The Mask
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Author's Note: Synopsis:

Animal rights activist Lucie is not exactly excited when her highschool's Egyptian arts teacher asks her to help with a project in the museum. - Note: It's more of a horror story than anything else. Entomophobes beware.

P.S. English is not my mothertongue, so please bear with me.

"For they have seen the King appearing in power

As a god who lives on his fathers

And feeds on his mothers

The King is the Bull of the sky,

Who conquers at will,

Who lives on the being of every God,

Who eats their entrails,

Even of those who come with their bodies full of magic

From the island of fire.

The King is one who eats men and lives on the Gods

It is the King who eats their magic

and gulps down their spirits;

Their big ones are for his morning meal,

Their middle-sized ones are for his evening meal,

Their little ones are for his night meal."

- From the ancient Pyramid Texts (Chapters 273 - 274)

1. The Offer

The tall slender girl in the worn-out boyfriendstyle jeans and the casual black hoody, with the ironic 'Sweet Sixteen' line combined with a red feminism symbol on its front, played sheepishly with a single strand of her pony. Being low cut, her auburn emo-styled hair extended deep over the cute freckled face with the greyblue eyes and tickled the little snub nose, making the current embarrasment of young Lucie Hollmann all the worse.

The suggestion of her substitute arts teacher, sitting calmly behind her big desk, was certainly not what she had expected when she had been called into her neat tidy office on the 3rd floor of Canisius High.

"Come on Lucie.", said Mrs Nassir, a dark-skinned Egyptian woman in her fifties with a prominent hooked nose and long silky black hair again, but the girl just blushed even more.

Mrs Nassir, now playing with a large amulet pendant around her neck and smiling mysteriously, actually wanted to make a mold from Lucie's body and then a cast which would be displayed during an exhibition of Egyptian deities in the Antiquity Museum.


Lucie liked her body and she was not a prude. She believed women being able to show their naked bodies was a sign of emancipation and she didn't doubt it was a serious and respectable project of the renowned Antiquity Museum, where Mrs Nassir worked when not teaching. Still, it was something else to be nude oneself and she didn't like the thought that a visitor of the exhibition would recognize the statue. Maybe even take pictures, pass them around at school and masturbate to it.

Normally not shy, right now the young teen and otherwise eloquent speaker of the students council just didn't know what to say.

Actually, she wanted to refuse of course. As a self described 3rd wave feminist Lucie didn't want to have her nude body looked at and despite her general approval she thought there was still something borderline sexist about naked female deities publicly displayed; something which might actually more properly addressed with a political education campaign.

But after what she and the other members of her anti-racist anti-sexist environmentalist pro-LGBT-group had done to Mrs Nassir last summer, to a person of color, Lucie felt guilt and somehow morally obliged to at least consider the matter.

"Nobody but me is there." repeated her teacher now, once again, "the museum's storage rooms are completely deserted on weekends, and you would do a huge favor to science and me personally. We would have to postpone the whole exhibition, if we don't find a suitable model."

Lucie sighed.

"Can't you find somebody else?", she asked meekly, but Mrs Nassir only shrugged.

"I tried, but it's not easy to find someone with the right body type. And the last girl I asked never showed up. She literally disappeared. It's really up to you now, Lucie."

The expression in her deep black eyes was almost hypnotic now and Lucie couldn't help but to think of that nasty rumor that Mrs Nassir was a lesbian. Supposedly, she had hooked up with an girl named Anna who had been a member of Lucie's environmental group until last year, but Lucie hated such silly gossip. Anna, just like her, equipped - or rather cursed - with a pair of big breasts, was already the butt of a lot of sexist jokes and subtle micro aggressions and Lucie took particular offence that Anna couldn't defend herself.

Coming from a broken home, the troubled girl had run away a couple of weeks ago and regardless of that it was wrong to discriminate against people based on their sexuality.

But if Mrs Nassir was indeed ....

"What about my face?", Lucie asked quickly, censoring the politically incorrect thought, "People would recognize me. The..."

"But no!", Nassir laughed, interrupting Lucie's objection in its tracks, "The goddess Hauhet has no human face. Only your body is vital."

"B-but, I I'm not suitable at all."

"Of course you are. I saw you the other day in the gym.", said Nassir and this time with such a strange emphasis that Lucie felt a shiver running down her back, "you got the perfect figure for the statue. And the specifications of the ancient Egyptian priests for the body measurements are unfortunately very precise and isn't a little pocket money nice, too? Or are you shy?"

The arts teacher looked so friendly, as if the teen girl hadn't been one of the ring leaders of the paint bomb attack on her small car last year. Lucie felt awful for a moment and her mouth formed a helpless smile.

"N-no.", she stammered, "I'm just surprised, I thought..."

"That I hold a grudge?"

Lucie nodded embarrassed.

"W-well, we weren't exactly nice during our action week. This militant feminist anti-fur campaign really got out of hand and ..."

"Oh dear.", Mrs Nassir laughed, "Don't worry about that. I think it's great when young girls are self-confident and advocate for animal rights. That paint was easy to wash off my car and it needed a good cleaning, anyways."

"Cool.", muttered Lucie and buried her slender hands awkwardly in the belly pocket of her hoody, "it was really nothing personal. This blanket in your car just looked like a real fur coat to us at that time. I'm really sorry. Especially that it hit someone like you."

"Someone like me, Miss Hollmann?", Nassir asked, looking amused.

"I-I, I mean you as a foreig-, I'm sorry, a person of col-, I mean migrant woman.", Lucie stammered, just hoping she hadn't triggered her teacher, "Someone who's already a victim of sexism, of the chauvinist patriarchic society and its structural racism. Really, this should never have happened."

Lucie had read so much about critical whiteness theory and cultural appropriation. Her Grandgrandfather might well have owned Mrs Nassir's Grandgrandfather as a slave and she felt terribly ashamed now. But the teacher just laughed.

"So if I were white it would be ok?" she asked, but then looked more serious, "Anyways. Does this mean, I can count on you?"

Her head tilted a little in a questioning, judging way and finally the teenager couldn't stand the pressure any longer and nodded silently.

2. Night In The Museum

Lucie was not easily impressed, but right now she was speechless. She had never seen a warehouse as big as the giant underground facility of the Antiquity Museum. Only dimly lit, the third of four basements seemed to contain thousands of exhibits which looked as if they came directly from archeological expeditions all over the world. Some of the relics and artifacts were massive and everything was covered with thick layers of dust.

Lucie recognized multiple up to 20 feet high stone statues depicting strange gods, pale skeletons in blind glass vitrines, age old bronze weapons coated with green verdrigis, weathered clay amphorae and hundreds of other invaluable reliefs. The entire rear wall of the depot seemed to consist only of stone plates with Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Mrs Nassir saw her face and laughed.

"Most people don't know it. But only one percent of the entire stock of any given museum is on exhibition. But wait, I'll show you something very special."

She pointed to a secluded area, separated from the rest of the basement by large shelves full of strange artifacts. In the middle, lit by a lone yellow ceiling lamp way above them, was a polished metal table with a roughly five inches high border, giving it remotely the appearance of a showcase. Next to it stood a metal post, like a crane's arm and everything was surrounded by dozens of canisters, ancient clay amphorae, cans with chemicals and adhesives, brushes and gauze bandages.

The cute teen tried to lift one of the cans, but failed.

"Pretty heavy.", she said intimidated by everything when she noticed the 15 feet high black marble statue at the end of the metal table.

Its features looked strange, like a mixture of human and animal, and Lucie overheard Mrs Nassir saying something in what was obviously her mother tongue.

"Did you speak to that stone?", Lucie asked but her teacher just waved dismissively.

"It's nothing.", Mrs Nassir said and started rummaging through the working material around her, "Only paying respect to the gods. Doesn't hurt, does it?"

"Ah, ok.", Lucie muttered not really convincend, "but who is it? His face looks kinda weird."

She realized there were three other, similar statues erected in a halfcircle around the table. They seemed to weigh many tons together and the teen girl wondered how the museum got them here when she noticed the big engraved manhoods in the stone surfaces. Lucie suppressed an uneasy chuckle and her gaze went back to the first statue at the top of the table.

"These are the Ogdoad.", explained Mrs Nassir, her voice strangely respectful now, "the eight primal deities of early Egypt, who were worshipped in Hermopolis Magna: Nu and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Kuk and Kauket; And this one here is Hauh. His portrayal is antropomorphic like with many Egyptian gods and the head is that of a frog. In Egyptian mythology, Hauh symbolizes infinity. Therefore, he wears a Palm tree in each hand and is called the God of infinity. His special hieroglyph means also infinity."

Lucie recognized not much in the weathered marble.

"Eight?", she asked only.

Mrs Nassir smiled.

"Each of the Ogdoad exists in a male and lesser female form.", she said to the disappointment of Lucie.

'Sexist', thought the girl but Mrs Nassir pointed now to an old piece of parchment on the table.

Next to a broken clay amphora, spilling out a dark mass of crawling beetles, it showed two figures. The bigger, standing one, was a man with the head of a frog, a divine beard and lappet wig but next to him, kneeling humbly, was a nude and obviously pregnant woman with a snake head. Very young and petite, with golden ornate rings around her slim neck, wrists and ankles she looked indeed much lower in rank than he, but the most bizarre about her was the strange belt-like device over her crotch which actually uncovered more than it hid.

Stretching her shapely legs outwards, the scene was almost obscene to watch but it wasn't the only thing that irritated Lucie. The large firm breasts of the woman were tied painfully tight with golden rope at the base, making the soft flesh jut out with the free part forming reddish-colored balls at the top. Adding to her discomfort was a small chain with beetle formed clamps at its ends which connected her grossly enlarged nipples.

Lucie swallowed.

Mrs Nassir noted it and smiled amused.

"These are scarab beetles on her nipples. Scarabaeus sacer." she said non-chalantly and Lucie's face turned red, "the sacred animals of the Pharaohs. They feed on the flesh of the goddess."

"Uhm, i-is that this Hauh-, Hauhet, I should be the model for?"

The idea seemed suddenly terrible to Lucie, but Mrs Nassir nodded.

"Yes, this is the female version of Hauh. You have her body type and you are just as... pretty as her, don't you think?"

Lucie blushed at the barely hidden compliment. Coming from a woman and a person of color, the girl didn't know how to react but with Mrs Nassir just looking calmly at her now, Lucie only mumbled some noncommittal. Mrs Nassir laughed and motioned the girl to the table.

"Well.", she said, "I would have to ask you to take off your cloths then."

Lucie looked wistfully at the small point of light at the other end of the depot. The exit was there but the girl knew she wouldn't get out of this anymore. She sighed and started to undress. All the while silently observed by Mrs Nassir until only Lucie's bra and panties were left. Slightly trembling, the teenager looked at the small heap of clothes before her and then down her flawless young body.

"R-really everything?", she asked, strangely nervous and biting her lower lip.

She hadn't been this nervous since at least 4th grade and barely dared looking at Mrs Nassir who now slowly approached her.

"Everything.", said the teacher in a low voice, her black eyes literally radiating power and confidence, and her hands went up to Lucie's bra.

Wait, was the word the confused teen wanted to say but she couldn't utter a single syllable and with a quick motion Mrs Nassir opened the little latch on Lucie's front-closure bra. The two cups fell uselessly to the sides and her full almost grapefruit sized breasts jutted out.

A suppressed groan left her throat and Lucie stared in kind of a shock at her young breasts and the little mounds at the top, not atypical for a girl her age. But that wasn't her concern. It was her nipples. They were erect und Lucie turned red.

"Perfect.", said Mrs Nassir softly and Lucie felt a small electric shock when the older woman stroked her slender arm for a second.

"Ohh.", moaned the girl against her will, goose bumps now everywhere on her white naked body, but the teacher simply stood back and watched.

Quiet, but in a clearly demanding way and Lucie nodded embarrassed. Mrs Nassir had asked her to leave any jewelry, earings and bracelets at home and the teen felt so naked and vulnerable like the day she was born.

"Everything.", repeated the Egyptian woman wordlessly and Lucie pulled her now clearly damp panties down her long shapely and slightly shivering legs.

The young girl stepped out of her underwear and was dumbfounded when Mrs Nassir took the moist panties and threw them on the pile of clothes with a mild understanding smile.

"It begins.", the teacher said and took four blocks of cork, three small and one long, out of a box and placed them on the table's metal surface, "Now please get on the table."

She looked again at Lucie and her naked student climbed awkwardly over the small metal border on the table, which turned out to be slightly curved inwards and equipped with a drain, closed now by a rubber plug. It looked so strange and the teen wondered what a table that was, when she suddenly felt Mrs Nassir's hand like velvet on her butt.

The teen turned around with a yelp, but her teacher just looked at her with those deep, deep dark hypnotic eyes, Lucie just couldn't withstand. She tried so hard, but with Mrs Nassir standing now slightly bent forward and her cleavage with that strange blinking pendant right in front of her normally so determined greyblue eyes, the girl found no words.

"I I-." Lucie stuttered, but the Egyptian woman already pressed again against the cute teen girl's sexy white behind.

Caressing it almost and her finger tips now between the sensitive heartshaped butt cheeks and only a few inches away from Lucie's young inexperienced sex.

"On all fours, pet.", said the teacher gently and pushed the long cork block next to her shins and two shorter ones next to Lucie's hands, "To support your legs and hands. The fourth we'll need later."

Lucie obeyed, her young body trembling. She had to put her lower legs tightly together to avoid falling from the long block of cork, but otherwise her doggy-style position was not quite as uncomfortable as she had thought. Much worse was, that her young pert C-cup sized breasts with the erect nipples hung down like tubular udders on full display.

"How long ...?", began Lucie meekly, but a playful slap on her wiggling butt stopped her, "Oww!"

"No talking, pretty.", laughed Mrs Nassir, who bent to pick up a round plastic jar filled with a glossy cream, "You're distracting me. I'm going to apply the base layer now. That's important and will keep the other layers from glueing to your skin."

Lucie merely nodded and Mrs Nassir began to distribute the half-liquid dripping cream over Lucie's young body. The shapely legs, the slender arms, the cute face. Her back, then her flat belly and finally the teen's soft full breasts and the unprotected crotch, which had never seen the hands of somebody else before. Everything was treated thoroughly and gradually more sensual and to Lucie's complete embarassement she felt her arousal increase by the minute. The voice in Lucie's head yelled stop, but the teen couldn't bring it over herself to say something and only a helpless groan escaped her throat.

"P-pleasse. Www wait, you... uuohhh!", she stammered, her whole body now ablaze and tingling.

Was is the oily cream on her body containing some strange chemical, arousing while at the same time numbing her, or indeed the sensual touch of the older woman? The young student had no answer. She had never had a boyfriend. She had considered it a waste of time and besides she had never met anyone up to her standards, someone who she could see herself having an equal and emancipated relationship with. And now ....

Now her 55 years old arts teacher skillfully touched every inch of her young nubile flesh, literally at will. Horrified about herself the overwhelmed teen looked through her arms and legs to see her crotch dripping. She so much hoped it would be the cream but in her mind she knew better. Droplets formed clearly on her labia minor, normally hidden in her still almost hairless slit, but now clearly prominent and spreading against the will of Lucie's confused young mind.

Please let it be the oil, her mind screamed, but the deep fishlike scent emanating from her tight virginal hole left no doubt, it was her vaginal secretions preparing her tight young love tunnel for the first fucking of her life. The schoolgirl turned even more red at the realization, hot blood now pumping through every vein of her trembling luscious teenage body. It was all but obvious, but if Mrs Nassir noticed anything she didn't show.

The older woman stopped suddenly.

"We have to apply the gauze bandages now.", she said and the young teenager used the moment to collect her mind.

"I, I thought we make only a cast. The mold, I mean ...."

"Oh, sure, but we need the bandages to do that. After they have hardened, we can cut them into large pieces, which can be reassembled to be used as a mold for the cast."

Mrs Nassir knelt down and took some packages of bandages from the box under the table. She opened one and quickly and skillfully wrapped it around Lucie's long slender arms. She didn't talk much and asked Lucie just to lift the hands and fingers to wrap them as well. After some minutes Lucie's arms were wrapped in oil-soaking gauze up to her shoulders and the girl felt like in a hospital.

She was glad, though, that the Egyptian woman had stopped with her way too erotic ministrations and therefore readily lifted her lower legs, first each and then both together, to have her feet and legs, up to about mid-thigh - short before her sexy thigh gap - literally fused together. Maybe she could speed up this kind of degrading process if she helped, Lucie thought and tried to think of something else and not to look at what happened to her.

"What a beautiful mermaid we have here.", joked Mrs Nassir, now combing through Lucie's beautiful auburn hair until it hung down over the attractive, yet slightly sceptical now, face of the cute teen girl.

Lucie felt not like a mermaid. More like a butterfly pupa, numb in her cocoon, the teen thought unhappy while the older women now bandaged also her neck up to the chin; then the shoulders and torso down to the upper part of her breasts, where she stopped briefly.

Fortunately, Lucie thought, but eventually Mrs Nassir wrapped the gauze with tender massaging movements closely around the base of the teen girl's young pert breasts. Very gentle and again terribly arousing, but still unrelenting. Every turn drawing closer, tighter, and Lucie groaned, when it started to hurt. She didn't want to, but she risked a glimpse through her arms and was shocked.

Her full breasts were hardly recognizable anymore. The lower halfs were tightly wrapped up to her chest, almost like two grips on a bike's handlebar, and the rest were big tomatoe-sized balls of flesh. On top, her now obscenely enlarged bloodfilled nipples.

"T-that's pretty tighttt! Please!", Lucie tried to clear her clouded mind, "Mrs Nassir, please! T-that's too much. It hurts. Really ...."

The teen tried to move her limbs but it was in vain. Only her toes, which besides her crotch and abdomen, Mrs Nassir had not wrapped for some unknown reason, Lucie was able to wiggle a little.

"Don't worry. It's nothing dangerous.", Mrs Nassir explained calmly, ignoring the teens desperate struggling, "It's just the oil hardening. A chemical reaction with special ingredients in the gauze. Don't try to move. Otherwise we have to start from scratch."

Moving was hardly possible. The oil-soaked bandages fusing her legs together were already pretty stiff and her arms, although separate, weren't of much use, either. Lucie begged Mrs Nassir to stop and to make the mold in parts, but her teacher just said it wasn't possible and kept on wrapping the teen even more. Layer over layer and besides the head, again, leaving only crotch, breasts and abdomen uncovered.

Then Mrs Nassir stood back and for a second the teen girl hoped the teacher would abstain from going farther but she just asked Lucie to place her forehead on the fourth little block of cork.

"We have to hurry a bit.", she said with a mischievous smile when her young student didn't look excited and pushed the reluctant girl down, "Arms to the sides."

Lucie had no strength to say no or do anything. She was barely able to keep herself from crying and so Mrs Nassir just moved her into position and put Lucie's almost immobile arms next to her torso. The cute teen felt miserable. With her butt spread obscenely, pointing up high and her head down, Lucie knew how degraded she looked like and she felt as if the four black marble statues were actually sneering at her.

The scared girl just wanted to go home, but Mrs Nassir now started to bandage her arms to the upper body and Lucie had no choice but endure being wrapped. But roughly a dozen rolls of band aid later Mrs Nassir seemed finally satisfied and resorted back to the oily cream. She massaged another layer into the bandages and Lucie's soft skin.

Again, she touched Lucie's, by now oversensitive, breasts in the process, making the teen's still swollen nipples even harder and massaged also the insides of the thighs of the helpless pretty schoolgirl. Lucie had to concentrate not to moan. She felt like drugged or under a spell, but when the downright magical hands of her teacher slid for the umpteenth time through her ass crack, Lucie could no longer resist.

A trembling sigh escaped her throat and the Egyptian woman stood still. Her long index finger hovering exactly over the sensitive narrow piece of skin between the cute teen's vagina and her anus. Shivering and assertive.

"What's wrong little one?", whispered the teacher, gazing over Lucie with her dark hypnotic eyes for a moment, and plunged her index finger deep in the virgin anus of the teenage schoolgirl.

"Oaaaahhh!", groaned Lucie, trying to buck and escape the unwanted penetration, but in vain.

She really wanted to move away from the demanding intruder but she was nearly stiff now and then, there was Mrs Nassir's eyes. Breathing heavily and scared now, the helpless teen tried to look away but it was almost as if she was transfixed by her teacher's deep black eyes, almost glowing in her sockets, her swinging, blinking amulet pendant and the probing finger that penetrated Lucie's anus mercilessly deeper and deeper, sending small electric shocks through her body.

She wanted to get off the table, but it was pointless. She could not. Something kept her under and to Mrs Nassir's finger in her colon now came her thumb, starting to rub the teen's already erect clit.

"Hushh pet.", said the teacher reassuringly and another finger drove along Lucie's moist labia, parting the soaking little folds and then entering the teen's screaming vaginal hole, "hushh my beautiful child. Tell me, are you still a virgin? Yes, I realize it."

"W what y-you are doing?", Lucie stammered embarrassed, seeing Mrs Nassir holding the smelly moist finger to her nose.

"Quiet pet.", whispered the woman and knelt down to fetch something from under the table, "We must clean you now."

Lucie had taken a shower before coming here, just as Mrs Nassir had told her and wanted to object but she couldn't. Her foggy mind wasn't able to articulate a response and the teen just watched in horror at the heavy transparent plastic bag with an odd black semolina-like substance in it. Her teacher attached the bag to an hook on the metal post's crane arm and gave it a push. The crane swung over the table and stopped just over the teenage girl's cute bottom.

Lucie rather felt than seeing it, but then she saw Mrs Nassir attaching two plastic hoses to the bag.

"An enema?", moaned the scared teen and tried desparetly to wriggle away, "No pleeease, don't. Wait Ma'am. Please... W-what is that?!"

Lucie started to cry, thick tears running down her cute face but Mrs Nassir now completely ignored her. She said something in her own language to herself and took two roughly 8 inches long bronze cylinders out of a box under the table. Partially covered by a green thick patina, obviously accumulated over millennia and heavily dented, the originally penis shape was clearly recognizable.

Mrs Nassir pulled a sponge-like material out of the devices and Lucie realized horrified, the about 1.5 inches thick cylinders were hollow funnels.

"Nooo.", she groaned out miserably, her whole body trembling in fear now, "Please, I don't want that."

"We don't always get what we want.", Mrs Nassir just muttered while Lucie began sobbing hysterically, "I for example didn't want a silly self-righteous white first world brat with its idiotic sensitivities to defile my car with filthy impure paint. My car! The vehicle of a servant of the gods!"

"I, I beg you Ma'am... It was a mistake..., please ... I said sorry.", whimpered the teen in panic as suddenly she felt the cold metal tips of the hollow bronze penises between her ass cheeks.

"For this blasphemy there is no excuse!", hissed Nassir and then something in what seemed to be an age old language, "Liquefaciet nix minutum Hauh! Receive the eternal God Hauh, mortal!"

"Noooooooo!!!", screamed Lucie, but then her teacher shoved and the ancient ritual objects entered the innocent schoolgirl's unprepared openings.


The pain was so intense, Lucie's eyes popped nearly out of their sockets when the penis-shaped bronze funnels widened her virginal rectal passage and vagina brutally, desecrating the petit girl and Lucie just wished to die. Through her teary eyes the Hauh statue in front of her seemed to grin mockingly and Lucie cried and begged, but to no avail. Without any hesitating the Egyptian woman connected the bronze penises expressionless with the hoses coming from the plastic bag.

Lucie could only watch and feel. Reduced to searing pain and tears, she waited for the terrible to happen and then she felt coldness when the black semolina entered her holes. It slid slowly in every fold of her colon and vagina down to her swelling womb.

Lucie was shaken by horrible cramps. She wanted to pass out, but it was as if her mind had nothing more to say. Helplessly she felt the black mass distribute itself in her slim body and her womb was soon swollen like if she was fife months pregnant.

But only when the sobbing teen girl's white flawless skin over her belly was stretched as hard as a drum, Mrs Nassir seemed satisfied and started to bandage the obscenely enlarged womb. She muttered strange sounding words and seemed to look at the statue now every minute.

"W-who a-are y-you?", Lucie sobbed in despair, "Y-you, don't work here! There is no exhibition."

Mrs Nassir smiled a little.

"Oh, that wasn't a lie. This exhibition is real and your cast will be there. Promise. But that doesn't change the fact that you'll stay here. Forever.", the older woman said to the teen's horror, "because I'm not a teacher and I'm also no Egyptologist, although I understand much more of it, as - Dr. Kirchner I believe was her name - whose place of work this was, until she disappeared just before she left for a vacation. A few weeks ago with her daughter. A really cute girl... a dancer, I think, but a wonderful screamer."

"Oooh my god, help meee!", moaned Lucie, who actually wanted to scream but couldn't because of the terrible stomach cramps that shook her young body now.

The teenager could breathe only in short bursts. She was crying quietly while the woman pulled the hoses out of the bronze penis funnels. These however, she left in place and plugged them again with the sponge-like material.

"W-why?", Lucie was mewling, "what do you want from me? I didn't do anything to you. Nothing bad. Please ma'am, I don't deserve that. Please, just let me go. I won't tell. Pleeeasse!"

"No Lucie. But I promised to show you something special.", Mrs Nassir just answered and walked up to the Hauh statue, her head slightly bowed and muttering silently sacred sounding words.

She gently slid her fingers over a tiny, almost invisible, groove in the cold marble surface and suddenly there was click. Then another one, louder this time, and Lucie couldn't believe what she saw. A big part of the massive stone statue's belly swung open as if it were paper and a small locker-sized niche, about 4 feet high, with a stone bench appeared. The black walls, covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs, were gleaming with wetness and the scared teen could see some rusty chains and shackles green with verdigris.

"W-what i-is t-that?", the crying girl whimpered, "oh G-god what is that? Plleasse ...."

The small, carved out floor of the terrible stone closet was filled knee-deep with dirt of the millenia, myriads of dead insects, blue shimmering remnants, legs and wings, of big beetles and among them traces of gauze and hundreds, no thousands, of white brutally cracked little pebbles.

But the horrified schoolgirl knew it were no pebbles. It were ripped out, partially eaten teeth and a cry of utter despair escaped from her mouth.

"Nooooo!!", she shrieked and jerked wildly in her merciless bondage, "you are insane! What is that? What is that??? Please let me out of here! Heeeeeelp!!"

But nobody heard her frantic screams. Nobody was there to hear the desperate teenage girl and the echo of her bawling died unheard in the huge warehouse.

Mrs Nassir didn't react to Lucie's begging. As if completely out of touch, she stared with her glowing dark eyes at the ceiling.

"The strong mineral in human teeth is the only what remains.", she said absent-minded, a bizarre smile the only expression for a second, "but do you know that the cursed archeologists, who once stole these sacred statues from my homeland, never realized they are hollow? None of your modern x-ray machines is strong enough to penetrate the stone and no one knows about the switch, that opens the ... sacrificial chamber. Only the priests of the Ogdoad know this secret and have preserved it for 4000 years, only to pass it to their sons and... daughters."

"Pleaaasse." Lucie whimpered, "that is not true. Please, I don't want to go in there! Please, please, please...!!!!"

Mrs Nassir merely shrugged.

"Your pathetic begging is useless. So many have pleaded for their lives with me and the servants of the Ogdoad before me, in all those thousands of years and it didn't bring them anything but pain. Dr. Kirchner cried and begged for two days, while I transformed her beautiful daughter. It was very inspirational but in vain, as I can assure you."

Lucie would not listen.

"There has to be something that can be done.", she cried desperately, "Anything! Please, I do whatever you want. Please!"

"Your pretty friend Anna said almost the same.", laughed Mrs Nassir to Lucie's horror and grabbed the immobilized schoolgirl who tried hard to make herself heavy.

But with barely 100 lbs soaking wet it was pointless and Mrs Nassir was surprisingly strong. She dragged the sobbing and begging teen to the small terrible stone compartment that would be her grave. And torture chamber, the trembling schoolgirl realized when she recognized the cruelly looking bronze pipes. One hanging from the top and two protruding from the stone bench in a way which made the purpose obvious even to Lucie's confused mind.

She just wanted to pass out and die. But the scared teen had no such luck. Despite all the horror she remained fully aware of her surroundings.

"Please don't hurt me!", she cried but Mrs Nassir ignored her and with amazing strength, she sat the sobbing bundle on the stone bench, sinking the two bronze pipes there exactly into the corresponding bronze penis funnels in Lucie's tortured anus and vagina, which were spread now even further.

"Uaaaaahhhhhh!", she moaned in pain, "it hurts so much. Please no more...Gggoddd!!"

Mrs Nassir continued regardless, pushing Lucie even deeper until the girl felt the tip of the vaginal funnel split her womb open. The ensuing heart-breaking sobs of the girl didn't affect the Egyptian woman and she grabbed the chains. Slowly and methodically she shackled the chains to the weeping teen girl's fused legs, the torso with the swollen womb, the slender neck and finally around Lucie's already tightly wrapped young terribly aching breasts.

"I can't get out of here anyways!", bawled Lucie, almost mad from horror now and tears running like a river from her blue eyes.

"I don't want you to jump around here.", said Nassir only, as if that was even possible, and walked back to the table.

"H-how?!", sobbed Lucie hysterically, sensing a chance to escape, and she stared at the woman who now took a strange helmet out of black metal chest.

Mrs Nassir first seemed to ignore the girl's desperate pleading but then she smiled a little and grabbed another one of the heavy plastic bags with the black semolina-like substance in it. Lucie recognized the helmet had the shape of a snake head and was made from a front and a back half but then, she groaned in horror.

She had noticed the content of the plastic bag. Compared with the other it seemed to be in an advanced state and the horrified teen saw countless of tiny beads in the black gooey substance. Almost like caviar.

"You wonder how?", asked the older woman and held the terrible bag with one arm almost playfully in front of the cute teen's face, "I will tell you how, but you will not like it, little one. These are eggs."

"E-eggs?", Lucie moaned, realizing what the vile woman had just said.

"Yes, the eggs of the sacred scarab beetle. The females to be exact. They are the messengers of the immortal gods and will consume you over time, delivering the flesh of your young fertile body to the sacred Ogdoad."

Lucie did not understand. She didn't want to understand. It was so horrible that her young mind refused to accept it.

"Kill me.", she cried softly, "oh God please, everything. But not that. Please."

"Even if I wanted to, it's impossible. The ritual is the same since the beginning of time. It mustn't be changed. At most, something might be added.", chuckled Mrs Nassir and went back to the table, where she picked up a small glass jar with a lid.

There was movement in the jar, accompanied by an uncanny crackling and Lucie screamed out in horror when she saw what it was. Dozens of large blueish scarab beetles with their trembling antennae probing around as if looking for a victim and their terrifying claws ready to bite and cut.

"My God.", moaned the young girl miserable, new tears running over her cute reddened apple cheeks, but the Egyptian woman just shook her head patronizingly.

"Your God is a lie." she exclaimed calmly, "but the Ogdoad are real. And a sacrifice to them requires real human flesh. Whatever, in this jar are male scarab beetles. They are crazy for the females and will do anything to get to them as soon as they become aware of them."

She put the glass jar next to the mortified girl's feet and Lucie wiggled her unprotected toes in utter terror. She looked pleadingly to Mrs Nassir, sobbing and begging, but all the young teen's crying fell on deaf ears. Her teacher just kept on and disassembled the helmet now.

Inside the front part, which was covered with rivets, a snake-shaped downward curved nozzle could be seen protruding from the area where normally the mouth would be and Lucie swallowed. She just knew what it was meant for and clenched her teeth immediately, but Mrs Nassir forced the thick nozzle with ease into the bawling, then gagging teen girl's mouth.

She pushed the metal intruder deep into Lucie's throat and down her spasming gullet, making the scared to death girl choke desperately. Lucie wanted to puke, her throat, with the tongue pressed down, felt like on fire, but the hapless teen couldn't do anything and suddenly everything was black and her face exploded in pain. The front part of the snake helm sat tightly on her face, now with the rivets poking cruelly in Lucie's soft skin.

She panicked and tried to shake her head but Mrs Nassir already attached the back half of the helmet, securing it inescapable with some hidden little hooks to the front part. Even the small line of light at the lower border of the helmet had disappeared and the sobbing girl heard, massively echoing now, how the woman wrapped one of the chains around the helmet.

Except with her shaking toes, there was no movement possible anymore.

Blind, immobile and scared beyond comprehension Lucie tried to think of an escape from this hell. The small schoolgirl so much wished everything to be just a horrible nightmare. Everything hurt, she wanted to wake up and her helpless mind couldn't understand why she didn't.

"Pwweahh gwwwwd.", she mumbled in despair, her tongue aching terribly from the torturous nozzle down her throat when she felt Mrs Nassir connecting something metal with the helmet.

Some last sane part of Lucie's mind remembered the third bronze pipe hanging down from the ceiling of the stone closet.

"There's a big cavity above you.", Mrs Nassir explained, her voice muffled by the helmet, "I filled it with some gallons of sugared water. It should keep you going for two or three months."

'Months', screamed Lucie's mind in utter disbelief as she heard the breaking of glass and a second later felt little legs on her toes, the terrifying beetles now free.

Mrs Nassir laughed.

"It took the scarabs five weeks to eat through your pretty friend Anna's delicious young flesh until they reached the females.", she said, "But you don't worry. For some reason they leave the vital organs intact, until the last moment. Just as parasitoid wasps who oviposit an egg into their host, with the larvae eating it alive later on. I guess, they somehow know, they die when the host dies. Anyways, we have to close the chamber now before these little guys crawl all over the place. But I'll give you a last advise. Try not to climax, it changes the chemical balance of your blood and that makes the beetles wild. Enjoy your safe space."

Lucie heard a click and then the horrible crunching noise of the stone chamber being closed. Nothing else, except the rustling of the murderous beetles, the young girl's tortured mind imagined crawling all over her now and her own muffled desperate sobbing.

The crying teen realized she was trapped here. Forever and the monster beetles of this devilish woman would eat her alive, slow and painful.

No one would ever find her and Lucie's thoughts went to her parents, whom she hadn't told she was here because it was so embarrasing, as suddenly the aching bronze penises in her abused holes began slowly to vibrate.

"Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhh!!", the young girl moaned, stiffled by the snake-shaped gag, which was leaking drops of mildly sugared water now, "Hnnnnnn, hnnnnnnnggh ....!!!"

But the unforgiving pulsating penises, radiating heat waves and small electrical shocks through Lucie's tortured crotch, seemed to stimulate every nerve ending of her inexperienced young vagina and anus and the young girl understood the terrible meaning of Mrs Nassir's last comment.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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