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Author's Note: I've actually never written anything besides school essays before so constructive criticism would be great. I'm always looking to improve my writing, especially in this manner.

"Well anyways, thanks so much for dropping off these documents, Anne. Have a safe trip home alright?"

"Of course, Dave, I'll see you at work tomorrow."

Anne slipped away towards the driveway and with one final wave, Dave closed the door and walked back into his living room. He looked at the clock and saw it was about 6 o clock. Him and Anne had been sitting on the couch in the living room for about an hour having some drinks. Anne was always a great secretary and he enjoyed spending time with her. She had a great sense of humor and was fairly attractive as well

Dave himself was actually a very good looking man as well. He stood tall and tried his best to keep himself in shape. Anne had made attempts on him before he considered himself kind of taken.

"Maybe when I go to retire I'll take her with me, can always add more to the collection." He chuckled to himself as he grabbed the blue couch they had just been sitting on by the front and pulled it away from the wall. The guards on the bottom of the legs made it slide silently and with ease. Behind the couch, perfectly hidden normally, was a secret door. The door was small, matched the white wallpaper, and had a handle on the top of it.

Dave grabbed the handle and slid the door downward. This revealed another door the he proceeded to pull out horizontally toward himself. On the other side of the door was a black, padded material. Thank god, this soundproof padding works like described, he thought. Dave reached into the dark hole in the wall and slid out what looked like a mechanics creeper with a cage on top. Inside the cage was the current member of Dave's collection.

"Did you miss me?" Dave asked as he started to close the secret door back up.

"I don't know about you but it turns me on way more knowing you're sitting feet away from my guests. "Exciting, isn't it?"

Dave knew that his slave couldn't hear him with the deafening earbuds she still had on. He just liked to talk to himself.

"Alright, lets' get you ready for the evening, huh?"

He actually had no idea what her name was. He didn't care enough to talk to her at all when he had kidnapped her two months earlier. All he knew was that she had a perfect body when she waited on him at some diner and that he had to have her. She could have easily been a model. Actually, she could have been a model on the side or something but again, he never asked her. She was a white brunette with the perfect hourglass curves. Dave always considered himself to be an 'assman' and was very pleased with her, but it was hard to ignore her perfect breasts as well. She had pierced nipples before he even took her which he loved. It saved him having to try to do it himself.

Currently she sat in the cage on a rolling platform, completely incapable of moving. She was sitting on her knees, leaning forward with an uncomfortable back arch. Her head was held as high up as possible with a bar stuck through the cage under her chin. The same bar is what rested behind her back and between her bent knees. Her hair was in a ponytail and tied to her handcuffed hands behind her back. These where then tied to the crotch rope that reached around behind her digging into her waist. She also wore a blindfold because... being able to see was just unnecessary, right? Her panel gag stretched across her mouth and Dave saw the strain of her mouth being stuck open because of the huge inflatable bulb inside it. The pump to inflate it dangled in front of here. Along with the pumping bulb, another item was hanging in front of her. Dave had attached nipple clamps to both of her breasts that surrounded and went through the nipples. He hung a large padlock from the middle of the chain to act as a pulling weight. Laying under her padlock was a machine that looked kind of like a router. It was what Dave used to program the vibrating dildo and butt plug that were currently sitting inside of her. The crotch rope held them in tight to make sure she couldn't try to push them out. Dave had pumped up the butt plug to be as large as possible before locking her in. The floor beneath her rear was pretty wet. Obviously, she had been having a good time while he was socializing.

"Oh, you were having so much fun while Anne and I were here, weren't you?"

Dave began unlocked the bars that were holding her in place. She made some moaning sounds, probably because she noticed that someone was near her. When all of the bars were removed, she went to stretch and adjust herself but was still relatively stuck in the same spot. The cage itself was pretty small so even without the bars she couldn't really move.

He pulled out the last bar and then went for the padlock on top of the cage. He undid it and pulled the top of the cage open. He reached inside and pulled the deafening ear buds out of her ears. Dave liked to talk to himself but it turned him on to know that she could hear him as he did things to her. Then he lifted her out of the cage and stood her up on her feet. She buckled and went to fall from not moving for so long but Dave caught her and made her stand straight.

"Four hours was a long time huh? Probably shouldn't have put you in there so early...." Dave laughed to himself and he placed his hands on her thighs. "I didn't know Anne wasn't going to be coming over until 5 today. I'm sure you enjoyed it anyways. Did you like the new settings I programmed into your toys?" As he said it he slapped her ass, making sure to hit the two items penetrating her in his palm. Dave had normally set the two vibrating items to turn on and off every 10 minutes. This time however, he set them to do that for about 40 minutes and then set them to crank to full blast and stay on permanently. The batteries had died so he had no way of knowing how long she was getting vibrated. The only sign was the huge puddle in the cage showing that she had definitely gotten more wet than usual.

The girl shook her head side to side and moaned angrily, obviously unhappy about the situation he had left her in and the hard smack on her ass. He didn't care of course. Seeing her say no made him want her more though. Dave grabbed her by the handcuffs behind her back and walked her towards his bathroom upstairs. His upstairs bathroom had a few extra items that he couldn't let guests see for her. The crotch rope was still connected too so every step was basically fucking her. When they got in the bathroom upstairs, Dave put his hand on her upper back and pushed her down onto her knees gently. The padlock hanging from her nipple clamps made a small smack as it swung into her stomach.

"You know the drill, I'm just going to clean up you for your evening outfit honey." The girl let out a disappointed moan. Dave thought it was funny she was unhappy about the normal outfit when really it was much worse. Dave undid the rope connecting her handcuffs to her crotch rope, and ran it between her legs to her front. Then he ran the rope back through itself and the crotch rope was removed. Dave then took that same rope and reattached it to the handcuffs. He took the other end of the rope and tied it to a hook located on the ceiling. This placed her in a sort of strappado position. He then took a rope out of one of the drawers in his sink and tied it around her neck. He then connected the other end of this rope to a hook in the ground.

"Only one more rope to go" Dave exclaimed. He grabbed another rope and tied it around her waist. Tying this to another hook in the ceiling a little further in front of her then the wrist one, she then sat there with her rear completely exposed and raised in the air. "There, now we can begin the process of cleaning you out."

Dave stepped into the side room of the bathroom and walked out with a steel pole that looked a bit like what you would put an IV on. Instead on top was an orange bag for him to give her an enema. He took it and set it up next to her and started setting up. He kneeled down facing her butt and admired it for a second. It really was a nice ass, she was lucky. But that means he was too, he thought as he took hold of the exposed part of her butt plug. With a turn of the little dial near the inflating bulb, you could audibly hear air flowing out as her butt plug. Deflated, he grabbed the plug and pulled it out, admiring her hole expanding and shrinking. She moaned thankfully as it finally popped out all the way.

"Don't worry, somethings going right back in there for you" Dave chuckled to himself. He reached for the hose hanging off of the enema bag. The fluid in the bag sloshed a little bit as he pulled it closer. On the end of the hose was a little ball to be inserted and a switch. With the hose in one hand, he used his other to gently rub her asshole, feeling her shiver at the shock of his touch. He then placed the hand around her asshole for support and used his other hand to slide the ball into her ass. With a flip of the switch on the hose, the fluid in the bag began slowly rushing into her. He placed his hands on either sides of her ass and began rubbing her slowly, enjoying her movements as she tried to wriggle to stop the flow. It was to no avail but it turned him on knowing that she tried.

Dave then left the room to go grab a beer while she enjoyed her time. He really wanted to have sex with her but contained himself to do it later. The wait was usually worth it and he wanted to continue to have a couple drinks and enjoy his evening more before doing it. He cracked the top off of his beer and had a couple sips of it. He thought back on the presentation he had gave at work that day. The stockholders seemed to like what he said and he looked forward to returning to work after the long weekend. Definitely not as much as what he had in plan for his slave. At this point he figured it was probably about time to return to the bathroom and began walking back. Tonight, he would try out his new toys for her. He did have a whole three days of uninterrupted fun which made it the perfect opportunity.

Walking back into the bathroom, he saw that the bag was just emptying and his slave looked very uncomfortable. Wriggling like crazy, looking like she was really struggling to hold in the solution.

"Yeah it was a little bit more than usual tonight, but it is a special occasion." He stated, walking over to kneel behind her again. He slowly slipped the hose out of her rear and gave her a hard smack for a job well done.

"Remember, you spill a drop and I'm going to punish you badly sweetie." He let the hose fall to the side and looked at the now empty bag, he stood up and grabbed the pole and led it back into the side room. He reattached another bag to the stand so he wouldn't have to next time and walked back into the main bathroom. She was really struggling to hold in the enema and he figured he'd have some fun with it. He squatted behind her this time and with alternating hits spanked her ass on each cheek. After about ten seconds, he stopped. She had managed to hold it all in this time. Normally that would get her.

"Aww good job, I'm proud of you." She was too busying squealing into her gag to hear him though. He went through and undid all of the ropes he had tied to her, including the rope connecting her ponytail to her handcuffs. Next, he took hold of the dildo, still sitting inside of her and slowly slid it out. She buckled from the pleasure a bit but again managed to hold in her liquid. Then, assisting her, he stood her up and helped her over to the toilet. Helping her sit slowly, he moved to her front side and squatted down, his face on level with her face. He took one finger and slowly extended it out to her blindfold. With this finger, he lifted up the mask just enough so that she could see he was maintaining eye contact with her.

"Go ahead and go..." He said tauntingly. Dave was big on enforcing the fact that she had absolutely no privacy or rights in his household. And so, he stared her directly in the eyes as she relieved herself. She turned a bit red but had gone through the routine enough that it wasn't nearly as bad as the first few weeks. When she was done, he pulled his finger back and let the mask slap back over her eyes.

He stood and grabbed her by the back of the neck with one hand on her neck and the other on her stomach. He pulled her up and forward so she was standing at a 90-degree angle, bent at the waist. Of course, being 6' 3 and working out regularly made him strong enough he could just throw he around so he made sure to take control when necessary. She now stood leaning forward with her bound hands resting on her back in front of the toilet. He would have to force it but this time she spread her legs all by herself. Normally he would make her wipe herself but with how often he flushed her out recently, Dave knew there wasn't any point in making her try this time. He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her ass. Most of the solution he used in the enema was water so really, she was pretty clean. It was just getting off any of the excess wetness. He grabbed another sheet and did the same thing to her vagina. She hadn't urinated but she was still very moist from having the dildo in for so long so he wanted to take care of that. When he was sure that she was clean on the inside and wiped down on the outside, he raised her back to a standing position and grabbed her by the shoulders. As he loosened and removed her nipple clamps, calmly stated, "Now I want to try out some news toys with you tonight so I've decided I'm going to give you a shower. I want you to be fully clean before trying them out."

She seemed very concerned by these words and seemed to give a pleading type of "Mmmph" through her gag. Dave ignored it entirely and walked her over to the shower in the corner. Her concerned muffles were probably justified but again, he really didn't care. The shower itself was one of those showers with a door you step into. The two sides of it that were glass were a foggy type glass that stopped you from being able to see inside. Dave thought, of course, that it was ridiculous that he not see her getting clean so he would be joining her for the shower. Opening the door, he helped her inside the shower and leaving the door open behind them, fastened her in. He kept a chain leash hanging from the ceiling of the shower and attached it to her neck. If he ever needed to leave her in the shower, he wanted to make sure she wasn't going anywhere. With her secured in place, he stepped back outside of the shower and stripped his clothes off. Throwing them in his hamper, he grabbed two towels and placed them for easy reach from the shower. Then he stepped back inside.

Both of them standing outside of the stream, naked, he turned the water to the position he knew was warm and waited. In the instance, he admired her body again, he couldn't help but turn himself on again but he needed to wait. He slowly pushed her into the water and watched the water hitting her chest and falling down her body. As the water fell down her curves, he ran his hands down her sides from chest level to waist. He stepped closer to her, and kind of hugged her restrained body with his own. He rubbed himself on her, but still wanting to wait, he ignored the lust he felt and released his grip once she had gotten wet enough. He grabbed a bar of soap from the side and started working his way from her shoulders down. Starting on the back, he rubbed her down all the way to her ass. When he reached her ass, he worked the bar of soap in between her cheeks quickly and then proceeded down the back of her legs, making sure to touch her all over with his other hand as he pleased. When he had finished, he flipped her around to her front side. Again, he used the bar of soap to wash her front, taking extra time to play with her breasts for a while. Continuing down, he took two of his fingers and rubbed her pussy gently before bringing the bar of soap down. He knew that if they weren't being sprayed by water she would probably be wet anyways. When he finally finished, he placed the bar back down and spun her around under the water.

He had done a great job of avoiding her head with the water but he wanted to wash her hair this time too so he would have to remove the items on her face. Turning her around, he grabbed the straps on the back of her gag and slowly removed it from her mouth. She knew better than to ever speak so he wasn't worried. He didn't even take the time to deflate the ball or anything. He then did the same thing with her blindfold before throwing both of the items over the top of the glass outside the shower. Standing on the opposite side of the shower head, he turned her to face him and pulled himself close. He kissed her forcefully on the mouth and he slowly dipped her head backwards slightly, landing her hair perfectly in the water. It turned him on knowing that she could do nothing to resist him. He used his hands to work her hair around until he felt it was sufficiently wet. He then, pushed away from her, turned her around, grabbed some shampoo and worked it into her hair. He repeated the same steps to wash the shampoo out and then turned her around to put in some conditioner. Knowing you leave conditioner in for a little while, he went back to force kissing her and took two of his fingers to begin slowly fingering her. Again, she went to buckle but the leash around her neck held her very successfully at the same height. Almost choking her for a second. She moaned pleasurably but the look on her face said no. Feeling that it had been long enough and not wanting to finish her, he placed her head back into the water and let the conditioner rinse out. She was sufficiently clean for his adventures, so he shut the water off leaving them standing there dripping.

"Let me get your things together love." He said as he again smacked her on the ass. Then, walked out. He muttered, "You stay there a bit and get yourself ready," as he walked away.

Stepping out of the shower, Dave grabbed a towel and dried himself off. He closed the door to the shower behind him because he wanted his slave to see nothing of what was in store for her. Walking into the bedroom, he opened one of his many trunks on the side of his room. This one looked much newer however. He reached in and pulled out a number of items that looked leather and rubber and placed them all on his bed. He then walked over to his step-in closet and prepared himself for the night. When he walked out, he was wearing a black tuxedo with a black bowtie. He knew he looked awesome in it and thought he would even give his slave a little excitement by giving off a kind of 'fifty shades' vibe. He dabbed on a little cologne and looked at himself in the mirror. His stubble wasn't long enough that he needed to shave or anything and he thought he looked awesome. He grabbed some nice slippers and threw them on as well. They looked like dress shoes you would wear to work, but were comfy enough to wear around the house. With a final look in the mirror and a click of his tongue, he walked back into his bedroom. He walked over to a different trunk and grabbed a flog. He had a fun little idea to get her started.

Dave walked himself back to the bathroom and opened the cupboard above his sink. Inside, he grabbed a bottle of talcum powder and placed it on the sink. Then he stepped over to the shower, grabbing the towel before heading in. Opening the door, he could see that his slave was still standing there, slightly dripping, looking miserable.

She looked him in the eyes and saw how he was dressed. It did turn her on hard. Knowing something terrible was probably in store, she looked him in the eyes and gave a desperate, "Please..." She looked immediately like she had made a terrible mistake but it was too late.

Dave rushed in and grabbed her by the chin, hard. "What the fuck did you just say!?" He whisper-shouted in her face. "Did you just fucking speak...!? Are you ALLOWED to fucking speak!?" She looked fucking terrified, and immediately knew she had fucked up. He had done terrible things to her for speaking before and she knew better by now. Dave undid the leash around her neck and walked her out of the shower. Immediately on exiting, he threw her on the ground angrily. With her hands bound behind her back, she fell directly on her chest and Dave almost felt bad for a second. But then again, she did speak. As she went to get up, he put his hand on her back keeping her in a crawling position and leaned towards her.

"You're going to shut your fucking mouth and do exactly as I say love..." He stood back up and grabbed the other towel. He wiped her down as dry as possible before throwing the towel into the hamper. Then, grabbing the talcum powder off of the sink, he went to work applying it everywhere on her body. He rubbed it all over, basically just avoiding her head and any openings. Finishing, he stood up and placed the powder back on the sink before washing his hands.

Dave now grabbed the flog off of the sink and went to stand behind her. He gave her a hard thwack on the ass, saying absolutely nothing, sending her falling forward again in pain.

"No..." he said calmly as he grabbed her wrists and pulled her back up onto her knees. "This is your punishment. I want you to crawl all the way to my bedroom on your knees while I beat you... slowly." She went to start a crying noise but knew better.

Dave went to town, thwacking her alternatingly on the left and right side of her ass. If he felt she was crawling to quickly, he would make a sharp "Uh Uh" and she would slow down again. He was going to flog her ass anyways but with her talking, he was doing it much more frequently and much harder than originally planned. She was tearing up and barely able to contain her cries but he was having the time of his life. As they went through the hall, he thought to himself about how he always got very turned on whipping or flogging her to some extent. When they finally reached his bedroom, he gave her one final smack on each cheek with his hand and she collapsed forward, defeated. Her ass was bright red on both sides and tears were starting to run down her face slightly. Really, she probably should have been more upset about how she would be spending her next three days, but it was nice that she found something else to keep her distracted.

Dave put the flog back in the trunk and walked over to his bed. He grabbed the largest item off of his bed and held it out in front of her. It looked like a black body and glimmered a bit in the room's light.

"This is a rubber cat suit. I'm going to put this on you and I trust will you cooperate completely." She nodded her head anxiously while looking up into his eyes. His eyes looked more wicked and twisted than ever before. He unzipped the back of the cat suit and laid it on the ground next to her. He looked for a second at the button next to the zipper and the spot that a magnetic charger could be attached to it, wondering if she had any idea. Then he slowly pushed her forward so she was laying down flat on her chest. With outstretched legs, he began working the cat suit up onto her body. She finally understood what the talcum powder was needed for. It was a very tight fit and without it, it probably wouldn't have worked. Dave worked it up each of her legs and then with some effort pulled it up over her ass. Her ass was huge so the struggle was to be expected. Dave stopped for a second and starred at her ass. She probably wasn't aware of it but the suit had a perfectly cut out spot to access both of her holes. He needed to make sure he still had access to them even while she was covered. To make sure she knew too, he took his hand and quickly rubbed her lips. She did seem to jump in a bit of shock, but now definitely understood. He then ran the rest of the suit up her waist to her shoulders where he would need to take off her handcuffs to fit the sleeves on. He first grabbed each of her breasts and worked them through the holes in the front of the suit first. Her large breasts were now fully exposed outside of the suit and knowing that she knew that, gave a quick flick to her right nipple. Next, he sat on her back facing her head and pulled his keys out of his pocket. With a click, he undid the handcuffs and worked her arms into the sleeves of the rubber suit. He quickly clicked the handcuffs back on, never wanting to give her a chance to resist of course, before zipping the back of the suit up.

Dave grabbed her by the waist and lifted her to a standing positon. She looked fucking hot. The suit fit her body type perfectly and all of the good bits were still open to his eyes. Enjoying himself a little too much, he grabbed some nipple clamps off the bed and walked up to her. He placed the clamps on and tightened them slowly. There was no chain hanging from them this time but instead a black wire. He then took her and laid her on his bed on her back. The first thing he was going to put on was a pair of ballet boots. They went up about halfway before her knee and took some serious cramming to fit the all the way. The toes ended in a point so getting them on all the way was probably somewhat painful. Realistically, she couldn't stand now also so Dave decided to do the rest of it on his bed. Next up was a leather hood. It looked to strap in the back with laces and had a hole in the back. In the front, there was a hole for her eyes, nose, and mouth. First, he grabbed another pair of deafening ear buds and worked them into her ears. Then, Dave grabbed her hair and pull it tightly into another ponytail. He fed this through the hole in the back and pulled the mask on tight. With a few tugs and some ties, the mask was very tightly covering her entire head.

"What's great about this outfit is it actually all connects together." With that, Dave grabbed a wire from the body and attached it to the mask. The wire was tiny and black so it was barely even noticeable. She probably wondered what she felt him connect but she would find out soon enough. He connected the mask to the suit with a padlock so it couldn't be unzipped as well. He then grabbed another black panel gag and lifted it in front of her. The inflatable part of this gag was shaped like a penis. Making sure she saw it, he worked it between her lips and pulled the back strap as tightly as he could behind her head. The bulb to inflate it now lay on the bed in front of her. It seemed like she could already barely fit the gag so she probably wasn't looking forward to it inflating. Dave then worked a blindfold tightly over her eyes and entirely removed one of her senses.

The last clothing addition that Dave added was a pair of leather gloves over each of her hands. Flipping her over and sitting on her back this time, he undid her handcuffs and worked each of them on. They actually extended past the hand to about halfway up her forearms. The gloves, like everything else, were all part of the same suit. They had a ball in the hand with a sheathe that stretched over all of the fingers. This left her hands in a fist shape so they were completely immobilized. She was now incapable of standing or using her hands so he felt comfortable enough not putting the handcuffs back on.

The final touches of the clothing were to attach the wires from the body of the suit to her hands, nipple clamps, hood and feet. Connecting them, he stood back to admire what he had done.

"You know, I've been waiting a long time, I think I'm going to enjoy myself a bit."

Dave grabbed a couple of leather straps off of the bed and went to work placing them all over her body. First, he bent her leg as far as he could and used one of the straps to bind her leg to her thigh. It was tight enough that he got a wince of pain from her for each of the legs. Looking at the suit bulging around the strap, he felt satisfied in the tightness. She now had no choice but to stand on her knees. He repeated the same steps to her arms and bound her forearms to under her shoulders.

"I'm sure by now you have realized that I'm going to have you as my pet for this weekend. But before you get to enjoy yourself, I'm going to enjoy myself."

Dave grabbed her by the thighs and slid her back so that she was standing on her knees and elbows, ass dangling off the edge of the bed. Zipping down his pants and lowering his briefs, he grabbed a close by bottle of lube and placed some of it on his fingers. He then took his fingers and rubbed what was now a very wet pussy exposed from the suit. He then moved his fingers up to her ass, making sure to cover it in lube as well. He made sure to penetrate a little bit so it was everywhere. After he felt she was properly ready, he began to thrust himself inside of her. It was a bit looser from how often he kept it filled but it still felt great. She started moaning pleasurably as he entered over and over. He knew he wasn't going to last long after the excitement of the night and so before long he pulled out and placed his penis in her ass. He thrust a bit longer before he came very hard into her ass. He fell over onto her a bit making her fall spread eagle onto the bed. She hadn't been able to orgasm with how short he was in her but he was ready to make sure she orgasmed a lot.

He grabbed what looked like another inflatable butt plug and readied it next to his cock. He slipped out his cock and slipped the butt plug in. He made sure that she wasn't able to expel any of what he had left inside her ass. He stepped over to the side and then grabbed a large dildo and two more leather straps. He worked the first leather strap around her waist tightly. He always made sure to pull the extra strap as hard as he could so it would be unpleasantly tight. He then took the dildo and worked it inside of her lips. It took a few tries but he managed to fit it in. She seemed more shocked than normal, even considering this is how he normally left her holes. Dave connected another wire from the suit to a hole in the end of the butt plug and the dildo. To make sure she could walk around safely, he then tied a couple of leather pads to her elbows and knees. The final touch was taking the second leather strap and connecting it from the front of her waist, between her groin to the back of her waist. The strap actually had a hole in it just big enough to fit the hose on the inflatable butt plug through. This would act as a crotch rope to hold all of the goods in place. Pulling the strap as hard as he could made her jump violently. He expected it, the dildo was quite large so it probably went deep.

He felt satisfied with his work and now gave her a double hand smack on her ass to make sure she knew she was fully dressed. Looking at her now, Dave kind of wanted to fuck her again but undoing all of this work would be such a waste.

"Alright, you definitely aren't going to be able to crawl downstairs, or really at all... So, I guess I'll carry you downstairs." She couldn't hear him but again he loved to talk to himself. Dave grabbed her under one arm and brought her downstairs, making sure to first grab a longish chain, what looked like a charging cord, and his phone. He placed her gently on her elbows and knees near the couch downstairs where he would be sitting on. He wanted a close up view of the show. He connected the chain to a hook hidden next to his ceiling light and then tied the other end around her ponytail. He left enough length that she could travel a little ways if she needed too. He then bent over her and rubbed her gently on the ass. Next, he grabbed the inflating bulb from the gag and the butt plug and squeezed them both at the same time. She shrieked but he continued anyways. He squeezed the bulbs until they could no longer be squeezed.

"You know, we can pretend this is your punishment from talking, but really I was going to do it anyways." He did a small chuckle and took the thing that looked like a charger and connected it to her back. He then pushed the button on the back of her suit and went and plugged in the charging cable. The suit made a quick beep signaling that it was on. Sitting on the couch, he pulled out his phone and opened the app connected to the suit she was wearing. It showed all of the different items that she was wearing including the gloves, boots, hood, plugs, clamps, and charging cord that had all been plugged into the suit.

"This suit cost me a lot of money, I guess you'll let me know whether or not it was worth it."

The suit was marketed as a pet suit that's battery would never die. It could last forever as long as it was plugged it. It had wires running all through the suit allowing electrical charges to be sent all over the body whenever the user requested. It could also be set up to go on a schedule. He hit her with a quick light shock to all parts of the suit including the plugs and then a few vibrations to just the plugs and nipple clamps. The surprised yip she tried to make through her gag signaled to him that it was working. Then Dave set the application so that it ran on a schedule. For 45 minutes of every hour, the plugs and clamps would vibrate at full speed and the remaining time it would be on low. Every 5 minutes a full powered shock would be sent to every single part of her body including the plugs. The remaining time she would always be being shocked on low.

Dave pressed the launch button on the app and she immediately collapsed on the floor and started wriggling. Almost immediately he could tell she had orgasmed and looked to be heading for another one.

As she moaned endlessly into her gag, Dave wondered if what she was experiencing right now was the full speed or not. Either way he knew the suit was definitely worth the money.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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