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Author's Note: I have ideas for part 2 and part 3 of this story, if this part is well received I will have to write the others.

Part 1

I had been visiting Jade once a week for about 6 months, but had to cancel the last couple of appointments at the last minute, due to work problems - she had not been happy and had sent me a few text suggesting I was a time-waster and a few other things.

Normally, my visits with Jade lasted 2 to 3 hours, she lived in the next town from me, about 15 miles away. I am into cross dressing and like to to be restrained so I was helpless and unable to move. Normally I would dress in stockings, high heels, a short mini skirt and blouse, put on wig and makeup. As I arrived at Jade's house after dark, I was already dressed, bringing with me a few items for her to use on me. She would handcuff my hands behind me, gag me with the large ball gag, make me kneel, sometimes punish me lightly with a leather strap or riding crop, then she would take me outside to the shed, make me kneel on the floor and tie my ankles, then leave me for a couple of hour, locking the shed door with a padlock. I used to lie down on the old carpet that covered the floor to wait her return. I could have undone the rope at my ankles but that would have spoiled it.

Once she left me there until morning - she was apologetic as she had fallen asleep and it was early morning when she finally came for me. With the shed door locked and my hands behind me there was little I could do, I was stiff and a little cold when she released me, and had to walk up the path back to the house hoping that the none of her neighbors were looking out of the window and would see me dressed in my heels and skirt!

So I had made another appointment, she said that I was to bring all my bondage gear, some she had not seen but I had mentioned. I arrived at 9pm as instructed, parked my car on her drive and walked to the front door and rang the bell. The houses around were dark and there was limited street light so even dressed in 5" heels strap on heels,, black stockings, and a black leather mini dress that just covered the top of the stockings, underneath I was wearing a black bra filled with latex false breasts, I didn't feel too conspicuous because no one could really seem me up close, I was carrying a large sports bag full with all my bondage items, it was not until I had got it all together that I realized how much stuff I had managed to accumulate over the years.

The door open, there stood Jade dressed in tight black satin trousers, sandals with 6" heels and straps that crisscrossed her feet and ankles, topped with a white low cut blouse, her dark hair was scraped back from her face and curled up in a tight bun on the back of her head, her full lips glowed under the bright red lipstick. Standing nearly 6 foot in the heels and with 40" x 26" x 34" figure she was very desirable, but I knew that I would never be allowed to touch her.

"So you have turned up this time!" she snapped "Come in and go into the living room". I entered meekly, squeezing past her in the hall way, not daring to touch her. When I entered the room she said from behind me "Get on your knees in the middle of the floor, and handcuff your hands behind your back"

I entered the room and knelt down in the middle of the room with my back to the door, with the bag along side me, I opened the bag, picked out the envelope with my tribute to my mistress, and selected the pair of handcuffs I have left on top of the other items. Putting the key and envelope on top of the bag I clicked one cuff closed on my right wrist and put my hands behind my back. These were the hinged type of cuffs as used by Police in the UK, it was difficult to click the second cuff closed as I had limited movement with right wrist, but having had plenty of experience of using these I had developed a technique of pushing the open cuff against my back and using the end of my fingers to close the cuff. It took a few seconds then there was a satisfying click as the ratchet engaged. Now I was stuck until my mistress released me.

I waited on my knees, looking down at the carpet in front of me, knowing that Jade may come in at any moment and knowing she was already annoyed with me, didn't want to do anything to make things worse.

After maybe 10 minutes I heard the click of her heels in the hallway and the door opened behind me.

"I hope you are ready for this, you miserable little slut, you let me down badly the last 2 times, with pathetic excuses, so I am going to give you no mercy, you will remember this day for a long time, everything I ever threatened you with in the past and more is going to happen - you will never want to disappoint me again!" I did not respond, knowing that I was not allowed to. I heard her words with some dread, I was helpless and she was threatening me with things I had fantasied about but never truly wanted to do.

I felt her move to the side of me, and start rummaging through the bag.

"my, my we have a lot of interesting things here, this is going to be fun, open up!" a large black ball gag was presented to my mouth, she used one had to force it between my teeth, this was 2 1/2" in diameter I was a tight fit, I had never properly used it before! It popped in behind my teeth, the ball was slightly compressible, then Jade tightened the strap pulling it sharply back, the edges of the strap cutting into the corners of my mouth, I tried to shake me head to rid myself of this monster, but she buckled it tight behind my head. I grunted my complaints into the gag, nothing intelligible came out.

"Stop struggling, you little worm, you are mine now, I have been far too lenient with you in the past, tonight you will get what you deserve!" Her tone and words, chilled me to to bone, she seemed very serious and I was now totally under her control.

She returned to the bag and produced the leather blindfold, this I knew was very effective, the sheepskin lined eye pads stopped all light, she put it around my head, buckled it at the back and then adjusted the pads over my eyes till she was happy that I was totally blind then tightened the strap further until it was digging into the bridge of my nose, now I was blind and dumb. I waited whilst she fished out a few more items out of the bag, I could hear the clinking of chains, and she picked up certain items, I could picture her there contemplating what to use on me.

I felt something cold being fitted around my neck, and knew this to be the 1" stainless steel collar, it fitted together with a click and was secured with a matching small stainless steel padlock, despite my predicament there was a thrill when I heard the padlock click, more jangling, I felt something being attached to one of the rings on the collar at the back of the neck, then my hands were pulled sharply up my back, putting a strain on my shoulders and forcing me to pull my head back to take the pressure of my throat, she had attached the handcuffs to the collar by a short chain, making my hands almost useless.

I felt something being pulled over my head, and realized that this was the leather bondage hood, it had no eye holes and zip for the mouth, a triangular hole for my noise, and fastened with laces at the back. She positioned it carefully so my nose was in the right place then started to lace it up. I had bought this hood some years earlier but when I tried it had not liked it, finding it too confining and it made me panic a little, now I was regretting bringing it. Jade proceeded to lace up the hood, pulling all the laces very tight, I tried to keep myself calm, I could easily breath through my nose, but it was just the sensation of being so totally confined that panicked me. I tried to shake my head to show this was too much, but Jade just pulled the laces tighter, then tied them off behind my head. I was shaking me head when I got a whack that hurt on my left cheek.

"You don't like this eh?, well tough, you are mine to do as I want with you" she seemed to snarl, my god I was in the hands of a mad woman!

One are was clamped around my head holding it still whilst Jade used the other hand to pull the zip of the mouth piece of the hood closed. She had to force the ball gag in further to get the zip closed. When she was satisfied it was closed fully I heard her move away, I could do little but kneel there, any movement of my arms pulled on my neck, my head was totally covered, I could have stood up, but being now deprived of sight couldn't go anywhere.

After what seemed like ages I felt her return to me, maybe she had been standing only a few feet away watching me, I couldn't tell. Something was attached to the collar at the front and I was dragged forward shuffling on my knees until I reached what I presumed was the sofa, my head was pushed down so my nose was pressed against the leather cushion, I could turn my head slightly so I could breath but I was still panicking a little my only source of air was my nose, my stuffed and enclosed mouth was of no use. I then felt something being attached to my right ankle, the clicking and feel of the cold steel told me that this must be the other pair of handcuffs I had brought, the ones with the short chain - my ankles were thin enough to use them on me, but they were very tight, my other ankle was moved into place and the cuff was tighten around it. With these cuffs on with only 3" of chain I would not be able to stand or even shuffle without the cuffs causing me a lot of pain.

Then I felt a weight on my back pressing me into the cushion, she was sitting on me, constricting my chest, but with my arms bound, I could not raise myself to shake her off.

I felt Jade lift up my dress at the back exposing my black silk knickers. She rubbed her hands across them for the briefest of times, this was a thrill despite the situation I was in. I had an erection growing in my panties. Then there was a whack across one cheek, the pain taking a second to reach my brain, just as another blow struck the other cheek, she was using the leather tawse, more blows followed. I tried to lift myself but the weight of her on my back prevented any real movement, blow followed blow, I am not sure how many, possibly 20 or more, I was first shouting into the gag, then begging for her to stop. Then I felt the weight get of me and I lay there trying to clear the snot from my nose so I could breath, not sure how much more of this I could take.

I felt ,with some relief Jade unlocking the cuffs on my ankles, and I though, good she has done enough and is going to release me, the I felt her grab the chain linking my handcuffs and collar forcing me to my feet, I tottered on the heels, my balance put off by stiffness from kneeling and the lack of sight.

I felt a tug on the collar as she pulled me forward by whatever was attached , I shuffled forward having no choice but to follow the pull on my collar. I heard the patio door sliding open and momentarily resisted, my hesitation was met with a sharp pull on the front of the collar propelling me stumbling through the door, nearly falling an the shallow step down into the garden. I shuffled along listening to the click of her heels and my own as she led me up the path towards the shed.

The pull on the collar stopped and I heard here drawing back the bolts holding the door closed, I was again dragged forward. "Face down on your front now" she commanded. I bent one knee until it was touching the carpet on the floor, then the other, just as I had got into a kneeling position there was a hard shove on my back and I fell forwards, twisting so my shoulder would take the impact, relieved as she grabbed one arm and slowed my descent down so I landed reasonable softly. My legs were grabbed and bent backwards at the knees, I felt the cold metal of the handcuffs being clicked around first one and then the other ankle, I was now immobilized, but Jade had not finished yet, I heard a clatter of more chain and felt something attached to the handcuffs at my ankles, my legs were pulled back towards my bottom and then something was attached to the handcuffs holding my hands at my back and I heard a distinct click as a padlock was applied. I was now strictly hog tied, with my hands cuffed halfway up my back and attached to the collar I was having to bend backwards to take the pressure of my neck, the cuffs on my ankles and wrists were digging into my skin, only by keeping my legs still could I take enough pressure off my neck to stop myself from being strangled! I was trying not to panic, I could sense her standing over me, watching. Then I heard the shed door close and the bolts being pushed into place. I struggled then, but just succeeded in digging the collar into my throat, the unforgiving chains exerted a constant pressure.

I was breathing through my nose, which was difficult as my nose was snotty, it took me several moments to calm myself and remain still. Once I was calm I tried to access the situation. As long as I kept my legs bent I would not choke, but just breathing through my nose was difficult. I tried to push myself up with one knee so I could get onto my side, but the tight handcuffs on my ankles prevented me from moving enough. I had to resign myself to being stuck like this. My lower back was aching from trying to keep it bent back and my neck from having to hold it up, I was not sure how long I could last. Despite it being September and the evening cooling I was sweating under the hood, the sweat pooling under my chin to add to the misery. Jade had chosen the largest ball-gag, this was holding my jaw wide open, after a few minutes it had become uncomfortable, after all this time my jaw was aching, unable to get much compression on the ball to relieve the ache by closing my mouth a little, all made worst by the tight leather hood cupping my chin and compressing my cheeks.

I had no idea of the time, or how long I would remain here, with aches in my neck, shoulders, back, thighs, and the cuffs digging into my ankles and wrists I could only lie as still as possible, movement just seemed to make things hurt more. I didn't believe Jade could have done this to me, in the past the sessions had been a lot milder (although secretly I wanted her to be a little more cruel), this was beyond any fantasy I had every had.

I was probably in a sort of sub-space just poised in the painful hogtie, when I heard the bolts on the shed door being drawn back. I fluttered my hands a little, moving any other part only reawakened the aches. "Good to see you are still with us" I heard her say, "Would you like to stay here a few more hours?" I grunted into my gag no, but this was hardly audible to me, and shook my head.

"So you wish to be released? OK, in a little while!" I heard the door shut and the bolt slotted home. The prospect of release being so near then taken away from me was too much, I was crying now into the eye-pads, every muscle of my body seem to be hurting. I struggled against the chain, even though I knew it was futile but frustration at my predicament and total lack of control was eating away at me, I had to blow snot out of my nose so I could breath properly. Then I heard the bolts drawn back, a wave of relief came over me. I felt hands on my ankles as some fiddling about, then the handcuffs were unfastened and my legs were free to drop to the floor. I was totally exhausted.

"Right stand up and turn and face me" Jade commanded, I tried to get my cramped and tired muscles to work, it took some effort to get myself to a kneeling position, then I rose unsteadily to my feet staggering slightly as I tried to balance and turn toward where I though Jade was.

The lead attached to my collar was yanked and I staggered forward, blindly dragged up the path. We stopped after a few yards, and realizing that must be at the step to the patio door I shuffled one foot forward until I felt the edge of the step, the there was more pressure on the collar as I tentatively stepped up and was dragged back into the living room.

"Kneel down slave!" she commanded I obediently struggled to a kneeling position, hoping that this would be the end and she would release me now. The I felt the dreaded handcuffs being clicked onto my ankles again. I heard her move in front of me, she undid the zip at the top of the dress down towards my waist, she reached inside and removed the two latex breast forms. Hands grabbed my nipples and started to play with them, despite the uncomfortable bondage and aches my body responded, my nipples hardened and my long deflated penis began to stir again. After a few seconds the hands were removed, I heard a clink and felt the cold metal as my left nipple was grabbed and a nipple clamp was applied, I squirmed as the pain hit me, but with the handcuffs on my ankles was unable to stand up or move away, then the other nipple was grabbed and the second clamp was applied, I shook me head, squirming in the pain, unable to get any relief from the bite of the clamps. Then I felt her putting something on top of the clamps, she was tucking the latex breast-forms back in the bra, the pressure just increased the pain, more pressure was applied as she zipped the dress back up over the bra and my now very painful nipples.

I knelt on the floor, the pain in my nipples was still just like when Jade had first put them on, normally with nipple clamps the pain reduced once they had been on a while, but the pressure on them was constant, I kept as still as possible not wanting to cause put any more pressure on my nipples and waited for Jade.

I heard Jade leaving the room and going up stairs, I could little but wait, at best I could have fallen on my side, but that would not have helped me and it may have made Jade more annoyed, something in my vulnerable position I didn't want to do. After a short while I heard her come down stair and walk behind me. Jade fiddled with the handcuffs on my ankles then removed them.

"Stand up slut," she commanded, to emphasis the point she grabbed the chain linking my neck collar and wrists and pulled them upwards, I struggled to my feet trying to stop myself from being strangled by the collar. "now we are going on a little trip, although for you its going to be one way!" she exclaimed. I was not sure what she meant but I was concerned, we had discussed a few scenarios in the past but nothing this extreme, she seemed to have turned phyco on me!

Holding tightly onto the chain at the back of my neck, I was guided out of the room, the handcuffs she had used on my ankles were still hanging from the chain and were tapping against my bottom, we stopped at what I assume was the front door whilst she opened it then pushed me outside. I stumbled forward, held up as well as being guided by her, I heard a soft beep as she unlocked the car doors with a remote. I was steadied then half turned, my head was pushed down and I was pushed into the passenger seat of the car. Pushed against the seat back with my cuffed arms against the seat back, I had to bring my legs into the car, then I felt her reach across me and fit the seat belt. Here I was gagged, hooded, and cuffed in the front seat of her car, there was no escape.

Jade closed the passenger door and a few seconds later I heard her climb into the drivers seat, and then the engine started.Its a peculiar thing to be driven when you cant see, there is just the noises of the car and you can sense acceleration and braking, turning corners, but you have no idea of direction, nothing to relate the movement to. We drove for perhaps 5 minutes, before the car stopped and Jade switched off the engine. I heard her get out of the car and closed her door, then nothing for about a minute.

My door was opened, which made me jump, and she reached in and undid the seat belt. I felt a tug on whatever was attached to the front of my collar and I swung my legs out onto the pavement, more tugging on my collar and I stood up, no idea where I was or you could see me, a constant pressure on the lead pulled me forward, blindly stumbling my heels clicking on the pavement, but I noticed Jade was not making any noise. I was led along for a few seconds then turned to my left, almost falling but managing to regain my balance, not easy in heels and certainly not whilst blindfolded. We walked a few hundred yards and then we stopped. I could not hear any other sounds, no traffic or other people which was some relief.

"Turn 90 degrees to your left then kneel" Jade commanded, I knelt on the path surface, which appeared to be a tarmac, "Now shuffle backwards" I shuffled backwards on my knees on the hard surface for a couple of feet then I encountered a softer surface which I assumed was soil, then my back came up against a rail running parallel to the ground at the height of my lower back, I could not move any further and awaited Jade's instructions.

I felt her behind me, she grabbed my left ankle and lifted it, there was a click as the ratchet of the handcuffs engaged around my ankle, I nearly fell forwards, balancing on one knee. Then she lifted the other ankle and closed the cuff around it. I was balancing on my knees, my back resting against the metal rail my hands were being pulled down by the weight from my legs, forcing me to pull my head back to stop myself choking on the collar. I was totally helpless and now it looked like I was being dumped. Then I felt Jade fiddling with the cords of the leather hood, it took a few minutes for her to release the cords and then strip away the hood, which was plastered to my face with the sweat that had built up inside it. I was still blindfold and gagged. I then felt the buckle on the blind fold being removed and my sight returned. There was very little light, we appeared to be in a small park, there were no lights in the park what light there was came from buildings or streetlights some distance away.

I looked around at my predicament, I was kneeling on the soil border of a path, the metal rail I felt was running around the edge of the path, the rail was 3" diameter supported by posts every 6 feet, my knees were sinking into the soil with all my weight on them, leaning back on the rail did little to relieve the pressure, my hands were too far up my back and firmly wedged between the pull of the chain from the collar and the pull from the chain attached to my ankles. My nipples were throbbing, one would hurt more than the other for a few moments, then the other one would start to get worse.

Jade stepped in front of me, she dropped the hood and blindfold on the ground. She was dressed in jeans and a T shirt and trainers, gone was the sexy mistress that had greeted me on my arrival a few hour earlier. Out of her jeans pocket she produced a digital camera, she started clicking away, the flash burning my eyes as she took photos from front side and back.

Jade walked back up to me bending down and cupping my chin in one hand she lifted my head further back so I could do nothing but stare straight into her eyes. "You disappointed me twice, I am fed up of being messed around by men, therefore I thought I was take it all out on you. I am going now, its 2am, it doesn't get light until 6, maybe someone will find you soon, perhaps a group of lads, imagine what they might do to you! Just so they know that they can, I have prepared a note, I'll read it to you. "I am a slut and you can use me however you wish, you will find the handcuff key around my neck, when you have finished we me please re-gag and chain me back up"

She release my chin and put piece of string with the handcuff key over my head and then an A4 paper was pinned to the front of the my chest, I couldn't read it but knew she meant what she had said.

"I am going now, your stuff will be on my front door step, hopefully some good Samaritan will release you - or call the police, before someone runs off with it, whatever the case, don't bother me as I am going to bed, also I have plenty of photos of you dressed like this, fastened up in my shed and here in the park, so if you don't want me to send them to everyone you know - you left your phone unlocked, silly boy, then you'd better not disturb me, bye."

With that she walked off down the path, I tried to mumble something,but with the large ball gag jamming my mouth open for so long, almost nothing came out. I looked down the path as she disappeared into the darkness, surely she would not leave me like this. I heard a car door shutting and the engine start, a brief flicker of lights as she drove off. I struggled against the chains as panic gripped me, it just made the pains worse and I almost overbalanced and fell forward, it took a couple of minutes to get my panic under control.

There was no chance or escape without help, maybe someone would come along take pity on me and release me, or maybe someone else might find me and could use me as they wanted. I knelt in the dirt, listening for any sounds. I heard a distant passing car and the rumble of what could have been a train some distance away, but little else. The park was dark and I could see less than 100 yards in any direction up the path, I would hear them before I saw them, who ever it was...

I could say I tried to get comfortable, but the position I was in was getting painful, my knees were in agony, the rest of my body was not much better, being found like this was going to be humiliating, but at least I would be freed - I hoped.

I short while later I heard something from the path, in the other direction from where Jade had gone, then I saw a shape in the gloom walking slowly down the path towards me. I held my breath, no-one, even in the semi-darkness could miss me, they would have to pass a few feet away from me. I waited, my heart pounding as the figure emerged out of the gloom. Then I realized it was Jade, she had come from the other direction just to scare me.

"Still here then? I just wanted to show you what I was capable of, you will not disappoint me again, will you?" she was almost laughing in me face. I nodded my agreement the best I could with the restriction of the collar. "Now I will tell you what is going to happen, I will unchain you so you can walk to my house, I will put the handcuff key on your bag at the front door. You can then release yourself and go home. But, I want you to come back tomorrow night, 8pm, dressed as you are now. As all you men disappoint me, I am going to pimp you out, let you do all the work, I have a number of clients that would pay to use you especially as you already told me you had fantasied about being used by men" I looked up and shook my head my eyes wide with alarm. " Oh you will be my slut, you see whilst you were chained up in the shed I went in your car, the fact you are a deputy headmaster and a local councilor, imagine what the papers would make of this, it would probably run in the Sundays as a double page spread!"

"so do you agree?" she questioned, I nodded my head in agreement, things that if all this came out my career and life would be over. "Good, you are single so no wife to worry about, you will be at my beck and call, just so you know I have emailed the photos and all your phone numbers out of your phone to my sister in New Zealand, she will get a kick out of them, she is a perverted bitch. So if anything happens to me she will drop you in it - you're mine now."

I hung me head in defeat (as best I could with the chain pulling on my collar) as Jade moved behind me and release my ankles from the cuffs, my legs were like rubber and I could only lean back against the rail utterly drained.

Jade walked off leaving me handcuff and gagged. It took me a minute to stand up, my legs were shaky not just from the constriction of the chains but the emotional turmoil I was now going through. I had no choice but to follow her down the path out of the park into the street.

It was dark in the street, the local council had a policy of turning off most of the street lights after midnight to save electric, just up ahead of me was the junction which was lit, I would have to pass under the lights and turn to walk up the street towards Jade's house. With my arms bound behind me I felt very vulnerable, but if I wanted out of this situation I would have to walk. My heels clicked on the pavement, as I headed toward the junction. There were houses on one side of the road and the edge of the park on the other, I kept to the park side so I was in semi-darkness, most of the houses were unlit at this time in the morning. As I approached the junction a car drove quickly across in front of me, I stopped and held my breath, but knew the driver could not have seen me. I moved under the lights and turned into the road, feeling very conscious of being dressed and handcuffed, any passing car would surely be able to see me in detail.

I turned the corner and moved out of the light, there were houses on both sides of the street and a row of mainly darkened shops just ahead on my side of the road. It didn't matter which side of the street I was on as cars may come from any direction and someone would come out of one of the houses. I walked on, it was probably 500 yards up the road to the turning into Jade's road. My neck was in agony from the constant pull of the collar, my shoulders seemed to be locked in place, the shoes were at least reasonable comfortable to walk in, although my calves were being to ache from the heels. The heels were strapped on so I couldn't remove them until I had my hands free.

Then I heard a sound behind me, a car approaching from behind me, the headlights lit me up in the darkness for just a second or two as it flashed past, it didn't slow. I moved on, a minute later another car coming towards me on my side of the road, I was lit up and I sensed the car slow down, I walked quickly on, glancing over my shoulder, the car had stopped a hundred yards or so behind me. I sensed the driver watching me as I hurried on as quickly as the high heels would allow. I quickly made the turn into Jade's road just as another car passed me. Jade's house was half way down on the left, relief flooded my body, a few yards from freedom. Then just in front of me a door opened, a man came out dressed in jeans and anorak, someone starting the early shift, he came out of his gate way right in front of me. He stared, as surprised and embarrassed as I was, I could only walk past, not daring to look back.

I turned into Jade's drive and went to the front door there was my bag on the doorstep with the handcuff key on top of it. I had to kneel down with my back to the step and half strangle myself to reach the key. I got the key in my fingers and then started probing for the lock, it took several attempts and I was starting to think I would not be able to release myself before the key finally found the hole in the lock and slid inside. Turning the key was difficult as only the end of my fingers could reach it, finally it just seemed to open and one hand was free. It took me 30 seconds more to get my very tired arm to work so I could use my free hand and unlock the other cuff. I was free. I fumbled with the gag strap, it was tight and my fingers didn't seem to want to work properly. I undid the buckle then had to prize the gag from my mouth, it took a lot more effort to pull out the ball as my jaw seem to have locked. Once it popped out with a load of drool, my aching jaw struggled to close after been jammed open for so long.

I grabbed the bag and stood up, the two pairs of handcuffs hanging at my back from the chains. In the side pocket of the bag were my car keys and phone. I unlocked the car and climbed into the seat. I put the keys in the ignition and drove back onto the road. I took me 20 minutes to get home at that time of night, fortunately I have a house with a drive so no one would see as I pulled up, took my bag and tottered inside on my heels.

In the bathroom I quickly stripped and surveyed the damage, my wrists were red and marked were the cuffs had dug into them, and may ankles were badly marked where the tight cuffs had dug in there were red rings deep into the flesh. I removed the collar, there was a slight reddening where the collar had been but it had been wide enough not to make too much of a mark. There were red marks at the corner of my mouth from the gag strap and one on the bridge of my nose, hopefully these would fade a little before I had to go to work in a few hour time.

My phone beeped, there was a message from Jade - "Tou are my slut, remember 8pm tomorrow or photos like these will be sent to everyone you know!" There were 2 attached photos, one showed me kneeling chained in the park, a good face shot so everyone could recognize me, and then a further one of me chained up in living room my bottom red from being spanked with the tawse.

I was now under her control, if I didn't go back tomorrow and she emailed these photos to everyone my life would be over. Despite the threats, I was excited at the prospect of my fantasies coming true.

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