The Celebrity Expert
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Author's Note: This is my first story on here, so I hope you enjoy. I have marked the beginning and ending of the section with the more extreme elements, such as waterplay, breathplay, and electrical, with * (asterisk) marks so that those of you who prefer to skip that section may do so.

Chapter 1-Sophie and Maisie

Sophie Turner was beautiful. She knew it, and so did every Game of Thrones fan. Adam himself had enjoyed the series, especially the sex parts which could be both raw and intimate at the same time. As it was, he had just watched an episode from one of the more recent seasons, where Sophie had come into her prime, physically anyways. Her long red hair, pale skin, and undeniably tight body were all great perks, and in his opinion, she was one of the best-looking girls on the show. That was when he received an email. He had been running a smalltime celebrity "acquisition" ring for the past year now, and after getting his start by collecting a few Instagram celebrities and cosplayers, he was finally getting a request for someone a little higher up on the food chain.

Adam looked over the request, committing it to memory before deleting it from his secure email server. In the message had been another address for him to reply to, since it had been sent through an anonymous service. "This is going to be a lot of fun, I would probably do this for even less money than what they are offering." However, he was a businessman, and negotiation was important. He replied, setting his price for the acquisition of Sophie Turner. They accepted, and a security deposit of $10 million was soon in his account. Now, he could start the real work.

Which as it turned out, was not a lot of work. While popular, Sophie wasn't high enough on the totem pole yet to have more than an advanced, but fallible security system to keep the odd crazed fan away from her house. It consisted of a small security wall around her property, which more decorative than practical in some spots, along with a few cameras, some internal motion sensors, but no actual guards or dogs even.

Her place was a modest 2-bedroom house, when compared to grand mansions at least. She didn't need that much more space, and as it was it was still a really nice place. It had a small pool, and a well-tended lawn, with small gardens throughout the property. The difficult part, however, was surveillance. Even though she didn't have a lot of official security, she did have neighbors, and all it would take for this whole thing to come crashing down would be for one of them to get suspicious of this random guy driving through this very nice neighborhood. Which is why he had needed a disguise. Using some of his security deposit, he set himself up as a surveyor, buying the necessary vehicle, equipment, and forged permits that would allow him to pretend to be surveying a nearby road.

This gave him the perfect opportunity to watch Sophie's house, but it couldn't last more than a day or two before people got suspicious. Which was really all he needed, since while he was keeping track of her movements, he also planned out his strategy for breaking in. On the first day, he was able to get enough information about the outside of her house that he was able to sneak up during the night and hidden in some nearby bushes. This gave him a good view of the interior, as well as a view of what security she had in the house. Not much as it turned out. He also got a good, close look at her cameras, which he determined were connected to the house's power, not the actual power grid itself, which was of no real importance since he planned on turning off this section of the neighborhood's power anyways. It was good to know though, so that he knew they wouldn't keep recording while he snuck in. He had also brought along some of the equipment he would need for the acquisition and buried it underneath a small pile of leaves and dirt, so that it would not be easily noticed.

He waited there until early morning, when he saw Sophie start her normal morning routines. The spot he had picked out, as it so happened, also had a very nice view of her bedroom, to which she didn't have the blinds entirely closed. He watched, transfixed as she got changed, the top of her gorgeous body fully on display, her firm 34B cup tits unrestrained and perfectly shaped, her stomach toned and fit from her exercise routines. He had to concentrate and focus on NOT rubbing himself though his pants, and he wished he could see the rest of her. "Although, if all goes right, I will be seeing all of her lovely body, and she will belong to me until I have finished training her for my client."

He waited until she had started her morning run to emerge from the bushes where he had been keeping watch and using the time he had before full light he made his way back to the van he had been using the day before, which he had parked overnight at a nearby parking lot. He climbed in, and rolled out the small mattress he had brought along, and got himself a few hours of sleep, before he went back out as a surveyor again.

He was measuring a different road this time, one that had a slightly different view of Sophie's house, when he noticed it. His goal today had been to find a power box or substation that would let him access the neighborhood power grid, and he had just found something that would suit his needs just fine. He waited a few more hours, until Sophie returned home for the day, before packing up his equipment, and loading up into the van. He then set about preparing it for his soon to be prisoner, attaching metal cuffs to the sides, and laying out the tools he would need for the night's activities that hadn't been in the bag he had covered outside her house. He loaded everything he needed into a small duffel, before he moved the van into position. He took out a small tool from the van and walked over to the substation. He picked the lock keeping it closed and opened it up. Taking the tool, he systematically short circuited the power in the area with the tool. He hoped no one would give it much more than a glance, since he had tried his best to make it look like it had simply overloaded, and not sabotaged.

Adam had to move quickly now, since people were undoubtedly calling the electricity company to report the outage. His van was exactly where he needed it to be for this part, or in other words still parked far enough away as to not draw any attention. Using the darkness, he walked quickly through the backyards of Sophie's neighborhood, following as best he could the route he had mapped out during his surveillance. Only once or twice he had had to dive into the buses as a neighbor came out with a flashlight to see what was going on, but otherwise he was unhindered.

He got back to the point where he had been the night before and uncovered his other bag. He pulled out the ski mask from his smaller duffel and pulled it over his face. He also pulled out a roll of duct tape, and several rags. From the larger bag he pulled out a crowbar, a large knife, a pistol, night vision goggles, and several lengths of rope which he stuffed into the smaller duffel, which now had some room. He slung the smaller duffel over his shoulder, and crept closer to Sophie's house.

He crept up to one of her side windows, still hidden by some brush, and flipped down his NV goggles. Looking inside the house from this point, he could see that Sophie was not in any of the visible rooms. Adam crept around the side of the house, staying alert for wary neighbors or for a sign the power might be coming back on. He was looking for an open door or window, since he only wanted to use the crowbar as a last resort. That is when he saw it, Sophie's front door was open! He knew this might be his only opportunity to slip inside, and he took it. He quickly slipped along back the way he had come, and saw Sophie standing outside talking with a neighbor. She was in some modest nightclothes, and it took everything in his will not to stare at her ass. Both of their backs were to him, so he cracked the front door just a bit, and checked inside. Empty. He slid inside, and moved through the darkened living room, towards the second bedroom.

"Sophie?" A voice called from the room. Adam froze, ad made a split-second decision to hide behind one of the couches, which gave him visual cover from whoever was coming out of the bedroom. He heard her footfalls as she walked right past him and saw the slight bobbing of a flashlight against the wall. He stayed completely frozen, not even breathing, until the footfalls faded, and he heard the front door creak open again. He heard the voice outside, indistinct. "I need to move, now!" Adam screamed into is head, and he skittered across the floor into the bedroom the mystery girl had come from. He slid into the walk-in closet and went as deep as he could. It was one hell of a closet, and while there weren't many clothes, it was the guest bedroom after all, there were some larger objects that could hide behind.

After crouching behind some boxes and an ironing board, he flipped up his NV goggles. It had been maybe 30 minutes since he had taken out the power, and now he had to wait. Things had already taken a bad turn, there wasn't supposed to be a 2nd person with Sophie. "When did she get here? Who is she?" Adam thought, racking his brain for answers. The second question he could answer easily enough later, since he was going to have to acquire her to, so that there were no witnesses. The first question though...." She must have gotten here during the time after I stopped my surveillance and took out the power." Adam thought, and after running through his plan one more time through his head, he determined that this it had just been bad luck, or perhaps an opportunity. It all depended on who this 2nd girl was. He would find out soon. He heard the front door close, and more indistinct conversation, before he heard the door to the bedroom close as well. More talking in the dark, he could only somewhat hear what they were saying. He froze as he heard Sophie talk, and say the other girl's name "...Maisie...of course I.....I know he is.....I love him....." Most of the conversation wasn't clear, but he was sure he had heard right. Maisie Williams, Sophie's co-actress and friend. She wasn't one of his personal favorites on the show, not in terms of looks anyways, but as he recalled she was quite pretty when she wasn't murdering her enemies. She was also very small, much shorter than Sophie, and slim, so he didn't think she would be too much trouble once she was alone. He just needed to be patient.

After what felt like forever, he heard rustling as one of them got up, Sophie he assumed. He heard her say "goodnight....." along with a few other words that he didn't quite catch, before he heard the door close. From what Adam could tell, the power still hadn't come back on. Risking a glance at his watch, which let off a faint glow, he saw it had been just over an hour since he had taken out the power. Deciding it was time, he put down his duffel, and unzipped it. That is when he heard running water. He crept to the closet door and put his ear against it. It was coming from the other room, and it sounded like it was coming from a shower. Clearly Maisie had decided to wash before going to sleep, and Adam realized that this was as good an opportunity as any.

He went back to the bag and pulled out a bottle of chloroform and some zip ties, adding them to his knife, pistol, and duct tape. Leaving the bag in the closet, he quickly crept out into the room, and saw the faint glow of candles from the bathroom where Maisie was showering. Closing the closet door, he kept his NV goggles away from the light source, he peeked into the bathroom. He saw the shower right away, its glass already fogged up from the steam. Through it, he saw Maisie washing, and he gave her an extra minute since she wouldn't be showering in such a nice place ever again.

"Wait for!" Adam waited until he saw that Maisie was rinsing her face and hair, meaning her eyes would already be closed. He slid into the bathroom and took 3 steps. Just before he opened the door, he blew out the candle right next to it, giving him the advantage of total darkness. She didn't even know it had happened, her face was still in the water as Adam opened the door. What greeted him, made his cock grow hard. Even in the green light of the NV, Maisie's naked body was just as tight as he had imagined from pictures. While not as beautiful as Sophie, she had shapely legs, a very muscular ass and pleasantly firm tits. Due to her fame, and her nice body, he knew she would fetch a decent price, or better yet since Sophie was already claimed, serve him as a personal slave. Maisie had heard the shower door open and was opening her mouth as Adam took the final step into the shower with the brunette starlet.

"Wha...gghhghg" A gurgling came from Maisie as Adam grabbed her by the neck, and he pushed her against the wall. With his one hand holding her pale, slim throat, he thumped her head against the wall. A dull thud sounded from the impact, and he could tell she was dazed from the blow. With her wits scrambled, and the breath knocked out of her, he let go of her throat. With both hands he grabbed a zip tie and pulled her slim wrists behind her back. He pulled the zip tie tight, before doing the same thing with her elbows. The water from the shower washed over them both, soaking Adam as he tied her legs together. She started struggling, pulling at the ties as she groaned in pain from the blow. Adam couldn't help but look at her as she writhed, even in the green light of his NV he could make out the water on her skin, and how it ran across her smooth skin. He ran his hand along her body, feeling her in her nakedness, in her helplessness. H groped her breasts, her ass, and when she started to protest again he took a water-soaked rag and stuffed it in her mouth, silencing her. He was letting his instincts take over, the rational part of his brain having retreated. Within another second, Adam had his pants and underwear around his ankles, his fully hard member springing out, ready to impale the helpless brunette.

He pulled her up, and she moaned through the rag, it was too big to spit out easily. He bent her over against the wall of the shower, where he had bumped her head into the wall, exposing her sex. Adam lined himself up, and she realized what he was doing. She screamed though the gag as he penetrated her, but the rag and the shower muffled it. He got a few thrusts in, then stopped. "What am I doing, I don't have time for this? Crap, I got carried away again." He wasn't sure what it was that had brought his rational brain back, but his lust was certainly not gone. His cock was only partially inside Maisie's tight cunt, little more than the tip really. He had a sudden urge to go all in, to finish inside of her and let his seed spread. "I need to get control, I need to e professional about this, I can't do what I did last time. I almost got caught because of that." Adam cringed at the memory, and that seemed to do the trick. He pulled out of Maisie and pulled her head back by her hair. She still couldn't see him, but he looked down into her fearful eyes and said "I have a lot more in store for you later, little Maisie." She grunted and struggled as she called her by her name.

He pulled her out of the jet of water from the shower head and pulled a rag from his pants.

"Damn" He cursed as he realized that all the rags he had brought with him had been soaked through. "Stupid, Stupid Stupid!" He yelled at himself in his mind, he needed to think fast before Sophie heard the commotion Maisie would undoubtedly cause. He found the solution, a dry looking washcloth hanging over the toilet.

He pulled Maisie from the shower and grabbed the rag from its rack. He uncapped the bottle of chloroform and soaked the rag. Maisie still couldn't see, and so didn't know what was happening until he had the rag covering her mouth and nose. Her struggles were beyond sexy, and again he was tempted to use her body for his own pleasure. He paid the price for that distraction, as Maisie twisted out of his grip, and he accidently tipped over the bottle of chloroform onto the wet bathroom floor as he regained his grip on her.

"Shit!" He cursed inwardly. That was the only bottle he had brought with him into the house. Maisie really was giving him a lot of trouble, and so he was glad to see that the chloroform was finally taking effect. He felt her body growing stiller and watched through his goggles as her eyes closed. "I wish I had waited till she had gotten out of the shower, so I could have used the tape and chloroform on her immediately, I have a lot to learn still." His thoughts were calming at the same pace Maisie was losing consciousness, and by the time she had passed out, he was in control of himself again. He dried off her face and cut a strip of tape which he used to seal the rag inside of her mouth. He then pulled her into the closet and laid her by his duffel. He finished securing the brunette actress, tying her at the knees and elbows with the zip ties, before taking stock. He still had to get Sophie, and he could feel the time ticking away until the power came back on. He grabbed his small duffel, and took several deep, calming breaths. It was time to visit Sophie Turner.

He moved out of the guest bedroom, and back into the living room. Adam again snaked his way through the jungle of furniture, until he was at the entrance of what he had identified as the Master bedroom. The door was just a crack open, and he used that to his advantage, slowly pushing it open so that he didn't make any noise. There were no candles lit in this room, so he was easily able to see the beautiful girl. Her hair was no longer red, but blonde, but his client had asked for certain things to happen before delivery, and that would be one of them. He couldn't tell if she was quite asleep, but soft music emanated from where she was, and he confirmed the presence of small earbuds in her ears.

"This is going to be fun." Adam thought as he looked at the gorgeous Sophie. She was sleeping on her stomach, with her arms and legs fully under the covers, which was perfect. He didn't have any chloroform, thanks to Maisie and his own stupidity, but he did have other ways of keeping her quiet....and he grinned as he though of the perfect solution. He snuck up to the side of Sophie's bed, and got himself into position to strike. He pulled out a plastic bag, quietly opened it, and then pulled out a length of rope. With everything ready, and Sophie none the wiser, he struck.

Adam jumped on top of the girl, forcing the plastic bag over her head, and pulled the excess into a knot behind her neck. Clearly confused, she tried to push herself up, but Adam's weight kept her pinned down. He wrapped the rope around her neck, and the bottom of the bag, and pulled it tight. He could feel her as she desperately tried to bring her hands to her neck, to try and pry the rope away, but still Adam held her down. He could feel her trying to kick him, but not only was he on top of her, but the covers made her kicks completely ineffectual. Helpless, Sophie could do nothing, but suffocate. He could feel her body spasm as she tried to get in enough air, but he knew that soon the air in the bag would run out, and Adam had to move fast. She was getting close to blacking out from asphyxiation, and he knew she wouldn't have the presence of mind to effectively fight him as she became more and more desperate to breathe. He pulled down the covers, and grabbed her arms, wrenching them backwards. Keeping a firm grip on her and using the rest of the rope he had wrapped around her neck, he tied her wrists tightly behind her.

Looking down at her in the darkness, he could see that Sophie's mouth was wide open, desperately trying to breathe what little air she had left in the bag, and he watched with pleasure as the bag got tight and tighter around her face, until her mouth was sucking in the plastic. She was out of air, and moments later she passed out. Moving quickly, Adam loosened the rope around her neck, and tore a small hole in the bag directly above her mouth. He needed her alive, and as a precaution he put his lips over her mouth, and breathed air into her lungs until he was sure she was breathing on her own. She was still unconscious, and now was the perfect time to finish securing his prize. He took out a black ball gag, and forced it into her mouth, securing it around the plastic bag. He tore another smaller hole in the bag for her to breathe through her nose, and then started on the fun part.

Adam too his sharp knife, and delicately dragged it through the fabric of her nightclothes, ripping them to shreds until she was entirely naked. He felt up her beautiful body, enjoying the feel of her skin, the firmness of her breasts, and her muscular legs and ass. His member responded, and he could feel it growing in his pants, demanding to be satisfied. "I can't, I need to get them out of here..." He thought, but he could feel the urge getting stronger. He reached down, unzipping his pants, and pushed them down along with his underwear. His member was hard, and he could feel his self-control slipping away. Adam positioned himself beside Sophie, and lifted one of the blonde's beautiful legs, exposing her sex. He pressed the tip of his eager cock to her and started to feel her body yield to the pressure, and he heard her moan softly, but then there was a click, and all the lights came on with an incredible intensity.

Adam screamed, not understanding what was going on, until he realized that he had his NV scope still on. He ripped the goggles off and threw them on the bed beside him as he rubbed his eyes, desperately hoping that he hadn't gone blind. After a few seconds, everything started to return to normal, and the light he realized was on a low setting, but the goggles had enhanced it. IF he had been looking directly at the light, the goggles would have probably overloaded, and he would have most likely been permanently blinded. With his vison coming back, he saw that Sophie had regained consciousness, and she was struggling against the ropes, and letting out muffled screams through her gag.

He felt a blow against his stomach, and he staggered back, surprised, until he realized she had kicked him with her free legs. He wasn't interested in screwing her anymore, the pain had driven those thoughts away, and he grabbed her beautiful legs. She thrashed and tried kicking more, but he had her in a firm grip, and wrapped more rope around her ankles and knees. When he was done, she was fully trussed up and writhing on the bed. Adam vindictively pulled on the rope around her neck and tightened it. "'GGGGupphhm" Sophie gurgled through her gag as the rope went taught again, and he listened with satisfaction as she desperately tried to breathe again. He pulled her off of the bed with the rope, letting her hit the floor, and dragged her to the closet where Maisie was.

He found that the brunette actress was also awake and struggling, her own muffled cries mixing with Sophies strangled gasps. He set Sophie on the floor next to Maisie, and turning his back on the two struggling, helpless women, closed the closet door. He walked out of the house, into the night air. The power had come back completely, and everyone had gone back inside, which was perfect. It was time for both ladies to join him at his dungeon.

2 days later, Maisie and Sophie hung by their wrists, which were secured to the walls of their cell by heavy metal manacles, their feet several inches off the ground. It was a small room, meant only for a few people, and there were no furnishings other than 3 small mattresses in the middle of the room. Each mattress had 4 stakes driven into the corners and secured to the ground.

On each wall, other than the one with the door, were a set of manacles, meaning that 3 people could be imprisoned in the room like Sophie and Maisie. Upon their arrival at the dungeon, both women had been pulled out of the truck that had been used to transport them from the airport, and they had both been cleaned, dried, fed, and then gagged with ball-gag harnesses before being imprisoned. The worst part, however, had been just after they were attached to the wall, for there had been a third woman in the room then. After securing Maisie and Sophie, they had pulled the other woman down, and had demonstrated the purpose of the mattresses. The woman, a busty blonde who was only a few years their senior, had been tied spread-eagle, and then screwed by both men. When they were done, she had been dragged from the cell, crying, but obedient. Both girls now hung opposite of each other, as they awaited their torment.

Adam woke up the morning after his return to his underground complex. In truth, that made it sound a lot grander than it really was. It composed of several bedrooms, for him and his 3 assistants, 2 cells that held 3 women each, and the 4 training rooms. Each training room was named according to their function. The "pleasure" room was where the most obedient and well-trained slaves were allowed a certain amount of pleasure, as a reward for their good behavior. Then there was the "Initiate" room, which held all the equipment used to break in new arrivals. This room held an assortment of devices, for both pleasure and moderate pain, just so they could get a taste. The "punishment" room was where the slaves would go, regardless of any infractions, so they would learn to obey the lash of their master, and so was full of whipping posts and similar pieces. The "breaking" room on the other hand, was reserved for those who were truly defiant, or for trainers who wanted to get more sadistic with their charges. It was full of equipment to cause pain, wooden horses with metal edges, water-boarding tables, electrical equipment, and various other painful, but non-lethal, instruments.

He got up and dressed, then ordered his assistant to bring the new arrivals to the breaking room. "This is going to be a lot of fun." He thought, as they were his first major celebrity prisoners. Before Maisie and Sophie had arrived, he had been working his way up the Instagram ladder, finding attractive girls and kidnapping those the found fit their profile. After the girl was trained, Adam would then try to line up prospective buyers, and auction her off for the highest amount. There was only one other girl here, Danielle, a former cosplayer who was almost done with her training, but who had been defiant during Adam's absence, and he had sentenced her to 2 days in the interrogation room, and he expected that afterwards she would be completely broken. However, he would leave her to his assistant, for now he wanted to welcome his two newest additions.

He stepped into the room, and his eyes instantly fell upon the two naked girls. They were both standing with their arms behind their backs, in a strappado position, with their legs tied at the ankles. The only clothing either had on were black chokers around their necks. The chokers were a personal touch of his that each trainee wore during their time with him and marked them as trainees instead of fully trained slaves to any visitors.

Adam stepped forward, towards Sophie, and she tried to flinch away from him, but he grabbed her chin in his hand, and yanked her head so she was forced to look into his eyes. She whimpered through her ballgag as he touched her, running his free hand up and down her lovely body. Muffled yelling interrupted him, and he looked over at Maisie, who was screaming at him through her gag.

"Gmt hwhn frhm hmr nhh bhfthrd! Gmt hwhn!"No one was touching her, yet, and Adam realized she was trying to tell him to get away from Sophie, which was downright funny. Grinning, he went behind Sophie, and with Maisie still screaming at him, he unzipped his pants. His cock was hard, and he had been wanting to do this for ages. He made eye contact with Maisie over Sophie's shoulder, and smiled at her as he forced his cock into Sophie's helpless pussy. Maisie screamed again, and it mixed with Sophie's squeal as Adam plunged into her, forcing his member deeper into her body. Tears slid down Maisie's cheeks, and Adam pulled Sophie's head back by her hair as he fucked her, so he could see her face. She was crying, tears streamed down her pretty face as his cock slid deeper into her, and muffled sobs racked her body. Adam slammed home once again and felt his member spasm as he climaxed inside of the pretty blonde, and his sperm flooded the woman's pussy. Satisfied with his conquest, Adam pulled out of Sophie, and slapped her bare pale ass hard with his one hand. She screamed in pain as his hand hit her buttocks, and he kept spanking her until her bottom was full of red hand prints. Then he turned his attention to Maisie.

"Time to finish what we started in the shower, you little whore." He said, and he grabbed the brunette by the hair, pulling her body onto his hardening cock, which was still slick with Sophie's juices. Maisie screamed helplessly as she was fucked ruthlessly from behind, and her struggles only increased his pleasure in taking her. Sophie stood next to them, and tears continued to stream down her face as she watched her best friend get violated, as Adam's juices leaked out of her own body.

He pumped into Maisie for a few more minutes, until he ejaculated inside of her tight pussy. He walked around in front of both girls again and looked at their tear streaked faces. "This is your new life now ladies, you will no longer be the star, for now you will always have a master." With a flick of his wrist, two of his assistants entered the room, completely naked. "I hope you enjoyed my welcome sluts, for now your training begins." With that, the two men picked up small flogger's and began to whip their prisoners.

For 2 hours, Maisie and Sophie were both fucked again and again, and when they weren't being screwed, they were being whipped or spanked. At one point their ball gags were replaced with double-ring gags, so that the men could use their mouths for their own pleasure. The worst part for them however, were the dildos. Whichever hole was not in use by a cock, including their mouths, were stuffed with dildos, making them scream and choke as the objects were forced into their bodies.

After 2 hours, Adam left both girls tied together in a 69 position, covered and filled with cum, and in each of their mouth's was a gag that had a attached dildo. Their heads had then been tied tightly to the others body, forcing the dildo's deep into each other's pussy, and their mouths were forced against the lips of the others sex. Their moaning and struggling aroused Adam, even though he was exhausted from the gang-bang. Outside the room, he gave his assistant's further instructions for the two girls. With grins on their faces, both men disappeared down the hallway, one to the punishment room and one to the breaking room. A distant scream echoed down the corridor, when the one assistant entered the breaking room, where Danielle was being tormented by his most sadistic assistant. The door closed, and the sound was cut off by the soundproofing, and he hoped Sophie and Maisie had heard it, since they would be going there next.

Maisie hung by her neck from a chain attached to the ceiling, which partially cut off her breathing as she sat naked on the cruel metal edge of a wooden horse. She groaned from the pain as it dug into her, and she was unable to do anything to relieve her suffering, let alone Sophie's, who was getting most of the the Tormentor's attention. The Tormentor was the only name they had been given for the man who had been torturing both girls for the past hour, and before them he had tortured the blonde they had first met in the cell. Maisie and Sophie had been led to this room as she had been dragged out, so they had seen the blonde get carried out, her body hanging limply between two of the assistants and covered in red marks.

Now, Sophie was experiencing what the other woman had gone through, as the Tormentor poured more water over the rag that covered her pretty face. The young woman screamed and sputtered as the water washed over her, making her feel as though she was drowning. It had been the 10th time he had poured water over her face, with her body strapped to a metal table that had her head tilted down towards the ground. When the bucket was empty, instead of letting the wet rag stay on her face like he had done before, he pulled it off. Looking down at the helpless blonde, he then asked, "What is your name."

Hate and defiance showed in Sophie's eyes as she spat "Sophie you Motherfucker, you are fucking bitch, let us go!"

The man didn't react to her defiant and insulting words, and simply shook his head. "You don't seem to understand the situation you are in still Sophie. Since water torture doesn't seem to sway you, lets see how long you hold out when it isn't your life on the line."

Confused, Sophie didn't understand what he could possibly mean. "What do you...." She stopped as she saw Maisie then. Her position had gotten exponentially worse, as the assistant behind Maisie's horse had pulled the chains around her ankles tighter, forcing her body to grind into the metal part of the horse. However, Maisie didn't scream from the pain, because she was unable to as the chain around her neck had gotten tighter as well, making it impossible for her to breathe, and making it so that she was being pulled in two directions at once.

Eyes wide with horror, Sophie watched as her best friend was subjected to the torture, with only small gasping sounds coming from her mouth as she desperately tried to breathe. "Every 30 seconds the chains around her will get tighter. She will be unconscious in 90 seconds, and once she is unconscious the chains won't be loosened. You have until then to say my name, if I let you." With that, he put the rag over her face again, and waterboarded the blonde for the next several seconds. He lifted the rag again, just in time for Sophie to watch the chains around Maisie get pulled tighter, and she saw her friend's body start to spasm.

"What is your name." The Tormentor asked. Tears streaming down her face, Sophie looked again at her friend, and something inside of her broke.

"I don't...I don't know." She replied, and with a feral grin the man looked at Sophie, and with one word, brought despair to her eyes.

"Slave." And again he covered her pleading face with the rag, and again water-boarded her until he heard the clanking of Maisie's chains as they got tighter. Pulling the rag off again, he looked into Sophie's face, and for the final time asked "What is your name."

Sophie took a moment to sputter and cough, and it was easy to see that she had broken, at least this far. There was still more to do, but for now, this would do.

"Slave, my name is Slave." She said as more tears streamed down her face. Nodding, Tormentor waved at his assistant, who loosened the chains around Maisie. The brunette gasped and coughed, and her own tears flowed down her cheeks from the pain and fear, and it was clear she would still loose consciousness.

He walked over, and just before she lost consciousness, he said "And now it is your turn to learn your place." He gave another order to his assistant, and Maisie's limp body was taken down from the horse, and strapped onto another metal table, however her wrists and ankles were tied to moving parts. A sobbing Sophie was unstrapped from her own table, and strapped into a metal chair, her wrists and ankles secured by metal shackles that were built into the arms and legs of the chair. But it was not over for Sophie, as a leather strap was wrapped around her neck, and threaded through the back of the chair. The ends of the strap were attached to a wheel on the back of the chair, which was used to tighten the strap around the helpless woman's throat until it was hard for her to breathe.

As if those torments wouldn't be enough, wires were attached to both women by alligator clips to their nipples and clit, making Sophie scream, and making Maisie groan even though she was unconscious. It was time to break Maisie. Ripping open a package of smelling slats, he waved it under the brunette woman's nose, and immediately she regained consciousness, coughing and gasping as she tried to catch her breath. Then, she saw the man standing over her now, and saw how both her and Sophie were hooked up to electricity. Her eyes grew wide, and she immediately started to beg.

"Please don't, please, I will do anything please don AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her words turned into a scream as a jolt of energy coursed through her body and joined Sophie's screams as a matching current streamed through her as well. For a full 3 seconds, the low voltage electricity coursed through both of them, until it finally ended.

"I am going to make this easy for you, just tell me your name, and this will all be over, that is, when I let you." And with a gesture, the garrote around Sophie's neck tightened so that she could no longer breathe. " You will only have one opportunity to save your friend, if you don't respond correctly, well...her fate is in your hands." He then pressed a button, and again Maisie screamed as more electricity shot through her and Sophie's body, but only Maisie could scream, while Sophie's body spasmed and shuddered as she tried to gasp for air. This time the electricity lasted for 5 seconds, and when it was done, Maisie screamed out "I am a slave! My name is Slave, please don't hurt us anymore...."

Nodding his approval, he waved at the assistant, who released the garotte around Sophie's neck. "It seems you have both learned your first lesson today, however you must still learn that only we can determine when you will stop suffering." The Tormentor looked at a small watch on his wrist. "Im rather hungry, I think it is time for lunch, wouldn't you agree Jack." The assistant nodded, grinning. "I will leave you lovely slaves here for now, with some entertainment of course." He opened a dial on his remote, and spun a few nobs, setting the electricity to go off every 10 minutes for 10 seconds each. He then removed the clips from their clits, and replaced them, of all things, with hitachi wand vibrators. "Lets see how long you two last, until this starts to hurt." He said as he placed the vibrator against Sophie, before they left the two actresses to scream.

A week later, Sophie and Maisie hung in their cell from their wrists, their naked bodies bruised and battered. Adam had described it as their "day off", and had given them a choice. "Either you can stay in your cell for the entire day, and not be disturbed, or you can go to the pleasure room." Neither woman had yet been to the pleasure room, and had when not in their cell they had been in either the initiation room, or the punishment room. In both places, they had been remarkably obedient and cooperative, and so neither had been forced to go to the breaking room again. However, The Tormentor had still visited them in the punishment room and had taken great pleasure in spanking and whipping them for their "mistakes," making sure to leave red welts all over their breasts and bottoms.

At the end of each day, they would then be "tested" by the assistants and Adam for a few hours. They would be separated, then chained to a bed and fucked, with their performance being graded, and recommendations being made for the next days training. After days of this, both women had opted to stay in their cell, a choice they were both regretting. That was when the door opened, and Adam walked in.

"I can tell you are both incredibly uncomfortable, and since I am merciful, I will give you the option again. Would you rather visit our pleasure room, instead of hang here in this damp, dark cell, hanging painfully by your wrists?" He waited for a moment, looking at both women, and to his evident satisfaction first Maisie nodded, then Sophie agreed as well.

Within minutes, both girls were in the pleasure room, which was full of soft bondage chairs, leather cuffs, and it had a aromatic scent. It was a complete antithesis to the breaking room. They were both bound to a chair, and had vibrators set against their clits at low power, so that a pleasant sensation coursed through their bodies. The balls gags had been take out of their mouths, and replaced with soft clothes that wrapped around their heads. They both felt feelings of lust grow inside of them, even though it was only a gentle buzz it seemed to heighten their need for more.

"I am glad you are both enjoying yourselves, the more you both behave as slaves, the more often you will be allowed to come here." Adam said as he walked over to Sophie, and gently ran his fingers through her hair.

"Now then, do you want to stay here for the rest of the day?" Without hesitation, Sophie nodded, and Adam laughed softly. "Then open your mouth for me love and show me how much you want to stay." With that, he pulled the gag out, and after only a slight hesitation, Sophie opened her mouth to take Adam's hard cock. As with everything else in the room, Adam was gentle, not throat fucking her, but allowing her to wrap her lips and tongue around his shaft, and to suck him as she had been taught. He did not cum, since this was merely a demonstration, but he thoroughly enjoyed it, pleased that she had come so far ion just a few days. He pulled out of her, and still smiling, turned the vibrator up a few notches. Sophie moaned as the vibrations hit her right on her most sensitive spot, and she writhed in her soft bonds, eager for more.

He then did the same to Maisie, who was a little bit more reluctant and less enthusiastic than Sophie, but the fear of the breaking room seemed to make her cooperate all the same. He went in between them then, groping their breasts, and letting them suck his cock, and with each trip he turned the vibrator up a speed, until both women orgasmed. Their screams of pleasure were music to his ears, for it meant they were starting to accept their fate. With another gesture, his assistants came in and removed both ladies from their chairs. They were both blindfolded, and the assistants made sure that the vibrators remained in place as they were both tied together. Unlike on their first day however, they were not in a 69. Instead, their heads were together, and they willingly locked lips as the vibrators sent their lust into overdrive. After watching them for a few more seconds and getting a great view of their naked bodies pressed tightly together as the both tongued each other, he stepped out of the room, and into a viewing room.

There, seated in a chair, was the client. He was watching with fascination and desire as the two women kissed and grinded their bodies against each other, desperate to have release.

"So, what do you think of the training so far? I hope you are pleased." Adam asked.

"They are delectable, I can see you have given plenty of attention to Sophie's oral skills, I wish I could try her out myself right now." The man raised his hand to ward off Adam's protest, "But I understand that you don't allow that until the training is complete, and I am allowed to inspect her. I will wait until, however, what is your plan for the other girl, Maisie? They seem to get along very well." And he gestured at the monitor.

"She is unclaimed sir, are you interested? I would give her to you at half of Sophie's price, since I didn't have to do two trips, and she was an unexpected bonus."

The man considered for a moment, and watched as both girls seemed to spasm, and more screams of pleasure came through the speakers as both of them climaxed. That seemed to make up the man's mind, since he nodded and said "It's a deal."

"Very good, I will let you know when they both have finished their training, and you can take them off my hands. And don't think I have forgotten about dying Sophie's hair, I agree that she looks excellent as a redhead." With that, the man departed, and Adam smiled, glad that his first true celebrity abduction had worked out far better than he had hoped.

Sophie Turner's house was empty, most of the investigators had gone, having found only some evidence of what had happened just over a week ago. One person though, stood in the empty house, looking around to see if he could find any clue that they had missed. Even though they had found some DNA, and some chemicals, they were no closer to finding a suspect. The woman, clenched her fists, and swore in that empty room that she would find whoever had done this.

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