The Pink Girl
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Tori wasn't sure how she ended up in this. Her mind was hazy, filled with half-cohesive memories and vague physical touches that lingered. She remembered responding to an advertisement for a job in the "entertainment" industry; she had been a stripper before, so what was the difference? She remembered a strikingly gorgeous woman, a hallway with many rooms and little else.

These limited thoughts swirled through the cocktail that was Tori's mind as she awoke from her reverie slowly and frighteningly. She fluttered her eyelids open, immediately closing them when the bright light hit her. Opening first her left, then her right eye, she adjusted to the harsh light of the room in an attempt to piece back together the events of the previous night.

Stark white walls greeted her solemnly as she tried to turn to her side - only to have her arms pulled back to the left. Tori tried to absentmindedly turn a few times more, before coming to a sickening realization - she wasn't going anywhere.

Glancing down to her wrist, she saw that they were somewhat loosely but securely fastened together with black leather cuffs with silver buckles. The cuffs were fastened to each other at a tightness where she could just barely separate her small wrists, and then each wrist was fastened to what looked like small rings in the floor about two feet on each side from her waist, preventing movement to either side. What the hell is going on?

She tentatively wiggled her feet, at least a bit relieved to find that these were unbound. In fact, as far as the dazed girl could tell, she was only secured to her solitary post by the wrist cuffs and their accompanying chains. This was, to the uneducated observer, not a very secure position, but Tori soon found that her bound wrists laying on her lap were the equivalent of a seatbelt, holding her tightly to the floor of the stark room.

As far as she could tell, her surroundings were bleak; white walls from floor to ceiling as far as she could see with a very bright spotlight shining down only on her position. She strained to see past the spotlight, but its unrelenting stream of light limited her vision to a small area. If there was a door, she likely wasn't going to get there even if she could see it.

Tori began to breathe heavier now, as with each waking moment her panic grew. She really was trapped here, and there was no escape immediately present. Looking down at her bonds again, she realized that she was completely naked, and instinctively she tried to shoot her hands to her private region to shield them from the unwarranted eye, but the chains prevented her due to their tightness. Squinting into the spotlight, she tried to see where it came from and who was behind it. A sense of nausea began to creep over her, increasing by the second. Why am I here?

She opened her mouth to vocalize her frustrations, perhaps even becoming surprised by her ability to vocalize even in her diminished state. "Hey", she offered into the void beyond the spotlight. "Anyone there? I'm..." Her cries began to increase in volume. "Can somebody...I'm trapped with these chains, and..." Suddenly, she heard a noise from beyond the void. "Hello?" she was timid now. Was there someone watching her?

"Tori..." a sultry voice crept in across the stark white walls of the room, its owner's location still unbeknownst to the unwilling captive. "Are you ready for your interview?"

A chill crept down Tori's spine. "There has to be a mistake, I'm not..." Suddenly, she remembered the job and the chills intensified.

"There's no mistake, Tori," the voice's owner materialized, framed by the spotlight. "You responded to an ad, and I've decided to put you through a personal interview process." The blonde vixen came closer, every step carefully placed in front of the other, and the unmistakable sound of stilettos clicking against the hard floor rhythmically accompanying them.

She was - maybe even the woman from Tori's limited memories of the night before. Her golden hair was stacked up on her head, with a few strands falling down across her face, but even this seemed deliberate and intimidated. She had to be about six feet tall, maybe even taller with the six inch black stilettos that she had on. Tori watched as the light from the spotlight glinted and gleamed off of the curves in the women's jet black catsuit (Tori wondered briefly if it was latex) where her large breasts and big ass strained against them, and similarly against the woman's tiny waist. She crept closer, and closer, a smirk creeping across her shiny red lips.

"I'm not... I didn't intend for this to be..." Tori shrunk back against the wall as much as her bonds would allow, intimidated by the tall woman now standing directly in front of her. "Whoever you are, if this is, the job, the job then-" Swiftly, the captor bent and clasped a hand around Tori's mouth, limiting her protests to a muffled whine.

There was no explanation, no qualification of this kidnapping of sorts. The blonde woman simply smiled, a Grinch-like smile creeping across her face. Then, she deliberately straddled her captive, facing towards Tori's feet, and without missing a beat, released her hand over the mouth and replaced it with her catsuit clad ass pressed tightly into Tori's face. At least now Tori knew that it was indeed latex.

While pressing the naked brunette's face into her ample behind, the captor undid the chains holding Tori to the

floor and forced her to slide down, however unwillingly, to the floor in a prostrate position, now forcing her captive to be her seat and grabbing her wrists, crossing them across her C cups in a straitjacket fashion. The blonde chuckled as another woman, equally blonde and equally adorned, entered the room. Her heels clicked as well, one in front of the other, until she came to a stop next to Tori's flailing legs.

"Looks like we have a real A plus girl here now, Emily," the seated girl commented, wiggling her butt and rubbing the sweaty latex in Tori's face as she held her down.

Emily simply laughed and shook her head exasperatedly before kneeling down to open a large bag that she had brought with her into the room. She pulled out some cuffs which appeared to be identical to the wrist cuffs from earlier. After putting all of her weight down on the helpless brunette's long legs, she locked the cuffs on and the ankles together, before adding similar cuffs above and below the knees, severely limiting Tori's futile struggles. Emily also took control of Tori's wrists from her facesitting partner and re secured these with a much larger set of cuffs, which locked Tori's arms from her wrists to her elbows together. Standing and turning to face her fellow bondage dominatrix, she held out a large ball gag harness and gestured towards the smothered face of the captive.

"I know it's a nice position for you, but I'm going to need you to stand up for a moment so I can fit our prospective employee with the finishing touch - for now." Emily crept closer to Tori's face as her captor reluctantly relinquished her post. Tori gasped for air, brown hair matted to her now sweaty face, eyes desperately searching for escape. Before she could even get a word out in her defense, the bright red ballgag was shoved deep into her mouth behind her teeth and the straps quickly buckled tight over her head, behind her head, and under her chin to prevent its expulsion. Tori continued to look around in a terrified manner, her protests coming out only as whimpers. She had made a terrible mistake.

The girls spent the next segment of the process carrying Tori through the hallway that she had recognized from earlier, with all of the doors. The second blonde, Emily, went into every few rooms, apparently looking for something in particular, while the original tormenter held the writhing Tori at bay. Eventually, they all wound up in a small room with another spotlight trained on a long table. The two girls pushed Tori onto the table and held her there. "Tori, we're going to remove some of your restraints, okay? But the door is locked from the outside, and I don't have a key, so there is no point in resisting. If you do, we have ways of making things unpleasant for you." Tears streamed down Tori's face as one of those two girls said this, she didn't really care who. This is hopeless, she thought. I have to try.

As her wrist cuffs were being removed, she laid relaxed, but as soon as they were off, she tried to lunge up and escape, hands flailing for a purchase on the catsuits of the girls. Her attempts did prove hopeless, however. As if they had been expecting such a desperate attempt, each girl had grabbed one of Tori's arms, and they both laughed, like this was some kind of silly game that they were playing with a child. "I knew you wouldn't listen, but at least we have a reason now to really make your life miserable." Emily bent down close to Tori's tear streamed face, sexily sneering into the captive's desperate eyes. The girls rolled Tori over deftly, and forced her arms into a laced leather armbinder. "In fact, Tori, you'll be glad to know that none of the girls that we have hired have ever been cooperative. You're just like the rest!" More giggles rained down on Tori, whose face was pressed into the hard black table. The rest of who? Tori hardly wanted to know.

The armbinder was laced tightly, so tightly that Tori's elbows were nearly touching behind her back, and Tori felt her back arch as it was pulled tight towards her bound knees and secured to them. Tori shook violently, pulled into a bowstring position, but couldn't move. Emily had taken on the position of simply staring at Tori's darting eyes from close range, mocking her, while her accomplice kept making the predicament tighter, and worse for Tori.

"You little slut," sneered Emily. "I'm glad that we have you trapped here, this is the perfect job for a little slut like you." Emily squeezed Tori's tits, leaning in close to whisper in her ear. "I have a feeling you're going to get the job."

Meanwhile, the first dominatrix frogtied Tori's long legs over the armbinder, further securing her, while also tying her naked feet together. Tori, getting an increasing sense of withdrawal to this situation, tried half-heartedly to wiggle free, but found that her movement was severely restricted to the point where she could hardly move, save for her head and her toes. This was soon fixed, as a rope was tied from a D ring on the gag near the back of her head to her toes, causing her to cry out from behind the big red ball in pain. "Poor baby," mocked Emily, stroking Tori's face. "Did we hurt you?" The smeared makeup left behind from her caresses were the least of Tori's problems.

The two girls left then, as Tori moved the only thing that she could - her eyes. She had never felt so helpless before in her entire life. She was completely naked, with no knowledge of where she was or why she was there, and to boot she was tied up in a position best described as excruciating. With the spotlight trained on her again, she couldn't see past the end of the light, and had no idea of the time passing. She moaned and grunted, trying to so much as roll a bit, but every move buried the gag deeper into her mouth, wrenched her toes forward, pulled her shoulders back or sent rippling pain down her back. Tori would do anything, anything but endure more of this type of torture if she could be released.

It could have been minutes, hours, or merely seconds that Tori was left in the hogtie; her only counter of time was her pain, and it was constant. She strained and strained, hoping that this wasn't the job, hoping that this was just some kind of sick game - and then they returned. The two blondes returned, one holding a cloth of some sort in her black gloved hand.

"Good news, Tori," said Emily, cupping Tori's skyward forced chin. "Our supervisor has told Cali and I that you've got the job - if you want it that is." Laughter continued, as Emily moved down to slap Tori's ass, forcing more pain as a result of Tori's jerking reaction. "I could do that to you all day, as your assignment." Emily snaked a gloved hand onto Tori's pussy, fondling it, but Tori could hardly think of pleasure. Getting no response from her plaything, Emily nodded to Cali, and the cloth was placed over the ballgag. Tori was out in seconds.

She expected to wake up from this bad dream. She expected to go back to her normal life, with normally lit rooms and normal clothes. Instead, Tori woke up in darkness. It took a while for her to adjust again, before the squirming started. This time, there was no question as to the tightness of her bondage. She still couldn't see anything, and instead was encompassed in complete darkness. So dark it was, that she couldn't tell if she was blindfolded or just in complete darkness.

In whatever case, her breathing must have alerted Emily and Cali, as she could hear heels click again, and then her blindfold was off. Squinting again in the face of another spotlight, two latex hooded figures with two eyes, a mouth and blond ponytails came into focus.

"Welcome to the first day on the job," Cali climbed on top of Tori, again sitting on her face with her big, rubber covered ass. Tori was helpless to resist, and only managed to squirm slightly in her tight cocoon.

Emily joined in, climbing on top of Tori's pussy, rubbing it through the tape. "You might be interested to know what we did to you. If you can feel, we put plugs in your ass and pussy - and they can vibrate, too. Then, we gave you one of these beautiful catsuits - yours is pink. You are, after all, the pink girl." Tori, unable to see because of Cali's smothering and barely able to breathe, closed her eyes in dejection and submission. I'm trapped here. But there was more.

"Furthermore," Cali continued the story as Emily continued to work on Tori's plugged pussy. "We then wrapped you up, in not one, not two, not three," she paused to lift her ass off of the unfortunate employee's face for her to gasp in a breath of air before settling back down and grabbing Tori's breasts. "Well, let's just say enough layers of wrap and tape to the point where you have absolutely no chance of release."

"And we're not done," cooed Emily from her pussy perch. "Your task for today requires you to be wrapped fully, and we figured that you would like to be conscious before we finished you off." Despite her resignation to her fate, Tori still raced through what was left of her to cover in her panicked mind, and only thought of her head. "That's right, you little slut. You do have one of the sexy hoods that we do, so don't worry about that pretty brown hair of yours." Cali pulled hard on the ponytail sticking out for emphasis. "We will, have to gag you, though, until further notice. Your job isn't until later today, but for now we need you to be fully plugged up, if you know what I mean. But we'll save that for last."

Both girls dismounted as Tori gasped her breath in. She frantically tried to think of a way to convince them not to, but her mind ran blank, only coming up with frantic ideas about what her "job" would be. Before she could say a word, more tape, pink, she could see, was being wrapped around her neck and up towards her mouth.

"Please," she managed to softly whisper.

"What was that?" Emily leaned in close with a hand cupped from her ear. "You need to speak up you little whore. You are a whore, right?" She smiled, leaning in to kiss Tori on the lips Her tongue explored Tori's mouth, before the pink girl managed to pull away. Emily licked her lips, backing away for a moment. "Oooh, you are a whore."

"Please," Tori repeated. "You don't have to do this." Her pleading eyes peeked out from under her pink hood, her last resort. "I don't know what his job is, but I'm sure someone else is more willing than I am."

Cali began wrapping from the ponytail down, being careful to add extra layers headed towards the eyes. "It's not a matter of being willing or not, it's a matter of aptitude, and you're certainly an excellent fit." Both girls, obviously taking great pleasure in this process, continued to slowly wrap the tape around Tori's head, taking great care to avoid her eyes, mouth and nostrils for now.

Tori was silent, unable to think of anything else to say that would change her delighted captor's minds. Emily finished her wrapping near the mouth, and came around to climb on top of Tori, squeezing her big tits through the wrapping. She held out another ball gag, this one looking even bigger than the first. Tori whimpered, shaking as she imagined the big ball sandwiched deep in her mouth.

"The last one was two inches," Emily rolled the ball gag between her hands, staring hungrily down at Tori's supple lips. "This one is two and a half." She held it up to Tori's lips, just far enough away to have there be no threat of insertion imminent. "Now, that might not seem like much of a change, but believe me, it will fill your slutty mouth like it hasn't ever been filled before." Cali left her wrapping just short of Tori's big brown eyes and came around to face her captive.

"I'm sure you'll like your new job," Cali soothed her panicking victim, stroking her cheek. "Just relax and don't think too much, you'll be fine."

Tori's head spun. This was her last chance. She needed to think of something, anything, to get her out of this awful predicament. She had no idea what this 'job' was, and she didn't want to become the 'pink girl'.

Cali returned to her post at the top of Tori's head, and Emily bent closer so that her moist lips were mere millimeters from Tori's trembling mouth. "Any last words?" Emily held the gag closer and closer. Tears welled up in Tori's eyes as she racked her brain.


Emily smiled evilly, and glanced up at Cali, who pulled down on Tori's hair, forcing her mouth open with the pain, allowing the big pink gag into Tori's mouth. The girls worked together to fasten the straps as tight as possible, as Tori's mind went blank. She was trapped, unable to speak, unable to move, only able to see and hear. Soon, the straps were tight, and Tori whimpered faintly from behind the obstruction in her mouth.

"It's been fun, but we have some other employees to check on," Emily clicked on a remote to send the vibrators in Tori's pussy and ass to life, causing her to shake even more. "I hope you enjoy yourself."

With that, the girls finished their wrapping as thoroughly as promised, leaving Tori's eyes free until the last second. Tori's eyes searched and searched, but it was in vain. Her last sight was Cali smiling as the pink tape wound around her eyes, again and again until she could only just barely breathe through her nostrils to stay alive. She felt herself being strapped to the table, and then she heard heels click and a door close. She breathed hard through her nostrils, mind blank with fear and submission. But there was no time for this.

It was her first day at her new job, and she had work to do. She was the pink girl now.

The End
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