Her Hot Attraction Hanged the Highwayman
  • Author - Preston Pinkly
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  • Post Date - 3/6/2017

Author's Note: A tale of post apocalyptic possibities

In a not so far off post apocalyptic age as New Pittsburgh began to emerge as an oasis of civilization, culture and still functioning technology. Most of the rest of the eastern half of the former United States remained a savage land dominated by local warlords and roving semi organized bands of murderous criminals. The large cities of the eastern seaboard not obliteratedby nuclear weapons were destroyed by the massive tsunami generated by the atomic torpedo activated volcano, Cumbre Viejo. The monster wave swept inland within 100 miles of old Pittsburgh devastating all in its path. A part of it also submerged the British isles and the low countries on the continent. Nearly at the same time an enormous earthquake caused a massive rift widening and extending the Mississippi river to the Canadian Sea. The large inland sea had previously been the Great Lakes. The massive fast flowing Mississippi was dotted with small islands and now dominated by bloodthirsty river pirates and is nearly as wide as the old English Channel. It bisected the former United States and little was known ,at that time about conditions on the western half. Though a few survivors who managed to cross over from the west told blood curdling tales of an even more savage land made worse by the black practicioners of a mad genetic and earth altering science based on the demonic technology of evil humanoids of extraterrestrial origin. This black science had been partly responsible for bringing on the apocalypse. It was in the context of this new world in the not far distant future that the following events took place.

Hot to apprehend Remington (Remy) Wilky the notorious highwayman. The royal guard had been lured deep into the naturally camaflouged lowland swamp. Once they were mired and bogged down Remy and his cohorts took the side trail and rode their horses back to the main highway. Intercepting the defenseless royal carriage on its way back to New Pittsburgh. They, at once, looted the strongbox containing gold coins and valuable old dollar currency. Knowing they had at least an hour before the royal guard could extricate itself and find their way back to the main highway. Remy thought he'd have a little fun. Princess Felicity was a comely lass, not more than19 with long flowing blonde hair, long shapely legs a fine round, bubble globed ass and proud, perky boobs unrestrained by any bra. She was wearing a sort of one piece ankle length gown, lowcut and belted at the waist with high slits on both sides diplaying glimpses of her bare, golden fleshed legs and pristine white panties. Her full red lips were slightly parted and her wide eyed look showed fear and apprehension. She was Bambi in a world of ravenous wolves. In fact her facial features were much like that of actress Nan Grey. The quintessential victim of vampires and invisible men in old Universal horror movies from nearly a hundred years earlier.

Her mean spirited older cousin Carmella, who was her chaperone , had been bound and gagged to avoid her loud, abrasive tongue lashing and threats of severe reprisal.When Remy dismounted frightened Felicity gasped and ran into the woods. Remy pursued her at a leisurely pace until she fell breathless and exhausted on a thick carpet of fertile green moss. Dark haired Remy with his customary ironic smile, was tall and fit. And unusually good looking among a rogues gallery of crude rough men.He hadn't been with a woman in much to long a time. He fell atop Felicity pulling her robe away.Her lush naked body caused him to abandon himself to his lust. Roughly groping her tender golden body and plunging his rock hard cock deep in her tight sex. He fucked her almost brutally with hard deep piston thrusts. His mind disengaged like a hot, lusty animal in heat. He forced her to orgasm again and again tearing away her inhibitions and leaving her breathless with her laboring torso flushed crimson red. His hard cock finally erupted deep inside her igniting in him an explosion of brief but intense ecstacy. Moments later her inhibitions try to reassert themselves and Felicity, frightened of her bodies intense responses tries starts to crawl away on hands and knees.

Remy ,who doesn't even need a moment to recover is once again pulling her back to him. Rudely squeezing and manhandling her soft, fleshy ass and forcing her down on her elbows with her face in the wet, heavy moss.His hard, stormtrooper helmuted cock thrusts into her sopping pink snatch from behind.Forcing out of her even more intense orgasms. Before his hard pistonning cock erupts again. deep inside her and his consciousness dissolves in a flash of orgasmic ecstasy. He collapses on top of her and they both rolled onto the thick carpet of moss, still panting like racehorses. Felicity passed out briefly. When she opened her eyes he was standing above her , buckling up his thick leather belt. He was looking down at her. For a moment they almost made a connection but he turned and walked away. She looked after him wanting him to stay and to call out to him but she didn't know what to say.

When he got back to the carriage Carmilla was naked and obscenely displayed.. Her nude body was wrapped around a large elevated log. With her bound wrists attached to her wide spread dangling ankles. Her fleshy, opulent upended ass was on display as well as her dark, shaggy snatch. She had got in a hard kick smashing Hershaw's balls most painfully. Now it was time for payback. He looked at Remy and he smiled and nodded his okay. Jake Hershaw began flailing her fleshy porcelain ass with the long wickededly lean buggy whip.Felicity then appeared. Dressed again in her white gown. Hungry knowing eyes fell upon her, causing her to blush red and momentarily halting the action. As she slowly approached her entourage Remy pulled her toward him. Wrapping his arms around her. Protecting her from predatory pounces of his rough undisciplined crew. She didn't flinch or try to move away. Instead she backed in against him and he held her tighter.

Felicity smiled as she watched Carmellas hard whipping. She was a jeslous and cruel cousin. Often humiliating her and treating her badly and not at all suited to being her guardian and chaperone.Although gagged with her own soiled panties. Carmellas muffled shrieks of agony were still somewhat piercing and had frightened away some nearby flocks of birds. She almost amusedly and obscenely twisted her big bottoms, hopelessly trying to escape the punishing whip. But she only succeeded in displaying herself even more lewdly to the hard salivating men who devoured her well deserved agony with cruel lusty eyes. Hershaw chastised her big bounding ass most severely. Leaving her once pale cheeks heavily welted and criss crossed with angry stripes.

Remy spotted Bishop Shocker among her entourage and called him out. The rough bawdy bastard had once been a top MMA fighter before the apocalypse. Always with some pseudo religious bent he had fought under the name of "Friar Tuck" A bit up in age but still a rough old bird he somehow managed to become bishop of a church aligned with the Royal House in New Pittsburgh. After a brief conversation involving mutual admiration Remy , with a smile and a wink, loudly ordered the bishop to disrobe. He almost reconsidered after the spoiled garbage stench of the bishops b.o. wafted into his nostrils from nearly ten feet away. Beastial in appearance anyway the bishop was copiously covered with thick black body hair. Giving him the appearance of some scary, wild simian animal. Added to that he had fat, fur covered boulder balls dangling low between his legs and a most prodigious prick. More suited to a donkey than a man. Carmella was not physically unattractive. She had dark auburn hair, was cross eyed and looked much like 70's actress Karen Black. At just beyond 30 she was saggy but busty with somewhat thick thighs and a most opulent ass.

Remy and the bishop played out the scene for an angry Carmella. He was sternly ordered to take Carmella from behind or face fatal consequences. After a put on exchange of refusal then a "forced" compliance. The bishop , always prepared, greases Carmellas puckered anus and his own massive , upward curving meat. His terrible tool was not to be denied. After painfully digging in his fat greasy thumbs he spreads open her tight anus like using a speculum. His huge purple headed boner obscenely distends her belabored anus and manages to push inside then ram balls deep in her tight ass. She squeals sharply into her panty gag as her eyes nearly bulge out of her head The bishop has an avid dislike for spoiled, contemptible Carmella. He uses his mutant animal cock to punish her. Piston pounding his purple helmeted prong hard and deep in her tormented ass. She groans into her gag with each pummeling thrust until his cock explodes deep inside her and fills her insides with his steaming hot splooge.

Fast approaching hooves reminds Remy of the forgotten royal guard and his crew quickly mounts up and takes their leave. Felicity looks up at Remy mounting his steed. She'd go with him him in a heartbeat. He wants her and impulse nearly takes over. But a distant shot whizzing by his head as the guard emerges from the treeline breaks the spell and he rides off leaving her behind.

Its nearly 2 months later and Remy is way out of sorts. Drinking too much and nearly being captured in a bungled hold up. His can't get Felicity out of his system. He must see her again. Using the pretense of meeting directly with a "fence" to cut a better deal for a load of swag.. He lights out to New Pittsburgh in spite of many warnings. Cloaked and hooded he wandered about near the royal compound hoping to at least catch a glimpse of Felicity but it was not be. He couldn't help noticing the many "wanted" posters of himself around the city. Carmella had managed to put up a quite sizable reward in gold for whoever could bring him in alive for a most severe retribution. He knew he was a fool to linger but his contact also knew many secrets about the city and perhaps there was a way to find her again.

Pudler was a fat, lazy sedentary man in love with his creature comforts. He was at first surprised and then terrified that Remy would be so foolish to show up, in person, in his saloon. His fear quickly turned to anger "Are you out of your fucking mind...." was all he was able to blurt out before Carmella's personal guard burst in and quickly overpowered them. They were beaten senseless with truncheons put into heavy iron shackles and taken away. One of Pudlers most trusted men caught a glimpse of the cowled Remy and quickly arranged for first dibs on the sizable reward. "Well, two rats for the price of one!" remarked the sadistic guard captain as Remy was thrown onto the backseat floorboard of the large black Mercedes sedan and Pudler was stuffed into the trunk.The powerful sedan quickly whisked them away.

Carmella smiled with cruel sadistic pleasure that sent a chill down the spine of her personal attendant. She wasted no time in arranging a wicked reprisal. She chose an immediate and private affair. Not a public punishment although thst would be most humiliating but a private party would allow her to be as extreme as she wished. Remy was naked atop a high wooden scaffold. His arms were raised high above him. He was attached by his bound wrists to an overhanging whipping post. His legs were spread wide with his toes barely touching the unvarnished wood. His ankles were shackled and attached by short chains to iron rings in the floor. A special lesbian interrogation squad handled the preperations. Hardly indicative of the the whole.These were 6 sadistic, cruel women totally lacking in compunction and assembled by Carmella herself for special operations. They all had a strong devotion to the idea of female supremacy and intended one day to establish their own state comprised of strong warrior women and Carmella had promised to aid in its creation.They took great pleasure in capturing and torturing "loathsome" males to extract information or to punish them for crimes.

Thin lipped, brunette Carlotta, her hair up in a tight bun smiled as she wrapped thin, hard cord around the base of Remy's balls. Encircling his scrotum as she tightly wound the cord around forcing his balls down more than 4 inches. She lifted the bound base holding his balls straight out then dropping them and watching them swing between his legs like a clapper in a large bell. Redhead vixen, Clarisse knelt beside her and they began attaching heavy weights to the free ends of cord, notted off, and dangling beneath his balls. Carmella took a front row seat next to the scaffold and smiled as she watched. Remy grimaced in agony as his balls were wrenced most painfully. Carlotta had lifted the heavy weights several inches then dropped them and then Clarisse began prodding them with her sharp toed boot. Causing them to swing to and fro between his legs. They continued to torture his tightly bound balls as Carmella gloated and then Salli the whip mistress arrived and ascended the scaffold

Salli was a giantess of amazonian proportions. A bodybuilder with long muscular legs, a tight firm ass and strong, bare shouders and arms. Muscular but not freakishly cut and defined. She was ensconced in red latex one piece akin to a one piece swimsuit though cut higher showing off the entirety of her long legs. And lower cut upfront displaying her enticing though medium bosom to best effect. Her hair was cut short and a darkish red orange. She was attractive though severe and commanding in demeanor and appearance. She was well over 6' tall and nesr 7 in her high spike heels. She looked like the ultimate amazon warrior queen. And despite Remy's wickedly wrenched balls his cock began to elongate as she got close to him. She smiled and motioned Carlotta to attach another 5lb weight to his swollen purple balls. It was done and he grimaced as she laughed and began painfully pulling and hard twisting his sensitive exposed nipplles. She added to his agony by kicking the dangling heavy weights attached to his balls.and laughed again as he groaned through clenched teeth. After a few terrible moments she stopped and hard smacked hi semi elongated cock until it deflated.She raised up his chin and looked down in his eyes "we aren't getting too excited. Are we Remy?" Lets see how hard you get after I give you the whipping of your life!" She presses the long coiled bullwhip up under his chin. "You're just a cheap, nasty bushwacker and a thief and now you've been caught! We will take our pleasure with you for as long as we want! And don't think this will be the main event! That comes later! " She snickers and laughs mockingly as she releases his chin and walks behind him.She uncoils the long, lethal black whip and next he hears the high velocity swish and snap as limbers up behind him.

Carmella nods to Salli. Salli smiles and nods back.A hot second later a sharp hard snap leaves an angry red stripe across the center of Remy's full thick ass and he howls in agony. She snaps the whip just above his thighs elicting an even louder response. The hot amazon is an expert whip mistress dancing her lethal lash all about his hard belabored ass as if in slow motion but snapping in as loud as a rifle crack! She also snaps the whip hard into the heavy weights swaying under his balls causing them to swing like a pendulum and causing him even more agony.Once then twice she briefly interupted the action while a petite nude brunette attended her. Pressing a strongly buzzing Hitachi between her legs for just a few seconds until moaned and sighed with pleasure. Then she continued the epic whipping thoroughly savaging Remy's ass and leaving not an inch of flesh unscathed. At last she relents and Remy, panting hard , hangs limp in his bonds . Barely conscious, he feels his legs being lifted up and fastened to some large object. He groans when the weights start to swing from his balls again. Carlota lifts them up ,relieving the pressure then she cuts them away while Clarisse unwounds his bound balls.He gasps from the severe but short sharp pain when the blood supply returns to his swollen purple balls.

Wide eyed awake now. He finds his legs to be over and atop a large wooden barrel. Shackled again to iron rings in the barrel. His swollen well whipped ass is hanging over the edge, supported by his bound raised wrists. There is noise behind him and he hears a sort of low gutteral growling. It is approaching closer accompanied by giggling girls. Then he smells something quite disagreeable. A very unpleasantness sulphur smell mixed with the rotted stench of old garbage. The two topless blondes are younger than the others on Carmella 's crew. They are both wearing only thongs one red the other black. They are leading a strange mutant creature toward Remy.A product of pre apocalyptic genetic insanity. It is totally bald with pointed ears and a porcine face. Its shoulders chest , back and legs are covered with thick dark fur. Its large ass is pink and bald and covered with stripes and welts. Both giggling girls are carrying short cravache horswhips. One is holding a leash attached to a thick strap around the top of the creatures huge balls. The other is holding a leash attached to a wide leather slave collar around the creatures neck. One of the girls begins applying slick grease to Remy's asscrack and tight virgin anus. The other manipulates the creatures long but not inordinately thick cock. She guides it into Remy's greased anus. It slides in easily without much discomfort but then something happens and both girls giggle as Remy reacts with wide eyed surprise and shock. The oderous creatures cock begins to expand to truly monstrous dimensions! It quickly fills his rectum and isanely and most painfully distends his anus! Hard sharp nodules seem to be sprouting up on the mutants cock and a portion of its cock slightly lower than the club shaped tip, seems to be expanding independently! In addition he feels a painful burning sensation as the creatures cock exudes its own highly acidic lubrication! Goaded on by its two giggling handlers. One teasing and stimulating its huge balls while the other fiercely applys her cravache to the creatures naked ass.

The reeking, fur covered mutant begins fucking Remys virgin ass fast and deep with its awful spiked prong! Its akin to being hard fucked by a baseball bat with a fat softball wrapped around it a couple of inches down from the blunt end all of it covered with hard spikey nodules and liberally drenched with extra hot tabasco sauce! As the creatures tempo increased prodded on by the topless girls, Remy's worrisome anal agony was becoming worse than his severe whipping. Carmella was standing next to him. Mocking him with her vile laughter. She began whipping and stimulating his cock with a riding crop as painful pressure increased deep in his rough used rectum. She forced his cock to stiffen and urgently need release but she withdrew the abrasive stimulation just before his cock could ejaculate. Instead she brutally smacked his swelled balls with the flat of her crop as the foul, mutant thing ferociously hammered his ass.the combined agony forced out his most copious ejaculation. His jolting cock geysered out large gouts of white creamy jizz which splashed down loudly on the scaffold and beyond. Fortunately the creature only ejaculated in retrograde then deflated and extracted its penis. Through a misty haze of pain he heard Carmella's voice gloatingly remark; " Now you know how it feels to be violated and hard fucked by a great smelly ape with a mutant cock!" Remy passed out and she had taken down. The Queen would want him publically humiliated and punished in Market Square, once she knew he had been captured. But now there would be a troublesome scandal if she found out how severely she abused him. She decided to dispose of him that night by dragging him off to a nearby gallows and hanging him. But it was Felicity who intercepted her with 4 members of her guard."Give him to me now, Carmella. You've had you're fun! " Carmella merely laughed at her." Why you little whore! Do you really want his cock in you, again!?" Carmella attempts to sweep her aside. "Now get out of my way ! You silly little girl!" Felicity, with unexpected ferocity pushes her back then smacks her hard across the face." Get out, Carmella! Get out now!" Surprised and chastised. Carmella retreats with tears in her eyes.Leaving Remy, passed out on the ground.

Nearly an hour later he awakens laying on his stomach on Felicity's bed. She is applying soothing salves to his worst, swellings, welts and bruises. She had him examined by her personal physician. He had been brutally savaged but hadn't sustained permanent damage and would recover quickly given adequate care and rest.He moaned painfully as he turned over to look at her. Given time to reflect, despite his having forced out her full sexual fire. She had become angry and conflicted about how he used her then rode away seemingly indifferent towards her.She had found out and been in diguise watching his awful agony and degadation from shortly after the start of his whipping up until its final end. And she had even brazenly masturbated herself to several orgasms. His harsh treatment had made her wet and excited, something that no one else had made her feel, before.He deserved it, she thought and she revelled in his pain. Perhaps even more so than Carmella.He had even brought out her sexual fire through his savage torment and debasement. She both hated and needed him. She knew only he could fulfill and satisfy her completely. But she melted when he closed his hand over hers and told her he had come into the city to find her. That he knew for a certainty that he'd be caught and what would be in store for him, from Carmella. But it didn't matter. It would've been far worse to go on without her.She got into her bed beside him and his pain and labored breathing vanished. He fell into a deep peaceful sleep as she pressed close to him and nestled her head against his shoulder.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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