The Equal Opportunities Officer
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Author's Note: This is my first story. If people enjoy the story I'll write sequences - Chapter 6 is already in preparation. Actually the story is just getting started. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1 - The Company

Everything just went so well! But it had cost me a lot too. For the last 5 years, I had earned my degree in psychology with the addition to gender sciences. When I have a goal, I pursue it without regard to losses. I wanted to continue my mother's life's work and promote the equality of women in German society. Immediately after my final university exams, I was offered a well-paid position by a renowned Software company, whose supervisory board had committed itself to promote women in the company.

I finally earned my own money and lived in a beautiful loft in an industrial area. I fed myself sensibly, did a lot of sports, enjoyed time in the beauty shop and had in the meanwhile found also a girlfriend from within the company, with whom I often went out together. Every few months I took my time and looked at my life from the bird's perspective. This time, too, I realized: it just went well!

Until last year, to my 25th birthday, I had hid my naturally given beautiful body rather under conservative dresses and wide blouses so that I would not get into the suspicion to score just by physical assets. Since I had a safe job in the company, I started wearing some attractive lingerie underneath my conservative dresses.

My work colleagues could not see them, but I always felt excited and I thought I could feel the glances of the men lingering on me longer. Most of the men, however, which tried to get into contact with me - and there were quite a few, also from within the company - seemed either not attractive or not educated enough for me. It had to be just right.

The two relationships I had had during my studies hadn't lasted long. Both times I had quit after only 2 months, as they didn't quite qualify for what I had in mind.

"The men are afraid of you," Sarah, my best friend and workmate used to say when we talked about "men". "You are successful, respectable, well educated, you always have the better argument, you are intellectually superior to them. The right man for you is not so easy to find." She wanted to persuade me to find the right partner using contact ads. I then waved a smile, "I can take care of myself," I would reply.

Because I lived alone, I had quite a lot of time after work. I liked to cook healthy, read books, and to go jogging. Sarah had recommended to go to a gym to increase chances of getting to know someone nice and attractive. She even bought me a sexy Airobic outfit. In fact, I looked more like a sex bomb in the dress: long legs extended by the leg cut, narrow waist and then my oversized 34 E breasts, which I would usually cover up well in the costumes.

The first time I was on the treadmill, I was watched from all sides. I noticed the looks of the men looking at my breasts, which despite the sport bra could not quite resist gravitation during the running. Some men wanted to flirt with me - mostly brainless muscle men. In my brain, it was like a film that scanned the potential candidate and considered whether he would fit. Mostly with a quick and dull results report.

And if there was one who actually seemed quite nice, I chickened out and tried not to look at him at all, in order to avoid possible precarious situations. Often I felt in the fitness studio like an animal in the zoo, all staring at me. Later in the dressing room, too, I often got envious glances from the women. I had even overheard commentaries like "go walk the streets". Then I would drive home to seek some consolation taking a bath with a sip of a good wine.

But maybe the waiting had come to an end. Of all things it has been my boss, actually a very stupid guy, who had introduced him to me: Karl! He was a project engineer and needed advice on the best composition of his team. He was handsome, had dark hair, blue eyes, sportive, was very educated and was always wearing beautiful tailor-made suits.

It had just sparkled between us and last week we had met for dinner. After the very romantic dinner I had insisted, however, on paying my bill myself. I didn't want him to think that I was so easy to get. It just didn't go with my conceptions of equality and myself. I would let him wait for a week or two before I would let him do the next step. Everything would work out fine, the way I wanted it. The way it had always worked.

Chapter 2 - The Offer

The alarm clock rang as usual at 06:00 in the morning, It was Valentine's Day. Sighing, I got out of bed, aware that no one would bring flowers to me today, and no one would invite me to dinner. But what about Karl, would he perhaps call me? I wasn't sure he would call, because I had already realized that he hadn't been really happy with the way our last date had ended.

I decided to make the most of the day, whatever it would be. As always, I enjoyed a long shower, washed my long black hair then creamed my luxury body. I admit that the kneading of my soft, big breasts and my well-shaped butt has always excited me. Drying and curling the hair lasted quite a long time, but it was worth it - it looked great! I trimmed my pubic hair, shaved the armpit hair put on some perfume.

The dressing part was what I particularly enjoyed: the sexy underwear. Today I decided for the dark blue lace ensemble of thongue and lace bra. The black nylon stockings I pulled up to my thighs. Then I took the blue garterbelt to attach the stockings.

It enjoyed feeling the straps on my butt. Half-dressed, I sat down in front of my make-up table and tried to apply decent, non-obtrusive make-up. I always had to be careful that I did not apply too much rouge, which could easily lead to unpleasant confrontations. Then I went over the 200sqm area of ​​my loft to the kitchen to make me a coffee.

While the coffee began to smell, I dressed completely. On the 14th of February, I wore a dark blue, business skirt which went almost down to my knees, a white blouse with some cleavage, and a jacket matching the skirt. I buttoned the blouse in a way that tall men could guess the blue of my lace bra.Then I combed again my long hair, which reached in the meanwhile already down to my butt while started to read the newspaper. Suddenly the telephone rang.

In a joyous expectation to hear the voice of Karl, I answered the phone maybe a bit too enthoused: "Yes; Karl?" I heard the slightly irritated voice of my boss, the head of HR, "it's me, Frank, we have an extraordinary meeting today with the president and the two members of the Board of Directors and the two chairmen of the works council.

The point is to finally promote equality in the company and perhaps even set a voluntary quota for management positions. Actually I should go, but, really, you're our expert - would you go there for me? "I hesitated for a moment. In my brain, the neurons combined in a split second to a clear thought: The chance of a lifetime to leave my mark on a high level! With the support of the works council we could achieve a breakthrough and who knows, perhaps even a leadership position for me.

"Yes, of course, I can do it," I replied cheerfully, "where shall I go?". "They are meeting in the president's villa in the Spessart Forest, when you come to work, I'll give you the address. "Super!" I said, "I'll be right there."

I hung up the phone and I felt my heart bounce with joy: to the joy in love might come also come the success at work! This was a great opportunity! I was very confident that I would be able to convince the leadership with well-researched facts, statistics and success curves. Add some charm and it would be my day!

Quickly I looked again in the mirror - everything looked perfect. I wore my hair open, because I was of the opinion that open hair was women's evidence of freedom. I briefly considered what shoes I should choose for the occasion, and decided for the high-heeled black boots. I wanted to prove the leaders that you did not necessarily have to wear sweaters and flower skirts and start knitting to be intelligent and to be able to fight for equality.

I locked the apartment and went down the stairs and walked over to my red BMW mini. The car simply matched me - I loved it! In just 10 minutes I was already at the gate of the world company and another 10 minutes later I walked nose up through the open space office, self-confident and happy I nodded to my colleagues, threw a "good morning" into the room. Some even mumbled "good morning", others just shook their heads when they saw me. Let them think what they want, it's me who gets to talk with the leadership team of the company. I went right away to my boss' office.

"Good morning, Stefan," I smirked, throwing a few strands out of my face, "Thank you for the chance, don't worry, I can do this, I won't screw up. Tell me, do you have some specific information about the participants for me? I can better adjust to the possible personalities that way." This method had already pushed me forward during my studies. Once you knew which strings to pull with which professors, it certainly helped in getting useful information for the exams. Luckily, I had always been tough enough not to get drawn into any sexual relationships with them, though.

When I entered, Frank turned around from his desk and looked straight at my cleavage. With his double-faced grin, he asked me to take a seat beside him, turning his PC-screen towards me. "I've already prepared something for you," he grumbled, shaking his head, pointing to a roughly 50-year-old gray-haired man, about 6 foot tall, slightly stubbed.

"This is Walter Vogtmeier , the president of the company and of the board members, he is a hardliner, traditionalist, believes he can do everything just by himself - quiet but can be really tough. And here we've got his son" - he pointed to a tall young man at the end of his 20s, blond short hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders - „he was born and raised in the US, has graduated as an economics expert and plays a lot of football, his name is Boston , like the city in the US. He can be quite vulgar, he definetely wants to keep up with his father and he does everything for money."

The third board member was a man in his mid 40s, about 6.3 foot, with a bald head and a pair of designer glasses. He was, rather compact built, but with an energetic look. "That is Thomas Schreiber ," my boss continued, perhaps the most moderate of the three. But he doesn't shy away from creating false facts when it is necessary."

All three of them I had already encountered on different occasion, in the elevator or on the way over to the cafeteria. I even remembered that I was always uncomfortable in their presence because they had stared at me like many men for too long.

"Then there are the two councils workers, you already know them, Kyle and Angelika ", he continued his explanations. I had often met them, they were not particularly likeable to me - or maybe it was also a mutual thing. In any case, whenever we had met it had been with extreme mistrust. Kyle was a black guy born in Canada, a giant of a man, an overpowering man of action, a charmer, romanticist, and idealist, but always looking for his own advantage.

Immediately after getting the job, he had already come to me and had tried to flirt with me. One day at lunch in the cafeteria, he had tried to hold my hand at the table. Perhaps I had been a bit snappy, but at least he hadn't bothered me since.

Angelika was in her early 50s, wearing her long gray hair mostly in a bun. At least with her I could have got along well as we were on the same level intellectually, however I feared that she thought that I was too snooty - which, I admit, was not all wrong. "Do I have a chance to talk Angelika and Kyle before the meeting?" I asked curiously, trying to seek out possible alliances.

"I'm sorry, this is too late now," they are already in the villa discussing other strategic topics. They are waiting for you at 1 pm at the villa. If you go now you can be there in one and a half hours. Here is the address! You can do it, Susanna, "he tried to cheer me up. "If you fix the quotas, we can talk about a new leadership position for you."

My heart was already beating to the throat - "that, ... er, that would be wonderful," I stammered unprepared with a dumb grin in the face. "Now off with you, here is the address". So he gave me a note, got up and gave me a slap on my butt on the way out. It was only thanks to my exceptional state of irritation and joy that I did not slap him in the face like I had done last month, when he had done just that.

Thinking of my slapping somebody in the face, I suddenly remembered where I had already seen the guy with the bald head, Mr. Schreiber. He had touched me indecently in the elevator. I had not hesitated to slap him in the face. He had not deserved better I thought defiantly, yet a bit uneasy.

Quickly, I went to my workplace, started my laptop and put together a strong powerpoint presentation from various previous ones. I had a lot of good statistics that showed that with the growth of female executives, the diversity and innovation in the company would also rise.

It clearly translated to Return on Invest. Even the most hostile tradionalists wanted to make money. Satisfied with my set up of arguments, I grabbed my laptop bag around my shoulder, took my handbag and quickly went to Sarah: "Wish me luck! I might have my big breakthrough, today! I am invited to the board members to establish the women's quota", I whispered quite excited. "Really? Wow! That's awesome," Sarah said. "I'll keep my fingers crossed, tell me how it went tomorrow!"

From the corners of my eye, I saw my boss, the grumbler, shake his head. I quickly got on my way and got into my Mini, entered the address in the satnav and drove off. The expected time of arrival would give me another quarter of an hour to prepare. It was all good! Although, to be honest, I was really excited.

When I drove on the highway, I thought of Karl all the time. Finally, I decided to call him. In short, I told him about my assignment and where I was headed and asked him directly if he would go out with me that night at 7pm. He was surprised, but gladly agreed. Sometimes women have to take fate into their hands. I was proud of myself!

Chapter 3 - My Presentation

The last 10 minutes, I drove through a dense forest. I started wondering whether my satnav indicated the right direction, when I finally arrived at a large clearing, where an oversized mansion in the style of the Southern States of the US seemed quite out of place for a German forest. Around the mansion was a really beautiful lush park, laid out in the style of Versailles. I parked the Mini in front of the driveway, took my laptop bag and looked rather out of habit at my cell phone to check if anything had happened. No signal! Shrugging, I stalked to the entrance and rang the door bell. I was terribly nervous by now.

"Yes, Madame?", asked a young lady with dark hair in a pigtail. She wore a black servant costume with white aprons, the skirt much too short, her lips too red. I was totally perplexed, but I tried to ignore it: "I am Susana Licher, the equal opportunities officer from the company. I'm supposed to give a presentation here today.

"Oh, right, Susana, come in, they are waiting for your already", smiled little puppy and winked me to come in. The entrance hall was huge and would have given credit to the Royals, all decorated with selected paintings and black mahogany furniture. A wide staircase with ornate, precious wooden railings. I looked around, marvelling at the beauty.

"You can freshen up here," the maid said, pointing to a bathroom door. "When you're ready, just go straight to the meeting room, straight down the corridor. They are already expecting you." "Thank you very much," I said briefly. It was disgusting for me to see, how this maid was almost prostituting herself for money.

Under normal circumstances, I would have started a discussion about the oppression of women, but today, the situation was different. I swallowed down my comments and quickly went to the bathroom, improved my make-up and lipstick, buttoned up my blouse, tugged my skirt and braced me for the showdown.

I pushed the heavy doors open and was amazed again at what I saw. It was not a usual meeting room as I had expected, but an exclusively equipped, cozy study that was furnished in the American colonial style with many bookshelves, thick logs, several heavy leather armchairs and a huge desk carved out of exquisite tropical woods.

The big 5 (the leaders) sat on comfortable leather armchairs and were involved in animated but relaxed conversations, when I entered. "Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen," I greeted kindly, my name is Susana Licher. "Yeah, we know who you are, Susana, we've been expecting you." From my communication training, I had learned that it was still important to welcome people personally, so I went from one to the other and shook hands.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a flipchart and was really amazed to see a "Welcome Mrs. Licher" that was drawn in curved, bautiful letters. But I didn't see a screen on which I could have projected my presentation, so I looked a bit helpless around when Walter, the president of the company, pressed a button and a screen was lowered from the ceiling. He flashed at me with his cold eyes:

"Your show, Frau Licher!" While I started and connected my laptop, I realized that something felt really odd the way the 5 were watching me. I couldn't say what it was, though. After only a few minutes, the technical setup was finished. I drank a large sip of water, which had been given to me by the odd looking maid, and began my lecture.

I tried to remember everything I had learned in my presentation technique: I looked at the people, spoke in short, understandable sentences, made some funny comments to break the ice. During my talk, it irritated me that some of them looked at my breasts instead of me. That was the reason why I've always worn these bras, which shrunk my breasts to a normal looking size. After about 20 minutes I concluded with my final speech: ".... And therefore I'm convinced that a healthy company cannot do without women in management positions!"


Suddenly I wasn't so sure any more, whether I had convinced them or not.

Then Walter stood up and applauded. Then the others stood up and followed his example - it took another minute and I got standing ovations! They shamed me, I laughed with happiness, and held my hand shyly over my mouth.

Chapter 4 - The Contract

Walter stood up: "Frau Licher! You have convinced me! The arguments were conclusive and I think I am speaking for all of us when I can say that we will unconditionally implement your proposed strategy in the near future. Kyle here, will start working out our communication with Angelika tomorrow." He paused for a second. "We've been watching you for a long time, and we're all of the opinion that you've got what it takes to become something special." Now I felt somewhat uneasy, what did he mean by something special?" "Susana, .... may call you Susana?", he began.

I had put up my stupid grin again, all I could to was grinning and nodding. "Therefore, I would like to make you today - and I emphasize only today - a special offer. You will take up a leading role in the company! You'll get a 14-day training. " I blushed , " ... that sounds wonderful! This was just my dream come true." then Walter took up again: " ... you'll have to work hard, but it will pay off for you and for all of us here."

He let his words sink in. Kyle and Angelika seemed to be grateful, Boston grinned, he had been grinning since I was here, and Mr. Schreiber moved impatiently and nervously on his chair. "Hoping you would convince us today, I have already prepared a contract which the board members and the two work councils have already extensively examined and approved." So he got up and picked up quite a thick package of papers on which I read the inscription "employment contract" and below my name. I was so happy, I could have kissed them all.

As he continued, he waved with the contract: "Frau Licher, today I'm convinced of you, but I also know that tomorrow is another day, so my offer is only valid for now. If you sign the contract, you never need to worry again about money!" That turn of events took me off surprise. Some of the audience audibly stopped breathing.

"Thank you sooo much, Mr. Vogtmeier!" I said unable to stop smiling like Barbie, my hands in my face. "Could I have a look at the contract for a moment?" "Of course," he said patronizingly, handing me the contract. "You just have to sign on the last page", he said, "Sophie," he called the maid, "bring us champagne, we've got something to celebrate."

I was just overwhelmed, everybody applauding, ... tears came to my eyes. I took a glass of champagne from the tray, while I was still trying to read the contract. "A toast to our capable Susana!" The president thundered, while we all clinked glasses. I tried to make something sensible out of the contract full of legal torsions.

I was too excited to concentrate. The others came to me one after the other and wanted to congratulate me. Finally, I just turned over to the last page of the contract on which the salary was mentioned. My eyes bulged: that was the fourfold of what I had been receiving until now. I'll be damned, the contract must be okay, if even the chief works councilors had accepted it . So I took the pen that Mr. Vogtmeier had handed me, I bent over the desk and signed. "Now, I would be famous and rich" I jubilated inwardly. Again everyone applauded and shook their heads in disbelief.

Then something strange happened: "He has actually done it," the bald headed shouted disbelievingly, handing Kyle a 100 Euro bill. That was strange, as if they had been betting about me signing the contract. Angelika came up with an ornate, quite large leather case. The picture on the case showed a beautiful pearl necklace with the symbol of the company .

"As a sign of your affiliation, your commitment to our company, we would like you to wear this beautiful necklace, please turn around, I'll put it on for you right away." That was almost too much for me, I was simply overwhelmed by the amount of trust and respect, I was experiencing. Perhaps I should have recognized the irony in her voice, but I was probably too convinced of myself to have second thoughts. I turned around and lifted my hair so she could put on the necklace, saying: "You're spoiling me!"

Chapter 5 - Shock and Humiliation

... the necklace felt cold and strangely wide on my neck, not at all like the light necklace on the picture. Then I heard a soft metallic click when a large collar was tightly fastened around my neck. "But what are you doing!" I shouted "that ...thing is much too tight!" Angelika jumped back as I stood straight again. I immediately tried to take it off with my hands - to no avail.

In the mirror in between the shelves I saw that she had put a blue metallic collar around my neck, which in addition featured some D-rings. "Get this off me immediately, it's too tight for me, I barely get air," I said, still friendly, but with an urgent tone in my voice, still hoping that this was only a test. Boston, who had been watching me almost all the time, burst out laughing: "I can't believe it, this lady is as stupid as a duck."

I became more and more angry and tried to get the collar off. "Well," I said nervously but conciliatory, "you had your fun, I would like to go now, if you please get this thing off me." All of them started laughing, even Walter, the president, smirked: "You just signed the contract, you sold your personal rights - you belong to me now. In fact you signed that you'll become the slave of the company! But, don't worry, I'll keep to my promises," he laughed, "and I will train you, and you will lead, have no more financial troubles, and travel the world.

The leadership of the company will make great profits with you - I've only said the truth, "he said now with a vicious undertone. I felt panic rise, what had I signed? I need to get out of here - fast , I thought and headed decidedly towards the door.

"Stop right here, cunt" said Boston, who had suddenly appeared behind me. He grabbed my wrists and forced them on my back. The same moment I felt metal handcuffs binding my hands. I resisted, screaming, now really angry,

"Let me go! This will have consequences, I will press charges against you," I scolded and cold panic broke out. They had fooled me, everything was staged ! They had played with me all along! How could I had been so naive! I was so annoyed at myself.

Boston turned me with his strong footballer hands like a doll, "I wanted to do that for 6 months now, he grinned nastily, grabbed my blouse and tore it apart, my blue lace bra now showing. "Nooo! what are you doing?" I shouted angrily and shocked, trying to dodge back.

But Kyle was right behind me. I saw his big black hands that came from behind and kneaded my breasts. God, that can't be true. "Hmm" he whispered, "really lovely tits!" Walter approached, but unfortunately not to save me. "Give it a moment guys, don't rush, we all want to have some fun. Boston! Fasten her to the shelf, I can't stand her arrogant, stuck up talk any second longer. "How dare you talk to me lake that !", I shouted with rage.

"Shut up, bitch," Boston threatened angrily and hit me with the back of his hand so hard in the face that my head flew sideways and my jaw ached. How had he dared to beat me, to insult me? My brain still refused to accept that this wasn't a joke. Surely, we'd all start to laugh now and I would ride my Mini home.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to the bookshelf. He slung a daisy chain around the shelf and then to one of the rings on my collar. That could not be true, this had to be a bad dream, what had just gone wrong? I felt blood in my mouth from the blow I had taken, I must have bitten my tongue.

"Let's start with the program," I heard the chairman. "When we were together this morning, each of you wrote 2 wishes on the flipchart, your money for silence. Who would like to start?" The bald headed Thomas Schreiber announced immediately: "I'll go first!" He went to the flipchart and turned a page. When I saw what was on it, my blood froze: "I would like to tear the clothing from the equality officer slut." The others clapped according to applause.

It seemed as though this decent leadership team had transformed into a group of horny youngsters. I was desperate, they could not seriously consider that . "Don't do this", I exclaimed imploringly, "please, Herr Schreiber, ... NO!" I shouted as Mr. Schreiber stood in front of me with a dark expression of anger and determination. He unfasatened the collar from the shelf and turned me around, "Please, Mr. Schreiber, not you, you are a decent man, what should your children think of you?", I tried to to pull a few more moral registers.

At this moment I felt that my jacket was being pulled down. With a fast movement, he tore it over my handcuffs, tearing my beautiful dark blue jacket with a horrible sound. "Please don't" ... I begged him, but he turned me around again, looked into my eyes, I felt his hands on my breasts, then he tore the rest of the blouse down.

Violent clapping accompanied every act of violence against me. Boston joked, "strip this cunt." The bald headed pulled the pieces of my designer blouse off the body. Then he kneaded my breasts through the bra - "Stop it," I begged, "it is not too late! It's all certainly a misunderstanding," I begged, but I did not really believe what I was saying.

I felt so humiliated, for the first time so helpless. My mind still refused to accept what was happening here. Then I felt his strong hands gripping my bra. "Now you will see what every man in the company has been dreaming about for six months," he shouted ecstatically, tearing at my bra with all his might. "Nooooo!," I shouted as I heard the strings rip and my oversized breasts breaking free. "The hottest tits the world has ever seen", I heard Boston gasp, but the others also breathed audibly as they saw my pefect 34E-breasts and cheered again.

Walter shook his head, shaking his head. "We hired her because of her great tits, but this is better then what I had imagined, worth every sin." How rude they are talking! Glatzkopf now held me from behind and kneaded my breasts, when Angelika got up. She had already begun pleasing herself. Why didn't she come to help me, women must cling together!

"It's my turn now, to start with my first wish, she said energetically, flipping a page of the flipchart, "put the bitch to silence" stood there in large, engraved letters. "My boyfriend will get the police if I don't show up at our date tonight" I dared - "Let me go now, please ....." I didn't get further, because at that moment, Mr. Schreiber grabbed me by the nose and pulled my head backwards. The moment I opened my mouth to breath, I felt a cold metal ring being pushed into my mouth, which spread immediately behind my teeth and forced my mouth wide open. "Hhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" I shouted desperately. "Now we no longer have to endure your bitching." Angelika shouted angrily into my face. My brain was still trying to understand what was happening. The cold metal of the spreader ring in my mouth pressed from the inside painfully against the teeth.

Only with the greatest effort I was able to squeeze the ring a few centimeters. But I could only maintain it for 10 seconds. It was impossible without the help of my hands to get the ring out. "And sluts like you should always wear their hair like a slut" she said bitterly. "Thomas, tie this arrogant bitch down to the shelf, then I can do her hair appropriately." "But of course, Madame," he said, feigning obedience, pulled me down by the hair and attached my collar with an extremely short chain to the shelf at the hip level, so that I had to bend forward. As my hands were tied on my back, there was not much I could do but kick and moan. Oh no, this cannot be true. They couldn't possibly, ...

There were two mirrors, one directly in front of me on the wall behind the shelf and the other on the opposite wall so that I could see myself bend over, my large breast hanging down. "Mmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooooooo" I screamed in shame and rage.

She worked my hair into a braid and bound them up at the top of my head. She wrapped a 2 inch metal hair tie around the braid and pulled it so tight that my scalp ached. "A little bit more control for us!" Angelika grinned mockingly. My situation did not leave me much freedom of movement.

The audience clapped their hands, "the braid makes the slut what it is,"

"What a beautiful bitch," "I can hardly wait" I heard them talking. I tried to pull myself away, tried in vain to work against the bonds, but it only amused them more. Then I felt a cold metal on my thigh, I cried out: "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii". My skirt was now cut up under rhythmic cheer. I tried to kick, but Thomas skillfully moved to the side.

First he cut the skirt from below, then cut it across. In the mirror, I could now see myself, as I stood bent over wearing what now looked like a hooker mini skirt, stockings and highheels. What have they done to me? They are going to pay for it! "Look what the slut is wearing under the skirt," whistled Thomas, "really hot stockings, ... now, folks. I'm going to take my second wish!"

Everybody cheered again and I did not really need to see what was on the flipchart to know what would come now. He stood directly behind me when I felt how something really hard pressed against my butt: "hoooooooooooo" I screamed desperately and felt the saliva run out of my mouth dripping on the floor. He put his legs between mine and squeezed them apart.

The leadership team had now got up, they were all standing around me, cheering at Thomas. He took his time and slowly pushed what was left of my skirt up over my butt. "That's incredible," shouted Boston as he saw my hot blue thongue. "This hot bitch probably fucks everyone in the whole town and here she feigns to be stuck-up".

I heard Thomas' pants fall, felt his hands on my naked ass, I screamed and struggled, tried to kick. These bastards were not allowed to use my body! I would not allow it! My heart stopped when I suddenly felt a fat cock on my butt. Then my thongue was being pulled, between my labia.. "Huuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooooo". Then with a sudden movement he ripped them - and in me also tore a piece of hope. I tried to squeeze my legs, but his knees spread my legs - there was absolutely nothing I could do to defend myself.

Tears ran down my cheeks. My whole body began to tremble as I suddenly felt a thick firm cock pushing against my pussy. My eyes widened in shock, I screamed "hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" "She is really dry like a broom and really tight" Thomas faltered and increased the pressure on my pussy. Desperately I tried to keep him out. The others resumed their rhythmic applause and yelled at Thomas: "Finish her, Thomas, fuck the whore." I felt his hands clinging to my pelvic bones. With a grunt he now pushed with all his strength and I felt like my muscles gave way and his cock penetrated me.

Right with the first stroke, he drove his cock all the way inside me. I opened my eyes in shock and disbelief, held my breath, tried to absorb the pain and, worse, the humiliation. He could not possibly - he was one of the bosses - this was just not true! Boston joked with pleasure, "fuck her alright, prepare her for me, otherwise mine won't fit!". I closed my eyes, tears flowed over my cheeks, in my wide open mouth. Thomas began to fuck me really hard.

"No comparison to the whore we had booked last week," he rasped, raising his rhythm. At every stroke, my face was squeezed against the shelf, the spreader ring ached and my breasts swayed rhythmically with every thrust. My vagina hurt badly by the time Thomas finally got to his climax. Quickly he pulled his cock out of my vagina and sprayed his cum over my butt, the spectators roaring. Oh my God, he has really raped me! Me, who had always been so strong, so self-confident, so invincible. How will I ever live with this shame? ... I'll make them suffer!

The humiliation I felt, was indescribable - a part of me seemed to give up. I felt a blow on my butt. "Now it's my turn," Kyle shouted. He ordered the maid to bring the mateial tray and shortly afterwards I heard a rollcontainer being pushed into the room. "What were your wishes?" Angelika asked. "First, I'll shape her breasts a little and then I'll fuck her in her slutty mouth!" "yesssssss" grumbled Boston, "and I will tie her arms so that she forgets that she's got some and then I'll fuck her ass!

Oh please, don't, you can't, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssssse! Was there any hope, could anybody at all save me? Only my boss, Sandra and ... perhaps Karl, but when would they start to miss me? Not before tonight at least. I was untied from the shelf, but only to tie my collar with a long daisy chain to a ring on the wooden beam. I fidgeted and stepped around but they tightened the chain more and more tightly until I barely got any air. "Hiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I screamed as loud as I could.

"Stuff her mouth, as we prepare her," said the president to Angelika. She grinned: "True, she still screams too loud". She lifted my torn panties from the ground and rubbed Thomas' cum off my ass. Then she stepped in front of me and smiled cynically: "swallow that, you filthy whore," she stuffed the cum-soaked panties through the spreader ring into my mouth. I had to choke, it smelled disgusting and tried to push them out with my tongue.

Angelika grabbed under her skirt and took off her own panties. She held him them in front of my eyes so I could see the wet patches - "it fits well," she said angrily and stuffed her panties also in my mouth and squeezed my tongue all the way down, so I couldn't move my tongue any longer. "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffffff" I heard my own desperate, muted moans.

The others applauded again. Then many things happened at once: First, the handcuffs were taken off and my wrists were attached to the wooden beam on the ceiling. My ankles were fitted with steel cuffs, which were connected to each other with a short chain, so I would not be able make any big steps, Kyle put a hot dark blue lace corset around my body which spared out my breasts. Then he started tighten the laces of the corset under the applause of the others. I barely breathed, I cried incessantly: "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppppfffffffffffffffffffff", they kill me!

When I ventured a glance to the mirror, it drove tears to my eyes. Absolutely helpless, my waist reduced to a minimum and huge bulging breasts which seemed to increase in size with every pull of the corset laces. With every breath I tasted the disgusting sperm and pussy juices of the alleged works council. Boston did not have enough yet.

"There's still room for an inch!" his knee in my back, he pulled the strings to tighten the corset even more. I felt my organs shift, I could barely breathe, my breasts bulged like big balls in front of me and seemed soon to be bursting. They hurt as hell. "Now her arms!"

I felt the excitement of Kyle, who breathed heavily, as he untied my arms from the ceiling with the aid of Boston, bent them behind my back in a backward prayer. Above the triangle that formed my arms, they slipped an extra leather triangle pocket made for this purpose, featuring a steel ring at the lower end. My shoulder joints ached tremendously, my arms and hands had become absolutely useless. I groaned with pain and humiliation. By pulling my arms back on my back, my breasts were pushed even more, they looked like huge medicine balls now.

Desperately, I tripped on my high heeled shoes, felt the restrictions of the chains. "GEIL!" Kyle and Boston shouted almost simultaneously. "She'll enjoy this gadget too", I suddenly heard Walter, who had drunk his whiskey up to now in his chair. He stood up and took out alligatorclamps from the rolling container. He stepped right in front of me: "You little piece of shit will give me much pleasure," he grinned mischievously, and I saw how he took a metal-toothed clasp and jammed my nipple without warning.

"Ggggnggggggggggggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo" I screamed in pain. The blood sagged, everything became black in front of my eyes. A firm slap in the face brought me back, then again the pain on the other nipple and again a brutal slap in the face - everything hurt. I sweated, death panic seized me, I breathed quickly, almost choked. "Untie her," Walter said sternly to Boston, who had already got rid of his pants and rubbed his erect cock. He nodded briefly, "sure, Dad, now the fun begins," he said, untying the chains from the ceiling. Compared to the pain in the nipples, the fires in shoulders, vagina and mouth appeared almost ridiculous.

They will suffer, I will all bring them down, they will feel humiliation . Full of hatred I looked into the eyes of Boston, who was now building up in front of me. He pulled the cum-filled panties out of my mouth - so I could at least breathe fresh air again, and put the soaked clothballs on the shelf. "Bend over cunt" he shouted at me, "I will give you a mouthfuck, like you haven't experienced it before!" I shook my head: "hiiihhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" which should mean "Never".

I tried to kick him but I had forgotten the ankles between my ankles, so I stumbled and fell forward, straight into the arms of Boston: "Don't hurry!", he laughed as he caught me by my protruding monster breasts with both hands and pushed me back into a standing position. "Let's see if you don't want to bend over like a real slave slut" ... and to the servant girl he said, "bring me a bucket". I was determined not to give up, I would sell myself dearly! I found consolation in the imagination of what I would do to them, once I would get back in control. Unbelieving, I saw how a metal bucket was hanged on the chain between my chest clamps:

"Hoooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu" I screamed in pain. "So? do you bend over now?" "Hiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I cried and the pain drove tears into my eyes. Boston now brought a large water bottle from the table and began to fill the bucket and thus increase the weight on my aching nipples. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" , I screamed, realizing that my body unvolutarily started to bend over. When my head reached the waist of Boston, I looked straight into his huge, erect cock. "Hoooooooooooooooooooooooo" I whined in desperation and shook my head. Grimly, Boston grabbed my hair on the metal ring holding the braid. "Fuck the slut in her mouth, give it to her" chanted the others. My eyes widened: that can not be true, it's all a nightmare, I will wake up soon.

His cock slid slowly through the spreader ring into my mouth. I tried to push back with my tongue. Boston laughed. He held my head tight in both hands then pushed his cock deep into my mouth as far as it would go. "Gggggggagagggggggggggggg". I felt the massive cock of my mouth filling up my air tube. I could not breathe anymore, needed to choke.

I looked directly at his pubic hair. The group laughed with pleasure: "Fuck her, fuck her," and Boston began to pound his cock into my mouth, always down into the air tube. I hardly had time to get air. His testicles beat my chin. The spectators were all standing around us now, cheering.

Someone grabbed the end of my braid and pulled my head back to give Boston even better access. Then I felt a cock between my legs, strong hands encircling my waist. Then someone started to fuck my pussy, probably it was the bald head. I felt so humiliated, so lonesome and lost.

I noticed Kyle positioning himself below me, removing the bucket from my breasts. With a kick in the back of my knees, they made me drop on all fours. I came to kneel exactly over Kyle. "What a hot bitch," Kyle shouted and began to knead my swollen breasts. Boston's rhythm increased. I felt his cock still gaining in size, his grip around my head almost crushing my head, he pushed my head into his cock.

Then suddenly he exploded: "YESSSSSSSSSS" he screamed. I felt his hot cum filling my mouth. I choked and spat. "What a hot cunt! Now, all I need is a good ass fuck!" he howled. I was still spitting and coughing, feeling the cum drooling out of my mouth, when Walter took over and began to fuck my mouth or rather my air tube.

"Gggggaggggggggggggggg" I heard the shameful sounds from my mouth. In the meanwhile, Kyle had put his cock in my vagina. He must have had a huge cock, because I felt as my labia widened and his big cock slowly forced its way into my pussy. He was so big!! But he pushed deeper and deeper. There seemed to be no end to it. I held my breath. Then he let himself go, "YES, you fucking cunt, I'm going to fuck your brains out," he snorted under me while his cock hammered into me, mistreating my breasts with his hands.

I was now fucked in both mouth and vagina. I just tried to survive the shame. But suddenly, I felt a pressure on my puccker as well: "gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaggggggggg" I groaned, thrashing to keep them away. A finger pressed against my asshole. "Let's see how tight your ass is, I'm already keen on your little asshole since I first met you."

Boston spat on my hole and began to expand my asshole with his finger. "Hooooooooooooooooo" I cried desperately when I got the chance, swallowed cum and spit, coughed. Then I felt Boston's paws on my hip, and his cock started to press with force against my anus. I wasn't able to withstand his pressure for a long time and I felt like something big penetrating my ass, slowly widening my anus. Little by little. What a shame! How dare they?! This should not be, I don't belong here!! Until then I had not known that people did something like that at all.

I felt the grip around my waist tightening and I knew what was coming now: with a violent act of force, he pushed his cock all the way into my asshole. „gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", I screamed, my guts seemed to burn. "What a nice and narrow tube" jubilated Boston as he began to fuck me rhythmically.

Then they all fucked me. They fucked me in the mouth, pussy and ass. They took turns. Angelika forced me to lick her pussy then she also put on strap-on dildo and fucked me in the ass. In between, they put their cocks between my blown up breasts and breastfucked me. It was more humiliating than anything I had ever imagined. They spread their cum on my ass, on my back, iin the face and on my breasts. "What a great fuck," I heard Kyle say, when they were all exhausted and finally stopped.

„I'm hungry, let's go eat something" somebody said. Then I heard the heavy door close behind them as they went to the dining-room. Humiliated to the grounds. A mixture of saliva, sweat, cum was drooling from my mouth down my chin and breasts, oozed out of my ass and pussy. They had left me just the way they had fucked me, still kneeling, my legs spread as far as the ankle chains would allow, my face sideways on the parquet floor. I felt so desperately empty.

Chapter 6 - Karl (added: 2017/04/15)

I cried still for a while horrified about what they had done to me, the tears building a pool together with the cum oozing off my still wide-spread mouth. But after a long time kneeling just there, my brain started kicking in again. Nobody was in the room! Was there a possibility to get away from here?

Getting my legs together, sitting back on my heels and with a well-dosed effort in my leg muscles I managed to get up into a standing position. Looking into the mirror I got shocked: What a cheap slut I thought, looking at my over dimensioned breasts, my hourglass shaped body in the tight corset, the slave-like blue metal collar, my long hair in a pigtail, my mouth wide-spread by this ring gag, my arms totally unusable, tied and put away in a sheath holding my arms in a backwards prayer, standing on my own high-heels, ankles chained which didn't allow for big steps.

Slowly I moved in little steps towards the door, my breasts ballooning in front of me. When I got to the door, I pushed, but immediately remembered that this door would open inwardly. How can I turn the knob? Frustrated, I tried to rub my hip against the knob, but that didn't work. How frustrating, the door is not closed and I can't get it open! I kneeled down again, trying to take the door knob in my mouth. Impossible with this fucking ring gag.

Painfully, I managed to get up again and looked around. One window towards the park, but closed as well. It was already dark outside. This won't work either. Then I saw an Ipad sitting on the huge desk. In little steps I succeeded in going around the table. The tablet was still turned on. Maybe I can send a message?

I bent over the desk, trying to touch the screen with my nose, my balloons squeezed on the desk, hurting painfully, the tablet came to life. Wow, this is a surveillance programme running! They really have cameras everywhere!. The screen divided in 4 windows, showing different parts of the house. The screen on the top left showed the room I was in. I say myself bending over the desk taken from a 360 camera turning on the ceiling of the room. Hopefully nobody watches me now!

The second window showed the president, his son Boston and Thomas Schreiber, talking amused and still having dinner. The two from the works council must have already left. The third screen showed the slutty servant in the kitchen. She was actually sitting on the kitchen table, her legs spread and was rubbing her clit. Disgusted, I showed to the 4th window, which showed only the front entrance.

I just wanted to look away, when I saw Karl stepping up to the door entrance. Oh, yes, please, Karl - help me! I realized how my adrenaline started flushing through my blood when I heard the doorbell ring. Fascinated, I watched what was happening now. Once you've got me home, I will marry you! I love you so much. Please help me now! - my mind was reeling. I saw the servant covering herself up and walking to the door to answer.

She showed Karl in, made him wait a moment to tell the president who was visiting, then walked Karl over to the dining-room. I need to understand what they are saying! Touching the window with the dining-room camera, I got a full view. I also found a loudspeaker symbol on the tablet, opening a virtual bar which I could move upwards with my nose. Yes! I can hear everything now! Karl will certainly come rescue me.

"My name is Karl Schroeder, I'm looking for Frau Licher" I heard Karl speaking up, once he had entered the dining-room. The three heads went up, their looks between astonished and skeptical. "I have had an appointment with Susana this evening. As she didn't show up, I asked her friend Sarah.

She told me that she would be here for some important meeting. As I couldn't reach her on the phone, I thought I wanted to surprise her and pick her up. I've seen her car outside. Can I talk to her?" Karl continued. Yes, please come here! Find me, rescue me!!

"So you're Susana's boyfriend?" the president started, "well, I hate to tell you this, but I think she's not available at the moment!" "But how is this, she must have finished her presentation by now?" Karl asked almost offended. Now Boston started with the explanation: "she has just signed a new contract, and she'll be on training for the next two weeks, afterwards she'll be traveling quite a bit overseas!"

I gasped for air. What on Earth was going on? "Oh,....okay", Karl, stammered, disappointed, "well, as she's here, can I still see her?" Karl asked. Now the president looked around into the group, then he sighed. "Okay, but I must ask you to keep this absolutely confidential - it can cost your job if you tell anybody!"

"It's a bit difficult to explain", the president started, "I don't know how well you know Susana already, but she has some great talents which need to be formed into shape," making movements to insinuate the size of my breasts. Maybe you've realized that she's a quite dominant personality, too, difficult to get along with as she wants to know everything better." WHAT THE HELL?

"Well, now that you're saying it," Karl mused, "she was kind of strange on our last date. But why can't I see her now?"

"Just calm down and let me explain: dominant personalities like her, often - deep inside of themselves - are looking for just the opposite, they want to be dominated - that's the only way how they really get happiness in life!"

He's talking bullshit , I thought. "Today, we've talked with Susana about her sexual desires. You should have seen her - it was like a wall of guilt coming down, she spoke up freely about her secret desires to get bound, gagged and enslaved.! "

"What?" asked Karl incredulously, "...are you saying she gets turned on when she gets dominated and abused?"

"Exactly! Actually, after long discussions also with our understanding work councils, we've found a way to keep her happy!", the president said with a mean smile, and handed Karl a copy of the paperwork which looked like the stupid contract they made me sign. "She has signed this slave contract in the presence of the two work councilors!"

Karl still looked as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "A..., a what? A slave contract? And she signed it?" he asked, fighting to come to grips with it. These insane bastards!! Please, Karl, don't fall for it, they are lying!

The president continued: "Let me read some examples of the contract to you, e.g. Page 2, first paragraph: 'I agree that my Master can use me as he thinks is best for me, he can treat me like a slave. I agree and accept that disobedience from my part will result in severe punishments.'

- and here the last passage - 'I hereby agree to all mentioned obligations in this contract. I confirm that I am of sound mind. Signed: S. Licher'. - Do you recognize her signature?"

"This is crazy", Karl breathed hard, "..and I always thought that Susana is just being difficult!"

Oh no, Karl, please, don't believe them, come ask for me! Let me tell you the truth about these bastards, don't let them do this to me!

"We know that this must be a strange situation for you, especially as you were about to have a more close relationship with her." - the president scratched his ear. "What I can offer you, however - let's say as a sort of a compensation - is that you can..." - he made a meaningful pause, ... - "that you can fuck her!" The president showed a little smile. "You can be assured, that she'll love to get fucked by you, she's such a hot natural."

To my utmost surprise, Karl hesitated and seemed to even consider it. Hey, Karl, it's me, you can't possibly believe these bastards! I realized how saliva was dripping out of my wide-spread mouth onto the tablet. I felt so desperate. "Of course we would need to get your word that you keep this as a secret", the bald headed Thomas Schreiber was now chipping in.

I saw Karl hesitating, fighting with himself, looking again at the contract, shaking his head again and again, looking at my fresh signature.

"Here's a little video" Thomas said now, "this will convince you!"

Totally out of myself, I saw how he showed Karl the 10 second video sequence where I was happily signing the contract - and another short video where I pulled my hair back to get the collar placed on my neck - a happy smile on my face. This is not true - they tricked me!

Seemingly convinced but frustrated, with an almost angry tone he said:

"okay, if this is what she enjoys, I'll like to fuck her! But I want to make sure that she doesn't see me - I don't want to look into her eyes, ... would this be okay?"

What are you saying, my love! Tears just ran down my cheeks.

"This can be arranged, ... Boston!, can you please prepare our new slave according to the wishes of Karl? - please get her to the playroom, though!"

"Sure, Dad", Boston replied cheerfully, "give me 10 minutes - I'll get her ready."

They are coming for me! I couldn't believe the turn the events had taken. I need to get away from here!

I managed to get back to a standing position - there was no where to hide, so I hobbled back to where I had been taken and laid down, just in time to hear the door opening.

"Hey little slave!" Boston teased, "guess who just came to fuck you!"

Lying on the ground I pretended that I didn't hear him. He got something from the shelf, then, suddenly, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up again: "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed in pain. He held the two wet slips in his hand which had earlier already been stuffed in my mouth.

"Stand right here, my darling, you need something to suck on so you don't get too thirsty!" he sneered, wiping the wet pools of cum and drool from the floor with the slips so that they were dripping wet, before shoving it deep into my mouth. Oh my God, this is sick - it's smells and tastes so disgusting! I felt urged to vomit but couldn't the way he had stuffed it way back in my mouth. Quickly he took the ring-gag out just to replace it by a huge ball gag, which he fitted with a plop behind my teeth, shoving the cloth ball further. "hmmmmmmmmmmmpffffffffffffff" I screamed in panic - fearing not to get enough air, my nostrils wide, breathing hard.

Then he showed me a red leather hood. "This will suit you nicely, and you realize that it will take the edge off of you!" he grinned.

I shook my head violently, trying to walk away from him, but Boston just held me back by my hair, pulled the red leather hood over my face, leaving me totally blind. The hood was shaped in a way to leave the nostrils free, but eyes and mouth totally covered.

The hood reached down over my chin and down over the neck, where he quickly opened the collar just to tie the laces tightly from neck to the top of my head, where only the pigtail would have an opening. After tying the laces, he fit the collar back on, over the neck-part of the hood which made it almost impossible to move my head an inch.

"hmpppffffffff", I moaned in pain. I could hardly hear myself now and actually it took all my concentration to get enough air through my nose and not to choke from the harsh ball gag in my mouth. My heart was racing. Totally blinded, I suddenly felt a sudden jerk followed by immediate pain, when he took me by the chain attached between my nipples and pulled me away. In small steps I hobbled behind him following him through the door. I couldn't do anything else but following - breathing alone was already a challenge.

Shortly afterwards, we stopped. I felt that we moved downwards - we must be in a sort of an elevator. It felt a bit cooler when we entered another room, it felt big in size, judging from the echo my high-heels caused in the room. What will they do to me? Did Karl just feign or would he really start to abuse me? It was so hard to keep thinking having to work hard for each breath.

I felt him attaching something to a D-ring which must have been on the top of the leather hood. Then suddenly I felt my head being pulled upward. He must have pulled a rope around a wooden beam. It was pulled tight, so that I had to get on tiptoes. Even though not attached anywhere else, I couldn't move much.

"Hey, lovely" I heard Boston's voice as if coming from far away: "have fun".


I tried my bonds, but the hood rope tied to the ceiling was too tight. I stood there like a stupid manikin in a window of a cloth store - unable to move, unable to see. Everything was hurting now, my pussy and ass were still raw, my breasts and nipples throbbing with pain, my shoulders felt as if they were already out of their sockets. With the soaked cloth ball in my mouth I felt the need to swallow the whole time, tasting the cum and juices of my kidnappers. What where they going to do to me?

Finally, I heard faint noises of people approaching. Was Karl going to rescue me now?

I heard people talking, but only when they were quite close, I could make sense of what they were saying: "...she's all yours, you can use all the equipment you find in this playroom. ... And you know what to tell when you're back in the company, right?" I heard the voice of Thomas, the bald headed.

"Sure!" I heard the distinct voice of Karl, "you'll take care of hiding her car, and I'll tell everybody in her environment at work about her promotion to this new position in Mexico, where she had to leave the same day to get the job."

"I'll let you two lovers alone then, have fun!" I heard Thomas laughing.

Oh no, please let all this be just a bad dream!

"hmmmmmmmpfffffffffffffff" I screamed, but only a faint moan was heard. "Hey, Susana" I heard the faint voice of Karl, "I must confess that I really can't understand your desires, and it was really hard to believe that you've decided to sell yourself for this kind of career, but finally the video proof of you signing the contract and the happiness on your face convinced me.

So I decided to accept your decision. You'll understand that I couldn't let out the opportunity to actually touch your beautiful tits. And shaped into balloons like this, they are really astounding!" I felt his hands touching my breasts. A cold shiver ran down my spine.

"hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Please noooo, get me out of here! This was all a fake setup !! I tried to shake my head, but with the extremely tight hood, additionally fastened around my neck with the collar, I wasn't able to move my head at all.

"Okay, okay!", Karl continued, "I shouldn't talk that much. I realize that you're really hot now and just want to have fun. Mr. Schreiber told me that you especially enjoy getting whipped! Well I can help with that!

What? Nooo, please!! Don't believe these bastards!

There was a little silence. Then out of the nothing a stinging pain on my breasts got my synapses on fire. "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo" I screamed, which sounded like a faint moan through the gags and hood.

Again and again Karl hit my bulging tits with a whip which I felt wiggling with every smack. The pain was crucial. I felt so helpless! Even tears wouldn't come in this tight hood.

Oh my God, please stop! You're killing me!

My breasts all on fire, I felt a vibrating touch on my clit. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmpfff" I moaned, realizing that my body reacted immediately and totally unexpectedly for me.

"Jesus!" I heard Karl, "judging from your wetness, you really seem to enjoy this!", pushing the pussy massage stick harder on my clit, while twisting my tortured nipples with his fingers. Pleaaase stop it!

At first I tried to twist my body away from the clit vibrator. This thing was driving me crazy. My whole body seemed out of control, trembling. Then I realized suddenly that my body was moving against it, searching the contact. I felt my body-juices run down my thighs, an orgasm starting to build up "hmmmmmmmmpffffffffffffffff".

"Okay! I see you're getting hot. Wait a second, you'll like this even better!", he ventured and took the massage stick away. My body howled in frustration, as the stimulation was taken away so close to cumming. Then I heard something scratching over the floor until I felt a wooden table being pushed against my upper thighs. What was he up to now - didn't he have enough yet?

Next moment, I felt the nipple clamps being taken away. "hhhhooooooommmmmmmmmmm" The pain was almost unbearable as the blood starting flooding in my nipples again. I felt the ropes fixing the hood to the beam being detached. Then the cord still attached to the hood was pulled over the table so that I had to bend over.

The table must have been strangely carved, as my breasts weren't squeezed flat on the table, but sank into two cut out holes in the table. Karl fastened the nipple clamps again. "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I screamed and tried to get up just to feel another crucial pain in my nipples. He had attached the chain between my nipples below the table so that I couldn't move up. Oh my God! What a pervert! - Please don't hurt me !!

Suddenly, I felt him fumbling at my ankle cuffs, and before I knew it, he took my right leg and placed it flat on the table and started to attach it with leather belts at ankle, knee and thigh level tightly to the table, by threading the belts through wide slits in the table, leaving me yet more vulnerable.

"This is going to be fantastic, Susana!" Karl spoke really fast and excitedly now. "You'll love it - this is one of my hottest fantasies!", taking up my left leg and forcing me into a splits. "Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng" I whined in my harsh gag. Although I had done quite a bit of aerobic, the splits was still really strenuous for me on the muscles. He fastened the left leg also with the leather belts to the table. Leaving my ass wide open and my pussy all vulnerable at disposal.

"You look so beautiful, Susana", smacking my ass with his hands. Cold shivers ran down my spine when I felt his erect cock pushing against my pussy. "You are so sexy, my beloved one! I love your beautiful ass and your sexy stockings, I love you being helpless, I love that I can do to you whatever I want!"

You stupid bastard!! Get off me !!


Next thing I felt the vibrator again pushing hard against my clitoris. He somehow succeeded to attach it to the table. Oh my God, this isn't fair ! There was no way I couldn't move away from it a single inch. Mercilessly the vibrator massaged my clit, driving me soon close to the edge.

In addition, his big cock started to push inside of me. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled, sinking his cock deeply into my pussy. As he pulled my upper body a bit off the table, my nipples started to be on fire again, from the chain fastened between the nipples below the table. There was pain everywhere. I breathed hard, all my being absorbed by fear, pain and excitement.

"Yessssssssss, you stupid little bitch! If this is what you prefer instead of making love - this is what you get! I'm going to fuck you like the cheap whore you are!" Hearing this out of Karl's mouth really made my heart sink. Please, Karl, don't do this to me! Don't say this to me! I'm innocent, I was tricked into this !

My whole body was trembling now, his cock ramming inside me, fucking me hard, my breasts on fire, my lungs fighting for air. Then finally I felt a unknown powerful wave starting to flood my body, leaving my body totally thrashing out of control: „hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" I screamed in my gag, feeling the pure energy flooding through every synapses of my body.

„You dirty little slut!" Karl screamed as I felt his cock hammering inside me, finally cumming, ejaculating half of his load inside me, half of it over my ass and thighs.

Eventually, when the orgasm had subsided, the pain and humiliation came back like a boomerang. What had he done to me? How could this lovely young gentleman oossibly be able to force a helpless young woman, which he had great feelings for!

He had been my best hope to get away from here. I was crying heavily, even though the tears couldn't find a way through the tight hood. My whole body was shaking. As this wasn't enough, my legs where beginning to cramp. And the vibrator just wouldn't stop working my clit. „hnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" I screamed in pain, rage and frustration, feeling his cum dripping down the crack of my ass.

„God, this was a great fuck! ...You know, Susana..", he said after a little pause petting my ass like I was his little dog, „maybe you've done the right thing in signing this contract after all. As it looks, I'll soon get promoted and I still have the right to come fuck you any time! So you and I both get what we want."

When I finally stopped sobbing, totally exhausted from the 3rd orgasm riding me, I realized that Karl was long gone. Somebody else was in the room, undoing my leg and tit attachments, finally turning the clit torture massage off. I was so exhausted that I slumped down to the floor like a fluid mass. When the hood was finally taken off, I saw in the eyes of Boston.

„Okay, this was the fun part for you, now you can rest up a bit - tomorrow, you'll start with your slave-training!" he grinned maliciously. But, my mind was gone by then, unconsciousness had taken hold of me, taking away all my pains for the moment.

Chapter 7 - The Cock Fountain (added: 2017/06/17)

I woke up in the middle of the night. At least I thought so, it was quite dark. Only a very dim light on the other side of the large dungeon provided very limited light. I was lying in a corner on a mattress. It was rather chilly.

My God, am I thirsty! I couldn't remember having had anything to drink over the last day. Intuitively, I moved my hand to my face and was rather surprised that my hands weren't bound to anything. I was able to touch my face. After a few seconds, my eyes got used to the dim light and I looked around.

I could make out ghostly shapes of a bench, a cross and bars which stuck out of the wall, as well as chains hanging from wooden beams. Memories of the past day came to my mind. What did they do to me? Would they really send me to Mexico? Why did they want to send me away? Who can help me now?

Then I thought about Karl again and immediately I felt my tears rising again. Why didn't he help me? I let the frustration room for a while before I started to explore my situation. I was thirsty. I needed to find something to drink! I was lying on a mattress.

Apparently, I was all nude, somebody must have undressed me. I flushed at the thought of somebody touching my body while I was unconscious. Everything still hurt, especially my nipples. Shifting position on the mattress it seemed at first that I hadn't been bound at all. Good! I need to escape from here! Besides my friend Sarah, there's nobody who can find me here. And who knows if or when Sarah even starts looking for me?

Trying to get up on the mattress I was abruptly held back by a chain attached to a front ring of my collar. "Shit" I grunted aloud, feeling the collar and the attached thin chain. Carefully trying to stand up, I realized that the chain was very short, not allowing me to get to an upright sitting position.

Taking the chain in my hands I followed it to a brick wall right next to the mattress, where it seemed to be coming out of a tube in the wall at about a height of 5 inches from the floor. I grabbed the chain in both hands, feeling rage surging inside of me, I shouted out loud: "You can't do that to me! You filthy old bastards! Let me gooooooooooooooooooo!!", pulling like a maniac on the chain in the wall, tears of rage and frustration flooding my eyes again.

But the chain would not come out one inch. As I was about to get back on my mattress, I saw another dark thing protruding from the wall only a few inches above the place where the chain was vanishing in the wall. Exploring it carefully in the dim light, I realized that this was a huge plastic dildo protruding horizontally from the wall.

It was dripping a bit of water at the slit in the gland. Oh my God! They are perverts! Again, I realized how dehydrated I was. I needed to drink something urgently. Kneeling in front of it, I first tried to squeeze the dildo with one hand, but only a few water drops emerged. Using both hands on the dildo, I managed to squeeze harder and I heard how water spilled to the cold stone floor.

I tasted some with my fingers - it was really precious water. But it was still difficult to get to, as the dildo fountain was hanging so low. I was getting desperate now to drink, trying in vain to get to it sideways. Shyly I looked around. I couldn't hear any noise. I was all alone. Nobody is watching, I hope I thought, as I spread my legs further in a kneeling position, feeling really vulnerable, exposed.

My hair were still bound up in this stupid pigtail, my long hair tickling my back and shoulders. Then I bent down to take the dildo gland in my mouth. I had to stretch my head to a horizontal position to be able to take it. My nipples touching the cold stone ground, immediately reacting. Squeezing the monster cock with both hands, the water came finally trickling down into my mouth. What a relief! Finally!

I was squeezing and drinking eagerly, when I heard a strange humming and rattling noise coming from the wall in front of me. I was just swallowing down another sip of water and wanted to explore the noise as I felt my collar chain getting tightened. Panic struck me as I tried to draw my mouth back out of the monster cock dildo, but the chain was to short now.

"Hhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed. I felt so ashamed, realizing, that somebody must be watching me in this moment, seeing my legs wide spread, ass up in the air, stuck with my mouth in an overdimensioned dildo protruding from the wall. I tried again with all my forces to draw back, but the chain wouldn't give an inch.

As the device was fastened so low to the floor, I couldn't even put my legs in a more comfortable position. I was forced to keep kneeling, legs wide spread. How humiliating!. I protested loudly, trying to pull the dildo from the wall, moaning in despair.

After a few moments I heard the humming noise again. Immediately I felt the collar chain tightening further, pulling me further towards the wall and the dildo into my mouth. "Gnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed, as I realized the dildo sinking slowly deeper and deeper in my mouth.

Hot and cold shivers ran down my spine. I pulled my head back with all my forces, pushed my hands to the wall to stop the movement, but to no avail. Mercilessly, the dildo was sinking deeper, now touching my air tube which made me gag. "Gnnnnnnaaaagagggggggggaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed, now in ultimate panic, before my air supply was cut, feeling the dildo pushing down my air tube.

I thrashed around, moaned and struggled, but just when I felt that I was going to pass away, the chain slackened a few inches so that I could get air again. But as soon as I had gotten some relief, the chain tightened again, soon gagging me again, my body pumping adrenaline through my body. What I hated the most, was that I felt so helpless, me who had always fought for equal rights, for self determination of all mankind, against racism and slavery in the world! Why did this have to happen to me?

"I see you found the 'fountain of life and death'! I suddenly heard a man's voice chuckling directly behind me, a brighter light being switched on. Has he been in the room all along? I wondered, feeling more humiliated yet.

From the sound of the voice it was the president himself, who was talking. "I promised you the two week training, well today is your first day!" he said almost cheerfully. He pushed the button of his remote control again pulling the chain closer, driving the dildo again deeply into my mouth. It stopped shortly before it would cut my breathing. "hmnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg" I screamed.


"Hnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg" I choked on the artificial cock, thinking: What an insane bastard, they won't get me to do anything! , feeling hatred invading me, adrenaline filling my blood vessels.


Still gagging and fighting I quickly thought: This is slavery! ..... They can't do that to me! But, on the other hand, I did understand his words and what they meant. And I couldn't support this situation any longer. Even though I was not even close to give in, I gave him a thumbs up lifting my right thumb, just to get myself better chances to get away from this cruel gagging device.

"Good!" he said, allowing the collar chain a bit more slack so that I could breath properly again, but just not far enough to pull my mouth out. "So you can drink now! But remember that you're not allowed to relief - and I mean also to piss - without permission!"

Suddenly, even without squeezing the monster cock, the water came flushing in my mouth and I drank and drank and drank. I heard him chuckle behind me: "keep drinking, little slut, you never know when you'll get anything again."

Soon, I couldn't drink anymore and the water drooled out of my mouth. "KEEP DRINKING!" the president screamed the moment I heard a whistling sound just before the echoing "SMACK". "AAAAAAAAAAAGggggggggggggnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" I screamed and intuitively pushed forward, gagging and coughing with water running down my air tube, feeling the most fierceful burning ever on my butt. He must have used a wooden cane to beat me.

Forcing myself to drink more, tears running again, I realized after a short time that felt like hours that my bladder was getting really full and I needed to pee really urgently, my belly swelling up with water, pain increasing per second "GNAAGggggggggggggggggggggg" I screamed in pain, coughing again, as I breathed some water, spilling it.

SMACK, my butt was hit at just about the same spot again, probably leaving some bad welts, my tears running down my cheeks, gagging again on the cock as I was pushed forward. I was no longer under control of my actions Fear and panic ridden I suddenly felt warm pee running down my thighs.

"WHO ALLOWED YOU TO PEE?", the president was now yelling and I heard the cane coming again. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK - I was totally exhausted, screaming in agony, totally unable to control my bladder it just continued to empty. I felt so ashamed to pee, totally nude, in front of a stranger. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK - my butt was on fire: "hooooooooooooppppppppp" I tried to intervene to make him stop.

"That'll teach you not to disobey!" the president hollered. Please stop it! Don't hurt me!. "Okay, my little fuckslut, I give you one more chance", he tried to sound comforting, actually stopping the water, "If you manage to ask me properly that you want me to fuck you in your arse, I'll stop beating for the moment and I'll get you unhooked from the 'fountain'. What do you say?" With this he released the collar chain with his remote control so that I could just speak more or less clearly, the tip of the artificial gland still between my teeth, waiting for my answer.

As much as my ass hurt, I was in no way ready to say what he wanted me to: "Hease, hon't hurt me". I managed to say, trying not to get him too angry, my face covered in tears. "That's not really what I wanted to hear!", he hollered, - SMACK!

"hooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed as the cane came down on my butt again. Oh my God was I angry that anybody would do this to me: "You're inhane hastard" I manage to articulate.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, I felt his angry reaction, and it seemed as if the hits were yet more powerful. "Not really learning anything yet, you'll see that this won't get you far", letting the water run again, forcing me to drink.

Oh my God, why can't he just stop it, he's killing me! My bladder was filling again, feeling the stomach pain increasing, my ass on pure fire. Then suddenly I felt his filthy hands on my hips, and his erected cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I coughed, swallowed, fought the water.

"You could have saved yourself the cane beats and the stomach pains, probably even receive a reward and being allowed to cum, but you didn't want it any other way", the president said. "Those who can't hear have to feel", he chuckled, spitting on my pucker. Feeling a finger poking in my asshole. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed, "heeeeeasssssssssssse", but he continued to widen my anus with his finger.

This is so humiliating. Why can't he just stop it! I thought, gagging, coughing and still drinking water. Then I felt his cock pushing against my pucker. I got all rigid, trying to move forward, away from his cock, the artificial cock penetrating deeper in my mouth again.

My heart was stopping, my eyes felt as if they were about to fall from their sockets, as I felt his cock widening my ass - "You've got a beautiful round ass and a lovely tight hole, little fuckslut.", excitement in his voice. "And it's going to be my pleasure hearing you say sooner or later that you want me to fuck you in the ass!"

"Gnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogggggggggggggggggg" I screamed in humiliation and pain, as he penetrated my ass deeper and deeper. Everything hurt, my ass cheeks from the caning and my hole from being so brutally raped, my belly filling yet with water. Kneeling with wide-spread legs in front of this artificial monster cock and getting fucked in the ass just was too much. I had never been so lonesome, so humiliated.

"I'll teach you little cunt who your Master is!" the president yelled as he now pushed his cock all the way into me, fucking my ass really hard. "You'll suffer big time". In and out he drove his cock full length into my ass, his balls touching my clit. His fingernails cutting deeply into my flesh right at hiplevel. Taking his cock out, spitting on my ass and driving it back in - humiliating me to the grounds.

In the meantime, my bladder was so full again, my belly hurt so badly that I couldn't stop it any longer and peed again, the same moment as he rammed his cock in a final effort into me, filling my ass with his disgusting cum.

"Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" he yelled, eventually pulling his cock out. I felt his cum oozing out of my ass, dripping down into my wide open pussy, then down my belly. I felt so disgusted.

It took a few seconds, then I felt his strong hand taking me by the pigtail. Jerking me back while releasing the collar chain, I was finally freed of the monster cock. With one painful movement he turned me around, my ass now facing the artificial cock. Then he pushed me back.

"You sick old bastard, you'll never get through with this" I fired at him, trying to buckle away. Again I heard the humming voice of the chain, which was now getting tightened again, stretching directly between my breasts and between my legs. I felt the big monster cock already touching the top of my ass.

"Will you get your ass down, you unworthy little slut", he yelled, hitting me hard in the face with the back of his hand. "You will suffer! I promise you", he said angrily forcing my legs to spread with a kick of his foot until the cock was touching my asshole again. Right at that moment he pulled the chain tighter again forcing me backwards, the artificial cock penetrating my ass.

"Nooooooooooooooooo" I screamed in pain and shame when the big dildo was penetrating my asshole again. I breathed heavily. "Please, stop it now, please, Sir!, I beg you, this is unbearable!" I tried to plead. The words had just left my mouth when I realized that this must have been against his stupid rules again, his right arm swinging mercilessly the cane down on my ass cheeks again:


"I told you, that you're not allowed to talk without permission!" he hollered, getting seemingly really angry now. " But I'll give you another chance. You can save yourself a lot of pain, if you now manage to find the correct words to ask me to get my cock sucked clean."

Oh my God, it hurts so bad! Why can't he just stop! "Sir...ahm", I started hesitatingly, my tears running, my voice shaking, fear and rage fighting within me, "would you stop this nonsense right now! You're hurting me!" My hatred helping me to get the words out.

SMACK SMACK SMACK - the cane came down even harder on my butt. "OUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I screamed in pain, thinking that by now my ass must me totally criss crossed with welts. Shaking his head, he said: "Oh my, little slut, you've still got to learn a lot!"

He pushed the button on his remote again, and the chain shortened immediately, pulling my head down and my body further towards the wall and the cock deeper in my ass: "Please, Sir... Master,... stop, I beg you!" I whined.

I stopped breathing, trying to cope with the pain and humiliation. It was as if the cock was entering my intestines. Pain was indescribable, feeling spread to the limits - until I felt the cold wall of the room on my butt, stopping the pulling. I gasped, short breaths.

He came on top of me fastened a rope through a D-Ring at the back of the metal hairband which still bound my hair to a pigtail. Then he connected the rope to another ring in the wall and pulled back, stretching my head back. The faster he pulled the hairband rope the more he relaxed the collar chain, until my head was totally stretched back, my whole body arching backwards now.

"Pleassssssssssssssseeeee, you don't need to ..." I started, realizing too late that I was breaking his "no-talk-before-asking" rule. And again I heard the humming sound of the cane coming down on my ass - causing me to howl out in pain. "You don't seem to learn fast!" the president said.

He went over to a cupboard to get a belt, about 4 inches large which featured leather cuffs on one side. He approached me from the back, I tried to hit him with my hands.

Quickly he fastened the belt around my waist, paying attention to leave collar chain on the outside of the belt. "I, ..... I ... want to ask a question.." I started again, trying to get him distracted. SMACK - SMACK- SMACK . "WHO wants to ask a question?", he thundered threateningly, now tightening the belt beyond reason to bring my waist down to about 16 inches, forcing me to breath really shallow.

I just couldn't bring me to say what he wanted - it seemed to be against my whole being. "FUCK YOU" I managed to whisper. SMACK SMACK SMACK Standing now on top of me, he bent down to take my right hand by the wrist, bent it onto my back to fasten it with the integrated cuffs of the leather belt. I put up a bit of a struggle but was by far concentrating too much on managing pain and the weight shift to my left hand. "Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee, stop it" I screamed, realizing he was going to take my left hand as well, which now held my body weight.

Without mercy, he took my left wrist and pulled it back to fasten it, too, on the leather belt, bringing my body weight now fully to the rope holding my hair back. "Arrrgggggggggggg" I screamed in pain as my hair skin was so tightly pulled back that I wouldn't have been surprised if the hair ripped. I tried to compensate with my leg muscles. Luckily this worked a little to pull the strain a bit off my hair.

Totally helpless, I was kneeling with legs wide spread, penetrated by a monster cock, hand cuffed on my back, head bound backwards, gasping for air. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed, when I saw him coming now with the nipple clams again. Sweat running down my body. "You fucking bastard, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" I yelled at him, the moment the clams were squeezing my nipples, setting them immediately on fire.

He fastened the chain between the nipple clams tightly on a ring in the floor, stretching my tits, forcing me to arch back even further. Grabbing my face with one hand over my mouth, pushing his fingers in my cheeks, causing my mouth open, having to look straight in his eyes. "It's just a matter of time, until you learn obedience! You're no longer Miss Aristocrat, you are just a whore, the sooner you learn the less pain and trouble for you! Do you understand me?"

I tried to swallow, choosing not to say anything, my whole body in pain, my leg muscles still trying to compensate the weight shift, beginning to tremble now. SMACK - a blow of the back of his hand landed in my face. "Yes" I whispered. SMACK - another blow in my face: "YES MASTER" is what you should say!"

I suffered, breathing flatly, trying to take the pain, not answering. "Okay, you didn't want it any other way!" he said with a strange fatal undertone in his voice. He started working his remote control again. I immediately felt two things happening at once: first the big cock inside my ass was starting to move back and forth, and the other - almost more painful one - was that this cock was pushing liquids in my intestines.

"Noooo, please, you can't do that, STOPP it - pleeeeeeasssssse" I yelled. "Sorry, that was nothing of what I wanted to hear, my little fuckslave, I'm going to go for dinner. It might be a while until somebody will see after you. So you better start thinking about what you're going to say next time."

I screamed in frustration, humiliation and pain as he switched off the light again, leaving me alone in the dim lit dungeon. Oh my God - how can a human being be so cruel, why did I fall for this stupid setup?

All I heard now, was the smacking sound of the fucking machine pulling in and out of my asshole, making disgusting slurping noises, as well as my own breath, cursings and moans. My belly was slowly filling with water, my intestines filling, taking up space, pushing on my other organs. My bladder was squeezed. I had too pee again, flushing in humiliation, when I felt the warm liquid running down my legs.

The pain soon became unbearable in my belly. My leg muscles were trembling, my whole body soaked in sweat by now. I couldn't move one inch without causing yet more pain. My nipples on fire, my head overstretched, my hands uselessly cuffed on my back. The water was mercilessly pushing inside me, filling me up. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllpppppppppp" I screamed in agony, tears running down my cheeks, death panic starting to kick-in. "I'll do anything you want! Please! I'll be your slave, pleaassssssse! Heeeeeeelpp!"

I realized that I needed to start obeying soon, if I wanted to have a decent chance to escape this situation. I would need to swallow my pride. I couldn't rely on anybody trying to rescue me, now that Karl had changed to the other side. And Sarah - she probably believed the story that I had already been sent to Mexico for business reasons.

The reality of it took me yet to another level of depression. I needed to get out of here, I needed to get revenge, I needed to make these guys suffer for what they were doing to me. That moment I swore to myself that I would take this company apart - no matter how long it would take to escape from this situation. It seemed like ages until finally the light was turned on again - I was on the verge of collapsing.

"So? any new thoughts?" the president asked, looking arrogantly down on me, smirking. "Yes, ..... yes Master" I whispered, hardly able to accept that these words were coming out of my mouth. "Then tell me, what are you?", he continued to challenge me. "I.... I.... I am your slave, Master, please stop this machine", I whispered.

I felt torn inside, one side realizing that obeying was the only way to get possibly out of this predicament, and the other side who could just not accept that these words were being actually said by me.

"Much better!" he said, grabbing with his greasy hands in my face, squeezing my cheeks. Finally he turned the machine off, and unfastened the rope just on the hairband and the nipple clams so that I was able, slowly, to move myself inch by inch out of the cock, advancing on my knees.

As soon as I had finally moved my body out of the contraption, my legs failed on me and I crumbled to the floor, totally exhausted, jets of water pouring out of my hole like a fountain, emptying my filled up intestines, the moment I had finally managed to get out of this terrifying contraption. The water seemed to ooze endlessly out of my hole.

"Hey, cheer up, my little slave slut, you can take a shower now. Afterwards, we want to provide you with some really important slave fittings", he grinned and left the room.

Chapter 8 - Slave fittings (added: 2017/09/08)

I was too exhausted to put up any resistance. I felt Boston picking me up from the floor, where I lay in the puddle of my own piss. He threw me over his shoulder, as if I was a feather. He actually placed me below another big penis which was hanging from the ceiling a few yards further down in the dungeon.

When he touched his mobile phone app, hot water came down on me like in a real good shower. He fastened my collar with a chain to a ring in the artificial shower penis above. Finally he undid also the tight waistbelt and my hands.

I was too exhausted to capture the surreality of the shower setting. "Make sure you clean all your holes thoroughly, I'll see you in 10 minutes." The chain was too short to crumble to the floor. That's why I stood there, my legs trembling, hot water running down my tortured body. I felt a little bit invigorated after a few minutes, finally taking the soap and trying to wipe all the dirtiness away from me.

At first the water hurt badly on my butt, when it ran over the swollen welts from the beatings. Touching my wounds, I realized that my asshole was still somewhat open. My body, the treasure which I had saved and taken great efforts in bringing and keeping in shape, felt used carelessly, abused. Big tears mixed with the hot water.

What was coming next? These slave fittings the president had talked about were surely nothing pleasant for me, probably some fetish clothing. I tested the shower applications - unfortunately they felt really sound.

I tried to undo this metal hairband, but it was so tightly fastened, it didn't budge an inch. So I washed my hair as good as it was possible under the circumstances.

Reviewing my situation, I came to the conclusion that my best chances to escape was to play along, to actually do what they wanted. At the same time I would need to observe carefully all their habits and weaknesses to find a possible way out. By now, it was clear to me that they did not have the intent to set me free me again at any time near.

I didn't see him coming, so I was taken by surprise when I realized that Boston was standing right there, observing me with a smirk in his face. Intuitively I covered my breasts from his view, using my arms. I hate to be watched when I'm naked!

The hot water stopped, He threw me a towel to dry my body, staring at me, grinning all the time. "Here's your first outfit for today!" Boston said, showing me 6-inch high-heeled thigh-long black leather boots with iron rings on the ankles.

He placed them on the floor in a way that I could barely reach them. "You manage to put them on in less than 5 minutes and thank me for the nice gift, you'll be rewarded", he continued.

"Will I get back my freedom?" I asked between hope and cynicism, forgetting again my rational plan to obey. He turned around and grinned maliciously. "For this uncontrolled remark, you'll get 3 beatings right on your nice titties!" he explained, visibly looking forward to causing pain. Every additional remark or failure to finish in 5 minutes will earn you 2 more beatings!" - with this he stepped out of the door. Oh nooo, not again - why can't I just be quiet for a second

Anxious not to get more beatings, I reached down and managed to get a hold of the left boot. It looked as if it was too small for me, but I tried anyways. I opened the mile long zipper and stepped with my left foot inside of this killer shoe.

I swayed dangerously, my neck being tested various times when the collar chain stopped me from falling, until I managed to get my foot in the high-heels. My God, these shoes are way too small!

It was complicated, but finally I managed to get the zipper closed. I tested it to stand on the left foot: "Aouuuuuuuuuuuuu" I whined in pain, when the squeezed foot took all the weight. Also, I was quite a few inches taller, so I couldn't reach down to the right boot any more.

After a few trials, I succeeded in grabbing it with the toes of my right foot and bring it so far up, that I could reach it with my hand. I panted, wincing in pain, as my left foot had to take all the weight in the meantime. It took another few minutes then I had managed to put on also the right boot. The shoes forced me almost on tiptoes, my feet were already aching just standing.

It didn't take long before Boston came back, with a cane is his hand: "Anything to say, slut?" Now don't get your situation worse, think of what he wants to hear! I thought to myself. "Thank you for the boots", I mumbled. "Okay, slut, you just earned yourself another two beatings! You should say 'Thank you for the boots, Master" , does that get into your dumb head!" he yelled and rocked my head with both hands.

"Yes, Master" I quickly added. "Okay, now, slut, how many beatings on your titties did you earn yourself now? - and be careful, any stupid or wrong answer, or inappropriate behavior will increase the number." I looked at the cane in his hand, it was about 25 inches long, hard bamboo. "I have earned 4 beatings, Master" I heard myself saying, flushing in humiliation.

"That's right, slut! Now put your arms on your back and stretch out your beautiful big titties for me!" I was going to say something, to plead for mercy, but decided against it. Taking a deep breath, I put my hands on my back and thrust out my breasts.

"You'll count and thank your Master for every beating which will make you a good slave eventually." With his last words I heard the whistling sound of the cane. I closed my eyes. SMACK - the pain was undescribable. He had hit horizontally both nipples, which started to be on fire immediately, especially after the clam treatment which I had had shortly before. "Hhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I screamed, looking down at the red welts which were lined out horizontally across my breasts.

"Do you want 5 beatings?" Boston asked menacingly. "Noo, noo,, thank you.... Master", I managed to say with a failing voice. He really hit me! - What a bastard! This hurts so bad, I don't think I can stand another blow

My eyes showing my surprise and following rage. SMACK - my legs failed, when the second beating came down diagonally on my left breast, making it jiggle, my hands coming forward automatically trying to soothe the skin.

"Hands on your back, or you'll get two more, slut". .... "Two, .... thank --.. you, Master" I whispered, tears of pain and humiliation now running down my cheeks. SMACK - my hole body was trembling, the pain was extraordinary, my senses started to fail, when he hit my right breast.

"Three - thank you ... Master". SMACK - this blow came unexpectedly right on my belly, making me want to fold up in pain. But the collar chain fixed to the shower penis held me upright.

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhh" I howled in despair, "Four ..... Thank ..... you.... Master", hoping it would be over now, looking at the red welts the blows had left on my breasts and belly.

"The beatings will be always one form of punishment. Comply and you'll may even be rewarded!" said Boston dryly. "Hands in the front!" he ordered with a pair of cuffs in his hands. Happy, that the beatings were over, by breasts still throbbing in pain, I quickly put my wrists forward for him to cuff them.

"Now, spread you legs, cunt and let me check if your holes are clean." I had to close my eyes to hide what I was thinking. Hesitating shortly, then spreading my legs some inches. At first Boston kicked my left foot to spread my legs even further, then he stepped behind me. I felt his disgusting hand grabbing between my legs.

Intuitively, I closed my legs. "Na -Na - what is this cunt" he said menacingly, and hesitatently I spread them again. He continued to explore my pussy and also my ass. "Your holes feel nicely clean, but your pubic hair has to go! That doesn't suit a slut like you".

"Nooo, Master, please don't ,,,,!" I replied instinctively, with panic in my voice, fearing the worst. I had always seen my pubic hair as symbol for being a grown-up woman. Cutting my pubic hair for me was like cutting off a part of myself, my personality. For me all-shaved stood for sluttyness.

Boston didn't listen. He undid the chain fastened to the penis shower. Pinching my left nipple he pulled me behind him, making me walk in those painful boots until we got to a metallic cross structure in the room.

Oh noo! Why me?... when is this going to have an end! Please !! He painfully turned me around to stand with my back towards the metal cross structure. The metal cross felt cold against my butt. First he fastened me tightly to the cross with a multitude of leather straps at ankles, shins, thighs, wrists and upper arms, until I was eagle spread.

Then he started to tie my waist to the central cross, putting a 10 inch wide metal waist cincher around my waist, tightening beyond reason and fastening it tightly to the middle part. My breath came only very shallow. My mind was reeling, I wanted to complain, to tell him that I suffered badly, but I feared the beatings - they hurt so much.

"Here, they will fit your tits nicely" he said, wrapping black leather straps in shape of a lying eight with a metal ring in the middle around my breasts, tightening the straps on my back so that my breasts were bulging again like melons. Oh my God, does this moron know how much this hurts!"

I couldn't budge an inch. "I didn't get a "Thank you, Master" yet" he hollored, stepping in front of me again, taking up his bamboo stick again. Blank fear of being struck again rose inadvertedly: "Please, no, Master, .. thank you... Master!" I quickly said.

"Okay! Now, if you want to avoid this beating which you earned yourself, I want you to beg me to shave your fucking cunt!" I flushed in humiliation. I wanted to shake my head but I was totally immobilized.

I closed my eyes, realizing that I had lost, it would only be a matter of time and pain until he would hear what he wanted to hear. Tears were streaming down my face when I whispered: "I want you to shave my pussy, Master!"

"You can do better than that, slut! I want you to say "fucking cunt", not "pussy", and I want you to really beg me, and I want you to say "this fuckslut" instead of "I" - do you understand me?"

I shook my head a little, hesitating, not feeling able to say anything, sobbing uncontrollably by now. SMACK! "ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I howled, as another beating came down on my tortured breasts.

"AND?" he looked at me menacingly. My breasts were heaving now with the sobbing. SMACK, SMACK, "nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed, as the bamboo whip left two more severe welts on my breasts.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll say it!" I screamed in pain, taking up all my courage: "This... this... fuckslut..." I sobbed again, taking a deep breath, "... begs you to shave her .. her fucking cunt." The humiliation I felt was beyond description, it felt like giving up a part of myself, sobbing without restraints.

"Much better! - Just louder, so that everybody watching upstairs and online can really hear you!" Boston grinned and made a little gesture towards the ceiling indicating that there must be hidden cameras installed in the dungeon. "I don't have all day, slut!" he hollored and lifted his right hand again for the next beating.

"No, Master, please" I quickly managed to say much louder, fear of pain pushing me, "please, Master, this ... fuckslut ... begs you to shave her cunt!"

He grinned, putting down the bamboo and took his mobile device again, and pushed some button. Suddenly the whole metal frame which I was so tightly fastened to, started to move.

First it was tilted backwards, then the whole structre was pushed up horizontally, until I was lying horizontally on the metal support at about 3 feet off the ground. Then the structure bent at knee level upward, so that shortly it felt like being fastened to a gynecological chair, my legs wide spread, my private parts exposed, letting me absolutely at his mercy.

As my head didn't have support, when lying horizontally, my head grew quickly heavy and I let it drop backwards, my hair almost touching the ground. I heard Boston opening the cupboard and coming back. Suddenly he stood right infront of me. I saw him upside down, his hips on mouth level, forcing my head back by pulling my pigtail

Boston tied a rope through one of the rings in my metal hairband. Then he pulled the rope tightly back, overstretching my head, fastening the other end of the rope to rings tightly to my waistcincher belt, so I was forced to look horizontally, upside down."Please, don't...Master" I whispered, frightened to the toes.

He then forced my mouth open, shoving a huge ball gag in my mouth, letting in snap behind my teeth: "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmpfffffffffffffffff" I complained, panicking again, my mouth spread to the extreme.

Strapping it tightly behind the neck, he said: "I need some silence to concentrate for the next hour or so. In the meantime you can think about how to please your Master after what I'll do for you. What else does he want from me? When is this nightmare going to end?

Struggling with the bonds and the huge ball gag which caused me to drool, I suddenly smelled the odor of hot wax. Cold shivers ran down my spine, when I felt Boston's warm hands running over my pubic area.

"Quite a little forest you've got there to cut down" he said. "hmmmmmmmmmmm" I complained, totally vulnerable now, legs wide spread, spread eagle and tightly strapped to the metallic cross. My body jerked when he applied the first layers of hot wax on my pubic area, then between my legs, on the upper thighs and then between the ass cheeks.

"Hmmmmmoooooooooooooooooo" I screamed in pain and humiliation, when I felt him tearing off one layer after the other, after the wax had dried off, trying to move away, to no avail. "I love this part, little cunt, and you'll thank me even more when I'm finished with you today."

My whole bikini zone felt on fire. When he had finally finished, tearing my pubic hair out. I felt him apply a soothing cream. He seemed to enjoy it as he took special care in rubbing it slowly into the skin, with special attention to my labia.

"Just so that you know, fuckslut, this cream is a special product from Thailand, it guarantees that hair never grow again after the first use. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppf"- Nooo! This just can't be true! This doesn't exist, he can't do that!

While I was still fighting the idea of having my pubic area permanently all shaved, absolutely naked forever, I suddenly felt a cold metallic thing on the lower part of my labia. I strained my muscles, intuitively trying to move away, but I was secured so tightly that I couldn't move an inch.

My eyes open wide when I realized what he was up to. But it was too late. "Hoooooooooooooooooooooompppppppppppppppppfffffffffff" I screamed in my ball gag, when I felt pliers punching a hole into the lower part of my outer labia.

"Keep cool little fuckslut, this was just the beginning. You know, we love control, and a real fuckslut needs to have some labia piercings right?" he said maliciously. Sweat was running up my face, mixing with saliva and tears, feeling him piercing each of my labia four times.

Atonishingly enough, this didn't hurt as bad as I would have thought, but the humiliation I felt was beyond description. Breathing hard, sweating, feeling the drool running up my face up my nose and in my eyes, I just hoped that he would finish soon.

But instead of stopping he applied another tool to my freshly pierced labia holes, but this time it really hurt "hmmmmmmmmmmmmgnnnnnnnnnnnno" I screamed, smelling burned flesh. What the hell is he doing?

Drool ran now down my nose and in my tear-filled eyes. I panted, my heart raced. Then, suddenly I felt his tongue in my wide open pussy - "hmmmmmmmmmmmpgggggggggrrrrrrrrr" I shouted in my gag, furious at my helpnessness. His right digital finger entered my rectum and his thumb played with pussy, his lips caressing, and licking my clit.

"Gnooooooooooooooo" I moaned, feeling my body react - hating it at the same time. He continued expertedly to arouse all my senses. "That's right my little slut, you're a hot bitch!", he mumbled, getting himself excited.

After only a few minutes, my whole body was trembling with lust, I couldn't help it. He seemed to sense that I was getting close and stopped just as abruptly as he had started.

"You're wet like the real slut you are! Boston grunted. "I don't want to spoil the fun yet!" My whole body was still shaking in excitement, needing the last kick.I howled in frustration, as my body was refused the orgasm, so close to cumming.

I heard the heavy dungeon door going and the smooth click-clack of expensive leather shoes on the stone ground. "I see, you've already started. Good job, son!" I heard the voice of Walter, as he inspected painfully my freshly punched holes.

"Let me continue with the other holes, you can face fuck her in the meantime!" What? More piercings?? "hooooooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed trying to shake my head, my whole body shaking in fear. But there was little I could do. While Boston took the ball gag out, filling my mouth with his big smelling cock, I felt the cold pliers directly at my clit!

"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOggggggggggaggggggggggggggggggagagag", I screamed in agony as Walter pierced my clitoris, while Boston thrust his cock deep in my throat. Shortly afterwards another hot sting at the clit caused my body jump, a metallic smell floating in the air.

Boston took my head with both hands squeezing it like in a vise. "Yes, you dirty little cunt, you snobby dirtbag, now you'll see what bitches like you deserve", he hissed angrily and started to throat-fuck me deeply, his balls hitting my nose and eyes.

As if that wasn't enough, I felt Walter twisting and pinching my nipples. They reacted immediately. Only a few seconds later, I felt the cold pliers on my left nipple. I stretched my whole body, all muscles alert to avoid the coming pain.

I was gagging, coughing and and screaming, while the president - to my utmost horror - pierced first the left, then my right nipple. "That's my little fucklave! ...Almost done!" he added as if to himself, pressing again something extremely hot around the freshly pierced nipple holes. Oh my God, why can't they just stop, I cannot take it any longer!"

Boston moaned heavily now, ramming his big cock in my throat, leaving me little possibilities to breathe. Just as I felt my senses fade away, he took hold of the D-rings on each side of my collar and pulled hard, thus pushing his cock brutally all the way down my throat, where I felt his cock twitching filling my tube with his disgusting cum: "yes, yesssss, you dirtly fuckslut, take my cock all the way." The last moment I remember, was another painful stinging in my nose before I passed out.

Chapter 9 - Branded (added: 2018/02/23)

My head was throbbing, my whole body was aching the moment I woke up. I didn't know how much time had passed nor what time of the day it was. Everything was just painful. My feet were sore from standing in those horribly narrow boots, my leg muscels were aching, the beatings on butt, stomack and breasts left a dull pain which seemed to waver through my body. The place where my body had been pierced, labia, clit, breasts still felt as if on fire.

My nose also hurt, but when I tried to feel it with my hands, I realized that my hands were folded into a fist and put tightly in a ball-shaped glove, fastened with simple rope twists to my wrists. The tight black glove itself reached up to my upper arms What perverts would think of that?

I was lying on a mattress again, but this time in a small room without windows. The only light emanated from a diffuse electric light behind a mirror fastened on a wall above a small make-up table.

My stomach was growling - I hadn't eaten in a long time, even though I had a full belly-feeling. Everything felt really strange. Finally, I decided that lying around wouldn't help. I needed to know where I stood, I needed to eat and drink. Painfully, I stood up, still wearing the high heeled black boots, realizing that they had made me wear a short black dress, which hardly covered my private parts.

Feeling like an old woman I dropped into the chair with armrests, which stood infront of the make-up table. It was then that I was able to have a closer look at myself in the mirror. My jaws dropped: they had put me into a very tight maid's dress which hardly covered my butt and left my breast naked. It was all in black, rimmed by the usual white lace. Black tights were connected to the dress below. My metal collar was covered by a black ribbon with white laces, a black string connecting the ribbon with the bustier, which itself made my huge breasts look even bigger then they were. What else will they do to humiliate me I thought, wincing at the red welts which could be seen on my upper breasts. Again, I tried to undo the knots of the dress, but with my fists turned useless, I couldn't do anything. Frustration rose again.

Looking a bit sideways to investigate the pain in my nose, I realized that there was a metal framed hole in my nasal septum. Oh nooo, those crucial bastards!.

As a next step, I ventured to lift the dress to have a look at what they had done to my vagina. It was way worse then anything I would have imagined and I felt hot tears dropping down my cheeks: 4 metal framed holes had been punched on both sides of my outer labia. A black thin rope laced my vagina and clitoris shut, finishing with a double knot. A thin chain ending with a metal ring stuck out in between the lacings. Touching it with my ball-shaped fists, I realized that the chain must have been fastened to my now hidden clitoris.

Furiously, I tried to undo the knots, but even though they were really simple knots, it was impossible to open them. With this outfit, my breasts bulging, my pigtail hairdo, I really looked like a cheap slut now. I started to thrash around, trying in vain to get the dress off, to open some knots - "You bunch of morons! You assholes! I'll make you pay for this!" I screamd angrily.

All of a sudden, a strange vibration emanated from my pussy. At first, I didn't pay attention, still yelling at my invisible opponents. But soon the vibration became stronger and stronger, starting to arouse me. Sitting on the chair, I spread my legs, now realizing from my slightly bulging pussy that they must have put a vibrator dildo inside my vagina, hence the stuffed belly feeling. Due to all the pain and andrenaline flooding through my whole body, I had not noticed it in the beginning.

Oh my God - they will force me to cum! I thought, realizing how my body reacted directly. The worst was, that there was nothing I could do about it. My breath came shorter, my heart started to race, I lay down on my mattress again, trying to touch my private parts with my gloved hands. As I couldn't rub my clit at all, I had to wait for the vibrator to do the job. The vibrator seemed to hum at maximium now, and I just layed back, moaning in unwanted pleasure. After a few minutes, a huge orgasm started to slowly build up, but right at that moment, the vibrator stopped altogether. "Nooooooooooo" I howled in frustration, as my to-be orgasm changed into great frustration, leaving me totally empty, wanting to cry.

Howling in rage, I thrashed around on the bed, wanting to destroy something, wanting to get rid of this stupid maid dress, the boots, the gloves, the metal hair band. Exhausted I sank back to the bed, when finally a television monitor hanging from on the opposite wall, which I hadn't noticed in the dim light yet, sprang to life.

To my dispair it was showing me in the board-room, presenting my case short time ago, everybody applauding. Next was how I had lifted my hair to receive this metal collar, which I had in my ignorance thought to be a reward, finally being acknowledged for my strive for equality of women. Oh my God, how stupid and arrogant I had been not to see their hypocrisy. But the show went on with how I had been tied to the shelf, still not believing that I had been trappped.

The same moment the rape action started, the vibrator started to kick in again, forcing me against my will to get really hot, seeing how I got humiliated. But whenever I got close to cumming, the video and the vibrator would stop, leaving me more frustrated every time.

I had to relive how I got raped and humiliated by the board of executives, then captured and tied, finally raped by Karl, my thought-to-be friend. When watching the scenes, I realized that there must be cameras hidden just about everywhere, because there were close-ups shot from all different angles.The worst was getting forced to get excited with the vibrator in my pussy, watching myself getting raped and humiliated. The movie also continued to show in detail, how my pussy, nipples and my nose were pierced. Watching it made it hurt the more, especially as the vibrator kept turning me on. The worst was watching how they had pierced my clit, attached a short chain to it and then laced my outer labia - oh my God - I felt so humiliated watching it.

When finally the door opened, I burried my face in the mattress, as I didn't want anybody to see me like that. "It's time to get prepared", I heard the voice of the puppy-like maid, who had opened me the door in the first place. She touched me gently at the shoulders. "I know it's hard in the beginning, Susana" she said soothingly, "but in the end you'll get used to it! Come on, sit down at the make-up table - you shall receive a great honor today!" she continued.

I must admit that somehow this lovely voice did calm me down a bit and I stopped sobbing. "What else will they do to me?" I asked, turning finally around, my eyes red from tears. "Oh, I may not tell you, but be assured, it's a great honor and they have great plans with you!" With this she helped me up and pushed me down into the chair in front of the make-up table again. After all what I had gone through over the last hours and days, I was just happy that there was a sympathetic voice.

She placed herself in between me and the mirror and started to work on my make-up. First she washed the tears away and cleaned my face. Then she set to work to do the make-up. I actually closed my eyes - even starting to enjoy it in a ways, not being tortured for a change, using the time to ask her quite a few questions.

I learned that her name was Jamila, that she had fled alone from Syria. Her only son had died when crossing the Meditteranean, but she had still made it to Germany eventually. After a few months, one of the board of the directors had actually taken notice of her almost dolly like beauty and had offered her a lifetime position. She had accepted without further asking the conditions. Given her background, she wasn't really unhappy with her situations, she was totally loyal and committed.

When she had finished after about half an hour, she stepped aside so that I could get a look at her work. When I saw my face, I didn't eve recognize myself anymore! Heavy rouge on my cheeks, dark red lips, green eyelids, long black eyelashes, heavy eyeliner usage - I really looked inbetween a model and a hooker.

My mother would get a heart-attack if she saw me like that I thought wincing.

"You like?" Jamila asked with her funny German. Before she could get an answer, she added "When Master is coming soon to pick you up here, you better do what he sais, otherwise you and I be punished badly again" Jamila said, clearly looking afraid. I had decided anyways, that I needed to get more information prior to an escape attempt. So I comforted her: "Don't be afraid, I'll do my best not to upset them again, I have suffered too much lately to endure anything more, but you have to help me understand this place!" I ventured out, trying what was supposed to be a winning smile.

Jamila smiled visibly relieved: "of course, I show you everything you need to do to please the Masters and Mistress!" she said, obviously missing my point.

All of a sudden, the door opened and Boston came in, a little suitcase in his hand. He looked at me and whistled appreciatively: "phuuuuuu, finally you're showing your slutty nature!" he smiled a viciuos smile and slapped my butt: "come on here, slut!" he barked, ... "and you Jamila? What are you still hanging out here - go make yourself useful!"

I saw her lowering her head, mumbling something like "Yes, Master" and quickly leaving the room. Fighting with myself to obey, I hesitatingly got closer to him - still having all the awful scenes from the TV scenes in my head. He put the suitcase on the make-up table, opened it and produced a heavy looking metal plate held on the sides by two bright looking chains.

"Now my little fuckslut" he started, I will fasten this on your lovely nipples, and I want you to beg me to do it - mind you - you only have once choice, or it's back to the cocks game for a day!" he threatened. I closed my eyes - Why did he have to humiliate me all along!

"I ... I .. please, Master, put the plate to my nipples" I whispered, my eyes down, hating the words coming out of my mouth.

"Good girl", he said, patting my cheeks, fastening the chains of the metal plate into my pierced nipples, so that the plate was pulling painfully at them. "Have a look in the mirror!" he said, turning me around so that I was looking at me in the mirror, identifying the inscription on the plate: "Fuck Slave", was engraved in large italic letters into the plate. When is the humiliation going to end I winced, looking also at my laced, shaved pussy.

"Jamila might have told you, .. today you are to receive a great honor!" he said, while fastening first my wrists then my elbows tightly on my back, thrusting my breasts forward again. "Everybody is waiting for you in the big gala room! This is going to be a big day for you little slutty rebel!" he said while fastening a sort of a leash at the clitring outside of my labia. He pulled shortly to make me follow him. Pain surged through my clit: "ouuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhh" I winced.

"Shut up and take it like a real slave" he barked, pulling even stronger. The pain was so immediate and unintended that I just had to follow. When passing the make-up table, I looked at myself - What a poor slut, I have become I thought, seeing me in 8 inch high heels, sexy tights, slutty maid's dress, my breasts ballooning in front of me, seemingly wearing the fuckslave plate with pride as my arms were so tightly bound on my back. Not to forget the extremely annoying pigtail and collar. I just hope that nobody will ever see me like that I swallowed.

Without mercy, Boston pulled on the chain, forcing me to follow him, up the stairs into the second floor, where I hadn't been yet. We walked through a long corridor until he finally stopped at a large door, which was big enough to be the entrance to a big ball room.

"Alright, little fuckslut, before we go in I will put this blindfold over your eyes". My world became totally dark. "It's very important that you do everything I say, understood?" he whispered threateningly in my ear, pulling on purpose the clit chain, making me wince in pain. "Yes,... Master" I managed to say, swallowing hard, having no idea what sort of honor was expecting me now.

The door opened, my clit hurt, as he pulled me in and I followed into a big room. The sounds of my high-heeled steps echoed on high ceilings. When I entered I heard noises of macho appreciation, like: "look at what a beautiful slut she has become", or "her breasts are just from another world". Probably, it was the executive committee again, but may be others too, as there were many people talking. It was quite warm in the room, I heard an open fire crackling. What the hell is this all about?

Boston walked me closer to the fireplace. Cold shivers ran down my spine. "Spread you legs, slut" Boston shouted loudly into the room. Probably he wanted to show off how he dominated me. But then again, what other choice did I have then to obey? He will punish me even worse if I don't So I spread my legs, realizing that I was showing off now my shaved, pierced and laced private parts. I felt the laces on my labia pulling painfully, the further I had to spread my legs.

I heard some rustling a few meters away, some legs being shifted, people getting nervous. "Now I want Fuckslut to kneel down, legs spread!" Boston ordered. As I went down on my knees, breathing hard, afraid of what would be next. "Spread your legs further, bitch" Bostons shouted, his voice already trembling in excitement.

Painfully, I spead my legs even more. I felt somebody grabbing my clitchain and pulling it so straight downwards that it really hurt: "huuuuuuuuuuuu, please..." I whined, feeling my knees being kicked further apart, and the clitchain yet tightened. Then a click when it was fastened to a metal ring on the floor. I trembled and sweat. It became difficult not to fall over.

To make things worse, my body was being pushed forward, and my nipples were also tied to the ground so that I couldn't move backwards. I had to put my stomach mustles to work not to fall over face down, as my hands were still bound on my back, which would certainly be extremely painful for my clit and nipples.

The rustling of clothes and talks were getting a louder: "look at her fantastic ass, I wish I could fuck this slut right now". With my arms tightened on my back, I was totally immobilized. All of a sudden, I heard another muffled sound very close to me. Was there another bound girl in the room?

I hear the muffled sound again as if somebody was suffering: "hmmmmmmmmmpp". I realized that people were now standing up, the talks getting louder: "God, I've never seen such beauties - let's give them what they deserve!"

Right at this moment I felt the dildo inside of me kicking in again, starting to arouse me against my will. "Open your mouth, cunt!" Hesitating a moment too long, my face wasgetting slapped hard, my cheeks burning. "I don't have all night, bitch.". As soon as I opened my mouth, I felt a long thick dildo being pressed passed my lips, filling my mouth, being pushed deeply so that my gagging reflex forced me to swallow every second. I heard people getting really excited now, getting up, starting to cheer, walking closer.

Then suddenly, I felt the breath of another person very close, the dildo in my mouth moved back and forth: That can't be true: there's another person sucking the same dildo from the other side! I could actually hear a definitely female voice moaning, just centimeters away, a warm fearful breath.

Suddenly, loud drums were filling the air with excitement. Minutes passed, as my stomach muscles started to fail, I felt how I leaned more and more forward, the dildo sinking at times into my airtube, forcing me to gag.

After what felt like an eternity, I heard the voice of the president: "Let the ritual being". With a crescendo of the drums, I felt strong hands grabbing my hips, and a second later a big cock pushing hard at my anus. "Hoooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmppppppp" I scream in pain and humiliation, and just a second later I hear the muffled voice inches in front of me moaning just the same. She's getting assfucked as well! Those bastards!.

To the rhythm of the drums, I felt the big cock pushing forcefully into my back door, widening me then penetrating me deeper and deeper. "Hoooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I screamed in pain, when all of a sudden somebody took the blindfold away. At a distance of only 5 inches I looked into very beautiful sad blue eyes. It took me a few seconds to realize it, but when recogntion hit, it almost drained all my blood out of my system: The girl I was looking at was nobody else then Sarah, my best friend!

She was in exact the same postion as I was in, her mouth stuffed with the other end of the dildo, penetrating her mouth deeply. She was in the same kneeling position, fastened by clit and nipple rings to the floor - and she suffered. She looked at me just as perplexed as I looked at her, her eyes trying to say: "what are you doing here?"

Both of us were being assfucked to the rhythm of the drums. The croud getting more and more excited. At first I couldn't get my eyes off from Sarah, her presence both soothing me, not feeling so alone and yet, losing more hope as to getting help from outside. But then I looked up, and what I saw, made my heartbeat stop for a long moment: The guy who was assfucking Sarah, was no other than Karl himself - my ex-want-to-be-boyfriend!! - and he seemed to enjoy it. He even smiled shortly at me, when he realized that I was looking up at him.

My tears ran down in streams now, mixing with the saliva flooding in streams out of my mouth, all the while we were both fucked harder and deeper each time, driving us further together, making the common dildo sink deeply in our airtubes until our lips touched. I realized that she was just as much in heat as I was, my vagina-dildo starting to run at high-speed.

Shortly, I even realized a guy running around with a camera, videoing the whole scene. He came very close to our mouths, filming how the huge dildo had all vanished in our mouths, our mouths touching, almost kissing, our eyes wide spread in agony, excitement and humiliation.

The drumming crescendo was coming to a climax of kettle drums, and as if the two men assfucking us had practiced it, they started ramming their cocks with all their might into our asses. "Great fuck meat!" I heard Karl yell, when both men started to cum simultaneously, the twitching cocks and the dildo vibrator at its top speed triggering a series of continuous orgasms, which made me twist and turn in unwanted excitement "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp".

We both screamed in pain and humiliation, the scarce moment we did get some air in between the hard fucking.

Finally, I felt the person behind me pulling out, leaving my asshole wide open, feeling his cum dripping down my ass creek. Karl did the same and was coming now over to me while the guy who had been assfucking me walked back to take a first front seat with the crowd. When he turned around to sit, I recognized Stefan, my boss. Is the whole company involved in this? I wondered - another faint hope of possible external help being washed away.

I felt so empty, void of any humanity - being treated like a sex object to please the perverted company crowd. To our dismay, the dildo vibrators inside of us didn't stop their crucial work. At first it even hurt, my body being too exhausted to react but after a few minutes I couldn't help but getting excited again.

The kettle drums starting out powerfully again - the crowd of spectators sitting back excitedly in their chairs. Suddenly I realized that Sarah was looking with fear at something which happened behind my back. Looking sideways, we both watched, how Angelika holding something at her side, which we couldn't really identify, passed Sarah and crouched down, so that I could only see her face. From the look of Sarah's face I realized that another pesson must have been crouching behind my back just the same way.

The kettle drums were driving again to a suspensful climax,just as the unwanted arousal of the dildo inside me drove me closer and closer to the edge. I saw Angelika behind Sarah looking wildly into the crowd of spectators. The crowd was cheering, my body was plain fear. What else did they want to do to us? Then I saw the determined expression in her eyes, as she pushed something forward.

I say directly into the horrified eyes of Sarah and realized that pain was imminent.First I felt something hard and round being pushed against my right asscheek, a hissing sound and the smell of burning flesh hit me, milliseconds before the most crucial pain ever flooded through my synapses.

'Houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmp" we both cried in agony, our mouths touching again, as the dildo was driven deeper into our mouths. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably, while yet another orgasm flooded my system

It seemed like an eternity before they finally took the burning iron away from our butts. The eyes of Sarah told stories of utmost pain, she was crying, the tears running down her cheeks, mixing with our commonly collected saliva.

The crowd was cheering and shouting. 'Ladies and Gentlemen", we heard again the distinctive voice of the president, "A great thanks to our two new company sluts, who deliberately offered themselves to the company." The crowd cheered and roared. "Both sluts have started already the company slut tranining. Once they've finished the proper training, they will serve the management level of the company as incentive for well run projects, as a special give-away service to loyal custumors, or, if needed for nosy customs officers. But now enough of the words - Karl - would you mind? "- giving Karl a hint with his head" - who started to undo our dildo fastenings - "Please fell free to explore our two ladies - as you've seen in the previously shown videos, they are here of their own free will and - be assured - they enjoy themselves tremendously." Laughing out loud to the cheers of the crowd.

Both Sarah and I looked horrified, humiliation rising to another level.

Karl had taken out the mouth dildo and unfastened our clit bondage so that only our ams were still fastened behind our backs. Then he unlaced our labia and took the soaking wet vibrators out of our vaginas. The clit rings were dangling from our clits like cheap decoration. Yet, I felt so relieved to have got rid of this permanent intruder.

Then we were taken by our collar chains, I was turned around so that I was now kneeling just next to Sarah. "Please, this is a misunderstanding!" I wanted to say but was cut short by a cock in my mouth, which I had to suck. A few seconds later somebody had placed himself below me and started to fuck my overstimulated vagina, while a Lady with a strap-on started to penetrate my ass. I was too exhausted to withstand. Both Sarah and I were fucked in all our holes. As soon as one ejaculated inside of us, another one would take his or her place. Our tits were squeezed and used for breastfucking, the nipples hurting like hell, when they pulled the heavy plates, my pigtail was used as a grip to penetrate me deeper. We were hoisted up, fucked while standing, bent over, fucked lying on our backs, ... in every position. It seemed like another eternity, both our bodies were creamed with cum, loads of this disgusting sticky stuff drooling out our mouths, vagina and ass. When the last peson finally left, my whole body was shaking in tears, from pain, humiliation and exhaustion. Both of us were lying next to each other on the floor, assuming a fetus position.

"Hey girls" I faintly heard the voice of Boston. "We had lots of fun today, but you know what, I'm also too tired to bring you to bed, I'll just leave you here and get you tomorrow" he explained, while he first undid the breast plates, then he fiddled a thin rope through the metally framed holes of my nipples. Crucially he made a knot to force my two nipples to touch each other. "Peaaaaassse" I started out to express my pain and the degree of exhaustion, when another swell of cum drooled out of my mouth.

"Shut up bitch" he shouted and and I felt another blow of the back of his hand painfully in my face. He placed us in a kneeling position again, but this time I was facing her backside. My eyes grew wide when I saw a new big red welted symbol of the company branded on Sarah's right buttocks - and knew immediately that the burning pain on my ass cheeks meant the same. The clitring still dangling humliatingly.

"Face down" he ordered while pressing my head down. He then tied the rope of my tits tightly to a ring in the floor, so that I needed so spread my legs again to endure this position. "Master, please".. I started again, when suddenly a big long elastic dildo was shoved into my mouth again. He fastened Sarah equally painfully to the floor then he shoved the other her end of the big dildo deeply into Sara's ass. I faintely heard her whining, probably not daring to say a word, out of fear of further beatings.

"Open your fucking mouth, Sara" Boston shouted at her - then "fine bitch" accompanied by a muffled sound which lead me to expect that she had received another ball-gag.

"Have fun and good dreams, ladies, tomorrow is a new day" - he laughed his histerical laugh and left us back in this most uncomfortable position: our high-heels cramping our feet, kneeling on the hard floor, with nothing to support our weight, as our arms were still tied to our backs, our nipples painfully tied together and fastened tightly to the floor, forcing us to spread our legs obscenely, a dildo in my mouth ending deeply in Sara's asshole, forcing me to watch her red welted branding company symbol on her asscheeks. Our bodies and hair covered in drying cum.

This is the end I thought, my muscles already a piece of cramps, my whole body crying out in pain.

Chapter 10: Slave Training (added: 2018/09/01)

There was absolutely nothing I could do but to endure the endless hours of waiting. At first I tried to shift my position the little I could to find relief, but it seemed that any other position caused more pain. At times I got furious, trying to pull my head back out of the dildo or trying to free my hands only to realize that all movement meant an even stronger pull on the squeezed nipples. My fits then ended in a great frustration, leaving me crying in desesperation.

When Boston finally showed up after what seemed an eternity, I was so exhausted that it was like an out-of-the-body experience. I wasn't able to speak a word when he released my mouth and Sarah's ass from our humiliating predicament. He seemed to say something, grinned maliciously, but I couldn't make up his words.

He pushed a bowl with water in front of us. Our hands still tied to our backs we had to lick the water from the bowl like animals. I remember that it tasted strange, but I didn't care much - I was exhausted beyond anything I had previously experienced. It took only a few seconds before I felt very dizzy, then I blacked out again.

I don't know how long I had slept, but I remember that when I did wake up, I first didn't want to open my eyes. Slowly, I started to feel into my body, trying to flex some muscles. My whole body still felt like I had been overrun by a truck: my leg muscles were painfully sore, my butt still burned horribly where I had been branded, I felt the blood throbbing fiercefully in my nipples. And I was hungry and thirsty! I couldn't remember if I had eaten anything since my arrival here.

But I felt a little more energetic - and after a while of thinking about my seemingly helpless situation, I decided that whatever they would do to me and however long it would take, I would eventually get my chance and these bastards would pay. With this thought I opened my eyes.

I was back in "my" room on "my" bed, and this time it seemed as if I hadn't been tied to anything at all. Maybe they had realized that they had overdone it. Slowly, I tried to sit up, it seemed that every bone in my body hurt. I realized with some content, that they had even left me all nude, without this stupid maid's dress, only wearing the metal collar.

When touching my body, I found that my skin felt all smooth and soft. My labia, however, were laced again shut, this time with a pad lock holding a silver metallic cord tight together while at the same time enclosing the clitring. Deep inside my pussy, I still felt the hated intruder, now inaccessible even though I could fully dispose of my hands and fingers.

Somebody must have showered and creamed my body, I thought, as my skin felt clean and soft again. They must have drugged me" I thought, as it seemed weird that I wouldn't have woken up when they were washing me. To my great surprise, I now realized that even my long black hair had been washed and combed. They had even left off the metal hair band so that my black hair was flowing freely over my breasts and body.

Looking through the room, I realized that the door was open. Curiously, I got up and slowly walked barfeet over to peek through the door. I could see the corridor and immediately adrenaline started to flood my body - was this the chance I had been hoping for? Hadn't they expected me to wake up so early?

There was nothing to be heard outside. I hesitated only a short moment, then I embraced myself with courage and stepped over the threshold of the door.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" I screamed when a high voltage electric shock emanating from my pussy and clit, was rocking my whole body, my legs failing, falling. The crucial electric power didn't stop. "Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I screamed, "pleaseeeeeeeeeee, stop it", wiggling helplessly on the floor, not able to think clearly, touching my privat parts, trying in vain to stop the electric shocks to run through my pussy, labia and clit.

With a last tremendous effort, I managed to move back over the threshold into my room, when suddenly the electric power subsided. I was panting, breathing heavily, thinking now that I should have known better: they would never give me an easy chance to escape.

After a few minutes, the pain had subsided to just a tingling in my pussy, I heard a little ping sound coming from the dressing table. I slowly got up and walked over, my heart beating. I realized that there was a electronic message written in red letters on the mirror of the dressing table: "Good morning, slave slut! There's no escape for you. You better start behaving like a real slave slut."

I sank my head into my hands, trying to hide my tears. "Ping", another message appeared on the mirror-screen. "Now, get on your knees and get some food and drink from the cock in the wall. You've got 3 minutes to motivate it to feed you - and ... you've got to suck it first like a real bitch before it'll give food and drink."

With horror, I looked over to the cock in the wall again, which was placed on the headside of the small room, next to the bed. Humiliation flooding my face, turning red, remembering the other day, when getting flooded and penetrated by this cock. Feeling still the tingling in my pussy, I knew I didn't have a choice and quickly went over to the cock, having to kneel down again, spreading my legs in order to put in in my mouth.

I took the cold, big plastic cock right in my mouth and tried to suck but nothing happened. When I finally decided to apply my tongue to lick it, I realized immediately, how the dildo cock inside me sprang to life and started an arousing vibration. It wasn't before long that finally a slimy mass came out of the cock's slit.

It tasted horrible, but when I retracted, disgusted by the taste, a small electric shock in my pussy made me thrust forward, almost gagging. What perverts! I thought, not daring to retract any longer, trying to swallow the slime.

Fortunately, it didn't take long before the food stopped and got changed by bad tasting water. I was too thristy to think about anything, at least it washed away the bad taste.

"Ping" - I guessed right, that this was a good moment to retract from my obscene position and to go back to the dressing table, where a new message had appeared: "Open the door of the cupboard behind you and get dressed with what you find in the cupboard, then you put the ankle chains on and lock them with the padlock - you got 3 minutes!"

My whole body sensed fear. Fear of further punishments, further pain. I threw my hair back and quickly turned to the white cupboard, which I had not really noticed before as it was a sink-in cupboard, just as white as the walls.

The underwear was right on the middle shelf. With a little sigh, I quickly put on the black fishnet tights and tied them to the black garter belt which went along with it, followed by a black push-up bra, which didn't even cover my nipples. Anxiously, I kept on looking at the mirror, where the seconds counted down in red letters. when I tried to put on the extremely tight 8 inch black high-heels.

Quickly, I put on the ankle straps, linked by a thin, short chain. Remorsefully, I locked the padlocks shut, just in time before the countdown reached zero, realizing that I wouldn't be able to open them myself without a key.

"Ping". The sound itself of the new message startled me. "Walk out of your room, take a right and walk into the next door to your right", I read. I realized how my anger rose, anger that those bastards were able to dominate me. Without thinking twice I yelled into the empty room: "you cowards! You insane little bastards! You're going to ....." I didn't get any further.

All of a sudden, the metal dildo inside me sent out electric shocks into my most private zone again. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed in utmost pain, holding my hands protectively over my shaved and laced pussy.

"Ping". "Not the right attitude, not the right answer!" I read. Fuck I thought, howling in pain, when further waves of electric shocks were sent through my body. "ouuuuuuuuch, STOP IT - PLEASE", I yelled, wiggling in pain, trying in vain with my hands to soothe the pain emanating from the cruel intrudor. "Ping" - "you need to beg properly, cunt!".

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, STOP IT, PLEASE,.... Master, Please, STOP IT!" - I heard myself yelling, and finally the shocks stopped. Breathing hard, I just sank into the chair. "Ping" - "Now do as you're told slut."

My heart racing in fear of further shocks, I immediately got up from the chair again, my feet aching in the way-to-small high-heels. Due to the short ankle chains, I was able to make only short, 10 inch steps. When I stepped outside the room, I clenched my teeth, awaiting more pain, but this time I was able to pass, without any further electric shocks.

I turned right, as I had been told, too afraid to suffer more pain. Getting to the next door, I turned the knob and opened it. What I saw in the dimly lit room, didn't really make sense to me yet: in the middle of a large square room of about 50 square meters, was a thick pole which reached from the floor to the ceiling.

Quite high up, a somewhat smaller wooden beam went through a hole in the pole. Chains were attached to each end of the beam, reaching down to body-level. Attached to end of the chains was a thin metal bar, about 10 inch wide. At each end of the bar were holes, which had padlocks attached through them, both still unlocked.

My mind was still struggling with what this meant to me, when I heard the mean voice from Boston out of loudspeaker: "NOW, SLUT, TAKE THE THIN BAR OF THE CHAIN HANGING IN FRONT OF YOU, TAKE THE OPEN PADLOCKS OFF, AND FIDDLE THE END OF THE BAR THROUGH THE HOLES OF EACH OF YOUR NIPPLES, THEN FASTEN THE PADLOCKS - NOW!"

My blood went cold: "What?, Are you..." I began, interrupted immediately by further painful shocks, my clit on fire: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed, holding my hands over my pussy. "Yes,.. M.. M... Master", I managed to say, walking as fast as I could over to one of the hanging chains. The bar was hanging so high, that I had to stand on tiptoes to fiddle the bar through the holes in my nipples.

I felt so humiliated doing that - what sick minds can think of something so cruel I thought. My eyes already wet from pain and humiliation, I had to push up my big breasts to work the right end of the bar through my right nipple hole, and fasten the first padlock.

"FASTER - SLUT" I heard Boston's voice, my heart racing as I feared electric shocks again any second. "But,... M... Master, I can't... the bar is too short!" I whined in frustration, when I didn't manage to fasten the second padlock.


Panick struck I squeezed my big breasts together with my right arm and managed finally to put the bar through the nipple hole and work the padlock through the hole in the bar.


"Noooooo, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee" I yelled when finally closing the padlock, my breasts now squeezed tight in between the padlocks, the vertical chain pulling me up.

"WHAT ABOUT SHOWING YOUR THANKFULNESS - LITTLE CUNT!" I heard Boston's voice menacing. I was so overwhelmed by the monstruosity of the sickness of his mind, my anger and frustration was burning inside me. I clenched my teeth -


... My mind was racing, then I exploded: "YOU fucking son of a bitch, you're going pay....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh",

I screamed in agony, as the electric shock shook my body at an unprecedented level. Pain was so intense; I forgot everything around, I wiggled and twisted, my legs failed, but I was kept upright my the nipple bar attached to the beam above my head.

"aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I howled in pain, as my nipples were pulled brutally upward. When the shocks finally stopped - my whole body was bathed in sweat.

" 1......"

"Thank you, Master!" I said quickly, totally out of breath. "MUCH BETTER, NOW REMEMBER THIS FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO DISOBEY, UNDERSTOOD?"

"Yes,.... Master", I heard myself saying in a meek voice. Then I heard a rattling sound of a chain being wound up, and sure enough I felt the cold chain between my breasts getting pulled, lifting my big breasts up towards the ceiling. "Nooooooooooooo" I whined, tears now flowing in rivers down my face.


Oh my God, how did I only get into this?


"Yes, yes, Master. I.... I ...understood.....Thank you,....Master!" I pressed out between my teeth, putting my open hands on my asscheeks. Then, with a rumbling noise, the pole in the middle of the room started to turn, the chain stretching, pulling my nipples, pulling me forwards. At first I stumbled in the tight high heels, pain flooding my body as the nipples were pulled even tighter.

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I CALL SEDUCTIVELY!" a short electric shock shook my body. My heart pounded, I need to walk better, I can't stand any more electric shocks I thought, forcing myself to try a more seductive walk, swinging my hips, even crossing my path when walking.

"MUCH BETTER, SLUT". How I hate this guy I thought, fighting with my concentration not to do any false step, following the turning beam like a stupid animal. When walking by the door, I realized a camera located just above it, showing the red recording button, but there was absolutely nothing I could do. Probably the video would be soon availabe anywhere on the internet.

After a few rounds of seductive walk, I got the hang of it, but I couldn't help feeling so ashamed. The trouble was not the walk itself, but the time it lasted. After about an hour, I felt really exhausted, my mind went into daydreaming, when suddenly I stumbled over my own feet. As the beam continued to pull the chain forward, my nipples were immediately pulled up, when I started to fall, my hands instinctively grabbing the chain to prevent me from falling.

It was just a split second that I had taken my hands off my asscheeks, but the punishment was immediate: instead of the feared electric dildo shock, this time the electric shock emanated from the nipple bar - "gnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed, when my nipples felt like light bulbs being flooded with electricity.


"Thank you, M... Master", I managed to say, being at a point where I would have said anything to get off that predicament.

Getting all my concentration together, I continued to walk, my squeezed and chained feet hurting with each step now. The clacking sounds of the heels and the humming turning pole being the only noise for a long time. My body was glistening with sweat, my long hair were sticking on my back, I was totally exhausted, when finally the pole stopped turning, after about 3 further hours.

Finally! I thought. My legs were already trembling. I heard the door opening behind me. It was Boston, who, this time, came in person to look after me.

He stood in front of me, petting my cheeks, as fathers may do lovingly to their children. I had to force myself not to take my hands off my buttocks. "Now my little Suzanna-slut, here's something to drink for you, and .. " he hesitated a second, smiling maliciously, showing a water bottle in his left hand, "..if you tell me what you've learned today, I may let you off the hook for now!"

My mind reeled: What? I can't possibly endure any other minute! What does he want to hear?

Looking down, trying to swallow my anger and hatred, I said: "Please, Master, I will be a good slave, I have learned to be thankful, and I have learned to walk, seductively, but please let me off now!"

"Hmm, I want you to beg me to get assfucked!" he said, pulling my sweaty hair out of my face.

I slowly closed my eyes: Oh no, what a pervert asshole But I also knew that this would be my chance to get off this painful seductive walk.

"Please, Master!" I started and tried to put as much conviction in my words as I could, .. "Please, take me like a real slut and fuck my ass!"

Boston took his mobile out of his pocket and pushed some buttons, so that the beam chain got totally loose, and the metal dildo inside me started to tease me. "Good answer, fuckslut - I'm going to rape your beautiful little asshole now" he said grinning "but don't you dare taking your hands off your buttocks!" he threatened. I felt his hands already on my hips: "Bend over, cunt, and spread your asscheeks for me."

I was too exhausted to withstand, so I bent over, the chain now pulling the bar down to which my nipples were attached. I felt him spit on my asshole, fingering my asshole - feeling so humiliated again, my legs trembling from the long effort of walking in the circle. "I WANT SOME MORE BEGGING! DIDN'T YOU LEARN ANYTHING YET!" he hollered, spanking my asscheeks with his open hand.

"Please, Master, I... I can't wait, please, please - fuck my ass" I heard myself say, when I felt his erected cock pushing against my pucker. "Yes,... M.. Master, please fuck me deeper". Both his hands now grabbing my hips forcefully, then with one strong move, he pulled me back and thrust his cock as deep as it would go into my ass, painfully spreading my anal canal, the dildo activity increasing. My eyes widened in disbelief, pain and humiliation. Managing that the frustration sounded somewhat like moans of pleasure, I added: "oh,,,,oh, fuck yes... please fuck me harder!"

His cock seemed to get harder yet. He grabbed my wet hair, pulled my head back and rammed is cock into me. "Oh, yessss, you may be a hard one to break - but it's just a matter of time!" he brought out between his clenched teeth, forcing his cock in and out. As usual, when something was penetrating my ass or mouth the dildo vibrated at highest speed, arousing me against my will.

"Get down on your knees slut", he commanded while giving me a kick into the back of my knees. He pressed my body down, my head to the ground, pulling my hair, ... "and leave your fucking hands on your buttocks".

He stood above my ass, bending his cock down, spitting again on my anus before he forced his cock again in my ass. "This is what you deserve! You arrogant cunt!" he bellowed, while thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into me.

I realized that he got close to his orgasm, fucking me wilder every second. He grunted loud, almost inhumanly, until, finally, his cum filled my ass. Please help me, God I thought.

"NOW SHOW ME HOW YOU LEARNED TO SUCK COCK", he ordered, when he finally got his cock out of my ass, leaving it gaping wide open. He kneeled himself in front of me, his cock facing me. I knew that I had no choice, so - still kneeling, I took his erected cock into my mouth, starting to lick off his still slimy and smelling cock, feeling his hands on the back of my head.

While I felt the cum drooling out of my ass, down my thighs, I took his cock deep in my mouth, sucking it, as good as I could. He started pushing my head into his cock, provoking me to choke ever so often. I realized how he got more and more excited again and started moaning in only half-way faked pleasure. The vibrations never seemed to be hefty enough to really get me to cum, or they were interrupted leaving me all frustrated.

The moment, I saw his mobile-remote-control sticking out of his front pocket, and the loose chain still lying on the floor, I knew I would take my chance. I didn't have a plan, but this was maybe the best chance I would get in a long time, as I knew that these remote controls were the key to just about all doors and locks on these premises. And ... I had my hands free.

Chapter 11: The Escape (added: 2018/10/08)

I took all my remaining anger and willpower together acted quickly: I bit down hard on his cock: "WHAT THE ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" Boston screamed, pushing his head back for a second. At the very moment, I spit out his cock, took the chain which had pulled me around the pole for hours and which was now lying loosely on the ground, jumped up to stand behind him and wrapped it around his neck pulling it as tight as I could.

"HOW DO YOU DARE... WHOOOO" he yelled while I pulled my legs around his torso. "GNNNNNCHHHHHHHHH" he screamed in agony, as his air supply was totally cut. He struggled hard, trying to get a hold of me, but what ever he tried, I kept pulling with all my might.

The seconds felt like hours, I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep this up for long, when finally I felt Bostons struggle become weaker and weaker, until he finally sank unconsciously back into my lap.

Oh my God! What did I do? I hope I haven't killed him I thought. I quickly checked his cervical artery and felt a weak blood pressure. Somehow I was relieved.

I was so exhausted that for a long minute I couldn't move a muscle. But time was key. I didn't know whether anybody had been watching us via one of the cameras. I worked the remote control out of Boston's pocket and found a bunch of keys in his other pocket. Then, with a big effort, I pushed Boston's heavy body off my lap, laying him on his belly.

As a first thing, I rushed to the 3 cameras that I had been seeing during my endless circles and pushed them a bit, so that none of them would show Boston lying unconscious on the ground.

Sweating, panic-struck, I tried with shaking hands the many keys on my ankle locks.

Finally! The 5th one matched. I opened the padlocks of my ankle chains, quickly attaching them tightly around Bostons wrists on his back. As there was too much slack, I wrapped the chain a few times around his forearms up to his elbows, until it was so tight, he wouldn't be able to move his hands an inch. Of course I couldn't resist to fasten also the padlocks - grinning inwardly.

Now, I checked the remote, which looked really much like a smart phone. With relief I realized that it wasn't secured. I looked at the different apps and found one named "Susanna". A drop down list showed me immediately an image of a collar. By clicking the image I was prompted: "Do you really want to unlock?" I clicked on "yes" and immediately I heard a click and the collar lock jumped open. What a relief! I thought when finally my neck was getting rid of this cruel device.

Without hesitating a second, I bent over Boston and worked my collar around his neck. To do this I had to take the chain off his neck which had still been tied loosely around his neck. The collar had already been sitting tightly on my neck, on his thicker neck it seemed not to fit. But my anger and hatred was so great that I wrapped the rest of the chain again around the collar as a leverage and pulled again until finally the lock closed shut again.

If he woke up again, he would really be in trouble, I thought, with a little sadistic smile. Again, I made sure that he was still alive. Quickly, I looked around looking for something with what I could gag him. I found two 30 inch ropes at last, lying on the ground nearby the door. I took off my shoes and then my tights. Holding Boston's nose shut, still unconscious, he opened his mouth. Without mercy, I stuffed both my tights in his mouth, securing them safely by wrapping one of the ropes a few times through his mouth and neck before fastening them behind his neck.

Still breathing hard, knowing that I could be detected anytime, I searched the key for the padlock of my labia lock. With shaking fingers I tried all keys. It was the very last key, which finally did it. What a relief when I finally opened the padlock and was able to unlace my shaved labia and to get the metallic dildo out of my vagina, which had controlled me for so long.

When holding the 10 inch dildo in my hands, filled with my juices, a very wicked thought crossed my mind.

First, I pulled down his pants and underpants, which was quite an ordeal, but I managed after a few minutes. Second, I worked on unlocking the padlocks from the tormenting bar with which I had been pulled forward for hours. What a relief when my breasts painfully found their freedom. I quickly undid the bar from the carbine and pulled it through one of the rings in the collar which was now attached to Boston's neck.

"HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" I heard Boston grunting, slowly coming around.

Still afraid, as if he could still hurt me, I jumped back. "GNNNNANNNNNNNNNNNNNNG" I heard him grunting, probably starting to realize that his air supply was darn tight with the extremely tight collar and my tights pushed into his mouth, his nostrils flaring.

The usage of the remote was really intuitive. It took me only a few seconds to find out how to get the beam chain pulled up again. With a almost sadistic gratitude, I watched how the slack was taken away until it started to stretch, pulling strongly at the collar.

"WHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFUUU" I heard the muffled complain, when the chain pulled him up mercilessly until he was standing on his tip toes, his head all red in anger. I walked around to face him: "Now you see how this feels, you fucking bastard!" I said, feeling powerful. His eyes expressing a mixture between utmost hatred and panic.

"Do you know what this is?" I said, and pulled up the metallic dildo which had been causing me so much pain. "I bet you've never tried it yourself!" I grinned, walking around to his back, then pressing the dildo forcefully against his pucker.

"HNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNN" he yelped in pain. But I felt no mercy and pushed it deeply into his ass, as far as it would go. "GNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" he screamed, I realized a little blood trickling out of his asshole. Then I took the rope, fastened it on another of the collar rings, worked it through his crutch so that the dildo wasn't coming out and fastened it back on the front side of the collar.

I looked into his cold blue eyes. His face all pain, panic - and fear. Standing there in front of him, all nude besides the high-heels, feeling a lot more self-confident, I pushed the button, which made the pole turn. Giving out strange muffled sounds he was more dragged forward then he could walk on his tip toes. I couldn't avoid a sadistic grin, when I discovered how to activate the dildo on the remote - choosing "high vibration - arbitrary electric shocks and highest voltage". His face torn in agony was a real feast for me, when the dildo took up his merciless work.

As I hadn't been discovered over the last 20 minutes, I hoped that nobody was watching for the moment. I dearly wished that it would take a few hours until they would find him. Now I had to work on my escape.

Looking again at the bunch of keys, I discovered also a car key of a Jaguar. I need to find this car! I thought. But I was all nude. Would anybody seeing me on one of the corridor cameras not realize that something was wrong? But Boston's jeans would be even more suspicious. Then another question crossed my mind: "should I try to find Sara right away, or rather attempt the escape by myself?" I feared that it would take too long to find her, and decided to come back for her with police support.

Anyways, whatever I did, I had to do it now! Taking all my courage together, I took the remote and the keys and walked all nude - swinging my hips seductively - out the door and back into "my room". My heart was pounding up to my throat. I opened the sink-in-cupboard and checked if I would find another piece of clothing. At the bottom shelf, I found an extremely short and tight white dress, which emphasized my round butt and breasts even more, and a white scarf.

Just the right camouflage to get out of here I thought, scrambling into the tight dress. The white scarf matched perfectly and helped covering that I didn't wear any collar.

Suddenly, I heard a noise at the door, which made me jump. "What are you doing here?" asked Sophie, the maid. It took me a second to react, breathing deeply: "Oh, ahem, ... Sophie, nice to see you!" I tried to sound cheerful, hiding the remote behind my back, quickly pushing the keys down the cleavage of the dress, "Master Boston has ordered me to put on this dress and then continue my training next door" I ventured.

She looked a bit skeptically, maybe surprised at the level of freedom I was enjoying already, but then shrugged her shoulders: "Master Boston is unpredictable, he always comes up with new ideas" she said.

My heart was pounding so loud inside me that I feared she could hear the beating. Ignoring her, I went over to the dressing table, combing my long hair, which had been messed up during the long hours of circling and sweating. As I felt her watching me, I even put my long hair again into a ponytail. Sophie was still standing in the door for what seemed to be an eternity, watching me redoing my slutty make-up, until she finally took off with a shrug.

I waited a few seconds until the steps of her high-heels faded away, then I rushed to the door and took a left. I knew that I was in the basement, so I checked at a few doors, which were all locked until I really found the garage! Every step of my high-heels on the concrete in the large garage echoed loudly in the vast hall. It seemed to me as if the sound echoed in the whole building.

About 20 business and sports cars stood there in the dark hall, which was dimly illuminated by sunlight which flickered through the sides of the garage door.

Working out the car keys, I pushed the Jaguar car-key button and sure enough, just two cars away, a black Jaguar sports car made itself known with turn-signals and honking. It seemed to me the loudest sound I had ever heard in my life. I knew it wouldn't be long before they would discover my escape - I had to be fast!

I opened the door, sat down and pushed the Start/Stop button of the engine. With an enormous roar the engine sprang to life. The garage door remote was on the dashboard. When I pressed the button the garage started to lift up with some squeaking noise. My heart was racing! I put the automatic car into Drive position. I heard the blood rushing in my ears. The door seemed to take for hours to lift up.

Don't panic! Don't panic! Just keep cool, you're going to make it I said to myself loudly, now slowly accelerating and driving up the garage ramp. When coming up the ramp, I saw Sophie again, who was just watering some flowers on the entry porch. I looked straight at her. She looked puzzled but apparently she could not see who was driving the car due to the smoked windows.

But I knew from her frown that it must have struck her as odd that I had just told her to be with Boston, while his car was taken out.

I just didn't care. Panic struck me hard and I pushed down the accelerator. With smoking wheels the car flashed forward. After a few hundred meters there was another gate coming up. I looked in the rear mirror. I saw that Sophie was talking to somebody and was pointing towards me.

Hesitating no longer, I floored the gas pedal and with a big crash the car smashed through the wooden gate. .. I was free!!

Chapter 12: Stopped by the police (added: 2018/11/25)

Now don't mess it Susanna, drive carefully, they are going to be after you in a minute. I spoke to myself. My mind trying to form meaningful plans of what to do next. I definitely needed to free Sarah. And I needed to get rid of the car.

Where can I go? apartment? Probably they'll have somebody looking for me there before I get there.

Friends?... Sarah was kidnapped too. I didn't have any other friends in this city and, to be honest, not even during my school and university time.

Karl? - What a disappointment.

My mother? .. Yes, but that's too far.

Police? .... Yes, ,,,, yes that's the only possibility.

So I decided to drive to the next bigger police station in a town which was about 30 km away. I would try to reach it with this car. After telling my story to the police, they would protect me. I imagined how the whole sick family and the governance board of the company would go to jail! I smiled. I would win after all.

I couldn't stop myself thinking about freedom. For the first time in days I felt happiness inside me - and - I totally forgot to watch the speed. I was getting already quite close to the bigger city, when I realized a police car with flashing blue signals racing up behind me. Immediately, I slowed down. The police car passed flashing the sign "please follow" in the rear window. Shit, I had been driving way too fast within city limits. They made a right turn driving a few hundred meters into an industrial area before they stopped.

It didn't really make sense to try to run from them, as I wanted to go to the police anyways, so I stopped the car at the side of the road, waiting for the two officers in dark blue uniforms to walk up to the driver's window. The older man, a big guy with short gray hair and mustache, looked down at me in a really disrespectful way. It was only then, that I realized that I must look like a hooker, with the tight short dress, wide cleavage showing my big breasts, and my slutty make-up and hair-do.

While the young officer had been walking around the car, looking closely at the damage caused by the broken gate, the mustached man said sharply: "Miss,... can you show me the car papers and your ID please," he said, I felt his indecent looks all over my body.

"Officer, it's so good you're here, I have been kidnapped and they've... they've done really bad things to me, .. I .. I just managed to escape, please, you've got to help me!" I started, tears running down my cheeks, relieved that the nightmare was finally over.

"QUIET!" he bellowed, "is this your car?" Mustache asked after the young officer had explained to him that the car was heavily damaged in the front.

"Well, no, of course not, ... I just took it from the kidnappers...", I said frankly, as it seemed more than obvious to me.


Oh no, this didn't go as I had expected. "Please Sir, you must listen to me..." I said while opening the door and getting out.

Without any delicacy, mustache turned me around and pushed me against the car. "SPREAD YOUR LEGS" he hollered, while the other got a pair of handcuffs and bound my wrists on my back. Oh no, not again "But Sir, I was anyways on my way to the police, I need to report the kidnapping."

"You tell this to the judge!", he said while I felt his hands fumbling offensively my big breasts, then padding my butt and searching for I don't know what below my short dress, touching my inner thighs. Towards the young fellow policeman he said in a fatherly tone: "I bet, this is again one of these hookers, who has problems with her pimp, trying to tell us stories. Probably she's even smuggling drugs, that's why you have to search them really thoroughly!"

"I'm not a hooker! I was kidnapped and just managed to escape" I yelled, stamping my feet, "and stop fumbling me! I'm an equal opportunities officer and I'll report your behavior, too!" I was getting really angry.

"Cool down lady, we'll find your pimp for you, in the meantime you come with us to the office!" the arrogant policeman said in a rather ironic tone. However, he had at least stopped searching me.

At least, that's where I wanted to go anyways, I thought. The young guy grinned, grabbed my arms and pulled me over to their car and shoved me on the back seat. He seemed to enjoy the view when he fumbled to try to fasten the seat belt for me, hovering a long minute with his head directly over my overdimensioned breasts.

"Ralf, you drive the Jaguar!" mustache said. "We can make a little detour, I want to show you something, just follow me!"

I didn't know what to think, on one hand I felt trapped again. On the other hand, I had escaped from the claws of those maniacs. I felt somehow safe to be finally with the police - "your friend and helper". So I permitted myself to relax for a minute, closing my eyes, realizing that it was not really much use to talk to mustache.

Only a few blocks later, he stopped. I looked up. There was no police station anywhere near. We had stopped at an old dilapidated industrial complex.

"But Sir! Where are we going?" I ventured asking.

"Don't you worry, we'll get you to the police station soon enough." he said calmly. "We were called to check this building before we found you!"

In the meantime the buddy policeman had stopped the Jaguar behind the police car.

"Take her with us!" the older policeman said. "We can't leave her in the car alone." Had they finally understood the danger in which I was? I thought, even though I had no real ambition to follow two policemen into a obviously vacant building to check. But I didn't want to stay alone either. So I didn't put up a fuss, as they took me in their midst to the building.

We entered through a large metal door. It was a huge industrial building which had in its good times been used for metal working. There were large cranes, big chains, conveyor belts everywhere. We were standing about in the middle of the huge hall, when we stopped. Mustache took a yellow control from an oil-covered table and pushed a button. A rattling noise was heard from the ceiling. I was still wondering what they were actually checking on, when I felt a cold chain touching my upper arms.

"But what are you doing, why do you take me here?" I asked now angrily. But instead of an answer, mustache put a metal hook on my cuffs and pushed the control button again. "HEY!! NOO, Please! What are you doing?" I yelled, feeling my arms raising behind my back, forcing me to bend over. He stopped the control with my arms almost straight up, my shoulders aching.

"What a nice piece of fuck meat!" Mustache said to Ralf, his eyes gleaming, scanning my helpless bent-over body. "Don't worry, nobody can hear us here, and why not take advantage of this beautiful little slut here, before she gets picked up by her pimp again from the police station. Believe me, she won't tell anything to anybody, and if so, nobody will believe her anyways.

"Please, officer! Don't do that - you're not better then the kidnappers!" I pleaded angrily, still not able to believe that my saviors, German police officers, would want to take advantage of me.

Indecent hands were running over my thighs, butt, waist.

"I don't often have the chance to fuck such premium meat", the younger one grinned, standing now directly in front of me, opening the zipper of his pants.

"PLEASE!, Don't do that! I yelled, "I'll make you lose your job!" I was close to freaking out now.

Police officer Ralf was very excited, his eyes showing pure lust: "you little slut don't tell me what to do, is that clear?" he hissed, his head close to mine. He pulled my head back pulling on my pigtail. "Aiiiiiiii" I screamed. "Now show me what a good whore you are, and don't you dare disappointing me", he whispered, suddenly pulling his police gun and holding it straight at my temple.

His 8 inch erected cock glistening directly in front of my mouth.

Fear of death struck me, the cold metal touching my temple. I opened my mouth to receive his 8 inch cock. At the same time I felt how Mustache shoved my dress up. "Spread your fucking legs, slut", he said, kicking my legs apart, putting yet more pressure on my shoulders.

His big strong hands grabbed my hips and I felt his erect cock pushing against my pussy. "I knew it! Look at this slut - all shaved, even a clit ring - this proves it - she's a whore for sure!" he said, while Ralf pushed his cock into my mouth: "Lick it like the real whore you are, make me cum into your fucking mouth!" "UHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKK!" I gagged on his cock, trying to employ my tongue to the best I had learned.

"I have a hard time getting my cock passed her throat, can you help pushing!" grinned Ralf, still holding my pigtail with one hand, pulling my head back, and his gun in the other hand.

"Sure can do!" Moustache replied, when I felt his grip tighten around my waist sinking his big cock into me up to my cervix: "GNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" I whined and gagged, feeling utterly disappointed, betrayed, lost, getting raped by the two men who should have been representing the state.

I felt his balls touching my clit ring each time he rammed his cock into me, at the same time pushing me forward into Ralf's cock. "UHHHRKKKKKKKKK" My throat refusing to let anything pass, spasmed. For a moment Ralf stopped, letting my spasms milk his cock. I twitched, tried to back up - to no avail - Mustache rammed his cock mercilessly into me.

"What a great fuck slut she is, she is really a pro", Ralf said, almost out of himself: "Let's get into a rhythm!" he said, starting to fuck my throat brutally. "GNRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGG" gagging desperately on his cock, my nose touching his groins, his balls hitting my chin, with every thrust.

How the hell did I get into this now? When is this going to end? I thought, tears now running down my cheeks.

"What about changing positions", Mustache ventured, both men finally pulling their cocks out of me.

"Phuuuuuuuuuuuuu" I sighed, when I finally got more than occasional gasps of air, saliva and precum drooling out of my mouth, "who are you guys? Policemen, or rapers?"

"SHUT UP, SLUT! Mustache said, while Ralf hit me hard in the face. "One more word, and you're dead! Nobody knows that we've stopped you on the road.

Mustached let the hook down, but only in order to close the handcuffs in front of my body while Ralf came back with a rusty iron bar.

"You'll never get through with this!" I spat angrily, my voice really feeling rough. Mustache was standing now directly in front of me, obviously enjoying the power he had over me. "Let us see your beautiful tits," he said, sliding my dress below the breastline, heaving my breasts up.

"Look at those beauties" he said, brutally kneeding them, pulling my nipples, while I felt Ralf fastening a dirty big industrial rope each to my ankles."OUCHHH" I screamed, my nipples burning.

Ralf spread my legs and tied them with industrial tape to the iron bar. Then he hoisted the bar up and clanked it into the big industrial hook so that my legs were pulled up and spread sideways at the same time, my ass down, my holes all at display and wide open.

"STOPPP, PLEAASSSSSSSE" I yelled, feeling so utterly helpless. Ralf was standing in front of me. He undid the white scarf I had been wearing, and all of a sudden all went dark, when he blindfolded me with it.

"Now, this is what I call an invitation" he grinned and thrust his big cock into my pussy. "Oh my God, NOOOOOO" I yelled, panicking, thrashing. But Ralf grabbed around my waist to my butt and pulled my ass cheeks apart: "This tight ass is for you my friend", he groaned already highly excited.

Then I felt it, and my mind refused to accept it: Mustache's cock pushed hard against my asshole. "Knock, knock, knock, can I come in to your backdoor!" he laughed.

I pressed my muscles and screamed: "NO, NO, NOOOOO, PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!, but I felt strong arms wrapping around my folded legs and body, and with a big thrust, he pushed his cock further into me.

My breath was going quick, my heart racing, I closed my eyes to endure the pain and shame.


I felt his muscles getting hard, he pressed my whole body so that I hardly got any air, then he thrust his cock all the way through to my intestines, my inner walls spreading to a maximum.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed, now feeling both cocks penetrating me at the same time, realizing that in deed the constant conditioning of arousal of the metallic dildo intruder at the company when getting assfucked, actually did start to arouse me against my will.

"What a fuck of a lifetime!" Ralf said now thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into me. His hands now kneeding my big breasts. "Did you realize that this slut has really ringed nipple holes?" he asked his companion, who was reaming my ass.

"Really? Oh, and she's also got some kind of tattoo on her ass!" Mustache said, who must have discovered the brand sign on my butt.

"OUUUUCHHHHHHHHH, NOOOOOO, PLEASE STOP! YOU HURT ME!" I screamed, while Mustache thrust his cock with all his energy into me: " SQUEEZE MY DICK, YOU LITTLE FUCK SLUT" he yelled, when I suddenly felt both cocks simultaneously twitching inside me.

"I'M GOING TO PUMP YOUR ASS WITH MY SPERM!" Mustache shouted in extasy.

To my utter horror, I felt a huge orgasm inside of me building up, flashing my whole body, making me forget the pain and humiliation for a second. I controlled myself though as to not shake around. I just closed my eyes, and let it wash over me, hoping that it would pass unnoticed.

Those sons of bitches, even dared to cum inside me, daring to get me pregnant! I thought totally exhausted.

"Nooooooooooo" I whined, tears flowing freely down my cheeks now, when thinking about the possible consequences of the continued rapes.

"Now, now! Don't get afraid, little slut, us policemen also want to have our fun at times", Mustache smiled, finally taking his cock painfully out of my rear. "If you're a good slut and lick our cocks clean, we'll get you to the police station in no time, right Ralf?"

Ralf grinned, pulling out his dick. "Look at this bitch!" Ralf said, "she must have squirted . Hahaha! What a dirty little whore she is!"

They lowered me down, until my ass almost reached the ground, my mouth on hip level.

"Now let me see, how a professional whore licks a cock", Ralf said, pulling my hair back again, sinking his cock into my mouth again, making me lick it off. I felt the cum dripping off my pussy and my ass.

Mustache now stood right next to Ralf, let's see if she can handle our two cocks at the same time, he grinned, brutally grabbing with his fingers into my mouth and pulling my lips sideways.

"GNOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I whimpered when the second penis sank into my widespread mouth.

"LICK, CUNT!" Mustache hollered, pushing my head into the cocks.

"Ahh, this feels so good!" Ralf said, finally pulling out of my mouth, drool and saliva dripping out of my mouth.

"Let's clean up and go", Mustache said, pulling out too. "But before we go", his voice threatening, pulling his gun, forcing it into my mouth.

"HMMMPPF" I screamed, fear of death now pushing adrenaline through my system, feeling the cold metal between my teeth.

"One word of this to anybody, and you're dead! Do you understand?" his right finger at the trigger, brutally pulling my head back.

"MHM" I nodded, tears of panic in my eyes. He stared at me for a while as if he was thinking whether to believe me or not. Then he finally let go of me.

When they took me down from the hook I was too exhausted to stand up. My ass and pussy were hurting so badly, I couldn't walk. They pulled my white dress up over my breasts and pulled it down to cover my butt, carelessly wrapping my scarf around my neck.

They took me in the middle and accompanied me to the police car. I was so finished after all the events of this day that I let myself be placed into the rear seat of the police car, my eyes closed, whimpering helplessly.

"You know what?" Mustache said to Ralf, when he was about to get to the Jaguar. "We need to align our stories, before we get to the station with this slut. When we need to write a report, we'll say that we stopped her speeding. We'll tell that we found her like she is right now, full of dried cum and stains. We can even say that she was telling us this freaky story of getting kidnapped."

Ralf grinned maliciously and nodded: "That's almost the truth."

Chapter 13 - At the police station (added: 2019/03/25)

Ralf grabbed me at my arm and pulled me forward towards the Police station, my wrists still cuffed behind my back. Moustache opened the door and led me in. I was extremely exhausted and frustrated, but still sort of relieved that I was finally at the police station. Before Ralf pushed me down onto a chair he whispered in my ear: "no word about our little get together in the factory or you will not be safe for the rest of your life!"

I felt how tears were filling my eyes again. I was at the police! This is where I was supposed to feel safe!" I tried my best to ignore him, holding my head a bit higher.

The police station was not very busy at the moment, a few clerks in uniform were sitting behind there desks, writing reports, researching things in the internet, drinking coffee, eating some fastfood.

There was a middle aged fellow, a bit too fat, sitting behind his desk. Moustache adressed him: "Hey, Will, we caught this "lady" speeding in a stolen car - a Jaguar! Do me a favor and check her out. You get our report in about 10 minutes."

The guy called Will quickly looked up from his desk, nodded shortly, "I'll take care of her when you're done." Moustache and Ralf threw me a threatening look before they went over to one of the desks in the back of the floor.

Sitting there on this plain wooden chair, I felt so dirty, dirty and tired. Endlessly tired. And relieved. From now on everything would be okay, I thought. Although, I was still wearing the very sexy white dress with endless cleavage, the white scarf and high heels. I was aware that it would be difficult convincing anybody that I was not a whore but actually an equal opportunities officer in one of the most prestigious companies in Germany. But they would have my data in the computer! I would be able to prove it eventually. They would find out where I lived, where I worked, I could go back to my apartment, I could take a hot bath - and I would start to sue everybody who had done me bad.

I saw how Moustache turned his report to Will bowing a bit down to whisper something into his ear. With a arrogant grin on his face he looked at me, then turned away to leave.

The desk clerk called Will took the report, read it for a minute, then, with a big sigh he looked at me then moved his chair over to me, starting a program on his computer.

"Okay, "Miss"!" he said with an ironic undertone, without even looking at me. "Your name and address, please!"

"Sir!" I said taking all my courage together. "Only because I'm sitting here in this "outfit" doesn't give you the right to disrespect me! "And don't you think you should take off the handcuffs my now?" I said, anger cooking up.

His head showed up next to the computer, a frown on his face, looking at me up and down. Then he chuckled, shaking his head: "Sorry, lady, I really didn't mean to, but I'm sorry, you're charged with severe theft of a car..."

"My name is Susanna Licher and I live in Fangheim and I want to file a charge against my employer, sexual harassment..." I interrupted him impatiently, realizing that this guy was only doing the footwork.

"Woe, woe, slowly lady, first things first, I'm just the guy doing the check-in", it was his turn in interrupting me. "Susanna Licher, you said...mhm" typing slowly with two fingers on his keyboard.

"Okay, hmmmm, I see" he mumbled as to himself, frowning even more, looking at me suspiciously. "Do you have any papers with you to prove your identity?

"No, of course not, that's what I've been wanting to tell you the whole time, I've been kidnapped, you moron!" I said, getting really pissed now. "Kidnappers don't let you have your Ids, .. and I took the car to escape them, and not to steal the car. I was actually trying to get to exactly this Police Station!", adrenaline rushing now through my system.

He waved with his hands: "woe, woe, calm down... you can tell all this to the chief investigation officer, he'll be talking to you as soon as he's back.

I sighed, frustrated, and tried to brace myself with patience.

Over the next minutes we went over the humiliating process of taking fingerprints and actually doing the front and sideways pictures. Like a real criminal my head was shown with a plate with my name and file number on it.

What really bothered me that I didn't get the chance to do my hair or undo my slutty make-up, so that on the pictures I must really look like a hooker.

Then we sat down at his desk again. "Well, Miss ....."he hesitated looking at me,.. "Miss" ...I've got a problem, here...", looking truly troubled, but somewhat he seemed to me way less arrogant as before.

"Why? What is it?", I asked.

"Well, I don't know how to say this, but ...ahm... Miss Licher left for Mexico a few days ago. She has moved out of her apartment in Fangheim. And looking at the picture I have here in my computer - he swang his computer around showing me my last passport picture which had been taken when I was 18 - some 7 years ago when I had short blond died hair and quite a lot of kilos more than today - "you understand... there's some similarity but don't really look like Miss Licher!"

"But...! my fingerprints..." I ventured.

"I'm surprised too, but apparently you've never registered your fingerprints, which means that Mrs. Licher has never really provoked police attention. Hmm Miss, do you have any family or friends who could attest your identity?" he asked seemingly with mixed feelings, as if torn what to believe.

"Yes! There's my friend Sarah! She has been kidnapped too, you must go and rescue her!"

"Of course, Miss, in due time, but at the moment this doesn't help us verifying your identity, is there anybody else?"

Quickly I ran through the people I knew. Just about all of them were from the company, and they were definitely on the wrong side of the game. "There is my mother, she lives in Hamburg, I cannot trust any of the others, they are all working for the same company. You can call my mother!" I said, suddenly anxious to talk to her.

I gave him the number, which I still remembered by heart, even though I hadn't called her very often lately. He verified that the number belonged to Anna Licher and called. I was biting my lip, thinking about my mother. She was very much of a feminist. She had to raise me as single parent, as my father had left right after I was born. She got me very young at the age of sixteen. We really had never gotten along that well. She didn't care much about outfits and materialistic things, she was the yoga kind of person - always looking for the right path in life.

And I - as a teen - I only wanted to have fun, enjoyed getting her angry by being totally different: went out to clubs, enjoyed lovely dresses and expensive perfumes. With my natural good looks, I enjoyed to play with men, but somehow I never found anybody who seemed to match. Maybe, I realized now, I had become too arrogant, too picky.

"Sorry, ahm... Miss Licher" the clerk got me back to reality, "there's nobody answering, doesn't she have a mobile phone number?"

Shaking my head, I said: "knowing my mother, she will never have one of these "devil's devices" as she calls smartphones.

"Alright, well, we'll try to reach her later, until then, I'm sorry we'll need to keep you here for the night. Charges are against you, and you can't prove your identity.

"What?" I shouted frustrated, "this is crazy!" realizing immediately that they didn't have any other choice. "Please, Sir, try again to call my mother, ...and. and, I need some fresh clothing and I'm starving", I added quickly.

The clerk already got up and winked Moustache over again: "She'll stay at least for the night until we sort this out, tomorrow the chief investigator will be here to interrogate her - please take her to a cell for now, and bring her some food, and see if we've got some clothing for her!"

Moustache grinned: "Sure will do!" he said, taking me roughly by my left arm and conducted me through the door and a long hallway, down the stairs to the basement, where there were 4 real cells with iron bars.

"You still keep up your story of having been kidnapped?" he chuckled. "I mean, really, you must listen to yourself!" he shook his head in disbelief, while he opened a cell door, undid my handcuffs and pushed me in.

"There's a shower in the back, you can freshen up !" he chuckled, closing the cell door: "Ralf and I are on night shift tonight, so we may keep you company!" he said in a tone that didn't leave room for misunderstandings.

"You son-of-a-bitch, you can't pull this through!" I yelled at him - "you'll be sorry for everything! I'll be out here soon and then you better watch out!" looking at him defiantly, holding tight to the bars.

"See you tonight, little slut!" he laughed maliciously and went off.

"Oh my God", I thought - still not sure whether my situation had really improved. I looked around. It was a bit gloomy down here in the basement of the police station, dim neon lights illuminated the cells. There was only one bed with a towel laying on top. To the back of the wall was an indenture, just big enough for a shower, but no door. Otherwise the cell was empty.

Now that I was finally alone, the whole weird situation came down on me. Thinking about what I had gone through over the last week was just a continuous nightmare. I just fell on the simple bed and cried and cried.

When my tears subsided, I decided to take a shower. When I tried to undo the clips of the high-heeled sandals though, I realized that they were locked. I tried a few times, but there was no way I could get them off without some heavier tools, or with Boston's smartphone, which I had left in the Jaguar. Now I can't even get those fucking high-heels off without help! I thought grimly, and pulled the tight white dress over my head.

All nude, I tippled in my high-heels to the open shower cell and pushed the only button. Ah, at least some hot water I thought, feeling the pleasurable water running down my tortured body. I also found a shampoo dispenser. So I took my time to relish the shower and hair wash.

Looking down I shivered again, looking at my all permanently shaved pussy: They'll pay for this I thought grimly. Every time I hit one of the metal frame rings in my labia, nipples and septum I felt a shiver of humiliation down my spine. I would need to get those off, as soon as I would be reestablished. And I would start my campaign of revenge.

Startled from a little noise, I looked up. There was a big man standing in the neighbor cell, pants down, rubbing his erect penis, watching me. "What?, How do you dare...?" I shouted, and grabbed the towel to cover up my nude body. This guy must have slept while I had been brought in.

"Hey slut", he grinned, "I never thought I would get such a great show down here, service has definitely improved over the years!" he said with his deep voice. "Come over and give me a blow job!" he ventured.

"You sick bastard!" I shouted. Look away, I need to get dressed!"

"Sure won't look away, with such a beauty in front of my eyes, I bet you're a real slut, taking a shower in those cock-teasing high-heels. If you're good, I give you 50 Euros!"

"Oh go fuck yourself!" I said rudely, trying to ignore him, as he seemed safely locked away in the other cell.

Under the continuous filthy talk of my cell neighbor, I quickly rubbed myself dry, took the blanket from the bed to cover my body bent forward to dry my long hair. Whenever I perked through my hair, I saw that the man was still standing there, rubbing his cock.

Oh My God, why does this all have to happen to me! and in my thoughts the list of people I had to take revenge on became longer.

In a lenghty procedure I had just managed to comb my hair just with my fingers sitting on the bed, when I heard the door to the cellblock opening. Somebody was coming, hopefully with food, as I was starving.

It was Ralf and Moustache again, grinning maliciously as they walked towards my cell, Ralf carrying a big duffel bag. "Hello big tits!" Moustache said "good luck for you, we are the only ones on duty tonight, and we were thinking to give you a good time tonight, we even brought you dress and food!" he laughed.

"Hey, Lendo!" Moustache greeted the big man in the neighbor cell, who was shortly interrupting his rubbing, but not even considering to get redressed. "I see you have already noticed our latest fuck model! She's a real teaser!", he grinned, "maybe you can learn something tonight.

Lendo nodded and grinned: "Have her give me a blow job and I might even tell you more about the drug dealers next jobs." he sneered, while both Ralf and Moustache looked at each other and shook their shoulders as if to say: "worth a try".

"Can I remind you that we are at the police station and that the police is supposed to protect me! So do your job and stop talking about me as if I was an object!" I shouted firmly.

All three men were looking at me really surprised, then cackled out loudly. Then, in a more serious tone he said: "Ralf, get in there and teach our fine lady-slut a lesson, tell her who's the boss down here!"

With a decided look on his face, Ralf opened my cell door, dropped the duffel bag on the floor and opened it. "This is the only dress we found, put this on!" he said, throwing a pack of clothing on my bed. I just wanted to say something to send them to hell, when the back of his hand hit my face hard: "OOUUUUU" I screamed falling sideways. "And do it quickly" Ralf hissed in my ear.

My cheek burned from the blow. Fear was flooding my body. Without further thinking I just unfolded the pack. It was a politesse uniform! While I started to get dressed, I saw Moustache taking some ropes out of the bag. "Faster!" Ralf rushed me, when I was hesitating. "But this is not my size! This is at least 2 numbers too small!" I said, earning me another blow in my face.

"Ouuuuuuuuuuu" I whined, fear mounting again, "I'll do it, just stop hurting me!", feeling my tears close.

"Now this looks really flashy!", Moustache cackled, when I had finally got dressed, with some unpleasant help of Ralf, I was wearing a very tight skirt (no panties), which went only to mid of my thighs, a white bra, which was so small that it could only support my big breasts but didn't even cover my nipples, a white blouse which was about to explode at the height of my breasts, my hair losely upswept hair, a blue politesse hat fastened tightly into them.

"I always wanted to fuck a politesse, Lendo said from behind his bars, still rubbing his now fully erected 9 inch cock."

"We get to you later, Lendo!" Moustache said, coming up behind me, grabbing my arms and tieing my wrists behind my back. "We don't want to get scratched by this scumbag, don't we?" he said, taking another rope, tieing my arms closely at elbow height, so that my elbows touched and my breasts were thrusted forward.

"OUUUU, you're hurting me!" I screamed. And the first button of my tight blouse ripped with a crack, my breasts at full display now.

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuu, stop this, please! You'll go to jail for this!" I yelled, realizing that they were going to rape me again.

"This is getting better every second", Lendo grinned.

"Look at that!" Ralf joined in, "now you even destroy the new clothing we give you, ... you're really unthankful little cunt!" he hissed angrily, grabbing my swept-up hair and turning my head sideways, squeezing my left breast with his hand, spitting me right in the face. I felt his erect cock pressing against my butt.

Then he shoved my skirt up. He opened the zipper of his pants, with one hand he pulled my left leg up then I felt his big cock entering my pussy. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed in vain, when I felt his cock touching my pussy.

"I always wanted to fuck one of these stupid little politesse cunts!"" his voice getting angrier every second, he said, thrusting deeper inside of me.

Suddenly, I felt additional pain added to my breasts as Moustache, standing now in front of me, started to grope my breasts with both hands."Never felt anything like it, these udders are made for being squeezed." he relished, while Ralf was pumping inside me, getting closer to his peak.

"What a hot piece of fuck meat" he groaned when he sent his full load of cum into my womb. I felt his cock twitching inside me, my tears now flowing freely down my cheeks again. "Please, please, stop it." I whined.

Then Ralf finally drew out of me. I felt the warm brew of his cum drooling out of my pussy, feeling so ashamed.

"You know what, Ralf?, let's gear her up really tight before we fuck her in all her holes!" Moustache hollored, ripping my blouse further open. He took quite long rope and wrapped it 4 times tightly around my neck, letting the two loose long ends dangling down.

"AWWWWWWKKKKKKKK, please - not so tight, you're killing me!" I whispered.

Then suddenly my nose was hold shut. It all went too quickly. When I opened my mouth to breathe, a ring gag was forced between my teeth, which immediately spreaded my mouth widely, when loosened. "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I whined bitterly, my jaws being spread painfully.

"I love it when a fuck slut like you is dressed up and tied up like this!" Moustache cackled. "And I love it when a slut cannot bite!

At this point, Lendo, only a meter away on his side of the cell, rubbing hard on his cock, yelled: "push her over here" his eyes on fire. "I'll tell you everything about the deal tomorrow! - Just let me face-fuck her!"

Why can't they stop, what have I done to deserve this I thought.

Moustache grinned: "okay, Lendo, why not - your information better be useful!"

"Deal", said Lendo, his eyes pure lust. Moustached pulled me on the collar rope towards Lendo's cell. When we were close, he took my bound arms and bent them upwards until they hit the bars of the cell: "HOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" I screamed, when my body was bent forward and my face pressed tightly against Lendo's cell bars. Moustache fastened my wrists at the bars.

"Fix her ankles and spread them" Moustache told Ralf, while he fixed another rope through the hair-hat fixations. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEE" I moaned in pain and humilation, when I felt my ankles being tied and spread.

Now, Moustache took the loose ends of the neck rope, pulled me down on so that my arms were stretched and my face pushed tightly against the bars: "GNOOOOOOOOOO" I howled in pain.

He threaded both ends between my breasts then lead them on each side of my clit. When pulling the ropes tightly, I felt my clitbud being squeezed: "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" I screamed in horror.

"Look at this beautiful little slut - has even a clit ring!" Moustache showed Ralf.

Both ends of the rope were pulled tightly through my ass crack.

While the two were working on my ties, Lendo had postitioned himself on the other side of the cell, my wide-open mouth now within reach for his cock. "LICK IT, SLUT"! Then he pushed his big cock between the ring gag. I smelled his repugnant odor of sweat, cum and filth. It almost made me throw up.

All of a sudden, both emergency beepers of the policemen took off. "SHIT, NO, not now!" Moustache yelled frustrated. "Ralf, ... we need to go, get the car started, I'll set our lady up so that she can enjoy us later."

I was relieved - finally I would be spared. But only a second later my eyes grew wide. I felt how something cold started to widen my anus. "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I screamed, my eyes widening in horror. A cold metal hook, with a big metal ball at its end was being pushed up my ass. "GNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKAAAGGG" I screamed in pain, as my anus widened while Lendo's cock penetrated deeper into my mouth.

When the hook was deeply sunk into my anus, he fixed it with the rope he had attached in my hair-hat fixation, so that my head was pulled all the way back, my head pressed still between two cell bars. But to top it all, without warning, he shoved a big 10 inch dildo up my wide open pussy and thrust it deep inside. "GNNNNNNNNNNNNGMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" I howled, Lendo's cock almost touching my throat. Pain and humiliation almost unbearable.

Moustache threaded the long ends of the neck-rope also through a slit in the dildo, through the creek of my ass. He pulled really tight and fastened it also on the upper horizontal cell bars, forcing my head to lower yet an inch and moving my ass up: "GNNOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAGG" I screamed, my tears mixing with Lendos precum and saliva.

Turning the knob to get the vibrator going he said: "Have fun you two - see you hopefully soon" he cackled his mean laugh and took off.

"Wou - we've got the whole night together, slut!" Lendo grinned, "and I'm loaded to the throat". He grabbed my head through the bars and pushed his cock all the way in: "GNMMMMMMMMM!" I wiggled and moaned, his cock penetrating my throat, widening it. I wanted to swallow but couldn't. At the same time, the dildo pentrator really buzzed strongly in my pussy and I couldn't stop my body to react, feeling how I got more and more aroused. With every little move I felt the restraints cutting into my flesh, squeezing my clit, working the metal hook in my ass.

Lendo hadn't let me get my breath for what felt like an eternity, his balls touching my chin. My lungs screamed for air. Finally he drew out, allowing me to get a gulp of air, before he pushed it all the way down again, this time holding it in.

"Show me your skills, cunt" he grunted, "make me cum just with the twisting of your throat.!"

It didn't take long and he had me panicking and wiggling, my lungs screaming for air. Then I felt a twitching in my throat when he filled my tube with his sperms.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS" he screamed, now fucking my throat wildly while his cum filled my tube, mouth and face.

At the very time I felt a huge orgasm rolling over me, triggered by the permanent vibration in my pussy and the squeezing of my clit.

"What a professional slut you are, cumming at the same time!" Lendo grinned.

"LICK IT CLEAN, SCUMBAG" he thundered, forcing me to lick his disgusting cock. "Too bad, the two cops didn't leave the keys for the cells - I bet you would like my cock up your ass!".

His cum, mixed with my drooling, dropped from my chin. To my utmost humiliation, I also felt my own cum juice flowing out my pussy... and it wasn't over yet.

Over the coming hours he continued to face fuck me. Allowing myself only short breaks, I had to lick his cock all night long. And the dildo continued mercilessly to arouse me, forcing me to multiple unwanted orgasms. My whole body was in utmost pain.

By the time Moustache and Ralf returned, it was getting light again. I was almost relieved, but I knew that there was no reason to be.

"I see you guys had lots of fun, judging by the cum-pool the slut has left on the floor", I heard Moustache's voice, cackling. "I knew it all the time that she's a real slut - I know one when I see one", grinned Ralf. "We've got to be quick though in getting her freshened up again, Sheila will be down here with some food any time, I guess we need to postpone our fun till tonight!" Moustache mourned.

Lendo just grinned: "This bitch is a real professional - she made me cum 5 times!"

They took some time to carefully untie me, not to leave any visible body dammages. It hurt as hell, when they took the plugs out of my holes. Finally they also took the ring gag out. "You can close your mouth now, cunt!" Ralf said. But cramps made it almost impossible - adding only to my shame.

I was so exhausted that I just fell to the floor, hoping that whatever they wanted to do to me would be over fast. I couldn't even open my eyes as Lendo's spunk in my face had dried and glued my eye lids.

But apparently, they were afraid of getting caught by surprise, because Moustache quickly undressed me and pulled me under the shower and rubbed me off, even washing my sperm-filled hair, while Ralf started to clean-up and take the ropes and toys back into his duffel bag.

When the lady called Sheila arrived, the two cops were already gone, and I was lying in bed seemingly resting peacefully, all washed.

"Here's some food for you, Miss ....," the young police lady said with a really friendly voice, putting a plate with good smelling stew together with a bottle of water on the floor next to my bed.

I just grunted, too tired to even look up. "The investigation officer is hearing you today, he'll be here in about an hour, I'll be picking you up then!", she said. It felt so nice to hear a friendly voice after such a long time.

"Right after she was gone, I forced myself to sit up, my stomach was growling from all the time without food and with all the spunk I had to swallow the previous night. My whole body felt really sore, as if run over by a train. My clit still felt swollen, and my ass burned. Looking down on my body, no rope marks were visible at all. They must have used a special rope I thought.

After I had eaten and drunk, I saw the orange prisoners' dress - this time my size - lying on the bed. I put it on and just went back to bed - my last hope on getting justice resting on the chief investigator, which I was to meet soon.

Chapter 14 - The Safe House (added: 2019/10/13)

In my dreams, I had relived the horrors of the last days and I was really relieved to be woken up by Sheila, shaking my shoulders. "The chief investigator is available now, please follow me upstairs." She urged me to walk in front of her up the stairs, through a long corridor until she showed me into the investigation room. Nobody was there yet. Sheila positioned me on a hard wooden chair opposite a desk. "The Chief Investigator will be here any minute! You like a coffee?"

I just nodded - feeling still besides myself. What would happen now - would they believe me?

The Chief Investigator was a handsome, tall man in his early 40s, first grey hair which matched his clear blue eyes. "Mrs. Licher! I've read the report of my men and your story - to be honest that really sounds all very far fetched!", he started. "Certainly, you understand that given your inability to prove your identity we will need further information which may help us find the truth and help you out of whatever situation you are really in."

Obviously, the guy didn't believe a word of what I had told Ralf and Moustache. "Please, start from the beginning!" he said, embracing him with patience, pushing the record button of his recorder.

Then I started to tell my story. When I reached the part of the rapes and slavery in the villa of Mr. Schneider, I realized how he got more and more nervous. I told him also how they had tricked me in signing this contract and how they had treated me like a slave since.

"Well, Mrs. Licher!", he said uneasily once I had finished my accounts, "ahm, ... would you mind showing me - ahm - some of the things they inflicted to you ... as a proof, so to speak?" I realized that he started to think that there was some truth in what I was saying.

"You mean - ahm - here?" I asked, shocked at his straight forward question. "But, I can't...." looking around me, but obviously we were alone in the room. He stopped the recorder and stood up. "Mrs Licher, the much I want to believe you but you need to give me more!" he said good-willed.

"Ok, Mister, see this?" I said standing up, showing him the high-heels I was still wearing. "Did you ever see a lock on shoes like this?" showing him that the ankle band of the shoes were locked shut. And look at this ...", I showed him the metal framed hole in my nose septum. "And..." turning around lifting my prison dress, showing him my butt where I had been branded.. "And this! ... do you think I inflict this myself because I enjoy it?", starting to get really in rage now. "

He swallowed hard, starting to mumble something like: "...unbelievable, that really is the symbol of the company." He took his breath, now starting to realize that the monstruosity of my accusations may really be true. "Oh, Mrs. Licher, you must have gone through hell, I don't know what to say, if this is really true what you're telling me..." he hesitated for a few seconds, lost in his thoughts.

"If this is true what you are telling me, and I'm inclined to believe you, then you are in real danger - even here in this police station!"

I was so relieved and grateful that finally somebody believed me and didn't think of me as a cheap slut. Everything would start getting better from now on.

The Chief Investigator grabbed his phone and dialed a short-cut number: "Yes, Richard here, I need asap a place in a safe-house.....yes... okay, I wait.......what? ... that's too late!! - I can't believe this!", angrily he hung up.

He was breathing hard, putting his fingers at this temples, trying to think.

"Okay, Mrs. Licher, there's only one thing that I can think of for the moment.

"Yes?" I said hopefully.

"We don't have any safe-house space available for the moment, I will need some time. What I can offer, is that you can stay at my place until we have enough proof in our hands to sue the main players of the company. Is this okay with you?"

I didn't need much time to think, and really I didn't have any place to go, my appartment had been rented out already, Sarah was still captured and my Mum didn't answer the phone. Probably she was on holidays - for once that I needed her!

"Ahm- I guess that's alright - if you don't mind? --- I mean, what will your wife say?"

He shook his head and put on a very sad face: "She...ahm.." his voice got rough, "..she died 6 months ago in a car crash, ....ahm ...the house is empty!" He looked away, there was a long silence.

"I'm sorry" I said to say something.

"But it is important that you don't call and don't tell anybody of your whereabouts, is that clear?!" the inspector continued, his voice back to normal."

"Oh, yes, of course, thank you so much Mr. ....ahm... Muller" I said, reading the name plate on his desk.

"This is the least I can do for you after all you seem to have gone through! Actually, we should leave here right now. I'll get what you need, once you're safe."

He stood up, took me by the arm. "Let's take the back door, if we are lucky, nobody will see us."

I followed him closely out the corridor. On the far end of the corridorwas an elevator which only worked with his special key. It took us down to the garage, where we soon found his car - an Alfa Romeo Giuletta. Nobody had seen us, so far.

I took a deep breath, once we were out of the police building, racing West. "Will you get in trouble?" I asked.

"Don't you worry - I'll manage, in any case it will be nothing compared to what you've gone through.

About 15 minutes later, we arrived at a quite fancy large single house, close to a forest. "Here you'll be safe! Nobody will know that you're here, and I've got a good alarm system installed."

He gave me his large raincoat. "Put this on and put the hood up - so that nobody who's accidentally looking can identify you. I nodded, put it on and followed him to the house.

He first had to add a code to deactivate the alarm system, before he was able to open the main door.

"You must be hungry, I'll quickly make a call and advise my people that I'm gone on an investigation, then I'll prepare us something for lunch," he said matter-of-factly. Upstairs to the left is a bathroom, you'll find everything you need for a shower."

"Thank you so much, Mister Muller", I said, still hardly believing that this man would do this for me. He just waved his hand as if to say: "it's nothing" and picked up the phone.

"Do you have a knife?" I asked, showing on my still locked high-heels. With the phone squeezed between his shoulder and his ear, he pulled a knife from a large knife block in the kitchen and handed it over to me - looking me straight into my eyes, as if to judge whether he could trust me.

It wasn't so easy but after a few minutes I had managed to cut the leather strip of the shoes. Finally freedom for my feet! I thought.

It was a beauftiful house, very well fit for 2 people, a spacious living-room with attached open kitchen on the ground floor. There was no in-between ceiling. You could see all the way up to the roof. On the side were curved stairs upwards to sleeping rooms and bathroom. A corridor with ballustrade to look down on the living room, went alongside to lead to the different rooms.

I quickly found the bathroom, got undressed and took a long shower, washing me thoroughly everywhere, just to wash away the traumatic situations from the last days.

When I finally stepped out of the bathroom, I felt much revived.

"You certainly find something to dress", Mister Muller said from the living-room. "Ahm - I - I really haven't been able to - ahm - put my wife's clothes away, take the next room to your left, first cupboard on the right!"

The cupboard was huge and as Muller had said, full of beautiful clothing. I quickly found a slip, some jogging pants and a white blouse to put on. His wife must have been had more or less my height, 5'6, only a little less in breast size. It really felt weird to wear somebody elses clothing - especially knowing she had died.

When I came down, Muller had already prepared salad and pasta.

"By the way, I'm Richard" he stretched out his hand. "Susanna" I said, smiling, shaking his hand, feeling that this guy could be finally my way out.

While we ate, he laid out his plans: "I'll start some investigations against this company, I'm sure we'll find more proof. If we want to bring the chiefs of this company to prison, we'll need to have good proofs and testimonies. I'll need a few weeks for this. Until then, it is crucial that you don't leave the house. We must be extremely careful! If they are as cruel as you describe, they are really dangerous. In the meantime, I'll get you anything to make you feel at home - just tell me what you need - is that clear? And you have to tell me everything and about everybody - anything can help to give me clues as to where I start my investigations.

During all afternoon, we sat in the living-room, drank Espresso, and I told him everything about myself, about my upbringing about the job in the company and about all people I knew. Thus I had to relive my worst nightmares and I cried my whole heart out. He would take me into his arms to comfort me, just to continue asking for more information. I felt so ... so secure to be with him.

It was really relieving to be able to tell somebody all the miserable things which had happened to me - and I really felt more and more attracted to him, to his cool manner, his bright blue eyes, his sometimes a bit cynical smile.

After a light dinner, we went to bed. He let me sleep in his bedroom, while he slept downstairs on the couch. "Good night, Susanna, don't worry, it'll all be okay" he comforted me to bed.

I went to bed with a smile on my face, was I falling in love?

Nightmares of the most horrible sort tortured me and I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating like in the tropics. But here I was, alone in a comfortable bed, knowing my saviour was sleeping downstairs, watching out for me.

The next day, we had talked about my piercings and how much they troubled me. One of his friends was a specialist in aesthetic surgery, so it took only 2 days to get an appointment. Because of security reasons, Richie said, the doctor had to come to our house and bring the equipment.

I had to lay down on the long table, all desinfected prior to the surgery.

I totally trusted Rich, so I didn't feel odd, when I got the anaestetics, hoping that finally all would end well.

When I finally woke up, I looked at the loving eyes of Richy. "Hey, little fighter, are you alright?" he smiled. The doctor was able to remove all of your metal framed rings in your body. He cursed all the time wondering who would do such things to a human being. But it's all right now. He said that you'll hardly see anything in a few weeks. However, he couldn't undo the permanent shaving!" saying that he put up a funny smile.

"You little pervert!" I shouted faking to be upset - throwing my pillow at him. We both laughed. It was a good moment.

More than a week had passed. I really paid attention to everything Richie had told me: I didn't turn on the light in the living room after dark, I didn't go out, I didn't open the door to anybody, we didn't even use social media for communication. He would come home in the evening around 7pm, bringing some groceries and I was cooking us something. During the day, I read a lot, searched in a secure internet connection for clues, or just slept. We talked a lot and over the days, I really did fall in love with Richie.

"Good news about your mother", he said one evening. "Nothing to worry about, she was on a 60s concert in London, she's back home in Hamburg now."

"Can I contact her?" I asked, touching his arm, almost accidentally.

"That's not very wise at the moment", Richie frowned, "I promise that you'll soon get to see her, I'm working on a warrant to check Walter Vogtmeier's villa. I'm sure we would find a lot of compromising things there.

"I guess you're right! - Do you like anything special for supper tomorrow night?" I asked with a big smile on my face.

"Well, you can always surprise me!", he grinned.

The next evening, I had prepared a Lasagne, knowing that I would have another 45 minutes after I had taken it to the oven, to get otherwise prepared. I felt so in love with Richie, and I really wanted to surprise him not only with a good dinner, but also ... by offering me to him.

With the Lasagne in the oven, I showered and creamed my body. I dried my long dark hair curly and put up some decent make-up. His wife had been a lot into lingerie, so I didn't have difficulties finding something suitable: black lace slip tanga, black self sustaining stockings, a black lace bra, so small it was bearly supporting my large sized breasts. I also wore 4 inch black high-heels and a black negligé which barely covered my body.

It was about 7 pm. He would return soon. I was getting really anxious. What would he say if he saw me like this? Would he refuse me? Would he be reminded of his wife? Would we finally make love?

Watching from the bedroom window, lights off of course, I saw his Alfa Giuletta speed up towards the house. My heart rate was picking up. The moment he got off the car, however, I realized that there was a dark van on the opposite side of the road, which had never been there before. I frowned. "Was I getting overly anxious?"

The moment Richie got off the car, I saw the side door of the van opening. I held my breath. Three men in dark clothing jumped out. One of them had a knife in his hand. I wanted to scream, but I held my hand over my mouth not to betray myself. Richie wasn't aware of anything, when one of the guys suddenly held the knife directly under his chin.

I saw Richard stiffening, ready to fight, but one of the other guys, hit him full blow in his belly, so that his air was gone. I saw them dragging him towards the house, probably threatening to kill him.

My adrenaline went up about to 180 in a second. Panic pure! What shall I do when they come in, Where shall I go?

Then I heard the door opening, Richie must have given in under life threat and given them the code as the alarm wasn't going off. From the sleeping room upstairs, still in the dark, I could see how they threw him on the ground in the living-room: "You bastard, should have never messed with us, you could have just given us back what is ours!" I heard a very familiar voice: Boston!

"You'll regret this!" I heard the weak voice of Richy. "I'll make you pay for this!"

"You make sure that he doesn't move!" he said to his body guards, "I'll go look for my posessions!"

"Oh my God", I thought, unable to put up a concrete thought, my adrenaline going through the sky.

While Boston was checking out the ground floor, I saw the other three guys kicking and boxing poor Richy then cuffing his hands behind his back, and fastening him tightly on arms and legs to a chair.

"Where is my little fuckslave!!" I heard Boston, in a fake friendly tone. "Why don't you come out, we want to continue to play, ... don't make me more angry than I am already little Susanna, I'll make sure that you'll regret it!"

Whistling some perfide kids song, I heard him taking the stairs. "OH NOO, he's coming for me!" I thought, "My worst nightmare comes true!"

I quickly drew the cupboard upon, I saw the big basket for dirty clothing, which was always hid inside the cupboard. I quickly took some old clothes out, jumped in, threw the clothes over me and managed to close the lid of the basket the moment I heard Boston enter the sleeping room.

"Where is my little fuck bird? You should'nt hide, you're going home!" Boston sing-sanged, opening the cupboard. I heard him going through all the clothings, before he closed the cupboard again.

I still held my breath, didn't even venture a sigh of relief.

"I know you can't be far, little sweetheart", I heard him singing when leaving the sleeping room towards the bathroom.

I couldn't do anything but wait and hope. I heard his whistling still for a few minutes, then nothing! Absolute silence! "Where they gone? What had they done with Richie? Was it save to come out? Where they just waiting downstairs all in quiet, waiting for me to show?"

Then,suddenly, the cupboard was opened abruptly and the lid of the basket was taken off. "I love hide and seek!" Boston grinned maliciously. I screamed in panic already before he got a hold of my long hair.

My blood froze to ice.

He took my long hair in his right fist and just pulled and dragged me out. "What have we got here! My little fuck-slut! Nicely dressed to get fucked by her master!"

"Nooo, please, ouuuuuuuuch, you're hurting me" I screamed.

But mercilessly, he yanked me on my knees and hit my face with the back of his hand that I thought my neck would give in. For a second all went black. Then another blow hit me in the face from the other side: "Don't pass out, little darling - you don't want to miss the fun!"

My cheeks were burning hot, and I felt them swelling.

He grabbed my hair and dragged me behind him backwards, so that I couldn't even put my feet much to use to prevent the strain.


"You know, my little fuck-slave, that you belong to me, right? And certainly you haven't forgot all I taught you?" he whispered with hidden hot anger in his voice.

"Get away, you stinking bastard, HELLPP, Richard!!" I screamed in panic, when I realized that he was going to drag me down the stairs. I fought as much as I could, but couldn't stop him from sliding and dragging me down the stairs and to the living-room, where I saw Richard, tightly tied onto a chair, himself gagged with a big ball-gag.

I saw Richards eyes flashing in rage, trying in vain to fight the tight ropes with which he had been tied to the chair.

"Ohoo!, is there a little love affair going on?" Boston laughed, when he saw Richy getting wild.

"You'll see first hand, what a slut your little Susanna is, right my little fuck-slut?"

"Go to hell, you pervert!" I yelled.

Then suddenly Boston got serious. "Bill, if she doesn't behave like the fuck-slut I trained her to be, feel free to kill this man!" Boston said. A little mad twinkling in his eye made me really afraid.

I saw a big guy cled in black approaching Richie from the back and holding the knife against his throat.

"One wrong move, one wrong answer, little slut, and your friend here is history!" Boston whispered in my ear.

I swallowed deeply, then I whispered submissively: "yes Master".

"That's much better, now take your position on all fours, beg me to mouth-fuck you and put your tongue out!", he threatened.

I ventured a glance towards Richy, who was forced to watch me: "HMMMMMGNNNNNNOOO" I heard him moaning in his gag, his face all red in pain and rage.

Another blow hit my face: "don't stare around - do your fucking work, cunt!" Boston hollored.

I loved Richy too much, so I obeyed, got on all fours: "Please, Master, please allow your fuck-slut to suck your cock" I mumbled, hoping by all means that Richard wouldn't hear me.

Without further ado, Boston grabbed my hair and pulled them back, slid down his pants and hit me a couple of times in the face with his big rod. "Beg for it - louder!"

My whole face went red: "Please, Master, allow me to suck your cock!" I said louder, extremely ashamed in front of my lover.

Then I felt Bostons cock already entering my mouth: "HMMM, Yes, I missed you! You're just such a cock-teaser!" he moaned while he pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside my mouth. "Pull out your tongue like a real professional and let me throat-fuck you!" Boston yelled, grabbing my head in both his strong hands and pushing my face deep into his groin.

"GNNNNNNNN" I whined, feeling his cock forcing its way down my aesophagus. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled it back out again, saliva and precum drooling down my face.

"Hey! I got an idea, why don't you show your lover what a good cock-sucker-slut you are!"

Towards one of the other guys, who were rubbing their dicks, he said: "Gerald, open up Richards pants."

In utmost horror, both Richy and I watched as Gerald opened the zipper of Ritchy's pants and pulled them down.

Pulling my hair, Boston pulled me brutally to kneel in front of Richy's slowy growing cock. "GNOOOOO" Richy moaned in dispair, his venes showin at his temples.

"If you do a good job and get him to cum in 2 minutes, we'll let him alive!" Boston cackled.

"Noooooooo, please, Boston - I do anything for you, please don't make me do this!" I sobbed.

"You want to disobey again? - The time is ticking, it's only 110 seconds now."

I had so much wanted Ritchy, I wanted to make love to him, but not like this. My tears flooding my face, I took Richy's cock in my hand, and started rubbing it. Then taking his cock in my mouth, licking it strongly, while rubbing his balls. "1 minute, left!" Boston grinned, watching the humiliating spectacle.

"Now put your ass up, like the slut you are!" Boston hollored, pulling up my lacy black négligé, so that my ass showed.

"I'll help you guys a bit!" Boston laughed, and I felt his big cock spreading my pussy. "GNNNN" both Richy and I moaned in pain and humiliation. Then Boston started to fuck me with all his might, shoving me forward with every thrust, deeper and deeper into Richy's cock. "Hahahaha" he laughed. "I told you she's a good cock-sucker!"

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper Boston fucked me, I felt his anger and frustration breaking path, when he finally pulled my hair back with all his force, and dumped his disgusting load into me. "HRRRRRRRRMMMMMMM" he moaned a long sound of pleasure.

Almost the same moment, I realized how Richy's body stiffened, he turned back his head, his eyes went white and I felt his cum jerking into my mouth.

"Hahaahaa!" that was fun to watch!" Boston cackled. "Now, cunt lick off your lovers cum - like the good slut you are and don't forget to thank him."

I was so ashamed, yet I managed to lick off his cock, and swallow Richy's cum. "Thank you, Richy, for letting me suck your cock" I whispered, tears smearing my make-up.

"Hear that, Richy? She's mine, forever! We'll leave you alive for now but don't ever try to find her again, or we'll kill you!" Boston threatened. Poor Richy all red, his face a mixture between exhaustion and soaring rage. "UUUUUCKKKKKKKHOUUUUUUUU" he howled.

"Get her ready for transport", Boston ordered, when he pulled me into a stand pulling my hair: "AIIIIIIIIIIIEEEE" I screamed in pain. In an instant one of the guys wrapped a leather belt around my arms and pulled it so tight that my elbows touched, while my ankles were tied together with a rope. "AIIIIIIEE- PLEASSEE!"

Then I was put flat onto the blue living-room carpet, before the two of them just took me on their shoulder, while Boston opened the door. It was all dark inside the carpet. I cried and screamed but to no avail. Soon I felt being dumped into the back of the van, the door was closed and the car jumped to life.

Oh nooo - not again, is this never going to end?

Chapter 15: Boston's punishment (added: 2020/04/13)

As the car sped off, I was unwrapped off the carpet, falling hard on the metal ground. I was so shocked from what had happened, my blood was flooded with adrenaline. Before I could start the simplest of thoughts, I felt how somebody grabbed my hair from behind and pulled me up to a kneeling position.

"Hey my little fuckslut, it's about time you come back to your Master!" I heard Boston's threatening voice whispering in my ear, sending cold shivers of panic down my spine. "Tell me that you missed me!" - he hissed, pulling my hair painfully back, overstretching my head.

"Let me go you bastard!" I shouted in hot anger, still frustrated of what they had made me do with Richy, the taste of his cum still in my mouth.

"YOU'LL REGRET THIS!" he whispered perilously. "Guys, we'll need to teach her a lesson, help me fix her up!" he motioned to the other two guys still sitting on the back seats and grinning maliciously.

While the van was racing through German landscape, a collar was fixed tightly around my neck and my hands were pulled up and fastened tightly to the rings on the back of the collar so that my elbows were pointing upwards. Then my elbows were tightly bound together, raised up and fastened to rings on the ceiling of the van.

Tears of anger and fear mixed: "what are you going to do to me, ... what are you going to do to Richy?" I whined. As an answer I received a heavy blow in my face: "shut up, cheap slut - don't talk when you're not asked! Have you forgot all your manners?" Boston hollored.

The two guys now bent my ankles and fixed them tightly to my thighs, high-heels now poking in my butt. Still in a kneeling position they spread my legs and fixed them to the side of the van.

"Oh my God! Please help me!" I thought, feeling again so vulnerable. With dreadful eyes I watched how one of the guys passed Boston some fierce looking nipple clamps. "NOOOOOOOO" I screamed in pain, when I felt them cruelly biting into my nipples, my breath racing, my mind still struggling with the pain. Boston's face distorted in hate and revenge feelings.

He quickly threaded a rope through an opening in the clamps and fixed them tightly to the van roof, so that my nipples were painfully moved up. "AHHHHHHHHH" , I howled in pain.

Then he undid the ropes which were holding my elbows. I immediately felt what that meant when the van went into a sharp curve, pulling me sideways, yanking painfully at my nipples: "AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE", my uncontrolled high piched screams filled the room, while the men laughed their heads off.

The next moment, Boston was standing in front me, with one hand squeezing my mouth forcefully: "You'll suffer, young slut! Like you've never suffered before! When I'm finished with you, you'll beg to get fucked by my dog!" he said with utmost hatred in his voice.

Another blow hit my face, leaving my cheeks on fire and yanking again on my tortured nipples: "Please, please STOP IT" I yelled, tears mixing now with some blood from my bleeding nose.

This time his fist landed in my stomach, leaving me temporarily out of air: "What was the rule for an obedient slave? Don't talk unless you're asked!" he spit me in the face. "Now open your fucking mouth and beg me to receive your master's cock! And you better behave if you want to survive this day!"

In fear of death I heard myself mumble it: "please, Master, this slut begs you to fuck her mouth." He quickly slid out his 8 inch cock out of his pants. With one hand holding on at the ropes which were holding my nipples, and the other holding the back of my head, he shoved his erect penis in my mouth, gagging me immediately.

Oh God, please give me the force to endure this!

While mouth-fucking me he said: "You put a lot of shame on me! Nobody has ever dared what you did, and you'll be punished - you'll be wanting to die!" he hissed, pounding his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth, making me swallow it all the way, feeling his balls hitting my chin, my nipples on fire.

He talked himself into almost a trance: "You unworthy piece of SHIT! I'll teach you what pain and obedience is, YOU DUM FUCK-SLUT - CHEAPEST OF ALL CUNTS !", ramming his cock down my pipe until finally his eyes started sparkling crazily and I felt him cumming, his cock twisting, my air supply almost gone, until he finally drew out, more of his cum still spreading all over my mouth and face.

The cumble of humilation!

Finally able to take some air, I had to cough wildly with all the cum getting mixed in my airtube. I felt so humiliated and vulnerable, being treated worse I could possibly ever have imagined. Quickly thinking of Richy: would he be safe, would he start looking for me again? After all, he would be risking his life!" A wave of deep depression shook me and tears were flooding my face, mixing with saliva and smeared cum.

"We are getting there in 5 minutes!" I heard the driver say over his shoulder.

Boston was quickly getting his pants back on. "Drive right to the front door, I want everybody to see this, this is going to be my show!" he said to his driver, while the other guys helped to prepare me.

Boston held a big 5 inch penis gag in front of me: "This is what you'll wear most of the time of your punishment!" he cackered: "Open your mouth, CUNT!" he ordered leaving me no options. "GNNNNNNNNNN" I protested when the artificial cock passed my gag reflex, forcing me to swallow every second. Forcefully, he pushed the penis gag all the way down and fixed it tightly behind my neck.

"GNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG" I had never felt anything as humiliating, feeling how my willpower was taken away. At about the same time, I felt a tight metal waste cincher being placed around my waist.

Finally, the nipple clamps were taken off, sending waves of hot pain through my body: "AAAAAACKKKKKKKK". As soon as the ropes didn't hold me up anymore, my body couldn't hold out no longer and with my legs still being spread, I fell forward, head down first.

My eyes opened in disbelief, when I felt big dildoes being shoved up in both my pussy and my rectum. A metal band was then fastened on the belly side of the waste cincher then threaded between my spread out legs fastened tightly on the back side, pushing the dildoes deep inside me and keeping them in place: "GGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" I moaned in utmost humilation and pain.

Somebody worked again on my hair to fix me a ponytail high up on my head: "You look so mush sluttier this way!" Boston grinned.

"NOW WIGGLE YOUR ASS FOR ME, SLUT!" by the tone of his voice I knew it was not the

time to disobey. When I did, I realized that they must have placed a dildo in my ass with a long tail. I could feel the hair tickling between my legs, degrading me even more. "HAHAHA" Boston cackled: "how does it feel now, you haughty majesty of all sluts!"

Tears of pain, frustration, pain and humiliation ran down my cheeks, while to Boston's orders, my wrists were tied to my upper arms, so that I was now on all 4s, only on elbows and knees.

This is when the van stopped. Boston prepared for his moment.

He just can't do that! He just can't treat me like this!

He fixed a leash to the backring of the collar, and stood next to me as if he was Cesar coming from a victorious battle. "Wiggle your ass while you're walking next to me, or you will want to die!" he hissed in my ear, when the door of the van opened.

SMACK - "HMMMMMMMM" I howled in pain, when a bamboo rod hit my ass to urge me forward. "Come on little doggy, move!", he grinned, pulling me by the leash, forcing me to walk like a dog on all fours, on elbows and knees, every movement a torture - and humiliation, especially having to wiggle my ass, and feeling the long tail protruding out of my ass, swinging between my legs.

I saw that we were back at the villa. To my horror, they were all lined up on two sides of the walkway from the courtyard to the entrance. I recognized a lot of them, the maid, the servants, Karl, my boss Stefan, and about 15 more people from the company - and the big 5 on the very top of the stairs.

I stood still, shame stopping any movement - I just couldn't bare it. "Come on, little doggy-pet", Boston tucked on the leash and hit me anothertime on my bare butt to convince me like one would do with a stubborn donkey.

To the laughter and applause of the group, I hobbled like a hurt animal down the ramp of the van, my big breasts swinging freely.

I had never felt anything more humiliating. Boston obviously enjoyed his show, walking triumphantly next to his prey, up the walkway, running the gauntlet between the applauding people.

"ASS UP, CUNT" he hissed and another blow hit painfully my ass. My elbows and knees hurt badly on the asphalt, the penis gag forced me to swallow permanently, leaving my mouth wide open and drooling incessantly.

"Great job, Boston", "Well done!", "About time you got her back", "Punish the slut bad" where the comments from the spectators. Some of them had brought a whip too, and more than once I felt another blow on my butt, or people spitting despectfully on me.

Another tuck on the leash forced me to stop, when we reached the main entrance, where Walter Vogtmeier and his group were waiting. Everything hurt as hell, I just wished I was dead.

Proudly, Boston presented me like a trophy. "Here Dad, I traced her down again, it wasn't easy though. She was hiding with a policeman in his house."

"We need to talk, son!", was the first thing Walter said with an earnest voice, revealing his concerns. "But first you do what you need to do with the slave! But leave her alive and undammaged" he said, petting him on the shoulder.

I saw the glee in Boston's eyes, when he hit me hard again on my butt to force me into the elevator to go down to the basement, to the dungeon. I feared the worst, being with Boston alone, feeling his lust for revenge. "GNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" I moaned in agony, my elbows and knees all bloody.

"Now, my little doggy-slut, I'll teach you respect and obedience!" he hissed, in uncontrolled anger, pushing a dog bowl in front of me, where he added some gooey liquid out of a bottle. He finally took the penis gag off, my collected drool dripping into the bowl.

Oh my God, finally - I couldn't bear the penis gag a second longer

"Now drink, CUNT, I collected this precious spunk from some long nights dreaming about what I would do with you, once I got you back.!"

When he saw my disgusted face, he pumped himself up:

"I WANT YOU TO BEG FOR THE DRINK! AND DON'T FORGET WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED", he screamed, cold shivers running down my spine. Hardly able to move my jaws after the penis gag, I stuttered: "Can I drink, .. ahm Master?" I managed to mumble.




"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE" I screamed, quickly correcting myself:

"This fuckslut begs her Master to drink his precious spunk!" I said, tears of pain and humiliation running down my face.

"Much better! - NOW DRINK." I realized that it wasn't so easy, as the dogbowl was on the floor, so that I head do spread my elbows and legs to get further down, at the same time rising my ass. His spunk smelled rotten and filthy and I almost had to puke. He saw me hesitating. "DRINK - FUCKING CUNT" he yelled, pushing my head down into the bowl with his foot.

Then I actually did it. With no hands free, I licked his spunk out of the dog bowl, always at the verge of throwing up. "This is all you'll get for now, so you better appreciate it! And keep wiggling your ass!"

"Yes, Master" I answered almost automatically, hating myself for having sunk so low, feeling like the pet he was treating me as.

Then he chained my collar tightly to a ring on the ground, so that I couldn't budge, my head deep in the bowl. I realized that with my elbows and legs spread, I couldn't even fall to the side. Neither could I get up to relieve my strained arms and legs muscels. All I could now think of, was to finish this disgusting brew. So I licked, and wiggled with my ass, feeling the humiliating tail swinging between my legs.

"This puts you into the right position" Boston kept on, now actively twisting the dildo-tail slowly to remove it from my ass.

"GNNNNNNNNN" I whined, almost having to puke.


Hardly able to move my mouth outside of the bowl, I managed:

"This fuckslut wants her master to give her an assfuck!" Tears of shame running down my cheeks.

Please God, save me from this cruel man

"Good little pet!" he grinned. The next moment I felt him squatting over my butt, his big cock already pushing hard against my still wide open butt-hole. My eyes widened in disbelief.

"Keep licking up your food, that's the only proteins you'll get for a while," he grinned , shoving his cock deep inside my rectum. Pain and shame flooded my body, as he assfucked me, ramming his cock into me harder and deeper everytime.

My face was pushed into the bowl, and my face got smeared with all his smelling spunk.

"You fucking bitch, you'll regret the moment you've been born!" he almost spitted the words, his long held anger breaking free, while he fucked me raw, pulling my hair on the pigtail. Pain in my ass was unbearable.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeease - nooooooooooo" I screamed when I thought I couldn't stand it any longer.

That's when I felt Boston's cock starting to twitch deep in my ass.

He quickly drew out of my ass, kneeled in front of me, held my head up by pulling my hair and ejaculated his spunk in my face.


The spunk all over my face, drips of seamen already dripping back into the bowl, my whole body started to shake uncontrollably. I just cried, my whole body couldn't take it no longer. Tears mixing with his spunk.

He slapped my face hard two or three times with his right hand, then with is still erect cock, while pulling my hair up.

"Now what does my little doggy-pet say:" he continued, ignoring my fits.

"Please, .. ahm thank you master for assfucking ... me, .... please let me clean Master's cock" my voice just a squeak.

How degrading!

I had to lick his cock clean, shaft, balls and all - it smelled disgusting, until he finally had me stopped.

"Okay little doggy pet, I still have some business to look after, if you haven't finished your bowl in about two hours, you'll get punished! Did I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Master- thank you Master" I mumbled, totally exhausted.

Before he left, he sank the dildo tail again deep in my open ass, spreading it to the extreme. The he fastened the collar chain a bit faster, sinking my mouth so deep into the bowl that I almost drowned in his spunk, having to lick fast, spitting and coughing.

The time passed. After a long fight against my stomach, I had succeeded in finishing the disgusting spunk in the bowl, but nobody showed. Everything was hurting badly. My muscles were so sore from staying in this position that my arms and legs started to cramp.

Hours passed, they felt like an eternity - nobody showed. My whole body was trembling and yelling out in pain.

"HELP, "I'll do anything you want! PLEASE! THIS FUCK-SLUT WANTS TO GET FUCKED BY HER MASTER", I screamed, hoping anybody would see me on the monitors and would come to rescue me from this situation.

After what seemed like another eternity, I finally heard the door going behind me, Boston was back. I had never thought that I would be greatful to see him.

"Got some time to rest? he cackled - "well, now it's time to go to bed!".

I was so relieved to realize that he was actually first undoing the chain fixing the collar to the ground, then freeing my arms and legs.

I grunted in pain, when I was able to get my arms and legs together, finally able to get some relief on my muscles.

"Thank you Master" I managed, feeling so exhausted, so empty, looking forward to whatever mattress he would have for me. I just wanted to sleep.

He clipped a leash to my collar: "Let's go to your bedroom, little fuck-pet." he said with a grin and yanked me forward.

Like an exhausted dog, I crawled on all fours behind him across the large dungeon room, still wiggling my ass, like I had done over the last hours. He opened another iron door at the far end.

The room was a 12 square meter basement dimly lit former storeage room, however completely empty besides what looked like an overdimensioned round birdcage. It was sized about 25 inches in diameter and maximum 15 inches high.

"This is going to be your bed for the night- little pet", Boston grinned. "Get naked, slave, but leave your heels on!" he ordered.

What the fuck is this? Where does he want me to sleep?, slowly doing as he told me, getting all naked. He can't possibly want to squeeze me in this?

"Master, can you please take this off?" I pleaded, when I stood in front of him all naked, pointing to the waistcincher and the metal band which still held the two dildoes inside me.




"You dumb slut! Still haven't learned to ask for permission before!" he grunted, hitting me hard with a bamboo cane on my butt.

"Ouuuuuuuuuu, please, Master, ahm, I'm too exhausted."




"Still a long way to go with you", he sighed, opening the cage from the middle tilting the upper half open. "Step in, and put your neck down here", pointing to a half circled opening, at the lower end of the cage. I quickly realized that the other half would then keep my head out of the cage.

I justed wanted to plead again, but thought better, realizing that I couldn't change his mind anyways, so I did as I was told. I had to kneel down again on the wooden platform of the bird cage. Only now I realized that there were big iron shackles on the side of the platform and two small holes on the ground.

"Just making sure that my little pet doesn't escape again, and will remember to obey her Master", he said while fastening my knees with iron shackles in a spread position. He forced my hands on my back in a backward prayer, fixing them in a black leather triangle sheet with a ring on elbow level.

Oh my God, not again- my shoulders can't stand this for long!

My eyes opened wide when I saw him coming with big size nipple clams. "Now, slut, don't make a mistake, what do you say?"

"Oh Master", I panted in anticipated pain, "ahm - please - ahm", almost crying again, ".. please put these clamps on my nipples!" I managed to whisper.

The pain was hardly bearable when the clamps tore on my nipples. "Thank you, Master" I mumbled, gasping for air.

"See, you are learning, finally", he grinned, fixing a chain on each of the nipple clamps, threading them through the little holes on the ground of the platform.

"Now let's cover you up", he said, tilting the upper part of the cage back into place, forcing me into a obscene position, head down, sticking outside of the cage, while my ass was way up, pressing against the tight metal bars.

Boston locked the upper half with a padlock to the lower half of the cage, locking me tightly into the cage. I felt him attaching another chain fromt the ceiling, through the top loop of the bird cage to the ring on the elbow sheet.

"Let's see how this feels!" he cackled sadistically as he pushed a button on his smart phone, starting an electronic winch.

He's killing me! Please somebody make him stop!

I felt my elbows being pulled up. "GNOOOOOOOOOOOO" I whined "PLEASE, MASTER, DON'T ...!" I begged, knowing it wouldn't help.

Then my arms hit the upper part of the cage, but he didn's stop there. I felt suddenly an extreme pull as my own weight plus the weight of the cage where pulling on the elbow rings.

My eyes opened in disbelief when I realized that the cage was being lifted off the ground.

I bit my tongue, the strain in my shoulders and the pressure of the weight were almost unbearable.

Finally, the electric humming came to a stop when the cage was swinging freely at about 30 inches off the ground.

Before even starting to get to terms with this new predicament, I saw Boston coming with two 6 pound weights. "This will grant you some fun tonight!" he laughed.

He pulled the chains fixed on my nipple clamps which he had threaded through the holes in the platform, and quickly fixed the heavy weights to the chains, painfully stretching my nipples, freely swinging on the lower side of the cage platform, forcing my body further down, my ass further up.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA - PLEAASSSSSSSE" I screamed, when additional pain flushed my body, sweat now all over my body.

"Ha ha ha" Boston laughed, and I could hear his feeling for revenge in his voice. "Now, beg me to mouth-fuck you and I may put you down tomorrow!"

He's totally sick in his mind, but... if I don't, he's going to kill me...

"Master ...", I had difficulties getting air, "Master, ... please mouthfuck your slave" I managed to say.

"YES, THIS IS MY SLAVE SLUT", he growled, his eyes revealing his anxiety to destroy me, pulling my hair back and forcing is erect cock into my open mouth.

Please let me die! I thought when his balls were hitting my chin again, his cock deep in my throat, his hands on my neck strangulating me additionally.

"Make some noise, slut" he yelled, while his cock was getting harder again. "Uckkuccckkkkkkuckk" I gagged on his cock, feeling so humiliated, hoping this would end soon, my nipples on fire from the swinging of the cage and the weights below the platform.

This time, it actually didn't take him much time to cum, spreading his spunk in my mouth and on my face, smearing it in my face.

"Here you go, cunt, got a good smell of your master's spunk for the night, so that you remember in the morning how to behave correctly!", he grinned.

"Thank you, Master" I mumbled, flushing in shame.

Before he actually left, he still fixed my ponytail tightly back to elbow ring, making it impossible to lower my head, and stuffed my mouth again with this dreadful penis-gag, which he sank deeply in my throat. "GNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN". Only a little muffled sound could be heard.

"Have a good night, little fuck-toy!" Boston cackled, "..and better start thinking of your first words tomorrow!", with this he left the room and switched off the light.

It was pitch dark, my nipples and shoulders were on fire, the whole weight of my body plus the cage were on my shoulders, I had extreme difficulties to breathe with my weight being pulled down by the nipples and my neck stuck in this opening in the cage. The two dildoes were still stuffed deeply in my vagina and ass. His spunk slowly drying on my face. I had to concentrate every second not to die, not to give up. Tears were running freely.

I don't want to die! I hate Boston! I will get justice!

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