The Intruder
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Author's Note: Something I wrote sometime back, Personally I think it's a story that turned out quite good and find it quite kinky still. Hope it's enjoyed...

Ashley was truly a rare breed if you ever saw one, a true beautiful woman who of all things was a competent cat burglar. It's the one thing you would never have expected out of someone such as her. She was after all brought up by her father, who in his earlier life was a cat burglar himself and he had taken the time to teach his young daughter all there was to know of how to get past some of the best security systems.

Ashley now was well into her thirties and was a world traveler she loved going to see different parts of the world and taking what she wanted. She would always case out the location for a month or so to learn all she could about the security systems of the houses and even mansions she would break into. That way she could be in and out as quickly as she could and know exactly what she had planned to take with her.

This last place, which was actually a mansion outside of Munich Germany, seemed to have some particular items that she could make a lot of money. The house was on a very secluded estate that was probably about 100 acres. She had taken her time on this job casing out the mansion so everything could go just right. Ashley waited for the right night to get into the mansion. She knew exactly where she needed to check for the safe that was probably located in the study. If not there one of the master bedrooms would have a safe. It seemed everything was going her way.

As she approached the mansion from the east side where there were less security measures she was still careful not to let her guard down. Once inside the mansion she quickly made her way to a study where she was sure there was a safe. She moved about the room quietly as she moved to a shelf and began moving books to see if a hidden compartment would open up to reveal a safe.

She looked at the book titles very methodically when she came upon one with a title "The Secret," as she pulled at the book a lever tripped and the entire bookshelf slid away to reveal a hidden stairwell. Ashley stood there for a second looking down she wondered where it would go and what possible treasures might actually be hidden in such a secretive room. She thought for a second she heard a moan come from the hidden room as she took a step down the darkened stairwell. Her eyes seemed to adjust to the dark as she worked her way to another door. Ashley reached for the doorknob and opened it slowly as she stepped in she could make out all types of whips and chains on the wall. Ashley was startled from a moan that came to her left and shackled to the wall was a female all clad in black rubber, she was fitted with a very heavy hood that covered her eyes and a very large gag that filled her mouth so all she could do was moan. She moved to the woman and the realization came to Ashley that she was actually in someone's dungeon.

As Ashley stood there a figure quickly moved behind her that had been watching from a darkened corner. Before she knew it a cloth came over her face and held in place, Ashley tried to fight back but the figure was far to quick and held her tightly. The rag contained chloroform and it only took one or two breaths for Ashley to drift off.

Now hours later Ashley stirred, she instinctively tried to bring her hands forward only to find them behind her back for her entire upper body was now encapsulated in black latex, her arms were secured behind her back in an arm binder so there was no way for her to even bring them forward. Over her head an entire hood made of latex with proportioned holes for breathing so one would not suffocate, the hood met seamlessly with the latex suit that encompassed her entire body. She tried to move her legs they were stretched out almost to her doing a split and they were fastened to a special designed metal chair, which she was bound too. Belts were used to secure her to the metal chair one starting at her ankles and another every four inches going all the way to her hips so a total of five belts were fastened to each of her legs. Even more belts were used on her upper body, one belt held the arm binder around her wrists and looped around her belly and fastened tightly. Then another belt was used to further tighten the arm binder to her back, this one was just under her latex covered tits; and still one more belt completed her bondage this one was stretched across the top just above her breasts. Her body fought for a few agonizing seconds as Ashley awoke more from her chloroformed nap; there was simply no hope of escape.

All of sudden light hit Ashley's eye's for the man who had sent her off to dream land was now removing a black latex blindfold that had covered her eye's Ashley instinctively blinked her eyes to clear them only to see a man before her. She tried to speak from under the hood but placed in her mouth was an inflatable gag. Ashley shook her head back and fourth it was the only movement she could make with her entire body.

"Now then young lady so what are you doing in my mansion." The man spoke with a heavy German accent. Ashley's mind wandered back how she had gotten into this predicament her mind was clearing to how she had become his prisoner.

She grunted under the hood and gag as if to speak to this man.

"You see I have hidden cameras here and on the estate that not all people are aware of, I saw you coming a mile off as they say. I simply watched you come into the study and I waited to see if you would somehow find your way to me. I guess it was destiny that you found my secret lair. You see this is my dungeon and I have all kinds of equipment here for some very kinky play. I wonder if you have tried such kinky things in your life. If not, welcome for you will soon find out what I am into and what I enjoy to do to na´ve young women as yourself. "

Ashley's eye's widened in horror as the man stepped away from her, she looked over the room now for the light's were on and she could make out even more of the bondage equipment and gear that this kinky man had in this dungeon. All different kinds of gasmasks hung on the wall with chain's and leather, belts of all kinds of sizes. Different style bondage equipment that made her mind race of what was to happen to her. She wondered of the woman that she saw when she came in that was bound, was she a willing slave or someone the man had abducted.

Finally the man came back into view, he was now wearing a full latex suit himself. He kneeled down between her legs and unzipped the latex outfit to reveal Ashley's shaved cunt and ass. Ashley could at least move her head to look down upon herself, she now seeing the full extent of the bondage on her body. She shook her head back and fourth unable to do anything of what was to come.

The man stood back up again and moved away, when he appeared again he carried a strange looking device that he placed on the floor almost centered with the specialty built chair perfectly between her legs. Ashley looked on as he began setting up the device for it had a long shaft that had a 10-inch dildo on the end. The man looked at Ashley for a moment taking in her surprise and horror of the situation in her eye's as he moved the machine closer and moved the 10-inch dildo not to her cunt but her asshole. He placed the tip of the dildo at her bunghole. When he was satisfied were it was he got up and quickly came back holding a tube of KY. He opened the end and placed a dab of grease on his latex covered finger and brought it down to her bunghole and the dildo. He pushed his finger in with the grease lubricating her ass. Ashley closed her eyes from the intrusion of his finger entering her private part, as he made sure the dildo was also covered in lubricant.

"Now lets get started shall we," Ashley closed her eye's not seeing the man reach down and switching on the machine for this is what is called a fucking machine. Instantly the machine came alive and pulsated alive and drove the dildo deep within Ashley's virgin asshole. Ashley instantly took a deep breath through her nose as a muffled scream came from under the latex hood and gag. She tried mercifully to bring her legs together but the belts held her firmly in place to the specialty built chair. Ashley opened her eyes to watch the machine move in and out into her asshole as it seemed to piston only faster. Pain and pleasure began coursing threw her body; she didn't even pay any attention to the latex covered man as he moved behind her.

Ashley's body struggled for a release from her latex prison, the man just watching her reaction from being fucked by the machine as he stood behind her. The dildo taking her to new levels of pleasure that Ashley had never felt before. He simply stood there watching her young body succumb to the machine. Finally Ashley let out a scream from under the latex hood and gag as she moved closer to an impending orgasm, he quickly brought his latex covered hands to the front of her face taking his left hand over the gag and his right hand coming to the holes of the latex covered hood effectively cutting off Ashley from bringing any fresh air within her lungs. His grip was strong and he held her face down so she could watch the dildo send her to new levels of orgasms as she squirted mercifully from one orgasm after another. Even in her bondage her hips bucked wildly in the chair trying to move away from the dildo penetrating her over and over again, her cunt juices coating the dildo even more.

But the man held on to her face not letting Ashley get an once of oxygen within her lungs. She tried to shake her head free of his grip as she screamed behind the hood. The dildo seemed to move faster and Ashley was running out of air to hold in her lungs. She could neither pull air from behind the latex covered hand over the hood nor expel her last breath. Her body went wild in the chair as much as the bondage would give which wasn't much at all. Ashley was blacking out and there was nothing she could do to prevent it, blackness enveloped her as her body finally gave out. The man watched closely, as soon as he felt her go out he released his grip from her face. Ashley breathed in the limited oxygen into her lungs from behind the hood, the dildo still penetrating away into her ass.

He finally moved to the fucking machine and turned it off, the dido still protruding in Ashley's ass. He simply let Ashley catch her breath back fully as he moved to the wall, he stared at his gasmask collection. Finally he picked one off the wall and moved to Ashley who was now coming around, he leaned down to her not bring the gasmask to her face.

"That is what is called breathplay, I have a major kink for it and it is one of the many games I play with my women here. So how do you like the fucking machine?"

Ashley simply not being able to say anything because of the gag, just staring at the man with tears in her eyes from this rather kinky play. With that the man brought the gasmask to her face, Ashley tried to move her face away from it being placed on her but unable to do so. The heavy gasmask taking away even more of her sight. He moved behind her again and pulled each strap to the gasmask as she could hear the zip to the rubber as it pressed against the back of her head thru the hood till each one was nice and tight. She could feel him run his hands over the back of her head feeling the straps to the gasmask encapsulating her head.

The man moved away again, Ashley tried to look to see what he was doing in the dungeon but with the gasmask on she was unable to see what was in store for her. When he came back he was holding a long length of hose with what appeared to be a plastic bag tapped on the end of it.

"Shall we go for setting two on the fucking machine," Ashley screamed behind the gasmask as he reached down not turning on the machine but watching him move a knob to a different setting. He brought the end of the hose to his mouth and blew a lung full of air through the hose to the plastic bag on the end and moved it quickly to the gasmask fixed over Ashley's face. Ashley instinctively tried to move her head away again as he screwed the end of the hose to the gasmask. Just as quickly he reached down and once again turned on the fucking machine. Ashley thought she would jump out of her skin as it came alive again in her ass. She screamed from behind the gasmask inflating the plastic bag on the end with her own breath and his spent air from his lungs contained within the plastic bag. He held the end of the hose so Ashley could watch the plastic bag grow and deflate with every breath she got from the plastic bag. But the fucking machine on it's next setting was not helping it pushed in and out once again into her ass sending her to a whole new level of sexual torment and pleasure.

Ashley tried to close her eyes to her predicament; she brought a lung full of air from the plastic bag hoping to hold it there forever only for her lungs to hold on to it for maybe a mere 20 or so seconds, she pushed the air from her lungs only for it to escape from the exhaust port of the gasmask. Her body tensed in her bondage, the fucking machine having no mercy into her. She opened her eyes to a half empty plastic bag before her, her lungs would need to breathe and she would have no choice. She pulled in another gulp of air from the plastic bag as it shrunk in size before her. She tried to hold on to it as long as she could with the dildo doing its work on its next setting. Small grunting sounds erupted behind the gasmask as more air escaped from the gasmask and her lungs. She shook her head back and fourth again in her latex prison.

She was once again heading to a powerful orgasm her body betraying her; she could only hold the air in her lungs so long, finally she pushed out the air from her lungs again it escaping from the exhaust port of the gasmask. She stared intently at the plastic bag as she took the entire contents of the oxygen remaining from the plastic bag into her lungs the plastic drawing into the hose itself, the man beginning to masturbate to her ordeal with one hand while holding the hose with the other before her, just watching and enjoying her breathless torment before him.

Ashley trying desperately to hold on to that last breath, all the while the fucking machine having no mercy within her ass. She shook her head back and fourth once again as if to escape this torment one last time. Her body exploding in orgasm again causing Ashley to scream and expel that last breath from her lungs, the gasmask drew tighter to her face. Her eyes behind the gasmask took on a sense of sheer terror and sexual pleasure. The gasmask even with the heavy rubber suctioned against her face like a vice, Ashley's body went wild with an incredible intense orgasm racking her body and all this man did was masturbate to her breathless ordeal. She whipped her head around like crazy hoping for some fresh air within her lungs the plastic bag supplying no more air for it was sucking into the hose itself. Her body went crazy once again from the strong orgasm as it racked her body into a continuous wave of sexual convulsions. Ashley finally passed out again the only movement from her body was the dildo penetrating her ass.

The man undid the hose from the gas mask and turned off the fucking machine. Ashley was very much alive; he did not even take the gasmask off her face. He moved about his secret dungeon to his other pet that was all clad in latex herself, she was still bound to the wall where Ashley had found her. This woman actually came to him for her own sexual desires and play she wanted from him. But with the hood on she new nothing of the torment Ashley was being put through.

He waited this time for Ashley to recover, he once again moved about the dungeon collecting items for one more play session, after all he wanted to teach this woman a lesson to never ever break into his home again.

When he finally came back to Ashley she was more alert. He could tell she wanted out of her predicament and was probably embarrassed from having such powerful orgasms from the play. This time the man was holding another hose but this one had a dildo at the end of it.

"This is called a sniffer dildo, you can breathe from it because it has holes in the end, of course if I cover the holes or if it's inserted in a certain body part you will suffocate, do you get the idea," Ashley could not believe it she was going to be put through another asphyxiation game. How much more could she take...

The man reached down to the control box to the fucking machine again and moved the setting up to three. Ashley wanted to cry her body was his to play with as long as he wanted and she knew it. He took the end of the hose and screwed it to the side of the gasmask; Ashley had to really work to get oxygen from the corrugated hose and the holes at the end of the dildo. It was just enough so she had enough air within her lungs, she shook her head again almost checking the gasmask as if she could remove it from her face, she realized it was not coming off until he wanted it too. He let the sniffer dildo hang between her open legs as he moved off again, this time he came back with a Hitachi wand. Ashley knew what it was for any self-respecting woman knew what they were used for.

Ashley picked up her head to him to almost say please don't do this I've been put through enough. But the man did not care he reached down and switched the fucking machine back on again it roared to life on setting three as Ashley's body took over once again. The pain from the fucking machine was incredible and she could tell it would push her to an incredible orgasm, she watched the man as he picked up the end of the sniffer dildo and placed it at her cunt, Ashley screamed from behind the latex and gasmask as he plunged the sniffer dildo deep within her cunt sending her to suffocation once again. The gasmask grew tight over her face trying to suck oxygen from her cunt. She whipped her head back and fourth trying to find breathable air once again.

He manipulated the sniffer dildo, he would keep it in for what seemed to be forever just playing with her for the air that had body desired, pulling the sniffer dildo out just long enough for her take a strangled breath from the end of it and plunge it back into her cunt. Ashley let out moans and squeals from the other side of the gasmask as her ass and cunt were mercifully used to his enjoyment. The fucking machine having no mercy with her ass again as if it was a demon possessed machine. Her eyes grew large behind the gasmask staring at the torment her body was put through, as if a thousand needles were touching her body.

Just as each time she thought she was about to pass out he would reach down and pull the sniffer dildo out just enough for her to take another quick breath and plunge it into her cunt again. He reached for the Hitachi wand and placed it on her clitoris right above the sniffer dildo and sent her to the edge. Her body went wild in the specialty built chair, the fucking machine taking her to a new level of pain and sexual pleasure, it seemed as if wanting to tear her very soul apart. The sniffer dildo stayed in place, he just held the wand over the top. The airless gasmask seemed tighter then ever before over her face as she exploded in one final powerful orgasm making a mess of the fucking machine and sniffer dildo. Her entire body racked with pleasure she never thought was possible from sexual torture and suffocation. Even with her body held down by the bondage, her latex covered body twisted in a dance of sexual torment and satisfaction she had never been put through within her life, she wondered in the back of her mind just how many more times would she be put through such torment as her sight and body faded out to blackness.

Ashley awoke, no longer was she bound in the dungeon, and she found herself in her car outside the mansion. She felt sore all over knowing full well that it wasn't a dream. She recalled the torment and pleasure she had been put through, why was she released she wondered. She started the car and began driving away from the mansion, her mind raced about everything she had been put through as she began to drive away. She stopped the car suddenly and made a u turn and headed back to the gate of the mansion. She rung the bell to the entrance to the gate and waited for the intercom to come on... all she said is...

"I'm yours............... FOREVER."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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