Torturing the Newlyweds
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Author's Note: Laura and Logan, associates of newlyweds Seth and Rose, decide to interrupt the couple's honeymoon with a surprise visit. What would have otherwise been an uneventful weekend in the woods becomes something much more painful and intense.

Laura and Logan stood together in the kitchen, each with a glass of wine in hand. They have a newspaper spread open on the countertop in front of them. It was flipped over to the announcement section on the back page. There were the usual number of deaths, but there weren't nearly as many weddings, and it made the section announcing Seth and Rose's marriage all the more noticeable.

Rose and Seth were an eye-catching couple, mostly because they were visual opposites. Rose was a young woman in her early twenties who had a taste for light, airy clothing. Seth was an older man in his late thirties who liked to dress as formally as he could get away with. She was short, he was tall. Her hair was long and pitch black, his was short and light blond. The article featured a picture of them posing for their wedding ceremony. Rose wore a wild smile, in complete contrast to Seth's soft grin.

They were the kind of couple that tended to stick in people's minds. The same went for Logan and Laura, though for the opposite reason. They were similar enough that people sometimes mistook them for brother and sister instead of girlfriend and boyfriend. Logan and Laura both had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and strong cheekbones. They were both a little taller than average. The two of them worked out together often enough that their bodies were both trim and toned. Their names even started with the same letter! Sometimes it seemed like they were twins separated at birth and reunited later in life.

It was a good conversation starter, at least. Something to break the ice. They had joked about it the day that Rose and Seth had first introduced themselves. The pair had a passion for BDSM, and they had been looking for people with experience in very extreme scenes, the kind of stuff that was much too intense for the typical BDSM club to feel comfortable with. Laura and Logan were known for being very experienced in that sort of thing. The couple had managed to make a good enough impression, and were physically attractive enough, that Laura and Logan felt comfortable introducing them to a circle of friends that shared their interests. That was years ago.

The couple stared at the picture in the newspaper. Logan finished his cup of wine with one quick gulp, then set it to the side. He asked, "Should we get going?"

Laura thought for a second, then shrugged. "Sure. They should be warmed up by now." She put her own glass on the countertop and followed Logan out of the kitchen.

Seth's summer house was larger than the average cabin in the woods, but still not very big in the grand scheme of things. There was the kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom, an office area, and a spacious living room. The living room was undoubtedly the most beautiful room in the house. It had two wide picture windows that offered a clear view of the front yard, the road, and the evergreen forest beyond. Sight went unbroken for more than a mile, with a field full of wild flowers making up most of that space. It ended at the tree line and the curve where the road disappeared out of sight.

Seth and Rose were set up in the middle of the room, between the two windows, specifically placed so anyone within sight of the house would spot the couple. They would definitely raise eyebrows, because from a distance it would look like they were completely naked and hugging one another. Their chests were pressed together, their lips were locked in a kiss, and their arms were wrapped around each other's backs. Only those in the room would be close enough to see that Rose and Seth were inside full body gimp suits, thick latex outfits that were designed to match their skin tone and hair color. The suits were extremely tight, almost painfully so. The latex clung to every inch of their bodies like wet silk.

The two of them were held in place by layers and layers of plastic wrap. Five thick bands of it were wrapped around their head, upper back, lower back, waist, and legs. There was also rope, thin and near invisible unless someone was up close and looking for it. It was looped over a wood beam in the ceiling and wrapped around the couple's body under the plastic wrap. Most of it went under their arms and around their chests, like a harness, but some of the rope also circled their necks. Rose and Seth were both forced to stand still or else risk choking themselves, and it was made harder by their matching pairs of ruby red stripper heels. Laura was proud of that particular detail. The shoes were from a cheap brand known for putting out terribly designed products, and those in particular were infamous for their painfully high arch and wobbly balance due to uneven heel tips. They also looked incredibly slutty.

To put it simply, Seth and Rose were flat-out incapable of doing anything beyond standing as still as they could with their lips locked together and bodies held tight in each other's arms. They must have heard Laura and Logan enter the room, because they began to grunt and carefully shuffle in place. It was the hardest struggle they could put up in their situation. Laura smiled at the sight, then moved towards the bound couple.

"How are you two doing?" Logan asked. "Are you having fun? It looks like you're enjoying yourselves. Sounds like it, too."

Logan circled the couple. Then he reached out and ran his hands down Rose's back. She impotently squirmed under his touch. Laura sniggered while her own hands settled on Seth's shoulders. It felt pleasantly warm. They had been standing there for quite a while, long enough for the hot noontime sun to thoroughly heat the material. Seth and Rose had to be roasting inside their gimp suits. Laura's grin widened.

"I bet you guys just can't wait to see what we have planned next," Laura purred. She lightly pushed down, just enough to threaten to tip Seth over. He groaned, the sound of it forced into his wife's mouth by virtue of their lip lock, and that apparently was enough to have her wiggle in response. Laura laughed, then let go of Seth's shoulders.

Seth and Rose couldn't see anything. Their faces were completely hidden underneath the latex. Even their noses were covered, though discreet holes let them breath without any trouble. Since Laura was standing as close as she was, she could see the straps to the couple's head harnesses through the suit, in large part because they were so tight that the latex almost looked like it was painted over their bodies. The thin leather strips pointedly stood out against the otherwise flawlessly smooth latex skin. It was easy to see where the straps met the ring gags, the wide "O" shaped pieces of steel that had been locked in the couple's mouths and then magnetically linked together. Rose and Seth were trapped in a kiss, and not only because the plastic wrap and the rope pushed them together. It was literally impossible for them to pull their lips away.

Logan waved a hand and caught Laura's eye, then gestured towards Rose's ass. Laura nodded. Logan stepped behind Rose, and Laura did the same with Seth. They both found the discreet zipper set below the waist of their partner's suit, and they both opened the flap that gave access to their ass. They ignored the couple's muffled whining.

It was easy to spot the dildo's black base nestled between Seth's asscheeks. It was deceptively small. Nothing was given away beyond that Seth had a sex toy shoved up his ass. Laura playfully tapped the base a few times. Each of her quick finger flicks had Seth clenching down, momentarily tightening his grip on the toy.

Laura and Logan looked at each other. They nodded. They both knew what was coming next. The two of them grabbed the base of their partner's dildo and, slowly but surely, began to pull.

Seth and Rose groaned and moaned as the two dildos gradually slid out. They began to wiggle and fidget even harder than before, at least as much as they could while trapped in such awkward bondage. It was all they could do. There was no other way they could fight back.

As the sex toys were being taken out, Laura was able to get a better look at the dildo. It was enormously thick, almost comically so. Titanic was the word that came to mind. It didn't look like something that could even fit inside someone's ass. Laura had managed it, though. The same went for Logan, since just like the high heels Rose and Seth had been given a matching pair.

More and more of the dildo was coming out. The more Laura could see, the clearer it became that the rubber sex toy was molded in the shape of an arm, almost to the point of hyperrealism. There were muscles, bulging veins, even small blemishes and imperfections across the black toy's fake skin. The sight was made somewhat surreal by the fact that the sex toy was really not too far off from being as large as an actual arm. The width of the dildo was stretching Seth's anal ring to its limit, and Laura loved the way every small tug had Seth twitching and softly crying out in pain. She could hear Rose making similar sounds as she endured her own dildo's removal. Their forced kiss smothered the noise in a way that Laura found very appealing.

One last bit of trouble came up when only the tip remained lodged in Seth's ass. It was the arm's hand, which was clenched in a fist and just as anatomically correct as the rest of the toy. It was wider than the rest of the shaft, wide enough that Laura had to redouble her pulling. That had Seth squawking and struggling, but Laura didn't react beyond a soft smile. "This is coming out whether you like it or not," she said with a matter of fact voice. "So just try to relax, ok? That'll make things easier."

It took a minute of painful jostling, but Laura was able to force it out of his ass with a final hard lurch. She held the toy up for a moment, admiring it, before she set it to the side on the floor. Seth's asshole was now wide open. His gaping, twitching starfish was a monument to the effect of the dildo's terrifying girth. It had spread him so far apart that Laura thought she could now push her actual arm into his ass without too much trouble. Some trouble, but not much. The thought tempted her, but she and Logan had a different plan. She looked over and saw that he had already finished with Rose. He was waiting for her. She gave him a short shrug and stepped away from Seth.

Since Rose and Seth were blindfolded, Laura and Logan had just thrown all their odds and ends around the room. Sex toys on the end tables, a pile of rope and handcuffs carelessly draped across the couch arm, so on and so forth. There was no sense in making a big deal out of it when Seth and Rose weren't going to see anything. Laura walked over to one of the chairs and picked up a large leather harness with an attached strapon. She slipped off her jeans and panties, folded them, and put them to the side. Then she began to put the harness on.

Logan took off his own pants and underwear. He grabbed a condom from his back pocket, but then paused. After a second, he smiled and put it away.

Seth and Rose just kept still. The only noise they made came from their heavy, gasping breaths. They didn't know what was coming. If they did, they would have put up more of a fuss.

Laura finished strapping the harness to her body. She checked to make sure the dildo was on correctly and inadvertently pushed the end of the strapon into her sex. Laura bit her lip at the hot thrill she felt when the rounded base rubbed her clit. She played with herself like that for a few seconds, then sighed and stopped.

There was a bottle of lube on one of the nearby end tables. She picked it up and squirted a thick coat of it onto the shaft. She tossed it to Logan, and he did the same with his own member. Then they walked over to the bound couple and took their positions.

"Ready, Logan?" Laura chirped.

"Ready, Laura," Logan shot back. He aimed his member at Rose's ass. She did the same with Seth. They both silently counted to three, grabbed their partner's waist, and simultaneously thrusted forward.

Rose and Seth both jerked and yelled at the sudden penetration. Logan and Laura immediately began to fuck the couple with a savage intensity, pulling in and out in dual rapid-fire slams. Seth and Rose were rocked back and forth by the force of their thrusts, and with their awkward high heels it was enough to threaten their balance. The two quickly braced themselves against each other's body, using their partner as a counterbalance, and tried to not fall over. Their latex covered bodies shuddered and squirmed while their smothered voices yelped and grunted, but Logan and Laura didn't pay much attention to that. They continued to plow away at the two as hard as they could.

Laura and Logan quickly established a rhythm. They would both push forward at the same time, pressing the bound couple together, then pull out and wait half a beat before slamming forward again. The force of their fucking had Seth and Rose sandwiched between the two. They were so brutal that each thrust pushed the bound couple up in the air, making it so their feet barely touched the floor. They would come back down to earth at Logan and Laura's withdrawal, only to be pushed back up less than a second later. The pace was punishing, both to the dominating couple's stamina and the bound couple's assholes. But Logan and Laura were in excellent shape and had many long years of experience with this vicious kind of fucking, while Seth and Rose aching assholes didn't have any other choice but to bear the torture.

Laura was enjoying herself. The strapon rubbed against her clit with each thrust, and it was starting to fill her core with a very familiar heat. Her mind was starting to get hazy from the growing pleasure; Laura had caught herself unconsciously biting her lip. Logan was having more fun, though. He was fucking Rose in an animalistic frenzy, pounding his dick into her ass like a man possessed. His hands were tightly gripped on her waist, holding her somewhat still so that he could screw her harder. Rose's sad attempt at putting up a fight just made him more excited.

"How does the whore feel?" Laura called out.

"Wonderful," Logan groaned. "She's got an amazing ass. Perfect for getting fucked."

"Yeah. The fucktoy over here seems used to this sort of thing. I'm barely having to force my strapon in."

Logan growled, then began to slowly speed up his attack on Rose's ass. That, along with his heavy breathing, clued Laura in to his incoming orgasm. She pushed herself harder so that she was matching each of his thrusts with her own. Both Rose and Seth yelled out in pain at the sudden increase in intensity. Their voices, muffled by their locked lips, seemed to spur Logan on harder. He went even faster, now all but a blur.

Then he groaned out, loud and long, and slowed as he shot spurt after spurt of jizz into Rose's ass. Laura felt her pleasure peak, and then threw herself over the edge with a final half a dozen punishing thrusts. One hand shot down and rubbed her pussy while the other latched on to Seth. Her final plunge speared herself down to the hilt, shoved Seth so far forward Rose and Logan almost stumbled, and had her face pressed up against the back of Seth's head. She leaned over to his ear and moaned, her voice pure ecstasy.

Then Logan and Laura stilled. They held themselves where they were for a few moments. Seth and Rose trembled between them, their bruised and battered bodies only held in place by the weight of the bodies against their backs. Four sets of heavy breathing filled the room. Logan broke the silence with a second groan. "A great fucktoy," he muttered.

He pulled his dick out of Rose's ass, then absentmindedly wiped himself off on the inside of her asscheeks. Once he was done, he gave her latex-covered butt a hard slap. Her squeal had Seth twitch in sympathy, a twitch that turned to a shudder when Laura pulled herself out a second later.

Laura laughed. "And to think! If it weren't for us, you'd probably be spending your honeymoon lazing around. It's a good thing you have friends like us, huh?"

Seth may have said something, but the sound was too muffled to be understandable. Rose just let out an agonized moan.

Laura started to unstrap the harness from her body while Logan leisurely pulled his pants back on. It didn't take long before the strapon was off and carelessly tossed to the floor. Laura didn't bother grabbing her own clothes on. Too much work.

Now nude from the waist down, Laura walked over to an end table and picked up a pair of dildos. They were large, though not nearly as large as what they had taken out of the Rose and Seth. The shaft of each dildo was covered by an inflatable rubber sleeve, and a pair of nozzles stuck out of the end of each base. Laura took two small inflation bulbs from the end table and hooked their rubber tubes to the smallest nozzles on the two dildos. Then she picked up the lube and squirted out a healthy amount onto each dildo. She walked over to Logan and handed him one, then strolled over to Seth.

The couple hadn't even begun to recover from the fucking. After being forced to hold a massive dildo and then suffer under ludicrously extreme anal sex, neither was capable of putting up any kind of resistance. Both dildos slid into their bodies without resistance. Laura and Logan both pumped their inflation bulbs, and Seth and Rose once again grunted into each other's mouths and shuffled in place, all while the rubber sleeves slowly grew larger and larger. They kept going until the plug had been inflated to a painful size, at least by how Laura measured it. She based it off the intensity of the bound couple's reaction. Then, because they could, Logan and Laura squeezed the bulbs another three times. Laura enjoyed listening to the sound of Rose and Seth in pain, and their moans of agony did not disappoint.

Logan kissed the back of Rose's neck. Laura rubbed Seth's shoulders. Then they both left the room. Seth and Rose had a few minutes for themselves.

When Logan and Laura came back, they were carrying a pair of IV stands. Each held a red rubber enema bag and a trailing rubber hose. The bags were huge and filled to the brim, the weight of it all making each bulge out at the sides and hang heavy from their hooks. Thick, frothy soapsuds covered the top of each bag.

"We have a fun little surprise for you two," Laura said. "Logan and I have put together two very special enemas, just for you. Our lovely little friends."

"Have you ever heard of Dr. Bronner?" Logan asked. "It's a brand of soap. Their peppermint soap is my favorite. When it comes to enemas, it's one of the most irritating there is. The cramping gets nasty."

Laura very carefully shook one of the bags. Everyone in the room could hear the heavy sloshing sound it made. "We were following one of our usual recipes," Laura said, "but halfway through we realized that the mix wouldn't be intense enough. Perfectly fine for most people, but we want the best for a couple of good friends like you. That's why we added more soap. A lot more. If that isn't enough to get you feeling excited, then I don't know what will."

Laura studied the couple's reaction. They were getting antsy. They weren't accomplishing anything through their awkward fidgeting, but that didn't stop her from striding forward and slapping Seth's ass hard enough to make him jump and almost tumble to the ground. Laura grabbed his shoulders before anything could happen.

"Hey," she whispered into his ear. "Stop. There's no need for that. We'll get started now, alright? A nice three-quart enema, just for you and Rose. Doesn't that sound fun?"

Seth and Rose both grunted and groaned. Their attempt at words was a failure, but the desperation in their tone of voice came through clearly. Laura lightly kissed the back of Seth's head. "Yeah, that's what I like to hear. We'll get you set up."

Logan brought over the IV stands. They both took a rubber hose and pushed it into the largest of the two nozzles that stuck out of the back of the inflatable dildos. A small clamp locked the hoses in place. Then Logan and Laura took a step back, gave each other a grin, and loosened the valves on the enema bags.

The soapy water immediately poured down the two tubes. They could see the opaque rubber darken as the enema flowed through, headed straight for the bound couple's asses. Their renewed struggling made it clear when they first felt the warm soapsuds mixture enter their bodies.

"Don't get too worn out," Logan said. "We've got plenty more coming after this. If you think you're in a tough spot now? Well, just wait for what we have waiting for you tomorrow. Hell, we've got plans for your whole honeymoon."

"We've got you for almost two more weeks!" Laura chirped. "It's going to be fun."

With that last line delivered, Logan and Laura began to set things up for later. Tools were set to the side, toys were found and put somewhere close at hand. It was all busywork, something to do while more and more of the two enema bags emptied out into Seth and Rose. They couldn't do anything to stop the three quarts from filling their bowels. The bags slowly lost their bulging weight, thinning more and more as the payload was pushed down into the suffering couple. It was inescapable.

Once that was all done, Logan and Laura adjusted the clamps and removed the tubes from the dildos, then zipped the gimp suits back up, hiding everything from view. Laura took a step back and looked the bound couple over.

Seth and Rose had once again started to squirm and moan. Again their voices were made unintelligible through their forced kiss, but their urgency was clear. The heavy latex, the plastic wrap, the rope, even the high heels, all of it was designed to make their lives a living hell. Now with an enema added to the mix? The unbearable had become even worse.

Laura thought she could almost see the first wave of cramps ripple through their body, just from the suggestive way they both moved. It looked terrible, and it was only going to get worse as time went on.

Logan and Laura made their way back to the kitchen. Laura paused at the entryway, then turned for one final parting shot. "See you later, guys. We'll come back once you're done enjoying that enema. Then we can start having even more fun."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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