Alisha's Saturday Night
  • Author - EvieLee
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, analplay, armbinder, bondage, drugs, electricity, extreme, kidnapping, packaging, plasticwrap, slavery, spanking, suspension, teen, torture, tricked, violent, watersports
  • Post Date - 2/1/2018

Author's Note: A scary but addicting story.

Chapter 1

Alisha is driving through the country alone and lost. "Where am I?" said Alisha to herself. While she was in thought, Alisha swerved off the road and crashed in front of a nice house. A few minutes later, a woman came out of the house and asked if Alisha was ok. " Yeah, I'm fine, but... ".

" Here, come in my house and you can call your mother. " the woman said nicely. She led Alisha in her house and set her on the couch. Alish a felt a piece of clothe over her mouth and a few seconds later she was out like a light. She had been drugged. "Perfect." The woman said. She dragged Alisha into a soundproof and hidden room. She cut off Alishas clothes and examined her prize. She had nice round breasts and a big ass. She felt to she if the boobs or butt were fake. They were not. After about and hour, the captor had Alisha in tight suspension bondage. "Ok." She said. She put a ball gag in Alishas mouth and went to the corner to turn on a security camera. She went up stairs and took a nap. A few hours later, Alisha woke up in a startle. " Mmmhhmmhh!!!!! " She shouted through the ball gag. She noticed a machine under her and was scared to death. A strange woman walked in wearing a see through outfit. " Well, well, my beautiful slave bitch is up. You listen to me now or you will get yourself killed. If I ask you a question, you respond with yes or no mistress. You will suffer an extreme amount of bondage and fucking do you understand? Alisha shook her head yes. Without another word, the woman knelt down and clicked the machine on. She positioned the stick looking thing right by Alishas vagina. "Have fun my darling!" She laughed and laughed as the machine moved back and forth in alishas vagina. She applied heavy nipple clamps to Alishas perfect breasts. She started licking Alishas lips and toungue. All the while, Alisha was screaming her heart out. She applied pads and flipped yet another switch. She felt a terrible shock throughout her body. Her arms were aching from being tied in this extremely uncomfortable positon. She soon laid limp, knowing that she would never get out of her bonds. She also could tell, from all the fucking supplies lying on the floor and the walls, that this captor wasnt planning on letting her out any time soon. The woman grabbed a whip and beat Alisha terribly. Then she flipped all the switches off and started undoing Alishas restraints. "If you have even the slightest move of escaping i will kill you." The woman undid the ball gag. " do you understand? "

"Yes... Mistress...." Alisha said through tears. " Perfect. " Said the woman she carried Alishas limp body to a box. Once again without speaking, she started wrapping alisha up with plastic wrap. " what are you doing to me mistress? " Alisha said. "Why I'm so glad you asked. I am packaging you up for Stella. Before you ask who Stella is, she is a professional bondage mistress. She will give you the fucking of your life! And then she will package you back up and send you right back to me." By the time she was finished talking, Alisha was all plastic wrapped and ready to go. The mistress shoved the ball gag back into Alishas mouth and threw her in the box. " Goodbye beautiful. " Said the mistress then she slammed the box shut.

A few Hours later...

Alisha was startled by the sudden light. "My my, Elena was right, you are the sluttiest whore I've ever seen." This must have been stella. She pulled Alisha out of the box in a swift motion and cut the plastic wrap off of Alisha. Then the bondage began. She pulled out what looked like and infanant amount of rope. Then she started. After about a half hour, she was completely covered in rope except for her boobs and her vagina and ass. She dragged Alisha outside and saw Stella taking off her pants. Then Stella walked over to her and peed right in Alishas mouth. Since the bondage was so tight she couldn't move, and was forced to drink or she would get choked. "Good slave bitch." Said Stella. Stella started shoving a cold metal item into Alishas butt hole. It hurt like hell, but Alisha didn't dare make a sound. Then she shoved something in her mouth. alisha swallowed and Stella explained that it would make Alisha shit but she wouldn't be able to because the butt plug would prevent her from doing so. Then she was just fondled with by Stella. Her breasts were squeezed. Her butt was grabbed. Her vagina was licked. Then she was just left there to shit in herself. It was terrible. She felt the shit coming. She screamed and it brought Stella out. "On how wonderful!" She said. Stella pushed the butt plug farther into Alishas butt hole and then pulled it out as quick as she could. Alisha let out a moan of relief as she felt all her shit squirt out of her. Then Stella dragged Alisha into her bedroom...

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