His Perfect Slave
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  • Post Date - 2/28/2018

Part 5 (added: 2018/11/10)

Simon had planned a holiday with Lena, a week cruising along the Eastern Australian coastline in a caravan. It would also be an opportunity to put Rose into some serious mummification bondage.

He started prepping the night before. With all the luggage packed up and ready, he shifted his attention to Rose. She had just been showered and cleaned by Lena, Simon grinned as he admired the contrast between her scant 22-inch waist and the twin hemispheres of her unnaturally firm E-cup breast, flowing down to her shapely ass and long, slender legs. Next to Rose was a pile of latex clothing, bundles of electrodes and power supplies, and finally a small mountain of tape and vetwrap bandage. Simon had explained to Rose, in detail, how she would spend the next six days.

"Ready to get started?" Lena asked her sister slave quietly, grateful that it was Rose and not her that would be quite literally cocooned.

"Yes." Rose's voice trembled slightly. The first order of business was for two dozen electrodes to be taped to Rose's skin. Some of them, taped to her thighs, calves and shoulders, were there to stimulate her muscle while she remains immobile for the long journey. But one pair of electrodes flanked her cunt, one pair were taped to the soles of her feet, another on her breasts and lastly, on her butt cheeks. These were obviously intended to maximise her suffering. Next up was the catheter and butt plug to address Rose's inability to use the toilet once mummified. Her steel butt plug was a little challenging to insert, being 2 inches wide at its widest and 8 inches long. The plug slid past Rose's sphincter, and to her horror she realised that it too had a wire running from the base.

The clear latex bodysuit was a new addition to their collection, custom made to fit Rose's exquisite figure. The suit was supposed to stretch over her body and looked a size too small when placed next to Rose's body. Carefully measured 'pockets' were made on the suit to accommodate Rose's breasts, with a thicker ring of latex around the base of her breasts to emphasis on their firmness. Her nipples were pulled through tiny holes in those pockets, forming two exposed points to be played with. It took some effort for Simon and Lena to wrestle the slave into the tight suit, and once that was done, her catheter tube and wirings for the electrodes were carefully pulled out from the back zipper, allowing the suit to be zipped shut.

Clear latex toe socks were pulled up Rose's feet, ending where the legs of her bodysuit began. Ballet splints buckled to her feet and calves kept them in en-pointe position. As for her hands, Simon made Rose hold a ping-pong ball in each hand before wrapping her fists up in electrical tape, reducing them to two useless stumps.

Meanwhile, Lena had braided Rose's long golden mane so that it could be fed through the back of her leather hood. Before that was laced over her head, Simon pushed a pair of foam earplugs into Rose, rendering her deaf. The tiny sliver of skin showing between her hood and the neck of her bodysuit disappeared as well, covered by a posture collar.

Simon took a step back to admire his handiwork, a featureless feminine creature of black latex, blind and deaf. He plugged up all the electrodes and gave them a trial run, firing those taped to her ass, cunt and feet at max output. Instantly Rose dropped from her knees to the ground and screamed. The electricity was only on for about three seconds, but it was enough to send a fresh wave of urine flowing out of her catheter tube.

"Please master!" Rose croaked but added nothing afterwards.

"Lena, come over and play with Rose while I make dinner" Simon called. His other slave happily came over and obeyed, after all it's not everyday that one gets to torment a living rubber doll.

Rose's mummification process continued after dinner. Placed across the coffee table, Simon and Lena patiently worked with rolls of electrical tape. They wrapped up Rose's feet and legs first, covering the skeletal frames of her ballet splints. Though blinded by her hood, Rose could feel a wave of crushing restriction moving up her body, the result of tight tape wrapping over tight latex. She wished it was the just the two layers she had to deal with, unfortunately Simon had already decided on a third layer of vetwrap bandage.

He had prepared a wooden board a week earlier, cut to the shape of Rose's body. Once the slave girl was positioned over the wooden board, it essentially acted as a giant brace for her body. Overlapping layers of vetwrap bonded Rose's mummified body to the board, removing what little wiggle room she had left. Inside the three layers of hell, Rose was crying softly. For the first time in her life she was as immobile as a corpse. Her fingers wrapped into useless balls, her feet locked in splints, her limbs and body moulded to a rigid board, even her neck couldn't wiggle an inch. Once again, Simon has avoided wrapping over her nipples, alongside her lips and ponytail, they were the only exposed part of Rose's body.

"Those nipples deserve some nettle leaves." Simon commented, of course Rose couldn't hear him. He tested the bondage a final time by switching on all the electrodes again, once again a sharp scream came out of Rose's mouth, but the only thing that moved was her jaw, the rest of her body made no visible movements.

The three layers of packaging was retaining Rose's body heat very efficiently, already the inside of her latex bodysuit was slick with sweat. Simon and Lena had to move quickly to the final component, Rose's sarcophagus.

It was a perfect device for taking care the issue of overheating when a slave is mummified so heavily. Originally an insulated storage container just big enough to squeeze Rose inside, Simon added a small refrigeration unit to it, setting it to 7 degrees Celsius.

With a straw, Simon helped Rose to a sip of water before the girl's immobile body was dropped into the coffin-like box. He wondered whether six or seven days of this ordeal was enough to drive Rose insane, not that her sanity as a brainwashed slave was important in the first place. The only limitation she faced was the need to take a shit, and even then, feeding her minimal amounts of liquid food would mean she could be safely plugged up for even longer than seven days.

Rose breathed slowly, she rested in a haze now, not unlike some kind of hibernation. Without sight or sound her other senses were elevated, and the only thing she felt was the constant embrace of her packaging coming from every possible direction. Every once in a while, the muscle stimulation electrodes fired up, drawing a tortured moan from the slave's gagged mouth. There was no way to tell time now, and it did not matter whether it was day or night, whether she had rested helplessly for a minute or a day.

The mummified girl felt slight movements some time ago, though she could have not known that 14 hours had already passed. In front of the caravan, Simon and Lena savored in the beautiful sights of rural New South Wales. So far, Simon had not used the 'punishment' set of electrodes attached to Rose yet, he had a far more fun idea in mind.

Simon pulled over to the side of the road and took a break from driving. Returning to the caravan, he opened the lid from Rose's sarcophagus. Inside was his beloved slave, resting there with no signs of life, and it suddenly dawned on Simon that she could very well be dead, and he wouldn't notice. A small wave of panic washed over Simon, and he quickly hovered his finger over Rose's nose, discovering the slow rhythm of her breathing. Perhaps she's asleep, perhaps not, most likely drifting in a state of semi-consciousness. Lena sat next to the sarcophagus, taking the precaution to wear disposable gloves, she grinded a handful of nettle leaves into a paste. Rose's nipples poking out of her cocoon were the obvious targets, as to be expected for a slave drifting in an erotic mummified trance, they were semi-hardened already. Lena liberally smeared the two pretty nipples with the green paste, practically covering them.

It took a few seconds for the stinging, burning pain to kick in, but soon Rose was wail and crying. Simon's cock was rock hard at the bizarre sight of his slave in excruciating pain, yet unable to make any movement. The crying eventually grew to a terrible scream, and then to a hoarse croak as Rose's throat grew tired and the pain subsided slightly. Her nipples swollen and doubled in size, they're now the width of Simon's thumb and of a deep red colour.

Lena gave both nipples a pinch, not a particularly hard one, but it was enough to draw a renewed scream that sent shivers down Lena's spine. Rose's muscles tensed and thrashed against the three layered of packaging encasing her body, she only succeeded in moving her shoulders two or three millimetres. The rest of her body was as good as if it were paralysed.

"They've made her very sensitive." Lena commented quietly, she waited a while before pinching them lightly again, this time Rose was too exhausted to scream, only emitting a tortured croak.

"Time for her to have a drink." Said Simon, Lena saw him place a plastic funnel over Rose's mouth and knew what he wanted to do. Her sister slave is going to drink her urine, it wasn't the first time they had done such a depraved thing to each other. Rose froze after the first sip of the liquid, it took a moment to process and recognise the musky, salty content, but she carried on. She was hardly in a position to pick and choose. "Thank you, sir." She muttered, unable to determine whether the pee came from Lena or Simon.

Hours continued to pass, which of course Rose had no way of telling. Her state of immobile, peaceful existence only interrupted occasionally by the excruciating electrical shock applied to her ass, cunt, feet and breasts. The worst of all was the big steel buttplug, which sent the jolting pain to her most tender spots. She cried out and begged for it to stop, that was the only thing she could do and even then, she couldn't hear her own begging.

At around dinner time (for Simon and Lena of course, Rose instead was fed protein shakes throughout the day), Simon straddled over Rose's cocooned head and shoved his cock into Rose's mouth. For the mummified slave it was a great relief to feel her master's warm and thick cock again, she was expected to suck Simon off once per day, and for her it's the only reliable indication of time passage. She sucked hungrily, leveraging all the experience she had as a 24/7 sex slave in the past years. A moment later Simon sprayed his cum into Rose's throat, who happily swallowed her master's precious seeds as usual.

Simon had read up on sensory deprivation before, it had been used as a form of torture by the KGB, and caused a lot of controvert when suspects of terrorism were subjected to it as well in the US. But at least the guys subjected to those torture could walk around and feel the ground. For Rose, there was nothing to sense except for the evenly distributed pressure of tape and latex on every square inch of her skin, and the almost refreshing sensation provided by the electro-torture pads. If her mind wasn't already obliterated after four years as a brainwashed sex slave, it certainly will be after this ordeal.

He had to check on Rose before going to bed. Simon carefully sprayed bromide oxide over Rose's face, in minute amounts at first, but soon the cocooned slave was sleeping as deeply as one can be. Given that Rose was constantly drifting in a state between sleep and alertness throughout the entire day, she had no way of knowing that Simon had freed her, or at least just her head, for a little while. Lena unwrapped the bandage securing her head to the wooden board first, next the leather hood was unlaced and removed, exposing Rose's pale face, the area around her eyes caked with dried tears. Her master gently cleaned up her face with a moist towel before quickly returning her head to its original bound state, the knockout gas didn't last very long.

Five more days passed like this, though for Rose it could've been five hours or years. Long-term sensory deprivation was most exhaustive and torturous as she could not sense time. The only constraint, fortunately for her and unfortunate for her deviant master, is her need to take a shit. The catheter tube flowing out of her hellish setup took care of urine, but during the last two days, Rose definitely felt pressure building up in her bowel. Even on a liquid diet, six days was about as long as Simon could risk her mummified like this.

Simon had found a secluded area to park the caravan, prepared for one last night of fun before cutting Rose loose at last. The standard, 11-inch long and 1.5 inch wide dildo gag filled Rose's throat, muting her. Nettle leaves were once again rubbed against Rose's exposed nipples, which soon doubled in size. The burning pain Rose experience was made even more excruciating by her electro-torture toys, delivering merciless stings to her breasts, asshole and to the sole of her feet. Lena watched it all with horror and fascination, her counterpart, a living, breathing human being was inside that black and featureless cocoon. She knew that Rose was trying to scream and struggle as hard as she could, that scream reduced into a quiet gargle by the massive dildo gag, the struggling reduced to strained trembling by her unyielding cocoon.

"Thank you so much sir." That was all Rose could utter as the tight bandage around her head finally loosened and the long dildo pulled out of her throat. The rest of the vetwrap welding her body to the wood cut out came off next, at last allowing Rose to slide her limp body off it. Despite the electrical stimulation her muscles were weakened and stiff. She was still wrapped in a full-body latex suit and a layer of electrical tape, Simon had the hood and tape removed first. The moonlight gently illuminating Simon's face was the first thing Rose saw as the hood was pulled off her face, her eyes blinking rapidly as her vision was restored for the first time in a week. Next, a small mountain of the electrical tape was ripped off Rose's latex bodysuit, and finally the suit itself, plus gloves and toe socks were pulled off. Her breasts made audible two 'pop' as they came out of the tight bulbous cups built into the bodysuit.

The stench from sweating away inside a latex cocoon for six days was overwhelming, that stench worsened as Lena pulled the butt plug out of Rose's anus, it came past her loosened sphincter quite easily, and was followed by a stream of her shit.

It was the most degrading thing possible, for a person to uncontrollably defecate in plain sight of other people, but Rose had no choice. Her asshole remained open, even with the plug removed, after all its tightness has been defeated in the past week by the presence of the sizable buttplug. Simon funneled some more water into her ass, flushing it clean. Rose had to be carried back in the caravan, her body was still far too stiff and numb to move. Not to mention that her ankles are now permanently ossified in the en-pointe position, making walking and standing up impossible without wearing ballet boots.

It was permanent changes like such that Simon treasure Rose so much, he had successfully turned a human being into a living fuckdoll, whose body purely existed to provide satisfaction for her owner and couldn't even function as an independent adult.

Inside the caravan, Lena had dimmed the lights to avoid damaging Rose's sensitive eyes. Simon placed her limp body gently on the bed, where he and Lena gave Rose a more thorough clean-up, wiping away the layer of sweat and grime caked to her pale skin. Her soft, heart-shaped face now framed by her long golden tresses again, but the expression in her big grey eyes were so different than when Simon initially enslaved her. The slave girl looked at her master with a blank, stupid look of content and adoration. "Thank you for the mummification, master." Rose spoke weakly as she took bites of food, solid food. "Please fuck me master, I miss you."

"After you finish your food first, sweetheart." Simon replied.

Rose's ass had been totally defeated by the steel butt plug she worn, for she needed at least a day or two to recover the the strength and tightness of her sphincter. She was lucky her master had to choose her other, often neglected hole.

And now Rose fulfills her purpose, a collection of three holes to be used by Simon.

The slave was never left unrestrained for long. With a custom made arm sleeve, Rose's forearms and hands were folded behind her back, she could maintain a perfect reverse prayer position for hours now. Simon loved the seemingly armless appearance, after all why would a sex doll need the use of her arms.

The pleasure which Rose receives is strictly rationed by Simon, her chastity belt is only unlocked once every six months for a vaginal fucking that could allow her to cum. Simon knew that she couldn't orgasm from anal sex no matter what, it was just one of the quirks with Rose's body that he had turned against her. She is 22 years old now, assuming that she is still sexually active even by the age of 82 years old...She would still only experience 120 orgasms in the rest of her life. A terrifying thought, but one that Rose didn't bother to dwell her mind on, all her attention was focused on Simon cock which lay before her.

The armless girl shifted her hips over Simon's, grunting in satisfaction as her master's thick cock pushed its way into her incredibly tight and sopping wet cunt. And while Rose rode on top of Simon's cock, Lena stood behind, reaching around she pinched Rose's nipples hard. Pain and pleasure were the same to Rose. "I'm cumming master, please let me cum!" She begged.

"Cum for your master." And with that, her body erupted in ecstasy.

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