Torture Boy Toy
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Chapter 1

Trevor Foster was, in many ways, kind of a stereotype. He was a tall, heavyset black man with the kind of muscles that he earned through hours in the gym each week. He was loud, quick to laugh, and not afraid to get into a fight when the mood struck him. He was a linebacker for his college's football team, and he had a scholarship riding on what would hopefully be his career.

He was sitting on the couch in his living room with his arms crossed over his chest. Trevor was wearing boxers, a loose white shirt, and nothing else. He was nervous, but there was an anticipatory edge to it. Like he was at the top of a rollercoaster, getting ready to fall to the ground at breakneck speeds. It was a far cry from his normally confident attitude.

His girlfriend was lounging on the chair on the other side of the room, typing on her phone. The sound of her fingers flicking against the touchscreen seemed louder in the silence than it would be otherwise.

Akane was an Asian women who was a full foot shorter than him, the top of her head barely reached Trevor's shoulder blades. She was also very thin. It made her look fragile; she was the only person that Trevor knew that could truly be called waifish. He could pick her up off the ground with one hand without any trouble. There couldn't have been a bigger difference between them.

She wasn't weak, though. That wasn't even close to how he could describe Akane.

She was wearing what Trevor had mentally dubbed her casual clubbing clothes. She had a tight pair of shorts with long black leggings and a white top with a plunging neckline that did a good job of showing off her cleavage. Her small leather jacket was thrown carelessly over the back of the chair. It was an easy outfit to wear, but it wasn't something she put on unless there was a reason for it.

Akane finished texting and looked up with a smile. "Linda says hi. She'll be coming over later. We've got something planned." She raised her arms and gestured to her outfit. "It'll be a while before she shows up. I've got some ideas on how we can pass the time."

Trevor let out a deep breath, then licked his lips. He didn't say anything.

Akane stood up. She walked out of the room and through the door that led to the kitchen. She called out as she went, "Strip and get into the waiting position."

Trevor stood up. He pulled his shirt off and threw it on the couch, then picked it back up and folded it. Leaving it lying around carelessly might give her an excuse to make up some sort of punishment, which was something he wanted to avoid. He slipped out of his boxers and put them down on the couch.

He stood at parade rest in the middle of the empty room. He held his back straight and kept his arms folded behind his back. His dick hung out in the air, only partly hard enough to stand up in the air. It quickly fell down, though. The small humiliation of waiting naked for Akane to return wasn't enough to keep him excited.

He was tense with anticipation, and any boredom that he might have felt went away once he heard Akane's footsteps approaching. She entered the room with a cardboard box in her hands. She put it down on the floor, then stepped up to him. He remained still. She slowly paced around Trevor's body, looking over him as she moved. She didn't touch him, but at times it seemed like she was close to reaching out. The expectation, along with the erotic nature of the scene, had him hard by the time she was once again standing in front of his chest.

Akane flicked a finger against his cock. His voice caught as it bobbed up and down. Akane carefully knelt down on the floor in front of him, her eyes locked on his dick. "How long has it been since I've let you cum? I think I've forgotten. It was two weeks, I think?"

"Two week and four days, Akane," Trevor said. His voice was a husky rumble. Akane peeked up, and he saw that there was a grin on her face. There was a mean edge to it.

"So two weeks then. That's not too bad, is it? It's not like you haven't gone longer than that. Maybe I'll break that little streak today?" She carefully traced a vein down his shaft with a finger, then leaned close enough that he felt her hot breath against his tip. He twitched suddenly, causing his member to jerk to the side. Akane laughed, then caught it.

Her hands were cool, just a few degrees lower than room temperature. To Trevor, they were blazing cold against his erection. He bit down on a moan when her fingers wrapped around him. She lightly tugged up, then down, then squeezed. His hips moved forward with the pressure, almost involuntarily, and Akane quickly let go.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?" Akane glared up at Trevor. "Did I say that you could move around?"

"Ah, no," Trevor groaned. Akane clicked her tongue. Trevor had forgotten that he wasn't supposed to make eye contact. Before he could look away, she swatted his balls with the back of her hand. She didn't hit him very hard, but it was still enough to have him hissing in surprise.

"No, what?" she asked. She pulled her hand back again, as if she was going to strike.

"No, ma'am!"

"Very good." She lightly flicked his dick one more time, then stood back up and stepped away. Trevor looked down at the floors, but he could see her glare out of the corner of his eyes. She huffed, then turned around and rummaged inside the box she had brought into the room. After a few seconds, she returned to him with a male chastity belt in hand. He had never seen it before, though she had made him wear similar things before. She must have borrowed it from one of her friends, who were mostly just as into BDSM as she was.

Akane had Trevor step into the belt, then he stood still while she pulled it up and locked it into place around his waist. His balls were pulled apart, split into two distinct globes, and then tightly wrapped with thin cords. His dick was fully erect, which got in the way of the rest of the equipment, so Akane gave him a few stinging slaps until it deflated. It was soon trapped inside the chastity belt's positively tiny metal sheath. It was barely big enough to hold his dick as it was now. It would incredibly uncomfortable almost as soon as it was in place, when Trevor once again began to become aroused. There was no room to grow.

The belt was locked shut, to his surprise. Akane had a special padlock for the belt, something that she had never used before. It was basically ceremonial, since it seemed flimsy enough to break off with tools if he really had to, but that didn't stop his breath from catching at the sight. There was a sense of power there, a declaration that he was not in control. Trevor liked it. The key quickly found its way into her pocket.

She snapped her fingers to the ground, and Trevor fell to his knees. Akane took something out of her pocket, making a big deal out of hiding it from his eyes. Then, with a wide smirk, she slowly opened her fingers to show him the blue pill sitting out on her open palm. Trevor immediately recognized it as Viagra. He grimaced, but he didn't say anything. She offered her palm up to his mouth, and he dry swallowed it without complaint.

Akane went back to the box and pulled out a bright red ball gag. "Put it on," she said, then threw it to him. He caught it without thinking, then did as he was told. The gag was just small enough to fit comfortably in his mouth, but still large enough to make talking impossible.

She put her hands on her hips and gave him a once over. Her gave lingered on his crotch, his abs, and other such interesting parts of his body. Trevor made an effort not to fidget. She eventually nodded. "Yes, this is looking good. Now it's time for you to lie down for a while."

She led him into the bedroom, then into their walk-in closet. It was larger than most people would expect from such a room, but there was still barely enough space to fit the bed inexplicitly inside. Trevor thought that she must have set it up inside to surprise him, as he would have never guessed it was there at all.

There were a few unusual things about the bed. The bare white mattress was small, just wide and long enough to fit Trevor lying down. The frame was made of steel, and not the cheap kind. Trevor knew from experience that anything less could bend or break if he tried thrashing against it with all of his strength. It was also about twice as high enough off the ground than a normal bed would be. It came right up to his waist, in fact.

He didn't have to be told what to do next. He leaned over and fell down onto the bed face first, letting his ass stick up and his feet stay on the floor. He noticed that, while the springs had him bouncing back up, the actual mattress didn't even twitch. The frame had a tight grip on it.

Akane was quick to have his hands tied behind his back. She wrapped leather straps around both his wrists, then longer cords were coiled around his forearms. The space between his arms had a lot of straps strung between it, and then they were connected to different parts of his arm with even more straps. It felt like she was weaving a spider web. He was pretty sure that he wouldn't be able to move his arms in any direction at all, not even a twitch. There was too much there. Trevor was at least happy that his arms was in a comfortable enough position to hold.

Then more straps were looped around his legs. She used almost three times as much leather there, she wrapped his calves enough times to give him a very faint ache. His legs were firmly locked together, but were also tied to the bed legs. She pulled them tight so that each leg had a good tension to it. She even went to her knees and attached the whole mess to something underneath the bed, making it impossible to push his legs into the air.

At this point, Trevor was feeling intimidated. This was already pretty extreme, but she still wasn't finished. Akane had him lift his head, then pulled a black calfskin leather hood down over his face. There was soft padding on the inside over his eyes, which forced them closed. There were holes for his nose and gagged mouth, but that was it. Laces on the back were tightened so that the gimp mask was pressing down against his skin. In fact, she had it tight enough to indent the material against his face, like a panty line.

His dick was beginning to really ache from the strain of not having enough space to get hard. With all the time it had taken to get him tied up, the Viagra was getting close to kicking in. That didn't mean he wasn't getting aroused just from the bondage itself. There was just a huge big difference from a regular erection and what came from the pill. Trevor knew he would be feeling that difference, soon enough.

Akane was done with his legs. So, because she knew he could not move, she decided to slap his ass. She hit him hard, though the grunt that escaped his gagged lips was more from shock than anything else. He had a high pain tolerance.

"That's nice," she muttered, almost too soft for him to hear. She slapped him again. "Yeah, you're looking really good right now. I like it when you have your ass up on display." She stopped talking for a moment, then the silence stretched as she did something Trevor couldn't see.

"I know that the ballgag you're wearing is pretty good. Takes screams and turns them into whimpers, if I can go by our last session," Akane said. Her words were spoken casually, like she was making small talk. "I want to test that out before we go too far. How good you are at staying quiet is going to be important. I think... yeah, there's enough room in here for the cane."

Trevor stiffened. Akane laughed, then left the room. He only had about ten seconds to worry, to mentally torture himself with the memories of how rough Akane liked to get with corporal punishments, before she was back. He didn't really have time to do anything before a rattan cane slammed against his upturned ass.

Trevor grunted, this time louder than he had before. Akane spoke with a smile in her voice. "Consider this a challenge. I want you to stay quiet. You don't make any noise, you win. If I hear you so much as groan, then you lose. Guess what happens when you lose?"

Trevor didn't try to say anything back. Akane let out a small chuckle. "There you go, you get it. Think of this as practice. You're going to really have to try and be quiet for the stuff I have set up after this. I'm serious about that. I'm going to do my best to make you lose."

Trevor heard her step away after those ominous words were spoken. He also heard the swish of the cane right before it hit his ass cheeks, hard. Trevor bit down on any sound he might have made. Akane barely gave him any time to recover before the next one hit him. The same went for the one after that, and the one after that as well.

After all was said and done, Akane decided to give him fifteen strikes of the cane. That was a punishing number at the best of times, when there was plenty of time between each blow. Akane gave Trevor just enough time to feel the burn before hitting him again. She made sure to go over spots that she had touched earlier, grouping them all into three very specific lines on his ass. They were all grouped around the fattest section of his rump, mostly because Akane liked seeing that part get hit.

Akane knew that Trevor had tried his best. She had been really hard on him, and he had taken it without complaint. That was something that she liked about him. But still, she had to keep her word. Trevor had let out a noise during the last few strokes, right when she had hit him half a beat earlier and quite a bit harder than what he had obviously been expecting. It wasn't much, barely a whimper. It was still noise.

Akane was smiling pretty hard. It would have been fine if he had been quiet, but she thought it was more fun this way. A lot more fun. She threw the cane to the side of the room with some sing-song humming. Trevor heard it hit the wall and fall to the ground. "Oh my. It looks like you failed."

Trevor didn't say anything. He was still on the bed, carefully still so as to not aggravate the burning marks on his ass. Akane continued talking, still sounding excited. "I've got to set something up. Just hold on, okay? It may take a little while. Don't worry, because this is going to be a special. The wait will be worth it."

Akane left the room. Trevor stewed in silence, anxious about what was still coming. It took a few minutes before he found himself growing bored, though a restless energy remained behind it all. He was nervous. She was gone long enough for Trevor to start wondering about what could actually take so long.

The Viagra finally kicked in all the way while she was gone, and it was painful in just the frustrating sort of way that he had been expecting. His cock hurt inside the chastity belt, but in not in the sense that the cane hurt. It was something different, something that was more related to how turned on he was. The pain seemed to make his need stronger. Trevor hated it.

Before he could spend too much time reflecting on that ache, Akane was back. He thought he heard something sloshing around as she came in, but he wasn't sure. She spoke, and Trevor could hear the excitement in her voice. "I just want you to know, this is something I've spent more than a month saving up for. I've had my eye on this little toy as soon as it came out. It's something that I feel happy, and honored, to share with you." Akane paused, then giggled.

Trevor heard her step up to his ass, which was still tied in place and pointed up in the air. "Let me introduce you to the Dragon. Capital d dragon, because this bad boy is majestic enough to deserve that kind of title. I almost wish you weren't tied up for this. It looks very impressive. I think you would appreciate it." Trevor heard the sound of squirt of lubing being squeezed out of a bottle, then the light noise of it being slathered across something. He realized, belatedly, that she must be wearing a strapon.

"I thought it was more important to make this a surprise. I think you'll enjoy it more this way, you know? You can admire the merchandise later." He felt something cold, hard, and slippery press up against his asshole.

The next five or ten minutes, Trevor wasn't sure how long it was, were very uncomfortable for the man. They have done anal stuff before, but it was always a big deal that they would build up to. Trevor had a hard time relaxing his ass to accept any kind of toy, it felt unnatural to him. There was always some resistance. That meant Akane had to use a little extra force. That was fun for her, but not so much for him.

It didn't help that the Dragon was bigger than anything she had used before. It wasn't like he couldn't handle it. It was just terribly long, painfully thick, and every inch had him gritting his teeth and straining against the straps that tied him to the bed. He had to struggle a little, it was almost an instinctive response. It didn't help him.

That was the thing. It didn't matter how big or strong Trevor was. Bound up as he was, bent over with immobile legs and his arms behind his back, he didn't have any leverage. He couldn't use push or pull off anything to help force himself away. He was trapped, and that meant he had to lie there and let his girlfriend spear him with her strapon. That made him feel helpless, humiliated, degraded, and very turned on. The pain in his ass hurt, but the pain of his dick stuck in the chastity belt was easily strong enough to rank second.

Each notch of rubber was a struggle. Trevor could occasionally hear his girlfriend make small noises of satisfaction, pleased grunts or huffs of laughter. He knew that she was enjoying every second of it. The strapon kept coming, and his became more and more stuffed. The toy kept pushing deeper and deeper into his ass. It wasn't something he could describe very well, but it was uncomfortable in a way that struck a chord with a very primal part of him. It invaded him.

Trevor knew when they were done, because he could feel the hilt of the strapon touch his ass cheeks. Akane stopped there for a minute. She was nice enough to give him time to adjust. But all too soon, he felt her hips slightly back, pulling the toy out by an infinitesimal amount. He prepared for her to push it back in.

Akane's phone vibrated, and she stopped what she was doing. Trevor heard her fingers flick in her password, and after a pause she was rapidly typing on her touchscreen. Her text wasn't very long. He soon heard the rustle of her pants as she put her phone back away.

"Well, change of plans. I suppose I don't have time to fuck you with this. You are one lucky dog, I'll tell you that much. Next time, though. Definitely next time." Trevor silently sighed into his gag, immensely grateful. He was also a little disappointed, but only a little. He tensed up again when she slid the dildo back into his asshole.

"It turns out that Linda is a little earlier than I expected. That's ok, though. She isn't here yet. I've got time to set things up."

Akane trailed her hand across Trevor's ass, then it was gone. He heard something unbuckle. He realized that she must be removing the strapon. "I spend so much time getting this thing on, and it's already coming off. Bleh."

It took about ten seconds before she was finished undoing whatever piece of equipment that held the Dragon against her pelvis. Then, to his surprise, he felt something wrap around his waist. It felt like a harness. Akane carefully positioned it so that it covered his ass, specifically his very sensitive cane marks, yet didn't cover any part of his chastity belt. She then tightened it as hard as she could. This dug the dildo a little deeper into his ass, to his groaning displeasure. Akane finished it all up by doing something to tie the harness in place, ensuring that the toy wouldn't come out.

Someone knocked on the door, and Akane stepped away from him. She said, "I'll be right back. Do not make any sounds." Then she was gone, and the closet door was closed behind her.

Trevor's hearing was, after spending so much time blindfolded and immobile, as sharp as it had ever been. He heard the door open, then someone walked in. They moved around the entryway, then moved into the living room. They were quiet for a bit, probably talking too quietly for him to hear. The silence stretched, even as Akane and presumably Linda moved onto the couch for some reason. He could hear the squeak of the old springs underneath the cushions. Then there was nothing, at least that he could tell. Trevor frowned, or more accurately his lips twitched around the gag. There was something that he was missing.

Then someone stood up and moved into the bedroom. Akane, judging by the sound of the footsteps. There was a pause, and then music began playing from their small home theater speakers. It was smooth jazz, something they had for when they wanted romantic music.

Trevor felt a shock run through his body. He recognized that song. It was only something they sometimes used when they wanted to have soft sex, the kind that focused on romance and tenderness. It was a little signal between them, something that came from a small joke that he couldn't remember.

Akane slipped into the room, quietly shutting the door behind her. Trevor loudly grunted into his gag as he tried to ask her what was going on. Akane's hand was wrapped around his nuts before he could do anything else. He made some sort of noise of protest, but he went quiet when her grip became a little tighter.

"I thought I told you that you supposed to be quiet." Her voice was low and frosty. "I was serious. I can understand if you didn't quite get that. I'll let it go, this once. Don't make the same mistake twice."

Trevor didn't make a sound. She slowly loosened her painful grip on his privates, and then she let go entirely. She took a step back and cleared her throat.

"We've talked about this, remember? We swing. You said you didn't mind if I invited other girls over for sex, so long as you could do the same. And we did that. I mean, we've even had some fun threesomes with a few of those women. This isn't exactly like that, but its close enough. You know who Linda is, you like her. She's been a good friend of ours ever since I met her at the BDSM club. She doesn't have any problems with a little meaningless fun between friends."

"She doesn't know about you being here, though. She thinks that you're out with some of your sports buddies, and that we've got some time before you get home. She likes that sort of thing. She has this fetish for... I suppose you could say claiming someone. She gets a real kick knowing that her partner is sneaking behind someone's back. That's not what's really happening. She doesn't know we swing. Still."

Akane very softly clapped her hands together. "I'm going to go out there and have some super fun sex. We'll probably spoon, and cuddle, and just be cute as hell together. Your job is to take your punishment quietly, with dignity. Don't think about making a fuss. You don't even want to image what's going to happen if she catches you tied up here. It will be nasty."

Trevor kept himself still while Akane did something behind him. He heard the faint sound of liquids moving around. "Well, I suppose I should tell you what prize you've won today. For failing your punishment earlier, that is. It's a doozy, let me tell you. The Dragon came with a few little packets and some instructions for making a special kind of enema. They call it the Dragon's Fire. Pretty hardcore name, right? Very metal. There's some spices in each packet that supposedly make it something really extreme. There was a warning label and everything! Not for the faint of heart, it said."

There was more sloshing. He felt something press down against the buttplug, enough force to actually press the toy against his asshole, and then the slight pressure slackened. Trevor realized she had pushed something inside the strapon, and he had a good idea what that might be. There must be a hole in the base for the enema's tube to slide into.

"I think you can handle it. You're a big boy, yeah? I mean, I hope so. This is happening no matter what. You can't stop it. All you can do is lay down and enjoy yourself. Quietly." Akane stood behind Trevor for about ten more seconds, then he heard her turn a knob. It faintly squeaked in the silent room. Trevor heard her walk to the door, open it, then pause.

"I want you to know," she whispered in a voice he could barely heard, "that you are doing a great job. Just keep it up, alright? I love you." She shut the door behind her.

Trevor could feel the sweat on his face. It was sticking to the black bag covering his face. His cock was straining against the chastity belt, this predicament not frightening enough to drive down the drug. Not that he wasn't insanely turned on, of course. Because he was. She was going to fuck another woman, and he could do nothing. He had never been more aware of his vulnerability, of his lack of control over this situation. He felt like he would cum if anyone so much as stroked his cock. Sadly, that was impossible. And the real torture was just about to begin.

The enema was steadily snaking its way through the strapon and into his bowels, slowly but surely heating up as it went further inside his body. It was already uncomfortable, but it was still getting hotter. He was tied so tightly he couldn't even fidget. He had to lay there and let it flow in.

Trevor heard the sound of the bedroom door opening, then closing. His hearing was still as sharp as ever, and even then he thought the sound of Akane kissing Linda might have come from his imagination. The jazz, while soft and low toned, would surely cover up that noise. He definitely heard the bed creak. It was too loud for just one person to come from one person sitting on it. The very suspicious lack of bed noises afterwards came in time with the first cramp of the enema, more from the burning than anything else. It also came with the realization that the enema was still pouring into him. Trevor was only really familiar with enemas used for cleaning his ass, Akane very rarely made him use them for anything more. He wasn't sure how large the enema was, but he might have guessed that it was about two quarts.

The bed creaked some more. Trevor could only image what was happening. Linda, from what he remembered, was a short redhead with a light dusting of freckles across her face. She was very cute looking, in a kind of innocent girl next door sort of way. Linda was a very loud person, she was happy being the center of attention. Trevor had been excited about the idea of possibly hooking up with her. He had counted himself lucky that both Linda and his girlfriend Akane were kinky enough to go along with the idea. He had never thought that this was going to happen. He heard a muffled moan, so low that he would have missed it if his ears weren't so sensitive, and he had to fight the urge to grind his teeth against his ballgag.

The pressure in his guts was getting stronger. It felt like the mixture was broiling in him, like vinegar mixing with baking soda. The heat was burning, agitating him in a way that he couldn't describe. It was a feeling that he had no frame of reference for. He had described the strapon as invasive, and this was similar. Just ten times more intense.

It took a little time to realize that he had taken the last of the enema. The whole load was inside him. It had to have been two quarts. Trevor couldn't imagine how bad it would be if Akane had given him something larger. It was already terrible, and it was only getting worse.

He was starting to cramp, and they were seriously painful. Each wave had an awful grip on his body that left him shaking. It was bad enough to have him pushing against the dildo to force it out, almost against his will. The strapon was still firmly lodged in his ass, and it was wrapped around his waist too tightly to budge. That seemed to make it worse. The boiling pressure inside him was trapped between a rock and a hard place, and it was taking it out on him.

He couldn't help it. It was an accident. A really nasty cramp, the kind that felt like a burning kick up his ass, had him groaning in pain. It was loud enough that he was sure the other people on the other side of the door could hear him. For a minute, when nothing happened, he hoped that they hadn't heard. They might have missed the noise.

But then the closet doors were pulled open, and he heard a very feminine gasp. "What the hell, Akane? Was he here the entire time?"


"That's so creepy!" He heard the sound of Linda slapping Akane. Probably on her shoulder, and definitely not very hard.

"Well, he wasn't supposed to be heard. I told him to be quiet."

"Still, though! Why is he tied up in the closet?

Akane laughed. "Someone made a bet at the club. If he could stay quiet with Dragon's Fire inside him long enough for me to get you to cum, I would have won."

"So you were just using me, huh?" Linda's tone of voice was playful. She didn't sound angry, or surprised. That puzzled Trevor, for a second. Then he realized that Linda was just as much a part of Akane's BDSM club as she was. She knew the sort of things they did.

"I'm kind of a bitch," Akane admitted. "But you knew that."

"Yeah, and that's what I like about you. You are just so mean!" Trevor heard them kiss for a second. He couldn't help but let out a groan, though it sounded more like a growl.

"So, what's going on?" Linda asked. "Oh yeah, Dragon's Fire. God, that shit is nasty. How long has he been like this?"

"He's been retaining it for about a few minutes before you got here."

"Really? That's impressive. I mean, that is kind of long for that stuff. My sub couldn't take it for more than ten minutes, and you know how tough he is. Are you going to let it out? He looks like he's in pain."

"Well, yeah. But this is supposed to be a punishment. He screwed up, and now he has to deal with the consequences."

"I guess, but still..."

Trevor was panting. The broiling pain seemed to have reached a new peak. He was almost mindlessly testing the bondage that held him in place, though he knew that it wouldn't do anything. Trevor was seriously considered breaking down and begging for the enema to be released. The only thing that stopped him was the contemplative silence between the two women.

Linda was the first to speak. "Tell you what. Why don't we just spend the rest of the night playing with him? We can do it together. I've got a few fun ideas we could try out. If that's ok with you, of course."

"Linda, that's wonderful! It's been a while since I've done this sort of thing with friends. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, if I remember correctly, your boy toy doesn't like anal?"

"Yeah," Akane said. "He doesn't. I think it makes him feel emasculated. He can take it pretty well, but there's always a struggle."

"Ok, that's good. His asshole will definitely be really sensitive and sore after the enema comes out. Why don't I try fisting him and see how much he can take?"

Akane laughed. It was a light, airy sound. It was tortuous to Trevor, who was dealing with a particularly strong wave of burning contractions rampaging through his bowels. "I like that. I mean, he could never take that much even on his best days. I haven't trained him yet, outside of general small things. Still, it would be fun to try. He's definitely going to be nice and clean. The packet said the mix was supposed to be... thorough. That's a nice word for it."

Linda laughed, then said, "Yeah. You're pretty hard on your subs, Akane."

"That's because I know he can take it. And there's not much he could do right now, anyways. You have to do what I want, don't you? My little pain slut?" She lightly slapped Trevor's ass. "God, this is fun. Fisting could be interesting. We've done some anal stuff, and I can't get enough of it. There's some other stuff we could try out, though."


"Yeah. I borrowed some toys from a friend. I think you might like it. I have them lying around somewhere, if you can let me find it."

"Well, let's first get a bucket or something. Trevor looks like he needs some release."

Akane sighed. It was a put upon noise, but there was a teasing undertone. "Okay, fine. Gosh. I was going to let him squirm for a while longer, but if you insist. First we empty him out, then we fill him back up again. Sounds good?"

Linda chuckled. "Yeah, that seems about right."

The two of them walked away from Trevor, and then he heard them shut the closet door behind them. Trevor knew that they would be back, but that didn't stop a muffled howl from escaping his mouth into the empty room. His ass was practically shaking from the pressure of retaining the Dragon's Fire, the ache in his crotch was even stronger than it had been before, and the worst thing of all was knowing that there was more to come. It seemed like his night was just getting started.

The thought would have pushed him over the edge and made him cum if he wasn't in such pain.

Chapter 2

Akane has a number of fond memories that she shared with her boyfriend Trevor. A particularly memorable one was the time she first introduced him to what they ended up calling the electric bed.

Trevor, Akane, and their swinger friend Linda were all in Akane's basement. The room was a study of contrasts. On one hand, the left half was set up like a normal living area. There was a computer on a desk in the corner. A television and couch was placed nearby. A small couch was bumped up against a wall, and a television with a wheeled stand was placed in front of it. Some very nice carpeting had been put down. The place was open to anyone in the house to use.

But that was only on the left half of the room. The other side had a bare concrete floor, their small collection of BDSM furniture, and hooks and eye rings screwed in everywhere. There was a walk in closet that held some of their more elaborate costumes and outfits, along with the bigger pieces of equipment that couldn't be easily stored upstairs. There was a drainage hole near the far corner, where restraints hung from the ceiling and a garden hose was left carelessly nearby on the floor.

Akane and Linda was excited, Trevor both nervous and aroused. They had a surprise for him, something that had taken weeks of work to get ready. In his experience that meant something pretty extreme was about to go down. All three were dressed with that in mind.

That is to say, Trevor was completely naked while Linda and Akane wore casual jeans and shirts. He was their toy, he needed to be ready for whatever they wanted him to do. They didn't need to put on anything fancy for his expense.

Trevor smiled, though it was slightly strained. "Well, I'm here. What is it you wanted to show me?"

"Yes," Akane said with a smile. "I think you know today is my birthday. I also think you know that I've planning something to celebrate for a while now."

"Yeah," Trevor said. This was the second birthday that the couple had shared together. The first was his own, and they had a wonderful time with it. She had led him on and had him thinking she was planning to give him a fancy romantic dinner. Instead, she had tied him and down fucked his brains out over a long period of tease and denials, corporal punishment, and some creative use of candles. He knew what kind of tone today was going to have.

His girlfriend nodded. "You will stand there. Do not move, do not fidget. It is very important that we do this right the first time, and any mistakes we make because you can't stay still will come out of your ass. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress," Trevor rumbled. His voice was deeper than it usually was, huskier. He was enjoying this situation almost as much as she was. As if she couldn't tell from the way that his dick was sticking straight out. It was almost straining with his arousal.

"Good," Akane said with smug tone of voice. Linda put a hand across her mouth to hide a small laugh. She always had fun watching such a small woman order around such a large man.

Linda bent down towards a box that was sitting out of the way on the floor. She pulled it over, then opened it. It was filled with white shock pads, the kind that had wires trailing out the back. Trevor raised an eyebrow, and Akane grinned in response.

The two woman stuck an almost ridiculous number of pads to his body. It all went on his ass, his thighs, the soles of his feet, the dip of his stomach just above his crotch, his actual stomach, and even across the underside of his arms. They didn't do anything to his nipples, though. None of the pads went near his heart.

A dildo was taken out next. It was made out of metal, and it had wires trailing out of the base. It wasn't very large compared to some of the other dildos that Akane had forced up Trevor's asshole, but that didn't mean it was small. The shaft was slathered with a copious amount of gel before being slowly slid into his ass. Trevor did his best to relax and let it happen, but Akane still had him grunting and hissing with her rough handling. Linda let Trevor see the bottle of lube before she put it away. The front label advertised it as one of the best brands for electrical conduction.

Akane pulled out a few special shock pads. These were smaller, put out a weaker current of electricity, and just the right size to wrap around Trevor's balls. To make sure it didn't fall off, she took twine and tied it in place. She had to wrap that around his balls as well, and of course she had to have it as tight as she could. In the end, his two nuts were quite thoroughly separated and packaged. She couldn't even see his sack underneath it all.

Then her attention turned to his penis. The plug up his ass had been a little hard to handle all at once, but nobody there could see that from his dick. It was as eager as ever. Thankfully, this was what she wanted. She showed Trevor her newest toy, and his eyes widen in response. It looked innocent enough, on its own. It was a very short, very thin steel plug, attached to two metal rings through a chain link. Most people would not immediately guess what it was made to do. Trevor did.

"I want to keep you nice and plugged," Akane said trimly. "You aren't allowed to spill anything."

She took ahold of his penis, and Trevor watching with wide eyes as she lined the plug up to his urethra. She slowly and carefully pushed it in, and he couldn't help but immediately wince back. It wasn't as painful as he thought it would be, but it was an incredibly unpleasant feeling. It made him want to squirm.

She then moved the rings down so that they were centered on both the middle and the root of his cock, then pressed down against them. They tightened. Once the rings were as small as she could get them, she did something so that they locked in place. The cock ring would ensure that the urethra plug remained place, along with keeping him hard.

All the wires trailing from the shock pads were bundled together with little plastic straps at strategic intervals. There was a balance between keeping everything together and making sure there was slack so the pads couldn't be pulled off by Trevor's fidgeting. The end result was something that could only be described as a wire braid.

"Okay," Akane said. She held the wires in hand so that they wouldn't be in the way on the floor. "I think he is ready. Let's bring the bed out."

Linda nodded, then stepped into the walk in closet. She was soon back out pushing a huge bed on wheels into the room. It was set low to the ground, and instead of regular bedding it had a sheet of thick rubber latex. The material was dark, and it covered the bed from the foot to the head. There was an open faced mask on top of the pillows hidden underneath the peculiar blanket. The mask seemed to be made out of the same kind of material as the sheet. It took Trevor a few moments to see that the mask was actually part of the latex itself.

Akane laughed. "You wouldn't believe how expensive it was to rent all of this. It'll be worth it, though. I promise you that."

Linda bent down fiddled with the bed wheels until they were locked in place. Akane walked over and lifted up the blanket near the foot of the bed. She kept the wire braid in hand while Trevor was made to lay down and scoot his way into the open flap. He was careful while squirming his way through the latex, because one wrong move could knock a wire or a pad loose. It took a few minutes longer than it really should have because of that, but he was eventually all the way inside. The air was hot and heavy underneath the latex blanket, so Trevor jammed his face into the mask as soon as he could so that he could breathe.

Akane corrected his positioning, guiding him so that he was lying on his back in the correct way. There was a curved groove in the bed. "You have to be careful," she told him. "If you lay down on the right spot, you can stay here for hours with no problem. No aches, no pain, nothing. If you do it wrong you'll get sore after a while. We don't want to ruin things and have to quit halfway through, right?"

Akane also checked underneath the covers and once again checked all the shock pads. They were still connected and in place. She pushed against the dildo inside Trevor to check that it was still inserted, then checked on the pads on his balls. Nobody but Trevor caught the five seconds of painfully hard flicking against the most vulnerable part of his body, nor the sharp pinch as she came back out. She let the blanket fall back down and cover his body.

Trevor's face was now the only part of him that was visible. The rest was hidden away underneath the heavy black rubber latex. Akane spent some time fiddling around with the base of the bed. She tucked all the rubber into the base of the bed, sealing it shut as best she could. The only exception was for a tiny hole barely large enough to let the bundle of wires out.

Akane looked over everything one last time, then gestured to Linda that she was finished. She got down on her knees and crawled underneath the bed. Akane gave Trevor a few hard smacks against his nipples while she waited, more for something to do than anything else. The rubber absorbed most of the blows, but not all of it. She wasn't holding back, and it had Trevor pursing his lips.

An almost painfully loud motor started up from under the bed. The loose rubber on top of Trevor began to constrict, and Akane made sure that Trevor kept herself still while the material tightened down. She didn't have to worry about him fidgeting once the slack disappeared and the rubber began to physically keep him in place. Linda came back out and joined Akane in watching Trevor just as the air was beginning to be sucked out of every nook and cranny in the vacuum bed. The mask on his face seemed to have a stronger and stronger grip on him with each passing second. It kept his head still. The electric motor continued to run until it couldn't anymore, automatically shutting off once there was no more air for it to pump out.

Every inch of Trevor was now outlined by the skintight latex that clung to his body. The material was pressing against his skin with enough strength to accentuate every curve, thought it didn't show the details very well. It covered his whole figure, from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. The smooth sheet both enveloped and accentuated his bulge, the swell of his inner thighs, and more. The only exception to all this was his face. The open mask didn't hide any of Trevor's expression. From what they could see, he was either afraid or excited. Most likely both.

Akane took ahold of the braided wires, careful to not pull too hard against them, and Linda brought out a metal box and set it on a nearby table. It was thin but long, and it had numerous buttons and switches scattered across it. Some were labeled, and some weren't. An extension cord was taken and plugged into the base of the box, then hooked up to the nearest electrical outlet. Akane took out a chair and sat down in front of what was obviously the control panel.

"I want you to tell me how much each shock hurts, from one to ten," she said. "One is that you can barely feel it, five is a moderate pain, and ten is too much. These numbers are very important, Trevor. I need the most accurate number that you can give me for this to work."

She pressed a few buttons on the box, and then waited. "One," he said belatedly. Akane pushed a button, gave him another shock, and then got another answer back. This continued on for some time, long enough for Linda to get bored and leave partway through.

It became very clear that Akane had been serious about wanting the best numbers. The beginning shocks were low enough for Trevor to have trouble even feeling them, and then later he would be given the same shocks and see if the number given had changed depending on how high or low the previous voltage was, or on what part of the body it had been delivered to. There could wildly different responses with a small change or two, especially since low shocks to his balls and asshole could feel either pleasurable, painful, or both depending on how it was delivered. It took time to go over it all, and Akane only started giving shocks that rated higher than four once Trevor was able to consistently stick to a baseline.

Things became more interesting after that. Akane began to shock different parts of the body at the same time, still with low voltage, and found how that effected the degree of pain. The process was becoming streamlined, Trevor was needing less and less time to give an accurate number. Akane started to go for higher and higher intensity shocks. The tone of the scene was ramping up in time to the buildup of pain and electricity.

Trevor was left hissing at the shocks that rated a five, grunting in pain once she hit six, and the first and only level eight shock actually caused him to briefly scream. "I think that will be your hard limit," Akane said. "We won't go that high again." She gave Trevor a shock to his balls that had him whimpering, and he rated it a seven.

Trevor had been completely motionless during the entire test. No part of his body had twitched in the slightest, even though he must have at least tried to fidget around during the harder parts of the test. The vacuum bed had him thoroughly pinned.

Akane finished putting in the last few numbers, and then began setting more things up on the panel. Trevor was visibly flagging at that point, exhausted by what he had gone through, so Akane let him relax for a while. She went upstairs, and she was back in a few minutes with her friend. They were both smirking.

"Finally," Linda said. "I was wondering when you would finish that. Are we ready to actually start?"

"What," Trevor yelped. "You mean that wasn't the scene? There's still more to go?"

Akane chuckled. "Of course. You could have figured out that there was more to come if you thought about it for half a second. This was all the tedious busywork we needed to get done before we went for the fun stuff. There's one last thing to do, and then we can get it going. Linda, if you please?"

Linda wheeled the television over from the other side of the room. They placed it so that it was near Trevor's head. It was just in his line of sight, enough so that he could barely see the screen. A few adapter cables were hanging off the side, and Akane was quick to hook them up to the control box. When the last chord was attached, and once Linda turned the television on, something appeared onscreen.

It was a large scorebox. The top half had the names of the various parts of the body, all of which just so happened to match what Trevor had pads hooked up to. There were the arms, feet, thighs, lower stomach, upper stomach, balls, ass, and asshole. The lower half was empty. The very right end of the scoreboard had a box with the word 'total' written above it.

"This is part of the reason why all this was so expensive to rent. This control system here has a computer program set up to send automated shocks into the pads. With the data that Trevor was so nice to give me through some hands on testing, the machine knows what kind of charge will get what kind of response. More importantly, it understands the effect that different shocks can have if given at the same time." Akane pressed a button.

The scoreboard changed. The boxes underneath the thighs and feet columns were filled with the numbers one and a two, and both the ass and asshole were set to four. The total number was five, and it had a strong eye-catching shade of red that the other numbers lacked. Trevor groaned, caught himself, and then failed to keep a louder moan from escaping as the shocks continued. He would have almost certainly been squirming around if the latex wasn't keeping him immobile. The electricity and numbers disappeared after around six seconds, when the scoreboard was wiped clean.

Akane asked, "How did that feel? What kind of number would you say that was?"

Trevor blinked, and there was a moment of silence as he gathered his thoughts together. It was fairly obvious to the three of them that he hadn't been expecting a question. "It was... it was about a five, I think. Like what the scoreboard said."

"Good! That means the computer is working." Akane turned to Linda. "I've set this machine on a timer. The electrical output will cycle through different intensities and targeted body parts, and the total number will rise and fall as directed by the program. It came with the system, it is pretty slick. They've used it plenty of times before, and it's supposed to be amazing at what it does. It knows just how much he can take."

Linda cocked her head to the side. "Really? Isn't that kind of dangerous? What happens if the computer sends too much out and Trevor is hurt?"

Akane shook his head. "Won't happen, period. There's a limit to how high it can go, based on what I put in as the hard limit. It also measures the electrical output, both during any given moment and over time, and it makes sure it doesn't go over any limits. There's actually a lot going on. It's a really cool piece of software."

Linda thought for a second. This was all for Trevor's benefit, to hype the machine up. It was working, judging by the look on his face. "That sounds pretty good then. One last question?"

She stepped over to Akane's side and whispered in her ears. After a pause, she whispered something back. Linda laughed at what Akane said. A few more seconds passed, then Linda walked over to Trevor.

She loomed over his face. Trevor's eyes tracked Linda as she leaned over, her hair falling down into a curtain that put the rest of the room out of sight. Linda came closer and closer, until her lips were merely inches above Trevor's mouth. The bound man swallowed and licked his lips nervously when he caught the smell of her perfume. It was a faint scent, and something he wasn't sure Linda had worn before. It was sweet like flowers and fruits.

Linda suddenly locked lips with him. Trevor's eyes widened in surprise, then relaxed. Trevor kissed back, and soon they were deep in a French kiss. Linda kept at it, pushing Trevor to harder and more passionate responses, until it was clear that all he was aware of was her mouth. Linda pulled herself away and immediately locked lips with him again, used one hand to pinch his nose shut, and discreetly signaled Akane with the other.

She pressed a button, and the dildo inside Trevor came to life with enough current to rate a six in intensity on the scoreboard. His eyes shot open in pain and surprise, but whatever noises he might have made were lost in Linda's mouth. Linda kept herself pressed against Trevor with enough force to leave him unable to speak or breathe through his mouth. He thrashed as well as he could in his bondage, and his movements became twice as fast and hard once the shocks didn't time out as they had before. The electricity kept coming.

Linda didn't break eye contact with Trevor. His voice degraded into guttural collection of muffled groans and howls, but Linda didn't let up. She didn't let go when Trevor began desperately trying to form words into Linda's mouth. She only let go when tears started to form in the corners of his eyes, after a minute of torture. The shocks stopped.

Akane was laughing and Linda was smirking. Trevor took a few moments to breath, then swallowed a wet sob. "You fucking assholes," he whimpered.

Linda shrugged, then stepped back. "Guilty as charged. Seeing you squirm like that was fun. I am such an asshole, in fact, that I think that you should be punished for being so rude and swearing at me. That would be a total asshole thing to do, right?"

"Fuck you," Trevor muttered, though there was no heat in his words. Linda grinned.

"I've got just the thing," Akane said. She came over and showed Trevor an odd piece of rubber. It was shaped almost like an oval, and there was a hole in the middle. She tilted it so that he could see both sides. One had a large red smile painted right below the hole, and the other had some sort of soft spongy material encircling the edge.

"This came with the bed," she said. "You pop it into the mask, it sticks inside. That way you can't see or speak. It's supposed to be airtight, except for the hole for your nose, so it cuts off how loud you can make noise. I've talked to people who wore it, and they said that it wasn't possible to really form words with it on. Not enough room for the jaw to move, or the lips to open. Not sure how that works. You want to try it out, Trevor? Linda?"

"Sure," she said. Trevor pursed his lips, but didn't say anything. He knew the question was rhetorical.

Akane bent over and lined the piece of rubber with Trevor's mask, then pushed down. Soon enough his face was pressed up against the bottom of the mask. The rubber was molded so that it matched the contours of any general, so it was fairly flush against his skin. Similar to his body underneath the bed, in fact. The edges of the rubber were held in place until they were caught. There was a very light adhesive there that would ensure it would stick, at least until they pulled it off. The mask was very specifically designed so that Trevor couldn't push it off himself, it had to be pulled. It was stuck there until they decided to take it off.

The only thing that the two women could see was Trevor's flaring nostrils and the bright red smile. The rest was hidden away under black rubber. Akane ambled back to the control box with a wide smile on her face. "I want you to make the loudest noise that you can, please."

There was unbroken silence after those words. Although, after they focused, a very soft sound could be caught at the edge of their hearing. Akane frowned. "Are you sure that was the best that you could do? I can barely hear that. I thought you were pretty good at screaming your head off."

There was no response, and that had Akane pursing her lips. She pressed a few buttons on the machine. The scorecard flashed into life again, with the ass and asshole both set to five and numerous other body parts at three, which reached a total of seven. The noise that Trevor made could be heard now, though it was still very faint. It became a little louder once the shocks continued on for another six seconds without pause. Akane cut out the electricity with a sharp smile.

"Wow, that it surprising. It works a lot better than I thought it would. Ha, this thing is amazing, isn't it? I'd just buy it if it wasn't so expensive. I guess renting it for a day is fine. For now at least. I am definitely saving up for this toy. Especially since we've set up his profile already, we can skip all that boring work we just did the next time we throw him in. But I'm getting ahead of myself." She adjusted the settings some more, then pressed a button.

"I've set the machine to endurance mode," she explained to the two of them. Trevor could hear them, Akane knew that for sure. "The shocks will climb up in strength as time goes on, then drop some, and then build up again. How long the shocks last will change a little too, just to add some variety and keep our little toy on his toes. There will be some pauses every once in a while to help him catch his breath, at least before it goes back to what it was doing. It'll eventually hit some really high intensities, but only for a little while."

The scorecards flashed numbers once again. This time his ass receiving the largest number, a four. There was also a scattering of ones. It stayed up on the screen for four seconds before disappearing. Akane nodded. "Like that."

"So, endurance mode?" Linda asked. "How long does that last?"

"Doesn't quite work like that. When you start the machine, you have two options. You can set up a timer that stops everything after a specific amount of time had passed. Or you can choose one of the preset options, or difficulties as they call it. The machine decides on the exact length of time, depending on how strong the shocks are and the pain tolerance that has been programmed in. I chose the second option."

Linda waved a hand towards Trevor. "So..." Linda said.

Numbers came up again on the screen. This time the total score was very low, and the voltage was entirely contained in the dildo. "Somewhere between one hour, an hour and a half? Probably leaning towards the longer end of that. I put it on one of the harder difficulties. I want Trevor to have plenty of fun breaking in the equipment. We can see how he does after that, and whether he'll be up for another round."

"That sounds alright," Linda said. The numbers disappeared. "I'm going to go upstairs and make some dinner. I'm starting to get hungry."

Akane shrugged. "I'm going to stay down here. It's not safe to just completely leave him alone, you know? I've got stuff to do on the computer. I'll keep an eye on him."

Linda nodded, then laid a hand on Trevor's rubber encased body. He probably couldn't feel such a light touch, so her fingers trailed over where his nipples would be and pinched down hard for a few seconds. "See you later, Trevor. Have fun."

Linda walked up the stairs and out of the room. Akane sat down and loaded up the computer. There was some things that needed to be done, specifically a good amount of boring tax forms that Akane had saved for this specific moment. She needed something to help keep her mind off the incredibly arousing situation that her boyfriend was now stuck in. She would just fall to the floor and masturbate her brains out if she wasn't careful, like Linda was no doubt doing now. Akane rolled her eyes at that terribly dinner excuse. Linda had no sense of pacing.

She loaded up a few programs and started working. The television screen with the scoreboard remained in the corner of her eye. The vacuum bed was behind her and left out of sight. It wouldn't have mattered if she was watching it, though. All she would have seen was a human-shaped mound of black latex with a nose sticking out of the face and a bright, happy smile painted underneath. The sound of the clicking and clacking of her keyboard and mouse, along with the hum of the computer fan, soon filled the air. Any other noises, such as near silent grunts and groans and the occasional screams that escaped the bed, were left unheard and forgotten.

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