Teen Fire & Frost The Dream
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Part 1

this story contains bondage, torture and sexual explicit content. The story is for entertainment purposes only. It should only be read by persons of legal age and in areas where this material is legal... the bottom line ADULTS ONLY...all persons portrayed in this story are 18 years of age or older.... this is a work of fiction.... if you don't understand that seek help.

Teen Fire and Teen Frost are my creations please do not use without my expressed permission

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Tied to a table, in a dingy office, not knowing where she was but knowing her future was likely filled with suffering, Tara dreamed of the beautiful sunny day. In her dream she and her sister had been at the park and were now returning to the office that they used as their crime base. Both girls wore their costume bottoms under their tiny blue jean shorts. They decided to leave their costume tops at the base in lieu of bikini tops. Their power stones were tucked safely in their backpacks. Both girls entered the building, setting their backpacks on the countertop and began to get dressed to go on patrol. Kara and Tara were zipping up their boots and talking about the fun they had experienced that day and where their night's patrol would likely lead them when they were both rendered instantly unconscious.

When they awoke, hours later, they found themselves at the mercy of the villain the Mechanic. Both heroes were bound to thick metal poles in the center of a small room. The teen heroes were secured to the poles with heavy nylon straps. These straps held their muscular bodies rigid to the pole with straps over their ankles, thighs, tummies and their necks. Each girl's wrists were behind the pole bound with similar straps. A final strap was placed across each girl's mouth securing their heads to the pole that held them. Both girls realize in unison that they were topless and begin struggling to free themselves as their captor stood before them.

Both girls moaned in dread when they realized who had abducted them: The Mechanic. A 35 year old South American beauty, was a former Miss Brazil and an M.I.T. graduate, she had amassed a vast fortune creating and selling weapons on the international arms black market. From her base in the South American jungle she dealt death to a global market. Just over two years prior she had been involved in a very lucrative deal supplying disrupter weapon of her own design to a group of terrorists when Teen Fire and Team Frost stopped the transaction; it cost her millions of dollars and caused the death of her brother. The truth was that her brother was killed in the crossfire between the villains, but The Mechanic swore vengeance against the teen heroines.

The heroines recoiled as much as they could in their tightly bound positions as The Mechanic moves in front of them, reaching forward and grasping one of each of the girls expose nipples. The Mechanic, Maria Sol, smiled widely. "I have you now," she said, violently squeezing each girl's nipple. "I've been waiting for this moment for some time; you little bitches are going to pay for the death of my brother."

The heroes attempted to shake their heads but found that the strap across their mouth's held fast.

Maria grinned at the girls. "I have decided to keep you meddling brats and torture you day and night until I grow tired of your screams, then I have a fate worse than death planned for each of you. But now, I hope you two are ready to have some fun; I have created the ultimate torture toys for you meddling do-gooder to play with. I have the first of many ready to go. Shall we get started?" Maria laughed as she squeezed the two teen hero's nipples harder.

As Tara groaned she could only imagine what diabolical devices this mad genius had created to torture her and her sister.

The Mechanic leaned forward spraying an aerosol can into both heroes' faces. Tara stared into the gleaming eyes of her sadistic captor as she drifted into unconscious, Maria drew her communicator from her belt. "I want assistance to prepare our guests," she said.

Her lackey acknowledged.

As the girls regained consciousness they found themselves hanging upside down in a cavernous room. The teen heroines dangled beside each other with their heads about 4 feet off the floor. Their wrists were bound with leather cuffs back to back, preventing the palms of their hands to touch. Their bound wrists were forced to the upper parts of their backs, making their elbows extend out on either side of each bound girl like wings; the heroines' bound wrists were connected to a harness around each girl's back and chest. This harness held the girls' wrists tightly in place. Both girls noted black metallic bands around the base of each of their breasts. The bands were thin, about an eighth of an inch wide, and were snug around the girls amazing breasts, but not tight. The teen heroes' ankles were locked above their heads to a D-shaped metal bar, spreading their legs very wide. This heavy spreader bar was connected in the center to a thick metal pole running up about 30 feet to a machine mounted above. The girls realized in unison that they were each tied to giant pendulum! Two stainless steel pipes ran in an inverted arch along the axis of the pendulums; Tara noticed a line of holes running along the underside of these pipes; the lowest point of the pipes' inverted arch was directly above the spread-open crotches of the two bound heroines. Both Kara's and Tara's long hair was tied into long ponytails, and then bound to the restraints binding their wrists.

The heroines struggled in their bonds, their incredibly toned bodies struggling from side to side and forward and back, bending at their waists, fighting hopelessly against their strict bonds: their exposed breasts bounced and jiggled, and that was all they accomplished. Tara stared at the pipes running above her and her sister's exposed pussies, and thought that she did not like the look of them at all.

Maria Sol appeared in front of her captives, enjoying the sight of them struggling. She smiled to herself, knowing the show had just begun: the two brats were about to experience the ride of their lives and would suffer every minute of it. She just hoped that both of the teen brats would last a long time, so she could enjoy their torment.

She smiled at the girls as they stared back at her, each teen had a small rubber ball gag forced in her mouth. Maria enjoyed the defiant looks from each of the beautiful girls dangling from her elaborate torture machine. Standing in front of the teens she began to explain their predicament: she explained that each hero was in fact bound to the giant pendulum and that each pendulum the girls were attached to could swing forward to the ceiling some 50ft above and then back. Maria brought the girls' attention to the pipes running in an inverted arch from above each girl for perspective. Maria stated that the girls' exposed crotches would always be less than 3 inches from the bottom of the pipe at all times while attached to the device.

Again Tara had an ominous feeling as Maria directed their attention to the pipes; she stared at the numerous small holes running up the underside of the arching pipe. She couldn't imagine what they were for, and that terrified her.

Maria removed something from her jacket pocket that looked like a quarter she held the item up in front of Tara's face. Tara noted that the item was a small disk smooth on one side and some with some type of nub on the opposing side. Maria removed a tube from her other pocket and applied a small amount of blue gel to the nub side of the disc. She reached forward and placed the disc on the hard nipple of Tara's right breast. The disc bit down on her exposed nipple and Tara thrashed in her bonds, screaming, shaking her chest back and forth to shake the tiny object free. But to no avail as the disc held fast.

Tara could only compare the pain of the discs applied to her nipples as being bitten and held onto by the teeth of a small animal. The nub on the disc had locked onto the nipple and the blue gel had somehow sealed the disc tightly. Her nipple throbbed and her entire breasts ached.

Maria smiling at the reaction of the teen heroine and removed a second disc from her pocket, then applied more blue gel and held it to up to Tara's wide eyes. Tara valiantly struggled in her bonds as Maria slowly moved the disc toward her pert nipple. Maria seized the black band encircling Tara's left breast and pulled the teen hero forward, then applied the second disc to her hardened nipple. Tara screamed in agony in her gag as Maria let her go. As before, Tara shook her bouncing breasts, attempting to dislodge the discs. Maria enjoyed watching the beautiful redhead thrash and wiggle her amazing chest. Maria soon had placed disks on her blonde sister's nipples as well. The reaction was delightfully the same. Maria stood and watched the two teen crime fighters wiggle their amazing boobs up and down and from side to side. The sheer pleasure of tormenting these two girls was more than she ever could have imagined. Her mind started racing on the other tortures and torments that she would unleash on the two teens. This was causing her pussy to begin to get wet.

When the girls finally realized the futility of their thrashing she moved forward again. Kara and Tara stared at their Latin captor as she explained the machine that held them. Each girl was amazed, terrified and immediately turned on at torments that awaited their young bodies. Neither hero was under the illusion that this pain was anything but the beginning.

"Ladies, I designed this devilish device for the sole purpose of torturing you both." Maria smiled, staring into Tara's defiant face. The redhead was trying to put on a brave front, Maria thought, but looking into her strange green red eyes, Maria saw that she was worried, and maybe something else? Excited maybe? Was this girl turned on? Perhaps, Maria mused.

Maria explained how the device worked. Both heroines would be given a controller that engaged the discs attached to the tips of each of their nipples. The girls would be pulled up by the discs by a sort of tractor beam till they reached the apex of the pendulum. Then when they released their control buttons, gravity would take over and they would swing back and forth until coming to rest where they currently were hanging, then the process would start over again.

Both teen heroes stare wide-eyed at the tormentor. Maria understood the question on each of the young hero's minds, and laughed out loud. "You to must be wondering why you would do this to yourselves. Well, staying down here, I imagine would become pretty painful." She laughed again. "You see the pipe running directly above your spread legs?" Both heroes looked up at the ominous pipe as Maria spoke. "Each of those holes is a flame jet, Maria went on, pointing at the pipe directly above Tara's exposed pussy. Maria met redheaded heroine's wide-eyed stare. "That's right!" Maria laughed. Maria produced two small cylinders each with a large red button on top. She held these items up in front of the shocked teen heroine's faces. "These are your control buttons," she said with a smile, walking around behind the dangling girls. She looked at their perfect tiny bottoms for a moment then placed a controller in one of each girl's bound hands. Maria then returned to the front and continued to explain the young girl's predicament. She pointed again to the gas pipe directly above Tara's crotch. "When I engage the machine, that gas jet will ignite, producing a 5 to 8 inch flame, so I suggest that both of you press your buttons." Maria's grin widened. "I explained to you before, the discs attached to your nipples will pull you forward and up there," she pointed to a machine mounted high above, "then you each must let go of your buttons and fall back, swinging back and forth, back and forth until you end back here." Maria pointed at the ground below Kara's and Tara's dangling bodies. Looking back at the girls, she continued. "You don't want to be down here long." She smiled wickedly. "Or you two are going to understand a different meaning of 'hot pussy'."

Maria was enjoying every moment of this; she relished the desperate, pleading looks on the two girl's faces. As she continued her explanation she could not stop smiling. "Each time you to come to rest after your ride, more gas jets will engage along the pipe: two feet, then four feet, and eight feet, and so on until the whole thing will be on fire. This of course is to add to the pleasure of your swing, but mostly your climb," Maria added mockingly. "Now, each time you press the button, the resistance on the beam pulling your nipples will grow: the first time, it's only your body weight that you will have to deal with. The next time weight is added, making the pull on your sexy boobies harder, I think about 10 pounds, in your American system every time," Maria said sweetly. Maria then stared into Tara's eyes and noticed the defiance was gone replaced by trepidation and yes, Maria thought, sexual excitement. This redhead is a danger slut, Maria thought, interesting.

Maria continued the briefing in her matter-of-fact way as if she was describing the workings of a kitchen appliance. "Now ladies, this is important: you must only press your buttons when both of your pendulums have come to a complete stop. If either of you press the button prematurely there will be a 60 second delay before you can press it again for both of you. Maria was delighted when the blonde Kara groaned, thrashing desperately in her bonds once again. "Oh sweetheart, you're the one who works with cold aren't you? You're probably not going to fare as well as your sister," Maria said in a fake tender voice. "Don't worry I have devised some delightful tortures where I promise both of you will be very cold," Maria continued in a mocking tone; her grin made Tara shudder.

Maria continued to describe the elaborate torture device to the beautiful heroines. "Now, what else?" she teased. "Oh yes, the pull to the top is kind of slow, this will likely become an issue as more and more of more gas jets come to life." Maria pointed up the length of the pipe rising before the teens. "So there is a sensor mounted on the pendulum tracking and monitoring your little crotches as you both enjoy my machine," she said. "So as an added bonus if you flex your little pussy muscles, the action will be detected by the sensor and this will speed your assent: the faster and harder you flex, the quicker you climb. I thought your pussy's would be nice and warmed up, so why not give them a nice workout?" Maria added with a laugh. "This is strictly optional, so do what you feel you need to do, but understand once you start flexing and squeezing and the machine speeds your assent if you stop flexing those tiny little pussies, you will be dropped back to the bottom and have to start all over again!" Maria giggled.

"Now, I know that you ladies are eager to get started and I don't think that I'm forgetting anything. . ." Maria paused, thinking. "Oh yes, one last thing!" Maria stepped forward touched the black bands surrounding the base of Tara's right breast. "I almost forgot about these; I know you ladies are pretty smart and are already thinking, why not stay up there?" Maria pointed up. "Just a little pull on your boobs while you attempt to escape your bonds; well, it's true the gas pipe does not extend all the way to the top so there's no fire for your pussies at the top of the arc, so it would be a good place to stay." Tara had noted this but now felt this small hope dashed. Maria seemed to see this and went on: "Here's the deal; as soon as you pass the end of the gas pipe up there, these little babies start to constrict and grow wider. Now, every time you go to the top, the bands get tighter and wider, but when you're over the fire," Maria waved ot the pipe, "they stop tightening, but they don't loosen: they just stay smaller and wider every time." Maria moved forward, placing her hands on both of Tara's full breasts, this time Tara did not attempt to pull away. Maria smiled sardonically, looking into Tara's beautiful eyes. "The pull up there will be hard enough without your Titties squeezed into little balloons," she said, her smile broadening even more.

Maria stepped back and looked around. "Okay," she said. "I guess that's it, it's show time!" She turned to walk away, then stopped and turned back, facing the two bound heroines. "Oh yes, not that this would happen but you should know that the sensor registering the flexing of your little pussy's will also register any orgasms." Maria smiled broadly again. "Ladies this is a G rated attraction, so any infractions such as orgasms will be punished. Very severely."

This started the heroines struggling and thrashing in their bonds once again. Maria savored this for a moment and said I took the liberty of applying a special cream generously to your inner thighs and butt cheeks while you two were out. This will not reduce the pain but will prevent your skin from burning too quickly. I was unable to remove those tight little costume bottoms over your goodies so I hope that they will provide what's underneath some protection. I want you ladies to enjoy your toy for as long as you can Maria laughed, then pushed a lever and walked up in front of Tara's dangling body. Tara attempted to look defiant but this only caused her Latin tormentor's grin to broaden. Maria took hold of the disk attached to her right nipple in her hand and pulled it, ignoring her helpless cries, she turned Tara's entire body about to face the opposite direction from Kara. Maria again smiled into Tara's face. "This will send you climbing in opposite directions away from each other; I know you brats can communicate with your minds when you are close together." Maria's smile widened. "I don't want you ladies collaborating; I want you suffering." Maria returned to the lever and put it back in place, locking Kara and Tara facing opposite directions on this diabolical torture machine.

As Maria walked away, she reached into her coat pocket and removed a remote control. The first button she pushed started 103 cameras running; located on and around the torture machine, they would record every moment of the heroines' torment. The second button engaged a sensor located above both teen heroines, the button blinked when the sensor was locked on target, the hero's spread crotches, and Maria pressed it again engaging it. Maria turned and saw that the young heroines were struggling once again. She stood, enjoying the sight, and wondered if there was anything more she could do to add to these girls torment. As she watched the heroines' struggle she smiled to herself and pressed another button activating the gas jet above both girls' crotches. It was set on its lowest setting, but both heroes immediately wiggled their asses, thrashing from side to side, attempting to move their unprotected pussies from proximity to the open flame. Maria watched all this with glee, pressing another button on a remote. She stepped closer and saw that the discs attached to each hero's nipples were being pulled up towards the machine at the top of the arc. The pendulum was still in its lock position, so the girls amazing breasts were being stretched and elongated as they were pulled by an unseen force. Both heroines were unable to thrash about and wiggle their hips as their nipples were pulled gradually out from their bodies. Maria smiled again savoring these two brats' delicious pain, then pressed the start button. As she watched, the two heroes being pulled up to the top of the pendulum slowly by their outstretched breasts. "Whatever you do don't drop your control buttons," she called in a fake caring tone. "Without them all the pussy flexing in the world can't get you up away from that fire: you'll be stuck at the bottom and your hot asses will roast.

Maria turned and walked away, leaving the girls trapped in her elaborate torture machine. She went directly to her lounge on the site. It held a large bed, four big screens monitors and dozens of smaller monitors also a readout of each girl's vital signs. She could watch the show in comfort and privacy. Maria had brought her favorite vibrator knowing that she would be masturbating to these girls' torture the entire day.

As Tara's body was pulled up towards the ceiling of this giant room she was thinking to herself about their situation. The witch was right about Kara and her tolerance to heat: the more time the girls spent with the stones the more their resistance to pain built up. Their bodies repaired any physical damage almost instantly, and though it was true that Kara's resistance to fire and heat was lower than hers, Tara was sure that Kara could deal with the torment they were about to face. Both girls had been tortured with fire and heat before. Tara was more worried about the fact that when heat or even worse, direct flame, was applied to the alien material of her costume bottoms, the side effect of sexual stimulation was increased ten-fold. This worried Tara, as The Mechanic had warned them about having orgasms. She did not want to be responsible for her sister experiencing any more pain than she had to. As Tara reached the pinnacle of the pendulum's arc she felt the bands around her breasts immediately begin to tighten; she wanted desperately to communicate with Kara.

Tara released the button she held in her bound hand and was immediately in a terrifying backward free fall along the pendulum's swing: The inertial force carried her back up along the continuing arc of the pendulum until she was nearly horizontal, staring down at the floor below. There was a brief feeling of weightlessness, then she was freefalling, swinging forward and down again. Kara saw the jet of flame at the lowest point of the pipe running along the arch of the pendulum. She saw Kara speeding towards her: they passed, their crotches passing over the flame quickly as they moved in opposite directions forward again in their arcing swing. Tara swung backwards and forwards, gradually losing momentum, her rise and fall slowed until she finally came to rest at the center, directly under the already burning gas torch.

The moment the direct flame came in contact with her tiny bikini-style bottoms, a wave of sexual energy washed over her along with intense pain. Tara wiggled her hips, hopelessly attempting to escape the flames that were licking at her tight unprotected pussy. Pain and sexual energy was building in her sex as she waited for Kara's body to stop swinging and come to rest along side of hers. She could feel a strong orgasm building deep inside of her; she tried to resist, but knew it was only a matter of time.

When Kara's body stopped swinging, Tara sent a mental message to her sister to push her button. Both girls felt the pull of the discs brutally attached to their nipples tug upward towards the upper point of the arc. Tara could feel the added resistance and the increased pain in her elongating breasts, as she was pulled forward and up. With no real surprise, she saw more gas jets had erupted in flames on the pipes that sloped upward in an upside down arch. As promised by their tormentor, the heroines' upward motion was very slow; being pulled by their breasts, the flames tracked their slow progress by licking and lapping at the young heroes' punished pussies, inner thighs and firm butt cheeks.

Tara began flexing the tight muscles of her tiny pussy in an attempt to speed her ascent. As she vigorously flexed her vagina's muscles she did feel the pull increase on the tortured breasts. The reaction of her costume bottoms to the flames along with the intense pain and the peril that she was suffering brought Tara closer and closer to a massive orgasm. Tara thought as she repeatedly squeezed the muscles of her pussy that her Latin tormentor had truly created a diabolical machine to torture her and her sister. Tara knew that her captor was somewhere watching them as they suffered. The thought of this and continuous flexing of her tight little pussy made a tidal wave of sexual energy explode in her body and she soon was overwhelmed and succumbed to a massive orgasm leaving her teetering on the edge of unconsciousness. Feeling her control button slipping from her hand she was pulled back to reality and its consequences.

Knowing she had violated one of their sadistic captor's main rules, Tara waited for the worst. It came quickly: even as the sexual waves were ebbing in Tara's mind and tortured pussy, both girls came to rest at the bottom of their torture machine. 'I had an orgasm,' Tara communicated with Kara, feeling dread in her soul.

'I know,' Kara responded. 'It's ok. Let's push our buttons and see what happens.' Both the teens pressed the large red button in each of their bound left hands.

Tara immediately noticed something different. There was no pull on her breasts, in fact, her pendulum arm had started moving backwards very slowly, feeling a pull on her harness. Tara struggled worriedly, but soon she could look into Kara's face. Kara smiled at her but Tara saw worry on her beautiful sister's face as she was slowly moved backwards. Tara also realized that the flame over her spread crotch had been shut off but this was not the case for her sister who was still at the bottom of the machine.

A speaker crackled to life above the girls and they immediately recognized the laughter of their sadistic captor. "I thought I was clear on the rules, my little redbird!"

Tara groan in her gag as she watched the flames lapping and licking at Kara's tortured pussy; Kara was thrashing in pain as Tara was slowly raised backward along the arc of the machine.

"Now you must be punished for you little enjoyment," the Mechanic said in a stern voice, with an obvious hint of intense amusement. "Soon you will be locked at the top of the arc of the pendulum; you must work your way across to the other side." Maria laughed; she couldn't help it. "But this can only be done by flexing those tight little pussy muscles of yours: you have been doing such a good job so far, it shouldn't be a problem. There will be no fire on your tube, so take your time if you like, but!" Maria paused.

Tara was stared at Kara, thinking 'here it comes.'

"Your sweet little blond sister will be stuck at the bottom the whole time while you complete your task."

"Please no!" Tara screamed into her gag. "Please, no!" she repeated desperately.

"Also," Maria continued. "As you begin your little flexing track across to the other side, the tractor beams will start pulling your sister's breasts as normal. Unfortunately, her pendulum arm will be locked until you complete your task. Needless to say," their sadistic captor laughed. "I hope your sister's boob's can stretch."

Tara looked again at her struggling sister and screamed into her rubber gag.

In her lounge, Maria enjoyed the redheaded heroine's torment so much she was close to coming herself. "The gas that was running through your pipe will be fed into your sister's pipe," she said, staring intently at the screen focused on Teen Fire's face. Tara's eyes widened as Maria continued. "This will dramatically increase the intensity and height of the flames tormenting her sweet little pussy."

Tara screamed and her gag "Oh God, please no, punish me instead"

Maria smiled, hearing the redheaded teen's pleas. "Oh my Sweet Little Redbird, but I am punishing you!" Maria laughed as Tara screamed.

As Tara reached the top of the arc her eyes were fixed on the thrashing body of her sister below. Kara was wiggling wildly in a futile attempt to move her tormented pussy away from the relentless flames. All at once Kara's body became rigid. Tara knew that the tractor beams had engaged and were now relentlessly pulling on her sister's nipples. Tara immediately began to flex muscles of her vagina and was immediately horrified to see that each squeeze only propel her forward mere inches. Tara began quickly flexing muscles in her tight, tiny pussy. She slowly moved forward towards her punished sister being tortured at the bottom of the arc.

Maria watched on her monitor smiling and placing a large dildo against her clitoris. She pressed a button on the remote speaking into the speaker. "One last thing, redbird," she said helpfully. "If you stop flexing your little pussy for even a moment the machine will take you back to the beginning, and you will have to start all over." Maria laughed through the speaker.

Tara screamed in her gag again, concentrating on flexing the muscles in her tight pussy. She realized that the tighter she squeezed each time, the further she would move. Tara eyes were focused on her sister below, watching the flames growing above her sister's spread legs, and her breasts stretch forward.

By the time Tara reached the bottom point where Kara was held, Kara was shrieking in agony, the flames above her spread crotch had grown in intensity and her breasts were pulled forward in a strange oblong shape. 'My breasts are being pulled off!' she screamed with her mind. 'I'm burning up!'

Tara cried out in frustration, screaming though her gag, flexing her pussy as hard and fast as she could, pain and humiliation compounded with guilt at her sister's suffering because of her lack of control.

When Tara finally reached the top of the arc, she immediately pressed the red button releasing herself backwards. When she came to rest next to her sister Kara hung still in her bonds, unconscious. Both fire tubes were off, and Kara's breasts were not being pulled any longer. As Kara began to stir, Tara heard the speaker crackle again and the cheery voice of their Latin tormentor. "Let that be a lesson to both of you: this is punishment you're not allowed any pleasure. Now we will start all over again!" Involuntarily, Tara thrashed in her bonds again.

Watching on her monitors, Maria smiled widely, thinking that she would keep this redheaded one for a while as her personal torture and pussy slave before she buried her alive.

Four hours into the young heroines' ordeal, flames covered the entire length of both poles located inches above the girl's unprotected pussies. The bands surrounding their breasts had reduced their circumference by one third and had grown 2 inches in width, turning the girl's amazing breasts into purple balloons. The resistance in the discs laboriously pulling their breasts towards the ceiling had increased to 60 pounds. The girl's pussies, muscular inner thighs and butt cheeks were continually burned by the fires as they swung back and forth and even more so when the girls were being slowly pulled up. The teens were lightheaded from hanging upside down and the continuous swinging. They were screaming continuously into the rubber gags as the agonizing pain that continued to pulse from their burning crotches and their squeezed and stretched breasts continued.

Maria Sol sat upright in her bed, watching the two large screen monitors intently. The first was an image of the redheaded teen heroine. At the moment, she was slowly being pulled forward by her amazing breasts. Her body was covered in sweat and her eyes were squeezed shut in pain: her boobs were squeezed into misshapen balloons, stretched incredibly forward. The second monitor was a close up image of the firebrand's crotch. Maria stared at the picture on the large screen. The hero's pussy was covered by her tiny costume bottoms that formed a tiny triangle of material over the girls crotch. Maria noticed that the material was skin tight, very thin and very tiny, barely covering the girl's sex. Maria saw the outline of the girl's pussy lips flexing repeatedly under her brief costume bottoms as the hero's crotch was tortured by a gauntlet of fire. Maria herself came as she watched the flames lick and lap at the teen's feverishly flexing pussy. She lay back in the bed thinking of all the torture she had in store for the teen heroes.

After another hour on the machine both heroes hung still and unconscious, both finally blacked out from the overwhelming pain. Maria had both teens removed from the machine and placed in rejuvenation tubes: both girls were cleaned and their power stones were placed near them but not in direct contact with each heroine's skin. Maria marveled at how quickly this rejuvenated both crime fighters, getting them nice and ready for their next torture.

Part 2 (added: 2017/04/25)

Their bodies healed and fresh, she had the girls moved to her sleeping chambers, where both teen heroines were tied on either side of Maria Sol's ornate bed. The girls had thin core wrapped around the base of each of their breasts. This cord ran up to a machine attached to the canopy of the large bed. This caused both Kara and Tara to be suspended strictly by their breasts. The girl's wrists and ankles were tied and were pulled through rings connected to the oversized bed's legs. This caused the girls arms and legs to be forced at a 45° angle towards the floor. This strict tie also increased the pressure on the girls already stretched breasts. Below each of their spread crotches was a device that looked like a metal cup mounted on a thin metal rod.

They awoke to see Maria lying nude in the middle of the bed looking back and forth at her beautiful teen captives. "Okay, ladies," she said smiling. "I am very tired from a day of torturing you two. So I am preparing to get some sleep." Maria's grin widened. "We have a busy day tomorrow!" Tara groaned helplessly into her leather gag. Maria looked into Tara's wide red green eyes. "Especially for you, red bird. Tonight, I have a job you two ladies: you must keep watch over your new mistress. A sensor mounted above me on the headboard will monitor your faces the entire night; if you take your eyes off of me for more than a couple of seconds it will register and punish you." Maria's smile turned sly. "I have learned that the best way to punish each of you is to punish your sister; that being said, if one of you takes your eyes off your beautiful mistress the other girl will be punished. See the machine above each of you?" Both heroines looked up at the machine that the ropes attached to each of their breasts were run to. "Those are simple wenches," Maria continued, turning to Kara. "If your sister takes her eyes off of me, your winch will engage, pulling on your already stretched titties. Also," she added. "As an added punishment, the offending girl's machine will lower her to the interesting device located between each of your legs: these devices are modified vibrators, once your pussies come in contact the device it will seek out your clit and apply sonic vibrations. Also each device, depending on which girl, will deliver either heat or cold to stimulate those special bottoms you both are wearing. Remember you little bitches," she said, her voice suddenly vicious. "You are not to orgasm at all: any orgasm by either of you will be dealt with very, very severely in the morning and the one who orgasm will be made to watch the other suffer." Maria's face grew dark as she spoke. "Very, very severe punishment, on top of what is already in store for you both." She smiled again. "Remember the sensor will be monitoring your faces and your little pussies, so don't screw up. Now I'm ready for some sleep." Maria laid back in the bed pulling the silk sheet over her naked body. "Oh yes, I do enjoy some sounds while I drift off to sleep, but not any of those lame rain or ocean sounds. I have something different in mind!" With that, Maria pressed a button on her remote; this engaged both wenches located above each hero.

Kara's breasts were stretched; she cried out into her gag as agony ripped through her sensitive flesh. Opposite her, Tara was lowered until her crotch touched the waiting device below, the sexual sensations that she felt were immediate and overwhelming: the device seemed to attach itself to the material of her costume bottoms, directly stimulating her clitoris. Tara could feel a direct flame licking the alien material of her tiny costume bottoms; the material reacted immediately to the flame, causing her sexual stimulation to increase. Tara could not help but picture her sister tormented in the machine earlier that day; Tara groaned and thrashed her body, flexing her hips and ass attempted to fight the building sexual attack on her young body.

Maria smiled widely as she stared at the redheaded teen wiggling her amazing body in front of her. Maria looked directly into our Tara's wide eyes. "You can't fight it little danger slut," she said. "I bet you'll be cumming before I fall asleep." Maria grinned wickedly as she stared at the tortured redhead. "But that's okay, little red bird; I have some really neat acid that I am going use on your pretty sister tomorrow, so you just enjoy yourself and cum away."

Tara's eyes bulged and her thrashing became more intense as she tried to escape the devilish device attached to her over stimulated pussy.

Still smiling, Maria closed her brown eyes and listened to the sound of her two teen captives moaning as she drifted off to sleep.

Both heroines continued to groan and moan in their gags, Kara sending a mental message to her suspended sister across the bed: 'We'll never make it to morning without cumming, just watching you struggle is driving me crazy!'

'I know,' Tara sent back. 'But we have to try and be strong, we must figure out a way to escape or we will be doomed."

Soon the overhead machine changed the heroines' positions, raising Tara painfully by her breasts and lowering Kara to the waiting device between her muscular legs. The sensation that Kara felt was the same as her sister's once her crotch touched a strange device; the device seemed to attach itself to the thin fabric of Kara's tiny costume bottoms directly above her clitoris. Kara felt a cold sensation and soon her alien costume bottoms were reacting to this cold. The combination of the sonic vibrations and the alien material reacting with the jet of refrigerant spraying directly onto Kara's costume bottoms was causing sexual energy to crash over her like ocean waves. She stared intently at her sadistic captor not wanting to look at her sister bound across from her. Kara was afraid that if stared at her sisters straining body she would orgasm immediately. In what felt like an eternity the girls were both moved back to their original positions.

Both heroines hung quietly on either side of the Latin arms dealer's bed throughout the night, whimpering softly as they fought the sexual energy washing over them. Both girls staring intently at the face of their sadistic captor, only once during the night did the teen heroines falter: Kara accidentally closed her eyes a little too long, causing the machines to activate. Maria awoke without moving, opening her eyes to watch the redhead as she was pulled up, stretching her already tormented breasts and the blonde lowered to have her pussy tortured by the insidious device below her stretched body.

Maria closed her eyes, listening to the music of her captives moaning. She thought to herself that she had intended to keep the little brats around for a month, torturing them every day. Now she thought that maybe she would keep them around a little longer. The redhead could crawl behind her on a leash force her to lick her pussy and ass every night. Maria's smile widened at the thought. But no, force her to lick her ass and pussy every time she went to the bathroom; that would be better. Maria drifted off to sleep with the image of Tara's beautiful face, her mouth wrenched open extremely wide with a metal ring gag; the look on the girl's face was pure misery. She envisioned the redhead's perfect body chained naked in place, on her knees; the new toilet fixture in her personal bathroom.

By dawn, neither heroine had orgasmed. Maria reviewed the bio data from the previous night and saw that both girls had come close many times but had obviously fought back the feelings. Maria was a little disappointed, but figured it was all part of the process. The girls were removed from the bedroom and placed in their respective reconditioning tubes: the power stones, placed near each girl's body, instantly rejuvenating them. Once that was done, Maria had the girls removed and repositioned in the day's torture device.

Part 3 (added: 2017/06/17)

The young heroes awoke and realized that they were outside and somewhere in a jungle. Both girls found themselves in a large clearing devoid of most vegetation. The heroes were secured facing each other with their legs pulled into the splits. Their ankles were secured to the tops of small metal pedestals. Each pedestal was about 6 inches in height. The girl's arms were stretched high above with their wrists secured together and attached to a cable running up to a frame above. The cable passed through a small machine then return down to a short metal bar. This bar had two cables dropping from its tips. At the end of each of these smaller cables was a large alligator type clip. These clips were biting into the nipples atop each hero's amazing breasts. Tara realized that by pulling down with her wrists it would pull up on the clips attached to her nipples.

Maria realizing that her captives were awake stated, good morning ladies, are you both ready to start the day's fun. Tara looked down and noted that her tight butt cheeks were sitting on a metallic square. She noted that it was thin like tinfoil and was currently buzzing. Tara looked back into the face of her Latin tormentor as Maria spoke. Today's torture is considerably more low-tech than yesterday's but I feel it will get the job done just the same. Maria's smile broadened as you have both likely noticed the way your wrists are tied to pull down will pull up on the clamps attached to your pert nipples, this is very important to you ladies.

Today you will be introduced to one of the nasty inhabitants of our jungle here. Below each of your hot little asses is a "Diablo Rojo" or red devils ant nest. Both heroes immediately began to struggle and cry out through their gags. Maria relished this then continued, the metal plates that you are sitting on, are currently preventing the ants from exiting their underground nest. Soon, I will remove this barrier allowing the ants below you to roam free. Maria's smile widened as you have likely figured out you can lift your asses off the ground by pulling down with your wrists; this will pull your bodies up by your perky nipples. Maria laughed out loud as both the bound heroines began to beg and plead in their gags. Oh ladies, we are just getting started, Maria extended a tiny tube from the framing above each bound girl. She positioned the tip so that it was directly above each hero's spread legs and tight tummy. Maria smiled at Tara and said this tube contains a very powerful ant pheromone. When it is sprayed onto your bodies it will cause the ants to go into a "berserker type" attack, so you really don't want that to happen, Maria laughed again, because the ants will do anything to get to that area where it is sprayed. Both heroes moaned and started experimenting with pulling their tight bottoms off the metal shield by stretching their clamped breasts. Tara's nipples burned as they experienced her full body weight pulling against them. Tara realized that she could also push up with her incredibly powerful legs to help alleviate the strain on attached nipples. Maria watched the girls struggle and stretch; she immediately felt the strong sexual tingles deep inside her body. Maria laughed again, looking at the girl's amazing flexing thigh muscles; I see you ladies have already figured out a way to cheat. I knew you girls would attempt to use your legs to ease the strain on your nipples, so I devised both of you a little added torment.

You know how I enjoy watching you girls flex those amazing tiny pussies of yours. So here is the deal, you must continually flex the muscles in your pussies while you hang from your nipples, if you stop flexing it will cause the ant pheromone to be sprayed. Maria watched in bliss as the redheaded heroes eyes widened understanding the hell that she was currently in. Maria stated matter-of-factly, at some point the ant pheromone will find their mark so to speak and the ants will invade your bodies, and ladies these are some very dangerous ants. Their sting can only be described as someone driving a white hot nail through your skin and leaving there. They are known to strip the flesh completely away from a horse in a single night.

Maria produced the red buttons the girls had used to swing themselves on the pendulums the previous day and showed it to the bound heroines tied below her. You girls remember these, Maria laughed. As she placed the devices in the bound hands of the teen heroes she continued, when the ants on your bodies become too numerous and you can't stand the pain any longer you may press the red button. Maria placed her hand on one of the alligator clips attached to Tara's nipple; the button will activate an electrical charge that will run through each of your nipples over your entire bodies. This will kill the ants that are on you.

Maria stared at the bulging red green eyes of the redheaded hero, be careful using this, the shock could render you unconscious allowing your butt to drop and inviting the entire nest. Maria smiled widely, you really don't want that. Also remember that you can only shock yourselves once an hour and the shocks become strong each time you use it, so hold off as much as you can Maria said. Anyway, it doesn't matter as long as you keep your little asses off the ground and continue to flex the muscles in your tight little pussies you should have no problems.

With that Maria reached down and unceremoniously removed the metal screens below each girl's tiny bottoms. Each hero immediately pulled down with their wrists, stretching their clamped nipples and lifting their hard butt cheeks up away from the small hole revealed in the ground directly in front of each girl's crotch. Each girl watched in horror as small red ants poured from the holes just inches below their struggling pussies. Maria reached down and sucked a single ant into a tiny glass tube. She then blew a single ant onto Tara's flat tummy, and then did the same to Kara. The girls watched wide eyed as the tiny ant crawled around their washboard stomachs. Maria removed a small glass vial from her pocket opened it and placed a metal probe the size of a stick pin into the clear fluid. She then replaced the cap and placed it back into her pocket. She then touched the tip of the probe to each of the straining girl's tummies just below each girl's bellybuttons. The ant's reaction was immediate with the tiny insect crawling directly to the area where the liquid had been applied. The ant then began stinging the girl's skin. Kara shrieked as the pain was in fact as strong as their sadistic captor had described it. Kara's mind reeled at the thought of literally hundreds or maybe thousands of these creatures stinging her body at the same time, while attempting to eat her. The ant continued to sting the girl's hard mid-drift. The teen's attempted to dislodge the ant by raising and lowering their crotches and wiggling their asses as much as they could in their current bound position.

Maria stood and watched these amazing girls' bodies struggle feeling the throbbing in her sex intensify. She pressed a button on a remote activating the dozens of cameras trained on the hero's plight. Maria stared at Tara's crotch watching it move. She could see the outline of the girls struggling pussy beneath the thin material of her red costume bottoms. Maria looked up at the face of the redheaded hero and as their eyes met Maria smiled and said; get that hot pussy flexing red bird. Maria looked down at the firebrand's crotch and could see to her amusement the girl flexing the muscles in her tiny pussy. Maria stated, okay ladies, I will be back tonight to check on your progress. Oh I almost forgot, Maria laughed you see that you are both wearing the black bands on your breasts. These will tighten and expand across the course of the day. This caused both teen heroes to groan making Maria's smile broadened. As Maria walked back to the facilities building she could hardly wait to pleasure herself. She spoke into her communicator informing her assistant that she was not to be disturbed or at least four hours. She caught herself walking faster to the room with the monitors and her vibrator, she smile widely.

Tara thought to herself this was a truly devious torture trap. As she surveyed her situation she felt the biting pain to her stretched nipples and an intense throbbing through her entire chest. The single ant had moved from her belly and was now scurrying along her left inner thigh stinging her randomly. With each sting Tara winced in agonizing pain, the areas where the insect stung her continued to throb. Tara's mind attempted to imagine the pain inflicted by hundreds or thousands of these insects at the same time and thought there's no way anyone could stand it. Kara stared at her sister bound in front of her. The sun was shining off her silky blonde hair and her sweat shiny body. Kara stared at her sisters stretched nipples and then at her sisters thinly covered crotch. Tara watched as Kara flexed her muscles in her tiny pussy, this caused the beautiful blondes ass to wiggle slightly up and down. Tara felt sexual energy building deep inside. Tara knew that having orgasms were strictly punished by their Latin tormentor. Tara tore her eyes away from her sisters flexing crotch, terrified in the knowledge that once an orgasm began to build in her hyper sexual body it was nearly impossible to stop.

Tara cried in her gag as she continued to flex the muscles of her tight pussy and feeling the building sexual explosion to come. As if on cue a speaker crackled to life on the framework above the heroes. Maria stated into the microphone as she sat on the bed watching to heroes struggle their unprotected pussies an inch above a large red ant nest. Ladies, this should go without saying, but you both are forbidden from orgasming while being tortured by me. I know you're both danger sluts and denying you the release of cuming is torture in its own right. Your punishment for any transgressions will be that the sister of the offending girl will be sprayed with pheromone, and have her crotch lowered to contact the awaiting ant nest below. She will be unable to rise up from the ant bed for a full minute and the shocker will not function for 30 minutes. Needless to say it's best that neither of you cum. With that the speaker clicked off abruptly.

Tara stared into Kara's blue-white eyes and thought, oh God what do we do? Kara messaged back just try and be strong but if it happens we will deal with. Tara groaned in her gag staring at her beautiful sister stretched and tortured in front of her, as she continued flexing the tight muscles in her tiny pussy knowing that the wave of sexual energy building inside her would be unstoppable. About an hour into the girl's ordeal Tara experienced a cramped in her inner thigh causing her to stop flexing her tight pussy muscles momentarily. The sprayer mounted above her crotch and tummy reacted immediately spraying a fine mist settled onto her costume bottom covering her crotch. Tara watched in amazement as the ants below her tight bottom began to boil. this caused her to momentarily pull on her wrist raising her body up as far as it could be raised, she held herself as long as she could stretching her nipples in the sharp teeth of the unrelenting clip but soon she lowered herself thinking the ants could not reach her as they continued to boil just below her crotch.

Tara looked back at her sister and asked her if she saw any means of escape from the device that they were bound to. Kara looked around the metal frame; her eyes were immediately drawn to movement between her sisters spread legs. Kara messaged Tara saying Oh God Tara look, Tara followed her sister's gaze and her horror and amazement she saw the tiny creatures below her crotch beginning to build a tower using their own bodies. Tara's eyes widened as she realized the ants were attempting to bridge the gap between them and her unprotected crotch. Tara instinctively pulled down on her wrists pulling her body up as far as she could. She momentarily stopped flexing the muscles in her crotch causing another burst of pheromones. This seemed to intensify the ant's efforts as their living tower slowly moved towards the sexy redheads straining crotch. Tara panicked moving her crotch up and down and straining in an attempt to keep it from contact with the rising ants below. She was sprayed with pheromones two more times as she concentrated on moving her unprotected pussy away from the ants and not on flexing her muscles.

Tara stared in shock as she realized that she could not move her crotch away any further as the tower of ants continued to rise. She screamed as the ant tower extended up contacting her straining crotch with dozens of ants climbing onto her straining body. She shrieked as the tiny insects began stinging her, To Tara's horror, somehow the insects were able to sting through her costume bottom. This meant that the ants were concentrating their stinging attack directly onto Tara's pussy. The continuous hammer blow of pain as dozens and dozens of insects injected their tiny stingers into the puffy outer lips of Tara's pussy was much more than she could stand. The white-hot explosions caused the teen hero to pull violently with her wrists attempting to raise her body away from the insect onslaught. This tore at her stretched nipples causing them to momentarily bleed. Tara's hips began to violently shake and gyrate in an attempt to shake off the small red invaders.

Maria watched her monitor and smiled as the redheaded hero wiggled and shook her body violently. As Maria watched the redheads tiny crotch wiggle up and down she came for the third time. She watched the monitor as the redheaded heroine shocked herself. Maria felt her fourth orgasm building inside of her. She thought to herself you brats are not going to let me get any work done. She then spoke into her communicator instructing her assistant that she was not to be disturbed for the rest of the day.

As the hoard of insects continued to climb on the redheads thrashing body they concentrated their relentless attack on her pheromone soaked crotch, inner thighs and tummy, Tara continually shrieked from the agonizing pain until she could not take it anymore and pushed the red button held in her stretched hand. The shock knocked the air from her lungs, and made her feel as if her entire body was on fire; she teetered on the edge of unconsciousness for several seconds. The teen hero shook uncontrollably as the voltage passed through her stretched nipples. All the stinging insects were killed instantly as were many on the ground below the struggling hero. The electrical jolt caused all the insects attempting to attack the hero to behave in a confused manner seeming to lose interest in the pheromone that was driving them crazy seconds earlier.

Tara quickly recovered and resumed flexing the strong muscles of her tiny pussy. Most of the attacking ants on Tara's body killed by the electrical jolt had fallen leaving only a few clinging to her sweat soaked skin. Kara was staring at her sister asking her if she was okay. The redheaded told the blonde that she was okay but explained that the insects somehow were able to sting her through her costume bottom. Kara responded that she understood but had a much bigger problem. Tara stared at Kara's blue white eyes and understood immediately that her sister was close to cuming. Tara told Kara to hold on as long as she possibly could as Tara thought she had an idea. Both heroes hung by their stretched nipples continuing to flex the muscles in their tiny pussies. The danger, the bondage and the constant flexing of the tight pussy muscles had brought both girls to the edge of the massive orgasms.

Tara conferred her plan to Kara and then simultaneously both heroes stopped flexing their pussies. Immediately pheromones were sprayed onto both girls crotches. At the same time the girls raised their wrists dropping their butts to the dirt below them. Immediately the red ants charged up onto both girls' muscular thighs tummy and crotch and began stinging them. The heroes remained seated on the ground as a mass of red ants moved on to their sexy bodies. In unison both girls pressed the button located in their tied hands triggering the electric shock through their nipples. The shock killed all the ants on their bodies and much of the ants on the ground below them. This also sent both heroes into a massive orgasm causing them both to lose consciousness. As both girls revived from their extreme climax, Tara saw that very few ants were emerging from the hole in front of her crotch. She sat, her tight muscular butt on the hard ground resting her throbbing nipples. After several minutes she noticed more and more ants coming from the hole so she pulled her body up and began flexing her tight pussy again. Tara looked at Kara both girls attempting to smile behind their gags.

Maria sat with her mouth open staring at the monitor. She thought to herself clever little bitches. The girls were left to their torment for the entire day. They had been rendered unconscious and removed from the jungle and placed in the rejuvenation capsule near their power stones.

Part 4 (added: 2017/09/08)

The girls awoke in a small room secured to the floor. The hero's wrists were bound at their sides. A one inch nylon strap was stretched across both super heroines' waists and another just below each girl amazing breasts and a final strap around the girl's neck holding each hero's upper bodies tight to the floor. The girls were bound in a line with the hero's feet almost sole to sole. The hero's ankles were bound with nylon straps to a metal spreader bar and were spread 2 1/2 feet apart by. The bar was connected in the center to a thin cable; the cable held the girl's legs about 8 inches above the floor. The cable ran from their ankles through a pulleys mounted at the ceiling. The cable then ran through a second pulley over her sister's upper body and then down splitting into three alligator clips. Two clips were biting down on the hero's harden nipples; the third clip ran up to the girl's faces. Both heroes' mouths were held wide open black plastic ring gags. Each teen's pink tongues were force through the ring and held out of their mouths grasp in the sharp teeth of the third alligator clip. Tara was forced to strain her flat tummy and leg muscles to keep their legs off the floor and understood that if she was unable hold her legs up and lowered them it would violently pull on Kara's nipples and tongue and vice a versa. The teen hero's head were held tight by the strap around their necks forcing them to look straight up at the ceiling.

The Mechanic Maria Sol had explained the girl's predicament bondage and additional torments for the evening. Their tormenter had explained that since the girls cheated on their torture on the ant hill that day, the girl were not going to spend the night in her bedroom. Instead the girls would be forced to keep their legs up off the floor all night. Maria had told the hero's that weights would be added to their ankles over the course of the night adding to their predicament and discomfort. Maria also told the girls that an electric probe was positioned against the thin material of the tiny costume bottoms directly touching each hero's tiny bum. Maria smiled as she explained that the probe would deliver an intense electric shock straight into each hero's tight assholes if the girl's attempt to raise their legs to ease the strain on their muscles. Their tormentor gleefully told the teen heroes that a whipping wheel would whip the girl's unprotected pussies throughout the night.

Maria had left the room but the hero's could see the cameras documenting their plight. There was silence for a short time then it was broken by a whirling sound. This was punctuated by the groan of each girl as thin knotted leather strips began to impact the very thin material covering the teen's tight pussies. Tara realized that though the pain was not overwhelming the constant whipping would become unbearable very soon.

As the minutes ticked by the hero's struggled to keep from lowering their legs. The continued whipping has become excruciating. At the first hour Tara heard a loud click she then felt the added weight as a small robot clipped a 10 pound weight to a ring on the spreader bar between her ankles. She then feels her nipples and tongue stretched further as the same weight was added to Kara's struggling legs. After 5 hours and 50 pounds both girl's legs were shaking violently, their pussies were on fire from the constant whipping, their tongues and nipples were extremely stretched as each teen fought the losing battle to keep her legs up. Her muscles in full fatigue Tara attempted to raise her legs to keep from stretching Kara's tongue and nipples further. As she raised her trembling legs there was an explosion of pain in her tight butt. The white hot pain caused Tara to drop her leg causing Kara's tongue and nipples to be yanked violently. Tara and Kara screamed in pain and frustration as the minutes continued to tick by.

The following morning Maria Sol stared at her captives. Both girls were unconscious, their nipples and tongues stretched to the breaking points with dried blood caking the clips that stretched them. Maria spoke into her remote instructing her minion to remove the hero's and place them in the rejuvenation chambers. Maria smiled staring at the redhead extended tongue and thought to herself we have a busy day.

Part 5 (added: 2017/10/16)

Dr. Chin Lotus stared at the monitor as the two heroines continued to dream. She looked through the large window into the lab area where both girls were being held. She walked down the steps from the control room to the main lab floor. Prominent in the center of the room were two large metal circles. Bound in the center of each metal circle were the heroines Teen Frost and Teen Fire. The teens were held spread eagle by small cables running from the circle to their wrists and ankles. The girls were held incredibly tight in midair. Each scantily clad hero still wore the metal collar that prevented any sexual release. Encircling each girl's head was a similar metal band, this one adorned with two flashing lights on its front. Each girl had a small mask over her mouth and nose connected to a small transparent tube that disappeared into the ceiling. Dr. Lotus, a diminutive beauty of French and Cambodian descent, reached up with her hand and squeezed the toned cheek of the blonde hero's tiny muscular ass. The blonde hero moaned beneath the mask she was wearing. Lady Lotus, as she was called, stared at the girl's perfect ass bound before her. The girls tiny white costume bottom left the bottom portion of her firm ass cheeks exposed. Lady Lotus considered that this was probably the most perfect ass she had ever seen. She smiled, thinking to herself that she had whipped a lot of asses. She was desperate to begin torturing these two teen herself. Though entertaining, monitoring the girls induced dreams was driving her crazy with lust.

Lady Lotus had many torments of her own for these meddling super heroines. The facility where she currently was holding the girls would be a perfect playground of deathtraps and torments for the two teen super heroines.

She turned and climbed back up the stairs to the control area to continue watching the tortured dreams of the girls. She hoped that some of these dreams would reveal the girls' fears so she could use those against them. Mostly it had been reliving the tortures they had received at the hands of other villains. The sexual energy produced by these two heroines while they were being abused and tortured was off the scale. Lady Lotus again thought to herself that soon she would be putting these two girls to the test. Smiling she stared back at the monitor watching the computer re-creation of the girls dreams and felt her pussy begin to tingle.

The girls struggled to regain consciousness, opening their beautiful eyes to see their own sexy bodies staring back at them in the mirrored ceiling above. Both teen heroines were secured to two metal X-frames, their wrists and ankles shackled by stainless steel manacles connected by cables to pulleys at the end of the each arm of the X. The girls' bondage devices were beside each other's and each could see her sister's body in the mirrored ceiling above them.

Tara tried her bonds and found that she was locked tightly in place. She looked at herself in the mirror above, trailing her eyes over her legs and arms, spread wide on top of the stainless steel X. The cables holding her wrists and ankles extended another two feet before disappearing over a small pulley towards the floor. A small metal extension protruded from the center of the X providing a place for the heroines' bodies and heads to rest. Tara stared at herself and her beautiful sister in the mirror. She saw the Kara was staring at her. 'She's going to stretch us,' she messaged her sister;

Kara attempted a smile, which was difficult with the white ball gag forced deep in her mouth. 'I thought she was more creative than this,' Kara messaged back. 'But a classic is a classic.'

Tara could say nothing to that, overwhelmed by an amazing since of love and admiration for her sister. Each heroine struggled in their bonds and waited for the day's torture session to begin.

Maria Sol stared at the bound heroines struggling before her, smiling to herself as she thought how amazing the last few days have been; she truly had not had this much fun in her entire life. Standing there, staring at the two amazing teens' spread legs she was already becoming sexually excited and she hadn't even started. Her eyes were drawn to the thinly covered crotch of the redheaded heroine. Maria was disappointed that she had business that would take her away from the compound, otherwise she would want to spend some alone time with her little red bird. Oh well, she thought, there's always tomorrow and the next day, and the next day. She laughed, and moved forward, catching the stare of the redheaded beauty, and smiled.

Tara saw their sadist captor and stared defiantly at her. This caused Maria's smile to broaden as she stepped between the redheaded crime fighter's spread legs. "Oh, little red bird, did you rest well last night?" Maria asked in a mocking voice. Maria's smile widened. "No, not much rest for you two in the robot's playroom." She faked a frown and moved her hand up to Tara's wide-open crotch. "I imagine that your sweet little pussy is still very sore from all of that whipping. You know that your pussies will be constantly whipped since you won't remove your sexy costume bottoms. Until then you and your sister's sweet spots will be punished night and day."

Tara knew that the torture would be much more intense if they removed their bottoms allowing their tormentor access to their pussies and asses. Maria placed her hand on Tara's barely covered pussy. Tara groaned as sexual energy exploded beneath the touch of this Latin dominatrix.

Maria's smile exploded across her face. "Its okay, redbird, I have something that will make it feel better." Maria began to massage Tara's pussy. She began running her finger back and forth along the gap between Tara's outer lips stopping only at her clitoris. Maria continued tormenting the young heroine through her tight costume bottoms. Tara's eyes were squeezed shut as waves of energy exploded through her body. She felt an orgasm began to build deep inside her. She opened her red green eyes staring at the face of her tormentor as her orgasm built. Maria abruptly stopped tormenting her young captive. "There will be plenty of time for that!" she stated with a laugh.

Tara groaned and watched as Maria stepped back and removed the familiar remote control from her pocket and pressed a series of buttons on her remote; the lights on dozens of cameras mounted above and around the captured heroines blinked on, and sexual energy continued coursing through her body as she watched an articulated arm rise between her spread legs. Tara groaned softly as she watched the end of the arm move and position itself directly over her spread pussy. Tara lifted her head staring between her exposed breasts looking at the tip of the arm: a small metal braided hose ending at a small device with a small metal tube that hovered about an inch from, and aimed, at her clit. Tara looked up into the mirror and saw that a similar arm had taken station above the white triangle shape of Kara's tiny costume bottoms. Tara stared back into Maria's smiling face.

Maria laughed. "Okay, here's the deal ladies: you both see the tubes pointed at your crotches, each one is specific to each of you. The one pointed at my sweet red bird will emit a small flame directly onto those sexy special bottoms you wear." Maria's grin widened as she stared into Tara's eyes. "I know of fire drives you wild, my little firebrand." Maria looked at the blonde hero struggling in her bonds. "The one over your tiny pussy will spray liquid refrigerant. That should keep your sexy bikini bottoms busy my little blonde bombshell." Maria returned her gaze to the redheaded super heroine tied in front of her. "But this is only the warm-up, I plan to torture you both with the heat and cold for a while and then add the real fun." At this she pressed another button on the remote and a second articulated arm emerged from below each teen. Tara saw that at the tip of these arms there was a rubber grommet with a small triangular protrusion in the center of it. The arm moved up above the first arm and stopped. Maria smiled back at Tara. "These arms contain sonic stimulators, and they will attach to the material directly above each of your little clitty's."

Tara moaned despite herself and stared back at their evil tormentor. Maria continued, "Here is the best part," Maria continued. "Ladies, today you're allowed to cum as much as you like." Maria's smile widened. "No rules today. Maria stepped forward again, as she did she took hold of the cable attached to the manacle around Tara's right ankle. "But," Maria smiled, "every orgasm that you ladies have will cause the machine under your sister's table to activate: Every time you cum, the cables attached to each of sister's wrists and ankles will tighten." Maria laughed out loud and tugged on the cable causing Tara to wince. "As you can see, your pleasure always comes with a price here my little heroines." Maria removed her remote again and stared into Tara's eyes. "Enjoy your day sweetie, and try not to pull your sister apart." With that Maria press a button on her remote control and the devices above the teen hero's thinly covered pussies sprang to life. Maria left the room laughing and wishing she did not have business today. She would love to sit in her room watching the two brats be stretched to the breaking limits. She resigned herself to watching the videos later. As she closed the door she heard both of the teen heroines moaning. She smiled again and sealed the room.

As Maria was walking away a 3 inch flame erupted from the tip of the tube directly above Tara's spread pussy. Tara moaned as the alien material of her costume bottoms react to the open flame. The arm was moving along roughly the same path that the Latin tormentor's finger had been earlier: the tip of the flame moved slowly along the gap between the outer lips of her tiny pussy and over her bum and then stop. It would stay in that position for about 5 seconds and then resume its track back up; it would then stop directly above her clitoris, hold and then began to move again. The alien material of her tiny costume bottoms reacted with the flame, intensifying her sexual energy. Mixed with the pain of the open flame, this was causing a sexual explosion; Tara gyrated her hips and thrust her crotch up and down attempting to divert the flame from constantly tormenting her most sensitive spots, but the orgasm that had started to build when Maria manipulated her pussy throbbed to life, building stronger with each pass of the flame. 'Oh God, Kara I'm sorry!' Tara shouted in her mind, and exploded in orgasm. Her body shook and quiver as the waves of sexual energy exploded out from her tormented pussy. She opened her eyes trying to recover and saw the arm with its mounted flame continuing to track up and down the thin material of her costume bottoms.

A sound came from the machinery beneath Kara: three audible beeps followed by the whirr of engines. Tara stared into the mirror above and watched as Kara's wrists and ankles were pulled tighter. 'I'm sorry!' Tara messaged to Kara. 'How bad is it?'

'It's okay,' Kara messaged back. 'There's a lot of give in the cables, but I'm concerned that as the day goes on we are going to be a lot trouble.'

Tara groaned as she continued flexing her tight ass muscles to move her crotch up and down, feeling the flame continued to track along her pussy. The material of her tiny costume bottoms continued to react with the open flame causing wave after wave of sexual energy to spread through her bound body. Tara tried and mentally hold back a second orgasm building inside her body, but the diabolical flame continued to track back and forth torturing her sensitive pussy, while the teen heroine's constant flexing of her tight butt and thigh muscles only added to her sexual buildup. Tara knew Kara was fighting a losing battle not to cum herself. Tara's eyes popped open as she heard a sound between her spread legs. The second articulated arm was moving its fiendish device in place. She feverishly increased the pace of thrusting her crotch up and down attempting to prevent the inevitable attachment of the sonic stimulator to her costume bottoms. The articulated arm patiently waited directly above her gyrating crotch. Tara screamed in her gag as the articulated arm struck like a snake, attaching the sonic stimulator to the skintight material of her tiny bottoms directly over her tiny unprotected clitoris. Her ears registered a buzzing sound an instant before a wave of pleasure struck her body like a hammer. The explosive orgasm that she had been fighting broke loose, rushing through her body like a tidal wave. A third orgasm exploded immediately after the second, every amazingly toned muscle in the super heroine's body flexed with each wave of pleasure. Vaguely, Tara was aware that the machine below her had activated; she felt the shackles around her wrists and ankles pulled tight. As the energy from the two orgasms ebbed Tara attempted to gain control of her runaway body. Tara opened her eyes and stared up at her mirror image above her; a breathtaking beauty with shiny copper hair, golden brown skin and blazing red green eyes looked back. Her 34C breasts with tiny reddish pink nipples heaved for breath; Her thin waist, washboard abs and tiny belly button flexed as she attempted to control her breathing, her tiny metallic red bikini style costume bottoms shone in the light of the room, now with the addition of a small black triangular button directly over her clit. Tara noticed that the second arm had moved away but the first arm continued its seemingly endless track back and forth over her crotch. She of course did not need to see this as she felt the burning pain of the diabolical device. The small flame continued its contact with the alien material of her costume bottoms ,making it difficult to concentrate, the flame itself licked and lapped, torturing her already over stimulated pussy. Tara watched herself flex her muscular tan legs that were stretched incredibly wide and her perfect ass to continually thrust her crotch up and down and from side to side in an attempt to keep the persistent flame from her unprotected pussy. Tara stared at her sister, noticing her body shaking and understood that Kara had just orgasmed again. Tara heard the three beeps and felt the cables tighten once again pulling her body even tighter. She screamed in frustration in her gag as the sonic stimulator began to fire directly into her clitoris. She screamed again and she felt multiple orgasms building deep in her sex. We must escape, Tara thought seconds before two massive orgasms struck her, the second swallowing her into unconscious darkness.

After five hours both girls were stretched to their limits, with their bodies lifted from the tables, their pert bottoms hanging in midair. Tara groaned in pain and anguish, at the same time attempting in vain to hold back yet another massive orgasm. The sonic stimulator was continually sending its diabolical waves directly to her clit as the flame continued its ceaseless track along the gap of her pussy. With her body stretched like a rubber band dangling by the cables attached to her wrists and ankles she could not move her crotch away from the torturous flame. Tara faintly heard the beeps yet again and felt the strain on her shoulders and hips and the agonizing pop as they dislocated. She came once again, screaming and her head fell back as she lost consciousness again.

Tara woke refreshed but with a terribly clear memory of being pulled apart. Her body was sore, but physically she was perfect. Back in the room she and Kara shared when she was not called upon to be their Latin captor's pussy slave, both heroines were back in the hands of the robots for another night of constant pussy, ass and breast whipping and electrical torture. 'Are you okay?' Tara messaged to Kara.

"I'm sore but okay," Kara messaged back. 'How are we to escape this evil villain's plan?'

'We must free our hands and mouths and retrieve our stones, or we will surely perish here' Tara messaged back, but what was in Tara's mouth was her current concern, more exactly what was attached to her tongue; both teen heroines' tongues were pulled out of their mouths and secured between two tiny metal sticks. Held together with tiny elastic bands, the sticks were placed just beyond the tongues' tips, and were covered with tiny barbs to make it very painful for either girl to move her tongue. Both girls were next to each other, bent completely over at the waist. Their backs were flat against the padded wall and their legs spread about 3 1/2 feet wide and shackled to the wall with short chains. Their arms were pulled out to either side of their bodies in a V shape and bound by short chains to the wall as well. A leather strap was around each of their upper thighs and it was connected to the wall below their armpits. This held their bodies tight, with each girl's back flat against the wall.

Tara looked up from between her spread legs at the motionless robots around the room. From her current position everything she saw was upside down, and a little disorienting. She realized in her current position that her amazing ass was thrust straight up in the air. Her hair trailed along the carpeted floor as she looked for a way to escape. She groaned when she noted the sonic stimulator that had caused her so much pain and pleasure earlier that day was still attached to her costume bottoms. Tara also felt the black breast torture rings once again around the base of her exposed breasts.

Tara struggled in her bonds not knowing that she and her beautiful blonde sister were being watched by Maria Sol, lying on the enormous bed in the large suite in her hotel in Havana. She stared at the screen of her laptop, watching the two captives being prepared for the night's torture session; she had already masturbated twice to the footage of the two teen heroines being stretched. Her vagina tingled as she stared at the girl's amazing muscular asses forced straight up by their current bondage and she wished she could be back in her home with a redheaded hero forced to lick and suck her pussy throughout the night. She zoomed in on the redheaded hero's crotch until it filled the screen of her computer, smiling when she saw the sonic stimulator still attached to the girl's costume bottoms. Maria began to finger herself as she stared at the girl's barely covered pussy; the redheaded teen's position caused her costume to stretch even more tightly over her tiny pussy so even through the camera Maria could make out every detail of Tara's sex. Her position caused her costume to ride up until it looked like she was wearing a red thong. Maria pressed a button on her computer, activating additional cameras and the robots in the room. She lay back intending to enjoy the show.

As Tara and Kara contemplated escape, the robot occupants of the room sprang to life: two machines moved into position about 5 feet behind each of the heroines and secured to the floor. Two smaller robots came forward and removed a set of thin cables from the machine robot, then moved forward between each teen heroines' spread legs and connected the cables to the ends of the sticks holding the girls tongues. Tara groaned, understanding that the device would be used to torture them by stretching their tongues.

The robots moved back to the machines, recovered two additional cables and move forward between the girls spread legs once again, this time attaching small clips to the each of their hardened nipples. Tara screamed in frustration and shook her body attempting to break free of her captivity. The robot's articulated arm move forward and attached a leather strap across Tara's neck, securing it to the wall to hold Tara's upper body and head flat against it. On completing its work the robot moved away from the bound girl. Tara groaned again as she felt the slack taken out of the cables, her tongue and nipples pulled slightly forward. Tara watched as two larger model robots move forward to either side of her spread legs. Whimpering, Tara watched in dread as the robots extended their whip like arms, lining them up to the area just above the underside of her knees. Without warning or fanfare the robots drew back simultaneously and delivered a whipping strike to the underside of Tara's thighs. She screamed, yanking on her stretched tongue, causing the barbs to tear at it, drawing blood.

Tara screamed again as a second blow rained down 1/4 inch above the first.

Tara began to cry thinking, was this her fate to be tortured by robots by night and by a sadistic woman by day until buried alive in a South American jungle. The whips continued in that manner, each strike 1/4 inch above the last, causing sever welts to momentarily appear. The whips moved up both of Tara's legs from above the knee to the round cheek of her prominently displayed ass. Reaching this point, the whipping arms started back down again delivering a massive blow with the thin metal whip every quarter inch down the backside of each teen hero's thighs. As the whipping continued both girls screamed, tugging at their stretched tongues intensifying their agony. When the robots whips reached their initial starting point the machines stopped. Tears streamed to the floor below Tara's upside down face, she felt the bands around the bases of her breasts begin to tighten. At the same time the cables connected to her nipples pulled forward 1/2 inch. The whipping robots resumed, this time focusing on the inner thighs of their victims. Each machine once more delivered a powerful strike every quarter inch as they moved up Tara's inner thighs until reaching the sensitive area just below her crotch, then moving their steady course back down.

This routine went on for an hour, the robots whipping up and then down the back sides of both heroines' thighs then moving to their inner thighs and doing the same. Between the cycles the girls' breasts were squeezed by the diabolical black bands and their nipples were stretched by the attached cables.

The carpet below each girl was wet with sweat and tears and drool. Stunned, her mind in a haze, Tara didn't even notice that the whipping robots moved away until she saw a single small robot take position behind her. Tara whimpered as she recognized what was attached to the robot's two articulated arms as it moved them towards her crotch: the shiny tips of the tazer units gleamed in the light of the room as the robot raised them into position. Tara felt the points of the first unit press against her skin tight costume bottoms over her pussy and the second press into her bum. The shock exploded from both instruments drove the air from Tara's lungs in a helpless scream caused her to shred her tongue on the tiny barbed sticks. Tara wiggled her ass up and down in an attempt to prevent the robot from pressing the tazer' into her ass and pussy again, but the minute she began, the cables attached to her tongue pulled forward and the sonic stimulator attached to her costume bottoms activated, sending sonic waves directly to her clitoris. When Tara stopped wiggling her ass, the cables stopped stretching her tongue and the sonic stimulator went silent. Moments later Tara felt the tazers replaced, and braced for the inevitable shock. She screamed again as once more the robot struck her with a tremendous shock.

This continued for an hour with each girl receiving a massive shock to her pussy and asshole and then a continuous lower voltage tazer type punishment. The girls would each attempt to wiggle their asses to escape the torment. This would in turn cause their tongues to be stretched by the machine mounted behind them as well as the sonic stimulator to engage. The pain and torture was taking its toll and with the addition of the sonic stimulator both girls were fighting the inevitable massive orgasm. Both heroines knew that the punishment for orgasming would be very intense. But both were fighting a losing battle.

The robots changed places and the whipping robots moving back to each side of each heroines spread legs. The girls endured the whipping of their thighs and the squeezing and stretching of their breasts. Another hour elapsed and as the tazer robot move back into place both teens instinctively began wiggling their asses. Tara continued to wiggle her ass up and down, temporarily preventing the tazer's shock: her tongue was being pulled from her mouth and the sonic stimulator was striking her clit like a hammer, but she knew the minute she received the shock she would orgasm. With a shrill cry, Tara felt her tongue was being pulled out by the root, and stopped her wiggling. The tazers quickly came on station and delivered their charges; Tara's orgasm exploded with every muscle contracting and expanding throughout her amazing body. In her mind she knew her sister was cumming as well. Both girls, bound bent at their waists with their asses prominently stuck in the air, were feeling the ebbing of their sexual explosions, their asses wiggling in an attempt to avoid the painful sting of the tazer.

'She will truly punish us tomorrow,' Tara message Kara.

'I know,' Kara replied. 'But I'm tired of being afraid.' With that Tara felt Kara orgasm again.

As the night progressed the girls each orgasmed four times, Maria watched the Bio readouts on her computer and smiled. "While the cats away the mice will play," she said as she touched herself. She smiled as she closed her eyes, thinking of the teens' punishment the following day.

Part 6 (added: 2017/12/03)

Maria strode into a small room, in the center of which stood a round padded platform, bound there was the red headed super heroine. Maria had only been back at the compound for little over an hour, but was eager to get started punishing the two super teens for their little cum fest the night before.

Tara was secured spread eagle to the round platform with her legs spread wide. A small platform pressed up against her lower back, bending her body into a bow; her strained body was forced uncomfortably almost two feet into the air, straining her arms bound to the edge of the platform. She wore a thick leather collar with metal discs on either side, but worst of all in Tara's mind was the gag she wore, with a nine-inch dildo protruding from it. Currently, Maria had set up three robotic torture wheels. Each wheel had thick leather straps spinning around them. One robot slashed at her exposed pussy, making the teen hero squirm and cry as the hard leather mercilessly struck her soft flesh, while the other two whipped her exposed breasts. The rhythmic slap-slap-slap of the leather striking soft skin had filled Tara's ears for hours; her breasts shuddered with every strike.

Maria mounted the platform and stared at the amazingly attractive teen, watching the muscles in her legs and flat tummy flexing. Maria eye's moved to the girl's thinly covered crotch, seeing the outline of her outer pussy lips against her skin tight costume bottoms.

Tara looked tearfully up into her tormentor's eyes as Maria stood on the platform and stared down with a smile into Tara's face. "As punishment for all you and your sister's nasty cumming last night, today Redbird you are going to be my little sex toy," Maria stated, pressing a button on her remote to activate a monitor mounted above the platform.

Tara saw an image of Kara hanging by her wrists above a large transparent tank of acid. Tara noted the tank was deep enough to submerge Kara's entire body. Tara looked back into the eyes of her sadistic tormentor.

Maria smiled slyly. "Now redbird, you know what's in the tank, don't you?"

Kara nodded her head, causing the dildo mounted on her gag to wiggle comically.

"Now here is the game," Maria said, still smiling. "You will need to fuck me with the dildo on your gag to make me cum. Easy enough," Maria laughed. "Your motivation is once you start, I will lower your sister into the tank of acid. She will continue to be lowered until I climax or she is completely submerged, so the quicker you get me off the less painful it will be for sister dearest." Maria laughed. "Isn't this going to be fun?"

Tara stared up at her captor knowing she had no choice but to comply with her wishes. The whipping of Tara's pussy and breasts continued, the whipping was painful but nothing to prevent her doing what she had to do.  Maria lowered her face close to Tara's. "I know you are a danger slut my little redheaded toy," she whispered. "Are you enjoying my robots?" Maria smiled. "I know they are not much for a girl like you, but they are only a warm-up. "

Maria removed a small tube of lubricant and applied it to the phallus protruding from Tara's mouth. That done, Maria pressed a button on her remote; Tara almost cried from relief as the robotic tormentors to stop and roll back along the rooms walls.

Maria, still staring into the beautiful redheaded teen's face said, "I set up to monitor above so you can watch the progress of your blond partner." Maria pressed another button on her remote and grabbed a handful of Tara's silky red hair, pulling her head up to see the new addition rising between her spread legs. This robot was about four feet tall with large articulated arms. At the end of each arm was what looked to Tara like car antennas. Maria looked back into Tara's face. "The little ones were a warm-up for this one," she said.

Tara groaned, straining in her bonds, recognizing one of the robots that whipped the backs of her legs the night before.

"I have to give my red pain slut what she craves," Maria said with a smile, then lay across Tara's bound body with her pussy directly over Tara's neck. Maria smiled as she stared at the teen hero's tiny crotch directly in front of her face.

Tara peered into the monitor above her watching her sister dangled over the forbidding tank. Tara stared at her tormentors pussy open before.

"Let's get the party started".

Tara placed the tip of the dildo into the waiting pussy of her sadistic captor, making Maria groan.

"All the way in each time or I speed up your sister's drop!" Maria cooed at her.

Tara pressed the dildo deep into Maria's tight pussy smelling damp pungent odor of her soaking wet pussy. Rhythmically, Tara thrust the dildo in and out of Maria's pussy, using her neck and pushing her face forward, deeper and deeper with every painful thrust.

Maria looked up at the robot standing patiently before the redheaded teen's crotch. Maria pressed a button on her remote simultaneously starting the winch holding Kara over the acid tank and the robot standing in front of her.

Tara watched in the monitor as her sister began to descend toward the tank of acid. The teen crime fighter moaned and moved the dildo attached to her gag faster in and out of her captors pussy.

Maria watched the robot move the rigid metal whips attached to its arms up and then bring both simultaneously crashing down onto the bound teen's pussy. Maria felt wind in her hair as the two thin metal shafts came down striking along the puffy outer lips of the redhead's tight tiny pussy.

Tara screamed into her gag, jerking wildly in her bonds, the impact and explosion of pain tore the air from her lungs, almost paralyzing her, halting the motion of the dildo attached to her gag into her captor's pussy.

"Because you stopped, your sister will go faster!" Maria called out. Tara looked at the monitor and saw that Kara's feet were about three feet above the top of the tank.

With a despairing cry, the redheaded teen hero vigorously thrust the dildo in and out of Maria's tight pussy, but just as Tara got into a rhythm the metal rods crashed down onto her unprotected pussy again. Tara screamed in pain but did not stop or slow face fucking her Latin tormentor. Looking once more into the monitor, Tara saw that Kara's booted feet were barely a foot from the top of the tank. Tara tried to move her head slightly to the side as she thrust, hoping this would cause more pleasure, Maria smiled as Tara's thrust brushed across her clit, watching the robot wind up for another series of blows. Maria could feel herself rising up to a climax, but held herself back, knowing how it would torment the helpless redhead.

Maria stared at Tara's thinly covered pussy as she heard the whoosh of the descending whips. Maria smiled as she saw that each thin metal rod struck along the gap between Tara's pouty outer lips. Again the teen bucked wildly in her bonds screaming in pain and shock. Tara's mind exploded in white lights of pain as the rods struck her inner lips and her clitoris, halting the motion of the dildo once more. She heard Maria laughing, and looked into the monitor and saw Kara's descent speeding even further; Kara was now lifting her legs at the knees to keep her feet from the entering the acid tank.

Maria watched as the robot drew back to strike again. She glanced at the monitor showing the blonde over the acid tank. Maria smiled noting that Kara had to lift her legs to prevent her feet from entering the tank. Maria could only imagine what was going through the mind of the redhead feverishly fucking her with the gag dildo. Maria watched as the robot struck the redhead's pussy again with the thin metal rods. The rods again struck along the gap between Tara's outer pussy lips one after the other. Maria smiled again as she felt the teen's body buck wildly beneath her and the girl shrieking in her gag. Maria could barely hold her orgasm as she watched the redhead's pussy brutally whipped. She looked at the screen and thrilled, seeing Kara desperately hold her legs out in front of her as her body continued to lower towards the acid. She knew that she could not hold out much longer.

The robot crashed down two more blows with his metal whips, striking simultaneously where Tara's inner thighs met her torso. Maria noted the blows struck along the line of the girl's costume bottoms and saw large red welts rise on the redhead's tan skin. Maria felt the redhead becoming frantic beneath her. She looked into the monitor again seeing that the blonde had now lifted her legs up so her feet were close to her head to avoid the rim of the tank. The blonde's butt cheeks were just inches from the bubbling acid. Maria watched the metal whips strike again along the puffy outer lips of her captive's tiny pussy.

Maria gasped and cried out as she came, a ma knew she could hold out no longer and exploded in a massive orgasm. When her head cleared she could hear the redhead screaming to her gag to stop lowering her sister. Maria pressed a button on a remote stopping the machine lowering the blonde into the acid. Maria looked at the monitor and saw that the blonde was now holding her ass out of the acid by using the muscles in her arms and shoulders.

Maria watched as the blonde hero held herself up as long as she could then she would raise her legs up so that her feet were beside her up-stretched arms then she would lower herself down flexing her hips and tummy thrusting her crotch forward and up. Maria could hear the redhead frantically screaming in her gag to pull the blonde up. She had even started fucking her again with the gag dildo in an effort to get her to help her sister. Maria laughed at this, instead hitting the volume button to the monitor; she can now hear the blonde straining and moaning as she shifted her body back and forth to attempt to stop the inevitable. Maria thought to herself how amazing these girl's bodies were, they were as close to perfect as she had ever seen. She heard the blonde talking out loud saying she couldn't hold on much longer. Tara continued to face fuck her evil captor begging through her gag for the woman to pull her sister up from above the tank of acid. Maria enjoyed the redhead's distress a while longer then stated I told you if you made me cum I would stop lowering your sister into the acid I said nothing about pulling her back up."

Tara stopped thrusting the dildo into Maria's pussy for a moment not really knowing what to do, she then continued her vigorous thrusting hoping her captor would show a little mercy if she continued to degrade herself.

Maria smiled knowing she had the redhead where she wanted her, at least for tonight. With this Maria came for a second time, . When she was spent, Maria pulled herself up and off of the dildo attached to the teen heroine's gag. Maria looked down into Tara's pleading eyes. "Tonight you will be my pussy slave, if you agree I will pull her up," she said.

Tara immediately nodded her head yes. She watched the monitor and saw that every muscle in Kara's body was shaking as she slowly dropped closer and closer to the acid below.

Maria reached down and removed Tara's gag. "You need to beg me."

Tara glanced again at the monitor and saw that her sister's toned ass was only inches from the boiling acid. "Please," she begged. "Please let me be your pussy slave tonight! I'll do anything you want, anything!" she cried. "I'll lick your pussy and suck your clit, I'll do anything you want me to do!"

Maria smiled at Tara. "Oh yes," she said with a wicked smile. "You will, little red bird. That, and so much more." Again, Maria straddled the redhead's body, closing her toned thighs around Tara's neck, pressing her wet pussy directly over the nose and mouth of the teen hero.

With a moan, Tara surrendered to her captor's desires, and eased her tongue out and ran it over Maria's wet slit, then plunged it into her.

Maria shivered as the girl's tongue darted around inside her pussy, then looked back at the monitor and saw that Kara's ass was about to go into the acid; she watched, fascinated, as the girl's muscular butt cheeks touched the boiling pool.

The blonde shrieked as the acid burned at the skin of her upper legs and butt cheeks, she jerked herself back up again, but immediately she began slipping back down towards the bubbling pool. Maria looked down into Tara's bulging eyes; the redhead jerked and shuddered beneath her, unable to breath, suffocating, but the redhead never stopped flicking her tongue around her captor's pussy. Maria laughed uncontrollably and pushed a button on the remote causing the blonde heroine to rise up away from the bubbling pool below.

Lady Lotus stared at the screens and monitors watching the computer recreation of the red headed heroine's dream. Her pussy throbbed as she watched the red headed tongue the pussy of the Latin beauty. Lotus looked at the computer controls and marveled at the professor's amazing computer device. She stared down into the large room below the control room where she sat. The two teen heroes' were held bound in large metal circles. Both of the beautiful teens were unconscious and in a dream state. In their minds both believed that bound to wooden tables in a small office. In their minds both heroines believed that they were sleeping and dreaming. The device in which the girls attached was designed to interject a virtual reality directly into the teen hero's minds. This device opens endless possibilities of virtual tortures and diabolic scenarios for the teen brats. Lotus mused to herself that this could be very interesting but she still planned to personally torture the beautiful heroines. She smiled as her pussy throbbed. Sometimes old school is just best.

Tara spent that night in Maria's bedroom in her mansion.

Tara was bound only at the wrists, wearing fingerless mittens locked around each wrist. But she also wore the same leather collar as before. "Those metal discs are electrodes," Maria told her while she locked the redhead's wrists together behind her back. "If she got off the bed you'll be electrocuted and rendered unconscious." She grabbed Tara by the shoulders and jerked her around. "The blonde bimbo is still dangling over the tank," Maria said, curling a finger lovingly in Tara's red hair. "If you make me unhappy, she'll go in, and she'll never come out."

Wide-eyed Tara nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

With a grin, Maria grabbed Tara by the back of her head and dragged her into a passionate kiss, forcing her tongue past the helpless redhead's lips.

Kara had actually been removed from her place above the tank.

She was secured spread eagle to the round platform Tara had lain bound on before: She too lay with her legs spread wide, a small platform pressed against her lower back, bending her tortured body into a bow. Two of Maria's whipping robot wheels struck at her breasts, whipping her soft flesh mercilessly; Kara squirmed and cried helplessly as the hard leather assaulted her. But even more terrible was the robot with the metal whips between her legs, striking at her swollen pussy.

The rods struck, again and again along the gap between Tara's pussy lips one after the other, wringing helpless cries of pain from the captive heroine.

Tara lay on her belly, in the stuffy suffocating darkness beneath Maria's covers; her breasts were squashed uncomfortably beneath her, but she ran her tongue over Maria's pussy, sliding it down to her asshole, then up again to her still-wet pussy.

The woman was insatiable for the redhead's little pink tongue: she had placed leather straps around her thighs, then locked Tara's collar to the straps, forcing Tara's face to be locked to Maria's pussy. As Maria lay back to sleep, Tara still locked between her legs, she pulled the covers over both of them. "Lick my pussy the rest of the night," The Latin sadist ordered tiredly. "Don't stop; if you do, I'll know and the blonde will go in the tank."

Tara had no choice but to do as her sadistic captor bidding: she slid her tongue into Maria's pussy, and ran it gently over the woman's clit: Maria moaned softly with pleasure, smiling in her sleep.

As Tara licked, Kara screamed.

Lady Lotus stared at the screens and monitors watching the computer recreation of the red headed heroines dream. Her pussy throbbed as she watched the red headed tongue the pussy of the Latin beauty. Lotus looked at the computer controls and marveled to herself about the professor's amazing computer device. She stared down into the large room below the control room where she sat. The two teen heroes' were held bound in large metal circles.

Both of the beautiful teens were unconscious and in a dream state. In their minds both believed that bound to wooden tables in a small office. In their minds both hero's believed that they were sleeping and dreaming. The device in which the girls attached was designed to interject a virtual reality directly into the teen hero's minds. This device opens endless possibilities of virtual tortures and diabolic scenarios for the teen brats. Lotus muses to herself that this could be very interesting but she still planned to personally torture the beautiful heroines. She smiled as her pussy throbbed sometimes old school is just best.

Part 7 (added: 2018/01/26)

On nights when the girls were not being tormented by the robots, Tara was relegated to being their Latin captor's personal pussy slave. On these nights Tara would find herself tied spread eagle in her tormentor's large ornate bed. Normally with a penis gag strapped to her mouth. Her mistress would ride her face, cumming several times. Maria would then re-tie her and forced her to lick and suck her ass and pussy throughout the night.

Tara was kept compliant because the evil beauty would punish her sister; Kara spent most of these nights being tortured while bound to the frame of the bed. Maria took great pleasure in forcing Kara to watch her sister pleasure her; she was creative in her ways of tormenting both girls, the redhead being forced to pleasure her under threat of the blonde's pain.

This particular night Tara was bound in a particularly strict hogtie on Maria's bed: her body was bound with straps around her thighs and ankles, her elbows pulled together and strapped behind her back. Her wrists and ankles were strapped together, pulling her body into a strenuous bow. She was currently between Maria's spread legs with her face buried in Maria's wet pussy. Tara licked and sucked feverishly, knowing that if she stopped or even slowed down her Latin dominatrix would punish Kara. Maria was enjoying the redhead's skilled tongue, staring mockingly into the eyes of the blonde hero. Kara was bound at the foot of the bed. Her wrists and elbows were tied tightly together behind her back, forcing her amazing breasts to jut out prominently. Her nipples were adorned with alligator clips attached to one pound weights that swung dangerously. Kara's legs were spread wide, making it very difficult to balance on the two 2 inch diameter poles that she was forced to stand on; each pole was about 3 1/2 feet apart and 3 feet tall, while Kara had a hangman's noose pulled snug around her neck; the rope connected to a winch attached to the ceiling and was not pulled very tight, so Kara could not use it to keep her balance.

Maria stared at the blonde, watching her attempt to keep her balance on the tiny foot purchases. Kara was trying to bend her knees as much as the noose would allow, to try to maintain her balance. But directly below Kara's crotch Maria had mounted a spinning wheel bearing dozens of whips: if Kara bent her knees too much and lowered her crotch more than an inch, the whipping wheel would whip for unprotected pussy. These whips were especially devious, with tiny electric contacts in each of the metal tips, so not only would they whip Tara's pussy, they would shock it as well. Maria had also set up a monitoring sensor so that if Kara took her eyes away from her sister's face the winch above her would activate, pulling the rope tight to strangle her.

A mirror was set up on the headboard allowing both girls to see each other, and Maria had also set the sonic stimulator still attached to the blonde heroine's tiny white costume bottoms to engage with the winch. Maria had warned the redheaded hero if she didn't follow all of her commands without question and did not fulfill her duties with passion and vigor that her sister would be hung and left to dangle from the ceiling. Maria smiled at Tara then. "With the sonic stimulator going, maybe your sister would have an orgasm or two before she choked to death." This, to Maria's glee, doubled Tara's efforts, the redhead had been ordered to stare at her sister through a mirror while she ate Maria's pussy.Maria smiled as she stared into the worried face of the blonde teen. The girl was attempting to bend her knees without lowering her crotch into the waiting whirling whips. The weights attached to her nipples swung dangerously, throwing off her balance, almost causing her to almost fall.

Maria saw the realization on the blonde teen's face that to keep her balance she would be forced to lower her tiny. Unprotected pussy in range of the spinning whips and to choke herself with the thin rope around her neck. Maria smiled, watching as the blonde hero gingerly lowered her barely covered pussy towards the small diabolical spinning wheel. Maria smiled broadened as the first electrical contact struck the puffy white triangle of the hero's tiny bikini like costume with a painful crack! The girl screamed in her gag and instinctually jerked up, causing her to lose her balance and almost fall from her precarious perch. The blonde teen finally steadied herself enough to prevent herself from falling. Maria reveled in the look of defeat and anguish on the blonde teen's face as she slowly lowered her pussy down to be whipped and shocked. When the first contact struck the blonde superhero she screamed in pain but held her crotch in place. Watching the blonde beauty choke herself and force her pussy to be tortured on the spinning electric wheel, and the redhead's tongue darting in and out of her pussy caused Maria to explode in a massive orgasm.

When she recovered she looked down at the redhead tied between her legs. The girl was staring up at her with her beautiful red green eyes as she had been ordered to do after Maria came. "Lick my asshole, slave," the mistress ordered. "And be sure to stick your tongue in very deep!"Tara did not hesitate: she immediately ran her tiny pink tongue around the rim of her Latin tormentor's asshole, never taking her eyes off her sister being tortured behind her. Tara then forced her tongue deep into Maria's asshole and then in and out repeatedly, stopping periodically to lick around its rim.As the redhead continued, Maria looked up at the blonde in front of her: the teen was still balancing on the tiny poles with her knees slightly bent. This caused the white triangle shape of the girl's tiny costume bottoms to be repeatedly struck by the electrified spinning whips. Steady streams of audible cracks were heard as the electrical contacts in each braid whip struck the beautiful blonde's thinly covered pussy.

Maria watched the girl; Kara rose up when the pain of her whipped pussy was too great and attempted to balance herself; this of course was impossible tied as she was, with her legs spread wide and the heavy weights attached to her nipples, so it was inevitable that the blonde beauty would be forced to lower her thinly covered pussy back down to be whipped and shocked. Maria smiled to herself as the redhead continued feverishly licking her asshole. She picked up the remote control on her bed and pressed in a series of commands. Maria then ordered the redhead to begin servicing her pussy again.Tara instantly switched to her captors pussy, trailing her tongue along her slit and sucking on the Latin beauties tiny clit. Tara would not be responsible for Kara choking and possibly dying at the hands of this insane criminal.The commands Maria had entered would activated sonic stimulator still attached to both teen heroes costume bottoms. Maria watched as Kara slowly raised up for a reprieve from the constant whipping of her pussy. As she lifted her crotch away from the diabolical device the sonic stimulator fired waves directly into her unprotected clitoris. Kara lost her balance and fell with a strangled cry to hang by the rope around her neck. Maria laughed out loud. "Please, no!" Tara cried, but intensified her tongue assault on Maria's pussy.Maria groaned but continued to laugh at the blonde choking from the noose around her neck. The teen kicked out with her feet trying to find purchase to take the pressure off her neck. The whipping wheel had automatically lowered to prevent being damaged during the blonde superheroine's struggles. Kara finally found the small poles with her feet and slowly, painfully, raised herself back up, finally taking the pressure off her neck as the sonic stimulator went on hammering away at her clitoris. The spinning whipping wheel returned to its location, awaiting the return of its victim.

Kara swayed back and forth, her face red and her eyes bulging, the heavy weights dangling from her breasts made any attempt to steady herself close to impossible. Defeated, she lowered herself down, dreading the agonizing pain of the electric whips. The minute the whips made contact with the tiny unprotected pussy, the sonic stimulator stopped.Kara looked back at Maria as Maria spoke. "I figured you needed a little more of a challenge my blonde beauty. If you rise up from the whips, the stimulator will activate." Maria smiled widely. "I went to the trouble of bringing you this toy, and I want you to enjoy it. Now remember you're not to take your eyes off your sister pleasuring my pussy and ass the entire night."Kara could clearly see through the mirror mounted at the headboard her sister's beautiful eyes looking at her while her tongue darted in and out of their tormentor's pussy. Tears ran down Kara's face as she attempted to keep her balance while enduring the relentless assault of the electric whips. Forced to watch her sister, her lover, pleasure a woman who was eventually planning to bury them both alive. Kara continued thinking the same thought as the night slowly ticked by.... we must escape.

Part 8 (added: 2018/06/13)

Both heroines awoke from their night in their Latin mistress' bed chamber. Refreshed in the rejuvenation tubes before being placed in their latest torture scenario, Kara's pussy still throbbed from the night's electro-whipping and Tara still had a taste of the torturer's pussy in her mouth.

The teen heroines were hanging upside down over a large pool of water, bound facing each other about 4 feet apart.

Their legs were held spread apart with their ankles attached to the ends of an aluminum frame acting as a spreader bar. This frame was connected to a heavy chain that extended up towards the ceiling of the room. Each girls' hands were locked inside small mittens, secured behind their backs to a nylon belt that was cinched tightly around each girl's tiny waist.

Inside the mitten surrounding each girl's right hand they felt the familiar shape of the release button that they had used on the pendulum and the ant torture. Each girl shuddered, remembering those horrific experiences, thinking what their sadistic captor had in store for them now.

Both heroines wore their color coordinated ball gags. Both teens struggled, pulling at their restraints, Tara glanced at Kara worriedly. 'Can you see any way we could escape?' she messaged her sister.

Kara looked up at the frame that was holding her sister's legs in splits, she groaned as she recognized the device mounted to the frame directly above her sisters spread crotch. It was the same device that she had been tortured with the night before. Kara messaged Tara telling her that there was one of the special whipping wheel mounted above her spread crotch.

Tara messaged back that Kara had the same. 'It looks like we are in for a long, painful, wet day.'

As the two teen heroines hung upside down, struggling in their bonds, a mechanical gangway extended over the pool between them. Maria walked out and stopped between the two heroines. She looked into Tara's face and smiled. "Good morning my little Redbird! You did such a wonderful job last night I thought I would reward you and your beautiful sister with a little fun time in the pool." Maria smile widened. "Well, maybe not necessarily a fun time in the pool."

She laughed, then reached up and squeezed one of Tara's amazing breasts; Tara looked back at her defiantly but did not attempt to pull away. Maria kneaded the firm flesh between her fingers, still chatting cheerfully. "I'm sure you girls have strong lungs and can hold your breath for a long time." She chuckled. "Just looked at these breasts!" Maria removed something from her coat pocket and held it in front of Tara's face.

Tara immediately recognized the diabolical discs that had been placed on her nipples before when she was tortured on the pendulum. Tara considered struggling but knew it would be futile and only add to her sadistic captors' enjoyment.

Maria removed the tube of blue gel and applied it to the disk. She placed the disk to Tara's harden right nipple. Tara screamed into her gag as the disk attached itself to her nipple, its cruel teeth carving its way into her soft flesh. Maria continued, applying a second disc to Tara's other nipple then did the same to both of Kara's.

Returning her gaze to Tara, Maria smile widely, removed her remote control from her pocket, then pressed a series of buttons; with a click, the disk portion of the device attached to the girls' nipples sprang loose, leaving the nub portion of the device still locked tight around each of the teen hero's nipples. The disks now hung from a 3 inch filament attached to the nub.

"Now, ladies, are you ready to hear what I had in store for you?" Maria asked with a smile. "When I press the start button the torture wheels above your sweet little pussies will begin to spin." Maria turned and looked at Kara. "Last night I had it set on the lowest setting, and that's where they will start today. But as the wheels continue to spin, then intensity of the pain will grow until it reaches its high setting."

Maria laughed out loud. "I have been told that on high it's the equivalent to being struck with an electrified bull whip." Both teen heroines began to struggle involuntarily in their bonds and moaning through their gags.

Maria smiled and felt the familiar tingle in her sex. "Now, the wheels will continue whipping your sweet spots and the intensity will continue to grow until one of you can't stand anymore. I take it you feel the release button... it's inside your right mitten. When the pain becomes too much, just push your button and it will all stop."

Tara groaned knowing what was coming. "But," Maria continued. "Whichever girl presses her button will cause her sister to be lowered into the water. Maria smiled into Tara's upside down face. "For a refreshing dip. The catch is, while she's underwater her release button will not work."

Maria smiled widely staring into Tara's beautiful eyes. "So her pussy will continue to be whipped while she's stuck underwater.

" Maria reached up, placing one finger on Tara's thinly covered pussy and began moving the finger up and down along the gap. "It will be hard to hold your breath with an electric bull whip whipping your sweet spot, won't it?"

Tara groaned, her eyes wild. "Cheer up, Redbird," Maria said. "You're teen superheroines; this should be like a walk in the park for you two! Your little friends attached to your nipples are how you will be pulled beneath the water. Just like on the pendulum," Maria added.

"There is 200 pounds of tension on the chain above and you'll only be pulled into the water by those tiny nipples of yours; you'll be submerged up to about your bellybuttons; we've got to keep your torture wheels nice and dry so they will continue to work properly," Maria added with a laugh. "The pressure pulling your nipples will prevent you from splashing around and trying to raise yourself up and get air.

Last, but not least, your time under the water is on a random generator." Maria stared gleefully back into Tara's wide eyes. "So you never know how long you will be sending your sister under the water. Could be a minute, could be ten.

"Please, no!" Tara screamed into her gag, shaking her head, crying helplessly. Maria, faked a caring look, then reached up and squeezed Tara's right breast. "It's okay Redbird, you can probably hold 10 minutes worth of air in this breast alone!"

Maria laughed out loud. "As I told you, the whips on high are the equivalent of an electrified bull whip strike. I've got your legs spread nice and wide so the whips will strike right along your little gaps on to those tender inner lips and your little pleasure buds. Not a lot of pleasure for them today," Maria said, touching Tara's spread crotch again.

"Okay, I guess that's it; time to start the fun!" Maria started to walk away, pressing a button on her remote. The gangway across the tank began to retract. When she reached the edge of the tank she turned and shouted back to them: "Now you ladies don't drown, I've got another night of fun planned for you and I Redbird, and some new toys for you to play with while you watch, Blondie!"

Both heroines groaned and struggled in their bonds. Maria laughed out loud and pressed the button on her remote activating dozens of cameras mounted on the machines and under the water. She smiled as she pressed a second button on her remote.

The girls felt their bodies move towards each other, carried by the frames they hung from until the nipples on their perfect breasts were almost touching. Tara and Kara were face to face, staring into each other's eyes. Tara realized that they had not been this close since being captured by the evil Latin. Both girls instinctively pressed their bodies toward each other, attempting to touch. Straining their perfect bodies, the teens strained forward lightly touching their nipples together.

Maria watched, knowing this was the perfect moment to engage the machine. She pressed the button and watched the heroines' bodies tighten and become rigid as the disks pulled their nipples sharply down towards the water. This in fact caused the girls backs to bow so both girls could not help but stare down at the water.

Maria pressed a second button, causing the whipping wheel to start spinning and the electro-whips began hitting their marks. She turned and walked away from the tank towards her lounge, listening with a smile to the steady stream of cracking sounds of the whips and the screams and squeals of her victims.

Kara was the first to press her button; her pussy was already sore from the prior night's activities. The way her legs were spread so wide and the continued force pulling her nipples down towards the water prevented her from moving her battered crotch at all, so every electrified blow struck the gap of her tiny unprotected pussy. Kara resisted as long as she could, afraid that she could be sending her sister to watery grave.

Finally, Kara could not stand the pain any longer and as she stared into her beautiful sister's green eyes she pressed her release button. The torture wheel above Kara's battered pussy immediately stopped spinning and the relief was instantaneous. But Kara stared into her sister's pain-stricken face. 'I'm sorry' she tried to mouth the words around her gag.

Tara tried to smile at her, and as she did, the pull on her breasts increased dramatically, she cried out as the pull on her nipples began her painful descent into the blue water below.

Kara watched as her beautiful redheaded sister was slowly pulled downward by her stretched nipples; Tara glanced up and met Kara's guilty eyes as her long red hair cascaded in the water below her head, then her face disappeared under the blue water. Kara watched as her sister's incredible but currently severely stretched breasts disappeared.

When Tara's body stopped its descent, Kara realized to her horror that Tara's crotch hung directly before her eyes: Kara would be forced to watch her sisters pussy be tortured mere inches from her. Kara stared at the tiny triangle-shaped patch of red material that covered her sisters amazing pussy: the alien material was shiny and slick looking, like wet latex and so very tight.

Kara stared at her sisters tan flat muscular stomach and tone perfect thighs and briefly thought that her sister's body is perfect, then she winced as she watched the small rigid electro-whips striking the gap of her sisters amazing pussy, feeling guilty for pressing the button.

Tara remained under water for only 2 minutes, but to Kara it seemed like an eternity; Tara was soon returned to her original position and it wasn't long before Tara was forced to press her button as well, sending Kara under the water. She struggled, desperately trying to hold her breathe while her pussy was continually whipped by the maniacal spinning wheel.

This torture went on to the remainder of the day, both girls being plunged beneath the water, their pussies tortured and attempting to hold their breath.

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