund behind and suddenly pressed harshly into her skin. Gabrielle's recoil was largely symbolic.

"Don't pretend you haven't earned this," Laura taunted. The crop lifted only to reappear between Gabrielle's legs. The crop rubbed back and forth. "Every. Little. Bit."

Gabrielle bucked and gave a long grown that dissolved into a yelp when she felt a hard whack against her left cheek. The tip of the crop traced the fledgling red streak.

"Yes, you have," Laura taunted savagely. "In fact, how many of those has she earned, girls? Thirty?"

"Fifty," Cheri's tone was darkening by the minute.

"Any other bids?" Laura mused. Gwen silently rubbed Gabrielle's shoulders. "Fifty going once...going twice...sold! Fifty strokes for the condemned mademoiselle."

Gabrielle whimpered. Laura walked along her prostrate body, the tip of the crop tracing its victim's curves.

"Now Gabbi-may I call you Gabbi?-" she said into Gabrielle's ear, "we're going to have to work together on this. I'm going to be so preoccupied with making each little kiss of this crop memorable that I might not remember how far we've come. So I need you to keep careful count for me. Got it?"

Gabrielle whined and shook her head, but Laura had already straightened up.

"Let's practice." Whack.

Gabrielle yelped in surprise and struggled. Her ass was bound firmly in place. Laura had total control. "Now Gabbi," Laura reminded her, "If you don't count it, it's not part of your fifty. And if you're looking for extra then, well, I'm going to have to step things up, won't I?"

Cheri giggled from her chair. All she was missing was a big bowl of popcorn. Gwen, however, leaned next to Gabrielle and encouraged her. "C'mon, sweetie, you can do it."

Gabrielle never felt so powerless. She closed her eyes and relented. "Wmmph." One.

"Good! Let's try again."

Whack. Two. Gabrielle winced.

Whack. Three. The sting was incredible. Laura found a new spot with each stroke of her crop, and the nylon was no veil. Gabrielle knew she'd run out of virgin skin long before fifty. The waiting was almost worse than the strike. She was back there, and Gabrielle could only wait. Every rustle of cloth, every wisp of air made her twitch. Her muscles quivered.

"Uhmph! Fmmph." Four. And there it was. Red on red. Raw power on raw skin. Seconds passed as Gabrielle braced for number five. Damnit! she thought wildly. Where was five?!

She felt Gwen's hand suddenly on her tender backside and jumped. It was almost soothing. Her fingers quickly descended until they brushed Gabrielle's bare sex.

"Oh, you are so very wet," Gwen commented to the others' delight. Gabrielle couldn't help but mew gratifyingly at Gwen's magic touch. A single finger buried itself into Gabrielle's folds and she purred almost instantly. Laura took it as a sign. "Isn't it a wonderful feeling? The good and the bad swirling together inside you. It's like you're hardly being punished at all."

Gabrielle felt it. Clashing sensations barreled along her nerves. She'd give anything for Gwen to keep caressing her, and steal it back to keep Laura at bay. Cheri took notice.

"She wants it bad, Laura," she tattled from afar. "I think you'll need to be a lot stricter with her."

The gravity of those words didn't sink in until Gabrielle felt another smack of the crop, much harsher than its predecessors. Five. Gabrielle groaned and heard rustling behind her. Laura came round to face Gabrielle and bent over gracefully until their eyes met. Gabrielle felt the tip of the crop lifting her chin.

"I hope you're comfy. You've got more than a little spanking in store for you." Laura grinned. Gabrielle shook her head as she heard metal clinking behind her. Gwen must be mounting one of the stand's attachments: a gliding track made to hold a wand vibrator. Gabrielle struggled as she heard the track slide upward and something smooth and firm press against her pussy. She whimpered and searched Laura's gaze for mercy. Instead she felt the tip of the crop tapping each of her nipples in turn. As they stiffened reluctantly, Gabrielle sensed Gwen close by.

"These should help take your mind of the crop, dear," Gwen's tone was sickly sweet as she held up clamps for Gabrielle to see. The bound woman shrieked and struggled but Laura and Gwen each gripped a nipple with impunity and fitted the clips in place. This was definitely something Gabrielle had never experienced before. No wonder the other girls had squirmed so much when she applied them. A short chain jingled between the clamps for a moment before Laura grasped it and tied a thin rope at its middle. Feeding the other end through a small hook at the base of the stand, she pulled callously. Gabrielle yelped as the clamps tightened from the tension, moaning her protest as a slip knot was tied.

"These are clover clamps, Gabbi," Laura explained, "so they get tighter as more tension gets applied to them. We'll get them nice and tight before long, but I wanted to start you off light."

Gabrielle winced. This was light?

Cheri called from her chair. "I don't think she's worn nipple clamps before. She looks surprised." Laura gestured to the circular metal ring in Gabrielle's mouth. "I don't think she can help that."

Gwen produced a corded dimmer switch and slid it up a little. The vibrator sprang to life for a split second. Gabrielle lurched and immediately felt a sting as the movement yanked her tits. Laura and Cheri both giggled.

"Oh, sorry, babe," Gwen warned, "you'll have to watch out for that." The vibrator switched on again to a low intensity.

"Still, feels good, right?" Gwen offered. Gabrielle couldn't help but purr, at least until the crop returned. Six. Gabrielle reeled. Laura waited for the wand to draw soft moans from her captive before continuing.

Seven. Eight. Gabrielle couldn't help but tug at her chest with every stroke of the crop. Her mind filled with her own exquisite image. She truly was helpless. Whatever else it was, it was damn sexy.

Nine. Nine was a sharp one. Gabrielle's nipples already ached. The vibrator whirred away on her exposed clit, driving her mad. Gabrielle's toes ground into the floor. A faint glimmer of bliss appeared on the horizon. The wand wasn't discouraging her at all. Her eyes closed as the waves begin to crest.

"Careful. She's getting close," Cheri announced. Instantly the wand went still. Gabrielle's ocean calmed, and she glowered at the traitorous Cheri until Gwen's smiling face filled her vision.

"Now, now, Gabrielle. I want you to enjoy yourself but if you go too far I'll have to take the vibrator away. Do you want that?"

Gabrielle whined and shook in her restraints.

"Well, do you?"

Reluctantly, Gabrielle shook her head.

"Perhaps a little reminder of who's in charge," Laura scolded. Gabrielle abruptly felt the clamps tighten. The tugging she'd desperately tried to avoid became the new minimum.

"It's for your own good, sweetie." Gwen kept right on smiling. Gabrielle whined pitifully but no one was listening. Another savage smack from the crop made the clamps yank that much more. Gabrielle groaned and tried to keep very still.

"Don't waste my time, Gabbi," Laura warned. "You're not counting!"


"TMMPH!" Her eyes watered. Ten. The wand suddenly revved up to full intensity. Gabrielle tensed up her body began to tingle.

"Embrace it, Gabrielle," Gwen coached as she walked away.

Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Gabrielle felt like she was on fire. Each blow blended with the vibrator to overwhelm her. She thrashed in her restraints, finding even orgasm impossible as her synapses overloaded. Finally Laura relented, and Gabrielle felt the whirring vibrator being lowered on the track. She moaned in longing for the one toy she didn't want out of reach. Laura appeared before her again and bent to face her plaything. Gabrielle felt Laura's hand on her chin.

"Much better. Are you going to be a good little toy and wait for me to say you can cum?"

Gabrielle groaned. Laura straightened up and demonstrated how far the crop could reach. Sixteen.

"Are you?" Gabrielle nodded fervently. Anything to make Laura stop.

"I don't believe her," Cheri chimed in.

"Mph!" Gabrielle whined and nodded again.

"Only one way to find out," Laura disappeared again. "Gwen, I think it's time for us to play our little game."

Gabrielle looked around with wide eyes as she felt the wand slide up against her again. Gwen offered an explanation. "We don't have a name for it yet but the rules are simple. To win, Laura and I need to bring you as close as we can to orgasm without letting you actually cum. Sound fun?"

Gabrielle shook her head furiously. She was already aroused out of her mind. Gwen frowned at her playfully. "C'mon, Gabbi, give it a chance and I know you'll love it!"

Somehow Gabrielle doubted that but the wand quickly stripped her resolve. Gwen slid the switch up and down unpredictably, delighting in Gabrielle's reluctant and hungry moans. When Gabrielle's body finally tensed with impending bliss, the crop descended upon her spitefully. Seventeen. By the time the sting receded, the vibrator had fallen agonizingly still.

Gwen and Laura did it again. Eighteen. By then Gabrielle was trying desperately to resist the wand, knowing what followed her submission to its pleasures, but Gwen adapted quickly. Nineteen...Twenty...Twenty-one...

Finally, the wand ceased and did not start again. Gabrielle dripped with absolute, caged need.

Gwen's voice brought her back to earth. "How about a short break before we continue?"

Gabrielle groaned absentmindedly, longing to soothe her raw, pink rear end. She felt Laura lower the wand away from her.

"I think you've earned it," Laura glided the wand down its track. "Now, we'll just-oh! What's this?"

Laura's grip somehow disengaged a latch on the wand's mounting, and the whole track pivoted up and away from the stand until they were parallel to the floor. Now, instead of sliding up and down, the wand slid toward and away from Gabrielle's waiting pussy. The change seemed trivial at first, but Laura was disproportionately excited.

"Oh, what fun!" she exclaimed while Gwen and Cheri looked on curiously. "Gabbi, your wonderful toys are just full of surprises. One of you hand me that attachment. No, the pink one. Yeah, thanks!"

Upon seeing it, Cheri understood and grinned like a schoolgirl. Gabrielle struggled to see but only caught a bright blur being tossed to Laura. Laura fitted the attachment onto the head of the wand. It was a soft, gel-like silicone molded into a six inch shaft accompanied by a long tongue. The entire thing was covered in bumps of every size arranged in a spiral pattern converging on its bulbous tip.

"This should liven you up a bit, Gabbi," Laura sang ominously as her fingers found Gabrielle's pussy.

"Mmph!" Gabrielle tried anxiously to speak. She didn't think she could handle any more livening. Her entire body tingled and however much she resented Laura right now, the woman's fingers felt absolutely heavenly. Plunging in, they soaked in Gabrielle's flowing juices before the slick digits came out to massage Gabrielle's longing vulva and clit. Gabrielle writhed passionately, too distracted to realize what Laura was actually doing.

The fingers disappeared and then Gabrielle felt something new pressing into her, sliding effortless between her pussy lips and into her. Gabrielle moaned involuntarily as inch after inch of the attachment massaged itself effortlessly into her, as the massive pink tongue pressed against her clit. At first she didn't care what could possibly feel so wonderful after all her teasing, but once she heard the click of the wand's track locking into place, Gabrielle realized she was in deep.

"Didn't even need a drop of lube. You must be eager to get started," Gwen walked in front of Gabrielle, the switch for the wand in her hand. Her thumb slid the dial up slightly, and Gabrielle's pleading stare promptly rolled back into her head. She twitched and groaned as hundreds of tiny bumps cavorted within her, sending waves of pleasure throughout Gabrielle's body. As best she could, Gabrielle stared longingly at the switch in Gwen's hand. Half an inch, probably less, of movement from Gwen's thumb and Gabrielle could finally achieve orgasm. Her hands clawed for it pointlessly.

The thumb did twitch, just not the way Gabrielle wanted. It danced up and down and the wand's hapless victim danced right along with it. Gabrielle soon craved release more than any time in her life. She transfixed on Gwen, her only hope, and moaned loudly. Gwen surely must understand how much Gabrielle needed this. This...bondage, game, revenge, whatever they wanted to call it-it wasn't funny anymore. Laura would never understand, but surely Gwen could recognize that enough was enough?

Muffled pleas filled the room until Laura's crop intervened. Rather than strike, Gabrielle felt the stiff tip on her right breast. It traversed her sensitive skin until he found her clamps. Even its slight nudge on her trapped nipple felt like an electric shock. Abruptly the wand stopped and the nudges weren't so slight anymore.

"Now, Gabrielle," Laura warned over her complaints, "Gwen's being very nice with that wand. Much nicer than I would be."

The crop now found Gabrielle's left breast and began lightly tapping its clamp. Gabrielle tried futilely to escape the sensations.

"You don't want to look ungrateful, do you?" Gabrielle shook her head emphatically. Anything to make Laura stop.

"Or pushy?" More head shaking. Suddenly the crop smacked Gabrielle's breast smartly, soliciting a wail.

"MMPH! Uh-uh. Uh-uh!" Gabrielle attempted sincerely. "Twmmph Tmph..."

Twenty-two. Luckily, Laura seemed to agree that using the crop on Gabrielle's chest counted, too. "Good," she said emptily.

"We'll tell you when it's time, we promise," Gwen said sympathetically. Laura indicated her agreement on Gabrielle's other breast. Twenty-three.

Laura moved back behind Gabrielle, who braced for another. But it didn't come. Instead, Gabrielle heard a strange, high pitched whirring and then a sudden tickling sensation traveling down her back. The sensation focused on a small area of skin at a time, yet was quite powerful for its size. It bristled down her spine until it reached her backside, and only then did Gabrielle recognize the sound. It was her electric toothbrush. Guess it'd be time to change out the head again.

Gabrielle squirmed as the brush skirted her red ass. The tiny firm bristles grated across her skin at thousands of RPMs, making her tingle and clench. At least it felt better than-

Twenty-four. Twenty-five. After each stroke with the crop, Laura placed the toothbrush right where Gabrielle's skin smarted. Gabrielle groaned and recoiled as it grazed across her tender skin. She heard Laura laugh, but then the brush disappeared. When it resurfaced, Gabrielle jumped and moaned very much in spite of herself.

Laura now traced the brush along the quivering lips of Gabrielle's pussy, right where her skin wrapped around those first inches of her dildo. That brush was apparently a two-way street. What Gabrielle wouldn't give for that wand to join in...

"Isn't this what you wanted for us, Gabrielle?" Gwen sat herself elegantly on the floor before Gabrielle's captured body and met her gaze. The switch for the wand was still in her hands. "Mix the good we want with the bad we don't? To train us to give you total control, to look to you for both the pleasure and the pain?"

Laura massaged away. Gabrielle looked weakly into Gwen's eyes and muttered, "Plmmm..."

"Are you ready to cum, Gabrielle?" Gwen asked kindly.

"Mmhmm-" Twenty-six "-MPH! Ymmph!" The wand hummed slowly to life within Gabrielle, and Gwen gave her benevolent permission, "Go ahead, Gabbi, try. Don't be afraid."

Gabrielle squirmed in frustration. She wanted so badly to climax but the wand was simply too low. A small groan, luckily, seemed to convince Gwen, and she felt the vibrator slowly build within her until its heavenly work filed Gabrielle with absolute bliss. Gwen smiled encouragingly.

"That's it. It's right there, I can tell," Gwen cheered on. Gabrielle felt like she was swimming. Her pussy tightened wonderfully around the vibrator, soaking in every tremor, sensing the coming orgasm as though it were a train until, devastatingly, the vibrator vanished. Gabrielle barely had time to process it before the crop smacked her ass very hard. Twenty-seven. Gabrielle screamed in anguish and thrashed about in her restraints. The vibrator whirred on. Gwen's expression mimicked actual concern. "Don't stop now, Gabrielle, you were so close!"

Gabrielle cried out in frustration, unsure whether to curse Gwen or continue begging her for release. Either way, she wanted desperately to be let go.

"Hmm," Gwen looked up to her accomplice, "she's having trouble keeping still."

"I can fix that," Laura said ominously. A moment later Gabrielle felt a hand grip her already incensed breast and pull it slightly away from her chest. Gabrielle groaned as she felt something wrap around the base of her breast and tighten savagely. Laura used straps to cinch Gabrielle's breasts snugly so they bulged beneath her. Within seconds the clamps felt even more constricting, but Laura wasn't done. A second later Gabrielle felt a heavy tug on each of her nipples as Laura attached weights to each clamp. They dangled and swayed at the end of short chains below Gabrielle's tits, every undulation clenching and tugging at the clamps above. Her only modicum of relief required staying completely still so the weights stopped swaying, and her protests fell on deaf ears.

"There, that should help you concentrate," Gwen said acidly. "Ready to get back to the game?"

Gabrielle shook her head vigorously but the wand sprang back to life. Within seconds her eyes lost focus. It was too much, and her body ached too badly for it.

Twenty-eight. Laura didn't wait this time. While the vibrations teased her, the crop made Gabrielle jump and tug brutally on the clamps without thinking. The wand revved up as the weights rocked below her. Gabrielle could no longer tell whether these torments distracted her from thoughts of orgasm, or made her need it all the more. Twenty-nine did nothing to break the stalemate.

"C'mon, Gabrielle, you can do it. It's time," Gwen crept forward on the floor and settled herself right before Gabrielle's pleading eyes. Setting the switch down and resting on her knees, Gwen continued coaching her captive, inviting Gabrielle to chase her orgasm. Though she couldn't look down, Gabrielle felt Gwen's hands appear on her breasts. Gabrielle shuddered as they massaged the overly sensitive orbs. Between strap and clamp and weight, Gwen's fingers felt so acute that Gabrielle couldn't help herself. But still, it wasn't torturous or mean. Gwen's hands melted across Gabrielle's chest, flirting expertly with the line between pleasure and discomfort. Their owner couldn't help but moan gratefully at Gwen's touch until suddenly the hands squeezed. Gabrielle expected this to be agony, but it wasn't. Gwen's vicelike grip on each orb shocked Gabrielle, making her eyes widen. It pulled the clamps and sent the weights flying, yes, but it wasn't painful. It was incredible. Gabrielle screamed in ecstasy as her breasts flared beneath her. She was the absolute captive, held prisoner by her own arousal as much as anything else, and it felt wonderful. Her existence boiled down to two laws: keep count, and try to cum. It was so simple.

Gabrielle purred for Gwen. The orgasm would transcend anything she'd ever felt before. She felt one breast being released from Gwen's hand. Gabrielle wished it would stay. Keep squeezing. Harder even. Let the pleasure engulf her like a warm blanket...

Thirty. Thirty-one. By the time Gabrielle returned to her senses, the vibrator fell devastatingly weak. Gwen's divine hands were gone. Gabrielle pled and struggled for more, but Gwen's words now sounded like empty platitudes. Nor would Laura wait any longer. The brush reappeared, rising up Gabrielle's left thigh. Gabrielle felt the jelly tongue on her vibrator being unceremoniously peeled away until the blur of bristles delved into her. From the moment they touched her clitoris Gabrielle cried out in strained ecstasy. But Laura only lingered for seconds before moving on to something much worse.

For a moment Gabrielle couldn't sense her, but then the brush reappeared on her right breast, following the edge of the strap cinching her soft, taut skin. Gabrielle reeled. Her breasts were bound so tight that the tingling of the brush nearly overwhelmed her. This wasn't Gwen's pleasant touch. These were tiny firm needles prickling her. Gabrielle groaned, caught between her desire to recoil and the tug of the clamps, but Laura was far from finished. Slowly, portentously, the whirring brush moved in from the strap, working its way slowly toward the peaks of Gabrielle's captured tits.

From the second she realized where this was headed, Gabrielle begged with all her might for Laura to stop. The brush's departure from her skin gave that split second of hope, but when those bristles met Gabrielle's pinched areola, everything else faded away.

Gabrielle screamed. There was nothing else to do. It overwhelmed her completely. Gabrielle eagerly accepted the lesser evil of the clamps. But Laura simply followed her movements and soon placed a hand on her back to hold Gabrielle in place. Gabrielle's eyes closed as the brush chose one nipple, then the other. Her every nerve ignited, and even when Gwen turned up the wand considerably she barely took notice. All she could feel was her own absolute vulnerability.

Laura took her time and left no stone unturned. When she finally relented, Gabrielle hung in her restraints, panting.

"Don't stop now!" Cheri's voice could be heard. "She was just starting to like it."

"That's plenty for now," Laura assured. Gabrielle sighed audibly in relief. "We can even call that number thirty-two." Of course, that didn't stop the prompt arrival of Thirty-three and Thirty-four. Gwen kept the wand going just long enough for Gabrielle to start craving the sensation again, then shut it off.

"Having fun?" Gwen said after a moment or two. "You came really close to getting off that time. I'm proud of you!"

Gabrielle groaned weakly. Gwen was undeterred, "Ready to try again?"

Gabrielle shrieked into her gag indignantly. It was all too much. Her head spun like a top. Everything ached and she wanted an orgasm more than ever before in her life, but these bitches just kept toying with her! Gabrielle thrashed angrily until the crop silenced her. Thirty-five.

"I don't think she wants to play anymore," Cheri translated.

"Well we're not finished yet, I'm afraid," Gwen said to a distraught Gabrielle, who shook her head thunderously.

"Someone's a little obstinate," Cheri offered.

"Then someone must want her clamps tightened," Laura moved toward Gabrielle, who yelped and tugged sharply on her chest without meaning to.

"Wait!" Gwen cut in. "I want to try something."

Gwen knelt down before Gabrielle and reached for her bound tits. Gabrielle braced for the worst but instead felt Gwen loosen the knot holding her nipple clamps. Gabrielle winced as their jaws relaxed considerably but after the initial sting, they felt much better. It had to be a trick of some kind.

"There, isn't that better?" Gwen soothed, taking a moment to rub Gabrielle's breasts tenderly. They were still strictly bound but comparatively, this was heaven. Next Gwen rose and tended to the ropes above. First the cord holding Gabrielle's head back disappeared, and then the strappado rope was loosened enough to lower Gabrielle's arms several inches. By now they were so sore that Gabrielle wasn't sure they'd be able to lower at all.

Finally, Gwen unbuckled the ring gag harness, leaving Gabrielle only in her hood and gag. Gabrielle couldn't help but be suspicious, but that didn't stop her from looking gratefully into Gwen's eyes.

"Would you like to cum, Gabrielle, for real?" Gwen asked kindly. Gabrielle nodded emphatically. "I have a little game planned and if you play along, I'll give you control of the vibrator. You can cum as much as you like. Would you like to play?"

Gabrielle shifted uncertainly until she yelped out in pain. Thirty-six. Her backside was so raw now that each smack of the crop was insufferable.

"She wasn't really asking, dear," Cheri reminded her wickedly.

And so she wasn't. Gwen walked behind Gabrielle who, though she could turn her head again at last, had trouble seeing what was going on. A hand traced her back affectionately before Gabrielle felt something hard and plastic by her hands, of all placed. Gabrielle snatched at it but Gwen yanked it away. Then the wand turned on again at a very teasing pace.

"This, honey, is the switch for the vibrator, and it's hanging just inches from your hands," Gwen explained, holding up the switch by its cord. Laura said nothing but kept brushing the crop menacingly up and down Gabrielle's thighs. "If you want it, come and get it."

Gabrielle outstretched her fingers but felt only air. If she strained her head she could make out the white blur of the switch in her peripheral vision. Gwen was definitely holding it there but she couldn't get a good look at it. She had to reach blindly.

Her arms were stiff and numb. Gabrielle stretched as best she could but still felt nothing. Whining helplessly, she arched her shoulders uncomfortably and reached but still...nothing. The vibrator revved up a little as an incentive. Gabrielle moaned. Her longing only compounded with the thought that the switch might actually be in her reach. Besides, Laura would probably start swinging again if Gabrielle didn't try hard enough.

Gabrielle's back arched, creaking against the straps holding her waist down, and her arms moved back a little. It was the only way. Pressing harder, Gabrielle lifted her body slightly off the stand only to feel a burst of pain on her nipples. Gwen had only loosened that rope so much and Gabrielle realized the more she pulled back, the more viciously those clover clamps would bite.

"Don't stop now, you're so close!" Cheri cackled.

Gabrielle steeled herself and yanked her body back. Her fingertip brushed the plastic, sending the switch swinging, and the clamps pinched so hard that Gabrielle collapsed back forward. Undeterred, Gabrielle tried again. Her arms reached back, fingers probing. Her back arched and the clamps tugged savagely. Eyes closed in concentration, Gabrielle cried out as her breasts stretched downward. Her fingers brushed the switch, sent it flying again. Gabrielle shook in frustration, the weights swinging wildly on her chest. She thought she had the switch between two fingers...

Thirty-seven. The crop hit Gabrielle's right breast and she tumbled forward back onto the stand. Grunting angrily, Gabrielle counted and tried again. She made about the same progress before Thirty-eight rapped across her ass, and Laura let out a satisfied giggle.

Gabrielle was enraged. Enough was enough. She wouldn't be their doll anymore. Sore from her toes to her fingertips, she'd been spanked, clamped, teased, tormented, lead on, let down, and mocked from moment one. Gabrielle was helpless, aroused, and humiliated. She couldn't get herself free, and she couldn't stop them from doing their worst, but she could stop playing their sadistic games.

Gabrielle struggled. She cursed them through her gag and did her best to ignore the persistent wand. Laura smacked her hard with the crop and though Gabrielle yelped, she didn't count. Again, and no counting. She just shook her head defiantly.

"Isn't that cute," Cheri mocked from afar. "She's done. Remember what she said when we didn't want to play anymore?"

Gabrielle whined resentfully. That was different. They needed Gabrielle's help.

Didn't they?

Laura grasped the rope suspending Gabrielle's arms and pulled it back until the bound woman reluctantly lifted off the seat. Fingers grasped but there was no switch to be found. Gabrielle recoiled as her toothbrush appeared on her taut, clamped breasts. It circled a nipple but Gabrielle remained defiant.

"You really want to do this, Gabbi?" Laura threatened. "We're not so far from the end."

Gabrielle shook uncomfortably but stood her ground.

"Alright," Laura let her go. "Then I'll need to make our remaining playtime very memorable...and give you a special incentive to participate."

Gabrielle trembled and soon felt that vibrator sliding out of her. She couldn't see it, but behind her Laura produced a large nondescript tube and squeezed a white cream out of it along the length of the dildo. She coated the phallus liberally in the white substance before wiping the remainder on her gloved fingers directly onto Gabrielle's vulva and clit. Gabrielle felt strange as the dildo was inserted back into her, smothering her pussy in the slick substance. Within seconds Gabrielle felt a warm tingling sensation that seemed to build.

"Feel good?" Laura asked. "A few months ago I got my hands on this cream. I found it, poetically enough, on Kickstarter, where some scientist was trying to get funding for mass production. The project fell through but I was his biggest donor, so he sent me a sample of the stuff as a thank-you."

Gabrielle moaned softly. The tingling was building intensely. She was already sweating. The vibrator wasn't even on at the moment, but all her thought dwelled on the way it filled her.

"It's this wonderful, highly potent aphrodisiac. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. I tried it on myself once and, I must say, it works. Really, really well. I was horny out of my mind and neither Gwen nor Cheri knew why at the time. Of course, I only used a little drop while you...well, I gave you a bit more. But you knew that part, didn't you?"

Gabrielle was panting now. All her aches seemed to disappear. All she could think about was her deep, animal desire. Her loins were aflame-not uncomfortable but alight with absolute need for release. Gabrielle didn't know what the hell this cream was, or what was in it, but it worked.

Laura and Gwen both leaned close to Gabrielle's hooded face. She moaned desperately. What she wanted now didn't involve the least bit of talking.

"Shall we continue, Gabbi?" Gwen whispered into her ear. "You look like you want something."

"Are you going to be a good little toy?" Laura whispered into the other ear. Gabrielle nodded and moaned vigorously. Anything. Anything they wanted.

"I like that stuff!" Cheri giggled.

"Let's see if she means it," Laura walked back behind Gabrielle. Thirty-nine. Gabrielle shouted the number to the rooftops. Her rear burned like hell, but even the crop fueled her lust.

The vibrator turned on, its every twitch majestically amplified by the cream. Gabrielle felt like she might burst. Wrenching her head to the side, she saw the switch was back within reach and lurched backward. Forty surprised her, but Gabrielle just moaned in response and continued. The clamps went taut on her breasts, but Gabrielle didn't care anymore.

Cheri rose from her seat to observe. Gabrielle's head tilted back as she reached behind her, clawing for the switch. Cheri's hand brushed her leather-clad cheek.

"A rare gift, isn't it?" Cheri asked quietly. Gabrielle stared at her with wide, hungry eyes.

Cheri eyed the tight clamps below. Her hands descended.

"Tell us you want to cum, Gabrielle," Cheri commanded. Her hands wrapped themselves around Gabrielle's bulbous globes. Gabrielle groaned continued to stretch. Her hands rapped against their coveted plastic pendulum.

"Tell us," Cheri repeated. Gabrielle cried out frantically to oblige. She'd never wanted anything more in her life.

"And what if I say no?" Cheri asked, looking to Gwen. Suddenly Gabrielle didn't feel the switch anymore. Gwen had taken it away. She shrieked and stared at Cheri with wide eyes. Forty-one.

"What if I say you should be teased?" Cheri's hands gripped Gabrielle's breasts and squeezed. Gabrielle groaned agonizingly but kept stretching back. They were in total control. Her body was theirs to play with. The only path before her was perseverance, to reach and stretch and hope. Cheri finished, "Would you believe me? Trust that whoever binds you best, knows best?"

Gabrielle whimpered, searching Cheri for mercy and release. Cheri nodded to Gwen again and the switch reappeared. Gabrielle lunged but Cheri moved her hand to grasp the chain between the clamps. She yanked it forward until Gabrielle's body was pulled too far to reach the switch. Both sets of eyes watered.

"Maybe...some day, you'll thank me, Gabrielle." Forty-two.

Cheri let go and Gabrielle, panting, reached back again. This time, at long last, the switch tumbled into her grip. With both hands Gabrielle held on for dear life and, finding the switch itself, slid it all the way up.

The wand exploded within her, and Gabrielle exploded with it. She craved it from head to toe so badly that her body quaked long before the orgasm itself arrived. Passion surfed along her every nerve. Muscles flared as she thrust against the vibrator as best she could. Cheri's hands returned but Cheri welcomed the distraction of their discomfort. She might have moaned but she couldn't. The voice of her release devolved into passionate grunts and squeals which filled the room. The switch slipped from Gabrielle's hands and she collapsed forward, weights shivering with the rest of her.

Her mind was empty in the way she'd always wished for Gwen, Laura, and especially Cheri. To be freed from everything but the serenity of bondage and pleasure. To be filled with need only to have that need satisfied blissfully. Only when Gabrielle's bliss faded, her need remained. The cream's seductive effect on her body lingered, more insatiable than ever. Panting and exhausted, Gabrielle's returning mind knew she could bear no more, yet her body screamed for it as though she'd never climaxed at all.

Gabrielle lifted herself back again, eager to pacify her narcotic desire, but the switch was gone. Instead she felt hands all over her body. Her arms were yanked back into the strict strappado and tied there. The rope on her nipple clamps was pulled tight again-tighter than before. And, devastatingly, Gabrielle felt the vibrator cease and slide out of her pussy completely. Gabrielle shrieked in protest. She'd suffer any position, any torment, but she needed release. It consumed her every thought.

"Plmmph!" she cried, her head spinning about to try and find her captors. Forty-three.

The tingling persisted. Gabrielle's first orgasm was totally forgotten. All that mattered now was the next one.

"Plmmph!" she tried again. The crop brushed light against her back before sliding over her crimson ass. Even its tiny graze stung. Gabrielle didn't care.

The silent crop moved to her thigh, travelling upward sensually until it flicked against Gabrielle's quivering sex. There it pressed for what felt like an eternity. Even its threatening contact tempted Gabrielle's arousal, until finally...

"Plmmph!" Forty-four came quick as a flash. The crop slapped Gabrielle's pussy smartly. The captive protested her unbearable treatment.

"PLMMPH!" Gabrielle screamed. Forty-five rapped across her helpless vulva, and Forty-six didn't wait for her to plead. Gabrielle reeled in desperation, her every aching inch begging for both more and less. A helpless tear splashed into the fibers of the carpet below.

Laura appeared before her, crop still in her hand. Laura bent down to Gabrielle's level and used the crop to lift her chin until their eyes met. At last, something besides Gabrielle's sharp exhales broke the silence.

"Gabrielle," Laura said sternly. "You stole something from each of us, and today we take it back. Once we have it, we will get you dressed. We will drive you to the airport, where we've booked you a flight back to France. And we will never see or think about you again. But before you go, I think you owe each of us an apology."

Gabrielle let Laura's eyes bore into her. She saw an incredible spirit, beautiful and confident. She saw the sexy woman who'd found the will to face her fears and risk escape, who had born Gabrielle's worst punishments and emerged as fiery and determined as ever. A wild horse who still needed to be broken.

"Uhm...uhm srrmhy," Gabrielle stammered.

Laura seemed satisfied and moved out of view. Forty-seven struck her unsympathetically.

Gwen appeared, and Gabrielle saw a measured woman who chose her moments carefully. A patient woman whose trust needed to be earned, yet who also succumbed quite easily to a dominating presence. Someone who could yet be turned.

"Uhm srrmhy," she lied. Forty-eight.

Cheri was last. Mon Chéri. In her Gabrielle saw the most peculiar strength. A person for whom friendship was everything, who gave of herself eagerly and wholly to those she cared for. Someone who would walk through Hell to save a soul that wasn't hers. Someone Gabrielle loved dearly.

"Nuh-uh," Gabrielle choked. She couldn't do it. She couldn't apologize to Cheri, even as a lie. It would be a betrayal.

"What did you say?" Laura thundered from afar.

"Nuh-uh!" Gabrielle yelled defiantly. Forty-nine.

"I told you she wouldn't understand," Laura said dismissively. Cheri looked incredibly hurt.

"Cheri," Gwen's voice could be heard. "You were still right. We had to try."

"I know," Cheri said dejectedly as she walked out of view.

"We could show her what it felt like until the end of time, but she'll always find some way to rationalize it," Laura said, "all that's left for us is to make things even."

"Yeah," Cheri said at last. "I guess you're right. Let me do that last one."

Gabrielle didn't really understand any of this. It didn't sink in. The only clear thing to her was Fifty.

Gabrielle thrashed and moaned fanatically. The vibrator was back in place and working its full magic on her. It was hard to complain given that the cream still drove her mad with desire. The pure pleasure of her first orgasm had been replaced with the fatigue and overstimulation of its second, third, and fourth siblings. Clamps tugged, weights swung, and her toes dug resolutely into the floor. And while Gabrielle was vibed relentlessly, her three captors watched and waited for the orgasms to stop being so fun. Once it was clear Gabrielle could endure no more, they left the wand to drag her once more to the edge before turning it off.

"Hmm," Laura mused at last, pacing around Gabrielle's quivering, defeated body. "Looks like we finished ahead of schedule. We have some extra time on her hands, girls!"

Cheri and Gwen giggled as their prisoner struggled uncomfortably. Whatever their original plan for Gabrielle, it had run its course. Now they spoke as though she wasn't even there.

"Still plenty of time before we need to take her to the airport," Laura continued. "I thought by now I'd be tired of punishing her. Thought she might sleep a tiny bit before we shipped her back to France no worse for wear...mostly."

Gabrielle groaned miserably. Now all she could think about was being set free.

"I know what you mean," Gwen agreed. "Now that I'm here, I don't really feel ready to let her go yet. How bout you, Cheri?"

There was a pause before Cheri spoke. "I just keep thinking what she would do, if our places were reversed and, well, I don't think she'd have any pity. I wanted to be nice but...not anymore."

Gabrielle shook wildly in protest only to go instantly still when she felt Laura's crop press into her tender backside.

"All in favor of extending our guest's sentence until it's time to leave?"

Gabrielle couldn't see their vote, but she didn't need to. Not that she didn't loudly protest.

Cheri leaned close. "Sorry babe, guess we're not quite as submissive as you thought."

"Great!" Laura announced, "Now that's settled, any thoughts on how best to use our extra time with our guest here?"

Cheri was tired of being a spectator. She paced around Gabrielle, running a hand along the parade of skin, nylon, and leather.

"Why choose?" she asked idly. "I think we can fit in an entire encore performance. That's a nice, French word, isn't it, Gabbi?"

Gabrielle bucked and whimpered at the prospect. Her head shook back and forth as much as it could. She wanted to collapse, but instead found the ring gag harness being fitted back into place.

"Ooooh," Laura nodded in agreement. "It'll be close timing. You think we can squeeze it all in?"

"Absolutely," said Gwen, finding her zeal returning, "if we all pitch in this time. I'll work the vibrator."

"I can give those tits my undivided attention," Cheri said with wicked relish, picking up the toothbrush.

"And I," quipped Laura, "well, you already know, don't you, Gabrielle?"

With that came a sharp whack of the crop. Gabrielle screamed into her gag. Her bottom already crimson and sore, the crop's touch was searing.

"Count," Laura commanded menacingly. Gabrielle sniveled as she felt the other two captors stirring around her, preparing to join in the fun. Gabrielle jumped as she felt what must be Cheri's hand squeeze her breast brusquely.

"Count!" Cheri spoke right into her ear.

"Wmph!" Gabrielle sobbed mechanically.


Gabrielle walked back from the check-in kiosk with her luggage checked and boarding pass in hand. She showed it to Laura glumly and in turn was handed a small silver key.

"This will open your luggage when you receive it in France. Never come back."

Gabrielle looked like she wanted to say something, but Laura turned on her heel and walked away without a second look. Once outside, she got in their car and Gwen immediately pulled away from the curb.

"Thank God that's over," Cheri sighed, "Look, I really am s-"

"No, Cheri," Gwen said sharply. "No more apologies. It's done."

Cheri smiled weakly as they wove through the ramps and back toward the interstate.

"Bitch was crazy, though," Laura eventually quipped to break the silence.

"Yeah!" Cheri laughed. It was her first real laugh in days. "I still can't believe some of the nonsense she was spewing."

"I don't know," Gwen said, "I think, at times, she was on to something."

"What? You think she was right?"

"She was sadistic and crazy," Gwen clarified, "But there was a bit of truth mixed in there, too."

"About what?" Laura asked skeptically.

"About us, and about the game," Gwen replied, "We were going too far, Laura. Playing so often, pretending the dice were deciding who did what when really, it was just us. We just wanted to play around and pretend we were following some stupid rules. Gabrielle was right: none of us wanted to take responsibility for what we were trusting each other with."

"Are you saying we shouldn't play it anymore?" Cheri asked with a hint of resentment.

"No," Gwen held her ground, "but maybe if we're going to play, we should do it for the right reasons. And maybe it shouldn't always be necessary."

Laura and Cheri weren't hostile to this or anything, but this was difficult to hear.

"Fine," Gwen said at last, "I'll just say it: I like bondage. Sometimes I like the idea of being tied up, and sometimes I like the idea of doing the tying myself. And I shouldn't need to play some game to act like it."

Cheri and Laura shared a look. Clearly this wasn't a revelation, but still...

"All I'm saying it maybe I should just talk to you both about something I like and want, instead of ignoring my chores on purpose."

Laura turned to face her.

"You did that on purpose?" Laura asked slyly.

"Oh, honey..." Gwen gave her a look.

"I like bondage too," Cheri piped up, her eyes engrossed by the dashboard. "I don't know about being Miss Cheri-the-dominatrix so much, but being tied up tight...I like that a lot. More than a lot. And it sure as hell wasn't hard for Gabrielle to figure that out."

"I'm gay," Laura blurted out. She looked around nervously as they sped down the highway, bracing for the uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah?" Gwen and Cheri both said together, as though Laura must have more to say.

"I'm...I'm gay? A lesbian?"

"Yeah, so?" Gwen watched the road passively.

"We know, Laura," Cheri said in a motherly voice.

"Wait. You know?"

"Who you talking to?" Gwen grinned.

"Why...why didn't you ever say something?" Laura stammered. She looked like she'd been hit with a brick.

"We wanted to let you be you. We knew you'd share that part of you when you were ready."

"Doesn't mean we couldn't figure it out, though." Gwen quipped.

Laura felt as though a weight had lifted from her body...except for one sharp corner. She turned to Gwen.

"Look, some of the things Gabrielle made us do-"

"-were very...intriguing, I have to admit, no matter how they happened," Gwen cut her off.

"But it wasn't-"

"Laura, even if I don't go for women doesn't mean what we did together wasn't wonderful. You and Cheri are both...special to me. You two can do anything to me."

"Me too," Cheri said.

Laura just looked at them like they were crazy, tears streaming to the corners of her unshakable grin.

"See?" Gwen joked again, "Don't put us in your little box. Just don't tell Shawn. He'll get ideas."

Laura laughed again. Really laughed.

Part 9: Supplicants (epilogue) (added: 2016/07/20)

Gabrielle's palms gripped the armrests of her hard coach seat, trying her best not to move. Her arms, already sore, were exhausted from digging her elbows into the plastic. Anything to take pressure off her backside during the eight hour flight. Gabrielle's mascara had run from all the times tears had filled her eyes since disembarking, but at last she was nearly home.

Almost done, she thought, trying very hard to be hopeful. Gabrielle knew the French countryside was somewhere below the clouds in her window. Any moment they'd pass outskirts of Paris and she'd be home at last. Nothing could be worse than this flight. Well, almost nothing.

Those three witches had kept their word, and kept Gabrielle strictly bound and gagged until mere minutes before they'd left for the airport. They'd packed and locked her massive suitcase and refused to give her the key until it was already checked in at the airport. Her only choice of clothes were tight jeans, sky-high heels, and a quarter-cup push-up bra under a form-fitting shirt with long sleeves. No panties.

After an ordeal like hers, every step and every swish of the clothing against her body was agony, brushing against her ultrasensitive skin. Her ass was wrapped in tight, rough denim which rubbed with every step. Her raw nipples already stood at rapt attention and constantly chafed against the cotton fabric. The tiny bra did not cover them but lifted her chest quite prominently for all to see. Gabrielle walked through the airport with arms folded, but once on the plane she had to choose between using her arms to cover her nipples or lift herself to try and relieve her crimson ass. She chose the latter.

After walking to her gate as slowly and carefully as possible without attracting attention, Gabrielle had stood and waited patiently for her plane. When a gruff, unpleasant tourist pushed her aside, Gabrielle managed to reduce her internal scream to a tiny squeak.

Of course, there was no avoiding the flight itself. Amidst the bustle of storing luggage, Gabrielle lowered herself gingerly into her seat. Being forced by the flight attendant to tighten her seatbelt brought the first tears as Gabrielle's ass pressed into her seat. As soon as that little light vanished, so did the belt.

After hours of gazing enviously at the fluffy clouds, Gabrielle caught the pervert sitting beside her staring intently at her tits...again. She didn't care anymore. All she cared about was keeping still. The plane shuddered mildly. Gabrielle gasped in sudden pain, then smiled awkwardly at King Leer beside her.

Gabrielle did not take notice when the plane rolled slightly to the right. All she cared about was getting home. Though reluctant to reapply her seatbelt, she nevertheless waited patiently as the plane tilted back for its landing. The jolt of the plane touching settling onto its wheels was a small price to pay.

"Ladies and gentleman," the captain's voice suddenly sounded in pleasant French, "Due to unforeseen delays at Charles de Gaulle Airport, we have been temporarily diverted to Orly Airport while we wait for our gate to clear. Due to immigration regulations for international flights, we are unable to allow passengers to exit the plane until we arrive at our official destination. Please remain seated and hopefully this delay will only last one or two hours. I apologize for any inconvenience."

All around, passengers voiced their displeasure. Gabrielle would have joined them, were she not fighting back more tears and trying very hard to keep still.

"Are you sure about this?" Gwen asked, biting her lip.


"I don't know, this doesn't feel right."

"You've tied me up before, Gwen," Cheri reassured her.

"Yeah, when you lost at Dice, and with Laura," Gwen still looked uncertain. "But this is what Gabrielle did to you. I...I don't want to do that to you."

"You're not."

"How is this any different?"

"I want this, Gwen, and I know I can trust you to take care of me. I never felt that with her." Cheri looked straight into Gwen's eyes.

Gwen exhaled slowly. "Ok."

"Thanks, Gwen," Cheri said. She added playfully, "just promise you won't go easy on me."

"I promise." Gwen took a moment to collect herself and properly get in the mood.

They were back in their basement. Cheri wore the full purple latex outfit she'd received from Gabrielle, and was already kneeling against the wicked pole device she'd been bound to when Laura and Gwen escaped. This time, she willingly offered her limbs as Gwen, wearing everyday clothes, secured Cheri into the pole's cuffs and straps. Cheri soon kneeled helplessly before her friend, her arms and legs locked sharply behind her, and didn't mind one bit.

"Can we do the clamps first, please?" Cheri asked politely as Gwen tightened a strap around her corseted waist.

"Who's in charge here?" Gwen managed to joke as she picked up two alligator clamps. Carefully, she untied the lacing just above Cheri's corset and pulled it aside, allowing Cheri's heavy breasts to spill forth for all to see. Gwen carefully worked the jaws of a clip onto Cheri's tender nipple.

"Ohhh...a little tighter."

"I thought you hated these things." Gwen complied by turning the tiny knob on the clamp, to Cheri's obvious satisfaction.

"I let you think that so you'd keep using them on me," said Cheri slyly, her eyes closed.

"I'll keep that in mind," Gwen smirked. She grabbed two small oval vibrators with tiny wires leading to the stand's control box, mounted to the stand behind Cheri. "These too?"

"Yes, please," Cheri was ever pleasant. "Set for ten second intervals, gradually increasing intensity to maximum, and a twenty second pause in between intervals. And put a 1 ounce weight on each one, so they'll swing and tug at me."

"You've thought this through."

"I told you I wanted this."

Gwen did as she was told, then looked at Cheri again. "And what about down there?"

Gwen gestured between Cheri's legs. A track on the floor between her knees allowed for different attachments Gabrielle had bought. A selection of differing sized phalluses lay off to the side. "You want one of these?"

"Yes," Cheri said resolutely. "the 5 inch one. But I also want you to attach that wand as well. It fits into the attachment in front there. Set it to turn on and off randomly."

Cheri flushed at the thought. Gwen set the proper equipment aside. "Alright, then. How long do you want to stay like this?"

The bound woman turned, if possible, even redder. "Well, honestly...I want to feel helpless. Maybe you should decide."

"You sure, Cheri?"

Cheri thought for a moment before nodding. "I can work with that," Gwen said with a grin, "Are you looking for these things to tease you, or get you off? Or am I deciding that, too?"

"I don't think that should be up to me, either," Cheri said breathlessly. She was clearly nervous about this, but also excited. "B-But if it was, I'd probably have two orgasms: one quickly and another right before I was going to be let go...and I'd want to be teased in between. Mercilessly."

Gwen stared. She, Cheri, and Laura had done things that mean to each other before, sure. But no one had ever asked for it like that.

"You sure, Cheri? You'll probably regret that."

"Yes...and stop asking me that. If I didn't regret it a little, it wouldn't be fun."

"Fine," Gwen shrugged, moving on, "then I guess it's time for this." She picked up a mass of rubber and tubing. It was Cheri's neck corset, made of black rubber and with a sturdy strap connected to an attached inflatable gag. Cheri gulped as Gwen pumped the oval plug to an imposing size.

"Open up!" Gwen said playfully as she approached. Cheri slowly parted her lips and had to stretch her jaw to accommodate the gag's size. Once fully in, Gwen laced the corset on tightly and buckled the strap, sealing the plug deep in Cheri's mouth. The rubber hand pump for the gag dangled in front of her.

Her eyes and nose left uncovered, Cheri watched closely as Gwen lifted her head up and back until it fit into the steel collar of the stand. Gwen closed the collar and locked it so that Cheri was held irresistibly upright in her now complete bondage, effectively unable to move her head. There was a glint in Gwen's eye that hadn't been there before.

"I know, I know," Gwen mused, "you asked me to stop second-guessing you, but I have to be sure. This is your last chance, Cheri. If you like, I'll release you now-no harm, no foul. Or you're going to remain bound however I want, as long as I want, end of story. There is no in between, understand? You know the signal."

Cheri did know the signal. Just a little hum and Gwen would understand. Gwen waited long enough to ensure Cheri thought about her decision, but Cheri elected to remain silent.

"Suit yourself," Gwen said finally before pacing around Cheri's helpless form. "You know, you asking me to tie you up today has me thinking about the last time we played the Dice Game. You lost and were getting tied up by Laura and me, and you were so obviously loving it. We were going to be nice to you, but you kept complaining that the straps were too loose. 'Two more notches, Gwen. Two notches,' you kept saying until we got fed up and gagged you."

Cheri looked at Gwen apprehensively and made a small noise through her gag, unable to manage any more. Gwen kept talking, "I like that attitude, Cheri. It should be our motto for today. 'Two more notches.'"

Gwen looked at Cheri appraisingly. "Let's see, two more notches. Two more...I know, how about two more pumps!"

Gwen grasped the pump for Cheri's gag and gave it two generous squeezes. Cheri's eyes popped as the unseen gag grew stiflingly large in her mouth. She groaned and only tiny mews escaped. She shook in her restraints but remained exactly as helpless as she'd asked to be. Gwen removed the tube and pump from the corset and tossed it aside.

"Annnd, let's see," Gwen eyed Cheri's breasts. "How about two more turns on these clamps?"

Cheri actively opposed this one. Two turns was an awful lot, but all she could do was wince uncomfortably as Gwen adjusted the knobs on each clamp until they tweaked her nipples ruthlessly.

"Hmm, what else? Add two more ounces of weight-per clamp, of course. And you said 10 seconds on and 20 off? We'll do 20 on and 10 off instead."

Cheri groaned anxiously as two more tiny weights clipped onto each clamp. Gwen flicked them so they tossed about, twisting their anchors maliciously as they went.

"Something's still missing. Two it! Two more straps for those sexy tits of yours!" Gwen swiftly grabbed two straps and fed them around the base of each of Cheri's defenseless orbs. Gwen buckled each tightly but hesitated before moving on.

"I almost forgot," she said, smacking herself on the forehead coyly, "two more notches! Wouldn't that be embarrassing, these are actual notches."

Cheri shuddered in protest as Gwen grabbed each of the straps on her chest and pulled them forcefully until she could the buckle reached another two notches. Cheri's plump breasts now jutted out before her like oversized softballs. They heaved with each breath, but she could do nothing to lessen their severe bindings. Gwen playfully grabbed each rotund globe and squeezed it gently. Cheri moaned sharply in a pleasure she couldn't conceal. Now Gwen was ready to move on.

"I believe you asked me to set up some of these wonderful toys for you," Gwen said, surveying her options while Cheri panted, "hmm, you mentioned this 5 inch bad boy, but the motto of the day is 'two more.' Let's go with his 7 inch brother, shall we? And you wanted the wand turning on at random times? Fine, but I'll set it to turn on twice as frequently."

Cheri tried adamantly to complain as Gwen mounted the larger (and markedly thicker) dildo onto a piston with a 6" stroke, then clamped the wand vibrator beside it. Kneeling before Cheri, Gwen slowly opened the zipper between her captive's legs, revealing her ass and dripping pussy. Carefully, Gwen lined up the retracted piston and lubricated the dildo generously before using two fingers to part the vulva. Cheri purred instinctively as she felt the penile head press into her. The wide bulb of the wand settled against Cheri's trembling clitoris. Tightening some wingnuts to hold the piston and wand firmly in place, Gwen pouted so that Cheri could see.

"It feels wrong, doesn't it?" Gwen asked Cheri despondently. "You have a very nice toy to play with your pussy but it's just one, and I'm all about two's right now. You think we need another one?"

It took Cheri a moment to realize what Gwen meant. She cried out and tried unsuccessfully to shake her head.

"You're right, Cheri. We definitely do."

Cheri looked on powerlessly as Gwen fitted the 5" dildo to another piston with a smaller 4" stroke. Moments later Cheri yelped as she felt Gwen spread lubricant generously over her ass before the tip of the toy was inserted. Gwen carefully angled it and then mounted it to the track behind the others. Cheri strained to watch, and her peripheral vision just barely noticed Gwen moving to the stand's control box behind her.

Plugging in all the cords, Gwen asked the back of Cheri's head if she were ready.

"Mmm-ummmph!" was all Cheri could manage, which Gwen took as a resounding yes. She began pressing buttons on the box.

Cheri's nipples promptly sprang to life. With the ultra-tight clamps and weights, the two vibrators resonated powerfully on Cheri's chest. The immediate feeling was bad enough, but Cheri felt the vibrations intensify gradually until they abruptly ceased on the twentieth second. Cheri sighed in relief, thinking Gwen had come to her senses. But they promptly started again and Cheri learned just how brief ten seconds could be.

Then Cheri cried out as the wand buzzed her clit in a sharp burst. Very quickly it happened again, and Cheri realized that Gwen had set the wand to full power. The ecstatic jolts were never more than a few seconds apart. Cheri could barely recover.

Yet before Cheri could even attempt to adapt, the large dildo slowly inched forward into her pussy until all seven inches filled her, and gradually slid out again. A moment later, Cheri felt the second dildo begin thrusting into her ass. Their pace was tantalizing and seductive, but Cheri already wished they would speed up and just fuck her.

Gwen deliberately set the pace of Cheri's anal probe a fraction slower than its counterpart, to keep them in an asymmetric rhythm. Turning other dials, she also set each one to rotate teasingly as they worked their way in and out of Cheri, who seemed quite appreciative of the many bumps and ridges massaging her.

Gwen finally returned to face Cheri who, battling her near constant stimulation, fixated on her standing benefactor with glassy eyes. Intense or not, Gwen had given her exactly what she asked for.

"Having fun?" Gwen asked knowingly.

Cheri nodded her head inattentively.

"I hope so," Gwen warned. "I told you I have a date with Shawn tonight, right? We're going to an early dinner and then a movie. We'll probably hit the bars after that. I doubt I'll be back 'til tomorrow. I can let you out then."

"Nnnmph!" Gwen never mentioned that! The stand was already overwhelming her senses. Cheri tried to shake her head. Gwen leaned in until their noses almost touched.

"Not sure you have a choice, honey," she said, and started walking toward the stairs.

"MMMMM!" Cheri shrieked.

"Oh fine," Gwen dismissed her casually, as though this hadn't been her plan all along, "I'll set your phone alarm for 9 o'clock. Laura will be back from teaching her Pilates class around then and it'll let her know you're down here. Enjoy!"

Cheri listened gravely as Gwen climbed the stairs and closed the basement door. Daylight was fading from the window-wells. In the silence, she had nothing to distract her from the toys playing with her helpless body. The dildos thrust on tirelessly, sliding in and out of her soaked orifices. They felt incredible contrasted with the wand's random bursts, even if Cheri struggled to bear them. Her tits felt assaulted from all angles. It was uncomfortable and humiliating, but she actually wanted it that way. Feeling her breasts handled so roughly, especially while bound, made Cheri extremely hot. It was no surprise, then, that Cheri was aroused beyond belief within minutes of Gwen's departure. She couldn't imagine a better feeling, yet all she could do was kneel there in her bondage, growing hot in all that latex.

Gwen actually returned a while later. Clearly, she had been upstairs preparing for her date. She was dressed and looked ready to go. By then Cheri was moaning passionately through her gag, eyes shut in concentration. She was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing throughout her body, her body shaking in response to every imposed sensation.

"Still playing, I see," Gwen smiled knowingly. Cheri's eyes opened to see her friend, and she groaned longingly. Cheri seemed to want something.

"You said something earlier about getting off early in your little session, and then to be teased until right before your release. I believe you used the word 'merciless'?" Gwen asked devilishly. "I came to make sure you'll be teased properly. I assume you've already had that first blissful 'O'?"

Cheri slowly shook her head and looked hopefully at Gwen. Orgasm was clearly all she could think about.

"Oh?" Gwen asked with a mischievous smirk. "I thought for sure you'd have cum easily by now with all these things. You must not be even trying."

"Mmph!" Cheri nodded as emphatically as she could in the collar.

"Well? Can't you then?"

"Mmmmmmph! Nuh-uhm," Cheri groaned in desperation. Her gaze was the definition of eagerness. She must have been waiting for Gwen to come back.

"Don't toy with me, Cheri, I'm serious. You mean you can't get yourself off no matter how hard you try?"

Cheri nodded fervently, her hips gyrating in subdued desperation. Clearly she'd been trying adamantly to achieve orgasm for some time now. Gwen put her finger up to her chin for a moment, considering the situation.

"Hmm. I think that's probably for the best."


"In fact, I brought you a little surprise."

Cheri's eyes went wide as Gwen produced Laura's special tube of aphrodisiac cream and squeezed some onto her hand. Without even stopping the piston, she clasped her hand lightly around the dildo so that the cream spread liberally over the shaft on its way into Cheri's pussy. Another nice dollop found its way onto her clit. Cheri moaned helplessly and pled with Gwen as she felt a hot tingling building between her legs. Gwen caressed Cheri's vulva and nipples to get the excess off her hands and looked at her playfully.

"Oh, honey. I'm so glad you made this my decision! Otherwise you'd probably just pleasure yourself and that would bore you, wouldn't it? I know what you really wanted. You wanted two notches."

Cheri cried out frantically into her gag. The cream already had her in a frenzy. Climax was the only thing she wanted, the only thing her body would settle for. But her pleas were ignored as Gwen walked away, and Cheri suddenly found a blindfold descending over her eyes.

"Play with your toys, Cheri," Gwen pandered, "and forget about those O's. They just weren't a good fit for you. Trust me."

Cheri heard Gwen's footsteps fading again. She thrashed and moaned with all her might, absolutely desperate for orgasm. She'd never reach it like this. The cream was really kicking in and enough coated her pussy to last for hours...

"Oh, and Cheri!" Gwen called from the base of the stairs. "Speaking of the whole two notches thing, I've decided to set that phone alarm for 11 o'clock instead of 9 so you have enough time to play. Hopefully Laura hasn't gone to bed by then!"

Laura came home from her Pilates course still in her athletic gear. Kicking off her shoes, she found the house dark and empty. Gwen and Cheri must both have gone out. Laura didn't mind, and looked forward to having the house to herself. She showered and settled onto the couch with a fluffy robe and a romance novel. She read for a while before the deadbolt slid open to sound Gwen's arrival. She wore a casual dress.

"Hey, Gwen," Laura called from the couch. "It's not even eleven. Didn't you have a date with Shawn tonight?"

"I did. We just got out of a movie but I didn't really feel like the bars," Gwen said with uncharacteristic awkwardness. "So I came home."

Laura paid little attention to it and returned to her book. Gwen sat down next to her, clearly looking to say something. Finally, Laura lowered her book again.

"Something wrong?"

"I couldn't stop thinking about you tonight. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I don't really know why."

"What do you mean?" Laura asked with concern.

"Well...I can't get something Gabrielle said out of my mind."

"Gwen, you need to forget about her. She was nuts."

"I know, I know," Gwen said, clearly struggling with what she wanted to say, "It's just, she kept making it sound like you had something specific you needed to say."

"You mean that I'm a lesbian? Look, she-"

"No, something more than that. Something you were supposed to say specifically to me. She didn't include Cheri when she was pushing for that, and I think that was on purpose."

"Look, Gwen, you should just forget it-"

"Are you in love with me?" Gwen blurted out.

Laura froze up. She closed her book without marking the page.

"In the car it sounded like you knew," Laura said quietly.

"I knew you liked women, yeah. But this is kind of different, isn't it?" Gwen knew this was a bombshell and waited patiently. Whatever this was, it wasn't easy, but she couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Gwen," Laura said slowly, "I wasn't really comfortable with myself for a long time, so I hid it, even from you and Cheri. By the time I sorted myself out we were all such good friends that I was afraid I would ruin it. You've always been so smart and witty and beautiful..."

Laura stopped. Gwen couldn't help but smile even though her eyes were tearing up a little.

"I do love you, Gwen. Or at least I did. Maybe I still do, I really don't know anymore. But I think the best way to work though all this is to try and get myself out there. I want to meet some people, some women, and see how things go. And I'm going to. And I think that, more than anything else, you're the best friend I've ever had. I'd never risk that."

Gwen looked at the ground sheepishly. "Well...what if I felt something too?"


"I don't know!" Gwen didn't really know how to articulate her thoughts. "I'm not a lesbian. At least, I don't think I am. But ever since I suspected how you felt I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. About how feels to be close to you, and-and how it must have been for you all this time, and...honestly, all the chances we might have missed together. I don't know if I want to be with, like, women. But maybe there's something here anyway, with you."

"Does Shawn know any of this?"

"Yeah, right," Gwen snorted.

They sat in silence for a moment. Laura was spinning. She'd never imagined for a second that Gwen might say things like this. Gwen seemed to know what she was thinking.

"Look, Laura," she said seriously. "I don't really know how I feel. Right now I want you, but I don't know if I'll feel that way forever. I'm terrified that I'm going to jerk you around and end up hurting you. If we were to kiss and then I-"

Gwen was cut off as Laura leaned in and let their lips meet for the first time. Gwen quivered, trying to process the emotions swirling through her. For Laura, it was like coming up for air. After moments that felt like centuries, they parted again. Gwen seemed to forget everything she'd just been saying.

"I have something for you," Gwen stammered. She rose off the couch and dashed to her room. Laura bit her lip. Perhaps she'd gone too far.

Gwen returned with a box wrapped like a present. "I know your birthday's not for a couple weeks," she said, "but I've been staring at this every night wondering whether I should give it to you, or if I was even brave enough."

The box rattled as Laura opened it. As the paper slipped away, Laura saw a regular old shoebox that felt so light it might have been empty. She opened it and found a pair of dice. One was red and the other blue.

"These aren't for the Dice Game. They're for, well, us. Maybe we're just friends and they'll never be used. Maybe they'll be used once and never again. I don't know. And I can't promise you anything more than that we'll always be friends. But I've also gone to bed every night lately, imagining what it'd be like to use them with you."

Laura didn't have answers any more than Gwen did. But that didn't stop her from beaming. This was just about the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.

"Are the rules the same?" Laura leaned closer to Gwen for a second time.

"Almost," Gwen breathed. "I can explain as we go along...I mean, if you want to..."

Their lips nearly touched. Laura asked quietly, "What if Cheri comes home?"

"Don't worry about that," Gwen gasped as they kissed again.

Laura picked up the dice and handed one to Gwen. They each let them tumble back into the box without looking. But Laura couldn't wait for long. Her dice read a four while Gwen's a three.

"What does that mean?" she asked. Gwen bowled her over and they kissed again.

"It means," Gwen replied between breaths, "that I get to be your helpless damsel in distress tonight."

"Oh really?" Laura said happily. She picked up the red die and rolled a five. "And that?"

"Position, same as the other game. Spread eagle on the bed."

"You mean my bed," Laura quipped. She pulled the tie of her robe loose and used the cord to tie Gwen's hands behind her. "Don't I need to roll to see how tight it'll be?"

Gwen struggled to get closer. "Tight as you want. All I care about is the next roll."

"And what's that?"

"Red for how many times I pleasure you. Blue for how many times you pleasure me. Everything else is up to you," Gwen finished, panting. By now Laura's hand was hidden beneath Gwen's skirt.


"Oh God. Everything."

Laura smiled. "Come with me, then."

Gwen moaned as they rose and headed for Laura's room. Just then, they heard a sudden noise in the room, like a violent rattling. It was coming from a large decorative bowl on their coffee table which was filled with polished round stones. A strange melody was rising up through the stones and every second or two the rocks rattled inexplicably. Laura brushed a few stones aside with her hand.

It was Cheri's smartphone and it was having a fit. Laura examined it to find an alarm had been set for 11:00. But Cheri never left the house without her phone.

"Oh that," Gwen said, "I left that for you. It's to let you know that Cheri asked me to tie her up earlier. She's in the basement."

Laura stared at Gwen for a moment.

"Is she ok?"

"She's having a great time. I made sure of it," Gwen grinned wickedly.

"Can she wait?"

"She can't not wait."

Cheri was in purgatory. Her aching nipples shuddered with the vibrators again and again. The wand never missed a beat, and the pistons never slowed. Laura's special cream had worn off a while ago, not that Cheri could ignore her incredible need for release. Not for a second. She simply existed, unable to progress or recede. Her helplessness was comforting in its certainty, but as much as she enjoyed struggling fruitlessly in the face of unattainable release, she still needed release. Badly.

Cheri had no way to mark the time, nor of knowing when anyone might return to her in the first place. So when she finally heard footsteps thudding down the basement stairs, she yelled out in abject gratitude. Wide eyes longed to be freed of their blindfold.

The steps approached but said nothing. She felt a hand on her hips, surely to unbuckle the strap binding her. But it did nothing of the sort and she remained fully bound. The steps walked around her, and suddenly a finger flicked her nipple. Cheri grunted and moaned for release, waiting for them to finally remove these excruciating clamps. Instead the hand squeezed her bound breast smartly, almost as though examining it. Cheri moaned again desperately, throwing her arms against the manacles she knew wouldn't budge. Abruptly the vibrations on her nipples switched. They switched on for one second, then off for one, repeating. Cheri whined pitifully. Maybe they were just having fun, but Cheri felt like any more torment would be the end of her.

Now the clinical hand probed between her legs. It felt her pussy where it rested upon the wand, deftly sweeping aside the only flap of skin between the wand and her bare clitoris. Cheri grunted in frustration. She'd spent ages flexing her hips to maneuver that tiny veil between the wand and her sensitive nub. What was Laura doing?! Was this even Laura?

Still, none of it would matter once the vibrators finally shut off. Except they didn't. Instead, Cheri felt something strange near her backside. The warm dildo thrusting into her suddenly felt cold and newly slick. She felt the same chill in her pussy and quickly realized that new lubricant had been spread onto the thrusting dildos. They thrust into her with renewed vigor.

Cheri whined loudly into her gag. Weren't they here to let her go?

Cheri's pussy felt a hot tingling that immediately made her tense up. She recognized its effect just as she felt two fingers spreading her vulva. Something velvety lapped against her clit and for a blissful moment Cheri believed the fingers were there to pleasure her. But then it began to tingle as well. Cheri shrieked and threw herself against her bindings.

"Mmph! Nuh-hmm Cmmmh! Mmmph-MMMMMPH!!!"

Her only answer, as the cream once more filled her with carnal lust, was a loving peck on the cheek. The footsteps headed for the stairs again. Cheri gave one last frantic cry before she heard the door close. Cheri had only one path before her: to ache, and need, and simmer in her extreme arousal until anyone except her decided it was enough. The thought nearly made her climax. Nearly.

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