The Weekend
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  • Post Date - 3/14/2018

Author's Note: This is a story I started telling someone about a fantasy of theirs. It mixes a few different scenes into one. I started writing one night and just kept working on it. It was enjoyable to write and hopefully as enjoyable to read.

Part 1

Mary was a graduate student studying biology and worked in a local lab researching different species of bugs collected from around the world. She was single and despite a few online dates and random blind dates through friends, she was looking for something deeper in her life. Mary was a professional girl and at 25 she knew what she liked. She had a collection of toys including vibrators, nipple clamps, butt plugs, and gags. She just didn't have someone to play with. She knew she needed to learn more about herself as well. She was too shy though to open up. She never has trouble getting dates and is quite attractive. Standing 5'6" with reddish brown hair, green eyes, thick lips, and cute dimples and freckles that she knew would bring a man to his knees when she smiled. She had C cup breasts that matched her grade A ass she worked so hard for at the gym. She had gained a few pounds to her athletic frame, which was due to not playing soccer as much as she did in college but was still in great shape.

She knew she was done with vanilla sex and meeting people randomly was just not her thing. How could anyone her age know how to treat her right? Most people in there twenties were just looking for a quick fuck, hand job, or someone to suck them off.

On a wet rainy February day, she finished her work and removed her lab coat in her locker and put her jacket over her blue blouse and wearing black slacks left the lab with her high heels clicking down the hallway. She decided to put off studying and needed a drink. She headed to the local dive "Johnny's House" where she had stopped now and then and fought off getting hit on by the random frat boys.

It wasn't the fanciest place, but it was close to home. Walking in she was hit with the dark lights and slight stench of people being cramped into a small space. She took a seat at the bar and ordered her usual, whiskey with ice and a dirty martini. She wasn't looking to get drunk but wanted to take the edge off of the week. It being a Thursday night there was a good crowd but nobody she felt like having a conversation. That was until Alex walked in. Alex was a partner at a small local firm. Tall, dark and handsome, Alex was 6'4" with brown hair and eyes. His tailored suit fit his body tightly and his confidence was obvious to everyone. He was divorced at 36, with no kids and focused on his career leaving no time for relationships. His hidden secret was his lifestyle in the BDSM community. He was a Dom and anyone who would didn't know wouldn't have a problem guessing that was his lifestyle.

Alex walked into the bar and took the only open seat at the bar, three stools down from Mary.

Mary, like the other women in the bar noticed Alex when he sat down. She thought he had looked familiar but couldn't place him. As she sipped her drink she kept herself busy looking through her phone. She happened to look through her dating apps and found why Alex had looked so familiar. They had matched, both swiping right. She opened up the chat and saw that three months ago they had matched and Alex had sent her a message trying to say hello. Like most of her matches she had ignored the message and assumed he was someone just trying to get into her pants.

Alex looked through his photos and saw his smile and eyes reminding her why she liked his profile. She continued to look through his profile and saw him playing golf and laughing with friends on beach vacations.

Now and then she glanced up and caught Alex looking at her. She politely smiled and continued looking through her phone.

Over the course of the next hour, the bar slowed down and Mary noticed the open chair next to her. Before she could place her purse down to occupy the chair, Alex sat down and introduced himself. She shook his hand and introduced herself to him. She wondered if Alex recognized her. Alex was drinking whiskey and they ordered a few more rounds of drinks. Over the next few hours they talked about life and laughed about people at the bar, funny things they had found online, and got to know each other. Mary doesn't know when Alex placed his hand on her right thigh, but she became increasingly more aware of his touch. As she felt it, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused by his touch. Alex kept his hand on her thigh and noticed the minute Mary felt it. Her breath had quickened and he could see her eyes become deeper. Maybe it was the alcohol but maybe it was his touch but he wanted to find out.

Alex was feeling confident and stood up next to Mary, placing a hand on her back, sliding up to the back of her neck, moving her hair away from her ear with a slight tug and whispered in her ear "want to get out of here?" Mary looked straight ahead. She took a deep breath as smiled and nodded.

Alex threw a hundred dollar bill on the bar and grabbed Mary's jacket. He took her hand and led her out of the bar.

As soon as they were on the sidewalk Alex held out Mary's jacket and she turned and put the jacket on. Alex placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her around, kissing her deeply. Mary felt like she melted into his arms as she kissed him. Her mouth opened and her tongue met his. His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her close as his hands went into her dark hair and took a handful.

Breaking the kiss, he took her hand and led her to his black BMW waiting on the street. He opened the door and Mary sat down feeling the cool leather and cool air in the car.

Alex got in the car and as they drove off his hand went to Mary's thigh and she placed her hand on his. She smiled and felt his touch through his pants. She didn't know where they were going or what was in store. She felt Alex's hand slide up her thigh and she spread her legs a little wider. She looked over at him as his hand moved up closer to her pussy. She could feel the heat through her pants and was sure he could as well. She was trying to control her breathing as much as she could but she was sure he could tell how turned on she was. Mary wanted him to touch her so badly, but Alex held his hand on the innermost part of her thigh.

Soon, Alex pulled up to his apartment building and parked. Before getting out of the car he looked over at Mary and kissed her deeply again. He pulled back and said, "I am going to take you upstairs. I want to make sure you are okay with what is going to happen and you can back out now if you want." Mary smiled and kissed him back "Take me, please."

"Okay. From now on though you will refer to me as sir or master." Mary had been researching her submissive side but her dates had not been enough for her. "Yes, sir. Take me upstairs."

Alex got out of the car and opened her door. Taking her hand, he led Mary to the elevator and pressed the ninth floor. He then reached over and slid his hand across her ass and to her hip, holding her during the ride. Mary was turned on and could feel her panties getting wet as she wondered what was in store for her.

Alex opened the apartment and walked into the kitchen. Mary stood in the entrance unsure where to stand or what to do. She dropped her purse and removed her jacket placing it on the hook inside the entrance. Alex walked out from the kitchen with a glass of whiskey and took her hand, leading her to the living room.

Alex pointed at a spot on the floor "stand here" he said as he took his glass and sat in a leather chair on the other side of the room. He turned on the lights and Mary stood in the middle of the living room.

"Remove your blouse."

"Yes sir" She said as she reached for the top button, never losing eye contact with Alex.

She removed her blouse letting it fall to the ground, exposing her black lace Victoria's Secret bra.

"remove your pants over your heels."

"Yes sir"

Mary was turned on and a little tipsy but was able to slide her pants down over her heels. Now standing in front of Alex in her matching boy short panties.

"On your hands and knees and crawl to me" Alex directed her. "Yes sir" as she got onto her knees and crawled across the rug over to Alex. Looking through her hair she saw him taking sips of his whiskey and with each move she could feel her pussy rubbing and getting wetter.

She reached his feet and sat up on her heels. She could feel them poking through her skin. Alex stood up in front of her

"Remove my belt and place it on the floor." She removed his belt and placed it on the floor. "Remove my pants. Place them on the couch." Mary reached for the button and fly and pulled the slacks down allowing Alex to step out of his pants, and hand on her head to balance himself. Alex stood over her now in his grey boxers. Mary drooled at the outline of his large bulge in front of her eyes. Alex kept a hand on her head and grabbing a fistful of her hair pulled her head back. Looking down at her "Remove your bra." He kept his hand in her hair as she removed her bra and exposed her breasts to him. He could see her chest moving quickly as she felt the cool air over her nipples.

Alex took Mary by the hair "crawl with me"

"Yes sir"

Alex led her to the bedroom and directed her to lie on her back on the bed arms and legs outstretched. He removed his hand from her hair and she lay on the bed. She watched as Alex removed his white shirt and threw it on the floor.

He then walked around the bed and took her left wrist and placed a leather restraint tight around her wrist. She watched as he moved to her left ankle and did the same. Then the right ankle and wrist. Mary was now restrained to the bed only in her panties. She could feel her breath pacing with anticipation. She could hear Alex moving to the closet and hear a zipper opening.

Alex returned with two things in his hands, nipple clamps and a blindfold. Mary's body twisted with anticipation as she felt the steel of the nipple clamp on her right nipple. She loved her nipples played with. Her back arched and she moaned loudly. He moved to her left nipple and placed the metal clamp on her extended nipple. She moaned again and she could feel her pussy getting wet. Her body arched and she could feel her skin tighten with excitement.

Alex reached for the blindfold and placed it over her eyes and moved her head so he could tighten it.

Mary couldn't see anything now...only feel.

Alex kissed her and when she recognized it she kissed back she was trying to eat his lips she was so turned on. She moaned into his mouth as she felt her nipples pinching and could feel his chest on her.

Alex stood up and took in Mary's outstretched body. He reached into his back and took out a black flogger. He laid it across her torso watching her body reacting by twisting and arching. He moved it up across her nipples to her neck and back down her body to between her legs. Alex pulled the flogger back and lightly spanked Mary's pussy. Her body twinged in ecstasy as she finally had something touching her wet pussy. He pulled back again and delivered another spanking to her torso. Again he moved the flogger up and down her body. She bit her bottom lip as her body ached for release. Alex pulled back again and spanked her pussy, this time harder. He did it again harder than the last, wanting to find how much she could take. Mary's body twisted and turned as much as she could. She moaned each time she felt the tips of the flogger touch her body. Alex spanked her harder than the last time and she winced. "OW!" She screeched. Alex took the flogger and moved it across her body once more "I told you how to refer to me." Through the dark Mary answered "OW! That fucken hurt."

"I told you to refer to me as sir or master." Alex delivered a blow to her torso as Mary whimpered from the pain. "That hurt and I don't like to be hurt." Alex delivered another blow to her nipples "sir of master. You will learn." Mary was confused. She couldn't see and despite being so turned on she could feel tears from the pain. She didn't think he wanted to hurt her, but she couldn't move. She decided that maybe if she would tell him he would be lighter on her. "That hurt, sir."

"Good girl." Alex said as he delivered hard blow to Mary's pussy. Then another. "You will be punished for not complying with what I have told you." Mary whimpered, "yes sir" as she felt more tears. She felt confused. Her body wanted more but she also wanted to get up and run away. She didn't know how he would react if she would ask to leave, would he be angry or would he be okay with it.

As she opened her mouth to tell him she was done, she felt Alex on the bed with her and telling her to open her mouth. She felt a rubber ball gag against her lips and her head being pulled up as he tightened it around her head. She started to fight back but she couldn't. She felt him lean down to her ear "shhhh...just breath." He breathed deeply and she found herself matching his deep breath and starting to calm down. She was still scared but still so turned on. She wanted her pussy to be touched like she never had before. But she wanted to run away...far away.

Alex stood up and moved down between her legs. She felt him move her panties to the side as Alex got a good look at her sweet tight pussy. Her pussy was wet and he could tell her heart was racing and her legs were shaking.

He reached down and stretched his tongue out to touch her clit. Mary's body erupted as she finally felt a touch on her body. She moaned as much as she could and her back arched. Her skin tightened and she could feel her pussy getting wetter. Alex licked slowly and then took his thick finger and slid it inside of her tight pussy. Mary moaned loud as she could. Alex slowly moved in and out of her tight hole, reaching up to touch her g-spot. Licking her clit. Her body twisting. Inside her mind she was yelling "FUCK ME NOW" as she wanted release yet she wanted to be gone from all from all of this. All that could be heard were muffled moans through the gag and darkness. Her body was betraying her mind. She wanted to leave but she was about to orgasm. She tried to fight it off because she didn't know if that would make him feel like she okay with all of this and she wasn't sure if she was or not.

She tried to fight it off but then felt it getting closer. Alex kept licking and fingering her. She felt herself about to cum and then........nothing. Alex removed his finger and stood up. Mary whimpered more now. She was about to cry now because she was close to cumming and it was taken from her. She whimpered now and tried her hardest to push her thighs together and squeeze her wet pussy. She was tied too tight to the bed and all she wanted was that release. Then her mind went quiet and she listened for Alex. "Where is he?" she wondered. She moaned and whimpered. Wiggled and tried to move. She didn't feel like he was in the room anymore.

Alex was. He was sitting in the chair, still in his grey boxers. Watching as Mary laid on his bed, restrained, blindfolded and gagged with her nipple clamps. He could hear her whimpers and moans. What felt like an hour to Mary was actually five minutes. She could now hear him moving around the room, the floor creaking with each step. She listed to where he was. He moved to her right side and whispered in her ear "you want more don't you?" Mary tried to shake her head and say no but she didn't know if it would anger him or if she would be let go. And another part of her, a small part, wanted to more.

Alex stood up and she could hear him leave. He returned quickly this time and she felt him come closer to her. She could feel something cold against her skin near her panty line. It was sliding along her right night. Alex took the knife and ran it along her skin and under her panties. He pulled up and cut the panties. As she felt the fabric fall back to her skin a loud "MMMMMPH" came through her ball gag. She wasn't sure if she was going to be cut herself or not, and then Alex moved to the other side and cut her panties off. He pulled the cut panties off and tossed them onto the floor.

More fear ran through Mary's head as she had never thought about being tied down and gagged much less having her panties cut off with a knife. She realized she was now completely naked and restrained.

Alex reached up and pulled the ball gag from her mouth and then did the same with the blindfold. Mary's mouth was adjusting and although she wanted to scream she couldn't because her mouth was so sore. Her eyes were also adjusting to the light and just before she could talk she saw Alex getting on the bed. He had removed his shorts and he was moving his cock towards her mouth. He grabbed the sides of her sore mouth to keep it open. She tried to fight it but she felt his cock slide between her lips. The girth stretched her mouth as she felt it moving to the back of her throat.

Alex grabbed her hair and started to thrust into her mouth, Mary's eyes watering with tears as she looked up and saw his face grimacing as he fucked her mouth.

Alex pulled her by the hair and thrust his cock into her mouth as she gasped for breath.

He pulled out as spit covered his cock and her mouth. Mary was catching her breath as she was going to tell him she wanted to stop and then he thrust his cock back into her mouth. Back and forth. Harder and harder he grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth. Her mascara running from her eyes with tears. Her mind gone as she was unsure if she wanted to suck his cock or not. She thought maybe if she got him off she would be able to leave. He pulled her head again and made her gasp on his cock. She closed her eyes and she felt her hair being pulled and gasping for air.

Alex let go of her hair and her head dropped down trying to recover. Mary wasn't sure he was done or not and wasn't sure if she wanted to find out.

"Why are you doing this?" Alex didn't answer. She watched as he walked to the closet. "I think I need to leave." She saw Alex reach into a black back and stand up with a Hitachi wand. She knew this toy. She loved it as she had two of them. One she had broken because she used it so much. In Alex's other hand was purple rope.

Alex walked back to the bed and laid the wand and rope down on the bed and picked up the flogger. He delivered a blow to Mary's tits and then another to her bare shaven pussy. Mary moaned with pain and yet pleasure.

"What did I tell you about talking to me?"

"Sorry...I think I need to go, sir." Alex saw the stinging in her eyes, and yet she bit her lip and he knew she was still unsure. Before he could answer Mary asked, "Sir, what are you doing with the wand and rope?"

"I thought you wanted to leave."

"Sir, I do. I think-" Before she could answer, Alex reached for her throat and wrapped his hand around it, looking in to her eyes and telling her "You will listen and not think."

Mary was so taken aback by this move she couldn't think of an answer.

She watched as Alex removed his hand and stood back up. He took the wand and placed it on her clit. Then took the rope and tied the want to her right thigh. She was unsure why he would be doing this.

Alex looked back up to Mary's eyes as he finished tying the wand to her leg. He then smirked as he turned on the toy. Immediately Mary's body reacted. She had been so close to orgasming earlier that her clit was sensitive. She couldn't move and was stuck being toyed with. She felt her nipples get more sensitive against the steel clamps. The wand rubbed her clit perfectly. Her body moved and back arched. She twisted as much as she could. She was moaning "FUUUUUCK yes....FUCK...." as her clit was being stimulated. Her makeup running down her face as tears of pleasure were now coming out of her eyes. Alex sat at the edge of the bed and watched as Mary came close to cumming.

He moved up to her ear and whispered, "Do you want to cum slut?"


"You will ask permission to cum do you understand?"

"YES MASTER! I NEED TO CUM" The toy vibrated against Mary's clit and she was feeling her body ready to cum. Her face turned and she looked into Alex's eyes "MASTER, MAY I CUM PLEASE? I'LL DO ANYTHING. JUST LET ME FUCKING CUM SIR"

Alex leaned back down and kissed her cheek. "Yes my slut...cum for me. Cum for your master."

Upon hearing those words Mary's body released "UUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS" and her pussy flooded. Mary's body dropped. She went limp and felt useless after cumming so hard. Mary couldn't remember when she came so hard. She smiled as much as she could, but then realized she was still tied down.... and the wand was not stopping. She could feel the vibrations against her clit still. It was moving just as fast and she was becoming more aroused again. She didn't know if she should fight it or release. She could feel it coming whether she wanted to or not. She looked over and saw Alex moved back to the chair and was sipping his whiskey with his hard cock standing straight up watching her.

She felt it coming and yelled out "MASTER, I NEED TO CUM" "Then ask permission slut"


"Yes. Cum for me again."

On one hand Mary hated asking for permission but on the other hand as soon as he told her to cum her body released "UUUUUUUUUGGGGGG YESSSSSSSS" and she came again.

Mary gasped for breath as she came down from her second orgasm. She finally got release but then realized that the wand was still going against her clit. She was crying now from the constant vibrations against her clit. She looked at Alex "are you going to stop this? Please stop, my clit is sensitive from cumming." Alex stood up and put his whiskey down. He grabbed the flogger and slapped her tits again. She winced and cried "SIR! Sorry sir...sorry...I'm sorry" she whimpered... "Sir, please stop the vibrator against my clit."

Alex didn't answer. Instead he moved back to her head and grabbed her hair as he moved his cock back into her mouth. She was feeling her pussy shake from the vibrator and her mouth being invaded by his cock. Alex fucked her mouth as she moaned. Spit coming out of her mouth and over his balls. She felt his balls against her chin as he pulled her to choke on his cock. He released her mouth and she moaned from the teasing of her clit...her body fighting her mind. She didn't know if this was right or wrong. She looked up at Alex "MASTER, I need to cum again. May I......ugh.....cummm?" As he released her head her pussy pulsed again and flooded from another orgasm. Alex stood up and walked around the bed and turned the wand off.

Mary's body finally collapsed. She was flushed and on the verge of exhaustion from cumming so much. She wanted to leave for sure now. "Sir, I want to leave now," Alex didn't answer. He went back to the closet and returned with something in his hand. He had a black butt plug, bigger than anything that she was used to. And also a skinny dildo in his other hand. He looked at her and smirked at her question. Mary tired to move out of the restraints. No matter what she tried to do she couldn't get free. All she could feel was the sheets against her skin, wet next to her head from the sloppy forced blowjob she received and down by her wet pussy.

Alex took out a bottle of lube and smothered the plug and dildo. He then got down between Mary's legs and spread lube on her asshole and pussy.

Mary felt Alex's finger pressing against her ass. While she wasn't against anal sex, she was against someone shoving something inside her on the first date. "" she whimpered as she struggled to push her neck up to see what he was doing. Alex looked up as he slid the large butt plug into her ass...slowly...little bit by little bit. Mary cried as she felt her asshole stretching. She dropped her head and cried as her asshole stretched further than it had ever been before. Alex pushed the plug into her ass until it was fully inside. Mary's breathing increased in pace, as she grew used to the plug stretching her. She figured that was it until she felt Alex pressing against her pussy with the dildo.

Alex slowly pushed the dildo inside Mary's pussy. She had never felt so stretched out before. Both holes filled. And the wand was still pressing on her clit. "Sir, I can't do this, I need to go....sir..." She looked up at him and the darkness in his eyes had increased. It was deeper now. Different.

He stood up and looked down at her. He smirked again and turned the wand back on "AAAHHHHHHHH" Mary let out a moan as the vibrator moved against her clit now her holes filled. Her body shook with the sensations. She hated the feeling yet her body told her no. He body loved it.

Alex moved back up and moved his cock back to her mouth. This time instead of fighting it she eagerly sucked his cock to take away from the pain in her ass and pussy. She sucked more this time, moving her head without his hand. Then he grabbed her head again and she forgot about the pain in her pussy and felt another orgasm coming. Her body shook as she approached orgasm. Alex fucker her mouth faster and faster. She could hear his groans. She felt his cock enlarge and she knew he was going to cum. She didn't swallow cum. She tried once but didn't like it. She tried to pull away from his cock but couldn't as he had ahold of her hair. Alex groaned as he exploded into her mouth. She choked on his cock and felt her mouth fill with his cum. As she coughed on his cock spit and cum spewed out while at the same time she was cumming again from the butt plug dildo and wand.

Alex released her head and she groaned as her hips moved with the wand still against her clit.

Mary collapsed. Her body was totally limp now. Alex reached down and turned off the wand as Mary closed her eyes and just wanted to sleep and for it all to be over.

Alex woke up as the sun hit her face through the window. It took her a minute or two to realize where she was. She looked around and remembered her night. Her ass and pussy were sore. She noticed that the plug, dildo, and wand were out. Nipple clamps gone. She was no longer restrained to the bed. There was a bagel and bottle of water on the nightstand. She reached over and drank the water, trying to rinse the dried cum from the sides of her mouth. She got up and found her panties cut on the floor. She grabbed the white dress shirt to cover herself and walked to the door.


She tried to push the door but it was locked from the other side. Her heart raced and she started to cry. She went to the window but it only opened six inches. She felt the cool morning air on her face, but she couldn't open it any further.

Then she heard the door handle and gasped as she turned around. She saw Alex coming through the door wearing a white t-shirt and pair of gym shorts. She turned and stared at him. "What do you want with me?"

Alex didn't answer. He turned around and walked back through the door. She ran to the door just as it shut and heard him locking it. She pounded on the door and grabbed the handle. Locked.

"Let me go! I want to go! People will worry at work if I don't show up!"

There was no answer. She cried and fell back onto the bed in the fetal position and fell back asleep.

Mary didn't hear Alex come back in. She didn't know how long she had slept but it couldn't have been long. Alex was holding her cell phone.

"You're going to call work and tell them you're not coming in today."

"I've never missed a day of work. They'll know something is wrong."

Alex moved quickly and grabbed her throat. "You'll call into work today. And you will address me as sir or master."

Mary tried to speak and choked out "yes, sir."

Alex took the phone and placed it in her hand. He lightened his grip on her throat and she dialed her office. "Hi Jim, I won't be in today yes, I'm fine, just something I have to take care of you have a good weekend too." As she hung up Alex released her throat and took the phone. As he walked out Mary just watched him. She heard the door shut and lock and fell back into the bed and staring out the window. She eventually fell asleep.

Mary awoke that afternoon with dried cum on her face and her hair a mess. Her wrists were sore and tight from the restraints from the night before. Her throat and jaws sore. She got up and walked to the closet. She found a series of dress shirts and suits and ties all lined up. At the bottom of the closet was an open black gym bag. She pushed the flap aside and saw the large butt plug and dildo as well as the nipple clamps. Before she could look through anymore, she heard the door handle. She stood up shocked as Alex walked in. He expected her to be in bed. His eyes narrowed and he quickly moved to Mary "are you getting curious slut? Looking through things that don't belong to you" as he grabbed her throat he pulled her down to the bed. He ripped the shirt off her body exposing her nude body.

Her hands grabbed his wrist trying to loosen his grip.

"I'll tell you what you can look through and what you can't."

Alex pulled his shorts off and rubbed her pussy. He spit on his hand to get it wet, not releasing his grip from her throat. He pulled his cock and spread her legs further. He rubbed her pussy and shoved his cock into her. Mary gasped and tears formed as he thrust into her. Alex held his cock in her as it adjusted to his girth. He began thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. Her pussy fighting her thoughts. Her head shaking. She could feel her pussy accepting him. Accepting his cock. She just laid there as his hand slapped her tits. Despite not wanting it, she was close to cumming. She gargled and tried to speak. Alex released his grip to allow her to speak "MASTER MAY I CUM UGGGHHHH" "yes slut, cum over my cock" "THANK YOU MASTER....FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!" Mary moaned as her hands gripped the sheets. Alex fucked her harder as he felt her pussy pulse around his cock. As he felt her pussy he could feel himself close to orgasm. He grunted as he fucked her. He thrust into her. She knew he was close to cumming and she hoped he would pull out. She was on birth control but didn't want his cum inside her. "" she moaned as he exploded into her. He thrust once more and filled her pussy with cum.

He pulled out of her and watched as the cum spilled from her slit. She felt it drip towards her asshole as he got up and walked out and locked the door.

Mary laid there and caught her breath. She pulled the shirt back over her as a blanket and laid down on the bed. She didn't know what to think and just cried herself to sleep.

When she woke up it was dark out. She didn't know if it was night or early morning. She assumed late night because the traffic was slow for what would be a Friday night.

She sat back down on the bed and drank more water and slowly ate some of the bagel from that morning. The room was bare. No pictures. White walls. Black bed, nightstand and a dresser. She thought about looking through the dresser, but didn't want to get in any more trouble.

She laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. What was her life now? What was she going to do? How could she trust any other date?

Mary didn't know when she fell asleep but felt the sun beating on her face. It was Saturday.

There was a new bagel and more water on the nightstand. She had no idea what time it was, or how long she was going to be there.

About ten minutes or so later, she heard the door open and Alex walk through.

He had a coffee cup in his hand and he slowly walked over to the chair. She didn't know what to say or do. He just stared at her and looked at her.

"lay on your back and spread your legs."

She hesitated. He moved as if he was going to stand up and fearing punishment she laid on her back.

"play with your tits." Reluctantly she moved her hand to her nipples and pulled on them. First the right then the left. She hated it but this turned her on. The panic in her head was fought by the pleasure in her body. She could feel herself being turned on. "Fuck" she thought. She kept rubbing her tits and nipples.

"Rub your pussy with your other hand"

She moved her hand down. Her pussy was wet. Her body kept fighting her mind.

As she touched her clit it was electric. She gasped and moaned. She tried to fight it but she was becoming more aroused.

Alex sat there and drank his coffee spike with whiskey. His Saturday morning drink.

He watched her rub her pussy. She was moaning more now. Putting on a show for him.

"Put a finger in your pussy." She moved a finger inside herself and rubbed her clit with her palm. Her other hand on her nipple still.

"Rub your asshole with a finger"

She moved her hand down further and slid a finger inside her ass. Her arm rubbing her clit now. She was getting wetter and moaning more and more.

Alex stood up and looked down at her rubbing herself.


She looked confused. She kept rubbing. "I said stop slut!"

Mary stopped touching herself. Pissed off that she was so close to cumming again. Alex walked out and locked the door.

"What the fuck?" Mary thought as she crawled over and drank water.

Mary cried herself back to sleep and woke up when the sun was going down. She walked nude to the window and looked outside wondering when she would feel the sun and wind back on her face. She watched the sun going down and laid back on the bed.

It must have been an hour later when Alex walked back into the room. He had a towel in his hand. "Would you like a shower?" Mary nodded and walked over to him. He stretched his hand out and she took it without thinking. He walked her to the bathroom where the shower was already running. Alex sat on the toilet as he watched her clean herself. She felt relieved but yet worried. Her first shower after the past few days felt amazing. She enjoyed the water and Alex let her use all the hot water. As if it were natural she turned to Alex "I am done sir." Alex handed her the towel and let her dry off. He reached out her hand and let her back to the bedroom where he locked her inside.

Mary sat on the bed in the towel, relieved to be clean but still stuck inside this bare room. She laid back and fell back to sleep. The next morning Alex walked in and sat down, watching Mary sleep. Mary awoke to the sun and looked up at Alex. She rolled over and wondered what else was in store. Alex put his coffee down and walked over to Mary. He took her by the hair and dragged her to the edge of the bed. Her head was hanging over the bed and Alex dropped his shorts. She watched as his cock slid into her mouth. She could feel his balls on his mouth as he forcefully fucked her mouth. He grabbed her throat with one hand and slapped her tits as he fucked her throat.

He reached down and found that her pussy was wet. Again she hated that her body was fighting her mind. Alex slapped her pussy as she moaned into his cock. She choked on his cock as he slapped her pussy. Alex pulled out of her mouth with a loud pop and she coughed. Alex pulled her up by the shoulders and threw her back down on to the bed with her ass in the air. He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a butt plug and fit it snuggly into her ass. She gasped as she felt it go inside.

Alex then took his spit covered cock and slid it into her pussy. Alex thrust in and out of her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he thrust. He let go and grabbed her throat. "you like this don't you slut?" She tried not to answer, but her body did. Her body began thrusting back into his thrusts. He let he go and grabbed her arms pulling them behind her. This made him thrust deeper. His thrusts pushed her plug in and out of her ass at the same time. She was moaning more and more. Louder and louder. Finally her body and mind synched and she yelled again "FUCK ME SIR. FUCK MY WET PUSSY. YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD."

Alex moved faster. Her body was sore and she was pushing back into him. "FUCK....I'M GOING TO CUM. MAY I CUM SIR?" Alex didn't answer. He just kept thrusting. Finally he groaned "Cum slut. Cum on your master's cock." "UGGGGHHHHH YEEEESSS......" she flooded his cock again as she had the biggest orgasm of the weekend. She collapsed and Alex came out of her pussy with a pop. "Turn over" he directed. She didn't question it as she turned over. Alex stroked his cock until he groaned and came all over her tits. Mary lay there with the wet cum on her nipples. Alex was out of breath and walked out to the living room. This time he left the door open.

He returned with her pants, blouse and jacket. "Get dressed and meet me outside." Confused Mary didn't know what was happening. She put her pants on and then her blouse. Her panties were torn and didn't care about her bra. She put her jacket on and just wanted this weekend behind her.

She walked out to the living room and found her heels on the floor. Alex was dressed in jeans and t-shirt waiting at the door. She walked barefoot to him and they walked out. The elevator ride was quiet. He opened the car door and let her sit down. He didn't say a word the whole ride back to her car. Mary felt so used. She started to cry as they pulled up to the bar. As she got out of the car she looked back at Alex and through her tears said, "I fucking hate you and never want to see you again." She walked to her car where she found a parking ticket. Even more pissed off she took off to go home and take the hottest longest shower she could.

Mary went back to work and school the next week. She tried to hide what happened to her and not think about it. Whenever she would think about it, her pussy would get wet and she hated that. She hated thinking that she could get turned on from that weekend. A few more weeks past and she found herself going back to the dating app and looking at Alex's picture. He seemed so nice. So professional. His message to her didn't lead to any clues to what he would do to her.

About a month later Alex had just gotten home from a round of golf and beers with friends. He had just gotten out of the shower and heard a knock on the door. He never got visitors, especially on a Saturday afternoon. He looked through the peephole and was shocked when he saw Mary. He was worried if this was a setup, like she had a gun or police with her. He took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hello. Can I help you?"

Mary had on a light blue dress and black short jacket. She had a smirk on her face and turned around, lifting the skirt and exposing her ass, which had a red, jeweled butt plug in her ass and a black thong.

"Yes, master."

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