Jesse's Secret
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Chapter 1

Jesse wasn't what most would call a 'good boy'. Since he'd been a baby he'd always made life difficult for his mother, crying and screaming when he didn't get what he wanted. This meant that when he turned 10 years old, little Jesse begged and cried his way into getting his own computer. It was a simple laptop but he could play all the games he wanted on it, and was eventually allowed on the internet.

Access to the internet let the little deviant discover many things a little early that he probably shouldn't have, pornography being one of the biggest. Early on it mostly meant ogling photos of pretty women with large breasts, but he soon found his way into more erotic content. His searches lead him to sissies, and the act of feminizing a boy. Initially he just found it funny, how could a boy let himself be so humiliated? But the frilly pink clothes would finally get to him, as he had him formative years of learning how to masturbate be to such things. The image in particular which he first achieved orgasm was of a younger boy, teenage, who was dressed in a poofy pink dress that was a little too short, showing off a large diaper that he had on. It was so extremely embarrassing for Jesse to even think about, and that got him going.

For several years, things proceeded on as normal, but Jesse's interests shaped his mind. Soon he discovered chastity, and how sissies could... and should be chastized. To feminize them effectively. He outwardly still thought about how those weak boys who let that happen to them were pathetic, but growing was the desire to know what it felt like. Jesse had never been one to ask for anything, so it wasn't long before he'd snuck into his mother's room and swiped some pairs of lacy underwear to try on. They were mostly still too big to fit him, but he would still try. He'd never admit he liked it, even to himself. Another evening he discovered in the back of his mother's closet was still an entire package of older diapers; for when he'd still wet the bed. Taking a few of those too, he stashed them in his room and wore them secretly during the night. Not to soil, but just... to feel them. To get some understanding of that embarrasement of sissies he'd seen so much of on the internet.

It was his 18th birthday, and Jesse had been throwing more fits than ever. His mother had been standing up to him, of course. He 'didn't deserve a present' ??? How could his mother do this? Well, once she was out the door to visit a friend for coffee, Jesse logged onto his computer, with the credit card he'd stolen from his mother. He was going to buy something for himself instead! As he logged on, the first couple windows that were already open caught his eyes. He'd been looking idly at some specially made diapers. The ones that he'd found in mother's closet he'd since outgrown and he was finding himself... very wanting.

The particular website advertised that these were the only diapers you'd ever need to buy. Right then and there he decided he would have them. And not only that, but he'd buy the most expensive ones, to get back at his mother. Upon clicking the 'select version' dropdown menu, it nearly dropped off the page with how many options there were. He wasn't going to read through them all though, he just wanted the one that would cost the most. Scrolling down, he clicked the "X9239 Model, PSE. 4920$". He quickily typed in the credit card information and address, and smashed submit order and closed the browser. After deleting his browsing history, he thought his plan was foolproof, so he returned the credit card to his mother's purse.

The next day, a package arrived, and Jesse grabbed it. Luckily his mother was working, so he hahd the day to himself! Rushing to his room he opened the package to find the X9239 Model, PSE. Whatever that meant, he thought to himself. Pulling it from the packaging, it looked like a rather normal diaper on the outside, albeit a bit girly: it was white with a pink heart on the front, and slight pink frills around the edges. It was pretty decently thick, Jesse thought as he examines it. Looking inside, he notices the material was nothing like what a normal disposable diaper was made from. The outside was extremely soft silky material, but the inside was... black, and somehow slippery and squishy. He was a little grossed out at first, wondering if he picked the wrong one.

He looked more carefully in the front part of the inside, and notice a little passageway. He felt inside it and found that it was a hollow, hard tube with a curve to it. His cheeks darkened immediately. Jesse's new diaper had built-in chastity. He was already erect and throbbing just from handling this diaper, so he continued to examine it. Towards the back of it, there was something else a little surprising. Most of the black interior was covered in soft bubbly, slippery shapes, but here there was what looked like a small tentacle of some kind. Maybe it was a manufacturing error? It was limp and seemed out of place for Jesse's brain to comprehend.

He shrugged and sighs, thinking about putting this on another boy, watching him blush and wriggle around. As he thought, he stroked himself. Jesse was only 4 inches long at most, but it didn't take long for him to groan out in pleasure, ejaculating onto the floor. Before his hormones faded, his little cock was shrinking and going soft. He would put it on. He quickily pulls the diaper over his feet and up his legs. It would fit nicely, he thought.

As he pulled it up all the way he reached inside and guided his already flaccid cock into the chastity tube hidden inside and pulls them up properly. He only then realized that they were a bit higher waisted than the diapers he'd worn before, and it became shockingly obvious as some internal waistband tightened over his hips. Not only that, but the internal shell seemed to tighten around his body, pulling the chastity tube on fully as it rests against the base of his little cock.

He yelps out in confusion as he tries to pull them off quickily, but the band around his waist had shrunken too much to fit over his hips now. Try as he would, he could not budge it off his hips. Though they weren't uncomfortable physically, Jesse only had the uncomfort of not knowing what he'd just put on himself. The truth was, the device he'd purchased was something far beyond his own knowledge. Part chastity device, part bio-organic lifeform, this diaper was the very peak of fetish engineering. And it was reacting to him putting it on.

Before his cock could engorge itself with blood again, the hard tube it was resting in started resizing, shrinking to fit around his small flaccid 2 inch cock. Not just shrinking, but forming and moulding itself around it in an extreme curve, or as much as 2 inches of space would allow. Jesse rolls around on the ground as his little dick started to try to fill with blood, but there was simply no more room to expand. A perfectly fitted chastity device. His pulse was extremely high, but jumped a bit more as something thin and slippery started to worm itself into Jesse's urethra. The young boy cried out in discomfort, the first time being sounded, and by something so strange and foreign too. It seemed like ages as the strange wiggling kept going, as it slid further into his body. He didn't know it, but it was also slowly expanding itself to gauge his urethra.

At the same time, two more small little wiggling slippery ropes were sliding around each of his little balls. His frantic rolling around had been causing too much movement, and the device clearly had a system for keeping things where they should be. Each testicle was gripped by the little tentacles and held in place with a gentle squeeze. But the three small ones weren't all that was inside this diaper. He'd already examined the large one in the back, and he finally realized it's purpose as he felt it moving, pushing its thin head against his anus.

He cried out pleas for it to stop, apologies for stealing his mother's credit card, and other assorted complaints as he felt the large tentacle entering him, slowly going in further and further. He couldn't tell but it was growing as it did. Longer and longer. As it filled his insides it was also expanding in girth, widening very slowly. It was slow enough to make it only excruciating discomfort and never any real pain or damage. But eventually, that too, stopped.

He lay crying for some time before sitting up again to examine the horrible creature he'd put onto himself willingly. It was incredibly distracting to feel so much clamped around his balls and filling his insides, but the diaper itself was.. extremely comfortable. It wasn't too thick, just padded enough to make sitting up comfortable. Jesse wanted it off, however, and examined it all over for a release or a clasp; anything. He noticed the heart on the padded front of the diaper was now glowing, rather brightly. Out of curiosity, he touched it, and the light went off. But nothing changed.

He sighed and stood up slowly, moving over to his desk and laptop. He loaded up his internet browser and went to find any information on this diaper he'd purchased. Eventually he found the same website, and found the specific page on the X9239 Model, PSE. He found the Information and FAQ section and read it through extensively:

X9239 Model, PSE

"The X9239 is the very top in our line of enforced chastity diapers.

The X9239 of course features our famous One-Fit chastity tube, which resizes to the wearer perfectly the first time it's worn, ensuring the absolute minimum erection for your subject.

We also spared no expense to create the most advanced symbiotic bio-engineered organic diaper liner to fufill your desires and needs while using the diaper, while also doing away with any of the mess of a more traditional model.

This model includes:

Urethral Valve to prevent the release of pre-ejaculate until the pressure reaches a sufficient amount. Upon the pressure hitting the precise amount, it will release the precum into the diaper to be absorbed (Or repurposed, see extra features)

Anal Symbiosis to integrate the subject with the diaper, allowing pleasure to be delivered, while also allowing the internal hormones and chemicals chosen to be released slowly, directly into the body. (See specific model for hormone packs)

Testicle Handlers to both please and punish.

The inner structure of the diaper is designed to have a over-hip frame lock when active. This prevents the diaper from being removed without the need for any cumbersome locks. This also ensures a perfect fit on the wearer, no loose feelings.

Specific Model Details:

ESP: Enlarging, Sissifying, Permanent.

Enlarging: This model of diaper will convert precum from the urethral valve and convert it into an inert gel that becomes distributed throughout the diaper's structure, increasing it's mass and size. Note: This increase in size resets once a week as the inert gel is pumped back into the subjects anus overnight to be absorbed into the body.

Sissifying: This model of diaper is included with a full suite of sissifying hormones and treatments. The majority of which are applied through the anal symbiote directly into the body. Note: Side effects of prolonged use of these hormones can cause severely increased libido.

Permanent: This model of diaper has the function to be applied as a permanent fixture on your subject. Once the diaper is fully applied, the frontal heart design will glow pink. At this point if you wish to allow the diaper to be removed, simply wait for the heart to become un-lit. The feature will be active again the next time it's applied. If the heart is however pressed during the time which it is lit, the diaper's internal sensors disconnect from the opening mechanisms, and the diaper becomes impossible to remove. Note: Diapers with the permanent feature have also been reinforced with special materials to prevent physical removal with tools."

As the last few sentences passed through Jesse's mind his heart sank. He'd done it to himself. He'd made it permanent.

It was just then he heard his mother's car pull in the driveway.

Chapter 2 (added: 2018/02/24)

Hearing his mother's car pulling up flooded Jesse's body with adrenaline and worry. As all his muscles tightened up, he realized how big his intruders were, feeling his muscles contracting around them. He quickly grabbed his pants from the floor and tried to put them on to hide what he'd bought, but as he tried to button them, the diaper was obnoxiously obvious through the fabric. Tight jeans weren't a good idea, that's for sure. Instead, he pulled them off and quickly rifled through his drawers to find something that would hide it better.

He ended up finding an oversized pair of shorts that he had for PE class at school, they managed to just be large enough to hide most evidence of the diaper. Luckily the diaper wasn't crinkly and didn't make any noise, so he felt pretty safe... But how could he face his mother? His mind could barely focus on thinking what to say, with all that was going on under his shorts. Jesse decided to keep it a secret, try to avoid detection from his mother, and find his own way out of this horrid device. Returning to his desk, he sat down and quickly booted up a computer game to occupy himself.

"Jesse! I'm home. Can you come do me a favour?" his mother called up to him.

"I'm busy!" He shouted back, trying to focus on the game, which was increasingly difficult as his worry built.

"I have something for you though!" she called to him.

Jesse let out a shaky sigh. "T-that's fine I'll come down later!"

There was no answer. Had he avoided interaction for the time being? How would he get this thing off? Could he even? He thought about this for a great deal, occasionally loading up the website of the diaper again to see if there was something he was missing, a release switch or anything.

After a couple hours, he'd made no progress in the game, and found no answers to his worries. He decided to email the support team at Lumen Industries. He wrote about having purchased this particular product and was doing some... testing when it was accidently activated, and asked about how to remove it. He feigned some politeness to make it sound better, and hit send. Letting out a sigh, it was mere seconds later when a reply blipped in.

"Hello Jesse and thank you for contacting Lumen Industries Support. Could you please provide me with the order number of your order so we can know exactly what product you have? Thank you. - F "

He blinked, and started to write a reply, including all the information that he had about the order itself. Again, an email came back immediately: "Hello Jesse and thank you for contacting Lumen Industries Support. Unfortunately I'm noticing that your email account here and name do not match the purchasers email and name. You are therefore not the purchaser and are unauthorized to be given tech support on this item. If you have issues, we will contact the true purchaser, Selene, and they can help you figure out any issues you might currently have."

Jesse panicked and replied without much context: "Please don't! It's alright! I sent this by mistake, thank you!" He let out a sigh of relief, but realized they could email his mother at any time. They'd be no help. He would have to figure a way to remove it himself.

Jesse got up and got his shoes on, a bigger coat that might cover part of his hips, and a hat. He opened his bedroom door and peeked out down the stairs. He could hear his mother tidying up something. His hands were shaking as he closed his door and crept down the stairs. As he reached the bottom, he'd hoped to sneak by, but his mother saw him immediately.

"Jesse, there you are. Come here." She said, gesturing to the couch. He took a breath and walked over, sitting down slowly. "What's bothering you today?" She shrugged and shook her head, knowing her son never talked to her about such things. "Anyway, I got a plate of cookies from Kaile, and thought you might want some?" She gestured to the kitchen counter, and indeed there was a nice plate of cookies.

Jesse's mother Selene was rather youthful for her age, and still had the body she had in her late 20s. Curvy yet toned, large breasts and hips. Her hair was a shoulder length and wavy black. Her usual attire was a long sleeved sweater and some mom jeans, but even though it was hard to deny her attractive shape through it.

"Thanks. Not right now. I'm going to go out." Jesse said rather blandly.

"Oh. Sure. Where are you headed?" she replied.

"Just out. Maybe see a film. I don't know. Bye." And without much else, he stood up and hurried out the door.

Jesse tried to run when he left the house but felt the small grips on his balls suddenly tighten and he stumbles, being forced to his knees. He covered his mouth to stifle a moan, but he could barely control it. His other hand quickly felt between his legs to the diaper, trying to stop the feeling, but it only increased. He realized that just like before, any extreme movement or tampering would cause this to happen. After some struggling and realizing this, he stopped moving, and it eventually stopped too.

He stood up and started walking, but started to cry. He was trapped in this horrible thing and he'd done it to himself. Crying just made him angry though, as he wiped away the tears. He was tougher than this. He wouldn't let this beat him. He was a man.

Jesse decided that the hardware store might have a tool he could use to get this thing off. It couldn't be impossible. It was quite a walk there though, and as he continued, he felt the large intruder in his backside start to shift as he walked. At first it was manageable, but as he was nearing the store, his legs were shaking and he was panting. It was massaging his prostate.

He stopped outside the hardware store to try to make it stop, he needed to be composed walking in there if he wanted to get help without letting on what had happened. After a few minutes, the massaging inside stopped, and he relaxed. "Ugh... this thing... " He turned and walked in, feeling better but not realizing how flush his face was.

"Hey, welcome." The large man behind the counter said. "You alright, kiddo?"

"I'm fine. And I'm not a kiddo, I'm 18..."

"Oh, sorry then. What can I do for you?"

"Um... just browsing, thanks..." Jesse walked slowly into the store, trying to focus himself. He needed something to cut this device off, but something that wouldn't hurt himself. That wasn't easy. He looked around for quite a while on his own, but eventually...

"Hey, can I help you find something?" The man said from behind Jesse. It made him jump.

"Ah! I.. I'm looking for like bolt cutters?"

"Bolt cutters, eh? Are you planning on breaking into anywhere? Haha. Just a joke."

"Heh... yea, no I just need them to get into a lockbox at home... it won't open."

"Sure. They're over here." He directed Jesse towards the bolt cutters and gave him a smile, walking off. He examines them for a few minutes before looking around for cameras. He looked around for a bit, but never ended up seeing the camera above him. Thinking he was in the clear, he picked up the bolt cutters and pulled up the baggy shirt he had on. The diaper's high waist that ended above his hips was visible, and he tried to edge the bolt cutters between the waistband and his skin. It was really tight... a perfect fit.

He whined out and struggled a bit more, ending up cutting his stomach slightly with the bolt cutters. "Ow!" he cried out, covering his mouth. He could hear the footsteps of the man, but he wasn't able to put the bolt cutters back, only start pulling his shirt down.

"Hey, kid you trying to stuff those down your shorts? I mean come on. That's not going to work." He quickly rushed over and grabbed the bolt cutters from Jesse with one hand, his other hand grabbing the boy's wrist. He didn't see the diaper, but this was still a bad situation to be in. "Come on, kid. We're calling your parents."

"N--no! I wasn't trying to steal them! I promise! I.... " He realized he couldn't really explain what was happening. Maybe being caught stealing would be better than his mother finding out. He found himself dragged to the back room of the hardware store and sat on a chair. The hurried movement activated his prostate massage again and he had to struggle to stifle his moans, legs shaking. The man just took this as Jesse being terrified.

"You're going to type your parent's phone number in here and I'm going to call them, okay? I'm not going to call the police because you're just a kid but I certainly won't be letting this slide again."

Jesse stared at the phone. "O... okay..." He typed the number in and lets him call. It rings a few times before Selene picks up.

"Hello, Ma'am, this is Gred from Country Hardware? Yes, I have your son here. He was trying to steal a pair of bolt cutters from my store and I was wondering if you would be able to pick him up."

Jesse had so many emotions going through him, he was terrified for what his mother would do to him for stealing, but if she found out about this stupid diaper too he'd really be in for it.

"Yes, thank you ma'am. No, he's fine, just sitting here in the back room. Thank you." He hung up the phone and crossed his arms at Jesse. "So why were you trying to steal them, huh? Trying to break into someone's locker at school? Trespassing?"

Jesse just shook his head, but didn't answer. He didn't want to think about the truth. The prostate massage finally slowed again.

"Fine. Don't talk. But I'm sure your mother will have something to say to you." The man sat down in the room as well, another employee managing outside on their own. After about 15 minutes, Selene knocked on the door, which the man opened.

"I'm here for my son?" She glanced past him. "Jesse! What are you doing?" she moved into the room and over to Jesse and stands there in front of him, crossing her arms under her large breasts. "What were you thinking? Stealing? Why didn't you just ask if you needed something, I'm sure we could've figured it out." She sighed and grabbed his hand, pulling the boy to his feet. "I'm sorry Greg, I'll make sure he gets disciplined for this, I assure you."

Jesse furrowed his brow a little, this wasn't her usual tone. But then again, he'd never tried stealing before. He still hadn't! This was still a misunderstanding... one he couldn't explain.

The ride back in the car was silent. Jesse didn't want to say anything, but his mother's words ended the second they were out of earshot of the store. Arriving home, she still said nothing, simply letting them both inside the house and returning to her task, doing laundry. "Jesse, please give me those clothes so I can wash them okay, toss them down the stairs." Jesse was confused but didn't want to ask, so he retreated to his room and took the shorts and oversized shirt off and threw them down the stairs from his bedroom door, closing it quickly and sighing.

He looked down at the diaper and whined, feeling all over it again for any release or buttons. Nothing. It was awful. He needed more clothes to hide it though so he went to his dresser to grab some... but...

Empty. Each drawer he opened was empty. Had Selene decided to wash ALL his clothes at once? Why? He panicked, looking in the closet, under his bed, anything he could put on. Nothing. It was all gone. He shivered, realizing all he had to wear was this infernal diaper. He climbed into bed. He would have to wait until the laundry was done, he supposed.

After about 5 minutes of laying down, he felt the prostate massage start up again. This confused him because the former reason it happened was when he was running or moving quickly. He didn't understand, but started writhing around a bit, unable to escape the sensation. He moaned into his pillow as he feels his writhing activating the ball massagers too. It was too much. He jumped up from his bed to stand, as much as his shaky legs would let him, and to his delight, it stopped. He stood there for a few moments before trying to lay down again. 5 minutes later, it started all over again.

He moaned louder this time in frustration, as he writhed more. The thing was, he was so horny by now he was starting to welcome the pleasure slightly. He figured he might be able to cum with the stimulation if he let it do its work... maybe. Face in pillow, moaning out, he didn't try to stop it this time. He could feel it getting closer and closer... almost there... but then it faded away as the massage slowed.

"Nnghhh... nnn... " He tried to rub himself through the diaper, but that only increased the grip on his balls tighter. He let this cycle go for another couple rounds before getting too frustrated. As he started to sit up he felt there was some pressure built up that he wasn't familiar with. He whined out until suddenly the pressure released abruptly.

It was all the precum and cum that had been milked from him via his prostate. The valve in the urethral tube finally gave way, and he felt his hot cum filling the diaper. Immediately the diaper started to swell, the entire thing, not just in the front. It was dispersed evenly throughout as the cum is converted into an inert gel. As it happened he cried out loudly, it was almost an orgasmic release, but not quite. His hormones didn't diminish in the slightest, but it was intense and violent. He covers his mouth, realizing how loud he was being. But it didn't really matter.

As he opened his eyes, he saw his mother Selene, standing in the doorway to his room, watching

Chapter 3 (added: 2018/04/19)

"Well Jesse, you're certainly making a lot of noise."

Jesse's face went bright red as he stares in horror at his mother. He quickly pulled the blankets over his head and hid, not saying a thing, hoping that she didn't realize what had been going on, and would leave. Or even better, he hoped that she thought he was just masturbating like a normal boy and wouldn't press the issue. The massaging was still going on in the diaper and he couldn't keep fully still, biting his lip hard to keep from making noise.

There was a long pause in the room before Selene spoke again, much closer this time. "Jesse, I need your blankets too. I'm washing everything today." And with that she grabbed the blankets from atop the boy and pulled them off in one fluid motion. He shrieked and covered his body as best he could, the slightly expanded custom diaper all that he had on still.

He was frozen. He couldn't hide the diaper, nor could he run. Nothing to cover himself with. He just lay there, closing his eyes. His mother didn't make a remark though, simply standing there and watching him. He didn't know it, but she'd already been emailed by the Lumen Industries Support team, and had been filled in on everything. Finally, she spoke. "Jesse, I want you to come downstairs and help me with the laundry, okay? That way you can get clothes to wear."

Jesse nodded silently, and Selene walks out of the room, leaving the door open. He started to sob, not crying any tears, but just in frustration. He'd always found it hard to stand up to his mother, but this was so embarrassing he couldn't muster any courage or attitude. He lay there for another 10 minutes before his mother called up. "Jesse! I said come down here."

He found himself getting up slowly, realizing that his might be the quickest way to cover the diaper with some clothes, even if he has to let his mother see the embarrassing diaper. As he stood up, he realized the diaper was thicker, and squished around slightly, the inside filled with the inert gel created from his own expelled cum. Jesse whined out realizing this, and started to walk to the door. He could feel the expanded form between his legs with each step he took.

Making it down the stairs, Selene was in the laundry room, standing and waiting. "Here's the deal, you do the laundry, and I'll give you some clean clothes to wear. Okay?"

Jesse nodded and cleared his throat slightly. "Y-yea. Okay." He kept his head lowered as he walked in and started working on the laundry. He knew how to do it, he just avoided doing it most of the time. His mother stepped out of the room and watched him do the chore without question. Jesse just wanted to get some clothes, but Selene was seeing an opportunity here.

He could hear his mother in the other room on the phone, speaking with someone. He couldn't make out the conversation because of the noise from the washer and dryer, but his imagination was telling him that she was telling her friends that her son was wearing a diaper. His face darkened as the embarrassment built up inside him. He was so caught up thinking about this, he didn't even realize that none of the clothes he was washing were his own. Mostly his mothers or blankets.

Selene was actually on the phone with Lumen Industries though, inquiring more about the product her son had purchased, and about how it worked. She was learning everything she could. The first thing she learned was that she could order a remote control to activate the diaper's features herself, and change the settings.

"Yes, so we regret to inform you that your son's device has been activated and made permanent. He did this himself and as the purchase agreement states, that responsibility was on the user or purchaser. We can, however, supply you with a remote that has full control over the features of the device to make sure your son's transition will be easy for you."

"Yes, thank you. I may call back if I have more questions but you've been quite helpful." She hung up the phone and returned to the laundry room. "Alright Jesse, with that done, go back to your room and I'll bring you clothes, alright?" She nods and he did as he was asked. He couldn't look intimidating at all without clothes on, and especially so with a large high waisted diaper. Selene fished around and found one of her own large t-shirts. It was a light pink with the word 'CUTE' on the front in a decorative text. She took it up to Jesse's room and tossed it in. "That's what you get for now, alright? I'll get you some more soon."

"What do you mean you'll get me some more soon?! Give me my clothes back!" Jesse suddenly shouted out, upset with what he was given, just wanting to hide his shame so he could try to think of a way out of this situation. Selene was not pleased with that, however.

"Well, not a chance of that happening anymore, Jesse. You put that shirt on and think about your tone while I go shopping." She gave him a stern look as she closed the door. Shopping indeed, she had quite a bit to pick up. It was time to take charge again; Jesse wasn't going to be rebelling anymore.

Chapter 4 (added: 2018/11/26)

Over the course of the next few days, Jesse was living in limbo. Life at home was suddenly very simple, just doing chores around the house but otherwise being left alone. His libido was increasing more and more, as well as his frustration. He just wanted to cum. His mind was constantly on this throbbing cock trapped deep in this diaper. Each night he lay down to sleep, and the prostate massage would continue, milking him delicately but preventing him from reaching an orgasm. Twice more his precum had built up enough to release suddenly from the strange valve, and his diaper was growing in size.

It was Sunday morning, waking up from an intense dream. In the dream he had no control, like he was a baby once more. He couldn't even walk in the dream. As he sat up suddenly, he looked around and realized he'd gone from a false dream into a real nightmare. The first thing he realized is that the diaper had expanded so much that it was starting to push his legs apart. He prodded it, confused. The diaper was squishy and soft, and starting to weigh more too. Everything his body would normally be excreting was being converted into some kind of inert gel, just a squishy filling for the permanent diaper.

He swings his legs off the bed and stands up, realizing that walking was starting to get harder. He had to try really hard to not waddle. The weight of the diaper was so very noticeable as well, and as he changes his shirt, he whines out in desperation. The only clothes Celene had provided him with thus far were her old pink shirts. That's it. No pants, no nothing. Whenever he asked when he would get proper clothes, she always had the same answer. "When you've been good enough." So he had been trying to appease her. He didn't know if it was working. But it was.

When he came down that morning, Celene was sitting at the kitchen table. "Jesse. Come sit. We need to talk." He swallows and walks over as best he can without looking silly. He climbs up on the seat and sits, the diaper squishing and giving him a rush of pleasure as the intruder wiggled slightly from the pressure. "I'm sure you've figured out that I know about it. Right?" He nods slowly. There was no point in playing dumb about this. She knew. He knew. There was nothing he could do. "Are you going to tell me why you bought that and put it on?" Jesse froze up. He hadn't even thought about how to really, actually explain this. He didn't really know what a 'fetish' was, he just knew that the ideas of such a thing were exciting to him.

"I uh... I... Well... I just like.... Well the... uh..."

"You like diapers? You like wearing them?"

"N-no! No that's not it.. I don't like wearing them.. I..."

"But you bought a very expensive one and put it on yourself, yes?"

"Y-yea... but I mean I just like the idea... like on other... b-..boys.. I... I mean..."

"Other boys? Like your classmates?"

"No! No not th... we...well I mean.. I don't know!"

"Listen Jesse. It's okay to like these things. Everyone's allowed to."

"But I---"

"And you don't have to hide it from me. I always told you that you could tell me anything, Jesse. I mean that."

"No! I do have to hide it.. I made a mistake.. I don't want this!"

"Jesse... Listen. I understand. Here's what I think happened. You secretly bought this because you thought I wouldn't let you buy such a strange thing... and well you're probably right because it's expensive and you weren't being a very good boy lately. You say you like the idea and putting it on other boys. That sounds to me like you like the idea of putting it on boys against their will. Is that correct?"

She stares at Jesse, smiling calmly. She wasn't wrong. That was what he liked...

"Y-... yea.. Like... taking their control away because they're like.. A sissy..?"

His cheeks darkened intensely, never having shared such things, especially with his mother.

"So why did you put it on?"

"I ... wanted to know what it felt like.. I mean I'd put diapers on before.. Like.. um.."

"So that's where those went..."

"I... I just wanted to test it so I could feel...."

"It's okay, Jesse. I understand. Don't worry."

"I..... I...." He was starting to get upset. This was so embarrassing.

"Don't worry, Honey. I'll take care of everything." She stood up.

"R-really? You'll get this off me?" Jesse started to perk up.

"No, of course not. You wanted this against your will, and so that's what you're going to get. You want to know what it's like to become a sissy. And a sissy baby by the looks of it. That's your fantasy. Since you've already spent my money on this, I'm invested, literally. Now go back to your room and stay there. I need to go pick up a package."

She smiles and walks to the door, putting her shoes on.

"Wait! No! That's not what I want! I don't want this.. No no no no... Mommy please! I don't .. please mommy... " He started to cry, hopping off the chair and trying to quickly run over to her, but he forgot the diaper was wider, and he stumbles, waddling awkwardly. He grabs her leg as he falls down to his knees. "Mommy... please don't do this... I don't..."

"Shh.... now now baby. I understand. Now don't go anywhere, but then again I doubt you'd want to without any clothes. Hehe..." She pats his head before prying him off her leg, and leaving.

This conversation did not end up how Jesse wanted. Not only did he divulge his feelings, but now his mother thinks that it's what he really wants. No begging or persuasion could convince her otherwise, because she thinks that he wants it to be forced. What a problem to be in. Jesse picks himself up and waddles slowly back to his bedroom, flopping down on the bed. The prostate massage instantly started up, as it did whenever he was horizontal. Through sobs, he moaned and pressed his hips against the bed, yearning for release, but never getting it. What was Celene picking up... what did the future have in store for Jesse's Secret?

Chapter 5(added: 2019/02/09)

Later that day, when Jesse had cried all he could, he finally passed out for a nap. The constant prostate massage from his lying position was torturous, but he still managed to drift off to sleep, his dreams filled with nothing but embarrassment and teasing. He moaned with every breath as he slept, legs twitching every so often.

The door opened slowly, and Celene walked in, stopping to watch her son sleeping. As she watched, she pulled out her smartphone and opened up the Lumen Industries Control App. It required her to enter her biometrics, a quick iris scan from her phone's camera was enough, and she had access. She chose the active item, the diaper, and a long list of features and functions appeared, as well as a large amount of feedback data, such as arousal, total capacity in diaper, and melding success rates.

After scrolling through it a bit, she enabled the diaper gel injection, at a slow rate. And sure enough, the diaper quivered a bit as the gel filling its mass slowly started to be fed through the large wiggling dildo in Jesse's ass, filling him up. The gel worked as advertised, being absorbed back into the body extremely quickly, carrying with it the new suite of hormones that were included in the package. It didn't take long to empty the diaper, leaving it still thick, but back to its original size. "Fancy stuff indeed." She smiled, walking back out of Jesse's room and to her own.

She sat down to study the features of the diaper in more detail, and promptly started to fine-tune them to be more in line with what she had in mind. She first changed the release method to be the maximum pressure, so when he ended up wetting himself in cum, it would be drastic. In addition, Celene set the diaper to administer a very pleasurable vibration on his cock and prostate, whenever this sudden release happened. She then set the diaper gel injection to be a constant thing, albeit a slow drain back into his body. This would ensure he goes through cycles of wetting, expansion, and slow recovery before the cycle restarted. With that, she also turned the feminizing hormones up to a much higher level than before. She'd always wanted a little girl, and Jesse had been far from that in the past. She then found something that gave her a wicked grin. Voice control.

The diaper had microphones in it, of course, that were tuned to listen to the wearer's voice. In this case, it could listen for certain speech phrases or words, and react based on that. It took Celene a while to program this correctly, but she added every curse word under the 'punishment' category, and set them all to give a quick but sharp shock up Jesse's urethra. She also discovered, and enabled, the volume restriction feature, which would give out the same punishment for speaking above a certain volume level. "Yes, my girl will be quiet and polite... " Before she exits this screen, she does add a few reward dialogue lines. 'Thank you' and 'Please' and 'Mommy' all gave a pleasurable buss around his cock when spoken. She nods to herself and goes back to the previous menus.

Another feature she disabled was the constant prostate massage when lying down. Instead she switched it to a more gentle massage only while asleep. As she continued to scroll through the features, right at the bottom, she saw a security tab. Tapping it, it opened up a large red warning. "Deadlock enabled. Please disable Deadlock for access to security features." And there it was, a way to unlock it. Not permanent like Jesse was lead to believe. Though, from the user's point of view, it was permanent. It made sense to have some sort of failsafe, especially with how sturdy the materials were. She closes the app once more, and thinks it best to not mention that information to Jesse. In fact, she could hear him waking up as she walked to the open door way, looking into the hall.

Chapter 6 (added: 2019/05/04)

"Jesse! Do you want to try on your new clothes? Come over to Mommy's room..." She walked back into her room and opens the large shopping bags she still had sitting there. Jesse slowly waddled in, his cheeks flush, having had a rather intense dream just moments ago.

He rubbed his eyes. "Clothes for me...?"

"Yes, Honey... new clothes. Here..." she said, pulling out a simple cotton pink dress. It was a little small for Jesse, but he didn't react fast enough as Celene pulls it over his head. It was loose and flowing, with a heart on the chest, with the word 'Girl' printed on it. The dress' length wasn't long enough to completely cover the diaper, letting it show a bit. Jesse immediately noticed, of course.

"Wh... what is this??? It's so short!!" He shouts, which activates the new punishment system. A zap. "OW! What?! What is going--- Ahhg!" He drops to his knees, hands going between his legs. He couldn't reach the source of it, the urethral intruder sending sharp electrical shocks into him.

"Well Honey, you'll have to lower your voice if you want to avoid those feelings. Understand?"

Jesse catches his breath, trying to calm down, but ends up muttering under his breath. "Fucking unbe--- AHHGH!"

"And you'll have to stop cursing so much. You're going to be a polite little girl for me."

"Girl??? Nh-... I..." Jesse stopped talking for a moment to get his bearings. "I.. I'm not a girl... I don't want to be a girl..."

"Well it's unlikely you have much choice at this point. You didn't read anything about that little toy you bought, did you?"

Jesse pouts and stares down at the edge of the dress, at the squishy plush of the diaper sticking out from under it. "I... I didn't know... I made a mistake... Please..." As he said 'please', the diaper reacted, and he felt his cock treated to a gentle vibration around it, and down the urethral insert. He gasped and tensed slightly, as his cock now started to try to grow, throbbing in its tube. "W-... what..."

"See? You say good things like 'please' and 'thank you' and you'll be rewarded. You say bad things, be rude, and disobey me... and you get punished. Simple as that, sweetheart. Now. Are you going to keep testing me or are you going to be a good little girl and do as you're told?"

Jesse mumbles to himself. "Please..." He bit his lip as he felt the vibration again. Celene noticed, and realized she had to make a few adjustments, but having him repeat certain phrases to himself while alone to feel pleasure might not be a bad thing. "O... Okay. I'll do the stuff..."

"Good girl. Now, you're going to clean out your room. All your old boy things. Everything out of your room so we can remodel it properly. And, if you want to feel that nice reward like that, you'll have to call me Mommy. Understood? Calling me anything else might give you a punishment..." Jesse nods, not wanting to argue. He stands up slowly, trying to pull the dress down further over the diaper, to no avail. He waddles off to his room, looking around in despair. Would he really have to get rid of all his things? Surely she couldn't be serious.

"Mommy..." He mumbles again, feeling the pleasurable buzz in his diaper. His legs wobbled a bit when he felt it, and had to grab the dresser to keep from crumpling where he stood. After calming down a bit, he got to work as instructed.

While Jesse cleaned up, Celene refined her reward and punishment settings. The first thing she did was prevent repeated rewards being given for the same word or phrase in succession. Then, to the reward section, she added a lot. 'I love you.' 'I'm a good girl.' 'Anything you say.' 'I love my frilly dress.' She continued for a while, adding all sorts of phrases that were both feminine and submissive. Celene knew it wouldn't happen soon, but she also included that the stimulation would increase in quality if any of the phrases were said with a more genuine tone. Over time, this would help him develop a better tone. With the amount of hormones he'd have flowing through him, he'd seek the stimulation, as it would be his only avenue to get it.

She returned to his room, finding that he'd actually done a half decent job. "My my, Jesse, you've done a nice job." He stood there, legs slightly pressed together, not able to close all the way.

"T... Thank you.. Nnh...." He let out a relieved sigh as he felt the stimulation again. His face was flush, the hormones from the gel starting to really take effect.

"Good girl. Now, are you hungry? I made you a fruit smoothie." Jesse liked smoothies, but were usually too much work to make for him. He nodded eagerly.

"Thank you... M-Mommy..." He waddled over to her as his diaper buzzed, his face darkening more. As he walked towards her, she took his hand, leading him down the hall slowly. This was all incredibly embarrassing for him, but he was starting to give in, possibly just in an effort to chase the stimulation.

She led him to the kitchen, handing him the cup. It was one of the ones with a built-in straw, making it easy for him to take it and start sucking it down. He sighs in relief, the strawberry kiwi smoothie sating him. When he was about halfway done, however, he suddenly felt the stimulation kick into high gear, as the valve burst open, his diaper filling as he wet himself with cum. He moaned out in shock, the plug inside him starting to writhe in response too. It was a release of the all the built up pressure he'd been feeling, and the closest thing he'd feel to an orgasm, though the hormones did not dissipate. His diaper swelled uniformly, pushing his legs apart and lifting him slightly off the chair he was sat upon. Jesse pants and gasps as it finally stops, the buzzing slowly fading.

Celene grins wide and pats his back. "Good girl, Jesse... doesn't that feel good? Using your diaper like a good little girl. C'mon, say it with me. You're a good little girl..."

Jesse didn't know what was coming over him, still so aroused and horny... it'd felt so good. "I.. I'm a good... little girl..." He gasped again as the reward vibrations go through his throbbing cock.

"See? Good girls get rewarded..."

Chapter 7: The Room (added: 2019/05/04)

The next few days saw a lot of changes coming to Jesse's life. During which time, his bedroom was being remodeled. Celene wanted to ease him into it, so for the meanwhile he was sleeping in the guest room, unable to see what she was doing with it. She was also easing him over to a liquid diet, but Jesse didn't seem to mind that. Fruit smoothies and low fat milkshakes. He would be changed over to a type of baby formula from Lumen Industries, but the order hadn't come in yet.

During the day, Jesse found himself testing phrases, figuring out what his mother wanted to hear. It didn't take him long to realize he couldn't repeat the same phrase, and that the more variety he used, the better the vibrations would feel. The only phrase that did work in repetition was 'I love being a little baby girl...'. Since Celene had prompted him to say it, he knew that it was a better reward than the other phrases.

Due to Jesse losing all of his possessions, the only other thing he had to do during the day was watch TV. Which, to his disappointment, was restricted to toddler cartoons. He found himself staring at them idly as he repeated things to himself. "I love being a baby girl... nhh... nnm... I ... I love..." Jesse didn't realize exactly how much this would affect him. "Whatever, it's just some words and they make me feel really good, maybe if I say enough I'll be able to cum..." He'd thought, not realizing how strong the positive reinforcement might be over a long period of time.

At least once a day too, he found himself suddenly moaning loudly as the sudden release of the valve caused him to wet himself, all the stimulations hitting at once. Since he was essentially being edged all day, it was nearly an orgasm, just not the kind of release he needed. Each time, he lay there moaning and whining, wanting more, and trying to adjust to the new bulk of his squishy diaper.

With each new 'accident', another slurry of hormones and chemicals were mixed into the gel the diaper created, and pumped back into his body slowly. The effects of them were obvious, even in the few days during the remodel. Jesse's hair started to grow out quickly, its blonde sheen looking more brilliant than it ever had short. Jesse's body was also feeling more sensitive to all the stimuli he'd been subjected to. Though in addition, he found himself prodding his chest a bit on the night before Celene said he could move back into his own room. His nipples seemed a bit puffy, and prodding them let him know they were sensitive too. Jesse dismissed any thoughts or wonders about them as him just thinking about it too much. "Whatever... it won't be that bad. I'll figure out how to feel good and then Mommy.. Nn.. will give me my things back... it'll be fine..." He shifted around in the bed and said with a bit more genuine tone: "I love being a baby girl for Mommy.. I love it so much..." And he writhed under the blankets.

The next day, Jesse couldn't help but wonder why Celene had spent so much time remodelling his bedroom. He assumed it was just going to be all pink or something stupid like that, which he could live with. He certainly wasn't having anyone come visit him at home anymore so why did it matter what colour his room was? He stared at the children's programming on the TV and mumbled phrases to himself, his hand idly rubbing the front of the diaper. He couldn't tell, but the increased hormones had not just caused his nipples to swell slightly, but his balls too. And they were more sensitive. He was in a horny daze, watching the colourful characters dance on screen when Celene came out from his room, walking over to the couch where he was sat, legs spread.

"Hey sweetheart... how're you doing? Enjoying your show?"

"Y-yes Mommy... thank you...."

She grinned, petting him gently, her fingers running through his lengthening hair. "Your room is just about done. And I've got some presents for you."

"Presents?!" He said loudly without thinking, getting a jolt to his urethra. "Nghnn.." He whined, ceasing his rubbing and turning to his mother.

"Yes, Baby. Presents. Now, you've been a good girl the last few days... so did you want to go into your room early tonight?"

"Y-yes Mommy! Please? I wanna see what you did with my room..." He bites his lip, climbing off the couch. Celene takes his hand and leads him down the hall, to his new room. She opens the door and pulls him in, closing it behind him.

As he looked around the room, his stomach dropped. He was expecting pink all over. But it wasn't pink. It was pastel purple. And it looked like a completely different room. Shelves packed with stuffed toys, a large pink dresser with stacks of thick diapers on top... not for wearing, more as a reminder. There was an entire large girl's vanity, large mirror and all sorts of makeup and supplies packed away in cases and boxes on top. The windows had sheer silky curtains hanging down over them, the last rays of sunlight bleeding through them. The centerpiece of the room, however, was a huge, oversized crib. It was placed right in the middle of the room, and attached to the floor.

It looked like just that from the outside; an oversized crib. But this was another piece of tech from Lumen Industries. It monitored sleep and was inescapable, with the right accessories. It also had many types of restraints pre-installed and available for use if need be. At the moment, the thick plush foam mattress inside it was covered in a layer of translucent purple plastic, not that Jesse could really wet through his diaper, but it was there all the same. There was a single large pillow on one end, with letters sewn onto it. 'Jessica'. Sitting up beside the pillow was a fairly large anthropomorphic rabbit plushie. It was purple as well, with grey spots and lop ears.

"What do you think, Baby Girl?" Celene smiled down at the stunned boy.

"W-... what..... I can't sleep in this room... in a crib! I-- ghh.." He grabs onto his mother's arm tightly as the punishment activated. "I... I don't want this, Mommy..."

"Well, you know full well that it's past the point where you get to make any decisions anymore, Jessica...."

Jesse stared up at her with a pleading face. He didn't want to be called Jessica. It was demeaning.. As if everything else hadn't been already. "P.. please..."

"Shhh... it'll be okay, Baby Girl. Now.. Let me get you dressed for bed..."

Jesse started to cry, feeling so helpless he couldn't fight back anymore. Celene pulled the simple dress off over his head and opened the dresser drawer, fetching the new clothing. Jesse's breakdown meant he didn't even really get a chance to see what she had before his mother was lifting his legs and sliding him into it. It was a soft fleece onesie, pink with white polka dots. But as she pulls it up between his legs, he realized that this onesie had several extra layers of padding down there. It instantly made it harder to stand, but as Celene moved behind him, he could feel it pulled up tight against his diaper, the soft velcro closing tight around him. With the exception of the extra diaper padding, the rest of it was form-fitting fleece, leaving his legs and arms bare, but climbing a bit up his neck.

"Wh...Wha... Mommy... what is this.. It's too big.." Jesse complained, tugging at the new outfit. Instead of replying, she simply grabbed his hand, pulling it away from the fleece and pushing it into a matching fleece mitten. Though fleece on the outside, the inside was different, almost like silk. She pushes the second one on all the way too, the wrists of them seeming to tighten on their own. "No! I-- NHGH..." A sharp jolt quieted the boy. His already bowed legs gave out as he dropped down onto the pillowed bottom, letting out a moan as the anal intruder shifted. "Please..." He started to sob, tears filling his eyes. Celene was smiling, knowing her training plan was working well, and she fitted similar booties onto his feet, tightening without the need of buckles.

"Now now, Jessica... come, let's get up into bed..." She walks over to the crib, unlatching the side of it and sliding it down. It looked wood, but when it slid down, it was obvious to Jesse that this thing was built from steel. "Come."

Jesse had to crawl, legs too wide to stand, and feet and hands too padded to be of much use. As he reached the crib, Celene helped him up into it, laying him down. The plastic sheet crinkled softly beneath him, but the entire thing was like a cloud it was so soft. The pathetic boy had tears welled up in his eyes, unable to fully comprehend what was even going on.

"Alright, Baby Girl... it's time for bed. Early bed too, since babies shouldn't get to stay up as late as you always do. So...." She turns and grabs something else from the dresser. It was a pacifier. The outside of it was extremely large, and even matched the plush onesie. It had a tether attached to it, which Celene promptly clipped onto the front of the outfit. The inside of the pacifier was pretty big, but also pretty normal looking. She holds it in front of his face. "So, here's how things are going to work. You have to suck your paci at night otherwise you'll get punishments. Simple. There's some other things too, but you'll figure it out I'm sure."

Jesse opens his mouth slowly and she pushes it in. It didn't really fill his mouth but was still something decent to suck on. And he did. The moment he started sucking, he felt a new stimulation in his diaper. Gentle vibration around his balls. This of course wouldn't bring him any closer to orgasm, unlike the other vibration rewards, but it still felt good... despite being extremely teasing. His brow softened feeling this, whining out, but doubling his sucking effort. "See? Good girl..." Celene steps back and lifts the gate of the crib, snapping in place with a loud clack. "And show your new friend there some affection. I'm sure he'd like it.. .<3" She giggles to herself, stepping away, and clicking the light off before leaving the room.

Jesse stopped sucking for a few moments, catching his breath. He spat the pacifier out and took a breath to start crying, but the urethral insert started to pulse a punishment, every second. He cried out loudly, which only made it go more, and quickly he fumbled around with the pacifier on the tether, shoving it back in his mouth and sucking firmly. The punishment stopped, and he let out a long whine before he suddenly was interrupted by the flood of an accident. The pain was replaced by pleasure as all the stimulators fired at once, his legs twitching helplessly as his diaper filled, widening his legs even further. How would he deal with this sleeping condition, he wondered...

Part 8 (added: 2020/01/06)

---Four Months Later---

Jesse, or Jessica as it was now, woke up slowly to a pleasurable vibration coming from his diaper as he realized he was in the middle of wetting himself. His moan turned into a whine as he continued to suck on his large pacifier. He had desperately been trying to keep control over himself, but constantly being on edge, unable to pleasure himself whatsoever made him very weak to the pleasuring rewards his Mommy had set for him whenever he wet himself. Over the last months, Celene had modified the urethral valve, reducing the uncontrollable release slowly over time. Jessica didn't know this, though. He'd slowly been given more control, at the same time it was being trained out of him. He, however, just thought he was still completely helpless to the diaper's functions, and despite being unhappy about it still, had gotten used to it.

The door opened quickly, as Celene was notified wirelessly that her baby girl had awoken. Jessica whined and tried to sit up slowly, his soft mittens still on as they had been almost constantly. Celene stopped and smiled down at her baby girl... the progress she'd made was wonderful. The feminizing drugs were working wonders on his still rather adolescent body; his hips had widened, thighs grown thicker, waist thinned out, and even his chest seemed to be budding slightly rounder. The most notable differences were on his face, and although he still looked like a boy somewhat, his skin had gone smooth, and any hairs on his face had thinned to give him a smooth young look. His blonde locks on his head had grown out very long, almost down to his butt now. Celene kept them tied up in two loose buns on his head for the time being so he wouldn't get tangled in them.

"Good morning, Babygirl..."

"Mmrmrhhh...." Jessica moaned back in response, pacifier still in mouth. He'd learned better than to try to spit it out on his own, only when Mommy took it out was it okay.

She lowered the gate on his large crib, taking a seat near him. She reached over and stroked Jessica's smooth face and smiled happily. "Are you hungry, Babygirl?"

Jessie didn't really want to be fed... but whatever it was that he'd been being fed made him feel hungry all the time. He just wanted more and there was only one way to get any food now and that was to let Mommy feed him... "Mmhmmm..." His face darkened as he nodded to her.

"Good girl..." She pressed her thumb against the ring of the pacifier, deactivating it as she pulled it out. The rubber dummy was larger than it had been originally, and subtly changed to a more phallic shape, though Jessica didn't really notice when it had changed. Celene pulled out the morning meal, which took the shape of a large two litre bottle of ... something. Jessica never knew what it was, as Mommy's only answer had been 'Your yummy food, of course~'. It... was yummy, though. At least, he thought it was now. Had it always tasted this good? It was hard to recall, he just wanted more. The bottle itself had a similar drinking spout to his pacifier, a phallic shape, though this one was slightly longer. It too had changed over the last few months. Celene sighed happily as she pulled her new daughter over into her lap, her head resting on her thighs. "Open up..." She slid the soft phallic shape into Jessica's mouth slowly, and without hesitation he started to suck hungrily upon it.

These bottles too, were from Lumen Industries. They were designed in such a way that you could not drink them very fast, and you had to be gentle with the drinking spout to get anything from it. Jessica had noticed this soon into his feedings he could not bite down, and he had to vary his mouth, moving his tongue around. There'd been so much else going on he hadn't even considered why that might be, just naturally learning as time went on and the training bottle did it's work. Now, Celene watched her daughter slowly bob her head as she drank, the large bottle of thick white food being swallowed in desperate gulps. The food itself was a complete nutritional diet, this one specifically for little girls. Some 'side effects' that occur are loss of muscle mass, addiction, and stunting of growth. As the bottle popped from Jessica's lips he moaned out, hips shifting around. His legs were spread, forced apart by his full diaper. "Good girl... you finished it all in one go... I'm impressed. You're a good girl, aren't you?"

Jessica stared up at his mother, helpless as he was now. "Y-yea... I'm a good girl... mmm..." He was sat up as Celene proceeded to undress him from his padded sleeping onesie, and fetched a loose pink dress to pull over his head before sliding him onto the floor. "Nnngh..... Mmm.. wh-... what are we doing today?"

"Well, Jessica I thought maybe you'd like to hang out with some of your friends... It's been a little while huh?" Jessie immediately froze and went pink. Of course his friends would be wondering what happened to him... he'd just disappeared, hadn't gone to school, hadn't been online on his computer, which was long since taken away.

"N-no! --- aghhn... please, Mommy I don't want to see anyone..."

"Nonsense, I know you've been getting lonely and so I have already called up a few of your friends to come spend some time with you... it's okay... I'm not going to have you being so antisocial... you'll have to keep your friends so that when you go back to school you'll still be caught up with them~" School was also something that had been forgotten about. In some ways, it was nice to have avoided school, but overall, it was hardly worth this humiliation. And now there were friends coming over? Which friends? Did Mommy even know who his friends were?

"I-I don't ... I don't want to see... I don't want anyone to see me...." Jessica started to cry, tears welling up in his pretty blue eyes.

"Well there's no discussion about this. I set up this play-date weeks ago and they're coming over at 1pm."

The day went by dreadfully slow for Jessica. Each minute ticked by, closer to 1pm, closer to being exposed as he was, dressed up as a baby girl in a diaper. It was still rather thick from wetting it this morning, but it was slowly shrinking, the diaper's internal mechanisms slowly turning the liquid to gel, and secreting it back into his body through the anal plug. He could also slowly feel his bladder building up once more, the morning feeding had been making its way through his body.

At about Noon, Celene brought Jessica into the bathroom and sat him down by the mirror. "Your friends are going to be here soon so I'm going to just tidy you up a bit, your hair's getting long and it should look nice for your guests~" Jessica was writhing, hands and feet still trapped in their little padded mittens and booties. It didn't take terribly long, Celene just undoing the buns, brushing, straightening, pulling his hair into high pigtails, and then curling the ends of them gently. She then brushed the rest forward, and trimmed the bangs into a straight cut look. "Perfect~ Do you want me to do your makeup too?"

"N-no thank you, Mommy..." Jessica was almost red in the face, staring at his reflection in the mirror. He hadn't seen himself in a little while, and he was incredibly embarrassed at what he saw. A teenage girl sat there, legs spread, the pink dress not quite covering the swollen white diaper underneath, the pink heart showing still. His face was smooth and cute, and with this new hairstyle... there was a chance that maybe his friends might not even recognise him... there was a hope, at least. Celene helped him off the chair and back onto the floor. He was waddling around, the movement of walking shifting the plug inside him teasingly.

"Come here, Babygirl, I got you something." Celene walked into the living room, which looked like it'd been cleared out a little bit, and a plush looking rug had been placed where the coffee table once had been. It was pink and white, padded with shag on top. "Here you go~ Someplace you can work on walking without worrying about falling down... hehe.. " On it already was his 'favourite' rabbit plushie, which was large and had become a comfort to hold at night. Over the last months, the pleasurable feelings that Jessica could feel at night were being lessened, unless he was in contact with the bunny plush. It was done slow as to instill it without him realizing it, but he associated good feelings with hugging and resting against the rabbit, and so as he waddled over, he sat down promptly and wrapped his arms around it, a pout on his face. "Are you hungry?"

Jessica gasped and nodded quickly before realizing that he could already feel the pressure inside him. "A-ahh.. N-n.... no... it's okay... I..." Celene smiled, knowing what he was struggling with. Before she could answer, however, the doorbell rang. Jessica's face froze again, going dark.

"Ah, that must be them~" Celene grinned and walked to the front door, opening it. From his vantage point on the rug, the couch was blocking the view to the front door. Instead of trying to stand up, he simply hugged his bunny tighter. "Hello~! Haley so nice to see you, it's been a while... and you two as well~ you've grown quite a bit since last we saw eachother... hehe..." Jessica started to wrack his brain to remember who's mother Haley was. Two kids? Did he even know any sibling pairs that he was friends with? ... No. Then who? "Now, I just wanted to give you a little preface...." Celene's voice went quieter as she talked to the guests, still in the doorway. Jessica could only hear little bits of it. "... very shy ... quite sensitive about it ... she thought it would be best ... wanted to grow up as a girl ..." Jessica's face blushed further. He wanted to cry out, to complain, to fight back... but he knew that any kind of retaliation was fruitless as he was now, and would only bring pain. "But come on in! I'll make coffee, Haley, we can go into the other room and let the kids play..."

They all walked in, the first lady a short blonde, long hair hanging loose around her curvy body. He didn't recognise her but felt a throb in his cock as he stared her over. She was looking at him too, glancing over his appearance and smiling with a nod as Celene took Haley's arm, leading her down the hall. Behind her... the kids. As they walked into view Jessica suddenly realized who they were. Paula and Sam Ashfield. A sister and brother who had frequently been bullied and tormented by Jesse a few years ago, until they'd moved, and luckily went to a different highschool. They walked over to the plush, soft pink carpet, and looked down on the babygirl that was now Jessica. "Well... this is not what I was expecting..." Sam exclaimed, crossing his arms. Paula nodded, letting out a sigh that could only be relief. "So it's Jessica now? And you want to be a fucking baby? Wearing diapers?"

The judgemental looks from them were hard to ignore, and Jessica was almost shaking, his balled fists in the padded mittens feeling helpless to do anything but hug his plushie. " I'm not.. I'm not a little girl... I don't w--w---" He suddenly gasped and moaned out, legs tensing as he finally lost his battle with his bladder, and the full pleasure system kicked into gear. The two 'friends' watched as Jessica moaned out, his legs pushed apart slowly as the obvious diaper under his dress started to swell. As Jessica was still trying to hold it back, it only ended up prolonging the pleasuring, until finally he was empty, and his diaper was huge and swollen. Opening his eyes as he panted from the edging, he realized they were still there, of course, watching intently. Paula's brow was furrowed in confusion, whereas Sam was biting his lip hard, grinning.

"This little bitch enjoys wetting herself...." The words sunk in like a knife, and Jessica knew it was true.

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