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Author's Note: This is obviously a work of fantasy.

He was a very cruel master, the most sadistic master she ever had or ever could have ever dreamed of. That was exactly why she gave herself to him. She gave herself completely and without limits or safewords. She was his to inflict punishment or give pleasure as he saw fit. The punishment he was about to inflict on her was going to be quite severe indeed.

He was a doctor and he used his medical knowledge and all sorts of medical tools and devices to torment his slave. Currently she was strapped into a gynecological exam table. She has naked and her beautiful body trembled with fear and excitement. She was secured to the rubber-covered table with her legs strapped in the stirrups. The slave's glistening pussy and tight asshole were exposed for the coming agony. Her thighs were held spread open as far as they would go. He hips and stomach were tightly strapped as well as her chest above and below her ample breasts. Her arms and wrists were securely strapped to the arms of the table which formed a sort of cross. She could barely move.

His cruelty was without limits when it came to gags. Every gag was painful and severe, he loved to see her struggle to breathe and watch the fear on her face while she was gagged. This gag was no different. He held a long rubber inflatable, now flaccid, penis up to her full wanting lips. The gag was attached to a wide leather panel with two thick straps to make sure once in place it stayed in place. The rubber cock when fully inflated was nearly six inches long and two inches thick.

"The long hours of deep throat training will payoff with this gag slave."

He gave the gag a few pumps and then forced the semi-hard rubber phallus into her mouth as she gagged and retched; fighting her natural gag reflex she forced her throat to relax to accept the rubber cock. Once the rubber penis was in place he strapped the gag as tight as possible and secured each buckle with a small padlock. She began to retch again but he was not done yet. This gag had a strap that went under her chin and fastened on top of her head and he tightened it cruelly and secured it in place. Again he placed a small padlock on the chinstrap to make her feel even more helpless. As it was the gag was a severe torment but the worst was yet to come. He now began to inflate the rubber cock by squeezing the bulb at the end of a tube coming out from the front of the gag strap. Her eyes were wide with fear. Oh my God no! No! She thought as she struggled to breathe. The rubber mass was now filling her mouth completely and slowly making its way down her throat. Tears filled her eyes and she screamed as loud as she could. He paid no attention to her screams he just kept pumping up the awful gag.

Finally when he was satisfied the gag was cruel enough he stopped inflating the gag and twisted the valve shut. The gigantic rubber phallus was quite a ways down her throat. You could just make out the bulge in her throat along with the muscles in her throat trying to cope with the severity of the gag.

"That should keep you quiet slave. Hahahahahahaha..." he laughed with cruel delight.

Lastly he strapped her neck and forehead to the table completing her bondage. Of course the strap around her neck was tightened just enough to restrict her breathing, which increased her panic level, which was already quite high.

"Let me explain what is going to happen to you slave. I am going to deny you an orgasm for an hour and then I will give you a choice of what to do next, continue orgasm denial for another hour or I whip your pussy for an hour. Sound like fun?"

Her fear and excitement was showing. Her pussy was now wet and wanted attention. Her nipples were rock hard with anticipation. Between retching on her gag she was moaning with pleasure in her strict bondage. She really was a true masochist and a slut for tight bondage.

Her master now began to get her orgasm devices in place. First he inserted a large vibrating dildo in her tight asshole, which was attached to a fucking machine. She moaned in pleasure at the invasion. Next he shoved a huge vibrating dildo into her dripping pussy. This dildo was attached to another fucking machine. Next came a vibrating current ring around her now swollen clit. It was held in place with a strong adhesive to ensure it would not move once in place. The ring sends powerful electric pulses and strong vibrations directly into the clit. Prior to attaching the clit suction he applied a generous amount of clitoral stimulation gel to her already highly sensitive clit. This gel basically cools the clit, which in turn sends blood to it making it even more sensitive. Next came the clit suction device and he carefully attached it inside of the e-stim clit ring. This suction tube would gently and not so gently suck on her engorged clit driving her wild. Lastly her applied four e-stim pads to her now gyrating crotch. One sticky pad was placed on her taint, the sensitive area between her pussy and asshole. Two other pads were placed on either side of her over-filled pussy. And the last e-stim pad was placed just above her clitoris.

She was now moaning loudly and continuously.

Now for the slave's breasts. He applied straps to the base of each breast to increase sensitivity. The straps were not so tight as to cause pain just keep her tit nice and full of blood to make sure they stayed as sensitive as possible. The breast e-stims were next. He placed the sticky pads on the underside of each swollen breast. Her now placed small rubber bands on her nipples. The rubber bands were designed for braces on teeth and required a special tool to apply. Once the rubber bands were in place her nipples came to life and sent waves of pleasure to her pussy. Finally he attached the nipple sucking tubes. These tubes were attached to a suction device much like a cow milking machine. It would suck on her tender nipples while vibrating at the same time. All of this stimulation to her breasts would have her wanting to cum in a few seconds all by them selves with no other stimulation at all.

With all the pleasure devices in place he now attached all the wires and tubes to a central machine, which was controlled by a complex computer program. He could sit back and watch her suffering with a push of a button on his laptop. Now came the most important part the monitoring devices. He attached EKG leads to her chest and her temples. The EKG would let the computer know when she was close to orgasm and the program would shut off all devices. Her also wrapped a blood pressure sleeve around her bicep to monitor her blood pressure. To insure she would not continue toward orgasm even when the devices were turned off there was a failsafe. Both dildoes and the ends of both the clit sucker and the nipple suckers had the ability to conduct a very powerful electric charge. This jolt to her most sensitive parts would definitely stop her orgasm dead in its tracks.

"One more thing before we get started. I am going to give you an injection of the latest female sexual enhancement drug, it's called Vagaserin and it is really amazing. You will let me know how you like it won't you. He then jabbed a needle into her tit and slowly depressed the plunger. Ok slave here we go..." he said as he hit the enter key on the laptop.

The effect was immediate her whole body now pulsed with pleasure. She was in heaven. Hers eyes rolled back in her head as she flowed with the unimaginable pleasure. Her entire body seemed to be glowing and pulsing. After a short time she could feel her orgasm begin to build. Pleasure on pleasure slowly built until she was going to cum and then... Nothing. She screamed and bucked wildly in her stringent bonds.

No! No! No! Please Please! I was so close she begged

Just as she felt her orgasm fade all of the pleasure machines started again. Bliss again. She rode the wave of pleasure once again. She bucked her hips as much as her bonds would allow. She rode the huge vibrating dildoes that were furiously fucking her asshole and pussy like a wild animal. The combination of all the vibrators, sucking devices and e-stims were incredible not to mention the sexual enhancement injection, which she was sure, was sending into an orbit of ecstasy and desire. She had never felt such intense pleasure. She was lost in the feeling; her mind was floating away with pure ecstasy. Again she felt her orgasm build and right when she was about to cum the machine stopped.

Hahahahahahahaha... Get the idea slave? Hahahahahahaha... The program is designed to read your blood pressure, heart rate and brain waves. The program knows precisely when you are going to cum and shuts off. But wait there's more. The program also starts the devices again while you are still in the orgasm zone, it will keep you on the edge of orgasm the entire time."

Right on cue the machine turned back on. Oh my God I can't stand this. Let me out! Let me cum! Please! Please master. Please! Her mind was a mixture of pleasure and frustration. The e-stim on her clitoris pulsed and built in ever-stronger waves that grew and grew until a new wave of orgasm began to build. Now her need to cum was overwhelming and it had only been a couple of minutes. I can't take an hour of this. Please let me cum!

As promised just as she was about to cum the machines stopped fucking, sucking and vibing her. But this time her orgasm was too strong she could feel it continuing and then all at once... the most intense agony she had ever felt coursed through her tightly bound body. She screamed violently as the pain flowed causing her to convulse uncontrollably yet she barely moved. Finally the pain stopped and so did her orgasm. An instant later the all of the pleasure devices came to life.

"That my slave was the failsafe device. When the devices stop and you still are going to orgasm the program will give you a very severe shock which as you have just found out will definitely stop you from cumming."

On and on the same thing, she was just at the point of orgasm only to be denied. She was kept on the edge of cumming over and over she thought she would go insane if she couldn't cum.

She was covered in sweat and her pussy was literally dripping. She thought I will do anything to stop this. I will beg him to whip my pussy as long as and as hard as he wants just please stop this. Please how much longer? Oh God please let me cum!

She thought she might go mad from the constant stimulation. She was so overwhelmed by the sensations to her body. But the stimulation continued. By now the time between her near orgasm and the machine shutting down was only a few seconds so her pre-orgasm was nearly constant. She began to panic a bit when yet another wave of pleasure that was surely never going to end in an orgasm. She shrieked in frustration into her horrible gag. As she shrieked large bubbles of drool would tumble out of her plugged mouth as she gasped and moaned.

She could her him laughing somewhere behind her.

This torment was so intense she could barely stand it. The pleasure he was inflicting on her was so powerful it was actually painful. The slave never imagined that pleasure could e such a cruel punishment. She would surely go crazy if she didn't cum soon. She was literally convulsing with was waves of ecstasy. This time her orgasm seemed was building until she knew when the machine stopped the orgasm would continue. The machine did its cruel job and turned off and her body continued toward orgasm anyway and few seconds later... searing white-hot agony coursed through her body ruining her orgasm.


"That failsafe really works. I told you it would. Hahahahaha..."

The horrible jolt struck like an explosion. Her mind shut down and her body shuddered uncontrollably. She was unconsciously screaming continuously which only emerged from her cruelly gagged mouth as animal grunts and high-pitched wails. She felt as if her entire body was seized and frozen in place but at the same time was shaking violently. This was too much.

At just as she began to gather a bit of composure the pleasure devices came to life.

Her swollen clit was so sensitized that she could have been brought to orgasm if a single hair slightly brushed against it once and right now it was being rhythmically sucked and vibrated not to mention being constantly electrofied by the e-stim unit. Her dripping wet pussy was being relentlessly fucked with a huge vibrating dildo, as was her asshole. This alone was driving her wild, in combination with the vibe and the constant sucking on her clit she was helpless to stop from cumming. She was covered in sweat. Her eyes were filled with tears. Her pussy juices were forming quite a puddle on the rubber surface of the gynecological exam table of torment.

I can't take this anymore! I can't stand it. I can't take it. She screamed in her mind. With her eyes she pleaded with her cruel master to please stop this awful torment and let finally cum. She tried not to think about how much longer I had to go, but she knew any more of this was far too much for her to bear but she no choice she would suffer this punishment until her master decided she had suffered enough.

After an endless cycle of nearly cumming and denial and several horrific shocks to stop her orgasm the pleasure devices stopped once more and they stay off. She felt relief and unbelievable frustration.

"Ok that's an hour slave." He said as he switch off the program and with it the pleasure devices. "So now for your choice... Another hour of orgasm denial or do you want me to whip your pussy for an hour?

Nod for your choice. Another hour of orgasm denial?

She kept absolutely still. She could not stand anymore of that awful torture.

"No? So it's an hour of me whipping your pussy then."

She nodded wildly. Yes! Yes! Yes! Please whip my pussy. Please whip my pussy! Just don't put the machine back on... she begged aloud into her gag

"Ok slave you asked for it."

Her cruel master then removed all of the pleasure devices as she sighed with relief.

"A couple of things before we get started. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves and grabbed a tube of gel and squirted a liberal amount on her wet swollen pussy. This is a strong nerve enhancement gel called Neuratine, it kind of wakes up all of your nerve endings making the area of application considerably more sensitive. Again you will let me know how it works. And when you begged me to whip your pussy just now I understood what you said and that must mean I need to tighten that gag."

So he reached behind her head and unlocked the gag strap and tightened the gag one more notch, he tried for two but it was already too tight so all he could manage was one. As he clicked the padlock shut once again he could hear her gagging furiously.

"Better but no good enough." He said as he gave the gag several more pumps causing her to scream and now gag more severely but now silently.

"Perfect! Hahahahahaha..." he said appreciating her pained expression and tear-filled eyes.

He approached her throbbing pussy with a fearsome whip. It was what they called a prison strap. It was basically a two inch wide thick strap about 18 inches long attached to a thick handle. The strap was well worn for many hours of use. He eyes went wide in terror and the terrified slave shook her head as much as her tight head bondage would allow. She knew how painful the device was he had used it on her many times but never for an hour and certainly not an entire hour directly on her pussy. An hour of whipping her pussy with it... maybe she made a bad choice.

"Having second thought slave?... hahahahahahahahaha...This is going to be extremely painful I'm afraid..."

He raised the cruel whip over his head and swung with tremendous force right on her highly sensitized pussy. Her response was as expected. She shrieked in total agonizing pain. He thought she would tear her vocal cords. Before she could come to grips with the horrible pain he struck again. Her pain doubled, tripled! She jerked wildly in her bonds screaming constantly.

If she could hold a thought in her head it would have been "STOP! I can't take it. It hurts too much Oh please master stooooop! But the pain was so intense her mind was simply filled with pain and no thought was possible.

He whipped her pussy without mercy the Neuratine intensifying the pain ten fold. Each stroke was cruel, precise and as hard as he dare. He would strike, pause just a second, raise his arm up high over his head and strike again, like a machine over and over. One arm would tire and he would quickly switch arms and continue the savage beating. Her constant screams and slobbering pleadings only made him want to punish her more.

Her pussy was horribly swollen and bruised and still he continued to whip her pussy. As he savagely beat her pussy, she screamed, choked and retched violently as she tried to beg him for mercy. He had never shown mercy before and he was not about to show any now. Each viscous stroke was followed by a loud dull wet slapping sound then a loud shrill sound of her shrieking. Between strokes the master's breathing mixed with her wet gasps for air filled the room. The whip was soaked with her pussy juices and sweat. Her tortured pussy was dark red and purple bruises and covered in thick welts punctuated with small dots of blood and still he whipped her with viscous abandon.

Her pain was inconceivable. Pain seared into her body and left nothing but more and more pain. The pain turned to agony and then into pure white-hot torture. This was way beyond any pain he had inflicted on her before. If she had a safe word she would have used it after the first lash. For what seemed an eternity she suffered unimaginable pain with no relief whatsoever.

Finally he stopped. "Wow! That was not as easy as it looked slave." He said with a grin catching his breath. You should see your pussy. What a mess. That was an hour of pussy whipping, which was your choice, as you know. Now you have another choice. Another hour of pussy whipping or another hour of orgasm denial?"

She went totally crazy shaking her head wildly. No you can't no no no Stop this please master Stoooooop!

"You know the drill slave nod for which one you want. Oh and I should warn you no answer gets an hour of both. So is it another hour of pussy whipping?"

She shook her head wildly Nooooooooo! I can't take anymore of that.

"Ok then it must be another hour of orgasm denial."

He mind was panicking wildly she couldn't stand that either. But I can't take more pussy whipping. Oh God help me! I gotta decide quick I don't want both. Oh God... She nodded ever so slowly that she did indeed want another hour of orgasm denial.

Hahahahahahaha... I thought you might say that. Hahahahahaha...

Ok whatever you want, you asked for it."

So he began the long process of re-attaching all of the pleasure and monitoring devices while she sobbed and begged him with tear-filled eyes. Once everything was in place he hit enter on his laptop and all memory of the previous hour of agony instantly disappeared. Even as she began to be carried away toward the feeling of oncoming orgasm she knew she would soon be suffering his cruel torment of denial and this being the masochist she was made her even more horny. What a slut she was.

So for the next hour she suffered in extreme pleasure and denial until he again shut off the evil pleasure devices and asked the question she hoped would not be asked

Hahahahahahaha... You must be going absolutely crazy. Am I right slave? Hahahahahaha... I know you are. Would like me to let you cum?

Oh God yes! I'll do anything you ask just please please PLEASE let me cum master she silently begged as she tried in vain to hump the motionless dildoes invading her ass and sopping pussy.

Well... I don't know... I'm not sure you really want to cum.

I do I do! Please let me cum! She tried her best to communicate her desperation with her horribly gagged mouth and implored him with her eyes

Maybe after your next choice slave. Hahahahaha... he laughed cruelly. So what'll it be then slave, another hour of orgasm denial or another hour of pussy whipping?

What made this torture so awful was that the slave had to ask for the punishment or suffer both. The master loved this type of punishment.

He watched the fear and indecision, the impossibilities of her decision play across her gagged tear-strewn face.

"Well slave which is it? Hahahahaha... gotta make a decision or you get both. So is it orgasm denial?

She slowly nodded yes she did in fact want him to continue to deny her orgasm for another hour. She knew this time that there was no way she could stand another hour of having her pussy whipped.

Hahahahahaha... OK. But this time you have to beg. And if I don't think you're sincere I will whip your pussy again as well. Now BEG!

With her eyes wide she tried her best to bring her head forward, which choked her even more than she already was, to plead with him.

Pmmmmmnnnnmmmfff bbbbnnn mmmm aaaaagggggmm!

That sounded like Please whip my pussy again. Do you really want that again?


Do you really want me to deny you orgasm again? Really? Tell me the truth now slave. If you lie to me you'll get another hour...

Oh my God what do I say? There's no way I want to do it again but the alternative is so much worse. I don't want either. Oh shit. Shit. Shit!

Pmmmmmnnnnmmmfff bbbbnnn mmmm aaaaagggggmm.

I can't believe you want another hour of denial. Who would want that? Nobody that's who. You must be lying. So because you lied to me that's now two hours of denial.


The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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