Just a Little Fantasy
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  • Post Date - 6/6/2018

Author's Note: Nearly all of us have this one dark fantasy we lust about from time to time. However, we do not really know if we ever want to experience it. This is my dark fantasy. Enjoy!

And please remind that my mother-tongue in German. Thank you!

My birthday was approaching and my girlfriend lover, who is also my Mistress, ordered me to take a one weeks holiday. She gave no further explanations on this, but as a well-behaving slave-girl I did not ask questions. But by the connection with my birthday I mused that I would be in for a very big surprise.

On my birthday all was quite normal. As she was on holiday too we had a late and lazy breakfast with each other and went shopping afterwards. We had lunch together - and my anticipation grew and grew and grew. She still had not congratulated me - hm!

Out of nothing then she ordered me to strip, to take a bath and to clean myself thoroughly, which also means complete shaving and enema. The only hairs that are allowed to me are the hairs on my head, and I really mean only! Mistress is very strict in this point, but this is perfectly okay with me, because that is what a slave-girl should look like. I take care of this anyway, but here and there a few hairs might be missed! Not after Mistress has ordered to shave! Mistress would inspect me rigorously. These in­spections turn me on, because while she does so she literally treats me like an object, tweezers in her hand. There are some regions on the body where this can really hurt. Else we are not so much into pain-play, but property is property. And property has to be taken care off.

We had agreed that for some things I deserve a whipping. And hairs on the body, if too much were to be found, is one of these things. The same holds - in session of course - for speaking when not spoken to. In some points rigorous discipline is needed!

But don't get the wrong impression. Outside session our relationship is very relaxed. Sometimes I have the impression that in normal life I am somewhat the Domme. But whenever or where ever she orders me something with this special stern voice I obey instantly.

When I came out of our bathroom she was dressed up. She wore a short black latex dress, a red corset and red stiletto heels, tweezers and riding-crop at hand.

After I had passed the inspection with the highest grade she put a silk scarf as a blind­fold around my head and then, very carefully, guided me down to the basement of our little house, where, over the years, we had installed a little dungeon for our games.

On the way down I was so excited that I could feel my heart jump below my breasts. And I already was breathing heavily. And I was dripping wet.

Her (teasingly): We did not even start and you are already dripping sweetie? Spare your energy, girl.

After we had entered our dungeon, which I could guess from the stony floor below my naked feet, she ordered me to stand still. After a while she came back and said

Her (stern): I now take off the scarf. You hold your eyes closed. Is that clear girl?

I nodded yes! By no means I would ruin my birthday surprise!

She removed the scarf. Then she made my long blonde hair into a pony-tail. This done she put something big on and around my head. It was a big, full-head rub­ber-mask. She put the ponytail through a hole, then she closed the mask on the back­side of my head by a zip. The mask became tight. After this she laced the mask even tighter around my head. It was snug like a second skin but still very comfortable.

Next came the built-in neck-corset. She again laced it as tight but comfortable as pos­sible. Luckily I have a thin neck which makes neck-corsets very enjoyable. The feel­ing of complete restriction is such a turn on for me.

After she was satisfied with her work she ordered me to open my eyes. I recognized that it was completely impossible to do this. My eye-lids were pressed shut by soft but still unforgiving pads. She softly caressed my head.

Her: See girl, no sight for you. But do not worry. I will take off the blindfold after you are fully prepared, such that you can adore your present in all it's beauty.

You certainly can imagine that in my already turned on state my arousal climbed up the stairs.

Next she guided my to a chair and I sat down. She oiled me in with silicon oil and then put a latex catsuit on me. Her sweet touch aroused me even more.

Her: This is just a transparent catsuit girl. The real thing is now to come.

Again she oiled me in and then, slowly, put on a thicker catsuit on me. After all wrinkles had been removed to her satisfaction, she ordered me to stand up again. In­stantly I obeyed. Then she ordered me to raise my arms. I knew what was to come now. Above me there was a bar to give me a hold. She put a rubber corset on me, closed it shut by the hooks and then laced it as tight as possible.

Her: Exhale girl!

I exhaled as best as I could and she towed on the strings to tighten the corset even more. She knows that I love this feeling of complete restriction. It is an incredible feel­ing when you only can take small and flat breaths while you orgasm.

After the corset was done she ordered me to put my arms behind my back. I obeyed instantly. She put a mono-glove on me, zipped it up and laced it as tight as she knows I can take it. After the lacing was done she fixed bands around my wrists, my el­bows, and my upper arms, all as tight as I could take it. She closed the leather-bands around my shoulders and also the leather-bands that criss-crossed in front at my breasts and criss-crossed at my shoulder blades on my back. No ever possible way to get out of this on my own!

Huh, I thought to myself, this is going to be very strict. But I made no sound. In play I may only speak when spoken to. We know each other good enough to avoid com­plications without words. Sometimes I think that she knows my body better than I do.

By the mono-glove my arms were taken away from me, but she still was not done with them. It seemed to me that she connected the bands that she had put around my wrists, elbows and upper arms to the corset by bars. There it dawned to me that the bands around my wrists and my elbows are metal bands. With the bars in place I was not able to move my arms even slightly to the side, or forth, or back. They were completely out of reach for me, as if they would have been amputated. Last came a bar that connected the wrist, the elbow and the upper arm bands to my neck-corset, all strict and unforgiving metal. Not the slightest slack! An inch would have been much, I can assure you!

Huh, I thought. Very strict! If I would not know her - this would be the point for me to think about to chicken out. But we have been in our relationship for fifteen years by now and thus there was nothing for me to worry about. I would trust my life to her! My anticipation now took the elevator and I was shivering with excitement. What the fuck had she in store for me?

After she had literally robbed my arms from me she ordered me to sit down again, but of course, in my now state of absolute, complete and unforgiving helplessness she softly and carefully guided me down onto the chair again.

Her: I will now put your favourite muzzle-gag on you. Open wide.

I enthusiastically did as ordered. I love this gag so much. She pressed the ball into my mouth, put the straps around my head and towed them as tight as possible.

Her: Scream!

I tried to scream. Nothing came out, I was completely mute.

Her: Speak normally!

A very quiet and completely unintelligible mumble was to hear. All the time again I am marvelling about that this gag is able to render screams completely mute, while it allows quiet mumbles when one tries to speak normally. However, for the victim this adds to the complete helplessness and can cause utter desperation.

However, the explanation is easy. When you try to scream the air-pres­sure that escapes from your lungs is higher than when you talk normally. The higher the air-pressure, the more the muzzle-plate will block it and press it back. And the louder the poor victim wants to scream, the more the poor victim will be blocked off. That's all. Genius! But of course this only works if, and only if, the gag is properly and very tightly in place. And my Mistress is an expert in doing so.

Next came the ballet boots. My ballet boots are knee-high and with laces. She put them on me expertly and laced them tight. After the lacing was done she also put metal-bands around my ankles. At least this was what I was guessing.

Now I was in for what ever was to come for me. Absolutely and completely helpless. Wonderful! My anticipation by then had already broken through the sonic wall and was approaching the speed of light. This would be the birthday of a lifetime.

She ordered me to stand up, but she helped me carefully by doing so. I had never managed a secure walk in ballet boots. I had practised and practised, but I had to give it up. My ankles are not flexible enough. And now, with my arms fixed on my back, without any chance to balance out and without support, I just would fall down. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and, very slowly, guided me to whatever fate that was in store for me. Eventually we reached the destination - good am­biguity in this word, isn't it - and she slowly turned me around.

Her: Spread your legs a little bit - somewhat more, I hold you, trust me.

I spread my legs, which, by now, as I was shivering all over, was easier said than done. As she was satisfied she slowly moved me back. I heard click, click, click, click, click, click,click, click. Instinctively I tried to move my upper body, but there was not the slightest slack. An inch would have been a light-year compared to this.

Huh, I thought to myself. Can she get this any stricter still? Yes, she can!

She took my legs and gently moved them back, one after another. And again I heard click, click, click, click, click...........

Instinctively I tried to move my legs. The same. Forth, back and sideways did not ex­ist for me anymore. Not the slightest slack. All as if cemented.

Next came my hips, which still had a little slack. I assumed that she was connecting metal bars again. The slack disappeared soon. The last slight movement I was able to make was to nod my head a little. But that should not be for long. She started to con­nect bars to my neck corset, and all around my head. No movement possible. My body was completely taken away from me. I was so utterly stuck that words can hardly describe the feelings I had. And sheer lust was radiating between my legs. I wanted to touch myself so badly, to rub myself to orgasm. I wanted to orgasm, I needed to orgasm! For how long would I have to wait for that orgasm? How long could I stand it to wait? My head became a little cloudy. Up to this birthday I had never ever been in bondage that was even approximately comparable to the bondage I was in now. This was the ultimate bondage. No enhancement possible.

I have been in a frame, and this frame now moved forth, turned around and then moved down a little to acquire a horizontal position, me upwards. For me it felt as if I was floating in space. Despite all the restrictions that were imposed on me it felt absolutely com­fortable. Okay I thought to myself. That might take a little longer. And I loved this thought. All that work to bind me just for a two hours game? Certainly not! And the frame was new, custom made for me. My present was approaching, and this frame was the first parcel.

For some time nothing happened. This felt, of course, very strange. With no sight and no movement possible this soon can become very scary. But I knew that she never ever would leave me alone in such a predicament. I was sure that she was standing very close besides me, admiring her work, anticipating what she very soon would do with me. Maybe she already was playing with herself, maybe she was ap­proaching her first orgasm right now.

Yes, I was right, she orgasmed, and this orgasm took a long time to subside. In­stinctively and frantically I tried to move, however useless it was. The limbic system was about to take over, but this was part of the game. She waited to give me the pos­sibility to let my predicament sink into my mind completely. And this took it's time, because this predicament was so overwhelming that I still was processing it.

Soon I heard another orgasm. This time she had used the Hitachi.

I could imagine her, admiring her work, admiring this helpless little slave-girl. For a Domme this must be the ultimate rocket to take off to heaven. And for the slave too, of course. My rocket was ready, more than ready, but there was not the slightest hope for me. How long would I have to wait for this orgasm? I felt desperation growing in­side me. And then this well-known bitter-sweet vicious-circle began to kick in. The more helpless you feel, the more aroused you become, the more aroused you become, the stronger is the need to orgasm, and the more this orgasm is out of reach, the more helpless you feel - and there we go.

She orgasmed a third time. Nice for her, cruel to me! Of course, besides of her own entertainment, she did this intentionally, to make my situation as clear to me as possible, to heat me up even more. By now I was already radiating blue light.

After her fourth orgasm I was so desperate that I was about to cry. This was too much for me. My limbic system took over completely and I tried to move with all my power and all strength that was available to me. Nothing, completely nothing - no slack. I thought I was about to go mad. And my arousal took off into space.

I said to myself that I better should give in completely. It is useless. Lie back, en­joy, take it all. This is all for you! Mistress has put so much effort into your birthday present, do not ruin it by fighting it!

And with this thought I calmed down - and started to build instantly.

Mistress was very hot, because there was also a fifth orgasm to hear. Even more powerful as I could notice by the noise she made. After she had enjoyed the afterglow she switched off the Hitachi. My anticipation levelled up and my building increased, and increased, and increased. Just by the predicament I was in I started to edge. By then I was sure that just one little touch would send me over into an orgasm which could not approximately be described by any superlative that grammar could invent.

On an energy-scale this orgasm would dwell beyond an exaton explosion of a ther­monuclear bomb.

I felt a touch on my forehead and my blindfold was taken off. Above me was a mir­ror, and what I saw in this mirror was absolutely breathtaking. That was me, strapped to a frame that was holding me in the air. I was wearing black rubber ballet boots, a fire-red rubber catsuit, a black rubber corset and a black rubber full-head mask, to­gether with a fire-red leather muzzle gag.

I had been right about the the metal bars that connected my hips, my neck and my head to the frame. The bars ensured complete immobility. This was also true for my corset and my legs.

It was ridiculously secure, invented by the most ingenious bondage mastermind. The frame was constructed in a way that nearly everything would click shut automatically just by stepping in with the right outfit on. A small step for the slave, the ultimate step away from freedom. Only then I noticed that the catsuit had, obviously massive, built-in metal-bands at several selected places which I will explain immediately. Aha, that is why she had put on the other catsuit first, she wanted to prevent me from noticing anything of this.

It was a metal frame in the form of a large octagon. The bars I had guessed about had been placed in a way that they would block off any motion in any direction. Think e.g. of a corona of bars that are placed on a metal-band around your waist like rays that radiate from this metal-band. For my waist there were overall eight bars around it that connected the corset to the metal frame. The same was true for my hips, my up­per arms, my shoulders, my neck corset and my head. Eight bars each. No slack, no motion.

For my legs the security was even more ridiculous. Up to above my knees each leg was encircled by it's own octagon. Eight bars around my ankles, each, eight bars around my calves, each, eight bars below and above my knees, each, eight bars around my thighs, each. All measured very carefully, combined with a mechanism that automatically would click shut. I had no idea how this mechanism would work. But it did work.

The mono-glove where my useless arms were trapped in was obviously connected to some of the bars around my waist and the frame in a special way, but I could not fig­ure that out. By then I had other things in my mind.

Her: Happy birthday my sweet little girl.

I would have given everything to wrap my arms around her to thank her for this.

She then explained to me that the bars would not only block off any motion, but also would support my weight. They were adjusted in a way that all forces would cancel themselves, such that I, in a horizontal position like I was in now, would have the im­pression of a free float. How right she was!

My eyes filled with tears. She took my head in her hands and we engaged in an intense gag-kissing. I love gag-kissing. So close this sweet little tongue - and still light-years away. But on the peak of arousal as I was the gag-kissing was enough to send me over the edge and I came in this exaton orgasm that I had expected. It was unbelievable.

When you ever had the chance to experience an orgasm in strict immobility then you get a far idea about what I was experiencing. All that energy that lets you strain, arch your back, curl up your toes, that gives you the need to take hold at your bedframe or whatever bar or fixed piece is available, all this energy was stored in my completely immobile body, with no way for me to act it out. And all the movements you perform while you cum have also been far out of reach for me. The only drain for all this lust, for all this arousal, for all this sexual energy were the contractions of my pelvis muscles. I orgasmed, orgasmed and orgasmed, while Mistress played with my nipples, which made my experience still more intense. I have no idea for how long this or­gasm went on. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. Time had no meaning anymore, there only were these contractions, the only possible drain for my sexual energy.

Eventually this massive orgasm died down as any orgasm does, sooner or later. And I felt spent as hardly ever before. But to my surprise I found that I was still aroused, that I was still on a medium level of arousal. I could only explain this to my­self by the complete lack of movability. The only parts of my body that had been able to move during orgasm have been my pelvis muscles, and my eyes. And as long as this orgasm might have lasted, it had not been long enough to drain all sexual energy. Never ever had I experienced this before in such an intense way.

She was looking straight down into my eyes, knowing very well what I was feeling. And with a soft and ever so friendly smile she said to me

Her: This is my second present to you my sweet girl. Everlasting arousal. You will like it, because that's what you are. A bondage-toy, a sex-toy. Isn't that true.

My eyes watering, I tried to twinkle yes with them.

Then she squatted down besides me, her mouth near my right ear. And all what was to come now, what she was telling to me was spoken in a soft, caring and ever so caressing voice, soft as silk.

Her: I love you more than words are able to tell. And because of this love I decided to make you a third present. This will be permanent. You finally have become what you al­ways wanted to be, a bondage sex-toy, for the rest of your life. The posi­tion you are in now will be your standard position. This will be the light­est bondage that you will be granted to be in for all of your future. You may think that your bondage cannot be enhanced anymore. Just you wait my love. As time goes by there will be many surprises for you.

I did not trust my ears. Did she say permanent? Did she say lightest bondage? What the fuck could there still be increased about? Did she really say permanent?

She began to play with my nipples again and kissed my cheeks. Slowly her words sank into me - permanent - this permanent? Again my limbic system took over com­pletely, I started to cry out NO!, but of course no sound escaped from this unforgiving muzzle-gag. Frantically I tried to move, to rear up, to... - but only my pleading eyes were able to move. But she did not look.

Her: I guess this is now somewhat of a big surprise to you, and you surely are ex­tremely excited and worked up, maybe even in turmoil. It's not all day that innermost secret dreams come true, isn't it? But that's okay my sweet little bondage-toy, that's completely okay. See how much I love you? I assure you that you will be completely safe! You can calm down, all will be fine.

And then something happened that was even more incredible to me as what I just had heard. PERMANENT!? My body was completely betraying me. My still medium level of arousal started to climb up the mountain, I started to build and - incredibly soon I reached the edge. I tried to fight it - useless! And by thinking about the mean­ing of PERMANENT I slipped over the edge and fell down into an orgasm that was even more intense than the first one.

She, still playing with my nipples and kissing my cheeks, whispered again, soft as silk

Her: See my sweet little girl. You like it. I did not expect anything else. I know my little bondage-toy.

After this orgasm had subsided my arousal level felt higher than before. With no movement possible it was impossible to drain all this sexual energy, to drain all this lust. On the contrary, I began to store it!

Her (whispering, soft as silk in a ever so caring tone): But this is not yet all my bond­age-toy. Mistress has still some presents for you. The catsuits you wear are only pre­liminary. I have some others custom made for you, but the manufacturer did not man­age to get them done for your birthday. You proper catsuit will completely be made out of carbon fibre. This is much more comfortable than rubber or latex. Your skin will be able to breath, such that you will not be sweaty. Your mono-glove will also be made out of carbon fibre, and your head-mask too. Carbon fibre is as durable as a lifetime requires it to be.

But here is my next present. Inside this catsuit will be a medical sensory system to monitor your health at any time. You never will be in danger, you will be in complete surveillance. And I have installed cameras in your dungeon home. You surely under­stand that Mistress cannot be here all the time. Somebody has to earn the money for the both of us. But I always will be your emergency back-up. I have arranged a home-office for me. And soon we also will have an automatic feeding system for you. Mis­tress then can be ab­solutely sure that her beloved toy is well all the time she is not present.

By the way, today your employer has received a letter by which you quit your job immediately. Mistress has thought of everything for you.

But listen bondage-toy! Besides the medical sensors the catsuit is completely covered with electrodes on the inside. This will give you the feeling of an all-over tingling of your body and will enhance your arousal and your orgasms to completely unknown heights. And there, of course, will be some specialities for your nipples and breasts. But this shall be a surprise for you. Just you wait.

She gave me some time to let this sink into my mind.

Her (whispering, soft as silk in a ever so caring tone): But both we know that the or­gasm is just the end. The real thing is the pleasure of the arousal and of the edge. Mistress will grant you extensive lessons on this and slowly we will heighten your arousal levels, while the intervals between your orgasms become longer and longer. You will like this my denial-toy. And eventually you can spend weeks and months in a constant state of overwhelming pleasure without relief and without any hope for re­lief. And eventually Mistress will make you orgasm. Once, twice, maybe ten times or twenty times in a row. Or you just will be granted a ruined orgasm. Don't we both know that a ruined orgasm heightens the need and the pleasure into infinity?

Imagine that by constant training the intervals between the orgasms even­tually may grow into a year or one year and a half! Imagine it my sweet little deni­al-toy. As this is permanent now we have a lot of time - an eternity of time.

I imagined it very well. My brain was still hammering PERMANENT, DENIAL, TINGLING, ETERNITY. And while so my body started to betray me again. While she was whispering into my ear, unveiling my sealed fate to me, my above medium level of arousal started to grow again, I began to build and there was nothing I could do about it. It just swept me away like a piece of wood is swept away by a wave on the ocean. And when I was edging I felt a rogue-wave to come. This time the edge was more agonizing, I was approaching only slowly, but, as we all know, this just makes it even more intense. And then I came, I was driven over and the rogue-wave crashed over me and it felt to me like drowning. The tight corset, the only flat breaths I could take in enhanced this feeling and I really thought that I would pass out from this so unexpected explosion and it's so overwhelming pleasure.

Again this orgasm has been stronger than the second one. And the result of all this was that my arousal level finally ended up by around 75% of the full glass, which means edge. The orgasms, as massive, as intense as they may have been, they only increased my need for more, they only increased my torment - they increased my pleasure. They stored more sexual energy inside me as could be released. PERMAN­ENT lightened through my brain - this PERMANENT!? By now it may have been just half an hour and I was already completely spent by three massive orgasms! PER­MANENT!?

Tears were flowing down my cheeks, but she avoided eye-contact. She licked them up gently, but else she seemed to ignore me. Has she gone mad? I was nearly sure. But I was absolutely sure that I was about to go mad. Mad by my arousal, mad by the prospect of my life. And this helplessness again started the vicious circle of helplessness, arousal, more helplessness and more arousal. I was completely trapped. No way out.

Is she right in the end? Is this my ultimate way of life? Is it my mind that is betraying me? All other parts of me seem to like it! They literally shout out YES YES YES!

I often had fantasized about the predicament I was in now, and we often had talked about it, both carried away. And to my horror I noticed that her presents nearly ex­actly matched everything what we had talked and fantasized about, with many, many, many, very many ifs.

In the end she was right. I am this bondage sex-toy. And she just gives me what I al­ways had lusted for because she loves me so much. As there was no other chance for me I better should give into this soon. But it was only around half an hour or less by now. PERMANENT!? I frantically tried to move again - useless!

Her (whispering softly): There is no way out for you bondage-toy. And you like it! Your body shouts it out aloud. Maybe your mind is still working on this, betraying you. But by the heights of arousal you will enjoy your mind soon will become quiet. And then the road will be open for you, then you will be a toy in the literal sense of the word. It won't take long for this to come, I can assure you my sweet beloved girl.

And again I started to build! I could not believe it!

Her (whispering softly): However, my sweet beloved girl, there are still some medical issues that must be taken care about. But do not worry. I had some tremendous effort to find a medical doctor who is into those games too, but I found a good one!

When your permanent carbon fibre suit is ready she will come and do the necessary surgeries. You will be in a deep anaesthesia, you will feel nothing. And all will heal in time!

Your teeth, of course, must be removed because it would be completely irresponsible to expose you to toothache while you cannot communicate this to me.

Further, she of course must permanently remove all your body-hair.

Third, she of course must permanently remove all your nails. No catsuit can stay on permanently with growing nails. In all those stories they never take care of this point. Your Mistress does. All of your fingers will be as smooth as a baby-skin.

And, finally, she will remove your vocal cords. Mistress understands very well that in the special state you will be in for the rest of your life you might not always be able to obey the NO-SPEECH rule for the slave when not gagged. And because your Mis­tress loves you so much she wants to avoid everything that would require a punish­ment by the whip. But your Mistress will still keep you gagged, it just looks so much better. And with your vocal cords off you are really a toy. And because toys are ob­jects they do not make the slightest sound. See how your Mistress thinks of everything for her beloved girl?

And tell you what my girl. All this is just a few days away. At the end of this week the surgery will already be done, you get your permanent suit and then your dream-life has come true. Happy birthday my ever so beloved slave-girl!

I was not sure if I had understood everything of this the right way. But I had under­stood vocal cords and surgery. But, believe it or not, this so completely hopeless pro­spect that would add to my utter permanent helplessness, the thought of not being able to talk anymore, the sheer threat of being completely mute, the sheer terror of being unable to communicate something to my Mistress, the thought of how much this would increase my dependency on her again drove up my arousal levels. In­stantly I was edging again. I remained on this edge for what seemed like an eternity and then again some of these incredible massive orgasms rolled over me. After this orgasm, by guessing, my stored arousal level might have been by 85% to edge. No words can describe my feelings. After a massive orgasm only 15% away from the next massive orgasm.

Think about it! Unbelievable!

And all that just by my brain, just by the complete disclosure of my fate to me - without any further stimulation. I not even dared to think about how this would be­come when she would fix the Hitachi between my legs. And I knew that this would come to me, sooner or later.

I finally had to admit it. She was absolutely right in what she was doing. I am this bondage sex-toy I had always fantasized about. And I gave in, I let go, my mind re­laxed and slowed down. I was just body, I was just feeling, I was just arousal and in­describable carnal lust. PERMANENT - yes please!

I had no idea how much she really loves me. She, by her own free will, was ready to take on herself this tre­mendous re­sponsibility that is needed to watch over a helpless sex-toy, just to fulfil my most secret and darkest fantasy. And as I would never be free again, she thus would also never be free again. The permanency would glue us to­gether, both slaves to each other, each on her own way, but still slaves. To be slaves to each other - this is real and pure and ut­most honest love!

I recognized that this is really the chance of a life-time.

I gave into this - and suddenly nothing else was important anymore. I marvelled at my reflection in the mirror above me and let my tears flow. But this time from sheer happiness and pleasure.

All the while she had been talking to me she had stayed level with my right ear. Now she came up again and looked straight into my eyes and smiled her sweet and friendly smile. And both our eyes laughed at each other and she knew it. She had been right. My eyes twinkled up to her in order to say THANK YOU SO MUCH MISTRESS!

She bowed down again and we engaged in intense gag-kissing.

After we had finished kissing she walked away and soon came back with two very large dildos, made of metal. There was no need to explain to me where they were about to go. One entered my anus, the other was inserted into my dripping wet va­gina. There also was an extra stimulator for my clitty. After she had fixed all and after everything was plugged into the electric power supply she explained to me

Her (soft and caring): You will now receive your first lesson in arousal training my toy. As I know from that befriended medical doctor your by now arousal level must be very close to edge. After already four orgasms this seems to be more than likely. As you are a clever one I think you already found out why it is unconditionally neces­sary to keep you in com­plete and unforgiving immobility.

But by the way, do not worry about your extremities. The electrodes in your carbon fibre suit will stimulate your muscles in order to keep them healthy. No worries my sweet little toy! Mistress has thought about everything!

My bright shining eyes twinkled yes to her. She smiled back.

Her (soft and caring): Your Mistress chooses your by now arousal level to be your ground zero level. Maybe you think there is not much of an upside to this, but there is. Upside is about infinity. At least the manufacturer got these two presents ready in time. The dildos will not only stimulate you, they also can measure your blood-pres­sure, they can measure the tension of your pelvis muscles and the amount of blood that is flowing through. A neural network will process all this data and will then cal­culate how your lessons in arousal and denial training should proceed. This will be self-organizing and will adjust itself day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. You will be in good care.

The first goal today is that the system will try to take you as close to your now edge and to keep you there for as long as possible. As this is just the first day you, by acci­dent, might have some orgasms still, but do not worry. Tomorrow the system will have collected enough data to avoid such mistakes. By this therapy, applied day by day, the distance to your new edge will increase, because the body has just no other chance to do so in order to handle the tremendous stimulation. However, I can assure you that the feelings you have by now will remain as they are. Over time they will grow to completely unknown heights. You should feel like Columbus my love, mak­ing your way out into an ocean whose dimensions are completely unknown.

She came close to me, we had a last look into our eyes, exchanged a last gag-kiss. Then she put my blindfold back on again, gave me a last, soft stroke along my cheeks and left me alone in my cocoon of oblivion and carnal lust. Soon the electrodes star­ted their magic on me. And in fact, they drove me up for a while - and then shocked me down again. Ever so slowly they lifted me up, ever so close, agonizingly close. The system kept me so close that time had no meaning left for me. I was just agoniz­ing pleasure. And I begged that it never would stop again!

And this is just the first day of eternity! This was the last clear thought I had. And this thought lifted me up and I was swept over the edge again. As there are no words to de­scribe this orgasm I will not even try to. The reader may fantasize about this or­gasm by using her or his own ultimate fantasies. And then multiply by one-thousand. This may give you some approximation. After this orgasm I certainly dwelt at 105%. No more words!

After some ocean of time close to the edge the stimulation began to force me up and into orgasm. It did not take much for that, but the stimulation increased and increased and increased. The dildos did not only stimulate by electric currents, they also began to vibrate and the extra stimulator on my clitty started to vibrate too. And how they vibrated! As unforgiving as all the metal bonds that held me in place. And I came and I came and I came, and each time it seemed to me that the orgasm would still increase in strength. I was completely remote-controlled, no chance to do anything as to give in more and more and more. And I admit it, I was in heaven and I did not want this to stop. I was already addicted, I wanted more of this, and more and more.

Day one of eternal pleasure! Thank you my sweet loving Mistress!

The stimulation eventually stopped abruptly, but from all of the stored sexual energy inside me, maybe level 125% by now, I continued to orgasm two, maybe three times. I cannot really tell it. Would it ever stop I thought to myself? Would I keep going like this? Would Mistress eventually shock me down? Would she be able to stop this? Or is this part of her plans with me? Thank you Mistress!

I was so spent and so breathless as never ever before! And so happy as never ever be­fore! Could there still be an enhancement?

My frame was lifted up and was brought into a vertical position. She took away the blindfold, smiling at me this beautiful and seducing smile by which I once had fallen in love with her, back then, when we both have been students. I was so spent that I had a hard time to smile back on her with my eyes, to even focus on her. Softly she caressed my cheeks and we kissed through the gag.

Her (soft): Do not worry girl. After your vocal cords have been removed we will kiss again without gag. For now this is just to be sure, understand?

My eyes twinkled yes to her.

Her (stern): I will now take off this gag. You know the rules. You are not allowed to speak or even ask for permission to speak. You are a toy already and Mistress expects her toy to behave like a toy. Is that clear toy? If you disobey you will regret it! There is no way out for you!

My bright shining eyes twinkled yes.

Her: I will now water you. In this liquid there is all the nourishment and the energy you need. There will be no normal food for you anymore. This is necessary in order to keep your bowel clean, because the anal electrode will of course be permanent. You will only have to pee, but that will be taken care of by the surgery, too. Also, and very important, this way of feeding you will easily allow me to control your weight. I think there is still an upside with this corset. You will have the most beautiful hour­glass figure in the world my beloved little toy.

She took off my gag and I started to move my jaws, forcing me to make not the slightest noise. Not even a grunting did I allow myself. Mistress saw it and smiled on her well-behaving toy. She waited patiently until I was done with the jaws. It took quite some time. Then she held a bottle with a straw in front of me and I sucked in the liquid greedily. I was completely dehydrated.

While I was drinking I started to feel dizzy. I closed my eyes and must have drifted off into sleep. My last thought again was that this only has been day one of eternity.

When I woke up I was aching all over my body. But to my surprise I could move. Better to say I could move a little. My arms were somewhat useless. The long hours in the mono-glove had taken it's toll on them.

And I was completely irritated. I had expected to find myself in my dungeon home, ready to take my next lesson in arousal and denial training.

And here I was, lying in my bed, covered with soft satin sheets - and my Mistress girlfriend lover next to me.

She locked down at me, smiling her seducing and beautiful smile.

After I was awake completely I was still not sure if this was a dream. I remembered that I had fallen asleep in my dungeon home. Maybe this now is just a joke of my brain, a dream from times long ago and never to come back again.

Me: Is this real Mistress, or am I just dreaming?

She bowed down to me, wrapped her arms around me and whispered into my ear

Her: Happy birthday my beloved slave-girl.

So it was real - really real! I tried to embrace her too, but my arms did not allow this, they were just too useless still.

She asked me if I wanted to have some painkillers. Thankfully I nodded yes.

After it had sunk into me that I was a free girl again, which took quite some time after this mind-blowing experience from yesterday, we talked it all through. I explained all my contradictory feelings to her and how I finally was ready to give in because I knew that Mistress was right. I talked about the incredible feelings of my orgasms and my ever increasing levels of arousal.

She talked to me about how she had planned all this, where she had bought the frame and my outfit, both custom made and quite expensive. How she secretly took all my measures. And she talked to me about all her worries, if it would be too much, if the surprise would be a failure. Sometimes, as she confessed to me, she was about to turn the whole idea down because of the fear to ruin our relationship. But finally, as she knew that I would trust my life to her, she had regained her self-confidence about it. And I thanked her for this, tears in my eyes.

And of course there was nothing like a neural network monitoring system. With my blindfold on I of course was unable to see her sitting next to me, playing with the but­tons. And I certainly did not hear her because I was too absorbed in my bubble of car­nal lust to notice anything else than my pussy and my agonizing pleasure.

She started to massage my arms a little and explained to me that this surprise was the reason for her to order me to take a one weeks holiday. She had assumed that it might take quite some days to recover from this experience.

Me (smiling): In this point my Mistress underestimates her girl. I certainly will need this day to recover. But wouldn't it be a pity to leave all this marvellous equipment unused dur­ing a full week? Let's see if we can continue my education tomorrow.

Her (surprised): Ahm, at the moment I am somewhat speechless. Let's see how you do tomorrow. Be careful, don't let your eyes be bigger than your bowl girl.

Of course I expected to use our new toys extensively. But tomorrow the thrill is gone. Let me think about a new scenario first. What about that?

Me: It will hardly be possible to create anything even close to this thrill of yesterday again. The future thrill just can be that I will not know for how long I will have to go, if I would receive orgasm or denial training, or both - or maybe nothing of both.

But certainly we must try to go for longer, without telling me in advance - without pause of course, me in bond­age all the time. You could create a wake-sleep rhythm that gives me the impression that two days are five days. You could provide me with hypnotics such that I can sleep in my bondage, and with painkillers, just as you would do it in the lifetime game. And when I wake up my treat­ment continues. I have given into this yesterday, I wanted to be your lifetime toy. (seducing) I even looked forward to lose my vocal cords for you.

She smiled at me.

Her (moved, with trembling voice): And I am very proud of you for this overwhelm­ing trust! (calmer again) Let's see. Yesterday we had a six hours play.

Me (incredulous): Six hours only? It felt like a whole day.

Her: See what I mean? You nearly slept for twelve hours my love! And to my regards yesterday's time is a hard limit still. I was not sure if that would not already be too much for a start. To do you a favour we could in­crease up to seven hours, just to test it. For a beginning.

I nodded yes. With my still poor movability I snuggled close to her and she put her arms around me and held me tight. I buried my head at her shoulder, luxuriating in the warmth of her body, the touch of her skin, her so sweet aroma. As a lifetime toy this comforting closeness would be the one thing that I would really miss. Everything else is just habit.

Me: Mistress. I just thought that this closeness we have right now, the sweet touch of our skins, that this would be the only thing that I would really miss as a lifetime toy.

Her (very soft and caring): You are really going off onto this! Okay - just to play it through: I assure you my love, if you really were my lifetime toy I of course would take extremely good care of that. You never would feel alone or even abandoned. You would have all the comfort you need in order feel safe and to stay sane. That you would have to stay immobile does not mean that we could not lie in bed next to each other. I need that too, more than you can think of! There must be a way to arrange things like that.

And do you really think that I would keep you in treatment non-stop? No brain can process this, you would go mad within weeks. There would of course be an elaborate schedule for you to balance your arousal-levels with your sanity. There would be leisure to watch movies, listen to audio-books or music. Or I would read something to you. But of course, you would be mute and completely immobile for the rest of your life! And you never ever would leave your dungeon home again! Satis­fied with your Mistress love? It is a seducing fantasy, but it is fantasy.

She kissed me on my head and held me even tighter.

Me (snuggling even closer and nodding into her shoulder): About that suit and the monitoring system. Do you think that someone could manufacture one for me?

Her (a little annoyed): That's a fantasy stupid brat! And if it were possible at all, it certainly would cost a little fortune.

Me (careful): Just to play it through Mistress. How much money do we have left?

Her (sighing): Just to play it through? Our savings are around 100,000 Euros still. Not really much, but not too bad either. Your present has cost us around 12,000 Euros. I found a high quality manufacturer in Hungary. And only because it was bought all in one. Else all would have been much more expensive. But now we have some new toys with marvellous perspectives for years.

Me (in a seducing tone): And there is certainly no point about to be the richest girl on the graveyard, isn't it?

Her: No, certainly not. But - you are really serious about this?

Me: At least we should give it a try. We have read so many stories about such suits and we both have fantasized about things like that for years. And now Jackie is out of her box. At least we could try to find a manufacturer. Please! Please Mistress!

Her: And if we would find a manufacturer who could make this ultimate suit and the neural network with all what belongs to it, dildos that can measure your state of arousal and so on. Should we really spend all our money on it?

Me (in a very seducing tone): Maybe you should understand it as an investment. You buy the suit and the neural network with our money. And with the suit and the net­work you buy me as your private, secret property. And to make profit you charge in­terest on me as you see fit. I will have no say in this Mistress, I will give you carte blanche! I am already your slave-girl, so why not make me into your sex-toy from time to time - a real sex-toy! There is no way out for me - and I like it!

Her: You are really serious about this my dear! But if all of this really would be pos­sible, and we buy the suit...

Me (whispering into her ear): Stop talking back Mistress! I would trust my life to you! I am serious! Absolutely serious!

She held the both of us tightly together. I was still so exhausted that I was about to drop into sleep again. Just before that a second thought hit me.

Is my fate now sealed? When we have the suit, that ultimate suit, and that neural net­work, would she - could she?

Now come on, don't be silly girl, I called myself to order! Two days, maybe a week after a very, very, very, very and thorough training. But else - come on girl!

And then a third thought hit me. And what if she would? So what! Never ending pleasure and the best ever possible 24/7 care for a lifetime - what more could a girl wish for?

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