Sleigh Ride
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Author's Note: Disclaimer/foreword

Hi, this is my first story, and thus I'm not sure if it's merits. It is fantasy pure and simple, the technology is unrealistic and I doubt the rest of the story is much better realism wise. Finally, all feedback is greatly appreciated, if anyone has ideas on how to continue this story I am open to it, and I intend to write more stories with Morina in the future.

Beep Beep Beep

Morina slowly rose out of bed as her alarm continued to announce a new day. Well, late afternoon really, she had spent the late hours of the morning finishing her final preparation. She was sure about two things, that this day was highly anticipated and was sure to be interesting. As she slipped on some slippers and went to her kitchen to make some toast. As she walked down her hallway, she took special pride in the achievements that lined her wall. Ever proud, she wasn't sure if she was more pleased by her certificates celebrating her wealth building career in stock trading, or the breakthroughs achieved at her Fortune 500 robotics company. Morina felt up her flowing black hair, as she told her robotic assistant to prepare "5 pieces of honey toast".

"Right away mistress," her assistant said as it moved off to prepare her breakfast.

Morina took her premade coffee and gazed out her window. The view from her secluded mountain lodge was stellar, the rolling hills and forest blocked line of sight to the fence guarded by her security bots a couple kilometers down the mountain. "Your toast madam." Her assistant stated as it laid down her 5 pieces of honey toast.


"Delicious as always." Morina smiled at her assistant. She slowly ate her toast as she looked over her "Vengeance warrant". Morina loves to dominate and inflict pain on others, but she was not a criminal, and thus she looked over the warrant.


"Send some droids to help our guests". She rose from her table as her assistant beamed her message to some of the security droids. Morina took a long shower, grooming herself for the coming day. Finally, it was time for her to get dressed. She took off her bathrobe and admired her body. Approaching 40, she was only beginning to glance middle age. Her stunning, cold beauty put her in league with far younger models. She bushed up her enormous bundle of black hair into a wide, luscious ponytail. She caressed it and then proceeded to her outfit. She started with the boots, pulling up deep red knee high heels, she buckled them on to both her legs. She pulled on her top. It was short, leaving her smooth hips visible. Above that, her sexy Christmas girl outfit begins, lined in white fur, the rest being the stereotypical Christmas red. The inner lining of the waist hid a tight corset, which was tightened by two robot arms that emerged at her command from a port in the wall. Above her nice breasts, barely hidden by the white fur lining, was completely clear. The last thing she pulled on were some red tight latex gloves that snapped tightly onto her arms.

She put a long white fur liner over her shoulders, applied extensive makeup and descended into her basement. Numerous moans and muffled cries had continued from the basement. Mistress Morina watched at 9 pairs of legs jutting out of a wall, each surrounded by a dim circle. "Alright" Morina stated to her security system "pull the first two out." Two of the pairs of legs began the emerge from the wall, still embedded into a cylinder.

Eventually, the two cylinders completely emerged, the only thing aside from the legs, where the head of the victims, trapped in a Gwen hood. Morina read the information tag on those cylinders. "Ah, Olivia and Melissa come this way please." Olivia and Melissa squealed as security bots prepared to jab stun rods into the two girls. The party reached another room and the two cylinders were attached to two ports. The cylinders opened and the girls fell out. Olivia with her curly orange hair and tall pale body, and Melissa, her brown hair still in a simple ponytail. "Please.. what the hell are you doing to us?" Olivia pleaded.

"Well, you see dear, all 9 of you girls were somehow involved in the bullying and suicide of a young high school girl last Christmas, and it appears society has decided you girls are no longer fit to be apart of it."

"Bu.. but I was her friend! I was her only friend! The-. They pressured me away from her at the end!" Melissa stumbled pointing accusingly at Olivia.

"I had no part in it! It was all my friends!" Olivia responded desperately. Mistress Morina only rolled her uncaring eyes as she placed one hand on her hip and with the other snapped her fingers, sending two pairs of mechanical arms to grab both Olivia and Melissa. The two girls screamed as they were dressed. First, they were forced into a brown bodysuit, leaving their breasts and buttocks exposed, both their legs were buckled into pony girl hooved boots. For their arms, Olivia and Melissa's arms were put into ponygirl arms with hooves at the ends and cinched to their sides as a body harness was applied. Finally, a bit-gag harness was violently applied to both of the girls head. The bit-gag harness had a cartoony pair of reindeer antlers, lined with jingle bells. Finally, starring and pleading through their gags, the two were lead off a to another room.

This outfitting process continued with the next 6 girls

Cassandra, a beautiful Asian American girl, with lovely eyes and a shapely face, and Cassidy, with platinum blonde hair waving down past her shoulder. Both of these girls befriended their victim and gave her number and social media info to the rest of their group. Cassidy cried and begged to the mistress while Cassandra only hung her head in defeat.

Isabelle, while pretty with her dirty blonde hair was dwarfed by the gorgeous Serena, light African American skin, a tall head, and lovely ringlets. These two had been responsible for cyberbullying the victim.

Jessica had light brown wavy hair with glasses framing her head. Eleanor had black hair in a bob. They had mercilessly harassed their quarry for months at every opportunity.

As Jessica and Eleanor were dragged out of the room by security bots. The final girl was matched in. The ringleader and orchestrator of the whole bullying operation, Leah. Natural red hair, forced into a messy bun. Mistress Morina showed no empathy to her victims, but even she had a hint of bowling anger towards Leah. Not only had Leah organized the plan to drive a classmate to the verge of suicide, Leah had given her victim an 8-foot rope with a noose pre-tied as a gift for her. Neither woman said a word as Leah was dressed, but while her head was harnessed, no bit gag was forced into her mouth. Instead, Mistress Morina herself marched up to the nearly inhuman redhaired bitch and shoved a hollow tube into her throat. Leah gagged and tried to get away, but it was no use. The tube started to curve down her throat before it ended. "You like that bitch?" Morina asked as she slapped Leah and attached the tube to the special harness. "Oh yeah, I bet you do, you monster." Morina yanked Leah's head back by the bun and poured nearly half a gallon of eggnog down Leah's throat, which caused her poor victim to make terrible noises as she gagged. As the final addition to the reindeer theme, Morina pushed a red flashlight down the gag tube, which hooked onto latches near the end of the tube. Still gagging, the heavily bound Leah was pushed onto the floor she weakly looked up at her mistress. What she saw made her eyes bulged on of her head as she started to wriggle away. "Oh no, you don't. You're not getting far" chuckled mistress Morina as she lubricated a 12-inch monster dildo, and a smaller 9-inch dildo. Morina's heels clacked against the ground and poor Leah started to wail and scream, "I'm not sorry babe" Morina stated as she shoved the 12 inch into Leah's vagina and the 9 inch into her ass.

The sobbing Leah was dragged into the final room with the other girls, who had only partially figured out what horrors were about to be upon them. "ALRIGHT GIRLS! Is Dancer, Dasher, Prancer, Comet, Cupid, and Donner, Blitzen and poor Rudolph ready for a sleigh ride!?!" Morina asked of Olivia, Melissa, Cassandra, Cassidy, Isabelle, Serena, Jessica, Eleanor, and Leah respectively. On cue, a garage door rose revealing what appeared to be a heavy sleigh. The response was a mix of moans, groans, and screams. Unsatisfied Morina snapped and both security bots and arms shuffled the reindeer into two groups of four, with Leah/Rudolf at the front of the pack. Morina snapped a second time, and to the 8 reindeer's horror, arms appeared from ports in the walls and ceiling, attaching to the back 6 reindeer a massive rubber strap-on to their pelvises. Finally, a chain (lined with jingle bells) was linked from both ends of the sleigh, around and within the harnesses of the first 4 reindeer, around Rudolf and through and within the harnesses off the latter four reindeer before reconnecting to the sleigh. As the chain was pulled tight, the reindeer desperately resisted as they were forced to spear their friend in the ass with an enormous dildo. Mistress Morina smiled and had the main garage door raised to the snowy outside as her pets screamed bloody murder. Not to spare a lucky few, Morina happily skipped over to a counter, grabbed some more Dildos, and rammed them into the ass of the last two reindeer of the chain, who had been spared of this torture thus far. After the screams had turned into sobs, Morina decided she was ready, she slipped a candy cane stripped bullwhip into her sleigh, climbed in and cried out "UP UP and AWAY." while carrying out the according hand gestures. To Morina's chagrin, nothing happened.

Morina frowned and watched as her reindeer ignored her commands and mulled around, unsure what to do. Finally, Morina muttered "well if you want it that" as she uncoiled her bullwhip. A *CRACK* rang out against the poor small Asian ass of Prancer, quickly succeeded by another *CRACK* of the whip against the poor behind of poor Dancer. The reindeer team quickly got the memo and got moving. Morina smiled and laid back in her padded sleigh. It was quite chilly outside, being a mid-December evening. Morina didn't mind, as her sleigh was heated (spare no expense), her reindeer, on the other hand, were not so lucky. She would have to make this a quick ride for tonight. It took a couple more cracks of the whip to get them to keep the pace up the hill, and Morina delt out few more lashes for fun. "Prance! Not walk! Your reindeer, not 50-year-old ladies trying to exercise!" Morina shouted through a cruel smile as she dealt a couple lashes to her reindeer. She was sadistically happy to see that when she dealt a punishment to the rear of Dasher and Dancer, who were at the end of the reindeer chain and thus the closest and most exposed to her. A flick of the whip to those two would cause them to thrust forward, spearing poor Prancer and Vixen, who would repeat this thrust on Comet and Vixen, and it would finally transfer to Donner and Blitzen! "Excellent." Morina thought as a devilish smirk rose on her face. She watched this marvelous chain happen a couple times as she whipped Dasher and Dancer. Contented, for now, she laid back in her sleigh, she relaxed as she listened to the jingle bells that lined her reindeer team. Morina pulled out her Naughty list. A devilish smile crept onto her face as she looked over her list of possible vengeance warrants she could purchase, and information on young beauties no one would miss if they were to "disappear". Cruel possible fantasies danced in Morina's head as her reindeer rounded a bend, gasping and wheezing, Knowing it wasn't too far to the lodge, Morina reached for her whip and as she gave her team a cruel thrashing, she sang to a chorus of gagged screams:

""Now! Dasher, now! Dancer, now! Prancer and Vixen,

"On! Comet, on! Cupid, on! Donner and Blitzen;

"To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!

"Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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