Jim and Jan
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Author's Note: 2nd attempt at a story. Didn't really like where this one was going so it rounds up quick. Apologies to those who were enjoying its direction. Hopefully I have done better job with the grammar and spelling this time.

Jim had just got engaged to Jan. Jim would describe himself as nothing special. And this would be a compliment. He was a small skinny guy and not too smart. Jan was a beautiful young lady in figure with a slim and fit body countered by nice large breasts. Her face and voice though was what turned most men away from her. She always looked as if she had just bitten into a lemon and when she talked it was close to a screech.

But both Jim and Jan saw past each other's detractors to see each other's inner beauty. This is not to say, for Jim at least, that he didn't want more. Jim's 'male brain' between his legs had a thing for fetish clothes on women. And Jim often imagined Jan clad in a figure-enhancing catsuit with a hood and gag hiding her only imperfections.

Now, Jim loved this mental image so much he felt he had to tell Jan. Without her knowing and liking this fantasy of his, he was sure his relationship with her wouldn't last.

Jim was scared to show Jan images of women he used to masturbate to. And telling Jan to her face was also too scary. Better her find out when he wasn't there so she had a chance to think and decide. That way it would be a short 'good bye' or a long life in fantasy come true. Hopefully the later.

So, Jim shopped around on-line when Jan wasn't around. He had, through various means (mainly while she was asleep snoring away) managed to get a full set of measurements of Jan's body.

Jim found a site where the models and merchandise seemed very nice. But the ordering process was a bit unique. It started by asking for the wearer's measurements. But then it went through a questionnaire of what was desired.

Jim selected that he wanted a catsuit that covered the whole body including feet and hands. The wearer was to be a sub (his fantasies always had him in control). That the catsuit would be worn during sex. After this, the questions got more specific. Jim let his fantasies answer the questions.

Will wearer have wig, ponytail or no hair on hood - no hair

Will the wearer have her face covered - yes.

Will wearer have clear covered face, artificial face, no features - artificial face

Will wearer be able to see - yes

Will wearer eyes be visible or artificial eyes - artificial eyes

Will the wearer give oral intercourse - yes

Will the wearer be able to talk - no

Is the wearer an experienced sub or require training - training

Will the wearer stay in this outfit for more than a day - yes

Will the wearer be able to walk - yes

Select heel size - ballet

Will the wearer have gloved hands, fingers stuck together or mitts - fingers stuck together

Will the wearer give vaginal intercourse - yes

Will the wearer give anal intercourse - yes

After all these options, the web site showed an outfit. The price was very expensive. It also offered a list of recommended and optional additions.

From the recommended Jim selected some items including an enema kit, corset and lacing bar setup.

The optional items were more varied. One thing that caught his eye were a pair of hollow gel dildo pants with matching gag. He chose that amongst other selections like a monoglove, hood with penis gag, and a maid's outfit.

The total bill was almost as much as a cheap new car! Reality started to dawn on Jim. Did he really want to spend all this money on what would either make or break his relationship?

'Well', Jim figured, 'I lose big time with Jan if I spend little or lots. So might as well go for the full thing.'

Jim paid via direct transfer and spent most of his savings in that one go. He accepted the complimentary offer of the 'Initial Professional Quality Fitting' that came with the purchase. The purchase came with a 7-day money refund on 'returnable goods' (again, technical jargon) so maybe he could use that if Jan ditched him.


Jan really liked Jim. They had met each other for about 4 years ago at work. Then, the company went bust. Jim managed to get another job and Jan moved into the small house Jim owned. She would rather stay near the city than go back and live in a rural town with her parents. Over the last couple of years, Jan had made a few friends at work, but those connections died with the company. Now she just had Jim.

Jim was sweet. occasionally he was weird, but overall he was a nice guy. They had been dating for a year before he suddenly proposed. Jan wasn't expecting this since she had just lost her job and moved in with him. Being totally unexpected and fearing further upheaval in her life, Jan accepted. Jim, being his weird self, gave her a simple but nice ring and a pair of wet-look tights. Jan kindly wore them for him that night. They weren't on for long before Jim was peeling them off and they had sex for the first and only time. It was a bit painful given it was Jan's first time and she couldn't even get wet by the time Jim was piercing her vaginal hood with his small, thin penis and going off in her. Jim later apologised profusely. 6 months since moving in with Jim, Jan was still looking for a job. Today she didn't have any interviews. So, she spent the morning cleaning up a little then getting ready for a jog around the local park area.

There was a knock at the door. A delivery man was there with 2 large boxes.

"Good morning madam. I have a delivery here for Jim Horath that requires his signature.", he said.

"Jim is out at work sorry. Can I sign for it?" Jan squeaked back in her scratchy voice.

"May I ask what your name and relationship is to Mr Horath please?", the delivery person replied.

"I am Jan Masgivle, Jim's fiancÚ.", Jan replied a little haughtily.

The delivery person put the boxes down on the doorstep and flipped through the papers on his clipboard.

"Hmm ... It should be ok. Could you sign here please.", the delivery person eventually said.

Jan noticed as she signed the form that the boxes were from a company called 'Realistic Fantasies'.

The delivery person put the boxes on the floor in the sparse lounge room. Jan wondered what the boxes held as the delivery person flipped through the pages again on the clip board.

"Seems to be a box short.", the delivery person mumbled.

"I'll need to go back to the store to get another box. It'll take about an hour. Will you still be here?" the delivery person asked Jan.

"Sure." Jan said thinking she would have to postpone her jog.

After the delivery person left, Jan opened the first box. In it was a pair of shiny, black and heavily boned crotch-high boots. The heels on the boots were so long and there was no bend at the ankle or knee. It would make the wearer stand on the tips of their toes!

Dumbfounded, Jan went and opened the second large box. At the top was some black shiny thing. Pulling it out, Jan first thought it was a life-size black sex doll. Then she noticed the zip at the back. Jim had bought some extremely kinky outfit for her to wear. Ignoring the other things at the bottom of the second box, Jan shoved the catsuit back in. She was not going to be Jim's fetish model!

Jan called Jim but she went through to his voice mail.

Having trouble thinking clearly, Jan garbled "Your delivery arrived. Kinky boots... Black rubber outfit ... what! ... Jim... I don't ...". Jan hung up.

Fuming, she stormed around the house trying to work out what to do. First she would send everything back. Then ...!

The delivery person came back carrying the last box. He brought an associate who carried a large briefcase. He was a bit surprised, but not shocked to see Jan upset and angry. He nodded as Jan demanded they take back the boxes and came in on the pretence to return the goods. While Jan watched the delivery person retrieve the boxes, his associate put a chloroformed cloth over her face. The associate lay the suddenly unconscious Jan on the lounge. The delivery person brought in the case and last box and closed the front door. Together they put on gloves and got to work.

The customer agreement said only the purchaser (Jim) could return the goods. In addition, the fine print of the 'Initial Professional Quality Fitting' covered an unwilling wearer at the purchaser's risk / responsibility.

The associate stripped Jan while the delivery person found the ideal spot and installed the lacing bar in the house. The associate gave Jan an injection that would keep her out while they prepared her.

Together, the delivery person and associate carried Jan into the bathroom. The associate got some clippers and wax strips and started removing all of Jan's body hair. Checking the paperwork, the delivery person said "Mask with fake eyes and no head hair for this one." The associate nodded. He used a wax strip to remove Jan's eyebrows and tweezers to remove her eye lashes. Then it was the clippers and shaver to remove all remaining hair on her head. He finished off by cutting all Jan's finger and toe nails as far back as possible.

The delivery person came in with the enema kit. The associate lifted the completely hairless Jan onto the toilet and started cleaning out her bowels while the delivery person cleaned up all the hair clippings and wax strips. A straw as inserted into Jan's urinary tract to empty her bladder.

The associate then cleaned Jan's teeth thoroughly. Together, they both wiped Jan's whole body down with antiseptic, including her orifices - ears, nose, mouth anus, vagina and urinary tract. Finally, her glisteningly clean body was covered with talc powder.

Jan was now ready to get dressed.

They carried Jan out of the bathroom and put her on the bed.

"This lady is getting those new gel-insert pants.", the delivery person commented.

The associate pushed his fingers into Jan's anus and then vagina.

"She is going to be a bit too tight as it is.", he said. He went to his bag and pulled out another needle. This one contained a muscle relaxant. Injecting it around Jan's orifices he said "Some guys really don't understand the size of things down here."

While the associate waited for the drug to work, the delivery person unpacked the other boxes and laid the items cross the bed for easy access. The associate picked up the rubber pants. The dildos flopped around while the thin urinary tube stood erect. The hollow dildo inserts were each about 8 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. Gel filled the middle of each dildo. When something was pushed through the dildo, the gel would be pushed to the outside. At most, the dildos could expand to over 3.5 inches wide.

After adding lubricant to the dildos, the associate pulled the pants up Jan's legs. He first slowly worked the front dildo into Jan's tight vagina then the back dildo into the tighter anus. With them half in, the associate inserted the urinary tube. He slowly worked the pants up to tightly hug Jan's bottom. With a gentle push on front and back dildos, they were fully in and the anus and vagina tried to close in around their bases. The pants were not coming off easily.

The delivery person and associate next started putting the rubber catsuit on Jan.

"This is going to be a very tight fit." grunted the associate as they finally got it up to her hips.

"Mr Horath does seem to get a bit inaccurate in his measurements." replied the delivery person.

They each worked Jan's hands down the arm sleeves and into the fingers of the flat hand. The mitts then went over the hands. The rubber maid stockings went up her legs. With all appendages done, they each grabbed a ballet boot. Forcing Jan's toes into the very point of the boot, they started the process of lacing. The leather was very stiff and squeezed Jan's legs in their unbending tubes when the lacing was tightly completed. Jan was then carried out to the lounge room. Exploiting her stiff legs to balance her, Jan's arms were stretched up and strapped wide apart on the lacing bar. The delivery person went and came back with the spreader bar. After attaching one ankle to the bar, he pushed Jan's legs apart and attached the other. Jan's ballet boots now hovered just above the ground as she hung suspended in the air. The delivery person clipped the centre of the spreader bar to an anchor in the floor.

The associate retrieved the skin coloured mask. from the neck of the mask three tubes were visible - two short ones and a longer one.

Unzipping the back showed the tubes originating from the nostrils and mouth. The mouth started with a wide ring gag followed by a gel dildo akin to those in Jan's lower orifices. This one was 5 inches long. After that was a metal ring followed by a soft large tube that could accommodate the girth of a large penis and would run down into Jan's stomach. The associate started by inserting the nasal tubes into Jan's nose. He stopped when the mask was almost fully up to her face. The associate retrieved 2 wedges which he forced into Jan's mouth forcing it wide open.

"We will need to wait for her to wake up before I can get the stomach tube down." he said.

They sat on the lounge for the short wait as the drugs wore off.

Jan started to wake up groggily. First she noticed her wrists and shoulders hurt. Next was an unpleasant fullness in in her butt and vagina. She tried to move her arms down but they wouldn't move. What was going on. Jan let out a moan from her opened mouth. She heard a creak from the lounge behind her. Something flopped around in front of her face and pulled at her nose as she tried to turn around.

"Hello Jan.", she heard a voice say.

Jan moaned loudly. The associate stepped in front her and started pushing something into her mouth. Jan tried to scream as the associate kept pushing something down her throat.

"Swallow please." the associate said calmly as the scream turned into a gargle. Jan tried shaking her head around to dislodge whatever was being pushed down. Strong hands grabbed her head from behind and held it still.

"Now swallow please." the associate repeated calmly.

Jan felt the bile stirring in her belly with the tube rubbing the back of her throat. Involuntarily, she swallowed to stop throwing up. At the same time, she felt the tube slip further down her throat.

"Thank you." the associate said.

Jan continued to struggle as the associate pushed something large into her mouth. He pulled out what that was originally holding her mouth open. Only the large object still kept it wide open. Jan's effort to make any noise was completely muted even though she could still somehow breath. The associate pushed the nose tubes firmly in and pulled the mask over her head. In-built ear pieces were fitted into her ears blocking out most sound. Jan felt the zip being pulled down her bald scalp to the base of her neck tightly hugging her head. There was the push at the base of her neck and a beep in her ears.

The shock realisation hit Jan as she looked out from the lenses in the mask. Her bald head?! Jan started thrashing around as the associate worked the hood of the rubber catsuit over her head. Another zip was slowly worked down from her head to bottom squeezing her torso as she thrashed.

A female voice started playing in her ears.

It said "I love rubber. I am a slut. I am a slave. I am a rubber slut slave." This was repeated over and over again as she thrashed vainly.

Then it was interrupted with the command "I will stay still." in the same voice.

Jan continued to thrash around. The command was repeated. She still thrashed.

Then the voice said, "I have been bad and will be punished." Jan felt a severely jolt of pain as the metal ring down her throat gave her a nasty electric shock. She felt as if her brain went numb and her heart missed a beat.

After the shock, Jan shook again only for the voice to repeat that she was bad and the shock. This was enough for to make Jan stop.

Something was wrapped around her waist and slowly jerked tighter. It did not stop until Jan was gasping for air from her compressed ribs. Another hood was pulled over her head. This one she could not see out of. Something went in her mouth that seemed it force it open painfully wider and make her cheeks bulge. She felt it being tightened tightly around her head making her feel claustrophobic. In her blinded world, she could only hear the voice saying she was a rubber slut slave.

The bar between her legs was removed and Jan stood for the first time unsteadily on her toes in the boots. It was painful but offered a little relief to her stretched arms.

Jan was made to lift each leg and something was pulled and over her body.

The voice again interrupted its repetition to tell her to be still. Then her arms were undone as someone held her waist to keep her steady. her arms were guided through sleeves and a zip pulled up her back. Whatever the outfit was, it seemed to force her breasts up and together.

Jan's arms were held behind her back and something was pulled over them. Again, some jerking as the monoglove pulled her arms painfully together. Jan struggled a little. There was a pause in the jerking as she was told to be still again.

Jan was told to walk and she was guided and supported blindly moving her stick-like legs. She was stopped, turned, and the spreader bar was re-applied to her legs. Something was threaded through the tight straps of the arm binder, and with a bit of yanking up she was left somehow supported by something above her. Jan was now left alone, terrified and bound, unable to move or adjust her weight in the ballet toed boots. All the while, a female voice intoned " I love rubber. I am a slut. I am a slave. I am a rubber slut slave."

Jim listened to the missed call that he received that morning. He didn't call Jan. The outfit had arrived, she had seen it, and now she will probably leave him. Jim didn't want to go home and as a result left work late. He ended up getting home around 8pm. The house was quiet and felt empty. He looked in a couple of rooms but Jan wasn't to be seen. A lacing bar was set up in the lounge and a pile of papers and a small touchpad were on the kitchen bench. It was instruction manuals for the outfit. But the clothes weren't to be seen. This time, Jim looked thoroughly through the house. He found the fully rubber clad and hooded Jan perched in her ballet boots and wearing the frilly latex maids outfit and strapped to the clothes rail in the bedroom wardrobe. This real-life fantasy got his hormones flowing so quickly. Before he knew it, Jim had his pants around his ankles as he thrust his already erect penis into Jan's gel-filled vagina. It took Jim no time to go off. Jan must have loved it given the way her body writhed around in her restraints. Jim stood hugging Jan's tight rubber body afterwards as his cock slowly shrank.

Jan didn't leave him. And she actually put all the outfit on. Jim pulled up his pants and retrieved the papers and touchpad. Sitting on the bed with the occasional glance at the fantasy strapped up in the wardrobe, Jim scanned through the paperwork. It was a guide on how to use the touchpad. The touchpad was used to help train and tell Jan what to do. It would also remind Jim for whenever Jan needed something.

Turning on the touchpad, it brought up 2 notices - need to wee, and need to feed.

Jim undid the spreader bar and the straps holding Jan up. Jan almost fell but Jim caught her. He led the shiny black rubber Jan to the bathroom. With some trouble, he plonked her on the toilet seat. Kneeling between her legs that wear sticking out straight, Jim noticed a little fob. Pulling it out, a thin plug came out followed by a stream of urine.

"Wow.", Jim marvelled as the ingenuity of Jan's outfit. He was almost ready to fuck her again. Jim asked Jan to stand but she wouldn't. Jim went and got the touchpad. Going through the options, Jim found the command. He selected 'Stand up.' He tried to help Jan up but she still refused. Jim selected 'Stand up' again, but Jan still refused to stand. An option showed on the touchpad asking if Jan should be punished. Jim selected yes and watch Jan thrash a little. This time when Jim selected 'Stand up', Jan stood with his assistance. Jim guided her to the kitchen and leant her against a wall. He found the option 'Stay still'. With Jan facing the wall, Jim undid the tight lacing holding the hood on. Pulling the hood off and penis gag out of her mouth, Jim gazed at Jan's fake face. The flesh coloured latex skin. The fake doll-like eyes staring straight ahead. The circle mouth filled by the gel dildo. The touchpad was put down and the pants went down too. This time Jim thrust his slowly hardening penis up Jan's gel-filled ass. Jan started moving so Jim used the touchpad on the bench beside him and selected 'Stand still'. Jan kept trying to push Jim away with her monoglove bound arms. So Jim tapped 'stay still' again. Then he punished her. Jim kept thrusting in and out of Jan's ass while squeezing her rubber encased breasts and occasionally tapping 'punish'. By the time Jim finally went off in her ass, Jan had been punished 2 more times. But Jim felt so good. Fucking Jan's rubber ass was bliss.

Leaving Jan panting and leaning against the wall, Jim looked up the manual for how to feed her. It recommended a puree fed via a long tube. Jim didn't have a long tube. Searching through the drawers, Jim found a long spout funnel. Going through the pantry, Jim decided he would feed her a pureed cucumber. Jan tried to move off her toes so Jim tapped the 'stay still' button again. He pureed the cucumber in a blender. He guided Jan to the lounge and got her to lie down. Pushing the long narrow funnel gently into her mouth and poured the mush down. Leaving the funnel there, Jim got a cup of water to wash the mush down. Jim left Jan lying on the lounge and made his own dinner.

After dinner, Jim used to touchpad to get Jan to stand up (with some help) and guided her to bed. Jim was going to take the ballet boots off Jan's legs but decided against it since they looked so nice on. Instead, he put the spreader bar back on her hoping the restricted movement would protect the bed sheets.

Jim lay down next to his encumbered fiancÚ.

"I am so thankful you like this outfit Jan." he said to her not knowing she could not hear him.

"I have fantasized about women dressed like this. And I was scared you would leave me when you saw it. But here you are. You put it all on for me. I really cannot thank and love you enough. " he said then kissed her rubber cheek.

Jim ran his hand up and down Jan's glistening black body. He toyed with her rubber breasts, made firm and prominent by the tight corset and maids outfit. Finally, Jim succumbed and rolled onto her. He intended to go as long and slow as he could this time so Jan could enjoy it. For the next 20 or so minutes, Jim slowly thrust in and out of Jan's tight gel vagina while he watched her chest pant, head rock back and forth, and what seemed like her writhing and thrusting with him. Finally, Jim came. He got up, got the hood, held it in her line of sight and asked Jan if she wanted to wear it. The shake of her head Jim deemed as a no. So he put it on the bedside table, turned off the light and cuddled up to his rubber Jan.

Jan was terrified. She didn't know where she was. They put a hood on her and guided her somewhere and strapped her standing up with her legs apart. Her shoulders were aching from the tight monoglove. Her mouth ached from the gag and her throat felt uncomfortable from the tube. The corset made breathing hard and the huge plugs in her front and back had really started to ache. But worst at the moment was the pain of standing on her toes. She couldn't relieve it at all. How long she stood there blindly listening to the woman's repetitive voice. How much time past she didn't know.

Then suddenly someone was pressing against her and shoving something huge up her already stretched vagina. She felt like she was being ripped apart. But all she could do was shake her head as she silently screamed.

And as quick as it started, it stopped. Panting, Jan waited for the next assault. But nothing for a long time. Her legs were eventually unbound as were the straps holding her up and she was led somewhere again and made to sit. The boots didn't accommodate for sitting and she ended up with her legs spread. Then Jan felt her bladder involuntarily empty.

The voice told her to stand but Jan was going to fight. That was until she was shocked. Again, she was led somewhere and leant against a wall. Her toes really hurt but not as much as the memory of the shock.

The hood was removed and bright light blinded her through the narrow lensed eyes of the hood. This was soon followed by a horrific pain in her ass. It felt like a baseball bat was being shoved up it. And there was rough groping of her breasts even through the rubber. Jan couldn't take it and tried to push whoever it was away. The feminine voice told her to be still, but the pain was too great. She kept struggling. She didn't know how long her ass was raped, nor how many shocks she got. But it felt like eternity. Finally, it stopped. She stood there, supported only by the stiffness of the boots and corset. She didn't know what really happened for the next half hour. She was moved and her tummy was filled somehow. Moved again and then was lying uncomfortably on a bed with her bound arms being squashed by her weight and legs held apart. Someone was touching her. Then they rolled onto her. Jim! It was Jim. And whatever he was shoving in her vagina, it was huge. She couldn't shake him off and he kept going and going. For ages he pounded her over-stretched vagina. The finally he must have come. Jan lay there crying. It hurt so much! The hood was waved in front of her face and she shook it to avoid it being put on. The lights went out. Jan lay there panting and exhausted. She didn't know if she slept. At some point, she moved and nudged Jim. Next thing she knew, the hood was over her face and cheeks bulging, held on by the penis gag.


Jim woke to the sound of the alarm. In his usual morning daze, he got up, went to the bathroom, and started making breakfast. Only when he was half way through his cereal did he remember Jan. Forgetting about the cereal, he rushed back to bed to see his rubber maid lying there with the hood flopped over her head. Smiling, he gently lifted her sleeping head and fitted the hood properly. Then he mounted her and had a quick fuck. Oh, he was so lucky! And the hood looked so nice on her. Getting up the now awake Jan, he checked the touchpad. 3 reminders were displayed - wee, poo and feed. Jim got the guided her to the toilet like last night and let Jan wee. Then, flicking through the manual, he found the instructions to give Jan an enema.

Jan didn't seem to enjoy it much, but with a few 'keep still' commands and a punish, Jan was all flushed. Only then did Jim notice the time. He was running late for work!

Leaving Jan perched on the toilet, Jim got changed for work. Then, getting her up, he guided her out and lay her on the lounge. The hood came off and Jim's leftover cereal was poured down the funnel followed by some milk straight from the bottle. Scanning around, Jim tried to work out what to do next.

"Monoglove." he thought. He undid the straps, unceremoniously rolled Jan over and undid the laces. The he quickly grabbed the touchpad and manuals, tossed them in his suitcase and left with a quick goodbye.

Jan woke with a start. the world was black again and something huge was thumping in and out of her vagina again. Still unable to move, she laid there and cried. The female voice kept telling her "I love rubber. I am a slut. I am a slave. I am a rubber slut slave." Finally, Jim finished and her legs were unbound. She was told to stand and was guided to the toilet. Then a huge thing was shoved up her ass and her squashed bowls filled with water. Jan gasped for breath and tried to push it out. She was told to stay still. But the pain was horrid. She was told to stay still again. Jan struggled not to squirm but was told to stay still a third time. Then Jan was told she was being bad and was punished. Her throat burnt and the shock jolted her whole body. Jim finally finished. Guided to the lounge, the hood came off. Jim rushed in front of her babbling but she couldn't hear him. Her stomach suddenly ached as he quickly fed her. Then he flipped her over. The monoglove came off and her arms screamed in pain as they came apart. Jan lay there gasping. By the time Jan finally managed to be able to move her arms, Jim was gone.

Jan rolled over and swung her stiff legs over the lounge. Standing up without assistance was going to be very hard but she managed. Teetering in her thigh high ballet boots and using the walls to support her, Jan eased her way to the front door. She had to escape. But the mitted hands proved useless on the door knob. Sobbing, and tired Jan made her way to the bedroom. There, standing in front of the full-length mirror, she saw herself for the first time.

Her legs looked like those of a kinky ballerina perched on her toes. The boots laced tightly keeping them stiff all the way to the crotch. Her waist was tiny. A glossy black maid's dress completely edged with white frill adorned her body. The skirt flared out wide at the hips with white frills but not low enough to hide her black rubber bottom and two flesh coloured rings for her vagina and ass. It was held down by two black suspenders on each leg going under the boots. Her black rubber breasts stood out lewdly framed by more white frills. The rubber catsuit tightly covered her arms with mitts buckled on tightly covering her useless hands. The catsuit hood went up over her head and showed her face. But her face was a perverted dolls face. A ring mouth that looked akin to her vagina and ass, and fake emotionless doll eyes that hid the distraught of the wearer. She was dressed like a rubber maid slut.

"I love rubber. I am a slut. I am a slave. I am a rubber slut slave.", the voice intoned in her ears.

Jan fell back onto the bed. Aching, upset, demoralised and tired, she fell asleep.

Jim spent his spare time scanning the manuals. His latest fantasy was to try oral sex with Jan. But how was he going to get her head at the right height. The boots wouldn't let her kneel and the ballet toes meant she wouldn't be able to balance.

An idea came to him. Now he would just have to try control himself for long enough to try it.

When Jim got home, Jan was lying quietly on her side on the bed. Oh, how hard it was not to ravish her right there and then. Instead he quietly got the spreader bar and used it to strap Jan's arms apart behind her back. Then, since the temptation was so great, he left her and started making dinner. Half way through cooking it, Jim heard Jan stirring. He left her there until he had finished dinner and prepared her mush. Taking the touchpad, he instructed Jan to stand up. With help he took her the bathroom for the nightly pee and then lay her out on the lounge. Instructing her to stay still, he fed her through the funnel. Then Jim went to the bedroom to get a pair of Jan's stockings. He guided Jan to stand underneath the lacing bar. For each stocking leg he tied one end to the cuffs. Jim lifted the spreader bar holding Jan's arms up behind her back up until she was bent at a 90-degree angle. He tied the other end of the stockings lacing bar. Though the stockings had a bit of stretch, there wasn't enough to allow Jan to stand up straight. Then with pants down, Jim slowly thrust his penis into Jan's mouth.

"Time for your dessert Jan. " he said as he pushed all the way in. Jim noticed Jan's rubber cheeks puff out when he pushed in, and then how they returned to normal as he pulled out. Back and forth Jim slid into Jan's mouth while firmly holding her head still. She shuffled around a bit to try stay balanced on her ballet boots. Jim couldn't reach the touchpad so he let Jan off. Instead he went off long and hard. It was almost as good as her ass.

Jim left her bent over there with her arms bobbing to the elastic stockings. He turned on the TV for the Friday night movie. Sitting down with a beer, he relaxed.

Half way through the movie, Jim got a second beer for himself. Feeling kind, he got one of Jan's vodka mix drinks out. forcing Jan's head up and to the side, he shoved the bottle deep into her mouth. With bulging cheeks, the drink emptied into her tummy.

After a short while, Jan slipped over and was struggling to recover her balance. Jim got up and helped her. Standing behind Jan to steady her, Jim admired Jan' beautiful rubber bottom framed by the flared maids skirt. Penis awake again, Jim held her hips and entered her vagina. With long slow thrusts, Jim leant forward and mauled Jan's luscious rubber breasts. Back and forth he went, admiring Jan's tiny waist and rubber body. Any time Jan struggled or lost balance, Jim pulled out, smacked her rubber butt and thrust straight back in. Nearing climax, Jim pulled out of the vagina and thrust hard into Jan's ass. Jan almost dislocated her arms trying to straighten up and she struggle more. But Jim kept thrusting, slapping and squeezing Jan's breasts. Then, with a final deep thrust and hard squeeze of Jam's rubber orbs, Jim went off.

Falling back on the lounge while Jan wobbled on her toes, Jim sighed. Jan's ass was unbeatable. And looking at how Jan was wobbling, she must have liked it too, he thought.

Pulling across the touchpad, he noticed a different alert - charge.

Going through the manuals, he found a section on charging. Apparently, he was supposed to recharge the touchpad and also recharge the wearer. There was a micro usb port at the base of the head that was supposed to connect to the touchpads for charging and upgrades. It recommended to ensure the wearer does not remove the cable while recharging.

'How to do that.', Jim pondered for a while.

Jim got up and found the cables and bondage gear. He set the touchpad up on Jan's bedside table. Then he untied the stockings holding Jan's arms up. Jan collapsed to the floor. Jim tried to get Jan to stand but she wouldn't. With the touchpad in the bedroom, Jim instead grabbed Jan under the arms and dragged her. He plonked her on her belly on the bed. With a bit of looking, Jim found the little slot for the plug. To keep it there Jim decided to use the hood. Jan shook her head when the gag started going in her mouth. Jim tapped 'keep still' on the touch pad a couple of times. With the gag fully in and Jan's cheeks beautifully bulging, Jim laced it up. Jan shook her head some more in the process so Jim punished her. She needed to learn.

Next, to stop Jan from using her arms to pull out the cord, was the monoglove. But once Jim undid the buckles on the spreader bar, Jan's mitted hands went straight to her head. Jim pushed the stay still and tried to guide her hands behind her back but Jan fought. Jim had to punished Jan 3 times before he managed to get them trapped in the monoglove. But Jan had managed to knock the cord out. Jim was frustrated now. He pulled the laces tight, strapped the monoglove to her body then tightened the laces further. He didn't stop until Jan's elbows were pushed together. Then he tightened the straps one more notch. Undoing the laces on the hood, Jim re-inserted the cable then tightened the hood as tight as he could. The spreader bar was strapped to the ankles and Jan was rolled onto her back.

The tight monoglove and straps made Jan arch her back slightly and forced her breasts to bulge out even more. They bounced quickly up and down with the quick gasps of Jan's breasts. Jim turned off the light and fell on Jan. He mauled away at Jan's breasts as he worked his tired penis into its third erection in such a short time. Over and over he pounded away at Jan's vagina while his hands went wild over her body. Squeezing her ass and breasts, Jim worked long and fervently to get himself to get himself off. At some time during this, Jan passed out and stopped struggling. But Jim kept going, pounding away at the rubber doll that Jan was. After what seemed like eternity, his orgasm came. Jim rolled off Jan all sweaty and tired and fell asleep.

Jan woke with a start. In her head were the echoes of a bad dream. She was walking around all dressed in rubber begging Jim to fuck her. But whenever he did, it hurt and she ran away. Only then she would crawl back and ask him to try again. "I am a rubber slut slave." Jan heard the voice say. It was dark. Jan tried to sit up only to find out her arms were spread out by a bar behind her back. Why couldn't Jim stop this and just release her. Jan struggled futilely to get comfortable but was unable to do so.

After a while, she was told to stand and Jim took her to the bathroom. Jim made her do a wee then, in the lounge, forced some unknown substance into her tummy. Jan no longer had any control of herself. Every bodily function Jim controlled.

Jim got her to stand up. Then he pulled the spreader bar up. Jan struggled to balance as he forced her to bend over for some reason. It became clear though, when she saw his erect penis through her limited vision. Demoralised, Jan stood there bent over. The only sensation she felt was that of her mouth being filled and emptied. At least it was a lot less painful compared to him raping her vagina and ass.

Jim finished but he didn't release her. Jan struggled balancing in the ballet boots. Her arms hurt from being elevated and bent back.

After some time, Jim grabbed her head and forced something into her fake mouth. Jan began to feel groggy. Then she slipped. Her legs danced around to try relieve the sudden strain of her arms bent further backward. Flailing, she felt Jim's hand hold her hips and steady her. Jan was only shortly grateful for soon she felt the enormous stretching from Jim entering her vagina. She could do nothing but try focus on balancing as he hurt her breasts with his squeezing and vagina with his thrusting. Then he suddenly rammed what felt like a baseball bat in her ass. Jan jolted up only to go down again as her arms screamed out. She skittered around as Jim painfully slapped her breasts and thumped away at her ass. He finished and she saw him collapse on the lounge in front of her as she gasped exhaustedly from the onset. Again, the stiffness of the ballet boots prevented her weak legs from collapsing.

Jim eventually untied Jan and led her to the bedroom. Jan lay down gratefully. Only then he started to put the hood on her. Jan tried to resist but she could do nothing. When Jim undid her arms though, Jan tried to make it clear she wanted the hood off. But Jim was trying to get her hands behind her back. Jan realised he wanted to put the monoglove on her. She fought as hard as she could. But when the punishment came, she had trouble controlling her limbs. Jan was mentally screaming when he finally secured her arms. But the pain of how tight he did it was worse. He kept pulling and pulling till Jan was nearly sure her arms would be ripped out of their sockets. Then her head and mouth was squashed when the hood was re-laced.

When Jim lay on her, the pressure of the monoglove and his weight brought her to a world of pain. And Jim seemed to want to keep her there with his thrusting in her vagina and abuse to her poor breasts. The pain kept going on and on until Jan finally blacked out.


Jim started his morning with his morning fuck. It was Saturday, and he intended to do nothing but use his rubber Jan doll all morning. In the afternoon, he would let her out and they would go grocery shopping. And, should Jim be truly lucky, Jan would be back in the outfit by nightfall. Jim went off, flipped Jan over and played with her until he was ready for his second fuck up Jan's ass. Jan was really awake now, Jim smiled to himself. Jim loosened her hood, unplugged the cable, then tightened it again. With the spreader bar off, Jim helped Jan with her ablutions. He had to punish her for squirming again while flushing her ass again.

The hood came off and they had breakfast together. That being Jim having a bowl of cereal then pouring Jan's down the funnel.

After cleaning up from breakfast, Jim decided to do hole #3. Jim used a stocking again to tie the end to the monoglove to the spreader bar. He took his time pushing Jan's head back and forth, feeling her rubber body all over as her orally satisfied him. After eventually going off, Jim decided to release Jan. He untied the stocking from the monoglove and took it off her. Jan just stood still as he desired. Next came the mitts. He unzipped the maid dress and pulled it down, letting it hang from the suspenders. Jim admired how the corset accentuated Jan's waist. And it could theoretically close another 5 inches. 'Maybe this evening ...' Jim's thoughts trailed. He then noticed the catsuit zip that ran down Jan's back to just below the corset had a lock on it. The catsuit was locked on. Getting Jan to lean on the nearby wall, Jim looked for the key. He did not remember seeing any. Soon giving up, Jim decided to call Fantasy Desires. He was lucky they were open on the Saturday.

After introductions, Jim explained the situation.

"Yes sir," the person on the phone said, "this is part of the 7-day return policy in the purchase agreement. The key shall be delivered next week Thursday. Should you be unsatisfied with your purchases at that point, you can then explore a means of refund. "

"Oh, no refunds will be required." Jim said. "We are both loving it."

Jim went on about how the outfit was so great. He commented that Jan had trouble walking in the thigh high ballet boots, how feeding her was troublesome and he was having to punish her a bit.

The person on the phone took all this in. "Sir, ", he said, "Would you mind if I recommend some additional products?"

She recommended a feeding kit, a pair of gel dildo pants that incorporated both improved punishment and praise, and some knee-high ballet boots. Though Jim saw good value in all, he was worried about his bank balance.

"I might be able to help you out there, sir. We are always on the lookout for new models who live in near proximity to out outlet. And you are not too far away. Should you and your partner be willing, I should be able to offer you a good discount on these.", the person on the phone said.

Jim accepted and arranged for a photo shoot and the key to come on the following Saturday. He said he would contemplate the other products.

Hanging up, Jim turned to Jan, who was no longer where he had left her. She was now in front of the front door trying to open it with her flipper-like hands, maid's dress still hanging around her ballet booted legs.

"Come now," he said to Jan, "We can go out later. But not with you half dressed like that."

When he went to pull Jan back, her arms went flailing and they both fell over.

"Careful now ... Oww!", Jim said only to get hit by Jan. She didn't seem to be happy. She pushed herself up against the hallway wall, legs sticking straight out. Jim offered a hand to help her up, but she refused to take it.

Jim sat down on the floor too. "I suppose you overheard and you are upset that you are stuck in your outfit for the next week." He said. "I'm sorry, but I didn't realize that was the condition of purchase. But apparently, it is OK for you to wear it for a long period of time. Let's just make the most of it, yeh?"

Standing up, Jim offered his hand again. But Jan refused, folding her arms.

"This is ridiculous. Come on Jan." Jim said now a little angry. But Jan still refused.

"Have it your way then." Jim said. He got the touch pad, came back, selected 'stand up', and offered his hand again. Jan still refused.

Jim got to the point of punishing her. After about 8 times Jan slumped unconscious.

Jim put the touchpad away and dragged Jan out to the lounge room. At first he was going to put the maid's dress and monoglove back on. But then he decided something else. He wanted to try lace that corset tighter. First though came the hand mitts. He dragged Jan to under the lacing bar, and with great difficulty got her to stand up. He said a silent thanks to the ballet boots that he used to balance her up while she was flopped on him. Then with even more difficulty, he lifted one hand up and buckled it tightly to the lacing bar.

Puffing, he stepped back and got his breath back while Jan hung from one arm. Getting a chair, he stood on it and strapped in Jan's other arm. At this time was starting to come to. She started shaking her arms violently.

Smacking Jan's rubber ass, he said "Stand still." This had no effect so Jim resorted to the touchpad. Jan finally complied. Jim was now seriously contemplating these other training pants for Jan.

Jim undid the knot on the corset and started trying to pull it tighter. But every time he gave it a good yank, Jan would stumble. Finally, Jim clicked. He went and got the spreader bar. He attached it to 1 ankle but Jan was refusing to let him attach it to the second ankle. After some more encouragement from the touchpad, Jan's legs were apart and she was suspended off the ground. Jim attached the spreader bar to the floor and got pulling.

He pulled and pulled and worked the laces from top and bottom and tightened the corset until he could tighten it no more. When he finally gave up and re-tied the knot, the corset had been closed another 2 inches. Jan was seriously panting. But her waist looked utterly amazing. Using some string and a ruler, Jim worked out he had got Jan's waist down to 20 inches!

Jim took Jan right there in her ass as he squeezed her tiny waist and ballooned breasts. Jan didn't fight for the first time.

Jim left Jan hanging on the lacing bar for the rest of the day, even when he went out shopping. Whenever he felt the urge he would take her in the front or back. Jan only finally came down when Jim was ready to feed her. But, the first thing Jim did was put the maid's dress back on her and the monoglove too.

After being fed, the hood went on and Jan was put to bed.

Jim satisfied himself one last time that night before he fell asleep, well and truly sexed out.

On Sunday, Jim decided he needed to really work on training Jan. Through the day, Jim used the touchpad to guide Jan to do certain activities. Sometimes with the hood and monoglove off, and sometime on.

Numerous times Jan was punished be it from disobedience or just inability. But Jim was happy that she was finally making an effort to be obedient.


Jim left Jan hooded most the week while he was at work. And luck was with him. On Monday, in the mail, there was a bank statement for Jan. Jim opened if for her and noticed she had also saved a bit of money. Then he found in her top bedside drawer a notebook with her bank account login details. On Tuesday, he contacted Realistic Fantasies. Not only did he agree to buy all the suggested items, but also a second identical catsuit. Jan was going to be one spoilt lady with all this money spent on her.

Finally, Saturday came. A photographer and assistant came around 10 in the morning with the new purchases. Jan was sitting on the sofa with the hood off but monoglove on 'watching' the TV. She got a bit jumpy when she saw the people, but with a bit of encouragement from the touchpad, she calmed down.

The photoshoot went quite well and the photographer was quite impressed that Jan was enjoying the clothes so much (as far as Jim knew).

After the shoot, the photographer and assistant offered to help Jim get Jan changed. "It can be a bit tricky. It would be good if we take you through the process since you weren't here the first time.

Jim accepted. The assistant put a smelly cloth in front of Jan's nose and knocked Jan out, 'to make the process easier'. Then she was stripped. Removing the dildo pants and fake face were especially tricky. Jim was a bit put off by the casualness of the people in seeing Jan naked. But he was shocked when he saw her bald head and body.

"She went this far for me?!", he exclaimed to himself.

Jan was washed thoroughly. The people from Realistic Fantasies described how cleanliness and maintenance of the wearer was really important. Also, the removal of all body hair ensured a more comfortable wear.

The unconscious Jan was covered in talc and Jim was show how to put on her new pants. Jim was quite surprised at the dildos girth but didn't comment. He was shown some metal rings along the urinary tube for punishment and another metal nub near the vagina for praise. Jim nodded and smiled and didn't really understand it at all.

With the pants on, the new catsuit was put on her body. The knee-high ballet boots were laced on and Jan was attached to the lacing bar. Jim was taken through how to clean the pants, catsuit and mask, then how to put the mask on Jan. When Jan woke up, he was shown how to encourage her to swallow as the tubes were pushed all the way in. Jim was a little concerned on how Jan's face temporarily showed panic and how she gargled. But no one else commented so he didn't. Jim pulled the catsuit hood over Jan's head and zipped it down.

Leaving Jan struggling on the lacing bar, Jim was then shown the touchpad. Jim watched in wonder how all these new commands he had never seen were shown to him. He was shown how he could schedule Jan to wake up early on weekdays and pleasure him awake, how to get her to do house chores and a whole range of things.

Jim got the people from Realistic Fantasies to help him put the corset on Jan. They managed to get it down to a 3-inch gap again. Then they left Jim with Jan. Jim finished dressing Jan in the maid's outfit then got to exploring what he could really do with Jan. Finding something interesting, he released Jan from the lacing bar. She flopped to the ground, spreader bar keeping her legs apart. Jim pulled his pants down, and sitting on the edge of the lounge, instructed Jan to pleasure him orally. Jan looked at him and shook her head. Jim tried again and again then resorted to punishment. Well, if Jan's original reaction to punishment looked bad, this one was easily worse. Her mitt hands flew to her rubber crotch throat and she writhed for a bit. Jim instructed Jan again and this time she crawled over. She knelt before him and guided his penis into her oral hole. With a bit of encouragement, Jim had Jan's head rocking back and forth. Jim held on as long as he could until he finally grabbed Jan's head and forced his penis all the way in. When he let go, Jan sat back down. But Jim, for fun, requested oral satisfaction again. For the next half hour Jim had Jan rocking back and forth on his flaccid penis while he scanned the options and features. He set up a schedule and a sequence of chores for her to do while he was at work and a selection of pleasurable wake-up alarms for himself in the morning. He and Jan were going to really enjoy this outfit. Thinking about the future possibilities, Jim started getting hard again. He instructed Jan to sit on his lap. She stood up and as she sat down, Jim aimed his penis for her ass. She would have jumped up straight away if Jim hadn't held her down. He instructed Jan to get him off and praised her when he finally exploded. Hugging her tightly from behind, penis still up her ass, Jim whispered to Jan's rubber covered head, "I love you, my rubber Jan doll."


"Pleasure master's penis with your ass" said the feminine voice loudly waking Jan up from her slumber. This would be a challenge with the hood on. She rolled over and fumbled with her rubber hands searching for Jim and his penis. Finding the daily means of her torment, she coaxed some stiffness into it. Then, getting up, she blindly sat on Jim, slowly easing the penis into her ever-waiting anus. She felt the gel padding of the dildo moving aside for Jim's penis, making it feel much larger than it actually was. Jan gently bounced up and down on Jim. Jim started to respond and Jan hoped he would play with her breasts this time. She had learnt how lucky she was that Jim had a small penis after he had once pushed a large carrot up her vagina and left it there a whole day.

Only recently had Jan started enjoying the sex. It was like something had just clicked. She was mindlessly humping Jim in the vagina while he was fondling her breasts. The female voice was droning on "I love rubber. I am a slut. I am a slave. I am a rubber slut slave." Jan had learnt to subconsciously ignore it and just pick up any other instruction. These were vital for her to avoid any of the excruciating punishment. She now just lived to avoid the searing pain in her throat and down below.

Then it dawned on Jan that Jim's fondling was starting to turn her on. The mix of squeezing and playing with her nipples was, for the first time, giving some sexual pleasure. After lacking any sort of happiness in so long, Jan didn't want it to stop. Before she could go much further though, Jim had gone off.

"You are a good rubber slut slave." The feminine voice said. What was usually a dull itching feeling near her vagina felt pleasurable. Knowing it wouldn't last long, she rubbed her crotch with one mitted hand, while trying to continue to pleasure her breasts with the other. Naturally, she wasn't quick enough or proficient enough and Jim had already moved on.

This pleasure seemed to be derived from when Jim played with her breasts. Jan was now most diligent in letting Jim exploit her rubber encased body. She had nothing else pleasurable in her life. Her life was spent in the prison of a house doing chores and being fucked. On the weekend, Jim changed her into the thigh high ballet boots and had her parade around the house ... and being fucked.

Oh, and the chores. Vacuum the carpet. Scrub the floor. Change the bed sheets. Wash the clothes. Wipe the walls. Over and over she had to do them. The house just glistened clean. And if she didn't do it good enough, immediate punishment. First thing Jim did when he got home from work was use that damned touchpad to check she had done the chores. And as for this house prison, Jim had fitted deadlocks on the front and back doors. The windows were barred already and no one would be able to see in anyway with the fence. As far as the world knew, Jan no longer existed.

Jim still knocked her out every week to clean and change her. In the last of month, Jan had been waking up with just the pants on and the hood ready to have its tubes shoved down her throat. Jim would then get her to help in putting the catsuit on. Through the lenses of the hood, Jan had noticed that her body was wasting away. The confinement and 2 pureed meals a day had made her body all weak and scrawny. Her arms and legs were no longer strong and fit. Her waist was small. And her breasts had shrunk and sagged on her chest. Her beautiful body was no more that. She had noticed Jim notice too. He had changed what went in her puree to be more fatty. It meant her arms, legs and bum still kept the catsuit tight. But her breasts still sagged.

Back to the present, Jan blindly obeyed the feminine voice. She felt Jim squeeze her tiny corseted waist as he went off in her. There would be no pleasure for her this morning unfortunately. The number of times she had managed to orgasm she could count on 1 hand .. if she had fingers. Rubber slut maid got off him and eased herself to the side of the bed to wait for her next instruction.

The morning went like all other mornings. Jan was cleaned out in the bathroom. She hands weren't able to use the urine fob, but she had been taught how to give herself an enema. She made Jim his cereal and fed herself via the tube. All this from the automated instructions. Given it was the weekend, Jan she cleaned up breakfast and waited for Jim to knock her out. She noticed again the box on the kitchen bench from Fantasy Desires.

When Jan awoke, Jim was zipping up the hood. She somehow managed again to swallow unconsciously for him. Today was a bit different. Jim had already started putting the catsuit on her. She helped Jim guide her fingers into the rubber hands and Jim finished pulling the hood over. Something was different. Only when Jim was pulling down the catsuit zip did she feel a new pressure on her chest. She didn't get the chance to see why until Jim had finished lacing the corset and the maids dress was put on. Grinning gleefully, Jim guided her to the bedroom mirror. There she stood, a completely encased rubber slut maid balancing on thigh-high ballet boots with orifices waiting to be used. But what caught her eyes were her large breasts squeezed up by her now fully closed corset. They were huge. A G-cup at least. What was happening?

She prodded her left breast but felt nothing. Jim watched happily as Jan anxiously squeezed her 2 new fake rubber breasts and feeling nothing. While he obviously thought she was enjoying the bra he bought her with large fake breasts, Jan was realising her only source of enjoyment had vanished. Jan's hands flopped down to her side while Jim took her from behind. Barely feeling some pushing on her chest, she watched Jim squeeze at her ample fake rubber breasts as he thrust in her rubber ass.


Jim was sitting on the lounge. Jan was instructed to kneel before him. Jan did so, glad to be off her ballet-toed feet. Jim offered her a present. She took it, and, after some encouragement tried to unwrap it. But her fingerless hands couldn't tear the paper. Giving up, Jim opened if for her.

At the top of the box was a blonde wig with the long hair platted. Under this was a new mask. This one looked like a very realistic face of a lady smiling from the front. From inside, Jan noticed 2 small tubes for the nostrils, 2 small holes for the eyes and a short wide tube at the mouth. Jan hoped this would be a replacement for her current mask. Then at least she could make a sound or even taste food again.

Under the new mask was a wide black posture collar. It had a bolt in the bottom front and a small pad or chin cup at the top.

But more daunting was a belt at the bottom of the box with what looked like a thick dorsal fin with straps attached to it. From the base hung 2 large empty condoms.

Jim pulled them out and yabbered on about them without Jan being able to hear a word. He showed Jan the mask and how the fake lips opened wide. With the collar, he showed how the bolt could be slid up, pushing the chin rest up a couple of inches. As with the weird belt, he talked a bit but didn't demonstrate anything.

Then Jim instructed Jan to stand up. He went away and came back with the monoglove. Jan stood passively as he put it on her and tightened it till he could no more. She was then led to the bedroom and made to stand in front of the mirror. To Jan's dismay, the new mask was pulled over her head adding a third layer of rubber. Jim zipped the back and carefully attached the wig. Jan's cheeks bulged a bit for the mouth tube.

Next was the posture collar. This was fitted tightly, holding her head immobile and erect. The impact on the 2 things were surprising. Jan realised that she no longer looked like she had a hood on. The mask, wig and collar hid it such that it looked like a young blonde and extremely voluptuous lady was looking back at her ... in a rubber slut slave maid outfit.

Jim pushed the bolt on the posture collar up and head was forced up so she was now looking straight at the ceiling. The tall stiff collar ensured she could not look anywhere else.

She felt some fiddling around her lower holes as Jim pushed the rubber condoms on the belt up her vagina and ass. Then the belt was tightly around her tiny waist with the fin firmly lodged between her legs.

With Jim sitting on the edge of the bed, Jan was instructed to kneel and orally pleasure him. She unconsciously started to obey and slowly pushed his hardening penis past the fake lips. No sooner had he started entering her mouth did Jan feel a huge dildo inside the fin slowly forcing its way into her vagina. The pain was awful as she was stretched to the inner dildo's full 3-and-a-half-inch capacity. Jan's bum writhed from side to side as she tried to shake it out. It did slowly pulled out, only to be followed by the one in her anus. Jim held onto Jan's head tightly as she was told to stay still and the dildos slowly pushed in and out of her one after the other.

The speed picked up as Jim forced Jan's immobile head back and forth along his penis. Jim went off, but the dildos kept going back and forth building up more momentum. Jan had fell down and writhed on the ground. Her head stuck stationary looking straight up, her bound arms in the monoglove flapping slightly and ballet booted legs thrashing as if she were running. The speed kept increasing until both dildos were pumping fast back and forth. Black spots swam across her eyes as Jan struggled to breathe from the constant winding of the dildos and the severe pain. Her thrashing turned to shaking until both dildos simultaneously pounded into her and stayed there vibrating wildly. Jan passed out.

Jim opened the front door and instructed Jan to walk. This was the first time she had stepped foot outside the house in so many months. Jan was still dressed as she was in the morning less the 'pleasure belt' as Jim thought of it and now with the thigh high boots on. He had put a long coat around on her to maintain some level of normality and hide the monoglove and maid's outfit. That would be until the observer noticed her walking in ballet boots and the posture collar.

It was Jan's birthday today. This morning he had treated her to the new mask and posture collar just so they could go out on walks. Though Jan hadn't spoken in the last 9 months, he sensed that she was feeling a bit of a prisoner in the house. He also was thinking that she wasn't enjoying it when he had sex with her lately. Thus, the belt. Jim was certain Jan loved that one. The orgasm she must have had on her first try knocked her out literally. But even if she was enjoying it, he will have to train her not to get distracted in pleasuring him. That was the role she was to play.

Jim guided Jan with her small waddling steps down the path and towards the park. A lap or 2 of that would be good exercise for her. He put his arm around her small waist as they walked.

"I see you are enjoying your birthday presents.", he said to Jan. "I am thinking that if you are good to me this weekend, I'll let you wear your new belt some more. It has a random setting apparently. Something that will trigger sporadically through the day at different speeds. And given the casing, you won't need to worry about the dildos ever missing the hole."

Jim looked across at Jan's artificial smiling face that stared straight ahead and gave it a peck on the cheek.

"So, ", Jim said, "how much longer do you want to keep wearing this outfit?". No response as usual.

"You do know I really do love you wearing this and I don't tire of it one bit." Jim said. "You feel the same, don't you?". Jan just kept tottering along.

"You don't mind I spent all your savings on this beautiful outfit do you. I sent the account closure forms back last week since it had no money left.", John said. Jan didn't react.

"I was thinking of getting a new corset for you. I have been able to close this one for a little while. Though your waist is already tiny. Only 17 inches. But maybe we could make it smaller." John suggested.

"I saw a nice rubber wedding dress. It will take me another year at least before we can afford it. Do you mind staying as a rubber maid until then?", Jim asked to the silent Jan.

They walked along for a few more minutes.

Then Jim said, "You know Jan, sometimes I wonder if you can actually hear me."

Jan was struggling to walk the furthest she had in 9 months. Peeping though the small lensed holes of 2 masks she saw she was outside the house. But she could do nothing to escape. Her toes ached from the walking without reprieve. She was sweating all over under the tight rubber catsuit. Her arms had gone numb from a day tightly bound tightly behind her back. And all she could hear under the 3 rubber hoods was a female voice intoning " I love rubber. I am a slut. I am a slave. I am a rubber slut slave."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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