The Private Island
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Author's Note: (This is series inspired by a short from Gromet's Plaza: "The Box" by yourdbtop. It started as a writing experiment using only 1st and 2nd person pronouns, but I've been having too much fun with it since. I decided to share it piece by piece; if others enjoy it, perhaps I'll keep going. Forewarning that while I love to be very descriptive, this is still a penned fantasy and not meant to be realistic. If you're the type to complain about realism, consider leaving now.)

Chapter 1 - Contact

I had just joined Flickr and was browsing the various fringe groups when something caught my eye. There was a gallery by a certain master, where he posted pictures of his slave in bondage. He commented that since she had swore to become his property three years ago, she'd been kept in one form of restraint or another ever since.

That was where I saw you.

You had left several excited posts throughout the gallery -- but nothing that really struck out at me until I saw your most recent comment: under a picture of his slave chained inside a cage for 'the past six months', you wrote: "lucky girl".

I knew then and there that you were a great potential slave just waiting to be seized.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I leapt at the opportunity. But after one of my past attempts nearly resulted in disaster, I had to make sure my trail was clean this time. Using IP masking software that made it seem like I lived in Oregon, US, I created a new email account, which I used that to make a separate Flickr. I dedicated one of my laptops to this task; it would constantly run the same IP mask, and I would use no other computer to access these accounts.

I began to contact you and gauged your interests. I told you that I was an experienced master looking for a new slave. You were tentative at first -- this is the internet after all -- but as I remained polite, friendly, and patient, which was far more than you could say for many men on dating sites, we soon began a steady exchange of emails. I refused to give you my picture, stating that a person of my stature really couldn't afford the traceability; but I promised you that nobody ever accused me of being ugly and that I exercised regularly to stay in shape (I did running, swimming, and kept up with some weightlifting). Furthermore, I said that I wanted to stay truthful -- "while I can't reveal everything, I want everything I do say to be true". It took some time, but eventually, you grew to believe me.

I eventually asked you for your picture and measurements. A little unfair, I admitted, but I insisted upon it. "You'll have to trust me for me to become your master anyway", I wrote. You agreed, and sent me a few charming images of a beach outing with friends in summertime. Despite not noting which one is yourself, I quickly discerned from the mannerisms which girl was you. The next time you checked your email, you found a returned copy of you and friends at the beach; your body was outlined in pink, with a simple label besides it:


You were so happy that day that you decided to take our conversations to the next stage. We exchanged instant messenger names (me using a new account on the IP masked laptop as always) and had many conversations that dragged on for hours. We talked about our pasts, our childhoods, and our daily lives. I comforted you on your stressful days and suggested movies that we could watch at the same time. Soon, you found it even easier to confide in me than in your closest friends. It wasn't long before we began discussing our sexual interests, especially those deep, buried desires that you've spent years hiding.

I told you that I was a wealthy investor in my late 30s, with a net worth of half a billion; that I have a large estate with my own dungeon (bit of an understatement). I discussed how I've had one too many failed relationships in the past where women tried to seize my property; how they agreed to a sex life with bondage, only to later use it against me in a divorce court where the judges never looked favorably upon my 'dominance' -- love being equal and not oppressive being the cultural trend of the day. So this time, instead of trying for a partner who enjoyed our bondage games, I wanted to be in total control; I wanted a woman who would offer herself to me wholly and lived with me not as my legal wife, but as my sex slave. If you agreed, I would keep you in long-term bondage -- duration indeterminate, for the rest of your life.

We had many a late night conversations that left you in need of your favorite dildo and a fresh pair of panties.

"What about pain?" You asked. Well, I was no sadist in the true sense of the word. Tight bondage invariably caused some pain, and I do love the look of nipple piercings. But I took no pleasure in whipping a slave, or any action that brought pain purely for the sake of pain. Though I might still punish you for discipline, I assured you that pain would be minimum as long as you remained a good slave.

What about other fetishes? I admitted that I was into denial and encasement. I also preferred a few tattoos and piercings on my slaves, to permanently mark them as mine.

I had to elaborate on 'denial'. It meant teasing you with arousal but not letting you cum for long periods; to see your pussy dripping, your cheeks flushed, and your eyes in a lustful craze that would do anything for me to earn an orgasm. Although I would always allow a girl climax in the end; It was simply a question of how long. There would be fewer moments of satisfaction with me, far fewer, but in exchange you would be rewarded with earth-shattering orgasms, more intense than anything you have previously experienced.

'Encasement'? Well, I had to manage my finances, which occasionally involve stockholder meetings and other business trips around the world. It was hardly appropriate for me to bring a slave along, as I had neither had the time to look after her nor wanted to take the risks with security. So I would have to leave you in 'storage', so to speak. In this case, it meant leaving you tightly bound inside a special, custom built... container, and fed on a liquid diet until I returned.

You weren't sure about all of these. Some of them sounded scary; yet at the same time, I made them sound so exciting, as though they were just that spark you've always wanted in your life. I had to take a moment to remind you that if you agreed, there would be no turning back. I was not offering a 'trial period' or even any 'safe words' -- you'd be gagged most of the time anyway. Once you became my slave, there would be no 'out' in the relationship and your freedom of choice would cease to exist. However, I was open to limitations established beforehand, and so far, I've proven to be a man of my word.

You made me promise that any piercings would be limited to erogenous zones. There would be no such thing as say, a nose piercing, designed only to restrain, hurt, and humiliate. We also set a maximum on the number of piercings; the idea of pussy lips lined with rings seemed distasteful to you. I negotiated on the second case, taking these agreements completely seriously, and eventually we reached the compromise number of just three.

What else?

"Whenever I'm encased or held in chastity for more than a day, I want at least something to keep my mind off things," you asked. Fair enough. I promised I would have something set up so you could watch movies or listen to audiobooks -- my collection was extensive. But in exchange, I negotiated a term of my own: you wouldn't be allowed to watch or listen during the last day of any trip (or the entire trip, if it's less than that); after all, a slave should eagerly await her master's return, not see him as a disturbance to her quiet time. You also wouldn't be allowed media access during prolonged punishments, which was obvious.

You agreed.

After ten months of back and forth since my initial message, we finally made our plans and settled on a date. There was no need for closure to your life, no need to answer awkward questions from friends and family over your choices (I didn't want you to be talked out of it). You would simply go 'missing' while on a relaxing vacation trip to the US west coast.

I did suggest you permanently delete all messages discussing your future slave life -- so that people in your life would never find out the embarrassing truth. You agreed. I doubted you could get them all, but at least this way the police investigators could only 'suspect' -- and they would never voice such an outrageous suspicion to the missing person's loved ones.

Not that I had anything to fear. I finished typing the last email before leaning back in my cushioned office chair, staring out the windows to the uninhabited landscape that surrounded my estate.

There wasn't a chance anyone would find us here.

Chapter 2 - Arrival

I watched as you waited for your bags after the flight. I could see your anxiety as you looked around, trying to figure out who I was or if I was even there yet. I had refused you my picture on the grounds of leaving as little trail as possible, but it was also making your journey into slavery more intense, more exciting. I wrote that I would be watching you upon arrival, but I never told you that I had you in my eyes since you sat down to wait for the same flight as me.

Following our plans, you retrieved your bags and headed for the courtesy shuttle to take you to the hotel where you reserved a room. At that moment, a stranger walked up to you and handed you an envelope. You looked at the stranger, eager to see some sign revealing him as your new master. No, the stranger was not me but a hired messenger; he has never even seen my face or know my real name. The envelope was a sealed message I delivered to him that even he has never seen. Opening it to reveal a single sheet of paper, you realized there was a last minute change of plans. You now headed for the taxies and took one to a completely different hotel.

Arriving at the hotel, you checked in with a cash deposit and went to your room where you waited for further instructions. After half an hour of nervous shuffling, an envelope slid under the door. You wanted to grab it immediately but, like a good little slave-to-be, you followed my instructions and waited another half hour before you went to open the envelope. Grabbing your bags and leaving your room key on the desk, you left and walked almost two blocks to a parking garage. Climbing up to the third floor, you soon found the waiting SUV I rented (with a fake foreign passport).

Yes it was the correct SUV -- silver with tinted windows, and a X taped in black electric tape on the back window. Opening the back hatch, you found the seats folded down to make room for a large box that could fit you, a much smaller box, and a large white bag. You also notice a camera sitting on the front dashboard staring at you, and knew that somewhere, I was watching your every move.

You took a deep breath. This was your last chance to back out. Did you really want to enter a life of slavery? When you didn't even know what I looked like? When you had no idea where I even lived? When I told you that I would be keeping you in bondage for the rest of your life, regardless of how you felt?

All of a sudden it seemed too much. You wanted to back out. You wanted to close the hatch and walk away, to tell me that you weren't ready yet.

But you couldn't do it.

Would I give you another chance? Probably not. I would disappear on the internet and you would regret this decision forever. A master who had touched more and more of your dreams in the past few months -- the chance of a lifetime would be lost by your own hands.

You remembered the words that I once wrote to you in email: "I can't promise to be the perfect master of your ideals, because that's impossible -- nobody will have the exactly same tastes as you, and every master will want something not exact to your ideal. But I do know that you would never be satisfied by a normal life. Only as a slave will you find true happiness."

You knew I was right.

With a deep breath, you put your bags in, climbed inside, and closed the door. Now you followed the last of your instructions. Stripping naked, you placed your clothes into the smaller box; you also stuff your bags into there, before locking it closed with padlocks provided.

There was no going back now. Not unless you wanted to run around naked in broad daylight.

So you proceeded. You pulled the contents out from the white bag -- four cuffs coated in soft pink leather for comfort, a lacy thong, a garter belt with cute ribbons above the suspenders, sheer stockings, and tall 6" ankle strap heels. All the lingere were pure white with floral lace in soft pink around the edges.

You felt a smile come to your lips. You would never be my bride, but I did have my romanticism.

You slid on the stockings, clipped on the straps, and pulled the thong tight between your cute buttcheeks. The heels were taller than anything you had ever worn before, and were soon locked onto your feet with tiny attached padlocks. You were glad you followed my instructions to shave all pubic hair before coming, as the lace thong was virtually translucent. You then put the cuffs on your ankles and wrists; the soft leather lining made them so comfortable you felt like you could wear them forever.

Positioning yourself before the bigger box, you lifted its lid and noticed that the inside is lined with white padding. With the outside also covered by faux leather, it was hard to tell that the entire thing was made out of metal. You could also see vents hidden within the lid, disguised as oversized sunken handles.

Inside, there was just enough space to fit you if you sat with your legs folded. It wouldn't be unbearably cramped, but it wouldn't be comfortable either.

But first things first: there were more things waiting inside for you to put on.

Ear plugs came next to deaden your hearing. After that, you pushed a pink ball gag into your mouth. It was moderate sized, but had a long extension in soft black rubber that reached the back of your throat and made you gag. Taking your time, you settled it into position slowly while doing your best to suppress your gag reflex. Once it was fully in and pressed against the back of your throat, you pulled the straps tight around your cheeks and clicked them together in the back; the clips had an internal lock, and you were now mute until I chose to release you. Thankfully, the gag did have a tube running down from the hole in the ball, which allowed you to breath easily.

A pink collar locked around your neck next, with two nipple clamps dangling from the D-ring in front of it. Your nipples were already hard as you put them on. They hurt, but not too badly as they were the flat kind with a thin rubber lining. However, they were pulled tight against the collar, forcing your breasts up and your nipples feeling the tension with every breath.

You weren't done yet, but decided to climb into the box and sit down first. Three padlocks sat waiting for you, as well as a padded pink blindfold and two vibrators that were chained and wired to the bottom of the box. There was even a tube attached near the top rim, and a second, clear and transparent tube attached to a catheter... just how long did I plan to keep you in there?

Not that you had any choice but to continue.

You began with the large vibrator. You pushed aside the thong to your already slick pussy and slid all 7" of its ridged surface into you, soft moans escaping as you felt every bump deep inside. This was followed by the smaller vibrator, much narrower and only 3" long, which was pressed into your ass and all the way past your sphincter. You then stretched out the tube and inserted the catheter into your urethra with a pained grunt. Now breathing hard with arousal, you pulled the thong back into place and made sure it dug between your buttcheeks and held both vibrators inside.

Spreading your feet until they touched the sides, you took the ring on your left ankle cuff and slid the hasp of a padlock through it. You then secured it to a ring on the side of the box before locking it. You immediately noticed that the ring was just high enough on the box wall that it kept your 6" heels just barely scratching the box's bottom.

You followed with the other side, soon securing the other ankle with a 2' gap between them. You then clipped the end of the top tube into the hole in your gag, which still allowed you to breath freely. Next you put the padded blindfold on and buckled it tightly. Not that you would be able to see anyway as you pulled the lid closed and plunged your surroundings into darkness.

You could hear the clicking of the double latches locking shut. You were now trapped inside, bound for delivery to a life of slavery and perpetual bondage. Your pussy was already dripping and your clit craved to be played with, but you had the feeling that somehow, your new master would not take kindly to having his instructions ignored.

With your remaining willpower, you reached behind your back with the last padlock and lock your wrists together to a ring on the box wall. Now your hands couldn't even touch the box's floor to help you shift; they certainly didn't have any chance of pleasuring yourself.

It's done, you thought with a gulp. A shiver of fear and anxiety ran up your spine as you thought about what you had just done. You have now placed yourself in a bondage that you cannot escape from, where you could not even protest from and hope for rescue. You were now dependent upon me for your freedom.

...and there would be none.

You were now heading for a life of bondage and sexual slavery. From this point on, nothing you did could stop me from doing as I wished with you.

It was scary. It was frightening. Yet, at the same time, you couldn't help but notice the itch deep between your crotch grow stronger...

Five minutes later, I got in the SUV and placed padlocks on the box's latches as an extra precaution. You do not know this, but I didn't have any of the keys with me. They were at home.

To make sure you eagerly anticipate our arrival, I took out a special remote and pressed it on. As you felt the vibrators deep inside you come to life, you heard my deep voice for the first time through your earplugs:

"Hello pet, I do hope you're comfortable. We'll now set off for my home, where you'll be bound for life. Well, more than that actually, but we'll get to that later. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the trip and the in-flight entertainment. There is a program controlling those vibrator deep inside you. The settings will adjust in what seems like random to you, but you can be sure that they'll never let you achieve orgasm. Don't bother to beg either -- while I can enjoy your moans through my earpiece, there is no way to stop the program from running until the end of its allotted time now that it's activated."

You cried into the gag, but only a muffled moan came out. How long would you be stuck there, teased by ecstasy yet tormented by frustration? Already you could feel your hips swaying with the vibrations. Your pussy had been itching for attention to begin with, and the brief burst of power when I first activated those dildos only agitated your lust further. Furthermore, the rear vibrator not only hummed away merrily, but also gave off intermittent low, tingling shocks that made it impossible for you to sit still.

"In-flight refreshments will be provided through that tube going in your gag. You'll receive nutrient water through it, but at the end of each meal you'll also be provided half a pint of my semen. It'll be distributed through tiny holes throughout the length of the gag, to make sure you get a full taste of me in your entire mouth. It took me many months of our correspondence to collect this much, so make sure you learn to savor it. You'll certainly be getting plenty more in your new life."

In flight? you wondered after I said it a second time. It had to be a joke right?

Not at all.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Five hours later, you were a sweating mess. Although you could hear concealed fans humming in the lid, they seemed to only cycle enough air so you could still breathe through your nose. The heat and humidity instead was also drenched by the smell of your arousal. Meanwhile, you could feel the drool from your gagged lips cooling on your breasts, where your nipples felt the pull of those clamps attached to your collar with every breath. A continuous flow of love juice also emerged from your crotch, collecting into a small pool beneath your bare buttcheeks.

True to my words, the vibrators kept you near the edge of ecstasy, but never once allowed you to reach the satisfaction of climax. You had screamed into your gag but to no response (I wasn't even listening). You had struggled against your bonds, which only made your wrists hurt. Now, with tears of frustration in your eyes, you could only endure this sensual torture.

Two hours ago you had your first 'feeding'. There was enough nutrient water to make you feel almost full. But as you began peeing after the meal -- the catheter made it impossible to control your bladder -- you almost choked as you tasted my semen being pumped in until you had a full mouthful.

Even though you were naked and helpless, even though you were held on the brink of orgasm, your eyes still filled with tears of humiliation when you were forced to swallow a mouthful of my cum.

You had no choice in the matter; it was either swallow or choke.

Even now, you could still taste my spunk in your mouth as another tear rolled down your cheeks.

It was then when you felt the box lift. I must be carrying you out from the SUV. You prayed to whatever almighty there was, thanking him for our arrival at last. Surely, with the arrival of a brand new slave, I would soon retrieve you from the box and give you the greatest orgasm of your life.

But after being carried around for some time and put down onto the floor again, you were left alone. Fifteen minutes of nothing happened next, with only the vibrators inside you continuing their sweet torture.


You felt the rumble of the floor. Your stomach felt queasy as the gravity shifted, pushing you backwards against the box wall to your back.

You hadn't arrived at my house. You were taking off... on an airplane.

You screamed into the gag as fresh tears flowed from your eyes.

It didn't matter to you why I had to take an airplane to reach my home. It didn't matter to you if my home was in a foreign land. All you were concerned about was just how many more hours of this unbearably sweet torture did you have to suffer.

"Hello again pet," you heard my deep voice come in through the earplugs again. "As you undoubtedly felt, we just took off into the air on my private jet. I hoped you took a good look around before climbing into the box, because that was the last time you'll ever see your home country. You see, I live in the southern hemisphere -- where the land is cheaper, the air is cleaner, and the nature simply gorgeous. I hope you're enjoying the trip as much as I am, because we've only finished a quarter of it."

Unable to control yourself anymore, you began to scream into your gag and thrash about your bonds again. Of course, nothing made any difference. You were held just as tightly as before, unable to pull even your legs together and rub your thighs as the two invaders deep inside you continued their merry torment.

What you didn't know was that the rental car had been driven to an airport in the next state, where we boarded my private jet. Now, we would then fly down to French Polynesia, where the final leg of the journey would be made by boat.

The entire trip to my private island would take over twenty-four hours.

Meanwhile, I listened to your sweet, tortured moans, pulled my chair back until it was horizontal, and fell asleep with a broad grin.

...oh you and I are going to have so much fun, and I'm sure you're as eager to arrive as I am.

Chapter 3 - Bride (added: 2016/10/20)

You had already lost track of how many times your box had been picked up, carried, and then dropped down. Every time, you hoped it meant we had arrived; yet every time, your hopes were dashed. After what felt like days, perhaps even weeks of erotic torment and being kept near the edge, of being fed nutrient water before pumped a mouthful of cum, you were exhausted. Not just your nerves and your body, but your mind as well since the constant stimulation made sleep impossible.

You didn't even want to hope as you felt the box lowered onto a hard ground again. Only a tear fell from your eyes as you knew your prayers would be denied once more.

Then, your earplugs activated again for the first time since we took off on my private jet.

"Hello pet, we've just arrived at my home..."

You moaned into the penis gag pressing against your throat. You were sure that I would let you out any second now...

"I would love to show you around the island as soon as possible. But right now I'm tired. It's been twenty-six hours of traveling after all, so I'm going to take another nap. I'm sure the box has been keeping you quite comfortable, so see you in a few hours!"

You groaned into the gag and jerked at your bonds, too tired to struggle in any ferocity yet unable to do nothing after hearing that. More tears streamed down your stained cheeks as your butt shifted involuntarily under another series of tantalizing shocks from your buttplug, both vibrators humming merrily as ever to keep you so close to bliss yet so far in hell.

You realized that this was what it truly meant to be a slave -- you could desire, yearn for, or even need something with your whole being, yet it wouldn't matter as I, your master, decided for you. Even your own body was no longer under your control, as I would dictate when you could cum and when you could only suffer.

Of course, you couldn't know that I had tuned the audio dock next to my bed to the channel. With your helpless moans as my soothing backdrop, I soon drifted off into a pleasant dream.

Four hours later (I did say it was a nap), you felt your box being opened at last. The air felt refreshing and cool to your overheated body -- covered in drool, sweat, and pussy juice.

"Wow, that's got to be a record," you heard me say, referring to the puddle beneath your butt. "Sure seems like you enjoyed your time."

Too exhausted to retort, you simply gave off a muffled groan.

You blindfold was then peeled off. The light was blinding to your eyes, which had been kept in darkness for the past thirty hours.

Blinking away the tears in your eyes, you looked up and saw me. True to my word, I was a handsome man whose looks remained in the prime of his life. Having just woken up, my hair was still unkept and my beard lay stubbled after over a day without shaving. But my bare chest was lean and muscular, and the powerful bulge that protruded from my silk pajamas would have frightened you -- were you not nearly crazed with lust, able to think only of a cock to bring you orgasm.

Reaching down, I pulled aside your drenched thong and pulled all 7" of the vibrator out from your swollen pussy. "Looks like you still haven't had enough," I joked as your muscles hesitantly released it with an audible 'pop'. After that, I took the chain to your rear vibrator and pulled it out.

Then, taking a key from my pocket, I reached behind you to unlock your wrists from the attachment ring on the box wall. You attempted to stretch your arms at last, only to hear a click from behind you as your wrists remained attached to one another.

"Can't have a slave with her arms free now, can we?" I mused out loud as I reached down to unlock both ankles and took off the soft leather cuffs, followed by your ankle-strap heels before I slide them off the wet stockings.

You felt as my strong arms reached under your back and legs before lifting you from the box. You moaned into your gag as you dazely surveyed the room you were in. It was a grand master bedroom, with a bed that put the words 'King-sized' to shame, a 80" TV on the opposite wall, and several desks, chairs, and dressers leaning against the walls. Most of the room was covered by a lush carpet in burgundy-red, except with odd steel tracks -- like those found in sliding-door closets -- running in from the door to form a rectangle that marked the center of the room. One entire side of the walls was covered by huge glass panels, offering a second story view of the tropical forest outside. In one corner was a huge porcelain tub, surrounded by windows on three sides in an alcove, which you soon recognize as a two-person hot tub already filled with bubbles.

"Today is a special occasion, so you get to sleep in my bed," I said as I eased you into the soapy, soothing water, laying you into the tub to relax before I pulled the lingerie off your legs and tossed them aside. Your collar and nipple clamps soon followed, allowing you to breathe without torment once more.

"Tomorrow, I'll show you around the island, including the dungeon where you'll stay most of the time."

Surrounded by hot water, you could feel your muscle relaxing. Your pussy still tingled with desire, and your butt still jerked as though a phantom buttplug continued to vibrate and shock you. But slowly, you no longer felt as though your entire body's nerves collected there, as though the only thing you existed for was an orgasm.

Laid back against the porcelain tub, you enjoyed having your legs stretched out once more. Your arms were still pressed uncomfortably behind your back, but even their stress seems to fade away in the soothing water. Meanwhile, I gently lathered your silky skin with soap and rubbed you down, almost as though you were receiving a full body massage.

Half an hour passed as you relaxed in the comforting warmth under my gentle touch. Before you knew it, the lukewarm water was draining away in the tub.

I then gave you a quick shower to wash off the excess soap, leaving your skin an almost translucent shine.

I lifted you out and carried you to my bed, where a giant fluffy pink towel awaited you. After drying your entire body -- except for your pussy which remained wet -- I placed you on the edge of the bed, your legs hanging off the side.

Only then did you notice that there were more garments beside you. Another set of the white bridal lingerie, except this time they also included a satin-covered corset, with floral patterns plus lacy trim along the edges.

Too exhausted to oppose me, you merely groaned into the gag still filling your mouth. Meanwhile, I pulled you into a kneel on the bed and began lacing the corset around you. You could feel its steel boning wrap around you, growing tighter and tighter as I pulled and tugged methodically on the laces. Your waist had been lean from the start, but even it felt squeezed as the corset pulled it thinner. Meanwhile, the wired underbust pushed up your firm breasts for behind without covering anything..

After pulling everything as tight as I could, I stood up to look at my work. The corset felt tight on you, but not unbearably so. Except you soon realized it wasn't over yet as I noted: "we'll let your body settle in first before tightening it further."

Taking your slender legs, I slid sheer white stockings up one, then the others. Garter straps that extended from the bottom of the corset were soon attached. After that I fetched your 6" ankle-strap white heels and put your small feet into them, before locking them with the tiny padlocks once more.

You wondered if you would ever walk again without some treacherous heel. After all, I did mention loving that sexy sway the tall heels created.

"Now let's finishing tightening your corset," I said before pulling you up, uncuffing your hands, then recuffing them in front of you. With your hands pressed against the bed and your back towards me, I began to tighten the corset in earnest. A heavy pair of pliers were used to pull the laces as tight as possible on every level, then the extra length was wrapped around an aluminum bar which twisted out every bit of give. Soon, you were groaning into your gag as the compression became painful.

It was now hard to breathe, your lungs only able to pull in shallow gasps of air. But that also left me satisfied (for now). A brocade panel was soon zipped over the laces, except this zipper slider came off at the peak after securing the end stop. Now, even if you had your hands free, you still wouldn't be able to undo the corset yourself.

Little did you know yet that these laces would mean little in the long run. But for now, I wanted you to experience every step of the journey.

With your corset finished, I recuffed your hands behind your back. You teetered on your high heels before I helped you sit down on the bed again. Then I stepped over to a corner closet to fetch something.

You moaned in fear as I returned with a piercing kit and an antiseptic tray carrying beautiful yet scary accessories. They included an open jewelry box displaying three tiny gold rings, too small for any finger, two of them with pink sapphire teardrops dangling just underneath.

"Think of these as your wedding rings," I flashed a smile while busying myself with final preparations.

As I stepped up with the piercing needle in hand, you tried to refuse by swaying your body from side to side, only to receive a smack on your exposed breasts from me.

"Hold still, or I'll end up sticking this into your breasts."

You stopped moving after that, and I played with your left nipple until it grew hard and fully erect. After sanitizing it with alcohol, I took the needle and pierced its base. You grunted and cried with pain as I threaded through a wire to pull your nipple through a tiny gold ring that squeezed it from all sides. Lining slots on the ring up with the piercing, I pushed a tiny bar through the hole. I then coated both ends with super-glue before pressing in two tiny gold balls with pink diamond studs, joined by a U-shaped clip which linked to a thin gold chain. Soon, your left nipple was squeezed by a gold ring and adorned by a permanent half barbell, half D-ring diamond piercing.

As I stepped back, your nipples not only hurt, but they stung from the disinfectant fluid that coated the metals.

I then repeated this with your other nipple, which felt as though it was even more painful. But just as you prayed the third gold ring was a backup, I leaned down between your legs and began toying with your clitoris.

"If I pierced the wrong spot because you couldn't stop moving, it'll be even more painful," I warned. "And we'll do this until I get it right, so you better help me do it on the first try."

With tears streaming down your eyes once more, you shut them in fear and humiliation as you felt your clitoris harden (not that it ever fully softened since your time in the box). A sharp stab of excruciating pain forced you to scream into your gag with renewed vigor, before you felt the pull of the thread as your nerve bundle was pulled through a ring too small for it. The gold bar came next, except this time there was no U-clip. Instead, a thin metal stub protruded upwards from the ring itself, its flattened end waiting as a connector to something.

It wasn't as if any of this were a surprise. You had discussed nipple and clit piercing with me in chat and had been pretty sure that they would be the three piercings you agreed to. But while the idea seemed so 'hot' and 'sexy' in conversation, the reality proved far more painful than you could have imagined.

Now that all three piercings have been fitted, you finally began to realize the trick in them that made so devious. The tight rings squeezed your nipples and clit, keeping hard and sensitive. With those nipple clamps attached to your collar earlier in mind -- you had a feeling where those dangling chains would go.

Departing once more to put away the piercing equipment, I soon returned with a gleaming collar in hand. It was narrow and cast in gold-plated steel. A D-ring hanged off the front bottom, attached by a a sturdy 7' chain to something that slid along those tracks running through the room. Two much thinner gold chains also hanged from the front of the collar, each ending in an ominously positioned circular band.

You squirmed helplessly as I approached, as though the collar was about to seal your fate (well, it was). But with your arms restrained, I easily brushed aside your hair and closed the collar around your slender neck with two audible 'clicks'. Lifting your firm, round breasts, I fitted each of the circular bands around the base of each boob. The grip was just tight enough to be unforgettable, making your breasts swell without strangling circulation.

The two chains hanging off your nipple rings were soon pulled up taut and inserted into hidden slots underneath the collar; they would now also help lift your breasts, while pulling on your hard nipples with every rise and fall of your chest.

"That collar has a built-in locking mechanism," I smiled as I brushed aside your tears from earlier. "Single-use and permanent."

That startled you, yet... you couldn't really find it surprising. I did promise to keep you in persistent bondage. Now, you were permanently chained to these mysterious rails that ran across the floor.

It just seemed so much more... real, and final.

I returned to the closet once more to retrieve two sets of gold cuffs.

The four cuffs were very thin. Two went around your upper arms, just above the biceps; while the other two tightened around each thigh, two-thirds of the way up. Each band was just tight enough to force the flesh around them to bulge out a hint, making their presence unforgettable. The thigh cuffs also had attached wire 'garters' front and back, soon attached to the bottom edge of your corset.

"You'll understand what those do after some sleep," I answered your puzzled look. Then, with a broad grin: "There are still some more restraints to be fitted later, including your chastity belt. But as of now, you are officially my slave-girl."

With my work finished, I pulled you back up standing and took a step back to admire the results.

Your lacy white satin corset tightened to a breathless 19" waist. The wired underbust pushed up your ringed breasts into perfect, rounded mounds of exposed flesh, rising and falling with shallow breathes. The brilliant light sparkling off the two teardrop gems dangling from you pink nipples contrasted beautifully against your soft boobs. Meanwhile, those hard nipples were held up by the chains to your slave collar, making your eyes glisten in sensual desire with every breath. Chains that enslaved you to my home ran down from your collar to the floor. You arms were held behind your back, while your mouth remained packed by a white ball that I knew reached your throat.

Below, your dainty feet balanced precariously in white, 6" heels with locked on ankle straps, and sheer white stockings ran up to gold thigh bands and floral garter straps that framed your glistening crotch with both elegance and security. Your love button lay hard and exposed in its gold ring, pinned between two pink diamonds.

You were mute, helpless, and dripping wet.

A perfect slave 'bride'.

"Welcome to your new life, pet," I smiled before stepping up to kiss your gagged lips. "And now... for the 'maiden night' that you've been dying for."

Whatever drop in sexual desire from your relaxing bath had returned during the bondage process. Now, despite the lingering pain in your clit and nipples, your cheeks glowed while your eyes lit up with the anticipation of a girl who had been waiting after thirty hours of dripping arousal.

Moving back to the closet, I held up a remote and pressed. A steel chain descended from the ceiling in front of the bed. I then pulled a 3' steel spreader bar out from the drawers before returning to you, moving you into place just beneath the chain.

Guided by my foot, your legs were soon spread wide, then fixed into place as I locked the spreader bar to both ankles. As you struggled to balance on your towering heels, I pulled your cuffed hands up, adjoining their link to a snap link at the end of the ceiling chain.

As I pointed the remote up once more, you felt the ceiling chain began to retract. Soon, the pressure left you with no choice but to bend over and straighten your arms, which made balancing on your stiletto heels even harder. Just as the upward strain on your arms and back became almost unbearable, I stopped the retracting chain, leaving you moaning in pain at this position's extreme demands on your body.

"Strappado is my favorite position, so get used to being fucked in it." I said. After taking off my clothes, I moved behind you with my hands on your narrow waist, readying my member for the final act.

You moaned as you felt my penis head brush against your nether lips. But instead of pushing in, I slid up towards your clit, then back down, teasing you. I repeated this several times, sliding up and down your slit, or just barely pushing the head into you before pulling out.

You soon began to writhe in displeasure. You couldn't take the torment anymore. All of your mind yearned for and obsessed over one thing -- to orgasm.

Chuckling, I brushed my member up and down your slit once more. Then, with a sudden, powerful thrust, I pushed my penis into your depth, the sudden jolt of pleasure making your back arc even further, which only strengthened the pull on your nipples.

I began to pump slowly at first, sliding in and out of your love tunnel, your muscling gripping me tightly despite how thoroughly wet it was. My pace soon accelerated, thrusting with ever greater force while your moans escalated. As your muscles tensed, you could feel my manhood hammering your deepest depth, sending jolts of pleasure all over the nerves of your body. Then, as you could take it no more, your innermost flesh tightened as an explosion of ecstasy washed over you, drowning out your awareness in a blinding flash of euphoria.

It was as if this was your first 'true' orgasm -- such was the intensity that your prior experiences held zero comparison, as though they were mere tricks of magic compared to the moment of true bliss.

It didn't end easily either, as I continued to hammer into your sensitive folds, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body which kept you from passing out.

Then, just as you were coming down from your first orgasm, you felt my hard member tense up within you. A violent burst of hot cum erupted within you, sending you right back over the edge in a second, orgasmic meltdown.

It was just too intense, too much from your overloaded nerves to handle. For a moment afterwards, you lost consciousness.

You were barely aware as I released your wrists from the chain and your ankles from the spreader bar. You soon laid sideways on the lower bed, where I unlocked and slid off your heels as well, followed by your dirtied stockings (which had to be pulled from under the tight thigh bands) and garter belt. Your long, intrusive gag was then unlocked and pulled from your lips, its length dripping with saliva.

I pulled you up and onto the memory-foam mattress proper. Brushing your still flushed cheeks with my fingers, I smiled lovingly at you.

"Welcome to your new home, pet," I kissed you on the lips.

Fragments of a thought pieced together in your mind, barely forming into consciousness before you drifted off:

"I'm home."

Chapter 4 - Modifications (added: 2016/10/20)

Consciousness slowly returned to you as your eyes opened to the dusk light.

You felt the soft touch of satin sheets, the warm embrace of the contoured mattress foam, and the comfortable, if rather damp air of around 70 degrees fahrenheit (low 20s celsius).

You also felt the tingling pressure on your nipples and between your legs, not to mention the dull ache in your arms from sleeping with them cuffed behind you. The compression of a corseted waist, however, was now gone.

Shifting between the sheets, you gasped as you felt the soft satin slither over your exposed nipples and clitoris.

...It was impossible for them not to be sensitive to every touch, given the firm grasp of the rings and piercing at their base. Not to mention the metal bands squeezing the base of your breasts, keeping them just slightly engorged.

You attempted to move your arms back around and touch them, only to be halted by the tight cuffs gripping your wrists.

Of course not. You were now a slave. Your bodyparts exist solely for my pleasure and are now off-limits.

Turning to your side, you sunk your cheeks into the soft pillow.

I -- your master -- was nowhere in sight. You were left alone in bed.

...Although I had left a note on the bedside counter.

Curious, you knelt up to take a look, feeling your stockings slither over the bedsheets. They soon emerged from the covers as you sat on the bed's side, a glossy, royal purple that looked like spandex but felt as soft and smooth as satin. The stockings reached two-thirds up your thighs to cover your thigh bands before ending in a band of violet lace. Below, it went down to your feet where they seamlessly transformed into a boot with 6" stiletto heels -- which had a round nub of soft rubber at the heels' end to make sure it doesn't snag the bedsheets.

Even the wired 'garter straps' were now hidden inside ribbon-like bands of royal purple satin, which dangled from your thighs, their ends unsecured.

It was as if the thigh bands now formed a part of your stockings, and your stockings/boots a part of you. There wasn't the slightest friction between your skin and its fabric, not even wriggle room for your toes. Only the sensation of a soft, breathable layer could be felt between your legs and the moist air.

Meanwhile, just above your mons, your shaved smooth crotch now sported an intricate, palm-sized tattoo. It was an artistic outline of a heart, cuffed by gold chains. Within the symbol of captured love was a single word in elegant black font:


You were marked as mine.

Looking at a dresser mirror across from you, you turned to one side just enough to see the royal purple opera gloves made of the same material. They embraced your fingers, hands, and arms before reaching your above-the-bicep cuffs and covering them, then ending in bands of violet lace just like your stockings.

Seeking answers on the bedside counter, you turned your head to read the note.

"Pet," it began. "I hope you've had a nice sleep and feel rested from your journey. I'm sure you have many questions, but now, be a good little slave and come to the dining room. It's one stairs down and would be a good opportunity for you to learn to navigate the rails for the first time. I'll explain the rest when you arrive."

Turning towards the wall, your eyes trailed the long, 7' steel chain to an almost horizontal, just slightly V-shaped, rail above the bed's headboard.

The rails were two thin strips of metal with a gap between them, embedded into the wall. Assuming they worked in the same way as sliding closet rails, the steel slot was actually created by a 'tube' with rectangular cross-section which had a simple open gap. Your chain was anchored to this rail with a steel ball, which could slide along its hollow center but was too big to be pulled out from the narrow gap. The result was a sturdy, inescapable tether that kept you locked just 7' from these rails.

The rail above the headboard ran to the flanks of the bedside counters, then down from the wall before sliding across a curve and into the ground. There, the rails formed a rectangle in the middle of the room before heading out the open door to the hallway.

You felt a tingle deep between your legs. You had a feeling that these rails would soon define your world.

Turning your back to the wall, you used your cuffed hands to pull the chain's anchor to the headboard's side, where it slid down the track to the floor from gravity. Grasping the chain with your fingers, you began pulling it towards the door while trying to maintain balance on your heels.

You soon found yourself in a short hallway, with the stairs' landing just outside the bedroom door. There was other doors on this level -- closed on the other side of the hallway. But as the rails didn't branch or even run anywhere close to them, it was obvious that those rooms were off limits to you.

Pulling the chain's anchor to the stairway, you discovered that there was a very narrow ramp on the side of the stairway which allowed the rail to slide down to the lower level. With an awkward grasp on the railing, you slowly moved down the stairs, making sure at each step that your precarious heels had a firm footing.

The first floor featured a much longer hallway, including a foyer and front double-doors where the rails slid under. To the right of the front entrance was a huge room -- a living and dining room merged into one -- sunken into the ground by two additional steps (including their narrow ramp for the rails).

On the far side of the room, across the antique cherry-wood dining table, sat your master -- me.

I was typing on a laptop when I looked up, notified of your arrival by the clink of your chains.

"Ah, good morning, pet," I said to you, closing my laptop before standing up from my chair. "More like good evening, but I think our own mood of the day is more important."

"Good morning, sir," you looked down submissively.

"Normally, I would keep you gagged, probably 95% of the time," I smiled, walking up to you and caressing your cheeks. "But... these are your first days here, and you will no doubt have many questions as we tour my island, so feel free to ask what's on your mind. Remember Rule number one -- that you are required to address me as 'sir' or 'master' with every statement and obey all my commands, or you will be punished later."

"Yes sir," you nodded first. "Sir, Is this really just your island?"

"Yep, I own it legally and I'm the only one who lives here -- plus you now," my deep voice rang like velvet as I reached out and pulled you into my arms, your naked bottoms soon sitting atop my thighs.

"I do have a local service who boat in twice a month to clean up and bring supplies, but you'll never see them as you'll be hidden in the private dungeon when that happens."

You laid your head against my shoulders as you realized that outside of me, you may never meet another person again.

Your covered elbows rubbed against my hawaiian shirt, reminding you of the next question.

"Sir, what did you put on my arms and legs. They don't quite feel like gloves and stockings."

"No, that's because they're not quite gloves and stockings, just appear to be," I grinned like a cheshire cat in reply. "Your arm and thigh bands are made of more than just metal -- they're cutting edge devices I bought from a certain Chastilock Corporation, with technology straight out of research labs. Along with the corset you wore before going to sleep, they form a system that scatter nanites, microscopic little machines, all over your body. They kicked in after you fell asleep -- which was nearly eighty hours ago, thanks to some melatonin regulation by the nanites. Those stockings and gloves you see are actually a living resin they created from your excess fat. They're now bonded to your skin, but without any nerves on the surface so it feels like you're wearing something.

"Similarly, the corset has completely trimmed away all stomach fat and brought your waist down to a slender 17 inches," my hand rubbed your smooth, flat stomach. "It has also assembled several implants inside you to continue the nanites' regulatory work. There's no longer any need to cover your naked beauty with the corset, though you might still wear one from time to time, either for posture, or because I simply fancied it."

"The system is... a part of me? ...Sir?" you had almost forgotten to address me.

"Yep, it's permanent," I beamed as one hand reached down to cup your smooth crotch. "The nanites also drew the slave marking you bear here. Unlike a tattoo, this will never fade over the years.

"Their work isn't just for appearances either. They will also perform a plethora of maintenance duties, such taking care of your skin, cleaning oil, sweat, and other byproducts, and removing all hair follicles below the neck -- meaning you won't grow another unwanted hair again. You won't need to worry about your nails either, or ever have to concern yourself about lotion, moisturizer, anti-aging creams, all that business. The makers guarantee that you'll stay healthy with supple skin even into the hundred. I'm told it will even stop the bleeding during your periods, though you may still experience some minor cramps."

"Of course, it won't be all better for you. See, the nanites also play a vital role to rule number two: you will always be kept wet and dripping horny, not only ready but eager to please your master. They will ensure that your sensitivity will not decrease from continuous stimulation -- you nipples will always feel movement on that ring as if it were pierced just yesterday. Furthermore..."

You gasped as my fingertip gently brushed down the smooth flesh over your pelvis, followed by tinkling touches across your inner thighs.

"Your secondary erogenous zones' sensitivity have been amplified, which is fun for me but will only make you more frustrated."

Your pretty eyes gazed back in question, and my smile broadened as I looked back.

"You haven't forgotten our discussion on chastity and denial, have you?"

You waved a hesitant 'no' as your eyes lowered. That was the part you were most frightened of. Sure, the idea of having your sex teased until it was wet and dripping with need, only to have it locked away until your master -- me -- decided to use it, was extremely arousing. But...

I sounded so fervent over this particular fetish that it was a bit scary.

Your anxiety must have been obvious as I began stroking your silky long hair.

"There's no need to worry about it, since you have no choice anyway," I smiled before kissing your cute lips. "But first, let's get you something to eat. I gave you an IV drip yesterday to replenish the essentials, but you must be hungry now."

Famished, actually. Thirsty as well. Although your cheeks flushed in shame as you remembered how you had to drink my cum after every meal during your time in the box.

Standing you back up, I went into the kitchen to grab the food I prepared. It was nothing too fancy -- a platter of fruits, cheese, multigrain crackers, and hummus.

"Don't worry," I gave a reassuring smile as I sat down and pulled you onto my thighs once more. "I can cook. Just been too busy reviewing documents for the next company board meeting. Though I dare say you wouldn't be able to eat much anyway."

With a cracker in my fingers, I dipped it for some hummus and added a small block of cheese, before delivering the whole thing to your eager lips.

"When is your next business trip, Sir?" you asked between chews.

"I leave for the US next Sunday -- less than five days from now. So I better get you settled in quickly."

...And like that, you and I made small talk for the next half hour while I fed you bite by bite.

I had never imagined that you would take an interest in what businesses I invested in. I guess unlike all those other young girls, you actually paid attention to your retirement funds. Not that you need to worry such details anymore either.

Chapter 5 - Chastity

After we finished and the dishes were put away, I retrieved a bag from the corner and brought it to the table. From it I took out one toy after another -- dildo, vibrator, a frame in gold, more cuffs, is that a transparent shield?

You could feel the itch return inside your lower lips, natural lubricant oozing as your legs squeezed together.

"Let's get your hands out of the way first," I picked up a pair of cuffs. They were 1.5" wide and built of sturdy gold-plated steel. A thin 4" chain connected the two cuffs, its central link replaced by a small gold ring which joined it to a third branch - another short chain which ended in a flattened connector.

Your heart quickened as you noticed that cuffs' exterior was polished and smooth. There was no sign of a keyhole or a bump to signify electronic controls. Once locked, your wrists would be permanently trapped in them.

I unlocked your old cuffs one at a time. My hands firmly grasped your thin wrists, giving them no room to struggle as I maneuvered them into the new cuffs. You felt as the cold steel wrapped around each gloved wrist before locking on with a 'click'. They were a perfect fit, even slightly flatted to hold onto your wrist without the slightest give. You couldn't even turn your hands without turning the entire cuff.

With both of your wrists cuffed behind you, I picked up the third chain and pulled it towards your collar. The pressure soon forced your hands halfway up your upper back, wrists crossing as your fingers grasped at empty air from backward facing palms. Your back and shoulders were straining by the time you heard another 'click' from the back of your collar, as I locked the connector to a hidden slot on its underside.


"Not really, but not unbearable either," you answered. It wasn't terribly strenuous as it didn't force the elbows together, but the short chain locking your wrists to the back of your collar still forced your shoulders back, pushing out your ringed breasts and pierced nipples like a slutty model.

"I call that a 'loose reverse prayer'," I explained. "The cuffs have a permanent, one-time-close lock just like your collar. Over the next few days the nanites in your body will also fuse the cuffs shut, leaving a seamless appearance just like your collar. The connector can be disconnected from your collar, although it'll stay on 99% of the time, so you'll get used to this posture soon enough."

Your fingers fluttered in the air, fingertips tracing the thin steel links reaching up to your collar but unable to grasp it. Your smooth thighs rubbed together, realizing just how helpless these cuffs made you.

"Now let's get the permanent pieces to your chastity belt attached."

The first two were halves of a metal belt. The front half looked like a steep and curved 'V', diving down from above your hip bone to the slave marking just above your crotch. There, the two wings of the 'V' connected to an oval cover plate, which ran from just below the slave marking, over your clitoris and labia, to curve down between your legs. This cover plate was made from a transparent Plexiglas that was both lightweight and strong, framed on both sides by a narrow gold frame; it also left an elliptical slit that granted access to your love tunnel, at least for now. Past your pussy mound, the cover narrowed to a short metal bar before ending in a ring over your sphincter.

The back half was much simpler: a shallow V that ended just above your butt crack. There, a connector pointed downward, ready to receive the other end -- a thin steel rope dangling from behind the sphincter ring.

I soon snapped the two halves together above the hip bone, with the belt's sides tightly grasping your hips and lower waist. The belt was custom designed to accentuated your curves, outline your crotch, and leave an unobstructed view of your flat stomach.

For the moment, I let the steel rope under your butt dangle as I retrieved another implement.

"I'm not one for anal sex -- just too dirty in my opinion -- so your rear plug will be permanent," I commented before picking up the long buttplug.

It was a strand of six plexiglass balls, each one-inch wide and had a dozen knobs protruding from its surface. The spheres were connected by a rubbery material that gave the whole plug some flexibility. The lower three balls also each had four holes each coming out of the upper hemisphere, revealing that the plug was empty and perfect for delivering enemas. On the bottom was a thin, metal rod that would anchor to the ring over your sphincter, while on top were four, metal-tipped knobs that could send shocks deep inside your rectum.

"Wait..." you stammered, not yet prepared for your rear passage to be permanently sealed by this fearsome instrument that would no doubt torment you.

I paused for a moment. "You know this is going into your sooner or later today, right? Why wait?"

"I'm not ready yet! Sir."

"And you'll never be, if you keep that up," I crouched down beside you. "The sooner we get this done, the less illusion of a choice you'll have. Once they're installed and locked in, then you have no choice but to face reality."

I shoved the buttplug into your wet lower lips and gave it a slight twirl, eliciting a groan. But by the time your breath quickened, I had already pulled it back out and pressed its now-lubricated tip against your rear hole.

I pushed it in, slow and methodical, twisting the buttplug as through screwing it into you. Your ass was virgin territory, and your fingers clenched as your back arced further under the mix of arousal and pain. You pleaded as one ball after another vanished into your butt, but I keep pushing it until your sphincter wrapped around the narrowest part of the shaft. Soon enough, I locked the buttplug's end into the metal ring over your sphincter. The dangling steel rope was then pulled up tight into your buttcrack and, with the usual ominous click, locked onto the back of your belt.

Your ass would now be filled and your buttcheeks split in two, permanently.

"Within a few days, the lowest ball will bond to the walls inside your ass to make sure nothing leaks. You'll be relying on an enema machine from now on to empty your bowels," I tapped a tiny socket located midway under your pussy and your sphincter, noting where the water would enter. "They won't be comfortable at first, but you'll get used to them soon enough."

You nodded with a squirm, trying to get comfortable with the huge alien intruder filling your rectum.

With the steel wrapping around your crotch in place, your belt was now pulled down against your hips with no wiggle room. I then secured the garter straps hanging from the front and back of your thighs and connected them to slots on the assembly.

"Now let's seal up the front for my exclusive use later."

With the transparent main shield pulled tight against your mons, the elliptical hole now framed your lower lips, accentuating even the tickle of cool air against soft tissue. But before I took any more instruments from the table, I stuck a finger up the inside of your cover shield. With a soft 'click' and a yelp from your lips, I locked the stub protruding above your clitoris ring a slot on the shield, leaving a constant, upward tug on your love button.

Next, I took the catheater from the table, tore its sterile packaging, and positioned it against your urethra. Just like before, the insertion proved very unpleasant. The alien presence that stole control from your bladder was anything but comfortable. But even though you could feel yourself peeing as the entrance to your bladder stayed open, nothing came out. The catheater had a tiny, triangular outer shield which pressed against your tissue.

"The medicinal glue will hold it in place until your nanites bond it with your flesh," I commented.

"Sir, I can't pee!"

"You will once the assembly is finished."

I then picked up the final portion: another transparent shield, designed to cover the elliptical hole over the main chastity shield and seal your lower lips. At its center was a transparent 'ball bearing' of sorts, which also formed the base of the dildo -- a scary, 8" long monster that was divided into two parts. The lower 4" was made of transparent plexiglass and ran a copper wire down its middle. It also had a tiny tube extending from its base and spiraling rows of protruding knobs along its surface. The upper 4" however was coated in silicone, with a shaft ringed by tiny rubbery spikes and a smooth, penis-head imitation tipped by an electrode.

The pussy shield featured tiny latches in three places, all of them responding to only remote control. The tiny tube from the dildo's base could be seen going down a hollow bump on the inside of the shield, traveling to the lower latch where it ended in a miniature connector valve. The wire from the dildo also ended in a tiny socket inside an open slot mounted into the ball bearing.

It didn't take a genius to realize that the wire could be used to power the upper dildo, most likely a vibrator, while a shaft could be attached to ball bearing slot to make the dildo sway around inside.

"See this little thing?" I pointed at the tube-like protrusion coming off the base of the dildo. "When the shield is locked in place, it presses against your catheter, forming a connection that allows your pee to drain down and leave through the enema port between your legs. Although this route is blocked until you sit down at an enema machine, and even then it's one-way to make sure nothing goes back up to give you a bladder infection. I'll show you the installation in the bathroom later. But from now on, you'll only be able to pee when you're locked and sealed," I grinned.

Your pussy was now dripping wet, its juices already beginning to trail down your inner thighs. You could feel your pleasure bud throbbing in the ring that tightly captured it. But even as you craved to be penetrated, you could only stare at the dildo and shield combination in apprehension, imagining its devious torments.

With your back pressed against the table, I lined the bullet-shaped shaft up with your love tunnel. I gave it a gentle push, extracting a sharp gasp from you as its head peaked inside, prickling your sensitive tissue with its tiny soft spikes. But instead of filling you up, I pulled it back out before pressing it in again, this time only a little further.

This repeated itself, over and over, each time just slightly deeper than the last. By the time the dildo sank halfway in, you were struggling against your bonds in frustration, your eyes glistening with tears as you whispered "please" between gasping moans.

But of course, I had none of it as I continued to torment you. Only when you were trembling, begging incoherently near the verge of orgasm, did I slowly slide the dildo all the way into you.

Its shield locked on with a tight seal, trapping your smoldering pussy within. Your insides itched for more stimulation as fleshy walls wrapped tightly around the penetrating intruder, only to grasp its knobby surface and countless soft spikes.


You were so close to peaking, to satisfaction. Yet you could only watch helplessly as your pussy was sealed beyond all reach.

Of course, I had an even better view of just how close you were. With a gleeful smile, I took a small handheld mirror from the table, before kneeling back down and showing you my perfect view of your love tunnel.

It was gaping, labia lips held open by the transparent intruder, and covered in juices that slid down the quivering walls that tightly grasped the dildo. The flesh writhed with hunger, eager to swallow cum and cock alike in its desperate need. Meanwhile your ringed clitoris was painfully hard, craving for more attention but unable to be even touched behind the transparent shield.

Your legs closed in embarrassment, but even that did not completely block the view. There was nothing you could do to hide it from your master's gaze.

But I wasn't finished yet.

From the table I picked up what looked like an inch-wide rod of gleaming metal. I snapped this to the open slot on the outside of your chastity shield's glass bearing. The long rod reached down to your ankles, with two 6" hobble chains dangling from a steel ring that could slide along the rod but not off it.

The final pieces were a pair of 1.5" wide ankle cuffs, which I closed around your ankles with clicks of permanency. Each cuff featured D-rings on the sides, and I closed the carabiner clips at the end of each hobble chain to their respective ankle cuff, effectively limiting your feet to a 12" gait.

Before I stood back up, I opened a hidden panel that had escaped your noticed near the bottom of long rod. As I pressed a button and closed the panel, a pink light blinked on near the top. You braced yourself as both your buttplug and inner dildo began to vibrate on low. You could feel the innumerable knobs that covered both intruders rubbing against your fleshy walls, while the rubbery spikes on the dildo prickled your deepest nerve endings.

It was utterly impossible to ignoring their teasing presence, or to focus on anything else really. You could only helplessly gyrate your hips, your thighs trying in vain to rub against each other as they squeezed the metal rod between them.

It was then when you noticed the truly insidious role of the clitoris ring. Fixed in place against your rigid chastity shield, it shifted whenever your hips swayed. Every motion of your legs caused the ring to jerk against one side or another. The movement was minuscule, but against an engorged and fully alert nerve bundle, every tiny jerk could be felt with intimacy.

"Oooohhh", you moaned as your arousal climbed with every second, every sexy sway.

"Now walk around a bit," I encouraged you with a slap on your bare buttocks.

In just a single step, you immediately realized why I modified your feet into a set of permanent stiletto heels. Every step in it accentuated the swaying of your hips, shifting the dildos inside you and intensifying the jerks on your captured clitoris. The long rod that swayed between your legs only made this worse, pivoting the dildo inside you back and forth.

The sensations soon brought you to the ragged edge of an orgasm. It might even have been enough to send you over, except the moment your feet began moving, the prickling vibrations deep inside you shut off. But every time you stopped your quivering legs to take a breath and squeeze your thighs against the rod between your legs, the upper-dildo and buttplug would turn back on after a few seconds, stroking your fires to make sure they could not calm down.

Neither the mild vibrations nor the shifting dildo and clitoris ring proved enough to push you over the edge by themselves. Instead, the tantalizing belt kept you near the edge, teasing you over and over yet never letting you cross the brink to ecstasy.

"I call that a controller rod," I explained while enjoying the sight of your frustrated struggling and incessant moans. "It can tell when you're moving, and when you're standing still and therefore need additional stimulation. It also contains long-lasting rechargeable batteries that could easily last for days of continuous torment."

Even this controller rod seemed to mock you. Its access panel was right there, near your ankles. Anyone with free use of their hands would be able to reach down, open the cover, and toggle it to another setting to bring you climax; not to mention the unlocked carabiner clips that linked the hobble chains to your ankle cuffs. But your own fingers could only claw uselessly in the empty air behind you.

It was a ceaseless tease, an endless torment that you could do nothing about... not even hide it from me.

"Sir, I-I can't take this... it's too much!"

"But that's the beauty of it," I grinned. "You have no choice but to endure it!"

Your eyes glazed with tears of frustration. You cheeks flushed pink in desire and embarrassment. Your nipples hard as they pulled against collar chains with every ragged breath, swaying the teardrop gems that hanged underneath.

But even that couldn't hold my eyes above your waist.

The plunging 'V' of your chastity belt accentuated your firm midriff and the crease between your pelvis and thighs, drawing my eyes to the oval, transparent shield which perfectly framed your pussy. Above it laid your pubic 'Slave' marking, a constant reminder of your status as property. Meanwhile a clear dildo held your love tunnel open under the shield, revealing the pink folds within and your clear, feminine arousal flowing down the shaft. They pooled beneath the shield to remind you of your wetness, before sliding down to each side -- leave slick and shining trails down each inner thigh -- or dripping down the ankle-lengthened steel rod hanging beneath your chastity shield, which shifted back and forth with every step.

It kept your lust and sexual frustration on display -- a beautiful and mesmerizing sight.

I looked back up and smiled at your expression, cheeks flushed and breathing rough. The light in your eyes was wonderful: so pleading, so tender, so wanting, yet so helpless.

...And the best part? Knowing you would always be kept this way from now on.


Before you could complain any further, I pushed a padded ring gag into your mouth and locked the straps behind your head, leaving your lips in a perfect 'O'.

My penis was already about to explode as I pulled you over to my spot at the head of the table. Nudging your heels just under the table's edge, I lined your ankle-length rod up to a tube-like opening installed into the carpet. As I forced you to kneel down, the controller rod slid into the ground while the ring connected to your ankle hobbles slid up its length.

"Kneel down properly," I ordered. "Feet against the ground."

With my hands pressing down hard against your shoulders, you had no choice but to comply. Your legs folded themselves beneath you as your stiletto heels pressed into your soft buttocks. Then, just as you thought you could kneel down no further, you heard a faint click from beneath the carpet. As my hands lifted and you tried to lift your butt, you realized that the rod attached to your chastity shield had been locked into the ground, keeping you kneeling just beneath the table's edge as vibrators hummed away steadily.

Then suddenly, a surge of electricity erupted deep inside your pussy. It wasn't quite strong enough to be painful, but it was extremely discomforting, eliciting a wail from your gagged lips.

I pulled the chair back into place and sat down. My front zipper was soon undone, and the tent collapsed in an instant as my long and hard member slipped out, ready for action. Shifting my chair forward, I pressed my erection just inside your open orifice.

"Now pet, I need to finish reading these documents today. In the meantime, I want you to practice your deep throating skills."

To give you a demonstration, I reached down with one hand, pressing your head until your lips wrapped around the base of my shaft. You gagged as my hardness pressed against the back of your throat, tears jerking from your eyes as its filmy tip slid against your deep, sensitive tissues.

At the same time, another shock came from the electrode tipping your vibrating buttplug, forcing more incoherent sounds from your mouth.

"When your controller bar is locked like that, your dildo and buttplug will shock you on a random alternation and timer -- once every minute or two. Think of it as an encouragement to do your best. You'll be released once you make me cum three times."

Chapter 6 - Home

"We'll going to have to work on your tongue skills," I spoke an hour and some later, after recovering from my third orgasm. In the meantime, I satisfied myself with the thought that while you had no choice but to service me, you were no closer to reaching your own release.

It would stay that way for the remainder of today.

...And on most days from now on.

Your dildo gave you another disconcerting shock, reminding you of just how raw your pussy felt.

I pressed a button beneath the table-edge, and you could feel the rod attached to your chastity shield released at last. After helping you stand back up, I gave you a few minutes to lean against the table and recover. Although the beaded plug in your butt and rubber-spiked vibrator in your pussy never truly allowed you to calm down.

"Sirrrrr, pleeease..." you begged as soon as I pulled out the ring gag.

"Of course not," I smiled.

You could only stand there, another tear of frustration falling onto your cheeks as you endured the nonstop torment that fed your itch deep inside.

Before long though, I pulled you up straight and wrapped my arm around your thin shoulders and bared back. I had always appreciated a naked and feminine back just as much as the front view, which, thankfully for you, was the only reason why your arms were spared permanent encasement in an armbinder. The 'loose reverse prayer' seemed a good compromise, obscuring as little of your behind as possible while forcing your shoulders back and your breasts forward.

"We should tour the outside first, before the sun sets," I added before leading you towards the entrance.

Your stiletto heels soon resounded against the hardwood foyer floor, its heeled clacking minimized by the soft rubber nub that kept it from tearing bedsheets. As you hastened your steps to keep pace with mine, your hips swayed in a natural attempt for the body to maintain balance, jerking the ring that captured your clitoris rhythmically to each side. Meanwhile, every step pulled on the hobble chains, and in turn, the long controller rod; its sway lead to a constant shifting of the 8" dildo penetrating your sex... and rubbing the deepest part of your vagina with those awful, prickling rubber spikes.

Your soft moans shadowed every breath, encouraging my fingers to roam as they played with your round breasts, pulling your nipple against its collar chain.

Of course, you were helpless to stop me. Only stare back with eyes glazed in sensuality.

It was all very enjoyable for me. But as the front doors opened, a quick peek at the horizon sun reminded me that I was on a timetable.

"Come on," came a tug on your collar as I seized your neck chain.

You had no choice but to follow.

An astonishing sight awaited you outside the gates. Not only was my home built within a tropical rainforest, but right in front of the house, beyond a series of steps and a narrow ramp for the rail leading out to a paved footpath, was a pond of water in pristine teal.

The basin of water formed a perfect circle, shallow and no more than thirty feet in diameter. It was ringed by an obviously earthen caldera which had since been reinforced with marble and concrete.

On the far side, the slow trickling of water exiting the pool could be seen flowing into a narrow inlet, which disappeared into the small rainforest that encircled the island.

Pulled by your collar chain, you followed me down the footpath. You noticed my hand also dragged the chain's other end, sliding the steel ball down the slotted rail that was buried and secured to concrete. Although the rail soon made a corkscrew twist until it was upside down, traversing along the bottom of a very low railing -- probably so it wouldn't collect rain and clogging mud.

This railing followed the path for as far as the eye can see, until it disappeared into the trees.

With your collar permanent, this was now the track that would control and guide the rest of your life.

"This rail not only goes through most of the house -- apart from a few rooms like my office that will be forever off-limits to you -- but it also rings around the island through its main walkway," I explained. "You'll have plenty of space to roam, when you're not locked in the dungeon, of course."

"H-how often will I be allowed to roam on my own, Sir?" you asked.

Although how much you would actually want to do so was a whole another question, given how each step tormented you.

"Depends on your behavior and my mood, pet," I thought aloud. "But I expect enough time... I do want you to stay active, even by a little, and not just sit or lay there all day. Your chastity belt will count your steps for the day and judge it against the target I set -- which is a reasonable 5,000 right now. For every 1,000 you are short by, it'll let the controllers tease you for an extra hour during what would normally be your eight hours of undisturbed sleep time."

Five thousand steps! Your groaned at the daily goal. Sure, it was easy for the average person. But with your feet trapped in permanent stiletto heels?

"I expect you would get used to the heels soon enough," I spoke as though reading your mind.

Maybe you might get used to the shoes themselves. But the way they made your hips sway? You doubted that would ever happen.

"But what about days when I'm not allowed to roam outside, Sir? What if I'm locked in the dungeon?" you asked.

"That'll also depend on circumstances, pet," I thought. "On some days you may get a break to rest; on others I may want you to squirm for a few extra hours."

I then pointed to a fork in the rails, with one coming off the railing and trailing up the slight ramp to the pond's edge. From there the rails ringed the entire caldera, secured as close to its edge as the concrete allowed to offer you as much room as possible in the water.

"See that? You can even bathe in the geothermal hot spring, though you wouldn't be able to swim in it with your arms like that. The equipment you're wearing now are all waterproof, and the nanites will ensure that the minerals in the water cause no damage."

You almost wished you could short-circuit the controller rod. It was difficult to imagine right now how the punishment could be worse.

"We'll have a good soak later tonight," I smiled as I wrapped one arm around your bare shoulders, my hand once more fondling your breasts, gentling pulling the pierced nipple chained tightly to your collar and eliciting aroused gasps from you.

"Will you also... fuck me in it later, Sir?"

My other hand lifted your chin up as my lips forced themselves down upon yours. This was not a gentle kiss but a domineering one, a kiss that only further solidified my position as your master. You could feel my tongue force its way in and ravish your lips, leaving your knees weak as your submissive nature instinctively bent to my will.

You were breathless by the time my lips released you. A spittle of drool trailed down your chin. Staring into my intense gaze, your mouth hanged open as though deprived of their lifeline.

"Remember pet, you're my property now. Your only purpose is to wait on me, to think only how you can best serve me," I stared into your lust-filled gaze. "That is why your body will always be kept warm, moist, and horny, eager to be ravished by me at the first opportunity. Only by doing your best to please me -- mind and body -- will you earn pleasure for yourself."

"Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Sir," you gasped out between moans as my thumb and index fingers squeezed and rolled your ringed nipples.

Your thighs tried to rub together, which only made the controller rod sway, and the dildo deep inside you with it.

You had lost not only the freedoms of movement and choice, but even your freedom to pleasure and orgasm. Your fingers fluttered uselessly behind you, helpless to even touch the belt that trapped your smoldering sex. But even though it was frustrating as all hell, you could also feel the warmth spreading from the longing between your legs.

Your body now belonged exclusively to your master -- me.

After a short but frustrating walk among the trees, I soon pulled you back inside by the collar chain. I gave you a brief tour of the first floor first: the living/dining room with its sunken floor, the spacious kitchen/bar next to it, and across the hall -- a meeting room with the table set up to connect multiple computers.

"Once a year I invite a few guests over for a vacation while we discuss business," I explained. "Of course, you'll be locked up in the dungeon during that time to make sure they don't see you."

As the mansion was built into a hill, the back rooms had considerably less windows. It included the downstairs bathroom, a cozy library, and a small, private movie theater.

There was no door down to a basement.

"Where is the dungeon?" you asked, worried that it might be outside the house.

"You'll see," I smiled as I led you to the stairs. With my arm holding your bared back, you climbed the stairs in those treacherous heels that encased your feet, made only harder by the 12" hobble encircling your ankles.

"When you go up alone, you'll want to lean as far forward as your balance allows," I suggested, my hand pressing against your back. "Since your cuffs can't grasp the handrails, this'll at least allow you to fall forward if you lose your balance, and not back down the stairs."

The second floor included the master bedroom, my office, and several guest bedrooms. However, all the other rooms were off limits to you, as the rails that limited your movement ran directly into my room from the landing.

I led you back into the room you woke up in and, this time, into a large walk-in closet. It was mostly empty, apart from a figure-hugging party dress, three skimpy french maid outfits, and several sets of sheer lingerie, all of them in your size. The one defining feature of them all was that they all featured halter tops and were backless down to the waist.

In addition to racks of empty cloth hangers, there were also empty shelves and dresser drawers.

"This is... my closet? Master?"

You had doubted if you would ever wear real clothing again.

"Yes and no," I replied to your confusion. "All the dresses and lingerie I buy for you will be kept in here. But I'll be the one deciding if and what you'll be wearing. Most of the time though, you'll be kept exactly the way you are now."

On the other end of the huge closet was a thick door, which I unlocked and pulled open.

The atmosphere changed immediately. The opened door revealed a natural-looking cavern, almost as big as the master bedroom. Its walls and floors were made from uneven slabs of volcanic rock. Its ceiling ranged from 5' on the sides -- too low for me without bending down -- to over 10' in the center, where a short tunnel about 3' wide opened to the dusk skies.

A natural pool was dug into the rocky floor beneath the ceiling vent, its depth ranging from knee to chest deep. It was large enough to cover two-thirds of the room, with tracks ringing the stony edge surrounding it. On the far side of the room was a small, artificial waterfall, cycling a steady stream of filtered water into the pool and keeping it from becoming stale.

To add to the atmosphere, the ceiling tunnel was barred by rusty-looking steel (which you doubted was real rust, given the steeless steel I used everywhere for your restraints). More rusty chains with collars and cuffs hanged from the far wall, and some even from the ceiling to just above the water. There was even a small cage hanging, just close enough to the rails at the pool's edge that your neck chain might actually reach.

The entire cavern was only lit by natural light from the ceiling hole, plus a fake torch installed into the rock by the door.

"Do you like it?" I surveyed the dungeon, proud of my work.

"It feels so real, master..." you looked about in awe. Even the door was framed by rusty-looking metal on this end, with an overhead handle that was too high for your bound hands to ever reach.

"As far as you're concerned, this IS a real dungeon," I smiled.

"That vent actually opens to the top of the hill that this house is built into, which is mostly occupied by solar panel arrays" I added. "The opening on the other end is camouflaged in a shallow crevice to look like a drain; so unless a guest is both feeling adventurous and detail-oriented, they won't even spot it. Even if you do, chances are good that all they'll see is my 'personal pool.'"

You nodded, feeling a little more secured of your privacy. Then, as you looked around, you realized:

"Master, where do I sleep?"

"Over here," I led you to the side of the cavern facing my bedroom, where there were three 'cells' dug into the wall.

Each of the barred cells were only 5' wide, 5' deep, and set 1' off the floor. Their ceilings were just under 4' tall, with doggie doors that would force you to crawl inside. As we walked closer, you noticed that in each cell, the entire 'floor' was covered by a bared rubber mattress (no cotton covering) with countless small pores.

"Soft, natural, water repellent rubber. This way even though your cell is semi-exposed to the elements, it could be washed clean with just a spray of water," I pointed to the sprinkler holes in the ceiling.

"Master won't I freeze in this dungeon in the winter?"

"This is the French Polynesia," I grinned back. "The temperature hovers around low 70s (degrees Fahrenheit) year around! The only elements you have to worry about in here is rain and storms, which you'll experience but your cell will be well sheltered from."

You also didn't miss the fact that the cell's rubber bed/floor was just slightly tilted towards the far end, where there lay an extra set of bars, a glass panel, and finally, a metal panel with a flat screen built into it.

"Does that open into your bedroom, master?"

"Ah you noticed! Yes. There is a control by my bed which could open the wall panel to just see you, or both the wall and glass panels. Also there is a directional speaker in each cell which I can talk to from the comm by my bed, or you can use to play music and audiobooks."

That was when you noticed a tiny touchscreen built into a cavern-side corner. I did promise you some entertainment when you were locked up. Although operating it with your hands locked behind you will require some practice.

"The cell is also the only place where your controller rod will turn off the vibrators, assuming it's between the hours of midnight and 8AM and you are not being punished. The door will automatically lock at midnight and unlock at 8AM; so if you're not inside by then, you'll just have to bear with being tormented all night."

"Why are there three cells then?" you asked, despite already knowing the answer.

"I plan to get at least one other girl, maybe an unwilling one this time."

You didn't know what to feel about this. You had always assumed that I would be your master alone, since it was obvious in our conversations that I had no other slaves currently. But if you had to share my time with another slave-girl, how would you feel?

"I know modern culture teaches that we shouldn't share lovers, but trust me, it gets lonely here at times with just two people," I spoke earnestly. "Besides! Having two of you will mean I can punish one of you while still being pleasured by the other."

Though regardless of how you felt, as my property, you would have little say on the matter.

Chapter 7 - Relax

I was cooking dinner in the kitchen as you watched... sort of. You weren't really paying attention, not even to the scrumptious smell of nearly-finished chicken carbonara.

Instead, you were leaning against a chair while shuffling from one heel to another, trying to figure out how to minimize the stimulation against your crotch.

It was hard to keep the timing right. You estimated a delay of 3 seconds between when your feet stops moving to when the vibrator deep inside you turns on. You couldn't cheat the system either -- simply shifting weight from one feet to another wasn't enough; you had to pick the stiletto heel off the ground and move it at least 6" for the step to count, which definitely caused a discernible, if minimalistic tug on your clitoris ring.

Trying to do this over and over required not only unerring concentration, but a single wrong timing would cause the vibrator to spring back with a vengeance, seeming far worse against your sensitive folds than before the reprieve.

"Pet!" I suddenly called out as my hands worked the final steps in assembling the main course.

"Yes Sir?" your head jerked up in response, then "ahhh."

I grinned against the pasta bowl, knowing that my sudden call made you lose concentration and consequently, made the vibrator turn back on.

"Dinner's ready," I announced before pulling out a tray and setting the meal upon it: a large bowl of carbonara, an italian salad for the both of us, a diced pineapple for dessert, and some white wine to go along it all.

But before I took the tray out of the kitchen, I went into the next room and you could hear me unbuckling my belt.

You desperately hoped that I would ravish you as the first course, especially when I returned naked.

"Follow me, pet," I picked up the tray. "We're going to have a soak while enjoying our dinner."

"Yes, Sir," you couldn't help but sound disappointed.

"You should try sitting still," I chuckled as though your torments had nothing to do with me.

You were in fact arriving at the same conclusion. As frustrating as the vibrators were, it felt like you were least frustrated when you simply sat still and endured their constant, steady teasing. Of course, 'least' was a relative term here, as even the mild vibrations alone could easily keep you halfway to an orgasm -- no thanks to those prickling rubbery spikes deep inside your love tunnel.

The real trouble, of course, was trying to ignore them and stop your hips from shifting, which in turn tugged your clitoris ring and made everything much, much worse. Trying to hold your hips still while standing proved outright impossible, as you would involuntarily start swaying as soon as your attention left. But it was easier when your weight pressed your butt down against something.

In this case, it was actually your stiletto heels, as you knelt in the hot water on top of a rubber pad that marked your spot, your controller rod deep inside yet another hole -- although this one neither locked the rod nor caused it to shock you.

"These are absolutely eeeevil, Sir," you looked at me, eyes filled with need. A constant blush dyed your cheeks, leaving your lips gaping in quick, shallow breaths.

...Which of course, was exactly the way I wanted you.

"Well pet, you'll just have to learn to endure them," I added before twisting another bundle of pasta onto the fork and delivering it to your lips.

I sat against the edge of the pool, my legs straightened and my chest submerged in the soothing-hot waters of the geothermal spring. I had one arm wrapped around your neck, laying on top of your narrow shoulders which were just barely submerged. A foam-bottomed tray floated in the mineral-rich water before us, carrying a plate of pasta that I took out from the main bowl, plus two small juice-glasses that held wine instead.

A clear, starry night sky cast overhead. The only lighting provided came from the house behind us, plus a citrus-scented candle atop the floating tray. Here, there was none of the light or noise pollution from the suburban neighborhood you lived in. It was just a private, tropical island, inhabited by only the two of us.

Of course, one of us was far more relaxed than the other.

"I think I'm full, Sir," you swallowed the last of the pasta in your mouth.

Between the salad and the pasta, I had only fed you a dozen or two times.

"I guess it's only been three hours since your wake-up meal," I commented, utensils and food now dedicated to myself. "Also the nanites probably shrunk your stomach, after wearing the corset for several days."

"The dildos too, Sir," you squirmed against the mild vibration, and regretted it immediately as the movement transmitted to your clitoris. "It's not the same as a full stomach, Sir. But I feel half-stuffed just from how deep they press into me."

"Look on the bright side," I smiled, "at least you never have to force yourself to diet again."

"No, Sir... now I'm forced to diet twenty-four/seven," came a mumbled reply.

"Yes, but you don't get a choice in the matter. No option to stuff yourself with sweets and regret it later."

"Remember that freedom is also a curse," I added. "It entices you with all sorts of temptations, and leaves you unhappy when you cannot have everything. But now, you no longer have to choose between resisting allure and long-term consequences... you just have to resign yourself to what I chose for you."

"...Because I chose to be your slave, Sir?" you pondered after a moment of silence.

"Do you regret it?" I asked back.

"Well, no... but..." was your earnest answer.

You hadn't anticipated my preparations to be so... thorough, if not extreme.

"Well, think of it this way, pet," I replied. "It's the last difficult decision you would ever make."

"So what do you think about my place?" I asked some time later, enjoying the last of the ice-chilled pineapple chunks while gazing up at the moon and stars.

Of course, you received a few bites as well. An hour had passed since we sat down in the pool, and even your tight midriff had made some room once more.

You were also leaning against my shoulder, trying to not squirm your buttocks. You've been successful for the past ten minutes though, so things were certainly improving.

...Perhaps I spoke too soon, as you suddenly gasped from beside me.

"Gorgeous, if I wasn't constantly distracted by these damnable things inside me," you grumbled, which only turned into a moan at the end.

It was music to my ears though, the fact that you could not stop yourself from gasping or moaning intermittently.

But that didn't stop me from noticing...

"What did you forget?" my voice turned harsh.

"Sorry, Sir," you immediately added, already too late.

"Since it's your first day, I'll let this time slide. But the next time you forget, I'll leave you in the hanging cage in the dungeon with your vibrators left on all night as punishment. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Sir," you replied meekly, shivering at the thought of being held on edge all night after an already exhausting day. "Thank you, Sir."

You stayed in the pool for another half an hour before we got out. After a quick shower, I dried you with the giant fluffy pink tower again, before leaning down and turning off your controller rod at last.

You breathed a sign of relief as I disconnected the damnable thing, finally ending its endless stimulation of your helplessly trapped femininity.

"The controller rod will stay off until tomorrow. It wouldn't be fair to punish you tonight just because you woke up late today and didn't walk enough steps," I explained before walking you over to my bed.

"Thank you, Sir," you breathed out, your sensual eyes hopeful that I might still take you before going to sleep. But as I pulled you into the soft bedcovers and leaned over to give you a deep good night kiss, you could only sigh with disappointment that your smoldering arousal would not be soothed tonight.

"Good job on enduring everything today, my lovely pet. You get to sleep as long as you want tonight in my bed, so rest well."

With a smile, I turned on the sound system before turning off the lights. Against the backdrop of soothing ocean waves, you felt my arm lay just beneath your breasts as both of us slowly drifted off to sleep.

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