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"Morning sweety." The cacophony of white noise that permeated the room stopped abruptly, a soft feminine voice taking its place.

Justin was quickly pulled out of his half sleep, jolting awake at the sudden change in the sound surrounding him. Before he attempted to stretch his limbs out, he heard the hinges of the thick steel door that she had installed creak along, the sound of scraping metal filling his ears.

Chloe grunted as she swung the door back, locking it in place with a heavy deadbolt. With the room fully secure, she approached her boyfriend, kneeling down onto the dusty concrete.

"Do you want me to take your hood off?" She asked, Justin quickly nodded his head.

She began unlacing the crushing thick hood that encased his head, the black leather creaked as she loosened the lace. Tossing it aside revealed Justin's short black hair, thick padded blindfold, and a large black ballgag locked behind his head. Drool already began flowing freely from the bottom of the ball, cascading down his thick posture collar onto the black leather straitjacket encircling him. His arms were quite immobile with them pinned to his chest, especially with it tightened as much as Chloe could muster.

"That's the one thing I hate about this gag, it always makes such a mess." She began unbuckling his blindfold. "Don't worry though love, we'll get you into a quieter gag soon enough."

Justin let out a defeated sigh from his gag as Chloe tossed the blindfold aside. His eyes blinked rapidly, adjusting to the bright lights present in the room. When his vision became clear, he saw his girlfriend squatting down in front of him, a sweet smile planted on her face.

She wore only a loose-fitting t-shirt and panties, as well as a pair of socks keeping her feet warm from the cold concrete floor. Unkempt brown and light pink streaked hair covered half of her glasses, the strand quickly brushed away by her hand.

He still found her absolutely stunning, his eyes glaring at her braless breasts. An erection started forming but was quickly impeded by the small chastity cage locking his cock away. It was comprised of a clear resin, allowing her to see when he was trying to get hard. Two metal rings encircled his balls, painfully separating them and pulling them downwards from his body. Glancing down, she saw his erection attempt.

"Pervert." She cooed, giving his testicles a firm squeeze. "What did I tell you about those naughty erections?"

Justin winced and grunted as she clamped down on his balls, sending a shockwave of pain swiftly throughout his groin. Satisfied that his cock had settled down and shrunk back down from the pain, she let go of his testicles and playfully slapped at his tiny cage.

"So, I'll get your feeding started and get ready for the day." She told him. "Sound good?"

Chloe didn't expect much of a comprehensible response with the 3-inch silicon ball packed behind his teeth, bar his gagged begging moans he let out.

With a loud grunt, she hoisted Justin upwards, pulling him up to his feet. He struggled to stand up with all the leather belts that encircled his legs, pinning them tightly together. She slowly shuffled him over to the corner of the room where a small cart sat. As he stood next to the cart, she attached a chain to his posture collar, locking it to a small d-ring hanging from the ceiling, forcing Justin to stand on his tiptoes.

A small beige colored box sat on top of the cart with several clear tubes sticking out. She procured a small clear bag of liquid from the bottom of the cart, plugging a smaller tube into it. Another tube sat on the bottom of the cart with the bags of liquid, this one a rather long and thin piece of clear plastic tubing.

"This will go over much more smoothly if you just relax Justin, okay?" Chloe told him warmly, grabbing the coil of tubing.

Connecting one end to the machine, she began forcing the tube down his nostril. Justin writhed in pain as it was forced through his nostrils and down his throat, the feeling rather uncomfortable. His eyes began watering as she finished feeding it into him.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" She said, a tinge of mockery present in her voice.

Justin gave his best attempt at puppy dog eyes, trying to beg her to just feed him orally for once. Chloe just laughed, giving him a kiss on the cheek before flicking the machine on. His struggling worsened as the liquid from the bag began slowly pumping down his nasal tube. She set the pump agonizingly slow, making the humiliation and pain from the nasal tube force feeding last much longer than necessary.

"Don't go anywhere." She chuckled, opening the heavy steel door.

The last thing he heard was the slam of the door and the deadbolt locking shut. Soundproofed walls made sure that he didn't hear a peep of anything except his own groans and the whirring of the pump.

Justin's eyes were red and puffy by the time that Chloe had finished getting ready, the pain from the feeding being too much for him. He was quite thankful when he heard his cell door open, his hope dashed rather quickly as he saw the new gag she held in hand.

Her outfit was rather casual, donning a t-shirt and tight fitting black leather cut-off jacket, along with a pair of yoga pants, as well as a pair of loose fitting sneakers.

Firstly, she flicked the pump off, removing the now empty bag. The nasal tube was unceremoniously ripped from his nostril, the tubing covered in snot. Tossing it aside, she began unlocking his ballgag. It came out with a pop, coated in saliva.

"Chloe please-" Justin stammered.

"I keep you gagged for a reason baby." She shoved the brutal gag into his mouth, ignoring his outburst and locking it behind his head.

His new gag was one he was quite accustomed to. It was an inflatable rubber plug with two wingtips on either side to completely fill his mouth, making his jaw ache and keeping him rather quiet. A leather panel kept him from even coming close to forcefully pushing it out, along with the torrent of straps that encircled his head. An inflation bulb dangled off the front leather panel, just begging to be pumped.

Chloe was happy to oblige, quickly pumping up his gag until it looked like his cheeks were about to burst. The pungent taste of worn rubber quickly filled his mouth. To test its effectiveness, she gave his testicles another firm squeeze. Instead of a rather bothersome groan of pain, the gag reduced it to a quiet gurgling sound.

"I think it's time to get you fully restrained for the day." She began unlocking the chain forcing him onto his tiptoes.

With Justin finally able to move, Chloe slowly pushed him along, making him hop with all the leg restraints he had on. Slowly but surely, they exited the cell and entered into the finished basement. It was quite unassuming, the only thing out of the ordinary was the large steel door, but Chloe easily explained it away as the panic room that the previous owners built whenever anyone asked.

A cheap door sat adjacent to the cell door, opening up to the water heater and a rather large tool cart. She had come up with the idea of storing all of her bondage equipment in a toolbox, unassuming and lockable. Leaving Justin outside, she unlocked the toolbox and began gathering some new restraints for her boyfriend.

He sat dormant outside, knowing that any sort of escape attempt wouldn't be tolerated by her. After a few minutes, Chloe held multiple bits of gear in her hands, kicking the door closed behind her and dropping it all on the floor.

"Remember, don't resist while I get you ready." She said, her sweet voice attempting to mask the threat. "Got it?"

She began loosening the straitjacket, taking Justin's silence as a sign of compliance. He began to stretch his limbs out now that they were free, but they were swiftly grabbed by his girlfriend as she pulled them behind his back, slipping a small white leather armbinder over them, leaving his thick posture collar in place. It was quite crushing against his arms, elbows practically touching. The restraint took quite a while to secure as she made sure to lace it as tight as it could manage.

With the armbinder in place, she grabbed a small stiff white leather corset. Justin tried his best at protesting through his gag as he saw her pick it up, already placing it around his bare waist. He felt it begin crushing on his stomach and hips, accentuating his curves further as it was tightened. It reduced his waist size quite a bit, giving him an almost feminine figure. His breathing was dampened as well, the corset making his breaths shorter.

Despite the armbinder being laced crushingly tight, Chloe felt it still gave him just a little too much slack. Several locking belts were placed along the leather sleeve, tightening the pressure on his arms. His elbows were now in fact touching. In addition to the tightening of his armbinder, she used even more, encircling a few more around his torso, pinning the armbinder tightly to his back and offering very little movement for his arms.

Metal cuffs were locked on each ankle, a small length of chain allowing no more than a few inches of movement. His knees and calves were then pulled together with a couple more belts. With a sadistic touch, a second chain was attached, this one connecting to the rings separating his testicles. It forced Justin into an awkward hunched over position. A deep guttural groan emanated from the fully inflated gag as he realized how painful walking would become.

With Justin fully restrained for the most part, she pushed him along, the chains and ankle cuffs pulling on his testicles with every step, sending pain coursing through his groin. Painfully hobbling along, they entered the small basement bathroom.

Chloe began cleaning him up for the day, giving him a quick sponge bath, shaving any growing hairs that were coming in (much to Justin's despair, his hair on his rear had begun growing, and she didn't tolerate it), and cleaning him out with a quick enema, sealing a large buttplug in him after he had fully expelled his enema. For the final addition, she pulled out a catheter, swiftly shoving it down his urethra. He squirmed as the long tube made its presence know, ending into his bladder. The retention balloon was quickly pumped up, making sure he didn't manage to wiggle it out. Attaching the catheter bag to his leg with a couple belts, the tubing was sealed to the bag, allowing Justin to urinate at any time.

Justin was pulled in front of the mirror by Chloe, allowing him to take in his fully restrained and helpless self.

"I may as well tell you about your surprise for today." Chloe said, a massive grin on her face. "You may have been wondering why I setup your catheter today, well..."

She bit her lip and fondled his bare chest as she drifted off.

"I scheduled a playdate today!" She exclaimed with glee. "I've been chatting online with some people with... let's say similar interests. You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I learned a couple of them were only a few hours away!"

Fear washed over Justin's eyes as he began squirming and trembling, fearing leaving the house, let alone meeting someone else as cruel as Chloe was.

"Oh, stop it, it'll be fun!" She laughed. "She's a little more experienced than I am, so we should have a lot to learn. Besides, I'm sure you'll have fun meeting another boy who you can relate to!"

Justin had little he could do as worry and discomfort washed over him after hearing their plans for the day. They began the perilous trek upstairs and to the garage, Justin trembling with each step as Chloe hurried him along. The stairs were the most difficult part for him to conquer, but she made sure he got up them, no matter how painful.

With quite a bit of testicle pulling along the way, Justin managed to be navigated to the garage. A black sedan sat parked, a rather inconspicuous car. She had never transported him anywhere, so he was rather afraid of where she planned on keeping him for the journey.

Leaving him standing uncomfortably, Chloe approached the trunk, unlocking it and flipping it open. She grabbed a squirming Justin, delivering a firm slap to his ass to make him hurry up as she pushed him towards the trunk. Allowing him to sit on the edge, she swung his legs in and then pushed him into the felt lined trunk with a thud.

"Don't worry baby, if you're good, maybe I'll won't make you sit in the trunk on the way back." She gushed. "Plus, it'll only be a few hours."

She placed an ear plug in each of his ears. The rubber plugs quickly grew in size, sealing his ear's off from any sound whatsoever. Chloe gave him a quick kiss on his forehead before placing a thick blindfold over his eyes, the strap locking behind his head.

With one last fondle of his chastity cage, she closed the trunk shut. The slamming of the trunk was the last thing Justin was able to hear before he felt the car begin driving.

His struggling didn't last long as he tired himself out quite quickly. He hadn't even managed to move much with all the restraints that she had put him in. Only his ankles could move at all, and even then, he tried to avoid that, due to it painfully pulling his testicles whenever he tried. The corset was the worst part of it, the crushing nature of it constantly finding itself at the forefront of his mind while it encased the bottom half of his torso. The posture collar he was used to by now, the stiff leather forcing his head upwards.

Justin had been at least thankful that she had put the catheter in however, his bladder filling over the long trip. It was little consolation for the multitude of restraints straining his body, but it was the only thing to comfort him as he grew ever anxious over their eventual arrival.

Justin had managed to slowly drift in and out of consciousness throughout his journey, momentarily giving him some sort of solitude from Chloe's neverending torments. His small moment of escape was quickly thwarted by the sudden stopping of the car. He had jolted awake, hoping that it was just a traffic light. But then he felt the car engine stop rumbling, confirming that she had indeed parked. He once again began his futile struggling, his worry and anxiety overtaking his mind.

The trunk swung open, Justin froze as he felt it open. A soft hand began stroking his cheek as his left earplug was pulled out.

"We're here. Although going by the sounds of your struggling, I'm guessing you already figured that out." Chloe chuckled, removing the other ear plug.

Hoisting him out of the trunk, he began hobbling along, once again having to deal with the strenuous task of walking in his restraints. It was even worse blindfolded, especially with Chloe pushing him faster than he was able to keep up with. He did at least know he was in a garage, he recognized the cold concrete beneath his feet and the musty smell. A couple steps led out of the garage, the door closing shut and being locked behind him.

"Is that you Chloe?" He heard an unknown woman yell.

Justin involuntarily stumbled backwards upon hearing the woman's voice, Chloe swiftly delivering a firm slap to his ass and pushing him forward once again. It was only a short distance before she abruptly stopped him in his tracks. An explosion of giddy excitement began to fill the room. Girly screams emitting from both his girlfriend and the unknown woman.

"Oh, I am so glad to see you!" The woman exclaimed, excitement still present in her voice.

"I'm glad to see you too!" Chloe responded.

"Well I presume this is Justin." The woman said. "May I take his blindfold off?"


Justin trembled in his bondage, fearful of Chloe's new-found friend and with his anxiety at an all-time high, his cheeks turned a bright red as the blindfold was unlocked.

"Aw, baby..." Chloe cooed, stroking Justin's hair. "Don't be shy."

The blindfold was tossed aside as his eyes fluttered rapidly, exposed to the copious amount of bright light present. He slowly regained his vision, observing the woman stood in front of him, as well as the modern looking living room he stood in.

She stood about equal height to him, slightly shorter than Chloe. Her dark green eyes felt like they were staring straight into his soul, strands of loose blonde hair dangling in front of them. The rest of hair had been put up in a tight bun and a pair of dangling diamond earrings sat in her earlobes. She wore a tight-fitting t-shirt similar to Chloe's, this one however showed off ample amounts of cleavage. Her breasts were a tad bigger than his girlfriend's. A jet-black hobble skirt encircled her calves and shiny black pumps sat on her feet.

"Justin, this is Anna." Chloe introduced, Anna giving a small wave. "Say hi Justin."

An almost non-existent groaning noise came from behind the gag. Anna and Chloe practically laughed in unison at his attempt at speaking.

"Judging by those cheeks, I'm guessing she has the gag pumped up quite a bit, doesn't she pumpkin?" Anna asked mockingly, patting his bulging cheek.

"That's his usual gag for the day, although I don't usually make him sleep in it unless he's being particularly difficult." Chloe chimed in.

"You have impeccable taste in gags." She said, examining the gag further. "The lock is a nice touch."

Justin felt entirely violated and humiliated as Anna felt all over his bound form, ogling at every piece of his tight bondage. She even tightened a few of the belts that had gone a tad loose. Along the way, she observed his cock begin enlarging in its chastity cage.

"Someone's a little excitable." Anna playfully slapped his cage and gave a pull on the chain attached to his testicles.

He let out another barely audible grunt as his testicles were abruptly pulled.

"How big is that plug?" Anna inquired, leering around at Justin's rear.

"It's not too long, only about four inches. But don't worry, it's quite girthy." Chloe replied. "I've been trying to stretch him out gradually."

"I've found with anal training it's best to just get it over with quickly. I guess I could help you with that today."

Justin's eyes widened with fear at the sound of "anal training" as Anna delivered a quick spanking.

"I'm guessing this was for the trip?" She asked, looking at the catheter bag attached to his leg.

"Yup, wouldn't want him making a mess in my car."

"You mind if I take it off?"

"No, go right ahead." Chloe nodded her head.

Anna swiftly deflated the retention balloon pulled the catheter out of Justin, making him wince as it scraped along his urethra. She made sure to take the bag off his leg as well, setting it aside.

"I do like how you attached his ankle cuffs to his testicles, I might have to try that out. I'm guessing walking had been quite a bit more painful for Justin than usual." She said.

Finishing her humiliating examination, she stood up and clapped her hands together, as if she had just remembered something.

"So enough about Justin, let's go meet Alex now, shall we?"

Chloe held her hands up in a giddy stupor, extreme glee present on her face. Anna began walking out of the living room, his girlfriend began pushing him along behind her.

"Come on, let's go Justin."

They passed through the kitchen and walked down a hallway into what appeared to be the master bedroom. It sat vacant as they opened the closet door of the bedroom.

"Sadly, not all of us have the luxury of a basement." Anna said. "But luckily I managed to figure out a solution."

The closet was strangely sparse, devoid of anything except a few boxes. It became much clearer once Anna opened what appeared to be the circuit breaker on the side wall, but actually contained several deadbolt locks. Six of them to be precise. Pulling out her ring of keys, each lock had its own separate key.

"Can never be too careful. Where do you usually keep Justin anyway Chloe?" Anna asked, turning each lock on the panel.

"I had a quote on quote 'Panic Room' installed. Although it's pretty conspicuous, it's not too hard to explain."

With the final lock turned, a loud lurching sound occurred and the back panel of the closet popped open. Pushing the panel inward revealed nothing but darkness, at least until Anna flicked a light switch present inside the door. Fluorescent overhead lights began slowly flickering to life, revealing the contents of the room.

The floor was stark concrete, the chillness already being felt on Justin's feet. Along the walls of the interior, he was horrified by the pegboard stretching half way down the space filled with bondage gear. It was a cacophony of leather and latex all along the walls, but he was much more horrified by what happened to sit in the center of the room.

"Well, this is Alex, or should I say Alexa now."

Anna walked towards him, patting him on his jet-black hair lined head. The boy grumbled through his massive black ballgag as she petted him.

"Now these aren't his typical restraints for the day, but I thought I'd show off some of his flexibility."

His jet-black hair was done up similar to a pixie cut. His eyes appeared to be black and soulless, blackout contacts placed on his eyes. Black lipstick and eyeliner had been applied to his face, giving him a definite feminine look. Drool poured freely from the bottom of his gag, pooling onto the concrete beneath. A black collar with spikes protruding out sat tightened around his neck, he'd even just call it a choker if it didn't have the small ring dangling off the front. In addition, a pair of ankle high ballet boots sat on his feet. What made Justin really terrified however, was the method of restraint.

These weren't any ordinary restraints. Instead of rope, leather, or even tape, these were solid metal. Massive metal pieces encased his legs, forcing the boy into a frogtie. A large metal belt had been locked around his groin, presumably an extreme form of chastity. In addition, a thick steel corset sat around his waist. Justin almost began to feel that he had gotten lucky, the corset crushing the boy's waist what appeared to be almost four or five inches inwards. It was apparent by his seemingly shallow breaths he gave through his nose.

Glancing over at Chloe, she looked ecstatic.

"Can he hear us?" She mouthed to Anna.

"No, I've left his earplugs in." She said, looking over his restraints. "I wanted to keep it a complete surprise, he has no idea."

Pushing Justin in front of her, Chloe approached the boy, getting a better look at his arm restraints behind him.

Justin instinctively backed up in fear upon seeing his arm restraints. Not only were they a solid metal as everything else had been, but it wasn't simply anything he could've even imagined.

No, instead, the boy's arms were forced into a tight reverse prayer tie, his shoulders almost touching each other in the metal brace. The only thing that didn't shine was the few belts that helped his reverse prayer tie brace stay pinned against his back.

"Oh. My. God." Chloe was dumbfounded at the restraints, rubbing her hands along the cold steel. "Where are the locks?"

"That's the beauty of it, no locks necessary." Anna said, Chloe still in awe. "It uses a bolt system."

She pointed to several bolts protruding off the restraints.

"I just have to tighten them with a wrench and it's practically inescapable. Best thing is that it gets tighter with each rotation, so I can adjust how tight they are on the fly."

Chloe let out an almost lustful moan of pleasure, she was very clearly getting extremely excited over the inescapability of the boy's restraints.

"Where did you even get these!?"

"All custom. It wasn't cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. I can give you my guy's info if you're interested."

"Definitely, maybe down the line when Justin here's a little more flexible."

He began trembling and whimpering at the thought of that, earning the tugging of his posture collar towards Alex by Anna.

"Come on, don't be shy, say hi to Alexa."

She pulled the boy's earplugs out and began taking the blackout contacts out.

"We have some guests." She whispered softly in his ear.

Alex stayed silent and still as he saw Justin, he barely even flinched.

"We've had some guests over before, so he's not too shy." Anna said to Chloe. "Say hi Alexa."

His attempts to say "hi" were somewhat audible, although quite garbled by the ballgag. They stared silently at each other for a while before Anna got a wrench and began loosening his leg restraints.

"Today I decided to go with a more goth look, although he usually goes for a more traditional look." The metal clasps began loosening their grip on Alex's legs.

The restraints popped off, the hinge swinging open and allowing Anna to pull him to his feet. His feet trembled after being brutally held in place.

"I locked him in these a few hours ago, so his legs shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully poor baby's enema has cooled down by now." She said, patting his belly.

"Enema?" Chloe said, puzzled.

"Do you not give your boy enemas?"

"It's a part of his morning ritual, cleans him out for the day."

"Oh, my sweet summer child." Anna said, a large grin forming on her face. "Do you not use them for punishment?"

"How would you use them for punishment?"

"Follow me." Anna glowed, attaching a leash to Alex and signaling Chloe to follow.

Chloe decided to grab a leash as well, hooking it to Justin's posture collar and tugging him along. They exited the closet and entered the master bathroom. Alex was positioned in front of the toilet, Anna lifting the lid up. It was then Justin observed that the belt encircling Alex's groin had a slit in the back, holding his plug in nice and snug, while allowing an inflation bulb and small tube to dangle freely. The tube appeared to have a small clamp on it.

"Since you were such a good boy this morning, I'm gonna let you release your enema, okay pumpkin?" Anna said, Alex quickly nodding his head.

With the tube pointed into the toilet bowl, she unclamped it. A torrent of foul brown liquid shot out the tubing, Alex groaning with each wave of liquid that emptied from his bowels as the smell lingered in the room. Justin simply watched in horror as Chloe's eyes lit up.

"You see Chloe," Anna lectured. "High volume retention enemas will do wonders for a boy's obedience. The enema induced quite a bit of cramping, the higher the volume, the worse the cramping gets."

The emptying of the enema seemed like it would never end, Alex still groaning in relief as he was emptied.

"How do you think I got Alexa here so obedient?" She gave him a quick slap on his ass. "Lots and lots of enemas."

Chloe's face was filled with excited intrigue at this new form of obedience training.

"So how big of an enema do you typically give?" Chloe asked.

"Today, he got about two quarts.-"

"TWO QUARTS!?" Chloe cut her off.

"You'd be surprised how much a boy can hold. That's a pretty low volume one too." Anna continued emptying out Alex's bowels. "What's even better, you can add even more discomfort by altering the fluid. Alexa here had two quarts of some scalding hot mineral oil pumped into him this morning. The last time he had a classic soap and water enema was his nineteenth birthday present quite a few months ago. Of course, I had to increase the volume to make up for it."

Alex let out a groan, as if he recalled Anna's birthday present. Anna just chuckled and brought her attentions back to his enema. Chloe glanced over at Justin with rash excitement on her face, staring into Justin's widened and fearful eyes.

"I guess we'll just have to see how much you can hold baby." Chloe winked at Justin.

He began backing up and nodding his head rapidly, trying to convey his unwillingness to be subjected to her newfound discipline. She gave the leash a tug in response, pulling him back towards her.

"Aw, Justin, don't make me hurt you." Justin stumbled back towards her, tempering his resistance.

The enema had finally been fully emptied out of Alex, Anna clamping the tube shut again.

"Good boy." She congratulated, patting him on the butt. "Do you want to see his new chastity cage?"

Chloe nodded, bent over shortening the length between Justin's ankle cuffs after that display of disobedience.

Sitting Alex down on the closed toilet facing Chloe and Justin, she began unlocking his chastity belt. The belt itself appeared to mainly hold a cup in place over his private parts and keep his plug nice and secure.

Taking the cup off his groin revealed his chastity cage and his tightly restrained balls. His balls were also separated, similar to Justin's, but Alex's were much more punishing. Instead of just metal rings, they were in fact small metal tubes, pushing his testicles quite far from his body. They also acted as weights, being comprised of a thick steel. His chastity cage was quite odd, a short metal tube with a small ring protruding from the front, presumably to allow him to urinate. Although it appeared he didn't have a choice in the matter with a small cap screwed into the hole. A small padlock kept it snug against the ring pressing against his skin.

"For your own sake pumpkin, I'd suggest you show a little self-control when I take your cage off. We have guests." Anna threatened with her soft and sweet voice.

"How big is he?" Chloe asked.

"About six inches, although his cage has left it a tad shrunken." She began unlocking Alex's cage.

"How did you manage to get his to fit in that thing?"

"Lots and lots of ice." She took his cage off, showing the inside off to Chloe. "As you can see, it's got quite a long urination tube, helps make sure he can't wiggle it off at all."

"Are those spikes?" She pointed to several metal spikes attached towards the end of Alex's cage.

"Why yes, they serve as a painful reminder every time he attempts to get an erection." Anna swiftly began slipping the cage back onto Alex, happy that he managed not to get even close to an erection.

With the cage strapped back on, Alex's member was once again reduced to almost two inches in length.

"I've always liked Justin's cage though." Chloe said, Anna taking a look at Justin's restrained member. "I know it isn't as nearly as secure as it could be, but I do like seeing whenever he tries to get aroused."

"Yes, I do have a soft spot for these clear cages." Anna fondled his chastity cage, watching him already try to get an erection with her attentions.

"So how about we get started for the day then?" Chloe suggested.

"Lets." Anna responded, grabbing Alex's belt but leaving it unsecured.

Justin and Alex were pulled along on leashes behind Chloe and Anna, their eyes locking and trying to communicate. Alex could have communicated more effectively with his less severe gag but Justin knew he didn't want to upset Anna any more than he had to. Justin was jealous of him almost, despite his reverse prayer brace and his ballet boots. Jealous that his legs were unrestrained and each step didn't pull on his testicles.

"So, tell me, do you usually use catheters with Justin?" Anna asked walking back towards Alex's hidden cell.

"Not really. Only if he's going to be on his own for a while or if we're traveling."

Anna stopped in her tracks and began whispering into Chloe's ear, the conversation inaudible to Justin. Her face lit up as Anna continued whispering.

"That is mean!" Chloe joked. "I love it!"

Justin became stricken with fear as Chloe reacted to whatever twisted thing Anna had managed to come up with.

Entering the private dungeon, they each began grabbing a multitude of supplies from the pegboard, quietly conversing with each other, leaving their boys standing with their limbs aching. Anna's arms were full of several pieces of bondage so Chloe grabbed both Alex and Justin's leashes, following Anna back towards the living room.

Arriving in the living room, they began their work.

Justin's cruel ankle cuffs and chains were removed, much to his relief. In its place, a spreader bar was locked to each cuff, forcing his ankles apart quite wide and exposing his plug. He was facing Alex and Anna as they watched Chloe restrain him.

"We'll work on you last baby, so enjoy the show." Chloe cooed in his ear, leaving him in place and approaching Alex.

Firstly, after removing the belts pinning it to his body, they loosened and removed his reverse prayer harness, the heavy metal clanking on the ground. Anna grabbed a wooden chair, Chloe forcing him down into it. Alex's eyes showed a moment of relief from the brutal reverse prayer, but despair returned to his eyes as Anna began using a bundle of rope to tightly tie his arms in that same position behind the chair. It appeared to be less punishing, as his shoulders were not nearly as contorted, but Alex groaned in pain regardless as the knots were fully tightened.

"Thanks for reminding us Alexa." Chloe said, grabbing a new gag from the pile of gear.

It was a rather brutal plug gag, extending almost five inches long and quite wide as well. It appeared to be hollow actually, allowing Alex to breathe through his mouth for once. The harness of straps were locked around the entirety of his head, slightly smearing his makeup. He roughly coughed as the gag was in place, spit flying out of the plug.

"Oh, stop it." Anna said, playfully slapping him.

With his new gag in place, they began securing the rest of his body with thin jute rope. It brutally dug into his skin with each new knot. They weren't sloppy that's for sure, his legs lashed to the legs of the chair, his arms further tied and tied around the chair, his bare chest and metal corset pinned to the chair, his calves roped tightly down, and a rope tied to his collar forcing him to look towards the ceiling.

By the time they had finished with him, he was so distressed he began emitting a pained gurgling noise as he trembled in all the rope.

Anna towered over him, staring directly into his eyes, giving his right nipple a tight pinch.

"If you don't stay quiet you're just going to make it worse for yourself." Anna said coldly.

Alex's musings had stopped for now as he tried to regain his composure to avoid further punishment.

"We'll be right back you two." Chloe said.

"Don't you two go anywhere." Anna said mockingly.

They weren't gone for very long, coming back with several troubling implements. A couple of large red enema bags and a rather large metal tank. Setting one bag aside and hanging the other from a small IV stand, they connected it to Alex's plug through the slats of the chair.

"So how much will this be then?" Chloe asked.

"About of gallon of nice freezing cold water."

Alex had very little time to react as the ice water began draining through his plug. His squirms intensified but he managed to keep rather quiet, only letting out occasional groans. Justin glared in fear as the girls watched Alex with glee, taking joy in his obvious torment. Anna quickly clamped the tube shut as the bag was emptied into his bowels, sealing the freezing enema inside him.

"The cramping should begin in about a few minutes, but I'm sure he can handle it like a big boy." Anna said, talking to Chloe and mocking Alex.

Chloe then grabbed a new catheter while Anna procured a stool and hung up the large metal container above Alex's head. He barely even flinched as the catheter was inserted, very clearly having used one many times. Inflating the retention balloon, Chloe quickly clamped it shut, making sure he didn't manage to make a mess on the floor. Anna continued her task, attaching a tube the circumference of Alex's gag to the tank, leaving it dangle. Chloe grabbed the tube, quickly inserting it onto his gag.

"Got everything setup?" Anna asked.

"Let 'er rip."

Anna began twisting the valve present on the tank, the sound of flowing liquid began along the tube. Alex was stunned as the liquid hit his throat, but quickly managed to keep up with the brutal flow of the liquid.

"You truly are evil Anna." Chloe chuckled.

"Alex is used to it by this point, aren't you pumpkin?" Anna pinched his cheeks, Alex ignoring her trying to concentrate on swallowing the concoction.

"I'm sure the laxatives will do wonders for his cramping." Chloe chimed in. "What do the diuretics do?"

"It'll give him quite an urgent need to urinate, although he'll have quite a bit of difficulty with his catheter clamped shut as it is."

They both glanced over at Justin almost perfectly in sync.

"Let's get started on you then baby." Chloe cooed, Anna giving him a wink.

Letting out a deep guttural groan, they began their work. Firstly, starting off with a rope attaching to the d-ring dangling off his armbinder. After removing the belts pinning it to his body, Anna threw it over a wooden rafter towards the ceiling, tightly lashing him into a strappado, his armbinder almost perpendicular to the floor. Chloe grabbed a plug much more similar to Alex's, kneeling behind him.

"Just relax for me hun." She said, ripping his old plug out.

She quickly lubed the new one up before shoving it down his anal cavity with force. He attempted to relax his anal muscles, but it didn't matter much as she pushed the full eight inches in forcefully. He helplessly squirmed in his bondage, only receiving spankings until he calmed down. But just when he had finally settled down, he felt the plug begin to widen in size. Quiet screams were heard by both girls, the only thing that he could actually produce that was audible.

"Looks like you didn't pump up his gag enough this morning." Anna said, handing her another inflation bulb.

Anna continued pumping the plug up while Chloe attached the new one to his gag, further expanding his gag to its limit. It felt like his jaw was going to rip right open, his cheeks bulging farther than ever.

"I think I like you much better like this." Chloe chided.

What were once screams as the plug inflated were reduced to quiet gurgles with his newly inflated gag. In what was a shock to Justin, Anna began placing Alex's chastity belt onto him, the cup covering his chastity cage and holding his plug in.

"Better safe than sorry." Anna said, locking the belt in place. "Besides, we don't need access to your penis, and neither do you."

"Could you hand me the gasmask Anna?" Chloe held her hand out, Anne handing it to her.

She pulled his head back, slipping the gasmask on over his gag and sealing it against his face. Restricting his breathing was one of Chloe's favorite punishments, but it never got any easier. He recognized the rebreather bag well enough as she screwed it into the gas mask. His oxygen intake was reduced even more than the corset had caused. She observed the rebreather bag inflate and deflate as he tried to let in deep breaths that were somewhat hampered by the attachment.

Chloe gave the end of the bag a pinch, watching him struggle as his oxygen was abruptly cut off. Letting go of the bag, she laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She left him still regaining from the lapse in oxygen, grabbing the other enema bag and IV stand, tossing the empty one aside. He heard the clanging of it behind him as she setup the bag, Anna connecting it to his fully inflated plug.

"Don't worry baby, since you're so inexperienced, we only gave you two quarts to start." Chloe said sweetly, watching his futile squirms in his bondage. He didn't have much movement with tight strappado and spreader bar, but that didn't stop him from trying.

The first hit of the soapy water enema wasn't so bad, he was used to getting a daily cleanout. But it didn't take long for it to become problematic. As it continued filling him up, the cramps washed over him, they were unlike any pain Chloe had inflicted on him before. His gut felt like it had been on fire as the intense cramping started.

By the time the enema had emptied into him, he already couldn't take it, the cramping driving him absolutely crazy. He bit down on the gag hard to try satiate the pain, but it nothing helped as the cramps continued to wreak havoc on his bowels.

With boys in place, Anna and Chloe congratulated themselves, but not before worryingly grabbing another tube and connecting it to Alex's clamped catheter. Chloe pulling it somewhere behind Justin. Anna moved by Alex and began whispering in his ear.

"Okay baby, now that you're all setup, time to tell you what we setup for your playdate." Chloe whispered in his ear. "You see Justin, Alexa's bladder is filling up quite rapidly. That tubing we attached to poor Alexa' catheter is connected directly into your plug. If he's willing to hold it in like a good little boy for a couple hours, then we'll let you empty your enema. But if he can't manage the bladder spasms, well I think you can figure it out."

Both of the boys began fidgeting frantically in their bondage, Justin having a tad more movement available to him.

"You'll just tire yourself out if you continue like that, just go with the flow." Chloe laughed at her own terrible joke. "Hopefully Alexa has more self-control then you do Justin, for your sake."

Anna walked out of his field of vision, only getting a sense of where she was upon hearing the clicking of her heels behind him. He heard distant whispers before Anna began speaking to him.

"Here's just a little taster of your potential urine enema. Wouldn't want all that urine you produced go to waste, no would we?"

He felt his enema begin expanding even more, making him feel even fuller than he thought possible.

"And don't you worry, we have a one-way valve attached to your plug to make sure you keep that enema in nice and secure." Chloe said.

Justin's humiliation went to an all-time high as they began setting up cameras to record their "playdate". One angled at Justin, another angled towards Alex.

"The girls online are gonna love this one." Anna said.

"Don't you worry boys, me and Anna aren't going anywhere."

Approaching each of their respective boy's, Chloe gave him a kiss on the cheek, while Anna tried her best to give Alex a hug.

"You're doing great baby, I know the enema isn't exactly comfortable for you, but I know you can handle it." Chloe said. "Besides, I'm sure this will be a great bonding experience for the both of you."

Anna and Chloe left both boys to themselves, sitting somewhere outside Justin's limited vision thanks to the gasmask. Hearing the cork of a wine bottle, they began conversing. Justin was almost positive they intentionally didn't put his earplugs back in to increase the humility.

"So how did poor Justin come into your care, if you don't mind sharing?" Anna asked, the wine beginning to pour from the bottle.

"Oh, I don't mind sharing. You see Justin here was... or I guess still is, although I'm not sure if he would feel the same way, my boyfriend. We had been together for almost a year at this point, and I caught him cheating on me with some whore." Chloe paused, taking a sip of wine. "I was just about ready to breakup with him, but I loved him too much. I couldn't just take his word after he destroyed my trust like that though. He needed a serious lifestyle change, and I was gladly willing to help him with it. In the end, I'm doing what's best for the both of us."

"I understand perfectly dear. How's it been coming along?"

"Understandably there's been some difficulty's, but it's coming along well. The first few weeks were quite difficult for Justin, but luckily he learned to adjust his attitude."

"How old did you say Justin was?"

"He turned twenty-three last November, so he's been in his new lifestyle for about five months."

"Oh wow, I'm impressed. Alexa's been having his training for almost a year at this point. Time sure flies."

"You said he's your little brother, right?"

"Oh, yes. After he graduated high school, he was nothing but a deadbeat. Mom and dad kicked him out after he refused to even attempt to get a job. I graciously let him live with me a few months before he turned nineteen. After he still refused to make take any chance of moving his life forward, I ended up catching this pervert masturbating! It all made sense to me then, his raging hormones were overtaking his life and he needed some strong guidance in life. I had to be harsh with him, but I couldn't stand by while my own brother became a deadbeat sex addict paying child support for the rest of his life."

"Don't get down on yourself like that, you have to be harsh with them, otherwise what will they learn if you go soft on them?"

"I guess you're right Chloe, cheers to that."

"Cheers." Their glasses clinked together as they went back to watching their helpless boys fidget and struggle in their predicament.

Justin had thought the cramps would have subsided eventually, but they never did. The pain was unlike anything he had experienced, and he absolutely dreaded the fact that Chloe now had a new way to discipline him. The rebreather bag didn't exactly help either, the inflatable gag and corset already not exactly helping him breathe, his breaths were shallow and tiring. He felt as if the armbinder had been loosening somewhat, but it didn't exactly matter much with the enema wreaking havoc on him.

He watched as Alex's trembling and struggling increased tenfold over time, presumably to try and hold his bladder as long as he could. He wasn't exactly sure what incentive he had to hold it in but judging by the pain he expressed with his struggles, it wasn't very pleasant.

Justin felt as if their conversation had continued on for an eternity before Anna decided to pipe up.

"It's been almost two hours; can you believe it boys!?" Anna announced, standing up and kneeling next to Alex. "You're doing great little brother."

She began looking over the rope across his body, tightening any that may have come loose over the past two hours of frantic struggling. After finalizing the retightening of his rope, she approached Justin, retightening his armbinder as well, him grunting as the little loosening he had accomplished was taken away.

"How's that enema feeling?" She whispered, giving him a hard spank.

Laughing and leaving Justin in his newly tightened armbinder, she knelt beside Alex, looking at his chastity cage.

"I bet those diuretics are really taking a number on you by now, aren't they?" She said, fondling his weighted testicles. "Just want to empty your bladder, I bet it's really full now, isn't it?"

Alex answered with a tortured groan as she continued fondling his balls. His struggling had reached an all-time high as she continued with her attentions.

"I bet it would feel soooo good if you jus-"

Urine began rapidly flowing down the tubing, groans of relief washing over Alex as he rapidly purged his bladder. Justin began struggling rapidly as the urine travelled to his plug, filling up his ass even more than he thought he could handle. It took Alex several minutes to stop urinating,

"Aw, you only had a few more minutes. Now poor Justin has to suffer a quart and a half of your urine..." She held up the timer on her phone in front of Alex's face, his eyes tired and sorrowful. "Don't worry though, we didn't forget about your punishment."

"Don't worry, I'll get Alexa's punishment." Chloe stood up, exiting the room for a brief moment.

"Now you don't get to urinate at all, poor baby." She mocked, clamping the catheter shut as Chloe walked in with several pitchers of liquid.

"Here's his enema then," Chloe handed Anna two pitchers. "And his medicine."

She brought the remaining pitcher over to Justin, his face puzzled.

"Oh, didn't I tell you baby? We weren't sure Alexa's urine enema would be enough for you." She began pouring another quart of liquid into his enema bag. "Looks like you should have a whole gallon in you when this bag is all empty."

He did his best to scream through the brutal gag and Justin's eyes began to well up at her cruelness, Chloe ignoring his obvious signs of distress. Anna stood on the stool beneath the tank dangling above Alex, pouring one of the jugs into the metal container connecting to his. Chloe yanked the tube off of Alex's catheter, setting it aside and pouring the remaining jug into his enema bag.

"You know Chloe, Justin's armbinder went surprisingly loose when I checked on it. I would recommend maybe putting a few belts around it to make it extra tight."

"Good idea."

After finishing pouring the jug into Alex's enema bag, she grabbed a few belts and began tightening them around Justin's armbinder. He felt the effect immediately, his already aching arms being crushed together even further by the belts. With the small click of a few padlocks, his arms were tight and secure.

His gas mask began fogging up as his eyes welled up, Chloe quietly snickering at his pain. She didn't even flinch as she turned valve on the end of the rebreather bag, allowing him to breathe even less air.

"I'm sure all that crying is going to use up quite a bit of oxygen." She said sadistically, Justin rapidly trying to calm down upon this realization.

"I got a few more things for Justin as well, since he seems determined to make his plight worse for himself." Anna said.

She handed a white pair of ballet boots to Chloe to match the rest of his restraints, Anna holding onto the remaining nipple clamps. Chloe quickly slipped them onto his feet, forcing his feet almost to a point as she laced them tight around his ankles. The comfort of being able to stand with little pain was swiftly taken away from him. His mind wandered elsewhere as Anna clipped the metal toothed clamps onto his nipples, attaching a small weight to the middle of the chain, pulling them downwards away from his body.

"Now for the final touch." Chloe grabbed another short length of chain, attaching it to the center of his spreader bar and to the nipple clamps.

Getting up from attaching the chain, Chloe wiped a bout of sweat off her forehead, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, I almost forgot something!" Anna grabbed something off the couch, handing one of them to Chloe.

Justin's gas mask was momentarily taken off, allowing him to take in as deep of breath as he could before Chloe decided to put it back on. She took a rag and wiped his tears off of him. Justin thought it may have been an act of mercy, but quickly realized her true intentions. She held a pair of blackout contacts; exactly what Alex had been wearing earlier.

"Hold your eyes wide open for me, I don't want to get the eye clips to force them open." Justin quickly spread his eyes wide, allowing Chloe to place the contacts in.

It was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He felt completely and totally blind, absolutely no light penetrated the contacts.

"Hopefully that should help calm you down." Chloe commented, securing his gas mask back on.

"So, you want to head out for a late lunch then?" Anna asked.

"I'm sure our boys can handle being on their own for a few hours." Chloe said.

Giving Justin's rebreather one last pinch, watching him desperately gasp for air, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.


After quickly checking them both over to make sure they were secure enough to their liking, they headed out, flicking the lights of the house off, slamming the door shut, and locking the door behind them. Ensuring no one would disturb their guests.

Alex let out a scream of desperation as he heard the car drive away, hoping to god that anyone would manage to hear them and bring an end to their neverending hell. No solace came. Only the continuation of their cruelly imposed torture at the hands of Chloe and Anna.

Justin's ears were filled with the constant creaking of the chair Alex sat in, although as time passed, the sound dissipated, leaving only the sound of his racing heartbeat. He was much to concentrated on trying to breathe and manage the pain of both the nipple clamps, painfully bent feet, and the gallon enema that sat in his bowels.

He had thought that the cramping had been bad at first, but it had only worsened over time. His desperate need to release himself increased exponentially as well. He couldn't even begin to imagine Alex's suffering, what with the force feeding of diuretics and laxatives, them sealing off his bladder, and the gallon and a half enema, he didn't want to imagine it.

What made the pain even worse was knowing that Chloe definitely had plans of continuing the retention enema treatment. His eyes began watering at the thought of getting this kind of torture ever again, let alone as often as Anna suggested.

By the time the front door had finally opened, Justin's body was coated in a dense layer of sweat, along with his armbinder and corset shining in the light from it. He had to suffer every waking moment of the torture, and it had felt like an eternity before they finally came back.

He heard the tail end of their distant conversation, ending it with a gaggle of girly laughs before they walked in, the light flickering back on. They didn't say much as they proceeded to let Justin out of his strappado and remove his spreader bar, shuffling him over towards the bathroom.

His pleasure was unimaginable as Chloe emptied his bowels, the concoction even more foul smelling then Alex's had been. His groans even managed to penetrate through the gag. She took the gas mask off and removed his blackout contacts, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"I'm so proud of you Justin. I want you to know that." She said sweetly. "You performed admirably. Just keep in mind that I'm not doing this because I want to, I'm doing this for your own good. Hopefully someday you'll realize the good I've brought you."

She gave one last deep kiss on his cheek before leading him out of the bathroom, Anna shuffling Alex in and shutting the door.

After both boys had been emptied, they reconvened in the living room. Alex had been kept in his ropes, his face smeared with black makeup and his hollow plug gag still in place. Justin didn't fare much better, with his massively inflated gag still locked in his mouth and his armbinder and corset as tight as ever.

Both Chloe and Anna embraced in a hug, closing their eyes in bliss.

"I had a wonderful time today." Chloe said, pleasure oozing off her voice.

"I did too." Anna broke the hug off, both of them letting out an ecstatic sigh.

"Well, I think it's time we head out. It's getting rather late and we should probably be heading home." Chloe said, Anna showing a look of disappointment on her face. "But don't worry, we should definitely do this again."

Anna's quickly lit up at the thought of another playdate for Justin and Alex.

"You hear that little brother?" She said, Alex letting out a garbled groan in response.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Chloe began unlacing Justin's ballet boots, intending to return them. "Do you have the key for the chastity belt?"

"Oh, keep them." Anna smiled softly.

"Really!?" She stammered, almost dumbfounded at her generosity. "No, I can't..."

"No, it's my pleasure." She tossed Chloe the pair of keys that accompanied they belt.

Chloe's face was filled with absolute glee as she practically jumped into Anna's arms for a final hug. They stayed silent until Chloe broke it off and began pulling Justin back towards the garage.

"I cannot thank you enough Anna. Hopefully see you again soon." She quickly waved as her yelling voice began trailing off as she dragged Justin along. "Bye Alexa. Oh, don't forget to send me a copy of the recording!"

The side door to the garage slammed behind them as she unlocked the car.

Since Justin had been so good, she let him lay down on the floor of the backseat. She was honestly thankful she had done that, allowing her to converse with Justin on their way home, even if it was rather one-sided with that gag in his mouth.

"I had fun today, didn't you?" She asked, not expecting much of answer.

Justin had managed to get a glance at the clock, it was already almost nine. He remembered managing to get a glance at the clock when his blindfold was first taken off. Their playdate had lasted almost twelve hours. He couldn't believe it.

"So, me and Anna were talking over lunch," Chloe took a sip of coffee. "She told me that she had just started Alexa on his hormones. I was surprised quite a bit by how much more docile she said it had made him already. Maybe she's right, maybe it is just all that testosterone."

Setting her coffee down, she glanced down at Justin, he had fallen into a deep sleep. She just chuckled as she drove along in the darkness, turning up the radio as she thought about all the new sadistic suggestions Anna had given her. A smile formed on her face from ear to ear, just thinking about Justin's future retention enema she was happy to administer.

The End
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