Slaves Retirement Facility
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  • Post Date - 9/29/2018

Author's Note: What can you find in this story:

heavy non-consensual slaving as a reality in the world, a slaves retire­ment facility which is the pivot-point of all, Mafia, a little bit of James Bond, a little bit of Frankenstein, a little bit of the Avengers. It's a fairy-tale or a myth about what can happen to the world of slavers when a very rich and heavy non-consensual slaver turns around and starts to feel sym­pathy. And about all this story wallows in the seductive fascination of rubber-dolls.


And please remind that my mother tongue is German.

Have you ever thought about what to do with your slave-girl when she becomes a MILF or you get tired of her and want a change? Right, this is somewhat a problem, because as a Mistress or a Master you of course want young, fresh and crispy flesh. You want the beauty of a young body and the weakness of a young mind to break it. You want a new challenge!

And if your old slave has served you well a good Mistress or Master also should feel responsible for her or his toy. Even in non-consensual slaving some sense of decency should hold.

1. Me and my fantasy

I am well educated but I was never really fond of working, so my career took only slow steps ahead. But at some lucky day I have won in the Euro-lottery and suddenly had more money than I ever could spend. Much, much, much more money!

From puberty on I learned that I have kinky needs and I began to explore the slave's side of the game. I tied myself up and brought me to orgasm - the usual games of a teenager. What chance do you have to explore the Mistress' side of the game as a teen­ager? Right, almost none!

While I studied at the university I was the slave-girl of my one and only Mistress and collected experiences on the sub-side. But more and more it turned out that I wanted to be a Mistress myself. We spilt up, I finished my studies and tried to make my way through the treadmill of a working-life. Do not get the wrong impression about me. I am not lazy in a general sense, I just, for what reason ever, took offence in to be forced to work for money. I finished school one year before time, studied economics and also finished one year before time. Thus I am a clever one. I have a lot of ideas, but until they really listen you have to climb up the ladder. And this was definitely nothing for me.

And then the lottery - I was the happiest girl on earth. When it all began I was just twenty-one years old.

Now I could afford every playroom I would wish for and shortly I thought about to start a conventional Mistress-slave relationship by searching through dating-sites on the internet, but I soon felt that this would not work for me. I wanted to own a slave-girl, I wanted it to be my one and only property. Thus I had to buy one, the money was already there. But where to buy a slave-girl?

It was clear to me that the answer to this question lies somewhere in the east, in Rus­sia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine or other places like that.

At first, however, I bought a property far out on the countryside and built myself the house of my dreams. I always liked the style of the Bauhaus, because it has a clear and rational touch with a high sense of functionality. My house is a cube, ground-floor and first floor, a large garden and a large terrace on the first floor, right in front of my bedroom.

But the real thing is below ground. My house has a normal basement, but in the wine-cellar there is a secret door made out of carbon-fibre, such that - in the case of some trouble with nosy policemen - no metal-detector ever could find it. Behind this door there is a corridor and then another door of carbon-fibre. Both doors, of course, are locked and can only open for me. At this time I wore a metal necklace that was locked on me and only could be taken away by a special metal-saw. Inside this necklace was a chip, and only by the signal of this chip the second door would open. My girl also wore such a necklace with a chip, but when she would come near an open door without me, without the signal of my chip overriding hers, she will become shocked and the door will close automatically. This is a security-measure for the case that some silly mistakes take place, my slave-girl overwhelms me and tries to es­cape. The same holds for all bond­age-equipment. It is made of steel and there is a chip inside. My necklace guarantees that none of these shackles ever can lock on me.

Behind the second door there is a staircase that goes down ten metres below the base­ment. At the end there is a third carbon-fibre door that leads to the playroom. My play­room is large and equipped with anything you can think of. Bondage-bed, St. An­drews cross, treadmill, pulley, vacuum bed, bondage-bags, cages, cells, elaborate stimulation devices and so on. There is also a large closet for me with high-heels, any kind of latex clothing, a kitchen, a bathroom and a private bedroom for myself where I could retreat, watch a film or listen to music. I wanted to have it this way just in the case that a session takes longer than a few hours. Not that it would have been necessary, but the play­room is of course soundproof.

The construction-company that built all this was a little suspicious and puzzled about my wishes, but I told them that all this below ground shall serve as panic-rooms and so they were content with it. Everybody has some spleens, but rich people can also live them.

There is a fourth door in the playroom, carbon-fibre of course, and behind this door is a small elevator. This elevator goes down some fifty metres to the slave-girl's home.

The slave-girl's home has a bed, a normal cell, an isolation cell and several cages of several severity, a food-distribution device and a monitoring system such that I al­ways knew about the health of my pet. As I am not cruel I also allowed my pet to watch films from time to time, listen to music or audio books. There is no point about to have a slave-girl that drifts away into lunacy. To help to prevent this I took care of her sleep, provided a hypnotic and anti-psychotics which she had to drink at ten o'clock in the evening - except we have a session, of course.

There is also a hidden bathroom. Once a week I drugged and cleaned her, cut her finger-nails and her hair.

I am very fond of the food-distribution system. At one wall there is a silicon model of a vagina with sensors all over the right places, even the G-spot is there. If she wants to drink - there is only liquid food because this way it is very easy to control her weight and there is no mess with her anal cavity - she has to eat out this pussy expertly. The sensors are controlled by a com­puter. Sometimes one orgasm is enough to get food, sometimes more. The highest number is five, but there are weighted probabilities such that five orgasms are really seldom. By the way, the liquid tastes exactly like my lusty waters, amazing what money can buy! As a security measure my girl could survive down there for one year on her own. There is a counter built into the door of the slave's home that counts the times of my presence. When I do not show up for one year then it is likely that I am dead. In this case my lawyer and trustee gets an email from the Google-cloud that re­veals everything. Then they can rescue the girl and moreover she will inherit all my money. I think this is a fair deal.

The same food-distribution system is also built into the isolation cell. In there five or­gasms are the minimum, ten is the maximum, but the probabilities are equally distributed to make it more interesting.

I wanted to have a slave-girl and transform her into a rubber-doll, a bondage-toy and a sex-toy to serve my needs. I was never into whipping or needles, cutting and any real sadism. The crop of course can be a punishment from time to time, but I have other and much more effective means for punishment, think of the isolation cell. I also have the possibility to chose the sort of the light in the slave's home. Normally I would provide light in the spectrum of the sun in a days rhythm, because this is an element­ary need of a human being. Despite I like my slave as a rubber-doll I would never for­get that she is still human below the surface. As I have already said above, there is no point in to have a slave-girl that drifts away into lunacy. An easy and soph­isticated punishment is to switch from sunlight to bright and cold neon, to switch the light off com­pletely, or to dim it down as I wish. This is a very effective but painless pun­ishment that never fails.

I wanted to keep my girl in constant bondage - even down in her home - totally deprived from speech because dolls do not speak, and in a constant state of arousal. I planned to keep her chaste for at least a quarter of a year, with intense sexual service for me and intense tease and denial for her. After time is up she will be granted a forced orgasm day and then the cycle starts anew and maybe she has to wait half of a year for her next orgasms, who knows. This is the major fantasy that worked on me, but of course there are many, many details that can be added.

To ensure chastity, tease and denial, forced orgasms and shocks at wish there is a cus­tom made chastity-belt for the slave-girl with clit, vagina, G-spot and anal stimulation, and a chastity-bra with nipple stimulation. Never ever should my girl be able to touch herself again. In fact she should not be able to touch anything. Her hands were kept in bondage-mittens that forced them into balls and her arms were secured in a box-tie bag on her back. This is the minimum bondage-condition I planned to keep my girl in all the time. Never ever should she have use of her hands or arms again. But I am not cruel and thus I provided electrodes to avoid amyotrophia. My girl should have her arms back and en­joy my money in the case that she becomes res­cued after my death.

2. Me and my first girl

As I have already mentioned above I had no idea where I could buy a slave-girl. I hoped this to be possible, because else I had to kidnap one and this seemed a little bit risky to me. I travelled to Russia and to Kazakhstan, went to brothels and tried to find con­tacts to the Mafia. This was really heavy, because I myself was in danger to be­come kid­napped and sold, or maybe just killed because I was asking too many ques­tions. At some day I indeed was kidnapped. When they took the bag off my head I found myself sitting in front of a middle-aged man in a really expensive pin­stripe suit, a watch of pure gold on his left wrist and a very sceptical look in his face.

He interviewed me and soon came to the conclusion that I am a serious buyer who is just new to this kind of business and the atmosphere relaxed. They took away the shackles they had kept me in and we had coffee and some cake and talked about busi­ness.

The godfather informed me that there are two ways to buy a slave-girl. I could visit an auction or I could buy directly from the stock. Purchase from the stock would of course be more expensive, but I could be sure that I get what I want. I opted to buy from the stock and he handed me a catalogue. The catalogue was interesting. There where not only pictures of the girls in several poses, information about the age, the name, the ori­gin and the education, the received training, health and mental condition, but there was also a separation into a first, a second and a third market. I was puzzled.

Well, said the godfather, you are a first market buyer, you obviously have the money to do so, and from what you have told me you want young, fresh and crispy flesh, eighteen to twenty years old, high-class figure, exquisite skin and hair, excellent health and men­tal condition. There are of course customers out there who cannot afford to buy on the first market, they buy on the second market. The second market is somewhat a mix­ture. You find resold slave's there that do not fit the requirements of the first market any­more, slaves that have aged to MILFS and FILFS (fathers I like to fuck - yes, there is also a vivid market for boys), that starts at twenty-eight years, slaves with stricken health or mental condition, slaves that constantly refuse co­operation even after intense training. The MILFS and FILFS are bought by customers who can­not afford the first market, the other stock, well, is mostly purchased by real sadists. First market stock is just too ex­pensive and too precious for purely or heavy sadistic use.

I was shivering, he saw it.

Unmoved he informed me that the third market stock is resold second market stock, MILFS and FILFS at thirty-five years or older and younger slaves who are still in good condition and survived their sadistic Mistress or Master. Third market stock that is lucky is bought by customers who just want a maid without any sexual intention or as an at­tendant for the education of the new slave. The stock that is not so lucky is bought by really heavy sadists. They mostly die very soon under, well, not very comfortable circum­stances. Another possibility of use is breeding. If the girl was a high-class first market girl and is still fertile we ourselves inseminate her and try to clone her as often as pos­sible. If this is successful we show a human touch and hand her over to a slave's retire­ment facility as a thank. The other stock is bought by the secret services of some coun­tries I cannot reveal to you for experiments, or by people who need organs.

I nearly started to cry. I never had thought about something like that. He saw it and offered me a drink. Gratefully I took it.

I tried to distract myself by the catalogue and soon managed to forget about this hell. After two hours I found what I was looking for. Sandra, eighteen years old, just fin­ished school, German origin so there would be no language problems, hour-glass fig­ure, only basic training, kidnapped two month ago, blonde hair, excellent health due to sports, high IQ, 1,80 metres of size and - virgin! I did not trust my eyes. Such a bombshell of sex and still virgin? But this was ideal for my interests. Then I could in­troduce her to sexual ecstasy myself and mould her into the creature I lust about. I was just about three years her senior and thus I still could imagine myself into the young and sweet age of eighteen years. Deal!

You might ask me if I have lost one thought about that, because of our short distance in age, I easily could be in her shoes or that we easily could join the same fate. I tell you frankly: NOT ONE NANOSECOND!

My girl would be delivered to me in a two weeks time by a special delivery service. Money was a bit of a problem, because the Mafia wants of course cash. But I was new to the world of real slavery and had no idea how to arrange five millions USD cash in a one weeks time without drawing attention on me. They helped me to organ­ize it. They knew that I would become a good customer, and good customers are fostered.

My object of desire arrived in time and I was nervous. No mistakes now. She already wore her rubber-doll outfit, had her arms in the boxtie bag, was gagged with a muzzle-gag and also wore ballet boots as I had required it. During her two month in stock she had received a basic training such that she could walk in them. They also never ever would come off again.

The first thing I did was to put the necklace on her. Then I introduced myself to her, put the facts on the table and talked about her future. Of course she began to cry and to sob into her gag. Frantically she tried to communicate with me, but there was only unintelligible mumbling. I took her in my arms and nursed her a little. I promised her that she would receive a good treatment, that she would adjust to her new life in no time and, if she would cooperate, there would be the prospect for her of a life worth living. Well, at least I hoped so. Suddenly sympathy washed over me, but I forced myself back into Mistress-mode.

The deal is the following I told her. Your freedom against completely unknown sexual ecstasy. To make it clear that there is no way out for her I took my riding crop and put it under her chin. She froze. I will manage this I thought to myself, just keep calm.

After our acquaintance I leashed her and walked her through my house and showed her all the rooms she never ever would see again. I even granted her a last walk through my garden. This done I took her down into her new home. When I informed her about that she will be kept fifty metres below ground she started to cry again - who would not understand this. Down in her home I ordered her to lie down on her bed. The bed has a cavity for her boxtied arms. Then I gave her from the liquid that from now on would be her only nourishment. From the hypnotics she fell into sleep immediately. I opened the catsuit and put the chastity device on, around her hips and thighs, and around her breasts. After this I gave her an enema just to be sure that they did it correctly. Her anal cavity but was clean and I could insert her anal stimulator and fix it to the chastity-belt. The chastity-belt had a storage container for her pee that would be drained when she would drink her liquid nourishment.

Now she was ready for her new life.

While I waited for her to wake up I sat by the bed and marvelled at her. This will be so much fun I thought.

When she woke up again I helped her to get on her feet and explained her new home to her, explained the cell, the isolation cell, the cages, the pussy at the wall and the draining system below. While she had to service the pussy in order to get her liquid a pipe would connect to the chastity-belt and drain her. The look in her eyes was full of disbelieve. I also explained the light and the possibility of watching films, listen to music or audio books. This, of course was all too much for her and her thoughts seemed to drift as I could judge from her eyes. I grabbed her necklace and said with a stern voice: I will only explain it once girl!

Then I had an idea, this would be the first step of her education and would show her that I am absolutely serious about it. I walked her into the isolation cell - she frantically trying to escape me - and closed the door. Inside the cell is padded with black leather and I left the lights out. The cell has built-in microphones and I told her that she will spent the next ten minutes in there to get an impression. I explained the feeding device and told her that I could keep her in there for as long as I would wish for.

I would have given a little fortune in order to know what she was feeling right now. I waited five minutes and let her out again. The look in her eyes showed despair, was full of disbelieve that all this was really happening to her, but she showed no signs of resist­ance. I nursed her again and told her that there is a hard way or a comfortable way for her. It is your choice, I said. She nodded and started to cry again. But soon, I promised, you will like the isolation cell, believe me.

I lead her up into the dungeon and fixed her on the bondage bed which, of course, had also a cavity for her boxtied arms. I tied her legs spread eagled and fixed her ankles, her calves, her thighs and her waist to each side of the bed. I did the same with her necklace and so she was nearly immobile.

You are still a virgin my dear, I began, I cannot understand this, you are a bombshell of sex. I will now introduce you to sexual ecstasy and I promise that you will like it. Indeed you will like it so much that you happily will give away your freedom for it.

I explained her chastity-device to her and booted the computer.

The device has built-in sensors to monitor your state of arousal, to measure your edge, the levels of intensity of the orgasms you have and also your pain levels. The computer will now begin to take data.

She looked at me puzzled.

Soon you will know I thought to myself with a smile on my face. I sat down and watched my toy as the computer did it's work. It would take two to four hours at least and she would experience intense tease and denial, intense forced orgasms, intense edging and intense shocking. Somewhat I even envied her.

While she was teased and denied I saw how she became needy. Her eyes told it and the little motion of her body told it too. She tried to gyrate her pelvis as best as the little slack allowed. I got up from my chair and lay down besides her, my hands wandering over her body. I kissed her on her gag and whispered into her ear that this is what she is in for. Then she edged and was kept there for maybe fifteen minutes, her mind already in oblivion. Then the orgasms came. Her first one hit her hard, intense and deep and I could tell from her eyes that this maybe was the first real orgasm she ever had. But the computer had decided that it now was time for forced orgasms and I could see how puzzled she looked and frantically tried to get away - what was of course impossible.

Again I whispered into her ear that this also is what she is in for. She shook her head, understandable, but I just ignored it, snuggled close and put one of my arms around her.

When the computer was satisfied with the data the program stopped. Of course she was totally spent and I caressed her head and gave her another kiss on her gag. I was not really sure what her eyes wanted to tell me, but I was not interested anyway. More than ever I felt that something very precious is mine and mines alone. What a wonderful time lay ahead for the both of us. I shivered in excitement.

After some time I got up, released her bonds and helped her to sit up. She seemed to be dizzy but that was more than understandable. Again I helped her to stand and waited in order to check if she could balance on her ballets. But her training was fine and she had almost no problems. I took her leash, guided her to the elevator and took her down into her home. For today it was enough.

Down in her home I guided her to her bed, helped her to lie down and fixed her like I had fixed her on the bed in our playroom. This was the last time I fixed her myself. At the positions where her extremities must be there are bolts that fit to cavities in the met­al shackles on her ankles, calves, hips, waist and neck. The computer controls the bolts and thus she could be locked or unlocked as the program that I have designed sees fit. In fact I could leave her alone for a very long time.

I knew that this would be a hard time for her at first, but she soon would get used to im­mobility.

Her jaws certainly were aching by now and I wanted to take her gag off. I informed her about this but made it absolutely clear that she still is not allowed to speak. She never ever would be allowed to speak again, because dolls do not speak. In her home a sensor is installed that can identify my voice-pattern. If she would speak her chastity-device would shock her. This, of course, is part of the brainwashing. There is a connection between speech and thought. When you take away the speech also the thoughts will van­ish, slowly but steadily.

I put a heavy rubber-helmet on her head. Inside are earphones and two little monitors for watching films or other things. As a reward for her first day I chose some comforting, slow music and a guided tour through Florence as the film. Yes, she was in for lifetime slavery, but why shouldn't she see beautiful places on this earth? She will never ever be able to go there, so I thought this is somewhat a compensation. As I had already said above, I am not cruel. I am her Mistress and her owner, but I never forget that there is a human being under the surface of the doll, and this human being must be sane in order to make the play interesting. A slave that has gone mad is impossible to train. Of course my goal was to train her thoughts away, to make her just a mindless doll, but this has nothing to do with lunacy. I had informed myself about it. It is possible to imprint changes on a sane mind, to brainwash it, but when there is an illness in a psychiatric sense you can forget about it. This is why I also provide anti-psychotics for her.

While she took her two hours walk through Florence I sat besides her and just marvelled at my new property. After the walk was over I removed the helmet. Her eyes were in tears and she sobbed but did not say a word. As I am not cruel I of course allowed sobbing and crying as a voice-pattern, and moaning, of course. There would be a lot of moaning.

I delicately caressed her cheeks and smiled on her. All will be fine my sweet little doll, I said softly, just you wait a little. Then my voice became a little stern again. I informed her that she now would drink her liquid. A hypnotic is in there and she would sleep until next the morning. This also would be the last time that she would be allowed to drink the conventional way. I reminded her of the cunt at the wall, gave her the liquid and kissed her good night. With one last and delicate stroke along her cheeks I left. I also was exhausted and needed a sunbath in my garden. And, of course, I urgently had to make plans for the both of us.

At seven o'clock in the morning her chastity-device shocked her awake. Certainly she would be dizzy and puzzled and use her voice. Some things you can only learn the hard way. The shackles that held her to her bed would open and a computer-voice would order her to get up and to stand still. If she would move without order she would be shocked. There is no way around this, dolls do not move until something else is ordered. Eventually the voice would tell her to move to the cunt at the wall and eat it out in order to get liquid and nourishment. If she refuses she would be shocked and if she stops eating out the cunt before the computer decides that she did a good job and provide her the liquid she also would be shocked. However, as long as she does a good job the vibes in her chastity-device grant her low-level pleasure for easy learning. Just conditioning a la Pawlow.

After she had earned herself a breakfast the voice ordered her back to her bed and to lie down again. The shackles closed automatically and kept her in almost com­plete immob­ility. I thought it would be necessary for her to make her feel at home and thus I had de­cided that she should spend her first week down there mostly alone and with only some rare visits from me, just like a good friend. I would bring some coffee and a cake for me and talk to her about all the marvellous prospects for the both of us. But for her first days it was necessary to train her in tease and denial, forced orgasms and shocks in order to break the ice. No girl can resist the overwhelming pleasure of these games.

Thus, after she lay down she received three hours of tease and denial, half an hour of forced orgasms, then four hours of tease and denial, then one hour of forced orgasms and so on until ten o'clock in the evening. And shocks, of course. She received three meals a day. In her supper, which she would have to earn herself at ten o'clock at night always were hypnotics, anti-psychotics and some painkillers. It is of course clear that her body would hurt and ache all over for the first weeks or months, but at some point her body would have adjusted to the condition it is kept in and painkillers would not be necessary anymore.

As I have already said above, I am not cruel and, concerning the condition I kept my doll in, wanted to be a caring Mistress.

To guarantee sanity it is utmost necessary to shock her down from the heights of ecstasy from time to time. This is of course also a part of the brainwash. After she has drifted in the cocoon of pleasure the shocks will make her highly alert again and the situation she is in will hit her hard. Her mind then will race, all her despair and her hopelessness will break through again and by these cycles she will learn step by step that thinking is not appropriate for her, that thinking is not good for her, because thinking ruins all the pleasure she can experience, that pleasure is her only way out, her only real escapism.

And because this pleasure, despite some films and music from time to time, is her only real entertainment she will inevitable try not to think anymore, try to abandon thought as best as possible. And as she also must not speak anymore this slowly will shut down her neocortex and destroy her personality, destroy her wish for a self-determined life. She will become reduced a mindless doll, she will still be able to experience everything in a vivid way, but the dollification will keep her conscious mind only half awake or less..

It is of course clear that I could not keep my doll in this steamroller of stimulation all the time, but intense stimulation mixed with shocks is the philosopher's stone of brain­washing.

After she has made herself familiar with her new home, after her introduction into the exuberant pleasure that is in store for her I also trained her to obey commands in­stantly without doubt, thought or question. She learned to move only on command and of course the treadmill in our master-playroom kept her body flexible and mobile. You can­not keep your doll in complete immobility only when you also want to play other games with her. I really like to say our play-room because it is clear to me that we had some­what of a relationship. Not as equals, but a relationship still. And as I am neither a mur­derer nor cruel I surely recognized that also I am tied to her because of my responsibil­ity for her. I just wanted to be a good Mistress and there is nothing wrong about it. De­cency, as I have mentioned above.

What shall I say? In no time Sandra became an expert in pleasuring my body with her tongue, in no time she accustomed to the good habits of a doll and in no time she was able to take the severest bondage and the utmost intense stimulation. She really enjoyed it. There was no doubt about it, her eyes told it crystal clear. I was proud of myself, I had done a really good job as a Mistress. Now she really was mine.

She also was in a constant state of high arousal and it was time for the reverse her tor­ment: switching the vibes off. By this time she was addicted to tease and denial and was nearly unable to stand periods without stimulation. But she was trained well and this made her even more aroused and to my surprise she sometimes orgasmed heavily without any further help from her chastity-device. I used this for further conditioning. I had the intention to train her to edge without outside stimulation and to orgasm without outside stimulation. And tell you what, I succeeded.

We had two wonderful years together, but something slowly changed. At first I did not notice it but more and more it dawned to me that I began to lose interest in her. She was all well down in her home, receiving tease and denial, forced orgasms, shocks and peri­ods without stimulation, but what about my arousal, what about my horniness? More and more seldom we spent time together in our play­room and more and more my fantasy cooled down. When I noticed that I did not play with her for two month I had to take measures. She was there for my pleasure and not the other way around! But what to do? Certainly I was responsible for her. She just has had her twenty-one's birth­day and still had a whole life ahead of her. She was well trained and thus still would make a high-class first market slave-girl for rub­ber-enthusiasts. But then I thought about the prospects of her to become stock of this second and third market - and I would never allow this.

3. Slave's retirement facility

I remembered that the godfather had mentioned something like a slaves retirement facility. I called this special phone-number they gave me and two days later I received an information folder about this facility, quite interesting to read.


Dear Mistresses and Masters,

just by the fact that you have thought about to hand your property over to our slaves retirement facility shows that you feel responsible for your property. You all know what a hell the second market and especially the third market can mean. Do not do this to your property if it has served you well.

Your property has given you all the pleasure you required from it and thus it deserves a species-appropriate retirement in our facility in exchange.

Our facility is located in Canada in the middle of nowhere. This ensures complete pri­vacy and security against the state and it's servants.

Due to the high request by Mistresses and Masters we are able to offer your property a life-long housing at low cost and an all-round service that fulfils the species-appropriate needs of your property.

Your property will be under the medical surveillance by the renown psychiatrist Dr. Carrie Waldorff. Dr. Waldorff is a senior partner of our management. She has studied at Harvard University and was a research fellow with the Max-Planck-Society in Germany. She has written many highly acknowledged scientific articles on the mental condition of imprisoned subjects and we are proud to inform you that her major results stem from her experience and research at our facility. Dr. Waldorff is gifted with a high level of empathy combined with rational analysis and so we can guarantee you that your property is in the best hands. Please be assured that Dr. Waldorff does not carry out experiments on your property. She is interested in to keep your property in good health and a sane mental condition.

If you want to visit our facility before you make a decision for your property you are welcome. In order to keep the facilities privacy and security we cannot tell you where it is located in detail. Please contact Mr. di Fabio by and he will arrange transport for you.

Your property deserves it!

All the best,

Warren S. Hughes, managing director

3.1. Ponies, kitties, puppies and cows

Species-appropriate housing is guaranteed.

Please note that we do not offer re-humanization of animals because, according to Dr. Waldorff, the state of mind they are in guarantees a happy life in retirement. It is com­pletely unlikely that animals develop depressions when they are kept under species-ap­propriate conditions.

Please specify the sexual condition of your pony/kitty/puppy. You can opt for complete chastity, tease and denial without orgasm, tease and denial with one orgasm after some period of time, tease and denial with x-forced orgasms after some period of time, one or­gasm or x-forced orgasms y-times a month, and/or free sexual contact with species-appropriate partners.

Please specify the clothing you wish for your pony/kitty/puppy.

For ponies our facility has a large stable and meadows where ponies and stallions can enjoy a happy living. We also offer horse-buggy training for the joy of the ponies if not older than thirty-five years. Buggy-training is essential for a good health condition. From time to time the management organizes races.

We require daily treadmill exercise in order to support the health-condition and to gener­ate green energy for the facility. This, of course, also reduces the cost of the housing, not only for ponies, but for every slave. We all should take responsibility for our planet.

To avoid trouble we require a full ponization of the state of mind and prefer ponies which have lost their arms due to constant mono-glove or boxtie training. If this is not the case we will of course arrange for this. The ability to walk or run in hoof shoes or boots should also be developed very well. If your pony still has difficulties with the deprivation of it's human speech we have excellent means to improve this. Remind that this is in the interest of your pony.

Cost: 400,000 USD. Please contact Mrs. Porter by porter@s-re­ for more information.

Kitties and puppies are naturally very easy to handle. We require a full kittification or puppification of the state of mind as well as the ability to walk on elbows and knees while the upper and lower arms, the calves and the thighs are fixed to each other tightly. If your pet still has difficulties with this species-appropriate way to move we expertly can take care about this. If your pet still has difficulties with the deprivation of it's human speech we have excellent means to improve this. Remind that this is in the interest of your kitty/puppy. We usually allow kitties and puppies to stroll around freely because this is species-appropriate. If you want your puppy in a leashed condition please specify the details and communicate them to Mrs. Porter, see below. Puppies are caged for the night while kitties are usually allowed to look for their sleeping-place themselves. Be assured that your pet will have the appropriate entertainment and attention by our staff.

Cost: 350,000 USD. Please contact Mrs. Porter by for more information.

Cows can join our ponies in our stables and on our meadows and live a happy and species-appropriate life there. We require a daily milking routine, expertly take care of the milk-flow and try to enhance it with the veterinary advice of John Baker MD. Dr. Baker is a capacity on his field. He has written three seminal papers together with the famous Dr. Temple Grandin. To guarantee high quality milk and a steady enhancement of the amount Dr. Baker uses his well founded hor­monal therapy in combination with target-oriented sexual stimulation. Please note that it is not pos­sible to keep your cow chaste or in otherwise restricted sexual condi­tions.

Of course we require a full cowization of the state of mind. We prefer cows which have lost their arms due to intense mono-glove or boxtie training. If this is not the case we will of course arrange for this. The ability to walk in hoof shoes or boots should also be developed very well. If your cow still has difficulties with the depriva­tion of it's human speech we have excellent means to improve this. Remind that this is in best the interest of your cow.

The milk of your cow will serve as a major food ingredient for our kitties and thus we are happy to tell you that we can offer housing already for marvellous 300,000 USD. Please contact Mrs. Porter by for more in­formation.

3.2. Maids

All maids we house fulfil species-appropriate duties in our facility. The duties of our maids depend on their experience and training, but we also conduct training in areas where the maid has no experience yet.

Please specify the severity of the bondage condition your maid is used to, if you want us to keep her like this, if you want us to enhance this condition or if you grant her some more freedom during her retirement.

Standard punishment for maids is carried out by the rod or the riding crop. The number of hits, ten is the minimum, depends on the offence. To our experience this is species-appropriate. Please specify exactly if you want different measures of pun­ishment for your maid.

Please specify the species of your maid: French maid, rubber maid, English maid.

Please specify the sexual condition of your maid shall be kept in. You can opt for com­plete chastity, tease and denial without orgasm, tease and denial with one orgasm after some period of time, tease and denial with x-forced orgasms after some period of time, one or­gasm or x-forced orgasms y-times a month, and/or free sexual contact with other slaves in human condition during the maid's spare-time.

Species-appropriate our maids spend their standard spare-time (10 hours a day) locked in cells in the style of the nineteenth century in the basement. Your maid will have all pos­sibilities to take care of her hygiene and proper appearance. Special­ized maids will take care of your maid's hair-cut.

Please specify the level of entertainment you will grant your maid. You can opt for no entertainment in the style of the nineteenth century or earlier, you can allow books, and/or music, and/or audio books, and/or films. To keep your maid in good mental condition we advise you to allow her at least one book and one orgasm per month as a minimum source of distraction and entertainment.

Please be informed that by medical indication Dr. Waldorff will change the entertain­ment you have chosen for your maid, both sexual and mental, for as long as it is neces­sary. Of course we switch back to your wishes as soon as possible. This will cause you no additional costs.

We are happy to tell you that your maid will earn her stay with us by the work she does, such that we only require a processing-fee of 50,000 USD. Please contact Mr. Langley by for more information.

3.3. Rubber-dolls, Bondage-dolls, Sex-toys

Species-appropriate housing is guaranteed.

Usually a doll is a rubber-doll, a bondage-doll and a sex-toy all in one. To guarantee ap­propriate housing in the interest of your doll Dr. Waldorff will analyse the mental and health condition your doll is in. On the basis her analysis Dr. Waldorff will suggest the optimal retirement condition for your doll, concerning especially the stimulation your doll should receive.

Please note that doll-housing is expensive because we feel responsible and only retire dolls in a state of complete medical surveillance. Because of the utter state of helpless­ness a doll is in, without any possibility to communicate anything this is mandatory and not negotiable.

We offer:

Complete de-humanization at our disposal. Cost: 400,000 USD.

We are happy to offer you the possibility to proceed with your doll's de-humanization with the target of an all-over, complete and totally irreversible objectification. In this state we place your doll as statue, furniture, other pieces of art-work or an all-time avail­able sex-toy around our facility, such that all of us, including the doll, can take pleasure in it. Dr. Waldorff can assure you that your doll will still be able to feel and process pleasure, arousal and frustration in a vivid but very low-level state of awareness. In this condition Dr. Waldorff will chose the appropriate sexual entertainment for your doll.

Costs for keeping your doll in it's state of the art depends on this state. For more in­formation, please contact Mrs. Gonzalez, see below.

Standard housing I: full rubber body-bag or vacuum-bed or isolation cell, immobility, full sensory deprivation, deprivation of speech, breath-control and sexual entertain­ment at your disposal. Cost: 600,000 USD.

Standard housing II: same as standard housing I plus changing bondage positions.

Cost: 700,000 USD.

Standard housing III: same as standard housing II plus a separated home for your doll.

Cost: 800,000 USD.

Please be informed that by medical indication Dr. Waldorff will change the sexual entertainment and the storage condition you have chosen for your doll. Of course we switch back to your wishes as soon as possible. This will cause you no additional costs.

Complete re-humanization and appropriate housing. Cost: 2,000,000 USD.

A re-humanization can be indicated in the case that your doll has developed a depres­sion. This can happen despite all the pleasure that floods over it. Please be advised that the development of a depression is not necessarily a result of an improper treatment by the doll's owner. Dolls are in a very special state of mind and sometimes the doll's brain is not able to cope with this anymore.

Please note that re-humanization is not always possible. In her analysis of your doll's state Dr. Waldorff will communicate this to you and help you to find alternatives.

If re-humanization is possible and you opt for it we can absolutely assure you that your doll will re-trans­form into a human being in a state of complete mental sanity.

Please note that in the interest of your doll we only will house re-humanized dolls in one of our two-room hotel-like flats or hotel-like suites with full entertainment possib­ilities, clothing at wish and privacy. A suite will cause additional costs of 2,000,000 USD.

From a medical point of view a prison-like housing in a cell is irre­sponsible. Re-human­ized dolls will be treated like normals persons with the only restriction that she/he can never leave the facility.

To cope with boredom we offer that your re-humanized doll can join our team and work with us. We also of­fer lan­guage courses or university-level studies that have been worked out by experts. Of course we also offer distraction for normal or low-level intellects.

If your re-humanized doll feels the need to be in bondage or to be used/abused in any way we of course can provide an appropriate service.

Specialized maids will expertly take care of the proper appearance of your re-human­ized doll.

In the case that there is a medical indication for a re-dollification we will take care of this condition under the expert guidance of Dr. Waldorff. This will cause you no additional cost.

Please contact Mrs. Gonzalez for more information by Mrs. Gonzalez is happy to arrange an appointment with Dr. Waldorff.

3.4. Slaves in human condition

For housing we have the following offers:

Maidification at our disposal. For the condition of a maid please see above.

Cost: 50,000 USD processing-fee plus 100,000 USD training-fee.

Keeping in prison-like cells with or without further restraints at your choice.

Cost: 300,000 USD.

Please specify the sexual condition your slave shall be kept in. You can opt for complete chastity, tease and denial without orgasm, tease and denial with one orgasm after some period of time, tease and denial with x-forced orgasms after some period of time, one or­gasm or x-forced orgasms y-times a month, and/or free sexual contact with other slave's in human condition. In order to keep your slave sane we suggest at least one orgasm per month.

Please also specify the entertainment condition of your slave: none, books and/or mu­sic and/or audio books and/or films. In order to keep your slave sane we suggest at least one book per month for distraction and entertainment.

Please specify the clothing condition of your slave: none, lingerie/rubber/leather with/without high-heels and/or boots, normal clothing or leave this choice to your slave.

Specialized maids will expertly take care of the proper appearance and hygiene of your slave.

Please be informed that by medical indication Dr. Waldorff will change the imprison­ment condition and entertain­ment you have chosen for your slave, both sexual and men­tal, for as long as it is necessary. Of course we switch back to your wishes as soon as possible. This will cause you no additional costs.

De-humanization at our disposal.

Cost: 400,000 USD for housing plus 100,000 USD training-fee.

We recommend dollification as a state of retirement because it's de-humaniz­ing ef­fects will save your slave from the boredom and hopelessness of a life-long incarcera­tion on a prison-like level. In the case your slave is less than thirty years old we can also offer you a ponification, kitti­fication, puppyfication or cowification (girls only). The special state of mind of all these conditions will help your slave to cope with and even forget about her/his lifelong imprisonment and will ensure that she/he has fun.

The de-hu­manization will be carried out expertly by Dr. Wal­dorff.

Lodging in a two-room hotel-like flat. Cost: 1,000,000 USD.

Lodging in a hotel-like suite. Cost: 2,000,000 USD.

Please note that in the lodging-option for housing the slave is treated like a normal per­son with the only restriction that she/he can never leave the facility. All means of enter­tainment: books, music, audio books and films are available. Clothing at wish and privacy are guaranteed.

To cope with boredom we offer that your slave can join our team and work with us. We also offer language courses and university-level studies that have been worked out by experts. Of course we also offer distraction for normal or low-level intellects.

If your slave feels the need to be in bondage or to be used/abused in any way we of course can provide an appropriate service.

Specialized maids will expertly take care of the proper appearance of your slave.

If you feel highly responsible for your human-conditioned slave we highly recom­mend our lodging-offers in order to provide her/him at least a life worth living. Your slave gave you pleasure, your slave deserves it!

Please contact Mrs. Bernheim for more information by Note that Mrs. Bernheim is a lucky retired slave in a two-room lodging-solution, so please feel free to ask her any questions you might have.

I stopped reading and was deeply impressed. Then I thought about Sandra and came to the conclusion that it is really not her fault that I lost interest in her. I made her into the creature she is now, I moulded her into the condition she is in now, I am responsible for her. Sandra served me well in those years and I thought that she would deserve a re-hu­manization for this. They have kidnapped her, I have bought her, but she surely would have opted for another life if there had been a choice for her - and for all the pleasure she gave me she deserved at least a life as a high-class prisoner at the slaves retirement facility. I emailed Mrs. Gonzalez and she made an appointment with Dr. Waldorff.

4. Me and Carrie

Dr. Waldorff visited me two weeks later. After the usual chitchat we went down to Sandra's home. Dr. Waldorff - Carrie - was deeply impressed. She had seen a lot homes of dolls, but my one was one of the best she could think of. She lauded me for my idea with the sun-light and my use of anti-psychotics in Sandra's liquid nourishment. Carrie was sure that this had guaranteed smooth and soft dollification.

Carrie wanted to see Sandra in action. I loosened the shackles that strapped her tightly to her bed and ordered "doll - up". Instantly Sandra got up and stood still in front of us. She did not even need to balance anymore, the ballets had virtually become her feet. I ordered "doll - elevator" and Sandra moved inside the elevator and stood still again. Carrie and I entered too and we drove up to our playroom. I ordered "doll - out - bed­side" and Sandra moved to the side of our bondage-bed. Carrie and I went to the com­puter and I showed her Sandra's reaction patterns. Again Carrie was impressed.

Carrie had brought some instruments with her and I helped to carry them down into the playroom. At first Carrie wanted to have a blood sample to get information about Sandra's state before a play-session. I loosened the boxtie-bag and unfolded one of Sandra's arms. Sandra kept her eyes straight, she did not even notice it. By then she was so deep into dollification that no bondage would have been needed anymore, but what is a doll without bondage? I unlocked and took away one of her mittens and unfolded the hand such that Carrie could chose one of the veins. To avoid trouble she wanted to make Sandra to sit down on the bed but Sandra did not show any reaction. I ordered "doll - bed - sit down" and Sandra sat down. Carrie took ten samples for an extensive analysis and asked me to leave this hand free for additional samples.

I nodded and ordered Sandra to lie down. Carrie found it amazing that Sandra's other arm, even without the boxtie bag, had not moved an inch. I fixed her into immobility and Carrie put a measurement device on Sandra's head to measure the brain pattern before, while and after play.

On the monitor Carrie explained to me that Sandra's brain activity is only on it's lowest level. The neocortex was almost complete down, but that is to be expected for a well-trained doll. It's part of the de-humanization.

Then Carrie wanted to see Sandra in action again. At first I showed her what I was really proud of. I ordered "doll - edge" and Sandra rose to her edge. Carrie took her data and both we marvelled at my so well-trained doll. After fifteen minutes I ordered "doll - orgasm" and Sandra started to orgasm. Carrie took her data, but as Sandra did not stop to orgasm she looked at me puzzled. She orgasms as long as I wish I told her.

While Sandra was in her orgasm-state Carrie showed me the brain-patterns, highly active, but the neocortex still down. In amazement we watched the activity of the nucleus ac­cumbens, the pleasure centre in the mesolimbic system, which showed one peak after another, synchronized with the orgasms that rolled over Sandra. Carrie asked me to stop the orgasms, I ordered "doll - stop - orgasm" and Sandra immediately stopped. Carrie showed me that the nucleus accumbens was active still, which indicated that Sandra was still in a highly aroused state. Carrie took another blood sample. While she did this Car­rie told me that Sandra must be in a state of sheer and overwhelming bliss. I smiled, I really had done a good job. And I was relieved to know that Sandra indeed has fun.

This done we began to work through the tease and denial, forced orgasm and shock routine. During tease and denial the activity of the nucleus accumbens even increased, showed no peaks but a constant line which indicated the highest possible state of arousal. Again Carrie took blood samples. We left Sandra in tease and denial for around an hour. Slowly but steadily the brain patterns showed an activity that indicated frustration. Carrie explained that this indicates that the limbic system and the amygdala are switching in. Carrie watched closely but the activity of the nucleus accumbens remained on a high level. Following my intuition I ordered "doll - allowed to move" and Sandra immediately started to fight her bonds, tried to gyrate her pelvis as best as she could to get this orgasm. Carrie smiled at me.

Your doll is now in a state of pure agony and arousal, she explained. This is a very good sign. Her attraction-frustration patterns are still active, this means that she really is able to experience and to process what happens, she really feels it.

Carrie pointed to the monitor and we both watched how the neocortex slowly tuned up. Carrie said that Sandra is now somewhat awake, not enough to notice the condition she is in, but enough to get a vivid experience of what is inflicted on her. Again Carrie took a blood sample.

When the hour was up we started the forced orgasms. The patterns were the same. At the beginning just the nucleus accumbens was active, but at some point the amygdala and the limbic system switched in again and both we knew that Sandra really feels what happens with her. From her movements we could judge that she now wanted to get away from the stimulation. We left Sandra in forced orgasms for one hour again and watched the brain pattern.

At some point we could see a clear oscillation. During orgasm only the nucleus accum­bens was active while between the orgasms only the limbic system and the amygdala were active. Carrie explained that this is the typical phase were brainwashing starts. The brain does not know anymore if it wants the stimulation to stop or to go on. This also belongs to the attraction-frustration pattern, Carrie explained, and is again a good sign.

She asked me to extend the forced orgasm phase for another hour. We saw the patterns change. The amygdala and the limbic system switched off again, but the nucleus accum­bens was still on high. The neocortex was also still on a below medium level activity, which meant that Sandra could feel and process as an individual but without noticing the whole condition she is in. This is also a good sign Carrie said. Your doll is now in sheer bliss again.

She asked me to stop the forced orgasms, I did so, and both we saw that the nucleus ac­cumbens switched almost off and the amygdala and the limbic system switched in again. Carrie explained that Sandra would now is in a highly frustrated state, Sandra would like to go on. This is part of the brainwashing you induced, Carrie told me, Sandra is ad­dicted to orgasm.

I answered that I had assumed this and that I thus keep Sandra in extended periods without any stimulation. Carrie nodded. This was absolutely correct to do, she explained, because this keeps the attraction-frustration scheme alive. You do your doll a real favour with this, because it brings her down to earth again. Constant stimulation can cause a total shut-down of the areas where lust and pleasure can be experienced and processed. When this state is reached the doll is nothing more but an amoeba that shows only body-reactions. There is no fun about that, because what is the point in owning a brain-dead body.

Carrie asked me to switch to tease and denial again. After half an hour I should start with the shocks. We saw peaks in the amygdala and the limbic systems and valleys in the nucleus accumbens. However, after some period of time Sandra's arousal grew again. All is fine Carrie said, you have created a perfect doll. I just need to analyse the blood samples and then I can tell you more.

I left Sandra in the tease and denial and shock rhythm and helped Carrie with her instru­ments.

After all instruments were stored in Carries van I had a question. Why, I asked, was there no activity of the amygdala and the limbic system while Sandra had the series of orgasms just by my order without any further stimulation.

This is due to the lack of outside stimulation, Carrie explained to me. By obeying your order the activity of the nucleus accumbens is generated by the nucleus accumbens itself due to a reaction training. The pleasure is generated by the pleasure of obedience and so on. This is a self-organizing process. The brain only can judge outside stimulation as to be too much or too less or just right. If you remember, the neocortex only started to tune up when the stimulation came from the outside.

I nodded. This was quite interesting.

As we bid farewell Carrie told me that she would have the blood data in a two days time, she knows a good laboratory near her hotel. She would visit me again and talk about the best option for Sandra.

Two days later Carrie was back. We made ourselves comfortable in my living-room and Carrie began to talk about her analysis.

Sandra is in a excellent mental and health condition, she told me, she is able to experi­ence, process and feel everything that is inflicted on her, but she is not awake enough to notice her condition as a doll. This is perfect! Again she lauded me for my idea with the sun-light and the anti-psychotics. That certainly has saved Sandra's mental condition for a vivid experience of her treatment.

Sandra's blood-values show a high level of dopamine, adrenalin and serotonin. This sup­ports the brain-patterns and confirms that below the surface of the doll there is still a human individual that can be re-humanized successfully. Especially the serotonin indic­ates that Sandra really has fun. Sadly, as Carrie explained, there is a large number of dolls who develop a depression despite all the pleasure that floods over them. In such a case there is a strong indication for a re-humanization if there is still an individual below the surface of the doll. If the owner is not willing to pay for this the only other option is a complete and irreversible de-humanization if the progression of the depression cannot be reversed. The facility will do this for the best of the doll even against the will of the owner. I never will allow suffering, Carrie confirmed with a suddenly stern voice.

However, Sandra is far from depression, her serotonin level is so high and the almost constant state of arousal she is in indicates that she takes an enormous pleasure in being a doll. Carrie cordially advised me to hand Sandra to the facility as she is, without any changes. The best rhythm for her would be tease and denial for one week, sexual frustration the next week. All three month she should be granted a forced orgasm day.

Can Sandra still develop a depression, I asked.

Carrie nodded. In this case I would put anti-depressants and strong anti-psychotics into her nourishment in order to avoid progression. In the case that I cannot reverse the pro­gression of the depression do you allow for a complete and irreversible de-humanization for the best of Sandra?

I nodded. Okay, I said. I want the best for Sandra, so do with her as you suggested. However, if she ever develops a depression and there is still an individual below the doll then I want that the facility re-humanizes her.

Carrie nodded. If this is the case I will get in touch with you. Thank you very much that you care for her!

Then I asked another question. Maybe, as a psychiatrist, you can help me. I have created this perfect doll and got tired of her very soon. Two years and two month and the fun for me was over. Can you give me some advise how I could extend my fun?

From all I can see, Carrie said, you moved very fast in training and conditioning. Just take shorter steps and only use anti-psychotics when you feel that they are really neces­sary, when she is suffering. Do not confuse suffering with desperation. Suffering in a pathological sense is sometimes far beyond imagination. I will prescribe you the best medicals against suffering. Despair but belongs to the doll's conditioning.

Let the doll fight against you, let her feel the condition she is in as a fully awake individu­al for as long as possible, let her feel the total helplessness of her situation for as long as possible, move slowly with the brainwashing. Work with an intense torment-reward scheme, inflict some more pain and try to break her as slowly as possible.

This may sound somewhat cruel in words, but I can assure you that this will help your doll to adjust to her condition. It allows her to act out her humanity for as long as pos­sible, this allows her to transform helplessness and desperation into pleasure in a com­pletely natural way. When she then gives in at some point she is convinced that to be a doll is the best for her. And when this happens a rogue-wave of arousal and pleasure will wash over her and nothing else will matter anymore. It is just the same like with an or­gasm. The longer it takes to approach it, the better and deeper it will be. If you like, your next doll can become my patient and I can guide you both.

I thanked Carrie for her offer.

Then I dared to ask another question I was not sure about if I should ask, but I was too nosy.

How did you get into this, I asked her. I mean I am a Mistress - are you a Mistress too or is it...

Carrie smiled. Then, very frankly, she answered me.

My scientific biography is not so high gloss as they advertise it. Yes, I studied at Harvard, yes I was a research fellow with the Max-Planck-Society, but after this I had a long un­employed period. Years! Already during my studies I was interested in jail-psychiatry be­cause I have the opinion that every human being, regardless what she or he may have committed, deserves an appropriate and human treatment. In jails this is ignored far too often, may it be in Europe or the US. Only in Switzerland and Liechtenstein you can find something like an appropriate incarceration that serves the human condition. I do not talk about vanilla, but the highest punishment for most people is the loss of their freedom. It is unnecessary to add unacceptable housing or food that does not deserve it's name or a violent and abusive atmosphere in the jail. Only real gangsters or con­vinced criminals have the state of mind to survive this completely unaffected. In such cases other measures are certainly in order.

During my first career I have published some papers but the world of jail-psychiatry did not respond well on them. I was advised to re-think my ansatz, but I stood to my work and no scientific institute wanted to hire me anymore, from jails not even to speak. Remind that psychiatry is still not a hard-wired science like physics or chem­istry where facts are facts. In psychiatry, like in the arts, a lot of things are, well, ne­gotiable.

Because I had specialized in jail-psychiatry it was impossible for me to settle down and open my own practice, even if I would have had the money to do so. I could go to Har­vard just because of a grant from the university. At least I could prescribe myself the medicals that allowed me to keep going. I did a lot of low-grade work to make my living, but one day I found a strange announcement: a job-offer for a jail-psychiatrist in a retire­ment facility. There were no further informations, but what had I to lose? I sent them my application documents per email and a few weeks later they send me a ticket and in­vited me to fly to Dubai. In Dubai I was kidnapped and they brought me to the facility. They told me that they are sorry for this rough treatment, but it is all for my personal se­curity. How right they were! Right from the beginning they talked plain with me and showed me around. At first I was shocked, I never ever had believed that things like this really do exists, that slavery really does exist. I knew about these sexual fantasies, but this was really real!

The scientist in me immediately found prospects. Carrie was highly disgusted, but Dr. Waldorff could help to improve the life of all these slaves. I could not change their fate, but I could help to ease it or to make it the right way. So I joined the fa­cility, earn a ri­diculously high salary and am partner in crime with the prospect of life-long incarcera­tion if they get us. I would prefer a death-sentence, life-long incarceration is only accept­able with my methods.

Carrie smiled again. The money is of less interest to me, my interest is the health and mental condition of the slaves. But with the back-up by my salary and my experience from the facility I could further promote my ideas in the scientific world and finally suc­ceeded - at least a little bit in theory. Nothing has changed in jailing, and I fear it will not change, regardless of what I publish. But in the facility I changed almost everything. It is my little empire.

Soon I discovered that I am somewhat attracted by this kinky stuff, but I did not know on which side. Already in my first year I de­veloped a special interest in dolls because they are fas­cinating. The state of mind is absolutely unique. From all what we know from nature it should be impossible, but it is real. Before me dolls were just stored. Poor things. The process of complete re- or de-humanization is my de­velopment, both in the best in­terest of the dolls under certain circumstances, as you know from our advertise­ment.

I also worked out the state-analysis in order to judge which kind of stimulation serves the needs of the doll at best. But I have to admit it, sometimes I do not know if I want to own a doll in order to give her all what it really needs - or if I want to be one myself, but certainly only under my own spell, which of course is impossible.

But this question worked on me and I developed a treatment, specifying any little detail - and took my full six-weeks holidays. The management had agreed to this experiment and I became a doll for the time of my holidays under the treatment I had worked out. It was fascinating of course, but soon enough my high-level brain functions tuned down. They collected data while I was just feeling and bliss. I certainly tried to fight, I certainly developed ideas that I had trapped myself, but at some point this vanished, was of no interest anymore and it was wonderful.

Time has no meaning for a doll. When they freed me after the six weeks I could not be­lieve it. I had thought that I only had spent two weeks at maximum in my condition. Guided by my experience I refined the doll's treatment as best as I could. In the next year I again took all my holidays and became a doll.

I further refined my treatment and my next holidays were doll-time again. For the pro­spect of a doll my work is essential because I know both sides and can analyse it. If a doll can answer on questions it is no doll. That's the problem.

In the slaver's world this made me the capacity par excellence for doll treatment and doll retirement. Any Mistress or Master who feels responsible for her/his doll wants me to watch over her/his property. The income of our facility tripled in no time and as a re­ward for me I now have twelve weeks of holidays a year from which I still spend six weeks dollified. There is only one thing left. I would like to experience a real de-human­ization according to my method and a complete re-humanization according to my meth­od. But there is of course nobody I could trust with this. So I must rely on my intuition and my data.

My experience with dollification but also improved ponification and all other de-human­ization plays. If it must be at all then please do it the right way! In the slavers world I give talks to inform Mistresses or Masters that are interested in a cor­rect and doll-appro­priate treatment. This does not mean vanilla, but I can tell them when to use pleasure and what kind of pleasure and it's intensity to get what they want and when to use pain and what kind of pain and it's intensity to get what they want. During my dollifications I sometimes experience tremendous pain by shocks or else, but the outcome is always the wished one. Thus, when I advise you to inflict pain or desperation I really know what I am talking about. Trust me, your doll will be fine with it, both of you will be fine with it.

I just sat opposite to her, eyes wide open and said WOW! Carrie smiled on me.

Have you noticed any modifications in your personality due to your dollifications, I asked.

Well, she said, my sentence is too short to cause any real modifications. But certainly I have noticed that from time to time I can enter the play on a higher level of intensity. Maybe I become dollified at a very slow pace.

Again she smiled.

Have you ever thought of to become a real doll?

Well, she said, sometimes this idea is fascinating and very arousing. But, as I already have said, in the long run I can only trust myself and thus it is impossible.

She shrugged her shoulders.

Sorry, I have no intention to be invasive on you, but could you tell me if your point of view with respect to the slaves has changed. I mean compared to your view at the begin­ning of your work at the facility. I ask this because, well, since I have lost interest in Sandra I feel a lot of sympathy for her and sometimes think that this non-consensual play might have been a fault. That, well, you now what I mean. I have these needs, cer­tainly, but...

Well, she began, real slavery is a fact. You know that, I know that. The guys that I really hate is the Mafia who abduct young people or even children and ruin their lives. But demand leads to offer and money can buy everything when the amount is high enough. I do not want to insult you as a Mistress, I mean demand in the general sense. Youngsters become abducted with or without your personal demand. As for Sandra I can assure you that she was lucky with you.

You have no idea what I have seen in the doll world - horrible! Sometimes it takes me months to correct all the errors that have been made, sometimes only a complete de-hu­manization will help. I de­veloped it because of these poor dolls. Nobody can imagine the state of a doll which suffers from depression for years without the possibility to commit suicide or cry for help. Depression makes the human mind awake again, shuts down the recept­iveness for pleasure - and makes it worse and worse and worse. The problem with depression is that you see all too crystal clear. Such a doll indeed is a hu­man kept as a doll without dollification. I would call this a felony mayhem. Even in non-consensual slavery this is regarded as a crime amongst most slavers! Only ultra-heavy sadists, well, you know. Such a human, mention that I say human, is lucky when she/he develops a heavy mental derangement that shuts down her/his neocortex and maybe the limbic system. The brain stem is enough to keep you alive. But this can take years. You can understand it like this. The consciousness is fully awake but the reaction-patterns are still that of the doll. It is like the locked-in syndrom.

But back to your question. The ruined life is fact and my work starts at this point. If non-consensual slavery is demanded then it should be done the right way such that also the slave get's it's part of the cake. Believe it or not, but de-humanization play, when car­ried out correctly, is the best what can happen to a slave. At first the way is hard for the slave, but this changes at some point. The human mind is nearly asleep, they indeed be­have like animals, guided by the limbic system and thus they do not register what is hap­pening to them. This en­sures that they can take pleasure in their situation.

Believe it or not, slaves that are kept in a human condition are far worse off in the hands of a bad and incapable Mistress or Master, because they experience all in a fully awake state of mind. This is the reason why I advertise for the maidification, dollification or poni­fication of human-conditioned slaves for retirement if, and only if Mistress or Mas­ter is not willing to pay the full lodging-price. Lifelong incarceration in a prison-like cell is hell, even with some entertainment! Better than the second or the third market, but still hell! And some of these bastards indeed opt for chastity, continuous bondage and no entertainment at all! Unbelievable! More than once I tried to convince the manage­ment to remove this offer - but they refuse for business reasons! It is cheap money with almost 60% pay-off! I do all that I can for these poor creatures, but I also have a budget. Sometimes I put some of my own money in.

In conclusion I take the facts for granted. My empathy starts at the point where I really can help the slaves - in their condition as slaves! I don't think about the things I cannot alter, I also must protect myself. Un­derstand?

I nodded.

For you this means the following. If you want to be a good Mistress, if you want to be a Mistress that deserves to own a slave you of course must show empathy but without any feelings of being sorry. If you feel sorry stop slaving.

Just look at the facts: you want a non-consensual slave, you buy one, thus you are responsible for it. Imagine yourself into the following chain: abducted, enslaved, sold or auctioned to a complete stranger who has absolute power over you. Sheer horror! This is the basis on which you must build up a relationship for the sake of the both of you. Show em­pathy in order to judge what the slave needs, in order to guess how you must handle the slave in order that it does what you want without beating it down by the whip! Empathy is not a weakness, it is a strength, es­pecially for good Mistresses and Masters. Finally, empathy can teach you that even non-consensual slaving is not a one-way road. The partnership may not be amongst equals, but it still is a partnership where give and take must be exercised, for the sake of both parts. Even a sadist, if she/he wants a fulfilling relationship, must stick to these rules, use the pain-pleasure condition­ing and try to enhance it step by step. Understand?

My best advice is always the following. Put a little additional horror on the state of hor­ror the slave is in when you first meet. Be stern but do not overact. It will be so frightened that it inevitable makes it's first step of compliance towards you, it can't do else, nature forces it to survive. Except there is already a depression. In this case call me urgently! And again, when you cannot stand all the tears, all the unintelligible mumbling of pleas behind the gag or the sobbing - stop slaving! As a Mistress you should take pleasure in this! But let the slave act all this out. It is necessary in order to accustom to it's new life. Empathy yes, sympathy no!

What the slave does not know is that you also take a step towards it. Play with this situ­ation, modest, take your time, try to build up some trust, show the slave that it can ex­pect to be treated fair concerning the condition it is kept in. Eventually you must, by em­pathy, realize that the distance between you and the slave is quite right. Then you take a step back and the slave inevitably will follow you because it never ever will risk the infin­itesimal amount of trust it has earned and it's first albeit nonsense privilege. The slave will never forget it's condition at your first meeting, it rather forgets all it's family and friends from it's past life. Tow it behind you, step by step, into a fulfilling relationship for the both of you. This is easier said than done. If you need advice, call me.

I nodded. I had already guessed this I thought for myself, but this are really points I must work on. My next doll deserves this! At least Carrie assured me that I did a good job on Sandra, certainly just by accident. I was relieved still.

Why do you call a slave an it when you talk about them, I asked.

This is just because I do not want to say she/he all the time. You know that I also see the hu­man being. I can give you an example. When your Sandra would be in a bad con­dition I would and I should feel sympathy and empathy for Sandra the doll. For Sandra the human below the doll but I only should feel empathy in order to provide her a good re-dollification. If I would feel sympathy for Sandra the human I would not be a good psychiatrist. It is not mines to chose if Sandra is a doll or a human, this is your choice and yours alone. I just conduct the best service and advise I can offer.

My duties as a psychiatrist are the same as your duties as a Mistress - but you have this additional choice! Understand?

I nodded.

By the way, I think it is clear that when you require my services I have to send you addi­tional bills, because this is not included in the facilities' fee for Sandra. This is not be­cause of me, I have enough money, it's because of the facility, it consumes working-time. And I think that you have more than enough money.

I nodded.

But now I have to go, I must catch my plane, she said and stood up. Sandra will be in the best care this world can offer you. And do not forget: make your new doll my patient and the both of you will experience a wonderful time together.

We shook hands and she left. Two days later they took Sandra to the facility.

I felt that I really needed a break, I noticed that without my doll I could do some trav­elling. I made a first-class tour around the world for nearly one year, then I felt ripe for my next plaything. I was horny as hell.

5. Me, Katherina and Sandra II.

I went to Kazakhstan and inspected the first market stock. Again I chose a girl of Ger­man origin, Katherina, 18 years old, just finished school, no virgin, lesbian tendency, only basic train­ing received - perfect.

I paid 5,000,000 USD cash and two weeks later she was de­livered to my house. This time I was only stern and left away all too friendly or nurs­ing attitudes. I took her down into her new home and told her the facts. The next day I called Carrie and she worked out a treatment for Katherina according to my wishes. To my opinion Carrie went only on half speed compared to the speed I had moved with Sandra. We left her more spare-time in the sense that we just kept her in her home with rare stimulation only. Not each day for hours, but only eventually. This made her more thank­ful when stimulation was granted, but also kept her resistance up - and her hatred. Carrie had advised me that I should come down once to three times a week and have coffee and cake, sandwiches or even a warm meal with me, maybe a glass of wine and so on. I should only wear com­fortable cloths, nightgowns, silk and so on, nothing kinky. Or maybe I should show up in a bikini and take a sunbath right in the artificial sun-light, sunglasses on and play pre­tend to luxuriate as best as possible.

This naturally would keep up Katherina's hatred on me because she inevitably must compare this to her con­dition. Only liquid food that tastes like cunt, only the smell of rubber and leather, no motion and no speech allowed. And in this hatred we mixed pleasure and shocks. Eventually her brain told her that it is better to give in, to abandon thought and just to take the pleasure. But, of course, this all takes time. The mind will still interfere and try to resist. But the more the pleasure sinks in as the only real means of entertainment, as the only real means of escapism the subject will inevitable begin to hate thought, because thought only ruins all.

Carrie also advised me that I should not provide music, films or audio-books. She de­signed several binaural beat-patterns that could be played in endless loops. This would provide enough entertainment in the sense of a second stimulus. Katherina's boredom should balance on the edge between hatred against her slaver and the longing for to be­come her Mistress' doll in order to feel happy again.

In Sandra's treatment I had rolled over her with steamrollers of stimulation in order to break her, even the thought of resistance would have been impossible. In Katherina's case we managed to induce a very smooth transition by making her in fact to long for to become a doll, we made her long for stimulation, because far to often we deprived her of it. She only was granted some stimulation when she showed good doll's manners, obey instantly on whatever is ordered. And we always emphasized that it would be very easy for her to get more entertainment, she just would have to give in.

It is so easy doll, I always whispered softly to her, why don't you just do it?

Eventually her neocortex told her that this is the far better choice. If there is only one way out nature will take this way. Mindless pleasure beyond believe.

Every two months Carrie checked on her patient, adjusted the treatment plan here and there and I had much more fun than with Sandra. Thinking back, Sandra was broken already after six months with me. We managed to keep Katherina in resistance and desperation for nearly a year. By Katherina's brain pat­terns and blood samples Carrie proved to me that despite resistance and despair there is a large amount of pleasure involved for her. Carrie said that Katherina keeps on fighting because deep down she knows that it is useless, and this indeed transforms into pleasure, intense pleasure. Katherina broke down slowly but steadily and eventu­ally started to become a real doll, however with still a below-medium level of awareness under the surface, but with her personality asleep. Perfect!

To ensure this condition she remained Carrie's patient. Again we trained Katherina to re­act on orders like a robot - this is not easy - and transformed her into the best lick­ing-toy on this world. By her tongue I experienced pleasure beyond believe. And she was really ar­duous in it. She could lick me for hours if I wished so. Katherina also was really gif­ted in heavy bondage. Her spine became so flexible over time that I virtually could tie her shoulders to her calves in order to create nearly a perfect circle. And I could leave her like this for hours. Katherina's brain-patterns showed us that in this completely un­natural position her reactions on tease and denials training were exuberant.

After only one year with Katherina I received a phone-call from Carrie. She informed me that Sandra has developed a depression. If I still am willing to grant her re-humaniza­tion I should decide immediately because by her serotonin and dopamine levels she is really suffering. Carrie apologized for this, but this condition showed up so sudden that she was not able to do anything against it. The only other option would be a com­plete and irreversible de-humanization. Carrie really felt sorry for Sandra because she was such a perfect doll. I agreed to Sandra's re-humanization in first-class treatment. She deserved it.

However, after three years with Katherina I needed a change again. Because Carrie had all her data she suggested the same treatment as for Sandra. Carrie cordially ad­vised me not to chose a re-humanization, because for Katherina the doll-state would be much more appropriate. According to Carrie's analysis the risk for Katherina to de­velop an in­dication for re-dollification is above 70% - Carrie really has done a good job I thought. Although Katherina would not really notice it, but dollified she would have the best life I could wish for her. I agreed to this and she was taken to the facility. Thanks to Carrie's expertise in treatment Katherina did never develop a depression and, for all that we know, is a happy doll ever after.

But as for me. I somewhat was tired of all this non-consensual play. Surely it was fun, but I also felt that something was missing in my life. I needed a real partner and lover.

I began to search through the dating sites and eventually found a young girl, twenty years old, that was into heavy bondage and rubber-doll play. At least she wanted it, but she had no experience. Ironically her name was Sandra. We started dating to learn to know each other and after a one and a half months she knew that she could trust me and felt comfortable with the idea to be my slave-girl and me to be her Mistress. She vis­ited me and I showed her around. She was, of course, deeply impressed. To remove all doubts I told her that my first two lovers and me had split up - not even really a lie I thought - and that it would be a shame to leave all this marvellous equipment to rot­ting. She nod­ded yes, of course. She moved in with me, we developed a loving rela­tionship and be­came real partners. We took only small steps in her training and I al­ways took care that she was pushing me to take the next step. All too soon but she could spend almost three month as a rubber-doll and we had all the fun in the world. Nothing is better than con­sensual play!

When her sentence was up we travelled to give her a break and also spend time with each other just as lovers and partners with all what belongs to a real rela­tionship amongst equals. But eventually there was this need in her to become a doll again and we started to play. Sometimes I secretly called Carrie for some advice, but by my experience with Katherina I knew very well what to do. But one thing I knew absolutely for sure. My second Sandra would never be dollified permanently, even if she would wish so. I was already riddling about how I could talk her out of this.

Eventually she wanted to push me to a four month sentence as a doll. What does a real lover do in such a case. If Carrie doesn't know nobody will know. Or should I tell her the truth? But what then? Either we split up or she wants to become like Katherina. And when we spilt up because of this I am in danger, she might go straight to the police. And not only me, Katherina will be in danger because these blockheads would try to re-hu­manize her, Carrie would be in danger and all the slaves that are kept in proper treatment by her. The only real winner would be my first Sandra. Or not, because she is still in treatment with Carrie to ensure her sanity, and nobody on earth could do this better than Carrie.


Because of all this Carrie advised me to give in to my second Sandra's wishes and let her drift away towards permanent dollification. If this is her wish and I love her, who am I to deny this. Just be a good Mistress Carrie said.

I tried to spent as much normal time with Sandra II. as possible, but all too soon she wanted to be dollified for a whole year. Carrie said that such a long period of time clearly indicates the wish for a permanent dollification. I agreed, put her into her doll's outfit and Carrie took her to the facility to give her the best possible lifetime treatment. Sandra II. would not even notice that she is in for permanence.

And there I was again. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

For all that I knew from Carrie by this time Sandra I. was fully re-humanized and in sane mental condition. Also her high IQ could be revived.

She knew all about her fate and was indeed thankful to me because she had learned about the second and the third market. She understood that I had nothing to do with her abduction and that she could have had it much worse.

She also remembered that she had been kept in a state of overwhelming pleasure and so far does not complain about it. But of course she was happy to be an almost free girl again. She has accustomed to the fact that she would spend her lifetime as a first-class prisoner at the facility.

Sandra I. studied chemistry and German literature in no time and received a doctoral degree in chemistry from a renown scientist who is in touch with the facility. After her studies she started to work with the facility as an assistant to Carrie. She helps her to watch over the condition of the dolls and they conduct research together.

Eventually Sandra I. needs to be in heavy bondage and receives intense tease and denial and forced orgasm treatment. Carrie said that Sandra I. is indeed a born submissive. If she would have had the chance to find this out on her own she would have made a perfect slave-girl by free choice, maybe even a doll. This also might be a reason for her fast transformation in just half a year. I sighed in relief as I heard this. Maybe I had done Sandra I. a favour I thought for myself. If we both would have had a chance to meet as I have met my Sandra II. - who knows...

A medical indication for a re-dollification of Sandra I. so far was not present. If this would hap­pen Carrie would immediately inform me about it.

In the slavers world Sandra I. was still my property and I could make choices for her. So I made this choice: I told Carrie that if Sandra I. ever would develop an indication for a re-dollification the decision to become a doll again shall be completely up to herself. Carrie should advise and explain but neither convince or force. Whatever Sandra I. might opt for, she would be in the best hands.


6. Me the Godmother

Suddenly I had an idea. For me it seemed all that was left. I dialled this very special phone-number and asked who owns the slaves retirement facility in Canada.

The Godfather from Kazakhstan, aha. Interesting. I asked for an appointment.

They brought me to a secret place with my head in a bag but they treated me friendly. So far they had earned 10,000,000 USD for two slaves, thus I was an interesting cus­tomer.

The Godfather invited me for lunch which we took on the marvellous terrace of his private residence. The lunch was good, but I wanted to talk plain.

I know that you own the retirement facility in Canada. I want to buy it.

The Godfather nearly swallowed up. He took a sip from his wine. Then he explained to me that the facility is not for sale. It makes good profits.

The profits are mainly due to Dr. Waldorff I answered. What do you say to this. Dr. Waldorff educates a psychiatrist of your wish and you open a new facility. More modern, more up to date, larger, with even more profits.

The Godfathers smile vanished a little, but it came back. He certainly was amused or he was just interested in what was to come.

A new facility is certainly a very good idea, but Dr. Waldorff is far too important for us. As you already have said, Dr. Waldorff is the source of the profits.

You run a family business, all Mafia is family business, and families extend over genera­tions. Dr. Waldorff will not live forever. You urgently should take care of the next gen­eration of high-class psychiatrists that can enhance your business.

The Godfather nodded. You made an very interesting point, he said in a lauding tone, still confused about what I was up to. But again, I am sorry, the facility is not for sale.

He waited.

With a grin I said, I make you an offer that you cannot reject.

The godfather laughed out laud. Of course he knew this quotation from the Godfather films.

You are really serious about it. But again, I am sorry. And, by the way, you are cer­tainly wealthy, but you certainly could not afford it.

He tried to be polite, but I saw that he became a little angry.

Maybe, I answered. Okay, I see my attempt is hopeless and I certainly do not want to upset you.

He nodded in agreement and asked me if I wanted some more wine. Burgundy, right from his winery in France. I nodded and he poured some into my glass.

Just for the reason of fairness. I dare to take one last chance. Please tell me a number.

He shrugged his shoulder. Okay Lady, for fairness. 300,000,000 USD he said with a grin.

I double it, I said fast and reached out with my hand. Deal!

Now he really swallowed up and coughed. After he got his breath back he said, okay Lady, just to be absolutely sure about this. You know what happens to you if you do not have this money when I take your hand. A slave on the third market is a lucky being against what I would have in store for you.

I am not stupid, I responded, I know very well who and what you are. I have my account statements with me. I reached him the papers, he read and was surprised.

Now I am really impressed. You are already a billionaire. Well after you have paid me 600,000,000 USD not anymore, but still a considerable amount is left. May I ask you Lady, are you an industry tycoon that hides from the public, a lucky heiress or have you made this money yourself at the stock exchange? Please forgive me, but I am really interested.

I am, I began, a real self-made girl. I needed just one lucky day with the right paper to make 800,000,000 Euros. It was the Euro-Lottery. It is possible to win such amounts there. I am the first who has won such an amount in ten years. The first one was a Span­iard, he has won 750,000,000 Euros.

Really self-made by fortune, he said approvingly. But we all need fortune for our busi­ness. Deal he said and shook my right hand. But I have a condition. Dr. Waldorff edu­cates four psychiatrists of my choice.

I nodded. Deal I confirmed. But I also have a condition. The management are all your family people or are they just employees?

All Employees, he responded.

So it is possible for me to do with them whatever I like or do you have some claims on them?

I hold no claims on them, he answered. Do with them whatever you wish.

Deal! I confirmed. Both of us smiled.

He called out for vodka and suddenly a whole bunch of high-ranked family members entered the terrace, nodded their heads in my direction to show their respect to me and a party began. The call for vodka must have been a sign for them that something really in­teresting is happening. At a first glance they seemed to be friendly and happy people - and in reality they are all monsters.

I knew that I would have no choice but to take at least one glass of vodka. I hate this stuff! But it was okay, the Godfather respected my disgust and approved that I took one glass in order to honour the customs of his country.

After his fifth vodka the Godfather unveiled to me that I had earned him almost a quarter of the yearly families' income in five minutes. If I would like to he offers me a first-class slave of my choice as a sign of cordial relationships. In the case I would have some business to do with, let's say peculiar money transfer or else that requires utmost privacy he could offer me assistance.

I nodded and thanked him for this offer. Of course he did not say anything about his fees, but we are all honourable men, including me, and fees are never a point amongst honourable men.

As I could save another life I happily took the offered bonus and asked him to hand me the catalogue and show me where I could retreat from the party in order to make my choice.

I felt terrible. I was about to play fate. Then I shrugged my shoulders, thought of Car­rie's advise, switched to Mistress-mode and searched through the catalogue. Maybe it is somewhat unfair to the others, but I again chose a girl with German origin, again 18 years old, just finished school, no training and so on. Name: Stephanie.

The Godfather said that he would arrange for the shipping to the facility as I asked him for.

To draw no attention on me I told him that I had some interesting plans, but it would be too early to talk about them. He nodded and smiled, expecting business with me. Albeit he certainly thought that I was mad to pay such an amount of money I had the impres­sion that he also might think that I just made an investment on Dr. Waldorff, and Dr. Waldorff is worth gold. And this might have made him think that I probably had a very profitable idea that never dawned to him. Too late Godfather! I also had the impression that he treated me as his equal, two gangsters in the same busi­ness.

Eventually the godfather called for his lawyer and the lawyer arranged all the papers that were needed to carry out the transfer of the property in Canada. I shall have no worries, the family can arrange low-key payment of the amount through several channels. It might take two months or three, but will be absolutely secure.

I asked if they could also help me with the Canadian authorities if needed.

The Godfather nodded. This will be arranged in all privacy for the sake of the both of us he said. It is only a large, empty property. The facility is below ground, nothing is visible from the outside or from the sky. And, of course, the Canadian tax authorities do not know anything he said with a smile. Only the property-tax has to be paid, but this, of course, is impossible to avoid.

I nodded and felt relieved. No tax for them, all for me. That feels right. The tax authorit­ies are the second worse gangsters on this world and all but honourable.

This is the only good thing about the Mafia. When a deal is made by old-style shake hands they stand to it and do not try to betray you by some non-transparent articles in the papers. Honourable men!

Another shake hands after we both had signed the papers. The Godfather offered me his private Lear-jet for my flight back to Germany and I accepted. I asked him to announce the change of the owner­ship to the facility without my name. That shall be a surprise.

He nodded, certainly, he said.

And could you please arrange that the management organizes transport for me without a bag over my head.

He laughed. It's all yours, so you certainly may know where it is, he said with a friendly grin. I will arrange it for you.

Again we shook hands and I left. Puh I thought. But now the real fun was about to come.

Immediately after I was at home again I phoned Carrie and informed her about my new girl.

When Stephanie arrives free her, I said, tell her she is safe, house her in one of the first-class suites and provide medical support if necessary. Explanation comes later. Carrie was puzzled but said she would arrange this for me, certainly.

The moment I entered the welcome reception of my facility was not easy for me. Inevit­ably I would make my second acquaintance with Sandra I. under completely different conditions, as equals - and all too soon. She was Carrie's assistant by now and would certainly attend my welcome as a part of the staff.

I was nervous like never before and my hands were wet.

After I had entered managing director Hughes, standing in the centre of the hall, made a small bow into my direction, approached me and reached out his hand. Shake hands as all the time. After a little welcome speech with warm but empty words he wanted to in­troduce me to the staff that stood on attention in a half-cycle behind him.

Immediately I spotted a highly puzzled Carrie and a tall, blonde woman besides her that wore a collar. This must be Sandra I. . With a fast glance around I noticed that most of the staff wear collars. Mafia I smiled to myself. All high-class slaves work for their own facility, cheap money. But it is a distraction and thus a good idea. Obviously the collars allow free motion inside but prevents them to leave. I assumed that they would be shocked down if they try to pass through the door by which I just had entered. The same idea as in my dungeon at home. A good idea.

The only ones without collar were the directors and Carrie.

At least the Mafia is old-school all the time such there were no CEO's COF's or OCC's and all this shit around. All good old sound directors.

I would not give a speech, I just wanted to wait and learn about my facility on the tacit way. Surely Carrie now could communicate everything to me, but what about the direct­ors? Well, I knew for whom they had worked and I knew that they knew, such that I did not expect any irregularities. Far too dangerous.

I suddenly had an idea. I wanted to meet Sandra I. in privacy, because this was very important to me. Thus after all I held a little speech with warm but empty words.

Thank you for this warm welcome. It is a pleasure to meet you all. However, as this here is somewhat impersonal I would prefer to make your acquaintance at the place where you conduct your work such that I can learn to know you and learn about the work you do.

Applause! The staff diffused to their work, including Sandra I. .

A little stern, in Mistress-mode I ordered, director Hughes, directors, Dr. Waldorff - I thought it would be better that the directors do not know that Carrie and I are almost friends, we have to talk. There is certainly a conference room.

A little puzzled and a little nervous director Hughes nodded, guided me and the group of directors behind me to the conference room. I took my place at the head of the table as if this would be completely natural for me and saw French-maids waiting at each corner of the room. I had almost forgotten about the maids. After everybody took it's place the maids immediately started to serve coffee, soft drinks, water and some snacks. After service they got back into their corners and waited again.

I must ask Carrie about this state of mind. Are they really just like robots, do they take pleasure in this or what?

Before I took the word I glanced around at each one, including Carrie, who seemed to understand that I was just playing. Then, slowly as if I would completely relaxed I began

To make one thing crystal clear right from the beginning. All you know who has owned this facility, thus all you know with whom I conduct business with. From this alone you may judge who or what I am.

Pause and watch the faces. It seemed as if I had pushed the right buttons.

I watched over to Carrie.

Dr. Waldorff, I inform you about that as a part of my deal with the Amasimovs you have the honour to educate four psychiatrists in service with them. This is not negoti­able. Teach them what you know, we have a honourable deal.

Carrie nodded.

This brings me to my next point. The Amasimovs may be good slavers, but they do not seem to be inventive concerning a retirement facility like this. A few things they have offered are completely out of time. This mainly concerns the prison-like solution for human-conditioned slaves. This must stop!

A smile hushed over Carrie's face, but she got back to composure fast.

I know that this is all too cheap money with 60% pay-off. However, this is a high-class facility - or at least should be. A facility for retirement and not for extended use or ab­use. This is up to the Mistresses and Masters at their place as they wish, but here is not the right place for this. If this is not yet part of our business I already have an idea what we could do with the prison-like cells. We can offer storage with a limited so­journ-times, a few month or so. Maybe some owners just want to take a break. Develop on of­fer!

We already have the master-solution for dolls and pets and we have a deal to hand them over to our competitor's. Even when we assume that the Amasimovs may not be able to apply this knowledge with the expertise of Dr. Waldorff we need something new - and we need a head-start! I expect your suggestions on this point in a two week's time.

Please remind Dr. Waldorff and all of you, everything that is developed from now on is ours and ours alone and no part of the deal with the Amasimovs.

Carrie nodded and said, yes Mistress, certainly.

I was puzzled. She calls me Mistress? Gosh, I am still in cognito, nobody knows my name. But I found this a marvellous idea. Why should they know my name anyway - just to spy on me? I will keep it like this.

Next, we must extend and modernize this facility. By modernization we can expect more customers that feel responsible. Responsible owners want the best place - and this is the best place, or at least it should be. Do your calculations on occupation-numbers, income versus cost and identify in which part of the business we win, in which we lose. Model it for a monthly income. Model the slave-flow on a monthly base for each solution we of­fer. And I want to know everything about our cash. I expect these calculations at the end of the week, thus Sunday evening!

Some got slightly red faces, some began to sweat a little. Sunday evening? Yes directors, the Godmother shows you the ropes.

The next point also concerns income and cost. As I have seen from the advertisement folder there are too large gaps between high-class lodging and ordinary lodging. There is some continuity for the pets and for the dolls, but for slaves in human condition the gap is ridiculous. We need a spectrum that is more dense. This should draw caring owners to a slightly above medium solution - Carrie nodded - especially when we tell them that below medium we have no free capacities. Understand?

And because of this we must be the best facility, because else this will not work! Owners must row up before our doors! To maximize our win we have to know exactly where this slightly above medium level must be in comparison with our expenses. 500,000 USD or 600,000 USD. Tell me Sunday evening.

Carrie and some directors nodded in agreement.

Furthermore, the field of slave's in human condition is a wide one. Analyse if we can generate more income by introducing different offers for D/s-slaves, S/m-slaves, BdSm-slaves and so on - just like for the pets. Work this out by our present numbers and per­form an extrapolation. I expect the analysis in a two weeks time. Feel free to suggest a finer spectrum, any ideas are welcome.

There is a type of slaves that is not present here. Similar to maids toilet-slaves can be stored easily just by letting them do their work. Cost in fact zero! Get some in­formation about the possibilities on this market. Dr. Waldorff shall work out if for slaves in this condition we also should offer a re-humanization and/or complete de-humanization. For maids and toilet-slaves we also should make the processing-fee more transparent. In­vent a catalogue with different prices, design it psychologically, seduce the owner to chose above medium-level standards. We all know that for maids and toilet-slaves this is bull-shit, but as long as the owners don't know... . Understand?

Again Carrie and some more directors nodded in agreement. I thought that I have them. To fear me is one thing, but to respect my expertise and ideas too is another one.

One last thing Dr. Waldorff. It would certainly be good when you educate some psychiatrists that belong to us. Your knowledge is worth gold, so to say.

Thank you Mistress, Carrie responded. I already have a trainee and she makes really good progress. Mrs. Sandra Klaus, a retired, re-humanized doll, holds a PhD in chem­istry. Her education is highly progressed and I can leave the complete surveillance to her when I am busy with research.

Excellent Dr. Waldorff, I said. Before I make my tour through the house I especially want to learn from you about your knowledge and research. As this conference is over for now I would like to do it at once, together with - I had to cough slightly but I was sure that Carrie understood well - Dr. Klaus.

Before we meet Dr. Klaus we must have a word amongst four eyes. Everybody leaves ex­cept Dr. Waldorff - also the maids leave!

The maids were out of the room like flash-lights. The directors followed.

Are the maids just robots I asked Carrie, this is somewhat frightening.

No they aren't, Carrie responded, it is always a similar attraction-reaction scheme. On their field maids are like dolls, except that maids can have spare-time in which they indeed can switch back to normal. But there is something that really frightens me. Who are you?

I told her everything and now she was the one with open, nearly drooling mouth and wide eyes in disbelief and astonishment.

Then we talked about my introduction. All well Carrie assured me, stern and good ideas - really good ideas. You are the Mistress of this, she said.

That was not difficult. I studied economics, but I am not the right person to do the work. Work offends me. I am the one with the ideas, but until you reach the level where they really listen to you - far to lot of effort. But now I have my own business. We have our own business, because without you all this is nothing.

Can I trust the directors, I asked.

Carrie nodded. They were frightened by the Amasimovs, they are frightened by you. They might be frightened by you even more because they could judge the Amasimovs very well, but you are a completely new player and they don't know anything about you.

And we shall keep it like this I said. Carrie nodded. Not even the name, I said.

Yes Mistress, Carrie answered with a smile.

Now for Sandra. I have no idea how she then must have felt when we first met, almost totally in bondage, hopeless and so on. I am frightened to meet her, but I must meet her. My hands are wet and my heart bumps up my throat. I just...

I can assure you, she is fine with you. The Amasimovs abducted her, you just bought her, that is a major difference. And she probably would not be here if you had opted for another girl. You moulded her into a doll, but you set her free again because you cared about her, you wanted the best for her concerning the circum­stances. And con­cerning all the circumstances you behaved absolutely fair and she knows that. She is a clever one and by her fate she knows more about life than the two of us together. The first part of a de-humanization is a very hard time for the slave, but remember her brain-patterns and her blood-values. You managed to keep her in pleasure for most of her time with you, even after you have lost interest in her be­cause your program­ming was good, maybe just by accident, maybe not. And if you would not have lost interest in her she might be your doll still, we probably never had met and with high probability you thus would not be the owner of all this. Under­stand?

I nodded. Thank you, I said. In this world I am still her owner, but I do not want this anymore, I want to set her free, completely free. I want to take her collar away.

For now I would not advise that, Carrie suggested. First, she has nowhere to go except to go back to Germany and her family, but this can also mean to much. She lost her old life when she was 18 years old. In this age you still can easily adjust to new circum­stances. She has another life now that has no overlap with her old life - in fact this old life is gone even for a Sandra who is completely free. As strange this may sound, but in some extent you, her owner, became also her mother because you gave birth to this new life.

Second, she feels safe here and despite she is sane she needs some surveillance because from time to time she needs bondage and so on, and I really mean NEED. Not to speak about her low but non-zero probability to develop an indication for re-dollification. What if this happens in Germany? Disaster! They would lock her up in the psychiatry with no possibility to help her - and we all might be in danger that all comes out. Concerning this I also have to think about the best of all the other slaves here. And when they get us we just go to jail, but our slaves, for those who we are responsible, vanish in the psychiatry and they never ever could help them, because they would not understand. And it is very unlikely then that they ask me for advise, because I am the monster!

And third, and this is very important for you Mistress - it would not look good. A new owner of the facility and Dr. Klaus suddenly without collar? Count one plus one... ! Understand? The Mistress that makes deals with the Amasimovs gives a shit on Dr. Klaus except she needs her for business, and for business Dr. Klaus has a much higher value if she cannot leave! Understand? With you here she in fact is completely free, nothing can happen to her.

I nodded, Carrie was right.

And fourth, Sandra is a born submissive and, well, she is safe here and she can also feel a little, say kept. In fact I doubt that she really wants to be totally free.

I understand, I said. How are Sandra II. and Katherina?

All happy, heavily bound, almost immobile, highly aroused, teased and denied, orgas­ming and shocked dolls. In short, heaven, Carrie responded with a slight tone of envy - at least I meant to hear it.

On our way to Carrie's office and laboratory I saw a lot of statues in different colour and a large variety of poses. Are they, I began...

Yes, Carrie answered, completely de-humanized dolls - and I guarantee that they are all well and happy.

In front of Carrie's office, me breathing heavily.

In Carrie's office we found Sandra busy at her desk. She looked up and I knew that she immediately knew who I am. I doubt that she really can remember my face, but some things you just know.

All my self-confidence was gone and my eyes looked down.

Sandra, Carrie said, meet your Mistress.

Sandra got up and watched at me. Then she came over, stood in front of me, towering me by the height of her body - and put her arms around me. I slowly responded and hugged her too. We both were in tears and she whispered a "Thank you" to me. And then we hugged ourselves very passionately.

Do you believe me now, Carrie said to me. Sandra knows well what could have happened to her without you. Given the circumstances you did the best for her.

Eventually our hugging loosened and we got back to composure.

Nobody, I began, must know that I am your Mistress. For them I am the rock-hard Mistress that makes deals with the Amasimovs and we must keep it like this. Nobody must know my name, the both of you are the only one's.

Sandra nodded, yes Mistress, she said to me. I glanced at Carrie, but she nodded.

But I could not resist. What concerns me Sandra you are completely free and I am not your Mistress anymore. However, Carrie advised me not to take your collar away, it would not look good.

Sandra understood well what I meant, but she shook her head.

I am fine with it Mistress. Carrie surely has told you that I am a born submissive and I also feel like this. I take pleasure in the feeling of being owned, and this time by free will and under infinitely better circumstances. Maybe I would have ended up in some kind of slavery anyway when I only had the chance to discover it by myself.

She smiled, then continued, but you, when we discard the terror of our beginnings, educated me, gave me unimaginable pleasure, watched over me, cared for me and saved me. What a better Mistress could I wish for?

I started to cry again and we hugged ourselves.

You are truly not a non-consensual Mistress Mistress, Carrie said to me with a smile. You tried hard but you never really succeeded. But here is your chance for what could develop into a wonderful consensual relationship.

Carrie was right. I nodded and Sandra nodded too.

I had an idea. If this is truly your wish, I said, we can do the following. I will take my residence here anyway, and after some time has gone by we announce that I have bought Sandra from her owner and that she is mine now. Then we can truly live it.

Sandra smiled. Excellent, said Carrie. You are really cunning Mistress.

Don't call me Mistress all the time Carrie.

Better I get used to it. I know your real name and I do not want that just by accident...

I nodded.

Okay, this was all clear now and we started to work.

Poor Stephanie really had a hard time. Very softly Carrie and Sandra - we thought that she should not know me in the first place because I am the Mistress - explained to her that she is save, but that we could not let her go again. It is too dangerous. When you are abducted and enslaved you just know too much. If an agent of the Amasimovs, just by accident, would spot her she would immediately be abducted again or maybe even killed. Once you are a slave, you are a slave. Mafia people have brains like computers and they should have, because no paperwork and no documents means no evidence. That is why honour is so important, that is why the measures are so violent when a hand-locked deal cannot be carried out without a very reasonable explanation or compensa­tion. When they start to betray themselves they lose alto­gether, they are their own justice.

I am absolutely sure that every slaving-agent exactly knows where she or he has abducted this or that girl - or boy - and how they look like. Not because of pleasure, because of security. Only one freed slave endangers the whole money-machine.

Moreover it would also endanger me and all the rest of us. The Amasimovs recognize me as a serious business woman and know that Stephanie is mine.

Of course she was crying for her family and friends and Carrie did her best, but it was really, really hard for all of us. I never have felt so much pity. How much easier it is to just ignore the tears and the unintelligible pleas behind a gag.

However, Sandra told her all about herself, told Stephanie what she really was in for and that for her very own best she nowhere would be safer than in the facility.

Slowly Stephanie understood. Carrie had her in intensive treatment for half a year and we had to keep her in her suite. She refused to be collared and we accepted that. But we also told her that without collar we could not allow her to leave her rooms. Young people have an amazing capability to adjust - nature just forces them to - and after three quarters of a year she accepted it and asked for the collar.

I really would have been interested in how long it had taken for Sandra to accept. She became a real doll in less time Stephanie has needed to accept that she never will be completely free again, on the very soft way. When I remember the infinitely hopeless condition I had kept Sandra in I would guess two month at maximum, rather less. Locked away fifty metres below ground, in ultimate bondage, almost completely immobile, no speech allowed and with proceeding brainwashing - I really would be interested how that must feel. But of course I could not ask. As my plaything time had no meaning for her and I also did not want to revive unpleasant things the lay behind us.

By Stephanie's case I learned from Carrie that a lot of Mistresses and Masters not only take pleasure in that they can ruin a life, but also a very promising life of an intelligent young being. What a thrill to have a mind locked behind a gag that could study chemistry or law, that could have become a professor or whatever else in this league. For others the non-consensual market, as was for me, is only a means to fulfil their fantasies just be­cause they can do it. It may sound naïve, but I never ever thought about the ruined life of the slave. I wanted a doll and in my mind my slaves have already been objects and playthings, well Sandra. Before I bought Katherina I learned about it from Carrie. Some­times I am really stupid.

A clever mind needs distraction and at some point reading and films are not enough anymore. Because Stephanie did not yet know what she wanted from her new life Sandra suggested to work as a second hand and secretary for Carrie and herself.

By this time Sandra was already officially mine and as the personal slave of the Mistress you automatically become something like a respectability if you are still treated like an almost free person. Even for the directors.

As for the facility. Honourable men as they are the Amasimovs have handed the facility to me as it was when I have bought it. They have not plundered the cash and it indeed was profitable enough that I did not have to touch the money I had left for the expansion and the modernization. A construction company that guaranteed privacy was easily found in the company pool of the Amasimovs and we could begin.

I felt that I depend a little bit too much on the infrastructure of the Amasimovs but how could I build up my own one - very, very difficult and I really had no ideas. I also could not ask the directors, because then it would have come out that I am somewhat an imposter. Rich yes, but a Godmother - no. Somehow I had to find out.

Carrie and I had decided that we would not hand over all our knowledge to the four spies of the Amasimovs, nearly all yes, but some essential details we would hide. As Carrie was the only capacity in this field worldwide the four psychiatrists could not ask somebody else for a back up and thus completely depended on Carrie. If they were not able to do it all correctly then this was certainly not Carries fault. They could do their own research and we always would be a step ahead.

When I wanted to think about something I developed the habit to go to the dolls department and sat down besides Katherina and Sandra II., watching their heavily restricted motions and listening to their nearly audible moans or cries below the rubber. I suddenly understood what was so amazing about dolls, what fascinated Carrie about them. Ponies you can watch, can read their mind, judge from their eyes and so on. But at some state of the dollification a doll is a black-box. To judge about it you need brain patterns and blood-samples. When I thought about how we could increase our quality and advance in our research I had an idea. We needed means to conduct functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI. I went to Carrie, told her about it. In one second she embraced me and kissed one of my cheeks.

So often have I requested an fMRI but they always refused, I already had forgotten about it. We have to keep this a secret as long as the four spies are here, but with an fMRI for the dolls we can take giant steps.

Maybe I was sitting a little bit too often besides Sandra II. and Katherina, but eventually I wanted to try it, become a doll at least for six hours or so, a doll in it's first hours of training, but Carrie said no. She cannot dollify the Mistress, not even for a second. That was true of course.

But I could do it at your place in Germany, she suggested, if you really want it.

Of course, I said! I just say that I have some business to do somewhere else and you accompany me. What about Sandra, could she join us? She certainly deserves to see some more from the world than this facility.

Carrie shook her head. Do you really think that it is a good idea to take Sandra to the place where you have kept her? She is well, but nobody is so well, and even if she is thankful to you, this is something completely different. She remembers more than you might think and at this place all this can break through. All the nameless grief, all the utter, infinite despair of the first weeks or months before her neocortex began to shut down! Some­times you are really stupid.

I went red.

When I am with her she shall certainly see something of this world, but we have to take small steps. She has seen nothing else but this place here since she was re-human­ized, she not even had the possibility to take a walk out in the forest. Small, very small steps. All else can lead to overload and cause an indication for re-dollification.

Why, I asked.

The world of a doll is very, very small. The world inside here is a little bit larger but also provides shelter. Out there is no shelter. You and I do not notice that, but for someone like Sandra this matters. She needs the safety of this small world. Maybe she would not even agree to go out for a walk. We have to be very careful in this point.

Hm, I made.

And as for you Mistress, she continued, six hours are nothing, a whole day, minim­um. You get into this situation willingly. Maybe it will be too much soon, but you know that I watch, that I know what I am doing, you will calm down again, even when it is a little bit too much. Eventually I will drug you to sleep and you sleep.

But when you wake up, utterly restricted, completely alone and not gagged you inevitable will speak and then your own system shocks you to silence. Then it will or­der you to stand up, you have to wait and eventually you are forced to eat out this pussy on the wall in order to get your nourishment. And I am not there. This is the real thing!

Of course I am there and watch over you, but in this very situation you will have a lot of other problems to cope with.

After you have been allowed to drink you are ordered to the bed again, your own system makes you immobile, your treatment starts and you are only allowed to moan or to cry because else you are shocked. And inevitably you will think of me, having a good breakfast in your dining room, relaxed and a little bit lazy, you will imagine me taking a shower, how water runs over my skin and how I enjoy this.

All these little things that you always took for granted suddenly become very important because you cannot have them anymore, your reality hits you as hard as ever possible. You are nothing but an object, your life and all what you are or wanted to be is gone for ever, taken away from you by overwhelming forces. Every domestic animal is treated better than you. Maybe you develop ideas that I have trapped you, although you know well that this is bullshit, but you just can't help to do so.

Of course you inevitably will experi­ence a lot of pleasure, because this is the start of the brainwashing. More pleasure than you probably can take, she ended with a smile.

I understand, I said. I think it is only fair that you give me the same treatment that I have given to Sandra. Has she told you about it.

Yes, Carrie answered, I told you that she remembers more than you would think. Your ideas are rough, but they are good. As you know from Katherina my approach is not so harsh, at least for a first dollification.

I nodded. Why can you proceed rougher for a re-dollification, I asked?

Everything a human being experiences creates patterns in the brain. When you dollify someone your create patterns that step by step suppress the personality and the wish to live a self-determined life. That is what de-humanization means. When I re-human­ize a doll I step by step switch off the doll-patterns and reactivate the personality, but the doll-patterns are still there. They are asleep as vice verse the personality is asleep. When I re-dollify someone I just have to call up the doll-patterns and for the sake of the slave this should be done as fast as possible. The first weeks again will be hard, even if the subject becomes re-dollified by it's own wish. But then the transition takes place and everything is fine. Just by accident your ansatz is very suitable for a re-dollification, but some en­hancements are still needed.

I nodded again. With a heavily beating heart I said, two full days, 48 hours, like I have treated Sandra. Okay?

Okay Mistress, you are the boss. You are really brave. I think you have no idea what you are in for. But first I check your health, just to be sure.

My health condition was good. All clothing that was needed for me as a doll was in my little flat besides the master-playroom. I could not wear ballet-boots because I had no experience. The chastity-device that would pleasure or shock me had to be custom-made. I still wore my Mistress collar for safety reasons. Would I, for what ever reason forgetfully enter my play-area in the house without the Mistress-collar on I would be trapped with no way out.

I ordered two collars from the manufacturer. A Mistress-collar for Carrie and the slave's collar for me. My Mistress-collar had to be taken away because the system must recognize me as slave in order to treat me like one. With the Mistress-collar still on I would not receive shocks or stimulation, I could not even be put into bondage because restraints would not lock on me.

7. Me the doll

In my house I first checked the state of the system, but everything worked as it should.

To give me the full impression of what outfit and restraints can do to someone I changed into my slave's clothing in the living-room. I put on the chastity-device and after that Carrie helped me to put the catsuit and the boots on and locked them. To give me the best impression Carrie had decided to put the highest heels on me I could walk in. She was honest in this point. She told me that little details like aching feet belong to the situation I would be in. Reluctantly I agreed, in the very good knowledge what aching feet in heels can mean. But I wanted it as real as possible. After this she put a corset on me, laced it as tight as possible and locked it.

Then she put my hands into the bondage mittens, forced my hands into very restrictive balls and locked the mittens. After this she folded my arms behind my back and put the boxtie bag on. I had no idea how restrictive this feels. For my doll I of course wanted it as restrictive as possible, but I had waisted no thought about how this really might feel.

Now I was ready, just the gag-harness was missing, a very restrictive muzzle-gag.

I would not only be monitored by my own system, Carrie additionally would monitor my brain patterns and record them for her research, so around my head was also a measure­ment device that would transmit any activity to her laboratory equipment in the liv­ing-room. This was also a maximum security measure in case of an emergency.

Suddenly I asked myself what I would have done when there had been an emergency case with Sandra. Back then I had wasted no thought about this. I am no murderer, but what would I have done when Sandra had a heart-attack or something like that? No pos­sibility to call for help because then everything would come out. Horrible! I could have done nothing but to let her die. I nearly cried when I realized this, but I was able to sup­press it. My doll-time was about to begin and a lot of other thoughts flooded in my head.

Carrie had one condition, because without this condition it would just be wasted time and no real play. She would give me one last chance to chicken out. If I then would agree to go on I was in for the full 48 hours if I wanted or not, except the emergency of course.

This last chance was after I was fully dressed and restrained. She gave me some time to fully realize the overwhelming force of my restraints, how it feels to have neither shoulders, hands or arms, how it feels to have to balance on high heels in this condition. I really was overwhelmed and I thought that this already is somewhat too much.

She stood behind me and eventually said, last chance Mistress. Now or never!

Do you have your Mistress' collar on, I asked.

Yes, said Carrie, all prepared.

With a breath as deep as my very restrictive corset allowed I said - GO!

She approached me from behind an put the muzzle-gag harness around my head as tight as possible and locked it. After this she put my slave's collar on me, then bowed down to connect my ankle-restraints with a hobble chain that just would allow me to go down the steps to my play area.

Again she gave me time to get the full experience of my predicament. It was beyond all words. A rouge wave of contradictory feelings washed over me, fear, excitement, even pleasure, but fear was by far the major feeling. What have I gotten myself into my mind shouted out - the standard phrase for most self-bondage players. Was I in self-bondage I asked myself. Certainly to some extend.

Because I really wanted the real thing - about what I was not so sure anymore after the full reality of the bondage I was in hit me - we had agreed about teasing. At first Carrie wanted to refuse, because the psychological impact of teasing could easily be too much, but I insisted and now it was too late. I had it better than Sandra only in one point, I really knew that Carrie watches over me.

After Carrie had given me some time to feel what I was in she said, this is the last time I talk to you as a human being. You wanted it this way, you get it. Do you need assistance in balancing in your heels when you walk?

I tried to shrug my shoulders, but to no avail. But Carrie understood. She fixed a leash to my collar and then it began. She always walked me carefully.

Look at those eyes, she teased while she gave one of my cheeks a soft stroke, so much fear my pet. But you soon will see how much fun this is. In just a few months everything will be fine.

Carrie has been completely right. The impact of those phrases on you when you are in a condition like I was in is intense. Carrie played pretend on a really high level, but as a person with an exceptional empathy and as a psychiatrist she knows exactly how to do this. And I also wanted to play pretend as good as I could. I really tried to imagine that all this is real and that I really was in for lifetime slavery, and indeed this thought aroused me. I soon would regret this, because it worked all too well.

My eyes opened wide and I involuntary tried to say something, but only unintelligible mumbling escaped my gag.

She smiled. Then, with a gesture of her hand she said, look around my pet, that's the last time you will see all this. But in a few months you will have forgotten it anyway.

Believe it or not, to some extend I believed her. Our play was consensual, I knew that it would end in 48 hours, but I had no idea how long 48 hours can feel in my situation.

My eyes opened wider, and I am sure she saw some fear in them. Again she smiled and gave me a soft stroke over one cheek. Then she came close, put her arms around me, kissed me on my gag and whispered, this will be so much fun pet.

Then she stepped back, towed on the leash and I tried to follow her. I noticed that I did this only very reluctantly, but there was no chance of course. I also noticed that I was somewhat cut in half. Some part of me that still knew that this is a game watched the other parts which already were overwhelmed and somewhat took all this for real. Real in the sense that now I really was a slave at disposal of a strict Mistress. Com­pletely strange, but after our play Carrie told me that this is completely normal, even for a con­sensual play of the intensity like ours when it is the first time. In subsequent sessions all would be easier.

Just as I had done with Sandra she lead me down, explained everything to me and more and more thoughts came into my mind about what she really could do with me in this eternity of 48 hours. It was unbelievable.

When we were about to enter the elevator that would bring us down to the slave's home, fifty metres below ground, I tried to resist, stopped walking, tried to take a step back.

She just said that I would like my new home. It's very cosy down there.

She tugged on the leash a little harder and I had no option but to follow her or to fall down to the floor. It was amazing.

As we left the elevator it seemed to me as if I would see this place for the very first time. Again Carrie explained everything to me and always mentioned how much fun all this will be, and more and more I doubted about it.

She carefully pushed me to my bed, helped me to lie down and took care that my boxtied arms are placed correctly in their cavity. The cavity even more restricted them. Automatically the computer did it's work and made me almost completely immobile.

I tried to move, but more than an inch was not given to me, if at all. I was trapped and fixed like never before.

I made a lot of unintelligible sounds, I wanted her to stop all this, but Carrie just ig­nored me. She checked my bondage, she was content and without any further word she left. The door closed, the elevator moved up and there I was. Trapped, completely immobile, fifty metres below ground, hopeless and inescapable.

It is hard to describe what happened with me, just the word turmoil will do, but in fact is not enough. Eruptions of fear, I wanted out of this NOW and AT ONCE. Even despair washed over me, I suddenly doubted about Carrie's real intentions, I frantic­ally tried to move and tried to cry out as loud as possible.

I was not shocked because all this was unintelligible.

And as more as I tried to fight the more my situation hit me and made it worse and worse. 48 hours of this?

But eventually my neocortex came back and my rational mind took over again, I re­minded me that this is just a game, a severe tunnel-game, but a game. I managed to calm down, to slow my breath.

Eventually I felt something between my legs. Carrie had not switched on anything, but it felt warm and somewhat, yes, somewhat enjoyable. I got excited. Above I told you about that I started my BDSM career as a slave, and somehow this was reactivated. I remembered fantasies I have had long times ago and I suddenly remembered how this doll fantasy had developed. To some extend I liked the idea to be one myself, but I also would never trust somebody that far and thus I decided to change the sides. I really was aroused, but this died down all too soon.

Eventually fear came back because I had the impression that all this takes too long. Where is Carrie, has something happened to her - and all came back. I started to fight again. Afterwards Carrie told me that she had left me down there for one hour. One hour in this condition is an eternity.

When she came back I tried to speak to her, tried to signal her that this is already too much, but of course - unintelligible mumbling. Unimpressed she loosened my bond, helped me up, fixed the leash to my collar, came close and whispered, now we will have some fun, you will like it pet.

I knew what was to come now. The computer would measure my levels of excite­ment, of my edge, the levels of orgasms that I can experience - and the shocks.

I shook my head and tried to remain where I stood, but she just tugged on the leash and I had no chance but to follow her.

In the playroom she helped me on the bed, fixed me spread-eagled, bound my ankles, calves, thigh, hips, waist and neck to the bed. Again no motion possible.

In a cold matter of fact tone she informed me about what was going to happen now and that it would probably take two to four hours. I would learn about the fun that she grants me for the rest of my life and that all I would experience now is just a little introduc­tion. I would have so much fun.

And with that tease and denial began. Every girl likes tease and denial and at the beginning I of course enjoyed it. Since I was enslaved this was my first real entertainment. I gave me away to it and indeed had fun, a lot of fun. But the monitoring system of course pushed me ever so slowly to this point where my physiological edge is located and started to keep me there. Of course this is also fun, but eventually the fun became a torment. It felt like a steamroller driving over me, so irresistible was all this. It felt like my body and my mind are invaded by an enemy and I was completely unarmed. I wanted this orgasm so badly like nothing, really nothing else before, I had done everything to have this orgasm - and with some fading parts of my human mind I noticed that I would give into lifetime slavery for this one orgasm. It was amazing and frightening at the same time. But then my human mind must have shut down, I was just flesh and feeling. This did not reduce my need for this orgasm, but made the whole setting much more enjoyable.

A shock ripped me out of my cloud of bliss and my human mind was alert again in no time. All my situation came back to me, I cried out loud, frantically tried to move and again I had the impression of a steamroller driving over me, completely irresistible. I had lost control of my body and also had experienced a loss of control about my mind. It has been pleasurable, but now as I realized this it was frightening. The brainwash­ing had already begun.

While I was still processing the shock - and I had no idea about the intensity of this shock, was it mild, was it medium, was it high - tease and denial continued. Again the steamroller, again the invasion by an enemy.

Again I was driven to my edge and the computer kept me there and again I had done everything just to get this orgasm, everything. And eventually I was shocked down again.

By each of these cycles I lost a bit more of my human mind during the stimulation, the pleasure that I experienced grew, but also the alertness after the shocks grew.

Shocks hurt, oh how they hurt. My clit was shocked, by cunt was shocked my anal cavity was shocked. I was hurt like never before, I was sure about it. And I wanted the shocks to stop, I wanted this pain to stop and I would have given everything if only this pain would stop, I had given away my freedom for it.

Bingo! Ready to give away my freedom for just an orgasm, ready to give away my freedom to stop shocks - mild shocks as Carrie informed me about later.

I tried to make eye-contact with Carrie, tried to tell and to mumble to her that all this is enough, that all this is more than I can take in, but she just sat there, watching me, a smile on her face and - with one hand between her spread legs. Did she really take pleasure in this or did she just play pretend to tell me that I am just a plaything for her, that all my pity, all my despair just arouses her, that I better should give up all hope?

But soon tease and denial kicked in again, I got lost, closed my eyes and drifted into bliss and needyness.

The human brain is not stupid. At some point it recognizes that there is more pleasure, that all this is more endurable when you give in, when your mind gives in, when thought fades away. All this is so irresistible that thoughts only disturb, if you want to survive all this stop thinking! And by the steamroller and the invading enemy this happens all too fast.

Eventually the system moved to the orgasms. To enhance my needyness and my desperation I was not shocked down anymore, but I only got ruined orgasms. By all that I have told you so far you can imagine what this did to me. Two steamrollers, ten steamrollers plus a rouge-wave and an invading enemy that used atomic bombs on his target.

Time had long lost it's meaning and sometimes the forced orgasms began. The first two or three were of course utmost pleasure and unbelievable relief, but of course it did not stop. And again the steamroller and the invading enemy. Now I would have given everything to stop these forced orgasms that were ripped out of me, would have given me into lifetime slavery if only this would stop. But always when my human consciousness shut down a wave of pleasure washed over me, I rode this wave from orgasm to orgasm as I had ridden the wave in the phase of tease and denial.

Shocks ripped me out of my cloud of bliss and I was alert again as never before. The system waited - and then the forced orgasms continued.

I stopped thinking because I did not even know what I should think about, should the orgasms stop, should they go on? I experienced orgasms in an intensity like never be­fore, which girl can resist this? But at the same time it was all too much, it was only endurable without thought, and without thought there was pleasure, overwhelming, completely unknown pleasure, a pleasure I never had thought that this would be pos­sible.

A very painful shock brought me down again and Carrie, in a matter of fact tone told me that all data about me is now available.

You certainly liked it pet, she teased, this is only the beginning of our fun together.

I was in a state where I had forgotten that this was a consensual tunnel-game. I just believed her and tried to move in my bonds. I cried behind my gag, tears run from my eyes.

She came over to me, lay down besides me, snuggled close and one of her hands run softly over my body, caressed it, played with it. She came close and whispered in my ear: so much fun pet.

She kissed my gag and stroke my cheeks, else completely ignoring me.

She got up again, loosened my bond and helped me up. She took the leash and guided me to the elevator. Only then I noticed that my body was aching all over. My feet hurt, my waist hurt, my jaws hurt and my arms and shoulders hurt like never before. I mumbled and cried behind my gag, but it was useless, nobody cared about me, I was nothing but an object to play with.

In my slave's home I was fixed to the bed and she told me that she would remove the gag and about the consequences when I would try to speak. I nodded.

Then she gave me my liquid nourishment with hypnotics in, wished me good night and left. The lights went dark and I lay there, waiting the sleep to come. Sleep would be my only escapism from all this. With some of my last thoughts hatred grew in me because I inevitably, as she had told me, imagined her up there in my living-room, maybe out in the garden, how she would have a very comfortable night in my queen-size bed while I was down here and so on. Psychology is psychology, and even if you know, somewhere deep down, that this in fact is a consensual tunnel-game, it works on you.

I was shocked awake. From the schedule I had set years ago I knew that it is 7 o'clock in the morning, my only point of reference in time. Sandra had not known this.

Carrie was right. When you wake up in such a predicament like I was in it immediately rolls over you with your first useless attempt to move. My body ached like never before, but nobody would be interested. Of course I spoke out aloud, tried to curse, but my chastity-device shocked me. Inevitably I reacted with "What the fuck" - shock. I cried out "Ouch" - shock. Not even Ouch was allowed. Could it be harder or more relentless? I have no idea how. Dolls don't speak, this is the lesson.

All too soon after my awakening all was back again, all the despair, all the hopelessness of my situation. But I somehow was also dizzy, maybe even drowsy.

I lay there and in fact tried not to think, because I remembered the lesson from the last day. It is pleasure when you do not think. But after the first and short training unit you just know about this, but it is of course impossible not to think. You think more alert than ever before.

I knew about this thought-feeling antagonism because I knew it from Carrie. Had Sandra already recognized it after her first day? I just hope so, because this might have made it somewhat easier for her.

The light in my prison was artificial sunlight, a beautiful dawn, which I would never ever see again in reality. Carrie once had assured me that this is a good idea, but in my very situation I hated it. It seemed like an additional torment to show me some­thing that I would never see again in reality.

I lay there and waited and again time did not seem to pass. Eventually my bonds loosened and the computer-voice ordered me to get up and to stand besides the bed.

It was not easy to sit up, because my body ached and my boxtied arms were trapped in their very tight cavity. I had lost feeling of my arms. A frightening, but somehow also an interesting experience. I know that the blood-flow is not disturbed, but the feeling will be lost. It actually felt as if I had no arms anymore.

Obviously it took me a little bit too long to get up and stand besides the bed because I was shocked and the voice ordered "get up and stand besides the bed". A doll has to obey instantly.

I managed to do as ordered, but to stand on aching, high-heeled feet is easier said than done. Of course I moved a little, but it was not enough to be shocked. There is a little tolerance-window at the beginning of the training that would narrow as time goes by.

I stood there and waited - and waited - and waited.

An unconscious reaction made an attempt to sit down on the bed but immediately I was shocked. I could not help but to cry. Tears were flowing down my cheeks.

Eventually the system ordered me to the pussy at the wall and to eat it out expertly. I hurried to do so as fast as possible - no shocks, please no shocks.

Obviously I did a good job, because my chastity-device rewarded me with low-level stimulation. My reaction was intense, because this was the only pleasure I had access to. I closed my eyes and immediately drifted away into this warm cocoon. Shock! I had stopped to serve the cunt. As my tongue continued it's service the stimulations came back but with all my willpower I tried to focus on the cunt. But the better the job of my tongue the higher the stimulation grew and at some point - shock. Again I was under the steamroller. I was lucky that this day the system only required one orgasm for the cunt on the wall and I got my liquid. I was completely dried out.

After I had drunken, in a natural reflex I wanted to go back to the bed - shock. No motion allowed that is not ordered. Heavily crying I stood there and waited, I do not know for how long. And then it was as Carrie had told me. I thought about her, how she still may lie in my bed, naked or with a soft, silk nightie, or how she was showering herself, or how she had her lazy breakfast with jam and cheese or whatever and I had to suffer down here, had nothing else but this liquid that tastes like my own lusty waters. I started to hate Carrie, oh how I hated her. Afterwards she told me that this is of course natural. Hatred is the last and only stronghold in such a situation, and hate can set free an enormous amount of energy to resist.

But eventually also the hatred starts to betray you, she said. Deep down in your very last retreat you think that you can build up a false front of pretended obedience while you keep your hatred burning down below it in order to protect yourself from being completely overpowered. When this happens you already are overpowered.

The system ordered me to my bed, but when I made attempts to lie down - shock. I stood there, tried to make no move and waited again, for how long ever, aching all over, crying.

Then I was ordered to lie down, my own system fixed me and I waited again. And waited.

And I remembered how excited and horny I was when I developed all this for my doll. Each of these ideas were heavy orgasms for me, utmost pleasure. And when fantasy is at work, especially for someone else, I made it all stricter and stricter.

Eventually the brainwashing kicked in and the treatment of the day before began. Tease and denial, edging, shocks, forced orgasms, each time in a different series, each time more overwhelming, each time more of a steamroller or that invading enemy. My human consciousness in fact was forced to tune down because else it was not endurable. But when that happened it was pleasure and bliss. Still too much, but I made progress.

At some time the stimulation stopped, hours must have passed, but I had no idea how many. I just lay there and slowly dived up again, and with every step up I tried to avoid it. But - shock - and I was alert again. Cruel! All was back in an instant.

And then something happened that I had completely forgotten about. While waiting I tried to move a little in order to try to find some ease for my body, unlikely, but it was just a natural reaction, but - shock! The system required me to lie still. Only during stimulation - brainwashing - I was allowed to perform these inevitable, tiny moves.

The stimulation began and again time had no meaning anymore.

After the second cycle I was wondering about Carrie. Where is she? Is she well? Had she an accident? And then also this reality hit me as hard as possible. When I had reactivated the system also the rescue-algorithm was revived. If something had happened to Carrie and she could not talk to somebody anymore I had to stay in here for ONE YEAR before my lawyer and trustee would receive this email from the Google-cloud. ONE YEAR of this? I would be completely dollified, and without Carrie there would be no chance ever to re-humanize me. Maybe Sandra could, but how should my rescuers know about Sandra? I cried out "FUCK" - shock!

Carrie did not show up. I was ordered to the cunt three times. Breakfast, lunch and supper. I was in turmoil. All day I was stimulated into oblivion and with the supper I received my hypnotics and some pain-killers and would fall soon into sleep.

As I was shocked awake the next morning I just was a mess of a girl. I even did not feel really human anymore. My arms where gone and despite the pain-killers I was aching all over and despair itself.

Breakfast and afterwards a series of stimulations for how long ever.

Eventually the door opened and Carrie came in. I was relieved to see her. And exactly as I had done with Sandra she had some coffee and cake with her, sat down and started to talk about all the wonderful things that were to come for me.

Can you imagine how coffee and cake can smell in the condition I was in, when your only nourishment is a liquid that tastes like cunt. Already after just one and maybe a half day? You have no idea!

After she had finished her coffee, after she had finished her cake which she had eaten with all the consumption that is possible she informed me that I now would make the acquaintance with the isolation cell and how much I would like this. As if I was not already isolated enough. Inevitably I tried to move and was of course shocked.

With a smile she told me that inside the isolation cell I would be granted free motion, because she is not a cruel one. As my Mistress she loves me and just wants the best for doll.

She said doll. On the day we began I still was her pet. Aha!

However, in the cell, she said soft and sweetly, I certainly could have entertainment, but only when I do not move. I would not be shocked, but the entertainment is only granted for an obedient and well-behaving doll. When my motions are too much the stimulation would stop and I maybe had to wait half an hour, a whole hour or even longer for them to kick in again. LONGER? How long does she plan to keep me in there?

I forgot about the system and wanted to talk to her, but while I tried to say "Carrie" I was shocked to silence. She just smiled as if she would really enjoy this.

The isolation cell is padded with black leather and it is dark inside even with it's very dim light on, but I would not be granted some light. It was possible to sit down one the floor, but I could not stretch out.

But she ordered me to stand still and locked my ankles, calves and thighs tightly together with a certain mechanism they have built in, and thus I had almost no slack in my legs. It felt like just one leg.

Before she closed the door, with a very soft smile, she reminded me about that there is also a cunt in the cell from which I could get my liquid. My eyes surely were wide open in horror, but she just closed the door. How long do I have to stay in here? Perhaps you might think that an isolation cell does not add much to your predicament when you already are kept fifty metres below ground, but you have no idea!

Carefully I lowered myself to the floor. First I got on my knees and then I tried to sit.

Inside the cell I fucked about the entertainment and moved as best as I could to get some ease into my aching body. I never had imagined that it could hurt so much. After some time in treatment all this will be gone, the body has adjusted, but the first weeks, maybe even the first months of this must be horrible.

But my bondage was so heavy that there was not much ease to gain and all too soon I got bored. And then I cursed my disobedience, because I wanted some stimulation.

When the only form of stimulus is pain then, earlier or later, you long for it, and it is the same with sexual stimulation, but with the latter one it's of course much easier to get addicted to.

Thus I waited and waited and tried not to move what is easier said than done. But eventually I had managed it long enough and the chastity-device kicked in but - my body reacted instantly, my hips moved unintentionally - and all stopped again. You have no idea how that feels. Desperation is no word for this. Language has no word for this.

I shouted out "FUCK" - or at least I tried to and was of course shocked.

The only thing I could do is to try to lie back as best as possible and not to think anything. I just had the need not to think and this need was again like a steamroller. As contradictory as this may sound, but with all my willpower I tried not to think anything. Only then everything would be easier. And I wanted this entertainment between my legs and on my nipples, I wanted it so badly, I had given anything for it and of course - I had given away my freedom for it. Brainwash at work. And so very fast! But this of course is due to this relentless steamroller that drives over you again, and again and again.

Afterwards Carrie told me that at this early stage these thoughts just show up and vanish again when playtime is over. Until this becomes really earnest it takes a long time. I remembered how we had kept Katherina in this state for almost one year. Still fighting but along with more and more pleasure.

Who knows when, but eventually the stimulation kicked in again and with all my power I tried not to move, but how can you experience an orgasm without motion?

Right, impossible. But in my predicament this was not clear to me, because if it had been I had moved at once. But I was brave, took all without motion but when orgasm approached I could not help but to tense, the system kept going until - the orgasm was ruined. A DOLL MUST NOT MOVE WITHOUT ORDER!

I remembered. At some point in her training Sandra could have an orgasm without any motion. Only her pelvis muscles moved and I had been very satisfied with my doll.

Eventually a dim light switched on and I was ordered to pleasure the cunt. The cunt was at a height that I could reach on my knees. I had a hard time to get onto my knees and was shocked twice for being late. But eventually I managed it.

I did as ordered, tried not to get carried away by the rewarding stimulation between my legs and on my nipples - but when you had two or three ruined orgasms, well. Shocks!

And to make it worse the cunt in this cell wants five to ten orgasms as the computer sees fit. My own devilish invention. I had no idea how long it took me to get my liquid.

After this the door opened and a broadly smiling Carrie released my legs from her bondage and ordered me to my bed where I was strapped down into immobility.

Matter of factly she informed me that Mistress is not satisfied with that doll refuses the grant to orgasm. But Mistress will help doll to acknowledge this grant. For the rest of doll's day doll will receive tease and denial in order to give doll some more motiva­tion on this point.

Said it and left.

As I have already said above my feelings had no words anymore. But strange as it may sound, I also became excited. Just by knowing that entertainment was granted to me I got excited, I felt pleasure. And when it kicked in I soon managed to drift away. Of course I oscillated between consciousness and unconsciousness (not in the sense of fainting, more in the sense of a shut-down of the neocortex) but at least I was not shocked into alertness. You have no idea how thankful I was for that. And just because of this there was a feeling, not a thought but a feeling. Mistress is not satisfied with doll (mention the term!) but Mistress cares because there are no shocks. Immediately the neocortex intervened and brought me (not doll) back to alertness and thus to all the misery of my situation. Brainwash at work. No thought please!

But in fact I was experiencing more and more pleasure, even without orgasm. I really managed to drift in this cocoon of bliss.

Eventually I was shocked into full alertness again and to my supper.

With my last fainting thoughts before I fell into sleep I knew that tomorrow all this will be over. What have I done to Sandra and Katherina, what have I just done! Sandra II. wanted it. At least this thought gave me some comfort.

After I had my breakfast the next morning I lay and waited for Carrie. As she showed up I was relieved. Maybe we would have some last play, but then it would be over. Again she had some coffee and cake and I thought that it was for me.

She said down, smiled and began.

Your time is up - at least you think so. Sorry Mistress, I fooled you.

My eyes went wide and I wanted to speak but I was shocked - harder than ever before.

In the facility, she continued, they think that you do other businesses in your empire of companies and that you have given the management to me.

You will stay here until your dollification has reached an sufficient grade and then I will take you to the facility. I will place you right between Katherina and Sandara II. and then all of you three can have fun together.

I wanted to speak - shock!

She came close. You have no idea how I envy you Mistress, but as I have said, I can trust nobody but myself.

My eyes filled with tears, I truly had trapped my self, and the woman of whom I thought to be my best friend betrayed me.

With a soft voice she tried to comfort me that I soon would be de-humanized enough to see all, well, from a different perspective. From my brain-patterns she knows that there is a lot of fun involved in me.

That was not even wrong, but - how could she! How dare she!

But I did not dare to say a word, the shocks just hurt too much.

I must go now, she said. I will go back to Canada, but we both know well that your own system will take excellent care of you. Expect me in three months or so.

I could not help but to speak - shock!

Frantically I tried to move - shock!

You will see doll, all will be fine, she teased. You will go through the pleasure, orgasm and pain cycle all day, and you will have so much fun doll.

One last stroke over my cheeks and then she left. The bastard had even left the coffee in my prison and it's smell made me mad.

The system kicked in and I knew that I was in until ten o'clock in the evening. What I had just heard was the most violent steamroller of all. Now all theory was gone and I really felt how Sandra I. must have felt. Infinite despair, unspeakable hopelessness, grief and hatred.

Before my brain shut down again my last thought was that when all this is over I would be a doll that really can take pleasure in all this, pleasure beyond believe. Maybe I even deserve it as a punishment for what I have done to others.

Strange, but on this day I experienced pleasure like never before. I already was about to give in. But that fucking mind always ruined it from time to time, and then it was almost unbearable.

But of course she played a mind game. In my state I of course had not noticed that Carrie had shortened my days. My days have in fact only been 16 hours long, such that I still had to go for 16 hours. Afterwards she told me that she not really has been sure if she should do this, but I wanted it as real as possible and so she decided to give me a taste of it. My body-reactions and my brain-patterns on this day betrayed me, my pleasure was exuberant. From all her data she can tell that I have some tendency for the doll. As she spends six weeks as a doll each year she of course knows well what I was going through, but like herself I seem to like it. Well at least my body. The disturbing mind of course interferes, but that would tune down a little, step by step. From my reaction-patterns she would guess that for me it would take six months to be broken completely, rather less. Early, just like Sandra.

Six month until breakdown? With these steamrollers? I asked.

Carrie smiled. You have no idea how strong the neocortex can be, how strong hatred can be, she answered.

But then I unveiled to her that the doll-fantasy also had worked on me before I had decided to have a real slave. Somehow I was really attracted to it. Just like Carrie.

As I saw her the next day she immediately told me that she had played a mind-game with me. I was so relieved that I not even could be angry at her. She freed me completely and my arms hung useless by my sides. She helped me up to my living-room where she had massage-devices where she put my arms in and after one hour I had them back.

We talked a lot and I told her that I nearly had accepted my dollification as a punishment and that I comforted me with the thought that all this would become sheer pleasure as soon as I would give in. I even wanted to give in.

What concerns Sandra I. and Katherina she said, this is something that you have to make clear with yourself. Her tone was somewhat dry, but, she continued, fact is fact and Katherina is very happy now, so leave her where she is. Sandra is also well and that's it. They were enslaved anyway, with or without you, and I repeat it, they could have had it worse, much, much worse.

I nodded. What's done is done, and you cannot undo it. Carrie is right. At least I have felt responsible for the dolls, if not for the human beings below the doll. And in Sandra's case even for the human.

And as strange as it may sound, here, safe in my living-room, I suddenly felt that it was not so bad in the end. There really was some appeal to it in me. Maybe I try it again - for longer. As I told this to Carrie she had a broad smile on her face.

At our second meeting, she said, were I explained to you what makes a good non-consensual Mistress I already had the suspicion that you in fact just play the fantasy you have about yourself with somebody else, because there is no one you could trust enough.

Why didn't you tell me then, I asked.

She smiled, then spoke, you were a customer then and now you are my best friend. Anyway, I doubt that you would have believed me.

I nodded. Maybe not, I said.

It's just like me, she continued. I like the doll in me, but I am the only one who could dollify me the right way and thus it is impossible.

Would you really like to become completely dollified, I asked her.

In the end, she responded, not really. I like travelling too much, she added with a smile. But it is the same as for you. Sandra and Katherina had no idea what was in store for them, but we both know, and especially I know a lot about it. Sandra II. knew, and this made it much easier for her. In fact she wanted it.

Thus, when I ever would get trapped, she continued, I at least knew that the worst things will soon be over. Of course time has no meaning for a doll and soon can still mean months or even longer, but there will be this point where all that is left is pleasure. And when you know this, like you knew it yesterday, then it is also easier to give in, because you know about it. I am pretty sure that my very last clear thought would be a little prayer that there will be no depression for me. And if, then that there is somebody who notices it and takes measures.

I nodded. What do you mean, I asked. Six weeks of this, will it already induce some modifications on my personality?

No, the sentence is too short. But you really have a talent for the doll, so I had to watch the data very closely. But what can happen, as for me and for Sandra still, is that you develop a tendency for heavy bondage and while in bondage the longing for tease and denial, forced orgasms and also shocks. Not that this is something bad, she finished with a smile. But for six weeks I had to develop a treatment-plan for you, based on the data I have collected. For these two days this was not necessary. I just gave you to taste what you have done to Sandra. And you wanted it this way.

I nodded.

When your second ride starts, at least it was the case for me, she said, it is much easier to handle these contradictory feelings. You already know them, this makes it easier. It will still feel like a steamroller, but this is the intention behind it.

8. Me the Godmother again

Our business evolved great, my idea with the toilet-slaves and the subdivision into D/s-slaves S/m-slaves and BdSm-slaves proofed to be a very good one. For the lodging of the human-conditioned slaves we offered hotel-like solutions, three stars, four stars and five stars, with a treatment like normal people except to leave the facility. As I had expected it most owners opted for the four-star solution or the de-humaniza­tion.

Some owners of human-conditioned slaves refused our offer to lodge their property in a three-star room without additional cost if they would not be willing to pay for a higher lodging-solution. Most of the owners were thankful for this because they had opted for a better lodging, but sometimes money is also a problem for rich people. It's just a question of the amount. To my experience, because I also had poor times, the problems with money are the same on every possible level, just the scale is a different one.

The owners that refused were obviously sadists who took pleasure in that even their retired slaves must suffer for the rest of their lifetime. In principle they could refuse our offer because they still were the owners but we informed them that we need the prison-like cells for other business and that we will change the lodging anyway. We paid them a little compensation and declared their ownership for terminated.

Maybe we have lost these customers and of course we all felt sympathy for the slaves that still were in treatment with these people, but we could not do anything for them anyway. And for the slavers, to whom shall they complain? A facility like my one has enormous powers in the slavers world, because we have files about nearly every slaver out there.

And again I was right and more responsible slavers were attracted by our deeds.

Also my idea to offer limited sojourn-times for human-conditioned slaves worked out well. As they were not in retirement we stored them in the prison-like cells in the condition their owners chose for them. Limited sojourn-times were offered up to half a year. From the viewpoint of business this paid off. Some owners wanted to keep their slaves in a very strict condition, chastity, continuous bondage and no further enter­tainment, but a slave is still a slave and for half a year at maximum a slave has to ac­cept that, as hard as it may be. Carrie and Sandra made it as easy as possible for them. At least they must not face a lifetime in such conditions.

After one and a half year also the four spies of the Amasimovs were finally gone and we started with our fMRI research on dolls and pets. Now we really could see the nucleus accumbens, the amygdala and the limbic system and the brain stem at work, and in real-time imaging. All that Carrie had suspected from the brain-patterns proofed to be right. Carrie really was a mastermind in her field.

To get more information Carrie went on her six weeks doll-time holiday and we took daily fMRI-data from her. This work was carried out by Sandra who by then had the same expertise as Carrie. While Carrie was a doll Sandra showed and explained everything to me. In real-time imaging we indeed watched the areas of the brain on the monitor, watched reactions on shocks, forced orgasms, tease and denial and so on. After Carrie was human again she worked out a completely new treatment-plan for dolls and we all were sure that nothing better would exist on earth.

I could not resist to ask Sandra about how she feels to watch over the dolls and give them their treatment. Just after I had asked I thought that this was a mistake, but she gave me the same answer as Carrie had given me once. If it must be at all then it should be done the right way. We help the dolls and that is all she can say about it.

Young Stephanie decided to study economics and I had an idea. We should convince more retired slaves in human condition to study economics. This way we could get rid of the directors step by step. The slave would become a trainee with a certain director and after he or she knows everything the director should be replaced. Because it would have been too dangerous to fire them I opted for a different solution. Step by step they moved into the doll's department. With no externals inside we could handle business in a more relaxed way. I did not have to go on business-travel anymore to give the impression that I also have other companies to run and it was also possible to dollify me once in a while. Like Carrie I opted for six weeks.

Carrie has been right, the second turn is much easier to handle. But I had decided to go with my method and not with Carrie's. Indeed I wanted the steamroller again. My only uneasy thought about it was that of course also Sandra would watch over me, but Carrie reassured me that there is no desire for revenge in her. Again she told me that given the circumstances Sandra is thankful to me - and I should finally begin to believe this, because she is tired of telling this to me over and over again.

As I had already mentioned above I felt that my business depends too much on the infra­structure of the Amasimovs. At one evening Sandra found the solution for these prob­lems.

By then we had developed a real and consensual Mistress-slave-girl relationship and in our spare-time she did some maid's duties for me and eventually we also had sex together. And when she needed her heavy bondage with forced stimulation I gave it to her. And when I needed mine then she gave it to me. We really were the couple I had longed for. Who ever would have thought about this?

To get rid of the Amasimovs I would have to built up a family business with people who are absolutely trustworthy. But I did not have such a family. If my sisters or my parents only would have a slight idea about what I am really doing they would immediately call the police even if I would offer them a partnership. That is why there is no German Mafia, no sense of family business, all honest tax-payers.

However, Sandra had the solution. She told me that I already have a family, right in the facility.

You mean the slaves, I asked.

Yes, she answered, of course. The human-conditioned slaves! There is none that is not thankful to you. Mistress has no idea what you have done for them. Form their perspective you really gave a good life to them, concerning the conditions.

Hm, I made. But they still are property of their owners.

Sandra shrugged her shoulders. Slaves also die Mistress.

Ah, I said, nodded my head and caressed her hair. You are really a clever one!

The next day I asked Carrie what happens when a slave dies.

When they suffer from some illness that cannot be cured we call a specialist who is in touch with this world and who can judge if the organs still can be sold. If so the slave is euthanized and the organs are taken, if not the slave also is euthanized.

You kill them, I shouted in shock.

We euthanize!, that is something completely different. They do not even know what is happening. I call them to my office because there would be something to discuss, a drink is offered, they take it and fall to sleep immediately. We have no means to cure cancer here or something else. It is for their best, and for the de-humanized ones it is even easier. Just take this as a fact in this world that cannot be altered. Or build a real hospital in here. The fat is processed to first-class soap and the rest is burned. And do not ask me about dignity Mistress. It is just a dead body. In life they had no dignity except the one we can provide them here, so after life dignity is really a bull-shit.

What happens to the files when a slave dies or becomes euthanized, I asked.

As far as I know, Carrie answered, the file is closed, a message is send to the owner and to all slave-traders that this stock has elapsed. Files are closed and that's it.

So, I said, a slave that is announced dead would in principle be free.

If the slave would still be alive, of course. What are you about, she asked.

I told her about my idea and she found it fantastic.

And I would build a real hospital. No slave in my facility would be euthanized anymore!!

Me and Sandra started to interview intelligent slaves in human condition who had studied economics. Officially they would announced to be dead and thus would be free. As all of them had reached some age but the pictures in the files of the slavers stem from their abduction there would not really be a problem.

But we had one condition. If we would announce them to be officially dead they had to promise to stay and work with the facility. Because most of them have been enslaved for fifteen to thirty years to date they had no other home to go to, no other life to return to and they agreed. They happily agreed.

And if they by accident would meet their Mistress or Master, what could they do and anyway, it also might be a confusion because of similar faces.

To be sure all slaves had always two bodyguard with them, and I mean really real bodyguards with the license to take any measures that may be necessary. Only once there was a Mistress that lived closed by the facility, in the next town, which of course she had not known. This Mistress now graduates in dollification and, as Carrie can tell, is very happy.

The first thing to be done was that me and my money officially took residence in Canada. This would make things easier.

Step by step we announced our selected slaves dead and step by step I bought companies that would supply the facility with all that was needed in all privacy, but that also could conduct other businesses in order to earn real money. As greed can turn against you we decided that these companies should only create unreported income in a modest way. The directors of these companies were officially dead slaves.

So we built up a meat-wholesale, a grocery-wholesale, wood-wholesale, a chain of wash-saloons, typical Mafia businesses to wash money in. Typical businesses that cannot really be controlled by the tax offices because you can easily manipulate the financial state­ments.

But we also needed a bank. Of course I could have opted for Grand Cayman or something like that, but I wanted a bank of my own, just like the Amasimovs. I bought a banking-license from the state and had a bank. This was possible because I had enough money as a backup.

With your own bank at disposal you can do nearly everything. All our Companies were customers of this bank, such that we could make official and unofficial money-transfers. In principle a bank has to announce transfers above a defined low-key level and recur­rence to the state, but what happens if the bank just won't do this? Exactly - nothing! Because no one will be the wiser. I really have a talent for this!

Now we could mix the high income of the facility with the income of the companies and step by step generated clean money.

At this stage I asked Carrie about Stephanie. Is she ready, is she trustworthy or would she still return to Germany?

Stephanie and I already were introduced to each other and as she had understood what all this could have meant for her she was of course very thankful. But she never really was in treatment and all the horrible things were just theory for her, except for her abduction. I just wanted to be sure. But Carrie could assure me that Stephanie has accepted her new life and even has found possibilities that she would not have had in her first life. All slaves are inevitably sex-slaves, regardless of other usage, and are thus somewhat addicted to sex. Stephanie had the possibility to have uncomplicated sexual adventures with boys and girls as many as she liked to have and also could explore the variety of plays that are possible. She mostly wanted to have it plain-vanilla, but she also has made experi­ences on the slave's side as on the Mistress side. Perfect!

Stephanie by then held a doctoral degree in economics and should rule our bank.

By this practice I now really was a Godmother. The clean money went onto my account and my balance enhanced from year to year. I did this not for my own welfare, I did this for the welfare of the facility. Now we were independent of the infrastructure of the Amasimovs, had our own supply for the facility and clean money in the case we would really need it. Unreported income is fine, but in fact useless when the cash piles up and you cannot really do anything with it except to buy service from the Amasimovs.

For good measure we added a construction company to our pool of companies, such that in the case the facility would need service in this field we had it at our own disposal.

9. Us the avengers

A few years passed and our empire grew. I emphasize OUR empire. I thought it to be also Carrie's empire, because without her nothing of all this would be possible, Sandra's empire because I had overwritten to her a considerable part of it as a compensa­tion, and also to Stephanie. All of us held a stake, the only Germans in the world doing Mafia business, except for Carrie the Anglo-Saxon. As far as I know Anglo-Saxons do not need a Mafia, they have Goldman-Sachs and all is legal.

Of course we also paid the former slaves that now did their jobs as the directors of our companies, but as they still spent a considerable part of their time at the facility, which is their true home, they in fact would not have needed an income. They received their income in order to built up a false front in the outside world that suits the lifestyle of a director of a company. All our companies have their headquarters close by the facility and thus all this was easy to handle.

At this one evening Sandra knelt down in front of me and raised her eyes up to mine. I was puzzled. In our second relationship I never had required her to kneel.

She took both of my hands and said, Mistress, you know that I have no feeling of revenge on you, and you very well know why this is the case. But as time goes by I develop feelings of revenge on the Amasimovs. They ruined my first life. It is only an outstanding and completely improbable luck that I came to you. But it is not only for me, it is for all the others, for all these poor youngsters and slaves whose lives are ruined, who enter the second and the third market, who are not lucky enough to be given to our or other retirement facilities.

I softly stroke her face. What do you want from me Sandra, I asked softly.

With a voice so hard that I never ever had heard it from her before, she is a gentle and friendly person, she said, RUIN THEM! Then softer, please Mistress, ruin them. I will give you everything for this.

I was stunned. How could we possibly ruin the Amasimovs? They still had a much, much larger business than ours, had a much stronger network and infrastructure.

You do not have to give ME anything my sweet Sandra. I have taken enough from you, more than enough.

But as strange as this may sound Mistress, you also gave me something. You gave me unbelievable pleasure and you gave me a new and a good life. Else I would not have forgiven you Mistress, would not accept you as my Mistress.

So are we quit my dear, I asked.

Yes Mistress, we are quit.

And then I reminded what Carrie once said at our second meeting. Her empathy starts at the point where she really can help the slaves, but she hates the slavers and slave-traders who abduct and ruin young lives. But she does not think about it because she cannot alter it and because she also must protect herself. Hm. But what if we could alter it? But how?

I promise to you my sweet Sandra that I will try to find a way, but I cannot promise to you that it will work.

That is all what I could wish for Mistress. Thank you.

And now get up and let's go to bed, I said.

May I ask you for another favour Mistress?

What is it?

Could you keep me in severe bondage this night, I need it again.

Certainly, I smiled and caressed her cheeks.

In our flat we had two beds. A normal queen-size bed and a bondage bed. Sandra dressed up in think rubber in order not to get cold during the night and put on metal shackles, much the same as I had kept her in. I fixed her on the bondage bed as immobile as possible and in a spread eagled position. I chained her ankles, calves, thighs, hips, her waist, which was in a strict corset, chest, upper arms, lower arms, wrists and neck. Quite the same as I had used to fix her on my bondage bed in my play-room. She luxuriated in her bondage and I gave her time to adjust to it and to enjoy it. Below her rubber-catsuit she wore the chastity-device I had kept her in.

I already had done this often to her since we have become a couple, but I always wonder about it. In the end she must tell the truth. After the horrible first phase of her dollification she really must have enjoyed it. She is a born submissive, else all this would not be explainable.

I booted the computer and chose the tease and denial, orgasm and shock cycle that she only knew all too well.

After I had fixed her I sat down besides her on the bed. Again I caressed her in rubber encased face and looked straight into her eyes, these wonderful blue eyes, deep as the ocean.

My hands wandered over her body.

Her full head rubber-mask has built in ear-pads, such that she will be deaf, has a built in gag and a blindfold that both can be locked into place by buttons. I closed the blindfold on her and again caressed her face. She could not hear me anymore, but we both knew what was to come now. Last chance to chicken out. If she now would say "Stop It" I would free her immediately, but if she says "Go" I will lock the gag and she is in, regardless if she wants it or not, but this is part of the game.

A bondage game where the slave can chicken out at any time it seems to be too much is wasted time. Sandra knows it, Carrie knows it and I know it too. All the three of us know what it means to be kept in a tunnel-game, and that in the end all feels good about it. When the slave but has the option to chicken out at anytime this may feel to be a relief in the very moment, but afterwards it is all unsatisfactory.

I waited. Sandra took this long and deep breath in as good as her strict corset allowed her to, this breath that is so typical for this moment. Then, fast, as if she suddenly would not be so sure about it anymore she shouted "Go" and I locked the gag on her. Of course she tested her bonds, tried to find slack, mumbled into her gag, seemed to plea but it was too late. Go means go with no way out. Of course all this belongs to the game. You can be experienced as much as you want, and Sandra is very experienced, more than Carrie or I ever could be, but you still have these contradictory feelings about it after the last lock has clicked shut and you know that you are in with no way out - only after time is up. Eventually this turns over into excitement and arousal and then it is just fun and pleasure.

Despite Sandra was heavily gagged I would have to take ear-plugs for sleeping, be­cause her moaning will still be loud enough. However, the system monitors her body-functions and if there is an emergency an alarm will be triggered like for the real dolls and help would come immediately. Thus I could sleep sound and with peace of con­science.

But for now I remained besides her and watched in amazement. What is so fascinat­ing about the doll? It is just fact that it is fascinating. I felt that I also needed a dolli­fication again, and soon.

The next morning I took care of her pee-pot, switched off the program and unlocked her gag. I gave her to drink. What now was to come was also always part of our games. I knelt down on her, my legs besides her body and she had to serve my by then so wet pussy expertly as a thank. After I have orgasmed there were two possibilities. When she stops serving me she signals that her time is up. But when she keeps licking me into another orgasm she still wants to go. This morning she served me twice. Thus I locked her gag again and switched on the program.

At noon we again had this procedure. I watered her and she could serve me once or twice. If twice she wants to go until the evening. In the evening again the same. But if she still wants to go I would provide her a hypnotic, because at this time she was already awake for nearly a day and so she must sleep in her bondage.

And the next morning of course the same again. She really seemed to need it this time, she went on for three full days.

When I finally released her she was of course completely spent. After such a long session I always wondered about how she could have stood it in her time as my, well, my to be lifetime doll. Maybe the body adjusts to it.

Sandra needed a day of rest and then we had a conference. Carrie, Sandra, Stephanie, me and all our directors of the facility. As we all were in the conference room I - but as I wanted to ask the question of how we could possibly ruin the Amasimovs there was this sweet little kitty that nestled to my feet. I petted her softly and just wanted to order one of the maids to get her out, but by a second thought I left her where she was. She seemed to like it at my feet and purred in delight. Later on Sandra and I would keep her in our flat. She was really a very well trained kitty and we never ever heard some human tone from her.

So I asked the question: Sandra asked me for a favour and I am willing to try my best to make it happen. How can we possibly ruin the Amasimovs?

Of course everybody was stunned.

All of you, I continued, except Carrie and me, are, as I know from your files and personally, victims of the Amasimovs. You all should have feelings for revenge on them. I await proposals.

Sven took the word. Sven was a FILF-slave from Sweden that had been kept by a capable Master who finally felt responsible. The only - well heavy - problem was that Sven just was not gay, with emphasize on WAS! How that might feel? I always took care that my girls are really lesbians. But as a thank Master granted Sven the highest lodging-solution.

So Sven spoke. We certainly cannot ruin the Amasimovs completely, but at least we can ruin their slaving-business and maybe get the Godfather or some high-ranked family members.

Why just the slaving-business, Carrie asked.

Because we have really good information about it, said Immaculada, whom you might remember from above as Mrs. Gonzalez, a re-humanized doll.

After they have abducted you and brought to Kazakhstan they talk plain to you in order to destroy all hopes to ever get out of this again. After you are in their hands they must not be careful anymore. No slave ever will escape the slavers world again.

That's right, Stephanie interfered. They even tell you where you are and that the God­father himself watches over this part of his business. It is his personal hobby, because he himself built it up. It is his first business. So do not ever expect any help! That's the message.

I too know where this place is, I was a customer. But we cannot contact the secret services of this world. We run a slaves retirement facility, we are also in the business, I objected.

But can't we explain to them that we are the good guys in this business, suggested Claire. French origin, former prison-like kept slave. Served an incapable Mistress as an all in one sex-toy, anal-fucking toy, maid, bondage-toy and whipping-toy. As a thank Mistress decided that Claire should retire in chastity, continuous bondage, chained to the wall of her cell, gagged and blindfolded. This one was a real bastard. Carrie had her in treatment for seven years and could save her from lunacy by heavy medication and disregard of Mistress' wishes at least each trimester of a year for a two weeks holiday as a normal person. Claire was one of the first whom we had moved to a higher lodging-solution after I took over the facility. Thanks to Carrie and Sandra she finally recovered.

Sorry Claire, objected Sandra, but this is somewhat naïve. Maybe all human-condi­tioned slaves with us can give us a good testimony, but what about the others?

That's true, said Nora. Nobody would believe us, would believe Carrie. If they get us we all just go to jail as slavers despite we have been slaves ourselves. But as the psychiatrist here Carrie is the real monster for them. She takes care that all de-humanized slaves stay as they are and no one would ever believe her that this is the best for them. Not even with Sandra's or Im­maculada's, or other re-humanized slaves' testimony. And all the others cannot testify that they are well. No way!

You know Nora as Mrs. Bernheim from above. Nora has really been a lucky one. Abduc­ted and enslaved of course, but with a Master who was really capable and with high em­pathy. BdSm-used, but excellent pain-pleasure conditioning, sex- and bondage-toy of course, but eventually they developed a somewhat affectionate relationship. Not af­fectionate enough to become lovers - sometimes this really happens, even owner­ship is given up and it comes to marriage - but she was granted a second-class lodging-solution.

In the slavers world the majority is of course uneasy with restored freedom and mar­riage, far too dangerous. Slavers who do so are banned.

Nora is right, Sven approved, what happens here for them is a felony mayhem, they just must prosecute us, they have no choice. As former slaves they maybe grant us a conces­sion in our sentence, but we now also run this facility with Mistress. And I doubt about that we can make a deal like we deliver you the Amasimovs free house and you leave us alone. Never ever!

Then I spoke. I think there could be something in Claire's idea. What if we do not only offer the Amasimovs, what if we would offer all our files, all slavers, Mistresses and Master, whomever we have data about.

This would blow up our whole business, objected Stephanie.

Do you think, I continued, that we earn enough by our legal companies to keep this facility running?

Yes, Stephanie answered. All I know from the bank's accounts that would not be a problem. Our legal income is almost equal to the facilities income alone.

So, Nora said, do I get this right. We offer all we know in exchange that they leave us alone? We close down in the sense that we do not accept slaves anymore and just pro­cess what we have in stock - sorry for this word, you know what I mean?

I think that's it, responded Claire. At least it is worth a try. And anyhow, maybe, when Carrie talks to a really high capacity in her field, maybe this one will understand what really happens here.

When we do all this then there won't be new slaves anymore that would retire here, said Immaculada. If we really do this, hand over all files to the FBI or what state-force ever we blow up the whole system. All around the world industry tycoons, politicians, rich scientists, judges and what ever high-ranked men or women you can think of will blow up. The domino effect will be like a break-out of the Yellow­stone caldera.

Wouldn't this be enough in exchange that they leave us alone, I asked. If a really renown psychiatrist inspects Carrie's methods, research and theories, and we really could prove that we are indeed the good-ones, would this not be enough? We could also offer to take care of freed de-humanized slaves.

And I think there will be a lot of de-humanized slave's out there, said Carrie. Lock at this Kitty at your feet Mistress. Would an agent understand that she is really happy this way? Kitty can purr as she likes, but I am not so sure.

Okay, I said to Sandra. You think that Claire's idea is naïve. What do you think now? We could not only blow up the Amasimovs, we could blow up the whole system.

Sandra nodded. I think Mistress, she answered, this is a very good idea, and I think it is worth the risk for us.

All of us nodded. Deal!

The problem now was to which state-force we should make contact with, which country should we chose. Stephanie suggested Germany, but I rejected the idea. Ger­mans are just blockheads, they would never really get this straight, and beyond that we need forces that can operate worldwide. Germany already has difficulties to coordinate the forces of it's federal states, and the German secret service is just a bad joke. I opted for the FBI, there is real power behind it.

However, Immaculada rejected this idea. The FBI would refuse to talk to the CIA in order to claim the honours for themselves and vice verse. The CIA would refuse to talk to other secret services in order to claim the honours for themselves and all would end up in a big, big mess.

But Claire again had the best idea. She suggested Interpol itself, because then it would be for sure that it really comes to an operation with a worldwide coordination. Get them all on the same day! Headquarters are in France, in Lyon, the city where she once came from. Deal!

The next step was not easy, in fact it was the most difficult, the most dangerous one. If we would fail in this step we all could blow up, but we all agreed to take this risk. For those amongst us who wanted to escape the forces if we would blow up Carrie provided us her euthanasia liquid in an ampoule. It would kill fast and completely without pain. All our directors including Carrie, Stephanie, Sandra and me opted for the ampoule. All is better than a lifelong incarceration as a monster.

We all had not much of an experience in abduction, well only on the wrong side of it, but why shouldn't we ask the Amasimovs for help? Just for a last bad joke?! In Lyon, with all care that was ever possible for amateurs, we spied on an agent, at least we hoped she is an agent and no secretary, that works in the building of Interpol. We managed to follow her to her house and thus could find out her name. Then I contacted the Amasimovs and told them that we have informations from a high-ranked customer that this agent is behind us. We asked them to abduct this agent and to deliver her to our fa­cility for a dollification.

Just to kill her is just boring, isn't it, we suggested? What about heavy sadistic treatment with slow and piecewise amputations, cutting off her breasts and so on, they objected? This is just for 48 to 72 hours, but a doll is forever, we offered, and as a little extra we can put a toilettification on top! Indeed? Agreed! Deal!

Said and done. I had this phone-call with the Godfather himself and he cordially thanked me for this information. Interpol, he said, is behind him since decades, but still has not found out real evidence. As we all are into the same business and honourable men - and women - he corrected himself, we all should stand together. If one loses, we all lose.

How right he was!

So the agent was delivered to us in a standard doll-outfit as it was the custom. Heavily gagged, blindfolded, arms in a tightly laced mono-glove on the back, legs in a two-legs in one ballet-boot, also laced as tight as possible. The boxes where the slaves are delivered in are usually filled with a foam that further makes all movements impossible. This agent now had already experienced what it means to be on the slave market in Kaza­khstan.

After we had put a necklace on her just to make sure that she cannot escape we freed her, calmed her down and talked plain.

She was as overwhelmed as Carrie has been when she first saw all this. Even as a hard-wired agent of Interpol that was a little bit too much for her. Carrie provided her some medicals and she got herself back into composure.

Agent Grisanov, Russian ori­gin, frankly confirmed the Godfathers testimony. They were behind the Amasimovs since decades, but they all were just too clever.

Maybe some of your own agents are also with the Amasimovs, suggested Nora.

Of course we have thought about this, answered Agent Grisanov. So far we have not found evidence, but this is of course difficult. Each office can watch over another office, but where is the traitor?

Maybe you find the answer in our files, suggested Claire.

Claire has really a talent for this. Who knows what she could have made out of her life?

We showed Agent Grisanov all our files and allowed her to interview our human-condi­tioned slaves and all re-humanized slaves, including Sandra at wish. Of course she could not interview all of them, but she chose a good mixture. Agent Grisanov was completely stunned and was obviously looking for the right words.

Agent Grisanov, with the fast routine of her business, scanned through our files and finally found the traitor. One of the directors, of course. Ironically it also was Sven's Master. At least he had shown some decency.

This will not be easy, said Agent Grisanov, but we will get him at once when I am back. Would you provide me with this file, she asked?

Can you so far guarantee us no prosecution, I asked?

Certainly! Certainly! Deal!

At least we now knew that our little lie to the Amasimovs was a good one. And if they contact him just as a back-up it could easily be someone else. After all Agent Grisanov was in for dollification, so what was to worry about?

But of course Agent Grisanov was not so sure about the de-humanized slaves. Who could not understand this? Agent Grisanov was uneasy with the maids serving her and completely irritated about as our kitty began to nestle to her feet and purred in delight.

Pet her, I encouraged Agent Grisanov and reluctantly she did it. Of course she tried to talk to kitty, but no intelligible response came from her. Kitty just saw up to Agent Gris­anov and smiled.

Kitty, Sven explained, only understands what animals can normally understand from human gesture and voice: come here, go away, here is your food, good kitty, and so on.

Carrie showed all of her work to Agent Grisanov, but of course she remained very sceptical about it. Who could not understand this?

After we had introduced her to all we offered our deal. A really high-ranked capacity in Carrie's field that really is no blockhead should inspect her work and testify that Carrie really does her best to make the slaves life a good one, concerning their condi­tion. Based on this Interpol should judge what they want. The Amasimovs and all the other slavers worldwide free house and without any prosecution against us, or nothing.

Of course we offered that we expertly would take care of all freed de-humanized slaves and also provide psychiatric and medical care for all freed slaves in human condi­tion. As good as we possibly could.

Agent Grisanov got the impression that we are really serious about it. Deal!

We would safely deliver her to a place and provide her enough money such that she easily could return to France without knowing where our facility is. After she had chosen the psychiatrist she should contact us and we would organize her and the psychiatrist's journey to us in all secrecy. Just to absolutely sure we informed her about that we have the means to perform body-scans and that she would be dollified if we find a transmitter or other silly things.

She responded that we have a deal and that she stands to it.

We trusted her, because the price to win for her was so high that she would not try to fool us. Alone the fact that we let her go again assured her that we are serious about it. Especially after she had seen the doll's department and knew what we could have done to her.

Three month later it became really earnest. Agent Grisanov contacted me. We said that she and her companion shall fly to Guatemala and wait at the airport. In Guatem­ala we would abduct her and her companion in pretence just to make sure to keep our place a secret. She agreed. And just to be sure we scanned both before transport, but Agent Grisanov held her word.

All went well as we had more hoped but expected and Agent Grisanov and Prof. Dr. med. Dr. mult. Dr. h.c. mult. Alexandre de la Cour arrived all well and without trouble. Prof. de la Cour was really interested in Carrie's work and she at first showed him around. As a psychiatrist he proved to be much more hard-wired than Agent Grisanov has been at first. Prof. de la Cour and Carrie needed two weeks to come to terms in all scientific questions, but finally Prof. de la Cour really was content about it. To Agent Grisanov he communicated that Carrie's work is outstanding and that she really does her best to make the de-humanized slaves life the best that they can get. He highly disad­vised any prosecution in the interest of Carrie's patients and of all come to be patients after slavery has blown up worldwide. He also advised to convince governments world­wide to provide financial support to the facility in order to expand, because there would be a large number of de-humanized slaves to be taken care of. He and his institute would provide any scientific and medical assistance that is possible.

Thus I was the only one who really had committed two major crimes, in fact two felony may­hem crimes. Contrary to this Carrie's deeds were not to be understood as crimes in a common sense, because she just assisted to make the inevitable as good and best as pos­sible.

But Carrie's report about Katherina, accompanied by Prof. de la Cour and Sandra's af­fectionate testimony for me made it all good. For a much, much higher in­terest nothing would happen to me. I had transformed the facility into a good place for human-condi­tioned slaves and I had made it possible to successfully get all the slavers with such a high evidence that not even the best lawyers could talk them out. And this is worth a lot. The bill is closed said Agent Grisanov. Stephanie's rescue, Sandra's re-humanization and the files contra Katherina's and Sandra's dollification - the bill is closed.

One year later the world changed forever. The Amasimovs blew up and slavers world­wide blew up. In order to provide secrecy to our facility, our directors, Sandra, Stephanie, Carrie and me were granted an award only unofficially and all was good.

With financial means given from governments all around the world we could expand and finally we also could build above the Earth's surface.

Carrie gave lectures to Prof. de la Cour's assistants and students and her method finally spread amongst the scientific community. The only sad thing about it for Carrie was that she officially could not claim for the acknowledgement, because of the secrecy of our facility. But Carrie was content about it. Her interest has always been to provide the best treatment for the slaves.

After the slavers world was destroyed all slaves also were really free again. Except the ones who had been abducted some months or a year before the blow-up the most of them stayed at our or other facilities that now were overseen by Prof. de la Cour's team. Some eventually visited their families and their old friends, but they always came back again. There are some things you can never fully get rid of, and so they remained in treatment with Carrie or Prof. de la Cour's team. And, of course, you feel more at home amongst others who share the same fate.

Stephanie visited her family, but she also came back. Which young girl at her age could claim to run a bank?

Sandra did not want to see her family again. She said that this life is completely over and that she does not want to awake things that cannot be repaired, that never can be repaired. Carrie and I understood far too good.

10. Them the dolls - finally

But after all was good also some things went wrong. After her mission was done Sandra fell into a depression. At first Carrie suspected that this would just be a sign of exhaustion, but it proved to be more serious. Sandra's need for prolonged heavy bondage and stimulation grew and her blood-samples and her brain-activity proved all too good that she had an indication for a re-dollification. Only in a doll-like condition she was happy and content.

At first she was frightened, who could not understand this, and Mistress felt an overwhelming sympathy for her, because Mistress surely had a joint responsibility for this. But Sandra assured Mistress that she only has affectionate feelings for her, and she also said that without their, well, first acquaintance all that we had achieved since then possibly never may have happened. That was of course true.

All the three, Carrie, Sandra and Mistress had long discussions about further options, about the procedure of the treatment, about the prospects of a conventional cure of the depression. However, Carrie stated that with the doll-patterns still inside Sandra's mind the lower, lust-oriented parts of the brain would fancy the mindless pleasure of her doll-state more and more in order to escape the depression. An attempt to cure the depres­sion in a conventional sense could get it utterly wrong when these patterns really start to activate.

When you never had a real depression then you cannot understand that the depressed one, at some state of the disease, will accept any way out of this state, may it be sui­cide, heavy medication into oblivion, electro-convulsion therapy or a re-dollifica­tion.

Finally Sandra agreed. She already knew about it and after some critical thinking she was ready to sacrifice the possibility of reading books, listen to music or watching films in order to get back this overwhelming but completely mindless pleasure.

Sandra even opted for Mistress' treatment-plan that she had received when she was Mistress' non-consensual slave. Carrie agreed to this, because by this way Sandra would make fast progress, everything to reactivate is already there and in the same patterns as was the treatment she once had received from Mistress.

But Mistress decided that she would not leave Sandra alone. Mistress wanted to join her on her journey towards the doll. Mistress had an appeal to the doll inside her anyway, so why not see this as a real chance. Sandra was the fantasy that she wanted to live herself. Sandra knew that and she agreed, heavily touched and in tears. Both, Mistress and Sandra asked Carrie if she could refine Mistress' treatment-plan in a way that they both would learn to interact with each other in her dollified state if proper commands are given.

To Carrie this was really the first challenge that she could not do on her own, but with the assistance of Prof. de la Cour she finally succeeded. As a scientist Prof. de la Cour of course was interested in all this, because he never has had the chance to witness a de-humanization. But when the subjects agree to it by free will, who on earth should be allowed to hold them back?

Carrie was very fond of her treatment-plan. In fact she was so fond of it that she had some sleepless nights where she dreamed of to join Mistress and Sandra on a three­some journey into pleasure and oblivion. She would not become younger and she would lose their best friends. So now or never.

At this time Mistress was 41 years old, Sandra was 39 years old and Carrie was 48 years old. Now or never! The life-expectancy of a doll is usually not so bad if no major dis­ease develops. But with such a disease every bodies life-expectancy sinks. But the facility already had a real hospital and if such a disease would develop it could be taken care of with all that is possible. The doll would not even notice it. And for happiness on top they do not even notice when they die. Somehow there are really to envy!

All the three but were in excellent heath condition.

In fact dolls usually are very healthy. There are no sorrows and no worries, all happiness and pleasure. The conditioning and treatment is like sports that keeps a doll in excellent fitness, the liquid nourishment provides vitamins, protein and just enough carbohydrate that they remain slender and rank but have enough energy to burn. No bad fatty acids. Moreover they are breath-controlled such that the air they breath in is absolutely clean. No infections!

Of course the stimulation must eventually be adjusted to the age. Certainly you cannot let a seventy years old doll ride orgasms or shocks like a twenty-one years old doll. Mistress and Sandra have a good expectancy that they can run on full power for at least twenty-five to thirty years still, while Carrie might only have twenty to twenty-five years left. Now or never!

For the first time Carrie had an expert at her side whom she could fully trust, Prof. de la Cour. Both worked on the treatment-plan again and finally they had found the best solution for the three of them. Carrie finally gave into the doll inside her. Far too long had she betrayed herself about it, but she had so much responsibility for the slaves in her care. But now this was over. Now or never!

A dolls home was created for the three by the example of Sandra's doll's home in Mis­tress' house in Germany, but it also would include treadmills in order to keep all the three flexible and mobile. All the three opted for the same minimum bondage condition, that means boxtied arms on the back and ballet boots. Of course we would provide stimulation to avoid amyothrophia. Mistress and Carrie exercised for weeks until they finally could bal­ance in her ballets. Sandra helped as best as she could and had some good moments when she laughed at the others because they acted like ones born yesterday.

Because this was a fully consensual dollification there would be a questioning after six weeks and a final questioning after three month. If any of the three would opt out then she was out. But after a final "GO" there would be no way back.

After six weeks we carried out the first questioning. Prof. de la Cour and me entered the cell and marvelled at the three dolls. They looked at us and it was hard to guess what they might think. But none dared to speak because of the speak-shock routine. At first we switched off Sandra's speak-shock routine and asked her about how she feels. Immediately she said "GO" and while Prof. de la Cour still pressed the button to reactivate her speak-shock routine she had a massive orgasm without any further stimulation but by her brain. We all could not help but to smile, but the smile on Sandra's face was by far the brightest of all.

The next one was Mistress. After we had switched off her speak-shock routine she needed some time to think about it. With a deep breath as far as her restrictive corset allowed she spoke out "GO" very fast and we reactivated her speak-shock routine before she could speak out any other word.

Last was Carrie, but she decided fast. Carrie was on "GO".

We left the dolls home, locked the door, reactivated the conditioning algorithm and would come back in six weeks.

When the six weeks were over we followed the same procedure and took care of that all the three had only one chance to speak. Prof. de la Cour and I knew well that this might be hard, but here is no point about dollification when the subjects are allowed to change their minds all the time. It is like an endless tunnel-game. You only really can enjoy it when there is no way out again - until time is up. Okay, when time is up in this case might take a very long time. But all we know where all this leads to and so no harm is done in principal, even if there might be an error or a misunder­standing.

Sandra was already in a state where she could not properly respond to our question anymore. Only by "doll - Sandra - speech - allowed" she gave an intelligible answer that clearly was a "GO GO GO GO......." until I gave the command "doll - Sandra - speech - forbidden". Doll Sandra instantly was silent again - and had a massive orgasm because she had shown a good doll's habits. All of us smiled, but the brightest smile again was on Sandra's face.

Mistress still could respond intelligible by her own mind, but she was already somewhat below normal awareness. She was on "GO" and confirmed it with a nod as far as her restraints allowed it to leave no doubt about it.

If we had seen a clear indication in the subject's eyes or an immediate shake of the head, as far as the restraints would allowed to, in order signal that the decision just made might be a mistake we maybe would have given one last but then really absolutely final chance. The stake was high and so we ourselves then could be absolutely sure to do the best for our friends. But given the circumstances we also had the duty to protect our friends from a probably false decision. They have had a long time to think and to feel about it, but just one violent impulse of the neocortex could ruin all, just by the possibility to chicken out.

Thus Prof. de la Cour and I kept our eyes on the whole body-language. If the subject, after a "GO", would suddenly begin to violently fight against it's bond or even disregard the speak-shock routine just to communicate to us, this of course would be an emergency signal. And even if it would turn out to be just a violent interference of the neocortex afterwards, then there is nothing we could do about it. Sad but unavoidable.

However, if fighting against the bonds has some touch of just testing and luxuriating, because a rush of feelings washes over the subject we could also identify this. And as for Sandra it of course really easy, a heavy orgasm tells you all.

However, there are also these tiny signals that either might not be signals at all, or indicate that the subject is not clear with itself. These are the most dangerous ones.

Prof. de la Cour and I have come to terms that we should ignore tiny signals in the first place for the good of the subject. We would keep watching closely and if it finally would turn out that something is wrong we would of course intervene. The stake was too high, but it is better that the subjects do not know this. But we also agreed about to give them enough time, maybe some additional month or so, just for their best.

As I already have said above, there is no point in dollification when the subject can change it's mind at wish. A bondage-game is a tunnel-game or it is wasted time.

After her "GO" I went to Mistress, caressed her face and said my final "Thank you" to her before she would disappear into the oblivion of pleasure.

Last was Carrie. She seemed to have some doubts. We told her that she shall take her time because this now is the major question of her lifetime.

She looked at the two others as best as her restraints allowed it. Mistress made eye-contact with Carrie, but Sandra did not notice anything of this.

Mistress' time to speak was over, but her eyes said all. Accept the facts her eyes said to Carrie, protect yourself and do not think about things you cannot alter! The same as Carrie always has told Mistress to do over and over again. Now it was Mistress' time to teach Carrie.

Carrie knew that Mistress was right. She took a deep breath in, as deep as her tight corset allowed to and shouted out as fast as possible "GO GO G"-shock.

It seemed to me that Carrie's eyes somewhat widened, but her confirmation was just all too clear. I bid my farewell to her, Prof. de la Cour also bid his farewell and assured the dolls one last time that we all would keep three eyes on them, that we all have very thankful and affectionate feelings for them and that all will be good and so much fun.

We both left the dolls' home, locked the door and reactivated the conditioning al­gorithm.

All of us, the whole facility hopes that there will be no indication for a re-humaniza­tion, because that would be all too hard. Too hard to know that the best friends are still in Elysium.

It was amazing and very touching to see that kitty chose her place in front of the locked door, as if she would know that both her owners are inside.

For some days I could not help but to have some second thoughts about Carrie and I talked to Prof. de la Cour - Alexandre - about it. I suggested to drug Mistress asleep and give Carrie a second, but then really final chance. Alexandre also had seen this look in Carrie's eyes, but from her brain-patterns, so far as he can judge, it is clear that the last and final questioning had just built up some stress in Carrie.

In Carrie's case it would have been the best if we would not have given her a second chance at all, he analysed. We all know that she has a strong doll inside her and I am sure that this just was her last barrier to finally give in. She is on her way down now, he confirmed.

Thus we should wait. If Carrie would still show a recurring high activity of her neocor­tex after another one to two months we should think about another, but then really final chance for her to chicken out.

Give her some time, Alexandre suggested, we know that she really wants it. She wanted it from the time on she began to conduct research on dolls. And we also know that the first part on the road to de-humanization is not easy. Just give her some addi­tional time, she deserves it.

I nodded. I just wanted to be sure. I do not want to be a slaver, and especially not in the case of these three astounding and wonderful girls that all of us have to thank so much. I could not help myself, but some­how I envied them. Especially Sandra with her massive orgasms I was allowed to wit­ness. I so far never had one that would be comparable to hers even in the third part of it's intensity. And to my opinion, as Alexandre has con­firmed by measure­ments, I have really good ones. Sigh!

I myself would personally watch over the three. Maybe I eventually develop enough interest in a doll's pleasure to try it myself, for 48 hours as Mistress has done then. It certainly would be interesting.

Or maybe not. At least one rational mind must run this little empire that Mistress has built up for us, and this is me - Stephanie.

11. Final note on them and on me

Carrie and Alexandre really had done exceptional work together. After already a half of a year all of the three, Mistress, Sandra and Carrie were all happy, heavily bound, mainly kept im­mobile, highly aroused, chastised, teased and denied, orgasming and shocked dolls that also could play with each other on command by the help of a remote control, or by kissing.

In short, heaven!!!

Because they have no use of their arms anymore they have been trained to use their nose to press the buttons, or the heels of their ballets. Sometimes this can lead to really funny errors.

I spent hours with commanding them, I spent hours with all the three together licking me all over my body:

"doll - Sandra - lick - clit"!

"doll - Mistress - lick - nipple left"!

"doll - Carrie - lick - nipple right"!

And more and more I en­vied them! No sorrows and no worries anymore, just mindless pleasure beyond believe.

Maybe I should also try it - not should, must! Fuck on Mistress' little empire, somebody else can do this boring business. I want to become a rubber-doll, it must be a virus!!!

All is well when doll is well.

The End
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