Air Hostess's Peril
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Author's Note: Airhostess who blackmails cheating husbands gets tricked by two of her victims and suffers stricked bondage and torture and their mercy

Part 1: The Affair

Tess walked through the airport doors and out into the streets on New York. Three days she had to burn before her flight back. Tess was an airhostess you see, and for a very exclusive airline at that. Perhaps that's why she felt her uniform was designed to be somewhat provocative. Her top was light blue and tight all over, small buttons ran along the middle with the top one tightly bucking around her neck. An equally form fitting navy blue dress covered her stocking wrapped legs down to the knees. Her feet nestled into black 5-inch heeled pumps - a pain to wear during flight, but Tess couldn't deny they did a great job of turning heads.

There was no doubt it was her breath-taking looks that were responsible for getting her a position looking after the first-class passengers of an airline that would cause even wealthy celebs to reconsider an upgraded seat. She was a truly stunning girl, people often compared her looks to that of Princess Jasmine. She definitely acted like she was royalty at the best of times.

She flagged down a Taxi and ordered them to drive her to the most expensive hotel in town. On her flight over she had spent her time flirting with Tommy, as she did whenever they shared a flight. Tommy was married with kids - but she didn't care. He was very handsome and, more importantly, pretty well off. His job as a pilot did him well, plus had inherited a substantial amount when his rich uncle passed away several years back. He wasn't as wealthy as the men and women he flew, but he had enough to be comfortable.

Tommy had resisted her charms at first but by this flight, their fifth flight together, Tommy's will had finally broken. "Fine" he whispered in her ear as she 'accidentally' brushed her hand across his crotch whilst placing his meal down. "Fine, let's do it - but my way".

Tommy watched Tess sultrily walk down the aisle after agreeing to his terms. He hadn't asked for much, just that Tess books a room under a pseudonym and to not leave a card or id. He had given her enough money for a deposit and they agreed to pay in cash when they left. He also told her she had to text people saying she was staying in a separate hotel on the over side of town and that she couldn't tell anyone she was meeting him.

'Tommy's really paranoid about his wife finding out' she thought, 'poor guy!'.

Tess did as he had asked. Her plan to blackmail him would rely on no-one finding out - for now anyway. Once she had bedded him she would have all the leverage she would need. She might even go for a second round if he was a good enough lay.

The taxi pulled up and Tess stepped out. After stiffing the driver on the tip, she walked into the hotel and booked the most expensive room that was available. She planned on making Tommy pay for it anyway so she figured 'eh why not'. The booking was under the name Jenny Vein which Tommy and Tess had agreed to. The porter asked for her to put down a credit card for her stay. The suggestion of a cash deposit was quickly dismissed at first as 'not how we do it here' but Tess managed to convince him with a less than subtle promise of a 'reward' when they got to the room.

The porter escorted Tess to her room and unlocked the door, Tess stepped inside and turned to the porter. "So err..." he said raising his eyebrows in anticipation and stepping forward. "Thanks" she said snarkily before slamming the door in the porter's face "And send up a bottle of your most expensive red wine" She yelled through the door.

She dropped her bag on the floor and begun admiring the view and the room itself. She got herself accommodated, unpacking her bag and getting acquainted with the draws and appliances. Once her wine was delivered she poured a glass for herself before deciding which set of sexy lingerie would be the most seductive and putting it on. She set up her phone to record and rested it inconspicuously on the window, angled towards the bed, before waiting patiently for Tommy to arrive.

It was only around 15 minutes later when there was a knock on the door. Tess hopped off the bed and over to the door, checking through the spy hole that it was indeed Tommy. She chose the sexiest pose she could think of before swinging the door open.

Tommy's jaw dropped to the floor as he looked at the site in front of him. If there had been any second thoughts in his mind they were certainly gone now. In mere moments they were on the bed going at it.

After what Tess considered a disappointing 10 minutes Tommy was ejaculating into his prophylactic and collapsed on top of her. 'Looks like I'll just be using him for the money' she thought. She rolled him off of her and allowed him few moments to gain his composure before she dropped the bomb on him.

"So, you really don't want your wife finding out about this then aye?" Tess said with a sly grin.

"No! No way! It would ruin my family. You didn't tell anyone did you? You promised you wouldn't"

"No of course not... well not yet anyway."

Tommy looked at her in annoyance not able to tell If she was being serious or just winding him up.

"Oh whatever" he said pulling his pants on. "Not like anyone would believe you anyway."

"That's true, it would only be an issue if I had proof or something" Her phone was playing the video. She turned it to Tommy so he could see.

"You absolute bitch!" He said angrily. "You seduced me just to blackmail me? I...I had tried so hard to resist!" Tommy sat on the bed, his hands sunk into his hair as he bent forwards staring at his lap. He let out a large sigh before admitting defeat. "Alright, alright I get it. What's it going to take to delete that footage?"

"Delete it?" She laughed. "Oh, I won't delete it - but if you don't want me sending it to your wife I reckon you'd best treat me, for start you can make sure I have a good time in New York. I want you to treat a girl right. Fancy meals, exciting day trips, oh and souvenirs - lots and lots of souvenirs" She laid down in the bed and grabbed an eye mask. "But for now, I just want you gone. You're not sleeping here. This is my room."

"Where will I stay?" Tommy queried.

"I don't know, some shitty motel? Somewhere cheap I'd recommend since you'll be paying out the nose for this one - plus whatever room service I fancy. Now get lost" she said fanning him away with her hand and slipping on the eye mask, mockingly pretending to sleep.

She listened out, waiting to hear him leave and was about to threaten to send the recording to his wife when she felt a sharp prick in her neck. "I have a surprise for you too bitch" was the last thing she heard him say before her eyes fell heavy and she drifted off to slumber.

Part 2: Captured

Tess woke drowsily from her snooze. She couldn't remember falling asleep. She opened her eyes but was greeted only by darkness. Confused she tried to mover her hand over her face to remove what covered it but her hand was being restrained by something. Her last few memories came flooding back as she realised all her limps had been restraint.

She had been tied spread eagled onto what she could only guess was the bed. Not only that but something was in her mouth and the mask was still strapped over her eyes. She felt a cold chill run down her as she realised she had been stripped bare and her body exposed. Something heavy and metallic hung around her neck.

'What has Tommy done to me?' she thought worriedly as she began to scream. The fabric clogging her mouth and the tape holding it did its best to muffle her scream but she kept trying. Suddenly shooting pains of electricity rippled round her body being emitted from the device around her neck.

"I'd keep quiet if I were you" She heard Tommy's voice say. "Or there will be more to come. That was only... ". He studied the remote in his hand. "Wow, that was only the lowest setting. Jeez I'd keep quiet if I were you".

With that warning she settled down.

Tommy moved up towards her and sat on the bed. He lent over and slipped off the eye mask. He looked into Tess's frightened eyes and began to stroke her hair. "Your surprise will be ready soon my dear, I think you'll enjoy it." He lent down by her ear so he could whisper to her "I hate my wife by the way." He chuckled as he raised his head back up. "We've been separated for years - and those kids... urgh those brat kids." Tess looked up at him shocked and confused. "I guess from your look that you were sold on my acting abilities? Id thought about acting professionally but Its not for me."

"Then why?" She tried to ask through the gag. "What's that?" Tommy asked. "Tell you what, Ill remove the gag and we can have a little chat - but try to scream..." he held up the remote waving it around. "We have an agreement?". After receiving a nod of acceptance Tommy ripped off the tape violently before reaching into her moved and pulling out Tess's used lacy panties from the night before.

"Wh...Why are you doing this?" She cried.

"Because you are a home wrecker my dear, and a stuck-up cunt to boot."

"Bu-but I wasn't really going to do it" she lied "The video was just a bluff"

"Don't lie to me! I know I'm not the first victim" he told her.

It was true. There were at least half a dozen other guys she had managed to trick into sleeping with her - most with bags of money. Suddenly she heard the sounds of banging coming from the bathroom.

"Don't mind the banging. That's just Tony. He's come to 'fix the leaky pipes'" said Tommy making air quotes with his fingers.

"You almost done Tony?" Tommy called out. 'Tony? Who's Tony?' Tess thought. "Almost!" Came the reply in a voice Tess found familiar yet couldn't put a face to.

A man covered in dirt and bits of rubble came out of the bathroom wiping his hands with a small towel. He was dressed in construction gear and had a large toolbelt around his waist. Tess looked up at the mans face recognising him immediately. 'Shit!' she thought.

"You wanna go take a look? I'll keep our friend company. Gag her first though. I don't wanna hear any of the shit that comes out of her trickster lips!"

Before Tess could react, the panties and tape were reapplied. Tommy got up and wandered into the bathroom as Tony took his place on the bed. "Wow! This looks amazing" she heard Tommy call.

Tony began running his hands along her body, he rested it on her tits before twistig her nipples which elicited some cries of pain from Tess. Tony shocked her for that.

"Uh uh uh! Tommy told you to be quiet did he not?"

Tess fell quiet and nodded in reply.

"I can tell you remember me from the look in your eyes, you do remember me - what you did to me don't you?"

Tess nodded her head again.

Tony had been a security guard at the airport. Tess had heard down the grapevine that he had recently won a substantial amount of money in a competition and so had picked him as her next target. After she had seduced him and showed him the recording he burst into tears claiming he couldn't afford her price. When she mentioned the competition money it was a shock to him. He had competed but lost. He even proved it by showing her the website with the actual winners in full display. Tess showed no empathy and sent the video out anyway. Unluckily for Tony his wife also worked at the airport and so he was both kicked out of his house and promptly fired.

"I'm in construction now thanks to you" He said moving his hands down to her pussy and rubbing his fingers around her flaps. "Its shit, I hate it - but I have picked up a few tricks whilst working there. You'll get to see what I can do soon enough"

Tommy returned from the bathroom with a grin on his face. "This is gonna be fun" he said "Right, shall we get her prepared?" A nail gun rested in his hand. He passed it to Tony. "Lets" he replied grabbing hold of the gun.

Part 3: Preparations Begin

Tommy fed Tony some small thin needles that he had sterilized in the bathroom sink. The nails had a small hole running through them near the head. Tony loaded the nail gun with a couple and held it up over Tess's left nipple. Tess wailed in terror as the nail pierced through the centre of her nipple into her mammary. The gun was moved over to her other breasts. She tried to struggle but Tommy came around the other side and held her still. Pain rang though her right tit as it too was penetrated with the needle.

"You sure they won't get infected?" Tommy asked Tony. "I don't want her dying too soon".

"Nah don't worry, they're made with the same process they use to make parts for surgeries, bolting bones together and the like. Its all good." Tommy was satisfied.

Tommy reached into a bag by the bed and pulled out two needles with threads attached. He passed one to Tony and they took a nipple each, threading the needles though her skin, into the holes in the nails and out the other side before circling tightly around them. This was done multiple times until the skin between the base of her nipples and areolas was tied tight - locking the nails in.

Tommy pulled a piercing gun out the bag and handed it to Tony. He moved off the bed and began riffling through her wardrobe. "Choices choices" he mumbled to himself. The piercing gun was brought down to her sex. With his free hand Tony began to rub her clit before pinching it between his two fingers. Tess tensed up dreading the inevitable. She could help but begin to sob as her clit was pierced and set up with a small ring.

"Stop farting around over there and help me with her tongue" Tony told Tommy.

"Alright, alright! I think I've picked something anyway."

He moved over towards her head - clamping a hand on the top and bottom. Tony ripped the tape off her mouth. Tommy moved his hand from her chin to her mouth and pried it open. He kept his hand there locking it open. "Stick out your tongue or Tony here will drive nails all over your body." He told her. She only slightly heisted before defeatedly sticking it out allowing Tommy to pinch it tight between his fingers and extend it out further.

"Pweease. Pwease. Im sowwy" Tess begged. Tony and Tommy ignored her cries as Tommy drove a hole through the centre of her tongue with the piercing gun before applying a stud. Her gag was shoved back in.

"Dress up time bitch!" Tommy said to her "This will go easier with your help. You can either agree to cooperate or we can beat you senseless until you do. You gonna cooperate?" Tess had no choice but to agree. If she was going to escape she would stand more of a chance If she wasn't so bruised she couldn't walk she thought, so decided to bide her time. They untied her from the bed.

Tony held her wrists together in front of her as Tommy removed the gag. They sat her up with her feet dangling off the side as Tony released her and stood by Tommy, waving the remote around making sure Tess noticed it. Tommy threw some stockings at Tess's feet. "Put them on!" he told her. She did as she were told. The stockings were nude thigh highs with a dark seem running along the back. She usually loved wearing stockings, they made her legs look incredibly sexy when she was out, and making her butt seem extra sensual when displayed in bed. As she slid them up Tommy threw down the next item at her feet. It was her corset.

It was vintage looking black corset that stopped under her breasts, leaving them exposed. It slightly opaque with a flowered pattern running along it. Along the bottom ran the straps of a garter belt. It had laces going all the way down the back for tightening up. Tess began to strap on the corset which she usually wore when wanting to get that sophisticated provocative look. The corset was tight on her but being made of polyester it was actually quite comfortable. She feigned being in pain but secretly celebrating what she considered a small victory. Once she finished lacing it up she was told to stand and turn around, holding her hands behind her head. She felt the laces being pulled as one of them tightened it further - not being satisfied with her attempt. She had a feeling that would be happening and again pretended it was making her suffer more than it actually was.

Tess was instructed to sit at the dressing table. Makeup and hair products were placed by her. They showed her a photo of the hairstyle they wanted and she did her best to replicate it. She pulled her hair up creating a small curved quiff at the top before pulling it over into a top bun. the bun spiralled round loosely twice before letting the rest of the hair drop down past her neck. 'For psychopaths the sure have good taste' she thought. A can of hairspray was moved next to her, not one she recognised. As she sprayed it all over she noticed it was much thicker than other types she had used and guessed rightly that it had been mixed with glue. Normal hairspray would begin to lessen its effect within a day or so, this would last much longer.

When she was directed to the makeup her instructions were merely "classy, not slutty". She did her best to achieve what they wanted, the only objection they made was when the lipstick in her hand was snatch out and replaced with a deep burgundy one.

"Ok, lets have a look at you - get up and give us a twirl".

She stood up and eyed the remote. Tony was clutching it loosely in his hand. If there was ever going to be a chance she thought - it was now. She slowly edged towards him as she did her twirl, showing her outfit off to the guys. As she finished her spin she lunged at Tony, grabbing the remote out of his hand and barged between the two of them.

Tony was caught unawares but Tommy had had more time to react. He shot his leg out catching Tess at the ankle as she tried to sprint past. The girl came tumbling face first onto the floor, the remote flying forwards as she fell. Before she could recover Tony was on top of her and Tommy was reaching for the remote. Jolts of electricity began to run through her until she fell faint.

Part 4: Aftermath of a Failed Escape

She had only been out for a few seconds but it had been enough time for Tommy to bind her wrists in front of her and Tony to start shoving a cloth between her lips and around the back of her head. She was lifted up and the rope tying her hands was attached to the fan on the ceiling, stretching her body up till she was balancing on her tip toes.

"You stupid cunt!" Tony said punching her in the gut. "You've just made this so much worse for yourself." He continued punching her in the gut as Tommy played with the remote zapping her after every punch. After a while when Tess was panting exhaustedly Tony turned to Tommy. "I don't think we're doing enough to this bitch, you got any other ideas?". "I do actually" said Tommy. "Plus I've been thinking. She could move quite limberly for a girl in a corset. Take it off her, I want to inspect it."

'Ah crap' thought Tess as Tony unstrapped the corset from her and threw it at Tommy. Her one reprieve was about to be taken away. Tommy began to wrap the corset around his own waist and told Tony to pull it tight. "Feel anything?" asked Tony. "Barely" Tommy replied. "This shit's just for show, what a pathetic bitch, cant even do waist training right. Take this thing off me, I got a plan."

They began to gather up all the supplies from the room and move it into the living room. Tommy went into the wardrobe and grabbed some more of her clothes. As he was leaving he grabbed Tess's head by the hair and lifted it up to face him. "We're going to be in the other room for a while. Don't try anything - the remotes range is plenty far enough to get you from there" He let go of her head and it collapsed back down. Tess was too weak after the beating to resist anyway. It was at least 2 hours before the men returned. She saw them go in and out of the bathroom and heard water running, but other than that she hadn't heard a peep.

Tony came up behind her and pulled her hair forcing her head up. Tommy stood smiling in front of her. He held up their new creation. They had taken a whole spool of thread, tied large knots every couple of centimetres and stuck tacks into them. The tacks pointed ends protruded out slightly on the other end. He held the short end and passed the other end round to Tony. Tony threaded it round her stomach and passed it back. Round and round it went, Tess letting out a groan of misery as the men made sure to pull the thread tight against her skin every couple of loops. The ends of the tacks dug into her flesh, not enough length had been left on them to pierce the skin but she could feel them pricking into her all over from the lower end of her back just above the hip to the top of her stomach just under her chest.

Once satisfied and the thread had been exhausted the two ends were tied tightly. The corset was strapped back around her. This time the corset did cause discomfort as it pushed more pressure onto the tacks and dug the thread into her skin.

Not satisfied yet, Tommy headed to the bathroom and produced Tess's thin black waist belt. It had been sitting in the bath soaking up water. The belt was placed around her the centre of the corset and tightened at least 3 or 4 notches tighter than Tess would usually wear it. It dug under her rib cage and Tess gasped as the belt restricted her breathing and enhancing her now hourglass figure. Tommy held her chin up under his finger and looked her in the eye, grabbing her waist with the other. "The belts been soaking in the bath for a few hours now. Its sucked up a lot of liquid and expanded. I guess you can figure what will happen as it dries" He eyes opened wide in fear as she put two and two together. Tommy planted a kiss on her gagged lips before letting her head collapse once more.

"You got that other treat ready?" Tommy asked Tony.

"Not yet, I want her to see this" Tony replied.

They swapped positions so Tommy was behind Tess and Tony in front. He left the room and returned with a bag and a small coffee table. He crouched behind the table facing Tess. Tommy held her head up forcing her to watch Tony.

First Tony pulled Tess's work heels out the bag and stood them on the table, waving his hands over them as if showing her a prop for a magic trick. They were the highest, most uncomfortable heels she owned. 'That damn uniform' she thought. He delved into the bag and produced a bunch of different sized nails. He spread them across the table then waved his hand over them in the same manor. Tess struggled to look away but Tommy wouldn't let her.

Tony pulled his hammer out from his utility belt and laid it over his hands as if presenting it to her. He then began his devious plan. There were 3 lengths of nails out; 4 medium, half a dozen short and one super long one. He held up one of the medium length ones which he placed on the sole of one of the shoes and hammered it in close to the tip until it popped out the top. He then did the same with the other three medium sized nails so they ran along the tip of the shoe in a line.

He grabbed one of the shorter nails and hammered it in to the sole somewhere in the middle before following suit with the other five forming a zig zag pattern along it.

Finally, the largest nail was picked up and placed over the bottom of the heel. Tony gently tapped the nail into the heel being careful not to split it. It took a good few minutes but eventually the head of the nail was touching the bottom of the heel. He put the shoe down and grabbed more nails to repeat the process for the other.

He picked up both shoes and walked towards Tess. Tipping the shoe up he allowed Tess to peer inside. What she saw made her quiver with fear. The small nails that he had hammered in stuck out of the sole of the shoe by about half a centimetre. The zig zag effect meant there was no way she could lean her foot that wouldn't cause on of the nails to dig in. At the heel of the shoe was the large nail, she was alarmed to see this extruded out at least 3 centimetres. This one would dig deep into her foot.

Tony went to grab her foot. She flailed it around, kicking at him and smacking him in the face. Tony fought through it and eventually managed to grab her foot and shove it into the shoe. As her toes reached the end of the shoe the 4 medium sized nails came in to play. They were covered by the top of the shoe when he showed her it so hadn't been able to see their purpose, but now knew. Her toes sunk into separate chambers in-between each nail. The foreign objects between her toes already causing discomfort was made worse by the stockings that were now being stretched tightly around them.

He dropped her foot to the ground, the nails at the back of the shoe she managed to avoid by pushing her weight onto her toes. It was painful and hard to do with her toes already being squashed. He went for her other foot. She tried to fight him again but couldn't since her concentration was focused on keeping her heels off the spikey nails. He squeezed her foot into the other shoe with ease.

Not yet satisfied, Tony presented two rolls of barbed wire. He grabbed her foot yet again and wrapped the barb wire in a loop around the tip of the shoe. She had no choice but to watch him loop the wire further and further up the shoe, pushing her foot down and onto the protruding nails - digging into the soles of her feet. It wasn't until he got to the very back of her foot and began to wrap around the top of the shoes heel that the large 3cm nail extrusion forced its way up and into her foot. She let out the loudest of screams which was muted by Tommy placing a large clothed hand over her lips. Tess fainted from the pain but was soon awoken by Tony slapping her hard around the face. "We got another to go yet darling. Can't sleep yet."

He began to wrap her other foot up as she felt the first pulsing with pain. Some blood was leaking out into the shoe but it was slow as there was not much room between the flesh and the nail for it to leak out and quickly began to clot. She felt the nail being dug into her other heel as she screamed again into her cloth covered mouth.

Tony stood up and gave the girl a few moments to recover. "I know what you're thinking, but don't worry, it's been treated with the same solution as the nails in your tits. It'll take a few weeks but eventually your feet will heal around the nails. I mean it'll be as uncomfortable as shit but it wont kill you." She felt sick and passed out once more. The men decided to let her rest for now. They had some fun spanking her arse and playing with her punctured tits whilst she lay unconscious, even jointly ejaculating on her smooth butt cheeks. Eventually they got bored and wandered off waiting for her to wake.

Part 5: New Accommodation

Tess came to a couple hours later. Her foot still stung but had become for a better word bearable.

Her wrists were the problem currently as she had been dangling from them unconsciously for hours. She tried to struggle and free them but the men returned obviously hearing her scuffling.

Tony was first through the door. He moved in front of her and grabbed her by the hips. "You ready for the fun part?" Tess was disgusted. What part of this did they consider fun and what else could they possibly have planned? She hadn't noticed Tommy sneak up behind her and suddenly felt something long and hard invade her anus. Her eyes widened as Tony smiled. "What's the problem? Oh, is it this?" He held up a large black plastic dildo. It had a tube going through it and the base seemed to have some additional secrets. The shaft of the dildo was drastically barbed meaning it would be easy to get in but very difficult to remove.

"One for your ass, one for your cunt" he said as he lowered it down and shoved it inside her.

She squeezed her crotch muscles desperately trying to push the invaders out but it couldn't be done. Tommy reached up to the fan and untied her bindings. In exhaustion she collapsed on her feet putting more pressure onto the nails in her heels, screeching at the added pain. With all her might she moved her weight onto her toes as the man dragged her by her wrists into the bathroom.

As she was moved into the room she saw that it looked like a building site. The large rectangular mirror that engulfed the back wall had been removed and a gaping hole in the wall stretched behind its fitting. Bits of rubble lay around the floor with dust everywhere. The men continued to drag her over the bathroom tiles and towards the large hole in the wall. Tony stepped over the base of the hole and dragged Tess with him. She now occupied the gap in the walls between her room and the next. In front of her was a wooden structure in the shape of an upside-down Y. Tommy joined them in the gap and helped Tony turn her round and pin her against the wooden frame.

Tony picked up a thin bit of metal. It was slightly flexible and had holes dotted along it. Tommy tied the rope holding her arms, wrapping it around the top of the Y shaped wooden structure before moving down to her left foot and holding it against the wood. Tony grabbed a drill and made two holes just behind Tess's ankle. He then grabbed the metal strip and wrapped it around forming a semi-circle that tightly encompassed it. The drill was then used to drill screws into each hole holding the strap tightly around. The holes had been placed slightly inward from her ankle and the metal wrapped firmly so there was no room for movement.

Soon her other foot had been attached by the same measure to the other end of the Y shaped structure before they turned their attention to her wrists. Tommy unbound her wrists and held them in place, stretched as high as they would go. Tess struggled trying to release her wrist from his grasp. Tommy began to chuckle "Well there's no point resisting now you stupid cunt. Just cooperate so we don't have to beat on you again." Admitting that the man was right she stopped struggling.

Tommy removed his hands from her wrists as she held them there willingly. Tony grabbed another metal strip and drilled it into the wood on either side of her wrists and between. Without the nylon of the stockings to protected her the metal dug into her wrists uncomfortably. A slightly wider metal strap was produced which was drilled in over her waist above the belt. Finally, the shock collar was removed and the last metal strap was drilled into place around her neck. This one at least was padded. They didn't want her chocking or managing to cut her neck open so chose instead to give her this little comfort.

With the girl well restrained they began to tighten her torment. Tony began to drill small hooks into the wood running all along her body. He passed Tony a reel of fishing wire and grabbed one for himself. They took a leg each and thread the fishing line through the lowest hook, circled it round the leg then threading it through the corresponding hook on the other side before threading it up to the next highest hook and repeating the steps all the way up. When they reached her hips, they continued the process passing the reels back and forth between one another. Eventually they reached her breasts.

Each man took one end of a reel and wrapped a loop around the base of their chosen tit. They each yanked their line hard digging it into her skin and ballooning her breasts out. They wrapped the wires round and round the base causing blood to flow up into her bulbus ballooned breasts. When finally satisfied they swopped reels, one up, one down creating a figure of eight between her breasts and continuing up.

Her head was skipped but they moved the reels behind it and used the line to pull her arms closer together before continuing up. Up and up they went until the reels were tied of to the hooks at her wrists. Not yet satisfied, Tony began to drill smaller hooks that nestled between her fingers. The reel was wrapped around almost completely immobilising her.

"Well this bitch won't be going anywhere soon" Said Tommy as they stood back to look at her. Her legs and body twitched as she tried to move in her bound state but could barely move even a millimetre. All she cold move was her head.

"Looks like you won't be needing my help for the rest of it. Mind if I get a few moments to say goodbye?"

"Be my guest!" Tony replied leaving the room.

Tommy approached Tess and began to run his hands all over her body. He gently kissed her on her neck, her ears, even her breasts. One of his hands drifted down to her pierced clit and began to rub it, the other was stroking her face. "Pweeff. Pweeff." She said through her gagged lips

Tommy removed the gag.

"What was you saying?"

"Please, please don't" the girl repeated. "Don't leave me like this! I'll do anything."

"Anything you say?... Ok I'm listening. This whole thing is Tony's gig anyway, I'm just here as a friend."

"I've got money, lots of it! In my savings. You can have it all"

"Hmm...nah I've got money - plenty in fact. What else you got"

Tess pondered what else she could do. Just touting her sexuality usually worked. It was a desperate move but she had to try.

"You can" she said giving him a smouldering look. "I mean I know I tricked you and was going to blackmail you, but I thought you was a filthy cheat. Tony was a filthy cheat. He deserved what he got. You're technically single - maybe we could give it a proper go? You were pretty wild in bed last night" she said lying to him.

"Now this sounds interesting" he said leaning in towards her and kissing her on the lips. Tess pretended to enjoy it.

"But Tony's out there and I don't think he'd let me release you"

"Maybe you could kill him for me? Wont you do that for me? Then I would be all yours" Tess said softly. She couldn't believe it was working, hope of freedom at last. "You're so strong and handsome and he looks so feeble and pathetic, I'm sure you could kill him easily" she told him.

"You know I reckon you're right, consider it done" He pressed his lips upon her burgundy decorated ones and began to kiss her again. This went on for a while, his tongue went deep down her throat as he rubbed her clit and pressed his cock against her.

When he finally stopped he regagged Tess and pushed a finger to his lips. "Ssh" he said grabbing a lead pipe from the floor. "Watch this".

Part 6: Betrayal

"Oh Tony! Tony come here a sec" he called. Tony came into the bathroom and stepped towards him. Tess waited quietly, feeling pretty smug.

As Tony came close he peered in. "Was I right?" he asked. Tommy passed the piping to Tony. "You sure was, she hasn't learnt a thing." Tess wailed in anger and pain and fear as the piping was swung repeatedly at her stomach by Tony as Tommy watched, occasionally joining to squeezed her nipples and slapped her across the face.

Tess was winded and weakened. If she could have she would have collapsed onto the floor.

"Right you finish this off, Ill go start clearing up the evidence." With that Tommy left with giving her a sly wink as he turned.

Tony ran his hands along her legs. He could tell she was too weak to scream so he removed her gag.

"Please...please." she desperately whispered with all the strength she had.

"Oh don't bother. You ruined my life! I lost my family, my job, my home. All because of you. So don't bother."

He grabbed a piece of electrical wire and threaded it around the head of the nail that was dug into her nipple. He did the same with the other. More electrical wire was attached to her clit piercing and then to each side of the metal straps that held her in place. Tony slid to last bits of wire under her feet, making sure it attached to the head of one of the nails.

"You're going to be here for a long long time. Let me explain how you will be kept alive."

"Please no! Just kill me, please!" She croaked.

"Not likely, here check these hooks out. The ones running along your body holding the fishing line on? Well they all connect up at the back. They also all sit within a small rubber washer."

Tess sat immobile listening to her tormentor in silence.

"Four hours a day this machine is going to activate vibrating the hooks. This in turn will ripple through the fishing line, massaging your muscles and keeping them stimulated. Don't want you getting blood clots of atrophy or some shit."

He grabbed a long thin tube. "See this?" he asked her holding it up in front of her eyes. "This is an enema tube." He shoved it into a hole in the dildo that was dug into her anus, next to the thicker tube. "This will administer daily enemas. Chopping up any large lumps of fecal matter allowing it to pass through the larger tube. Urinating should be easy. The dildo in your pussy has a smaller sucker pad, you can probably feel it wrapped around your urethra. When you piss it will feed through the phallus and into its tube."

"You're sick! You can't do this!" She groaned.

"But that's not even the best bit my dear! Check these." He tapped on a large drum that rested on the floor and another smaller container that was strapped up to the wall by some piping. Then he showed her what appeared to be a large gag with leather straps, some kind of opaque plastic guard and a tube running out either side. He took a pin and began to prick the tube all around the tube on one side of the leather strap.

He produced from his pocket a large metal ring with a small metal mound on one side.

He opened up her mouth and grabbed her tongue, Tess tried to bite down but as too weak. The metal ring was shoved into her mouth. The mound seemed to have a little spilt in it. It slid over the stud in her tongue and clipped in place. The tube was then inserted through the ring and down her throat. Tess began to gag slightly as the tube slipped down. The straps came out the gag in two sets.

The first smaller set was buckled around her head fastening the gag in place. The second longer straps were wrapped around the wood and tightened at the back, forcing the back of Tess's head up against the back of the wood. The plastic guard wrapped around her lips and under her chin stopping it from wobbling around. The transparency of the guard allowed Tony to see her burgundy lips being crushed between the guard and her teeth.

"Now this tube runs up to this container here." He said pointing to the empty container on the wall. "And that container is connected here to this pipe. This pipe is the sewage pipe! There are three floors above us, including this floor that's four floors of sewage which will begin to fill this tub." She could see from her peripheral the container was indeed connected to the pipe. A small fan ran in the connection, its job was to liquidize any chunks that tried to get through.

Tess felt sick. 'The man is insane' she thought, he's going to make me drink peoples piss. Peoples shit!!' She couldn't understand how she could survive on that, surely no human could.

"I know I know, you won't survive on just sewage water" he said as if reading her mind. "That's what this tankers for." He said pointing to the larger drum. "This here is filled up with a large quantity of mixture that will be your real food supply, the sewage is just for fun. This is chocked full of vitamins and nutrients - even antibiotics. This will keep you healthy and fighting fit for around...lets see" he did some pretend maths on his fingers. "Oh about 9 months I reckon, maybe more".

'9 months!!' Tess yelled in her head. '9 months like this? If I'm not dead before it runs out, I'll still have to drink shit and piss for weeks before I pass! This can't be happening'

She refused to yell out and give him the satisfaction but Tony could see she was breathing heavily and her heart was pounding.

"Well I think that's everything...oh one last thing" he held out two small weights on chains and placed them over each of her nipples.

"Perfect. Now let me go seal you up."

He stepped through the hole and into the bathroom and began to drag the mirror over resting it by the hole. Tess looked puzzled as he began to add foam padding around the edges of the rectangular fitting.

"What this?" He said answering a question she hadn't asked.

"This is sound proofing. Feel free to scream as much as you like. Once this bad boy's in place nobody will hear anything from you. Let me tell you a thing about these expensive hotels. Very thick walls" he said tapping at on the wall. "They got sick of complaints from the guest when their...kinkier clientele made too much noise that they remodelled each room, taking away a bit of space but making the walls so thick that nothing less than the noise of a jet engine would penetrate through. Lucky for me you're such a snobby bitch else my job would have been much harder, if not impossible"

With that he began to move the mirror in place. She heard drilling at first but the sound faded as the mirror snapped in place, sealing her into complete darkness. She couldn't move. She could barely think. With no distractions all she could concentrate on was the pain in her feet, the pain in her breasts, the general discomfort all over her body.

Part 7: Farewell

She sat there for what felt like hours when suddenly light began to emerge from the corner of the mirror. It began to extend down until she could see Tony ripping a cover off the mirror. He held his face right up to it, holding his hands around his eyes like makeshift binoculars. As he moved his head away she could tell he was satisfied. Tony had replaced the original hotel mirror with a one-way one. Tess could see out but try as they might no one could see in. Tess looked around the bathroom to see Tony had finished tidying. Not a spec of evidence was left. She could even see into the hall. Tommy stood by the door with all of Tess's belongings and was pulling off some plastic gloves from his hands. He had painstakingly tidied every part of the room making sure there was not even flake of her DNA left.

Tony tapped on the mirror. Hoping to have gotten her attention - and he had - he held up a tablet. Tess could see words written on it.

'Hi there!' it said.

Tony swiped to the next slide.

'We're off now'

'You've been great'

'but it's time we went'

'our separate ways'

'One last parting gift.'

In his other hand he held up a large jug of sloppy white liquid.

'Me and Tommy made this'

'Whilst thinking of you'

He popped the tablet down and walked over to the toilet. He lifted up the top and loosened some piping. He poured the jug of cum directly in before rinsing it down with a scoop of toilet water and fixing the piping back up. Tess heard the pipes running as the barely diluted semen tickled into the container on the wall.

'Took months' showed the tablet.

'Months of planning'

'All my free time'

'All my savings'

'All worth it'

'So long'

He turned off the bathroom light and stepped out the door. Tess could still see down the hall.

Tony turned one more time and held up the tablet again

'More surprises'

'Wait and see'

She saw him hold up the remote from the shock collar. He rested his thumb over a switch and made it obvious he had clicked something before dropping it on the floor and smashing it.

'Farewell' said the last slide before the door was shut. Tess was in darkness. Some light shone through cracks above her, just enough to see her surroundings, but little else.

The men left the room and down to the lobby. They separated as Tony headed to the exit with all his gear.

"That leaky pipes all sorted, I'll get an invoice over later" he said to the manager before leaving swiftly.

Tommy 'kindly' checked out for Tess. 'Well she wanted me to pay, at least she got that' he thought smugly. With that he left the building with her suitcase and all her things to have them destroyed before he headed to the airport for his next job.

Four hours in and Tess was going wild. She had recovered mostly from the beatings and had been trying desperately to struggle out of her bonds but they wouldn't budge. She had watched as every 10 minutes or so more sewage began to fill the tub, at this point it was getting full. Once full the sewage would return to flowing down the pipe as usual. When Tess was fed and there was more space, the tub would begin to fill again.

Suddenly Tess's whole body began to shake - the hooks had begun to vibrate. She welcomed it at first as it felt nice to have some movement - except on her breasts. The tight base wrappings felt they were crushing them further as they vibrated. Three hours in it didn't feel so great as all her muscles ached. Four hours in she felt exhausted.

After it finally stopped she heard some whirring sounds coming from beside her. The pumps had activated. Sewage was beginning to pump into the pipe by her mouth. It stopped halfway down where a valve was in place. Liquid began to pump in from the drum and swirled around in the sewage water. The valve opened and the water gushed into the tube and down her throat.

The pin pricks Tony had created now made sense to her as drops of the water dripped out and onto her tongue. The taste was foul and Tony wanted her to know it. She began to gag but the tube stopped anything from coming up. She tried desperately with what little movement she could make to force that gag off, but the straps and plastic guard did their job too well. It kept coming and coming until she felt bloated. Her belly was being crushed by the corset and belt that was beginning to dry.

Finally, it stopped. Tess stood there immobile. She let out a frustrated scream. It went on and on and on until her voice was sore. When she could scream no longer she began to sob.

Not long after her meal, her face still wet with tears, she clenched as she felt warm liquid being shot into her bowels. It stayed there for a couple minutes before a valve opened in the large pipe and the liquid began leaking out. Tess watched as her waste was pumped along the tube. As she followed it she realised something she had missed. The tubes extending from the two dildos both fed directly into the waste tub. He own waste was to be mixed in with the sewage and fed right back to her. She could do nothing but watch the tub fill with her own excrement. Soon she would have to pee too.

The morning eventually arrived. Although Tess had no way of knowing. All she knew was that she was tired since she was in way too much pain to sleep. She drifted off slightly a few times but, despite all the restraints, when she relaxed her body weight would move back onto her heels and the sharp pain of the needle digging in her foot would shock her awake. Eventually she would be so tired she would sleep, but now was not that time.

Suddenly she heard a door swing open and slam shut. Then she could hear women chatting. It was in Spanish she thought - no Portuguese.

Whatever it was she didn't care, all she knew is was if she could hear them, they could hear her. She began to cry and yell desperately for help. The tube gag barely muffled the sound so they must be able to hear her. She cried and yelled till her voice began to strain but she went ignored by the voices.

She could hear them chatting away, banging on stuff, the sucking sounds of hoover. Suddenly the bathroom door swung open and one of the maids was standing there looking into the room. Tess tried yelling again. 'How can she not hear me? I'm right here and can hear her as if she was right next to me.' Suddenly the answer dawned on her. She could hear the woman in this room just as well as she could her the woman in the other room. The bastards had connected microphones up all over and the speakers were behind her head. She wasn't hearing them through the walls and they couldn't hear her. Tony really had done a good job of soundproofing.

Tess pondered the reasoning for the microphones. Was it just for this moment of false hope that could be cruelly taken away? Probably she thought. That wasn't the only cruel trick she was about to discover. As the maid turned on the bathroom light. Tess gasped as the two dildos in her began to activate. Vibrating, whirling, pulsating. They had been connected up to the lighting system by Tony and would fuck her in both holes whenever the bathroom light was on. "Oh god!" she moaned in pleasure. She had to watch in as state of arousal as the maid wandered around tidying the bathroom. "Hurry up! Dear god hurry up" but the woman was in no rush.

After 5 minutes the maid left the room leaving the light on. Tess could hear her in the other room having a chat with her fellow maid. "Oh, that bitch!!" Tess thought as she came to climax. Another 10 minutes and two more orgasms came before the woman returned with a mop bucket in hand.

She dropped it into the bath under the taps and began to fill it up. As the taps turned Tess discovered Tony's last cruel surprise. Shocks began to jolt through her body; from the metal straps, from the clit piercing, especially painfully through the nails digging into her tits and feet. She tried to clench her toes in pain but couldn't move them due to the nails locking them into their little containers. The electricity didn't stop nor did the dildos fucking her. It wasn't until the tap stopped that the shocks died down. Tess sobbed, that was the most painful thing she had experienced yet - and that was just a mop bucket! What would happen when someone ran the bath or took a shower!

All she could do is pant in pain watching the woman mop the floor. This woman she hated for causing her such misery. Finally, she left switching the lights off and the two maids left in silence.

Part 8: Epilogue

Weeks went by and Tess stood there immobile. Fucked and tortured over and over, fed sewage and cruelly massaged by the vibrations. At least after a few days she had managed to get some sleep.

It was at least a week in when she realised the true reason for the microphones. It was to keep her sane. The only stimulation her brain got was listening to the guests gossip. Luckily for her brain these rich guests always had a lot of good gossip, although it also added to her torture. She'd tense up knowing what was coming whenever she heard "I'm going to have a shower", or the all too common "Lets go fuck in the bathtub." The later was worse she thought as she was shocked constantly whilst the tub filled then had to listen to their moans of pleasure and watch them awkwardly fucking whilst she herself was being penetrated.

Worst of all she hated the maids. 'The fucking maids!' she called them. As the months went on she began to resent them more and more. Not only would they take forever to clean the bathroom but often left the lights on when they left. One time the maid even left the tap on. It was just dripping slightly but it was enough to set off the shocks. For two hours it went on. Tess passed out at least twice but was shocked back awake almost instantly. Her feeding happened during the shocks - having the enema pump running whilst her body twitch in convulsions was an interesting experience. Eventually some guests arrived and turned it off because the sound was annoying them. 'You're annoyed?' Tess thought to herself as her eyes drooped shut in exhaustions.

Towards the end of the third month Tess received an unwelcome visitor. The couple had been kissing on the sofa for hours when the man made his move. She suggested they take it to the bedroom but he insisted he wanted to fuck her up against the bathroom mirror. Tess watched as the couple entered turning the light on. Tommy pushed the girl up to the mirror and began fucking her in the ass. "Tammy?" said Tess. "Tammy no!" Tammy had been her only actual friend, a fellow airhostess and a sweet girl. Tess had been trying to teach her how to be seductive like her but Tammy wasn't interested.

Now here she was with Tommy - and in her hotel room of all places. Tommy clearly knew they were friends, but she didn't know if he had found out before or after he had helped trap her here.

As Tommy pounded his dick in to Tammy he stared directly into the mirror. He couldn't see Tess but he knew she could see him. He felt like he was fucking her and it felt great. He reached a hand over to the sink and turned it on. Electricity began to jolt through Tess. "Wh..urgh..Why did you do that?" said Tammy whilst grunting in pleasure. "It turns me on" Tommy replied. Tammy found it odd, but his dick grew stiffer and it felt good so she didn't query further. Tess looked at Tommy and Tammy as the shocks vibrated through her bones.

She could see Tommy eye fucking her and it made her incredibly angry - angry at him for what he had done and angry at how helpless she was. 'At least he won't last long' she thought thinking back to their time together. She was wrong though. Tommy went for hours, swapping Tammys position, spinning her round, pulling her legs up, pushing her down to her knees and making her suck his dick. As long as he was staring into the mirror he was happy. Tammy was happy too, it was one of the wildest fucks she'd ever had. Tommy's 'bad' sex with Tess was just a hilarious joke he'd thought up on the way round.

The next morning when Tommy and Tammy went to leave he stopped off in the bathroom. The light came on and he stared smiling into the mirror for a bit before waving at Tess. 'I've booked this room for another night but won't be using it' he told her. He came up to the mirror and pressed his hand on it. 'Adios' he said planting a kiss on his hand and holding it to the mirror before turning the tap on and leaving.

It was closer to 10 months than 9 when the liquid drum finally ran dry and another 2 weeks before Tess passed away from an infection. It hardly mattered by then. The rich guests gossip hadn't been enough to sustain her all that time and around the 7th month her brain was mush. Even if she had been rescued, all they would have found is the husk of the woman she once was.

The End
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