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Author's Note: Since I discovered this site I thought about contributing to its amazing content. This is my very first story and I welcome all feedback to improve my writing skills.

I plan to submit a sequel which will be written in the girls' point of view after her wake up.

So please let me know any improvements which I should consider.

Background Story

It was still early in the morning, 6 o'clock when I got up. So I still had an hour to go before the package would arrive. Plenty of time to get ready. I took a shower and made myself ready for the day. When I got downstairs I paused and enjoyed the marvelous view out of my kitchen window. I was able to afford a pretty big house with a good amount of land around it. I smiled and said to myself "lucky bastard..". I used to work in a hospital as a doctor. The payment was reasonable but all these extra hours pissed me off. Somehow I stumbled across my current profession. The payment is way better even though I only work about 20 hours a month at most.

I made some coffee, ate breakfast, and sat down on a chair in my kitchen. I was using my favorite cup. There were two letters written on it. "P.D." It was a cup of one of those fundraising companies which tried to help the environment, save a bird or something like that, I didn't really care. I liked it because P. D. Is my name. Let's be more precise it is the name I gave to myself.

When I looked at the clock I realized it was almost 7 " they must be here any minute now"

And indeed. Just as I spoke these words a car appeared in my driveway.

Two men stepped out of the vehicle and removed a really big suitcase out of the trunk. It almost looked like a coffin. There was a special slot in front of my house which was only accessible when opened with a remote key. The slot was particularly made for these kinds of suitcases. It leads to a small lift which transports the case into my cellar and pack to the front.

The two-man pushed the case into the opening and saw it disappear. Afterwards, they sat back in their car and drove off.

I now had 10 hours to get everything done bevor these two men would come back to pick up that box. So I drank the last sip of coffee and went into my cellar.

The box stood at its usual place ready to open.

So I made myself ready to ensure sanitary issues. Some gloves, hair net, slippers and a Kittel. Eager to get my work done I stepped to the case and opened it.

In it, a unconscious, good-looking young naked girl appeared.

My profession is rather unusual. I'm preparing girls like the one in that box for a life as a pony girl. Most of those girls which arrive at my place are kidnapped at some point in their life and get sold to one of those pony farms. These farms serve the purpose of a training camp. The new behavior of a good pony is drilled into the girls to ensure the best behavior when they get sold to their new owners. I heard that the business of pony girls is flourishing and like a real ponies, good girls are worth a huge amount of money.

And since I'm handling the medical issues I named myself Pony Doctor - PD.

The girl in front of me had an exceptional promising physical foundation. She was not too tall but had long and elegant legs, this was mandatory for pony girls. Her vagina was pink with small lips.

She had astonishing good breast. I guessed around D but with a small frame and her breast were very firm. The clients I'm working for wanted girls with natural breast. They didn't like the stiff Plastic boobs. Apparently, all comes down to taste in the end. Her nipples were pink and I could tell that those nipples were pointy ones and not like others big and meaty. Her arms were a little thin but in the end of the day, it wouldn't matter anymore.

I could tell by her face that she just came of age. It's better to catch girls when they are younger than 25, they are more adaptable to the new life than older girls.

The girl had some nice full lips which would look amazing with bridles or gags. At first sight, I didn't saw any scars or tattoos, which was good it would otherwise reduce the value of the Pony.

This girl would make a praised pony I was sure of it. She would probably be used as a show-off or as a party amusement. She was lucky. Many girls are used as taxi or racing ponies. They have to endure harsh training and get beaten a lot. Praised ponies are like decoration they only need to look good.

Without wasting any more time I began my work. All girls which arrive here are put into an artificial coma. It makes working with them far easier since they do not have to be restraint. I caught myself giggling while thinking " she will have an especially unpleasant realization after waking up".

I picked her up and placed her on a table next to the suitcase.

The first thing I did was taking some of her blood with a needle and pouring it into a Maschine close by. This Maschine was a high-end combination of 3d printing and tissue modification technologies. I never thought something like this already exists in the present time until my employer gave it to me. It takes the blood of any person and builds contact lenses with it. I'm not sure how the machine does it and even though I tried to find it out I never was able to understand how it's capable of doing so. Nonetheless, this Maschine is capable of printing contact lenses with the blood of a human being.

Additionally, the Maschine is in webbing a nanofiber into the cells which absorbs all light passing through when not stimulated with a specific electromagnetic field.

The eye will recognize the own DNA and will merge with the contact lens within hours.

The cells in the lenses will die over two to three days and the body own immune system will dispose of them. With that, the nanofiber will remain on the outer layer of the eyeball.

In simple English: a permanent blindfold which can be activated or deactivated by simply pushing a button.

The use of these lenses is quite neat. Each caretaker has its own transmitter on a chip around his neck. With that everytime, the ponies look at anything besides their own groom their vision will go blind. With that and the simple wish to be able to see they will only Fokus on the groom and Form a bond over time. He will be literally the only thing she will be able to see and therefore become the center of her world.

The Maschine however takes a couple of hours to complete the process so it was time to move on.

The next step to form the girl into a pony girl was for sure the most irreversible and extreme method. I was about to amputee both forearms of the girl. It's nothing I like to do to another human being but after several years of practice it became a routine and I wasn't feeling any more regrets afterward.

Without hands and forearms, the risk of escape was significantly lower since they can't use the hands anymore. Another benefit would be that the missings arms don't Block any view or touch of the butt of the pony girls. While the remaining upper arms would ensure when put in a special harness, that typical pony girl posture with a high head and stretched out chest.

Since the girl was already paralyzed I was able to get to work without any problems.

I took my time not to damage the nerves more than needed to ensure a pain-free living after the healing process. The cut was done slightly above the elbows so almost all of the upper arms would remain. After I carefully closed the skin over the exposed flesh I sewed them with skilled hands shut. It was clear I had done this several times before. The wound would heal soon and no great scars would remain." I could have been a plastic surgeon" I thought while examining the wound. After binding the two stumps I put The two limps into a separate compartment in the suitcase.

The company would expose of them later, so no officer would ever find anything on my property if they ever pay me a visit.

The next step was removing her ability to speak. It's a powerful tool to show a pony she has no reason to ever speak a word again. I took a needle (Spritze) and ejected some nerve toxins into the neck Muscles which are used to produces sounds. It doesn't hurt a lot but stops her quite effectively from making understandable sounds. When she wakes up she will really sound like a pony.

There was an additional benefit to it which was quite useful while training. I heard that the pony farm uses long penis shaped gags to feed the ponies. With some of the neck muscles intoxicated it is easier to push the Penis gag down her throat. It also minimizes the gag reflex. With the missing ability to produce any words gags and bridles were no longer mandatory but more like an accessory.

I used the same toxin to paralyze some of her facial muscles. With that, she would not be able to perform some basic human expressions such as smiling. It looks better if a pony can't express their feelings with their faces. At the same time even forming words with her mouth would be hard or even impossible.

The toxin, however, wouldn't have any effect on her ability to chew swallow or suck.

With that done I turned to the nose of the girl. It had to get ringed. Ringed girls are far more easy to control since any resistance causes a lot of pain. So I took the piercing needle and pushed it through the intersection in the inside of the nose. With steady hands, I inserted the ring and it clicked shut. It was a lovely ring partly made out of silver and not too big that it would influence any activity happening in or at this ponies mouth but at the same time heavy enough to constantly feel its presence.

It suited her well. I was a little jealous of her new groom.

Another standard procedure was the removal of her toenails. With that, she would be able to wear the hooves shaped shoes over a longer period of time without any pain. Luckily I am allowed to use some toxins so the nail will fall off on its own within a few days. A couple years ago I had to rip off the nails. With the new procedure, it's risks free. So I used a new needle and a different toxin to intoxicate all toenails of the new pony.

With that done I turned to the 3d printer. It was running smoothly but still had to continue for some time.

So I picked up a new device. It was a self-made tool to insert small objects under the skin.

The first thing I inserted into her left hip side was a RFID tag. It was mainly used to identify the pony girl and its owner. But at the same time, it would be the ultimate Tracing device.

If she would ever escape from her new life the owner could activate a tracing program. If the fleeing pony would come in the range of two meters to any RFID scanner worldwide it would send an exact location to the owner. The scanner could be built in a mobile device or an inbuilt scanner at a mall or anything else that can pick up the RFID signal. With all the technology worldwide a simple smartphone could make the difference between freedom and capacity for these ponies.

The RFID tag was favored instead of tattoos since the skin wouldn't be damaged too bad.

The other objects was a small chemical pill which I inserted next to the shoulder blade. These pills will slowly over the next weeks pure its hormones into the girls' system which will improve the smell of pheromones in the ponies nose.

It's nothing the pony will be aware of but she will be able to identify its groom after a time simply by smell. In combination with the contacts, two of her senses will over time completely focus on her groom. In time there will be a love like a mindset in her conscious. She will completely forget her own desires and needs. Her only goal will be to make her groom happy at any cost. Her existence is dependent on his well being.

With this enlightened smell, ponies could even pick up the mood their groom was in. It's known that ponies offered themselves to their groom when he was horny or they even hurt themselves just to get to their grooms when they smell he is angry or in any way off mood. It's like his well being is worth more than their pain.

It already was afternoon and I still had some tasks to do. So I didn't waste any time and continued with the list.

The next tasks were to install tiny implants behind her nipples. The implants would stimulate the nerve endings. With that, the nipples would get quite sensitive and almost constantly erected. I took the inserting needle and pulled at her nipple. With a small and fast push, I pushed the needle into her breast bevor pushing the implant in and pulling the needle out. It was done in a matter of seconds. With the first implant installed it turned to the second breast and repeated the process. There were no bigger signs of treatment whatsoever. Perfectly done both nipples would feel the effects of the implants pretty soon.

With these sensitive nipples, an orgasm only by touching the nipples happened more than once.

By now the 3d printer had finished its task.

I took one of the contacts out and placed it carefully in the girl's eye. The eye was twitching a little while adjusting to the object. When the contacts are new they are red like blood. After the merging process, all cells will die in the lens and it becomes more and more see-through. By the end of the week, the nanofiber will have bonded with the eyeballs and the blindfold would be installed.

I placed the second lens on her other eye and controlled its position. Her eyes looked like little red balls. But that won't be for long.

For the last task, I had to do I picked her up once again and placed her in a gyo chair.

It's quite amazing actually what I was about to do. Scientists revealed the exact hormone cocktail which is responsible for the arousal of a woman. They call it c32. When you take one of that cocktail and feed it to the girls on a daily basis. Over time the body produces its own cocktail and she will be a horny all the time.

But there is a catch for pony girls. I was about to disconnect her nerves from her vagina. With that, she would not feel horny in a common way anymore but still had some amazing behavior changes.

She would without awareness craving for attention, praise and touch. Tough girls who could beat up a man would giggle of joy when they are told they were "good ponies"

Padding their head or stroking their Brests, basically, all touching would become a drug for them. They needed it and were willing to do anything. Even a simple smile could run a shiver down their spine and make them feel good.

It's pretty easy to form a girls character to your desires when she would do anything to make you acknowledge her in any way.

Even though they will be wet all the time they wouldn't know until their delicious juices run down their legs.

So I picked up jet the third toxin and began my procedure.

Since the vagina is such a sensitive area it takes quite a while to find all important nerve endings to get the desired results.

But my experience helped me once again and soon I was done with it.

There are several ways to give a pony its daily c32 medicine. The most effective way is to simply inject it into the blood right away.

The pills I had were so easy to dissolve all soft tissue could absorb it. Since she couldn't swallow in her present state I simply spread her ass cheeks a little and pushed the pill into her rectum.

By now it was half past 4. It would take another 2 hours for the two men to pick her up again.

So I lifted her up and placed her in the suitcase. I left the lit open since I would check on her later once more. She was still deeply unconscious. Her captors would probably keep her like that until her wounds would have healed up nicely. The body would have been adapted to the chemicals and toxins by that time.

I went upstairs took a shower and was about to prepare some dinner for me. I prepared everything to start cooking as soon as the two gentlemen left my property.

I went into the cellar once more to give her a final check-up.

Her eyes seemed to adjust quite well to the contacts. No irritation was visible. The contacts would have been partly merged with the eyeball by now. By tomorrow they would be completely melted together.

Her nose and her throat looked pretty good too. Her two arm stumps were swollen but that's normal for such a big intervention. In two to three weeks everything would have healed up nicely. Neither the RFID tag nor the chemical pill was quite visible which was good.

Her nipples were already reacting in the desired way. Both were erected and looked damn fine.

I took both breasts in my hand and pinched the nipples. I wasn't able to find the two implants. "Perfect!" I said. That's how they were supposed to be.

I checked on her tows. They looked fine so far. It would still take a while till the toxins complete its task.

Then my attention turned to her vagina and I felt my dick was getting hard. You could see her whole vagina flushing with blood like it does when girls are extremely horny. And when I saw her juices running down from her hole like a tiny stream of water, while sparkling in my cellar light, it took me a good amount of self-control not to open my pants and fuck her good. But I would be in a complicated situation to explain it to my employer. So I took a deep breath and stroked her breast for the last time.

I closed the lit, looked it shut and pushed the suitcase into the elevator.

Afterwards, I cleaned everything neatly and went back upstairs.

Just in time. The car just appeared once more on my driveway. The same man stepped out and went to the hidden slot. One man pressed a button on a remote control and the big suitcase appeared. They lifted it up and stored it carefully in the trunk.

Without any greetings or signs whatsoever they got in and drove off.

I couldn't help it to watch them leave while thinking " welcome to your new life little one".

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