Hard Stabling
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Author's Note: An extreme, over the top little story. It shouldn't be taken very seriously. Heavily inspired by LOL's Houchie Shoujo.

The barn was beautiful in the late afternoon sun. Light poured down through the small cracks in the ceiling and the back wall, illuminating the dancing dust motes that flittered through the air. There was a soft, steady breeze blowing outside, which kept the tall grass surrounding the building perpetually ruffled. It also took the edge off the summer heat. This wasn't the case inside the barn, partially because the wind couldn't get in and partially because it was a heat trap. The insulation kept the humidity at a swelteringly high level, and the moisture in the air was mixed in with the scent of hay and wet soil. The man had been in the barn for less than a few minutes and he was already feeling overheated. He was wearing short pants and a thin t-shirt, which helped take the edge off, but it still felt like he was in a sauna.

The man made his way down one of the narrower hallways, where both sides of the corridor were filled with empty stalls that had once held livestock. The pens weren't very long or wide, and they were barely high enough to reach his knees. The walls and gates of the cages were made up of thick metal bars, set in a checkered pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes that formed squares. The holes were wide enough to let small animals squeeze out. The man had no idea what had been kept in the pens before he had bought the property. Anything that wouldn't have been able to escape wouldn't have room to move, and each stall was only big enough for a single creature. It was a puzzle, but the man had never given it much thought. It didn't really matter anyways, because their odd design was perfect for what they were used for now.

The stall that he was looking for was near the end, where the hallway turned left to meet up with the rest of the barn. It was in the corner, with no walls or other cages next to it. Plenty of space to move around. The tray that he had been carrying was placed on the floor, just within reach, before he stepped close enough to peer down inside.

He couldn't see much of her from where he was standing. There was a teenage girl facing away from him, down on the ground on all fours. She was covered in a thick, dull grey latex suit that ran from her head to her toes. Only her crotch and some of her long, dark red hair were open to the air. Her arms and legs were bent in and bundled up inside the suit, leaving her elbows and knees to support her weight. He could see the bulge in the sleeves that held her legs, where the meat of her thighs fought for space with her calves inside the tight rubber sheath. The ends of her pseudo-limbs were capped with fake pig hooves. They were dug down deep into the loose dirt that made up the floor of the pen, though not to the point where they were completely buried in the dry muck. The only exception was the hoof on her left kneecap, which was lodged inside one of the patterned squares near the top of the stall. Rope were wrapped around the base of the hoof and the bars to keep it in place. It kept her wrapped leg up in the air at an impressively high angle. The sight brought to mind the image of a dog lifting up its leg.

The girl's crotch was splayed open, but most of it was hidden by a dark plastic plate in the shape of a scoop. It was shaped to wrap around her groin like a loincloth, but more around her ass and taint than the front of her body. The lower end of her vagina and her pubic mound were the only part of her that wasn't hidden away by either it or the gimp suit, but even then weren't completely untouched. The girl had a tiny barbell piercing through what appeared to be her clitoris hood, and it was tied to a small wire that looped around the bottom bar of the cage's back wall. It had a fair amount of slack to it, but there was still enough tension to keep the barbell stretched up and away from her body. The flesh around it was red, slightly swollen, and shiny with a thin, slick coating of her juices.

There was also a black curly pig tail sticking out of the end of the plastic covering her asshole. There was also a large handle sticking out at the end of the scoop near her tailbone. It was tied to some rope, the other end of it attached to something near the back of her head that he couldn't see. The rope was pulling her backside with enough strength to keeping her ass tilted up into the air.

The man took in the sight for a minute or two without speaking. He knew that she knew he was there. He hadn't bothered to hide the sound of his footsteps. She hadn't moved since he had arrived. The latex and the plastic plug was keeping him from getting a good view of anything important, and he was curious to see how she was doing, so he circled the pen until he was standing front of her.

The bondage was just as thorough in the front as it was in the back. A leather hood covered her head, topped with fake animal ears and a choker that hugged the bottom of her neck. They were both made out of dark leather that was the same color as her suit. There were holes cut out for her eyes and her lower face. Her skin provided a nice visual contrast to the hood due to how little slack it gave her; the laces on the back had been tightened to the point where he could see the curvature of her face from the leather. There were two other small holes cut out on each side of her head, where strands of her hair had been threaded out and wrapped around the nearest bars of the cage. They weren't tied very tightly. It was more of a loose lasso than anything else.

A bit gag was in her mouth, and it was kept in place by rope looped around the two ends of the gag. This is what the plug in the back had been attached to. The pressure that was keeping her ass presented was also pressing the gag down into her mouth. There was a wide, shiny path of dribble streaked across the bottom of her chin and neck, and there was a damp patch in the soil below her head. A steel nosegag was forcing her nostrils open in a distinctly piggish way. The hook's cord was sewn into the crown of the hood, and it was just barely long enough to reach her nose. To top it all off, a padlock hung from below her chin, keeping two straps that converged from the back of her head in place. The straps had to be loosened before the gimp mask could be removed.

Below all this, almost hidden from view, a thin but long rod hung between the girl's breasts. Her nipples were pierced, and the rod had been threaded through her body and the latex suit. Wires connected it to the front gate, forcing her nipples through the same punishment as her pussy was suffering through. The only difference between them was how little slack there was in the wires up front. She was facing the floor straight down, but her nipples were facing forward, the angle as close to perpendicular as possible.

The teenage girl met his eyes with a strained, unflinching gaze. The man could see how the skin that wasn't covered was flushed a deep red and coated with sweat. The man wasn't surprised. The barn was hot, and she was wearing rubber. He stared back impassively, and after a short staring match she blinked, closed her eyes, and opened them again with a squint. Her eyes were red, a glimmer of unshed tears in the corner of her eyes. It was probably because of the salty sweat dripping down her forehead. She still hadn't moved. He was pretty sure that she couldn't twitch without tugging against something.

The man took in the girl's silent and tortured body and, after a few moments to thought, he leisurely knelt down and took out a handkerchief from his pocket. He dabbed it across her face, carefully wiping off the worst of the sweat and the spittle around her mouth. Her expression relaxed into something a bit more grateful than before, thought it was still a strong undercurrent of strain. She was uncomfortable. He could change that.

He stood back up and walked back towards her ass. He took ahold of the knot of rope tied to the plastic belt handle. He fiddled with it, his first few fumbling attempts at getting it loose caused the rope to jerk back and forth, pushing and pulling against both the gag and the plastic belt. The girl didn't make any noises of protest outside of some quiet grunts, however, and he finished before anything else happened. It all came apart with a sudden burst of slack, and the girl's ass immediately fell down into a lower, more natural position. The man thought he heard a sigh of relief, but the noise was so quiet that he wasn't sure.

He helped slide the bit gag out of her mouth. The girl didn't say anything once it was out. Instead, she ran her tongue across the inside of her mouth, and then began to tenderly flex her jaw back and forth. The man wiped her face with the handkerchief once again, removing the last of the spit and sweat from her face. He absentmindedly examined the gag in his other hand while he let her stretch the few sore muscles that she now could.

It wasn't very large. In fact, it was narrow enough to fit in her mouth while still giving her room to talk. The man knew that the size hadn't stopped it from being discomforting to wear, the gag had been pressing down hard against the back of her mouth. It was more awkward than painful, but that was bad enough on its own, especially when there were so many other things she had to deal with at the same time. Another problem to juggle.

He walked back to the tray he had brought in earlier and picked up his plug adjustor. It was a pair of rubber tubes connected to two small plastic bulbs. He had made it out of a few blood pressure test armbands that he had bought on the internet. With it in hand, he leaned over the bottom of the girl's plastic loincloth belt thing. There were two slots right below the pig tail, and he threaded both of the tubes into them, pushing them through until they were all the way in. There were tiny, almost unnoticeable knobs near these two holes; the man carefully took his fingernails and used them to tighten the tube channels. It would keep them from popping out. Once that was done, he took the smaller bulb and loosened the knob that kept it airtight.

Air hissed out in a single sharp stream, and the girl let loose a soft, nearly involuntary moan. It was just as high pitched as the noise the pump made. He ignored her. Once the deflation was complete, he grabbed the end of the plastic belt with both hands, one at the top and one at the bottom. The man paused, double-checked what he was about to do in his head, and then he began the process of taking the whole thing off.

He took his time, but the slow pace was still rough enough to have the girl groaning and grunting in disapproval, though she was putting in effort to keep herself from making too much of a racket. Drawing the process out gave the man a good view of the plugs he was removing. There were three dildos inside the plastic belt; one for the pussy, one for the asshole, and one for her urethra.

The last one was the smallest and most eye-catching of the bunch. It was a thin, short stick with a collection of bead bumps molded into it. They were lined up across the base, the tip, and the shaft. It was the reason why he was being so careful. He didn't want to damage anything.

It was the shortest plug by far, and the man was able to work it out of her body relatively quickly. She had to suffer through a minute or two of painful jostling, but that was it. Once it was out and no longer in the way, the man let himself speed up. The girl let out a soft huff at him suddenly becoming rougher, but he just shushed her with a slap to the ass and jerk that took out another notch of dildo. She bit her lip and didn't make any other noises.

The second plug out was the anal dildo. It was as straight as an arrow and noticeably thicker at the tip than at any other part. There was a long rubber strip right underneath the end knob. It was the inflatable part of the toy, and it was where the compressed air had been before the man had released it. It was flat now.

The last plug came out almost at the same time as the second, which was because they both had nearly the same length. It was an extremely thick dildo, with a large, bulging rubber vein running across the part of the shaft that faced the ass. The crown at the end was shaped like a hyper-realistic penis head, though it was twice the size of a normal head with a pronounced upward bend. It was also just long enough to have it centered right below the tip of the anal dildo.

The man couldn't imagine how the girl had felt with those dildos inside her. The size of the sex toys were incredibly intimidating. And that was with no air pumped in the ass plug! The anal strip was placed so that, once inflated, it would press down against the spot right below the crown of the other dildo. The designer of the belt was kind enough to keep the bulges spread out, at least. The girl seemed less tense with it all out of her body. It wasn't a surprise.

He hung the sex toy belt from the top bar of the pen. He made sure to keep the plugs away from the dirty metal. He didn't want to have to stop and wash them. The men stepped towards the tray, ignoring the girl for a moment, and picked up the food and the large soda cup full of water. He presented it to her face with a small flourish.

It was a hot dog, and it was coated in semen. Large globs and thin dollops zigzagged across it like ketchup, and a particularly thick strand hung halfway off the edge of the sausage, only held in place due to it being cold and congealed. It was obvious that the amount of cum covering it had to have come from a lot of people. Somewhere around a dozen at the bare minimum. The girl's eyes widened at the sight, disgust settling across her face the instant she realized what it was. She sneered as well as she could with the nose gag, the crinkles in the corner deepening, and she closed her mouth with a quiet click of her teeth. The man, in response, lowered the hot dog so that it was in front of her lips.

The man stood still while the girl kept to her stubborn refusal. A minute into their showdown, the girl's stomach gurgled, causing her already red cheeks to flush a shade darker. The man continued to wait. It only took thirty seconds afterwards before she gave in. Hunger trumped her pride.

Her first bite was delicate and dainty, a careful extension of her teeth with no tongue. She ended up awkwardly slurping the dangling glob of semen into her mouth with no actual food accompanying it. It was swallowed with a grimace and a small shudder, but she didn't spit it out. Her next attempt was more natural, and it netted actual meat. Her expression was slightly less repulsed than before. The man let the food drift closer, enough so that she could reach the food without having to strain forward.

After that, they settled into a rhythm. The girl would eat, the man would move it closer, and so on. The man offered her sips of soda between every other third bite, which she happily drank through a straw. She was thirstier than she was hungry. It also rinsed the cum from her mouth, which had the unintended side effect of making the taste of the next bite of food more pronounced than it would be otherwise. She caught on to what he was doing, but there wasn't anything she could do about it. She wasn't about to turn down the drink.

Both the food and the drink were polished off. The man wasn't surprised at the speed that they were finished. The hotdog was her lunch for the day, and the oppressive heat had wringed sweat from her by the bucket. The man understand how fast a person could become dehydrated in such hot weather. It could become dangerous if measures weren't taken to counteract it.

He brought out the handkerchief to wipe her face down one last time, removing some small patches of smeared semen from her mouth in the process, and then he walked away, circling back to the girl's behind. Her crotch was just as wet and inflamed as before, red and swollen like her face, and the starfish shaped bud of her asshole was still a little loose. It even twitched while he watched it. It hadn't settled all the way back into place, which was a stirring testament to how punishing the anal plug had been. The man could imagine how relieved the girl felt. He could imagine how hopeful and relatively free of pain she was now that the plugs were gone, how relaxed she was becoming. After all, the signs were all pointing to her being released soon. She was in the clear.

The man took out a small tube of lube from his pocket, liberally applied it to the relevant parts of the belt, and then knelt down behind her with it in hand. He lined the scoop up with her crotch, touched the tips to the entrances of their respective holes, and then pushed. The girl's breath hitched at the touch. Her body startled, but the movement did nothing. She couldn't squirm far without hurting herself. She clenched her muscles impotently and groaned, but that did not stop the man from pressing the plugs into her. The girl mewled and whined, but the man only clicked his tongue.

The urethra plug proved to be the hardest part. The thin beaded stick was obnoxious to handle due to how careful the man was. He didn't want to injure here, and that it turn made it harder for him to fully leverage the force needed to split her ass open. He had penetrated her with the other two shafts without any problems, but the third hole was a different story. There was progress with every second of careful pressure, but he wasn't as fast as he had been before.

By the time everything was all the way in, the girl was making muted noises of discomfort that seemed almost involuntary. When the man absentmindedly placed his hand on the leg that was hoisted up in the air, he could feel how it trembled through the latex.

The man gave the girl some time to calm down and relax. Or, to be more accurate, for her to get used to being stuffed again, the feeling of being full in the truest sense of the word. It must have taken a serious amount of effort to adjust to the sensation, but even so her twitching subsided after a minute or two. It didn't go away completely, but the man was fine with that. She had been holding her position for some time, he had expected her to be sore. He was honestly surprised that she was dealing with it as well as she was.

The man took something from the tray behind her. For the first time since he had arrived, he spoke. "I've noticed how hot it is," he said. "And I thought I might bring you something to help you stay hydrated."

He leaned over and dangled it in front of her. It was a liter bottle of soda, but filled with a clear liquid lightly tinged brown. The man shook it, causing some of the sediment inside to swirl around. He brought it back to his side. Thought the teenager didn't make a sound, the man caught her confusion, and the unspoken question.

He didn't respond. Instead, he reattached the plug adjustor to the sex toy belt. The two bulbs hung down from the soft plastic hosing, dangling just above the ground. The man flicked one to the side, and the other found its way into his hand.

"A quart isn't that much for an enema," the man said in a conversational tone. "But as I said, this is to keep you from drying out. You won't be expelling this, your body will be absorbing it."

The man clenched the bulb in his fist, the hiss of air being pumped into the tube clear in the otherwise silent room. The latex strip just below the tip of the anal dildo expanded ever so slightly, and as the man continued to pump the plug began to slowly grow. Clench, air was pushed inside, release, pause, another clench, and so on. The girl bit her lip but made no noise.

"I might have added something special to the mixture," the man admitted. "A small irritant. Nothing harmful or dangerous. Just a little pick me up. Something to focus on."

The strip grew larger and larger, slowly but surely pressing down hard and harder against the walls of her asshole. A rhythm was being built, a building of suspense and pressure. There was a moment, a very specific second, when a soft jolt ran down her body. The rubber plug inside the dildo had reached a special width. It was the size that began the transition away from being merely uncomfortable to something that was more. She moaned, low and deep from the bottom of her throat. The man continued on.

Clench, hiss, pause, then release. The same tireless repetitions, over and over again. They came one after the other, and the girl scrambled to adjust. The size of what she was dealing with was making it difficult, but she didn't have a choice. She wasn't being given time to ease into it.

When the man was done, the plug inside the dildo was wider than before he had deflated it. Not by much, but it didn't have to be. It had been big in the first place. Though the man had just wiped her down, a new coat of sweat was now clinging to her face.

The end of the second tube was dropped into the soda bottle, and the first bulb was replaced by the second. The man only stopped to double check the gear before he once again began pumping. He was slower than he had been before, but not by much. It took around half a dozen pumps for the first of the enema to reach the girl's ass. He could tell because his other hand was on her back, and the sudden clenching of her body was strong enough for him to feel.

"I'm sorry," the man said, "but I was lying earlier. From what I understand, the herb that I mixed in actually causes some rather intense cramps. The person I bought it from had used it on his own sub, and they were forced to expel it after twenty minutes. Just couldn't take it. Mind you, their enema was a full gallon, much more than a single liter, and they had planned on expelling it beforehand. It was a test to see how long it could be retained. The recipe called for a larger retention than this, and I couldn't be sure how much that would change the effect, so I added a little more than what was called for."

Clench, another squirt taken from the bottle, release, and then a pause before the next pump. Then came a repeat. And then another. Again and again, like a one-two punch. "Well, it could have been just a little. It depends on how important the ratio of liquids to herb is. Either way, it should be stronger than it would normally be."

His words were punctuated with the continued administration of the enema. The bottle was getting emptier and emptier. It was halfway gone at this point.

"Just think of it as an experiment. If it ends up being more bearable than expected, I can just give you another one with a stronger concentration. If not? Well, that's fine. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? It builds character." He patted her ass.

It took a minute for him to finish. She said nothing during the whole thing. The man had to admit that she had been very obedient, accepting everything with all the grace she could muster. More than anyone else could. The man very lightly strummed the wire attached to her vagina like it was a guitar chord. She flinched like she had been goosed, then shuddered and went still.

There was one last thing that needed to be done. The man took the bit gag and, with the same casual nonchalance as before, offered it to her mouth. She locked eyes with him, her strained, red face facing up against his pale, unconcerned expression. For the first time since he had walked in, the man let something leak across his face. Something beyond the cool professionalism. He saw the moment when she spotted the faint, thin amusement that hung off his almost nonexistent smile. The girl's attitude faltered.

It faded away in pieces, and was replaced by something more sullen. The girl looked down, or rather quit stretching her head up towards him, and opened her mouth. It was a passive gesture, an obedient one. The man placed the gag inside and wasted no time in tying it back in place. He had to pull on her head and the handle of the sex toy belt in order to get enough slack for the rope. The man ignored her pained reaction to the rough manhandling. He quit tugging at the plugs and the gag once they were tied together again. When he release his hands from the rope, he revealed that he there was now less slack than before. Her head and her ass were forced farther up then before.

The man stepped away from the cage. He took stock of what was in front of him. He inspected the latex suit that covered nearly all of the teenage girl's body, the way her legs were bunched up underneath her and how her knees had to carry all of her weight. Except for the one propped up, of course. He felt the stifling, humid heat, how it clung to him even in light clothes. He saw how stretched the girl was, both from the wires and the dildos. She was painfully immobile, unable to do anything. The only noise in the room came from was her heavy breathing.

"I'll return when the weather cools down. Probably this evening," the man said. "Maybe later. We'll see. Either way, I'll leave you to it."

The man bent down and plucked everything he had brought in off the ground, then dumped it on the tray. He walked away unhurriedly, the rustle of his footsteps against the hay on the ground the only sound of his passing. He ambled down the corner and across the hallway, soon out of sight.

The girl might not have been able to guess that the man had finally begun to smile, but the man had a good idea what the expression on her face was.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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