Amazonian Agonies The Adventures of Agent Suzzanne
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  • Post Date - 12/9/2017

Author's Note: This is the 2nd story in the series involving my hapless heroine Suzzanne (the 1st is published here). After the 1st i was advised by other writers to actually write a story with theme so this one is a bit longer and hopefully has a beginning, middle and an end


Suzzanne stepped off the loading ramp into space and as the plane began to shrink she had no sensation of falling. She could see the sun coming over the horizon but she knew that on the ground it was still the dark before dawn. She rolled onto her front and spread her arms and legs to control her fall and attitude, she glanced at the red figures of the head - up display projected onto the visor of her helmet, she was at 42,000 feet. This was only the second time she had ever HALO jumped but she knew that at this altitude outside her helmet and protective suit it was airless and well below freezing. She breathed slowly, the oxygen tasted dry and metallic in her mouth and she could hear her own breathing in her ears. Pulling in her arms and legs she angled her body down to increase her speed as she watched the altitude falling, 39,000 feet now. The aim was to freefall as quickly as possible and only open the chute just before landing to avoid detection. She began to feel buffeting as the air thickened and in her head she quickly began to go through her mission.

This was her first mission for six months since she had been captured and tortured by an organisation of which little was known. After her escape she had reported for debriefing and had found herself immediately placed under guard in confinement. Her original mission had been to retrieve a data chip but she had been set up to make it look like she had doubled crossed her masters and absconded with the chip. She had been debriefed, almost interrogated about what had happened. They had not believed her when she told them Paul Tyler was in fact a double agent called Goldhill and when they checked out the location where she had been held there were of course no signs that anything had happened there. Only when Tyler/Goldhill disappeared off the grid did anyone give any credence to her claims. Even then she had had to endure months of deep counselling and analysis to convince her superiors she was not a sleeper or been brain washed in any way. Eventually she was put back in the system and been able to train and get herself back to full mission readiness; 27,000 feet.

She could see the darkness of the jungle below her although apart from rivers she could not make out any discernable detail, her GPS said she was heading towards the right spot albeit vertically! Satellites had detected infrared anomalies deep in the part of the rainforest below her and two M.I.7 "advisers" sent to the area posing as mining engineers had disappeared and not reported in since entering the jungle. It was decided to insert a covert operative to reconnoitre and report back, this was her mission; 13,000 feet, the ground was coming up quickly now and she had to fight the urge to slow herself down. The altimeter was unwinding quickly, 9000, 8000, 7000. The wind was roaring past her now and she could feel the air temperature warming, on the ground it would be hot and humid; 4000, 3000, she prepared to pull her ripcord spreading her limbs and flaring slightly to slow her fall. 2000, 1500, 1000, she spread her arms and legs and the wind resistance torn savagely at her, 800, 700, 600 she yanked the cord, there was a whooshing sound behind her and suddenly she was yanked bone jarringly upright and was floating silently down toward the canopy.

She popped the seal on her helmet faceplate and immediately felt the heat and humidity, only 200 feet but the last 100 feet would be a smash through the thick canopy to the ground. She could make out the shapes of tree tops and small dark gaps between them and tugging on the shrouds she steered towards one. Closer, closer the dark opening came and then she was crashing though leaves and branches, she placed her feet together until with a thud she landed and rolled. Looking up she could see the hole through which she had dropped as a dark blue patch against the black underside of the tree, she had been lucky not to snag the chute and end up hanging!. Checking quickly around her she gathered up the chute and stripped off the helmet and jumpsuit hiding them in the deep undergrowth. She checked her equipment, survival back pack, Glock plus ammo, machete, binoculars, microwave satellite transmitter. Looking herself up and down she couldn't resist a chuckle, in the calf high jungle boots and jungle camo fitted bodysuit she was wearing there was more than a passing resemblance to Lara Croft! However despite the fact that it fitted her curves like a glove the bodysuit was much more. Skin tight and stretchy, long sleeved and down to the knee it was all she need to wear, the camouflage material being tear, abrasion and thorn proof, insect repellent plus it had thermal properties designed to wick moisture from the skin to keep the wearer cool. She slipped on her back pack and buckled her belt about her waist checking the GPS readout; she was about a klick from where she needed to be. Tearing a strip off the canopy she tied it around her head to keep the sweat out of her eyes and then set off through the undergrowth following the luminous digits of the GPS.

Suzzanne moved covertly through the undergrowth, normal doctrine was not to follow jungle paths but in darkness she had no choice and each step was taken with precision her foot cautiously searching the ground beneath or feeling for the tell tale pull of a trip wire. As she neared a bend in the path her boot pressed down on a patch of leaves and almost instantaneously recoiled as she felt the ground ahead give. Probing with her machete she found that carefully camouflaged with leaf debris was a thin woven mat of reeds covering a shallow pit full of punji sticks. Carefully re-covering the trap she moved on knowing she must be close to her target. Suzzanne suddenly saw faint lights moving in a depression in the jungle floor about 100 metres ahead, she froze, listening she could hear low voices. Rather than continue along the path she slid into the undergrowth and dropping into a crouch began to move towards the edge of the depression. About 10 metres from the edge she slipped off her back pack and dropped onto her belly crawling forward until edging under a fallen tree she could see down. The area had been cleared of trees but the gap in the canopy had been masked by a huge camouflage net. In the base of the depression were water tanks, pumps and coils of heavy pipe. A shielded generator was providing the power but it heavily muffled producing almost no sound. It looked like heated water was being pumped underground and then out again. Men were moving quietly tending to the equipment and all were wearing headlights, the site was being kept darkened and clearly it was the infrared signature of the hot water that had been picked up by the satellites. She decided to withdraw and then send a message back via satellite phone then she would wait for instructions. Suzzanne crawled back to her rucksack and then began to move deeper into the jungle away from the path so that she could look for somewhere to lay up and rest. About 500 metres from the depression she came to the edge of a clearing, she stopped and examined the area, it seemed like a natural clearing, there was no evidence of man and no paths led to or from it. Leaving the cover of the bushes she entered, the clearing was about 4 metres square the floor covered with fallen leaves; again she probed ahead with her machete and was rewarded with the edge of a reed mat. Gently lifting it she could see a pit beneath but as she continued to lift she heard an audible click. Suzzanne froze unsure what to expect. She remained motionless but nothing happened, still unsure she decided to get back into the cover of the bushes. As soon as she dropped the mat and began to turn she heard another click and a pop like a cork out of a bottle and within a second she was tangled in a fine mesh net. She struggled but she was caught and the more she tried to move the more entangled she became until she was tightly wrapped. She stopped moving and looked around, her machete was a few inches away but she could not move her hand or fingers to grip it, her rucksack was still in the bushes, then she heard crashing coming from the direction of the depression before three men appeared in the clearing.


Suzzanne squirmed as one of them rolled her over with his boot before prodding her bottom with his toe. She knew they were speaking Portuguese as they decided the best way to move her. The biggest man grabbed the bottom of the net and began to twist it round spinning Suzzanne on the ground and tightening the mesh and entangling her further, then when he was confident that she could not move he hoisted her small frame up and over his shoulder his big hand taking the opportunity to grope and squeeze her curvaceous bottom bound by the fine mesh as they headed back from where they had come. Suzzanne bounced uncomfortably along on his shoulder as they walked but she could not see where they were going until they entered another covered clearing this time made by man. The big man dumped her unceremoniously on the ground whilst the others emptied the contents of her rucksack and began to rifle through them. More men crowded round then a smaller tidier man pushed through and began to shout at the men in Portuguese pushing them back and snatching the items of them before they were spirited into pockets. He looked at contents of the rucksack, satellite phone, automatic pistol, survival rations and he bent down next to Suzzanne.

"Who are you?" he said with a heavy accent

Staring out through the mesh Suzzanne said nothing,

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" he asked again and again he was met with silence.

"Very well you can stay silent if you wish but the Boss will be here later and he won't take silence as an answer, in the meanwhile we'll make you more comfortable" and he began to give instructions to the men, pointing to an area of trees on the perimeter of the camp. The man bent down again "You can hang about till the Boss gets here OK?" and he laughed as two of the men returned and began to drag the netted girl across to the trees. Carefully one of the men became to cut Suzzanne free from the mesh the others making sure they had a firm grip on her as the net released its embrace. Suzzanne struggled trying to twist and pull her arms free but strong rough hands gripped her. Pulling her arms in front of her the men looped a leather strap around her wrists pinioning them together; another strap was looped around her ankles. Then they lifted her bodily from the ground and moved beneath a low branch. Suzzanne squirmed and gave a little scream as several hands roamed and squeezed her breasts, buttocks and forced their way between her thighs on the pretence of lifting her. Tying the end of the strap around the low branch they released her and she dropped and her feet hit the ground she realised she could stand below the branch although her hands were secured above her head. The men stood back for a moment and she could feel their eyes crawling over her scantily clad body before they moved in again and grabbed her ankles. Releasing the strap they fastened further straps around each ankle and then tied them off to iron staples hammered into heavy section of tree trunk. Again Suzzanne found she was standing and there was no tension in either the wrist or ankles straps although she was not free to move very far. Then that all changed, the small man shouted some new instructions and two of the men began to unhitch a rope tied off to another section of trunk and Suzzanne felt a jerk on her arms. Twisting her head around she followed the rope from the two men who were straining to hold it, through the iron staple and up to the branch her wrists were secured to. As the men gradually released the rope the branch it was holding under tension sprung back taking the unfortunate agent with it. As the rope slipped through the staple Suzzanne was gently hoisted off the ground suspended by her wrists; as the branch moved higher the slack in the ankle straps was taken up and she felt the tension increase, she was being stretched between to restrained branch and the huge sections of trunk. Now the strain was really increasing as the men slipped more rope. Suzzanne grunted, breathing noisily through her gritted teeth. As the branch was fully released Suzzanne was stretched taut as a bow string, every joint straining. "There as I said you hang around and wait for the boss" laughed their leader, and as the men moved off one of them took a final opportunity to grope her bottom before giving it a hefty open handed slap, "AArrrrrrrr" yelled Suzzanne as she vibrated like a G string!. Alone now she tried to twist her wrists and ankles in the straps but she was stretched so tightly there was no give. He muscles quickly began to ache and sweat was soon beading on her exposed skin and this attracted another source of irritation as flies arrived to feast on the salty liquid tickling her face, arms and legs incessantly. "GGrrraaahh" she cried, twisting her body in frustration, dislodging the alarmed flies but only for a second before they returned to torment her.

Suzzanne tried to close down her mind using technique she had been taught to resist interrogation, the pain the heat and humidity and the flies all were pushed to the back of her perception and to some degree it worked until a voice drifted into her consciousness,

"Hello Suzzanne". It was a slightly hoarse rasping voice but there was something about it she recognised.

"Are you in there? I do hope so".

She pushed her conscious level up and at once became aware of the tickling buzzing flies and the burning pain in her shoulders.

"Nnnnnnnnnnn" she moaned

"Wakey wakey" rasped the voice

Suzzanne lifted her head to try and see who was speaking, a blurred figure drifted before her as she tried to focus. The face swam across her vision and gradually became clearer "you!" she said quietly then "YOU!" louder as she realised who stood before her, Goldhill "but you're..."

"Yes" he rasped "my voice is courtesy of you, the last time we met you shattered my larynx amongst other things"

"You deserved it you double crossing bastard!"

"That's as maybe but it cost me dearly in other ways, you were not supposed to escape, you were meant to be sold on for a sizeable sum and your return to dear old M.I.7 blew my cover and I had to disappear".

"It's a tough life" she spat.

"Indeed Suzzanne as you're about to find out, now I seem to remember asking you this question before, why are you here and how much does M.I.7 know?"

"My answer is the same as last time, so fuck off "

"Don't be so dismissive Suzzanne, this time the circumstances are not the same, I don't have to worry about damaging so talk before I get rough!"

She knew he held all the cards but she continued with the bravado "Fuck you Goldhill"

"Very well" he replied coldly

She thought she detected a slight quiver in his rasping tones,

"I see your combat suit is made of the latest bio responsive Kevlar based fabric" he picked up a three foot length of rubber hose, It's abrasion resistant, rip stop , blah blah blah, but it doesn't prevent you feeling pain!" and he swung the hose around his head and across her belly. "OOOOOOooopphhh" the impact knocked the wind from her, he swung again this time bringing it up between her spread legs the heavy rubber slamming into her unprotected sex. She screamed throwing her head back in response to the intense pain, the next three blows singled out her buttocks, kidneys and breasts each landing with a loud thunk, Suzzanne's body held taut by the branch remained rigid with each impact. Goldhill was sweating with exertion, he signalled to a group of men who had gathered to watch and barked hoarse instructions at them. Instantly they began to drag the trunk sections attached to Suzzanne's ankles backward, this had the effect of moving her stretched body from vertical to 45 degrees. He then handed the rubber hose to one of the men. Suzzanne twisted her head round to see though she knew what coming. The man stepped up beside her and swung the hose with a loud THWACK across her buttocks. Suzzanne screamed, the blows from Goldhill had been painful but this guy had many times his strength. He swung again and again walking the hose up from behind her knees to her shoulders, after a dozen or more blows she stopped screaming and by the end she hung limply in the straps head down sweat dripping from her nose and chin. "Tell me and this will stop" Goldhill rasped into her ear

"Cut me down and I'll finish the job I started on you" she whispered back.

He barked more orders and the men began moving the sections again, this time in the other direction until Suzzanne was stretched at 45 degrees in the other plane. A tall wiry man approached with the hose and as Suzzanne met his eye he sneered displaying his rotting teeth, then it began again, THWACK! This time targeting her breasts which deformed like jelly with each impact before rebounding into shape. Her abdomen and thighs all came in for attention and especially her pussy, its contours clearly outlined by her fitted suit, every fourth or fifth blow would impact this sensitive unguarded area and with each strike her thighs tensed as if struggling to close to protect her sex. Suzzanne was barely conscious now and Goldhill had one of the men douse her with cold water shocking her back to reality. He lifted her head by a handful of dripping hair, the water had roused her consciousness but her eyes were glazed and rolled in their sockets. "You're a tough nut to crack Midsummer, but you know what, this time it doesn't matter what I do to you, this time you're just an inconvenience and you're not going to interrupt our work here". Dropping her head he turned to the men "I'm going over to base camp, so leave her strung up overnight". The men began to wander away the thin man dropping the rubber hose in the dust leaving the restrained agent to her taut torment; several looked back at the woman's helpless curvy full breasted form and felt a stirring which could only mean trouble.


Another dousing of icy water shook her awake; she coughed and spluttered as the cold liquid cascaded down her body soaking her to the skin her nipples responding forcefully against the tight suit. Someone was behind her and she felt something being slipped over her head and then tighten sharply round her throat, A voice rasped in her ear "No funny business or....." and she felt the thin steel wire tighten further cutting into her skin.

"Ok, OK" she replied and the wire loosened slightly.

"Cut her down" said the voice and silently several men moved forward, Suzzanne stayed motionless waiting for them to make their move. The man with rotten teeth produced a long thin blade and sliding his hand under the leg of her suit began to slit the fabric. Despite its durability the bio-responsive fabric was not indestructible and yielded to the blade as he ran it up her flank to her armpit and then along the underside of her arm to the wrist. The suit fell away from her breast as he then cut from her armpit to her neck and the men murmured appreciatively. Moving around he carried out the same operation on the other side and the garment fell away exposing Suzzanne's curvaceous femininity to their gaze. She was unable to do anything to cover her modesty and could almost feel their eyes crawling over her, lingering on the breasts and neatly trimmed mons. Although she had taken a severe beating with the hose her body showed little sign of it externally. The man then took the knife and slit the laces of her jungle boots pulling them off and throwing them to one side. The other men now moved in and began to fasten manacles around her wrists. The she felt their hands on her body as they took hold of her and the thin man sliced the straps around her wrists. The branch whipped back into the trees and Suzzanne collapsed into their grasp as the tension was released. Swiftly the men fastened the manacles around her wrists to a length of chain around her waist before lowering her to the ground. Her ankles were still fastened to the trunk sections and the men paired off to secure her legs. On each side one of the pair fastened a manacle around the ankle before the other cut the strap. Hauling her to her feet they half dragged, half carried her towards a group of vehicles across the clearing.

"Where are you taking me" she asked, the wire noose jerked and the voice said "a pussy party!"

Their plans now clear she replied "Goldhill wants me for information if you kill me he won't be pleased"

The voice laughed "The American won't be back till morning and don't worry we don't plan on killing you!!"

Arriving at the vehicles Suzzanne was pull towards the back of a pickup truck, pushed against the tailgate her wrists were re-secured to tie downs on the bed of the truck and she was bent forward over the lowered tailgate. The men then turned their attention to her ankles, the man holding the noose must have read her mind, it tightened and the voice said "don't even think about kicking out". Pulling her ankles apart the men secured them to some unseen part of the truck and stepped back. Leaning forward the "Voice" slipped the noose from over her head and she could feel him gratuitously pushing his hips against her bare buttocks as he did so. "Ready to party?" he hissed in her ear, she said nothing. His hands began to roughly knead her buttocks his thick rough fingers digging into the firm mounds "Nice eh boys?" he laughed and an appreciative murmur ran through the men

"Go on Panch, you were a farmer, plough that furrow!" call one of the men and a raucous laugh rang around the camp. Knowing what was to come Suzzanne gritted her teeth as she felt his fingers slid between her legs and began to probe her pussy, one thick digit ran along the line of her pussy before being pushed forcibly between her soft lips, she gasped as the finger pushed deep inside her before withdrawing,

"No need for the grease boys she ready to go" and Suzzanne felt her face flush with embarrassment even though none of the men could see her. She heard a zipper and then "Panch" was positioning himself behind her, she felt his fingers grope under her spreading her sex and then with a grunt his pushed his rigid cock into her. He was thick and hard as he filled her but she made no response and slightly surprised he said "how do you like that missy can you manage my plough?" his voice laced with bravado.

Suzzanne looked back over her shoulder and said mockingly "Why are you in yet?"

The men roared and the man's sweaty face clouded with anger, "Why you bitch" and grabbing her hips he began to pound into her pussy. His pumping cock filled her and he was going very deep with each stroke but she wasn't going to let him know that, she clenched her fists and braced herself against the assault. Suddenly he let out a loud exhalation and his pumping slowed and she could feel the broad member jerking inside her as he came.

"Oh that was good" he gasped as his thrusting stopped and he withdrew his still firm member "she's tight and wet" he crowed, who's next?" Suzzanne could hear the men jostling and bantering, twisting around she saw the man with the bad teeth step forward, he grinned again showing his decaying teeth as he stepped behind her and began to unbuckle his jeans. Turning away she prepared herself for the next onslaught on her sex. She felt his hands grip her hips and then the hot tip of his cock fumbling across the slick lips of her pussy before parting them and entering her uninvited. He was smaller than Panch but must have been longer as he took great pleasure in slowly sliding his length in an out. She laid still, her head against the dusty flat bed and after a moment he must have realised she wasn't moving because his hands suddenly gripped her buttocks and he dug his sharp nails into the plump flesh. Suzzanne squealed and bucked at the sudden pain and tried to twist away but this only encouraged him as he began to slap and pinch her as he fucked her. As his thrusting increased his breathing became rasping and he moaned deeply as the curvy agent squirmed and twisted impaled on his long cock. She could hear the men cat calling, egging him on to make her dance and as his fingers dug deeper into her he silently unloaded deep into her pussy. He withdrew quickly and with a low "thanks baby" he slapped her hard across the bottom causing her to jerk forward and let out a loud "Owwww!

The third man stepped forward and turning to the group said "I not having your leavings, she been well opened now, I'm gonna go where it's tight, pass me that grease". Realising his intent Suzzanne began to struggle wriggling her hips trying to make herself a moving target. The man laughed " your jiggling butt is just making me harder and hornier baby so keep still, you ain't gonna stop me having what I want" and she felt his fingers push between her cheeks as he smeared her puckered ring with grease, his slippery finger penetrating her, coating her deep inside. Suzzanne twisted around "Please no not there" she pleaded.

"Sorry Sister, your tight little ass is just too good to pass up" and he turned back to the men "Boys give the lady something to bite down on, I'm gonna ream her good" and the sound of noisy laughter filled her ears again. She was aware of the men coming in close as her buttocks were spread in preparation, he was leaning against her now pinning her firmly against the tailgate and she felt his cock begun to nuzzle her slippery ring , "No ,No " she mouthed silently. The men jeering now encouraging her tormentor, she felt him begin to push and she knew she had to relax to allow him in, but even then she knew it was going to hurt. She cried out as he penetrated her and tears formed in the corners of her eyes from pain and shame. The men cheered as he slid the full length of his cock into her. Slowly he began to slide in and out of her and she felt like she was being torn apart, she dug her nails into the palms of her hands as his speed increased until he was pumping strongly in and out of her , puffing out his cheeks and blowing out with each inward stroke like and athlete. Suzzanne was now whimpering and crying out with each thrust as the man suddenly threw his head back and cried "Oh God oh god!" and she felt his cock swell momentarily before pulsing inside her . The men all cheered loudly at the spectacle and the man made her cried out one last time as he whipped out his greasy member proclaiming "I'm done, time for beer boys".

The men continued to laugh and shout as they moved away from around the limp form. Suzzanne sobbed silently, the pain in her ring was slowly subsiding and she could feel the results of the previous intrusions trickling down her inner thighs, spotted in the dust between her legs were dark damp blobs. She tugged against the unyielding chains; she would kill all of them if she could get free. The men now stood in a huddle and she could hear bottles being cracked and gulps and burps as the men greedily consumed the beer. She knew they would be back to revisit her and the alcohol would only add fuel to their lust. Sure enough after a lot of shouting, swearing and some minor scuffles one of the men wandered over to where Suzzanne lay restrained. He slapped her arse jerking her alert "hey pretty thing wanna play" he slurred.

"Fuck off" came the reply.

Undeterred he continued "well baby if that's your attitude, fuck you too" and he swigged the last mouthful of beer from the bottled before trailing the cold glass over her back and down towards her round cheeks "Old Del reamed you good, I bet you liked it really?". Suzzanne turned her head away from the drunk. "Hey don't you ignore me bitch, you think you're better than me do ya, well we'll see" and placing the flat of his hand on the base of her spine he proceeded to force the bottle neck between her still greasy buttocks. At once she tried to struggle away but she was clearly at a disadvantage and the bottle slipped smoothly in up to the shoulder.

"You bastard, you're a dead man" she growled.

He laughed and gripping the base of the bottle pushed harder. The neck was slim but the widening shoulder of the bottle was beginning to make itself felt and Suzzanne protested "Stop, stop it you fucker".

Ignoring her, the man continued until only the bottom three inches of the bottle protruded from the agent's tortured anus, the pain was intense and she fought not to cry out. Seeing that she could not expel the intruder he reached for a second bottle, he waved it before her "guess where this is going bitch?" and she felt him fumble under her spread legs before the cold thick base of the bottle was forced between her sticky lips.

Suzzanne was shouting now, "Stop, No, Stop get off me you bastard".

The other men were now aware of the commotion, one of called over "Hey Clint what you doing? don't bust her up we ain't finished". Suddenly a pistol shot cracked the air, the men spun around as Goldhill walked into the pool of light

"What the fuck is going on here?"

"Just a little entertainment Mr Goldhill, no harm done" said Panch nervously.

Goldhill looked across to the truck; spread across the tailgate was a naked Agent Midsummer, her buttocks red and marred by nail and scratch marks, a beer bottle protruded from her tightly stretched anus whilst one of the men was holding the neck of another bottle which was half way up her pussy.

"And what the fuck are you doing?"

The man mumbled nervously, "Err nothing boss, just playin'"

"Playing?" said Goldhill coldly, his voice was thin and rasping as he tried to control his anger then without warning he levelled the pistol at the man and fired. Clint slumped forwards onto the ground, the dust rising around him as he hit the ground, the bottle slipping from Suzzanne's pussy into the pool of dark blood spreading around his head. The other men backed away towards the shadows.

"You fucking numbnuts, she's a fucking enemy agent sent here to do god knows what, she could kill you all if she got free, she's not some dopey fuck toy like you chase in town, now clear up this mess, get her ready for transport, I've orders she's to be take back to the villa, now move !!"

Two men quickly picked up the body, dragging it roughly away before covering it with a torn tarp. Suzzanne watched the frenzied activity Goldhill's intervention had bought and although it had saved her any more torment at the hands of the roughnecks she was sure her treatment at "The Villa" would be no picnic. Panch appeared beside her holding a pad of dirty white cloth in his palm, she knew what it was and tried to pull away as his massive hand gripped her pony tail before yanking her head back and forcing the pad over her nose and mouth, "Night, night! was the last thing she heard as the pungent vapours filled her lungs and she passed out.


Suzzanne's head swam as she became aware of her surroundings, she wasn't in the jungle anymore but standing in what appeared to be an elegant lounge, modern leather sofas faced an ornate stone grate, picture windows looked out over an extensive manicured garden to a wall with the jungle beyond. The walls where covered with pieces of art, oil and watercolours, some she thought she recognised as well known pieces. Occasional tables and a bureau stood against the walls. She looked down, the sofas stood around a deep cream rug but she was standing on a polished dark hardwood floor. A feeling of cool air moving over her skin made her realise she was of course naked and as she began to move she felt the hold of the obligatory restraints, however she had expected no less, these people, Goldhill, knew her well enough to know what she was capable of. Looking up she saw her wrists were held in padded leather cuffs closed with a small brass padlocks and linked to the end of a spreader bar which in turn was attached to a braided steel cable which fastened to a eyebolt in the ceiling. Looking down she was somewhat surprised to find she was wearing black hold ups! These villains and their fetishes! More padded cuffs where attached to another spreader keeping her feet apart and to top it off she was balanced on a pair of black patent platform stripper shoes which when combined with spreader made keeping her balance none too easy. Still she wasn't gagged and somebody had taken the time to clean her up but she could feel the deep ache in her limbs and muscles from the beating she had been given in the camp. She took more time to take in her surrounding, for once the room didn't look too threatening, she had been held captive before and invariably the room had held shelves of whips, dildo's and instruments of torture, this room just looked like a well-appointed sitting room, however she knew appearances could be deceptive.

The door opened and Suzzanne shuffled round to face a slim tanned woman. Suzzanne had never seen the woman before and scanned her up and down. She was about Suzzanne's height but slimmer and had the jet black hair and dark complexion common to the region. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore a crisp white blouse and cream jodhpurs over shiny black riding boots, as she walked towards the suspended agent she removed her fitted tan riding gloves. "Good Morning Miss Midsummer" she said as Suzzanne detected a faint Latin accent, "I understand you are interested in our operations here?"

Suzzanne thought quickly, the equipment she had been carrying and her attire made it clear she could not claim to be there for some legitimate reason, plus Goldhill knew her and her M.I.7 status.

As the core of the British Intelligence services, M.I.5 and M.I.6 had traditionally dealt with national and international espionage and sensitive "political" issues respectively and whilst competitive had always had a grudging regard for each other, but the emergence of dangerous domestic and worldwide terrorist groups had their resources virtually tied down keeping tabs on hundreds of groups each with weird and often extreme agendas. In addition the fall of the Soviet Union had given a huge boost to international crime and the risk of nuclear weapons becoming available on the black arms market. The Governments solution had been form another section, M.I.7 to deal with crime related threats and attempts at world domination.

At first, as always M.I.7 was derided, the butt of jokes about supervillians and secret bases full of uniformed henchmen, however a plot to try and seal all the world's gold vaults using some form of Electromagnetic pulse forcing a global financial crisis and an attempt mind control the British Government was enough to make the other services realise there was a credible threat from well-funded madmen!

As an M.I.7 field agent, Suzzanne had a broad knowledge of field craft, espionage techniques, martial arts, weapons training, surveillance, survival ,assassination and other skills continually taught and updated in M.I.7's classrooms or in the field through experience and survival! Goldhill had been a double agent working high up in the U.S. intelligence Services until Suzzanne had exposed him; he knew full what the deployment of such an agent meant.

The woman turned towards a low table to retrieve a cigarette from a silver box, as she turned she bent forward slightly and Suzzanne noted her jodhpurs were almost sprayed on as they tightened across her peach shaped derriere. She lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply and slowly before blowing a cloud of blue smoke into the room.

"So what were you looking for Agent Midsummer?"

Suzzanne said nothing.

"Come come, you must have something to say, to parachute into the jungle and spy on our activities, your government must want to know very much?

Suzzanne stayed tight lipped. The woman breathed another cloud into the air and shifted her position placing her weight on one leg and sticking out her hip. Suzzanne could not help but notice the way the tight trousers outlined the shape of her sex. The woman moved around behind her and she felt her breath on her neck "Nothing to say, very well then "she whispered in her ear as her manicured hand slid round and gripped Suzzanne's throat pushing her head backwards, as she squeezed she placed a booted foot on the spreader bar between her ankles to prevent her kicking out. Her other hand came up and cupped Suzzanne's breast, gently hefting and squeezing it before the red nailed fingers came together and began rolling her nipple.

"You resisted Goldhill's beatings but I can be more persuasive and I will break you".

The hand around her throat was tight and she could hear her own blood pumping in her head and a faint pinkness around the edges of her vision, she tried to twist but the woman's grip on her was strong as she began to squash and twist the nipple. "Nnnngggg" moaned the agent. The woman could feel Suzzanne's body tense and quiver like a trapped animal and she continued her assault before releasing her grip and pushing Suzzanne away. Suzzanne staggered, the restraints hampering her balance and she sucked in air in great gasps.

"Now Agent Midsummer, what were you looking for?"

"A psycho Latino dyke with a penchant for camel toe!" gasped Suzzanne twisting around to face her antagonist.

The woman smirked, "Very well if that's your attitude, we'll begin immediately" and as she walked past Suzzanne to a wooden sideboard she landed a vicious punch to the agents midriff, "OooooPHHH" the wind knocked from her, she would normally have been forced to double up from the blow but in her suspended position she just spun around. Coming up behind her the woman landed another punch into her kidneys, at the same time as grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.

NNNaaaargh! moaned Suzzanne as the woman reached around and slipped a ball gag between her lips and forcing it behind her teeth, "Don't want to disturb the neighbours do we " mocked the woman as she buckled the gag tight before tightening the chin strap and fastening the leather panel across Suzzanne's ball spread lips. " NNmmmm, Nnnnmmmm" came the muffled response.

Suzzanne felt her ankles pulled backwards as the woman grabbed the spreader bar and looking down she saw the woman attaching an upright to the centre of the bar. She felt a click as it locked into place and the woman tugged at it checking it was secure. Next the woman began to fasten a crescent shaped device to the top of the upright and Suzzanne saw with dismay that the crescent mounted two black dildos, the front one was about eight inches long but thick, the shaft look knobbly like it contained dozens of balls, the smaller dildo was about half the length and thickness but had the same knobbly surface. Suzzanne began to struggle, "MMmmmmph, Mmmmmmmmmm" she moaned.

"Too late now Agent Midsummer, you had a chance to co-operate but you decided to be a smart mouth!"

She liberally coated both devices with lubricant until they were slick and shiny and then she began to slide them up towards Suzzanne's naked spread sex. The woman was holding the upright steady with one hand whilst pressing down, this had the effect of preventing Suzzanne from moving her he feet as she teetered on the high heeled platforms. With the other hand she directed the first device against Suzzanne's pussy , its oily tip slipping easily between her lips and inside her, she grunted through the gag as her pussy began to fill and as it slid deeper the second device began to press against its intended target, moving her hand slightly the woman spread Suzzanne's buttocks and pushed the device upwards, Suzzanne's protestations raised slightly in pitch before it slipped inside with an oily squelch and she was impaled on both dildo's. The woman continued to push the intruders as deep as possible the crescent base hard against the agent's soft underside before inserting a locking pin to hold the device in place. Suzzanne tottered on the heels now as they formed the base of a triangle the dildo's filling her pussy and anus creating the apex, she was completely unable to bend her knees without forcing the devices deeper and as she tried to keep her balance they pushed and jostled inside her.

"MMmmmmm, Mmmmmph!" she moaned trying all the time to keep her balance.

"Not so smart now?" said the woman and she reached forward grabbing Suzzanne's nipples and pulled them roughly, jerking the woman about. Suzzanne screamed into the gag as she was pulled of balance. Picking up a small remote the woman pressed some buttons with a manicured nail and the dildo's buzzed into life, the powerful motors causing the dozens of steel balls to oscillate under the soft rubber skin massaging and kneading the walls of her sex and rectum. She squirmed and twisted which only made it more intense and a long soft muffled moan emanated from behind the gag. Suzzanne struggled for a moment to regain her composure, she could resist this, she'd suffered worse and she closed her eyes to begin focusing her mind. Then she felt something lightly flick her nipple, once then twice, opening her eyes she saw the woman standing before her with a long thin supple straight whip the tip of which was flicking her nipple. "No mind games Agent Midsummer, pay attention" and the whip flicked across her exposed flank. She squealed a muffled squeal and arched her body sideways forgetting the lower half of her body was pinioned and as she did so the gyrating dildos pushed deeper into her. Before she could straighten up the whip flicker across her other flank and she twisted again instinctively. The woman continued to land stinging flicks up and down her flanks causing her to bounce and twist like some naked bondage piñata. All the time the dildo's where stimulating her most sensitive areas bringing her closer to orgasm. The woman moved to stand at right angles to the agent and then began alternating strikes on her breast, tummy and Mons and her buttocks. She was particularly skilled at hitting Suzzanne's pert nipples which soon began to sting and burn making them all the more prominent. All the time her movements to avoid the stinging blows pumped and pulled the dildos in an out of her sex, stimulating her , building to the point where the orgasm crashed over her and she jerked spectacularly in restraints all the muscles tensing into definition as she made hissing forced expirations from behind the panel gag.

The woman stopped the beating as Suzzanne came but as soon as it was obvious it had passed she began again, this time slowly circling the agent landing strike after strike all over her pink streaked flesh. It only took three or four minutes of this treatment and the dildo's each time to bring Suzzanne to orgasm again and again and again. After half an hour the agent hung limply in the wrist straps, silent except for her muffled panting, the fifth or was it sixth orgasm having just ravaged her body. The woman retrieved a small vial from the sideboard and releasing the leather panel covering her mouth forced the nozzle of the vial past the ball at the corner of her mouth and squeezed in the contents of the vial. Suzzanne spluttered but had no alternative but to swallow the bitter liquid as the woman replaced the panel. The woman whispered in her ear, "It's a stimulant to stop you passing out, should last", she paused "three of four hours" and she laughed. Suzzanne looked up despairingly at the wrist cuffs, twisting and turning them, three or four hours, oh shit!


The woman flicked off the dildos much to Suzzanne's relief before retrieving more items from the sideboard. She could feel the stimulant burning in her stomach and very quickly the fire began to spread through her body raising her level of awareness and unfortunately with that sensitivity. She moved tentatively, her legs and arms ached from being fixed for so long and her lower orifices felt full, stretched and oh so hot and sticky!

There was a knock at the door, "Entre" replied the woman and a plump middle aged woman in a house coat entered, head bowed. "La amante como té de tarde" she asked quietly, there was a pause and she glanced across at the naked figure hanging from the spreader bar, she met Suzzanne's pleading eyes for second, seeing the thin pinks wheals criss-crossing her body and the bar pressing something deep into her pussy, she looked down and crossed herself, she knew her Mistress was cruel and it was best not to take too much interest in her activities.

Without looking up the woman replied "Vea no, y por favor que me no molestan".

"Sí amante" and the woman backed out of the room and closed the door.

The woman returned and placed an item on the floor beside Suzzanne, she looked down to see a large electric wand vibrator! The woman then began to apply adhesive electrodes, two were placed at the base of Suzzanne's spine and two more on either side of her trimmed pubis, more electrodes were placed either side of each nipple. She then connected each of the electrodes to a cable from a small white control box. "Now let's see how these work" and she made a few adjustments to the knobs on the box before pressing a button. Suzzanne's body arched forward as the current coursed through her lower back finding her pudendal nerves and sending the current deep into her pussy, more adjustments and each of her nipples was shocked in turn. Suzzanne waited with horror for the final test, she bit down on the ball filling her mouth as the current surged between the electrodes across her clitoris making her jerk like a puppet.

"Excellent" replied the woman, "one final set" and she attached 2 blue electrodes on either side of Suzzanne's neck. "Now" she replied "let me explain, you're going to meet Mr Hitachi here and we are going to see how long you can hold out, but you're thinking "no problem she can make me come as much as she likes", well think again because every time you orgasm these electrodes will shock you and the current will be much higher and more painful than the test".

Suzzanne shook her head, eyes wide " Mmmoooo ,Mmmoooo".

Ignoring her pleading moans she knelt down and picked up a pair of latex gloves, "this will get messy and I don't want to get shocked", then she picked up the Hitachi and flicked the switch, it began to emit a low hum. Suzzanne tried to back away but the woman just held the upright bar preventing her retreat. Gently she placed the soft vibrating head against the top of the agent's bare slit, her lips were gaping slightly from the enormous dildo filling her and she shuddered as the head made direct contact with her clitoris. Suzzanne struggled to fight the sensations coursing through her pelvis; the woman gently moved the head around intensifying the stimulating vibrations. She mewed deeply into the gag and pushed her hips forward without thinking, she was on a slippery slope and gathering speed. The woman watched her responses with interest, Suzzanne was close to coming and the woman felt a familiar sensation in her own loins and glancing down noticed the dark line along the crutch of her jodhpurs. She squeezed her thighs firmly together to ward off the feelings, she had work to do and there was plenty of time to play with this M.I.7 sex toy!!

Suzzanne was struggling to withstand the waves of pleasure surging out from her pussy, she was very wet and the feeling of fullness in her pussy and arse where not helping, she dug her nails into the palms of her hands but it was no use, she came with a huge moan, her muscles again tensing into relief, her head thrown back, muffled sobs bursting from the gag, then within seconds pain like she and never know in her breasts and pussy, she bit down on the ball "Mmmmmmgggghhhhhhhhhh" as the current flowed between the pairs of electrodes, some aided by natural lubrication. The shock continued for ten seconds and as it ceased she slumped panting thought the gag. Without warning the woman placed the Hitachi back against her now sensitised clitoris and the heightened sensations returned aided by the stimulant drug, Suzzanne snapped upright her eyes wide, "Mmmoooo ,Mmmoooo mmmmmmeeeeeesssss". The woman looked up impassively at the women she was tormenting, she knew pain alone could be effective if precisely and carefully applied but pain combined with prolonged sexual stimulation was much more effective. Suzzanne twisted her hips as much as she was able but the woman made sure the vibrating head stayed in place, occasionally changing the angle to heighten its effect. The second orgasm hit Suzzanne and she arched again "mmmmmohhh ooooodddd" she moaned, to be hit a second later by the electricity jolting through her, spasming her muscles, "nnnnnnggggarrrhhhhh" she screamed behind the gag as the current continued to flow. Almost as soon as the current stopped the woman replaced the vibrator and the cycle began again, Suzzanne wanted it to stop now and she would have told everything if not for the gag. She felt the sensations building again and knew the intense waves of pleasure would quickly be destroyed by the cramping waves of pain, she knew she couldn't take much more of this but the woman seemed to have no intention of stopping....

Goldhill stamped out his cigarette, "we were lucky to discover her; one of the boatmen saw a parachute come down and reported it so I sent out some men to set some booby traps and she set one off. I've had dealings with her before she's resistant and very dangerous"

"Yes" replied the other man, he was a portly man dressed in baggy white linen trousers and shirt, in his late forties his black hair, greying at the temples was slicked back into a ponytail and he sported a thick black moustache. He spoke perfect English but with a noticeable Spanish accent. "She outsmarted you last time I understand".

"Yes" said Goldhill, a noticeable edge in his voice, "she did, but not this time". He would have happily killed her in the jungle but his Masters wanted her to be questioned in more detail, still there would come a time when they had no more use for her and he would ensure her demise was a slow and unpleasant as possible. "How long do you think it will take to crack her?" he enquired. The man laughed "Yolanda can be very persuasive, she will make the woman talk and enjoy doing it"

"I'd like her back when you're finished with her" said Goldhill.

"Yes" he said the thoughtfully "I would like to spend some time with her to, try a few new things, Hah, if Yolanda would permit me!" and he laughed a big belly slapping Goldhill across the shoulder, "yes you can have her, what's left!" and he laughed again

Goldhill winced under heavy blow, "Quite, but I don't want to fuck her, we have other unfinished business" and his fingers gently stroked his throat.

"Oh I understand, well perhaps I can make a few suggestions, we have something here called the "Maribuntas" they can be most entertaining and deadly".

"Tell me more" said Goldhill interestedly.

"Darling" called a woman's voice and the fat man spun around to see the woman coming towards him.

"Yolanda my sweet, any news?"

"Mr Goldhill" said the woman politely although it was clear she had no like for the man.

"Mrs Cortez" he replied consciously stopping his eyes wandering down her body to the fitted crotch of her jodhpurs.

"So darling has she told you anything?"

"Not yet, she is a tough one but I'm not finished yet. I used a dose of Coca stimulant to keep her awake but she's still resisting, I've left her to contemplate her situation and given her a dose of the concoction the Indians use for their "meditations". I'll see how that works and resume after we've have had supper".

The man laughed again, "make sure you don't kill her, Mr Goldhill would like that pleasure, in fact we were just about to discuss the "Maribuntas", what do you think?"

The woman screwed up her nose, "not subtle enough for my tastes but there will be no traces left for sure, anyway let's eat, Consuelo has set the table on the veranda" and linking her arm through her husband's she gently led him away. Goldhill followed a few paces behind watching the woman's tightly encased buttocks sway as she walked ahead of him.

In the lounge Suzzanne spun gently on the end of the cable, she had endured several hours of electric shock torture and many many forced orgasms. The stimulant had kept her fully alert for the duration making sure she felt every shock and every application of the vibrator. Eventually the woman had tired of torturing her and stopped realising that the agent would probably be dead before this method succeeded in breaking her. Before leaving her the woman had carefully cleaned and packed away her instruments of pain and pleasure, removing the electrodes from Suzzanne's skin. Then she had removed the upright locking bar which held the dildos in place smiling to herself as she noticed how slick and wet the vaginal device was. As the devices vacated her tormented orifices Suzzanne was heard to moan quietly behind the gag and she sagged in the restraints, relieved at no longer having to keep her legs straight to prevent the toys penetrating deeper. However the woman was not finished, she returned with a short length of chain which she attached to the middle of the spreader bar above Suzzanne's head, then she reached down and pulled the lower spreader backwards toppling Suzzanne off her heels and she lifted the bar pulling it up until she could attached it to the other end of the chain. The agent moaned, her eyes squeezed shut, all her weight was now supported by her arms and wrists. "There" said the woman "just one more thing before I leave you to contemplate whether to cooperate or not" and she began to unbuckle the panel gag, then as before she forced the nozzle of a small ampoule into the corner or Suzzanne's mouth, she twisted feebly too weak to resist as she tasted a salty vanilla taste in her mouth. "This is something else the local Indians use, they use it to induce a state of meditation but I found that just small dose will sap the users self-control, their will to resist, suppress inhibitions" Suzzanne struggled again but the woman squeezed her throat forcing her to swallow. Once sure the agent had taken the drug she removed the gag completely, long strings of saliva trailed behind as she pulled it from between her teeth. Suzzanne gasped and took in a deep breath, flexing her jaw as she did so, ball gags so made her jaw ache and it was something she had never gotten used to! Wiping the drool from around Suzzanne's mouth with a handkerchief she said "I'll be back in few hours by then the drug should be working"

"Go to hell!" replied the agent hoarsely.

The woman just laughed and turning on her heel left the room and Suzzanne heard the key click in the lock. She twisted her body slightly so that she began to gently spin and she could get a look around the room. As she scanned the room she began to find it difficult to concentrate, hold her train of thought and she knew the drug was in her bloodstream and making its way to her brain. She shook her head and began to breathe deeply hoping the extra oxygen would help her fight the effects. Her mind was fogging quickly now, she was aware of her surroundings, the discomfort in her arms and legs but nothing seemed to matter, her thoughts blurred into each other, her breathing slowed and gradually a glazed vacant look began to appear in her eyes as she gently spun to a stop.

Outside the sun was setting over the jungle canopy and sounds of the night could be heard outside the villa walls. Yolanda drained the last of her coffee watching as her husband and the American discussed the progress of the project. She wasn't really interested in the detail, her husband had made money selling the coca products for which the country was so well known but that was getting too dangerous as the Government supported by the United States sort to destroy the illegal drugs trade. She didn't know how he had become involved with this new organisation but they paid him well for his local knowledge and influence and it didn't involve drugs. But clearly it was not a legitimate project, the woman, the attractive Englishwoman she had so enjoyed torturing all afternoon was a spy and her husband had asked her to use her "special talents" to find out what she knew. She knew she had a cruel side and her husband's money and power allowed her to exercise it now and again, she had tortured her husband's mistress, ex-mistress, she corrected herself. She turned a blind eye to his philandering unless he was too blatant. She discovered them after returning early from a trip to the city and after berating her husband she had had the girl taken to the stables where she flogged her. She and enjoyed that too, her husband didn't care about what happened to the girl, she meant nothing to him. She remembered how she had beaten the girl with a leather paddle, how she had screamed with each blow across her jiggling buttocks. Then she had the girl bound in stringent rope bondage before she used her toys to make her come and come before finally smearing her pussy and anus with crushed chillies and watching her squirmed and moan as they burned . Yolanda reached down and squeezed her hand between her Jodhpur encased thighs as she felt a warm sticky sensation flow through her loins.

"Gentlemen, if you will excuse me I plan to take a shower and then carry on my unfinished business with our guest". The men turned their deep conversation interrupted, "Of course my dear, Mr Goldhill and I have much to discuss, and I'll find you later"

"Mrs Cortez" nodded Goldhill trying not to stare at the woman's firm shapely buttocks again as she rose and left the table.

"So Mr Goldhill you were mentioning your organisation was looking to expanding their operation in South America?"

"What? Oh yes "stammered Goldhill his image of what Mrs Cortez would look like dressed a cheerleader shattered by the man's resumption of the conversation. Cortez picked up on his hesitation, he loved the way other men lusted after his wife but his power and wealth meant that only the foolish tried their hand, the last man who had flirted with his wife had ended up staked out in a jungle clearing waiting for the "Maribuntas".

"How soon do you think your wife to break her" said changing the subject, his masters were impatient and so was he.

"Mmmmm" pondered Cortez, "Yolanda enjoys her work and she will get the information without killing the woman" he smiled and raised his eyebrows at Goldhill as he said this.

"Indeed" replied Goldhill "just to say this information is required by the top of the organisation, there can be no mistakes!"

"There won't be Mr Goldhill, don't you worry, it may take longer than you want but Yolanda will squeeze every drop of information out of her before she is done, and then the woman is yours, now more can I offer you brandy and a cigar? Best money can buy!" and he laughed heartily.


Cortez watched the tail lights of Goldhill's jeep receding down the drive and checked his watch, just after 1 am. They had talked long after his wife had left them about the project and the organisations future plans. He was keen to be part of them, he would be useful to them, they needed him, his influence, his power and it was easier than working with the drug cartels all their petty infighting and feuds. He drained the rest of his brandy and went in search of his wife. Checking the lounge he found it empty in darkness and so made his way upstairs towards her room. As his hand closed around the porcelain knob he could hear moaning and as he entered the sight within caused his cock to harden almost instantly within his baggy linen trousers. Propped on a heap of satin pillows lay the agent wearing a purple rubber bustier which was laced tight and forced her already big breasts up and out. Her arms where held rigidly behind her back by a black leather single glove the shoulder straps of which further accentuated the swell of her bust by pulling her shoulders back. Around her throat was a matching purple posture collar and her mouth was filled with a purple ball gag. Her legs where clad in purple latex stockings, all of the latex having been polished to shine. On her feet were the black platform high heels she had been wearing earlier and her ankles had been crossed and bound with a leather strap which was attached to a strap leading from the single glove, this had the effect of pulling her legs up and apart exposing her neatly trimmed pussy which glistened pinkly. A small microphone was clipped to the strap of the ball gag to collect the smallest detail of her moans. The cause of Suzzanne's sighs, whimpers and moans was Yolanda, she was wearing a custom made white latex body, so fitted it made her torso and breasts appear to be moulded in white plastic, on her legs she wore white PVC knee high boots and on her arms white latex opera gloves. As Cortez entered she was lounging between Suzzanne's spread thighs and as he drew closed he could see she had the agent impaled on a large ribbed chrome vibrator which she was slowly pumping in and out of her pussy. In her other hand she held a bullet shaped chrome vibrator the tip of which she worked slowly back and forwards over Suzzanne's' engorged clitoris. On seeing her husband approached she smiled at him and clicked a small remote to stop the recording before continuing to slide the vibrator in a far as it would go.

"Enjoying yourself darling" enquired Cortez

"She's very responsive especially after the dose of Katchi I gave her, I couldn't resist playing for a while" at which point the agent gave a huge shudder , arching her hips and back before collapsing back into the cushions, "See?" exclaimed Yolanda, "she just keeps coming and coming".

"Goldhill says they are impatient for the information... but ..... She is very lovely" he mused. He knelt down beside Suzzanne and his big hand slowly began to knead one of her breasts. He felt her take a sharp intake of breath before arching her back and shoulders towards the new source of pleasure. Sensing her response his thick fingers began to roll and squeeze her nipple increasing her response. He felt his wife's hand rub across the bulge in his trousers "Enjoy her with me Henrique, Goldhill can wait a bit longer" and he felt her fingers squeeze his thick shaft. Reaching around he unbuckled the ball gag, then he unbuttoned his trousers and reached in to free his cock. Yolanda has stopped stimulating Suzzanne and moved around to her head and adjusted the cushion to roll her slightly to one side. She then reached out and stroked the purple tip of her husband's cock with her latex clad fingers, he jerked at the contact and she began to gently guide his member towards Suzzanne's open mouth. As the underside of his glans made contact with her lip her tiny wet pink tongue darted out and began to lap gently around the tip, he gasped then as he leaned in his wife guided the thick shaft into the agent mouth. Almost at once he felt the heat and slippery wetness of her mouth as her tongue coiled and licked around the bulbous end of his organ and then she began to suck. Cortez let out a low moan as Yolanda leaned in to kiss him deeply whilst guiding his hand to stroke her latex clad pussy. Suzzanne was now instinctively sucking his cock rhythmically and his breath came in gasps. As Yolanda pulled back from the kiss she whispered in his ear "She is good, yes?"

"Oh fuck yes" replied Cortez his head lolling backwards as the brunette head pumped between his thighs. He savoured the moment his hand firmly kneading his wife's pussy, two gorgeous women to meet his every sexual demand, one a bound foreign agent sucking his cock, he was a God! Then he felt a familiar feeling build in his loins and he pulled out of the pleasing mouth, he gasped, he didn't want to come yet, he didn't want it over so quickly. "I want to fuck her darling, free her legs" and he rose and began to strip off his trousers. Yolanda reached down and unbuckled the straps securing Suzzanne's ankles, straightening and spreading the agent's legs for her husband's pleasure. Suzzanne continued to moan appreciatively at every touch, groaning loudly as Cortez placed himself between her thighs, pushing her knees outward. Shuffling forward he guided the fat head of his cock towards her inviting pink wet pussy and as he slid into her stretching her plump lips around his shaft they moaned in unison and Suzzanne arched and pushed against him. Slowly he began slide in and out of her and she was so wet he could hardly feel any friction; his hands grabbed both her breasts and began to squeeze them forcefully making her release a little cry. At the same time Yolanda cradled Suzzanne's head stroking her face. Cortez was now thrusting with more vigour and Suzzanne moaned with every stroke.

"Henrique, don't come yet, turn her over" cooed Yolanda and Cortez stopped thrusting and withdrew his hard cock, now coated in Suzzanne's fluids. Deftly he flipped over the unresisting woman before kneading and separating her round buttocks. Suzzanne's cleft and puckered ring were slick with her fluids which had dribbled down during Yolanda's prolonged stimulation of her pussy and Cortez marvelled at how a woman could stay so wet!, lifting her hips gently towards him he allowed his straining cock to probe between her slick lips until she parted with ease and allowed him inside. From this new angle his big cock bumped high up inside her pussy whilst rubbing against the sensitive area behind her clitoris and she cried out at the increased sensations of pleasure. Meanwhile Yolanda had placed herself at Suzzanne's head her booted legs on either side of the agent's body; gently she pulled the latex gusset of her bodysuit away to expose her shaven sex. Parting her mocha coloured lips to reveal the pink within she slid he hips down whilst lifting Suzzanne's head guiding the woman's mouth towards her spread pussy. The agent struggled slightly but Yolanda looped her hand through Suzzanne's hair and jiggled her hips to position her sex before mashing it against Suzzanne's mouth, she was almost instantly rewarded with the tickle of tongue against her clitoral bud and she gasped. Stimulated by the site of his wife burying the agent's face into his wife's sex Cortez increased the frequency and depth of his thrusting feeling the stimulation and sensations grow, Suzzanne's moans were muffled as she was forced to lick deep and she squirmed in a futile from of resistance. Cortez felt his balls tighten and with a mighty moan his cock began to pump deep inside Suzzanne, filling her pussy with his thick ejaculate. Spurred on by his efforts Yolanda began to thrust her pussy forcing Suzzanne's mouth to increase contact with her clitoris and she too felt to wave of orgasm wash over her before slumping back into the cushions panting. Cortez gently pulled out of Suzzanne's pussy his cock trailing thick white strands mirroring the liquid coating the inner lips of her pussy. Husband and wife rested for a moment, between them the tightly bound object of their debased pleasure lay motionless, her breathing deep and slow, her face coated with the results of Yolanda's orgasm, her pussy gaping, dribbling semen after being plundered by Cortez. After a few moments Cortez rose, "change ends?" he queried playfully and catching his meaning Yolanda rose covering her puffy lips with latex before removing a long ridged strap-on from beside the pile of cushions. Buckling the device around her hips she moved around and knelt behind Suzzanne. Inserting two of her gloved fingers into Suzzanne's pussy she them proceeded to smear the slippery fingers around the puckered ring coating it liberally. Dipping her fingers once more she slipped first one then the other into the agent's anus as she quietly whimpered in protest. Cortez meanwhile was mimicking Yolanda's previous position in front of Suzzanne stuffing cushions under her breasts and hips to raise her up. Once satisfied he grabbed Suzzanne's hair to steady her head before pushing his semen coated penis against her lips. She tried to resist but quickly succumbed gagging slightly as her mouth was quickly filled. Cortez then began to slowly pump her head up and down his shaft to the accompaniment of her gagging and slurping. Yolanda gently placed the tip of the strap-on against Suzzanne's anus and began to slowly push with her hips. Cortez immediately felt her response as deep in her consciousness she felt her anus about to be penetrated, her moans were stifled by Cortez's cock although he found the humming sensation they caused most pleasurable. Gripping Suzzanne's hips firmly Yolanda continued to push as the tip of the hard rubber cock breached the tight muscle ring, Suzzanne made a muffled protest which increased as the rigid lateral ridges on the shaft stretched her ring further and she attempted to twist away but found herself impaled from both ends, a classic spit roast!

Once inside Yolanda began to thrust in an out whilst Cortez continued to pump her head up and down until after a few minutes Suzzanne's body began to jerk and she made staccato "arr arr arr "sounds around the member filling her mouth, finally flopping limp against her assailants. Cortez poured himself a glass of water from the night stand and took a long swig "anymore ideas darling?"

Yolanda was unbuckling the strap-on "I could easily keep her as a plaything but that American will get difficult if we don't get her to talk. Could I have her after that Henrique?"

"Mmmmm" pondered Cortez always wanting to please his wife "Goldhill has plans for her but I'm sure I can talk to him"

"Oh please" she giggled "we could have such fun with her"

"Don't forget darling she's an agent a trained assassin, she's dangerous ,she's not a pet, still it would only be for a while, you're bound to get bored of her eventually!"

His wife pouted, "you're so mean" and she playfully pounded her petite fists on his broad chest. Gathering her up in his arms he realised she was still clad in rubber and PVC his cock began to harden again "Let's have her locked away for the night and we can have some more fun of our own?"

"Yes, yes "she giggled as he carried her through the adjoining door to his room. He dropped her into the centre of the bed and as she twisted to sit up he grabbed her firmly by the wrist, in his other hand was a steel cuff which her locked over around her wrist, she gasped, eyes playfully wide "No, no please" she pleaded imitating the voice of a damsel in distress.

"Tonight there is no escape for you Agent Midsummer, Mowhhhaahaahaaa!" and he threw himself on top of her whilst reaching for the other cuff.

Next door Suzzanne continued on in the drug and orgasm induced haze her mind fogged full of whirling images, sounds, sensations, her pupils dilated, her eyes rolled behind closed lids and she was hardly aware of the house staff that arrived to take her away.


Suzzanne was awoken by noises outside of the door and as she opened her eyes the room began to spin slowly, as she sat up her the pain behind her eyes made her squeeze them shut for a moment and she retched but nothing came up. Her hands were up to her face before she realised she was not restrained, nothing around her wrists or ankles. Pushing through the discomfort she felt, probably a hangover effect from the drugs she had forced to take the day before she pushed herself into a squatting position facing the door ready to spring at whoever entered. The voices continued outside and she twisted her head in a circular motion, stretching her muscles and trying to clear her head when she became aware of something around her neck, something quite tight. Her fingers began to explore and she felt a woven nylon collar with a box about the size of a juice carton attached at the back of her neck. Something was pressing into her neck under the carton and she gingerly pushed her fingers under the webbing. The tips of her fingers found two small metal half spheres, one on either side of her cervical spine. "Bastards!" she cursed, although she wasn't bound she had been fitted with a "Shock Collar", if she tried to escape an operator would deliver an electric shock into her spine from the two electrodes, intensely painful and well capable of incapacitating her. She relaxed and slumped back onto the floor as the key rattled in the lock and two guards entered, a third remained outside his thumb hovering over a red button on a small black box. The guards held long black nightsticks and one wave his at her, "Up, up ". As she rose slowly to her feet the guards moved out of leg range despite the Shock Collar. All the time the third man watched her like a hawk his thumb poised. "Hands on your head" barked the man and then gestured towards the door with his stick. Placing her hands one on top of one other on her head Suzzanne moved towards the door, all the time the guard with the trigger kept out of reach whilst keeping her in sight. A night stick poked her in the back "Go!" and another prod prompted her to begin walking. They were taking no chances, any movement of her hands from her head and the guards would be on her with the sticks and the third man kept far enough away to hit the button before she could reach him. They were in some sort of stable area although there were no horses about just equestrian paraphernalia as the guards guided her to an open double doorway. Inside it was dimly lit except for an area in one corner lit by fluorescent tubes. In the bright pool of light Suzzanne could see a large glass water filled tank about six feet long by four feet deep. Yolanda was leaning over a table and turned as Suzzanne was marched in. "Agent Midsummer" she said the words instantly reminding her of her last night's antics, Henrique had spent until the small hours "interrogating" her after chaining her to the bed pretending she was the fulsome enemy agent as he had teased and fucked her.

"You proved very resistant yesterday and I admired your resolve and determination but Mr Goldhill wants that information, very very badly".

Suzzanne stood there silent, naked, her hands on top of her head.

"Nothing to say? Very well, we'll see if we can change that, bind her!"

One of the guards moved behind Suzzanne and pulled her wrists down and behind her; she flinched as her shoulders were still sore from her prolonged suspension. The second guard looped a wide red strap over her head and around her upper arms, slipping the end through the buckle and pulling it tight, meanwhile the first guard had fastened a similar but smaller strap around her wrists. They fastened another strap around her waist which pulled her wrists tight into the small of her back before doubly tightening all the straps. Dropping down they fastened another strap just above her knees and another around her ankles. Suzzanne stood there helpless, balancing on her petite size four feet, her legs moulded into one unit. "Ok remove the collar and bring her over here". The third man now approached and with a magnetic key unlocked the shock collar, then the two guards dragged the tightly bound woman towards the tank. Finally they passed another strap around her neck fixing it firmly but not tightly. "I thought we would go back to good old basics today, nothing high tech." And she splashed her hand through the water in the tank. "Henrique had a fad to keep tropical fish but after a while he only had one left, the fish dealer didn't tell him it was a piranha!" and she laughed "but he had the last laugh and the piranha had the fish dealers fingers!" and she laughed again chillingly.

"Still want to stay tight lipped" she said enquiringly "we don't have to do this; you could just tell me why you were found snooping around the project site".

Not relishing the thought of a mock drowning session in the tank as Yolanda so obviously planned Suzzanne decided it was time to try something else and lie!

"Ok" said Suzzanne, "I was sent to kill Goldhill, he's a traitor and both we and the Americans want him dead"

"Really" said Yolanda "and how were you going to kill Mr Goldhill, no sniper rifle, just a pistol but lots of surveillance and transmitting equipment, try again Miss Midsummer, the truth this time"

"I was to take him out silently make it look like natural causes" she lied with nothing to lose. "I was to report back immediately via radio to confirm the kill and arrange extraction"

"Oh Miss Midsummer don't treat me like a fool, you demean yourself ,any "assassin" could have been sent to do that but you're a highly trained agent simple wet work is below you".

"I do whatever my government asks of me" replied Suzzanne realising her excuse was not going to be believed.

"Enough of this nonsense put her in the tank"

Two of the guard lifted her off the ground and moved towards the waiting tank, she struggled ineffectually as they held her over the tank and released her. Holding her breath as she slid into the water she found it cool but not the freezing dunking she was expecting, clearly Yolanda didn't want her to die of hypothermia. Water poured down the sides and sluiced across the floor as she sank to the bottom of the tank, feeling the hard surface with her toes she kicked upwards until her head cleared the surface and she coughed and spluttered as the water cascaded down her face. As she surfaced Yolanda stepped up to the side of the tank and grabbed the strap around her neck and looping the slack around her fingers twisted it tight around the agent's throat. She pulled Suzzanne forward along the tank causing her feet to loose traction on the slippery glass bottom. Bound and off balance Suzzanne's body was free floating in the water reliant on the woman holding the strap around her neck to keep her head above water.

"Now Miss Midsummer I'm told the sensation of drowning is most unpleasant and we can keep recreating for a long as it takes so I'll ask again, why were you snooping around the project site?"

"I've told you" panted Suzzanne "I was sent to kill Goldhill"

"Tsk, tsk, still lying" tutted Yolanda and forced Suzzanne under the water.

Suzzanne took her last breath just before she was pushed under water. She thrashed and struggled as the strong hand on her neck pushed her to the bottom of the tank and held her there. She could see water streaming down the outside of the glass and away in the distance smudgy figures she assumed were the guards. At first she just held her breath, she was an excellent swimmer and advanced physiological techniques in scuba training meant she could control her breathing and not panic but she was no free diver, as the seconds ticked away she slowly ate into her oxygen reserves. Gradually she felt her lungs begin to burn, carbon dioxide levels in her blood were increasing triggering the receptors trying to make her breath. Still Yolanda held her down. The burning was increasing now the urge to breath intense, she fought the impulse to struggle, to get to the surface. Her lungs felt like they would burst, she could hear her blood whooshing in her ears, she must breath, she must. At that moment Yolanda dragged her back to the surface and her breath exploded from her lungs, almost instantaneously she sucked in air, gasping like a landed fish.

"Three minutes thirty seconds, pretty good" encouraged Yolanda "let's try for a bit longer and she forced the gasping agent down again. This time Suzzanne tried to count, to control herself, she had only managed to get three or four good breaths in before Yolanda ducked her again and she knew it was going to be tough. Quickly the burning in her lungs returned as she counted through two and a half minutes, the seconds crept by , three minutes, three fifteen, her lungs felt they were about to explode, three thirty, three forty five, the discomfort was excruciating. At four minutes Yolanda allowed her to surface, her breath coming in huge gouts, her eyes wide with panic.

"Enough?" enquired her tormentor; Suzzanne nodded, "Then tell me what I want to know?" Suzzanne shook her head still gulping in great sobbing breaths.

"Fair enough, going down" and she plunged her under again. This time Yolanda forced her down against the side of the tank and the guards were treated to the sight of the bound woman struggling as her big breasts were squashed against the glass. Suzzanne continued to count, one minute, two minutes, at three minutes she felt herself being pulled to the surface but as her face broke the water and she exhaled explosively she was almost immediately forced down again. This time the pain and burning returned instantly to her empty lungs, panic rising she struggled and writhed bumping against the side glass, she felt like she was dying, then she broke the surface again opened her mouth to gasp when the water closed over her again. Her brain was screaming for oxygen, her heart was pounding, her body was telling her it was dying, looking up she could see the figure of Yolanda through the rippling surface above where there was the oxygen she desperately needed to live. The edge of her vision was becoming grey now, she was dying of hypoxia, the need to fight seemed to be less important, she could feel her body now; she was slipping backwards down into darkness. Suddenly the little breath she had exploded from her lungs and the pain returned, she was gasping, coughing, spitting under the bright fluorescent lights as Yolanda dragged her to the surface and rolled her onto her back. Suzzanne's breaths were mixed with sobs,

"Ready to talk yet?"

"Never" sobbed Suzzanne unsure whether it was true.

"Sure?" and Yolanda released her grip on her. The agent dipped under the water sinking downwards, she struggled to get back to the surface, her feet scudded and slipped on the glass, her face broke the surface before she slipped under again, she kicked back again breaking the surface, gasping coughing, then under again, this was worse than being ducked, all the time Yolanda leaned over the tank looking into her despairing eyes. Suzzanne's mind raced, she could see in the woman's eyes that she would let her die if she didn't get what she wanted. Yolanda let Suzzanne bob and struggle and she went under at least a dozen times before she slipped her hand back into the strap to prevent another dive, "More or ready to talk?"

"I'll talk" gasped Suzzanne

"Good and I want the real reason, no more nonsense about Goldhill or its more diving lessons for you!"

"Ok ok" panted Suzzanne, now was the time to use the cover story M.I.7 had provided if she was caught.

"I was sent to reconnoitre the site, my agency and the Americans believe your organisation is preparing a hidden missile launching site to threaten the U.S.

"Hahahahahahahah!" laughed Yolanda, "really, a missile site, what else? how did you find the location for the site?"

Continuing the lie Suzzanne which seemed to be plausible to Yolanda, Suzzanne continued "a local operative heard some of your men talking in town about the deep excavations, after that it was simple to get a satellite over the region to take photos, but when nothing showed up I was sent in to find the site". She knew if she said she let on about the thermal signature they would take measures to further conceal the site, at least this way they would think the camouflage was sufficient.

"You're not being entirely truthful with me are you Suzzanne" Yolanda said condescendingly, "You're not the first agent sent here are you?"

"I am I came alone" she said knowing full well that two agents had been sent before her and had disappeared.

"Ok" said Yolanda and motioned to the guards who pulled Suzzanne out of the tank and dropped her dripping onto the cold concrete floor. Kneeling behind her Yolanda grabbed her soaking ponytail saying, "So you don't know her?" as one of the guards pulled aside a canvas curtain to reveal a naked blonde girl kneeling in a glass cylinder.

Suzzanne recognised her immediately it was one of the missing agents, Ami Gibbs. The girl Suzzanne could see was kneeling inside the cylinder because her wrists where chained to a ring bolt in the base, a red ball gag filled her mouth. Both women recognised each other but neither displayed any sign of recognition,

"Come now, I know you know each other, you are both M.I.7 agents, stop this deceit it will do you both no good.

"Look I don't know her OK" said Suzzanne struggling now to decide the best course of action, she was taken aback to see Ami also a captive, neither Goldhill, Cortez or Yolanda had mentioned any other agents up until now, clearly they had been playing her.

"So to you her life is worthless?" and she gestured to one of the guards. With a whoosh the glass cylinder began to fill rapidly with water quickly reaching the girl's waist. Ami began to look panicky; she tugged at the chain and looked towards Suzzanne her eyes filling with terror. Suzzanne struggled and Yolanda tugged her by the hair whilst pinning her down with her knee. "She means nothing to you so watch her drown". The cold water had reached the girls pert breasts now peaking her pink nipples and Suzzanne could she her struggles increasing. The water level rose higher covering her shoulders and then working its way up her slender neck. She tugged at the chain and tipped her head backwards trying to gain that extra bit of height as the water reached her jaw. "Not much longer" said Yolanda. The water was beginning to cover her chin now as she fought to keep her face above the rising water. Creeping over her face she sealed her lips around the gag to prevent the water entering her mouth, then she closed her eyes as the water covered those. Suzzanne struggled but was firmly pinned and bound and could only watch as her colleague was covered. The water finally covered her nose and Suzzanne could now she Ami's submerged face framed by her slowly waving blond hair, her green eyes wide her cheeks bulging. She continued to tug at the chain her movements becoming more and more panicked, after a minute bubbles began to leak from her nose, "She's not got much longer" whispered Yolanda as the girl's struggles decreased and the flow of bubbles from her nose and mouth increased.

"Ok stop stop you bitch, you win I know her, let her go, get her out" and a smiling Yolanda gestured to the guard who operated a lever. Almost as quickly as it had entered the water began to drain from the cylinder and Ami could be heard to gasp and cough as the oxygen entered her lungs. Yolanda laughed "Secret Agents, so fucking predictable, I knew you wouldn't let her die, you're weak, no commitment. Well I'd love to keep you both here for my pleasure but I understand Mr Goldhill has plans for you both so I'll say goodbye to you for the last time" and rising she walked to the door. Suzzanne twisted to watch her go and could see Goldhill silhouetted in the door. "Bring them" he rasped.


The cool breeze on the river was a relief after the stifling heat of the jungle as the boat gradually made its way upriver. Suzzanne and Ami sat naked and cross legged on the deck of the boat their hands shackled behind them with a chain around their waist. A length of duct tape had been used to gag each of them. Ami had regained her composure after her near drowning but neither had been given the chance to speak to each other before they had been gagged and forced to sit in the boat. Across from them in each corner of the boat sat one of the guards levelling pistols at them. She studied the fastening on the shackles, although rusty they still worked and she wasn't going to be getting out of them on her own. She turned to make eye contact with Ami. A boot jabbed her hard I the ribs "keep still" growled Goldhill and she fixed her eyes on the tarpaulin covered box Goldhill had insisted they bring. If Goldhill held true that he would kill her then why had he not done so and why was he taking her into the jungle. He had something more devious planned for their demise than a bullet in the head she was sure and what was the box for?

Gradually the launch began to slow and move towards the bank bumping to a halt against some rotting wooden pilings. Goldhill jumped ashore and fastened the bowline "Bring them and bring the box". The men manhandled the naked agents out of boat and forced them up a narrow track. The others carried the tarp covered box by its rope handles. A hundred meters in they entered a clearing and the guard forced the agents to sit cross legged again. Still unable to communicate with Ami she began to take in the details of the clearing in case a chance to escape arose. The floor of the clearing was completely free of any vegetation and at one end where several fallen tree trunks. The trunks although darkly stained appeared to be almost polished, bark free on their upper most surfaces and they seemed to have be positioned rather than placed by nature as each was placed an equal distance from the next and inclined at exactly the same angle. At the far end of the clearing was a tall "earthen" structure ten feet high by six feet wide by one foot thick the top covered with short spires of earth. Suzzanne could not see any detail as the structure was heavily shaded by the surrounding trees whilst the rest of the clearing was in sunlight.

"Bring the blonde first" croaked Goldhill and two of the guards pulled Ami to her feet and dragged her towards to tree trunks, she struggled digging her bare heels into the dust to no effect and her efforts were rewarded with a firm punch to the kidneys which caused her knees to buckle under her. Reaching the trunk a third man unlocked the shackles while the other two held her firmly, then they pulled her back forcing her onto the log. She kicked out narrowly missing the guard with the keys and Goldhill stepped forward and backhanded her viciously snapping her head to one side, "Fasten her now". Quickly the guards pulled her arms down either side of the trunk and fastened her wrists together with a rope passed under the tree. They fastened her ankles in the same way spreading her legs revealing her neat blond triangle of fine hair above her cleft. As the men stepped away she continued to struggle pulling at the ropes and twisting her limbs fruitlessly. He body, tanned, was slimmer and less fulsome than Suzzanne, he breasts less round and heavy. Her tummy was flat and her waist was narrower. "Prepare her" rasped the American as her walked towards Suzzanne.

Squatting to one side of her he spoke quietly "This is the home of the "Maribuntas"; he continued "they live there" and he nodded towards the structure, Cortez told me all about them. "They are not up yet it's too early, too cold but as the sun moves across the clearing it will hit their home and heat it up and then they come out. Behind him Suzzanne could hear Ami protesting behind the gag. As Goldhill turned to look Suzzanne could see the guard pouring a pale golden liquid over Ami whilst others were clearly enjoying spreading it over the bound girl's body. Their hands ran over her breasts coating them with the fluid whilst another massaged it with great pleasure into the folds of her sex and between her buttocks his sticky fingers frequently revisiting her clitoris as each stroke made her quiver and jerk. She continued to moan and squirm, twisting from the unwanted attention of their hands as they continued to coat her. "That's the local version of maple syrup" continued Goldhill "the "Maribuntas", love it, neat sugar". Reaching down he hovered his hand over the ground for a moment before quickly picking something up. "Here's one" he said "a scout" and he held something in front of her face. Between his thumb and index finger a red brown creature struggled and Suzzanne could see it was an ant, a large ant, large enough that she could see its antennae waving and its viciously curved pincers opening and closing as it fought to escape. She recoiled, he was preparing to feed them to a nest of flesh eating ants and she shook her head and moaned "mmoo , mmoo" from behind the tape. He moved the ant closer to her nipple, the curved black pincers opening and closing wickedly, she twisted and struggled as he continued to tease her

He smiled "Oh yes, the syrup will help them to find you and once one finds you she sends back a message for more and more to come, they will eat you both alive, Slowly ,very very slowly" and he smiled his cold smile again and he slowly crushed the ant between his fingers before dropping its broken body. He turned back to look at Ami, she lay bound firmly to the trunk her entire body glistening with its coating of the sweet sticky syrup. "Prepared this one now" and he grabbed Suzzanne's arm pulling her to her feet. Two of the guards advanced on her and began to drag her toward the trunks. She fought and kicked out and Goldhill dodged back, "Hold her you fools" and the other two guards grabbed a flailing leg each and she was lifted off the ground and forced back onto the smooth trunk. She felt her arms freed of the shackles and pulled down around the girth and tried to resist. Without warning one of the guards stood bolt upright slapping his hand to his neck as it bitten by an insect, he looked dazed and then dropped as if pole axed. A second man dropped raising a thin cloud of dust and pandemonium began to prevail, the guards shouting and ducking. Seeing her moment she rolled off the trunk keeping low, Ami was struggling helplessly. Reaching into one of the fallen guards pockets she found a knife and swiftly cut Ami's bonds before pulling her onto the ground. Yanking the tape from her mouth, "What is this shit" exclaimed Ami's looking at her sticky body which was rapidly becoming coated with a thick layer of dust. "You don't want to know" said Suzzanne "We need to get out of here down to the river now". Shots were being fired wildly by the guards into the undergrowth and several of the guards lay motionless on the ground. Looking around Suzzanne was sure she saw small dark figures in the bushes at the edge of the clearing but they were only fleeting glimpses and she had more pressing matters, their survival. Pulling Ami by the wrist they moved off at a crouch heading for the path down to the river and then boat. Fewer shots were being fired now and they broke into a run Ami leading the way. Something buzzed past her ear and she saw a small feather tipped dart lodge in Ami's hair, she looked round and in the uproar she could see small figures running into the clearing after them, "faster Ami , run!" she urged. More darts whizzed by as the naked women dodged down the path, the river edge was in sight now. Suzzanne heard something whirring, humming behind her getting closer then she felt something hit her legs and she couldn't run and tripping she crashed down onto the path, Ami feeling their hands pull apart began to turn but Suzzanne called, "No don't stop, get help go!". Ami slowed for a moment and then sprinted for the river bank. Looking down at her feet Suzzanne saw the hunting bolas that had downed her wrapped around her legs and then a wave of small dark skinned men running toward her, some of them ran past her and she turned to see Ami execute a perfect dive into the river as the hunters continued to fire darts after her. Without warning Suzzanne was struck across the back of the head before she was buried under a wave of pygmy hunters. She struggled lashing out but was quickly over powered by weight of numbers, she could feel rough bindings being passed around her wrists, ankles and legs and after a few minutes she could barely move as the last knots where secured in the ropes that held her in a stringent hogtie. The pygmies had gathered round their captive now poking her with the tips of their short spears as she struggled, "Let me go, let me go now please, I mean you no harm". The hunters were about the size of a ten year old but there the resemblance to a child ended, their barely clad bodies rippled with muscles and their faces were painted with tribal markings, each wore animal skin loin cloth and bone and tooth jewellery about their wrists, ankles and necks. Each carried either a spear or a curved machete and as one of their throng shouted incomprehensible sounding orders they used these to cut a length of branch about six feet long. Working as a team they threaded the branch between Suzzanne's bound wrists and ankles before four of them hoisted the branch ends onto their shoulders. Suzzanne groaned her full body weight now hanging through her twisted limbs. They marched off in the direction of the clearing and she could see all of the guards were dead their bodies piled in front of the ant hill. Other hunters were sifting through the dead men's equipment and belongings. Heading back into the jungle Suzzanne bounced painfully under the branch as they headed further and further from civilisation, from help, she hoped to God Ami had dodged their blow darts and escaped.

After what seemed like an eternity her bearers entered left the forest and entered their camp, all at once the returning hunters were besieged by the villagers who ran to them whooping and shouting. They eyed the captive white woman with interest as she was carried into the centre of the camp and the branch placed between two forked poles leaving her hanging like a side of beef between them. She wriggled and twisted all her joints ached and her body was dripping with sweat, "Please let me go, I'm not your enemy" she bemoaned. She was surrounded now by dozens of munchkin sized women wearing shreds of animal skins and naked children, their excitement was palpable it wasn't long before the bravest reached out and touched Suzzanne's hair, she stroked it at first then suddenly without warning grabbed a handful and pulled. Suzzanne screamed as the woman's hand withdrew taking with it a hank of brunette hair. Then the furore started; suddenly she was being poked and prodded from all directions. Dirty rough little fingers probed her mouth, nose and ears, her breasts were being pulled, squeezed and pinched with particularly forceful attention being paid to her nipples. Then she felt fingers exploring between her legs spreading and pulling her pink lips apart, she tried to protest but the fingers in her mouth and pulling her tongue prevented any coherent response, squealing and twisting in her bonds she sort to prevent the final indignity as she felt her buttocks being parted but it was no use as small finger pushed through her ring and began to explore her insides. Then as quickly as the assault had begun it ended and the crowd parted as a pygmy man, slightly taller than the others and wearing a jaguar skin cloak across his shoulders stepped through the crowd and stood before her. Suzzanne realising he was the chief tried again to make herself understood "please I mean you no harm". The chief regarded her for a moment before he began speaking to the crowd; although she could not understand him she watched his gestures and body language. He made sweeping arm gestures towards the jungle and sky, occasionally he pointed at Suzzanne, suddenly he held up a hide bag one side of which was ominously stained dark. The bag looked heavy as he swung it before upending the contents on the ground with a flourish. Suzzanne gasped and recoiled, it was Goldhill's severed head. As the head rolled to a standstill in the dust she could see the glazed milky eyes and the opened mouth look of surprise on the face. As much as she hated Goldhill this was not the outcome she had hoped for, was she going to end up the same way?

She did not have long to wait to find out as one of the hunters stepped forward and slashed the ropes holding her bound to the branch, No sooner had she crashed to the ground than the old women descended on her swiftly rebinding her wrists and ankles behind her before carrying her away towards the river running beside the village.

"Please, stop, where are you taking me" she pleaded, she had no idea of their plans for her but the sight of Goldhill's decapitated head chilled her blood. Arriving at the bank the woman dropped her and began tugging something from the swiftly running water. Gradually they pulled a rectangular wooden cage from the water which sat dripping on the bank waiting for its victim. The cage was lying on its side and one of the women opened the top whilst the others pushed and guided the struggling agent inside. Once they were confident she was safely inside they lifted it into an upright position making it impossible for Suzzanne to wriggle out. With her ankles crossed and bound beneath her and her wrists tied behind her back she was helpless. She was then grabbed by her hair and a firm hand under her jaw. The cage lid was made of two pieces hinged on either side, each half of the lid had a semi-circular cut-out and it quickly became apparent why as the two halves of the lid where brought together closing around her neck, the cut-outs forming a hole in the lid through which her head protruded. " nnnnnNNNngggaaarr, don't" she groaned as the women fixed the lid closed by passing thin rods through rope loops on either side. Suzzanne wriggled and twisted, she was compelled to kneel by the size of the cage and the way she as tied but the head restraint meant she was forced to kneel up and keep her back straight. The women then began to manhandle the cage back towards the river. Fearing another ducking session Suzzanne cried out "Please, not again, please let me go I beg you". Her pleas falling on uncomprehending ears the cage was toppled into the water with a splash and Suzzanne sucked in a mighty breathe before she went under, expecting the worst. To her surprise the cage was instantly pulled to the surface and the women secured it to stakes driven into the bank. Spluttering and shaking the water from her face Suzzanne found she was submerged in the cage up to her neck but no deeper as the fast flowing river bumped the cage gently against the bank and as she looked around she noted several other similar empty cages tied on either side of her. She still had no idea of their plan for her, uncomfortable as it was she could tolerate this for some considerable time, the water was not cold and if she utilised her relaxation techniques she could force the discomfort from her mind. However this was not to be, the women returned with a large pitcher and a funnel and kneeling on the bank one of the women grabbed Suzzanne's hair yanking her head back, "OOOOWWWWMMMmmmphh" he yell immediately stifled by the forcing of the funnel into her mouth, she tried to twist her head away but the woman's grip was iron strong and then she began to feel her mouth fill with liquid as the other woman began to fill the funnel from the pitcher. She gagged for a moment and prevented herself swallowing, but the other woman just began to firmly massage her extended throat in a downwards manner and Suzzanne found herself unable to resist swallowing as she gulped instinctively. "Gggaarr- mmmpph- aaargggg" she choked as the women continued to pour the liquid. It was sweet but had a bitter aftertaste as the woman withdrew the funnel and Suzzanne spat out the remainder, swilling her mouth with river water as the woman released her head. The two women stood looking down at their captive chattering to each other before leaving her alone. Even more confused Suzzanne was not sure if they fed or poisoned her as the liquid was burning slightly in her stomach. She had to escape and she began twisting her wrists seeing if the water made the ropes stretch, all she needed was a little give. After fifteen minutes the ropes wet or not still held her firmly but she was feeling decidedly queasy, perhaps they had poisoned her. Inside she could feel her guts bubbling and gurgling, and spasms of pain began pass across her tummy. Gradually the frequency of the spasm increased, her tummy felt bloated and the desire to open her bowels increasingly urgent. She held on clenching clenching but the pressure and pain were becoming difficult to bear until she just had not alternative other than to let go. She let out a huge sigh as her bowels emptied, the gaseous content bubbling up behind her. She felt ashamed, more so when she realised one of the women was watching, chuckling to herself, "Go away" she yelled her cheeks burning pink. Still she thought as the pain and desire subsided at least the swiftly moving water carried away her effluent rinsing her clean. But there was to be no respite, within a few minutes the pain and spasms returned as she was forced to relive herself again and again over the next few hours until as last nothing passed and the discomfort finally did diminish. She had realised quite quickly the substance the women had forced into her was the cause but whatever these pygmies had planned it was still a mystery. Up in the village she could hear noise and commotion but the bank blocked any view, the women had stopped coming to view her now and she settled down to trying her bonds, if only she could get one hand free, she could be out of the cage and away before they even noticed.

Without warning several of the pygmy women appeared on the bank above their captive and chattering away began to haul the cage out of the water. Quickly they tipped the cage onto its side and freeing Suzzanne's neck pulled the drenched agent out onto the grass. Cutting the cords which secured her ankles they immediately bent one foot up and secured it to her effectively hobbling her, then pulling her upright they began to drag her hopping back towards the village, all the time the little old women surrounded her prodding, pinching and slapping her buttocks to make her move faster. Pushing her inside one of the larger huts she was forced down onto a hide which was stretched out on the floor. Rolling her onto her back one of the women slipped a coarse thin braided noose over her head, pulling it tight about her neck before securing it to a large wooden peg driven in the ground at the top of the hide. Suzzanne struggled as the noose tightened but before she could do anything a similar noose was looped over her free ankle and tied off to another peg at the foot of the hide, all she could do now was roll from side to side under the increasingly excited gaze of the pygmy women.

An old pygmy woman looking as if she was made of stained leather knelt beside the tethered agent and spoke softly to her. Suzzanne looked back at her unable to understand, "Please let me go" she said "I mean you no harm". The old woman continued to murmur on whilst she began to gently knead Suzzanne's thighs and calves. Her sharp thin fingers pinched and squeezed Suzzanne's firm limbs as she slowly moved her exploration up Suzzanne's body kneading her buttocks and tummy before squeezing and plumping her big breasts. The noises she was making sound appreciative thought Suzzanne. Then she turned to the crowd leaning in and said something which galvanised them into action. Four women dropped to either side of Suzzanne and centred her on her back on the hide. Another bent forward and began to massage a creamy substance into Suzzanne's neat triangle of hair "Hey what are doing?" protested Suzzanne. She soon found out, the old woman appearing over her legs holding a small flat blade and with immense dexterity and care began to shave Suzzanne's mound of its tiny down triangle. Suzzanne kept deadly still, the woman was shaving freehand with what was obviously a very sharp blade. After a few deft strokes the woman muttered something and ripples of clucks ran around the throng as they admired Suzzanne's schoolgirl bare sex. Briskly wiping away any creamy residue the four woman dipped their hands into bowls of straw coloured oil and began to massage it into Suzzanne's skin "hey stop that, please stop now" she remonstrated, but the women ignored her, smearing the silky warm oil over her thighs, arms, tummy, buttocks and breasts their aim clearly to cover her from head to foot in the oil which she could now smell was slightly aromatic. "oooooooohHHHH" she cried, her eyes opening wide as one of the tiny hands slid between the cheeks of her buttocks and around her anus, another hand slid its slippery fingers between the lips of her pussy and the oil mingled with her own contribution and she moaned "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!". More hands joined in sliding over her shining curves working the oil up her neck and into her hair; fingers gently spread the liquid around her face coating her entire body. He tongue darted out and licked some of the oil coating her lips, it was sweet and delicately scented, with what she had no idea. The perfume filled her nostrils and slowly she began to writhe in obvious pleasure under the touch of many tiny brown hands. As her hair became soaked two of the women slicked it back from her face and looped it into a bun which they secured with cords. Suzzanne became aware that the women were rolling her onto her tummy but the hands continued their task and unconsciously she began to enjoy the feeling of many hands kneading her oily bottom. Gently almost trying not to disturb the rapturous agent they cut the cords securing her arms. Unseen to Suzzanne a strong straight branch was being moved into position behind her. The branch, stripped of its bark and blackened and stained was lowered carefully into place behind her, at intervals along its length short thick rods of the same wood had been fixed through like dowels giving the device a ladder like appearance.

Carefully placing one of the cross members to rest across her shoulders they slowly lifted her arms so that another dowel passed under her elbows and another level with her wrists, all the time continuing to massage her. Before she had a chance to realise what they were doing loops of braided rope had been looped around her elbows and wrists locking her arms to the armature. She struggled, "Hey no" but it was too late, further ropes had locked her knees and ankles to lower dowels spreading her legs slightly and freeing her neck from the noose they looped more cords around her shoulders and hips binding her securely to the frame. Suzzanne struggled but despite her oily coating the ropes held firm as they lifted the branch upright. She was bound tightly along the length of the branch her arms slightly away from her body and her legs spread about a foot apart. Chanting the woman hoisted the frame onto their shoulders and carried her outside where her appearance was greeted with whoops and shouts from the tribe. As they carried her through the camp she twisted her head to see where they were taking her and what greeted her made her scream and struggle. "NO NO PLEASE NO" she screamed twisting in her bonds. In the centre of the camp lay an open pit filled with glowing embers, the air above shimmered with the heat haze and thin wisps of hot white smoke curled quickly upwards. The preparation, the washing and purging and the oiling, they were preparing her to roast! As the excited tribe members chanted the women lifted Suzzanne over the fire pit dropping either end of the branch into "Y" shaped posts which supported the hapless agent over the pit. Suzzanne twisted and struggled as she felt the increasing heat against her skin making her scream and squeeze her eyes tight shut. Slowly she realised she was moving rotating and the heat moved across her pinioned arms, buttocks and backs of her thighs. As her skin warmed the oil thinned and dripped from her skin sizzling as it hit the coals, sending up puffs of smoke. Then she was facing the coals again as the women slowly turned her like a hog on a spit. The heat was intense on her naked skin despite the oil and her nipples felt like they were literally on fire. "STOP STOP YOU'RE BURNING ME" she cried futilely. As the women slowly rotated her other women began to baste her with more aromatic oil. The tribe members continued to chant and began to dance as the stricken agent twisted and wriggled her tanned skin reddening in the heat, soon she would begin to blister, she could already feel the fine hairs on her skin singeing and she could smell the burning of hair "HELP ME , SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" she screamed.

Without warning the head of the one of the women basting her exploded silently in a pink mist spattering across Suzzanne's hot skin, then a warrior dropped forward into the pit sizzling as he hit the coals, then bedlam, the pygmies began screaming and running and Suzzanne could hear automatic weapons fire as more of the small brown bodies crumpled to the dust. She had stopped rotating and was hanging face down over the searing pit, "Oh Fuck" she bemoaned to herself as the smell of the burning pygmy curled around her, in a moment she would be burning too. Then she felt herself being lifted, up and away from the choking heat and laid to rest on the ground, "Get me some water" said a familiar voice "and cut her free". Suzzanne felt the ropes binding her go loose and then water splashed gently over her glowing face. Opening her eyes she saw Ami, dressed in camouflage shorts and T shirt. Around the camp she could see armed soldiers chasing off the rest of the pygmies. "Ami, Christ am I glad to see you, I didn't know if you had managed to escape?"

"Varsity Swim Captain 2007" laughed Ami, "The current carried me downstream and I got help in the nearest town, they have a small army base and once I'd described the pygmies they knew exactly where you would be and what they would be doing with you!"

Suzzanne pulled herself free of the ropes, she was still naked and covered in oil and she could see several of the soldiers give a double take as they ran by as Ami pulled out a camouflage poncho from her pack and wrapped it around her. An officer appeared beside the two women, "Senorita Midsummer I presume?" he spoke with a heavy Latin accent, "seems we arrived just in time, these little bastards are normally well behaved but if they think they can get away with it! We lose one or two outsiders a year, we know what has happened but we can never find any trace, if your friend hadn't got to us as quickly as she did you would have been lunch, supper and breakfast!" and he laughed, thrusting his thumbs into his pistol belt.

"Yes, thank you Captain" replied Suzzanne not really seeing the humour of the situation. She turned to Ami, "What about the Cortez's?

"Captain Hiraldo has sent a contingent of his men to round them up and destroy their jungle compound, I've informed our field office, they know we are OK, but there's no sign of Goldhill looks like he escaped... again."

"Not quite" replied Suzzanne as she fastened the poncho around her, "Look" and she pointed towards the chief's hut, impaled on a spiked post Goldhill's severed head stared back at the world from shrivelled milky orbs, "they got him in the clearing poor bastard".

"Poor bastard?" exclaimed Ami, "after what he had planned for us!"

Suddenly the camp filled with swirling dust and noise as an Army Helicopter dropped into the clearing raising a cloud of bright glowing embers from the fire pit.

"Well he's our ride Suzz" said Ami as the noise and dust subsided, "Thank you Captain for all your help, I'll be sure to make your Government is aware of the part you played" and Captain Hiraldo stiffened and saluted smartly, "Goodbye Miss Gibbs ,Miss Midsummer, safe journey" and he clicked his heels and bowed to wards them.

As they turned towards the Helo, Suzzanne looked at her greasy dust crusted skin, "Jeez Ami I must look a sight and I stink, God do I need a shower".

Ami laughed "No worries, the Field Office has booked us into Le Grande Hotel, now let's get out of here" he voice increasingly drowned out by the rising whine of the Helo's turbines.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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