Side Vocation
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  • Post Date - 11/11/2016

Author's Note: Not recommended for the sane-minded person.

Mi Lee nervously waited in the airport lounge for the international flight. She felt lucky in a number of ways, with the company sending her to a new country to work and covering main expenses. At the age of 19, it was a very rare opportunity.

In her current office, her role was as a junior P.A. for one of the top managers. He seemed nice enough, but was a bit weird sometimes. Mi Lee couldn't actually say why, but he made her feel uncomfortable. And being a petite (even for Chinese girl) and insecure young lady, she was scared to react.

Since she was his only P.A. with a grasp on English, the company decided to send her to an English speaking country to strengthen her understanding.

She would be working in a start-up branch with just her and a sales manager.

John had a new contract. His main job was as a photographer. But on the side, he hired out the semi-house next to him for 'training' purposes. John's hobby was in 'helping people think differently'.

Initially, John used his hobby to help a couple of clients' wives improve their lifestyle - make them stronger willed to exercise and eat better. These jobs generally lasted a month at most in the house. But this new one was completely different. And it paid quite nicely too. A few renovations to the layout and everything was set.

The company had covered her accommodation in a semi-house. It was so much bigger than the unit she used to live in. And it came with furniture. A queen sized bed in the bedroom with some large built-in cupboards. And a large bathroom and shower. The house had a nice sized lounge room with sofas, and computer on a desk, but no television.

A small, well equipped kitchen, laundry and yard completed the house. The only weird things about the house were, the that the place was completely tiled including bedroom and outside, weird black semi-domes in the corner of each room and a door without a handle that theoretically joined to the other semi.

John had watched his new neighbour settle in. The cameras in the rooms enabled to watch her throughout the house. Now it was a fortnight past and his initial programming had been running since the first night. Working on someone who wanted change was one thing but this was potentially completely different.

The first 2 suggestions he was planting was for his new neighbour to completely trust him, and that any packages delivered to her door she would open, and immediately like them. The first delivery came yesterday. It was a tight, shiny, and revealing latex black swimsuit. The name on the delivery was not hers, both for the story John would play and to test the programming.

When Mi Lee came home that evening after work, she hesitantly opened the package. After seeing what it was, John could see through the camera a battle of emotions on her face. The programming finally won though (which greatly relieved John) and she took off her work clothes and put the swimsuit on. It was an obvious struggle for her to squeeze her already tiny frame into the outfit. He watched he struggle and fail to do up the back zip. Even with the zip open, her body was still tightly wrapped in the shiny black latex. Mi Lee then went about her evening chores of cooking and such. John sat there mesmerised at this figure walking around leaving nothing to the imagination. He so liked how the G-string back of the swimsuit parted Mi Lee's bum. John was so eager to test the second suggestion that coming weekend.

Mi Lee was coming back from the grocery store on Saturday morning when she first met her neighbour. He introduced himself as John. They talked a little (she was still struggling a bit with her English). John was an apparently a photographer for some fashion magazine. He commented on how nice Mi Lee looked and offered to take a few pictures of her that afternoon. Though this sounded a bit weird to Mi Lee, John seemed like a nice person. She agreed mainly due to not knowing how to say no.

Around 4pm John came and rang the doorbell carrying a couple of cameras. Mi Lee let him in.

After some more pleasantries, John said "So how about I take some pictures of you. Do you want to go change into something for this now?"

Mi Lee didn't know how to reply. She said "The clothes I have are mainly for work. I have no pretty clothes."

John said, "Oh. Not even, I don't know, maybe a swimming costume?"

Mi Lee was about to say no when she remembered the shiny one-piece that came the other day. She wouldn't dare want to wear that in front of someone. Even though it looked so nice for some reason. But John seemed different. She could trust him. Mi Lee didn't know how she reached that conclusion but she knew it.

She said hesitantly, "I might have ... something".

Mi Lee got up and went to her room. She pulled out the swimsuit from the dresser draw where she guiltily hid it after 'that' night. After looking at it for a couple of minutes, she heard John call out asking if she was ok.

Embarrassed and feeling slightly shamed, she responded "Yes."

Mi Lee quickly took off all her clothes. Then she went through to process of squeezing her tiny frame into the tinier outfit. Just as she was struggling to try again reach the back zipper, she heard John knock on the door.

"Are you sure you are OK?" he asked peeking inside.

Mi Lee flushed. "Umm, I cannot do the zip."

John let himself into Mi Lee's room. Taking hold of the zip, he slowly forced it up to Mi Lee's slim neck. Mi Lee felt completely squashed around her chest. And the high neck of the outfit only made it harder to breathe.

"That looks pretty good on you." said John. "So let's start taking a couple of pictures."

Mi Lee was left with no means that she could think of to back down.

Back in the lounge room, John directed her through a range of poses. He calmly and politely directed her how to stand or sit, guided her arms and legs into the positions he wanted. His friendly smile was always there when he talked to her. Mi Lee started to feel a bit more comfortable wearing the outfit for John. Some of the poses he got her to sit in were a bit wrong in her mind, but John seemed to be able to persuade her it was OK. Like leisurely leaning back on the sofa with her arms resting on the top, but her legs spread wide. The swimsuit offered almost no coverage between her legs and she felt very embarrassed. But John just continued on professionally as if there was no concern.

After an hour, Mi Lee was tired. The outfit really made it hard for her to breathe.

John said "You were really good! I hope you like the pictures."

Mi Lee got off the sofa relieved. "Thank you John. It would be good to see them."

She started making her way to the bedroom so she could take this swimsuit off and wear some normal clothes again. As much as the outfit was somehow nice, it was too tight.

John called after her. "Hey, how about we do that now? you could nip over to my place now."

Mi Lee start to respond "I'll just change ..."

John butted in, "No need to get changed." he said with his friendly grin. "Just put on a skirt and your all decent."

Mi Lee was again uncertain how to react. Even with a skirt covering her near-naked bum, the shiny latex swimsuit wasn't normal was it?

The programming fought inside her head with what Mi Lee considered normal. 'Maybe in this country it is normal', her head finally concluded.

John was already waiting at her front door. "Coming?" he asked.

Mi Lee quickly put on the skirt she was wearing earlier, grabbed her keys and went with John to his place.

John was really impressed how well the suggestions were working. Even maybe a little shocked. He was expecting more of a resistance from Mi Lee.

At the moment she was sitting on his lounge uncomfortably sipping at a cup of tea and watching the television. The shiny latex top of the swimsuit hinted so suggestively to what it looked like under the skirt.

John sat in front of his computer looking through the shots he had taken. He selected a few to pass onto the people paying him. Thinking through the 'requirements' they had asked him to fulfil, John selected the most appropriate image. It showed Mi Lee leaning back on her sofa, hands resting behind her head and legs apart. Writing on a pad, he wrote a few positives and a list of 'areas to improve'. This would help Mi Lee in re-modelling herself.

John printed the image on a large piece of photographic paper and with some other more conservative poses and sat next to his neighbour.

"That is a really nice swimsuit you chose." said John.

"It was in a package delivered to my house. It wasn't addressed to me. But I was curious what was inside. And it looked nice."

John chuckled. then he spun a story of how some prior occupant of the house was a sales rep for a number of unique outfit retailers. They would send her promotional samples. Even after she moved elsewhere, the samples keep coming. John hoped this story would sound plausible to Mi Lee.

"If you want, keep it. And anything else that comes." said John.

"Anyway, " he said handing her the provocative picture, "what to do think?"

Mi Lee went quite red in the face with embarrassment. The picture was something you might see on a pornographic site.

"Um, it looks nice." she said trying not to offend.

"I am sorry that this picture looks a bit 'suggestive'" said John. "You see; I think you could really look great. And I was hoping I could you wouldn't mind if I gave you some professional tips on how to become a real beauty. This picture is a good example to show where and why."

Mi Lee didn't really understand where John was going with the comment.

He then handed her the list which she used to hide the picture.

"So, let's go through your positive features." John said. "you have a beautiful face. And your long hair is really nice. Keep letting it grow longer."

"Your arms and neck are nice and slim. And your body size is perfect for a beautiful figure." John said.

"And finally, I really think this shiny type of material suits you. You should try wear it more often." he continued.

"Thankyou" said Mi Lee. She grinned happily.

"Now, to be true model beauty there are some simple things you can do." said John.

Taking the embarrassing picture, John pointed out the hair under her arms and between her legs. "This is a little unsightly. Laser hair removal is really good to remove it. "

"Your legs are a bit shapeless. A good pair of high heels help show a nice calf." John said.

"The higher the better." he emphasized.

"And finally, our chest is a bit flat and waist a bit plain." he said seriously.

"So, take this list and put it up somewhere if you want. Look at it whenever and see if you want to help yourself turn into a model." John said encouragingly.

Mi Lee was at a loss. What was John going on about. She glanced at the list not sure what to do with it.

She thanked John gave her the other pictures and he showed her out.

Mi Lee rushed home and got changed straight away. What a strange day it had been. She looked at the note for a while, then gave in and put it on the fridge. The other photos Mi Lee looked at then put in the bin. They were too embarrassing to keep.

John made sure he bumped into Mi Lee at least once a week. He made an effort to talk to her and had her over for a snack and even dinner. He worked on convincing her that he was a nice and trustworthy person.

He had continued with the current suggestions plus added the desire to do as the list instructed.

Mi Lee had read the list every morning and evening. She had it memorised. Her good facets - Long hair, good body and shiny clothes. How to improve - remove body hair, larger breasts, tight corset (whatever that was) and very high heeled shoes and boots. She didn't know why she read the list all the time. Or why she wanted to satisfy it.

And another parcel had also arrived. It containing 5 black and 5 white latex boyshort underpants with crotch zips. Somehow they had now managed to replace her current underpants for day-to-day wear. It also had a couple of pairs of black latex tights, again with crotch zip.

Then a pamphlet for a local laser clinic came in the mailbox. And another for an online shoe store. Mi Lee hadn't powered on the computer since she had moved in. She was surprised when it booted up without password prompt and an already connected internet connection.

She went to the online store and started browsing through the shoes. All Mi Lee's current shoes were very practical. None had heels. On the web site, the shoes were sorted by heel height. The prices also seemed quite good with a 30 day returns policy and free postage.

Mi Lee browsed through the 3" heel section, then 4" and finally 5". Only here did she imagine the shoes were right. Looking through the options she chose 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots.

There was last section after the 5" shoes. Mi Lee clicked on it and saw some of the highest heels imaginable. From huge platform boots to shoes labelled 'Ballet heels'. Feeling adventurous and thinking about the free return policy, she added a pair of knee high lace-up ballet boots to the list.

On Saturday Mi Lee decided to visit the laser hair removal place. she decided to try with just her under pits.

The reception lady was on the phone as she walked in.

"Yes dear ... that is ok ... please call back when you know ... bye". she said on the phone before putting it down.

"That appointment just got cancelled!" she called out to the back of the clinic then let out a big frustrated sigh.

Looking up she smiled at Mi Lee. "What can I do for you dear?" she asked.

"I would like to know about hair removal?" Mi Lee asked.

The receptionist rolled her eyes then quickly rattled off, "Well, we do arms, legs, under arms, eyebrows, lip, bikini Brazilian, or the lot which is on special at the moment if you book 6 sessions in advance you save 20%."

Talking a breath, she concluded "So would you like the special?"

Mi Lee could not follow any of what the receptionist said. And she was waiting for an answer.

"Yes?" she hesitantly said.

"Great!" the receptionist said and looked at the diary, "So we have a spot on Tuesday at 3, Wednesday at 10 and 2, Friday between 10 and 4, or would you want it next week." the receptionist again rambled to Mi Lee who missed all of it again.

"Or we have a slot right now if you want?" she concluded.

"Yes?" Mi Lee again stammered.

"Excellent." the receptionist said. "Pay by card or cash dear?"

Mi Lee handed over her bank card and paid for all 6 sessions.

"Thanks dear, " the receptionist said. "Just go through that door there and your specialist will be with you."

"A Full special please." the receptionist called out to the specialist in the back as Mi Lee went through.

Mi Lee had received a notice that there were some parcels for her to pick out from the post office. She went there after doing her grocery shop on the weekend. It was a struggle carrying the large box of shoes and groceries. John was outside as she approached home and rushed over to help her carry the load.

"That reminds me. " he said after putting the box in her lounge room. "There was another one of those parcels delivered while you were out.". John rushed out and came back soon after with another smaller box.

"So what did you buy?" asked John. "Looks quite big."

"Just some shoes and boots." Mi Lee said.

She opened the big box and pulled out the shoe boxes inside. Together they looked at the high heeled shoes, John complimenting the choices. Getting to the ballet boots, John and Mi Lee expressed surprise on how tall the heel was.

Mi Lee then opened the other package. Inside was a small black latex dress.

"Looks pretty" commented John. "Hey, you want to do the 'girlie' thing and show off your new stuff?"

Mi Lee gave in and took a pair of the 5" boots and the dress into her room.

"You know what would go great with the skirt and boots are those tights you mentioned you had." called out John.

Mi Lee sighed and started changing. Why was she wearing all this latex? She had never worn it before. Is it some common thing in this country?

Mi Lee struggled into the ever so tight dress (and short - it barely covered her bottom). She then rolled the shiny black tights up her legs. She completed the look with a 5" pair of black shoes. Looking in the mirror she saw someone she would imagine selling herself for sex.

She wobbled unstably out to the lounge. John was all compliments about how the shiny latex complimented her looks and the shoes did wonders to her legs. He encouraged Mi Lee to walk around a bit in the shoes.

John then convinced Mi Lee change and repeat the process with the other pair of 5" shoes and boots. Slowly he increases Mi Lee's self-esteem. John went on about how wearing these shoes and boots every day would be great to help build her confidence and balance.

After showing off the last pair, John insisted Mi Lee try on the ballet boots. He got down and took off the boots she was wearing and offered the first boot for Mi Lee to put on. She could see no way out of wearing these towering boots.

John pulled the laces very tight insisting it would help with the comfort and balance. Then he helped her stand up.

Mi Lee could see no way someone could ever walk in these things. But John insisted and helped her around.

Having Mi Lee stand holding herself up against the wall, John admired Mi Lee's legs, expressing they looked like perfection with the ballet boots on.

Mi Lee stood there in a mental dilemma of whether she should continue to try achieve the ideals John was encouraging her to achieve.

3 months after moving, Mi Lee was starting to look like a different lady. She had already had 2 sessions at the hair removalist with the third coming up soon. Her remaining body hair was already sparse.

Mi Lee gets off the bus and walks to the office. Looking at her, she is wearing a work skirt and turtle-neck top. Her legs are kept warm in the cool weather by thick stockings and hands by gloves as she walks a little wobbly in her 5" boots to the office. Underneath this, hidden from the eye, she is wearing a full body shiny catsuit. One of 3 that arrived the week prior.

Her boss has been working offsite all week and will be for another month doing the rounds with prospective and current customers. Mi Lee spends her day on the phone arranging the next visits and following up with those he has visited already. Given they rarely see each other; Mi Lee is usually in the office by herself all day.

When Mi Lee gets home, she takes off all her material clothes and walks around the house in only latex. lately, the boots or shoes have also come off to be replaced by the ballet boots. Though balancing is hard and her calf muscles are complaining by the time she goes to be, Mi Lee has been persisting.

But Mi Lee has also been feeling upset. She feels no longer in control of herself. She no longer has any normal underwear. Everything is latex.

John's latest program was risky. Mi Lee had been feeling down and upset with her lack of control of herself for a week now. Hopefully the next package will slot in just right to help her feel better.

Mi Lee looked at the items she had pulled out of the package with trepidation. She had read the promotional material that came with them explaining both what the items were, how to use them and why.

The first was 3 vibrating eggs. The egg had an attached cord that ran to the controller which had a leg strap (batteries included). The brochure promised these to be one of the easiest ways to unwind and bring joy back to a woman's life.

The second item was a large ball gag with full head harness. This one promised to quieten even the loudest screams of pleasure to help the person maintain privacy.

And the final item was a shiny leather hood labelled a Gwendoline Bondage Hood. It covered the neck and mouth with a hole only for the nose and eyes. there was a hole near the crown for the hair to come out.

Mi Lee put the gag and hood to one side. Following the instructions, she then strapped one of the eggs to her leg, unzipped the crotch of the latex catsuit she was wearing, and positioned the egg between the lips on her clitoris. Mi Lee zipped the crotch back up letting the catsuit hold the egg in place. Then she turned the egg on low.

Now, Mi Lee had not experimented with masturbation much. This was taught to her as something that wasn't done. So the stimulation she was experiencing was completely new. As the egg worked on her clit, Mi Lee found herself falling onto her bed. As she absorbed this wondrous pleasure, she began rubbing herself and moan. She rubbed more and moaned louder as the egg brought her slowly closer to an orgasm.

Then she became aware of calling and banging on her door. It was John. In an embarrassed rush, she unzipped and pulled out the egg. Zipping the crotch back up and hurriedly tossing on a dress, Mi Lee rushed to the door.

"What is wrong" she said opening the door.

"Sorry, but I thought I heard you yelling and you were in trouble." John replied with a concerned look. "Are you OK?"

"Umm, yes." Mi Lee said very embarrassedly. "Sorry, but I was, just ... There is nothing wrong."

"Oh, sorry for disturbing you." apologised John. "Ahh ... Bye."

"Bye", said Mi Lee as John walked back to his house.

She closed the door thoroughly embarrassed. She went back to her room and put all the stuff into the top drawer.

The next couple of evenings, Mi Lee would think about the egg and how good it felt.

Finally, she gave in. This time though, she will have to be quieter.

Mi Lee got the egg out and again strapped the controller on her leg and positioned the egg. She then picked up the gag and pushed the ball into her mouth. It was very large and uncomfortable. She did the straps up around her head and under her chin quite tightly. She didn't want to make a sound. The straps went in front of her eyes which impeded her vision. Finally, she pulled the hood out.

"With this on as well I am sure I won't be able to make a sound." Mi Lee thought. She quickly put her hair in a ponytail and laced the hood around her head. Glancing sideways to see the mirror, Mi Lee saw a lady in ballet boots, shiny black full body catsuit, and hood with only the nose and around the eyes visible to show a person inside.

She lay down on the bed and turned on the egg and proceeded to have a long, slow and very quiet night of sexual pleasure.

Waking up the following morning was a series of pains. Mi Lee couldn't remember when the pleasure stopped and sleep started. Her jaw ached from the ball gag in her mouth. Her calves ached from being in the ballet boots all night. And her vagina ached from all the rubbing of the egg that now lay still.

John had watched Mi Lee's first night of pleasure. He also noticed over the passing week that the egg was being worn after Mi Lee got home from work. The gag and hood soon followed after her dinner. And on the weekend, after Mi Lee did her weekly grocery shop, she spent the rest of the weekend in the same predicament - full body catsuit, ballet boots, gag and hood. She wore this while either trying to do her house chores or giving up and lying on the lounge or bed in a writhing wreck of sexual pleasure.

Maybe this was going a bit too well. Either way, Mi Lee was so nice to watch.

He hadn't visited in a while. Looking at the cameras, he could see Mi Lee starting to get close to yet another orgasm. John nipped out and knocked on the door.

Luck went with John and Mi Lee answered the door lucid enough to be unaware of her current attire. Only when she tried unsuccessfully to say hello to John did she realise. John watched Mi Lee suddenly flinch backwards and fall from her towering ballet heels onto the floor. The only sound she made from the impact was a sudden breathing out. He took the opportunity to step inside, close the door, and help her up. In the process (and feeling a bit evil), John 'accidently' turned up the vibrating egg. Mi Lee literally fell against John as the orgasm finally hit her. So strong was the orgasm that she blacked out.

Mi Lee came too. She was lying on her bed.

'What happened?' she thought to herself. Then it all came back. She noticed then that the egg was turned off and her hood and gag taken off. John was sitting at the end of her bed watching her quietly.

Noticing her coming to he asked "Are you ok?"

"Oh sorry! Sorry!", Mi Lee started to cry. What will John think! Why was she even doing this?!

"It's Ok." said John soothingly.

Mi Lee spent the next 15 minutes crying with John trying to console her.

"There is nothing wrong with you." John was saying. "This is all normal."

"It's quite smart what you are doing wearing the gag and hood." he went on.

Later, John made Mi Lee a cup of tea and they talked. Mi Lee opened up about how she didn't know why she was wearing all these clothes. why she was masturbating so much. Why she was trying to fit into this image.

John listened and offered only positive comments. That Mi Lee was in control. That what she was doing was improving her. And that it wasn't easy to work so hard at it as she was and she should be proud.

After finishing a second cup of tea, John asked the question.

"So, what do you think about breast enlargement? Your figure would look great with it."

"Well, I ... don't know where to start." stumbled Mi Lee.

"Would it help if I went to a doctor with you to talk about it?" offered John.

"Um. Ok." Mi Lee responded quietly. She didn't know if she wanted to do this. Hair removal was one thing and quite unseen. Breast enlargement though.

"I'll find a place nearby and I can drive us wherever this weekend." John quickly concluded.

"Anyway, I better go back home. Dinner to cook and all". said John. He said goodbye and left Mi Lee back in a state of confusion on what was happening to her.

Mi Lee sat quietly next to John in the doctor's office. Though the doctor talked mostly to her, it was John who did a lot of responding. The doctor recommended an increase from an B cup to D cup. At most an F cup. Mi Lee was happy to go with a D cup. She was happy just to get out of there. The doctor gave them some paperwork for Mi Lee to fill in and sign. John convinced the doctor that he would have the paperwork ready and booked Mi Lee in for the surgery in 6 weeks' time.

Back at Mi Lee's house, John helped Mi Lee though the paperwork. For size, Mi Lee insisted on a D cup. She signed the forms and John offered to return them for her.

John left with the forms.

Mi Lee needed your de-stress. She stripped and got changed into her catsuit which was starting to show sign of wear and habitually followed with the ballet boots, gag and hood. Putting the small egg vibrator in place and strapping the controller to her leg, she lay down on her enter a land of bliss.

John was starting to wish this job would finish sooner than later. Mi Lee was a nice girl. And he was changing her into some fetish freak. Sure, it turned him on, but the requests coming through from the client were getting more and more perverted.

John came over again later the following week. It was nice to see someone who didn't make her feel abnormal dressed in a catsuit and ballet heels. Talking over dinner, he noted that her catsuits were starting to look a bit worn out.

"Since you are having a breast enlargement, how about buying some replacement catsuits to cater for them?" suggested John.

They sat down together in front of the computer and looked up a variety of catsuits. Under John's guidance, they found a site that did custom sizes. There were many measurements of Mi Lee's body required and the breast section was guess work. With the measurements, they had added 2 black latex catsuits to the cart. John suggested Mi Lee try rubber catsuits too.

"How about I fill in the details for it while you clean up?" John suggested.

While Mi Lee was cleaning up, John filled in the order. He also added a few extras that Mi Lee wouldn't have selected.

Mi Lee came back with John having the payment details ready for her to fill in. The bill was huge! It would almost max out her credit card. If Mi Lee hadn't been able to save so much with all the accommodation expenses paid by work, she wouldn't have been able to afford this. But with John sitting there expectantly, she filled in her details and submitted the order.

The finally visit to the laser clinic was done. The receptionist assured her that she would be hair free on her whole body for at least 2 years.

Looking at herself back home, Mi Lee stared at her flawlessly smooth and unblemished skin under from neck down. Her bare vagina seemed so exposed. To hide her nakedness, she quickly powdered up and covered herself with her catsuit.

It was true, what John had said about them looking warn out. All the catsuits had either stretch marks or scratches. Maybe she should have taken it as a sign to stop wearing these things. But she had just gone and ordered replacements.

Oh well.

The day for the surgery came. Mi Lee had arranged with work for 2 weeks off. Her boss was a little reluctant since she wouldn't give him the reason why.

John was kind enough to drive her to the surgery.

In the surgery room, Mi Lee was lying naked except for the surgery gown. The doctor said she could wear her underpants. But for some reason, wearing the latex pants was worse than wearing nothing at all.

This nakedness was really distracting Mi Lee as the surgeon was confirming though her details.

"... and you are currently 19 years old?" asked the surgeon.

"Yes." Mi Lee said again quietly not particularly listening.

"And you are getting an F cup enlargement?" asked the surgeon.

"Yes." Mi Lee responded still not really listening.

"Well that seems about it. We will put you under soon.", concluded the surgeon.

"The operation will take about 5 hours. Then we recommend you rest for the next 10 days. For this size implant, we will take you under."

"Yes." Mi Lee responded finally realising what was about to happen.

John had taken her home and offered to help with breakfast and dinner the following days.

Her breasts looked huge! Her chest felt so heavy and the skin so stretched. The doctor said that the swelling will take a while to go down. There must have been a lot of swelling.

A week passed and even with the swelling apparently reduced, Mi Lee still noted how large her breasts were. Something must be wrong. She asked John, but he seemed to think everything was fine. She did notice though that he kept stealing glances at her chest-stretched top.

Mi Lee hadn't worn any of her latex clothes since returning home in the fear of causing damage. The new catsuits were still 2 weeks from delivery apparently. She felt happy for the delay given her feeling that is wasn't normal to wear such things. But there was also some ... need ... to tightly cover herself in shiny material.

Another package arrived. It was still in the box. Mi Lee had read the brochure that came with it. But this seemed wrong.

It stayed there in the box for 3 days and sleepless nights before the need to try the items finally overruled her disgust.

Mi Lee got up out of bed after another night of tossing and turning. Following the instructions, she pulled out the bag, tube and plug. She filled the bag with warm water. She rubbed some lubricant on the plug. Then, fighting the feeling of disgust, she slowly forced the plug up her anus. The small thing felt really large. Finally, in place, Mi Lee let the warm water fill her bowels. It felt weird. Unnatural. And then painful as cramping kicked in.

After 5 minutes of holding it (as the instructions recommended), she eased the plug out, quickly sat on the toilet, and let the mess gush out.

Again, as the instructions said, she repeated the process 2 more times or "until the water comes out clean".

Mi Lee was exhausted by the end. Reading the final instruction, Mi Lee started to cry.

"Repeat this process regularly once every day."

With teary eyes, she took the last item out of the box. It looked huge next to the plug in the enema kit. The pamphlet said the head was 1.5" wide, narrowing down to 1". The 'thing' was 5" long. Applying a lot of lubricant to it, Mi Lee pressed it against her already abused anus. This plug took a good 10 minutes of pushing and trying to will her anus muscles to relax. Just as the pain of stretching was getting too much, the head of the finally slipped though. Mi Lee cautiously eased the rest of the plug in place. It felt like a large pole had lodged itself inside her.

"For daily wear" the pamphlet said.

John watched Mi Lee go through the ordeal of plugging her anus. He was shocked that she went through with it. He watched Mi Lee then stiffly get dressed in an old catsuit. It was tight and ill-fitting around her large breasts. Then she put on her ballet boots and fitted the vibrating egg between her legs. Finally, she strapped on her gag.

John watched for the next hour and Mi Lee frustratingly tried to masturbate. But the presence of the butt plug seemed to be stopping her from climaxing.

He watched her get up frustrated and start waddling around her unit doing odd chores.

This was the longest time a piece of programming had taken for Mi Lee to follow. And John wasn't sure if it would break soon.

Only a few more changes, and the new Mi Lee will be able to go home.

The corsets had already been delivered to him using the measurements from the order of the catsuits. They were pretty severe, solid looking things. He would pass them on soon after Mi Lee finds out that the new catsuits are a bit too tight on the waist.

For 3 days Mi Lee hadn't worn a catsuit. The last one had finally become unwearable due to a big tear. She had even tried to wear the swimsuit that started this craze, but her chest was too large. Without being able to find her old normal underwear, Mi Lee had spent her final days of leave recovering wearing just latex underpants and tights. The constant feeling of the plug in her anus had turned her off masturbation. And the daily enemas meant she hadn't done a poo normally in a week.

Work had called and said the office had become pointless in having and asked her to work from home.

So her days were spent on the phone or surfing the internet.

Mi Lee's back was also starting to hurt. The combination of 'the pole' up her bum and 'the balloons' on her chest (as she started to think of them) had changed her posture.

Then the catsuits were delivered. The box was big.

When Mi Lee heard John get home from work, she went over and invited him to come see.

But when Mi Lee went to put on the first latex catsuit, the back wouldn't zip all the way down. The second had the same issue.

By this time John had let himself into Mi Lee's bedroom.

"Let me have a go." suggested John.

With Mi Lee squeezing her waist, John managed to close the zip.

The latex around Mi Lee's whole body looked very tight but at her belly it looked too tight and the zip strained.

"I don't think this will last." said John. "The latex will probably tear."

John went to the box and fished out a heavy rubber catsuit. It had rubber socks and gloves as part of its design.

"Maybe try this one?" suggested John.

Mi Lee took off the catsuit with a bit of a struggle. Powdering the rubber catsuit on the inside, she noticed to weird floppy tubes about 4" long positioned between the legs. Shrugging it off, Mi Lee started the process of putting on the thick catsuit. It had less stretch in it than the latex catsuit as was a real struggle. After 15 minutes of struggling, Mi Le finally had her legs and arms in the catsuit. Reaching behind her neck Mi Le tried to thread the zipper. But the rubber on the gloves was too thick and she couldn't get a good grip.

Again, John came in to help.

Threading the zip up at the back of Mi Lee's neck he eased it steadily down her back as it slowly squeezed her. This time, at the waist Mi Lee had to squeeze very hard so John could reach her bottom. He didn't comment about noticing the base of the butt plug resting against her anus. Mi Lee reached between her legs and finished closing the zipper, moaning a little in discomfort as the butt plug was pushed a bit deeper.

The rubber catsuit looked more than a second skin on Mi Lee. It looked like a new skin. It even parted her butt cheeks as it squeezed over Mi Lee's crotch. It was so tight Mi Lee had trouble bending her limbs.

"Now that looks fantastic on you!" exclaimed John.

Mi Lee looked at him a little shocked. She was about to say it was obviously too small and should be sent back.

"But the waist is too tight." Mi Lee said quietly.

"Sounds like it is time to get those corset then" suggest John. "I can look after it if you want. There is someone I know who can do a good job."

"But I cannot even put them on myself." Mi Lee said.

"You will want to wear one every day, yes?" John asked.

"I suppose." Mi Lee responded.

"And sleeping in one too I would assume." John said.

Mi Lee wasn't too sure about sleeping in something so tight and uncomfortable but didn't say anything.

"Ok", concluded John. "I recently found a key to that door between our houses. So I can come in in the morning and evening and help you change."

"The latex catsuits will have to wait till we have the corsets.", surmised John.

"Now ..." he said as went to the box and looked through it.

"Here we go. This would be an ideal catsuit for sleeping in." John said pulling out a different rubber catsuit.

This one not only had gloves and socks, but a hood as well.

"Let's have some dinner then I will help you change."

After dinner with John, Mi Lee went to the bedroom to change as John's suggestion. With a bit of difficulty, Mi Lee managed to unzip the catsuit and peel it off. At John's request, she platted her long hair. Then she had a good look at this other 'night time' catsuit.

The rubber seemed even thicker than the first rubber catsuit. It also had the 2 tubes at the crotch. The socks were pointing down with the legs as if designed for her ballet boots. The gloves were also quite stiff with the fingers stuck together. And there was the hood.

It had no holes except for one at the top for her hair and 2 small holes for the nose. And where the mouth was to be on the inside was like a soft rubber pouch. On the outside was some fitting thing. At the top of the hood rested one large zipper and 2 more were at the front bottom.

John called from the living room asking if she was ready for help.

"Not yet!" Mi Lee said suddenly jumping.

She dusted the inside of the suit and started of squeezing her small skinny limbs into the even smaller catsuit. Finally, with her legs in and 1 arm, Mi Lee gave up and called for help. With the restriction of 1 hand in the catsuit that was nearly immobile, she was stuck. And with the suit keeping her feet pointed, she couldn't stand.

John came in and help her get the other arm in.

"All ready?" John asked.

"Um, yes." said Mi Lee lying. She wanted out of this confinement.

"Lie down and roll on your belly and we'll zip up then." said John.

Mi Lee crawled up as best as she could in the stiff catsuit and lay on her belly with the scary hood in front of her face.

"Let see." said John sitting up near her head looking the catsuit over. "I think this bit goes into your mouth." referring to the pouch. Open up."

Mi Lee compliantly opened her mouth as John stuffed the pouch in. It went to the back of her mouth.

John pulled Mi Lee's long hair up and started squeezing the tight hood around her head.

"Now to zip this closed." John said in a muffled voice.

Careful not to catch her hair in the zipper, John slowly force the tight hood closed. Then was the narrow neck. Down the back and to the waist. John knelt over Mi Lee and squeezed her waist tightly with his knees as he forced the zip down to her bottom.

John Rolled Mi Lee over. She looked like a kinky black child's mannequin. A blank black face with nose holes barely visible. A narrow tube for neck slightly hindering Mi Lee's already limited breathing capability. Two glorious orbs for breasts softly rising up and down with her gasps. Slim black arms rendered useless at by the thick rubber gloves. An already pinched tight black waist. Small bottom with the cheeks neatly parted by the rubber leading down to 2 slender legs with calves made shapely by the pointed feet. Mi Lee's long pony tail rested beside her almost reaching her bottom.

John went over to the box and pulled out an inflation bulb. gently, he attached it to the front of the hood and slowly squeezed. At first there was no reaction. But by the third squeeze, Mi Lee started making muffled noises. By the fifth squeeze, Mi Lee was flailing as much as the catsuit let her with her cheeks obviously distended under the hood.

"That should be about right." he said.

Looking around, John found Mi Lee's vibrating egg. "You like to sleep with this egg." he said to the responding black figure. John strapped the controller to her leg. Then reaching between Mi Lee's legs, he inverted the tube in front of the vagina. John worked the egg up the tube and positioned it at the front between her lips. Then John started working the tube up the vagina. This again got Mi Lee writhing in discomfort.

"And now for the one at the back." said John. Mi Lee suddenly stilled. John wouldn't know about the large butt plug that had been straining her anus for the last few weeks.

She felt him fumbling around her bottom.

"Oh, what's this? Oh" came his muffled voice through the think hood.

Some more fumbling and then he was trying to pull the butt plug out. Mi Lee strained to relax as the girth increased around the entrance of her anus. It usually took her near 5 minutes to get it out. And John almost had it out in 1. With a final pop, it was free. Some more noises and fumbling then was pushing the tube into her distended anus. Then, to her shock, John started to force the butt plug back. With the thickness of the rubber tube, it felt unbearable. Mi Lee started to struggle again. Barely a squeak escaped her gag-filled mouth. But John was relentless. He kept the pressure up. If Mi Lee hadn't already started stretching her anus, then this sure would have torn her abused hole. Still, John pushed for what seemed like eternity before the head of the plug finally passed the entrance and made its way down. Mi Lee was separately panting through her nose as John slid it into its cramped home. As John closed the zip through the crotch, Mi Lee felt the butt plug get forced deeper and the egg squished between her vagina lips.

Then John turned on the egg to what felt like maximum. Wedged where it was, it almost felt like the vibrations were being sent all the way up her spine to her head.

The pain. The pleasure. The pressure. The darkness. The lack of air. They were all working on Mi Lee's brain.

She didn't hear John leave or turn off the light. She didn't know how long she lay there panting with the occasional spasm. She didn't know when unconsciousness finally hit her after what felt like forever.

John finally realised that night that, to finish this job, he had to stop thinking of Mi Lee as a young, innocent girl but a product - a piece of work whose opinion and comfort was secondary to the end product.

John woke up a bit late the following morning. He realised that he didn't have much time to help Mi Lee change.

"Oh well, will have to deal with the product as she is."

John went into Mi Lee's house and room. It looked like she might be asleep but there was no sure way to tell. Going back to the kitchen, John returned with a glass of water.

John got the pump and attached it to the gag to deflate it.

John then pushed 2 of the zippers around Mi Lee's crotch, rolled her onto her side, then continued all the way up her back - effectively unzipping and zipping her up at the same time. Stopping with one zipper at the top of her neck, John unzipped the back of the hood.

Sitting her up on the bed, John peeled the hood down. Mi Lee's face looked worn out and tired.

"Here, drink this.", he said holding the glass to her mouth.

Numbly, Mi Lee let John slowly pour the water in her mouth.

Once she finished, John lay her down again.

"Thankyou." Mi Lee said weakly.

"Just rest for a bit." John said as he disappeared from her view into the bathroom.

When he came back, Mi Lee weakly asked if he could help her take the catsuit off.

"Not yet. I'm in a bit of a rush this morning." he replied.

Confusion registered on Mi Lee's face. It wouldn't take long to undo the zip she thought.

Reaching between Mi Lee's legs, John unzipped the 3rd zip to expose her rubber crotch.

"Let's get this plug out" he said half to himself. As he started pulling at it, Mi Lee started moaning in pain.

"No! No! No!" she yelled pleading.

John stopped pulling. "Ok. How about you roll on your side."

John helped her roll and, in the process, casually adjusted the hood to be in front of her face.

Kneeling behind her, with one hand John again pulled at the butt plug.

"Nohmmphh!" Mi Lee said as John quickly pushed the gag back into her mouth. Holding it there with one hand, he pumped the gag until he was sure it wouldn't come out. Then he worked the hood back over Mi Lee's head and zipped it up. All the time Mi Lee was struggling to stop him.

"We cannot have you yelling and getting the neighbours upset." he calmly said.

John then went back to slowly pulling out the butt plug. After 5 minutes of steady pressure and faint screaming by Mi Lee, it was out.

"Time to go to the bathroom." John said to the rubber Mi Lee.

He helped her up and walked her on her tippy toes to the bathroom where he sat her on the floor.

He started working the vagina tube out. Once inverted, John pulled out the now flat vibrating egg and plonked Mi Lee on the toilet.

"Time to wee" he told her. It was a bit messy considering but it worked. Using the tube from the enema kit, he washed it out a bit. Then he re-inserted the egg and pushed the tube back in.

"Now for the other end. How to do this." John said to himself.

After a little pondering, John got an idea. Mi Lee was a product after all, not a person.

He stood Mi Lee up on her toes again next to the shower and then took her long plat and tied it to the railing at the top of the shower. Letting go of her he watched her flail and stumble for balance and relief. But the plat held and there was no relief. Turned her around, her forced the enema plug up her anus and let the water flow in. After 5 minutes of watching Mi Lee panting and swaying around on her toes, John undid the knot and let her relieve herself on the toilet. This John repeated twice more.

"All done now." John concluded. He had to carry Mi Lee back to the bed. He plonked the exhausted girl back on her bed on her back. Then her unceremoniously started to force the butt plug back in place.

Once in, John zipped up Mi Lee's crotch. He put some fresh batteries into the vibrator, turned it on full again, rolled the encumbered Mi Lee onto her back, and left for work.

Mi Lee was tired. Her jaw hurt. Her anus hurt. And the continuous vibrations from the egg now hurt more than pleasured.

After John left she tried to get the suit off. For what seemed like ages, Mi Lee tried any of the zips but she had difficulty moving any of them. The best she managed was to push the crotch zip down a bit between her legs. Then she clumsily was able to yank out the egg.

The thought of trying to cut the suit off then came to Mi Lee. In the darkness of the hood, she managed to get off the bed and crawl to the kitchen. From there, she tried to find a knife but to no avail. Being disorientated without sight and unable to feel and grab anything properly, Mi Lee just couldn't do it.

In the end, Mi Lee gave up. With the egg bouncing around beside her on the floor, Mi Lee succumbed to a tiring sleepless night and drifted off in a corner of the kitchen.

Next thing Mi Lee noticed was someone standing her up. John must be back. She could smell food too.

John forced Mi Lee to walk back to the bathroom on her toes. This hurt without the boots on. Putting her on the toilet, he fiddled around her vagina to invert the tube. Again he made her do a wee this way. Mi Lee felt so humiliated. After a wash, she felt him force the tube back up her narrow hole.

Again he forced Mi Lee to walk back to the kitchen and sat her on a chair. After a little while the gag started to deflate in her numb jaw.

A beautiful zipping sound and the pressure from the catsuit was relived to just below the ribs.

The cool air felt so good as John slowly peeled the suit down. The light was bright even in the late evening after so long in the dark. Mi Lee cried in pain when she tried to close her gaping mouth. the jaw muscles were so sore from the unrelenting stretching. John helped her ease both her arms out of the catsuit. Then he helped her put a light cotton work top on over her head. The catsuit still clung to her from waist down. When Mi Lee went to lower the zip down, John gently grabbed her hand.

"Not yet. Let's have some food first." he said.

Mi Lee finally noticed the take-away boxes on the table in front of her and her stomach reminded her she hadn't eaten all day.

John sat next to her at the table and quietly they ate. Neither talked.

Finally having their fill, John broke the silence.

"How do you like your new sleepwear?" he asked.

"I hate it! It is too tight and I hate the gag and the hood!" Mi Lee immediately exclaimed. "The butt plug is big already but with the suit on, it feels too big. I just want it off."

"But these are your only pyjamas Mi Lee." John calmly replied. "They are designed for your body to wear. The mould it into something beautiful."

"I don't like it John. I don't. I don't. I don't!" Mi Lee retorted.

"Now you are sounding childish." John chided. "You aren't a girl any more but a woman. The world is full of sacrifices and doing things we don't want to do for the greater good."

"Not wearing this catsuit every night is like ... not cleaning up after dinner." John concluded.

Mi Lee was at a loss. Couldn't John understand how uncomfortable she was feeling. Didn't he see she didn't want to wear this thing. He was supposed to be his ... friend.

"But ..." she stammered.

John reached over and picked up her hand.

"Trust me." He said, look at her seriously.

And that is where Mi Lee lost her personal fight. She must have been acting childish. Somehow. Somehow this was good for her.

Mi Lee looked down at the table. "Sorry." she muttered.

"Let's get you ready for bed." John said.

With his hand under her arm, John helped Mi Lee back to the bedroom and sat her on the bed. Giving her the bottle of talc, he said, "You get ready while I clean up outside."

When John returned, he helped Mi Lee put her arms back in.

"Please don't pump up my mouth." Mi Lee asked.

"It has to be inflated or you might choke." John quickly made up the excuse.

Mi Lee resignedly opened her mouth as John fitted the gag and pulled over the hood. Going behind her, he re-zipped up the hood then inflated the gag again to an uncomfortable capacity.

Finally, John worked on replacing the vibrating bullet. This time though, after replacing the batteries, he set it to medium.

Then John decided to have a bit of fun. With such an awesome body lying there it was hard not to. He softy started to caress Mi Lee's newly enlarged breasts. After a bit it rigid shock, Mi Lee started to react. He thickly gloved hand clenched and unclenched the bed sheets almost in time with his caressing.

"Moan if you want me to keep going" John said quietly to the side of Mi Lee's rubber-encased head.

A soft moan came from her.

John continued to play with the large breasts, slowly getting more forceful. Then he moved a hand down between Mi Lee's leg and undid the zipper to expose her crotch. He pushed the vibrating egg around while shoving two fingers rhythmically up her rubber encased vagina.

Mi Lee was starting to really get into it, thrusting against John's hand. Finally, the orgasm hit her and she let out a scream. But with the gag in place John barely heard a whimper.

John zipped closed Mi Lee's crotch and kindly turned down the vibrating egg to low.

Getting up, John turned off the bedroom light and left Mi Lee in the dark that she was already enveloped in.

"Rise and shine!" John said coming into the room early the next morning. "Time to get changed so both of us can go to work."

John uncaringly rolled Mi Lee over, unzipped her crotch and started working the butt plug out. After the usual struggle, it finally popped out. Only then did John deflate the gag and unzip the catsuit and help her get her arms out.

"I'll let you use the bathroom then you can get changed into your new work clothes." John said.

Mi Lee, still panting from the pain of the butt plug was confused. What work clothes?

John left the room while she pulled herself out of the rest of the catsuit. While in the bathroom, she heard John re-enter her room. She finished having a shower and using the amenities, and peeped out. John smiled at her and pointed the third rubber catsuit lying on the bed.

"Just like your first rubber catsuit only with an open faced hood." he said.

"I could always not ..." Mi Lee started.

"This is your new work clothes" John interrupted. "All powdered and ready to put on. Come on over and let's start."

"But I'm naked." protested Mi Lee.

"That's OK. Soon you will be dressed." John commented as if it didn't matter.

Mi Lee hesitantly came out of the bathroom covering her smooth crotch and large breasts.

"Sit down and let's do this." John said.

With Mi Lee sitting on the bed, John helped her squeeze her legs and arms into the catsuit. Pulling it against her body, John positioned her large orbs all as if he was working on a mannequin instead of a young lady. Working Mi Lee's hair into a tight ponytail, John pulled up the hood and thread the hair through the accommodating hole. Then he slowly zipped the tight catsuit down to her bottom.

"Put this on and roll onto your belly", John said handing Mi Lee her ballgag.

A little confused, Mi Lee complied.

John sat gently on Mi Lee's back and then started to feed the anus tube in the still distended hole. Mi Lee started to struggle, realising John's intent.

"Ok, lie still while we get this back in." John said as he started forcing the butt plug in.

Mi Lee did the opposite trying to wiggle out from underneath John. But he persisted and slowly forced it in. With a small scream, Mi Lee's anus was once again plugged.

Closing the zip between the legs, John got off.

"All done." John concluded. "I'm off to work. See you after dinner to her you with your pyjamas."

And with that, John left Mi Lee.

Mi Lee considered taking the catsuit right off there and then only to realise that she didn't want to go through the pain of pulling out the butt plug by herself. It was effectively locking the catsuit on her. Mi Lee sat up on the bed, took off the gag and put on her ballet boots. At least the gloves on this catsuit were thin enough to be able to use her hands. And with that, Mi Lee started her day of work at home.

John noticed that, with Mi Lee constantly wearing this new rubber catsuits for the last 2 weeks, that she was getting house-bound. John had to go do the grocery shop a couple times for her already. And looking at the CCTV of Mi Lee through the day, she spent her time either sitting at the desk or lying on the lounge or bed. John made an effort to fit the vibrating egg when he put her to bed at night but she didn't make an effort herself to wear it during the day. That and she was trying to pull it out at night after he left. And finally, the catsuits didn't cater well for going to the toilet. John passed these concerns to his 'employers', to which they said they would remediate soon.

A couple days later a package arrived for John with a note to introduce with the corsets.

Mi Lee also received an email.

Her work apologised for having her work at home where she would miss the opportunity to go out. To help remediate, a new treadmill would be delivered the coming Friday day. With stubborn insistence, Mi Lee convinced John to let her wear the rubber catsuit without the hood. She failed at letting her have a reprieve and not wear a catsuit.

When the delivery men came with the treadmill, she hid the catsuit under a long coat and gloves. This didn't stop the workmen noticing something amiss looking at a small yet extremely buxom young Asian girl tottering in ballet boots. With a fair bit of envious stares, they moved and set up the treadmill in her lounge.

That night, as John was helping her change, he said that the corsets had arrived and she can try them the following morning. He said that he also had got her a few special gifts.

As Mi Lee lay in her enforced darkness with the egg buzzing away, she wondered what John had got her. And why didn't he go straight away like usual? She heard him fussing around for a while including what sounded like drilling?!

When Mi Lee's hood came off the following morning she noticed the first difference. John had last night attached a bar hanging from the ceiling. There were thick cuffs at either end of the bar. John helped her strip and hurried her into the bathroom.

Coming out later, she noticed John had lined up a few things on the bed - her rubber catsuit that didn't have a hood, 2 heavily boned leather corsets, one longer than the other, and a large box.

As usual, John ushered her to the bed and helped her into the catsuit. Gagging herself, John then routinely forced the butt plug in. (It was either not feeling as painful as before to insert or she was getting used to the process.) And finally the ballet boots.

"They are getting a bit worn." John commented about the boots. "Might be time to get some new ones."

"Now stand over here and arms up." John pointed to a small step he had positioned under the bar. Standing on the step, John strapped the thick cuffs to Mi Lee's wrists.

John pulled out a tape measure and wrapped it around Mi Lee's waist. "22..." he muttered quietly.

Then, getting the shorter of the 2 corsets, he wrapped it around her belly. Closing the clasps was a struggle in itself and Mi Lee was already feeling squished. This corset went from Mi Lee's hip to the base of her breasts.

"Now to lace it." John said to her.

Slowly he moved up and down the back of the corset pulling the laces tight. Finally, Mi Lee panted "No More!".

John stopped and took a step back behind Mi Lee.

"I'll give you a rest then." he concluded, leaving the room with Mi Lee trussed.

5 minutes later and with Mi Lee still panting but not as strained, John returned. Mi Lee waited for him to undo the cuffs on her aching arms, but this didn't happen. He went past her then came back and said "Mouth open."

Confused, Mi Lee obliged only to have her ball gag pushed in. While she muffled protests, he strapped it to her head. Then, he bent down and put some cuffs around her ankles, chaining them together with a very short link. Finally, John lifting her slightly, pushed the step from under her feet, then let go. Mi Lee let out a small puff of air, winded from the drop. While she struggled hanging in the air, John attached the chain to a bolt that was under the step in the floor.

Re-measuring her waist, John said "You're 19 inches now. The corset closes at 14 inches but today I will let you have 17 inches."

The he patiently resumed pulling the laces. 20 minutes later and with a bit of struggle from John (and Mi Lee), he stopped.

Standing in front of her, he admired the view. The corset cut her small frame so tightly with a petite bottom below and to large quivering breasts above. They seemed even larger now. Mi Lee's head hung down, drool coming from her mouth around the gag.

"And now some of the treats I have for you." John said. Mi Lee didn't seem to hear him.

Shrugging, John unclipped Mi Lee's ankles from the floor and each other. Then he pulled a bladder with a tube attached from the box. Mi Lee grunted in a little pain and swayed as John forced her dangling legs apart and unzipped her crotch. Strapping the bladder to one leg, John inverted the vagina tube and started to wiggle his finger between the lips. One of the things he did last night was to punch a small hole in the crotch in front of the vagina tube. John finally found what he was looking for and started to push the tube through the hole and up Mi Lee's urethra. This woke her up and Mi Lee started struggling with what little energy she had left. John stopped when he noticed a little wee coming down the tube.

Back to the box, John pulled out a leg strap holding 3 vibrating eggs with controllers. He positioned one between the vagina lips, re-inserted the vagina tube and then forced the second deep inside. Then, uncaring to the strain on the poor panting Mi Lee's arms, John eased the butt plug out. The third egg went up the anus, with the plug replaced pushing it in deep.

"We are nearly finished" he said to her, zipping the crotch closed.

Going to the box again, John pulled out a weird hood. This also had a long tube hanging from inside. Taking the gag off, John forced a little wedge between her teeth to keep her mouth open. Then John started pushing the tube down Mi Lee's throat. Mi Lee's eyes widened and she coughed as it tickled the back of the throat. John kept pushing, saying "Just swallow." Mi Lee had no choice to comply as the tube went down her oesophagus. As the hood neared Mi Lee's face, John reached in her mouth and pulled the wedge out. This was replaced with the tell-tale bladder. John pulled the hood over Mi Lee's head, fitting in 2 long tubes up her nose. Mi Lee was grateful that this hood didn't leave her in the dark - it had 2 tiny glass lens holes for her to see, be it not very easily. John unzipped the collar of the catsuit and pushed the bottom of the hood under. Then with Mi Lee's long hair threaded through a hole near the top, he zipped up the hood and catsuit. Then came the pump, filling her mouth to capacity.

Only now, did John help Mi Lee down.

John helped Mi Lee lie on the bed. Again into the box, John pulled out some leather thing. Mi Lee couldn't think easily let alone breath. She struggled to get air into her lungs as John rolled her onto her back and lifted her long hair over her head. He pulled Mi Lee's dead arms into the loose monoglove and did the straps up around her body. Then, he tightened the laces. Mi Lee could only whimper to herself in more pain as her elbows were slowly pulled together and her shoulders back. John tied the laces, and rolled Mi Lee back onto the side. There he left her pant for half an hour while he made himself and drank some tea.

Returning, John helped the encumbered figure over to the mirror. If Mi Lee was shocked, it certainly didn't show. What she saw was this though. A tightly rubber clad figure squeezed into a tiny waisted corset. Strapped on one leg was a bladder with a tube running up the crotch zip. The other leg had 3 controllers with wires going to the crotch. No arms were visible but straps criss-crossed the chest between 2 large breasts forced to balloon out. And on top, a shiny likeness of her own face smiling back at her! It was hard to tell it was a fake. It had slightly bulging cheeks, small ears and fake hair pulled back to her real pony tail that cascaded over the monoglove to her bottom.

"Now here is the good part." said John holding the unsteady figure. "You must be a bit hungry for breakfast by now." Getting a small bag with tube attached, he parted Mi Lee's fake lips. Behind them was solid rubber with a valve and a hole. Putting the tube in the hole, John raised the bag over Mi Lee's head and let the contents run down. Mi Lee felt her squashed belly fill.

With container empty, John closed her fake lips and grinned back to the ever-smiling figure. "I can see you like this." No need to take anything off with all your feeding and toiletry needs dealt with.

John lead the tiny black rubber mannequin that contained Mi Lee into the lounge.

"Now for you to get used to your outfit and go for a walk. You haven't been getting much exercise lately."

He led the ever-smiling figure to the treadmill and made her stand in the middle. Then, with a series of straps tied to the handles and then her minute waist, he secured her. Setting it to an hour, he watched as Mi Lee was suddenly forced to start walking. When he was sure that she couldn't fall over, he turned and left. Time for him to have a bite to eat.

Mi Lee was quite wobbly when John returned with a long coat over his arm and a large backpack. The treadmill had stopped by then.

Mi Lee was unable to think. Her brain was being bombarded by pain, strain and exhaustion. Her toes and feet were in agony from being constantly standing up. Her bottom felt chafed from walking in with the large butt plug. Her waist and lungs felt so squeezed that every breath was a struggle. And being forced to breathe through her nose due to the highly inflated gag made it worse. And finally, but not least, her shoulders were in pain and arms numb from the constricting monoglove.

Mi Lee just wanted to be out of this outfit and off her feet.

"You did great Mi Lee. And nice to see you are still smiling." John commented. Mi Lee naturally had no means of responding.

"Now let's get you down from there. Your fridge is bare. Time for shopping." Said John in his conversation to the mute rubber figure.

Undoing the straps from her waist, John helped her down. Mi Lee collapsed and the world went black on her.

When Mi Lee came too, she was lying on the couch. A small empty bag was hanging over the couch with a tube running to her mouth. She tried to sit up but instead almost fell off. John came around and helped her up. Her toes again screamed out in pain.

"Now you are back and had a drink, let's get you dressed. Grocery shop time.", John said.

Finally, I get freed from this outfit Mi Lee thought. Instead, John put a long coat over her bound body and buttoned it all the way up. Then he got a large backpack and strapped it onto her body. He led her to the door. Mi Lee tried to back off but she couldn't resist while bound and in ballet boots. Outside, John stopped her and knelt down. He turned on the vibrating egg that was wedged up her anus, making the large plug also vibrate. It felt so weird and wrong. Then John escorted her for the long walk to the nearby shops.

At the shops, John instructed Mi Lee to nod for anything she wanted. Then they made the slow journey through the grocery shop as John practically offered every product there was. Every now and then he would add something into the basket he carried for her whether or not she nodded. Like the large bottle of milk and bottles of water. By the time they were at the counter, the basket was full and heavy.

John paid for the groceries and then got Mi Lee to stand to one side outside the store. He proceeded to put the heavy groceries into the backpack she was wearing. The added weight made walking and balancing on the ballet boots even harder. Noticing this, John put his arm around Mi Lee's very slender waist as he escorted her around the shopping centre. He led her through store after store as if everything was normal. Then he took her to a café where she finally got to sit down. Her feet finally got some relief even if the vibrating butt plug felt more evident. After casually drinking a coffee and talking about nothing to the mute smiling Mi Lee, John casually reached under the table and turned on the other 2 vibrating eggs.

Where the vibrating egg in her anus felt weird, these two brought her lower body into a state of ecstasy. The butt plug vibrating, the egg in her vagina vibrating, the egg on her clit vibrating, and the vibrations also being sent up the catheter into her bladder. A mass of vibrations that sent the light headed Mi Lee through to ecstasy and then an orgasm that blacked her out for the second time in a few short hours. Her bound body slumped against John like a lover resting on her partner to the oblivious observer.

John had turned off the 2 eggs and waited a little while for Mi Lee to wake up. There was one more place he wanted to take her before returning her home. He guided her up some stairs to the local adult and fetish store. Not a place he had been before, he wondered whether they would have anything interesting for the product. When Mi Lee realised through her narrow vision where she was, she struggled a bit. But John held her firmly as he browsed around.

The shop assistant came over and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Karen. I couldn't help noticing you seem to like a bit of rubber." She said to the smiling Mi Lee.

"Oh, she does." John answered for her. "And a bit of bondage."

Karen looked puzzled at why John answered for Mi Lee, then looked closely at her.

"Wow!" she said suddenly. "Is that a fake face?!". She reached up and touched Mi Lee's cheek. "Amazing!".

John saw no reason to hold back. "Want to see the rest?", he said as he started undoing the heavy backpack strapped to Mi Lee's body. Holding her still, he then unfastened the coat and, like magician pulling revealing the hidden assistant, presented Mi Lee's rubber and leather bound body to the assistant.

Karen stared agog. There stood this tiny rubber coated lady with huge breasts above a tiny waist. Cords for vibrators and a urinary tube vanishing into her lower body. Arms so tightly bound that her arms were one from elbow down. All the while balancing on severe ballet boots. What a fetishist!

"Beautiful, isn't she." John said.

"So, you think you could help us? My friend here told me she wanted to get a few things." John said.

"Sure, what you want?" said Karen not taking her eyes off the black rubber lady.

"Well, some straps ... and maybe a big collar ... half a dozen vibrating eggs ... and can you show her what you have for butt plugs?" John asked.

Karen led the pair through the store. John selected a handful of straps. Then he had Mi Lee try on some collars before selecting a tall narrow one with a D ring on from and sides that held Mi Lee's head up high and still. Then Karen took them to the counter, pulled out a few packets of vibrating eggs and asked about the butt plugs.

"How big do you want?" She asked.

"Well, I'll show you what she has at the moment." John tried to get Mi Lee to bend over the counter but she refused. John got a strap, attached it to the D Ring on the collar, thread the other end around a handy anchor on the counter and forced her to bend. When her face and breasts were pressed against the counter, he tied the strap off.

"She gets a bit embarrassed about showing off her bottom." John said lamely.

Unzipping her crotch, John worked the butt plug out of her anus. Karen noticed the vibrating egg fall out after it.

"Oopsie." John said and pushed the egg back into the slightly gaping hole.

Karen stood for a second, then noticed John waiting holding up the butt plug.

"Quite a large one." She said. "Are you wanting something smaller or bigger?"

John thought. "Same width or bigger I think. Maybe longer. I am not really sure what there is really."

Karen took John through the stores range. Eventually, he chose an inflatable butt plug and a long one that looked like a series of balls joined together that got bigger as it got to the base. The last couple of balls would definitely not fit ... yet.

Karen started tallying up the items while John started pushing Mi Lee's butt plug back in. Karen then paused. "Ah, can I show you something? I am not sure if it would fit, but I think you might like it."

"Sure." John shrugged.

Karen went off into the store while John finished pushing the plug in and zipped up the crotch. She soon came back with a small rubber maids dress.

"This is the dress that came on some large dolls we have. It might be a tight fit, but if it looks as cute as it does on the dolls, I am sure she would like it."

John held looked at the black dolls dress with puffy white trim then agreed to let Karen put it on Mi Lee. It would be a tight fit, but Mi Lee was a small lady. John undid the monoglove and helped feed Mi Lee's numb arms through the short sleeves and Karen pulled the dress over her head. He then used some straps to re-force Mi Lee's elbows and hands together behind her back. Helping Karen, then pulled the dress over Mi Lee's breasts and down her waist. It stopped just at her buttocks. The dress on Mi Lee made her look like a true fetish maid. The front came down to just under her bust, with the puffy white both lifting and pushing her large breasts together. It was tight and small enough to even cling to her tiny waist. And the skirt flared out wide at the hips like a ballerina dress but just short enough to expose her rubber crotch. John escorted Mi Lee over to a mirror so they could both 'admire' the outfit.

"The dress is so tight it seems to want to ride up." John observed.

"I think we can fix that." Said Karen going back off to where she had come from. She came back with the maid doll's stockings, a hand full of little heart-shaped locks and a Y-shaped strap.

Sitting Mi Lee down, Karen took off Mi Lee's ballet boots. John undid the straps holding her arms and re-fitted the monoglove tightly. Then he re-applied the straps for good measure. Kneeling beside Karen, they both worked the very tight latex stockings up her legs. The white frilly top of the stockings came up mid-thigh and had 2 straps. They stretched the straps to their respective hooks at the base of the dress. The locks were applied to the hooks to hold the straps in place. Then they both put her ballet boots back on nice and tight.

John helped Mi Lee up again. He admired how the garter strap at the back firmly pressed each cute buttock in half.

"And now to really make sure it stays down." Said Karen. She attached the 2 straps of the Y-strap to 2 other hooks at the front of the dress. They coming around Mi Lee, she threaded it through her legs and pulled it strongly up to a hook at the back. This was the first Mi Lee actually reacted as the butt plug was forced deeper than ever into her anus. John and Karen applied the last of the locks to the 3 hooks.

"Gosh, that looks really fantastic. And she must like it given she is still smiling." John said.

"Thought you might like it." Smiled Karen. They went back to the counter (Mi Lee walking with a distinctive wobble) and John paid for the lot on Mi Lee's credit card. He then put the coat back on Mi Lee and strapped on the backpack to her back. The bottom of the maid dress pushed it out distinctively. Turning on the egg lodged deeply up Mi Lee's anus, he then escorted her back for the long walk home.

Mi Lee's legs were in agony by the time John escorted through her door in the early evening. The combination of the ballet boots and heavy backpack had fully drained them. It excruciatingly tight corset, neck corset, hugely inflated gag and the tube running down her throat greatly impacted her breathing as she struggled to even slightly fill her lungs. She collapsed as soon as she went through and lay panting on the ground. John had to literally drag her into the lounge room and plonk her on the couch. He unstrapped the backpack and put away the groceries while she lay there without moving. When he had finished, he undid he coat, pulled it off her and put that away.

"I am guessing you will be wanting an early night tonight." John said coming back to admire the tight little rubber maid lying still with its fake smiling face looking up. "But it looks like you need a trip to the bathroom first." He said noting the bulging yellow bag strapped to her leg.

Mi Lee groaned mutely as John forced her up off her numb arms and onto her aching legs. She waddled leaning against him to the bathroom where she fell down onto the toilet seat. John detached the bag from her leg and, holding it between her legs in the toilet, unscrewed the release valve. After all the urine had run out, her re-attached the valve and strapped it back to her leg. Then he helped her onto her bed.

Somehow, exhaustion had won against the aches and pains and the next thig she knew was John sitting down next to her head. He had turned on the bedroom light and was attaching a tube to her mouth. Then he sat there quietly while some form of mush slowly oozed out of a bag, down a tube and into her stomach. When the bag was empty he left and came back with it filled with water.

"I have mixed in a pain killer and sleeping pill to help you sleep. Goodnight." John said.

He straightened her up on the bed. He strapped Mi Lee's legs together tightly above the knees and at the ballet-pointed ankles. Finally, he closed the fake eyelids of the mask, sending Mi Lee into a darkness that she soon followed with a deep sleep.

The following morning, John decided to do a photo shoot of Mi Lee. He worked out the details then woke her up. Waking her up wasn't a case of a gentle shake but turning on the eggs in her vagina and over her clitoris. This quickly got her wiggling and panting faster. Now she was awake, John turned them off, and guided the mute, blind, tightly corseted and bound, glistening rubber maid doll to the bathroom.

Sitting her on the toilet, he Mi Lee had her urine bag emptied, vibrating eggs and butt plug removed, and a couple of enemas applied. Leaving Mi Lee on the toilet with her belly full with the last large enema, John set up laid out a selection of things on the bed. He set up a video recorder on a tripod and checked his camera was ready. Then he went back into the bathroom to Mi Lee. The craps must have been uncomfortable given how she was wiggling on the toilet and making heavily muffled grunts under her ever-smiling rubber face. Removing the plug, he let her finally empty her bowels.

Guiding back to the bed, John took off the monoglove and opened her eyes. Her arms obviously ached after being bound for almost a full day. While Mi Lee sat mutely trying to get some feeling back into her arms, John explained that today they were going to do the first of the final photo shoots.

"So first you are going to have breakfast. Then you will get ready for the day." John vaguely explained. "You will do some house chores in the morning. Then lunch. And maybe some exercise in the afternoon. After that I think you would have deserved a nice bath."

"Now come over and sit here facing the wardrobe mirror and we will capture your new beauty." John said.

Mi Lee wanted so desperately to get out of this catsuit and corset and hood. She felt sticky all over. Her waist ached and that last enema really hurt. And with the large inflatable gag in her mouth for so long, she wondered when she when next get the opportunity to close her mouth. Her body was a whole heap of aches all wanting relief. But John put hope in there. A bath in the afternoon. If only it could come sooner.

John directed her to sit on the end of the bed with legs apart facing the wardrobe mirror. Through the small eye hoses, she could see a smiling version of herself looking back. Picking up the bag and tube containing her 'breakfast' Mi Lee fumbled to part the fake lips and attach the tube. Slowly squeezing the bag, she tasted nothing but the inflated rubber gag in her mouth as a slight sensation of her squashed belly filled up. With the small bag empty and belly full, she detached the tube and closed her fake lips.

John directed her strap on 1 of the leg belts holding 3 vibrating egg controllers each. Then she was to invert the tube in her vagina and place one of the eggs on her clit.

Re-inserting the tube, Mi Lee was told to push a small slippery water balloon in her vagina. The slippery balloon needed a bit of careful pushing and felt very large when inside. A string trailed out for removal later. Next as the second vibrating egg and another water balloon to hold it in place like a sandwich.

John told Mi Lee to turn on the eggs. The feeling was amazing. The massaging on the clit plus the vibrations throughout the vagina quickly got to her. John told her to turn on 2 of the eggs on the other strap and run them over her breasts. Mi Lee did this and quickly lost herself to the pleasure. The aches and constriction was forgotten as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body. With video recorder running, John was taking pictures as Mi Lee lay back and engrossed herself in the carnal pleasure.

Mi Lee soon orgasmed and she let her hands flop to her sides as she panted through her nose. John turned off the eggs between her legs and asked her to sit up when she was ready.

While she was recovering, John tied the strings around some more water balloons to the remaining 4 eggs. Still panting (as she had really since the corset was put on), Mi Lee forced her rigid upper body up. She noticed with a bit of fear what John had done. As she guessed, John asked her to strap the second belt with controllers onto her other leg. Then he had her push the balloons and eggs up her distended anus. These went in easier than the still full vagina. After the insertion of each egg and balloon, John had her push it deep inside with the new deflated butt plug. By the third egg and balloon, this passage was feeling quite full, but John was insistent. Finally, with all in and the deflated plug, John had her give the bulb 3 squeezes. With each squeeze, Mi Lee felt hole expand and the balloons move further still into her corseted body. By the third pump, the plug felt massive. John told her it was now the same width as her previous plug but a bit longer.

John had her close the zip at her crotch to hold everything in. Now, for the front just under the skirt of the flared maids dress stuck out a bundle of wires, a catheter tube and the bulb of the butt plug. John had her turn on all 4 eggs lodged in her anus. Mi Lee gasped and she struggled to sit up as they came alive. It felt like an angry snake was writhing in her abdomen.

"Stand up now. House chores time." John directed.

Through the morning, John directed her to do the house chores as he took pictures and adjusted the video camera. With the stringent corset forcing her back straight, he took numerous pictures of her shiny bum under the maid skirt. Even with the smiling mask over her face, he could tell she was struggling with the vibrations up her bum. After making her give herself a drink of water (through the bag and tube) midmorning, he then got her to give the inflatable butt plug another squeeze in the bulb. This she really didn't like. Then he had her clean and powder her catsuits before lunch.

John had mi Lee make them both sandwiches for lunch. For hers, he had her put half the sandwich in a blender with some juice and puree it before feeding herself via the bag. It looked disgusting but she couldn't taste it anyway.

Soon after lunch Mi Lee's legs were starting to struggle in her ballet boots. John used this as an excuse to do some walking on the treadmill. Mi Lee tried to refuse in her own mute way so John put the monoglove tightly on her then tied her to it like the day prior. Setting it for a fast walk, John took some more pictures of the rubber maid. It was a bit more of a waddle with her inflated ass encumbering her. 20 minutes in, John turned on the egg lodged between the balloons in her vagina. Later, when Mi Lee started to wobble a bit with either exhaustion or pleasure (it was impossible to tell), John decided to give the inflatable butt plug its fifth squeeze. This woke her up and she even let out a barely audible scream. For the last 20 minutes of the session, her walking was stiff and erratic.

At the end of the session, John untied her and led her to the couch. She plonked down and almost bounced back up again as the plug was suddenly forced even deeper. John eased her to lie down and turned on the last egg over her clit. Mi Lee's already panting breath hit an even faster pace as she quickly reached between her legs only to slump soon after as unconsciousness hit her.

Waking up, Mi Lee found herself lying naked in an unfamiliar bath of nice hot water. Well, naked except for her old butt plug in her anus. She lay there for a while enjoying the sensation of breathing unencumbered. It dawned on her that she must be in John's bathroom. Where else could it be.

After a while, Mi Lee washed herself from head to toe. Pulling out the plug, Mi Lee tried to step out of the bath only to find it painful to try put her foot flat. Wearing ballet boots for so long had caused her Achilles tendon to shrink. She resorted to sitting on the edge of the bath and dry herself.

Wrapped in only the large bath towel (there were no clothes in the bathroom), Mi Lee tottered out. John was in the kitchen cooking.

"Hi", he said distractedly and motioned her to sit at a stool at the kitchen bench. John kept cooking as Mi Lee quietly watched.

Dishing out the food onto 2 plates, they ate quietly with minimal talk. When finished, John cleaned up.

That done, John went and opened the door joining the 2 lounge rooms. "Time I helped you into your sleeping outfit." He said.

John helped Mi Lee totter through to her bedroom where the thick rubber catsuit lay ready on her bed. Mi Lee squeezed herself in with John's assistance. With the catsuit zipped up, urine bag, butt plug and vibrating eggs in place, hood closed with the gag well inflated, and ballet boots back on, John told Mi Lee he will be lacing her into her 'sleeping corset'.

John guided he to the lacing bar. With her stiff arms above her head and feet strapped to the floor, Mi Lee was stretched taut. John picked up the longer corset. He wrapped it around her torso. This one went from crotch to the chin, pushing the head high. Strong boning ran from top to bottom. There was a small gap at the front that Mi Lee's breasts were came through being pushed up and together.

John spent the next hour tightening the laces on the mute rubber mannequin. Once he finished the waist was squashed to a tiny 14 inches. Undoing the arm straps, he then forced the thick rubber arms together in the arm binder. Unstrapping her ankles from the floor, he lifted the stiff mannequin onto the bed and strapped her ankles together. Turning on the vibrators, he left the room to process the photos.

Mi Lee received an email that she was being sent back in a month's time. Up until then, she was on paid leave.

So, for the next month, John dressed her in a catsuit, corset, ballet boots and had her wear the mask. In this outfit she 'ate', slept and did house chores. There was always a butt plug stretching her ass. There was always a minimum of 4 vibrating eggs doing their thing to her body. The urine bag always strapped to her leg. Every day Mi Lee would do an hour on the treadmill while her arms tightly bound in the monoglove.

Whenever John wanted to wash her, he would render her unconscious, clean her, then re-dress her.

By the third week, John started putting her thick 'pyjama' catsuit over her day catsuit.

Come the time for Mi Lee to go home, she thought of the catsuit as her skin and the mask as her face. And she must be happy because she was always smiling.

A large box came. As per instructions, John had stripped the unconscious Mi Lee naked. Naked except for the inflatable butt plug and the urine bag. He strapped her into the form-fitting Mi Lee shaped gap in the box. In her mouth went an inflatable gage that had a breathing tube attached.

John closed and locked the box. Later that morning a delivery truck arrived for the box.

The last payment had come with a thanks from the employer. John was starting to get back into a normal life. All the clothes and toys were in a box in the bedroom of the adjoining house. John hadn't thrown them out. Why, he wasn't sure.

Six months had passed when John received an email. The employers were sending him a 'bonus'. If he wanted to keep it, he would have 18 months. Soon after Lin knocked on his door. She was told by her company that she could rent the adjoining house. Dumbly, John let her in, showed her around and gave her a key. Apart from her face, she was a near spitting image of how Mi Lee looked when she first came.

Fast forward 18 months. Lin took the international opportunity with the intention of not returning. She intended to try find a nice guy in that time and get him to support her while she worked out the residency visa. Things didn't work out well at the start. The clubs were full of bimbo men who wanted nothing but sex and then move on. Since then she decided to go the long shot and try hook up with her neighbour. He was a nice guy though a bit older than what she was originally after.

As time went, she got more and more desperate to try seduce John. Lin started doing the house chores for John. She insisted in doing his laundry and house cleaning and cooking even.

She had to make herself beautiful in his eyes and a necessity in his life. First she tried the sexy clothes that she had brought. From there it went from laser hair removal and finally breast enlargement. She allowed him to have sex with her any way he pleased. And very soon he did.

She also found a box of super kinky clothes in her cupboard. John said it must have been left by the previous tenant. This started her habit of wearing a really tight and exposing maids outfit when at home with a pair of cumbersome and painful ballet boots. John really seemed to like it. So much that he penetrated her front and back when she wasn't ready for it. To stop this happening, Lin started wearing the vibrating eggs, stuck to her breasts and g-spot. And her ass was always lubricated in case.

But 18 months had passed and John hadn't made any move to propose. Her last pay, but it barely covered the credit card debit that she had accumulated.

That Saturday morning, after dressing in the maid's outfit, boots and vibrators for maybe the last time, Lin let herself into Johns place through the adjoining door. She was making his breakfast when John came in. Like usual, his already hard penis found its way up her bum lifting her off the ground. John satisfied himself in her anus while squeezing her F-cup breasts. Once satisfied, he sat himself at the kitchen table while Lin recovered and finished his breakfast.

As Lin gave him his breakfast plate, she confessed to him. "I have to go back home now. Wanted to stay here. I was hoping I could convince you to marry me. But it didn't work."

John looked up at her. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out 2 thin rings. Each had a small diamond at the end.

"I bought you these. I am calling them ... engagement nipple rings." He said. Looking into her eyes, he said, "How about you stay then. And marry me."

Later that day they went to the shops. Lin was dressed in clothes a bit more appropriate for the public - a tight leather dress that went down mid-thigh. While there, they bumped into Karen as she was going to open her fetish store. Lin had met her a couple of times with John but she never showed interest in her products.

"Hi John and Lin. Hey, I know this sounds, like, spontaneous, but can I borrow you, Lin this morning. I got this cool outfit and I was wonder if you could model it."

Caught with interest, John said, "Go on Lin. This could be fun. And do anything Karen asks you, right?"

Lin looked like she didn't want to but Karen grabbed her arm and rushed her off. "I'll buzz you when she's ready John. It'll take some time so don't rush!" And off they went.

John did the grocery shop and had lunch before finally getting called.

At her store, Karen greeted John.

"Say, I want to make a bet. Lin is somewhere in the store. If you can find her in 5 minutes, you get her outfit free. If not, I get her to work her for the weekend." she said grinning. Even more intrigued, John agreed.

John walked through the store, checking the mannequins and merchandise. But none of them were Lin. Finally, Karen gleefully called "Time's up!"

"Where is she?" John asked. Karen took John outside and pointed the display model of a small girl in full-on goth outfit in the shopfront window.

"That's Lin?!" John said perplexed.

Going back inside, Karen wheeled the doll into the middle of the store. The doll was a bit taller than Lin would be. It had a large plastic anime head with long black hair. The Goth dress was a stiff brown leather with straps across the bodice. The waist couldn't have been more than 17 inches circumference. The skirt was wide and bulky. Two leather covered fake arms held the edge of the skirt as if she was ready to curtsey.

"This couldn't be Lin. She isn't that small." John said.

"Well it wasn't easy getting her in the dress. Put your hand on her chest. You can feel her breathe." Karen said.

Doing so John could feel the rapid breathing of Lin's constricted body.

"Wow!" John said quietly. "What is she wearing under the dress."

Karen went into the detail of dressing Lin.

Once she was in the store, Lin had to undress. Then she attached her wrists to a lacing bar and pulled her up till her feet were off the ground.

"She didn't like that so I gagged her" Karen said mischievously.

Karen then put a 'U' bar between Lin's legs, with the U itself going up Lin's vagina and ass. Her legs were strapped to the base of the bar. Then the first corset was put on. Apparently some customers paid to her tighten it, getting her down to a 14-inch waist and 4-inch stem. This corset went from just under the breasts to the hip. Lin was 'lowered' and her arms were unstrapped. Even fully impaled on the U bar, her feet still didn't touch the ground. Next, Karen folded Lin's arms behind her back and strapped them there in a reverse prayer. A second larger corset went around her. This one went from neck to bottom and had a hole in the front for each breast. By the time this was laced up tightly, Lin's arms were complete crushed against her back. Finally, the fake arms were strapped on.

"From there I could final dress her." Karen said.

First was a clear full body catsuit that was very tight. This had an open face. The gag had to come off at this point, but a large foam ball was squashed in in its place. Then tight black rubber stockings were rolled up the legs and garters clipped from the corset to them. Thigh high ballet boots were finally laced on her legs before they were strapped back to the pole. And finally, a catheter was attached for her urine.

The ball was pulled out of Lin's mouth only to be quickly replaced with a weird inflatable gag. After Karen inflated it fully, Lin's cheeks bulged obscenely and 2 large holes were visible between her stretched lips. Karen pushed a tube down one all the way to Lin's stomach for feeding. The second was attached to the front for breathing. Both had tubes hanging out from the front. Then the mask was attached. It came in a front and back part and went all the way down the neck. The tubes were attached to the sides of the mask and ended in small holes near the top. The mask itself was screwed tightly on. The foam lining inside ensuring a tight and firm fit. Karen pulled the wig off to show John the 2 holes at the top.

"Lin can still see through the eyes though. But the glass lenses make it a bit blurry."

Finally, the dress was put on.

"The tube in the anus can give her enemas and there is the catheter. She can stay dressed like this all weekend." Karen said. "Oh, and she won't be bored either. Because there is this..." Karen bent over and flicked a switch on the stand. Nothing was visibly happening.

"The U bar is now going up and down and there is a soft electric flow that would almost be like an itch in Lin's vagina and ass. It is set to go on for 10 minutes every hour." Karen said proudly.

"You know Lin has never done bondage or worn a corset before?" John said. "Or even a catsuit."

"Oh." Karen said. "But can I still keep her for the weekend?"

"I also proposed to her this morning." John said quietly.

"Oh! That's great! ... how about I let you have the outfit as a gift? If I can keep her for the weekend? And maybe have her model stuff every now and then?" Karen tried desperately.

John looked at Lin for a while.

"You won the bet so you can use her for the weekend. And please take care of her. I really like the dress, but you can keep it. I don't think Lin would be happy if we took it." John said.

And with that, Lin got a job at Karen's store.

Lin didn't seem like she enjoyed working for Karen for the last 3 months. It was only 3 days a week. But every night after work, she was exhausted and avoided any intimacy. John had never visited her while she was working and Lin never talked about what she did there.

The wedding was it be in 6 months. It would be small affair with only John's family and friends present. While doing a grocery shop on Saturday, John decided to stop by and say hello. Going in, he noticed more customers than usual. Lin was visible so he went to Karen. Just as he was about to ask her where Lin was, he was shocked to see her appeared between some aisles. What wasn't shocking was the catsuit or tight corset she was wearing. Lin was tightly strapped in a bitchsuit complete with muzzle, blinker and a tail protruding from behind. A customer followed her holding a leash as she waddled to the counter. At the counter, the leash was handed to another customer who asked her to take him to the magazine section. Lin turned around and waddled off, oblivious of John being there.

"Great, isn't she?" Karen commented while processing the transaction. "Business has really picked up with Lin here."

"But why is she dressed like that." John asked.

"Because of this great idea I had." Karen said pointing at a large sign at the counter.

It said:

'Product sampling now available on our assistant. To try: $10. To wear all day: $50. Get 50% back if you buy the item.'

"Lin is getting 50% from the proceeds of all the things she wears. And I am giving her a commission if the customer buys the item. This she can use to buy anything in the store." Karen explained. "Not a day has gone by yet when she hasn't put on or tried 20 things."

"And she lets this happen?" John asked.

"Not initially." Karen said. "I, ah, sort-of blackmailed her into it. That weekend where you let me have her. Well I recorded some of the stuff and told her I would play it on the screen if she didn't comply."

"That isn't nice." Said John darkly.

"But John," Karen said innocently, "Lin has like $1000 she can spend here already. She hasn't spent any of the money yet."

"That's a lot..." John commented.

"I know. Your wedding. Let me pay for the wedding dress from the money. Something really special!", Karen said.

"Sure. But not a latex dress or anything like that." John insisted. "A normal dress."

"Aw. OK then. Can I keep employing Lin then?" Karen asked.

"OK. For now. When we are married I think she can become a house wife." John said as he watched the happy customer follow his fiancé around the store.

Another 6 months passed. It was the day of the wedding. Lin hadn't worked at the store for the last fortnight. For the last 6 months, the job didn't seem to have improved much. Karen picked up Lin very early and took her to get dressed at her store. She promised to have Lin at the wedding in time.

John agreed to have the wedding in a small park near the reception hall. It was only a small affair with about 30 guests. John was quietly talking with the celebrant when Lin's car rolled up.

Karen got out and opened the door for Lin. She helped the small Asian girl as she struggled to get out in her big wedding dress. John gazed at the beautiful sight. Lin was white from head to toe. A large dress curved up to a tiny waist only to expand again to envelope her bosom and shrink again to a tall tiny neck. The sleeves went all the way down her arms and Lin's hands where in silken white gloves. A white veil covered Lin's head, and with her hair done up, not a bit of her was visible.

Lin started walking very slowly to John with Karen holding her arm with a large smile.

When they got to John, Karen whispered to him, "There is a pocket on her fingers." Then sat down.

John was a little confused, but he took Lin's hand and the celebrant started the ceremony.

At the point of exchanging of rings, John found out what Karen meant. Lin's gloves were designed so her four fingers were stuck together. There was a little pouch on her left hand. John put the wedding band in the pouch as the celebrant looked on puzzled. John slimed back sheepishly.

Finally, the celebrant concluded the wedding. John lifted Lin's veil and the kissed to the large cheer.

At the reception, John commented to Lin how lovely she looked.

"It is so tight!" Lin said. "And I don't know what Karen put on underneath. I know I am wearing ballet boots though. My feet really started to hurt by the end of the wedding. And even though the dress is so big, I can hardly move my legs."

"What do you mean, you don't know what you are wearing?" John asked.

"Well, I blacked out while Karen was tightening the corset." Lin said. "And when I came to, I was fully dressed."

"I can feel something big in the front and back down there." She whispered. "And it feels like I have a wee bag."

Still, Lin took it in stride and the dinner and evening started to come to an end. Karen came around and took Lin to a back room. She said something about it being a girls thing and a surprise for the night.

When they came out, Lin was dressed in a very tight satin dress with a pencil skirt. At the base it flared out a little to hide her boots. Lin was wearing her veil again. With the long sleeves and gloves, again, not a bit of her was visible.

Karen escorted her to the car and helped her in and put on her seat belt. Going around to John she said, "Now, I have put in the back a change of clothes for tomorrow. No taking a peak behind the veil till you're in your room. I hope you have a nice night." With a giggle she left.

The short drive to the hotel, Lin didn't say anything. John tried to start a conversation but the only reaction he got was Lin moving her arms around. At the hotel, John ended up having to carry Lin up the stairs to the room with the porter bringing along the bags. He put Lin on the bed and thanked the porter as he left.

"Alone finally." John sighed. Then feeling the urge, he said "Let's get you undressed."

John pulled off Lin's veil only to see a rubber face akin to a sex doll. There were 2 small holes in the big round plastic brown eyes and rubber tubes going up Lin's nose. In the open mouth was a plug. He pulled off Lin's gloves to see rubber hands. Taking the dress off, he looked at the rubber anime sex doll with white ballet boots on lying on the bed. The vagina and ass were both open rubber holes. The only real hints of a person inside was the shallow breathing chest and the urine bag strapped to the leg. Lin moved her arms to her head in an effort to remove the plug in her mouth and find the zip at the back of her bald head. John noticed both acts were futile. She could not get her thumb through the small ring of the gag. And it seemed Karen had put a small lock on the zip. John pulled out the plug and Lin made grunting noises her widely open mouth.

"It looks like your stuck in this. Karen put a lock on the zip."

Lin flopped on the bed in resignation.

"Still, we are married. Let's celebrate." John said. And with that, he proceeded to consummated their marriage.

Later that night, John woke to Lin's snoring through her agape mouth. So he put a plug in it.

John got dressed the following morning. When he woke he satisfied himself again. This time in Lin's ass. It felt nicer with the hole held open. The Lin sex doll lay forlornly on the bed.

John opened the large suitcase Karen supplied for Lin. He was only half hoping to find the key in there. Instead was a large bundle of folded clothing, and a few other bits and pieces. On top was a note.

John picked it up and read it out loud to Lin.

"Good morning my sweet couple. I hope you enjoyed your night. Sorry, but the key to the lock isn't in the suitcase. I put in your letterbox."

"Now, I know you cannot go walking around looking like a sex doll Lin, so I have packed you some beautiful clothes. The outfit I had you wear on that first weekend in the store."

"And since you cannot eat with your mouth gaping, you will find a bag of puree in the suitcase too."

"And John, after Lin has been changed from sex toy to an anime goth girl, open up the suitcase side pocket."

John sighed and help Lin sit up. "Looks like Karen has thought of everything." Let's get you dressed. I could do with some breakfast. "

Unfortunately dressing Lin wasn't a quick affair. The long corset took a good while to close around Lin's already narrow waist (John was quite sure she was already wearing another one under the anime sex doll outfit). And then there was the head itself. John pulled out the plug from Lin's mouth and eased the breathing and feeding tubes down. He noticed as he fitted the face and started screwing on the back that there were no eye holes. Lin would be totally blind. And given the padding, deaf too.

"Oh well." he thought as he attached the bag of puree to the feeding hole at the top of the head. John pushed the large dildos up Lin's vagina and ass. They were strangely labelled 'front' and 'back and quite heavy. John pulled up the nice black lace undies to hold them in. After emptying the urine bag, he laced her in the bulky dress and pulled the matching gloves up her arms. The last items in the bag were a monoglove and coat.

"Might as well put it on." John concluded. Lin struggled a bit when she realised John was putting her arms into the black leather monoglove. But soon he had it nice and tight with elbows touching at the back and straps tightly criss-crossing between her large breasts at the front. The coat went over and nicely hid the monoglove. John lay Lin back on the bed with her ballet boots hanging over the edge and opened the side pocket.

In there was another note and what looked like a car remote control. The note read,

"I hope you like the outfit Lin is wearing. In it, she is completely at your control, as she should be. But taking her outside would be quite difficult."

"So, for the last couple of months I have been training Lin for this without her realising."

"The remote control will guide Lin to walk where you want her to. You see, the dildos will start vibrating either in front or back depending on whether you want her to walk forwards or backwards. And pads on her breasts will give her mild shocks when you want her to turn left or right. Left trigger will make the pads around her vagina shock and Lin will sit. Right trigger for the pads on the bottom and Lin will stand."

"Sorry, but I didn't have time to work out how to do stairs."

"Have fun with your remote control Lin. Karen"

Grinning, John turned on the remote and sat Lin up. He pushed the right trigger on the remote. From the reaction, it looked like Lin had been smacked hard on the bottom as she jumped up awkwardly onto her ballet booted feet.

"Breakfast time." John said, guiding Lin to the hotel room door.

After breakfast, John and Lin took a leisurely walk (for John at least) through a park before they checked out and went home.

Lin had forgiven John after their honeymoon. She was also starting to wear corsets regularly. Not as tight as Karen had been lacing on her though.

Lin had wanted to return the sex toy outfit back to Karen. But John insisted that it would be rude. So it went on a hanger with the other catsuits left from the previous tenant. Lin had even worn one of the catsuits for John. It wasn't too uncomfortable and John definitely liked it.

Lin was looking forward to getting back into normal clothes and shoes now that she was married. The application for residency was already in.

And then, one day, they visited Karen. She seemed to have been waiting for them.

After some chat, Karen asked Lin when she was planning to come back to work.

"Business is great when you are here. And there are some new outfits I just want to see you try." She said.

"I don't want to work here. No more." Lin said.

"Oh, come on Lin. I don't want to make up the loss of you not being here by selling some certain pictures and recordings." Karen said.

Lin started to cry, realising that she was stuck with Karen's blackmailing. At this point John stepped in.

"Lin, go to the café and calm down. I will talk to Karen." He said.

Half an hour later, John joined Lin at the café carrying a large bag. Sitting down next to her, John explained how things went.

"So, Karen has given you 3 options. First, you go back to working 3 days a week. The second being she sells the recording she has of you. And the third is that you work for her for a week every month for a year. "he said.

Lin was left with no real option as she could see it. "So one week a month for a year" she said downcast.

"Yeh. The bad news, is Karen will be choosing an outfit for you to wear each time. And they will be quite ... demanding."

John showed Lin the contents of the bag. She couldn't make out anything specific, but it seemed like a lot of rubber and leather.

"This is the first outfit for you to wear. Karen wants your 'fully dressed' in this when you come in in a month' time." John explained. "And to be able to be ready, we are going to have to get you used to the outfit before. I don't think you will find it any consoling, but Karen says we can keep the outfits afterwards."

John explained that parts of the outfit included a very tight corset, large plugs for her orifices, and a single glove that will force her arms into a reverse prayer.

Returning home, John had Lin change into one of the hooded black catsuits. He then attached her to the lacing bar and laced her down to a 16-inch waist. While Lin was suspended and gasping for breath on the lacing bar, John forced the large inflatable but plug in her anus and a large vibrator in her vagina. Additionally, he attached the urine bag to her leg after pushing the tube into her bladder.

A ring gag in her mouth followed by an inflatable gag to stop the drool. For looks, John helped her into the latex maid's outfit then put the ballet boots on her feet.

"This is going to have to be your daily wear for starters so you can fit into that outfit." John explained to the shiny, rubber coated Lin that when she wasn't doing house chores, he will have to either put a monoglove on her or start working on the reverse prayer. Her waist will need to go down a little more and the plugs are going to get a bit larger.

John sat behind Lin, slowly tightening the monoglove until her elbows touched.

Pulling out the vibrator, John picked Lin up and set her down on his erect penis. "Only on week a month. And only for a year. Then it will be over. I promise." He said as he softly thrusted and slowly squeezed the bulb on the butt plug.

John stopped any programming of Lin after they had married. As a result, he had noticed her naturally drift away in their relationship. He knew she only wanted citizenship out of their marriage. And it was likely she would start planning on leaving him after the year had finished up with Karen.

John didn't want Lin as a dumb slave as he had trained My Lee. He respected Lin as a person. And should she eventually leave him, John would not fight.

That wasn't to say that he wasn't exploiting Lin. The marriage contract stipulated that Lin would not get any of John's assets or money. She would leave with only what she owned.

Additionally, John had full control still of how Lin looked and will look when and if she left. All Lin's clothes were fetish clothes. And as for looks, John's surprise birthday present for her changed that a bit more too. Lin unfortunately (for her) didn't like it.

John had been told of a surgeon 'from a friend of a friend' via Karen. For Lin's birthday, John had the surgeon enlarge Lin's breasts further to a G-cup. In addition, the surgeon removed two of her ribs and tattooed her lips bright red. Two tubes ran from just inside Lin's nose and down her throat. They joined to a single tube at the back of her throat and went down her oesophagus and past the vocal chords. All this was held in place via a grommet through Lin's septum. Lin could now breathe her mouth gagged and no fear of her nose blocking nor making a sound.

Oh, and he shortened her Achilles tendons. Lin wouldn't be walking in anything less than 5" heels now. Not that it mattered since all her footwear had ballet heels. But it meant that Lin had to wear them should she want to walk.

After 9 months of marriage and as many weeks working for Karen, Lin had been through a lot. The outfits and surgery wasn't cheap. John never did tell Lin how he had convinced Karen to have Lin work for her a week each month in extreme outfits. Karen was actually going to just give John the recordings anyway. But John instead convinced her to sell them and share the profit. As with the recordings made each week for the last 9 months. This had so far covered all the expenses.

Lin now constantly wore a butt plug after the constant stretching of her anus. A urine tube ran from her bladder, between her legs and past the butt plug to a bag in her bowels. It meant she only needed a 'bathroom visit' once a day.

John rolled over in bed and looked at Lin's back as she slept on her side. The top of the full body corset was visible tightly wrapped around Lin's neck. She wore nothing else tonight except for some fingerless mittens. The neck corset seemed to make Lin snore more often. John reached over to the bedside table as he did whenever Lin's snoring woke him and grabbed the inflatable gag. He gentle pushed it into her mouth and slowly inflated it. He didn't stop until Lin had woken up and started trying to make him. By that time her cheeks were painfully bulging and she couldn't make a sound. With the mittens on, Lin won't be removing it. Since they were now both awake, John decided to have sex. Lin wasn't very compliant as usual, having been woken up and been gagged. John just clipped her mittens to her the rings on the neck corset then threatened to get the spreader bar. Lin gave in. It didn't take long thrusting in Lin's dry vagina for John to go off. Something about the huge breasts, tiny corseted waist and a vagina made tight by a full urine bag in Lin's bowels just did it for him.

The last week working at Karen's fetish shop was very extreme for Lin. Over the period she had been there, the store had managed to build up a sizable clientele for a fetish store. All this was because of Lin and the attire she was 'required' to wear. After the breast enlargement to a G-cup, most of Lin's outfits didn't fit well. So, as a send-off, Karen devised a plan to her Lin get a new wardrobe. Each day, Karen would shortlist an array of items from sex toys, kinky underwear, corsets, custom catsuits, cosplay outfits and bondage items. She would then sell customers the opportunity to buy the outfits for Lin to wear that day either online or in store. Included in the cost was the privilege of the in store customers to help Lin put it on. Lin would then be required to wear the outfit all day and night until the following day's dressing. Karen set up streaming from some security cameras for the benefit of the online customers. It didn't take long each day before Lin was dressed and struggling to make her way around the store to help customers with any other purchase.

When John came to pick up Lin at the end of the week, Karen presented him with 2 large heavy suitcases. Once contained all the clothes Lin now owned. The other contained Lin tightly bound and gagged in her last outfit.

Not long after John and Lin's 12-month anniversary did Lin receive her citizenship. John gave it to Lin while they were having breakfast. At the time, Lin was only dressed in her underwear - ballet boots, latex stockings, rubber underpants with 2 dildos, and a tight corset going from hips to high neck.

"You have finally got your citizenship." John said to her as he passed it over the table.

"I know the main reason you wanted to marry was so you could get this. And now you have it, I have a feeling you will want to split up." John said.

Putting his hand gently over her small hand, John said, "Other this time, I have come to love you. And love your body too. But if you want to go I won't stop you."

"The decision is yours. I must admit you haven't been able to save much. But you should have enough money for a couple weeks rent somewhere or a flight back home if you want to leave." John said.

"But if whichever way you decide, it must be definite. Either you pack all your belongings and leave, or you stay and stay for the rest of our lives." John said.

Reaching up and caressing her chin, John said, "You don't have to decide right now. I think you should think seriously about it. I will give you a week. And to help, how about you stay in the other bedroom. I will move your clothes there for the while."

"I do love you Lin. And if you stay, I will keep loving you. And I will keep helping you wear your lovely clothes." John concluded.

John stood up and started cleaning up the plates. All the while, Lin stared at the letter.

Through the week, Lin wore as few of her fetish clothes as possible. She even made an effort to get some normal clothes. This proved very hard given her tiny body with huge breasts. All tops and dresses looked completely wrong with her breasts straining the material and being baggy below. The only time Lin saw John was at breakfast and dinner. The rest of the time, he was out at work.

There was little to do in the house other than cleaning, and nothing she could wear out of the house and feel comfortable. By the end of the week, Lin was spending her time moping around or masturbating.

With still no desire to go home and very little hope to get a proper job and accommodation with little money and only fetish clothes and a fetish body, Lin could see no escape. Though she did not share the love John expressed he had for her, she did still like him.

John stepped out through the front door. Holding the door open, he fingers some sort of remote. A small beautiful lady steps out after him. John closes the door and side by side they walk down the street. John is dressed in normal warm clothes in the cold winter morning. The lady though it dressed quite differently.

She is wearing what could be described as late 1800's outfit. This is the outfit, both visible and not visible to the casual observer.

The lady is wearing a large bonnet such that her face is only visible from front on. Her face is actually a very realistic mask that has been screwed on. It has only nose holes. There are no holes through the fake eyes. Between the fake lips is hidden a tube that travels down the lady's throat and into her stomach. The bonnet hides the fact that the mask does not have a wig on it.

Over the lady's body is heavy leather poncho. No arms or hands are visible from under the poncho. Under the poncho is large heavy armless jacket. This is tightly buttoned up the body and neck to just under the chin. It drapes over the very wide skirt.

The lady's arms are tightly embraced in a monoglove with elbows touching. The leather jacket pins the monoglove firmly against the lady's back.

Then there is the material dress itself. With buttons straining from the lower back to high behind the neck, it clearly outlines the lady's tiny waist and large breasts. The dress went down and out around the legs with a 1 metre diameter. Held out by metal hoops, it is quite heavy. Filling up the gap between the legs and the dress is numerous white petticoats. Her legs are held stiffly and tightly straight by a pair of thigh-high white ballet boots.

To hold such an extremely shaped figure in place is a heavily boned corset. It runs from the lady's hips and up to her neck. Only her huge breasts are not severely compressed. Instead, they are pushed up and together.

Under the corset, clothes and mask, the lady wears a tight latex condom catsuit. It covers her entire body with only nose holes visible. The 3 built in condoms travel deep into their orifices. The end of each condom in the suit has been cut away to allow for longer items. In the mouth is a long soft dildo that travels slightly down the lady's throat. The vagina has a large vibrator vibrating away. It holds up a hand full of small balloons filled with water in the corset-crushed womb of the lady. The butt holds an equivalently large vibrator vibrating. A tube runs underneath the condom catsuit from the lady's bladder to a bag in her large intestine. A small vibrating egg is also working away trapped tightly against the lady's clitoris.

Under the latex condom catsuit is a thick rubber catsuit. This covers the lady from head to toe with only the crotch and face uncovered. Even without the additional constriction, it hugs the lady's body tightly.

And finally, around the lady's crotch, backside and breasts are series of tens pads. These sporadically give the lady electric shocks to guide her movement.

Lin shudders and gasps. She can barely breath. She is in complete darkness and only hears the rapid pounding of blood in her head. Not one part of her body does not feel squeezed. Her toes are screaming as she is made to walk in an outfit that weighs near as much as she does. The mix of shocks and sexual vibrations only add another layer of numbingness to her brain. Her trained subconscious is what guides her movements as there is nothing else. She is a maid and cleaner at home. She is a sex toy and mannequin. Lin has gone. She is no longer a person. She is a rubber fetish toy.

The End
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