Silvery Night
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  • Post Date - 2/27/2018

Author's Note: Finally got to finishing this. Tried a different direction to see where it goes.

Apologies for the lack of a solid conclusion. decided to leave that to your imaginations.

I have tried proofing this. But prior stories show I am not too good at that.


I finished late and it was already past 7. It was Friday night and I was planning on going to a club or two now work had finished. The office where I work is in a quiet area of the city, the clubs being down the other end.

I stepped out of work and started walking the dozen odd blocks to the club district. Every now and then I would pass a person on their way home but otherwise it was quite deserted. A couple of blocks along and I can hear some guys behind me, talking loudly and joking. They catch up to me while I wait for some traffic lights to change.

Suddenly one of them shoves something over my face as I am grabbed from behind. I try to scream and thrash around but they are too strong. Darkness faded over my eyes.

Through a haze, I start to wake up. I am freezing cold and uncomfortable lying somewhere. I hear a couple of voices around me.

"That's a lot of tape! And a good bundle of toys. You didn't have to spend all her money."

I try to roll over as my eyes try to make out where I am in the darkness.

"She's stirring. Knock her out again and let's have some fun."

A cloth again is shoved over my face and the blackness returns.

Again, I start to wake. I am no longer cold, but uncomfortable in a completely different way. My whole torso feels stiff and squeezed. My breasts hurt and I feel like I need to do a shit something chronic. There are some large objects have been wedged up my vagina, ass and in my mouth. And it feels like there are some large bugs trying to wiggle around on my breasts and clit. I open my eyes and try to focus. I am sitting, leaning against a wall at some bus stop in the city. I look down and I am dressed as I was when I left work. Only my scarf that I had in my bag has been wrapped high around my neck, covering my half my face. My handbag is on my lap and, for some reason, my phone is stuck to my hand with a bit of silver duct tape.

I pull off the tape on my phone and blearily unlock it. The photo app is open. And the picture I see wakes me up instantly. It is me, lying naked in some alley with my clothes in a pile next to me. I flick to the next picture. Still naked, a bunch of sex toys are laid out on my belly. What looks like 2 huge dildos, and some little vibrator things. Next a close up of the side of my head. I can see a large ball gag wedged in my mouth. But the focus is on a lock on the gag strap. The next, a key, presumably for the lock, taped to 1 of the dildos. And the last, a picture and my body is coated in duct tape, the sex toys obviously securely trapped underneath. My breasts stand out squeezed like 2 large taped torpedos. A couple of strips of tape also cover my mouth, forcing the gag deep inside my mouth.

The little vibrators suddenly seem to get more excited. Being taped to my body, they hurt more than anything else. I try to whimper but no sound. I can only breath through my nose.

A bus shows up. The driver opens the door.

"You gettin on?" he asks impatiently? I shake my head no.

As he drives off I try to stand. The tape between my legs yanks at my skin painfully. I gasp and try to scream, only to have my breasts get tormented by the tape from the sudden intake of breath. I slowly walk down the street till I recognize where I am.

Should I go to the cops? I am too scared to. Maybe try start taking this tape off? That would mean stripping. And I wouldn't want to do that anywhere around here.

I have to go back to my unit. But I cannot catch a taxi. I cannot talk. I will have to catch a bus and walk the 5 minutes from the closest stop.

I make my way towards the nearest bus stop. The sex toys are very distracting and the tape pulls at my skin all over. As I get to a busier part of the city, I notice people staring at me as I carefully walk. I suddenly realize my scarf has slipped down a bit. Glowing red with embarrassment, I yank it up again and pull it hold it there.

As I near the bus stop I see the bus I want to catch already there. I try to rush to the stop before it leaves, one arm holding the scarf up and the other waving in the hope the driver will wait. The agony of the tape ripping away between my legs and at my breast brings me to tears. I jump on as the driver mutters some remark about making him wait. Rustling through my wallet, I use my bus pass and try find an empty seat. There aren't many people leaving the city yet at this time of night.

Again, I let out a very muffled scream when I fall on a seat as the bus jerks into motion. No one hears it. And luckily everyone is looking at their phone as I realise the scarf is drooped around my neck. I pull it back up my gagged and taped up mouth and struggle to breathe through only my nose. All this sudden exertion and pain has winded me and snot is dribbling out as I pant. Without a tissue, I use the scarf to wipe my nose.

Holding the scarf over my mouth and nose, I try to look invisible and wait for my stop as we head to the suburbs. I take as shallow a breath as I can as those annoying 'sex bugs' torment my abused breasts. I try to ignore the one squashed against my clit.

After a short while on the bus the dildo in my stretched ass starts wiggling. It feels awful. Sitting on the vibrating seat of the old bus exacerbates it. It feels like an extremely angry shit trying to escape from my sealed-up ass. I cannot wait to get off the bus, get home and rip this stuff out of me.

My stop comes finally after what seemed like eternity. I near stumble off the bus after a couple other people, trying carefully to keep my scarf up. It feels like no sooner had my foot hit the pavement when the huge dildo in my vagina also comes alive. I stagger to a light pole and try balance myself. What is going on! Now I have vibrations on my breasts, clit, and front and back holes. It feels like my pelvis is being pushed around from the inside.

I stagger slowly back to my unit. It is usually about a 5-minute walk but it took easily twice and long and felt like forever. To any observer I must have looked like some drunk chick trying not to throw up. Worse yet, for some reason the evil things were starting to make me wet.

Panting like I had run a marathon, I open my unit door and throw myself in, the door closing behind me. Kneeling on the floor I try to control myself only for the sex toys to get a better control of me. Soon I am flat with my hand rubbing my tape-coated crotch screaming quietly into the gag as a huge orgasm rolls through me.

I quietly plead for respite but the toys just pound on. 'I need to get them out!', I think. Clumsily standing up, I search for a means to cut the tape. Wobbling to the kitchen I search my sparse drawers for anything. Best I have is a sharp knife, and I am not using that. In the bathroom I find some nail clippers. Better than nothing. I take them to the bedroom where I collapse on the bed. I strip off my clothes. My body is just covered like the picture, a silver tape swimsuit tightly clings to me. My silver breasts squeezed out into 2 silver torpedos. There is no obvious start to the tape.

I start by getting a hold of and yanking the tape off my mouth. I screech in pain, this time I am definitely audible. That really hurt! The built-up drool dribbles down my chin.

Next, I try to pull the tape away from my groin so I can cut it with the nail clippers. It is really hard to do and I sob loudly while doing it. The tape it too tight.

Suddenly, a bang on the front door! I freeze.

"You ok in there?" some guy's voice calls...

I must have been crying too loud and alerted some neighbour in another unit.

"Hello! You ok in there?" the guy's voice calls again. He isn't going away.

I go near the door. "Mmmfh!", I respond through the gag.

"Oh. You sure? Don't want me to call police or something?" he says hesitantly.

"Mmmfh mmmfh!" I respond. 'Please just leave!', I think.

"OK then. Well ... whatever you are doing, can you please keep the noise down?", he says.

I hear the footsteps walk away and I collapse behind my front door. The damn thing up my ass is making a soft tapping noise on the tile floor as it tries to wiggle around. I have no choice. With tears in my eyes, I stumble back to the bedroom and wrap the silver tape back over my gagged mouth.

I go back to the brightly lit bathroom, my hips shaking along with their intruders, and try find a start to the tape. Nearly half an hour I search with my hands, eyes and the mirror before I find something in the middle of my back. It takes just as long again and another orgasm to start it peeling off. Tears are freely flowing down my cheeks and snot over my taped mouth.

Over the next 3 hours I slowly peel the silver tape off my upper body. It really hurts when I get to the skin. My breasts throb with pain as I remove the tape there. The little vibrators dangle and bounce on their wires around my waist as the continue to wiggle energetically. The muffled scream I let out as I ripped the tape from one of my underarms would have been blood-curdling had it not been for the sealed gag. I lay panting for ages before I could muster the courage to do the second, taking away a bit of hair stubble with it. I thank my stars I had shaved there not long ago. But between my legs is a completely different story.

Dawn is nearing and am down to having what looks like a pair of silver underwear. I am surrounded in the bathroom by a huge tangle of tape from the numerous rolls I have peeled off. My skin is throbbing, sore and red from the tape pulled off. And still it goes on. Just like the annoying dildos in me. I no longer find them turning me on. Instead it is hurting from the constant rubbing. Finding the start of this roll, I pull it around my waist and through my legs. I flinch in pain as some pubic hairs get pulled out. This is the last of the huge ordeal to get this tape off, dildos out and gag unlocked. Around the waist and through the legs again and some more hairs gone. My eyes are red and out of tears. Over and over I go. The pain of hairs being pulled out is soon joined by the pain of tape peeling off the skin around my waist.

And then I am at the end. All that is stopped them evil dildos from coming out is a thick strip of tape clinging tightly on an equally thick patch of pubic hair. I slowly get my breath back, brace myself and give the tape a sharp pull. The pain is horrendous and I collapse to the floor. I still have a couple inches of hairy skin before I can uncover my vagina. A wad of hair, pulled from my now slightly bleeding skin, clings onto the tape. Another yank and shot of agony and the tape is off. Both dildos fall out on their own accord as I uncontrollably piss on the tape-strewn floor.

I lay panting for a good five minutes in the mess before I remember the gag and the key. With great difficulty, I lift my weary body. The dildos, still weakly wobbling among the tape that held them prisoner. So huge, I wonder how they managed to fit in me. Each has a strip of tape around their base. The last bit of tape around my aching mouth comes off again and a splash as drool hits the bathroom floor. The huge ball protrudes from my sore lips waiting to be set free.

As dawn light starts to creep through the window, I grab the first dildo. Weak fingers struggle with the slippery tape. It comes off, but no key there. I grab the other dildo and pray to all gods that the key is there.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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