Teen Fire & Frost vs Torture Bot
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Chapter 1

Kara and Tara Bishop were stepsisters. At 18 years old, 5'4" and 110lbs both are extremely attractive girls with perfect tan skin and playmate looks. Both girls have perfect breasts if not large for girls so petite and pert, toned, heart shaped asses. Both had modeled growing up and had been pursued by some of the top agencies. It amazed most people who found that they were just stepsisters because they look so alike. The girls could very well have been sister's even twins they even shared the same birthday. Both girls are currently freshman college students attending City College on gymnastic scholarships. They lived together in a small apartment off campus. Both of their parents had died in a car accident two years before their transformation. Insurance and the selling of their father's business had left them both financially secure for life. Both girls loved to play beach volleyball and team Bishop was ranked nationally in the sport.

Their true story begins while the girls, traveling across the desert to a gymnastics competition found the crash site of an alien ship. After, helping the alien called "Mesha" contact its people, the being bestowed gifts of power gem stones to both girls. A small Red stone was given to Tara. Upon touching the stone her hair turned a brilliant red she was also endowed with the ability to manipulate fire. A small white stone was given to Kara. Upon touching the stone Kara's hair turned a striking silver blond and she was endowed with the ability to manipulate the cold. Both found that the stones increased their physical strength and speed as long as their gem stones were touching their skin. They also were resistant to physical pain and their bodies could not be physical damaged. They discovered that the residual energy from the stones made it that even when they did not have the stones touching their skin that their bodies had resistance to physical damage. They would feel pain but the injuries would heal instantly.

Both decide that they would use their powers for good and become super heroines. Each girl found that they could call her stone to her by touching her hand together and whispering the world "mesha" this would transform them into their new superhero personas Teen Frost and Teen Fire this action would also bring the girls gem stones back to them if they were taken or were lost. With the support of the alien benefactor both girl designed costumes from an alien fabric.

The fabric, that resembled wet metallic latex and fit like a second skin. This material was impervious to damage of any kind. Since there was only a small amount of the fabric, the girls designed their costume to match their beach volleyball outfits but smaller and a little sexier. The costume consisted of a top that resembled a sports bra, with a circular area in the front revealing the amazing cleavage of the girl's prefect 34 C breasts, the bottoms were beach volleyball bikini style, very tiny and high on the hip, showing off the cheeks of their amazing butts. A pair of black knee high boots rounded out the costume. Each girls gem stone was worn as a belly ring. Tara's costume was colored metallic red with Kara's was metallic snow white. Once the costumes were on the girls they were the only ones that could remove them. Both girls found there was a side effect when they wore their costumes. The alien material that the costumes were made of would begin to cause the girls to become sexually aroused. This feeling became more intense the longer the material was worn. This phenomenon was proving to be a problem at the moment. Both girls were currently tied spread and hanging vertically in a bondage torture device.

The girls were bound facing each other about 3 feet apart with a thin metal maniacal circling the girl's ankles and wrists. Their wrists were pulled high above their heads. Their legs were pulled into the splits. Their bonds were set on some type of pulley apparatus where pulling down on their wrists caused their legs to be pulled tighter and vice a versa. Both of the girls were tied facing each other directly across from each other. Both able to stare into each other's eyes, neither one could speak as both had large ball gags in their mouths.

Since their possession of the stones Kara and Tara had developed a kind of telepathy but neither needed this power to know what the other was feeling. Ever since they began their lives as super heroines they have found that the power of the stones and strange alien material that their costumes were made of had caused intense sexual desires. These desires would increase the longer each girl wore her costume and their stone. Early on they both discovered that being bound or in bondage caused these feelings to intensify dramatically. This was evident the first time the girls attempted to put their powers to work for good. They had tracked the villainess She Cat to a warehouse in the old section of town. Both girls had been captured relatively easy mostly due to their inexperience. She Cat and her henchmen had relieved the girls of their power stones and left the girls hogtied in the abandoned warehouse. The girls were tied with their body press to each other and spent several hours attempting to escape their bonds. This taught both girls a valuable lesson and both began to study rope techniques, books on bondage and books related to escape. They also discovered that being bound had awoken even more extreme sexual desires in both of their young bodies. Each girl related to the other how incredibly "turned on" she had been while struggling to free herself from her captivity. Each shared the fact that the arousal was amplified because they were bound together.

Growing up the feeling shared between the two girls was as close as two girls could be. From the moment their parents came together when they were both 3 years old they had felt a strong connection. As they grew older and matured into the young women this connection only grew stronger but with a new dimension to their feelings. Both of the girls had felt strong sexual desires for her sister but never felt comfortable acting on them or even relating them to each other.

Both Tara and Kara had dated guys and both enjoyed being with men but neither had ever experienced pleasure with a woman. The feelings they now felt for each other were getting hard to ignore. After this first encounter with She Cat and her goons, in which they were captured and bound helpless together. The feelings for each other have reached the point that neither could deny. After their escape, they had sat up well into the night and came clean about their feelings. From that night on they had become lovers and with the power of the stones the strange sensation of their alien material costumes, their intense sexual excitement had been captured, bound, being in danger and being together in these circumstances made both girls a flashpoint of sexual energy. Many times after their escape from a villainous deathtrap the orgasms that they experienced often in unison could cause the girls to lose consciousness. As they stared at each other, tightly bound, stretched in their tiny revealing costumes, both knew that this was just the beginning of their ordeal.

Currently, Tara and Kara were in the clutches of the evil Professor Drak and were currently being" attended to" by his robot simply known as Torture Bot 2. The girls had destroyed the original Torture Bot in a previous encounter with the professor. The professor's obsession was to possess the alien stones given to the girls at all costs and understand their unique power. At first, the professor treated the girls is strictly a nuisance. In these instances he would normally just render them unconscious take the stones. Soon he understood that the girls were able to draw the stones back to them with a command. This caused the professor to change his plans and attempt to just kill the girls and take their stones. The professor found through his tireless research that if the girls died, the stones would become inert and useless. Once, while experimenting on the stones he found that their energy levels increased as the meddlesome girls were being tortured. It seemed that the girls amazing sexual energy enhanced stones energy. He realized that each girl's sexual energy increased dramatically if they were being tortured and even more so when they believed that they could die as a result of their torment. This led him to create his torture robot and program it with the sole function to torture the two young heroines. The professor felt that if he could understand the stones and use them he could rule the world. He enjoyed the idea that the pesky little brats would have to suffer countless torments at the hands of his robot to meet this end. In his mind it was win-win. The professor knew the identity of the two sisters; he had placed monitoring devices in their apartment and in the secret office that they maintained as their "crime base". There were hidden cameras all around both locations as well as sensors in both girls' beds. Through his research the professor realized that the stones and the girls were linked. He found that he could not keep the girls for an extended amount of time continually torturing them. Both the stones and the girls had to be reunited periodically and allowed to draw power from each other. This forced him, for the time being, to allow the brats to escape periodically and retrieve the gemstones. He would then recapture them and begin the process over again. The professor was hopeful that at some point he would unlock secrets to the gems and be rid of the pesky super heroines once and for all. The professor knew that the girls were not to be underestimated when they possessed the power stone. The girls had destroyed the original Torture Bot after escaping from a particular nasty deathtrap where both girls were placed in glass cylinders which were slowly filled with water; an electrical charge had been added to increase their discomfort.

Both girls had come close to drowning but were able to escape by rocking the cylinders until the devices fell and shattered. The girls were then able call their stones and to destroy the evil robot using their powers. This angered the professor, pulling him away from his studies of the stones and making him create a new robot. He swore that the girl's torments and tortures would be increased 10 fold. He designed the current robot with exactly that in mind. The new robot was designed to function autonomously in its mission and its sole mission was to capture and torture Teen Frost and Teen Fire and make them suffer. It had been loaded with literally thousands of torture and deathtraps scenarios. The robot was designed to learn as well. Collecting data on what types of tortures elicited the most response from the girls and using this data to create even newer and more devious scenarios.

This robot was much stronger than its predecessor as the girls had recently found out. They had been lured to an abandon factory by a distress call. Upon entering the building both girls had been rendered unconscious by small gas drone. They had regained consciousness quickly but their stones have been removed and they found that they were quite well secured by their mechanical nemesis. Each girl had been bound with leather straps around their ankles and thighs with their arms bound to their sides with additional straps around their waists and below their breasts. An oversize rubber ball gag was placed in each of the girls mouths and a leather blindfold placed over their eyes. Each girl had then been placed in a composite box barely large enough for their small frames, a lid had been secured to the top of each box. This made the girls feel as if they were in a coffin. As each girl contemplated her current situation, the effects of the tight bondage and strange alien material of their costumes was pushing their arousal into overload. Soon there was a hissing noise in both boxes. The girls immediately thought "crap" more gas. Kara and Tara soon realized that the noise was not knockout gas but air inflating bubble padding inside each box. This press pressed tightly against each girl's body holding her firmly in place inside the small box it also pressed against each of the girls crotch. This sent the familiar waves of sexual energy exploding through the girls bodies Both girls soon felt the sensation of being lifted and carried by the robot. The rocking sensation of being carried by the evil mechanical man sent both of our young heroine's bodies into critical mass. Both experienced an orgasm almost in unison. Tara and Kara lost track of time and both have actually began to doze when they were awakened by the release of air and the opening of their makeshift coffins. The girls were individually hoisted out of the boxes their bonds released. Both struggled to no avail against the power of this mechanical tormentor. The girls now saw they were in the small room with no windows and a single metal door. In unison the girls were attached to their current predicament, a type of pulley bondage rack that connected their wrist bonds with the ones attached to their ankles. Both girls were hanging from the wrists pulled out over their heads. The cable ran up approximately 5 feet then through large metal pulley coming back down to another pulley, below and out from the top pulley. The cable ran from this pulley and connected to the manacle locked around each girl's ankles, when the slack taken out of the cables it caused the girl's tone and shapely legs to be pulled out vertically in the "splits". Both girls looked as though they were frozen in some sort of strange cheerleader jump. This ingenious device used the weight of each girl pulling down on her wrists to force her legs out and apart. Both girls' bodies were forced against a silvery shiny platform. This platform was at a 65° tilt. Both girls' upper shoulders and the upper cheeks of their asses rested on the platform. Currently both girls could move their legs out slightly but this motion would pull up their wrists. The torture platforms were located approximately 3 feet from each other. As the girls were facing each other they could see the perilous machine that their sister was attached to and the predicament that they were both in. Tara looked at her sister Kara bound body across from her, she saw her sister's body stretched tight, the muscles in her sister's tone legs flexing and a slight bit of perspiration on her beautiful sisters tan and muscular tummy. Tara noted that Kara's power Stone missing from her navel ring and thought to herself "how are we going to escape?" She looked at the device that her sister was bound to and noted below the pulley that her sister's wrist cables ran through were several large weights hanging from similar cables. The weights were uniformed hanging on both sides of the device. Tara swallowed deeply understanding that these weights could be applied to the force already exhibited on their stretched legs. As if on cue, the Torture Bot announced in a mechanical tone "Beginning Phase 1".

The evil mechanical device positioned it's self to the side of both the girls and in a monotone voice the robot stated "this is Phase 1 of 3 torture session of Teen Frost and Teen Fire... difficulty level 3. After this announcement there was a mechanical click that resonated out from each of our bound heroine's machines. The tension pulling on both of our young girls legs dramatically increased. The pain was intense, each girls leg muscles strained and their knee and especially their hip joints felt like they were on fire. The girls knew that any damage caused by these machines would be quickly repaired by their enhanced bodies but until those repairs were made while being stretched would prolong the agony produced by this wicked machine.

Chapter 2 (added: 2016/10/20)

Phase 1

Torture Bot's monotone voice announced "Phase 1... limb and body stretching... in this phase the subjects will have both their legs and bodies stretched as 200 lbs weights are applied in increments... increments will be every 30 minutes... this phase will continue for two hours" That said, Torture Bot moved back out of the girls' view.

Both Tara and Kara stared, aghast, into each other's eyes. 'Can you see any way to escape?' Tara sent to Kara through their mental link.

Kara looked at the machine that was holding her sister in front of her. Again, she found herself staring at her sister's outstretched body and felt an immediate flash of heat in her sex; seeing her sister bound and stretched sent a rush of emotion, making her entire body tingle. Feeling guilty, knowing the dangerous situation that they were both in, Kara tore her eyes away from the straining body in front of her and again reviewed the machine. The manacles holding her sister's wrists and taut legs had no keyholes or screws that she could see. The cable connection to manacles was strange as well; the cable seemed to disappear into the manacles itself. Kara also noted an opening in the surface of the platform that her sister was spread upon: it was about 10 inches below her sister's crotch, and Kara moaned, horrified, as she registered the four thin metal articulated arms protruding through the opening. At the end of two of these arms was a large metal wheel, with four pink tubes around the rims of both. The others were smaller articulated arms; at the end of each of these arms was the head of what could only be described as an electric probe. Kara immediately knew what these devices were for. She did not know exactly what the pink tubes would do but understood their function: at some point in Phase 2 of their torture the wheels would begin spinning and move up to their exposed inner thighs to their barely covered pussies. She again stared at her sister's crotch noting that the way she was bound it would be an easy target for these devices to punish and torture her sister's unprotected pussy and inner thighs. The tiny bottoms of Tara's costume that barely covered her sister's sex provided an enticing target for these machine torture devices. Kara felt a chill, knowing that she was in the same exposed position as her bound sister.

Kara looked closely at the strange pink tubes attached to the wheels: each was about an inch wide and standing erect with small fringe at each tip, again she did not know exactly what the tubes would do but she understood that whatever it was, it would be painful. The electric probes would likely be used to shock their pussies as well or maybe their breasts. Either way, they would know the answer to both questions soon enough and both girls were surely in for a very painful experience.

Kara wondered why a robot would be so interested in always torturing her and her sister's pussies. She assumed that this was strict programming from the professor. She guessed that maybe it was because of the sensitivity in that area of their bodies. Kara remembered a boy that she dated in high school who told her that she had a perfect pussy. 'It was small with tiny inner lips, puffy outer lips, very, very sensitive, a trimmed patch of pubic hair and very sweet' he had told her. There was no 'trim patch' down there now; since receiving the stones, both girls had no hair on their bodies below their eyebrows. Kara thought if he could only see how sensitive she was down there now. Kara's eyes looked down to her sister's crotch once again. Kara thought Tara has an amazing pussy as well.

Staring at her bound sister Kara felt that familiar sensation. While she stared at her sister's amazing legs stretched tight and coming together covered by that briefest piece of shiny red material she thought of how many times they had been in similar situations.

Both her and her sister had experienced torture to their most sensitive area many times. This had become sort of a theme: whipping, electric shock, and heat, just to name a few of the tortures they had been forced to endure in their nether regions. And though the material of their costumes was indestructible, it did nothing to reduce the pain applied in such copious amounts to each girl's crotches. Kara thought it was because the bottoms of their costumes could not be removed by anyone but them. This infuriated many villains causing them to take out their sexual frustration by torturing and punishing the heroines' pussies and breasts.

Kara tugged at her own bonds feeling the weight forcing her legs into severe splits. Thank goodness for all the gymnastics training, she thought. As this thought left her she heard a loud metallic click: this time the pressure was to her arms, pulling her up stretching her shoulders and her torso until she cried out in pain. She looked at her sister and noted that the same action was taking place: Tara's shoulders were being pushed back, forcing her breasts up and out. Kara once again found her mind wandering.

The sisters had begun tying each other up after their first encounter with the villainess She Cat. They would tell each other that it was to practice their escapes, but after each session their lovemaking grew more and more intense. Both girls knew that they were addicted to the bondage and the intense sexual feelings that it created.

After the first hour and a half, two sets of 200 pound weights were applied to her stretched legs and one 200 pound set to her shoulders and wrists. The pain was so intense that Kara had felt faint.

The feeling in her pussy was so intense that she had already had two orgasms and felt that when the next addition of weight was added to her straining legs she would have a third. Looking at her sister she knew that Tara had been cumming as well. She wondered if her captor, the evil metal machine somehow knew that both girls were getting off on its brutal torment. As the next 200 pounds of weight was added to her impossibly stretched legs, her third orgasm exploded and Kara screamed in her gag. If he did know he would surely use that knowledge against us in some fiendish way. With that thought in her mind she let the pain and the pleasure wash over her body.

As Phase 1 came to a close both girls were sexually spent and in agony. Their bodies were soaked and shiny with sweat, and their legs pulled beyond the breaking point. The healing effect of their bodies only prolonged the agony that they felt in their muscles and joints. When the robot announced that Phase 1 was completed both girls cried out through their gags; their relief came quickly as each of the 200 pound weight sets detached itself from the cable assembly. A single 200 pound weight remained attached to their legs but this was nothing compared to what the girls had already endured. It did ensure that their legs were stretched tightly, and they soon found that this was a key component to their upcoming torment as they moved into Phase 2.

Chapter 3 (added: 2016/12/18)

Both girls struggled against their bonds during their minor reprieve, but being in the splits they had no leverage. Also the pulley system was ingenious in that as the girls pulled with their arms, the cables would move and give, tightening on their ankles. here were no keyholes or connections on the metal manacles that held them captive. Neither Kara nor Tara could figure out the releasing mechanism for their bonds. Both attempted to break the relatively small diameter cables with sheer strength, wut without their stones it was impossible. Finally, they lay still in their bonds, hoping to conserve their energy for the looming Phase 2 of their torture.

As if on cue the Torture Bot reappeared. "Phase 2 of 3 torture session for Teen Frost and Teen Fire," it announced in its emotionless monotone. "Difficulty level 5... extreme genital and breast torture...torture devices will be applied and/ or used on the subjects genitals and breasts... these areas are found to be the most sensitive on the human and/or meta-human female. These subject's genitals and breasts are covered with the material that cannot be removed... this will prevent penetration of devices into the vagina and/or anus of the subjects... compensation for this has been made.... Phase 2 will begin in 30 seconds." The sinister robot counted down as he moved into the shadows, out of view of our heroines.

Kara and Tara stared into each other's eyes. 'Be strong' they tried to say to each other. Then their eyes darted down to movement below each other's spread legs: the articulated arms of the electric probes were rose up, slowly moving into position with the electric probes' points resting just above the nipples of each girl's heaving breasts. Tara watched in horror as the small metal arms came to rest on the ample chest of her sister, making Kara cry into her gag as the probes attached themselves directly to her breasts, pinching down onto her hardened nipples beneath her metallic snow white top. Moaning through her gag, Kara shook her chest from side to side, trying to shake off the probes. But no matter how aggressively she shook her chest the probes remained attached. Realizing the futility, Kara stopped and simply stared into her sisters red green eyes.

The arms of the prods moved to either side of the bound girls bodies and Kara could see a thin filament running from the end of the arm to the probes attached to her nipples beneath her costume top. Tara could feel that the same thing was happening to her. In the background the robot continued his countdown passing the 15 second mark. Kara looked down to the ominous wheels positioned below her sister's spread legs. She watched them begin to move up and out with the wheels coming to rest below the point where her sister's inner thigh connects to the underside of the knee. Kara drew in a deep breath passed the rubber ball that was held deep in her mouth at the same time both wheels locked into place under Tara's thighs. 'I love you,' Tara sent, seeing the concern in Kara's eyes. 'Be Strong.'

The robot's countdown reached zero.

The electric jolt from the probes attached to each girl's nipples ripped through their bodies like an explosion. It pulled the air from each of their lungs and caused each girl to bite down deep into the rubber balls strapped in their mouths. The probes did not stop with the initial jolt: they continued a lower voltage of electricity like a police tazer coursing through the breasts of the girls; alone, it would have been enough to make them scream with pain, but it alternated with heavy shocks for a full 10 minutes, each extra shock almost driving the girls unconsciousness. Although their costumes showed no sign of any damage the smell of burning flesh filled the girl's noses; they screamed with pain until all their breath was gone, sucking air past the rubber ball forced into each of their mouths.

After what felt like an eternity the electrical torture ceased and the girls slumped in their bonds, their bare skin shiny with perspiration. Both knew that her amazing body had already healed the damage caused by the electrical probes, but the agonizing pain of the encounter still radiated from both girls' breasts and upper body. Kara moaned with agony form the fire in her nipples, but raised her head to look at her bound sister just 3 feet across from her. Tara's eyes were squeezed shut a thin trail of blood trickled from her mouth; Tara had bitten her tongue during one of the shocks. Already it had healed.

With a click, the probes disconnected from the girls nipples. The insidious devices were drawn back to the articulated arms by the connecting filament. While Kara watched this take place on her sister's chest she noticed movement below Tara's legs.

The wheels with the pink tubes began to spin and each of the tubes began to glow, dimly at first, but the strange light rapidly grew brighter. Tara's eyes shot open at the same time Kara felt the spinning tubes slapping her inner thighs just inside her knees. The feeling at first was like a series of bee stings, intensifying, growing stronger as the tubes continued to spin around the wheel. The wheels began to move slowly along the inner thigh towards each girl's crotch guaranteeing that no area escaped its torture. The devilish tubes made no sound as they slapped the perfect skin of the two teen heroines nor did they leave any type of mark. As the wheels spun and moved towards their primary target the pain produced by the tubes intensified, no longer just a bee sting, now each strike of the strange pink tube felt like a lash from a leather belt. The wheels slowly progressed inward until both wheels were positioned in line directly in front of each girl's exposed crotch, the wheels were angled so each spinning tube from both wheels would find its mark in the exact same place. The spinning tubes silently but relentlessly slapped at the thin material of the girl's tiny costume bottoms, tearing helpless screams from their gagged mouths, each blow precisely aimed to strike each girl's clitoris.

Desperate and crying under this unending assault, the girls attempted to move their hips in an effort to prevent this savage barrage directed onto their tiny buttons. Even with the heavy weight pulling their legs apart both girls were able to move their hips and crotch up and down and to either side, a dance of desperation to preventing the tubes from landing directly on the clitoris every time. The 'dance' was quite a sight to behold: two breathtakingly beautiful super heroines, dressed only in tiny skintight metallic bikini, gyrating their hips and flexing the muscles of their inner thighs and their flat tummy, jerking their unprotected pussies up and down to avoid the relentless whipping of the pink pain tubes. All while bound in strict splits. This "dance" went on for twenty minutes, both girls wiggling and gyrating their hips and asses exhaustively. Both girls flexed the strong tight muscles of their inter thighs and their flat toned abs to complete muscle fatigue; when the muscles in Kara's thighs, hips and tight tummy had fatigued she wrapped her hands around the cables that held her arms up in the air. Doing this allowed her to pull her ass up and down to prevent slapping tubes from targeting her clit. She also pulled down on the cable holding each wrist alternate left and right, this allowed her to move her legs a mere inch to the left and right. Tara was doing the same, concentrating on wiggling her hips in what she began to think of as the tube torture.

After what the girls believed was an eternity the wheels began their outward tracks toward their inner thighs. As the wheels moved away from the tiny triangle shaped fabric covering each girl's pussies the tubes again slapped the incredibly toned, but tender flesh of their upper legs. Though the pain was agonizing, both girls felt a tiny sense of relief that the diabolical wheels had moved away from their battered crotches. This relief was short-lived as both felt the pain delivered by the tubes intensify: each blow was now felt like a whip struck against their defenseless inner thighs. Both girls were screamed and gulped air as the wheels slowly continued on their course towards their knees, striking each of the girls' spread legs relentlessly.

When the spinning wheels changed direction again, moving back towards the girl's unprotected pussies, both girls readied themselves for the 'dance' to begin again. each knew that when the wheels returned to their center positions, the tubes were sighted directly to strike on her clitoris; the blows to the girl's inner thighs were horribly painful, but Kara and Tara both knew that if the tubes were allowed to strike at the inner lips or their clits at this pain level, they would be done for.

Both girls were screaming in pain but preparing to move. The slowly revolving wheels made their way back to the tiny ' '" of alien material that covered area between both girls spread legs. As the wheels reached this target, there was a loud click as they locked themselves into place for the duration of phase 2. Tara's metallic candy apple red 'V' and Kara's metallic snow white 'V' were now the locked on targets of the relentless pink tubes. As Kara and Tara instinctually realized that the wheels would not move away from their crotch areas again, both girls began again to gyrate and move their hips to the best of their ability, straining their toned muscles as the blows from the strange pink tubes rained down on their pussies. The pain delivered by these devilish tubes once more intensified. Now each blow was the equivalent of a bull whip striking its target. Both girls were screaming and convulsing with every strike but surprisingly, Kara knew that she was still turned on, even with this intense agonizing pain and felt somewhere deep inside an orgasm building. Both girls danced their hips from side to side and up and down for what seemed like an eternity. The pain of the whipping was making both feel lightheaded, and at the same time the whipping was causing sexual maelstrom in both girls.

Tara was amazed at the amount of pain that she was receiving directed at her sex, that she could still feel a strong orgasm building. The wiggling and gyrating of her hips and watching her sister do the same was not helping the situation. Kara had raised her body up enough that the pink tubes were missing their marks and some were not touching her at all. She held this position as long as she could, catching sight of her sister across from her. She watched as her sister's hips wiggled and squirmed, the tiny red fabric covering her sisters sweet pussy moving up and down repeatedly attempting to avoid continuous blows of the insidious pink tubes. Again she was struck by how incredibly beautiful and amazingly sexy the redhead was. Kara held her position as long as she could but her straining arms could only hold her so long before she was forced down to experience the wrath the strange pink tubes as well.

Without warning and to Kara's horror, as if the machine(or the robot) recognized that all of the tubes were not striking her body there was a loud clicking sound as two sets of 200 pound weights engaged on the lead pulley holding both girls legs taunt. This immediately ended the girls' ability to move their hips and now their bodies were stretched into non-movement. This also meant that each one of the dreaded pink tubes would slap the thin fabric of both Teen Frost's and Teen Fire's costume bottoms directly on target, the unshielded clits of our young heroines. As Kara pulled her legs with all her. "I can't move!" she screamed, the gag reducing her to unintelligible shrieks. Soon Kara was screaming uncontrollably and thrash in her bonds as she would, she could not move her body at all. Tara was not faring any better.

In their torment neither girl had noticed the arms of the electric probes positioning themselves directly below the spinning wheels. This placed the probes directly below each girl's thinly covered bum. When both girls were forced still by the additional weights, the probes moved in, touching the material directly over each hero's bum. When the girls received the first electrical charge to their tight asses they both came massively. They blacked from the charge, the pain and pleasure, but were quickly awakened by a second charge ripping through their bottoms. Now Kara began cumming every time they were shocked. The painful low-voltage "tazer" current passing into her bum and the relentless whipping of her clitoris caused Tara's body to build into another massive orgasm. When the electric prod released another massive discharge Tara's body exploded in climax and she passed out. Kara continued to cum and held out for another two minutes before losing consciousness herself.

In his lab the Professor noted a massive power surge in both the red and white stones. He smiled, noted the time in his journal and continued with his experimentation.

Chapter 4 (added: 2017/03/02)

Phase 3

When Kara woke up she found that she had been unconscious for some time. She was sore but her body had re-generated and healed. Still bound in the same way, her legs were spread straight apart in the splits, her arms pulled up towards the ceiling of the room. She looked at her sister who was still unconscious, Kara noticed below her sisters spread legs, protruding from the floor where the diabolical pink tube laden wheels had emerged Kara saw a new device that caused chills to run the length of her spine: it was another articulated arm not unlike the arms that had carried the electric probes earlier. Made of a silvery metal, the single arm was extended to a point approximately 3 inches from her sister's crotch. On the end of the arm was a device that looked like a smaller version of an elementary school microscope. The lens of the device was pointed directly at Tara's sex. Kara could only imagine what this device could be: a laser, or maybe some type of sonic disruptor or something even more diabolical.

Tara was coming back to consciousness when the Torture Bot moved to the side of the girl's torture platforms. In two of its four mechanical claws it held two thin metal bands about a half inch thick. It opened these bands and unceremoniously placed them around the neck of each of our heroes. Tight but not uncomfortable, both girls shuddered as each band locked in place with a slight metallic 'click'. Kara looked into Tara's eyes giving her a 'what do you think this is?' kind of look. 'Whatever they are it can't be good' Tara sent back as a mental message, gazing back at her sister. Kara could feel a slight vibration coming from the collar recently placed around her neck. Both girls squirmed in their bonds feeling phase 3 was going to be much worse than phase 1 and 2 combined, and they were right.

As our two sexy super heroines contemplated the new additions around each of their necks, their mechanical torturer moved back to his position to the side and between each of them. Kara again looked at the device that was mounted just inches from her sister's most sensitive area as a red light started flashing on top of the device; a moment later, Kara saw a blue laser dot on the tiny triangle of red material covering her sister's crotch. It was as if someone was pointing a laser pointer directly at Tara's pussy. Kara noticed that the laser dot was at the crest of her sister's pussy lips, their outline visible through the skintight extremely thin material of Tara's tiny costume bottoms. Kara was horrified to note that the laser dot was exactly at the point where her sister's clit would be. Kara looked up at Tara's face and saw that she was looking down towards her own crotch. Kara knew without asking that she too had a laser dot aimed at her clit as well.

Their mechanical tormentor announced in its monotone voice "This is torture phase 3 of 3 for Teen Frost and Teen Fire, difficulty level 8... intense stimulation and orgasm denial.... Both subjects have been fitted with electro stimulation canceling collars.... These devices prevent the human female subjects from achieving climax.... These devices do not affect the build up to climax only deny the actual orgasm.... A North Central Positronic's Dino class 6 wave stimulator is positioned between each subject's legs.... This device will transfer a stimulation beam directly to each subject's vagina focusing on the clitoris.... Instructions dictate that the recommended safe distance for the Dino class 6 stimulator is 14 inches from the subject on its lowest setting..... Danger Danger Danger... this device should never be aimed directly at the subjects genitals ...death can occur on class E. and class L. subjects on settings above six. This device will cause death and should not be used on class M. subjects, this includes human females and meta-human females... The Dino class 6 stimulator will be located 3 inches from and aimed at these subject's vaginas for this phase... Intensity of the device will be increased every 15 minutes.. The Dino class 6 stimulator has 10 settings... Phase 3 will begin in 30 seconds."

Both screamed into their gags, pulling desperately on their bonds, looking wildly around the room. But there was nothing there to save them.

The Torture Bot moved back out of sight. "Fifteen seconds until Phase 3 commencements," it called out in its matter-of-fact electric voice.

Both girls looked back at each other, then down at the devices positioned between both of their spread legs as the seconds were slowly counted down. All but one of the 200 pound weights sets were removed from the girls' leg bondage; they could move their hips as they had before to attempt to avoid the beam aimed at each of their pussies.

As the stimulators engaged both girls jumped, surprised to find there was no pain: just a quick flash of heat, then a tickling sensation. In short order this sensation grew to an itching, then a throbbing. Both girls felt an overwhelming urge to climax, but as the robot had informed them though the waves of desire continued they could not achieve release. The throbbing in their pussies grew more intense with every passing moment; both girls instinctively began wiggling and gyrating their hips and flex the muscles of their inner thighs and tummies again to relieve the sensations caused by the beam. But the device seemed to track their movements no matter how much they struggled: Tara looked at her sister, watched her gyrate her hips and wiggle her amazing body. To her horror, Tara saw the blue beam of the device tracking along with each of her movements; no matter how fast her sister moved her crotch up and down and side to side, the beam never left the spot on her sisters tiny metallic white costume bottoms where Tara knew her sister's clit was. Tara briefly pondered the science of this. She thought that this was probably the worst torture that they could experience. Using their own hyper-charged sexuality against them.

As this thought passed through her, she watched the blue beam relentlessly torture her sister's gyrating pussy, a wave of sexual energy and frustration crashed over her. Tara realized that the device had moved to second setting: wave after wave of pleasure struck her like waves in the ocean, and like the ocean she knew there was no end in sight. Her overstimulated pussy throbbing with pain as her hips wiggled and gyrated even though she knew this was a fruitless endeavor. She bit hard into her rubber gag, throwing her head back and screaming as the clock slowly ticked by. At level 5 the girls were continually screaming. They were able to do this as their throats repaired the damage caused by their constant wails. By level 7, the intensity of the sexual wave had become lighting bolts. Both girls were gibbering and begging to cum uncontrollable, both on the edge of insanity, their hips thrusting and humping the air, at level 8 both girls fell unconscious.

As the girls hung limp in the devices of their pain and pleasure. The robot stood motionless in the corner. Its electric view screen continually watching and scanned both of its victims. Flashing in red letters to the left side of the screen were the words: Prime directive..... Cause Teen Frost and Teen Fire the most intense suffering for as long as possible. Flashing below this were the words 'Phase 3 nearly complete'. Under that, flashing in green was 'new session to start in 12 hours at alternate site'.

When Kara and Tara came to, they had been removed from their torture tables: both girls lay flat on their backs, bound on flat metal tables beside each other with their hands locked in metal cuffs to either side of their heads and their ankles were similar locked in place. The only light shone directly down onto the girls, blinding them to anything else. Their gags were been replaced, now each of our heroines had a small bit gag in place of the rubber ball. As both girls assessed their situation both realized that the metal collars around their next were still there.

Attempting to struggle, the girls found that they were both incredibly weakened from their ordeal, both struck by a wave of sexual energy : the fact that they were bound, in danger, close to one another, and the strange effects of the alien material of their costumes was causing those familiar extreme sexual urges. To the horror of both girls, they realized that until the collars were removed neither could climax nor relieve the building frustration in their bodies. Kara's wide blue eyes stared up at the ceiling and attempted to communicate with her sister. Through her telepathic link, she could feel Tara's sexual frustration. She sent her struggling sister a message. 'We must escape.'

'I know,' Kara sent back. 'But how?'

Torture Bot 2 entered the room where the girls were being held. Moving methodically the robot pushed the tables the girls were bound to: they moved silently down a long corridor and into a large room filled with many machines: Kara noticed glass tubes similar to the ones they had escaped once before. The robot removed Kara from the table and lifted her up, securing both her arms to her sides with a nylon strap. He did the same to her ankles and her thighs. He placed a final strap over her breasts and placing her inside one of the transparent tubes. Kara had time to think that the breast strap was incredibly tight as she was placed inside her circular prison. Once she was inside, the robot removed Tara from the table, binding her in the same way, then placed her inside the tiny tube with her sister. The girls were facing each other with their bodies pressed together in the small circular space. Both girls felt electricity as their bodies came in contact; again waves of sexual energy pulsed through each of them but were stopped just short of release. Once both girls were in the small tube the robot covered the opening, securing it tightly to ensure against any trouble-making.

A small tube appeared from one of the robots six claw arms. The robot inserted this to into a hole in the cover of the tiny transparent tube holding our heroines captive: there was a hiss as gas was released into the cylinder; both girls struggled and moaned as their eyes fluttered, but in moments the they both lay still and unconscious. Once this was done the robot placed the tube containing the two girls on a platform located near the center of this room, then moved to a control panel located near the platform and pressed a button located there. As the girls slept, there was a flash of light around the tube that held them prisoner; it disappeared, along with its prisoners. The robot stayed at the control panel for another moment, setting in some program, then it too moved to the pad. With another brilliant flash of light the robot was gone, leaving only an empty room.

When Kara awoke she found that she was bound spread eagle on a wooden table. The table was set at a 45° angle in the corner of a dirty room that she could only describe as an office/laboratory; Kara noted that Tara was bound in a similar fashion on the other side of the room. Kara looked around the room, her body throbbing for release, but knowing that there would be no release until she could remove the collar that was around her neck. She struggled with her bonds and found that she was quite securely tied. Then she noticed a sign on the wall. Her eyes grew wide with dread, and she squirmed in her bonds, desperately but still to no avail. The waves of sexual energy pulsing through her body increased as well, but still she had no release. The small sign posted on the wall read simply: 'Drak Genetic Insect and Plant Laboratory... Dangerous Specimens Inside... Use Extreme Caution... Level 8 safety protocols enforced...' Kara trembled: she could only imagine what horrible torments awaited her and her sister inside this place. She wouldn't have to wait long.

Chapter 5 (added: 2017/03/28)

Unable to escape their bonds, Kara and Tara both fell into a fitful sleep; both girls moaned and thrashed softly in their bonds as their waking nightmare gave way to dreams.

Kara's mind raced back to an encounter she and her sister had with a villain known as The Principal; the evil woman had created a device to control the minds of children, and she used these mind-controlled children to rob and wreak havoc on the city.

With the teen heroines hot on her trail, The Principal had sent these zombie-like kiddies out to capture them. Not wanting to injure the children, Kara and Tara let themselves be taken prisoner; their power stones were removed and they were taken to The Principal's lair, a condemned elementary school located in the warehouse district of the city.

Forced to kneel before The Principal's desk, Kara and Tara got their first good look at their nemesis.

Their nemesis was a tall voluptuous woman with silver hair and piercing gray eyes. She wore a business suit with a short skirt that came halfway up her thighs. Kara figured that the woman that now held her and her sister captive was over 6 1/2 feet tall, likely accented by the six-inch stiletto heels that she wore. When The Principal stood up from behind her desk Kara caught a glimpse of the top of the thigh-high stockings the woman wore; she moaned softly, feeling a spark of sexual energy at the arousing sight.

Both heroines were held in place by The Principal's minions. These were two girls, likely the same age as the heroines. Both were incredibly attractive girls of Asian descent and both were dressed as Catholic school girls: one with pink hair and the other with purple, they both were dressed in very short plaid skirts, white button-down shirts with red ties, white socks and leather oxfords.

As the statuesque woman walked around her desk both teen heroines were forced to look up to see her stern face, making the girls feel very small. The Principal smirked. "I have brought you girls here to school to learn a lesson," she stated. "It is a lesson you will never forget."

At this Pink and Purple, as Kara soon learned were their names, started giggling, then dragged the captives away. As Kara and Tara were taken to another room by Pink and Purple, the girls tormented the captured heroine's by pinching their breasts and butts. The teen heroines attempted to wiggle away from these advances but were helpless in their bonds. While their Catholic schoolgirl tormentors poked and prodded them, Kara and Tara were re-tied. A long length of jump rope was tied around each of the girl's belly, passed through each girl's butt cheeks and up through the gap of their pussies. The rope was pulled extremely tight and looped back through itself forming an effective crotch rope.

Our heroines' wrists were tied in front, then their wrists were connected to each girl's crotch rope. This ensured that if our heroines moved their bound wrists they would feel every movement in their nether regions. The girl's legs were bound to pieces of janitorial broomsticks, each less than 3 feet long with steel eye bolts screwed into each end. The girls' ankles were tied to each end of their sticks, forcing their muscular legs apart. Lastly, Kara was forced to stand behind Tara; Kara's eyes were drawn to her sister's muscular ass where the tight crotchrope forced the bottoms of her costume to bunch, baring Tara's muscular buns as if she was wearing a thong. Kara could see the rope cutting deep into her sisters thinly covered crotch. The teen's sexual energy level increased dramatically as waves of electricity pulsed from her own cinched up sex.

A short length of rope was tied from Kara's wrists to the rope plunging between Tara's ass cheeks. A similar length of rope was attached to Tara's wrists and was currently being tugged on by Purple to Tara's great distress. Our heroines were already experiencing intense sexual energy from their current situation. Their tormentors seemed to realize this and were exploiting this to their full advantage. The final humiliation came when the girls gags were quickly removed and a piece of chalk board eraser was thrust into each of their mouths. Both girls sneezed as the chalk dust floated around their faces. These chunks of chalk board erasers were secured tightly in their mouths by a leather strap. Kara though briefly to herself, that the extent that these villains stick to their themes is crazy.

Both Pink and Purple now stood grinning at bound and increasingly sexually charged heroines. "The Principal brought you here to school to learn a lesson," Purple, still tugging on the rope connected to Tara's crotch stated. "We are going to teach you that lesson."

Kara felt dread as she looked at the maniacal smiles of their captors.

Pink produced two heavy schoolbooks and held them up. "One for Red and the other Blondie!" Pink sang out.

Purple pulled again on Tara's crotch rope hard enough to pull both girls forward, another flash of sexual energy burst through Kara's body as her crotch rope dug deep into her pussy, crushing her over stimulated clitoris.

"Today we are going to teach you girls some math!" Pink said, smiling.

Purple giggled and tugged on the rope again. "But first, we must have a class in Phys Ed.; Today's lesson is balance."

Pink placed one book on each of the teen heroines' heads. "Now, we are going to take a tour of the campus; you two must balance your books on your heads and not drop them." Pink smiled looking directly into Kara's blue white eyes. "Because each time you drop your book, we add 10 minutes. Both heroines looked back confused, this caused their teen captors to giggle uncontrollably. "Oh, I almost forgot," Pink stated demurely. "Each time one of you drops your book, you both get a swat." She reached into a cabinet and removed a large wooden paddle. Kara stared, shocked, at the size of the paddle, and what this obviously demented girl meant to do with it. Pink placed the paddle over her shoulder. "We need to get started," she said. "We have a long trip and other lessons to learn, now we are going to be moving pretty fast, so you girls will need to keep up!"

With that, Purple pulled on her diabolical leash and Teen Frost and Teen Fire were moving through the hallways of the empty school.

It wasn't long until both heroines' perfect asses were on fire, attempting to walk with the 3-foot spreader bar between their ankles and with a book on top of each of their heads was nearly impossible. Add to that the fact that both girls had a crotch rope wedged deep into their tight pussies, made the nearly impossible completely impossible. During their hour long trip waddling the halls of this abandoned school the girls dropped their books 21 times. At one point, Tara could not resist the constant and relentless pressure of the rope pressing against her clit and paddling, she had a massive orgasm. As she came her hips flexed back and forth grinding on the unforgiving rope buried deep between her legs. As Kara watched her sister's muscular ass flexing back and forth as she climaxed it sent Kara over the edge as well. Needless to say, both teen heroines dropped their books.

Pink and Purple laughed uncontrollably at the two heroines wiggling and gyrating their hips as each climaxed. When the girls were spent, Pink announced that both teen heroines would have to be punished for cumming without permission. Weak from their climax, Purple easily pulled Kara next to her sister and bent over both girls at the waist. Pink moved behind her captives pausing briefly to admire the muscular cheeks of each girl's ass. She then drew back her paddle and commenced to give each girl 6 swats as punishment for their indiscretions. She alternated the blows, striking first Kara's then Tara's firm upturned ass. As Pink delivered the third swat in the series she noticed that both heroines were shaking and gyrating their hips. "These pain sluts are cumming again!" She called to her fellow tormentor. Pink arbitrarily added 10 more swats to the girl's punishment; by the time she was done the heroines' perfect butts were bright red, both heroines' bodies were covered in sweat and both girls panted like dogs.

Kara was moved back into position behind her sister and her book placed back on her head. Luckily, the teen heroines didn't have much longer to attempt this bizarre balancing act. Both girls were sexually and physically exhausted when they arrived at their destination. As the girls attempted to breathe through their chalky gags, Kara realized they were standing in front of the door. Written on the door in black letters was the word 'DETENTION'.

Smiling, Pink turned to the two captive teens. "My, my, you girls didn't do very well, I thought you were superheroines!" She smiled at Purple. "How many times did they drop their books?" she asked.

"21," Purple answered gleefully.

Pink laughed and stared at Kara. Then her smile disappeared. "Here is your math question, blue eyes: what's 21 times 10?"

Kara stared back at her, confused about the question but understanding that these girls were intent on making her and her sister suffer.

As Kara pondered this, the door marked 'DETENTION' opened and the Principal stepped out. "I understand you girls did not do well in your lessons today" She said in a stern voice. "Unfortunately this means you will have to serve some time in detention." The Principal walked through the door as Kara and Tara were led through.

Once inside, Kara's mind was filled with dread, noting that this small room had no windows and soundproofing had been placed on the walls and ceiling, she began to panic when she saw what was located in the center of the room. She and Tara began to instinctively pull at her bonds and move back towards the only door to the room. This response started Pink and Purple giggling uncontrollably, Purple yanked on the rope connecting Kara and Tara's crotch ropes, pulling the girls forward. The Principal glanced at Pink and Purple, stopping their laughter immediately. She then began to explain what the two teen heroine's detention punishment was to be. The girls stared in silent horror as they understood what the machines located in the center of the room were.

There were two metal posts sticking up from the floor. Each about 3 feet tall and about 8 inches wide: atop each post was a metal loop, below which a set of wrist shackles was mounted on either side of the post. At the base of the post were another set of similar shackles. Also located in the center of the room stood four ominous devices; mechanical paddles mounted on stands, their purpose was obvious. Each machine's paddle was approximately 2 1/2 feet long and 4 inches wide, the flat surface of each paddle was studded with numerous holes. The power portion of each machine had a large flywheel, indicating that it produced an incredibly powerful swat.

The two heroines struggled hopelessly as they were moved to the center of the room, their necks forced into the rings at the top of the posts and secured. Their wrists were untied and then quickly shackled below their necks. The girl's legs were pulled forward and their ankles attached to the base of the post. These shackles would not move, forcing the girls to bend their legs out at a 45° angle. This position placed incredible strain on the hamstrings of each of the teen heroines, but if the girls attempted to relieve the pressure on their legs the ring around each of their necks would choke them. This position also caused the teen heroines muscular asses to be forced straight up making them a perfect target for the collection of machines nearby.

Pink and Purple watched with delight as the heroines' asses wiggled back and forth and up and down, the muscles of their legs flexing and shaking. The Principal exchanged their eraser gags for black ball gags; both girls were in agony, wiggling and gyrating their pert bottoms trying to relieve the strain on their muscular legs. As Pink and Purple moved the spanking machines into place, they audibly debated leaving the crotch ropes on the teen crime fighters.

The Principal decided that the crotch rope pulled deep in each heroines' sex should be removed. "Detention is strictly punishment, and nothing should be in place that these two bad little heroines could enjoy. Have fun," she added, then left the room, closing the soundproofed door with an ominous clang.

As Purple moved the second spanking machine in place behind Tara she stared at the redhead's wiggling ass. What amazing bodies these girls have, she thought to herself. She had never seen such a perfect ass before. I would love to be sticking things in that ass, painful things, Purple thought to herself. She smiled widely. She noted that even with the crotch rope removed this girl's tiny red bottoms had been pulled up and had crept between her butt cheeks revealing the whole of her amazing ass. Purple smiled widely again, thinking that it made a better target. Purple leaned forward, placing her hand on Tara's wiggling ass.

Even in Tara's slowly worsening position she jumped when Purple touched her bottom.

Purple attempted to pull the material of Tara's bottoms aside, but to her amazement the material would not move. Purple pondered this, the material would move with the girl's movements but would not move if someone attempted to move it. She ran her fingers over the strange fabric, noting that it felt slick to her fingers. Purple then ran her finger along the material between Tara's outstretched bottom. She noticed the skin was still slightly red from the girl's paddling earlier.

Tara could feel Purple's fingers running along the material of her costume between her butt cheeks; she wiggled her ass up and down, gyrating up and down and from side to side.

Purple smiled widely at the sight. You will tell me the secret of your magic panties my little redheaded pet, she thought to herself. And when you do, I'm going to keep you in a dark place, sticking many painful things in those areas your magic panties are protecting. With this thought, she locked the second spanking machine into place and synchronized it with the first machine. She then joined Pink in front of their captives.

The girl with pink hair was sitting right in front of Kara. Kara could see past her tiny plaid skirt to the small panties beneath. The girl smiled at her, obviously enjoying her intense discomfort. Pink moved her face close to Kara's. "Have you figured out your math problem yet?" she whispered.

Kara stared back at her defiantly.

Pink's smile widened even more. She moved closer still. "21X10: 10 minutes for each dropped book, 21 dropped books, 21x10 equals 210 minutes." Pink watched with great satisfaction as the realization washed over the blonde's face.

As it did the beautiful blonde superhero screamed in her gag, intensify the wiggling and gyrating of her outstretched ass.

Pink leaned forward and whispered in Kara's ear. "The Principal said I could keep you as my pet, you and I will be able to play like this every day," Pink continued with a sly grin. "I will make you a tiny little cage and keep you in it all the time. It will be so small that you can't move a muscle. I will only release you to allow you to pleasure me or to punish you." Pink kissed inside of Kara's ear whispering to her softly. "Or maybe I'll never let you out. I saw you staring at my panties; after I'm done torturing you here, my panties should be nice and sticky, then I'll gag you with them and make you keep them in your mouth for a week to start out." Pink licked the inside of Kara's ear. "Or maybe longer." Pink looked back up at Kara's outstretched ass noticing that it was still gyrating and wiggling madly, she again whispered in Kara's ear. "As long as you can keep wiggling your ass like that, I will not turn on the machines. But the minute you slow down they come on. What do you say, blue eyes?

"Never!" Kara screamed into her gag, the word barely recognizable through the huge rubber ball. She stopped moving her outstretched ass.

Pink laughed and smiled staring into Kara's amazing blue white eyes. "Your choice, my little pet. But if you don't I will double your sister's time being spanked and leave you in here to listen to her screams."

Kara realized that she had no choice and began to wiggle her tiny heart-shaped bottom in the air. Pink stood up, laughed but then leaned back in front of Kara's face. "Tell your sister to wiggle her ass too," she whispered. "I know you two can communicate without speaking, And make sure we have a good show or the deal is off and you will hear your sister being spanked for a very long time."

Kara's mind was in overdrive, 210 minutes. how could they last? Kara sent a mental message to Tara telling her that she must wiggle, gyrate and flex her ass as hard and as long as she could. With this, the redheaded teen super heroine started her amazing bottom in motion for the enjoyment of their sadistic teen captors.

Pink and Purple had retrieved pillows from the outer hallway and both sat behind the two captive super heroines, watching the heroines wiggle and gyrate their outstretched pert tiny asses.

When Pink had returned from the outer hallway with her pillow she also brought her paddle. She had tormented both girls with the paddle earlier and felt that it might be time to play with it again; Purple had retrieved a favorite item as well, an electric cattle prod. The girls had tweaked this item and increased its voltage and amperage, but had not yet been able to test it. She now had her opportunity. The two tormentors sat below and behind the outstretched bottoms of the two teen superheroines, watching transfixed as the muscular asses covered only in tiny bikini type bottoms danced above them. From this vantage point they could see the girl's crotches as well, and both Pink and Purple were already contemplating different ways to torture those areas.

As Kara's and Tara's asses flexed up and down in the air, the sadistic schoolgirls watched the heroines' incredibly muscular legs continued flexing. Their gaze kept returning to the teen wonders' tiny costume bottoms. In the heroines' current position, their costume bottoms just barely covered the girls' pussies and bum. Through the thin red and white material Pink and Purple could see the delicate outline of their captives' puffy pussy lips. Purple lifted her cattle prod and placed the prongs directly at each outline of the pussy lip under the thin red material of Tara's costume bottoms. When she touched the pouty lips, even without a shock, Tara squealed and began wiggling and moving her ass faster, without any prodding Kara did the same. Their tormentor giggled uncontrollably.

Kara and Tara were both in bad shape; their leg muscles were starting strain and soon they would be unable wiggle their bottoms any more. When that happened, they both knew their captors would quickly engage the spanking machines waiting patiently behind them. They had been told that must endure 210 minutes, this over three hours of being spanked by the wicked machines. Kara was also thinking about her captor. In her mind, Kara heard again the words Pink had whispered in her ear. Kara wandered about the prospect of being this sadistic school girl's personal torture slave. Pink had told her that she would be kept in a tiny cage forever. The thought of being dominated, punished and continually tortured was causing Kara's body to build towards what she knew was an incredibly powerful orgasm. Her fear was that if she came, her captor would take retribution on her sister. Pink had already threatened to torture her sister for non-compliance, and this scared Kara more than any punishment, that she would be responsible for her sister's pain.

Unknown to Kara, her tormentor was seated directly behind and beneath her, with her head lying on the floor below Kara's upturned ass. Kara was currently pushing in and out with her leg muscles; this caused her pert bottom to rise and fall, and Pink watched the up-and-down motion of Kara's crotch. She smiled, watching Kara's downward motion squeeze the heroines' puffy outer pussy lips into sharp relief against the fabric of her tiny costume bottoms. When Kara squeezed down, Pink could make out every detail of the heroine's pussy. When this girl is my torture slave she will never be allowed to wear panties againPink thought to herself. She looked up again, watching the outline of the tiny hood covering Kara's clit come into view. Pink thought that once the blonde was her slave she would pierce that little clit with a ring, attach a leash to it and use it to lead the blonde hero around. A superhero, Pink thought. I wonder just how strong the blonde's clit might be; maybe she could hang by it. Pink smiled wider. All things to try... soon. Pink noticed that the blonde's movements had slowed down and she lifted Purple's cattle prod up and placed it in line with Kara's descending crotch, As it came down Pink lined the prods up with Kara's clitoris. As Kara pushed out with her legs and her muscular bottom descended, Pink smiled and whispered: "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty," Kara's crotch came down and pink pressed the button.

Kara was in a rhythm working her body for the satisfaction of her sadistic captors; her mind was still pondering the words whispered in her ear by the evil schoolgirl. Kara's mind had been able to pick up flashes of images from her pink haired captor. Kara saw herself naked in a tiny cage, so small that her legs were folded underneath her and her head was stuck out the hole in its side and locked in place. Her arms she saw were manacled the top of the cage and she was hanging by a chain from hook in the ceiling. Folded into the cage as she was her pussy and ass was exposed. In the vision she saw her captor standing behind a machine that was forcing two enormous dildos in and out of her tiny pussy and virgin ass. Kara envisioned another scene, her naked body chained spread eagle to the floor, a small ring pierced through her tiny clit. Kara saw a chain attached to the ring with the chain running through a pulley at the ceiling of the room, the end of this chain in the hands of her pink haired Mistress. Kara saw herself being pulled up by the ring thrust through her little pink bud, all the time screaming and cumming. Her Pink tormentor pulled Kara's back until it bowed to its limit, but the pink haired girl just laughing, and continuing to pull. The thought of these images have brought Kara near orgasm.

The fact that she was thrusting her hips into the air repeatedly for the pleasure of the sadisticit girl that she had received these images from was making it a losing battle to not cum. When the electric prod delivered a shock directly to her clit, Kara came so hard that she temporarily lost consciousness, collapsed and began to strangle.

Pink stood up, grabbing her paddle; as Kara began choking, Pink drew back with the paddle and began whipping her bottom. As Kara came to from the pain delivered by the multiple swats given by the pink haired sadist. Kara struggled to raise her body up and was able to stop herself from strangling. Tara had stopped gyrating when Kara had fallen; she cried into her gag, struggling to turn her confined head to see what had happened. When Pink saw that Tara had stopped moving she commenced to paddle her outstretched bottom repeatedly as well.

Both heroines started wiggling and gyrating their asses again in hopes of stopping Pink's continuous agonizing paddling. Pink moved around in front of Kara, smiling into the beautiful blonde's exhausted face. "Sorry snowflake," she said. "But rules are rules: you stopped wiggling your ass, you lose."

Kara screamed through her gag in frustration and attempting to shake her head.

Pink grinned widely. "I will make you another deal," Pink said, then stepped between the two heroines so Kara and Tara could both hear. Grabbing both girls' sweat soaked hair, Pink jovially announced: "Your new deal is that whichever of you stops wiggling your hot little ass first the other gets double time in the 'old spanking machine'." Both heroines screamed into the rubber gags Kara repeated "please no" over and over again. Pink laughed patting both heroines on their heads and exclaimed "get those asses moving ladies" by the way; they'll be some swats and shocks to keep your motivated." Pink and Purple laughed out loud in unison as both heroines started gyrating their hips and thrusting their asses into the air. Pink thought to herself as she watched the heroines' muscular bodies working her tiny muscular asses up and down and side to side, these two may set a record. That was fine by her. Pink lifted her paddle watching the tiny red and white bikini bottoms of her teen captives wiggle invitingly, red or white, she questioned, where do I start?

The 'ass wiggling contest' went on for more than an hour, as both girls begged the other to stop first. Neither sister wanted to be responsible for the other to receive more time being spanked by the diabolical spanking machine. When one slowed down, or just for the fun of it, Pink would swat their asses and Purple would shock their pussies.

Finally, when both girls were at the point of total exhaustion they both stopped together, neither Kara nor Tara having cum during this brutal session.

When they stopped, Pink and Purple came around in front of the exhausted heroines. Pink was forced to pull each girls head up by her hair just to look them in the eyes. She smiled at Kara, wagging her finger in the blonde teen's face. "You both stopped so you both lose," she said, grinning wildly. Kara's face just slumped down when Pink released her. "Oh poor little snowflake,: Pink said mockingly. "Tell you what I will do, since I am in such a good mood and because you entertained me and my protégé so well, I will split the difference and give you each 300 minutes, what do you say?" Pink leaned her face down in front of Kara's downcast head her voice dropping to a whisper "What do you say?"

Kara raised her head and with tears in her eyes. "Thank you," she said meekly through her rubber gag.

Pink smiled widely. "See, my little slave is already learning!" she proclaimed. "I think while you too are busy in here we will go and try and find you girl's some cages.... tiny ones." Pink looked directly into Kara's blue white eyes. "Wouldn't that be nice?"

Kara just shuddered.

The two heroines waited in silence for the next ordeal to begin. Their firm tight bottoms still thrust invitingly into the air. Their tiny bikini-style costume bottoms pulled through their butt cheeks and stretched tightly over their tight little pussies.

Soon, Pink stepped back into the girls' view, smiling cheerily. "Okay, heroines," she said. "The timer is set and your fun is about to begin." She hesitated. "We agreed on 600 minutes, right?" Both heroines groaned in their gags, and Pink laughed out loud. "Just kidding!" She walked to the door and flipped a switch, then paused and called back to the two teens bound in the middle of the room. "I set it for 400, an extra 100 for stopping without permission." Pink laughed. "Rules are rules, but you'll learn that starting now, see you ladies in the morning!" Her laughter cut off as the soundproof door closed and was locked behind her.

Kara's and Tara's eyes widened at this announcement, they both began struggling in their bonds this causing their asses to begin to wiggle and gyrate again. Soon both girls heard a clicking noise directly behind them, there was a silence then each girl was greeted with a "wooshing" sound then a loud crack. Both girls registered the sound milliseconds before the impact. It drove the air from each of their lungs in a pained scream and set their tiny muscular bottoms on fire. This strike was immediately followed by a second, then a third and so on. As the 10th swat rained down, both Kara and Tara orgasmed in unison, with a second beginning to build. The blows were coming too quickly for the girls to get any reprieve; after the first 15 minutes both girls were screaming continuously. After the first hour both girls had came six times and were blubbering incoherently, their asses purple and black with bruises. Both heroines screamed into the night....

Kara awoke with a scream. She looked around the dingy office and into the adjacent laboratory, there she thought for a moment that she saw movement, something skittering across the floor. She frowned; the dream she just had was so intense. Kara remembered their escape from the Principal and Pink and Purple: two hours after Pink shut the door leaving the girls in their spanking hell Purple had returned alone and removed Tara from the detention room. She took her helpless captive to another part of the school, determined to figure out the secret to removing her costume, most importantly the bottoms. But when Purple removed Tara, she forgot to re-engage the spanking machine on Kara: when Pink returned to check why she wasn't screaming, she found Tara missing and Kara not being spanked. She knew immediately what had happened; after turning the machines back on, she left and found Purple in the school basement.

When Pink found her, Purple had Tara hanging upside down with her legs spread wide apart, and Purple was caning Tara's inner thighs and pussy. Tara was ungagged because Purple wanted to hear her screams. As Pink and Purple argued, Tara worked her wrists free and was able to summon her power stone. With her powers at full strength, Tara was quickly able to subdue all the villains and rescue her sister from the spanking machine. They were able to return the mind controlled children back to their homes, and Tara later burned the condemned school to the ground.

Kara looked at her sister who was still tied across the room, remembering the wide eyed look Tara had given her when she confessed her thoughts and fantasies regarding their pink haired tormentor as they prepared for bed upon their return home, but she had said nothing about it. The following afternoon when Kara returned home after her morning classes she stopped, transfixed by the girl standing in the entry hallway of their apartment.

Tara stood in the center of the hallway, dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl with a sly grin on her face; in one hand she held a set of handcuffs and in the other she held short leather leash with a nasty little alligator type clip attached. Tara's fingers were pressing the clip so it snapped opened and closed threateningly. The outfit she wore was likely a Halloween or stripper costume, the tiny plaid skirt barely covered her amazing ass, and Kara could see that her sister wasn't wearing panties; the white shirt was tied up revealing her sisters amazing abs and the socks came up to her thighs. On her head she wore a long pink wig.

Tara spoke only one word: "strip."

Kara remembered quickly removed my clothes and standing there in front of her sister naked. She remembered Tara roughly turned her around and placing handcuffs on her wrists behind her back. Tara then reached down and quickly snapped the clip to her tiny clit. The pain shot through her like a bullet, the sexual wave rolled over her like a tidal wave. Kara composed herself and without speaking a word Tara pulled her to their playroom. Kara remembered her pussy was throbbing as she entered small room, her body exploded and she came right there when she saw the small metal cage sitting on the floor in the center of the room.

The girls had played the rest of the day and well into the night. Tara forcing Kara to cum more times than she could count. Later that night as they lay in each other's arms in bed, Kara remembered she kissing Tara's lips and listening to the sound of her sister's heart beat. As she fell into sleep she thought she could never love anyone more.

Looking at her bound sister, fast asleep across the room, Kara wished that she could kiss her sister's lips now. "Sweet dreams, my love," Kara whispered to her slumbering sister and closed her eyes.

Tara was dreaming...... but it was anything but sweet.

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