The Art Thief
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  • Post Date - 6/16/2018

Author's Note: Please leave comments/criticisms. I do take them onboard and use them to hopefully improve each time.

Synopsis: Undercover agent is captured by the very thief she is investigating. She soon finds herself trapped in a customised suit of armour and joins his collection.

Warning - heavy bondage included, especially involving the girls breasts.

I will stress that this is pure fantasy and not intended to be realistic in any way.

Happy reading.

Chapter 1

"Another five meters Crystal, then hop out the grate" Tommy told Alexa through her earpiece. She couldn't help but groan, she hated being called Crystal. Why oh why had the agency decided that would be her undercover pseudonym, it sounded like she was a hooker or something. Unfortunately, the agency had built up the name for months before their target, Tommy Malone, the infamous art thief would agree to a meeting with her and it wasn't worth wasting all that time because she thought the name was tacky.

Anyway, that in itself was months ago now Since then, after gaining his trust Tommy had finally allowed Alexa - or Crystal - to help on one of his heists. All she had to do was grab the sword as her and Tommy had planned, plant the tracker - as she had planned - and allow Tommy to place it in his hidden collection, thats when the agency could spring into action, retrieving the goods and putting Tommy away for a very long time.

"I'm there! Dropping down now" She announced, slowly lifting the vents grate. Alexa was 5 ft 4 with a beautiful slim figure, perfect for slipping around tight spaces which Tommy had happily taken advantage of. Her well sized breasts would have made it harder if not for the black catsuit holding them in so well. She slipped out with ease, soon on the ground of the security room.

Getting in had been the hard part. The museums security system was all automated without any active guards so now she was inside all she had to do was use Tommys software which would disable the alarm on the control panel long enough to grab the sword and then walk straight out the front door. She plugged the tablet into the security desks main hub and ran the code. It only took Tommy's virus a couple minutes to run and the cameras and alarms would be disabled for the next hour. With all the doors unlocked she strolled into the main hall. The sword lay in a glass cabinet in the centre. Her lock pick in hand she began to tackle the one on its front.

"Piece of piss!" she exclaimed as the door swung open. She was no criminal but had to admit there was a bit of a thrill in all this cat burglary stuff as she leant in and clasped this legendary sword in her hand. Over 500 years old it was, supposedly belonging to some French knight back in the day. She admired it for a while before remembering she was in the middle of a heist. Quickly she pulled the small tracker from her belt and attached it under the swords hilt before heading for the exit.

"I'm out!" she called through her earpiece as she stepped out of the main entrance and into the empty early morning street. "Where are you?"

"Small change of plan" replied Tommy. "There's a black jag out front with the keys in the ignition. Hop in and drive to the location on the GPS, it will lead you straight to my hidden vault."

'Jackpot!' she thought, the change of plan was a concern but she was headed straight for the place she'd been looking for, with any luck she could shave months off her undercover time waiting for the agency to confirm the sword had been moved to its final location. 'Bye Crystal!' she thought happily. If only she had some way of contacting them now to set up a quick sting operation. Unfortunately Tommy wouldn't let her carry any kind of communication device - other than the earpiece of course - and wearing a wire was too risky in case he searched her as he regularly would - Alexa was pretty sure Tommy was just a creep who liked leering at her body since it was almost always a strip search.

Hopping into the car she began to drive to the location marked which was a good 30 minutes away. It wasn't the most inconspicuous car and Alexa was concerned she might get pulled over but thankfully made it there without issue. As she approached a garage the door automatically opened, either by sensors or activated by Tommy. She drove inside and it began to shut, leaving the room almost pitch black.

"Tommy?" she called through her earpiece. "Tommy, I have arrived. What now?"

"There should be an elevator infront of you. Grab the sword and head inside"

Straining her eyes in the darkness she could just about make out the elevator door. Grabbing the sword, she pressed the elevator call button and it immediately pinged open flooding the room with light. As she stepped in she noticed there were no buttons. She hesitated for a second but the doors slammed shut so suddenly her butt cheeks were almost sliced off.

"Tommy there's no buttons in this elevator, what do I do?"

A crackle of static was all she received in reply.

"Tommy? I have the sword, please advise how to proceed"

Again just static. The lift could blocking the signal she thought but surely Tommy had check they worked before hand. Suddenly she heard a hissing sound as smoke began to fill the elevator and she began to cough from the fumes.

"Tommy what the fu..." she croaked before slipping into unconsciousness and slumping to the floor.

Chapter 2

Alexa awoke in a haze. Her eyes opened and she looked around with a puzzled expression as she tried to take in her surroundings and recall her last memory. She seemed to be in a large, gray, almost featureless room. Tommy was seated in front of her admiring the sword, pinching the tracker, now loose from the hilt, between his thumb and forefinger.

"Feeble bit of tech" he said as he clasped a fist around it, crushing it into tiny pieces.

"Mhphmm" said Alexa through her gagged mouth. She tried to move but found herself restrained. Her arms and legs were being pulled away from her body as she dangled in mid air by chains, each arms being pulled to the top two corners of a wooden frame that held her as each leg was pulled to the bottom two so she was suspended slightly in the air spreadeagled. A chill ran down her body as she realised she had been stripped bare.

"Good morning Agent Alexa!" Tommy said looking up and giving her an evil grin. He slid the sword into its sheaf and placed it by the chair before stepping over to her. Clasping one hand on each he began to slide them up her luscious legs before resting one each buttock and giving them a hard smack.

"Mrmrmmp!!" exclaimed Alexa through her gag.

Tommy just chuckled at her before ripping off the tape from her lips.

"Tommy what the fuck!" she yelled now she was free to do so. "Get me down from here!!"

"I don't think so dearest Alexa, can't have you running off to your precious agency now can I?"

"What agency? Who the fuck is Alexa?" she said in a desperate attempt.

"Let's not play this game, I've known who you really were from the beginning" he said slamming a dossier down by her feet. As it hit the ground some of the files flew out and she could see a sheet with all her details and pictures of her in training bootcamp.

Alexa spat in his face as she began to struggle angrily in her restraints. "Let me down now! The rest of my team will be here any minute, I'll go much easier on you if you let me go" she barked at him.

Tommy just wiped the spit from his face nonchalantly before speaking. "Seems unlikely." he gloated "Not only have they no idea where you are, but also they've classified you as rogue!" he explained as he pressed a button and a video started to play on the wall in front of her. It was footage of her in the museum grabbing the sword, the part where she placed the tracker expertly edited out.

"Looks like my software failed to stop the cameras. Whoops! In fact it even sent me the footage so I could pass it on to the local news. Look, it even has you driving off the a getaway car that was rented under your actual name. You really should have picked a less conspicuous car as the police already tracked it down to the abandoned parking garage where you have been stashing other valuable little trinkets you've stolen over the years"

"You bastard! You've framed me!!" she said angrily as she struggled in vein again as Tommy smirked at her choice of words. "You won't get away with this!!" she continued but was soon out of breath and had to stop fighting her restraints. Her head dropped as she began to pant from exhausting. Some quiet time of contemplation allowed her to think and she remembered some good news. 'My handler, Mr Jeffries! He'll know I'm innocent. He will clear my name and they'll come looking in no time.'

As if reading her mind, perhaps noticing the look of hope on her face, Tommy piped up. "You're not hedging your bets on your handler are you? I hope not! Old Will Jeffries has been in my pocket for years. In fact you're only here because Will recommended you to me, I needed someone with your expertise to get the sword - there were other choices but your exquisite beauty was something I just had to collect."

Alexa kept quiet but she must have let out some kind of tell as Tommy began to chuckle, clearly revelling in her hopelessness. She couldn't help but let a few tears drip, sliding down her cheek and onto the floor.

'Stop being a pussy! You are a trained law enforcement agent, be brave!' she told herself and gained as much composure as she could muster before lifting her head and addressing the smug thief.

"Fine! Congratulations, you've made me a fugitive. Now let me down, I've served my purpose! I'm probably going have to turn to a life of crime now. I'll be better out there drawing the heat off of you than strung up here. Maybe I will even take this burglary stuff up for real, I'm certainly adept at it. I mean if a moron like you can do it..." she said trying to aggravate the man. He didn't bite.

"Some of that is true" he agreed "Having you as lure for the feds would be of benefit, but they have been pretty inept so far that they don't really concern me." He said eyeing her up as if to proove his point "Also you have severed one of the purposes I had for you, but not all"

"What the fuck does that mean?" she asked in puzzlement and frustration.

He didn't answer but instead walked over to the seat and grabbed the sword. "This once belonged to a great warrior in the 15th century. She thought bravely on the battlefield and was anointed many times but sadly died of syphilis, as was common in France at the time. Her armour was melted down many years ago - such a shame - but luckily the design is still known. So after setting my sights on the sword I contacted my connections in the armourer's guild who were happy to make me a replica - with a few custom alterations"

He approached the girl and held the tip of the sword under her chin forcing her to push her head up until it was level with his. "The sword and the armour will soon be displayed in all its glory, I even have a strong female warrior to complete the set." He said pressing his lips to hers and stealing a kiss.

"Shall we begin?"

Chapter 3

Alexa hung limply from her restraints hoping for a chance to escape. The man was behind her out of sight and all she could hear was some odd clanging sounds emanating from the area. Soon he appeared by her side holding a thin cylinder of mesh wiring.

"What are you going to do with that?" she asked him as he held it by her right leg, the man didn't answer at first but began to unclip the latches on one side of the mesh, it unfolded slightly as Alexa noted the cylinder was two halves attached by a hinge on one side. He held the back end behind her right leg so it rested against her skin, dull spikes ran along the inside of the mesh digging uncomfortably into her flesh.

"I've been taking intricate measurements of your body during our time together. If I have everything correct this should be pretty snug." He said before slamming the cage shut around her leg, the mesh extending up from just above her ankle to the top of her thigh, curving under the bottom of her buttock and pushing it up making it look even peachier than before. She screamed as the dull spikes pinched her skin. Tommy had done his job well and there was no piece of her leg not tightly wrapped.

"You may feel a slight burning sensation" he told her, appearing on her other side with a similar structure. "This metal is a special compound..." he explained running his hand along the mesh as he locked it into place around her left leg "...when heated it expands twice that of regular metal and will slowly cool over the next few days, contracting and becoming tighter as well as firmer."

'Tighter!' she thought 'How could it get tighter?!' but kept a stern on the face, not wanting the man to know her concern. He loosened the straps around each of her ankles one by one and reattached them around the mesh on her leg allowing him the freedom to lock cages around her feet made of the same heated metal. The wire mesh wrapped all around them but where it most irritated was her toes. Not only did wire wrap between each but also through the centres too. The mesh wrapped around her ankle forcing her feet into en pointe positions, the two cages, those being the one on her foot and the one on her leg, were not attach so she had some resistance to move her ankle up and down, but it was minimal maybe a centimetre either way, if not only a few millimetres.

"You look like one of those foot fetish creeps" she snapped trying to sound defiant but the man ignored her taunts. "This how you get your rocks off is it?" she shouted at the man who was again out of sight behind her. "I guess this is your only way off getting a lady since you're so gross looking. Maybe you should collect gargoy-urghh" she was cut off as Tommy from behind her forced a metal ring gag into her mouth stretching it open as he wound the leather strap behind her head and under her hair. "Oo aastard!!" she yelled as Tommy chuckled "Much better!".

He came up in front of her with his hands behind his back, clearly concealing something. Coming face to face with her he grabbed the top of her hair and yanked it up forcing her to let out an angry squeal of pain and locking her eyes on him as he pulled his other hand from behind his back to show her what lay in it. A device shaped like a large metal bullet rested in his palm, at least six inches tall and girthy.

He smirked as he clicked a button on its underside and the thing began to rise and fall off the base like a piston. He turned it off and began to lower it towards her crotch, she growled through her gag which turned to a yelp as the device was slid into her pussy, the device seemed slippery as if lubricated. Tommy switched the device on and it began to thrust inside her, she tried to force it out but he held it there with his hand as he watched her struggle and groan in pleasure, after a few moments he fiddled with something on its base again and it picked up speed. The girl tried to resist but her body soon spasmed in orgasm as she let out a scream of pleasure before slumping her head forward in exhaustion as she panted.

The device was removed and Tommy slid a finger down her cheek before clasping her chin in his hand, forcing her to look at him as she shot him an evil glare. He just chuckled and let her head drop before disappearing again. When he returned he had in hand another mesh cage, this time in the shape of what Alexa could only describe as a thong.

Along the bottom ran two of the large metal dildos with a thick leather strap underneath. He made sure the girl had a good look before he began to attach it. She let out a pained grunt as her pussy and anus were filled before the cage clipped into place around her waist and covering her front with hot mesh. Only her buttocks were spared, but she had a feeling that wasn't a good thing.

Tommy grabbed a long electrical wire and a thin plastic tube which he attached with fishing reel along the inside of her caged left leg ending with a bit of length at the top of her thigh.

Tommy began to connect the wires and tubing into connectors in the leather strap, as he did he gave Alexa a breath explanation. "This wire will keep power flowing to your friends here, I helped you out myself this time but going forward your pleasure will be automated. The tube serves a double purpose, it will continually inject lubricant over your little devices. I'm sure you wont struggle to get wet..." he slid a finger under the strap and into her stuffed pussy "...certainly didn't this time..." he laughed "...but just in case they will help keep you nice and moist!"

He pressed his hand under the one in her behind pushing it further in just for sadistic joy. "The one in your ass will also deliver daily enemas. You wont be able to pass solids with that thing lodged in you 24 7 so the enema will help flush it out and keep you clean."

Tommy was gone again and a still exhausted Alexa realised too late that a cage was being locked around her waist and stomach ending just below her chest. It was hourglass shaped, curving in at the middle like a corset. Alexa had been pretty pleased with her slim figure, but it still wasn't enough to stop this from making breathing a little tricky - she feared she wouldn't be able to breath at all once the metal cooled, although she imagined Tommy had planned on her still being able to - if barely.

"Enjoying yourself?" he whispered in her ear from behind her head. Alexa said nothing but his hand soon came crashing down on her rump eliciting an angry growl from the girl. Chuckling away he began to lock her arms into similar cylindrical cages similarly to her legs. Tommy with much force managed to bend the malleable metal so her elbows bent inwards. The next cage was placed around her shoulders and neck acting like a posture collar. Wire mesh gloves were soon locked over Alexas hands forcing each finger straight.

Now everything but her breasts, buttocks and head were completely encased in this wire frame. Alexa found herself almost completely immobile, she could move her head albeit restricted by the collar and could make some movement where the mesh cages didn't connect, but it was limited.

Tommy began to wheel in a wooden platform holding the oddest set of armour she had ever seen. He rested his hand on one of its shoulders as her looked over at the nervous girl.

"Ready to get suited?"

Chapter 4

Alexas arms and legs were soon strapped into their metal homes, the greaves on her left leg concealed the wire and tubing that ran up it. Tommy pulled the boots off the armor stand that held them and Alexa noticed they looked a little off.

"Ah yes" he said noticing where her eyes were pointing and holding up one of the boots. "My first custom creation." Tommy made sure Alexa was able to inspect it. The armoured boot looked as normal along the shaft, but when it got to the actual shoe part it only extended out a couple inches.

As the boot was forced onto her pointed foot she found a 7-inch spike lay at the back concealed inside. Tommy grabbed the boot at both ends and roughly pushed. Alexa winced and grunted in pain as the mesh cage still slightly malleable from the heat bent so her toes slotted in to the small toe cap that extruded from the boot whilst the rest of her foot was forced upwards by the spikey heel which dug into the bottom of her foot. Alexa found that her restraints allowed her to lift her foot ever so slightly off the spike but it took a bit of strength. She could either concentrate pushing further on her toes, lifting her heel off the spike, or rest on it and feel the biting pain.

With both feet secured in their boots Tommy untied the straps holding her ankles from the frame and began to gently lower her legs until they rested on the bottom a few inches apart. Leather straps were tied over the boots locking her feet to the floor. Alexa tried to move her legs, hoping to break free, but even without the leather straps movement would have been impossible as he legs were immobilised by the mesh cages and metal exterior.

Tommy watched her attempts to struggle in glee before stepping towards her and cupping a hand over each breast, she growled at him as he massaged them for a bit before roughly squeezing them causing the girl to groan in agony. He made small circles around her areola before pinching her nipples and pulling them, not stopping until a small tear dripped from her eye.

"Poor dear" he said mockingly "If you didn't like that you won't like what's coming" before giving them each a quick slap. "o uck orelf" she said to him, Tommy just chuckled before heading off behind her only to return with more torturous devices.

The first was a pair of large metal cuffs. Tommy grabbed her right breast roughly in his hand and pulled it towards him as the first cuff was strapped tightly around the base. As he pulled her other breast and began to cuff it she noticed that these too were hot and let out a small cry. "Fucking arsehole" she tried to say through her gagged mouth but her tears showed she was not as tough as she was trying to pretend. "Fun, no?" Tommy said "Wait for these!" he told her producing two slightly smaller cuffs. "No no no!!" she cried trying to shake her body, but it did little good as the cuffs were locked halfway up her breasts, the already balloon shaped pair were now being pinched inwards at the middle - but Tommy wasn't done yet.

Not even close to satisfied Tommy produced a piercing gun and in a short time small gromets ran through each nipple before Tommy showed her the next fun device. He had in his hand two small metal structures which he held up in front of Alexa. What she saw was a metal ring with a long metal arch jutting out from one side. At the centre of the arch was a rod which ran down the chamber towards the circular ring ending in a hook, the other side of the rod outside the arch was a contraption similar to a corkscrew. Seeing Alexa's confused eyes, he began to explain their use.

"These little fellas are based on torture devices they used around the same time your armour was fashionable" he said running his hand along the arch.

"This little ring circles around your nipples like this..." he told her as he pressed the metal ring onto her swollen breast so they wrapped her areola.

"Then I can push this rod down and...with any luck...ah there we go" he said as he managed to slip the hook though her piercing. The girl began to beg and plead but Tommy continued his operation.

"In medieval times they would have just punctured the hook through your skin, be grateful for the piercing!" he told her as he finished clipping on the second device.

"Now as you can see, this handle here twists and, well you'll get the idea" Tommys hand clasped the arch over her right nipple as he twisted the corkscrew like handle, as he did the rod began to rise, stretching the girl's nipple up towards the top of the arch.

He continued to twist until it elicited a pained screech. "One more?" he said giving it a huge twist.

"You know..." he said as he now began to twist the other device and stretching her left nipple. "...I've heard over time your nipples will begin to lengthen so this will become more bearable, but don't worry I came up with a solution for that!" he looked up at the girl who was staring forwards breathing heavily, clearly trying to keep her mind off the pain. He gave the nipple stretcher a final rough twist that she couldn't ignore and screamed wildly.

Alexa could feel her nipples throbbing in pain. Tommy clicked a latch on each device pulling the handles off and just leaving the rod and chambers attached as the girl's breasts heaved from her heavy breathing. Cupping his hands over her sensitive breasts he gave them another good squeeze as she howled in pain.

"One more thing!" he told her as he revealed two dome shaped mesh cages, each with a small gap at the apex. Alexa just sniffled as the cages were separated at the hinges and clasped around her already tortured breasts. They fit perfectly as every dull spike lacing the insides dug into a bit of her already firm breasts. The man grew smug as he watched the once cocky girl become completely broken.

Alexa felt the metal of her back plate being applied, strapping into the posture collar and corset cage, the plate ended just above her rump leaving it exposed. He soon approached her with the breastplate that he began to clip over her front. The plate had two grooves for her breasts and short thick spikes that extruded out from the centre which wrapped over the nipple stretchers.

"These were actually part of the original suit" he explained pointing to the spikes as he strapped the plate on. "They were supposedly to keep her assailants at bay but I'm sceptical of that and reckon they were more ceremonial. Regardless, the originals were solid metal whereas in your case I had them hollowed, plus watch this..." He said clasping each spike in one hand and turning them. Alexa yelled as she felt her nipples stretched even further. "I said I'd come up with a solution!" he smirked. "Couple more pieces to go, let me show you the tasset!"

He soon returned with the tasset and showed her around it. It had the usual connections at the sides but the rear was special, Tommy showed her that the back lifted up on a hinge, like a window. On the inside were long metal pins with dull ends - the sight of which made Alexa's eyes widen. He left the hatch open as he attached it, her rear left revealed through her metal encasement.

"I couldn't cut off access to this juicy behind now could I!" he said smacking his hand smacked down upon it.

The man was rummaging in the boxes behind her, then there was silence for a few moments before suddenly there was a loud crack as the girl howled in pain from the stinging sensation. After a few moments it came again, then again, quicker and harder each time as he struck his whip against her spongy flesh until both cheeks were red raw. The man leant down, his face by her behind as he caressed each cheek before planting a kiss on one and exclaiming "Bye for now my beauties". He slammed the flap of the tasset down, pushing the pins uncomfortably into her fleshy behind, not enough to puncher the skin but enough to make her tense her buttocks in an attempt to gain distance from the discomfort. Her rump already sore from the whipping felt like it was on fire as the pins pushed in.

Her arms were soon being untied from their restraints and the gauntlets slid over her caged hands. She began to feel the man pushing her arms down until her enclosed hands rested stiffly over her crotch. The gorget was slotted over her shoulders and neck locking her arms down into their new position.

He ran her hair through his fingers before roughly yanking it to elicit a pained squeak from the girl before he began to tie the shoulder length hair into a high-top ponytail and afterwards tightly braiding it. Once he was happy it was nice and tight he grabbed the helm. The helmet was a bascinet styled one with a small slit running across for the eyes just above the cone shaped holey visor which opened to the side on a hinge. At the top of the helmet was a small round hole.

He held the helmet over her head and began to slide it down making eye contact with the girl as it began to engulf her head.

"Oh wait" he said stopping himself "nearly forgot!"

He sprinted behind her and she heard more rummaging. Suddenly a mesh cage began to lower infront of her eyes. "No no please no, oh god!" she screamed through her gagged mouth as the studs of the wire mesh dug into her skin all over her face and cranium. There was a large hole where her ring gag lie and a space for her eyes and ponytail but other than that her face was wrapped in mesh. Tommy began to push the heated metal so it locked tightly around her nose as her nostrils flared in fear.

"There we go!" he said stroking the girl's cheeks as more tears flooded over the mesh. He bent down and picked up the helm. "Au revoir!" he said mockingly as he slipping it over her head until all that could be seen of the girl was her eyes darting around behind the slit. Tommy walked up behind her with a long metal rod and hook which he used to reach into the small hole at the top of the helm and pull out her braided ponytail. It dangled down her encased back as he tied a small weight to the end stretching it down.

Soon Tommy was in front of her clutching the sword. He leant an ear towards the visor enjoying her heavy pained breathing before presenting the sword in her eyeline. "La pièce de résistance!" he exclaimed slotting the sword in between her hands so they clasp gently around the hilt. "You may well be my most prized possession!" he said smiling as the girl groaned a groan which was barely audibly through the thick metal helm.

"I'll have you transferred to your more permanent position in the morning, until then I shall leave you be to contemplate your new life, do try to get some rest... if you can." He bent down and Alexa heard a click as the dildos fired up and began to pulse inside her, thrusting into her two holes in an alternating motion.

Her moans of pleasure soon turned into a bellowed of agony as shocks of electricity pulsed through her, the metal casing allowing the shocks to penetrate her whole body in unison, after a few moments it stopped. The reprieve was short as the shocks began again shortly after.

It was going to be a long night for Alexa.


Tommy walked down a long corridor, all his favourite paintings and trinkets donned the walls. He stopped halfway to admire some of his favourites. Various Van Goughs, some prised diamonds and an ancient Greek statue to name a few. Polish in hand he began to shine the statue that had become dusty. Once satisfied he continued his slow plod up the hall, reaching the end where his most cherished possession was mounted.

The suit of armour stood on a round plinth, fake grass ran around it concealing a grate that lay along the base. The sword stuck into a crack in the centre of an artificial rock as the gauntlets clasped around the hilt. Tommy approached the armour and began to run polish over any parts he deemed not shiny enough, including the helm and the breast plate.

After the polishing was complete he began his other maintenance jobs, first grabbing the nail file from its hanger on the wall before he lifted up the small flaps he had had built into each finger of the gauntlet and began to file down the fingernails inside. On completion the flaps were shut and he knelt down by the boots pulling up the toe caps of each. The toenails were always harder to do as the mesh ran in between each toe, especially after the metal had cooled and dug in further, but he had had a couple months practice by now so had developed a technique.

Locking the toecaps back down he placed the file away and grabbed a large watering can from the floor. Checking the contents looked ok he opened the visor. Alexa's lips were usually chapped by this point so he drizzled some of the liquid over them before lodging the spout down her throat and pouring the nutrient thick gloop into her stomach. She gagged as the liquid went down, the flavour was horrible but the stuff was cheap and plenty enough to keep her healthy.

The visor was shut and Alexa knew shower time was next. A large hose was pulled out from the wall and fed into the hole where her hair extruded from. Soon soapy water began to run down her body washing away any sweat and waste that was lodged in the suit before dripping down into the grates the armour stood on. She hated shower time, not only did it feel like she was drowning as the water passed her face, clogging her nose and mouth, but the shocks would start soon, they and the dildos run like clockwork for an hour each session 5 times a day and the shocks were only made worse by the damp.

The hose was soon removed and Tommy moved onto his favourite task. Grabbing one of the nipple covers in each hand he began to slowly twist them until the girl moaned a miserable moan which made Tommy very happy.

"I think we have time for a bit of fun today, what do you reckon" he said staring into her pained eyes through the small slit. A groan emitted from within the helm as he clicked a large switch on the wall. The stand began to turn as simultaneously the sword began to slide further into the fake rock. The bottom of the sword had been welded to a motor powerful enough to bend the otherwise immobile statue at the hip and drag the upper body either up or down with it. Alexa was soon bent over and displaying her behind to the man. The flap was lifted and the man began to um and ah about which of his ancient whip collection to use today.

"The riding crop hasn't been used in a while. Oh no! I've yet to try out this fellow" he said grabbing the cat-o-nine tails.

"Get ready!" he said as he pulled back the whip ready to strike.

Knock knock.

"Oh drat, who could that be" he said lowering the whip as a small sigh of relief could be heard from within the armour.

The door swung open.

"Ah William! How are you? Do you have news?" Tommy asked. 'Jenkins!!' Alexa thought, rage boiling insider her as the man who betrayed her approached.

"How's the piece holding up?" William exclaimed noticing Alexas exposed behind.

"Oh very well, I check up on it every day to make sure it's nice and healthy." Tommy replied

"Has it not suffered any atrophy or caught some kind of infection? To be honest I didn't think it would last a day!"

"Oh no, I took all the precautions, don't you worry. Her body is worked out frequently, she hates them but the shocks actually keep her body active, helping to fight off painful cramps as well as haulting atrophy, plus I have come up with a special feed that has all the nutrients her body needs, even adding in antibiotics that will keep infections at bay."

"What about her mental state?" asked William curiously

"Oh I keep her well enough entertained" Tommy smirked. "Anyway, I believe you may have some news for me?"

"Oh yes here you go." said William passing Tommy a dossier.

Tommy perused it for a second before exclaiming "Excellent!".

He took the first page of the dossier and held it down under Alexas head so she could read it. A small moan of dissapointment was heard before the sniffling sounds of crying.

Tommy pulled it away and began to read it back to William "This is Great, 'Alexa Jones. 25-year-old rogue agent. Status - Deceased'" he chuckled. "Looks like they won't be looking for you anymore my dear" he said spanking her behind with the dossier before turning back to William "how did you manage it?"

"You can easily concoct any proof when you have enough DNA at your disposal. I still think we should have framed a few more thefts on her, but If you're happy I'm happy."

"I am indeed my friend, here would you like the first strike?" he said passing him the whip.

"Oh no please, she's your masterpiece, you should do it."

"Your too kind my friend but honestly I don't mind."

"Well if you insist" replied William.

"I'll have plenty of time to enjoy her..." Tommy continued "...after all I think our friend here will be with us for a long time to come!"

With that the cords struck harshly on Alexa's hiney, her cries echoing throughout the hall.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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