The Wrong House
  • Author - J Battier
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  • Story Codes - M-m, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, cbt, electricity, enema, extreme, kidnapping, sensorydep, slavery, torture, toys
  • Post Date - 3/31/2017

Author's Note: A long and sordid tale about the consequences of trying to steal from others. A young man, hard on his luck, turns to burglary to pay the bills. The house a the end of the street looked just like any other, but our main character will soon learn that it holds one very dark and sinister secret.

Chapter 1: The Break-In

The cab slowed to a halt and the headlights illuminated the patch of woods forming a gateway over the small path before it. The wipers cleared the windshield of the condensation that had formed from the light evening mist.

"Twenty-five fifty".

I passed a twenty and a ten forward.

"Keep it."

I sulked a bit in my dark hoodie as the driver wound his way around the cul de sac, keeping my distance and moving gradually towards the path. My eyes darted about to see if any neighboring homes observed my drop off. The bulk of the structures remained dark with nary a light on. It was almost 1am and I presumed my arrival was largely unannounced.

Comfortable that the driver would no longer be able to see me in the rear view, I sleeked towards the path and disappeared down the winding gravel. I kicked up rocks as I moved, my track completely dark before me. Around me the sounds of the night chirped and shuffled in the brush. It was a relatively quick path to the adjacent neighborhood, separated by a small patch of forest with a carved out connector trail. Emerging on the other side my destination revealed itself.

The last house on the street that backed into the forest was a brick, two-level single family dwelling. It was an older home and was set aside from the rest of the neighborhood not only in its isolated location but also in its non-contemporary motif. Many of the homes on the lot had been bulldozed and remodeled by developers. The lack of progress on this home had told me that its occupants were likely elderly and represented the last of the holdouts. The ivy that entangled the side exterior also reeked of neglect or a general lack of motivation befitting those in the later stages of life.

I had not come to this point lightly. While it wasn't my first break-in, it was my last resort. It always was. At 25 life had not exactly been moving according to the plan I had back when I put myself through the first two years of college. A confluence of circumstances and bad luck brought me to where I was now, but that is a whole tale in and of itself. All you need to know is that as I steeled myself to approach, I was officially 6 hours into my new state of being officially "homeless." Evicted that morning on the heels of 4 months back rent I had stuffed all of my worldly possessions into a single duffel bag that now occupied a locked gym locker at the local ymca.

"In and out" I muttered to myself as I came to a window on the side of the house. Just grab enough to turn a quick pawn shop profit and maybe search a few drawers for cash.

The window did not present too much interference. Chipping away at the wood worn base I was able to deftly crack the seal with the tiny crowbar and then one or two upward thrusts to pop the ineffective locking mechanism.

I held my breath. No alarm.

Silently the window slid up and I slid in. Crouching on the wooden floor I remained completely still. I spent the next 5 minutes listening and observing. The place was deadly quiet and any occupants were likely to be fast asleep somewhere upstairs. I had done very little recon on this property. Again, tonights break-in was a solution to a very recent curve ball. I had only cased this neighborhood once previously, trying to identify what may be some low hanging fruit for target. Both of my prior forays into thievery had afforded me significantly more prep time. I summed up the courage to begin exploring and I worked my way through what seemed to be some type of tiny home office.

Checking a few drawers yielded nothing. The room was sparsely decorated and nothing of value caught my eye in the darkness. I pressed onward and out into foyer, moving through to the next space.

The living room was quaintly decorated and cozy, illuminated only by the eerie glow of the moonlight through the latticed front window. I noted a lack of picture frames or photographs and remained puzzled as to just who owned this place. The décor made me think of my grandmother. The patterns on the sofas and the tea set china that adorned the coffee table and an old lady vibe, although the well worn recliner and fleece blanket in the corner said 'male.' I crept past the table and paused in the doorway. For a moment I thought I had a creak of a floorboard coming from the upstairs. I froze and my breathing ceased as I strained to try and make out any semblance of sound or movement. At first all I detected was the frantic and frenetic beating of my own heart. I forced myself to begin slowly inhaling through my note and exhaling quietly out of my mouth to slow its pace. Another minute passed with no further indication that I had disturbed any slumbering homeowners. I moved into a darkened hallway. A half ajar door led into blackness at the foot of a downward staircase. Presuming it to be the basement, I continued on into the kitchen. My eyes darted about looking for a key bowl or some place where one might set a wallet. Fingers crossed as I thought about a cookie jar where the cash might be jammed. I also held out hope for a library or a study on this floor where a safe or records might be kept. The kitchen was tiny and cramped. I began to get the picture of a loner, whoever they were.

I felt may way around in the dark as the kitchen was significantly darker then the rooms in the front of the house. Shuffling my feet soflty I felt along the counter tops as I went. I tensed again suddenly at what I could've sworn was another creak of a board. This time I let a good 2 or 3 minutes pass as I stood motionless, a dark silouhette in a darkened room. I felt a churning in the pit of my stomach and I had the sensation wash over me that I should consider abandoning this foolish endeavor all together. Working up the courage to resume exploring, or to find the nearest exit, I backed up slightly


The drinking glass placed on the edge of the counter smashed to pieces as I bumped it from its perch.

Suddenly I heard a flurry of commotion in the room adjacent to the one I was in. From some type of mudroom or closet came the unmistakable growl of a dog roused from slumber.

BARK! BARK! ....BARK! BARK!.....grrrrrrrr

The canine of the home scratched at the other side of the door. From the sound of it, he was not a tiny pooch. The barking continued to grow louder and more voracious. If anyone else was in the home, they would soon be tuned to something be amiss.

"Shit!" I cursed aloud. Time to make an exit. Retracing my way to the back window would probably take too lo-------------

"Agggggh!" I let out a low guttural gasp as what felt like two sharp bee stings pierced my upper back. Instantaneously came a soft whirring buzz and I suddenly felt as if I had been punched in the stomach. The wind was taken out of me immediately and I fell to my knees, gripping and reaching for my back. I saw stars about me as I struggled to breathe. A sharp pain blasted my temple. What the fuck was happening?!

Get up, I told myself. Get up quickly and get out of here. I quickly rose but grimaced as I felt the sharp sting once more dig and pinch my flesh. Seconds later the soft buzz sounded again and once more the equivalent of a full body blow knocked my gut.


This time I hit the floor, gasping and spitting and trying to make sense of what was happening.

"Stay down." A man's voice pierced the darkness. It was deep and authoritative in tone. Perhaps it was the feeling that I might throw up at any moment, or the fact that my head was spinning and it was tough to tell which way was up, but I decided to comply at that moment.

Another soft buzz

"FUCK!" this time I felt every muscle in my body jolt and my body writhed on the floor and then lay still. I squinted in the dark to try and see who was there. The constant barking of the dog contributed to my overwhelming disorientation.

Pressure. I felt pressure being applied to my abdomen. Something was against me. It dawned on me a foot was pushing me to roll back over on to my belly. I turned like a ragdoll, eager to relieve any of the pressure of the pinching in my back. I gasped and took sharp, deep breaths. I felt my brow glistening as drops of sweat formed. I had the faintest feeling that my arms were being pulled behind my back.

Another soft buzz.

My world went black..........

Chapter 2: To Catch a Thief

20 years ago I had gotten a concussion in a high school soccer game. That was the first, last and only time I had ever blacked out from pain or a collision. I had a familiar sense of things when I first came to on that grass field as I did now. The grogginess, the blurred vision, the lack of recollection around exactly what happened, but just knowing that something was not right. In the soccer game, I recalled going up for the header, and I recalled being on the ground moments later with a mouth full of blood. Then nothing until I was sitting on the bench with a trainer holding an ice bag to my head and a flash light to my eyes. There was not trainer this time, and there was definitely no ice as much as my throbbing head begged for it.

"uuuuuuuggggghhhh" I let out a soft moan. My chin rested against my chest and I could feel a stream of drool running from my parched lips to my wet tee. I struggled to catch my bearings. At first I thought I was on my back but leaning with gravity told me I was seated. I blinked my eyes a few times and struggled to focus under a bright light.

"whhhhat the..." I murmured.

"I'll ask the questions, boy." The same gruff voice greeted me once more. I darted forward out of fright but was pulled tight against my seat. I shook vigorously and tried to kick out as my world came back in to view.

"Stay still, now." The voice chided. Apparently this was not entirely a choice. As a tried to flail and swing out I realized now that my arms had been restrained behind me. I felt the pinch of cold metal against my wrists and realized that they had been cuffed or shackled behind me. I froze in terror at the idea I had been subdued. My eyes darted about as I tried to take stock of my situation.

"You're not going anywhere so don't bother." I looked up and my eyes met those of my tormentor.

I was seated in one of the white wooden chairs up against the small, circular kitchen table. The brightness of the ceiling light above flooded the room. The out of date plastic blinds were drawn above the sink and I could hear the panting and pacing of the dog, still secured in the room just off the kitchen. Sensing my thoughts, he spoke again.

"Zeke is going to stay locked in there for now. Believe me, you're lucky he didn't get to you first." The voice had a gravelling, weathered tone. The owner of the voice had that very appearance. He was tall, seated as he was, an imposing figure calmly and pensively observing the scene. His face was not wrinkled, per se, and I would've probably put him in his early to mid sixties. His hair was short and grey with very little evidence that this was a recent occurrence. He was clean shaven, with dark eyebrows and dark piercing eyes. There was a must about him that indicated he was a smoker and I further confirmed the pack of camels in his flannel shirt pocket. His stare never turned from my gaze and I found him to be quite an intimidating presence. This was further accentuated by my own helplessness.

Turning away I soon realized I was more than just cuffed to the chair. My ankles were lashed together with some type of rope or twine and they had been pulled back, up off the floor and stretched under the seat, tied off against a lower rung or something. The same chord was pulled tight across my chest and wrapped a few times around the seat, tied off and securing my arms against the chair back. I shifted uncomfortably in the seat as I tried to somehow make sense of the situation.

"Fuss all you want. Knots are kind of my thing."

"What's going on? Who the fuck are you?!" I blurted out, completely at a loss for how to respond.

"That is a bold question boy, considering you are in MY house!" his retort was not illogical.

I clammed up, unable to think of a proper response. "Untie me now, goddamn it."

He ignored my plea. Reaching below the table, he removed something from his lap and set it on the table before us. It looked like a miniature gun of some sort, but it was bright yellow and had two tiny barbed hooks at the end of what would be the barrel. My eyes shot back from the weapon to the man and back again.

"Taser. I thought about just getting rid of this thing for years. Who would want to bother an old man living alone anyways? But, I kept it for some reason, and now I'm glad that I did."

Jesus Christ, I had been tazed?!

"You took a lot of juice to bring down, but things seem to be a little more under control now." His tone was calm and measured.

As I came out of my fog I turned to rationalizing.

"Listen, whoever you are, I'm sorry about this. This is a misunderstanding, if you please just untie me I promise you'll never see me again, just please let me.."

"Stop sniveling. You were man enough to decide to break into another man's home, now accept the consequences."

What consequences? What was he talking about. I jerked in my seat against the bonds but they held tight.

"I told you, knots are my thing, so do try and keep still while we sort this thing out." What was there to sort out?

"Listen, I'm truly sor--"

"Do NOT tell me to 'listen' one more time." His large hand move once more to the Taser. I held my tongue.

"Seems to me the only ones who need be listening to you are the police, and I'm sure they'll be glad to take your statement on the way to the station. Just have to make sure they give me my cuffs back and they use their own you." Why did he own handcuffs? And what had happened to my shoes. As I fidgeted against my bonds I realized it was my bare feet scraping against the bottom rung of the chair. Had he removed them? I didn't remember taking them off before entering.

"I'm sorry. I'm just trying to tell you that I'm sorry and I don't mean you any harm, this is the first time I've ever done anything like this and I've made an awful awful mistake."

"Oh you sure have boy. You just don't quite understand how big a mistake you've made. One might say, you've made a grave one, because you picked the wrong house and now its up to me to figure out just what we should do with you."

"Please sir, please don't involve the police, I'm begging you." I whined.

"Oh I don't think we need to involve the police either, and I am glad to hear that you will beg." His strange words hung in the air. We sat in silence as he stared right through me.

"Will you let me go?" I implored. He reached into his pocket and fingered loose a cigarette from his pack. A lighter was produced from his side pocket and he took a long drag as it lit. He exhaled slowly and the cloud wafted in my direction, stinging my eyes slightly.

"That's a more challenging question indeed." And he was silent again, puffing calmly. He seemed to be sizing me up and I found my self tensing in my seat. My head still stung fiercely from the Taser and I felt sore throughout my entire body. The smoke from the cigarette I found further nauseating.

He began again. "You're a stranger and you broke into my home. In the eyes of the law, that's when you gave up your rights under it. That law no longer protects you the intruder, it instead protects me the victim. Once I've discovered you, I can technically do with you as I please."


Continuing. "And so I knocked you out and I tied you up and now I'm going to take my time in figuring out just how to handle you. You're under my roof and under my rules."

"This isn't funny! You can't just keep me like this!" I became increasingly agitated and borderline testy.

"Oh can't I? Seems to be I could do whatever I want right now and there's not really anybody to tell me otherwise." There was as a slight chuckle to his chiding that infuriated me.

"ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE! LET ME GO!" I shouted. The dog barked loudly in the next room and once again I heard him scratching at the door.

The man rose from the table and moved to a cabinet drawer. Opening it, he ignored my shouts.

"YOU are the one whose ass they're going to take away if you don't free me!" More barking.

He turned to me with something in his hand. Standing above me he was a tower. He spoke not a word but cracked me hard across the face with back of his hand. I thought I spit a tooth but I had no time to recover from the blow as he took a fist full of my hair and pulled hard.

"AHHHHHH, mmmmmph" I screamed and he jammed a wad of cloth forcefully into my mouth. Choking back I coughed violently as his fingers forced the material in between my teeth and down my throat. He held my head firm by my hair as I tried to jerk free. Before I had a chance to even try and force it out he grabbed the role of duct tape and stretched it loose, pressing it hard to my lips and then wrapping it tight around my head. He wound it several times, each time contorting my face and squeezing harder. After what seemed like a dozen times around he leaned in and roughly bit it loose smoothing it out and patting my cheek tauntingly.

"There, that should shut you up for a bit. I can't think straight when you're hollering like that." He pulled his chair around closer to where I sat and picked the cigarette up once more. Sitting back down he crossed his legs and continued to survey me.

"As I was saying earlier, you picked the wrong house and the wrong man to pull this shit with. Normally, I'd just assume get the police down here and let them straighten things out, but once I had you knocked out and cuffed I got to thinking."

"Mmmmmphh" a barely audible mumble escaped my gagged mouth.

"That's right, I thought to myself 'if I call the police now, they're going to take their time getting down here and taking statements and waking the neighbors' and before you know it, I'll have lost the whole night dealing with the mess you caused me." He was smiling as he rambled, uninterrupted now by my silent state.

"Whereas if I just keep you like this, I can take my time with things, sort them out and make sure I consider all the options." I quietly fidgeted with the cuffs that cut into my wrists. Where was he going with this?

"So I decided that's what I'll do. Consider my options. But while I do that, I'm afraid you're going to have to just hold your horses and accept the situation for what it is. Does that make sense? " He seemed to be looking for a response. With no other obvious options, I slowly nodded my head.

"Good boy. See, that's what I like to see, a little obedience and a little respect." He rose from the seat and moved to the sink to extinguish his cigarette.

"I'd ask you your name boy, but I'm guessing I'm not getting a useful response, even if I hadn't stuffed that wad in your mouth. But, seeing as how we are here getting acquainted, you mine as well know mine. I'm George, and the Rottweiler on the other side of that door you already know is Zeke. For now, you can just be 'boy.' Does that work?" I gave a defeated nod simply to move things along.

"Now what do you see we see exactly what we're dealing with here. Shall we?" He walked back slowly towards me and this time he held in his hand the sharp blade of a kitchen knife. Jesus Christ! My mind raced. I bucked wildly in the chair against the ropes.

"Mmmmmpphhh!!!" to no avail. He held the blade forward and I froze in terror. One large hand reached forward and a long finger pulled the collar of my tee shirt. Moving forward George pressed the knife to the cloth and in a quick motion he made a small cut. Gripping the ends he tore at the shirt and it ripped down the middle, exposing my bare chest.

"Mmmmrrr!" I angrily protested. A hand gripped my chin and George forced me to look up at him.

"When someone gags you, it means you better shut up, you get me?" Squeezing I once again nodded and sat back in my seat. My mind raced and my heart skipped a beat as he turned his attention to my chest and torso. He ran both hands down my pecks and over my abs.

"hmmm, not too bad." With one hand he began massaging a nipple. He tugged it aggressively. "MMPP!" from the pain. His hands stopped at the top of me jeans and he unbuttoned the top.

"Lets have a look at the full monty." Was this really happening?

"Mmmmmphh" I was shaking my head but he casually disregarded the muffled protests and proceeded to unzip my fly. The black cotton of my boxer briefs was exposed and he ran his hands over the outline of my cock and balls, cupping them gently. My legs bucked against the ropes to no avail. The knife was in his hands once more and he cut at the waist band and down the front. My member fell loosely and the cool air tickled me slightly.

"Not bad, but you could certainly do to clean this up a bit." He murmured as he pinched some of my pubic hair. I was mortified and humiliated, bound and exposed as I was and completely taken aback by the sudden turn this had taken. He took my shaft in his hand and pulled, stroking me gently a few times. I felt a rush of blood to my cock and I turned my head in shame as I felt myself begin to chub. I had never had a man other than a doctor touch my genitals and I was squeamish at the thought that my body betrayed me as it did.

"Ah, looks like I've got your attention. You kind of like that don't you?" I did not venture a reply. "Well, no need to answer just yet. We've got plenty of time to figure that out." And he rose to his feet letting my half erect cock fall limp.

"I hope that wasn't too much of an invasion of privacy for you. Just figure its only fair given that you invaded my home. Kind of a tit, for tat" and he patted my swollen nipple for full pun effect.

"Well, now that you seem properly under control, there's probably something you should see." George glared down at me in the chair. "But first lets add a little something for effect."

Walking away from me he opened the door to the back room. A large, brown and black Rottweiler burst forth from the room, sliding on the linoleum tiled floor and regaining footing to then run to where I sat, growling ferociously.

"Zeke! HEEL!" the man instructed and the dog ceased advancing. "SIT!" and the dog moved in to the sitting position still just a foot or two away from me. Exposed as I was I was terrified at the prospect that George might let the dog pounce but that did not appear to be his attention as he rummaged for something in a closet I could not see.

"Sorry about that. Ole Zeke can be pretty protective. His bark is probably worse than his bite, but I still wouldn't want to test that." He chuckled. My eyes stayed fixated on the dog who maintained a low growl despite his docile pose. I struggled to come to terms with my predicament. Only a half hour ago I had been faced with the turning point of whether or not to enter the window and now I found my self stunned and beaten, tied to a chair and prisoner to a possibly homosexual man and his dog. The unforeseen table turning was jComing back into the kitchen the man carried what appeared to be a chain and fabric dog collar.

"He can also be a tad bit jealous, so hopefully he doesn't mind too much that I use this on you and not him." I was helpless to do anything as he set about strapping the red collar around my neck. He pulled it tight and buckled it off. Moving behind me I felt him pull at the ropes that held me to the chair. Tugging it loose they fell about me. He also knelt down and began to pick at the knot that lashed my ankles to the chair rung. Releasing them they fell forward and my bound feet came to rest on the floor. I lurched forward slightly, no longer held by the bindings. He rose and brought the clip at the end of the leash to my collar, linking it on and giving a slight pull.


"Now, on your feet." He pulled by the neck and I found myself temporarily choking as I struggled to stand and bring my pinned arms over the back of the chair. I wobbled a bit and fell forward before he helped prop me upright. Face to face now I could see he was a solid 6 or 7 inches taller then my own 5'7. He was broader then I was too and despite his age I had to wonder if it would even be a fair fight had I not been bound.

"Your ankles are going to stay like that so you're going to have to hop, understood?" I nodded. "Come on." He tugged the leash and walked from the room. I did a quick little help to move forward and then two more in succession to keep the leash lax.

"Good boy. Looks like you're a quick learner." My dick flopped openly as I hopped and this was apparently quite amusing to him. We moved down the hall, guided by the light the kitchen cast down it. He pulled me pretty roughly and my neck craned to lean with him while keeping my footing. We came to the door I had passed earlier at what seemed to be the stairway to the basement. Zeke walked with us, curiously observing his master leading the stranger.

"Zeke, stay." He commanded as he opened the door and flicked on a light. Blue carpeted stairs revealed themselves heading down. Taking me by the collar he nudged me forward.

"You first." And I was positioned in front of him. I looked at him with pleading eyes. In part, I was scared to descend with my ankles still tied but even more daunting was the notion of being taken downstairs, bound and gagged to this strange man's basement.

"Oh, alright, but if you try anything I'll take a hammer to your knee caps and we'll see if you ever walk right again." The threat took me aback as to how aggressive it was. He leaned down and began to untie them. Standing with the loose rope he smirked at me. "Well now, that gives me an idea." He grabbed me by the dick.


"Shut up" was all he muttered and he went to work looping the chord under my balls. He knotted it tightly above the base of my shaft and then pulled it down forcefully back under my testicles and around the top of my scrotum. I felt queasy from the pressure as I watched him work, tying the rope around and squeezing my balls. Knotting it once more above my shaft I felt myself go erect again. He could not help but comment.

" If I didn't know any better, I'd guess you were kind of enjoying this."

"Mmm-nnnmm" I shook my head no. He wound the rope around the length of my growing my member and then proceeded to knot it off once more at the tip of my penis. A small strand hung loose and he took it in one hand, having formed a new, miniature leash. There was no denying my bulge as I strained against the bondage. Pleased with himself he patted me at the base and pushed down on the tip with a finger. It sprung back up when released but was held tight in the rope.

"Probably no reason to keep these on you" and he finished taking my unzipped jeans down all the way and lifted me out by one ankle and then the next.

"Now follow me." He pulled the cock rope and led me into the stairwell by my dick. We descended the stairs swiftly and I nearly tripped over myself on the last two steps, stumbling forward to stay by his side and avoid the rope tension. The basement smelled musty and was poorly lit from the light a top the stairs. I looked around but could not discern much.

"This way." I was led further into the room. There was a rough, dusty carpet beneath my feet. He pulled me in to darkness towards the back wall. A decorative curtain hung against it. Pushing it aside revealed a smaller than normal door that was slightly raised off the floor so as to be completely obscured by the length of the curtain. The door had a metallic latch below the handle and it was secured by a padlock. What could possibly be behind it was far from my thoughts as I found myself in a panic wrestling with how I could possibly free myself.

A key was pulled from his pocket and he fidgeted with the rusty lock before it fell loose. Pulling back the latch he pulled the door open. It required an extra pull as it seemed to be stuck.

"Step inside and lets have a look, shall we." He helped me forward over the slight step and had me stand in the darkness. He walked forward, apparently looking for a light. Finding it he pulled a chord and our surroundings came into focus.

Had I not been tightly gagged, I would've gasped and my chin would hit the floor. The bright light revealed a bizarre sight to behold. The room was red in color and adorned with what looked to be padded wall. Hanging from boards all along them was a mix of leather, rope, metal and chain items and instruments. Wooden paddles, rubber items, straps and apparel adorned the room. A rubber padded bench sat alongside a crude looking wooden X frame that had been painted black. Below that was what looked to be a metal dog cage. The man watched me closely with a mischevious grin on his face.

"Could your eyes get any wider? See what I mean boy about picking the wrong house and the wrong man. As you can see, I'm uniquely...equipped to deal with company like you that requires restraint and some old fashioned disciplined. "

I felt myself naturally backing away. Positioned as George was in the room I had a clear exit to my rear. He seemed to sense my intent and moved quickly before I ever had the chance to react.

"Lets get you on in here and a little less comfortable." He took me by the shoulders and pushed me more into the room. To the side I noticed a full body mirror. I stared at the odd image staring back at me with a frightened look of bewilderment. My dark hair was wet and matted with perspiration. My face was beat red and squeezed tight with the tape wrap. I could see the metal of the cuffs that secured my wrists behind me and I wore only a tattered and torn tee shirt. My bound cock and balls were swelling a slight purple from the intricate rope work that strained it.

"Get on your knees boy." I looked around the room. The vast array of devices, instruments and apparent restraints was terrifying. I realized I was approaching a potential point of no return. If I let this psycho subdue or restrain me further down here in this hidden room then I'd be truly fucked and completely at his mercy for release. Even now I was at an extreme disadvantage but my heart sunk when I considered that it could get worse from here. What the hell was he doing wwith me and when would he let me go. The molestation experience upstairs queued me to the fact that his intentions might not be the purest. I decided to act. I dropped to one knee, keeping my eyes averted from him and focused on the floor.

George turned to one of the walls and began to take a few things from it. As I noticed him filling his arms I decided it was as good a shot as I would have. Without having fully gone down to both knees I was crouched and poised. I didn't hesitate. I shot forward and led with my head springing towards the door.

"You son of a -----" I heard the items in his hands clang to the floor and I knew he moved behind me. I was through the room and to the stairs in a flash. At the base I steadied myself against the wall briefly. My heart pounded in my chest and I struggled to breathe heavily through my nose. I pushed forward up the stairs as I heard Paul's footsteps behind me. At the top I crashed forward into the door. It flew open and slammed into the wall. I spun around and headed in the opposite direction from the kitchen back through the tiny living room.

BARK! BARK! BARK! - The quick scatter of paws on hardwood caught my ear.

"Get back here boy!" George yelled coming to the main level.

I raced to the foyer and found the front door. Turning my back to it my hands fumbled twisting and turning the knob but it failed to open.

BARK! BARK! BARK! - Zeke turned the corner to the foyer and I quickly abandoned the door and headed down the back hall with the animal in pursuit. My bare feet hit a small area rag and I suddenly lost my footing.


I fell forward and crashed against the wall in the corner.

GRRRRR!!! BARK! BARK! - The dog was upon me, standing at attention just a foot from me, salivating and growling. I tried to shield myself and curl into a ball to avoid getting mauled. I could feel its hot breath on my neck.

"ZEKE! HEEL!" George shouted as he came storming down the hall. Once more the animal fell immediately in line and sat back on its heels.

I glanced back and Paul came into full view, standing tall above the dog, both looking down at me, the wounded and injured prey. I didn't dare move.

"That....that was a biiiiggg mistake." Was all he said.

"MMMMMMMPPPPHH!!!!" I shrieked as the Taser barbs shot forth into my exposed chest.

Another soft buzz.

I lurched forward in a spasm and collapsed to the ground. This time George kept the weapon in hand as it continued to send a pulse shock. It was duller then before but it stung deeply and I felt myself perpetually receiving the jolt through my body. He knelt down upon me.

"Beg me to stop it."

I was shaking horribly and I began to hear a ringing in my ears. Pain blinded me and his voice was distant in my head.

"Beg boy."

"mmmmmmmmmm" a low mew was all I could muster. My eyes began to roll back in my head, I felt myself close to blacking out once more when suddenly it stopped.

I barely mumbled when he reached over and pulled the barbed stingers from my skin. He stayed over me, watching the air slowly fill back into my lungs and my breathing throw the nose slowly return to normal.

"You won't be much trouble now." And with that he reached down and pulled me up from under my arms. I was far too weak to stand on my own accord and I felt him lifting me up and in one movement he threw me over his shoulder. I was amazed by his strength but was too dazed to resist in the least. Slowly he marched me back down the one hall, through the foyer and towards the stairs. It was no use, I was defeated. I had taken my shot and failed.

He turned to the steps back down to the basement and slowly took each step with me slumped over him. We walked through the room and back to the hidden door. Stepping through I caught myself in the mirror again. I had hoped that prior image of bound and gagged me would be the last I would see in this room, and yet here we were again. He brought me over to the rubber bench and dumped me upon it rather unceremoniously. I lay completely still, unable to move.

George paused to catch his own breath from the labor of having to carry me all the way.

"I'm going to put you away for a bit while I collect my thoughts. Running like you just did was a dumb thing to try, if only because now I'm not giving you another chance like that. We'll have plenty of time to go over the new rules tomorrow." Before doing anything else George quickly grabbed a length of chord and set immediately upon my ankles. Seconds later they were bound and after tightening the knot soundly he appeared to feel free to take his time in evaluating other instruments. My wits were slowly returning and I stared longingly at the door through which I was brought. I resigned myself that for the time being there was nothing to be done and that I was this man's prisoner. I told myself not to fight and to give in. I was exhausted and sore. Better to try and get rest of some sort.

"Lets sit you up now." He reached under my arms and propped me up right on the bench. Reaching down he pulled up a long leather sheath with various straps and buckles. Setting it next to me he revealed a roll of white masking tape and what looked like a tiny blue racket ball. He noticed my quizzical glance.

"I'm a tad meticulous when it comes to tying a boy up, even the ones that don't give me a reason for caution." He smirked.

Moving behind me he took the role of tape and began to wrap it around my already cuffed wrists, which just seemed excessive. Tearing it loose he moved up to my elbows and pulled them harshly, almost to the point of touching. He used more tape to bind them in a pinned position, exhausting maybe the entire wrap before he seemed satisfied.

"Hold this." He placed the blue rubber ball into my hands. I did not refuse and cupped my hands around it. More tape wrap now as he encircled my hands around the ball. I realized this was rendering my fingers useless.

After he tore the final bit of tape loose he set to taking the leather device and pushing my mummified hands and wrists into the bottom of a sleave. A draw string was pulled tight and I felt further pressure just above the cuffs and tape. The sound of a zipper preceeded my arms being pinned together and encased in the sheath. Zipping it all the way up to my neckline I now had my arms completely cocooned. Straps were pulled under my arms and up over my bare shoulders and then buckled tight at the top of the sleeve. He checked his work and seemed please.

I remained helpless, sitting on the bench as he walked over to the metal cage in the corner of the room. He pulled it to the center and then addressed me.

"Your going in this crate for safe keeping. It won't be comfortable, but at least I know where I'll find you in the morning. Just a few more touches. "

He approached me with more items in hand. Above each of my already bound ankles he added a leather ankle cuff, strapping them on tightly. These were then linked by a tiny metal chain.

"This part is gonna hurt. Its ok with me if you yell, nobody's gonna hear you." His fingers gripped the tape wrap gag. Pulling loose an end he ripped fast like a bandaid and unwould the numerous layers.

"MGGGMMMGPPHH!" I screamed into the wadding in my mouth as the sticky substance tore at my skin and hair. Tossing the balled up tape aside he gripped the end of the cloth wad and yanked it from my throat and mouth along with a long string of saliva.

I gasped deeply at the relief and erred on the side of not speaking. George took an item in his hand that had a variety of leather straps attached to a large, red rubber ball.

"This is a ball gag boy. It will shut you up good but will make sure you don't choke down here all alone. Open up."

"P-p-please." I began. "I'll be quiet, you don't need to use that. I promise not to scream for help."

"Oh silly boy. I don't care if you yell for help. Yell to your hearts content, this room is sound proofed. I'm gagging you to make a point, and that point is that I control you now. If I decide that you don't speak, then you don't speak, and for the time being I'm going to keep you gagged to make sure you're an obedient little pup. Understood?"

He did not wait for an answer as he pressed the large ball to my lips. My mouth opened and he jammed it in, cramming the substance behind my teeth. My jaw locked wide and I grimaced in pain. He pulled 2 straps tight behind my end and buckled them off. Two more were pulled up and crossed over the bridge of my nose. Pulled over my head they buckled in the back as well. From behind me he grabbed a first full of hair and yanked my head back so that my ear was to his lips.

"Given the amount of pain I intend to put you through, you can expect to have that mouth stuffed quite a bit, that is unless I decide I want to jam a cock in it." He let the threat hang in the air. I stared upward at the ceiling, trying not to flinch or give any indication of the terror I felt. He let my head roll forward and I sat defeated. He opened the door to the metal crate and then pulled me from the bench and do the floor in one movement. I sat on my kneels on the cold ground. Going back to the wall he pulled down a few last objects and returned to me. Showing them to me I saw they were a few tiny padlocks and some type of mesh material.

"Lights out now, bitch." And he stretched the mesh hood and brought it to my face. He pulled it tightly over my head and then yanked it down below my chin. The material clung tightly to my face and my world instantly went dark.

"Get on in." My head banged hard against the side of the cage as he yanked me forward. Slowly but surely he positioned me to shimmy my way in, my knees scraping hard against the metal bottom. He pushed on my ass to get me all the way in and my hooded head pressed against the front cage links while my arms cramped behind me against the top of the metallic box. George swung the door shut behind me and the I heard shortly thereafter made me think he had padlocked the door. I then felt the back end of my leather sleeve being pulled through the top links of the cage. Another indicated that the tiny metal ring at the end of the slave had been similarly locked to part of the cage. Lastly, I choked briefly as I felt his fingers pull against the dog collar I still wore. George took the buckle and ran a padlock against that and secured it to the top of the cage as well. My head squished against the top bars as the lock held my neck firmly to the top.

"Try not to choke to death while I'm gone." He spoke although it was challenging to hear through the hood. "If you can figure out how to get some shut eye, it would be a good idea. You have a long, long day ahead of you tomorrow."

Footsteps walked away from the cage and the door to the tiny room was closed harshly. One more was barely audible as he must have locked the latch leading into the room once more. No other sounds made their way to me and I was now left alone. I spent only a minute or two shifting my weight against the various bindings. My jaw already ached from the large gag and I was left to contemplate just how long I would be kept like this. My cock throbbed from still being lashed as it was. The bulk of my weight was being absorbed by my knees which pressed painfully into the bottom of the grate. I moaned loudly for no purpose other than the sheer discomfort of it all. What had I done? What would be done with me? How could this have all gone so, so very wrong? Time ticked by slowly as I tried against all odds to block out the thoughts of what might await me in the morning.

Chapter 3: The First Day

Fire! The pain burned. Confined as I was what had begun as a dull ache and crept and built upon itself to the point where my muscles felt enflamed. My knees had thankfully gone numb as my flesh was kneaded into the harsh metal cage bottom. My shoulders seared with blinding heat, my arms stretched back and sheathed behind me and further pulled against the top of the cage, locked in place. Panic had rushed over me at first and I was certain that I would suffocate. I struggled at first to take in air through my nostrils with the huge rubber ball filling my mouth. The nylon hood hugged my nose tight and each time I inhaled it barely felt like enough. Anxiety turned to outright panic and I thrashed about, screaming like a wild beast. To the outside observer, I'm sure my muted muffled cries and limp attempts at struggling would go almost unregistered, but in my head I was a raging bull. Time passed beyond slowly. Seconds seemed like hours and eventually the struggles turned to exhaustion. My breathing gradually became more steady and measured. My body had worked up a soaking sweat and now the cold basement air cooled me and I tried to focus on ways to temporarily alleviate certain tensions. If I pressed my knees firmly into the cage I was able to relax the stress on my shoulders. If I leaned forward and pulled from my wrists then my collar choked me a little less. I found that these little exercises helped to greatly relax certain pains, albeit only temporarily as part of me was continuously working to the limits of my threshold. It was easier to focus on offsetting the aches and pains then it was to think about my predicament. Eventually George would return. Eventually I would be taken out the cage, and that was possibly much worse then my current state of affairs.

In the brief time since we became "acquainted", George had shown me that he was quite cruel and that failing to go along with what he wanted was a painful proposition. He was clearly perverted, how else could one explain a hidden dungeon in their basement. I wondered about the various tools and implements that hung on the walls. How often had they been used and on who? The fact that I had chosen to break into the home of a sadistic bondage enthusiast was a whole new level of downright awful luck. I ultimately came around to talking myself into rationalizing the situation. I had done wrong. Paul was in the right to stop the home invasion. I had no business being in his home and I had tried to steal from him. He was teaching me a listen and he would eventually let me go once he was satisfied that I understood this. I committed to making him realize that I new the errors of my ways. He was a pervert, but he was also logical and reasonable I told myself. Nobody can keep someone against their will like this for long. Right?

I became so engaged with my internal dialogue that when the door to the outside was finally unlocked I barely realized it.

CLLLLLING! CLLLLING! CLLLLIING! Something rattled against the size of the cage.

"Rise and shine! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life." He almost sang the words. I froze.

"Did we sleep ok?"

"mmmmpph" a failed attempt at answering a rhetorical question, but at least I tried to respond.

"Lets get you out of there and take a look at how worse for wares you are."

One by one he addressed the padlocks that latched me to the metal frame. As the clip on my leather sleeve unsnapped I collapsed against the floor.


The door to the cage was unhinged and I felt large firm hands grip the flesh of my thighs.

"Come along"

Awkwardly he worked to back me out as I shuffled painfully backwards. I bumped my head against the low overhang and I put up no struggle as I was rolled over to the side upon clearing the door.

Blinding light crossed my field of vision as the nylon hood was pulled off. Things blurred in a flash as I struggled to adapt my eyes to my surroundings. Gradually things came into focus and I saw the hardened, older face of my captor smiling down at me.

"Welcome back to reality sleepy head. I hope you got your rest." He patted my bulging cheek. My jaw ached with pain and my teeth felt like they were gnawing into the rubber.

"You took a pretty good size ball gag. Its good to know I can stuff your mouth like that, but lets go ahead and give you a little temporarily relief." His fingers moved to the straps. Pausing, he addressed - "Nobody will hear you if you scream, but this thing will go right back in if you make a fuss ya hear?"

I gave a slight nod.

I gasped as the ball was removed after the straps had been unbuckled. I was unable at first to unlock my jaw and my mouth remained agape, drool spilling to the floor.

Eventually I muttered, "t-t-thank you sir." Thinking he would appreciate the touch. If he did, he did not acknowledge. Instead his hands moved once more to my cock and balls. I naturally recoiled but then thought better of putting up a fight. I closed my eyes as he began undoing to painful bondage my member had been tied in. Blood flow returned quickly as the chord fell loose and against my will I felt myself chub slightly.

"Well hello there. Am I to think you might kind of like this?" I gave no response. He massaged my shaft slowly, moving his long fingers to my scrotum and tugging gently. I hardened quickly.

"Good boy." His breathing turned heavy and we were alone in an awkward silence, him stroking his compliant captive. My body began to betray me. I stiffened in his hand. I rolled my head back and tried to look away and focus on a corner of the wall. He massaged firmly and pressed his rough thumb hard against my head. He quickened his pace and I was fully erect. I found my hips moving forward towards the sensation, the momentum building inside my. My primal instincts took over and my mind departed the awful prison I found myself in. My focus became sole, absolute & total release.

He shifted alongside of me and with his other hand he tugged at my nipple, pinching harshly.

"Ahh!" I moaned.

"Shut up" and his hand clamped down firmly over my mouth. I moaned into it and he pressed harder, muting me all together.

I continued to gyrate and he continued to pull and stroke. I felt myself moving helplessly closer and closer to the edge. A wave was pushing forward, a puppet to his touch. I moaned louder and new I would soon obtain the release I yearned to be given. Faster and faster it moved to when I new in an instant I would -

"OHHHHHH!" Releasing his hand from my mouth and my member he turned and quickly slapped the head of my cock. My stomach twisted and I thought I might puke. My balls ached at the denied gratification.

"Not so fast, pet. That's a reward that only good boys get. You haven't come close to proving yourself worthy. I'm afraid that will take much, much longer." He chuckled.

I turned my head in shame as my erection limped away. I was mortified that I had responded as I had to his touch and my mind once more turned to the reality of my situation and possibilities of escape.

"Lets get you up and get a little food in you before your morning training. Just so you know, I took the day off work today so that I could focus all my attention on you. It won't always be like that so learn to appreciate my presence accordingly."

"Yes sir." Another veiled attempt at winning trust.

"I think you're starting to show the faintest hint of progress. On your feet now." And his arms came under mine and in one quick motion he lifted me to my feet. I wobbled slightly, uneasy from being caged and confined as long as I had been. His first movement was to quickly move to my feet and reconnect the tiny hobble chain between my 2 ankle cuffs, pulling my feet to within about six inches of eachother. Running was once more out of the option.

Satisfied I wasn't going anywhere he moved to unbuckle the straps to my arm sleeve and he slowly pulled off the large leather case. The bindings at my elbows were unwound and tossed aside and he slowly unwound the tape around my clenched fists. The foam ball dropped to the floor and all that remained were my metal cuffs.

"I imagine you're quite stiff. Don't worry, it will improve with time as you get more accustomed to these positions." I shuddered to myself as his hands gripped my shoulders. He began massaging them slowly and then moved to my arms, still cuffed behind me.

"This will get the blood moving. I'm leaving the cuffs on you for now so its not going to be complete relief. Sorry." He truly did seem almost apologetic.

His hands moved to my dog collar and this too was unbuckled and tossed aside. I stood naked before him, cuffed at wrists and hobbled at ankles.

"There, that will be alright for the time being. Follow me now." He turned and headed out of the room. I glanced from side to side. My options were non-existent. Moving gingerly I shuffled one foot forward then brought the other to it, making progress six inches at a time. He did not seem to care to monitor progress and moved more steadily ahead of me. When we reached the stairs he turned to me.

"It will be a slow go of it, but that's your own fault." an allusion to the prior evening's escape attempt. He took me in his arms and one by one assisted in buoying me as I hopped from step to step. I counted each of the 20 in my head and finally, after much exertion, we crested the top and I was stood up in the center hall which now was illuminated with the light of day. I heard the barking begin anew from a far room.

"I've put Zeke away for now so you can eat in peace. He'll get used to you eventually but now there's no sense in risking him chewing on my new property."

"T-thank you....sir" I stammered, attempting to disregard his cold threat.

He directed me to follow him once more and we re-entered the kitchen that the previous night had the location of my capturing. The blinds remained drawn shut but the light of day behind them gave the room a warmer, cozier feel. I found myself standing in the center, waiting his instructions.

"On your knees." He looked not at me but went to retrieve something from the sink. I dropped quickly as I could with the hobbled ankles. I nearly tipped over but was able to spread my legs just enough to avoid a smack against the ground. George turned back to me and bending down he placed a tiny plastic dish before me.

"Go on, eat up. You'll need your energy." I gazed quizzically at the brown substance resembling mush and the bowl before me. The word "Zeke" was crudely drawn in sharpie on the side and I groaned realizing I was being fed from his dog's dish. I hesitated just long enough for -

The palm of his hand connected hard with my cheek. I recoiled and kept my head bowed in fear of additional blows.

"I said, eat it." George said coldly. "Its goddamn oatmeal, bitch."

I leaned in and tried to make sure I did not face plant into the dish. I brought my face close and without hesitation extended my tongue. The oatmeal was cold and wet. I lapped but found that very little of the food found its way to my mouth. Paul's hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and held me tightly.

"Like this" And he pushed my face down and into the bowl. I spit out and coughed as oatmeal rushed into my nose. I quickly recovered and began gobbling as much and as quickly as I could.

"That's better" And he rose, leaving me to my meal.

It was bland and cold and I ate fervently to be sure to not seem ungrateful. This must have pleased him as he took to sitting down at the table, still observing me as I went. I swallowed the last bite and continued to diligently lick the edge of the bowl. Once I was confident that the meal was considered swallowed, I rose my head slightly, but kept it bent towards the floor. It was eventually pulled from me and another bowl took its place. Looking down I saw I had been given water. It was at this moment that I marveled at how parched and dry my mouth felt. I lapped generously at the substance and could feel each drop as it ran down my throat. This continued for another five minutes or so. I ignored the aching in my joints and strain on my wrist and kept my face nearly submerged in the dish. This time I was not given the option of when to let up. The bowl jerked into my nose as it was pulled away unceremoniously. At this time I leaned back and sat up on my haunches, continuing to avoid his eyes.

"I'm not all bad, you see. You'll be fed and given drink. I won't let you waste away to nothing." Very kind of him.

"Now get up." His hands were under my arms again as my ankles buckled against the hobble. "Turn around." I was positioned facing the sink and he stood behind me. He reached around my neck and he began to encircle me with a new type of collar.

"This one is a little more snug and uncomfortable, but its more official in my opinion." My chin was pushed upward by the tight fitting leather and I gulped as it was buckled tight behind me.

"Stay here."

He went to a drawer and began rummaging through it, pulling out various contents and setting them behind me on the kitchen. Turning his attention back to me I felt him pulling chord behind me and once more looping my arms just above the elbow joint. He permitted very little slack and tugged tightly with each loop, knotting the rope periodically to keep it taught. As he pulled it firm he forced an elbow into my upper spine. I stuck my chest out and arched backward. This gave him just the additional amount of give he needed. He tied the chord off roughly and then pulled at my cuffs. I heard brief fumbling for a key and then the of the bracelets being released.

"Ahhhh" I moaned briefly at the freedom. The blood rushed to the hands and they hung limply behind me. With my elbows pinned as they were there was very little if anything I could do with uncuffed wrists. One by one he took my hands and snuggly fitted each into some type of circular glove. Forced into confinement my fingers were prohibited from movement. These "bondage mittens" as I came to think of them were connected to each other by a thin strap. It was tied off and my wrists were once more pinned.

He walked around in front of me, surveying his work. I was naked before him, collared, elbows bound, wrists mitted and lashed and ankles cuffed and hobbled. Once more he produced the roll of silver duct tape he had used on me the previous evening. Tugging at it he pulled one long strand and tore it loose. It was quickly pushed against my mouth and smoothed against my cheek running almost to my ears. He pushed on to make sure it adhered.

"mmmm" I protested minimally.

He grabbed a first full of my hair and pushed himself up against my body. He stared down into my eyes and did not blink. His gaze held mine.

"I'll gag you more harshly if I need to, so stay hushed." He nodded my head for me, just like a puppet. His breath was hot on my face. He leaned in more closely and his face was against mine. Tugging my head backwards he pressed his lips to my neck and first kissed then tugged my flesh, biting gently.

"mmmm" tiny shot of pain. His lips moved to my ear and again a nibble. I felt a hand grip my cock and balls in a single grasp and tug. Not this again. But seconds later he released me from both his mouth and hand, patting my genitals while my smiling.

"Come along." A short leather leash was clipped to a large O-ring on the front of my collar and he began to led me from the room, cognizant of my much slower pace. Down the hall we went and our procession turned into the quaint living room with the drawn shades. The foyer before us was dark as well and I observed that he had turned down all the drapes, blinds and shades on the floor. Making our way into the foyer I stopped and caught myself in the mirror that hung against the back wall. Paul too noted my gaze and ceased leading.

"Take a good look boy and see how under my control you are." He let the image sink in. I tried to lower my head to my chest but the collar made this challenging.

"Remember now that you did this to yourself. You decided to try and rob from others and you violated the privacy and sanctity of my home. Now, I've got you and I can keep you trussed like this for as long as I feel like, and your gimp ass can't do a thing about it." A quick tug on the leash and we moved forward again, now down the back hallway that I had stumbled through the eve before in my failed attempt at running. As we delved further into the back a sense of foreboding over took me, as if I was being pulled away from the light of day and ever further from an opportunity to try and work free of my captivity. He flipped a light on the hall and I saw now two open doors ahead of us. The foot of a bed was visible from the back room and two my left a partially illuminated bathroom.

"In here." and he jerked me in the direction of the bath. The room was a bit cramped. A single white porcelain sink adjacent to a matching toilet that was sandwiched against the shower and its drawn curtain. Taking me by the shoulders now he released the leash and pushed me forward to stand in front of the toilet. Reaching down he pulled open the lid. I stared down into the bowl. He took my cock in his hand and lifted the shaft forward. I shimmied with his pull, grimacing slightly.

"Now go."

Was he serious? He squeezed the tip base of my shaft for emphasis. I was becoming less embarrassed and ashamed by his touch, but this was completely different. He really wanted me to try and urinate, standing there bound as I was while my strange captor tried to coax it from me.

"Take the opportunity now, because if you wet my carpet the punishment will be beyond imagination." He threatened.

My head was spinning. I tried to take my mind elsewhere. I tried to concentrate on anything else and hope that reflect would take over.

"Fine....its your funeral...." And just as I thought it would never come, warm piss burst forth from my head in spurts. He directed my penis toward the bowl and he stroked me along as the stream intensified. I felt relief, realizing now that holding it would've become problematic. Finishing it off he let me fall flaccid and he flushed the remnants.

"Now, for the more challenging part." He yanked on the leash and had my feet before the tub. He threw back the shower curtain and my eyes shot to the black apparatus on the floor of the tub. It was a long and curled plastic tubing, connected on one end of some rubber item and at the other end a thin, long nozel.

"mmmmmm?" I mumbled quizzically. Ignoring my murmur he threw the end my leather leash up over the curtain rail. Grabbing it, he looped it once over and knotted it against the bar, serving to noose me to long metal pole. There was enough slack so that it did not serve to choke me. He unbuckled the hobble chain and then hoisted one foot and then the other, assisting me in stepping into the tub. He did not reattach the chain.

"Have you ever had an enema?" He asked reaching for the tubes at my feet.

I blinked in panic. My face shot him as pleading a look as I could muster.


He stretched out the end that proved to be a rubber bag. Twisting free a cap he took it to the sink and began to run the water as I stood helpless in the tub.

"I find its the only way to really clean a person out, and I do want to make sure you're clean before I play with you." Fighting my bonds would prove useless and so I stood still in clenched terror. I had never experienced one before, but I knew just what it was and what it was meant to do. Confident that the water had reached a desired temperature he began to fill the bag in front of me. It filled gradually and he stopped it short of filling. Grabbing the hand soap by the sink he proceed to squeeze in multiple shots, then filled it to the brim with more water, securing the cap on top. Setting that end aside he took the nozel and pushed it deep into a jar of Vaseline that he retrieved from below the sink.

My heart raced and I felt a queasiness overtake me. He held both ends up as he turned back to me.

"Don't fight this or again, it will be much worse for you."

Standing against my side he pushed against me. With a firm hand he gripped one of my ass cheeks.

"Lets see how tight of a cunt we're dealing with." I felt a finger begin to push against my sphincter. Curling it he pulled and pressed and I jerked -- "MMMMM!!!" - as he entered me.

"Be still motherfucker!" And he pressed his mouth to my neck, biting into my flesh slightly, taking a pinch between his teeth. "mmmmmmmm!!!" I wined more quietly as he explored me with his digit. Moving it about in a circular motion. Releasing my neck from his bite, he kissed my cheek while moving his fingertip up and down.

"Just like a virgin on prom night. Its going to be a lot of fun splitting you open later." He pulled his finger loose and I felt the cold, slimy head of the nozel replace it. He pushed the top up and into me and it quickly filled the space that had contracted when his finger vacated. My anus stretched as the mass of the bulb tube followed behind it.

"MMMMMM!!!" Helpless.

I felt myself tearing as the large middle of the bulb fully came up and was hidden inside me.

"There we go. And that's not even the hard part, you big baby."

I gave his taunts no mind as I began sweating from the extreme sensitivity and uncomfortable nature of having the tube inside me. He turned back to the sink and proceeded to fill the bag, letting the water run until the temperature was apparently to his liking. He topped it off by squirting 3 shots from the soap dispenser into the bag and then proceeded to zip it shut at the top. Grabbing the attached tube he turned back to me.

"Time to fill you up!"

The bag was casually tossed over the top rung of the shower where my leash was noosed. It hung ominously above me. Taking the tube in his hand he connected it to the base of the nozel & bulb which protruded from my exposed anus. Raising a hand up to the hanging bag he grinned.

"Now this will be a little uncomfortable, being your first time and all." And he turned a valve at the base of the bag and then stepped back to admire what transpired next.

The sound of the water gushing from the bag came quickly. I struggled to turn my head but the posture collar negated much movement. Moments later I felt pressure followed by a forceful spray as the warm soapy liquid entered by cavity. I shuffled my feet uncomfortably.

"MMMMM!!!" I bucked in protest.

"Take it." And he gripped the O-Ring on my collar and held me steady. My eyes widened in panic as I felt the water build up. I instantly felt full and my stomach ached slightly. The contents of the bag finished emptying into me and a squeal of air was released. George observed the empty bag and then glanced at my rear. He fingered the tube at the base of my anus and closing off another valve he pulled it loose. The water remained sealed inside me. I felt a forceful push and need to empty my bowels. Sensing my thoughts, George enlightened me.

"Now we let that sit for a few minutes and then we empty you."

He tended to removing the bag and setting things aside. He left me standing there, exposed, bound and humiliated as he set about removing some things from drawers in the adjacent bedroom. I strained to see what he was up to while at the same time straining my hands and wrists to try and reach the plug at the base of my ass. Frustratingly, it remained just out of reach. If I had been able to crouch I may have reached it, but the leash tied off on the shower pole prevented me from doing so without choking.

George returned carrying a small item with straps. Reaching up he fingered the tape over my mouth and slowly peeled it back.

"Ah!" I muttered at the stinging sensation.

Saying nothing he held the object up to my face. It was another tiny, metallic ring with two leather streps running from the center. He pushed it forward towards my open mouth and without much effort he forced the ring inside my mouth and up, under my teeth. The metal pressed my tongue down and dug into the sides and roof of my tender mouth. He took the straps and buckled the device behind my head tightly.

"aaaaaa" I gurgled, completely unable to speak or close my mouth.

"Perfect. This here ring gag will do a good job of keeping that hole of yours nice and ready for me." I glanced at him quizzically.

"Oh, see, I don't trust you just yet and so I need to take certain precautions before letting you taste my cock." He playfully patted my cheek.

"Now lets get you back on the toilet."

My mind raced back and forth between the scenario I was just presented with and the utter humiliation of what was about to occur. I was assisted out of the tub and untethered from the rod. Awkwardly George helped to maneuver me above the toilet and then pressing on my shoulders, he instructed me to crouch. His hand moved behind me and he began to tug gently at the bulb & nozel within me.

What happened next was perhaps the single most embarrassing moment of my life. I was emptied. Completely and totally. My face turned red at my state of helplessness and the violation of any type of personal privacy. I closed my eyes as I finished. There was a flushing noise and George tended to gently wiping any water that remained.

He took the leash in his hand and tugged. I immediately responded and followed behind him, head bowed, into his waiting bedroom. The shades were drawn and the covers on the bed had been pulled back. It was a almost antique looking bed. White, weathered wood and 4 traditional large bed posts although no covering adorned it. The sheets had been pulled back and a singular pillow laid in the middle.

"aaaaaaa" I gurgled.

"That's right slave. Its time to test you out and see how you feel."

I was pulled to the foot of the bed and pushed firmly up against the post on the left. Unhobbled as I was, George kicked against one shin and then the other pushing each leg back. My leash was removed and casually tossed aside.

"Now kneel."

I hesitated

A sharp strike to my face. Quivering I quickly and awkwardly collapsed to the ground, my knees landing roughly on the brown carpet.

"Back up" and he pushed my shoulders, pressing my upper back and cuffed wrists against the wood. He produced a length of black, slim wire and looped it through the O-ring on my collar. He encircled it around the post and knotted it off firmly. He thread it two or 3 more times around and knotted it again. The back of my head pressed into the wood and I was completely immobile from the neck up. I was forced in the kneeling position and eye to eye with George's waist.

"Should we blindfold you or let you see what it is I'm about to jam in that mouth of yours?" I stared up at him, indifferent to the outcome.

"No opinion? Well then, lets let you watch this time." With that he slowly unzipped his jeans, revealing a pair of dark blue briefs. His member was large and it throbbed beneath the cotton material. He let his pants drop to the floor and then pulled the briefs down over the cock. His girth sprang forth and pointed at me rigidly. He was unshaven, with a brown and white muff of pubic hair. His balls hung low and he toyed with them with one hand while stretching his shaft with another. Leaning forward he took the tip in his hand and tapped it against the side of my face.

"Aaaaaa" I protested.

"Shut up." And with that he moved the head in line with my mouth and pressed in. It was warm upon entry as my lips were forced apart and the flesh pushed them wider. He fidgeted, working to adjust himself through the metallic hole.

"Mmmmmm" he moaned softly as he passed through and slid into the open hole. Fully immersed I was essentially gagged with his cock. The tip poked at the back of my throat and I thought I might choke. He slowly slid himself out. I tried in vain to recoil in disgust but the rope and collar held me firm. I was too afraid to feel ashamed at having a penis inside of my mouth and he pushed himself back in aggressively the 2nd time, having found the path of least resistance. He lingered but then pulled back out fully. He let it hang there, freshly glistened with my saliva and throbbing in an erect state.

"Seems like a perfect fit to me. Almost like this mouth was made for this master, ey?"

Knowing no response was forthcoming, he pressed in again and proceeded to move himself in and out, slowly raping my face. For my part I tried to breath heavily through my nose and avoid choking back. With no ability to reflex, I shuddered at the idea of throwing up. The slurping sound with each pull out was all I could hear and is crotch enveloped my field of vision.

With each thrust the leather ring O ring of the gag cut against my lips and the straps dug at my cheeks. The head of his cock jammed against the back of my throat and a garbled gagging sound barely escaped me. The rope dug against my throat and felt as if it might crush my wind pipe. I struggled for breath, suffocating as he pushed in to my mouth harder and harder. His hand held a fist of my hair and he yanked on it to hear elicit a sharp whimper. I closed my eyes and tried to go elsewhere in my mind but I could not. I began to think that I may black out.

My nose pushed into his pubic hair which was dank and wet now with perspiration as he continued to invade my helpless mouth. The back of my head banged the bed post harshly as his thrusts became stronger.

"mmmmm" he moaned to let me know he was enjoying himself. I felt a sudden warmth against the roof of my mouth. I thought perhaps he was relieving himself but I quickly realized he must be on the verge of cumming. I steeled myself in terror and braced against the notion of him ejaculating down my throat. I would surely choke to death, unable to breathe. I fought against the bonds but was held tight. He clearly noticed my efforts.

"Go ahead bitch. Try and get away. You're nothing but my fucking cum guzzler." He taunted.

I had never felt such a shame wash over me. Completely debased and reduced to a helpless hole.

He jammed himself roughly against my face, forcefully hitting my head against the post three times in a row. I saw stars. He pulled back.

"Whoa Nelly." He stopped. His breathing heavy. "Better cool down a second. We don't want this to be too quick for being your first time as a fucktoy and all."

I watched him step back. He ran his hand through his hair. He was sweating as well, his cock still fiercely rigid.

"Lets get you up and flip you over. I'm guessing that plug has stretched you enough for my liking." His hands were at my throat. Expertly he undid the knot of the binding with one hand and unwound it. My skin burned as he pulled the chord and tossed it aside.

He glanced to his left and his right and then found what he was looking for. He picked up his dark blue briefs from where he had cast them. Taking them in his hand he began to ball them up.

"These will do nicely for a stuffing." He pushed them balled up as they were to my nostrils.

"Breathe in your Master, cunt." I had no choice. I sniffed heavily so as to not incur any physical correction. Taking a finger he began to push the cotton material down into my mouth through the ring hole. The briefs filled my mouth and he continued to push as they bunched up against the ring gag. I felt the material moving down my throat as he pressed the last portion in. I couldn't spit them out due to the ring and I tried to suppress the urge to vomit as the aroma filled my sinuses.

"Up now" He instructed while reaching under my arms. Slowly I was raised to my feet, my knees buckling slightly . I tried to stand straight and he directed me to stand facing the bed. My feet shuffled against the carpet, bound as my ankles were. He knelt down behind me and released the rope at my feet.

"Spread em."

He took one ankle at a time and shifted it wide until I was standing at a near split. I leaned against the bed to try and maintain balance. Taking the rope he noosed one ankle and quickly tied it off to the base of the right bed post. Finding the rope that had been used on my neck he similarly restrained my left ankle to the other post. He stood behind me.

The familiar sound of duct tape stretching as followed by the role being pulled over my head and pressed firmly to my mouth. George wrapped the role a good 5 or six times around my head and then continued to stretch it up over the bridge of my nose and pressed it over my eyes. Another 3 or 4 winds around and he tore it off, smoothing it out against the back of my head. My world fell into mute darkness and I was left only with my ability to hear. My head was yanked back suddenly as he grabbed a firstful of my hair. With one hand I felt him fingering the base of the plug at my ass and the other hand held my ear close to his mouth. His breath was hot and heavy and his lips pressed to the side of my face.

"Now you're going to realize just what it means to be my slave doll. Go ahead and shout, nobody's gonna hear you. Go ahead and struggle, its just going to make me cum in you harder and harder." I felt a dread like none other I've ever known. I mumbled in protest as he began to pull to lubed plug from my rectum. It stretched wide as the bulb crested my sphincter and it made a slight pop noise as it came loose and my muscles ceased tensing.

"Get the fuck down, bitch." And he forcefully pushed me forward. I fell bent at the waste into dark space, crashing with a soft thud onto the mattress, my leg restraints tugging and keeping me split. Silence for a moment and then I yelped as I felt his fingers once again at my rear. They were coated in a cool, gelatin-like substance and he began stroking my crack up and down, coating it in the process.

"mmmppph" He must be using lube.

He was upon me instantly and in one felt motion he mounted my rear. He slid in to me with aggression and his girth easily filled me as the lube eased his entrance. I screamed and bucked against him with little effect. His hands gripped my shoulders and he pulled me slightly off the bed with his strength. He rhythmically began moving inside me and I shook my head violently.

"mmphpp...mmmpphn....mmmpphh" I grunted with each pump, trying to squeal with discontent. His knees pinned my thighs and he thrust upward and downward. I felt myself tearing and stretching. He moaned loudly as he worked me.

"DOWN" and he released my shoulders and he pushed me by the back of the head, pressing my face down into the sheets. His pace quickened and I could feel his testicles slap the base of my buttox on a delay with each thrust. I tried to fight him. I tried to lift my head, to buck my waist, to free my ankles, but it was utterly useless. In total darkness I knew nothing except trying not to suffocate in the mattress and the pounding pain in my rear. His breathing quickened and his hips thrust faster. I felt what may have been tears beginning to form under the layers of duct tape that covered my eyes. My nostrils struggled to inhale, muffled as they were in the bed. I focused on the dark space into which I was falling. I tried to leave my body. I tried to leave the pain. I tried...

"OHHH...FUCK...OHHHH!!!!" He yelled as he came. Similar to the enema I felt the rush in me. I felt him tense and I felt him continue. Then finally, I felt the slightest relief of pressure as his erection tapered off. He fell forward upon me with a thud, keeping himself in me. My wrists were crushed under the weight of his mid-section and I murmured a gagged plea for release.

After what seemed like an eternity he shifted his weight and began to pull out of me. I remained still as he walked about the room. He reappeared at my ankles. Slowly untying one and then the other. He raised my legs from the ground and tossed me aside to lay fully on the mattress. They dangled freely for but a moment as he began binding them back together using the same rope. Taking another strand I felt him know at my wrists. He encircled each with a loop and pulled it snug. With a single motion I heard a release of the cuffs and then quickly the securing of one knot, and then another as he began expertly tying them together with rope. My immobilization was further increased as he tugged at my ankle bindings and pulled them back behind me and towards my wrist. Using stray, excess rope he began tying off my ankles to the bindings at my wrist. He tugged further and further until they were almost touching and then he tied it off in a stringent hogtie.

George cinched the knot tightly and I stretched back like a bow, hogtied in place, motionless on the mattress. He did not bother removing any of the tape wrap around the gag or my eyes and I remained silent and in darkness, breathing slowly in and out of my nostrils. His weight left the edge of the bed and I heard his footsteps drift away from where I was left and back to the adjacent bathroom. Silence for a moment or two and then a break as a strong stream of piss connecting with the toilet bowl echoed my way.

When he had finished he ran the sink for a few minutes. I did not bother to fidget or fumble with my bindings in this moment of temporary alone time. Rather I worked to alleviate as much tension in the ropes as possible while I wrestled with exhaustion. I had likely not caught a moment of actual sleep during my first night of captivity and now I felt an overwhelming urge to drift in to the embrace of sleep, despite the uncertainty and terror surrounding me. Sleep would offer me the escape that I could not otherwise grant myself.

Footsteps returned a few minutes later and I felt his weight once more sink the mattress.

"Well now, I think I can get quite used to that." He chuckled. I felt him lean over and shift to lay alongside of me. His member pressed limply against the ass it had just taken. One large arm was draped over my chest and he stretched his fingers, pulling me into an embrace. Balled up as I was in the tie it was easy for him to drape a leg over me as well. I did not fight. He grazed my own cock with his other hand before taking my balls into his grasp. He tugged on them gently, then began massaging them.


"There won't be any release for you very often, but that doesn't mean that I don't intend to tease the fuck out of you." He whispered in my ear as his fingers began to run along my shaft. My limp cock chubbed slightly in his grip.


"So you mine as well enjoy it. " I gave in. Unable to mutter or muster an objection I remained a puppet in his grip and I hardened quickly as his pace quickened a bit.

"And don't think you'll be spending a whole lot of time in your master's bed. For now I do want you to rest a bit, but if only because I want you to drain me a few more times today." I struggled to try and ignore this taunting.

"Suppose that doesn't matter much, at the end of the day you're really nothing more then a couple of holes to be filled, isn't that right." He pulled me against him."

"mmmmpph" His body was relaxed and his words seemed to drift as I felt slumber fighting to claim me. He aimlessly stroked me as he spoke.

"I wonder how long it will take to break you. Contrary to what you might be thinking, I've never actually done anything like this before. Sure I've had partners and we've played and toyed with Master/slave concepts, but nothing like this. This is the real deal. You're mine for as long as I decide to keep you here. Eventually you'll give in and you'll accept that. Oh, I'm sure it won't be for some time, and even then I'll probably still have to keep you in heavy bondage just to be safe. Its not like the world is really going to miss another scumbag burglar." He gave my shaft a squeeze.


"Oh shut up, slave. Be happy you get to suck on those underwear instead of juicy cock. In time you'll come to beg for my dick in your mouth. You'll cry for it. 'Oh please Master, please let me suck on your big plump balls.'" He mimicked.

"All in due time...." he trailed off and I could feel his chest rising and falling against my back. It was only a matter of minutes before I heard the faintest snore indicate that he had succumbed to a nap. I didn't dare try and move or adjust my position for comfort at the risk of rousing him. Instead I focused on my own breathing, just as I had in the cage in the basement. He kept me in his grasp but his one hand fell to my thigh, leaving my still erect member at attention and unfulfilled.

At some point, I must have actually shut down and fallen asleep, which was remarkable given my bonds. A loud cough jolted me out from a dream-like state and George's arm shifted off of my chest and he rolled himself over, still apparently enjoying his own nap. I sighed quietly to myself and exhaled through my nostrils. The tape that encased my head began to itch my scalp and I became aware of a slight burning sensation building at my wrists lashed in rope. I toyed with my fingers, moving the digits about and trying to stave off going numb. My fingertips grazed the heel of one of my feet. I felt a bit like an acrobat, contorted as I was. I tried to create a tiny amount of slack in the hogtie and arched my back even further. With a little give in the bindings I found that I could almost grip my feet in my hands. As a light dawned on me I suddenly began to quietly stretch my fingers outward until they scraped the bindings on my ankles. My heart skipped a beat as I immediately contemplated a chance at somehow loosening them. I strained to listen for any sound indicating whether George was awake or not. His heavy breathing had fallen back into a pattern that told me he was off in la la land. My mind raced as I picked at the rope, trying desperately to somehow loosen the chords.

The practical side of me doubted the likelihood of success. Even if I could somehow free my legs, I remained blindfolded and gagged with my hands bound behind me. There would be almost no chance of getting myself to freedom before George became aware and overtook me. The effort would eventually prove futile. Try as I may, I was unable to locate a tether or a knot in the rope that I could work on for release. I resigned myself to continued imprisonment for the time being and committed to biding my time for another opportunity. As if he had somehow heard my internal dialogue and was privy to my resolution, George chose that very moment to roll back against me. His leg wrapped over my pinned thighs and his hand once more wandered down to my exposed genitals. Taking my cock and balls in his grip he gave a slight squeeze.


And then he continued on with his nap.

Chapter 4: Getting Settled

"I like rope because its effective, but its not really that practical." George mused to himself aloud. He gave a tug on the leash and my neck arched forward as I struggled to keep up with him down the hallway and then slowly down the steps from the upstairs.

"There are a couple of issues with it frankly. The first and most obvious is that it can begin to cut off circulation, and as much as I don't care about your pain, I really do not feel like trying to manage any health issues as we figure this thing out."

That was nice of him.

"And of course there's the issue of knots. While I highly doubt you'd ever find a way to work any of those bindings loose, it still does present a bit of a risk of you getting free."

Good to know he was always thinking. I shuffled my feet, unbound as they now where. I moved along awkwardly, still cinched at the knees and the wrists and elbows behind me still wrapped in rope. My eyes darted back and forth as I worked to keep balance and make sure I didn't crash into a wall. My face continued to sting something fierce from when he had pulled the duct tape off. "Like a bandaid" he had said at the time, but it had proven to be more like having your face ripped off as he aggressively unwrapped my head. The ring gag was unbuckled and tossed to the floor.

"You can keep sucking on these a little longer" he told me as he pushed part of the underwear balled in my mouth back in. As soaked with saliva as they were they had become rather malleable and it no longer felt as if I might choke to death. I obeyed and kept my mouth as closed as I could. He had clothed himself while I stood there, waiting to see what would happen next. When he finally reached for the leash I felt a mix of relief that we'd be leaving the bedroom and terror at where we may be headed.

Heading back down the stairs proved pretty difficult with the posture collar as I could not see the step immediately below me. George did not bother to turn or try and steady me and instead walked ahead at a normal pace presuming I would keep up. When we reached the bottom I found myself looking for a 'good job' or some other commentary from my captor, and when none came I chastised myself internally for even thinking of wanting his approval.

I was led to the tiny living room off of the kitchen. In the next room I could hear Zeke shuffling about on the linoleum floor.

"Over here, take a seat."

He pulled out a small, wooden chair from a little desk in the corner. A pile of envelopes and assorted papers fell to the floor. I noted how cluttered a room this appeared to be and figured it functioned jointly as a work space. Plus, with the occasional prisoner I imagined George did not make much time for houseguests or entertaining.

He sat me down in the chair and proceeded to loop the leash from my collar behind me. He tied it off on a chair rung.

There was rustling in a drawer behind me. Not finding what he desired he walked back to the kitchen.


I dared not shift in my seat.

He returned moments later with more rope in hand. As if reading my thoughts, "Of course I do have to make do with what I've got. I'll switch you to some leather cuffs before dinner but for now we'll keep you nice and uncomfy."

He looped the bindings at my wrists into a noose and pulled them snug to the chair back before knotting it off. Kneeling he brought the slack under the chair base and used it to cinch one ankle and then the other, raising my feet off the floor and pulling them back under the chair. I was once more completely immbolized in a matter of moments.

"How's that?" He asked looking me over. I nodded my head. He pulled at my exposed cock, giving my penis a pull while massaging the shaft with his fingers.

"I suppose we can leave this untied out here for now. Who knows, maybe if you're good I'll give it a suck or two." My eyes averted his.

Releasing his grip he continued looking down over me.

"As I said, tomorrow is back to reality, which means I'll be going to work. That is going to be a very tough day for you as its the first that I'll have to leave you caged downstairs. We'll go over everything this evening and I'll have you fed and emptied before I go, but it will still be a pretty miserable and dull experience."

I raised my eyes to him and as submissively as I could I gave a look of pleading with my eyes.

"Now stop that. You're a slave now, remember. You're going to be trained to be property and property doesn't have feelings on matters like these."

His glare held me for a moment. I bowed my head slowly to my chin in resignation.

"Hey." He gripped a fistful of my hair and raised my eyes to meet his once more.

"This new life for you doesn't have to be all bad. Think of the burden of responsibility that's suddenly been lifted from you. You no longer have to think about stealing to survive, or where your next meal will come from. Everything is taken care of and everything will be laid out for you. I don't expect you to realize this over night, but some day it will dawn on you and you'll embrace the privilege of being mine."


His other hand clamped over my mouth and pressed firm. I made no other sound.

"And in return for that privilege, I get to use you and abuse you whenever I feel like it. Now wait here and I'm going to go and get another fun piece of bondage to introduce you to." He released me from his grip.

"But first..."

From his pocket he pulled a dark cloth. He quickly made a cleave and gagged my mouth, keeping the underwear securely balled inside.

"mmmph" as he walked away.

He disappeared around the corner and I heard the door to the basement open. Then footsteps fading as he descended.

For but a moment I glanced about feverishly, trying to find something - anything - that might aid in setting me free. It was hopeless. I could do nothing but count the seconds ticking off on the small grandfather clock on the desk, awaiting his return.

When he reappeared he carried with him a tiny little pouch. He set it on an end table as he took a seat on the sofa adjacent to my chair.

"Now its not going to be all gags and whips of course. Its not possible to play to roles of master and slave every waking moment. Its not practical." There was that word again.

"I'm hopeful there may come a time where you and I are able to converse over a meal or watch a program together. If we're going to be living together it wouldn't hurt to be able to get along a bit." This one sided conversation seemed to be teetering on bizarre given our respective positions.

"I'm a bit of a loner, always have been. Of course, that makes it all the more easy for me to keep you like this as long as I feel like it. On the other hand, we'll probably both go nuts if this is nothing except me using your holes whenever I feel like it." Leaning forward he patted my knee.

"There's no reason that there can't be a bit of romance to this. And the more you learn to take it and show appreciation, the less I'll have to worry about keeping you tied up so tightly all the time."

He let the thought sink in a moment.

He seemed to be looking for some response, so I slowly nodded.

"Its important that I be honest and direct with you upfront like this. Trust is an important thing. I need to know I can trust you and that you're not going to try and run off. This house is pretty secluded, but this is a neighborhood and so I've got to take precautions. Even if you prove some day that you're willingly mine, I'll still need to gag you and keep you lashed a good amount for both of our safety."


"But one step at a time, I suppose....lets take a look at I've got here for you." His contemplative manner turned almost giddy as he reached for the tiny pouch and pulled out a small, metallic device. It was short, stubby, and ribbed, almost like a cage. He held it up so I could get a good look at it.

"Its called 'hell's gate,' and its a piece for your cock to make sure you don't go cumming all over the place without permission." Leaning forward he kneeled at my side.

"Now it works best if you've got a bit of a stiff one going, so you get an idea of its purpose." He began working my dick over in his hand. By this time I found myself quickly coming to life at his touch after all the instances of denial so far.

"MMMPP" a moan of pleasure as I felt myself building.

"There we go, not so fast." Letting go my chub fell forward before springing back up with new blood flow. He pushed the object onto my member at its head. I slid into it rather easily. At its base, a round ring was contracted and tightened against my foreskin.

"MMMP" This time pain from a pinch.

Another loop hung below the main ring and George pressed against first one testicle and then another as he fit it through the circle. The snugness of the mechanism choked my balls firmly and my shaft swelled futilely against metal sock, unable to reach full erection.

"There we go, how ingenious is that?!" George seemed quite pleased at my frustration. Despite my predicament and various restraints, I suddenly could focus on nothing but the feeling of how pent up I was. I began fidgeting helplessly in the chair, much to George's amusement. He smacked my chest playfully.

"A big part of your training is going to be orgasm control. Boys like you are nothing more than beasts who want one thing above all else. This little toy here lets you know that this cock is no longer your own. Just like every part of you, it now belongs to me."

I pulled against my bonds and kicked my ankles helplessly as I was unable to calm myself or stave off the immense frustration that engulfed me.

I didn't even notice him pull out the black nylon hood.

"You can struggle until your blue in the face for all I care. I've got to get dinner started, so we'll just let you cool off in here" He pulled it over my face and my world once more fell into darkness, the mesh material gripping and hugging my face tightly. I murmured into my gag.

He left without another word and I bucked once more in heavy, heavy frustration.

In truth, it took only a matter of minutes for things to calm down. An old college trick paid off and I found myself trying to recite the starting lineups for several of my favorite sports teams. In doing so, the blood began to drift back from one head to the other. I was limp now in my chastity device and able to once again contemplate the bizarre turn of events that led to me sitting alone, tied up in this living room.

Dinner was uneventful to say the least. At first I remained hooded and gagged and was simply led along to the kitchen floor and left to lay at the foot of the table. My knees had been untied and my legs dangled freely. The leash had been tied off to one of the table legs. I barely moved, partially exhausted and drained partially for not wanting to draw attention to myself. As he ate, George would occasionally poke and prod at me with his sock covered foot. He lightly kicked at my restrained cock, ran his toes over my nipples, and would simply rest a foot atop my hooded face. A muffled grunt was all I could muster.

The dog was free to roam the kitchen during this time and he had begun to get used to the new guest as I was left largely unbothered. He would come and sniff, but a quick rebuke from George moved him away and back to where he also lay. Perhaps he realized he and I weren't so dissimilar, two beings under the same man's control.

When my hood was finally pulled back the same two dishes met my eye. The brown mush of the morning was replaced with something orange in color, perhaps a puree. Pieces of corn were mixed in throughout and a cold dish of water was by its side.

I was parched beyond belief. When the cloth was untied and the underwear wad finally pulled free I gasped at how dry my mouth was and how cracked my lips felt. Once again I worked to try and eat and drink by pressing my face to the dishes. On only my second try I was becoming noticeably more proficient. George largely disregarded me as he read a newspaper at the table. I thought about inquiring of the news, if only as a way to show him progress on the insane notion of friendship he alluded to earlier. I stayed quiet knowing we were far from a place where that would seem the least bit genuine.

The dishes were pulled way before either was finished. No explanation needed, or offered.

I lay pressed to the cold floor, trying to relax, as he set about cleaning the evening's dishes.

"Dishes will one day be all slave work, but you'll take a fair amount of training to get to that point."

Once the dishes were dried and put away he was back upon me. He wiped my mouth clean with the crumpled up briefs. Tossing them aside he straddles my chest and began to unzip his pants.

"Zeke. Go lay down."

At least he had the polite sense of the moment to make the dog scurry off.

He was in my mouth within seconds, hardening quickly. I tried to suck as best I could, straining with the posture collar and pinned to the floor. He filled me and I choked him back. The room was silent except for the sound of my helpless sucks. He pulled back from time to time, delaying his gratification. His weight on my chest labored my breathing. He pulled my hair and yanked me against him. Earlier that afternoon, I had been spared his release in my mouth. Not this time.

"Ahhhhhhggggg!!" He moaned loudly as he came hard and fast into my throat. Hot liquid splashed against the back of my throat and I gagged and choked , unable to swallow with is member lodged on top of my tongue. I struggled to breathe and I suffocated. He kept his cock jammed into my mouth and continued to cum more. When he finally dislodged my head fell sideways and I prepared to vomit. A fit of coughing overtook me. George instantly moved to lift me from the floor. He put me up against one of the table legs and quickly untied the leash. I gasped and air filled my lungs. Leaning me forward he patted my back as I slowly was able to regain normal breathing.

"T-t-thank you, sir."

"Clean me."

The reprieve was a brief one. He pushed my head back towards his lap and leaned forward. With the briefest of hesitation I let him guide my face back to his dripping member. I lapped at it, trying to lick clean to mess of saliva and semen.

"Ohhhh, good boy" He moaned. When he was satisfied I was finished he pushed me back against the table leg. The leash was re-tied tightly and wrapped around the collar a second time before being knotted off. A long and wide strip of duct tape was pulled down from the table and pressed firmly to my lips. Reaching behind me he tugged at the rope on my wrists to make sure it still held. Satisfied, he addressed me.

"Good job, bitch. You make your master very happy when you do as your told." Leaning in he gave a gentle kiss to my taped mouth.

"Now you stay put while I go clean up a bit and get things ready for your nightly games." Standing he pushed himself back inside his pants and buckled his belt. He gave me a big wicked grin. Leaving the kitchen he headed back to the basement.

Try as I did, it was not possible to avoid my thoughts drifting to just what "my nightly games" would entail. Zeke lay in the corner, observing me quietly. I stared back silently at him. Just two pets, left alone while their master tended to other things.....

Chapter 5: Games

"That ought to hold you" George snapped the link from the chain hanging from the dimly lit ceiling to the ring that dangled from the front of my large collar. The chain was stretched taught and its pressure caused me to shift slightly and try and stand on the balls of my feet. I found it difficult to maintain balance as my ankles had been strictly bound once he had stood me up in the center of the dungeon.

George reached to my face and slowly peeled off the loose tape from my lips. Casting it aside he moved to the wall and surveyed a variety of options that displayed themselves before him on various hooks. I fidgeted slightly. My wrists were still harshly bound with the rope, and he had applied a pair of metal handcuffs for additional good measure.

"Pain is an important part of the Master/slave dynamic and I do intend for you to feel a great deal of it and very often." He did not look at me as he spoke.

"Pain is just another way for you to be taught your place and for you to understand that you're not in control of any of this." Turning towards me, "....Plus, it does get me very hot and bothered to see a boy squirm."

I thought momentarily about trying to reason with him again. Perhaps I could convince him that things had not gone too far, and that if he released me I would swear on my life to never tell another soul. But I decided that the risk of irking him further was not worth it, definitely as he stood feet away from what appeared to be a vast array of tools for torture.

He began to disrobe before me and I turned my gaze from him but could not easily turn away, hung as I was before him. He rummaged through a nearby box once he was fully nude. Glancing at him I again noted that how physically imposing he was for a man that was easily in his sixties. He pulled out a pair of heavy black leather boots, akin to what one might wear when riding a motorcycle. He sat down and put each one on, zipping them up and buckling them in various places.

"Its also important to determine just what sort of a threshold you have and what you can tolerate. While I do want to make sure I hurt you, we don't want to do too much damage. What use is a sex slave if he's too injured to fuck?" Good point.

Next he put on what looked like black satin evening gloves, similar to what a woman might wear to a formal event. It was quite an odd look as he stretched them over his large hands and up past his elbows.

"I like these because of how they feel when I'm manhandling a slave's little pussy prick. Plus they're useful for limiting contact with blood or fluids. Now you wait here a minute and don't go nowhere."

He walked past me and out of the room. I stared at my reflection in the large glass mirror that adorned the far wall. My neck was starting to ache from the pull of the chain and the collar burrowed into the skin under my chin. I surveyed that items on the wall again. All different objects, some leather, some metal, some rubber, aligned the space from floor to ceiling. I could only imagine what they're individual uses were and my stomach turned when I realized I would likely find out soon.

The sound of boots on the concrete signaled his return a few moments later.

Naked except for his boots and gloves he entered carrying a rather clumsy, clunky apparratus. He moved past me to the far corner of the room and set the device on the floor. It was a silver metal tripod and he quickly set it up and locked the legs into place. A top it he set a tiny, black camcorder and he began to screw the device onto the top of the tripod.

"I also like to film my sessions with truly special slaves. Some times I'll post them online on various websites so other people can enjoy my work. Of course, we'll have to cover that face of yours so there's no chance anybody recognizes you and figures out you're really my captive." Of course. He tested his view through the lens and was pleased that it was well focused.

At this time I noticed he was becoming increasingly erect. His large, hairy cock began to grow and he would periodically reach down and stroke himself absent mindedly.

"Lets finish getting you ready and then the fun can begin."

Approaching me he held forth a gloved hand to reveal what looked like tiny, blue breath mint.

"Open up."

Before I could respond he had grabbed me by the back of the head and had jammed the gel cap into my mouth. Another satin covered hand clamped over my mouth and he commanded that I swallow. Choking back the small pill slid easily down the back of my throat."

"MMmm-hmmm" I mumbled to indicate my compliance.

"Good boy. I popped one of those little puppies about a half hour ago. Should give us each nice big hard-ons for at least the next few hours." Apparently he had force fed me Viagara.

He retrieved several lengths of a thin black chord from the wall and took my balls forcefully into his grip. He began winding the rope tightly around the base, squeezing them through the noose. Knotting it off at the base of my cock he proceeded to rope loops around my shaft, tugging tightly each time so that the bindings dug into my flesh.

"Ahhh!" I grimaced.

He tied it off after tightly encircling the base of my tip. Already I felt the effects of the pill coming on and my member strained to come to life within the rope bindings. Moments later he forced a large, red rubber ball gag into my mouth and buckled it tightly.

"You wont' be saying a whole lot in this film role. Its more of a silent movie picture, if you catch my drift."

My eyes followed him as he pulled further items from the wall and brought them back to me.

"We'll start you off with some light clamps, but in a few months we'll be using the alligator teeth all over you..."

Squeezing and pulling on my nipples he pinched them into the tight grip of one and then another metallic clamp. They were connected by a small chain that ran between them.

"MMMMMMPPPHHH" I yelled as he pressed the palms of his gloved hands against my chest, digging the clamps into the tender flesh. Pulling out another pair he clamped one end to the chain that ran across my chest and then pulled the other end down to my tied up member. He pinched the skin of my cock tip and squeezed the clamp down harshly. The pinching pain was sharp and sudden but was dulled quickly as my nipples continued to throb.

He ran a finger under the connector chain and pulling against it all 3 clamps simultaneously yanked and and stretched my flesh.

"MMMMMP" I gurgled, my mouth completely stuffed with the rubber ball. Drool began to slide down my chin.

"I'm also a little camera shy, so I'll be wearing a mask as well for our little performance, although you won't be seeing much of anything anyways. " I watched as he removed a red rubber hood from a chest. There was a long blonde plume that shot forth from the top and appeared to resemble hair or a wig of some sort. He stretched the covering down over his face. There were white painted outlines at the eye and mouth sockets and sure enough a fake bleach blonde pony tail rested atop.

"The wig is just another precaution for anoynmity" he answered a question I could not ask. He took my own hood in his hands and showed it to me. It was black and had several laces and buckles in the back hanging loose. He showed me the front and it was completely covered aside from two tiny nostril holes. He forced it over my head and my world went dark. I was motionless, unable to move as he set about lacing me into the thing. It was heavy and had a musky, leather sent. I had difficulty hearing him as he continued to chide and taunt me, rambling on about something as he buckled several additional straps that crisscrossed over my covered head.

"MMMMMMMMMM!!!" a totally muffled squeal escaped as he cupped and squeezed my bound cock. I continued to holler as he tugged at the clamps.

"Its important that you be able to make some noise, just so our audience can get a feel for just how much I'm hurting you. Well, we mine as well get started. Lights, camera, action...bitch."

Boots clicking on the floor as he likely went away and turned the camera on.

I strained to hear and follow his movements as he walked around the room. He had softened his steps and I lost track of just where he was in relation to me. The Viagara continued to do its job and my dick bulged in its bondage, heightening the pain of the clamp on my head.

"MMMMPH!" The wind was knocked out of me as the tails of a flogger connected hard with my chest. I recoiled and the collar noose pulled hard, choking me as I stumbled to keep my footing.

Two more vicious hits, the first square on with my genitals and the next across the top of my thighs.

He had moved to my side and connected hard with my shoulder.

My ass absorbed sharp blow after blow. I whirled in the darkness, yelling muffled cries into the gag.

He continued on for an eternity. Striking me from every conceivable angle and lingering on the particularly sensitive and exposed appendages. At one point he alternated the weapon of choice and I was repeatedly struck with some type of crop. He slapped the leather end in quick succession over each clamped nickel. I hopped up and down and writhed back and forth to somehow try and duck or elude the strikes.

"BE STILL, SLAVE!!!" And he gripped the chain from the ceiling and gave it a firm yank. I thought my neck would snap as I fell forward and against his body. I had begun to sweat rather profusely and I fell into his cold bare arms. He squeezed my cheeks in his grip and gritting his teeth he barked once more "BE STILL."

I did my best to stand on my own weight. I cowered as much as I could and braced myself for further onslaught.

Moments later he was back with the crop, slapping the top of my dick with short and quick hits. I braced and tried to absorb the stings without struggling but it was near impossible and invariably I again hopped feebly away, trying to escape. I could feel tears forming under the hood at the awful stings I was continuously subjected to. There was nowhere to hide and there was no way to block out the pain mentally. I rocked back and forth as he continued to strike me, the loud causing me to jump each time before realizing exactly where the crop had connected.

Eventually the whips were put down and I felt George at my side. His hands were running up and down my nude form. He pinched near the clamps and and he spanked me hard several times in succession. His hands made their way to my genitals and I felt him loop something underneath the flesh at the base of my balls.

"mmmpphh???" Whatever it was pressed firmly up against me. I could sense two tiny prongs on the end and as my balls fell back over it I could feel that it was a tiny square box. George continued and strap was pulled up and over the top of my shaft and then pulled tight. Letting go the object was held in place.

"Curious, my pet? Well don't be. You'll see what it is in a minute."

I jolted as suddenly the device began to vibrate. Placed where it was, the tingling sensation ran through my entire member. A soft moan escaped as the tingle ran through my bound and clamped shaft, and odd mix of pleasure and pain.

"Its remote controlled, so that I can control your pussy from anywhere I want."

a switch was flipped and the vibration suddenly increased in force. I leaned forward, suddenly overcome by the warmth of the buzz.

"But its not all pleasure, I'm afaid...."

A sudden spark and two quick shocks lit into my scrotum.

"MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the unbelievable pain.

Again two immediate bursts. I thrashed about wildly where I stood.

"Now do I have your attention?"

I tried to vigorously nod my head. I recoiled in fear and tried to curl into a fetal position but the chain leash kept me standing in a hunched position.

"Now we're going to play a little game, slave...and for those watching on tape, you'll know that I'm going to be fair with this slut...harsh, but fair."

I hung on his every word, terrified of what would soon follow.

"You're going to have to guess what instrument I have in my hand slave. It's either the remote to that shock pad on your balls or its the flogger. You grunt once for remote and twice for flogger. If you guess correct, you get a special kiss on that pecker. If you guess wrong..."


I had barely recovered from the shock to the balls when I felt the back of his hand against my hooded face. I spun in pain, held tightly in place by my bonds.

"Well, you see what you get. Now I'm setting both objects down on this chair over here and then I'm going to pick one back up..."

I struggled to listen for even the slightest sound that would indicate which he had selected.

"Now pick."



I nodded.

"MMM!!!!" I saw stars and my knees buckled. My jaw swelled and my cheek stung from the blow. My balls burned and felt freshly kicked.

"Pick again."


"Just one?"

I nodded.

"Good guess." I heard him approach. His big hand gripped my erect cock. "Don't get used to this."

Kneeling down he took me in his mouth. A warm, wet sensation ran over me as he gently licked my tied shaft. He gave a kiss to my tip and kept only my mushroom flesh in his mouth. The Viagra had me completely on the edge and I was terrified that this arousal may cause me to cum in his mouth. Just as quickly as he begun, he ceased.

"Pick again"........

The next hour seemed like an eternity. Maddening alterations of shocks, strikes and teasing blow jobs. I thought I might throw up at one point, the pain in my testicles permeated to my stomach. In the leather hood my world began to spin. Up was down and I was unable to orient myself in the room. His hits came from all directions and he never waivered in the force applied. I was barely conscious of his action when he unhooked the chain from my collar and I collapsed to my knees before him.

"Show's over" I heard him mutter. My legs felt like butter and I was too weak to even remain on my knees. I fell to the floor in exhaustion and curled in a fetal pose. I jerked suddenly as I felt his foot press down on my cock. His toes pinned my throbbing dick against the cold concrete.

"After I put you away for the night I think I'll pour myself a drink and rewatch our little session. I'll let you wonder about whether I'm going to just jerk off alone or whether I'll come empty myself down your throat or in that ass of mine."

I was too tired to worry. I craved slumber and solitude, as cruel as my surroundings would surely be. He set about removing various elements of my bondage. When he finally unlaced the hood and pulled it back my head was drenched in sweat. Everything looked blurry as my eyes had a bitch of a time adjusting to the light.

"I'm going to put the toys away. You rest up a minute and then I'll set about putting you away."

I closed my eyes and momentarily drifted away from the terror of my reality.

Chapter 6: Silent Night

I was completely limp, naked and exhausted as he lifted me over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. I was amazed at his strength relative to his age. I floated in and out of consciousness as we ascended out of the dungeon play space, back through the basement and up the stairs. I grimaced as his rough hands held me firmly, stinging my fresh whip and paddle wounds. My only restraints were the wrist and ankle cuffs and oddly these now seemed minimal given the meticulous lengths George had already gone in terms of my bondage.

I was carried through the living room, into the foyer and up the carpeted stairs to the second level of the home. He brought me into the bedroom and kneeling forward he lay me down at the foot of the bed.

"Ahh" I moaned as fresh bruises and cuts rubbed against the carpet.

"Shut up."

He towered naked above me. I dared not look up at him and inadvertently I felt myself curling into the fetal position.

"We've got to clean you up, can't have any of those cuts getting infected."

He left me on the ground and excused himself to the bathroom. I heard the water turned on in tub and the sound of the faucet switching over to the shower. Returning, he half dragged, half carried me forth to the edge of the tub.

"In you go"

I was basically poured over the side and fell limply to the tile floor of the bath. Cold water doused me and I shuttered reflexively.

He knelt against the side and began working a bar into a lather. I bit my tongue to hold back a shout as he began scrubbing my skin. Covering me completely he then turned and stood to position the shower head so that it doused me directly. I shivered against the cold, penetrating beads. When he determined I had been sufficiently hosed he cut the water.

"We'll let you air dry a bit...don't go anywhere" he chuckled and left the room, flipping out the lights and leaving me freezing in the tub.

My teeth chattered and I steeled myself to try and steady the rapid pace of my heart beating. My limbs ached and my backside burned fiercely. I tried to shut out the vivid recollection of the torture I had just endured at his hands. I was facing my second night in captivity and was slowly realizing that I had not come close to sleeping since my capture. My stomach turned as I considered the awful turn of events based on my decision to break into the house in the first place. I had to figure out a way to escape. I struggled against my cuffs to no avail. I told myself to be patient. To bide my time. The idea of spending yet another night confined like an animal was almost too much to bare.

Water dripped from my soaking, damp hair and ran over my eyes. I blinked to try and clear them. I shifted uncomfortably in the tiny tub and tried to stretch my cuffed ankles up against the faucet. One of the cuffs clinked against the metal spout.

"Don't you be trying anything foolish in there!" George barked from the bedroom. I stayed still.

Eventually he came back. Flipping the switch he moved quickly to me. He wore a loose fitting blue cotton robe. "Lets get you up."

I tried to assist, bound as I was. He stood me up facing him in the tub. Running his hands over me he determined I hadn't dried to his liking. He grabbed a towel and began patting me down.

"AAwww" I flinched in pain from my welts.

"I think you've gone a little too long without a gag in that mouth, but we'll fix that soon enough. Of course maybe you'd like to give me a nice long suck before bed, what do you think?"

He seemed to be addressing me. I remained silent.

"Or I'll just shut you up and fuck your brains out..." He patted my chin. Without another word he reached down and removed the cuffs on my ankles. I contemplated lashing out and trying to kick him in the head. There was a chance I could make it downstairs before he set upon me. Given the outcome of my prior attempt I decided against it. Standing back up he looked me over quizzically. Almost as if he knew what I was thinking. He turned to the sink and opened a drawer. Shuffling through it he pulled out something metal. He brandished the pair of scissors and held them towards me like a knife.

"No funny business, now. You hear?"


"March yourself on out of there and into the bedroom."

I put one foot in front of the other and slowly walked past him. He put one hand on my shoulder firmly and with the other he pressed the point of the sheers to my back.

"Nice and easy now..."

He walked me into the bedroom and ordered me to my knees at the foot of the bed.

"Spread" He kicked at my calves. I widened my kneeling stance.

"Face in the bed"

I leaned against the side of the mattress and buried my face in the cushion.

"Good boy" He slowly ran the scissor blade across the back of my neck.

"Now stay." He moved about the room opening various drawers and gathering various instruments.

"I'm not going to put you in the cage tonight. You'll be spending much of your day there tomorrow. Unfortunately the real world beckons on occasion and I'll be gone for a while. But don't despair, I'll make certain you're tucked away nice and tight before I go." He rambled on.

He dropped several items behind me and then knelt beside me. Grabbing a black leather collar he buckled it firmly around my neck. Taking a metal chain he looped it through a ring on the collar and pulled down behind my back. He forced my cuffed wrists up and snapped the chain on to the link between them. This forced by wrists against my upper back and also choked me a little.

"Further apart" and George pressed his knee to the back of my right thigh, spreading me a little wider.

"Now be very still for me," and his instructions were followed by the touch of his fingers sliding down along the crack of my ass. His fingers were coated in a cool lubricant much like the one used earlier in the day.

"Ah!" a quick shout as his digits entered me. I tried to hold myself steady as he moved in and out of my rear. Pulling loose he wiped the excess substance over the small of my back. My face swelled red in utter embarrassment and humiliation.

Moments later I felt the firm, protruding head of the anal plug being pressed against my hole.

"Lean in to it now" he coached and I did as instructed, sitting myself backward while burying my head against the mattress to stifle any protest. The bulb entered much more easily than before and worked its way inside me uncomfortably. After it had been sufficiently wedged up my cavity George took the other end of the tube and began to squeeze a small rubber ball at the end. Instantly I felt the plug expand within me.


"Shut up" and he continued to squeeze the pump, the plug pressing harshly against my insides. When he was certain it could go no further he unscrewed the pump and tossed the tube aside leaving the large bulb inflated inside me.

He pulled my hair and forced my head back. He pressed his face against the side of my neck from behind.

"We'll just keep that pussy hole of yours nice a filled so that you're always ready for my cock like a good little slut." He took my ear in his mouth. I cringed. He gently bit at it while holding a fistful of hair. His other hand reached up to my mouth. As he continued to chew at my ear he presented the wadded up ball of cloth to my lips. I opened obediently.

"Good pet" he mumbled and forced the wad in. I took it, choking back as it reached down my throat. He released my head but held my firmly by the chin. He took a blue patterned handkerchief and deftly cleaved it between my teeth and forcefully knotting it in the back of my head, keeping the material stuffed in. One more handkerchief, this one a white one was pulled back over my the cleave gag and tied off as well. He kissed my bulging cheek.

"Feet together"

I remained kneeling as the ankle cuffs were reapplied. He then stood up behind me. Reaching under my arms he hoisted me up and half carried, half dragged my bound form around to the foot of the bed, laying me out at the base.

"Like I said, you'll be spared the cage tonight, but like hell I'll have you in the bed. You'll be spending your evening down here, just like a dog waiting for his Master to awake." He pressed a foot to my bare chest as he glared down at me. I tried raising my head slightly but he swiftly moved the foot from my chest to my face and pushed me back. He held me there a moment, his toes pressed firmly over my eyes and his heel against my mouth.

"But first we need to make sure you don't try crawling away on me in the middle of the night."

He knelt back down by my side. Taking the leash from my collar he yanked me closer to the bed. I rolled along to keep from choking. He would the end of the leash around one foot of the bed, tying the leather tether around the wooden post and leaving very little slack. Taking another chord he tied it off to my ankle cuffs and then stretched it taught before binding it to the other post.

Surveying his work he seemed confident that I was adequately secure.

"One last thing."

He crawled over to the side of the bed and grabbed something. Holding it before me it was a black leather lace up hood.

"This one is probably a little big for you so breathing won't be much of a concern, but it gets pretty hot over night so I wouldn't do much struggling. Also, if you disturb my sleep in any way there will be hell to pay, go it?"


He knelt by my head and slowly fitted the hood over my head. My world went dark and the heavy scent of the leather filled my nostrils. He took several minutes lacing up the back of the hood and I felt my breathing labor through my nose. The base of the hood was somehow knotted through my collar and it held tight against my neck. I could not hear very much through it and I bucked against my bonds when suddenly I felt him grab my nipple. He squeezed hard and I let out at a barely audible, muffled cry. He continued to tug on the flesh and pinch the tender spot with his fingers.

His hand drifted down from my chest and lingered along the base of my abdomen. My cock responded instantly as he took me in his grip. He stroked gently, playfully pulling on my testicles and then gliding his fingers along the shaft, stopping to rub the tip. I tried to take my mind elsewhere while cursing myself for again becoming hard to his touch. He was saying something but I could not make it out through the hood. To whatever extent I could move, I found my crotch rhythmically leaning forward into his hand, pressing my member firmly in to his palm. He squeezed me by the base and I felt the warm, we sensation of his mouth against the head. He tongued my tip and slowly brought me into further to his mouth. The sensation was overwhelming. I was helpless to move away and he pulled me against him, running his lips along my rod before taking me back in. I quickly felt as if I might explode and I was terrified at the idea of cumming in his mouth or even ejaculating in his presence.

Quickly and suddenly he ceased and released me.

I bucked in frustration but the bonds held me tightly.

He must have stood back up for a moment later I felt a shot of pain as his foot connected with my genitals. Again he spoke, something harsh and short but I was unable to make it out. I could sense him walking away and then the sound of his weight connecting with the mattress above. He tossed and turned a bit as he got comfortable. I too steadied myself and for the second night in a row I prepared for a miserable, uncomfortable night of minimum rest. I sighed silently into my gag and thought of the overhead image I must present. Naked, hooded and bound at the foot of the bed of a sleeping man. Once again, more like a dog than a man.

If I had thought the previous two nights had pushed me to the very edge of my limits, I was beyond wrong. The brief interlude of a breakfast and being cleaned out provided next to no relief from the aches and cramps I had awoken with....not to mention how painful my ass still felt from the middle of the night assault. And yet here I was, back in the cage in the darkened room, restrained in leather, my head cocooned in duct tape and flailing about in vain to try and relieve the pains of my confinement.

Much like the first night, I spent a solid bit of time working to frantically free myself. I was sure George had left and my struggles were going unnoticed. There was no give in any of the cuffs and the padlocks get my bindings permanently secured to the bars of the cage.

Acceptance of the situation would come in fits and starts. I would try and resign myself to the fact that there was nothing I could do for now to hasten my escape and that I should just try and focus on other things. This meditative relief would prove shortlived as I invariably came back panic and dread and the realization that my time alone was likely my only window of opportunity.

The cage clanged with the sound of metal on metal. My weight shifting rocked it slightly as I tried to throw my weight around unsuccessfully. I tried awkwardly turning my head. The collar padlocked to the top bars gave me very little mobility. I painfully rubbed the back of my scalp against the grating, hoping to somehow loosen the tape wrap. Maybe if I could work the gag loose I could shout for help.

Stop being stupid, I told myself. You're in a secluded hidden room in a basement. Even if the gag could somehow be worked off there was no way I could shout loud enough for anyone to hear. And who would hear? The house at the end of the street was not likely to just have passerbys.

There is also a crippling sense of terror that creeps in when confined in the manner that I was. I was slowly becoming more comfortable breathing in and out of my nostrils, but a legitimate anxiety arises from the idea that you might suffocate and die when gagged and unable to do anything about it. Had George considered this? Given the nature of his crime, my safety was probably not high on his priority list. But what WOULD he do if he came home to find me dead in the cage. The thought troubled me a great deal and I found it impossible to not continually drift back to the notion.

I thought too about George and what it was he did for a living. I suppose I was grateful that he had employment elsewhere as it forced him to leave me be for a period of time. I pictured him sitting at a cubicle somewhere, surrounded by his co-workers, and all of them completely oblivious to the fact that the man at the computer next to them was keeping a sex hostage in a cage in his basement.

How long could this possibly continue? Part of me chose to believe that this was all just a prolonged punishment for my actions. That at some point the man would let me go and acknowledge that a debt had been repaid. That and the idea that I might somehow escape was all that carried me through that long, painful first full day alone in the cage.

After what seemed like several hours I began to develop a strong need to relieve myself. I considered going in the cage but then committed myself to trying to keep it in as it would only add to the severity of my ordeal. I tried to ignore the urge but it built and built until it dominated my thoughts. Given my discomfort, there was no sleep to be had and I winced in pain.

Somehow, some way, the time ticked by and the hours passed and eventually George returned.

I froze at the sound of the curtain on the other side of the door being flung back. Moments later came the jingling of keys and then the lock on the door being undone. A slow creak followed as the door was opened. Blind and mute as I was, I instantly felt cool air as access to the larger basement was granted.

"Glad to see you're still here and didn't go running off on me" The now familiar voice of my captor laughed to himself as footsteps approached the cage.A light must have been turned on because he then remarked how glad he was to see that the cage had not been soiled.

"You must be aching for a piss after these nine hours. I figure eventually I'll get you a catheter, but I thought it'd be more fun to see if you'd keep it in or not."

I was near ready to burst and his discussing it did not help.There was pressure on the cage as he knelt down alongside me.

"You look absolutely beautiful all tied up in there. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do to you all day. Shall we get you out and get started?"

I gave no response.He went about one by one unlocking the padlock points around the cage and I slumped against the grated floor. As before it took a little coaxing to back me out, hobbled as I was, but I finally was laid down on the cold tiled floor. His hands were on me and they pressed my arms and squeezed at my bare legs.

"Its important after a long time trussed up like that to make sure the blood's still flowing." He massaged my skin and sure enough parts of me that had gone numb slowly began to tingle.

"That there was about six and a half hours all by yourself. You'll have days much longer than that but I figured I'd start you off slowly and build as we go."

"Mmmm" My mumble was the first sound I think I had made all day and the sound puzzled me.

"We're going to do this just like a bandaid" and he began picking at the tape that encircled my head. Finding a loose end he began peeling it aggressively. I yelped as it came loose, taking with it a fair amount of my facial hair I imagined.

I blinked from where I lay on the ground several times and squinted uncontrollably as my eyes tried to adjust to what felt like a blinding light.

"It will take a few, now sit up and drink some of this." He helped me in to a sitting position and held a glass to my lips. Still blind I lurched forward to meet his tilt and the cold water connected with my blistered lips. I gulped it down furiously, dehydrated beyond belief from a day without food or drink.

"Take it slowly, you don't want to cramp up now." He set the cup aside after a few more gulps. He began working on some of my bindings as things finally came in to focus. I glanced forward and saw myself in the mirror, naked and collared with my arms behind me. George was kneeling at my back and had begun to tie my wrists with a chord of rope just above where I was cuffed. Cinching it tight he unbuckled each leather cuff and tossed them casually aside. Taking the roll of duct tape from earlier he then proceeded to wrap it over the new rope bindings several times before tearing it off. The familiar leather leash was clipped to my collar and he then set about unbinding my ankles.

Ultimately I was brought to my feet and led out from the secret space. Taken upstairs we once more went through the exercise of him holding me naked above the toilet and having me urinate while he aimed me. This time around I was just thankful for the relief.

When we were finished I was led forth to the foyer and back up the stairs to his bedroom. Sitting me on the bed he knelt and expertly retied my ankles.

I sat on the bed, wrists bound and taped behind me, ankles lashed as well as he stood before me. He began to undress from the day. I glanced to my side to see the various ropes and toys that he had laid out in preparation. Tossing his pants aside he stood before me in just his undershirt and jock. Stepping out of the tight white strap his bulging erection shot forward in front of me. He stretched the jock in front of me and then pressed it to me face. It was damp. Knowing the routine I breathed in deeply, sniffing it until he was content. Pulling the elastic back he stretched it over my head and the pouch pulled against my nose and over my mouth like a surgeon's mask. He held the ball gag up to my covered lips. I opened and he jammed the rubber ball against the fabric and into my mouth. As he tightened and buckled the strap behind me it had the effect of stretching the jock tightly against my face and his scent filled my nostrils, the damp cloth clinging against them as I struggled to breathe in. Leaning forward he kissed the rubber ball.

"I was kind enough to keep those warm for you all day. Now don't you appreciate how hard your Master works all day?"

I nodded vigorously.

"You should appreciate how easy you've got it, getting to lay around here all day. Sure you're trussed and gagged, but trust me when I say it beats working for a living."

Fully disrobed he removed each of his knee high black dress socks. I leaned forward and he tied one over the ball gag and proceeded to blindfold me with the other.

"You're getting much better with our routine. I'm starting to think that time in the crawl space may have actually broken you."

Blind as I was I leaned forward in the darkness and nuzzled my head to his naked chest. He took my bound form in his arms and patted my head gently.

"I told you that you'd learn your place and that you'd come to love being my slave."

"mmm-hhmmm" I mumbled in agreement.

"Now you get comfortable and don't go nowhere." He pushed me back and away and I fell on to the sheets. He lifted my bound ankles from the floor and tossed my legs up as well. I heard him head to the bathroom and moments later the sound of him urinating.

There was no fight in me when he returned. I barely flinched as his hands gripped my rear and he began applying lubrication. I did not buck against my bonds or tug at the tape on my wrists as he entered me. Tightly gagged as I was I did little more than grunt against the rubber. I inhaled him heavily with each deep breath in through my nose, the jock strap's moist material acting as a mesh net restricting my air.

As he thrust he alternated between pulling my head back by grabbing a fistful of my hair and then pulling the ring on my collar. I choked slightly but did not protest. It was in this moment that I fully realized he HAD in fact broken me. My only thoughts were on making sure he did not find fault with my efforts (or lack there of). I was focused less and less on avoiding pain or punishment and more on garnering his favor. There was an inkling of self preservation to it, but the overriding feeling was slowly turning towards that of loyalty. I strived to show him I posed no risk of escape. I desired for him to believe me that I would not scream out if he forgot to gag me. There was less of a need for truly stringent restraint. He could trust me. I was his possession.

That afternoon he used me 3 times in succession. I was amazed at the stamina he showed. When he had finally finished he tugged loose the socks. He unbuckled my ball gag and he tossed aside the jock strap mask. Fresh, cool air wafted against my face. He rested against the pillow alongside me. Now almost by muscle memory I wiggled my bound form down against his body, bringing my head to alongside his genitals. I lapped and licked him and his cock responded with a slight chub.

"That's a good slave" was all the encouragement I received as I moved between sucking the tip of his cock and kissing my lips to his balls.

That evening he brought me in to the kitchen with no ankle hobble. Cuffed wrists were strapped to my collar as he led me in by leash. Walking freely as I was for the first time in months was liberating. I tried to keep my head bowed in deference, but the strap from the back of my collar to the handcuffs made it challenging to effect this posture. As he had prepped me to go downstairs he had pushed just a single used sock in to my waiting mouth. No tape wrap or cleave or muzzle followed. I knew to hold it in and he knew this now too.

He dropped my leash and I immediately went to my knees and pressed my face to the floor as he went about putting our meals together. There was an unusual delay to the receipt of my cold cereal or oatmeal. A hunger began to grow in my belly but I stayed silent and humbled.

"You may spit out the gag" He said when he finally approached. I expunged the wet wool and turned slightly as he slid a plate before me. An actual plate! No dish. Further mystifying me was the substance on the plate. Before me was a warm plate of what appeared to be actual cooked and cut chicken. I avoided eye contact but my hesitation in eating betrayed my inner query.

"just as disobedience and struggle earns punishment, good behavior earns reward."

He did not have to prompt me twice. I pressed my face to the plate and began to wolf down the delicious breast meat. That evening I licked my plate clean and my belly actually felt engorged from the protein it and yearned for. As George continued with his own meal, seated at his perch at the table, I shifted myself over on my knees. I moved to his bare feet and I began to kiss each foot at its top. After effecting the appreciative gesture I remained there, head bowed.

That evening found me once more kneeling before him, still with minimal restraint. He watched the news in the darkened room as I kept my head buried in his crotch, sucking him softly. He moaned slightly as he rubbed his fingers through my hair.

"I think I just about emptied all the load I had in you earlier." He mused. Still, I worked to keep him hard and to prod him to completion. In two months time I had actually begun to learn what it was I doing. A far cry from when a ring gag used to force me wide while he invaded my mouth through the hole.

He pushed me off of him and I strained to lean forward, to show him my eagerness to pleasure and please.

"Not so fast pet, I've got some special plans for you this evening." He pressed his thumb to my lips. I took it in willingly, trying to treat it like a cock to show him my urge. I found myself actually turning erect at my submission. He noticed as well.

"We've kept you pent up for quite some time haven't we?" I did not answer.

"Lets take you on down to the basement and see if we can't spice up your nightly games a little?"

"Yes master."

I ventured to speak.

I half expected a slap to the face. George's own silence at hearing my voice led me to believe a blow was forthcoming. I steadied myself and kept my eyes downward. The strike to the face did not come. Instead, after a few moments of contemplation he simply picked up my leash and ordered me to my feet. Tugging me forward I followed behind him as he led me back down to the dungeon space.

I was stood in the center of the room. Working as swiftly as he typically did, George unclipped the leather leash and fastened the ceiling chain to my o-ring. Moving behind me the strap from the collar to the cuffs was loosened and tossed aside. My wrists dropped to my rear. Leaving the metal handcuffs on he proceeded to use a role of masking tape to wrap the restraints and to ball my fists. Next he fitted me with the large, black leather monoglove, looping the straps up over my shoulders and zippering me tightly in the cocoon sack over my arms. Another ceiling chain was stretched down and hooked to the o-ring at the end of the glove, causing me to tilt forward just a bit on the balls of my feet.

A spreader bar was then secured between my legs, spreading me wide and cuffed to each ankle by leather straps.

He stood back briefly admiring his work so far. My gaze met his and he smiled at me deviously.

"Whats pleasure without a little pain, right?" and he picked a shiny silver pair of gator clamps from the device wall. He pulled and kneeded on each of my nipples until they peaked erect. Biting down, the razored teeth clamped me firmly and I could not help but yelp.

Apparently not all sounds would be tolerated. My cheek burned from the strike and when I reopened my eyes George's face had turned stern once more. I swallowed any further cries as my nipples swelled with unbearable pain.

He selected probably his most simplistic ball gag. No straps or buckles or muzzles, just a round red rubber ball with a single chord running through it. Forcing it in he knotted it tightly behind my head and the sizeable rubber mass rendered me mute once more.

He stood before me and began to disrobe. Completely naked he forced himself against my helpless frame. He stroked my cock aggressively and clamped his other hand firmly on my ass. He pulled me towards him as he tugged


"Shut up" and he began to nibble on my neck, his hot breath blowing against my ear. His chest against mine irritated the clamps and I mewed into the gag.

He released me from his grip and struck me once more on the other side of the face. I saw the welts forming on my overstretched cheeks as I gazed at myself in the full length mirror against the back wall.

George had become quite erect and despite my own efforts his stroke had brought me to full attention as well. Taking a long white strand of rope he began winding it around my testicles, knotting it tightly at each twist and pulling it tightly around my cock. It hung stiff in its mummified state.

"Tell me slave, have you ever had the experience of an electric cock pump?" he asked rhetorically.

"Its really quite amazing. Perfect for milking people against their will. Highly effective I find." The plastic tubing he held before me seemed overly simplistic in design. Pressing a tiny switch on the side he demonstrated by holding it to his own penis. He slid himself into it as a low hum began. As the noise built the tubing inside began to contract and pull itself inward. Releasing it, the pumping motion kept the tub whirling on his own cock as his hands were free.

"See? A nice few hours of this and a boy will forget his own name!" Shutting it off he removed it from himself and approached me. It fit like a glove and the inside was much warmer and soft than I imagined. Flipping the switch on its side it suctioned and retracted and became quite snug on my shaft, pulling my head forward against its tip.

My rock hard erection stiffened further and the rope bondage on my cock chafed.

"Mmmm" I moaned as it took hold and slowly, mechanically stroked me.

"I think some of our online friends would get a kick out of this one. Shall we put on a bit of a show?"

He moved the tripod from its stationary place in the corner and set the camera up a few feet to my left, turned towards the full wall mirror.

"Of course we'll need to keep your identity our little secret, per usual." He fitted a snug leather hood over my head and pulled it down beneath my chin. He fidgeted with the air holes and moved the form to fit me snugly so that my eyes were revealed through the tiny slots.

"We'll let you watch this one as I think it will be one of your favorite."

I began to lose myself in the sensation of the cock pump and I mumbled back a moan of pleasure.

"Don't get too happy now, remember your place." And he tugged the chain connecting my clamps.

George rummaged through his toy chest and selected his own mask. It was the same red leather he often wore, the one that had a blonde wig flume spiking from the top and that gave off a feminine appeal. Naked as he remained there was clearly no chance of his gender being mistaken, but it did effectively secure his own anonymity.

"Now remember, I won't be talking on film so pay particular instruction to my queues." I tried to nod.

He moved the leather bondage bench from its place against the wall and positioned it at waste level before me. He released the neck chain that attached to the ceiling and once more attached my leash. He tugged it forward and I was pulled/bent against the bench, the chain on my arm binder raising my wrists towards the ceiling. After I was arched halfway over the bench he knelt down and tied the leash off one of its rungs. I was bent over and securely tethered, my gagged and hooded face staring directly into the mirror. The only noise in the room was the whir of the cock pump. George moved to the camera behind me and flipped it on. He peered into the viewfinder through his mask and positioned it just right to capture my full predicament in its lens. The red light of the camcorder glowed bright in the dimly lit chamber.

My focus began to drift from the pain of my bonds and clamps to the amazing feeling of the suction within the pump. A build up took over and I was swiftly losing the ability to think of anything else besides release. I moaned heavily into my gag

I failed to see George remove his favorite crop from the wall and it woke me with a start as it cracked my backside.

Successive strikes caused me to lurch against the bench. My clamps caught fire as they rubbed from the friction. My helpless erection continued to build.

He continued with the cracks of the crop for what felt like an eternity, but it was probably only a few more minutes. My ass stung red and welted.

He moved along the front of the bench and observed us both in the mirror. He took his stiff cock in this hand and patted it playfully against the exposed leather of my gag. He mimicked orally fucking me for the camera, pressing the tip of his penis against the gag.

"MMM!!!" A hard slap across the hooded face.

He seemed to be trying and distract me with pain from the rising pleasure I felt trapped in the pump. It was not working. I had been kept in restrained chastity for too long and exposed to too much sexual use to ignore the primal intensity within.

George moved behind me and began to explore my rectum with his hand, fingering my rectum slowly. I eased back to his touch. A move that caught me off guard. In this instant he was not my captor, and I was not his prisoner. I was an animal. Consumed with nothing but the desire to feel release.

"Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm" I moaned heavily with each twist of his digits. Pulling them out he reached under me and tugged my bound balls, stroking and massaging them in rhythm with the pump.

Letting go he entered me, taking hold of my collar with one hand and pulling up on my glove chain with the other, bending me further to receive him at the angle of his choosing.

I lost it. I felt flush. Every sense in me was heightened and awakened. I instantly was aware of every aspect of my bondage and helplessness. The spreader bar keeping my legs apart and my cavity wide for him. The tape wrapped around my wrists and buried within the leather glove. The large rubber ball, filling my mouth and keeping it agape, strained and stretched wide keeping any chance of protest silent. My breathing increased and I noticed a wet sensation within the pump as I shot pre cum against the side of the tube. The tip of my cock burned from the rope knotted against it, rubbing against the plastic side of the pump and adding further pain to the building pleasure.

George grunted loudly from behind with each thrust, hamming it for the camera I was sure. My own head bobbed up and down with each penetration. I was past the point of no return, the pumping reached a feverish crescendo and a blinding light pierced from behind my eyes.

"MMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM" I exploded forth into the tube, thrusting spastically and cumming uncontrollably. I buckled and collapsed into the bench as I continued to shoot. I struggled to breathe and the tug of the leash at my neck intensified the force of my orgasm. I was a tool. A puppet. Driven to the brink and thrust into ecstacy.

My breathing slowed. My chest lumbered and my heart beat fast. George removed himself from my rear. He unhooked the ceiling chain. I leaned on the bench, drenched in sweat, knees shaking as I staggered to regain control.

The camera was shut off. George stalked me slowly, observing my post-orgasm self limped and exhausted.

The pump continued to squeeze me and I dripped into it, now fully soaked with cum that softened the rope on my shaft. He knelt down before me and gave a tug on the leash.

"mmm" I could barely muster.

"I think somebody is rather shellshocked." My eyes were locked with his. He unzippered his mask and tossed the freakish thing aside.

"Now I've half a mind to let that puppy keep on milking you through the night, but I also want to be sure I keep you focused." And he reached under me and flipped the switch off. The pump went limp and slid slightly off my slippery member.

"I presume you want to say thank you, don't you?"



He unzippered my hood and pulled the dank, sweaty leather off, peeling it back against my scalp. He untied the ball gag and it fell to the floor. He stood up and gripped his cock, pushing it towards me. I opened and I took him in, only moments removed from taking my ass. He slid in an out and quickly hardened. His tip choked me as it pushed against the back of my throat, his girth filling me. I worked him hard, so thankful and greatful to have been granted the release of a mind shattering orgasm. It took only a few minutes to have him once more forcefully cum down my throat. He stumbled back, apparently dizzy from his own pleasure. He located the ball gag and fitted it back into my mouth. Tying it off he checked my bindings. Reasonable assured that I was effectively secured he knelt down and kissed me on the cheek.

"I think I will be calling out of work tomorrow. You and I are going to have ourselves quite an intimate day." He licked the bottom of my ear and smacked me hard on the still swollen ass.

Walking away from me I glanced up and caught him leaving the room in the mirror. He turned briefly before shutting out the lights.

"Ta ta."

The door shut behind him and I once more heard the metal sound of the padlock being placed on my prison.

I sighed longingly and prepared myself for a very uncomfortable evening.

Chapter 7: MR. C

It was remarkable how quickly we settled in to a routine. My rough, uncomfortable confined nights. Sometimes in the cage. Sometimes leashed to the foot of the bed. Sometimes stretched taught in a hogtie in bed next to him. Breakfasts bound and kneeling, face down in a cold dish, followed by what I came to refer to as my "packaging." A quick enema to empty me for the day and then always confined to the hidden dungeon play space. This, for me, was the true agony. Alone in space, muted and blind, incapacitated and forced alone with my thoughts and my fears. At first I cherished the time alone where my captors focus was not solely on me, but gradually the isolation began to dominate my thoughts. Often I wondered what would happen if I suffocated while hooded and gagged. What would he do with me then? Would I be wrapped up and thrown away? Would anyone know of what ever became of me? The insignificance of my current existence weighed heavily on me during my waking hours.

Evenings were also becoming rather typical. Footsteps would announce his return. I would be released from my tetherings and immediately upon having my gag removed he would force his cock into my mouth. I would suck him thoroughly and after he was finished I was led up to the bedroom. I would wait on my knees, leashed to the bed as he disrobed. As he stripped naked he would often ball up and force one of his work day worn socks into my mouth and then tie the 2nd one off over it. He would leave me there as he showered and when he returned I would be bent over and taken at least once, often twice. The pre-dinner hours would often find me kneeling at his feet as he fixed a drink and watched the news. This would slowly become my favorite part of the day, my glimpse into the goings on of the outside world. More often than not I was positioned as a foot rest, but the fact that he elected not to plug my ears permitted me to hear the latest national and world news reports.

Another 2 dishes on the floor signaled dinner time. Despite my hunger and thirst, this was the time of day when my stomach began to turn. It meant we were only an hour or so away from the nightly games. Whenever I was brought back to the hidden room, the camera was set up in the same spot on the tripod. George would slowly lace up the same leather mask prior to disrobing and I was always prepared in some incredibly uncomfortable and contorted position prior to the red record light going on.

I would often collapse into exhaustion when our sessions ended. No energy whatsoever to try and struggle or resist as he affixed my nightly bindings. He was thorough and meticulous in his process, often explaining that this characteristic was why I would be his "forever." At first I had dismissed these taunts, but as days began to blend together and I lost track of just what week in captivity it was, I realized that chances were that he was right. Still, I remained steadfast in my belief that my escape was always just a moment away. I became docile and submissive in my manuerisms, hoping to lull him in to underestimating me. I did not fight him at any point. I did not yell when gagged or buck when he fucked me. I began to offer very simple gestures of reverence and respect, bowing my head whenever I was in his present and often moving on my accord to kiss or lick his shoes when I knelt at his feet. He seemed slightly aware of these changes, occasionally patting my head or bottom and offering me a "good boy," vote of confidence.

I had no idea of how much time had passed, but I was beginning to think we had eclipsed at least two weeks time. I had grown slightly accustomed to drifting in and out of consciousness when left in the cage while George went to work. It was during one of those blissful escapes to dreamland that my reality would once more change, and not for the better. I was jolted awake and I violently slammed my head against the roof of the metal cage. My ears rang and a white hot pain flashed across my eyes. The feeling of a cold, firm hand upon my clammy skin had startled me back to life from my painful slumber. Deprived of all my senses as I was, I had no chance of hearing or seeing that my captor had returned from his day outside of the home. Of course I lacked any semblance of time, but somehow it felt as if George had returned earlier than usual. Fingers prodded and pulled at me and I was slowly backed out of the cramped confines of the cage. A yank of my collar brought me stumbling to my knees, hobbled by the knee and ankle cuffs. Gently I felt him finger at the wrap that encased my head and he slowly unwound the bandage . Cool air dampened my sweaty brow. The bandage was tossed aside and he then peeled back the two pieces of duct tape that had been pressed firmly over each of my eyes. I squinted as his face came in to focus under the dim lights of the playroom. His mouth moved but I could hear no sound. He seemed to realize this and immediately set to picking the putty plugs out of each of my ears. With a pop I regained the ability to hear and he addressed me again.

"I trust you had a good day? Upstairs is a mess you know. It would be nice if you thought to pick up around here every now and again as opposed to be a lazy bones down here!" He chuckled at his own joke. He knelt down to my level and took a great deal of enjoyment in removing each nipple clamp painfully slowly

"MMMMMMP!" I yelped into the harness ball gag, completely unable to hold back. Blood rushed into each and he rubbed my chest firmly to exascerbate the sensitivity of my pain. Ignoring my moans he then set about working to loosen the knots on the very tight cock and ball bondage. He unwound the chord from the base of my shaft a good three or four times before the binding on each testicle gave slack. Tossing aside the rope he stroked my firmly for a moment or two until I came to erection.

"You know, it'd probably just be easier to force a few viagra down your throat to keep you at attention, but then again I need to keep those for myself to make sure we can always keep a nice hard cock inside you."

He hit me hard across the face. I lowered my gaze to the floor, realizing that my prolonged eye contact likely irked him.

"Now on your feet."

We both stood and my legs buckled a bit as they were stretched. As he looked me over I tried to prompt him to remove the ball gag by making a tiny moan. He ignored the subtle please and set about removing the chain at my ankle cuffs and also untied the rope that had pinned my elbows. I now wore only my gag, the standard handcuffs and the hobble chain at my knees. He attached a leash to my collar and began to lead me out of the room and out into the basement.

We ascended the stairs, me much slower than him, and I choked a bit as he continued to tug the leash while I focused on navigating one stair at a time. I was routinely terrified that I would lose my balance and either a) plummet back downward to my death or b) be strangled by his refusal to let go of the leash. Luckily neither fate befell me and I found myself on solid footing at the top of the stairs.

"In to the living room"

He released the leash and pushed me forward. He followed behind me as I tripped forward and stumbled haplessly through the open hallway. Reaching the room before him I turned the corner. The shades in the room were drawn per usual and I noticed that the iron coffee table had been moved away from the sofa and positioned in the center of the room. The standard ornate tea set that typically adorned it had also been removed and shelved over by the rocking chair.

"Now I want you to be a good slave and go lay yourself down on that table."

I shuffled over and then spent a solid minute or two working to awkwardly crouch/kneel myself down to the floor. I leaned in and rolled my bound form on to perch. It was much smaller than my form and my legs dangled over the edge.

George approached with a coil of rope in hand. He took my ankles and retied them tightly, the rope cutting into my tender, worn skin. He pulled the chord taught and yanked my legs up back behind me. Running the rope through the cuffs link he stretched me into a hogtie. I felt contorted like a pretzel and my lower back cried out in pain.

"MMM!" I grunted as he finished tying it off. He clamped a hand down over the ball that filled my mouth and kept it there to ensure I got the message to be silent.

"Keep it up and I'll switch this out for something much harsher." I didn't doubt it.

He left me on the table and went into the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later with a drink in hand...something on the rocks. He moved the rocking chair closer to the table and made himself comfortable. Untying and removing each shoe he kicked back and set his sock covered fee on the table. As he took a sip from the drink he playfully pressed a foot against my member, pressing it against me. As usual, I was helpless to fend off the growing sense of pleasure and he seemed pleased to see grow stiff.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you're starting to like it here. Its too bad you can't get your hands on that little prick of yours. You'd probably cum in 5 seconds if I gave you chance, all pent up like you are."

He was probably right. The relentless teasing that came intermittently with bouts of pain and punishment had a compounding effect and as he ran his socked foot along my shaft I ached for relief. Pushing my luck I let out a soft moan and tried to lean in closer to his pressing toes. He seemed to enjoy this response and he continued to toy with me.

"Do you think I could make you cum with these feet."


"Maybe we should see....but there's a catch. If you wind up shooting your big hot load on these socks you know they're going to wind up as packing for your next gag!" He smiled a devilish smile. I felt nauseated by the idea.

As my arousal built I began to rub myself back and forth against him. As the swell grew I felt a dampness run along my tip. George seemed to notice the pre-cum as well and he pulled back quickly.

"Ahh, not so fast there, Quick Draw. Looks like I underestimated just how pent up you were." He set his drink down on the table and leaned forward. Extending his tongue he leaned in and ran it over the head of my cock, licking up the tiny amount of fluid.

I tried to recoil from his mouth but the bindings held me tight. Leaning back he put a finger to the tip and dabbed up a little more. He ran the finger across my opened lips as if applying chapstick.

"Its been years since I've sucked a cock. Never quite cared for it but it was always tit for tat when playing. Maybe I should suck you dry just once so I make sure I'm keeping your attention." He gripped my chin and then pushed my head back.

"Stupid slut." and he kicked his feet back up on the table, this time pressed against me chest and far out of reach for my aching member.

He continued to sip his drink casually while admiring the view of his helpless prisoner. He glanced at his watch a fair amount and I began to wonder for what purpose. Being restrained on a table was outside the norm of the typical afternoon sexual use and I was starting to suspect that the deviation was not without purpose.

Eventually he finished the cocktail and rose to his feet. From a nearby chest he found a red and white checkered dish towel. Giving it a once over he remarked, "this will do." Coming back over to me he covered my face with the rag and tied it off at the back of my head, effectively blindfolding me. The wooden chair creaked as he sat back down and we both sat/laid quietly in the darkened room.

I fidgeted with my cuffs very slightly. My jaw ached from the rubber ball. My toes had begun to go numb from tightness of the rope that encircled my ankles.

The silence was broken suddenly by the clear ring of the front door bell echoing in the foyer. Someone was at the door, less than 20 feet away from where I lay bound. I froze in terror. I suddenly contemplated whether or not I should try to cry out. Muffled as it would be, I may be able to give somebody the indication that something was wrong inside. I had to try.

"MMMMMPPHH!!! MMMMMPPPHHHH!!! MMMMMPPPHHH!!!" I groaned and tried my best to raise my mumbles. I shook violently against my bonds as I moaned as loud as I good. I anticipated that George would be upon me any second, smothering my cries and I braced for his impact....

.....but he did not pounce.

Instead I heard the sound of his footsteps pass by me and head out of the room and towards the door. What was he doing? No matter. I continued to shake and to squeal. The cuffs dug in to my wrists and I bucked fiercely with all my might. I rolled at first to my stomach.

"MMMMMMPPPPHHHH!!!" I rocked back and forth. I had to make noise. I steeled myself for what was sure to be an awful pain and in one felt swoop I leaned again to my other side and in my hogtie I dropped myself to the floor.

The bulk of the impact was on my back and arms, pinned down behind me. The ropes cut at my ankles and wrists where I lay and the wind left me. I was dazed and tried to inhale slowly through my nostrils. If the sound of my fall was not enough to alert the person at the door then I would soon again have to try to yell out. As I tried to shake off the sting from the fall I thought I hear the sound of the door open. Was someone entering?! Had George been dumb enough to answer?!

If so, then I was merely a couple of feet away from potentially being seen. I wiggled back and forth and begin to slide very slowly along the carpet, blindly maneuvering to where I thought the entrance to the main hall was. All the while I continued to scream into my gag.

I continued forward, struggling with all my might.

"Well now looky at what we have here."

A new voice.

"MMGGGGpphh!" The cold heel of a leather boot collided with my bare chest, stopping me mid-shuffle. I strained my head upwards, trying to work loose the towel from my face.

"I told you he still has a good amount of fight in him." George spoke now from a different spot in the room.

"I see that" The new voice was high pitched and had a bit of a southern drawl to it. More pressure on my chest from the heel and I rolled back a bit. I ceased all movement. I was terrified. Someone else was now suddenly privy to my plight and they seemed largely unphased by their being a naked man, tied up on the ground in front of them.

"He roll himself off that there table?" the new voice asked.

"That he did."

"I take it you got him gagged cause if I had been the mailman you might've had some trouble on your hands"

"I knew it was you and when you were coming. Trust me, this slave knows I go to great lengths to keep him my little secret. Shall we get him back up on the table and let you have a closer look?"

"I'm not sure I trust that blindfold, you have anything a little stricter?"

"I'm on step ahead of you, here, you can use this and we can go ahead and take that off him."

There was an exchange of some sort and moments later I felt multiple hands reach down and grab me. Limply I was lifted from the ground and unceremoniously tossed back on the table like a sack of potatoes. I grunted.

"Can I fix you a drink?" George asked the stranger.

"If you're having one too. Make it stiff."

"Perfect. Why don't you go ahead an get acquainted."

Foosteps left the room and again things went quiet. I could sense the new man shifting before me and I perceived him to be standing over me. A new wave of vulnerability and embarrassment washed over me. I had unfortunately gotten accustomed to being naked and chained in front of George. Truth be told I had no choice. But it was a lot to digest that my predicament was now shared with a complete and total stranger. Whoever this person was, he was now irrevocably complicit in my capturing. That George had gone down a path of no return in keeping me a slave was something i had processed thoroughly. Now he had told someone else about my situation and they were now party to the crime.

After a few moments, "Lets have a look." He said to himself and seconds later the dish rag was unknotted and cast aside. My eyes adjusted quickly in the dimly lit room and I found myself staring up into the eyes of a large, heavy set man wearing a black knit ski mask. He wore a blue t-shirt underneath a heavy winter coat with jeans and black laced workman's boots. His breathing was heavy through the mask and around the mouth hole I observed the traces of a scraggly grey and white beard.

"Well aren't you a pretty little creature." He remarked. I averted my eyes uncomfortably.

"Cheers" George announced his return and handed the man a glass with ice and the same brown liquor that he too had refilled. Both men stood over me, looking down upon my helpless form.

"Must be quite a thrill to have such a nice young one to suck and fuck."

"I'm enjoying our present arrangement quite nicely, which is more than I can say for him." I sighed into my gag. The two men clinked glasses and continued to discuss me.

"You said you've made some videos with him?"

"Quite a few in just our short time together."

"I wouldn't mind taking a look."

"I figured you might. I've encrypted a flash drive for you as a souvenier, but I also thought you might like to me a few of your own."

The stranger addressed me.

"What do you think of that boy? Would it be a thrill for you to be worked over by a new cock?"


"I like the look of his mouth, I hope we don't have to keep that gag in the whole time."

"Not at all, but lets leave it in until we can move him to more private quarters. Why don't you have a seat?"

The two men sat down, George back in the rocking chair next to me and the new man over on the couch. I was still in shock over the introduction of someone new into this dynamic. The mere fact that George offered to share the videos he'd been making of me indicated this must be someone he trusts very much. I had legitimately thought I had a shot at freedom and within just a couple of minutes my world was once again shattered by the notion of being kept a captive in this house.

"He already knows my name, but I propose we do our best to maintain your anonymity. If it suits you, I think I will refer to you simply as 'Mr. C' . Will that work for you?"

"Mr C? Yeah, I like the sound of that."

"Just so you know, slave, that in no way reflects any part of our guest's actual name, so don't busy your little brain with considering it." I nodded respectfully.

"So you really did pull this off quite nicely. I still can't believe some dumb fucker just up and presented himself for you like this."

"Oh I am still amazed at my luck. Of all the homes for this foolish bitch to try and break into..."

Mr. C finished George's sentence, "....he picks the one occupied by the deranged bondage freak!" And the two of them burst into laughter. I did not share their perspective on the matter.

"May I?" The man in the mask sat up in his seat and extended his hand towards me.

"By all means" George authorized.

Mr. C grasped my calf with his large hand. He slid it up wards over my knee and in between my thighs. I shuddered and tried to recoil but I was helpless to his touch.

"Ole George has you nice and strung up like a little piggie. Now your not going to tell anybody if I have my way with you, are you?" I lay still in rhetorical silence as his hand moved up my thigh and he began to finger my balls.

"Looks like someone's been put through some pretty harsh dick and ball bondage, good lord!" He remarked at the welts and marks on my unit.

He lightly slapped my cock with the back of his hand and moved upward, pinching the skin along the way to my nipples. He gripped one tight and gave a squeeze.

"MMMMM!" I winced.

Awkwardly, Mr. C raised a knee to rest on the table. He gripped my shoulders and leaned down on top of me. His masked face was less than a foot from mine.

"I'm going to have a lot of fun using you today. I just can't decide if I should bend you over or let you taste me first....hell, I suppose me and George could both stuff an end and you'd be pretty helpless to do anything about it, now wouldn't you?" I nodded obediently. He glanced over to where George sat.

"Looks like your training him pretty well. Nodded his head just then like a good, little slave."

"He has his moments of promise, although I think we'll need to have a bit of a long talk about that stunt he pulled just now when you rang."

I grimaced. I had thought that perhaps George would overlook the transgression given how unsuccessful and pathetic my attempt proved to be. But apparently that was not the case.

"Yeah, I suppose its not a good sign if he still thinks he can escape. A boy needs to know his place."

"And that place is my cage." George said coldly.

Mr. C released his grip and moved back to the couch. He removed his jacket and picked his drink back up. His arms were thick and hairy and in his seat I noted the bulge of his belly peaking out from beneath his shirt.

"Mr. C is a long-term friend of mine, slave. He and I have been play partners for a number of years. You'll find that he and I work quite well together when sharing and using a pet like yourself. Of course, all the boys in the past were willing, consensual participants. Something about that just never provided the same thrill I get out of keeping you in chains. Be sure to be a good boy and give Mr. C some struggle as well."

"Oh please do, slave. I like it when there's some fight in a boy. Makes it all the better when they finally break. And trust me, if he hasn't yet, ole George hear will have you broken in good time."

The two continued to converse openly about prior conquests and activities. Their graphic detail and sadistic natures left my stomach in knots. I prayed for them to keep talking, if only because it delayed whatever lay ahead for me. Eventually the conversation circled back to me.

"Shall we take him upstairs or downstairs?" Mr C moved things along.

"Its your call. If you're going to make him scream I'd say we do it in the play room. I've beefed up the sound proofing a good deal down there."

"Sounds good to me."

They rose and moved to where I was on the table. George released the hogtie and my legs fell back over the table.

"Lets pick him up so we don't have to mess with the rope." and on the count of 3 I was once again lifted upward. George held me under my arms and Mr. C held me by the legs. In unison they carried me out of the room and down the hall towards the basement.

"MMMPPPHH!" I gave into pleading. I kicked my legs but Mr. C gripped me tight.

"Keep mumbling boy, ain't nobody going to hear you and aint' nobody gonna know we've got you down there."

They turned the corner and step by step moved me down into the dark shadows of the basement.

Once in the play space, the two of them set to work like a pair that was experienced at doing things in tandem. I was stood in the center of the room. Mr. C held me steady as George lowered the tether and hook from the ceiling and clipped it on to my collar ring. The two men turned to the wall and began selecting various restraints and instruments. From a chest in the far corner George revealed a long, leather outfit that had been folded on to a hanger.

"You've made some new purchases I see"

"Can never have too many toys!. This here gimp suit just came in the mail a few days back and I've been dying to see how he looks in it. Figured I'd wait for this special moment to test it out"

They were back upon me quickly. My ankles were unbound and I my feet were forced into the rolled up leather pant legs. Pulling the tight material up it hugged my skin as they stretched it over my waste and up, under my bound wrists. My cock bust through a designed hole in the front and I was exposed to them once more. The material was pulled over my shoulders and leather straps zipped up snuggly to wear my collar rested. It was stringent and tight in all the wrong places and I felt very confined in it.

I quick strike across my ass from George indicated to me that the buttox was also exposed through the suit. I was completely accessible to them just as if I were naked.

I was quickly fitted with the leather cuffs. A spreader bar was placed in the middle and it kept me wide. Bondage mittens were fitted over each hand and buckled up above my wrists. Another tether was pulled from the ceiling and the hook was clipped to the buckle on the mittens. Working the pulley George released a little tension on the neck line and began raising my wrists up behind me. I l was leaned forward and held painfully in place.

George went to work unbuckling my harness ball gag. He deftly removed it and I gasped as I tried to deal with an awful case of dry cotton mouth. Mr. C from behind clamped a hand firmly over my mouth. He held it there as George dug around in another chest from something. When he returned he carried both the familiar ring gag and the deflated black pump gag. He forced the ring gag into my mouth after Mr. C released me and buckled it tightly behind. He then forced the tiny balloon end of the pump gag in between the o-ring and down into my throat. Once it was through he inflated the balloon using the pump until it completely filled my mouth and sufficiently silenced me.

"This way when we need to use his mouth we can quickly get access." He unscrewed the tube and tossed the pump aside.

"Just a few finishing touches and we'll be ready for prime time."

Each man began to disrobe and George pulled on the red leather mask that he typically liked to wear when filming. The naked, masked men. surveyed the wall that held the various crops and whips. They had each grown very erect and I shuddered to think of what await me.

Mr. C walked over to the video camera. He removed the lens and peered through, aligning it with where I hung in the middle of the room.

"Not yet there, Sir. Make sure he's hooded before you turn that thing on."

"Ahhh" Mr. C scolded himself. He selected a leather lace up mask from the wall and brought it to me.

"We can't have anyone seeing just who it is getting used and abused on film, now can we?" I glanced up at the man. I pleaded with my eyes.

"Puppy dog tears don't work on me, boy. They're only gonna make me work you harder." And he pulled the hood over my face and began to lace the ties in the back. It was heavy and musky and seemed to still be damp from when George had put it on me the day before. I suppose it would've been too much to expect him to clean his toys after using them. My health and cleanliness was clearly not a priority.

The whipping that followed was fierce and intense. I was repeatedly struck from all sides. I counted four different crops being used and the blows rained down on me like a hurricane. Each man seemed to try and outwork the other with each and more violent than the last. They were malicious in their approach and relentless in the administration of pain. I howled and screamed into my gag, muffled beneath the sticky material of my hood. When they finally tired of their work I near collapsed from exhaustion. They too seemed to be breathing heavily from their efforts.

"That should be enough for now." George set his crop aside and walked over to the tripod. He pressed a button and the red record light on the camera fell off. He removed his nylon mask and tossed it aside casually, his brow was moist from the time spent beneath it.

For his part, Mr. C left his mask on and the crop remained in his hand. I eyed him cautiously threw the eye holes in my gimp mask.

"Lets get him down." George moved to the wall and unlocked the padlock to the chain that ran along the ceiling. The tension ceased and my arms fell limp, cuffed behind me. Blood rushed back to the appendages and I gargled briefly as my weight shifted to the metal collar that was still chained to the ceiling. George quickly moved to unbuckle and release that chain and I wobbled forward, unable to balance with the spreader bar in place.

"mmmmmppph" I collapsed into the open arms of Mr. C.

"Just leave the bar for now. Lay him on down, he won't be going anywhere."

Mr. C awkwardly shimmied backward with me leaning into his chest. I was unceremoniously brought to the ground and remained there, laid at their feet. George gave me a small kick with his leather boot.


"Why don't we let him rest a moment or two. Then we can get him out of all that leather and take him up to the bedroom for a bit."

"Sounds good by me."

"You look thirsty. Care for a beer?"

Mr. C accepted and George left the room to head upstairs. I squirmed a bit against my bonds, now left alone with the stranger. I could hear his heavy breathing although I could not see him out of the periphery of the eye holes. My jaw throbbed from the oversized ball gag and it felt as if my teeth might shatter against the pressure.

"He works you over pretty hard, ey?" Came an unanswered question. I sensed him next to me. He kneeled down next to me and pulled my head off the ground by the laces of the hood.

"Listen to me quickly. I don't have much time so be quick to answer. " His voice suddenly became hushed and I strained to listen.

"Something about this tells me that you're not here by choice. QUICK - mumble something if that's true."

What was going on?

"You can trust me. Are you REALLY here against your will or is this all just some role playing stuff?"

I paused, but then quickly responded. "MMM-hmmm" Trying to shake my head vigorously in the process.

"Shhhh. Not so loud. He'll be back any minute."

I quickly began shaking my cuffed wrists, motioning to Mr. C to provide a release. Was this actually happening? Did he intend to somehow help me.

"I thought so. Took me a while but I realized about half way through this that George wasn't kidding about how you came to be in this spot. Listen good. I can't do anything just now, but I can get him to let you be a while longer and I can work on this." His voice was rushed and had a hint of panic to it.

"This isn't right. I'm going to get you out of here, but you need to trust me and when the moment comes, I need you to not think, just do. You understand?"

I barely got off a muffled mumble before the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs echoed in to the room. Mr. C quickly rose to his feet and I flinched as he pressed one of his boots to my back.


George re-entered.

"Well, looks like you two are getting well acquainted."

"I told him if he keeps trying to yelp through that gag he's going to get a boot up his ass."

"Ha. He does tend to be a bit of a mumbler, but we can take care of that. Any interest in getting something else up his ass upstairs?" George handed Mr. C a bottled beer.

Sipping it he released his heel from my spine.

"I will tell you, I'm a little tuckered out from that. Why don't you and I go get a little warm and we can bring him up in a bit. Let him think about what he's got coming."

George smirked. "You are a devious individual my friend."

"You hear that bitch, our guest has decided to let you rest a little bit. Thank him for being so kind to you."


"Oh, I wouldn't thank me just yet. I just want you awake and focused on pleasing us because you're going to be doing it for a lonnnngg time." My two captors cheersed their bottles.

"Give me one second to tie him. He aint' going anywhere but can't take any chances."

Moments later George sat on my back and began binding my arms with chord. First at the elbow and then run through my cuffs and around my wrists. He yanked the spreader bar back and tied the rope off, pulling me into a spreader bar hogtie. He leaned forward and kissed my leather cheek.

"That should hold you. Don't miss us too much, we'll be seeing you soon." And the two left the room, shutting off the light and casting me in to darkness.

My body burned and stung from the whipping, although it had been slightly dulled by the protective leather gimp suit. I tried to rack my brain against what had just transpired. The stranger, and clear friend of my captor, who had just been abusing me for the better part of an hour suddenly, in a brief 30 second exchange, gave me a sudden indication of hope?! What did he mean by "when the moment comes..."? Alone in the dark I pondered this and strained to listen for any sounds on the floors above.

Could he actually be an ally? His voice had seemed to indicate so. He was somehow aware that I wasn't a regular play partner and that something was different about my arrangement. Could he be fucking with me? Time would tell.

The rope around my arms and wrists dug into the leather and I shuffled about on the floor, trying in vain to find comfort.

Chapter 9: Taking a Chance

I froze and my hear skipped a beat. The faint sound of approaching footsteps made their way to my room. I tensed up and lifted my leather hooded from the floor, craning my neck to see who was coming.

The door creaked open a hair and then swung wide to reveal Mr. C, still masked. He wore only his blue tee shirt and he was naked from the waste down. My heart sunk as I presumed he was hear to bring me upstairs to the bedroom. Then my eyes glanced upon the shiny metal object he held in his hand. In the faint light they appeared to be scissors. He spoke not a word but was by my side on the floor a moment later.


"Shhhhhh. Stay still. George doesn't know I snuck down here and I only have a minute." He lay the metal shears down next to me. In his other hand flashed a tiny object. A key!

He turned quickly to my cuffs and in one quick, deft move he unlocked them with a .

"You'll have to take care of the rest. He thinks I'm in the bathroom. You'll only have about twenty minutes or so before he'll come to check on you..."

How did he know that? No matter.

"Listen, I don't know how you got mixed up in this, but you've gotta get out of here. Run far and run fast." He lifted the sheers and placed them in to the palm of my left hand.

"Now go." And he rose from me and moved quickly to the door. For a larger man he was incredibly silent and limber on his toes.

I gripped the shears tightly in my hand, holding on for dear life. This was actually happening!

Mr. C disappeared back up the stairs and I wasted no time in tossing aside the metal cuffs. I began working the shears and trying to angle them towards the rope on my wrists. With my fingers free I was able to maneuver rather quickly. It took several moments then to open the scissors and to move the rope in to their jaws. I cautiously cut down, making sure to avoid catching a finger in the process. The first try accomplished almost nothing, but after 3 or 4 additional attempts I could feel the binding begin to fray. One or two more and the lashings feel loose from the wrist. Success! My legs were released from the hogtie and fell to the floor, still cuffed to the spreader bar. With my wrists free I was to begin tugging at the same chord that wrapped around my elbows, pinning my arms back. This too began to unravel shortly and moments later I was completely free.

I was wobbly as I raised myself up by my arms and turned myself around to a sitting position. My fingers moved to the leather hood and picked at the knotted lacing at the base of the back of my neck. The binding slowly came undone and my head was soon free. The cool air of the basement greeted my sweaty face. I reached down to the spreader bar and gradually worked free the straps that held my ankles apart. The bar hit the floor with a clanking sound and I held my breath hoping the noise did not disturb those above me.

The ball gag being pulled free was the best release and a large pool of saliva spilled from my mouth which was still locked agape. I massaged it briefly before turning to the task at hand. For the first time in maybe a month or so I was completely unrestrained. The freedom boggled my mind as I was able to move each limb without restriction. I rose to my feet and struggled to stay steady and balanced. I was woefully undernourished and the lack of hydration had me feeling a little dizzy. I pushed against the wall while struggling to focus. As I regained my footing I made my way to the door and peaked out around the corner.

The room was dark but my eyes were well adjusted by now and the coast appeared completely clear. I emerged from the dungeon room and walked myself across the basement floor. I found myself shaking and my nerves threatened to get the best of me. One foot in front of the other, come on now, I told myself. The first step creaked as it took my weight and I gradually made my way upward, pausing on each stair to listen for noises above. Where were they? If they were up in the bedroom upstairs, how had Mr. C explained

a temporary absence? And what about Zeke? Once I cleared the door at the top of the stairs, I would have a tremendously short window of opportunity to determine my options for exiting the house. I could head towards the kitchen and the back door off there. I could bolt for the front door. Hell, I could throw myself at a window. Encased in leather as I was it would probably help break the fall and cut down the glass slicing me apart. My fingers trembled as I slowly turned the handle at the top. I pulled it back at a similar pace and the light of day slowly filtered in to the shadowed staircase. I listened.

No sounds.

I expected to hear the dog bark any second and have him rushing towards me, but as I peaked my head around the corner, he was nowhere to be found. I stepped into the hall. I was completely exposed, out in the open. Just then a floorboard above me creaked. I reflexively crouched as I confirmed movement above. The path to the front door would take me by the staircase. This would put me in relatively close proximity to the upstairs. If I fumbled with the door, or encountered a deadbolt there would be very little time to change courses. I looked towards the kitchen. The door to the mudroom was opened and there was no sign of the dog in his usual quarters. With a 50/50 shot I headed in that direction. From what I gathered there was an entrance to the garage through there, although I had never been brought into the room itself. I had only seen it from my time spent lashed on the kitchen floor.

I crept passed the living room, turning once more to consider the front door. A sound upstairs reinforced my decision and I tiptoed in to the kitchen. The path was clear. The dog was not in the room. Perhaps he had been tied up out back. Making my way through the kitchen and into the adjacent mudroom seemed like an eternity. I continued slowly and quietly and came to the door at the back end of the house. It had double locks but neither was a bolt requiring a key. I unlocked both and tensed once more before turning the knob and pulling it back. Warm air blew into the air conditioned home. It was completely dark around the corner and it was clear that it was the garage. I pulled the door back only enough to slide my body around the side. I did not bother to close it behind me. I felt around in the dark for a light on the wall. My fingers came to a switch. I flicked it on and the overheard yellow glow illuminated the space.

"Bravo Houdini! Way to go go!"

George stood in the middle of the empty room. He was naked form head to toe except for a pair of socks. In his hand he calmly held the tazer gun pointed at me. My knees shook and my hands trembled.

"N-n-noo" I muttered, surprised and terrified of how foreign my own voice sounded. I stepped one foot back into the house.

The sound from the other room spun me around. Standing at the entrance to the kitchen was Mr. C. Still masked and still wearing a tee shirt, still naked from the waste down. The noise could be attributed to the device resembling a shotgun that he held in both hands and was also trained right on me.

"You certainly work quickly. Color me impressed. I told ole George I figured it would take you at least a half hour to work yourself free." I swung my head back and forth to each of them. They both stayed still, unmoving, watching me like hawks. I felt my face swell red with embarrassment. I wanted to throw up. This was all a set up? I remained completely frozen.

"I told our friend Mr. C. that while I thought you had come a long way you were still far from broken. If the opportunity presented itself to free yourself, you would take it."

No shit.

"So I decided to test that theory," George continued. And C was kind enough to assist. In case you're wondering, he was positioned in the study by the front door. If you had tried that exit, he would've cut you off."

"So what do we do with him now George." C inquired, taking another step towards me.

"Please" I spoke.

George moved forward towards me. I eyed Mr. C. I had never had a gun pointed at me before and I felt queasy.

"Easy there" He spoke, continuing to advance slowly.

"We don't want to have to put you down, but we will not hesitate." George paced towards me ominously.

I felt shattered. I was moments from freedom only to have it snuffed out in an instant. I had waited for the opportunity and now it had passed, all as part of a sick and twisted game. I had no options. That much was clear. Mr. C kept the firearm trained on me and I didn't doubt they would use it. What was the alternative? If I charged or tried to get away, the risk to them was likely the rest of their lives incarcerated. George too had shown that he wouldn't hesitate to use the taser to its full effect. I had no option. I had no other move. I sank to my knees and raised my hands above and behind my head.

"Well look at that, George. Nice and compliant." Mr. C grinned beneath his mask.

"Now lay yourself on the ground and put your hands behind your back." I spread myself down on the tiled floor. They were both upon me.

"Do me a favor C and keep that there revolver trained on our pet. I'm going to go get us something to bind him with."

"Will do"

Moments later, I found myself alone again with the stranger who betrayed me. I kept my head down and failed to acknowledge him.

"Now don't go holding it against me, boy. Let this be a lesson to you. George is always going to be smarter, and he's not going to bring anybody around you that ain't 100% on his side." Lesson learned.

We stayed in the cramped room in silence, awaiting George's return. Moments later he was back.

"Alright, first things first, lets get you out of this leather. We want to be able to access every part of you for your punishment." I grimaced.

"Sure do. I figure you need a pretty harsh reminder of just who you belong to" C rubbed it in. George sat down on my behind and began to unbuckle the numerous straps and zipper releases on the outfit. As the layers came undone and he helped work my arms and legs free I realized how soaked in sweat I had become.

"I love the way a fresh slave boy smells coming out of his gimp suit" George remarked.

"They tend to taste even better."

I lay naked on the floor as George set about cuffing my wrists and attaching the leather ankle cuffs with the hobble chain. He wrapped the cuff belt about my waste, cinching it tightly in the back before securing the handcuff chain to it, pinning my wrists against my back. He affixed the leash to my collar, the one item I had failed to remove in my escape process.

"Open" and from behind he forced in the same oversized ball gag they had used earlier. I choked back as he buckled it tightly, muting me yet again.

"Why don't you go ahead and blindfold him. I'm getting a little sick of wearing this mask."

"Toss it here."

C stepped aside, behind where I lay and apparently handed the nylon hood to George.

"The back side of this should do just fine for now" And he pulled the same hood down over my head, turning the eyes and mouth hole to the back. The hood was wet with sweat and smelled quite dank from adorning Mr. C's head all day. I could see nothing and the nylon clung to my nostrils as I worked to breathe in without an opening.

"Lets get him up." And together they lifted me back to my feet. Testing the hobble chain I found it had very little slack. I flinched as I felt a clammy hand grab my by the balls. George's face was against the hood.

"We need to help you relearn your place in this house. I give you a roof over your head and food in your dish and you try and repay that by running away?"

"mmmmmm mmmmm" I pleaded for mercy.

"Shut up. We were planning a pretty nice afternoon for you. Hell, Mr. C was even planning to suck you for a bit. Not any more." And he twisted on my balls.


"Yeah, I was going to give that little thing of yours a nice long tongue bath. George told me he hasn't let you use it much. But now I'm thinking we should tie that bitch off and then take turns stuffing you until we can't stand anymore." He chuckled to himself.

"Come along. You're in for one long fucking night." My balls were released and someone took the leash in hand and gave a yank. I stumbled forward in to darkness, moving slowly through the house, a captor on either side of me. Once again, I was a blind and muted beast being led against my will to my next torment. Any hope or chance of escape, greatly diminished.

Chapter 10: Under Their Control

I had been led out from the mud room and I stumbled forward blindly as the two men steadied me on either side. Once more completely under their control I was herded like an animal. One foot in front of the other as we came to the stairs. I thought about how the scene must look. Each of them naked, presumably still holding their weapons, pulling a naked hooded man along by a leash. Just a few feet away, out the front door, the monotony of the safe and sane outside world went on without any idea of the tormenting occurring within the house.

I marched on, under their watch, a mute and helpless slave. I retraced the familiar path in my mind to George's bedroom. We entered and I was pushed forward and onto the bed.

"I'll get some more rope and we'll see if we can't squeeze you into another hogtie." George commented. I lay motionless on the bed and felt additional weight climb on. It was C and he laid himself down alongside me and rested a hand on my chest.

"Now see if you had just behaved yourself we probably could've avoided having to lash you up so tight. You really hurt my feelings you know, seeing we just met and all."

"mmmmmm" I tried to acknowledge him and convey some sort of apology.

"I'm sure you're sorry, but you need to understand how important trust is in this situation." This situation? The insanity of the comment irked me tremendously.

Additional weight on the bed indicated George was back and he soon set about retying me and working to string me in to the bow position. Mr. C pressed himself against me and began to molest me. I felt his hot breath against the nylon hood and I cringed as he began to slowly, creepily lick the side of my face, moaning softly to himself.

"Mmpph" in protest.

"Struggle for me bitch" his voice barely a whisper. His hand was at my genitals and he quickly worked me erect with firm strokes and alternating massaging my testicles.

"I think I'm going to make you cum, if only to get it out of your system....What do you say George?"

He paused from binding me and considered the question.

"Go ahead and milk him. We control that puny dick, slave, and we decide when it gets to squirt and when it doesn't."

Mr. C spit in his hand and moved it back down to my cock and balls. He pulled me closer to him and wrapped a large leg over my bound form. George went back to work on securing the rope work.

In mere seconds I was brought immediately in to the present and my sole focus became the elusive ejaculation. I could think of nothing else. Mr. C rubbed my cock firmly and lubed me with more spit. He pulled my shaft against his own member and his other hand moved below by balls and began to finger near my taint.

I gave in to the feeling. I was going to burst. He pressed his face to my hood, his open mouth gnawing at my cheek and his saliva saturating the hood.

I felt the rush build and moments later I exploded....bursting into this hand. He gripped me and squeezed, pumping me as I came furiously. I screamed against the ball gag, biting into it with my teeth. Every part of me tensed and I arched back in mind blowing ecstacy as I continued shooting cum.

"You're a fucking puppet, aren't you bitch?" C chided me.

"Mmmm-hmmm" I vigorously nodded. I was.

Slowly I began to calm down, breathing heavily and suffocating under my hood. C pulled and pinched at my nipples. I leaned towards him. I barely noticed that George had begun binding my elbows above the joint and further running this rope back through the wrist cuffs. I gave into the release and cooed softly, thankful for a release unlike any I had ever felt.

These thoughts slowly reverted back to shame and to fear as the reality of my predicament sunk back in.

C fingered the base of my hood, pulling the nylon up over my gagged mouth and above the bridge of my nose. George continued finishing the hogtie, stretching my legs back and contorting me awkwardly up against C's naked body as he knotted the rope off at my wrist bindings. A finger pushed on the large rubber ball in my mouth.

"Mggggh" I choked back.

C's hand slid behind and fumbled with the buckle to the gag. Moments later it was pulled free from my mouth and the requisite drool spilled down my chin and dripped to my chest.

"Lets see if we can't clean this stuff down here up a bit." C's voice and then a hand moved to my member, covered in sticky hot cum still. I tried to recoil at his touch given the intense sensitivity post release but George moved behind me and encircled my neck with a loose choke hold while draping a leg over my thighs. C's hand rubbed my cock and balls and his fingers wiped my still dripping tip.

My mouth, still agape from the force of the gag was instantly invaded with C's cum covered fingers.

"Suck them clean boy"

I did not hesitate. I slurped and swallowed the substance and cooed softly as he proceeded to slowly finger fuck my mouth.

"We may not be able to trust him, but it sure does look he's taking to the sub role, doesn't it?" C posited to George.

"I think he's just happy to not have that big ole ball stuffed in there. Aren't you cum slut?"

"Mmmm hmmm"

This went on for a few more times. C fondling me and wiping up my drippings before forcing me to suck them down.

"Given how full we're making him, we could probably skip his dinner don't you think?"

"I was going to let him starve for the night anyways for the shit he tried earlier." George's hand gripped my chin. C removed his fingers. A clammy, large palm clamped down over my mouth.

"We're going to put you away extra tight tonight. You won't be able to move a muscle or mumble any pathetic cries. Hell, you might even suffocate and die given how heavily gagged you'll be. Not that anyone would notice or care that you're gone...." He was right. I elected not to mew into his hand.

"....And if you make it through to morning, well you'll have a new found appreciation for a day in the cage and for just how good you have it here." George gripped my balls with his other hand and tugged my sack until I groaned. C pushed against my chest and began pulling at my nipples. I grunted.

"Why don't we let you suck us dry just to make sure you've had enough to eat. Then we can go have dinner and discuss just how awful we can make your bondage." George pressed the sides of my jaw and my mouth opened to receive C's waiting, rock solid penis.

I took him fully into my throat. My world became his cock. Sucking and slurping I focused only on making sure my effort was deemed sufficient. George kept a firm grip on my jaw.

"Good boy"

I continued.

C's thrusting increased in veracity and his pubic hair moistened with sweat as he rubbed against my face. Having choked down large rubber ball gags, his penis head was little challenge and I worked my tongue around the invading shaft. The two of them continued pushing against me and someone's hand gripped my own cock, massaging it aggressively. This only served to increase my effort as I felt myself quickly coming to edge.

C came hard and fast and I choked him down, careful to not spill a drop and continuing to gently pull him with my lips well after he ceased dripping.

When he finally pulled himself from my mouth, George was quick to clamp his hand over it. My own cock was released from his grip.

"I think despite that shit you pulled this afternoon, part of you is starting to enjoy being our little captive cocksucker.

I slowly tried to nod my head in his grip.

"Go ahead and throw your mask back on" George directed C. A few moments later George pulled the hood from above my eyes. I slowly blinked into the subdued daylight of the bedroom with its drawn shades. Both men lay naked beside my bound form.

"Now show me how sorry you are, boy." He pulled on his own penis, quickly standing to erection.

I shifted uncomfortably in my bonds as I tried to arch my frame forward, tied as I was. I rolled slightly against his belly, careful to avoid jamming my knees to where C's form lay on my left. I stretched my neck and with open mouth began to kiss and lick along George's member.

"Ahhhhhhh" he thrust forward to my mouth and filled my throat. Choking on him I worked to try and massage him just the same, lathering my tongue to the base of his head.

A hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and controlled my head into a bobbing motion. I worked him over much longer than C and when he eventually came I gagged and wretched fiercely. Every ounce of my being worked to insure I did not vomit right then and there. When my head was released I buried my face in the mattress, coughing uncontrollably.

"Easy, pup. Don't go dying on us." C joked. My breath steadied as I recovered. A combination of drool and semen rolled down the side of my cheek. I wiped it against the spread, hoping it went unnoticed. Both men seemed to be preoccupied and in their own spaces.

The rest of the day was largely a blur. I was completely exhausted from the mental stresses of the ordeal and fatigued by near constant use. I was moved from one place to another and in and out of various degrees of restraint but I was mentally divorced from where I was and what I was experiencing. While I knew I still had to try and find a way to escape, I let myself think for a moment that this, in fact, must be what it feels like to actually be "broken."

That evening Mr. C & George set about making themselves a large Italian meal. The two wore bathrobes and Mr. C's ski mask remained on, making for a rather odd image sipping red wine and testing marinara sauce. I was a silent observer. I had been propped up at one of the actual chairs at the table and securely tied to it at several places. C wrapped duct tape over my mouth and wound it several times around my head to keep me hushed. My head hung low on my chest and my collar pinched the skin under my chin.

The two talked and drank and ate largely as if I was not there. Eventually C decided the mask was again becoming too itchy and I was quickly blindfolded for the remainder of their meal.

When they had finished they made their way over to the living room and shortly after I was greeted to the sounds of some fairly aggressive and loud sex play. They each seemed to cum a few times and then collapsed on the furniture and zoned out to the dull noise of the tv. I sighed alone in the other room.

When they finally returned George untied the chair bindings and lowered me to the ground. C peeled the tape away as George worked to fix me a plate. The blindfold remained as my face was pushed into a cold, squishy substance.

"Eat up and make certain to finish every bite or there will be hell to pay."

The aroma of the same pasta and sauce that they had shared filled my nostrils. I lapped up at the noodles and was taken aback that I was allowed to have the same food they had eaten. I ate hastily and messily. I quickly developed a stomach ache as my belly had grown used to being much less full, but nonetheless I continued to scarf it down as I had no idea when I would have such a treat again.

After dinner I was dragged back upstairs and put through the now familiar routine of an enema. I barely resisted as I was plugged, filled, and flushed. I was kept blindfolded so I was unaware if it was C or George that administered the humiliating punishment.

Once I was sufficiently emptied I was brought back down to the basement. The blindfold was removed and I barely flinched at the array of items that had been laid out on the floor before me. Each man was naked and each wore there respective mask from my earlier session. They were an imposing pair. There was very little speaking as I was directed to kneel and then laid out on the ground. There hands worked all over me. George set about binding me with leather straps, buckling each one tighter than the last and working his way first up my legs and then around my torso, pinning my cuffed wrists against my back.

C produced a jar of lube and greased my anus thoroughly before inserting a large, rubber plug. Straps hanging down were run between my legs and a ring at the base was fitted over my penis and pushed to the base of my shaft.

In his hands, George balled up what looked to be a jock. Forcefully he pried open my jaw and pressed the cloth down my throat, packing it in by pushing down with his fingers. As soon as he stepped away C was there with a piece of masking tape that fe pressed over my lips. He added three other long strands and smoothed it over the base of my mouth and chin. They sat me up and I nearly fell over immediately, strapped as I was.

George brought a leather harness muzzle to my face. Pressing it against me, C took the straps and began to run through the harness in the back, buckling each one after pulling it tightly. The padded leather held firmly against my mouth and I breathed in the pungent material.

I was pushed back to the floor and C held me down at the shoulders. Beginning at my ankles, George produced a roll of saran wrap and began wrapping it around my bindings.

"When we get finished with you, you won't be able to move a muscle."

"Good luck trying to make a break for it then!" C added for effect.

Their efforts took about another 10 minutes as George tightly wound the roll several times around every inch of my body. The sticky film clung to me tightly. The leather streps prevented any effort at stretching against the film.

"That should about do it. Now lets get him up"

I pondered there intent as they easily lifted my mummified form from the ground and stood me on my feet. Each taking a side they further pulled and began dragging me across the room, away from the dungeon and towards the other corner of the room. I was held up straight by C as George fumbled looking for a light to illuminate the dimmer corner. Flipping it on, light flooded the space. Kneeling down George began to fumble with a tiny wooden board, no more than two square feet or so, that seemed to be blocking off a portion of the house.

He pulled it loose and a tiny cloud of dust escaped.

I gazed down at the tiny crawl space that was revealed and had a sudden realization of share terror.

"This space always confused me. People must have just been smaller 100 years ago, but I could never figure out what they expected me to do with such a tiny, cramped crawl space." George knelt down and unlatched the tiny board in the corner of the room. A small cloud of dust and kicked up as it came to rest on the floor.

C held me steady where I stood, completely cocooned in the celphane/duct tape wrap.

"Looks cozy, don't it?" He grinned, patting me on the ass.

Through the bridge straps of my muzzle I turned and looked pleadingly at the masked man.

"Now you probably realize why we let you fill up on pasta tonight? See we had to get you filled with plenty of carbs because you're going to be down in that hole for quite some time!"

I felt dizzy. My balance faltered and I collapsed against George.

"Up you go" and he righted me. I moaned and groaned into my muzzle and tried to shake against the cling wrap. They held me firmly.

"You should have thought about that before you pulled that deceitful shit earlier today. Ole George told you we was going to pack you away nice and tight as a lesson." He moved one of his hands to where the knife slit had exposed a nipple. He tugged the tender flesh and I winced in pain.

"Yes, my pet." George spoke rising to his feet and turning to me. "Unfortunately you brought this on yourself. Now, granted, we did kind of coax you in to trying an escape, but we had to know for sure if you were truly broken. Apparently there's still some fight left to snuff out."

I moaned and tried to fight as they brought me to the ground but it was no use. Laying me on the floor, George gripped the ring on my collar and pulled harshly. I gargled and choked.

"This little punishment is going to be a little longer than you're used to. To be honest, I've never tucked a boy away in here, so we're pretty much guessing there will be enough air for you. But you'll still have to work for it." He fingered the familiar black nylon hood and dangled it over my face.

"And I'm afraid you're going to also have just a little more discomfort than most other nights" C moved in to my field of vision and produced the two metal nipple clamps connected by a chain.

C tugged each nipple again, pinching them each until they swelled. Pinching each clamp onto them sent me screaming against my mouth packing.

"I think we can do a little more to add to the slave's discomfort, don't you think?" And C gripped the wrap down near my covered penis. Using his nails he tore another small hole in the wrap and reaching in he pulled my cock and balls out. My shaft ached from the ring that squeezed me at the base and connected to the ridiculously uncomfortable butt plug.

Reaching down he fetched a white tube of some kind. He put on a medical glove before squeezing a glob of the substance into the palm of his latex covered hand. He began to lather my dick and balls in the cool ointment.

"That's a lube that's designed to burn the fuck out of someone's genitals. It'll take a good 10 minutes or so to start on you, but when it does, it will certainly get your attention. " I shot him a panicked look as he discarded the glove and gave me a pat on the cheak.

"That'll be enough" And George forced the hood on to me, pulling me back into total darkness. There was no struggling possible as they each took me by the side and began to shimmy me into the dark space.

Try as I may, I screamed like bloody hell. My heart pounded in my chest and I jerked wildly to no avail. There hands moved from my side to push down on my shoulders . The flesh of my heels scraped the cold rough ground but the rest of my tape cocoon slid in easily. My world was darkness and I fought for breath. I could hear faint voices, likely taunting, and then silence.

George and C had likely put the vent cover back in to place as I sensed the air becoming thicker. A new and terrifying sense of claustrophobia came over me. This is it, I thought to myself. This is how I die. Alone, bound and gagged in this tiny crawl space. I could not calm myself down and I was already sweating profusely. I had not stopped howling and my muffled cries continued to build as the heating lotion on my cock and balls began to work. The burn of the clamps on my nipples was nearly intolerable. How long could I possibly be kept in here. I did not think it would be possible to go another minute. In the darkness my world began to spin and I felt queasy. Consciousness waned. I sank into the black. By the grace of god I passed out.

I never knew just how long I had been left there. I existed in a fog state. I had no idea if I was awake or dreaming. My only indications came when I tried to move or suddenly became aware of the biting clamps on my skin. My hood was near soaked through in sweat and it clung to my face. I was starving. My back ached. The clamps on my nipples were now more of a dull ache, so abused as they were.

I thought about the two men who had put me in here. This whole predicament was all the result of a failed escape attempt that they themselves designed to con me. Worse even was the fact that I had now made two attempts at fleeing and each time I had been caught. This level of restraint and confinement represented a new level of extreme.

When I was awake , I was convinced I was moments from suffocating and dying. My thoughts were deafening. I considered that theywould eventually come to retrieve me, no doubt with designs of further use and abuse. They would discover I had expired and they would be faced with the inconvenience of having to dispose of the evidence. But being the crafty fuckers that they were, they would no doubt figure this out and I would be gone without a trace of inkling as to what ever happened to me. The thought was overwhelming and all consuming. It also caused me to reason that if I made it out of this I would do everything within my power to fall back into their good graces. It was a bizarre bit of Stockholm reasoning. My capotrs were also my caretakers and my well being (or at least my lack of punishment) resided solely with them.

Eventually I was released.

I barely realized it was happening. The blinding light of my hood being removed pierced my line of vision. I felt cold air and I was loosely aware of hands pulling me along the ground. I was too weak to move and I did not try to.

My unbinding was slow and methodical. At some point I made note of the fact that only George was present, slowly and diligently removing the tape that covered the cling film and tearing the film from my skin. I was completely limp on the floor and must have passed out yet again because the next thing I knew I came to with my head cradled in the old man's lap. One of his large hands was stroking my matted hair, almost in a petting fashion.

"" I muttered. Barely able to speak through cracked and dried lips. The muzzle had been removed apparently.

"Shhhhh" he calmly replied and he continued to pet my head.

Eventually he addressed me again.

"You were in there for almost a day. At one point Mr. C proposed we go and check on you, but I knew you were capable of making it through. That's one thing I'm starting to like about you, you can handle being put away for long periods of time without much damage. That's a very useful quality for a slave pup to have and yet another reason why you're the perfect pet for me."

Chapter 11: Last Chance

The days that followed my release from the space were the quietest of my life. I did not fight my bonds, I did not protest when whipped or fucked. My mindset had changed entirely. Every action I took was for the sole purpose of avoiding a repeat of the hell that I had just lived through. It was fair to say that I was broken.

I began to think of myself not as a person, but as an animal. I waited for my master, and when he approached I was sure to work hard to please him and to avoid his wrath.

It was a few days thereafter, when George returned mid afternoon from work and had brought me upstairs for sex. He finished up, tossed me aside and began to rest.

Something felt off. As George rolled over and began to drift into his nap, it suddenly dawned on me that he had not bound my ankles. I wore only my simple handcuff restraints which were latched to the leather strap connecting to my collar. I shifted ever so slightly to confirm that I wasn't imagining this. My mind raced. He had never forgotten to somehow restrain my legs when he was finished taking me. Sure he had stopped gagging me in the past few weeks, but that was when he was next to me and there was really no conceivable way I would shout out without him quickly putting a stop to it. I held my breath and could feel my heart pounding at what was unfolding.

It took him several minutes to fall asleep. I contemplated my options. Could I slink out quietly enough without disturbing his slumber? Surely he would feel the shift in weight from the mattress. What is I moved quickly. I would need to get to the bedroom door and get it open and then down the hall, down the steps and out the door before he caught me. I would only have a moment or two head start before he shook out of his daze and realized what was going on. Could I chance it?

I weighed the options. It was the only true shot at escape I had been presented with in months. My first attempt had been a set up by George & C and was designed only to help break me of the thought. I had no way of knowing if this would be my only chance. Was the lack of leg restraints a sign of increased trust or a legitimate accident on his part?

Then again, what if this was another test? I should play my cards and show that I'm still trustworthy. I had to keep focused on the long- term. Any missteps at this point and I may blow any chance of ever escaping. Also, god forbid he catch me before I made it out of the house. The beating and bondage that would follow would be beyond belief. I had vowed to never again do anything that would lead to me being cocooned in that crawl space again, and that kind of disobedience would be a fast track to it.


(wait, George gets up, goes to the bathroom, break for it, out the door, down the hall etc etc )

I scratched and clawed at the dead bolt lock. My sweaty fingers slipping against the cold metal. Pushing my thumb and bending my arms I contorted myself with all my might.

The lock slid over. I fumbled at the door knob. I twisted it, it pulled back.

My naked form stumbled back and I fell to one knee


I froze.

Turning back to the staircase I looked upward. George stood at the top, his own naked body barely illuminated against the darkness from the shaded hallway. He did not move. Rather, he stood there, completely aware of the fact that I was mere feet from launching myself out of the door. He spoke no further. Time seemed to stand still.

I glanced to my side. The door was cracked ajar. I could feel the coolness of the crisp outdoor air. The sun was out.

I turned back and looked up once again. He was amazingly relaxed. Almost despondent, as if he realized it was over. He had made a single misstep and I had taken advantage of it.

My plan was simple. I would run and I would not stop until someone saw me. He'd be helpless to stop me. Two naked me, one cuffed and collared, running and wrestling in the middle of the street in broad daylight. No chance. I would be free. I would be saved. George would be arrested and put away and then I would....

and then I would......

and then I would what?

(etc etc , no life out there).

I hung my head. I could not believe what I was about to do. But....I had to. I rose to my feet slowly. Stepping aside from the slightly open door, I leaned my shoulder against the wood and pushed the frame shut. It closed with a thud.

I kept my head down as I heard the slow footsteps begin to descend the steps towards me. I crouched down and knelt on the cold tile. He reached the main level and walked past me at first. I heard him lock the door behind me. I shuffled on my knees and anticipated what would surely be a blow of sorts. He approached me and stood above me and said not a word. Both us were silent for what seemed like an eternity.

When he finally spoke his voice was soft, calm and measured.

"On your feet."

Slowly I stood. I avoided his eyes.

his fingers clicked and he pointed in the direction of the staircase.

I turned slowly and moved to the stairs. Gradually I made my way back up. George followed behind me.

I shifted uncomfortably in the wooden chair. It creaked loudly in the confines of the tiny, open bedroom closet. George had turned down the bed and was in the bathroom brushing his teeth for the night. Positioned as I was, there was no real concern that I'd be making another escape. Besides, I had tipped my hand. I had made my choice. I had chosen him.

My arms were trussed tightly and lashed against the wooden poles that formed the chairs backing. My legs and ankles were similarly spread apart and lashed to the chair legs. I sat uncomfortably on a large butt plug after having been greased up to fit a whole new size. My cock and balls were wound tight in rope that cut the circulation and had turned my shift a beet-like red. The knot at my cock tip ran another rope up and through the o-ring collar. The o-ring on the back of the collar held the noose that run up and over the clothing bar in the empty space. My mouth was packed as firmly as ever and I choked back on an enormous wad of laundry, just what I was unsure. George had used what seemed like an entire role of thin black electrical tape wound around my head and wrapped over my mouth. The entire set up was strict, to say the least, but I continuously reminded myself it was better than the living hell that was the crawl space.

Eventually the sound of the running water subsided. George spit a few times and made his way in to the bedroom. He wore a v neck undershirt and was naked from the waste down. He stroked himself aimlessly as he surveyed the bed and took a sip of water from a glass he kept table side. He turned to where I sat in the closet and smiled.

Making his way over to me he looked me up and down, quite pleased with his work.

"I trust your comfortable?"

"Mmmm, hmmm" I tried to murmur and nod against the noose.

"Lets see if I can wiggle some room here..." And he stepped over me in the tiny cramped space and straddled me on the chair, putting his arms over my shoulders casually.

"Mmm" his weight pressed me further on to the plug.

"I want you to know how important this afternoon was for us."

I tried to avoid eye contact but found myself staring back at him as he leaned against me.

"You could have ended all of this. You could have set yourself free. And I would no doubt be rounded up by the authorities and sent away for a long time for keeping you the way I did....but you didn't go, did you?"

Straining against my bonds and choking back on the wadding in my mouth I wondered for a moment just what I had done.

"You chose this because THIS is what you NEED. Deep down in your bones, you know that you're meant to be slave, a possession, an object. You know that you're meant to live like this, under lock and key. You know that pain and punishment can also provide deep and gratifying pleasure. "

His words were hypnotic. They lulled me into complete unconditional agreement. He was right. Goddamn it he was right.

"You and I will always be figuring this out. And for as long as I can, I will take care of you and keep you healthy and fed. You'll have a roof under your head, or at least a cage top! And when the time comes that I'm too old to continue being your master, I will make certain that we find a place for you, under the control of another." He pulled himself up on me, his stomach pushing my cock against my own. His face was against mine. His fingers dug in to the back of my neck and held me tight.

He kissed me gently on my gagged lips. Then more forcefully.

"You're mine for as long as I want. You're my little bondage slut to do with whatever I want, whenever I want, and I am going to continue to make you hurt and to beg for my cock every waking moment."

"Mmmmmm" I sighed. He kissed my gag again.

"And I will choose at times to milk you pleasure you and twist you to the point of no return, to where the very idea of cumming yet again makes you weep."

I nodded. He kissed me again.

"You're a slave. You know you were meant to be a slave. While I'm enjoying a peaceful and relaxing slumber beneath those covers over there, you'll be in here, plugged and bound and gagged and being choked by the collar that gives you your very identity. And I won't think twice about the fact that your'e squirming in here until I wake. At that point I may choose to fuck your brains out, or I may let you suck me off during my morning shower, or I may just decide that you'll stay in this little closet until I get home from work tomorrow night. And whatever I decide, you'll accept, and you'll love even more for it." Another kiss.

And with that he leaned back. He smiled a mischevious smile and he winked at me ever so briefly. I closed my eyes, sure as ever of what was to come next.

I damn near saw stars as he cracked my face with the back of his hand. I moaned loudly and tugged at my bonds. He rose off me and moved himself out of the cramped space. Standing there, holding the door from being shut he addressed me one last time.

"And just so we're clear. While I am touched that you decided to stay, what kind of a master would I be if I didn't acknowledge the fact that you tried to sneak away JUST because I forgot one time to tie your ankles?"

"Mmmm MMMMM" I began to struggle and plead, knowing for certain what he would say next.

"It may not be tomorrow, but some time very soon I will be wrapping you head to toe in completely inescapable bondage. Then I'll be putting clamps and itching powder all over those nips and that pathetic useless cock of yours. And once you're good and're going back in that crawl space for an entire week!"

He slammed the closet door shut and I was thrust into darkness.

What had I done?

I struggled to try and relieve the tension from the chords that dug into my skin. The plug burrowed inside of me. I gurgled and choked back on my gag. Alone, in the dark yet again. Alone with my thoughts. Captive and helpless. Hidden away from the world, existing only in the presence of a crazed and sadistic master. What had I done, indeed?

The End
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