Secretly I Slave
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Author's Note: big fan of white slavery theme,pantyhose and curvy voluptious mature black and latino women

Chapter 1

Debra long was a white slaver. She made most of her sales by utilizing the door to door saleswomen tactic posing as a pantyhose and lingerie sales women and when things were slow she put an ad in the paper for pantyhose models. What follows are two examples of her chronicles in the world where women are treated as commodities.

Rennet Johnson was a recently Divorced grandmother of three. She stood 6 foot 2 inches weighing in at 225 pounds. She had a 62 inch ass and was very shapely. She was the manager at a group home when she was working but had retired as the group home had closed. She was french and black having a honey complexion she turned many a head both male and female alike but was completely oblivious somewhat of a ditz despite holding a masters degree in psychology.

She was busying herself around the house cleaning and listening to Sade play softly on the surround sound stereo system she had kept in the divorce. Suddenly there was a ring at the door.

"Hmmp I wonder who that could be" the black women muttered to herself. She walked into the foyer glancing in the peep hole she viewed an elderly white women carrying a pull luggage case.

Opening the door she said" Hello How can I Help You"

Debra eyes lit up at the site of the voluptuous black women. She had been getting more and more request for big booty women.

"My name Is Debra I am raising funds for a Charity called S.I.S. which helps women who are victims of human trafficking I sell pantyhose and other garments would you be interested in seeing what I have?"

Rennet had been lonely since the divorce so any company was greatly appreciated.

"sure come on in" she said making way for the elderly white women and her suitcase n wheels.

They walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

"So do you wear pantyhose often"Debra asked her as they settled into there seats.

"yeah I do but they make my feet stink sometimes" She said as she dangled her slip on leather mules absentmindedly

"well I sell full underwear sets that match the do wear thongs don't you?" Debra asked cautiously as not to arouse suspicion.

rennet blushed a deep shade of red "ummm no I don't I prefer fuller cut's"

"nonsense" Debra said as she tossed an extremely tiny,skimpy, pink g-string at the women.

"try these on"

Rennet reluctantly looked at the thong that sat in her lap. "OK"

she arose and removed the pj she was wearing sliding the thongs up.

"turn around with your butt facing me" Debra said as she pulled the straps up raising the thong deep in the crack of her butt.

"bend over so I can see if your lips or asshole are exposed"

rennet bent at the waist touching her toes.

"nope can't see a thing, but my goodness you have such a shapely backside." She said delivering a firm swat to her butt which caused it to jiggle for about 2 seconds after she slapped it.

"uhh thanks" rennet said starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable due to the aggression and forwardness the saleswomen was showing.

"now what size pantyhose do you wear my dear" the Caucasian lady asked.

" I wear queen sized" rennet responded.

"here are a pair of my nearly nude hosiery they are extra sheer and I think they would complement your skin tone and the thong wonderfully" she handed her a pair of the pantyhose and watched a rennet slide her wide meaty soles into the foot of the hosiery.

She has pretty soles the slave trader thought to herself,The bottom of her foot is almost pink but her heels are very crusty.

"why your feets so pink" the women asked her as she placed her other foot into the leg of the nylons.

"huh?' rennet asked caught completely offguard by the older women's line of questioning.

"pull the hose off and i'll show you what I mean" she said

Curious Rennet pulled them off and sat down placing her feet into the womens lap.

"see right here your sole is pinkish almost reddish" she said placing a finger on the womens sole lightly just above her arch

renette giggled and attempted to jerk her foot away but it was caught in the womens clutch.

"un un that tickle don't tickle my feet" the black women said

"oh it tickle a bit when I do that'" she said lightly tickling her feet with a mischievous look on her face/

"why you wanta tickle my feet huh why you want to tickle my feet" renette asked

"what did you say" the saleslady asked her

"i said why you wanna tickle my feet"

"oh im sorry let me put your foot down" she said " but you still haven't told me why your feet are so pink right there"

"well thats the softest part of my feet and I moisturize my soles three times a day my ex husband was a foot man" the black women stated coyly.

This chick is a freak the slave trader thought.

Playing dumb she pressed on."what does that mean he was a foot man?"

"he had a real bad foot fetish he just love feet" she stated matter of factly

"tell me more this seems interesting I might pick up some tips for my man" the other women said.

"he used to jack off with my stockings and footies leave his nut in them and make me wear them,sniff my feet,smell my shoes,make me give him footjobs suck my toes you know stuff like that"

"what else was he into?'

"he like for me to sit and bounce on his face dumb hard he a bitch nigga though he a trick to be honest"

"what does that mean?"

"it means he aint shit he just a fuck nigga. I just take his money and he do what I tell him he never get to fuck he just suck my asshole and worship my feet pretty much" she kept on " I make him suck the farts out my butthole and try to breath thorugh my asshole or pass out shit like that just let him know he aint shit"


Just then her cellphone rung.

Picking it up and swiping the answear button rennete spoke into the reciever.

"hey girl let me call u back this lady selling panties here and im trying on some pieces"

the other person spoke and renette reponsed "hold on im ask her"

"my homegurl want to know what your name is again?" she asked the women

"uhhhh my name is linda"

"she say her name linda now let me call u ack girl and i'll give you her info and what not yass bitch bye"

She hung up the phone and set it down easing back in the chair. A puzzled look came across her face

Debra noticed it and reached slyly for the handgun in her purse.

"hold on I thought you said your name was debra?" the confused black women asked

Pulling the handgun out of her purse she leveled it onto the women.

"it is now do what I say and you will be alright if not " she said slding the rack on the handgun back chambering a round

"now stand up and put those pantyhose on so I can see how sexy you look in them do it now"

renete picked up the pantyhose and put them on smoothing them out.

"now take your top of and then put your hands on top of your head and march back to that bedroom you hear"

renete removed her top letting her dd's swing free. Placing her hands on her head she turned and walked slowly back to her bedroom with the mean white women following.

"your phat ass looks amazing in those hose you are going to fetch a pretty penny"

"what? What dat mean" the scared black women said

"im a slave trade I sell women into white slavery"

"but but I thought you was a chairty?"

"what do you think S.I.S stands for? It means secretly I slave now lay face down on that bed and cross your arms behind your back an cross those crusty ass feet of your together

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